Friday, September 30, 2011



Dear Ones,
Since you entered our Corridor, the experiences you’ve had here that have been unavailable to your mundane mind will likely find their way into your dreams. Hence, we would like to teach you how to carry over your dream information into your waking life. When you sleep, you close off your physical consciousness and open up your consciousness to the true, higher dimensional reality. In other words, when you “go to sleep,” you log-out of the 3D hologram and return to the reality of your SELF to have adventures and communicate with higher beings, including the higher expressions of your self.
The trick is to remember the messages you have received while in your night-body so that you can translate them to your grounded self.
Your night-body is much like, and in some cases actually is, your Lightbody. Your night-body, also known as your astral body, is your consciousness wrapped into a mutable form. However, since your astral body is fourth dimensional, it only carries you into the fourth dimension. On the other hand, when your dream adventures carry you into the fifth dimension and beyond, your consciousness will be wrapped in your Lightbody.
You may not remember the feeling of being Lightbody while in the fifth dimension and beyond, for you will usually be “wearing” the form of a person in your dream. This person could be the same as your mundane self, or from a different time, a child, or even the opposite gender from your grounded self. While your consciousness is free of the illusions and dramas of your physical world, it can experience a reality without those limitations. Some dreams are small “videos” of parts of your daily life, which you need to see differently so that you can better understand them. These dreams occur often while your consciousness is in the mid-fourth dimension.
Sometimes you will do what is called “rescue work” in the lower fourth dimension. When you are doing rescue work, you are actually assisting a person, or persons, whose consciousness has become trapped in the lower astral plane. These dreams are often very ornate and run like spy novels or sometimes frightening movies. You can dismiss these dreams with a pat on your back for being of service to your fellow members of Earth.
On the other hand, especially while you are in the Corridor, you will have many dreams in the mid-to-higher fourth dimension, as well as in the fifth dimension and beyond. These are the dreams that you will want to carry over into your mundane consciousness. First, your right brain will carry them over as pictures. Then, you will need to translate these dream pictures into the language areas of your left-brain so that you can remember them. Your earthly educational system has trained you to remember primarily in your left-brain language system and images in your right brain can easily slip into your unconscious.
To carry over a dream into your waking life you will need to WAKE UP to the fact that you are dreaming, while you are still in the dream.
Then you can grab any section of the dream and hold the strong intention of remembering it as you wake up. You must then quickly write it down, or you will likely lose it. The higher the dimension from which you receive your message, the easier it is to forget while you sleep. This forgetting is because there are more levels of consciousness through which you must carry your dream back into your waking life.
Since you have been in the Corridor, your dream life may have been more vivid and of higher and higher dimensions. Because you are aware of higher dimensions while you are awake, you can more easily open the portals into the higher dimensions while you sleep. When you carry a message from the higher dimensions into your mundane life, you can more easily integrate it into your physical reality. You can also share your message with others. In fact, our channel has received this message in a dream.
Just as you have zip-files, which are large files that are compressed into a small package, one small fragment of a dream acts as a zip-file that can be opened to reveal the message of the entire dream. The portion of the dream upon which you placed your intention, which in this case was someone’s name, is the name of the zip-file. When you awaken with the name of the zip-file in your mind, immediately write it down. Then you can open the file by writing in a “stream of consciousness” manner to retrieve the file’s information embedded in that small fragment of the dream.
The dream that you wish to carry over may not seem too important.
What is important is that you are becoming conscious of your core SELF while you travel inter-dimensionally in your sleep. This constant awareness of SELF is the same mechanism you will use to be aware of your Multidimensional SELF while enmeshed in a third dimensional illusion. If you can find your SELF in your dreams, you can remain your
SELF during the many illusions and dramas of your holographic thirddimensional life.
Once you can recognize when your are not being true to your SELF in daily life, you can consistently remember to BE the greater SELF who once logged into the 3D Game. Your greater SELF is the YOU who is the creator of your 3D Game. Furthermore, because you remember that YOU are the creator of your life, you KNOW that you do not need to play any parts or enter into any unwanted challenges. On the other hand, if you are embroiled in an uncomfortable challenge, you can relax into it to find the reason why you have created it.
We understand that this realization is not easy. You have been trapped in the land of polarities and illusions for myriad lifetimes. Yes, you have returned HOME to the higher dimensions in-between your incarnations, but you have forgotten your SELF with each new lifetime.
The time for that forgetting is over. When you can WAKE UP in your dreams, while remaining in the dream, you are practicing WAKING UP from the illusion of confining your consciousness to a third dimensional clay vessel.
One of our primary intentions for bringing you into our Corridor is to assist you in remembering that your SELF is comprised of many smaller selves. You are much like the wooden dolls that open up to contain smaller and smaller dolls, all stacked within each other. All of these wooden dolls are individual, yet part of the largest doll. In the same fashion, all the dimensional realities in which your consciousness is currently holding a form, is part of the larger whole of your Multidimensional SELF.
Take a moment now to stretch your imagination to encompass the myriad versions of your grand essence experiencing myriad different realities—all within the same moment of the NOW. To your third and fourth dimensional selves, each life is the only life you have. On the other hand, your Multidimensional SELF can easily experience all of these realities without losing connection to its core SELF.
Hence, when you learn to carry over your dream life into your physical reality, you practice BEING your Multidimensional SELF. As you expand your consciousness to BE your SELF, you begin to live in the Collective Consciousness and see your SELF in all of humanity. It is an easy step to Planetary Consciousness in which you can find your essence in every portion of Earth, from a rock-to-a-mountain or an insect-to-aneagle.
Once your sense of SELF encompasses being a planet, you can take the next step—finding your essence in every portion of the Galaxy and embracing your Galactic Consciousness. Then, if you can identify your SELF as a galaxy, you can find your SELF-identity within the Cosmic Consciousness, which we Arcturians and many of your other guides enjoy.
We Arcturians have deep roots in Gaia and have been your guardians from the very beginning. In fact, many of us have taken form upon your beautiful planet. Some of us have returned, and some of us are still there waiting to join in the great planetary ascension. For this reason, our consciousness has joyfully entered intyour dreams to assist you waking up to your SELF!

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Thursday, September 29, 2011



Besides the great planetary changes, there have been huge social changes. More and more humans can hear their inner voice over the speeches of those who live within the old paradigm of separation and power-over others. This inner voice is their Multidimensional SELF who whispers, “You do deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life. You do deserve to BE the highest expression of your SELF and create a life filled with peace and love.” Hence, those who have toiled hard and suffered long under the old paradigm are uniting with others to create a reality based on the paradigm of unity and creativity.

You, the members of humanity, are beginning to awaken to the truth, which is peeking through the curtains of illusion. You know that you are the brothers and sisters of all humanity. You do not wish to wage war or work your lives away. Via your Internet you are instantly communicating with your fellow humans all over the world. Everything that happens anywhere on the planet is immediately revealed to everyone. The deception that has hidden in “separate people” and “distant countries” is now easily revealed for all to see.

Furthermore, your problems are no longer unique or separate, as you know that everyone suffers from the same global issues. The enemy has a face now, and it looks just like yours. Therefore, all over the globe people are banning together and working as the collective consciousness of planet Earth to find solutions for that which was once unsolvable. There is great power in this unity. In fact, as more humans are mastering their fourth dimensional awareness, this unity with all life is expanding to encompass my fourth dimensional Elementals of earth/Gnomes, air/Sylphs, fire/Salamanders and water/Undines.


Dear Earthlings, I wish to tell you that I am VERY proud of you. I, Gaia, suggest that you place any unresolved issues, both individual and collective, into the Corridor. In this manner, you can better accept and release that which you cannot change. It is important that you continue with your transformation unfettered by the past. You can no longer burden your consciousness with any person, place, situation or thing that lowers your resonance below that of unconditional love.

I, Gaia, need the members of the Planetary Ascension Team to assist me in keeping our planetary resonance centered in the Flow of unconditional love. Within in the Flow, we can more easily integrate the torsion waves from the Galactic Center to amplify our planetary creative force. We can then channel that immense creative power out into the collective to contribute to the creation of reality based on unity and love.

Please, release all dramas and burdens of your third dimensional life without anger or judgment. Realize that once you, too, were a child and acted as a child. Now, my beloveds, you are coming into the maturity of your true, Multidimensional SELF who can simultaneously perceive and experience the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. With the awakening of this innate ability, you are to be the leaders who will guide all creatures of my planet into the consciousness and reality of fifth dimensional Earth.

Bravely continue with your daily life knowing that you are on the cusp of a great transformation, while you continue to enjoy the comfort of what which is familiar. Stay in the center of your SELF, in the center of the Corridor, in the center of your ever-expanding consciousness and in the center of unconditional love. It is within this center that we, people, planet, Solar System and Galaxy shall ride the torsion current from the Galactic Center Home to our new reality.

We, people and planet, solar system and galaxy 
Have waited patiently for this cosmic moment
Well, maybe not patiently.
Sometimes we waited happily,
Sometimes violently,
And, sometimes, we waited reverently
But—we waited, as we had no choice
This moment, which we have heard of for millennia,
Has always been in the future
It was written in stone
And in ancient texts
That someday, it would come
NOW, that moment is HERE!
At the time of the Great Cosmic Breath,
We will stand again before a vortex,
Much as we stood before the Arcturian Corridor
However, the vortex of the Galactic Center
Is so large that it dwarfs us to the size of an idea
Eons ago, we had an idea
That we could create a planet where
We could learn, and love and grow
But, now, in this cosmic moment,
We have come here to remember
The fear and chaos that preceded this moment
Has allowed us to release our attachments
To the myriad illusions of our third dimensional life
For lifetimes we believed that only the physical was real
And that everything else was our imagination
Maybe, there was a far away Heaven
If we were good
And a far too close Hell
If we were bad
These good and bad polarities surrounded our real, physical plane
And gave us something to work for
And something to avoid
But now, we remember that
Everything that we have known
In our heart and soul has been true
And it is coming to pass in this moment
What we were told was real
Is actually an illusion
And what we were told was our imagination
Is real
Since this secret has been revealed
Kingdoms have fallen
And paradigms have changed
Yet, even that, pales at the vision of this Cosmic Event
which we have rehearsed for
Life after life
NOW, the rehearsal is over
The moment has begun
Are we ready?
What will happen now?
As we stand at the threshold of the Galactic Center,
What will we create with all this Power?
Beloved Earthlings,
Please stay in the NOW of this moment,
for it is truly the portal
to eternity.


(PS: Please take one or more, Earth days to integrate your process into both your personal and planetary bodies. In this manner, you share your experiences with Gaia, to assist in planetary ascension, and allow Gaia to amplify your process with Her great love and compassion.)
(The websites of Carl Callemen, Sol Luckman, Barry and Janae Weinhold, PhDs, David Wilcock, NASA and were referenced.)

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


There is a spot on your sole, near the center of your foot that is extremely receptive to my Earth’s field. Hence, just by walking on my land you can consciously merge your magnetic field with mine. If you lie down on the ground, you can allow your entire body to consciously merge with my magnetic field. It is through this conscious merging with my planet that you can share your ever-rising frequency with me, as I share mine with you.

You can also merge, person with planet, through the two glands of your brain. The pituitary gland, known as the Master Gland, as it is the Control Tower for all your hormonal actions, is located between your eyes and in the middle of your forehead. This gland holds your innate ability to know true north and to merge your higher vision of New Earth with mine.

The other gland is the pineal gland, which is located further back in the center of your brain. Your pineal gland is intended to receive the daily patterns of day and night and the rise and fall in the strength of the Earth’s geomagnetic field. These two glands work in unison, not only to open your Third Eye but also to merge your personal consciousness with my planetary consciousness.

My Schumann Resonance is rising to 13 Hz, and so is yours. The resonance of 13 Hz. is called Zero Point, the frequency of unconditional love and of the torsion waves. It is at this Zero Point resonance that the polarities of the third dimension will merge into the center-point of Unity with the NOW of the ONE.

If we, people and planet, can resonate at the same frequency as the torsion waves from the Galactic Center, we can maximize our power to create a New Earth based on unity, peace and unconditional love. Will you create a visit to the fifth dimension or a flash into Lightbody and fifth dimensional Earth? The choice is yours. YOU are the creator!

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Now, allow me to tell you how we are entering the birth canal and what will happen when we are cradled in the Cosmic Birth Canal. For one thing, we will be bathed in the infinitely wise, creatively powerful and unconditionally loving energy of the torsion waves. 

These waves travel in exponentially increasing spirals of unconditional love, to accelerate the frequency of your consciousness and, thus, your creative abilities. Hence, these out-breaths of torsion waves will manifest your every thought, feeling and intention in an ever increasing rate until it reaches the instant manifestation of the fifth dimension.
With this great power of manifestation comes added responsibility. In preparation for this event, practice taking full responsibility for every portion of the reality that you have created. Downloading and fully integrating your Multidimensional SELF into your grounded, earth vessel will allow you to expand your consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. Being able to expand your awareness to embrace Cosmic Consciousness will afford you the greatest opportunity to tolerate, integrate and unite with the extreme power and high frequency light of the Cosmic Breath.
I cannot tell you what you will manifest, for you are the creator of your reality. I can, however, tell you that the torsion waves will carry your Lightbody through an inter-dimensional journey to allow you an expansion of consciousness beyond your wildest imagination. Since your state of consciousness directs your expectation, your expectation directs your perceptions, and your perceptions create your reality, you will be able to experience and/or live in the reality of your choice.

Even though I can’t tell you what you will create, I can tell you what the planets of our Solar System have created. Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, our Sun has been absorbing more and more torsion waves from the Galactic Center. Because of this, there is unprecedented increase in solar activity. NASA used to have a scientific model of how long it would take for the Sun’s charged, radioactive particles, such as energetic protons, to travel to Earth.
Now, in some cases these protons are traveling up to 400 percent faster than their model expected. Furthermore, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have shown vast changes in their energy fields, luminosity and atmosphere.
My planet  has also experienced extreme changes both in weather and in my Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is Earth’s base frequency, or heartbeat. Though it varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement has been 7.8 cycles per second (Hz.). Recent reports set the rate at over 11 Hz, and climbing. Some believe that the changing Schumann Resonance is a factor in my severe storms.

On the other hand, some believe Global Warming creates the storms, but few are aware that these storms are also caused by the changes in the emanations from our Sun.
I wish to tell you now that these storms are also a result of our moving closer and closer to the Galactic Center. As people and planet move closer to the Galactic Center, the influence of the creative energy of the torsion waves amplifies humanity’s every thought and emotion.
Unfortunately, due to the many changes in our reality, many of my humans have fallen into fear. This fear creates a stormy consciousness that, in turn, creates storms on my planet.
All living things are tied to my electromagnetic field and to the life force received from our Sun. My magnetic field permeates and contributes to life on Earth by generating the atmosphere. Humans and animals also have a magnetic frequency and bio-field patterns, which react to any change in my Earth’s magnetic field. Conversely, my Earth reacts to and is influenced by the frequency and patterns of humans and animals. In fact, all life on Earth assists in creating my magnetic field. At the same time, my planet’s electromagnetic field charges and influences all life.
You see, all the way down into the DNA of individual cells, every person, place and thing is a component of my Being known as Earth and my consciousness known as Gaia. The Sun’s shifting energies affects your brain and biological rhythms, just as it influences my weather. There are several ways in which you can use your intention to consciously share your magnetic field with my planet.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Monday, September 26, 2011



 As can be seen in the chart of Mayan Cycles of Consciousness, much like the Golden Mean and the Conch Shell, each of these cycles is of a shorter time, until the final cycle is only 260 days. Yes, time is speeding up and will continue to accelerate until we resonate to the ever-present NOW of fifth dimension. Already, those of you who have had experiences of fifth dimensional consciousness have been at ONE with the NOW and felt unified with all life in your planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Cosmos.


Can you imagine the joy of feeling that unity in your daily life? In fact, please take a moment to imagine living in unity with all life. In your dreams and meditations, while you are on hold on the phone, stuck in traffic, or doing the dishes, look around at your reality and imagine how it will be—how it is NOW—to constantly live in the joy, unity and unconditional love of the fifth dimension.

Are you surprised to find that, despite all that has recently changed, what you love is relatively constant? Yes, my earthlings, you shall lose nothing and no one with whom you are bonded by love. Love is the unifying force of the Universe and YOU are the creator of your reality. Consequentially, you will continue to create and maintain what you love.

Fortunately, fifth dimensional Earth does not have the harsh boundaries of separation and the resulting fear that are a major component of third/fourth dimensional reality. Since YOU are the creator of your life, even while you maintain your third dimensional form, you can release the illusions of separation and fear and choose to focus solely on unity and unconditional love. In this manner, your consciousness will constantly calibrate and re-calibrate your attention to the fifth dimension and beyond. Remember, the reality you choose to perceive is the reality you choose to live.

Most of you are already experiencing the fifth dimensional qualities of unity and unconditional love in some areas of your life. Holding a constant feeling of thanksgiving for these fifth dimensional components of your life will maintain and expand unity and unconditional love in your daily life. As awakened ones, your on-going challenge is to remain in the fifth dimensional consciousness while still holding a third dimensional earth vessel.

Simultaneously, I ask you to release all judgment of those who are still struggling with the limitations and beliefs that they are victims and that others have power-over them. That which you judge you will experience, as judgment requires your attention. Remember, when you resonate to the fifth dimension everything to which you give your attention instantly manifests.

We, people and planet, have had a long run of the “3D play.” In fact, there were many other third and fourth dimensional realities about which your scientific world is still unaware. However, the past is no longer your concern, nor is the future. Instead, in preparation for your new experience of life in the fifth dimension, practice being in the NOW. Will third dimensional earth still be here? Are the rocks still there when you look into the sky? Of course they are.

Expanding your consciousness into the fifth dimension does not mean that you will lose anything or anyone. Instead, fifth dimensional consciousness will allow you to more easily perceive, experience and travel into even higher dimensions while, simultaneously, remaining in constant connection with the physical plane. As you expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will be able to perceive more and more realities within in the NOW of the ONE.

Hence, you will be able to simultaneously perceive your fifth, fourth and third dimensional reality. Each of you will choose the manner in which you manifest your fifth dimensional Earth, for YOU are the creator of your reality.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor