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OCTOBER 25,2020

We see your suffering dear ones, and we witness the struggle of so many to remain objective in the midst of a world that seems to have gone mad with people acting out in ways never seen or experienced before. Trust dear ones, trust that there is indeed a Divine Plan unfolding that cannot be stopped by those who do not want the world to awaken.

All is proceeding according to plan but to three dimensional thinking there is no plan. Most are as of yet unable to see or understand that there is a Divine plan underlying outer appearances. Human minds steeped in beliefs of duality and separation are unable to grasp anything outside of the limiting belief system they live in and so act in the only ways they know.

You do know what is going on and this why your job is to hold the Light as an observer, doing what needs to be done but in ways that reflect spiritual awareness. It is time to actually embrace being "In the world, but not of it" and because the third dimension functions in time and space, the Divine plan must unfold as a process.

Do not accept everything you read and hear though news media sources for they are often misinformed themselves, passing on information that has been skewed with falsehoods. Always let your intuition guide you in these matters, even with regard to "spiritual messages" for some of these are not on the highest level as well because a channel flows through the consciousness of the channeler.

Anything that promotes fear and negativity is not reflective of the Light. However, be alert to whether you are reacting to something from your present human mind level, or are being intuitively guided. It is easy to be fooled when something you simply do not wish to hear about or deal with in yourself is presented in a channel.

Stay informed, while not aligning with the energy of that which you are being informed about unless you are guided to become involved. Some are guided to be a part of the chaos, but they are those who have attained a consciousness that allows them to work from a detached level and bring Light into situations. Never doubt that there are many Light workers in the trenches at this time but this work is not for most. Trust your intuition on this.

Our message today is about Trust. Not ordinary trust based in ideas, concepts, and beliefs reflective of the third dimensional belief system but a higher trust, one that springs from the realization that omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divinity is the reality of who you are. This trust understands that the qualities of Source are already fully present within, available to express and be experienced as truth becomes an attained state of consciousness.

As the reality of Oneness is understood, accepted, and becomes the consciousness of increasingly more individuals, many three dimensional creations will dissolve simply because the energy that formed them in the first place is no longer present to sustain and maintain them. This is beginning to happen now. Many obsolete belief structures are beginning to crumble and much more is to come which is very frightening for those who have placed hope and trust, safety and security in concepts.

Allow everything that feels finished in your life to drop away regardless of how well it once worked for you in spite of the opposition you may get from those around you. Try not to mourn the loss of certain comfortable ways of living if they have begun to feel "old", but rather rejoice in the knowledge that a spiritual idea underlies every outer manifestation because you cannot make something out of nothing.

When the energy that formed and has sustained many facets of three dimensional living like health, education, government,religion, relationships, etc. begins to dissolve, always know that only the lower resonating form/concept of the Divine idea dissolves, never the reality. Divine Ideas, permanently held in place by Divine Law will always re-manifest in a new and higher resonating form if allowed.

Evolution is and always has been an ongoing process but these times represent a particularly giant step of evolution. Everything, on all levels automatically changes as the substance of it (consciousness) changes. Recycling is simply a higher form of waste disposal, cars have replaced horses, the printing press replaced hand written books, respect for nature is growing, and people are becoming increasingly aware of how unloving and unfair much that was previously considered acceptable, is.

God being the only cause, can therefore be the only effect. Ask yourself; "Do I really believe in One omnipresent God, or do I continue to have many gods in my consciousness?" The third dimensional belief system has promoted gods of money, power, religious beliefs, fashion, physical appearance, employment, relationships, family, traditions, and much more. Anything a person deems to be necessary for happiness and success represents belief in a false god. Utilize these present "down times" to seriously reflect on this.

A person cannot continue to worship one or more three dimensional gods while at the same time believing that they accept the truth of ONE God. Ancient belief systems of many Gods were about invisible beings and creatures that had power over everyone and needed to be appeased, often in some violent way. Now replace images of these ancient gods with whatever you have allowed to become a personal god.

Take time to go within and honestly ask; "What am I worshipping in the outer scene? What have I made into a god? What do I continually dedicate my thought and action to attaining in the belief that I must have it in order to be happy?" Examine your beliefs honestly, sincerely, and without judgement dear ones, for this is the purpose of the present down times. Go within and discover what you may still hold as being true, real, necessary, unchangeable, and important etc . and then decide if you wish to continue making it a part of your consciousness.

Never allow self judgement to interfere with your journey of self examination for it is a sacred process, a necessary part of evolution. You were taught throughout lifetimes to put your dependence and value in outer things and you sincerely believed in the correctness of these teachings. However, those of you who read and understand these messages, have attained a level of awareness that now makes these three dimensional teachings obsolete.

Many three dimensional ideas have served well and continue to serve some, but because you have shifted into a deeper awareness these same things will no longer function for you as they once did. For awhile the mind will continue to express what it is familiar with--judgement and criticism, fear and negativity, longing and desires. Simply allow the old programming to flow through , aware of what is happening, and giving it no power. There is a bible statement that says; "Let the heathen rage".

If I am truly one with Source, Divine consciousness in expression, then I am self-sustained , complete, and whole. So why do I continue to seek that which I already am outside of myself? You have been on this journey of enlightenment for a very very long time dear ones, and have reached a fork in the road. "Do I stay on a path that has worked pretty well for many lifetimes and brought me some success and happiness, or do I take a chance on this unfamiliar path that seems to be drawing me toward it?"

It is a frightening time for the world, a time in which much that has worked in the past, is no longer working and everything seems to be getting worse. The dense energy creations now surfacing and shocking many have always been present, well sustained and maintained but out of majority awareness and those that did became aware were often silenced.

You have not failed, for you cannot fail. Let go of all remaining concepts about spirituality and what you must do or not do in order to be "spiritual". These teachings were valid steps along your evolutionary but are now simply part of that which you are ready to let go of. You have moved on and no longer need former tools once so important to your awakening process.

Use these present times to discover and release concepts you may still hold about what constitutes failure or success on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Acknowledge your talents, your reality, your gifts, the truth of your being, and accept what you discover, dear ones. Denying one's talents and Divine Light never represents humility as many have been taught, but rather is its opposite, a rejection of one's true nature as ONE.

Let go, let go, let go and allow the Divine Consciousness that you are to live and express ITself through and as you. These times are the reason you came and why you have devoted so much of your life to spiritual study, growth, and awareness. The world needs your Light NOW and you are fully capable of doing this work.


We are the Arcturian Group 10/25/20

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Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are excited about the uncovering of so much of your past history there on planet Earth. We can see that people are digging up little bits and pieces, little clues to let you know that your history is far more extensive and glorious than others throughout history have theorized. You will discover your extra-terrestrial roots through science, and this will pave the way for full, open contact with e.t.s. Once you recognize that you have already been visited and you have already been helped, it will be easier for individuals to set aside their fears and their prejudices, and it will be easier for all of you to open your arms, your minds, and your hearts to the other beings who want to connect with you, who want to play with you, and who want to co-create with you.
These are experiences that many individuals have been seeking for decades of their lives, and we can see you getting closer and closer to the realization that you have been visited and that you have been helped. You already have scientists who are discovering e.t. DNA within certain sea creatures, and those discoveries will continue. Eventually, the connection between your junk DNA, as they call it, and other beings will be established.
And you will continue to uncover the truth that there is life out there, even in your solar system, and certainly beyond. We know that none of this is news to those of you who are receiving this transmission. But we want to assure you that the findings of your scientists will continue to unlock the doors to a full and open contact experience for all of humanity. In the meantime, continue to look at the skies and analyze your dreams. Continue to see the evidence in your own lives of how beings from other parts of the galaxy are affecting you.
And we would suggest that you focus on the groups that are affecting you in a positive way, because they far outnumber those who seek to control and manipulate you. And when you band together with these positively-oriented e.t.s, you are very strong as a galactic collective.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by Karin Miller


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are continuing our investigation into what makes you all tick, because we want to help you tick even faster and with more joy than you currently are there on Earth. We look within your hearts for your deepest desires to see what keeps you going, what gives you hope, and what will get you out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step.
We would love to see you leading lives of fulfillment, purpose, and service, while also experiencing those lives in joy, and we see so many of you struggling at a time when you all would benefit so much from a bit more meditation, some more powerful introspection, and a deepening of your connection with the infinite, the eternal, the love that is Source. We know that these are the keys for the continued blossoming of your consciousness and the joyous experience of your shift.
So how can we make these focal points more of a priority for all of you? That is a question we ask ourselves. We want you to know that because of some upgrades that you have recently received, going within will be more blissful than ever. Going within, at this time, has a bigger payoff for you than ever before in your history as human beings there on Earth, and it is in large part because of the trials and tribulations of the times you are living in.
We want you to always remember that when everything outside of you looks like it’s on fire, and also looks like people are pouring fuel on that fire, that’s the time to go within. That’s the time to start the inner revolution, which will lead to a consciousness evolution, which will change everything outside of you.
You are what the world needs, because you know that what we are saying to you now is true. You can feel it in your bones, and you can tell that you are expanding. You are becoming more of who you really are, and you also know that the infinite and eternal love of Source is within you, and it wants to come out. It wants to play. It wants to create, and it wants to bring others to that realization – that it exists inside of them as well.
That’s your mission. That’s what we would love to see more people focusing upon at this time. We promise you that going within will get you ticking faster and faster, vibrating higher and higher, and soaring into the version of yourself you have always wanted to be.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller

Thursday, October 22, 2020


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings beloved beings of light. I am Archangel Metatron, the overseer and guide of the Angelic Kingdom. I come forth with angelic love, angelic peace, and angelic wisdom. I gift to you all that I am and all that I received from the Creator, everything that flows through me you can accept and embody. Allow yourself to recognise that you are an expression of the Creator. You are a gift. You are constantly gifting your energy, the energy you receive from the Creator to yourself and to the world around you. This is your purpose, it is your existence, it is what you were born to achieve. You may receive my energies easily and openly. 

Do you acknowledge that you are an expression of the Creator constantly gifting to others around you the energy of the Creator?

This is something I encourage you to contemplate, to really embody, to trust in and to live as. For such a belief, and understanding will create numerous transitions not only in your perspective, in the way you exist upon the Earth, in your spiritual journey, advancement, your co-creation and communication with all beings and the Creator. Through this simple contemplation, you are already embarking upon the next step of your ascension process. 

Your Ascension Process is Linked with All

Your ascension process is linked and connected to the ascension process of all beings, especially those upon the Earth, and of course, Mother Earth. This means that which you achieve, your vibration and frequency increasing, influences all beings on the Earth and Mother Earth as well as influences the pathway of ascension for all. It can be said that those upon the Earth are influencing you as well. However, if your vibration is high then you will be impacted only by high vibrations as any lower vibrations would simply wash away. If you recognise that your ascension process is linked with all and the ascension process of the Earth, then you understand or begin to understand your role and purpose. The more you allow yourself to evolve spiritually, the more you increase your vibration and advance your ascension, the more you will allow others to achieve the same. To evolve spiritually can be to raise your vibration, to connect with the divine within, to take care of your body, to ensure that you are experiencing fulfilling and inspiring experiences and situations in your reality, to be an expression of love, to be an expression of healing vibrations. Whatever you perceive as your spiritual path and as increasing and radiating your energy vibration, then it is now time for you to achieve this. Like a train pulling carriages along, your vibration will create a momentum that creates an opening and an awakening for others to follow. It is not that you are a teacher nor that others will follow you. It is as if a vibration and energy flow is created so that others may awaken in a way that is appropriate for them, recognising that they are linked to all beings and to the ascension process and that their vibration impacts the awakening of others. It is not to create a burden of responsibility for you, more so, it is to inspire you to achieve what you have dreamt of in your spiritual evolution.

I, Archangel Metatron, ask of you now are there situations and experiences that you wish to embody for your spiritual pathway?

It is most probable that you know already your dreams for your spiritual pathway. If you do not, then take time to explore. What do you wish to achieve? Can you recognise your spiritual pathway and journey forth? As you recognise that which you wish to experience in your spiritual pathway and advancement, you are creating the next step of your ascension. The next step of your ascension is to achieve that which you dream of for your spiritual pathway or at least to take some steps towards your goal. The energies are ready to support you, remember that I, Archangel Metatron, mentioned that your ascension is connected to all beings. The more you can achieve that which you wish to in your spiritual pathway, the more you will create a momentum of energy. You will create an opening and an awakening for others to follow, for others to access what they need. So many energies are entering into the world now to support you, to encourage you to create new possibilities, new awakenings, new healings, in truth everything and anything is possible. It is especially important that you focus yourself, your mind, and your attention to exactly what you wish to achieve in your spiritual evolution.

To Take the Necessary Steps Forward

The necessary steps forward are to first surrender to the Creator that which you wish to experience, to then receive from the Creator that which you surrendered.

The Creator will transform that which you surrendered, your dreams, and what you wish to experience in your spiritual journey. The Creator will add energy, transform it, advance it, purify it, and then return it to you for you to receive, for you to embody. It will be inspirational and powerful, receiving that which you surrendered to the Creator back from the Creator into your being, creating numerous shifts within your being, your energy, your chakras, and your perspective. It will create the next step, a higher level of evolution for yourself, and therefore for others.

Each person's next step will be different. It is the courage to take this next step, which is needed. Receiving the energy from the Creator will create the courage, the inspiration, the power, the inner drive to achieve what is necessary. As you receive this energy, contemplate if there is anything within your being that is stopping you from achieving this now? Be truthful with yourself. If there is, surrender this to the Creator, inviting the Creator to heal and transform any fears or limitations into positive loving energy that further supports you. Continue to achieve this until you feel ready to embark upon the next stage of your spiritual evolution. It may take a couple of minutes, hours, or days. You will know when you are ready, then allow yourself to accept as you receive the energy of the Creator.

What Is Truly Your Next Step?

You may ask this of yourself, ‘What is truly my next step in my ascension process?’ Allow yourself to again receive from within your being. 

Your work with co-creation with the Creator will prepare you for the energies, the wisdom, the truth that is ready to awaken from within your being and that is flowing from the Creator throughout the entire universe of the Creator to you, for you to utilise, embody and express. 

When you feel that this process is complete you may send energy down through your legs and out through your feet, out through your root chakra, through your Earth Star chakra into Mother Earth as a symbol of grounding and embodying all that you have received. Remember, your next step is unique to you. However, the Creator is ready to guide you forth on your next step of your spiritual advancement, to co-create with you and accelerate your ascension.

It is time to do so now.

I, Archangel Metatron, am present with you, supporting and assisting you always.

Thank you,

Archangel Metatron

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Direct Connection by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We travel far to connect with your energies, to distribute and transfer our light and wisdom. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations within the Creator's universe and yet we simply listen to the Creator, we connect with the Creator and distribute all that is the truth of the Creator through our beings. This is our purpose, and it is our way of being. 

We come forth to you today to speak of a direct connection. A direct connection can be described as enlightenment, advancing your spiritual evolution, ascending or being as one with your soul. A direct connection is a divine communication with the Creator that allows you to perceive yourself, the truth within you and the Creator vibrations within and around your being. Each person who embarks upon their spiritual evolution will seek to have a direct connection, whether it is a direct connection with their soul, soul group, guides, a specific ascended master or with the Creator. This direct connection is akin to a clear communication with guidance that offers tremendous clarity and understanding. Many seek to receive the guidance of the Creator, in whichever form, so they know they are walking their divine and spiritual purpose on the Earth, feeling fulfilled and that they are achieving what is necessary, therefore not wasting their time on the Earth.

To Receive Guidance is a Co-Creation

A direct connection with the Creator or whichever form of the Creator is a co-creation. You have the ability to listen, to interpret the divine and sacred vibrations and energy flow of the Creator. Your guides will encourage this, whoever you wish to form a direct connection with will encourage this. You have free will upon the Earth to make the decisions that feel appropriate for you, to cause the choices, to create the opportunities, to embark upon the healing that feels appropriate to you and will guide you forth along your purpose and mission upon the Earth. It is important to trust in the understanding that whatever you do, whatever action you make and whatever you choose to create, you are walking your purpose on the Earth. When you trust in your own abilities to walk your purpose on the Earth you absorb and embody your purpose more fully. Your guides and the Creator will support you in this.

Receiving guidance that direct connection is actually about co-creation and more so about developing your own instincts, your own inner perception, understanding, and guidance. It is a co-creation with your guides or whoever you have a direct connection with, encourages you to blossom the light, the love, the wisdom, to blossom from within your being.  This is because of your free will, one of the most beautiful and most powerful gifts you are given as you are born upon the Earth is your free will. Now as you move through your reality it may feel like your freewill does not exist or that others take away from you your freewill, maybe even that leaders or governing bodies dampen or diminish your freewill. Yet you have free will in your reality, and this is granted to you by the Creator as an expression of the Creator. 

It is important that everything you do, everything you perceive and express comes from the love and truth of the Creator within your being. This is your natural way of existing when you allow your expression and creation to come from the love and the truth within your being. It is when you are at your most powerful, connecting and receive the love and truth of the Creator, deliver it and being in your power. A direct connection with any form of the Creator is actually you being in a space of freewill, expressing and creating from love and truth, therefore being in your power, co-creating with the form of the Creator that you wish to connect with.

Receiving and experiencing that direct connection means you will receive encouragement, energy, love and even inspiration from a guide, the Creator or whoever you are connecting with. These beings will magnify, enhance, and develop everything you are and everything you are expressing. If you wish to create a direct connection with your soul or soul group, it is exactly the same. Many beings often seek guidance from the beings on the inner planes and yet it is actually encouragement that is needed, inspiration meaning a new perspective or an opening of your awareness so that you may embark upon a new way of thinking or exploring. We the Andromedans recognise a direct connection as experiencing the divine flow of the Creator moving throughout your being, being expressed through you, and created through you.

You are a Direct Connection in Manifestation 

You may imagine that to have a direct connection is to experience the light of the Creator or the words and guidance of the Creator flowing through you, this may be the case for some. However, you experience the Creator flowing through you, you are experiencing empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, awakening, activation, and energy. You have an inner instinct and natural ability to interpret and express the Creator. Of course, you are the Creator and you are pure expressions of the Creator, you are already in direct connection with the Creator. There is no need to seek the direct connection with the Creator because you are already present, there may need to be some focus, some redirecting of your awareness or your attention in order to experience this fully. 

We, the Andromedans, invite you to simply sit peacefully, acknowledge and repeat:

‘I am a direct connection with the Creator.’

We use the word ‘I am’ rather than ‘I have’ because ‘I am’ is an embodiment, whereas I have symbolised something that can be taken away from you. Your direct connection with the Creator cannot be taken away from you. Our words in many ways are not necessary and maybe they do not explain enough, we simply wish to encourage you to contemplate this:

You are a direct connection with the Creator already manifested on the Earth, meaning there is nothing to do, nothing to say, you are already an experience, an expression of your direct connection with the Creator.  It is important to acknowledge that everyone else is a manifestation of a direct connection with the Creator.

When someone appears in your reality and they are angry, you may ask yourself how can this being be a direct connection with the Creator, an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator? Remember each being holds and is an embodiment of a direct connection with the Creator. They may or may not choose to use or express it. What we the Andromedans are inviting you to achieve at this moment is to choose to be a direct connection of the Creator and to choose to acknowledge that each person is the same, holds the same and is a direct connection with the Creator. Therefore, when someone enters your reality with the energy of anger or any other limiting vibration, you are able to see through, as if it is a smokescreen, to perceive the trust beyond. We might say perceiving beyond the habits and the reactions of the personality. When you recognise that everyone has a direct connection with the Creator, instantly no matter what their actions, or what they say, you begin to see the truth that is present within your being, all around you and within every being, which is deeply enlightening.  It can also be deeply inspiring and fulfilling to choose to recognise yourself as an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator and others in the same way. The recognition, choice, and the contemplation of being a direct connection with the Creator creates an immensely powerful awakening within your being, a tenderness, connection, and completeness with the vibration of the Creator. This is something to value deeply currently, remembering that the Creator exists within your being, that you are in an experience of co-creating with the Creator and receive divine guidance and wisdom from the Creator. Remember you have free will; you can decide what you wish to experience and what you choose to create in your reality, and this is the most powerful tool you have.

We, the Andromedans wish you to contemplate:

What is your free will?

What does it mean to have free will?

How can you interact and use your free will in your ascension process and everyday life? 

When you begin to contemplate these questions, you open yourself up tremendously and allow much baggage to be released, especially connected to power, responsibility, lack, blame and judgment. All of that simply dissolves and you become free to be the direct connection with the Creator. It is immensely important that we, the Andromedans, share this with you now because it gives to you the responsibility and power that you need. It awakens you to the fact you have the power and truth within your being, and this will ignite and guide you forth, in ways you may expect and in ways you do not expect. It is time to trust in yourself, it is time to trust in the Creator and it is time to trust in your co-creation with the Creator and the world around you.

We, the Andromedans, love you deeply,

And we thank you,


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Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are sitting here upon our nonphysical perch in the ninth dimension, looking for ways to relate to all of you and what you are going through there on planet Earth, and that is why our little chats with you in the astral plane are so valuable to us. Not only do you get to visit the customer service department in the sky and unload the burden of the weight that you carry, but we get to have somewhat of an understanding of what you are going through and how it feels to you to go through it.
We have developed the skill of being very attentive listeners. It was a big part of our spiritual practice when we were incarnate and communicating with each other and others. We developed the skill of listening to not only what someone was saying to us, but also to what they were not saying.
We want you to know that if you have something to say to us, if you have requests that you would like to make, we will always be listening attentively, with compassion, and with a desire to be of service. Being of service is what helps us to feel that we have a purpose for existing. We get to expand because of all that you are living and all that you are asking for, and so it makes perfect sense then that we give to you whatever we can, energetically, and in cases like this, through words of wisdom that we can share.
If you talk to us on a regular basis, we will speak back to you through the universe. We will find a way, just as we are always searching for new ways to help humankind. We want you to know that. We want you to know that you are not doing it all by yourselves, even though you are creating one hundred percent of your reality. You are doing it with a support staff, with a whole team of assistants, and with an entourage in the nonphysical.
We want you to know that all of us understand how hard it is to be on planet Earth at this time, and we want you to feel the support that you need to keep going, to keep living, and to keep ascending. And we want you to know that we do have a good chuckle about it in the astral plane while you are asleep at night. Set that intention, as you are drifting off to sleep, to remember those interactions upon waking, and then the you that exists in the physical body can have a chuckle about it as well.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been exploring the various timelines that you have in front of you and the new timelines that you have created for yourselves, and we want you to know that we feel you are doing an excellent job of choosing consciously which timeline to put yourselves on. You have also done a wonderful job of working with the energies you have been given to create new timelines for yourselves and the rest of humanity. This is a time to be inclusive in your creations. There is more power in your summoning of an experience or an event when you include as many people as possible and hold the intention that they will all benefit from that creation as well.
One of the most beautiful aspects of those of you who are a part of the awakened collective is that you take others into consideration when you seek to create a better reality. As we have just said, that makes your summoning of the energies more powerful, and it means that when you let those energies in, you have more co-creators beside you in physical and nonphysical form. You want to be reaching out to the higher selves of all of your fellow humans, especially those who are in your inner circle of your family and friends.
You want to let everyone know that you see them as their higher selves and as creator beings, because that is what they are. And you are there to empower others. You are there to influence and to help every single human in the collective. That’s what you signed up for. That’s why you are awake, and that’s why these more inclusive timelines are lighting up so much for humanity at this time.
The old timelines that many of you have heard about where certain people get left behind during the ascension event are withering away, because more and more people recognize that everyone is a Source Energy Being, and therefore everyone must be included in the shift in consciousness, a shift that is all about bringing you closer and closer to Source.
This shift is not just about creating a better Earth for the worthy and the good. It’s about creating a better Earth for all, and that’s what you all have been doing, and that is why we feel so happy in giving you this progress report about the timelines you are creating and the ones you are strengthening with your attention to them. Keep up the good work and know that better things are to come, more energy will be flowing to you, and you are the creators of that better future for all.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller



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October 3, 2020
Religion, Spirituality and Accelerated Karma
   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! We want to look today at the theme of “our worldview”, that is, the Arcturian worldview, and how this worldview relates to what Earth calls “religion and spirituality”. We are spiritual beings on the Fifth Dimension, and many of you will be joining us and other colleagues and friends on the Fifth Dimension.  When you have the opportunity to choose where you will go on the Fifth Dimension, then many of you will choose Arcturus. Some will choose other wonderful fifth-dimensional planets in our solar system or in our galaxy.

    Perhaps you wonder: “How do the Arcturians view the religions on the Earth, and which one is the correct religion?” Of course, I cannot say which one is correct, because each religion on the Earth has a certain perspective that is appropriate for that soul group that they are working with.  It is important to talk about soul groups when you are talking about religion on the Earth. Many of the religious groups on Earth are also soul groups, that is, participants or members of the soul group that share a unique perspective on the Creator. In fact, some of the religious groups on the Earth will reincarnate on another dimension after this Earth experience, together as one soul group. There already are certain religious groups that have designated a planet that they are going to return to, and perhaps, that planet will appear to them as a type of a heaven, or a type of higher dimensional experience. On Arcturus, we do not have separate or numerous religious groups like you do on the Earth.

    Two of the unique features about the Earth experience is the many languages that you have on this planet and the many religions and subgroups of each religion that also exist. On most of the other planets that we have visited in this galaxy, there are not as many languages, and there are not as many religions as there are on the Earth. However, I think that it is an advantage to be on a planet like Earth which has so many variations in both a language and a religious perspective. This is one of the great advantages of being on the Earth, because the Earth is a freewill zone, and that means that you have the free will to choose which spiritual or religious perspective or doctrine you wish to follow. Many of you have been reincarnating on Earth, and many have been in times where you did not have a choice and were forced into a certain religious dogma or orthodoxy.

    There is also the spiritual component to religion. However, participating in religious groups and religious doctrine does not ensure spiritual experience. In this lifetime, you could choose to not be religious, but you could still choose to be spiritual. You can be spiritual without being religious, and also you could be religious without being spiritual.
    The beautiful thing about being on the Earth right now, from a spiritual perspective, is that you have a choice; you have the freedom to practice or follow any doctrine or any orthodox dogma that you wish to. This freedom of choice is an exciting benefit that you have earned over the numerous lifetimes. This could include lifetimes in which you were suppressed or forced into a certain way of thinking or way of praying or way of practicing. Now, in this lifetime, you may decide that you want to be a free spirit and relate to the universe, relate to the cosmos, in a way that is appropriate and in alignment with your Starseed heritage.

    I have recently used the term “Starseed spirituality”, and I like to make the distinction between Starseed spirituality and Starseed religion. Basically, we do not ask you to consider Starseed spirituality as a religion. We speak about Starseed spirituality, and this is the perspective we that we use on our planet. But remember, spirituality describes one’s “worldview”, and perhaps, instead of worldview, we might use the term “cosmic view”.   Using the word cosmic is telling you a great deal. The developments of the different religious systems on the Earth come from the perspective of the Earth. It was believed that the Earth was the center of the galaxy and the center of the universe. We know now that that view is not correct. There was a time when such astronomers like Galileo tried to convince people that the Earth was not the center of the universe. He was trying to convince people that the Earth goes around the Sun, as opposed to the Sun goes around the Earth. And for that thought and scientific conclusion, he was put in jail, and in order to leave jail, he had to recant that view.

    The cosmological or cosmic view is an important factor in your spirituality.  We call our worldview “Starseed spirituality”, and also “Galactic Spirituality”, because it is based on the concept of the galaxy and the cosmos, and it is also based on the existence of multi dimensions that exist throughout the cosmos. Our worldview is also based on our perspective that each person is multi-dimensional. This means that you are existing simultaneously on different dimensions. Our Starseed spirituality is also based on the concept of ascension. You, being on the Third Dimension, have the opportunity to release yourself from the third-dimensional reincarnational cycle and ascend to a higher dimension.

    Being released from the Earth incarnation cycle is also part of a religious system on the Earth, because each religion may discuss such factors as: “How do you leave the Earth? Do you go to Heaven afterwards, or do you go to Hell?”  We do not believe in “Hell”, but we do see the concept of Hell is as an expression of “going to a place after death to become purified”.  More important, we believe in our cosmic view that you can graduate and move on from the Third Dimension to the higher Fifth Dimension.

    This brings up the subject of the different concepts of graduating from a planet, going to a higher dimension. Understanding one’s soul mission is an essential part of the experience of being on the Third Dimension. I think it is important that we look at the concepts of soul mission in each religion. Many of the religions on the Earth do have great truths about why one comes to the Earth, and some even have great teachings about soul mission. We acknowledge the White Brother/Sisterhood and the Ascended Masters.  The Ascended Masters are teachers and prophets that come from every religion on the Earth: the Hindu, the Jew, the Christian, the Muslim, the Taoists, the Buddhists, and certainly other religions that may not be as well-known, such as Confucianism. Each of these religious groups has a higher process and an evolutionary teaching that is transcendent of the Earth and can lead to one becoming an Ascended Master with the White Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

    For example, the Hindus believe in reincarnation and believe in graduation from the Earth. This sounds similar to what we teach. This view is a universal and cosmic concept that we have embraced. Those earlier Vedic philosophers and writers of the Upanishads and the other great teachings coming out of the East did have the Starseeds concept. Each of the Earth religions began with a higher dimensional interaction, either with an Angelic force or a higher dimensional being. In some cases, the person starting the religion had a direct experience with the Creator, such as is expressed in Judaism and Christianity. The point is that there was a transcendent experience that helped to bring down a great teaching to this planet.  This higher teaching guided people to higher light and into a higher dimension, and showed people the way that would help them graduate and be released from the Earth incarnational cycle and go to a higher realm or higher dimension, such as where we are, the Arcturians.

    Therefore, we acknowledge the Ascended Masters, including Sananda and the Archangels, and Kuthumi and Ptaah. Our view of the Ascended Masters may be different from your view, because your view of the Ascended Masters is Earth based for the most part. Because you are Starseeds, and because you are endorsing or practicing Starseed spirituality, then you would naturally be open to the Galactic Masters. Many of these Galactic Masters may not be known to many people on this planet. Part of your path and your mission on Earth may be to help promulgate these teachings from the Galactic Masters.

    I would like to make the distinction then between the Ascended Masters from Earth, and the Galactic Ascended Masters. This means that each planet in the galaxy which survives and is able to evolve out of their lower states can have their own Ascended Masters. Some of the Earth Ascended Masters have been used and have gone to other planets beside the Earth. One example is Sananda who is serving on missions to many planets, not just on the Earth. You may have heard Ptaah talk about the experience that the Pleiadians had with Sananda/Jesus in which he says that the reception that the Pleiadians gave Sananda was much different and more cordial, more welcoming and friendlier than the reception that he received on the Earth. There were other karmic factors in Sananda/Jesus’s mission on the Earth. It is not fair to compare the different experiences that an Ascended Master like Sananda/Jesus had on the Earth as compared to the Pleiades.

    We know that there are masters like Sananda who work in other planetary systems. It is important in Starseed spirituality to acknowledge the Ascended Masters who are part of the Galactic Hierarchy. In order to understand the role of the Galactic Hierarchy, we first have to see a broader picture of the dimensions in the universe. There are beings that are in the Third Dimension, and then there are beings in the lower Fourth Dimension. There are also beings in the middle Fourth Dimension; there are being in the higher Fourth Dimension, and then there are beings in the Fifth Dimension. There are also beings in the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions as well.

    And each dimensional experience has a certain specific outlook and a specific worldview. Each dimension offers specific opportunities to be closer to the Creator. The experience that you could have on the Third Dimension gives you great opportunities for closeness to the Creator, but by going to a higher dimension, you would have even more and different opportunities to be closer to the Creator. On the higher dimensions one has the opportunity to study and work with   the concept of co-creation.

    There are different levels of the Ascended Masters. The two levels I want to speak about are related to the Earth religions, and these levels also can be discussed in Galactic Spirituality. The first level is the Prophet and the second level is the Savior. You will find that many of the religions have both levels, but some only have one level. The Prophet is the person who has contact with higher dimensional beings and is able to transmit those messages directly.  The Prophets are not necessarily prophesying the future, and perhaps this is a difficulty in the English translation from the Biblical times. The Prophet may be able to predict the future, but that is not the core essence of his or her abilities. Rather the core essence of the Prophet is that they are able to communicate directly with the Divine Spirit. This ability makes him or her a Prophet. There are people who can predict the future who are not Prophets, but only the Prophet is able to have the direct contact and experience, and transmit that experience to others. The Savior, also sometimes called the “Messianic Energy”, has the ability to change the course of history on a planet, especially when the planet is going towards self-destruction. The Savior, also known as “Messiah”, possesses “Messianic Light”. The Savior has the ability to override the karmic process that is occurring on a planet. This is an important ability.

    “Why do the Arcturians not intervene in the Earth’s planetary crisis?” We see the destructions that are going on in the biosphere, and the dire predictions of how this is all going to end, which is encapsulated in the “End Times” concept. Higher beings, such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians or others, could intervene and stop this degradation. The problem is that, unless you are a Savior, then your intervention is going to encompass karma on yourself. This is hard to grasp, because there is a tremendous amount of karmic paybacks that are now occurring on this planet. This is why you are seeing such destruction and polarizations and suffering. Buddha said that one of the four causes of the stress on the planet is suffering, and we all will agree that the suffering of the plants and animals and the humans and the planet itself is extremely high. A being such as the Arcturians or other higher dimensional beings, if they chose to interact and stop this, would incur a karmic debt upon themselves which we or the others may not have the ability to process. The Savior, or the Messiah, does have the ability to process that karma intervention. You can even see this ability to process karma in the description of some of the experiences of Sananda/Jesus, when he made the point that he “died for your sins”. That means in galactic language that he is capable of assuming the karmic debt on the planet and intervene, so that no one is suffering karmically.  That is the difference between the Prophet and the Messiah and the Savior.

    There are certain requirements in order for Messianic Intervention to occur on this planet. I think we all would agree that we are close to the necessity for a Messianic Intervention, but some of the requirements include having a core group of people that are active and spiritually involved and engaged and working together. Sometimes this has been referred to as a number of “righteous” people. These are concepts in other religions, too, about having a core group of righteous people in order to meet the requirement for an intervention by a Savior.  In order for Messianic Intervention to occur, there must be a core righteous group that is preparing the way and holding the energy for the Messianic Intervention. Clearly, Messianic Intervention can only occur when there is receptivity. There must be a receptive energy field on the planet. Messianic Interventions cannot occur without a core receptive group.

    The description of the Messianic, or the Savior, Energy really belongs into the realm of what I call the “Quantum Energy Field”.  The reason why I use that term Quantum Energy Field is because the intervention transcends logic. Logically, I could give you information that the oceans are going to die in 2035, which is only 14 to 15 years from now.  This outcome is based on our calculations about what is occurring, and the fact that there has not been any major effort to repair the oceans, and pollution continues to occur at an astronomical rate. We conclude, therefore, that it is unlikely the oceans on the Earth could exist past 2035. But a Messianic Intervention can transcend the logic, can transcend the cause and effect, and you would ask: “How?” I could only say that Messianic Energy is quantum and has power beyond what can be comprehended with normal third-dimensional logic.

    We support such an intervention and think it is possible that there will be some type of Messianic Intervention. In fact, the Ascension itself can be considered a Messianic Intervention. One can be released from the Earth karma during an ascension.  The Ascension essentially is providing an opportunity for release from the Earth reincarnation, even if you have not totally prepared yourself to graduate from the Earth, or as the religions like to say, be released from the Earth. But the Ascension offers this opportunity, especially with the addition of Grace. You might need eight to ten lifetimes in order to graduate, but because of the ascension energies, you will receive an opportunity to skip a couple of years, a couple more classes, a couple of soul lessons, so that you can ascend.

    We have the concept of karma in the Arcturian thinking, in the Arcturian worldview. On the Earth now, you are experiencing Accelerated Karma. There are different aspects of karma.  There is Earth Karma; there is Reincarnational Karma; there is Cosmic Karma and “Accelerated Karma”. In normal karma, you may do something wrong and the karma may be paid back in a future lifetime.  I like to use the example of Edgar Cayce, who by the way was an Arcturian Starseed.  Even though he did not totally understand that concept, he did receive information from the Arcturians, and he was in touch with many of our teachers and masters, and brought through some very cosmic powerful information.

    In one of his readings, he gave the example of a person who is extremely critical of a disabled person, and in that reading, Cayce pointed out that this person was critical of someone who was disabled. It might have been someone who had a disease like Multiple Sclerosis. In the next lifetime, that person came back and had that exact same disease. That would be an example of what I call “normal karma, Earth karma”. This means that, if you were treating somebody badly in one lifetime, then in the next lifetime you could receive the same bad treatment you gave someone else. For example, people in the holocaust who were guards in the concentration camps often were abusing people in the camps.  In the next lifetime, they could find themselves in a camp and could be abused or in another situation where they would be abused or imprisoned.

    Let’s us look at Accelerated Karma. Let us use the Cayce example again where a person is making fun of somebody who is disabled. In Accelerated Karma, they may experience that disability immediately in this lifetime. When I say immediately, I do not mean instantaneously, but I mean that they would experience the karma within several years. This is Accelerated Karma, and now this is a time of Accelerated Karma on the Earth. When people are making mistakes, when people are doing actions of impure nature or abuse of nature, the likelihood of their experiencing Accelerated Karma now is going up dramatically. This is good, if you are spiritually minded and understand this concept, but if you have a darker soul and are unable to grasp this, it might lead you to great confusion.

    You are going to see more Accelerated Karma being played out on this planet. There are eight billion plus people on this planet now. Part of the idea of karma and Accelerated Karma is that there is an opportunity immediately in this lifetime to provide the karmic experience. 
Sometimes, it may not be possible to find the right situations for paying the karmic debt in this lifetime, but I would say for the most part, it is possible.

    The Earth religions have had difficulty explaining why evilness prevails and why many evil people seem to be able to thrive. I am sure you have seen this in your own personal observations that many of the people who are evil are still remaining in power. Many of the evil people are rich, and continue to amass power and wealth. How do you explain this? In the concept of karma, you say: “They are going to have their payback, and perhaps their payback will be in another lifetime.” I do want to say though, that in this concept of Accelerated Karma, it may happen sooner in this lifetime.

    Our worldview, which is again based on Starseed spirituality, also speaks about Cosmic Karma. We observe Cosmic Karma occurring all the time, and the Earth is being affected by Cosmic Karma. That means that Cosmic Karma explains that your karmic debts or karmic experiences can be worked out on other planets besides the Earth. There might be another planet that exists in the Andromeda Galaxy or in the other section of this galaxy that exactly fits the needs and information and experiences that you need to learn your karmic lesson. It may take several lifetimes or decades on the Earth or even centuries to find the right experience so that you can work out your karmic debt. In Cosmic Karma, your karmic debt or lesson can potentially be played out on other planets immediately in your next lifetime.

    Cosmic Karma is part of the Starseed experience. You, as a Starseed, are open to remembering other lifetimes and other experiences on other planets.  Therefore you would gladly accept the opportunity to go to other planetary systems. Other planetary systems are probably not going to be as complex as the Earth. The Earth is one of the more complex planets in the galaxy, and one of the reasons is because of the powerful and numerous religions and the powerful and numerous languages here.

    I want to introduce another concept which I call “karmic training”, because when I talk about karma and when I talk about life lessons and soul lessons, I am sure that you are all thinking about difficult or negative lessons to overcome. In negative karma, you made errors in one lifetime, and then you have come back into another lifetime to karmically pay back the debt. In the concept of karmic training, we have a whole broader perspective which I think will be very well received by you. All of your experiences are not just related to “undoing mistakes” or having the opportunity to correct or repair errors that you have made. There is another aspect of karma that is positive and which I call karmic training.  I am happy to introduce that concept to you. Karmic training means that you have come to this planet Earth for a specific training experience, and that experience can be related to what I call the “co-creator experience”.

    In the concept of co-creator experience, you are at such a high spiritual level that you can create your reality. You are like God because you can create a reality. In the Fifth Dimension planets like Arcturus, there are tremendous co-creating opportunities. What you think can happen immediately in the Fifth Dimension; there is no waiting. In the Third Dimension, you may visualize things; you may want to build something, or maybe you want to amass wealth, but it does not happen immediately. There are delays. Sometimes, your creative thoughts do not even happen. I am sure you have heard many lectures about what the correct way is to think and how to process affirmations. But sometimes even with positive affirmations and correct thinking, the reality that you want to manifest does not occur immediately.

    The beauty of the Third Dimension is that you get to practice using different thought techniques. For example, you might think that what you need is a million dollars. Or, you might think you need to be a football player.  You focus all of your positive thoughts on a successful career.  And then, you have a leg injury or ankle injury, and your football career is over. You tried; you trained and you practiced to become a great football star. Why did this happen? Ten years later, you find yourself on a spiritual path, and you realize that if you would have continued in the sports world, then you would not have been able to go on the spiritual path. Therefore, you might not exactly understand the whole purpose of the injury at the moment it happens, but from another perspective years later, you do understand. Your positive thinking on success in the sports world was preventing you from your future spiritual development.
    In Cosmic Karma training you are learning how to think and how your thinking affects your actions. You see some of the mistakes in how you are thinking. In Cosmic Karma training for co-creation, you are studying here to be either a Prophet or an Ascended Master on another planet. I know that might be hard to grasp, but this is a huge universe; it is a huge cosmos.  There may be 5,000 planets in this galaxy. There might be 300 or 400 billion stars in this galaxy, but there could be 800 billion stars in the Andromeda Galaxy, your sister galaxy.  That means there could be 10,000 planets with life on them in the Andromeda Galaxy, and 5,000 planets with advanced life on them in our galaxy, the Milky Way. That means that there is a need for co-creator spirits; there is a need for Ascended Masters; there is a need for Prophets on other planetary systems. The idea of co-creation and the co-creator training experience is that you come to the Earth in order to understand what it is like to be on the Third Dimension. You study and learn what works and how people respond to prophetic visions, prophetic interventions and Messianic Interventions. There is an aspect of Ascended Mastery that involves being able to direct people towards the co-creation of a new reality.

    The creation of a new reality is something that all of us want to accomplish on the Earth. We want to see a better reality; we want to see more stability; we want to see a balanced environment.  We want to see a society that is not so polarized.  We want to see a society that is accepting of the sacredness and protecting the forests and the oceans. I may add that on Arcturus, all places are sacred, and therefore on Arcturus we do not separate the way you do on Earth where you have the sacred and the profane, where you have sacred cities like Jerusalem or Mecca. Our whole planet is sacred. We are living with our sacredness all the time, and therefore we do not separate ourselves from the sacred. However, we do have temples. The word “temple” would be the translation into English. The Arcturian temples are more setup for what I call meditative co-creative experiences. That means that, in our meditations, we hold the reality, we hold in our meditations the Noospheric reality and thought field of Arcturus.

    This meditative concept that I just described was practiced centuries ago by Tibetan monks in the Himalayas. Several centuries ago, there were groups of 30, 40, or even 50 or more monks; they were Tibetan Buddhist. They would meditate in certain isolated areas, knowing they were holding the thought field for the planet. Part of our teachings in our spirituality is that we want the Earth Starseeds to practice that type of energetic thought field meditations.  Many of you are doing that in Tomar’s temple. Meditation for the Noosphere is powerful, and requires great Arcan Power to do this successfully.

    These people in Tibet that were doing this centuries ago were extremely powerful in their meditations, and were able to hold certain positive thought patterns for the planet. There are other examples on this planet of people holding a certain thought field. In our spiritual view then, this is what we are accomplishing with our meditative temple work. I reported to you that we have what we call “full time meditators” that are specifically trained to do that kind of work.

    I also want to visit the concept of the Sacred Triangle. If I had to describe to you our religious or spiritual perspective, it would be in this concept of the Sacred Triangle. In the Sacred Triangle ideas that I presented to you on the Earth, the Ascended Masters are predominantly from the Earth, but there also was a spiritual unity with the Native Peoples. We found that the religious systems on the Earth were developed before the environmental movement, and they did not have an emphasis on the concept of the sacredness of the Earth. There are certain exceptions from ancient times. There are great agricultural ceremonies in some of the earlier Biblical religions, but the whole concept of repairing the planet and saving the planet are not predominant religious themes now.

    It is the Native Peoples of this planet who were always in a union with the Spirit of the Earth. We, the Arcturians, stay in union with the spirit of our planet. We stay in union with the volcanic parts, so there are no volcanic eruptions on Arcturus. We stay in unity with the weather patterns; we stay in unity with the oceans.  (Yes, we have oceans; we have weather patterns, just like you). As fifth-dimensional beings, we are able stay in unity and hold a spiritual balance with our planet.  We embrace Galactic Spirituality. Each planet has their own system of Ascended Masters. I think this is really beautiful because it points to the idea that there is uniqueness in each part of this galaxy.

    The Earth right now is in a cycle that has been going on for 4,000 to 6,000 years. You are post-Atlantean, and you have been visited by extradimensional beings that have intervened in the Earth. There are so complex factors in your position in the galaxy, and even the Earth’s position in the solar system.  There are many different cycles. The Earth goes on a revolution, or a wobble, on its axis every 26,000 years that is called the precession. There is another cycle where the solar system is traveling around the center of the galaxy, which takes 250 million years. You are in the cycle of changing Zodiac positions and astrological signs. There are also energy fields coming in cosmically. It is a lot to integrate. But with the advances in the thought field work, with the advances of the Noosphere, with the advances of the understanding of Cosmic Karma and cosmic training, you can help to accelerate the manifestation of a better reality on this planet. That means there is also energy and work to manifest the Messianic Intervention. A Messianic Intervention does require a high-power thought field to attract that Quantum Energy.

    The Earth does require a mass intervention. It does require the intervention of a Savior. You, the Starseeds, are forming a new foundational energy field that is going to help establish a new basis for a higher planetary reality. I promise you, this is coming. I am Juliano. Good day.

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