Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Do you hear people saying that they are feeling stuck? A bit trapped? Like they’ve reached the end of their tether and that things appear quite bleak and hopeless? What do you say to them? Maybe it’s you who is in that position yourself. Feeling hopelessly stagnant, or just pressed against a wall, waiting for someone to come forward and lead the way, inspire you into action. This state of affairs is quite dangerous because firstly, it suggests that you are so dependent on your external reality that you are being anchored into inertia, and secondly because your own personality is offering a passive resistance. It means that you are withdrawing further and further from your higher self and resigning yourself into the grim prospects of this three-dimensional plane – this soon to become realm of the living-dead.
The Monotony
This is the main awareness this week.

In just this last week, the debate over our fundamental rights and freedoms has quickly escalated into astronomical levels of confusion and deception, false joy and superficial relief – a by-product of Mercury’s hovering square over Neptune, both planets in their signs of domicile (since early May). After such a sustained Mercury transit, it is no surprise to feel that much has been going on, not only behind our backs but also using smoke and mirrors right before our very eyes. Cheated and befuddled doesn’t even begin to describe it.
The actual direction we are taking starts to come clearer from this week on, and like we have just awoken from a bad dream, we find that we may be living the greatest fantasy since Cinderella was refused a ticket to the ball by her narcissistic ugly step-sisters. Someone has been manipulating the entire bum illusion the whole time. And our struggles until now have been extremely unfair and most unnecessary.
With Venus trine Uranus, it is an awakening all the same. Now out of his retro-shadow, Mercury bullets forward to become thoroughly refreshed with a smart awareness of some cold hard facts. As this week progresses him into the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint (Friday) the truth shall set us free indeed, but free to do what, exactly?
Well, we finally all wake up to a world where things are evidently in dire contrast. The sheer distinction of the shades between us is so obtuse that the intensity almost threatens to offend our subtle sensitivities. Things seem so intense that any action conjures an immediate emotional reaction.
People, circumstances, events are suddenly appearing more extreme. We might have expected as much by now and I have been writing about the great divergence of 2015 since the beginning of this year. It is finally happening, full scale. The return of Saturn into Scorpio, still in retrograde, seems to be dredging up a lot of karmic backwash from 2012-14 for us to deal with. Not only is our external reality being injected with every stinging jab of Saturn’s disciplinary measures, but with Pluto’s tight-hold choke (in semi-square) for the next two months, this asphyxiating condition is set to exasperate us all into an exacting execution of the most excruciating existentialist extremities that humans have have experienced since… well, the last world war (WWII).
Yes, things are looking extremely dire.
Everywhere you look, the signs presented are no longer  deemed as moderate. They are designed to get you to react. Strongly.
Extreme views procure extreme opinions. Which in turn become fostered into extreme beliefs. These then foment into extreme reactions and before long all of our ‘reality’ is ruled by taking extreme measures to prevent any further backlash to the counter-measures that we all find so acute… and [gasp] so… the end result, it seems, is that we are ripping at the seams, and what’s betwixt and in between may henceforth never to be seen.
The great divergence is here. Line in the sand situations abound aplenty.
Everywhere you look there are two kinds of people. Your kind and that other kind.
Let us not be fooled. This is no longer a world where we are allowed the freedom to celebrate the beauty of the diversity in each other. The discernment process is becoming highly simplified and much easier to denominate. Everyone can play. The split is down the centre, and the distinction is very clear. Left or right, right or wrong, black or white… us or them. The choice is yours. And your media will ensure that you have all the necessary assistance to make that choice quickly.

The Capricious Full Moon

With the Capricorn Full Moon this Thursday, a Moon whose conjunction to Pluto is screaming of extreme public reaction, pitted of course against a Sun/Mars conjunction in the emotionally reactive Cancer, we see nothing less than an all-out effort to have our personal views manipulated by emotions tied to our fundamental survival instincts, and similarly an all-out tug-o-war becoming waged to have those views become engaged into a diatribe of world division and spatial inter-separation.
What does that mean? Well it’s not a pretty place. Unless we are enlightened, it will become easy to lose our balance here.
The contrast is becoming so much more astark. Such is the influence of Mars/Pluto on the Full Moon. With the choice becoming that much more obvious, the decision is so much easier to make. This is because it is done with a gun to our heads. The action is becoming easier to take because it was under life-or-death directions. Results are manifesting faster. But are they they taken willingly? Or are we being taken for a little walk along the garden path?
Retrograde Neptune’s sextile to this Full Moon means there are healthy dosages of sugar to make this nasty medicine go down. It may be the saving grace to all this, but the actions are extreme, none-the less.
Things are changing most severely. As we can see all around us, people are moving by the throng. But is it the change we wanted? What purpose does it serve to us be under the illusion of liberty when all around is a growing personal debt and discontentment to the point where many are ready to just break?
All over the world there are events that are clearly precipitating towards a crisis point this week. The Cancer Sun/Mars conjunction means that outward activity is being governed from the pit of our stomach, or gut sense of security (or insecurity if you rather). When the Moon, ruler of Cancer, influencing the public mood, or ‘vibe’ amongst the common people comes to oppose all this on Thursday, it will do so in the socially responsible and somewhat personally repressed sign of Capricorn. We will sense an unusually immense conflict within ourselves. Such is the powerfully controlling spirit nature of Pluto that many will be at the mercy of the invisible forces lurking in the lower astral planes of the fourth dimensional field. Entities collecting in this place are an accumulation of all our unresolved ills, and all stray evil thoughts that gather unfulfilled. These lurk about, waiting for opportune moments to earth themselves by invading those most susceptible, successfully corrupting lives.
There’s a lot pulling on our heartstrings right now. On one channel we are being constantly told what’s trending. It the usual deal, it paints a picture of a world that is increasingly at unrest and full of scary radicalized violent outbursts. It looks like one random eruption after another, and the eruptions are not only increasing in frequency but the scale and severity of these is reaching proportions that are ever more difficult to manage, especially since they are slowly happening closer and closer to home.
On another channel, people are desperately trying to keep things positive by escaping into all sorts of evasive measures. Sugar, starch, medicaments, alcohol, television, retail shopping, pollyanna spirituality, sex, obsessive work regimes, thumbsucking – whatever numbs the pain of dealing with the abrasive possibility of hearing any unpleasant news.

Possessed by Madness

Those trying to make sense of all this by remaining centred and reasonably mild are having an increasingly difficult time of it because the distractions are so extreme. It is not easy to find a point of stillness when the world is on the brink. This Mars/Pluto Full Moon is square the Nodal Axis. The Nodes, that common thread which connects us all together in spiritual evolutionary terms, are being short-circuited at the moment. We are instead beginning to feel a spiritual disconnection from each other.
Of course, the reminder will be to not take things so personally. Easier said than done though. Sometime it seems like the universe is testing you on that one. Sometimes it seems like everything is conspiring to make you mad.
The qualities of greater love and unconditional understanding are being severely tested by this enormous pressure at the moment. And to stay centred is going to take some massive strength to not become possessed by the madness and the mayhem that is starting to whirl around us.
“When a man is possessed by an evil spirit
The qualities of humanity are lost in him
Whatever he says is really said by that spirit,
though it seems to proceed to come from that man’s mouth.
When the spirit has this rule and dominance over him,
the agent is the property of the spirit, and not himself;
His self is departed, and he has become the spirit.
When he returns to himself he knows not a word of it.”

In a sense we are been assisted here by the great waves of light beamed through the earth by this blessed universe, allowing us to see in frequencies uncommon to us ever before on such a collective level. Yet, whilst this light is available to all, not many chose to see it. Many others simply are not capable at all. This much is obvious.
What is also obvious is that the masses don’t trust anyone but their government to make all their decisions in this world. Of course, who else seems more qualified to lead us around like a flock of sheep? It is the supreme job of our government and our God to look after us and guide the way towards our economic and spiritual well-being, right? And by government we are talking about that leader who constantly reminds us that our affairs are different to those of all our sleazy, jealous, invasive neighbours. And by God we of course mean those high priests who preach that our god is the only supreme deity that exists and is patently better than all those other phony gods that other religions follow.
So it is between church and state that we can easily see where the inspiration for most of our division is coming from. Economy and faith.
For many this period appears as incredibly unsettling. For those who are used to having things stay in a fixed place, this is indeed a deeply disconcerting time. It ought to be. Those who have become so deeply entrenched in age-old ways, those that have so much investment into a predetermined expectation of the future as was presented in that sales brochure, especially in an age where light travels across the globe so rapidly, are certain to experience all sorts of mayhem and disruption. The bandwidth of updated information being transmitted instantaneously across the globe from moment to moment is phenomenal – one’s mind can hardly even comprehend the phenomenal rate of communication possible with just the mere spark of an idea in the human mind. And one idea is all it takes to enter the mind of a very influential person.
Transits for June 28-July 5, All times in UTC
Ultimately those with the most influence are going to want us to see things their way. And they may try and leave you with no other choice.
The great divergence is upon the human kind.
And yet, with Uranus in Aries trine to the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, the lightning flash of greater love and understanding comes when we see the full spectrum of light, with all its iridescent rainbow colours.
This is going to be a challenging week, this is for sure. The only suggestion I can make is to be mindful of the tendency to lapse into extremities. Know when you go too far into any personal activity that you risk creating a world of unbalance. In that realisation, breathe yourself back into the centre of your being and ask yourself: Am I exploring the full spectrum of possibilities here or am I becoming possessed by the madness that’s around me.
Yes, there are indeed two types of people. Those who see rainbows, and those do not. Help them to see.
Stay protected, play safe and act responsibly.
Have an amazing week.
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Preparing for the next role – Sanat Kumara – 6-30-15

We want to talk to you today about the effects these energies are having on you emotionally and physically. Many  of you feel as if their  is no reprieve from the wave upon wave of energies that are coming in. Your bodies are doing the best they can to cope with the energies and many of you are experiencing side effects that are impacting your daily life.
Understand that we are in a pivotal time, for some the energies are pushing those ready to connect to the unity grid, also known as the Christ consciousnesses in the 5th dimension. This is done by the clearing of your vehicle of density so that it can hold more light. For those of you who have already connected the energies are  preparing you for your next role, which is to help strengthen the pathway for others to follow. It is those of the first wave, who followed the paths laid  and anchored by the pioneers, that are now strengthening the connection and pathways for those of the second wave to follow with greater ease. This was the role that you agreed to play before this incarnation. Ascension from the 3D is individual but yet it is also collective. In order to assist those coming you had to individually clear the density within so that you could accommodate the energies of your next task, which is to hold the energies that guide others.
As you move into your next task of assisting others by strengthening the energetic pathways, you will find that your chakras will strengthen and enlarge, as they do you will continue to remove density from your form which allows them to grow and activate your entire energy field. Some of you will experience increased heart palpitations and tightening of the chest. As your heart chakra expands you may also feel pressure in your upper back.  You may also experience pain in your temples and cranium as your third eye and crown expand so that you may easily process the light codes that are moving through you.
It is essential that you understand the all that is taking place is for your highest good and that nothing is being done to you nor are you under attack. We recommend that you breathe through the energies and command your body to allow the changes and integration. As the body experiences these changes, anxiety is common. The mind will look for reasons why your body feels anxious and you can then fall subject to worries and fears in regards to this process. We ask that you allow for distraction to lead your way. Create a soothing routine when the energies come that are making you uncomfortable. Your electronic devices can disrupt the flow of energies and codes streaming forth and prolong the process. Spending time outside and in water will help to speed up the downloading of information and the internal processing. At times, you may be guided to sleep, this is particularly important during a large download of information. You may also feel guided to eat things that are outside your normal diet. Understand that those cravings should be honored as your body is needing a particular ingredient in the food you are craving. What one must not do is set such strict limits upon yourself so that you feel guilt or shame when deviating from the diet you have created within your belief system. Never before has the human body been taxed as it is in these moments. It is particularly important that one stays grounded not only to the earth but within the body as well. Many of you are naturally not fully in the body, but this disrupts the flow of information. Walking upon your earth in bare feet can be very beneficial at this time. However, understand that the most important tool you have for this time is joy and laughter. Seek what makes you happy and to laugh. A person that is happy and joyful is naturally aligned with source and this creates a pure channel for the information to flow.
As you are being prepared for this role you may find that your physical location changes as each of you have agreed to assist from a particular geographic location. For some this will come as a natural urging to pick up your roots and go to some place new. For others this may appear forced as relationships, jobs, even health dictate a change. Not all will need to change their physical location as they are positioned perfectly. Understand that there is nothing that you need to do to fulfill this role, except to continue to clear your form of all that no longer serves you.  It is through your higher vibrating being that the codes will naturally be transmitted to all those around you. As you continue on your upward journey through the dimensions you will be able to handle the codes easier and with greater efficiency. As with any task, the more you relax and don’t fret the easier it will be, the more natural it will become and the more you can incorporate it into your daily life with little disruption.
The next 3 months are very important and many of you will look back at awe at the changes you have made in your being, your thoughts, and your actions. Understand the channel in which the downloads come through your body is also the same path that connects you to your highest self, your intuition, and the deepest remember of who you truly are. Approaching the changes with child like wonder and excitement will help you to integrate all into your being.
With excitement and appreciation for all that is coming,
Sanat Kumara

Personal Conversation with Sanat
Me: A few days ago I felt as if a wave of energy hit that was very heavy, it brought up anger in me, which I was able to then see where anger was just a deflection for the true feeling of sadness and grief.
Sanat: Yes, much is being released from the collective consciousness. When these energies are released they then find a home within a person who has within them the vibrational match. These are not to harm you, but they are intended to intensify what is already within so that it may be easily seen and healed. How can you see what needs to be addressed if it is not apparent. These energies exacerbate what is within you so that you may release it from your form.
Me: I have had some intense food cravings. I am for the most part vegetarian and I have been craving chicken Parmesan, burgers, and beer. None of which are good for me. What’s interesting is that I did allow myself the beer, which normally bloats me, and it tasted incredible and didn’t make me feel bad. The next night I had another beer and this time it didn’t taste as good and did bloat me.
Sanat: You see it is important to listen to your body in every moment. Your body needed the hops in the beer, but only in small amounts. When it tasted good, you were fulfilling a requirement, but that does not mean it is needed more than in that moment. Let your body be the guide.
Me: I assumed my cravings for meat were a need for protein so I made sure that I consumed more vegetarian protein.
Sanat: That is an option, but understand that if you continue to have a craving of a particular food even if you feel you have satisfied the requirement in a different form, that the need was not met. Understand?
Me:  So if I up my protein, but still crave chicken Parmesan than I am still missing a key ingredient.
Sanat: Precisely. This is also a question of how much you allow your beliefs, rules and judgments that you have set for your life control you rather than accepting and working within the flow.
Me: In the individual reading I do with peoples spirit guides I am seeing so many have moved into the 5D and hooked to the unity grid recently. It is very exciting and encouraging. Yet, there is a belief that once reaching this incredible point that the work is done. From what I am seeing, it is just beginning. 
Sanat: In many ways it does get easier, but yes it is also just the beginning. The 5D energies are not able to fully support complete integration with your soul source, so those desiring this connection must continue on.
Me: Will some choose to stay in the 5D energies and not move on?
Sanat: Yes, some will and it was decided upon prior to their current incarnation.
I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.

If you would like to obtain a personal spirit guide reading, please click on this link for more information. https://channelingthemasters.wordpress.com/loved-onespirit-guide-readings/ 
For information on personalized Ascension guidance sessions, please click this link. New class listings and descriptions are updated.  https://channelingthemasters.wordpress.com/ascension-guidance-sessions/

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Justice Will Prevail on Earth

by Selacia 
A time is coming when justice will prevail on Earth. Can you feel it? Signs are everywhere around you, including the US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. This is just one of countless societal issues on the cosmic drawing board for resolution.

Look for many more of them to become center stage and resolve during your lifetime. The key is love, which is more powerful than the hate that has kept people oppressed and in dysfunction. Hate has for centuries fueled fear, prejudice, oppression, wars, and countless atrocities. 

Prejudice in DNA

Prejudice is in the mass consciousness of humanity just as love is - we have created that field of mass consciousness over time on this planet. Prejudice is in humanity's DNA, therefore, not only on the mass consciousness level but within lineages of families. One reason you are alive in these moments is to help change that. 

The Awakening

What's happening now is the fruition of a very long process of humanity awakening to its true nature, which is love. Looking at it from the perspective of this single lifetime, you understandably may wonder why it's taking so long to address situations that a majority of people see as unjust. From a higher view, however, you can understand the grip of fear and how it has manifested on this planet. 

As I describe in "Earth's Pivotal Years," we live during the greatest paradigm shift of all time. We inherited an upside-down world, the dysfunctional structures now falling apart right in front of our eyes. 

Do Not Fear

Do not be afraid as our paradigm shift happens. Embrace the turmoil, knowing that change of this magnitude is messy and unpredictable. Embrace your role as a divine changemaker - learning more about what it means to be one and taking constructive action steps to be a bright light in the world.  

The Power of Light

When enough light is generated continually - by enough of the population - the grip of fear begins to lose its power. That's what is happening now. Expect backlash, however, as big changes in world view take time and adjustment. Those still stuck in fear will need to be met halfway and made to feel okay with changes, one by one. Have compassion.

Be patient, but hold steady to your vision for a more loving world. Include this vision in your daily meditations and other spiritual practice. Imagine it as though you are the creator you really are and that it exists now in present time. 

Copyright 2015 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Greetings everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note.
I know that I have not been in touch with you for what seems like eons to me. And many of you have been wondering where I disappeared to. The reason that I vanished so suddenly is due to a family emergency that has arrived at my shores without any warning. A close family member has had a stroke and everything changed in a split of a second for the entire family. The last three weeks I have spent day and night in intensive care unit at a hospital assisting him in fighting through the density surrounding him, helping him find a link to himself, grab on to that link and pull himself out of the karmic wheel of life. What an experience it was and still is, an experience of the most incredible growth of consciousness yet!

Whilst it was the family emergency that has rapidly brought me to NY on moment’s notice, as I was spending every waking and not waking hour at the hospital I realized that I was called there to assist many. I found myself working on many souls who were in the hospital at the time, seeing every single intricate occurrence that went on in every room of the hospital simultaneously! I saw new souls entering this planet and those who have finished their journey here on earth departing. I saw angels and various guides working around the clock to assist all who are interconnected in this amazing web of life. Each second of every day was filled with tremendous energy flow which kept me awake for days. Surging energies pulsating through my body dispersing this life force not only throughout the hospital but many miles into the city.
Arch Angel Metatron Disc a Powerful KEY that unites the WHOLE of parts, protects, assists, connects, heals, wards off negativity and opens the heart to the experience of unconditional love. To learn more about Metatron’s Key please visithttp://www.NatalyaAnkh.Myshopify.com
And whilst there, I kept thinking of the latest channeling that I have shared with all of you before my sudden departure. A channeling which spoke about grand changes coming our way, changes and wrapping up of loose ends as one phase is coming to an end and another is about to flung its doors wide open to all of us. It is there that I have realized that we are moving in the right direction for all of us. The right direction for earth herself and for the universe enlarge. No matter the experiences that I have gone through in the last month, the lessons learnt and the expansion of consciousness experienced not only by myself but everyone around me touched me to the core!
Things certainly are changing rapidly now, and can go any way that we desire them to go, unexpectedly, urgently, swiftly. I know all of us are feeling the changes, and are being pushed one way or another to accept the inevitable expansion of degree of consciousness. And so, It is from the bottom of my heart that I send all of you the strength, vitally, perseverance, light, patience, understanding and tremendous illumination of pure cosmic power of love to carry you through these amazing, and yet turbulent times.
Once again we’re getting there and the support from the angelic realms and all our benevolent co-creators is felt, acknowledged and welcomed!
I also wanted to inform all of you that I am once again available for healing sessions. To learn more about what I do please see my blog at www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com
Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received from the Hathors.
“Singularity of action stems from the results of benevolent benign encounters of the unconditional understanding of BEing. Singularity of action, stems from misconduct and misunderstanding of the reality structure of the matrix at hand.
For through the matrix at hand much has indeed been gleaned of the universal codices. For the codices of the universe which have unfolded to create a maze which you are experiencing, have made amazing strides into the direction of full awakening, of full accord of being, have allowed the  universal consciousness to expand the mass of the degree of benevolence.
The universal consciousness has indeed been influenced by that which is happening presently on your planet. Why is it then so important for your consciousness to expand, what is then such importance of said experiment? The importance of said experiment is to compare the zero degree of consciousness, to the tenth of the billions percent of antiquity, to examine the core structure of society, to examine the cognition of said realities and to finally arrive at the final understanding of said equation.
The new reconstructive cognition and the debris of yesteryear are transforming into a new reality structure, a structure from which a new species and new Beings and order of things shall emerge, leaving behind the matrix of the beholders and arriving at the new cognitive understanding of that which is.
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that the phase two of full awakening is rapidly spreading its influence throughout your world perfectly so, in alignment with all that you are. And so and thus, the informational decree which has been bestowed upon you is taking route and shape in the form of oneness, collective cognition of realities of the past interlinking with cognitive understanding of that which truly is.
The reconstructive abilities of human beings, their understanding of karmic realities, their understanding of changes occurring within, their knowledge of self, their desire to transform.
Goddess Vortex Disc
Goddess Vortex Disc by Natalya Ankhhttp://www.NatalyaAnkh.myshopify.com 
The benevolent cognition of the principle of being, has ignited the core of your earthly structures. The core of the earthly structures have indeed been ignited by the considerable amount of transformation that has indeed taken place on your planet. The transformation within the core structures of earthly ways of life, through the chaos that you see unfolding rapidly before you, the human consciousness of those who indeed are causing set unrest is showcasing to all that the release and purification of said objectives is well under way. The release of said energies, which the beholders are indeed experiencing and releasing is transmuted into the light by those stationed on Gaia who have indeed been prepared for said initiatives. Who have indeed taken shape and form on your planet in order to attend to said goals and bring them to fruition.
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that as the unrest and deliberate exposure the chaos that is being created, is nothing more than an act of kindness by that which you deem to be “dark” for indeed the release of said energies within the human psyche is akin to a volcano erupting on the mount, for through the eruption of said energies the “lava” can flow freely transforming the landscape and forming a new platform on which to grow, experience, and be.
And so, and thus, as foliations erupt tidily within your emotional cognition of being, the earth and human beings are both clearing the way for a new platform to emerge. A new platform which already is underway and should emerge within your realities in the months to come. The new platform of cognition, action, activity. For each and every moment of your experience, the souls who are set to release all that is standing in their ways shall release and unleash said energies.
And so, the energy for the coming months shall find you riding a phenomenal wave of powerful vibrations, phenomenal wave of powerful vibrations uplifting you and carrying you faster and faster and higher and higher to the culmination point of ignition.
And once said culmination point occurs, once all is in alignment with that which indeed is to be, once all are in place a phenomenal spectacle of light shall be seen before your very eyes, a light vibration that has not been seen on your planet for hundreds of thousands of years, for eons. For indeed your planet and all who dwell therein are traversing time and space on their way back to whence they have come from.
For all are traveling home, home to themselves, home to the new reality of being. And so, the experiment is coming to an end, and your roles of way showers, leaders, gateway keepers, key holders, guides, benevolent co-creators and originators of all that is, is commencing, swiftly lifting you and carrying you to the locations around your globe where you are meant to be for the moment at hand. Throwing you rapidly into the swirling energies which you are meant to uphold. Assisting you in all that you are here to BE.
Stay in the light dearly beloveds. Stay in balance, in perfect alignment with that which indeed you are. In perfect alignment with the source of all that is. Remember your power and keep the ignition key ready for the moment of absolute action is nearing. Remember your divinity and walk with dignity in your stride. Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you are supported by all that is! Know that it is so. For it is!
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.”