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May 4, 2019     
Planetary Ascension and Time Travel 
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Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! In this lecture, we are going to look at planetary ascension and time travel, and how to prepare a planet for ascension. The idea of ascension on a planetary basis is closely connected to the concept of a Messianic Intervention in a planet. In reviewing the religious teachings on Messianic Energy, we can note that there are two conditions related to the Messianic Intervention. The first condition is that so much evil and corruption has occurred on a planet, that the only way to rescue that planet is through a Messianic Intervention. In other words, things have gotten so out of control from the evilness, lower consciousness and corruption that there is no hope that the planet will be able to recover on its own. Therefore, a Messiah or Messianic Energy is authorized from the Higher Council, to intervene and save the planet.

The second condition for a Messianic Intervention relates to, what in religious circles is called, the number of righteous men and women that are on a planet. And in this view, one says no matter how corrupt and evil the planet is, that planet can only earn or be designated for a Messianic Intervention if there are a certain number of righteous people.

What does that mean to be a righteous person? What does that mean to be able to even numerically categorize and count the number of righteous people on a planet? That idea of needing a certain number of righteous people on a planet before a Messianic Intervention also sounds conditional. Let us say that there needs to be 2,000 righteous people on the planet, and then the planet could be saved. We are looking at planet Earth that has eight billion or even more possibly on this planet. 2,000 is certainly a small number. Can it be that 2,000 people who are righteous would be able to tip the scales that would allow for a Messianic Intervention?

In the Arcturian perspective, we have altered this concept of righteous people, and changed it to Starseeds and planetary healers. Do not let this go to your head when I say that you, who are planetary healers, are righteous, because righteous does imply a high level of holiness. But the truth is that you as Starseeds and you as planetary healers are seeking and gathering holy light and holy energy, and your planetary healing work, such as the biorelativity, and such as the Planetary Cities of Light and Ocean Reserves of Light, certainly qualifies for being righteous. What do you stand for? What do the Arcturian Starseeds stand for? You stand for the protection of the biosphere and for the elimination of all causes for the sixth mass extinction. You stand for connecting with the Fifth Dimension and promoting the evolution of humanity to what I often refer to as the "Omega Man/Woman", a person who has evolved beyond the Lower Self and into higher consciousness.

We are still looking at the number of people necessary for a planetary intervention, and the Arcturians have designated the number as 1,600 Starseeds that are necessary. This number is even smaller than 2,000. But you have to remember that when I am talking about 1600 Starseeds, then I am referring to people who are able to hold concentrated thought power. These are people who are able to hold concentrated energies for planetary healing.

I have used this term the "Arcan Power" of thought as the measurement of thought power. It is important that the strength and power of your thoughts be focused. To help with your planet healing thoughts, we have provided these 12 etheric crystals and Ladders of Ascension as a way of enhancing your thought power and your planetary healing power. You and I both know that there are more Arcturian Starseeds than just in the Group of Forty. Also, other Starseeds are working for this planetary healing besides the Arcturians and the Group of Forty. There is a collective effort, and there is a collective brother/sisterhood energy, but the tools for planetary ascension that we are teaching have unique power. Yes, there is the power of 1,600, and yes, there is the power of 40. Yes, there is the power of the etheric crystals and the Ladders of Ascension and other spiritual tools. We are also teaching the unification that is designated as the Sacred Triangle, and this power of the Sacred Triangle greatly enhances the Arcan Power of your thoughts. Working to unify galactic spirituality with mystical, higher consciousness, and Native American spirituality, creates a whole new powerful energy of planetary healing that has never before been on this planet.

Let us change the focus for a moment and look at what exactly needs to happen for a planet to ascend. Ascension can occur when there are the righteous people on the planet. These righteous people are the planetary healers. I am sure that you and I both will agree that the Earth already meets the conditions of corruption and evilness. There certainly is enough corruption and evilness on this planet already to qualify for an intervention. There is no lack of lower consciousness and evilness, and certainly, on those criteria alone, the Earth would qualify without question, for needing a Messianic Intervention.

There is the issue of preparedness for the Ascension. I talked about the second condition of the Messianic Intervention which was that there would have to be a certain number of righteous people on the planet. I also need to make this addition, and that is that these righteous people or planetary healers need to be involved in preparing for the Messianic Intervention and the planetary ascension. It is not enough just for the righteous people or planetary healers to be on the planet, but they must be active, and they must be involved in preparing for the intervention.

This presents an interesting analogy to the personal ascension, because theoretically, there are great similarities between your personal ascension and the planetary ascension. The most obvious similarity is this: When you are working on your personal ascension, you have to prepare for your personal transformation and ascending. There are people who have said, "I am going to ascend, so I am just going to relax and not do anymore work on myself." But that is not acceptable, and part of the work in the personal ascension is to seek out and complete, on an accelerated basis, your life lessons, your soul lessons. Another way to put it is you need to work on your unfinished soul lessons. Hopefully you might say, "OK, I am ready to finish my soul lessons." Some of the soul lessons do present themselves with baggage and burdens, and even in some cases illnesses or conflicts. Completing soul lessons is not as simple as taking a course in graduate school. Rather the completion of the soul lessons can be painful at times.

In the personal ascension we do a lot of preparation with aura training. Ultimately, the Ascension is a process which is centered energetically on your energy field and your aura. This is why we have given so many exercises in aura work, including shimmering and the Cosmic Egg. In the Ascension your aura pulsing goes to an accelerated rate which allows you to transform. I often refer to this transformation as "alchemical", because it seems like it is working with physical energy and then somehow mysteriously transforming that physical energy into an etheric, multidimensional energy. That transformation is so complete that the physical body, in its ascending transformation, disappears. But it disappears from the third-dimensional reality. The physical body is transformed into its fifth-dimensional form. Part of your preparation for your personal ascension is in working with your aura and doing the aura exercises and accelerating the vibrations, and also, being able to experience higher aura energy.

There are other aspects of the aura work which include the Cosmic Egg. In this exercise we are putting the aura in its optimal shape. We also talk about healing or closing any holes in the aura and removing parasitic attachments from the aura. Also you need to remove hooks that might be from other lifetimes, or negative entities that seem to be there. All this work with the aura is important and can be completed and is part of the preparation for ascension. Your work does not have to be 100 percent perfect. We do not expect your aura to be 100 percent perfect, but we can say that your effort and intention is powerful and important. The fact that you are aware of your energy field and aura, and are attempting to work with it, to purify and clean it, and make it vibrate faster, is important and contributes to a very positive outcome for your ascension.

Now let us take a look at these observations about the personal aura and ascension and look at the Earth. The Earth also needs preparation for her ascension. The Earth cannot ascend without preparation, and the Earth can also not ascend without the righteous people or planetary healers on it. The energy of ascension is a higher vibration. There is a rapid acceleration of higher consciousness coming into the planet. These forces provide an opening that allows the Ascension to occur. There has to be a certain dynamic and higher dimensional energy field that is downloaded into the Earth for the Ascension. It is important to prepare for the Ascension and to connect energetically and to work on higher consciousness. This is part of the preparation, but that by itself is not enough. You also need an external, higher dimensional force that provides a corridor of light and energy. This light will be the final stimulation for this energetic transformation known as the Ascension. Now, it is this opening that is provided for the Ascension that is the same opening for the Messianic Intervention and the Messianic Light. This means that the Ascension time is also potentially or possibly a time for Messianic Light and Messianic Energy.

This brings up the three waves of ascension. The first wave would be the one that everyone would probably want to go on, especially when we talk about the corruption and evilness on this planet and the possibilities of further extinctions. Why would people choose to bypass the first wave and go to the second wave? The answer is simple: because the Ascension Light from the first wave is going to provide a powerful healing energy for the planet. The first wave will provide an "introduction" of "Messianic Energy" for the Earth, and therefore it will provide an amazing upliftment and consciousness, and potentially, a huge healing for the planet. It may not be the total planetary healing, but it will certainly be a healing that is miraculous on many levels. Yes, knowing that and feeling that energy is worthwhile and might be enough to convince some people to stay until the second wave.

The question has come up numerous times about family members. For example, people will say: "My family members are not really into this type of energy or work, and I cannot leave them behind." "I cannot leave my dog behind." Or "I cannot leave my wife behind or my children." There will be very positive effects from the Ascension. One positive effect will be the downloading of Messianic Energy and Light onto the planet. The strength of the Messianic Light is still not clear. How strong will it be? What is the number of people who would choose to go in the first wave? The answers to these questions have still not been determined.

Another main issue is when will the Ascension occur? Because everyone wants to know what date, and that date is often correlated with the increased and catastrophic amount of corruption and evil and destruction that is going on in the planet. The general consensus has been that, as the evilness, as the mass extinction increases, as the planet deteriorates more, then that brings us closer to the Ascension. What a paradox! Who, in their right mind, would want to see more deterioration? At the same time, you would say that you would like to see a Messianic Intervention as soon as possible. The Ascension and the Messianic Energy intervention can occur together. You would, in your prayers and meditations, focus and ask for an immediate ascension and a Messianic Intervention because of the deterioration of the biosphere.

This leads to the idea that the preparation for the planetary ascension lies in the Earth's aura, and therefore, the planetary healers can and should help to prepare Mother Earth for her ascension by working with the Earth's aura. The personal exercises that I have given you for your personal ascension apply to the planet. The difference is that on the planetary aura work, it is required to have more people working together. More "anchored" people in different parts of the world are necessary. This means that there is a larger force needed. 1,600 planetary workers are certainly enough to do this kind of Earth aura energy healing.

I call this Earth aura energy healing preparation for the planetary ascension. First, the planetary aura needs to be in the shape of a Cosmic Egg, and secondly, the aura needs to be able to shimmer, and the third point is that the aura needs to have closed all holes and rifts in its fabric. Now these are important aura healing exercises. When you look at it on a personal basis, it would be considered basic aura healing work, and it is similar work on a planetary basis.

Let me just talk about the holes and the rifts in the aura of the Earth and the space-time continuum. There is a long, recent history of rifts in the Earth's aura caused by military experiments, nuclear explosions and other devious methods that have been done shamelessly for personal and military gain over the planet. These rifts need to be healed. There is a planetary healing technology which requires what I call "planetary stitching" of the Earth's aura. Planetary stitching of an aura means you identify where the hole exists on the Earth's aura, and then you "sew up" the rift. You use remote viewing and remote travel, energetically and etherically, to find these rifts, and then go there with your planetary sewing needles and sew up that rift.

Where are the rifts? Some of the rifts are over places of wars. There is a very bad rift over Iraq, for example. There is also a bad rift over Syria, and there are other rifts in the Middle East. There are also rifts originating from nuclear experiments that occurred in different parts of the planet. There are rifts now in Fukushima, and there are rifts in the North Sea and in some areas of Antarctica and the North Pole where there has been nuclear waste dumped.

Sometimes the rifts can originate from cosmological events. For example, the expulsion of certain new neutron stars gives off cosmic radiation. That radiation, if very strong, can penetrate the Earth's aura and cause rifts. You know that the solar system is traveling through the galaxy at a phenomenal speed. One revolution around the entire galaxy can take as long as 500 million years or more. Each year that passes by, means that the Earth is passing through new and different angles to the center of the galaxy. At some of the angles, there is stronger radiation and cosmic energy that has never before come to the Earth.

I know that cosmic events are in the Earth's consciousness. As recently as ten or fifteen years ago, there was a discussion of a null zone which was an energetic cosmic force field that was coming to the Earth. This null zone was going to block all electromagnetic energy, closing all the computers and all electronic devices, which essentially would temporarily destroy the electronic civilization as you know it. Fortunately, that null zone did not occur. There were certain lapses in the energetic field that had remnants of the null zone, but it was not an overall planetary experience.

This means that there are some natural, cosmic events and cosmic explosions that are sending forces that also can affect the Earth's aura. This can be dealt with by what I call "shielding". Part of the Earth healing aura work is shielding. Using the Iskalia Mirror (Author's Note: the Iskalia Mirror is an etheric mirror placed over the North Pole by the Arcturians which helps to amplify positive energy coming to the Earth from the Central Sun.) can bring down planetary healing energy from the Central Sun. The Iskalia Mirror also has the ability to provide protection for the Earth from damaging cosmic events coming to the Earth.

This shielding provided by the Iskalia Mirror can be compared to a shield used by the Native Americans in their spiritual practices. Shields made by shamans, for example, can provide protection for a person against negative forces. When you use a shamanistic shield, it is not the size of your whole body. It has etheric and energetic properties that can protect you. It is very important, as part of the aura work, to shield the Earth from cosmic energies that are potentially harmful. Also, you can shield the Earth from lower extraterrestrials' energies that may be coming to the Earth for evil purposes.

Another important part of the Earth's aura exercises focuses on raising the planet's vibration through shimmering. (Author's Note: Shimmering is an exercise which raises and increases the pulsing speed of an aura.) We have covered the potential healing effects of closing and stitching the holes. When you are doing Earth balancing exercises, you can also strengthen the Earth's aura, and this is especially helpful when you are working along the meridian lines. This provides a great boost to the Earth's energy. The Earth needs this kind of energetic boost to its aura.

But then we look at the shimmering. Shimmering is based on the concept that an aura has a certain vibrational speed, and that vibrational speed can be accelerated. The speed of an aura can be increased using toning. This is why I often use that tone: "ta ta ta ta ta," because I want to demonstrate that the vibrational pulsing of your personal aura can be increased through the exercise of increasing toning sounds. Let us experience this now.

Take three deep breaths. See your aura and command it to go into the shape of the Cosmic Egg. Become aware of the outer pulsing of your aura, and together, let us increase the pulsing speed. Try to correlate to the toning that I am doing. (Tones "Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta" and repeats with increasing speed.) Use your mental imagination and thoughts to accelerate and speed up your aura as fast as you can, even so that it is in "nano" seconds of speed. Let us go into silence.

(Tones "Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta.") Once you activate a speed, you can hold that speed for long periods of time. Now think about how we would activate the shimmering speed of the Earth's aura. We would do a similar type of exercise where we would visualize the Earth's aura and visualize a line around the outer aura, and then we would thought project ourselves to 10, 20, 40, 50 miles outside of the planet. Use your imagination to visualize that there is a line around that outer edge of the Earth's aura, and then we will begin to shimmer the Earth's aura. Now the shimmering of the Earth's aura will also help to raise the Spiritual Light Quotient of the planet. When the whole energy field of the Earth is pulsing, and I mean pulsating in unity, pulsating in a group effort, then many people on this planet will feel that healing energy. Many people will feel the effect of the shimmering.

Now the other part of this aura work relates to time travel. I refer to the personal work of the Ascension. In the personal ascension work exercises, we help you to bring forth energy from your Future Self and bring that energy into your Present Self. This means that in the future, everyone has ascended. I am not putting any timeline on it. Maybe people ascend in different periods, but ultimately as one famous teacher said: "We are all on one road, and it leads to the same mountain top." Maybe some of you are going through different canyons and different valleys, but the bottom line is that you are all going to ascend, and the Earth is also going to ascend. When we access the future time and the future energy of the ascended Earth, then there are ways to bring that future energy back into helping the current Earth. This exercise will lead us into discussions of time travel.

It is possible to travel through time, and it is possible to thought project a whole planet using time traveling techniques. When we work on your ascension, we help you to thought project yourself to the Arcturian Crystal Lake. Imagine though that there is an Arcturian Cosmic or Galactic Planetary Lake where you can thought project a whole planet to this immense lake. It would have to be immense to hold the etheric energy of an entire planet. Planet Earth is a small planet, but still it is not going to fit into the Arcturian Crystal Lake. But there are places in the fifth-dimensional world where planets can be thought projected to for healing. These special places can be used to work on cleansing and healing a planet's aura. There are ways in which the future energies of a healed planet can be brought back down into the present.

There is always the possibility that the biosphere will collapse, and that the Earth catastrophes will mount, and there will be a huge environmental crash. Many of the environmentalists are talking about timelines in which, if things continue as they are, there will be further collapses of the biosphere. If there is a major collapse, then there will be an acceleration of the sixth mass extinction. This does not mean that all life on the Earth will end. A biosphere collapse will mean that the civilization as you know it would end. It could take another ten million years for this current biodiversity on the Earth to return to the level it now is. Ten million years! I mean that is an extraordinary amount of time, but then, if you consider that the Earth is four and a half billion years old, then ten million years is a small percentage of time. But ten million years is significant to you as a human. The point we are making is that the Earth has survived and come back from five mass extinctions. Now it would be preferable if the sixth mass extinction would not result in a "total mass extinction of all life forms." Many of the Starseeds already know that the Earth will survive, and that the Earth can recover from this type of event. We and the Ascended Masters do not want to see that transpire, especially in a catastrophic way.

Let me turn to time travel again. I think, of all of the different aspects of corridor work and hyperspace, that time travel certainly is the most exciting and intriguing aspect. You might have already heard stories about people in the future coming back into the present. There have even been science fiction movies dealing with this subject. "Back to the Future" is an example of one movie in which the subject was dealt with of what would transpire if a future time traveler came back into the present. How is that possible?

Well, before I answer that, let me say that we have this term called "Karmic Chain of Events". In Arcturian technology, Karmic Chain of Events occurs when somebody from the future comes back into the past and changes events. For example, imagine an evil leader like Hitler. There had been an unsuccessful assassination attempt on his life. Someone from the future could come back into the past and make sure that assassination attempt was successful. Or, Hitler was involved in World War I, and he was on the battlefield in Germany. He was wounded and had to be hospitalized. Imagine that someone from the future comes back into the past and helps to move that bullet that hit and grazed Hitler. Now instead of being seriously wounded, the bullet kills Hitler.

According to the laws of Karmic Chain of Events, many events would be changed dramatically. The problem is, think about how complex the Karmic Chain of Events is. What does that mean? Does Hitler's early death mean it would be possible for another madman to come into power? Is it possible that the murder of Hitler could lead to another chain of events that would have led to nuclear destruction of the whole planet? Or would Hitler's early death lead to a more positive overall chain of events? Because the Karmic Chain of Events is so complex, any future time traveler that comes back to the present Earth has to take an oath not to interfere in the Earth events.

Think of how complex it is to look at weather patterns. Nobody knows for sure how to totally predict the weather or how to predict what is going to happen from global warming. There are interesting models, but still it is very complex. The Karmic Chain of Events situation is far more complex than the Earth's weather patterns, and one would almost need a supercomputer to predict how history could change due to time travelers changing events.

Here is the method we use to time travel into the future or the past. First, you visualize the Earth from the perspective of outer space. Next, you visualize that one rotation of the Earth on its axis is equal to one day. If you wanted to go into a future a week from now, then visualize the Earth rotating on its axis seven times. If you were going to go 90 days into the future, then you would visualize the Earth making 90 rotations. Now, if you wanted to start to time travel a year into the future, then you visualize the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, which takes one year, or 365 days. If you wanted to go five, ten, or fifteen years into the future, then you visualize the revolutions of the Earth around the Sun in your mind. For ten years, then you would visualize the Earth revolving around the Sun ten times.

In order to go back in time, you follow exactly the reverse procedure. For the future, the Earth rotates in a forward direction. To go backward in time, you reverse the revolutions of the Earth so that you go in a backward direction. If you wanted to go back a week, then you reverse the rotations of the Earth seven times in your visualization. This method requires a great deal of concentration. This visualization exercise is not the sole part of this procedure. There is a certain corridor work, and work with the Earth's electromagnetic energy and aura fields, that must also be done for time travel.

The Earth is capable of assisting you in going backward and forward in time using the method that I have just described. The law of Karmic Chain of Events is such that future people, who come back, are not permitted to change because of unknown outcomes. However, people in the present can go into the future, and there is nothing in the Karmic Chain of Events laws that forbids time travelers to go into the future and bring back knowledge and information that will help the present.

I have not given you the entire time traveling exercise. I have only given you part of it. Parts of the time traveling exercise are still secret. Remote healers have used this method, for military purposes, to go forward in time. Knowing this, that is, that you are permitted to go into the future, you can take and bring back knowledge from the future into the present. This can be extremely helpful because, if you wanted to put pressure on certain forces on the planet to create a change, then it might be helpful to know when there is a good opening, in the future. It would be helpful to know who has the power in the future to work with you. There might be certain knowledge in the future that you could obtain that might be convincing enough to change people's minds.

Would not the chain of events law still work when you bring back information from the future? It is true that you would want to change the present. There are certain safeguards that are activated that allow you to go into the future and bring back information and still be karmically free. The basic rule is that you are bringing back positive information for the greater good of humanity.

So, in closing I want you to visualize the Earth and see the Earth's aura, and see the Earth spinning or rotating. One spin takes 24 hours, and to the best of your ability, see the Earth on its journey revolving around the Sun. To the best of your ability, thought project yourself to a position above the North Pole of this planet. You are in a protective corridor of light. Make these affirmations: "I am a planetary healer and I am a righteous person." Let us hold that visualization and meditation as the first step towards time travel. We will go into silence. (Silence)

Starseeds like you have this planetary awareness, and now you know that there are ways of thought projecting the whole planet. Planetary healers can thought project the aura of the Earth to a healing lake in another part of this galaxy. Planetary healers can work with the Earth in the past or the future as well as in the present. They can also heal and work with the Earth's aura through shimmering. These are all great tools that you, as righteous people, as planetary healers, can implement. And I am hoping that you and I together will be able to travel into the future to get technological and social information that will be useful in creating a healing and new balance for Mother Earth.

I am Juliano. Good day. 
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


A Message from Mira from Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner - 

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working with the Earth Council.
You may have noticed that we Pleiadians are becoming more visible. We are stepping up our work with the Ascension Process because we are needed now. We are working through various channels including this one. You will be noticing our presence is increasing.
This is the time of the great shift. It is when the reality has changed enough so that our presence is required to assist you through the final days of darkness into the light. You need understanding and guidance as the old world disappears. We help stabilize the planet and life upon it. It is necessary and something that we do on planets that are ascending.
We will explain that the earth is an exceptional planet. It is one of the reasons that this ascension has taken as long as it has. It is a complicated planet that has been held in darkness for too long. Please take heart! We know what we are doing and you have plenty of help from all of creation.
There are billions of us surrounding the earth. The lights on earth have performed brilliantly without knowing the details of what you signed up to do. You are about to find out where you will be needed and what you will be doing. The assignments will vary according to your abilities and choice. We will get to be working together for there is a lot to be done.
The timeline has shifted. The old timeline was not working and there is an urgency, for this is the final hour. From now on every time you blink your eyes something will have changed. Most importantly welcome in your new life and your new reality. You will be living differently and will be supported with love and abundance.
Soon you will begin to see the transparency of some as they drop their cloaks and show you who they truly are. It could be shocking but in this new reality there will be no living in deceit. When the truth comes out they will feel out of place no matter how long they have been in power. This applies to the entire planet. You have heard of the Emperor’s New Clothes, have you not?
We realize how tired you are of the old way of life. That is why you are in the new reality. Watch for the new revelations. They will appear and you will be healed and set free.
I am Mira sending you great love in this new reality.

Monday, May 20, 2019


MAY 19,2019
Dear ones, we are here to assist you in awakening more deeply to the innate beauty and grace of your Divine core essence in spite of the difficult experiences some of you are having at this time. Know that at this point of your evolution, difficult experiences are no longer random but rather represent necessary lessons chosen by you in order to more fully awaken.
The familiar world seems to be crumbling both personally and globally and in truth, it is. Long held concepts about life are beginning to dissolve as mankind awakens to more evolved ideas. This is serving to create a new world consciousness that can then manifest in higher forms of everything.
Every awakened person is automatically seeding the universal collective consciousness with truth. Every truth realized adds more truth and helps to dissolve that which is false. These changes are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of everyone, both those who are awake and those who are not, resulting in the intense outer expressions of fear, hatred, and resistance you are now witnessing. However, there are increasing activities of unconditional love as well.
Over time, many masters incarnated on earth for the sole purpose of seeding the collective in order make new and higher truth available to those ready for and seeking it. Jesus, Buddha, LaoTsu, etc. were only a few of the many spiritual masters who fed ideas of love and oneness into the collective. You do this every time you chose to know and live truth instead of three dimensional concepts about truth.
There is only one consciousness--omnipresent Divine Consciousness, but mankind has allowed beliefs of duality and separation to pollute their personal experience of the One Consciousness which has resulted in the third dimensional world of pain and suffering, lack and limitation most have come to accept as normal. Every truth realized automatically helps to dissolve its false component and adds Light to the conditioned version of Divine consciousness until eventually the collective will contain more truth than false.
Because every person is an expression of Divine Consciousness they are creators, creating in every moment with every thought and belief according to their attained state of consciousness. The un-awakened are not aware that they are creators and so blame others for their problems but there really are no victims just as there are no saviors. Evolution is the free will choice of every person.
At this powerful time of awakening many are choosing to leave because they have realized on a deeper unconscious level that they need more time to attain the frequency levels necessary for ascension.
Those who understand what is really taking place are rejoicing for the spine of dark "power over" energy is breaking. This is behind the many forms of "lashing out" you are witnessing. Those enmeshed in fear of change as well as those who stand to lose their comfortable "power over" status are taking actions based in their limited awareness.
Do not resist dear ones, for resistance is the opposite of allowing. At a certain point of evolution one must consciously allow the Divine I AM to express Itself through and as you. Spiritual surrender is not the three dimensional sense of being someone's "doormat", but is rather a state of consciousness able to surrender the personal and separate sense of self to the I AM, allowing IT to live ITs life as you and fully aware that IT doesn't need to be told how to do it.
Resistance is natural because over time it has become ingrained in human consciousness. Over lifetimes men and women both have had no choice but to handle difficult situations through resistance as a matter of survival. However, for the most part you have graduated beyond these types of situations and are ready to embrace truth solutions instead.
As with there being only One Consciousness, there is likewise only One Mind-- Divine Mind. The human mind is the one and only Divine Mind but filled with and conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation. Divine Mind is and will forever be the only reality, but cannot be known and experienced until recognized as such.
The human mind quickly jumps into every situation with suggestions and guidance much of which is fear based and drawn from third dimensional collective consciousness, personal experience, or what it has been taught. Never dismiss or reject the mind for trying to help you based on the concepts of survival it has learned, but rather lovingly begin to educate and evolve the mind through the study and practice of truth.
Opening more fully to that infinite Source of information within allows the mind to access that rather than only the three dimensional collective. Mind interprets your state of consciousness. The mind is an avenue of awareness, a facet of your own Divine nature so never attempt repress or negate it in the false belief that it is unnecessary or gets in the way of your spiritual journey.
The human mind is a wonderful tool, but is not the boss or supreme authority that many still believe it to be. A mind conditioned by third dimensional beliefs and concepts is only able to present this level to you. When fear based, negative, or "shocking" thoughts come as they do for everyone, (often during meditation) know that they are simply thoughts from the collective and never become yours unless you claim them as yours. Just allow them to float on by without giving them power.
If you find that certain types of thoughts are continually bombarding you it might indicate a need to look deeper. You may still hold some old energy that is in alignment with this particular type of thought. Use these experiences as tools to examine your belief system which will then allow you to fully clear something you are obviously now ready to release.
Some serious spiritual students continue to resist leaving practices that helped them spiritually evolve as beginners in the belief that these rituals and practices must go on forever in order to spiritual evolve. This is a fear based concept that can block spiritual growth. There comes a point at which a dependence on rites, rituals, and practices becomes a barrier to further growth.
It must be understood that there are no spiritual rules. Spiritual rules were and still are created from three dimensional consciousness for the purpose of power over, control, and self righteousness. God knows nothing about man's spiritual rules. The ten commandments were given at a time when consciousness was very un-evolved and needed rules. Some still need them, but you do not because you have evolved beyond them.
There is only one spiritual rule and it is unconditional love. The One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient reality is the only spiritual rule because IT is all that exists infinitely governing ITself through and as infinite form, variety, and individuality. Everything else is a concept of this reality.
Once you give permission to spiritually evolve, you are more clearly guided. If from a human perspective everything seems to fall apart, trust that a bigger picture is taking place and allow the process as best you can. The death of the old can be very painful on all levels and there is a great deal of cellular clearing still taking place for most on one or all levels--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Many come to believe that they are spiritual failures when after years of serious study and practice everything in their life seems to collapse. Remember, you can never regress from your attained level of consciousness so learn to see these experiences not as failures, but rather as necessary facets of your personal journey, events meant to shift your awareness to new levels if you allow it.
Karmic relationships are being reactivated in order to be competed and cleared. Old physical injuries and diseases are reappearing as the energy of them flows from cellular memory. Relationships of all kinds are being healed. The three dimensional eyes of others may see problems and offer you solutions based in that belief system, but you yourself must go within and discover what is really taking place.
You are ready to stop looking to others for love, validation, gratitude, friendship, or appreciation etc. even from those you would naturally come to expect it. These qualities are God qualities and only God can give them to give you. They flow through others but are never from them for humans do not have them to give.
Learn to seek these things from Source the only place they exist, and then allow them to manifest as they will, often through those you may least expect it from. When you cease looking to and expecting these things from a particular person or persons and instead look to Source for them, they will manifest in ways you could not have imagined.
Mankind's biggest mistake has been in believing that human beings can give what only God has to give. To look within for everything means to acknowledge that peace, love, abundance, harmony, wholeness, companionship etc. etc. are Divine qualities that can flow through one's self and others when recognized as such.
Everything necessary on every level is already present within and this realization opens the door for what is needed to express outwardly if not conditioned by concepts of how it must look or who it must come from.
We are the Arcturian Group 5/19/19


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been examining the human condition for quite some time, and we can see how you have gotten to a place where there is so much anger and such a lack of trust in regards to those humans that you have put your faith in. We understand how you all got to this point now where you see everything as a false flag, or a lie, or a hoax. We understand why you have lost so much faith in the systems and in the people who are at the helm of your banks, your corporations, and your governments.
Now is the time to put more faith in yourselves. It is better to ask more of yourselves than it is for you to expect broad and sweeping changes in those arenas and those individuals. Now, because of your loss of faith, you are more easily manipulated, because now someone can put out any piece of information or theory, and a certain segment of the population will believe in that theory because it runs counter to what you have been told for decades or even hundreds of years. This is why it is so important for you all to let go of that need to know and instead to embrace how you feel.
You cannot operate from your heart and your head at the same time. There are instances when you are still going to need to operate from your head. In order to complete certain tasks you do need to access information and memories. But for the most part, we would rather see you letting go of your need to search for the latest bits and pieces of information about what is going on or about what they are not telling you. And instead, we would love to see you checking in much more frequently with what’s going on inside of you.
We would love to see you feeling more and relinquishing more of the thoughts that keep you from tuning in to how you feel. When it is time for you to feel something, oftentimes your thoughts will creep in and try to take over, releasing you from the grip of your emotions and putting you back into your heads. This is what you need to look out for. This is why it is important to tune out from all the information that is being sent your way and why it is so important for you to tune in to what you are feeling, which is something you can actually do something about.
You can process and feel and you can activate and vibrate, and you don’t have to rely on anyone else out there to do anything differently in order for you to empower yourselves. This is what we would like to see more of, and this is what we are suggesting. You have a right to that anger you are feeling, so feel it. But then do not follow the thread of the information that lead you to that anger. Instead, once you have processed it, reach for something else, something that feels better, and you will lead a much more joyous life.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Monday, May 13, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very excited about the progress that we see you all making in regards to the accessing of more of your galactic energies. You are all receiving activations all the time to awaken within you those parts of yourselves that are not from Earth, or your solar system. And we can see how these activations are affecting all of you in a positive way. Much of what you are attempting to resolve there on planet Earth at this time is related to those journeys that you have taken through all the different star systems in our galaxy.
And so, by becoming more of the whole you, you are better equipped to handle the challenges you face right now on planet Earth. We see you getting activated and then taking what energies you are accessing from within to the different challenges that you face in your lives. Even though you still have much to resolve there on planet Earth, you are also bringing a lot to the party because of all that you have already experienced in your lifetimes in other parts of the galaxy.
You draw from those Sirian, Andromedan, Pleiadian, Arcturian, and other lifetimes, and when you bring those energies forward, you make it easier for yourselves to reconcile the differences that you have there on your planet. For example, most people are split politically. They either go in all into one political party or all into another, and they see the others who are putting all of their energy into a different political party as the enemy. This is a much more toned down version of the battles that have existed throughout our galaxy for millions and millions of years.
When you recognize that you contain all of those energies inside of you, and you make it your mission to be integrated, then you can be a walking example of what it is like to bring different energies, different beliefs, different star systems, together. And if you can do that, you certainly can resolve the differences between you and the others there on Earth who have very different beliefs.
This is why you often find that you are the black sheep in your family. Those of you who are awake are often the only ones who have the beliefs that you do, and it then falls upon you to make peace with the fact that everyone else that you are related to by blood thinks differently. And when you can do that, and you can make peace with the differences between you, then you know that you are becoming more integrating with all of the galactic energies that you have inside of you, and you are moving closer and closer to that fifth dimensional reality where all beings co-exist harmoniously. So keep up the good work.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Sunday, May 12, 2019


Many Civilizations repeat... until you see the opportunity

We are moving into an upcoming period where the vibrations will be so high that everything will be spoken of as being in the now. Pondering whether everything remains forever.

You will be able to travel back in time, so you can view history as things really happened... much unrecorded in your history books and often incorrectly recorded. The Akashic records are your main source of information and are such that you can actually be a spectator at any event as though you were really there.

What you will find is that history repeats itself. Civilizations tend to go through the same challenges time and time again, until they have experienced sufficiently to have learned their lessons and move on. You never stop learning, moving from being a single soul onto group souls that grow larger and larger. Your Human experience has been more of a test for you to resolve and many of you have risen up to now have two feet upon the path to Ascension. You have had help but it is open to anyone who takes up the challenge. Be assured that every soul has the potential to rise up, but many have not recognised the opportunity being given.

There is no urgency expressed where your evolution is concerned, in fact each life you have is planned to suit your ability to learn from your experiences. So no one is pushing you hard except yourself and you are never given more than you can handle. You're the “Human” experience, that clearly shows such progress in recent times that coincided with your ability to become more of a Being of Light. As with every phase of your evolution, many other souls of great experience have been on hand to assist you.

Help from Evolved Beings and Disclosure

It is becoming very apparent that not only have you had help from evolved beings, often they have been other species that presently surround and guard you against any possible interference. You may find some of them scary but understand there are other forms of loving beings who have reached a high point of evolution, and they give their services to help younger souls to evolve.

And there are large numbers of people that just do not want to know about other forms of life, and clearly they are not ready for such revelations, and no one will be forcing the issue. However, disclosure must go ahead for the benefit of those souls who are ready to expand their level of consciousness. Evolution is a very personal matter and you are being encouraged to make your own pathway.

In between lives you make plans for your next incarnation with the help of your Guides.. all of you chose your own times to incarnate on Earth based upon what you have learnt about your needs. You do not necessarily incarnate into the same country or religion and that depends on the lessons you need to evolve. Each life is arranged to give you the maximum amount of opportunities to have a successful experience. And chances missed will come around again. Often it includes other souls who have played a part in your previous lives, Life may seem full of random happenings and many are, but in the main, important events are set up to allow certain experiences that may help all souls involved.

What you may view as chance happenings are still likely to have been planned and so try to determine the meaning behind it, as nothing really happens by chance. Clearly if you are being urged intuitively... it is most likely that you are being “urged” by your Guides. Always discern. It is worth reminding yourself that every soul that incarnates on Earth has a purpose and a plan, and are equipped with whatever they need to ensure that their experience is rewarding.

~ Excerpts from Mike Quinsey

Surrendering into Change

As we allow new layers of the truth of surrender to teach us our capability to create. Resistance isn’t a bad thing, it’s just showing us some fear of the flow of change.

Surrendering is not about giving up, it is about letting go of the unhealthy control that limits or constricts you.

To understand the higher truth of surrender and of divine will, is an ascended state of being, yet rather natural to those that are sensitive to the pain of control and domination.

But the passive force is the invisible magnetism that compels change. It is so inherently strong .. it merely awaits resonance. To see beyond the obvious creates a deeper understanding of surrender and new creation. It’s usually not immediate, yet it is inevitable through time.

We are allowing the wisdom of our divinity to lead rather than just the human ego. We are allowing universal laws to integrate into your physicality. The spiral of Life ascends.

Being and Becoming

Being is a state of openness and deep awareness. It is the willingness to experience the fullness of our Life.. it releases the friction of time... into becoming—an openness to the eternal movement and change.

.. these two opposing flows of the spiral that meet in your heart… creating a new you to compel new experience into our life. The Law of Resonance in action.

Fear is what we are letting go of... surrendering our human fears that led to control, into the wisdom of our divine will—the willingness to allow Love to grow more readily on Earth through us.

These are exciting times of change, not necessarily easy times of change. As change increases it’s pace, focuse your inner realm into a resonance of strength and love that magnetizes new potentials to you and through you.

~ Excerpts from JamyePrice .com

Seeing Challenges as opportunities

Challenges, situations that you don't know how, or if, you can handle... will always be part of life, but you will always have the choice to see them as opportunities.

When you face a challenge, "who you think you are" feels limited. "Who you really are" has no bounds or limits whatsoever.

This could be the thing that shifts your energy into a more powerful space so you can create greater ease in the future. This is an incredible opportunity to create!"

Being human and programmed, your initial reaction to a challenge is probably not going to be a feeling of opportunity! Your programming might say, “ I can do without that kind of opportunity" however, here you can begin to change these beliefs. Yet you say: " Let’s see what good can come of this. Perhaps this is the turn to finally heal my life, finances, or body."

The power that creates universes is there waiting for you to call it forth. "The angels" are with you. You never, ever have to handle a single challenge alone.

This could be the way the universe motivates your inner growth so you can create anew and be grateful for everything you do have and to trust in the universe’s love and support for you! This could be a pivital opportunity to improve the quality of the rest of your life! ..

An opportunity to give yourself the love you’ve always given others.. to sit still and pray to see the opportunity within it. Imagine you sink into an ocean of love. Imagine this ocean carries you forward towards the solution… to embrace the light and power within your soul – the deepest and truest essence of your Being. Your challenges are opportunities to create, to get clear, to move past situations that don't serve you. 

If you practice shifting your mindset, you will find that life itself seems far less challenging. You will learn, grow, and dive even more deeply into your power and your truth. 

~ Excerpts from Ann Albers

Saturday, May 11, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have discovered the best possible way to get through to all of you, according to what we see in your media. It seems that the best way to reach humanity is to appeal to your fears. This is how you are being controlled and manipulated into living smaller lives, and there are certain people on your world who benefit from a society that is in a constant state of anxiety and ready to be nudged over the edge into fear at the drop of a hat. 

But we will never employ those tricks or play those games with you. First of all, we have nothing to gain by doing so. Secondly, we want to help you, not exploit you. So it is our recommendation that you pay attention to what you are being fed in terms of the information that others are sharing with you. Is the information meant to empower you and remind you that you create your reality? Or is it meant to instill a sense of panic? Choose what you give your attention to wisely. It is one thing to watch a dramatic or scary movie, and it is another to let real life be what is manipulating you emotionally. 

There are usually some truths sprinkled in with the manipulation in order to appeal to your logical side, but you don’t have to give your attention to every truth that is out there. You don’t have to be aware of everything and everyone that could potentially harm or kill you in order to be safe and secure. 

So you want to pay attention to how various pieces of information affect you vibrationally. And if you are in tune with your emotions, if you are aware of them, then you will naturally gravitate towards that which is uplifting, hopeful, empowering. You will want that heartwarming information to come your way, because it’s out there. There’s actually plenty of it out there, but what there isn’t enough of is discernment. You need to use discernment to determine whether something is serving you or whether it is there to manipulate and control you.

Your emotions are very powerful, and you certainly have enough processing to do of those negative emotions without giving yourselves more. We advocate that you search for your truth within you, that you get your information directly by tuning in, by listening to your intuition and to Mother Nature. That is the key to living happily ever after and making this transition to the fifth dimension a joyous one.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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