Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 The Light-Shift and the DNA Activation - Planetary Reboot !

- When you take a peek beyond the veil and breathe more light + The more you love that feeling of peace, the more the Source flowing through you can amplify peace & Beauty in your world.

"Light Cities are deep in construction, manifesting on the physical plane through the passions and precision of trailblazers and light bearers.

The pandemic is Fear. The cure is self care with self love. The right to choose is at the heart of the game. Human Rights reflect the Laws of the Universe, the sacred sovereignty of every BEing birthed into the grand game.

All are being offered choices every day, every moment, every present moment of quantum time. We seek to ensure choice in truth, authenticity, honesty in each soul's heart.

And to guide support and love every one of you as you travel across interdimensional fields towards the Light. The hearts and souls of humankind are gemstones of crystalline light in the multi verse.

Creative, passionate sparks of Source Light are held deep inside each human soul, the Great Awakening is the activation of this spark.

Power is with the people, peace is the path, expansion of thought, idea and concept is the intention.

Remain grounded. Discernment is the key out of the dark storms. Expand with Meditation by raising the consciousness. Understand the power of Gratitude, it is the subatomic cure dissolving fear into light.

Gratitude is the Medicine for all wounded hearts, battered souls... turning all that is negative into positive. " ~ the Arcturian Awakening5DHealing.
Amplifying Peace
In choosing thoughts that make you feel peaceful, joyful, loving, harmonious, strong and vital, you shift your energy in a powerful way that allows these wonderful qualities of the Divine to flow to you, through you, into your life, and into the world. This is "light work" at its finest.
As the frequency of well-being is amplified, the frequency of dis-ease must diminish.
The more you love that feeling of peace, the more the Source flowing through you can amplify peace in your personal life and in your world. ~ VisionsofHeaven. com
The Blast of light
The combination of planetary alignment and ever-rising vibrations strongly indicates that the weeks and months through the end of your year will be extraordinarily active. You could think of it as the storm before the golden dawn.
See the desire of families everywhere: A peaceful world with wise leaders who have moral and spiritual integrity; a world where everyone has a comfortable home, plentiful nutritious food and clean water, proper healthcare, good education, meaningful employment, financial security and time for re-creation; a world where people live in harmony with each other and all of Nature.
The world you are helping to co-create in linear time is flourishing in the continuum and the peoples are living in health, abundance and joyousness. LOVE is the power that manifested that monumental accomplishment!

Now then, mainstream media have inundated you with sorrow, statistics, financial hardships, joblessness and failed businesses caused by pandemic. So, it would be difficult to imagine that the coronavirus has assisted planetary and personal ascension by helping to restore balance to Gaia and clearing away fear programming, thereby raising the consciousness of the peoples.
The virus transmitted this message: "There will be a blast of light like no other sent from the Central Sun through your Sun and into Earth. A huge packet of light codes will blast through all the fog, the old survival fears.. and begin to break them up! This light will catapult Earth herself into a new timeline, taking her into 2021. You and other lightworkers will join her. At the moment of Equinox, when the light blasts and the Earth jumps into her new timeline, the human family mired in 3D activity to even slow down and receive any of the 5D Matrix Energy. The masks act like container to hold people’s fears until they are ready to “unmask” as the light continues to
pour in."
The day is coming closer when most of the populace will have the shocking realization that not everything is as it seems. And when everyone in Earth’s civilization knows they are powerful multidimensional souls and information they seek always is within. ~ matthewbooks. com
A true new Era will begin for you. An Era of immense discoveries, as well as of a personal and spiritual growth for you. Therefore, the inaccessible enigmatic wideness of the skies will make you see its hidden depths and the Universe will be opened to your eyes. ~ NaNiYa
This Equinox
The powerful energies of the Equinox on the 22nd September are pulling everything back into balance, as will the Sun when it moves into Libra on the 23rd September, preparing us to move through the events of October and November with grace and equanimity.

As Sovereign Beings of Free Will, it is our work to keep our balance and practice our right to exist in several dimensions and to hold the New Earth timeline through keeping our energy in focus. ~ starchildglobal. com
For a new Paradigm
It will seem chaotic, yet as things settle down it will be realised that all that is happening is bringing about necessary changes. Evolution must continue so that advances can be made that will prepare souls for a new paradigm. Now that you have entered a higher vibration changes are inevitable but all for the good.

You have all had so many lives on many worlds, that in some cases would have been so different to your present one. When each life has ended and a new cycle commenced, a decision will have been made as to what you need from your next life to continue your progress... You are ready for completion and Ascension. ~ Mike Quinsey.
Your Seeds from the Stars
You came to earth eons ago from higher realms and with great intention to be of service to humanity and planet earth, knowing that one day the earth would be transformed back into the paradise it was always meant to be!

As you ascend and evolve further, the dormant aspects, now coming to life within you will soon be a guiding light of wisdom for the entire planet!
The Earth Alliance reports at this hour that light forces bombarded the surface with several, intense 40-hertz, 5d, gamma light rays!

These high-vibration light beams originate from the central sun at the galactic core and are being intently deflected towards earth by benevolent light forces for the purpose of strengthening the 5d crystalline light grid that will serve as the etheric framework for the new 5d earth!

the new 5d light grid is being retrofitted and overlaid directly on top of the old 3d matrix as all systems that make up the physical earth matrix are being phased out and upgraded to 5d-new-earth systems.

The powerful inbound waves of gamma gamma light being deflected to earth are activating starseed and human DNA to a much higher order and this light is totally disintegrating all remaining traces of lower-vibrational, dark energy from this realm!

These divine light rays have now entered the crystalline earth, discharging an ionizing type of radiation that neutralizes, cleans, re-codes, energizes, transforms and rebuilds human vessel DNA, allowing all living systems here to expand and breathe more light!
As more and more of this 5d light comes in, the new crystalline-cell light body is forming and developing and soon all starseeds of earth will dwell in a glorified and immortal (12-strand-DNA) crystalline light body which will be able to interpret all the data of the universe through the universal body chakra system!
A major awakening and morphogenesis is underway great one as high frequency waves, cosmic, central sunlight light shines once again on the beings of earth!
As 3d humanity awakens into the light of the 4th dimension grand evolution and revolution is breaking out all across the planet!

The citizens of earth are combining their energy for the first time in modern history towards creating a better world where all beings will soon live in peace, harmony, freedom and abundance!

The next 3 earth months, the most powerful and highest-vibrational supporting energy to date, will enter earth's atmosphere causing a faster and smoother shift from 4d to 5d! - “ Things are just going to work themselves out rather quickly now" so just allow it all to be as it is!
Remember that earth nature is the secret to all health!
It is truly a grand time to be alive on planet earth as starseeds are being activated all across this world in preparation to assist humanity in their grand ascension!
The Pleiadians and the Arcturians who were the original seeders of earth, communicated that earth is at the very door of it’s ascension now and it is a very short time until all the beings of this planet move fully into the new 5d earth way of being!

In this special time on planet earth, you have gained much higher levels of freedom to spend towards your personal development and creativity!

We were here in the beginning when this world and humans was created! we have stayed close to you the whole time and we are still here! we cannot do your ascension work for you, but we have given you a boost many times along the way!
Know that the nature of your planet sustains your very being! it heals all ailments and it provides a protection for you while you are here! This is simply because of the natural energy foods you have ingested and the higher-vibrational spiritual methods you practice on a regular basis!
Do not engage too deeply in all the human drama going on around you at the moment! As the master would do, stand still for a moment! - Go inside of yourself. You shall see all that we are seeing! You will see the entirety of what is called the past, and as well as things to come, but most importantly you will arrive at now and here, which is the only reality!
We will assist you for the next few months so you can relax a bit and allow yourself this amazing time to do what you love and just be the wonderful divine spiritual being that you are!
When you do engage in doing, only do a thing that you love and that sparks your creative essence.

Under universal law, one cannot receive a thing they do not first give to themselves so if you want to receive the highest love, you must first show this to yourself!
Keep your focus solely on yourself and what you are doing right now and allow all other beings to simply be where they are.

They shall all awaken when they are ready to awaken!

In the now and here moment, your internal vibration greatly increases and brings you to a peace that passes all understanding!

This is the great peace you will come to just before you get to the next stage in your evolution where you shall literally reign over the entire universe!

Stay hopeful and know that incredible things are happening on planet earth! - soon a new earth will appear right before your eyes!

You may not think your efforts on earth have changed things very much however from where we are looking, you have saved the whole world! ~ 5dearthproject. com



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September 12, 2020
The Effects of the Planetary Events on Your Energy Field
   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! We want to look at your energy field and how your energy field is being affected by the current events on this planet, and also, I want to cover the important subject of the trauma that you and many others are experiencing in being on planet Earth during this time of great planetary crisis. Let us look at your energy field and how the energy field responds and is affected. We all will agree that this is a time of tremendous planetary crisis. You are sensitive Starseeds, and many of you are empaths, and that means that you are extremely sensitive to the pain and suffering that is occurring throughout the planet, and it appears as if these catastrophes and planetary crises are accelerating rather than diminishing. 

   How does this affect you personally? This is a traumatic experience for each of you, to be on this planet during this huge crisis. It is a paradox that, because of the crisis, there is this opportunity for change, and I observe this both on the Earth, and on other planetary systems that I have visited. The observation is that, during a crisis, change occurs in the evolutionary pattern. When everything is in balance and in homeostasis, there is no need for change, because there continues to be a balance and a harmony. From the Earth perspective, that means that the feedback loop system and the self-regulating system of the planet do not need to change.

   But now we are in a situation where planet Earth (and we may also refer to the Spirit of Mother Earth as “Gaia”) is not able to keep up with the self-regulation process that is necessary to keep this planet in homeostasis or balance. The planet is not in a good balance right now. One would hope that the self-regulating systems of the planet would be able to keep the balance. This balance includes maintaining the proper temperatures, the proper composition of oxygen and nitrogen, the proper temperatures in the oceans, the proper level of radiation, and other hidden forces that are unknown to humanity. These hidden forces on a deeper level contribute to the necessary planetary self-regulation. I observe that the planetary self-regulation system is overburdened, and because of that, Mother Earth is struggling to hold the balance. I have heard the argument that the Earth will continue, and even though humanity is out of balance, the Earth is not threatened. Let me say that the Earth’s fate is intricately entwined in humanity. The Earth’s fate is intricately entwined in what humanity does.

   When I looked at the current mass extinction event on the Earth, I concluded that humanity, Homo sapiens, is primarily responsible for this crisis, including the mass extinction. Humanity, Homo sapiens, is responsible for destroying many of the habitats and forests. Humanity is responsible for putting higher carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Humanity is responsible for placing plastics and other pollutants into the oceans. Humanity is responsible for downloading large amounts of radiation into the biosphere, radiation levels which are harmful to life. All life now is dependent on what humanity does. All of the life forms, all of the species, all of the plants and animals, and all of the ocean life are dependent on what mankind does. 

   This is the first time in the history of this planet that one species, that is, humanity, which is dominating this planet, is responsible for the total outcome of the planetary crisis. Up until this point, no one has suggested that the fate of the Earth is also dependent upon what humanity does. I am saying that this is the case, that not only are all life forms dependent upon humanity and what humanity does, but also the Earth herself is dependent now on what humanity does. From the galactic perspective, humanity is the crown jewel of this planet, Earth. The planet Earth, if we can talk about planetary desires and motivation, wants humanity to succeed. The Earth wants to thrive as a higher level planet, which includes having evolving humans on her. It is only as a higher level planet that humanity can work together with Earth to help Earth ascend. 

   The Earth is a living spirit. It is a living planet and it has characteristics of self-regulation, for example, which is an important attribute of life. The Earth wants to help humanity maintain the proper balance for life on all levels, in order to assure that plant and animal life can thrive. Our observation is that the Earth uses her self-regulating abilities to maintain this specific balance, but the self-regulating system is stressed. The self-regulating system cannot keep up with the rapid changes that are being caused by humanity. The Earth is trying to hold a certain temperature, and the Earth wants to maintain rain in dry areas and stop rain in overly wet areas. The planetary self-regulating system is complex and each part of the self-regulating system requires effort and energy to hold this delicate balance. The Earth, to use a human term, is stressed and cannot keep up. 

  You see the symptoms of the planetary crisis in many different levels, such as the forest fires raging on the West Coast of the United States, the frequent and strong storms that are coming through during the hurricane season around the entire planet, including in the southeastern portion of the United States and in Southeast Asia. The destruction of the forests in the Amazon is another symptom. The fires in the Amazon create a huge problem since the Amazon is responsible for 20 percent of all oxygen that is produced on the planet. Think for a moment what it means if the oxygen production levels of the Earth continue to decrease as they now are. All of these fires are degrading the oxygen content even more. 

   I conclude that, for you, the Starseeds, this is a traumatic time. It certainly is a traumatic time for many plants and animals as they are facing extinction, and believe it or not, humanity is also facing extinction. Since the plants and animals are at risk for extinction, then humanity is also at risk for becoming extinct. Humanity is affected by the destructions of the biosphere. Humanity is also part of this extinction process. 

   Unfortunately, this COVID-19 virus is also a symptom of mass extinction events. In mass extinction events, viruses develop that have the ability to wipe out large portions of the population. It is our observation that the COVID-19 crisis will not reach that level, even though it is considered a pandemic, and that the number of deaths will not be threatening to the entire species. I had predicted about eight months ago that the approximate number of deaths would approach two million worldwide, but that was an estimate based on how things were progressing in February or March of 2020. There are intervening variables. It is possible that the pandemic could get more out of control, but generally, by the end of 2021, the pandemic will be under control. That is still a long time. This pandemic can still be considered a symptom of mass extinction events that will directly affect humanity. 

   You as Starseeds, as Arcturian Group of Forty members, are experiencing this crisis and it is affecting you. It is a traumatic experience to be on this planet now. I know that when I talk about the Fifth Dimension, you are eager to go there. You are wondering what it would be like to be on a fifth-dimensional planet, which is not in the middle of a crisis, a planet that is not involved in mass extinctions, a planet that lives in balance with all aspects of the Planetary Logos in balance. Fifth-dimensional planets control disease outbreaks and viruses and control the weather patterns and the geological patterns. I know that each of you long to be on such a planet, to live in peace. Think how much easier it would be for your own spiritual development to live on a spiritually balanced fifth-dimensional planet. 

   Maybe you are not totally aware how much you are affected by this planetary crisis. I think it affects you on multiple levels, and many of these levels may be below your consciousness. I think it can affect your health. I think it can affect your mood. I know that some of you are suffering from what I would consider chronic or global depressive reaction. You may look around and think: “Well, everything in my life is going well. I feel relatively healthy, and I have completed many of the tasks at hand that are needed. Yet at the same time, I still feel depressed or slowed down.” This is a reaction to this global trauma. There is part of you that wants to shut down, and I do not blame you. Who would want to live in the middle of a planetary crisis that is now occurring, especially when you consider that it could potentially get worse. Right now I estimate you are only 40 percent through the planetary crisis. Let us say the Earth is a third of the way through the crisis. At this time, frankly, there is no global movement to repair or to stop this mass extinction, or to stop the out-of-balance greenhouse gases, or the out-of-balance destructions of the biosphere, including the forests. That means that this planetary imbalance is out of control. 

   My point today is to help you to deal with this trauma, and to help you to support yourself and your energy field. For example, the smoke and haze from the California and West Coast fires is affecting many of you. This smoke and haze is going around the planet, is traveling around the planet. There are also fires causing pollutions from other places around the globe, such as the Amazon. These fires, too, are creating smoke which is also going around the planet. In the same way, the radiation pollution from Fukushima is going around the planet. There are still harmful discharges from Chernobyl which happened 30 years ago or longer, and those effects are going around the planet. Oil spills that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico are still affecting the ocean currents. 

   I want to talk about healing, and I want to help you heal your energy field, and help you to heal the trauma, because it is still possible to be spiritually healthy during a planetary crisis. It is still possible to heal your soul, and of course, it is still possible to ascend at this time. The planetary process and the planetary crisis do not stop the Ascension; it actually makes the Ascension more necessary. It creates a greater pull on accelerating the spiritual download of higher energy from the Fifth Dimension into the Earth. 

   For a personal healing level, let us look at Helio-Ah’s healing chambers, and let us talk about the process of repairing your energy field, repairing your aura, during this time of crisis. Which part of you really ascends? Which part of you are you going to bring to the Fifth Dimension? I speak about the Ascension and the fact that the physical body as you see it and know it is not going to be ascending with you. Why would you want to bring your physical body with you? That body is only here to serve you in a certain capacity while you are on the Earth, but once you are done, you leave this body behind.

   In the Ascension, this physical body is transmuted into a higher energy field. In order for that transmutation to occur, your aura must be at a certain vibration, and your aura must be pulsing at the right frequency in order to integrate this process of transmutation. The Ascension is an event in which an intersection between the Third and Fifth Dimension occurs. At that point of intersection, a special frequency of light is downloaded into the Third Dimension from the Fifth Dimension. This frequency of light can be received by those who are at the right frequency and are able to receive that right frequency into their systems. Therefore, we have the concept of preparation for the Ascension, which includes the process of aligning certain frequency sensitivities in order to receive the Ascension Energy. 

   It is clear that, in order to ascend, you must be tuned into the ascension frequencies. That tuning in can occur on many levels. It can include tuning in with your mental body, your emotional body, your spiritual body, and even your physical body. You only need to be tuned in with one of those bodies to have an effective transmutation. That means that, if you are mentally in alignment with this ascension work, then you will be able to download the fifth-dimensional frequencies to transmute. If you are spiritually and mentally aligned, so much the better, and if you are emotionally aligned, so much the better. But alignment also includes maintaining a purity in your energy field, a purity in your aura and an ability to have your aura vibrate at the highest level. Experiencing trauma and depression and sadness over the Earth events can actually slow down the pulsing of your aura. This would be considered a natural response. You, who are so sensitive, cannot avoid the traumatic reaction of being on this planet, and witnessing these global crises and catastrophic events to the biosphere. 

   I would like to call on my Arcturian colleague Helio-Ah to speak to you today about a healing and cleaning of your energy field in preparation for your ascension. This idea of purification and cleansing is always available, and it may be necessary for you to participate in these types of healings more often as the catastrophes, as the trauma, continues. There will be a greater burden on you and your energy field, and a greater need for you to do purification and cleansing energetic exercises. I now turn you over to Helio-Ah. This is Juliano. 

   (Chants “Helio-Ah, Helio-Ah.”) Greetings, I am Helio-Ah. I am the partner of Juliano, and Juliano and I work together with this Group of Forty project, working to help activate the Starseeds like yourself, and to provide information and directions for your ascension work. Today, I want to talk about the healing chambers, and lead you in a healing exercise. You have all heard me talk earlier about the healing chambers. If you have not, let me say briefly that the Arcturians have special healing chambers on our starship Athena in order to assist the Arcturian Starseeds and Group of Forty members who are working towards the Ascension. It is necessary to do a healing, even if you are at the highest spiritual vibration possible on the Earth. At the time of your ascension, there will be additional healing necessary. The densities on this planet and the energy burden from Earth changes are compounded by your extreme sensitivity. 

   I have prepared my healing chamber for you today, and I want to help you to purify, cleanse, and discharge some of this energy from the trauma of being on planet Earth now. It will require a short meditation exercise, and we will engage in the exercise of thought projection, in which you and I will work together to thought project your aura to my starship and to my healing chambers. Remember, you are not going to take your physical body with you when you ascend, and in this exercise, you do leave your physical body behind. You will discharge a lot of the traumatic energy strings that are attached to you, so that when you return to the physical body, you will be able to energize your physical structure also. 

   Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel the center of the room slowly begin to spin, giving you the impression that you are on a merry-go-round. This spinning in the room does not cause any dizziness. In fact, it helps to loosen the spirit body’s attachment to the physical body, because the cords of attachments are temporarily loosened. There is the main cord of attachment that is associated as the astral cord, usually in the center of your body, but there are other, minor sub-cords of attachment, and as you are spinning around the room, these sub-cords release. You will still maintain the main astral cord because you will return to your body.

   Rise up in spirit from your physical body, and meet me in the corridor in front of your room. I, Helio-Ah, appear to each of you. I am multidimensional, so I can simultaneously greet each one of you. Take my hand, and at the speed of thought, let us travel through a corridor of light, especially set up for you, to our starship Athena, now. (Chants “Ta, ta, ta.” repeatedly and at various speeds.) You arrive at my starship Athena in your spirit body. 

   You have successfully thought projected yourself into my starship. Come with me; walk down this hallway, and we go into my special healing chamber. It is a large room, with a beautiful wall of light in the center of the room. Some may look at it and think it is like a kaleidoscope. It also has special features that are known in your world as a planetarium. This planetarium has reflective energy and provides a direct link to other star systems. It projects the current arrangement of stars from the perspective of the Earth on the ceiling. It is a combination of a kaleidoscope and a planetarium. It is creating a wonderful feeling of cosmic light and cosmic energy. (Chants “Oh, Oh.”)

   You are in the room and have a seat in one of my beautiful chairs, and you feel comfortable and you feel free of the burdens of being on the Earth. I am going to bathe you in a special planetary light frequency that is going to cleanse and remove the effects of any trauma on your aura. (Chants “Oh, Oh.”) Discharge; release any attachments you have to the Earth drama and to the Earth crisis. Release any depression, release any sadness, release all emotional burdens that you may feel from the Earth experience, now, on all levels, even in the deep below conscious level, release now. Feel yourself as a spiritual, free spirit. That means you are not attached to the Earth, but you are a free spirit in the galaxy, free to travel interdimensionally, free to travel to other planetary systems, free to travel to the Fifth Dimension, free to graduate from the Earth and ascend. This is the power that you are being bathed in now from this light. We are going into meditation now, as you experience this cleansing and purification energy. 

   You are enjoying this experience, being bathed in this light. It is going into deep parts of your energy field, purifying you, releasing trauma energy threads that have attached in your aura. This healing room has a special power to absorb all releases like this, and remove them from you and your aura. Let us continue in our meditation. A further cleansing is now going to take place. I am sending down a second stream of golden light. The first light was discharging, and helping to release those traumatic threads from the Earth experience. Now, this is a new white and golden light coming down from the healing chamber ceiling. You can say it is more of a purification light. Receive that light now. (Chants “Oh, Oh, Oh.”) You have received this light energy now, and you are in a pure form of soul light. You are fully partaking in my, Helio-Ah’s, healing chamber. 

   Each one of you is sparkling. From here, you can look down on the Earth with a higher perspective. You can see from the higher perspective the great drama that is occurring on this planet, and you can see that each of you have a soul mission to fulfill, on the highest level. You will return to your Earth body, being refreshed, cleansed, and free from the side effects of the Earth crisis that you are witnessing. You will return with greater strength and fortitude energetically. The healing chamber is now going into the third level of light, which is a blue light. This light helps to hold and seal the purification experience that you have just had. Experience this blue light now, and feel this purification light sealing in the purity in your aura. (Chants “Oh, Oh.”) The sealing has been completed. 

   Now, we will return back to the Earth. Step out of your chair now, standing up, and follow me as we leave the healing chamber, saying goodbye to the kaleidoscope planetarium-like apparatus in the center of the room, knowing that you will be able to return to this healing chamber anytime in the future. Know that this healing chamber with this special planetarium light is linked to all the star systems in this galaxy. This is a planetarium that is not just related to the Earth, but it is related to the entire galaxy. Say goodbye to the room, follow me out of the healing chamber, and we come to the exit. The exit is connected to a corridor that will return you to your body on Earth. Take my hand, and step into the corridor, and we will travel at the speed of thought back to your room and back to your home. (Chants “Ta, ta, ta, ta.”) You travel through the corridor at the speed of thought and come above the room where you started. You will notice that your energy field is already more expanded, wider, fuller, than when you left.

   To the best of your ability, align your energy field with your physical body, but do not go into the physical body yet. You will require a small contraction to go back into your physical body, because your aura is wider. Remember that, when you go back into your physical body, only a part of your aura goes into your physical body, which is called the central core. Part of your aura will still remain outside of the physical body. A healthy aura will extend 8 to 10 to 12 inches away from your physical body. Get ready to re-enter the physical body in perfect alignment now. 

   You are back into your physical body refreshed. Your aura is in a perfect shape of a Cosmic Egg, and your energy field is expanded almost 12 inches from your body. Your aura core is inside your body. You each have a glow of blue light that is helping to seal you and your energy field. Let us go back into meditation as you hold this light and energy. You have, and are, totally integrating this purity in your system. You each have greater resilience and a higher perspective energetically. You each have a greater ability to transmute yourself into higher spiritual frequencies when the Ascension Light comes. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with you. I return you to Juliano. This is your friend and healer, Helio-Ah. Good day. 

   Greetings, I am Juliano. We are back, and I am grateful that you each had this opportunity to work with Helio-Ah, and to participate in this wonderful opportunity to release, discharge, the trauma that you are experiencing on the Earth. I want to emphasize that Helio-Ah talked about these threads of trauma that are actually energetic strings that are attached to your aura from the traumas you are experiencing, but now they have all been released. You are in a more balanced state, ready to continue your work and to hold the light that is so important now. Each of you are fulfilling a special place and doing your mission, and helping to connect with we, the Arcturians, so that we, too, can bring down our healing energy to planet Earth at this needed time. I am Juliano. Good day. 
Group of Forty | P.O. Box 4074Prescott, , AZ 86302

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been exploring the different possibilities that you have in front of you for the equinox that you have coming up this month. You have been able to assimilate the September energies quite well thus far, and all of us who are responsible for sending you new and improved energies take note of what you do with what we’ve already sent. We know that you are asking for a feeling that everything is going to be all right, but we can’t just give you that feeling. It has to be a choice. And so, what we are excited about regarding the upcoming September equinox energies is giving you all a louder and clearer mechanism internally for recognizing that you have a choice.
You get to decide whether you are going to look at what is happening on your world right now with a sense of positive expectation or with negative expectations. If you truly believe that you are ascending, then you must also believe that everything is in service to your ascension and that nothing can stop it from happening. Of course, you also get to decide whether you’re going to suffer between now and the completion of your shift, or if instead you are going to choose joy.
You can choose to go outside and breathe in the fresh air at any time, leaving all of your devices behind. You can choose to sit under a tree and meditate. You can choose to play, like you did when you were a child. Or you can continue to let other people decide for you what your fate is. You can look at the numbers, the trends, the articles of speculation, and you can go on a downward spiral with all of that, or you can do what is natural, which is to be on the upward spiral of ascension.
And when you are in Nature, things that are natural tend to happen. What we are saying here is that you don’t need as much information as you’re getting in order to make a choice. All you need is what we were just telling you about in our previous transmission, which is a little powerful thing called awareness. You need awareness in order to choose. You need to be aware that you are the ones making the decisions.
You are the ones choosing the timeline, and we are here to help you look within yourselves for the only information you really need. But you have to pay attention, and you have to act, and speak, and think based on what you are getting when you go within. So it is our desire to give you a stronger, louder, more powerful inner voice that will convince you that you get to decide what is going to happen next on your world and in your lives.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been reaching out to even more collectives than we have previously for assistance because we want so much to have the positive influence on humanity that we know we can have. We are very eager to see the results of these new collaborations coming to fruition. We know that many of you who are awake are also very interested and excited about meeting beings from other star systems like ours, and therefore you are the perfect candidates for grounding what we are sending to you with the help of our newfound friends in all of the major star systems throughout this galaxy.
We know that we are more powerful when we come together, even though we do not always agree on the best approach to helping you all. We still understand how much it serves the entire galaxy for us to come together with a common goal to come together in service. We have been especially impressed by what the Cassiopeians have been bringing to the table. These are beings who are all about feeling and expressing love, and we can easily see how what they are infusing into these new energetic transmissions will light you up, activate you, and make you feel whole again.
The beings that we have been working with of late from the Sirius star system have also been adding some beautiful vibrations to these transmissions. We are very excited to see what you do with this bundle of energy that we are transmitting right now, with the help of our friends. We invite you to open yourselves up, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically to receive all that we are transmitting right now, all that is designed to get you to feel more heart-centered, all that is designed to get you to remember that you are Source Energy Beings.
And these transmissions are also packed with downloads of information about all of the major star systems throughout the galaxy. These downloads will not only be interesting to you when you unpack them in your dreams and at other times, but they also will fill in some gaps for you, leaving you more whole and complete than you have ever felt before.
And even if you don’t receive the information right away, you will feel what it is that we are sending to you, because you are ready and because you are sensitive and empathic. And these are the qualities of human beings that are needed right now, more than ever. You are the ones. You are doing it, and we are very proud to be a part of this new galactic collective, because we see the potential within humanity, and because we love you so very much.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
Photo by: Karin Miller

Sunday, September 6, 2020



Beloved ones, we greet you. We hold a mantle of LOVE around your planet with the rest of the Universal community as you are launched into the complete RESET of Energy within your Earth.
The Magnetic Core within your planet is resonating with the Universal pulse and continues to adjust its frequency settings to a HIGHER Multidimensional vibration of LIGHT Consciousness.
The Network Grid of LIGHT is fulfilling its purpose by interacting within the Magnetic Core, creating stabilization on the planet as the frequencies intensify.
The Earth’s rotation is Being re-adjusted to align within this Higher Resonance of LIGHT, which has been building and continues to expand within the Magnetic Core. As the rotation of your planet quickens, there is a creation essence of an expanded vibrational flow of LIGHT forming. This activation is designed to support the Changing Profile of the Planet.
The Natural Forces are BE-ing interwoven through this HIGHER resonance. This HIGHER Frequency of LIGHT is currently re-establishing a Pure Energetic Profile within the Trees, Plants, Mountains and Earth, impacting the Waterways and Oceans throughout the planet to bring about an expansive rebalance within nature. This is creating a realignment to the HIGHER Resonance that exists within the entire Universe.


The illusion of time is gradually BE-ing broken down in segments. Humanity needs to be able to gradually stabilize as the breakdown within this process unfolds, creating adjustments within physical systems. This Huge Transformation must be achieved Step by Step, one phase completing before the next, as the Energetic Atmosphere of the planet moves into a completely alternative Dynamic Rhythm and Balance.
The Winds of Change are rapidly flowing out across your Earth plane, creating upheaval through the SHIFTING of Reality within your day-to-day living. This happening is bringing forth a HIGHER Frequency within your life that you can more readily access through the avenue of your Heart Space. You are BE-ing called to SHIFT your focus of these Changing Realities, from the illusion of the drama perpetuated by your ego mind to TRUTH within the profound openings NOW offered through your Heart Space.
This Timeframe is about you returning to a HIGHER, more Authentic space of Consciousness by developing a deepening connection to your Multidimensional Heart Space. This is a moment for SELF-Realization. As you BEgin to redevelop your Heart Muscles, you can BE reinitiated into the state of your Unlimited Potential. Each time you choose to consciously enter the Alternative Reality doorway within your Heart, an Evolution takes place within the Cells of your Physical body.


The Framework that has always existed within your Energetic Field will move into another phase of transmutation, as a HIGHER Electrical Vibration flows within your Field to allow you to stabilize within the expanded realm connections. This can be set in motion through conscious re-engagement and activation of the Sacred Heart. Doing this, you set in motion the recreation and re-definition of your SELF through your own conscious choice action of realignment to Home through your Heart.
Powerful Energetic Waves are BE-ing manifested daily across your Earth plane to create a disintegration of the density. These Waves are literally crashing within the environment of Earth, unearthing the holding of illusion and simultaneously revealing HIGHER Paths of Opportunity. These Paths are BE-ing forged open to support you in this Awakening Step.
The Gateway created by the Network Grid has NOW been fully established and anchored to support you in the next step of rebirth. The Network continues to Flourish, the frequency accelerating its impact as the LIGHT builds in momentum, creating an illuminated path for you to engage.


This building of LIGHT is pulling up the deep emotions that have been held within individuals and communities. Third-dimensional drama continues to create deep impacts within your lives. This creates confusion and unsettles the ego mind, bringing a great opportunity as your ego mind is held in confusion. This space allows deep and permanent changes for you to unfold within your relationship with your own Human aspect. This is the Time for you to Let Go of the old outworn cycles in your life. Play witness to the Birth of Wholeness within you. We liken this to the Sun coming over the Horizon. Within this environment, your Heart can experience reconnection to LIGHT and TRUTH.
Allow, Let Go and open to the revelations of peace and TRUTH that can BE illuminated within. As you choose to open up into your Heart, you enter a NEW Phase of your destiny. Let Go and open into your Rebirth. Within the LIGHT, TRUTH can unfold and Awaken through you. This space is accessible for you to Let Go and witness your SELF within this HIGHER Evolutionary environment. This opening is Heralding in Remembering.
Your Heart’s makeup carries a unique Divine Frequency, and you are able to access this unique song of LIGHT. This is a Sacred Design, a flow of LIGHT that will cascade you into an arena of TRUTH, LOVE and Reconnection to a HIGHER Learning.
You have always held the unique design of TRUTH within your Multidimensional Heart. We liken this design to a specific Song Resonance. The vibration of you opens a pathway that enables you to link into a HIGHER Level of Consciousness in communion with the LIGHT. The Sacred Element of your nature can BEgin to be SELF-Realized though the opening up of this unique design, which Holds your Signature of God SOURCE LIGHT Energy.
Remember, you are recognized throughout the Universe by this Signature Song. As you resurrect your Signature LIGHT within your Heart, you are re-established within the Sacred God SOURCE Consciousness Collective within the Universe.


The Network Grid carries support energy for the reconnection that resides within you by holding the Energetic Mirror of your God SOURCE LIGHT outwards to support your realignment. This Mirror is designed to assist you in recognizing and remembering the essence of you. The Network Grid is designed to stabilize you when you activate your reconnection. This Re-emergence within your Heart allows you to fully Recalibrate your Creation LIGHT within the Systems of your Physical and Energetic body.
Your physical body will undergo rapid change during this phase of transformation. Your Nervous System is BE-ing Recalibrated to support the frequency of your Heart’s Multidimensional Reopening. Your Design Song is Electrical in nature, and as the frequency of your God SOURCE Song releases within your Systems and BEcomes absorbed within you, the Cells of your body — the Heart Cells — BEgin to actively pulse the Unique Design Frequency of your Heart outwards.
Your brain synapses will transform as you activate this reconnection, unravelling the Multidimensional function of your Nervous System and Spinal Fluid, recalibrating the frequency held within the sacrum and brain stem. Your brain function is to be repurposed to respond on a Multidimensional level to initiate and work with your Heart Song Frequency.
Who are you within this Frequency Song of your Heart? As you reopen the doorway to your Heart, you can emerge within the Multidimensional Framework of your HIGHER Consciousness, Knowing that your God SOURCE LIGHT is fully intact just beyond the veils of your Heart, in perfect flow. There are NO restrictions or specific agendas placed between you and the full reconnection to your Sacred nature. At this moment, an access is BE-ing held wide open by the NEW Framework within your Energetic Field, and your Heart creates the Opening for you to Step Through and BE.


You have choices at this juncture. You get to choose to take the HIGHER Path of reconnection to the Sacred aspect of your Sacred SELF, which is an essential component of your natural makeup. This era of the “NEW Dawning” is BEfore you. It’s another turn in the wheel of your Homecoming!
Those of you who have already begun the process of re-engagement within your Multidimensional Heart hold the potential to access the full reflection of the Multidimensional Reality Framework that is Reopening. These simultaneous reality profiles have been in existence within the planet for lifetimes. These profiles give you a deeper insight and ability to reconnect into your heritage makeup, within your family of LIGHT. Access to them aligns you to another aspect of your potential power. You open up into realignments, to the natural HIGHER State of your Consciousness.
By choosing, you rejoin the vast communion Telepathic settings that exist with your family of LIGHT. This is your heritage. You have always been a part of these Sacred Communities, which exist within your resident Universe.
By Shifting your Awareness into your Heart, you choose your Multidimensional SELF yourself within your Heart Space. Let Go of any agenda and BE. This next step of your process is about opening into a simple uncluttered moment, void of any “doing.” This process of returning is about being and letting go within the vast expression of your Heart. Don’t try and engage within the Heart. Simply open your Awareness and Witness the Space that is Unfolding for you.


The words I AM are the most simple and impactful. These words are Divine in nature, as they create a segment of LIGHT that naturally realigns you deeper to your Heart Song. The frequency that is created by your words, I AM, engages fully within the Heart Cells. The action of these words, I AM, creates openings of your Unique Energetic Design. I AM forms the essential opening of a Pure Moment within Destiny through the Reconnection to a Telepathic communion with your heritage, your family of LIGHT.
Through a Holy frequency engineered by the Network Grid, the Magnetic Core of the Earth and the Shifting rotation of the planet, a completely different reaction is created through the I AM vibration within your Heart than previously experienced. This is the action of your Pure MAGIC BE-ing recreated through you at this Time in your Destiny.
This MAGIC is the reopening of the Multidimensional potential of an Uncorrupted, Uncluttered Space — bringing forth reconnection within your Heart and Anchoring and Aligning you to the frequency of TRUTH.
I AM activates TRUTH. These words state, “I AM part of the ONEness. I AM the State of God SOURCE Consciousness.” Claim the state of never being separate from God SOURCE and always BE-ing an extension of the LIGHT of TRUTH. As you Anchor within your Heart and Anchor these Words, you set in motion a HIGHER level of the Transmutation process within you.


Utilize the Conscious Breath, in and out of the mouth. This Breath supports your process, bypassing the ego mind:
1. Hold your Heart, your full chest area, resting both palms of your hands on your chest.
2. Utilize the Conscious Breath, bringing it like a soft wind into your hands, into your Heart Space.
3. Open your Awareness within the Space. You may feel, see or sense the Space. Bring the Conscious Breath into the Space expanding your connection.
4. Bring in the words I AM within the space. Use the Conscious Breath to Let Go and align to the activation. Repeat I AM as many times as you feel is appropriate.
Open within these Unfolding Steps of this Sacred process within. We witness you as you step forward into the LIGHT of your Destiny.