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OCTOBER 3, 2021

Dear readers welcome to our message, messages that are intended to bring hope as well as information to those receptive to the deeper truths.

Know that it is ok if you experience the negativity and fear rampant in collective consciousness at this time. You knew you would be entering into the lower resonating energies of earth and you are aware that you are a spiritual being with a material body, but because you are sensitive to energy most of you will feel the dense energies being broadcast from a fearful collective fully immersed in duality and separation.

The presence of so much dense energy at this time represents earth's ascension process. Long hidden energies within earth herself must be seen, experienced, and recognized by a majority who will then eventually change the collective with new and more evolved thinking.

Never resist what you experience physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually in the false belief that it is not spiritual to have negative emotions, fears, or concerns. Rather recognize these things for what they are--impersonal energies flowing from the three dimensional collective. Never claim them as being personally yours or you make them yours. Do not give them power over you but rather allow them to flow through and out again-- "Oh, you again..."

You are spiritual beings having human experiences by choice in order to once and for all clear yourself of remaining old energy and help others do the same. You were already spiritually evolved when you chose to incarnate in order to be a part of earth's ascension process. The problem is that once a soul enters the lower resonance of the third dimension most, even the very evolved forget who they are and begin to believe that they are just physical human beings subject to all the good and bad that exists on earth.

A person's state of consciousness remains fully intact in spite of what human thinking may tell it once they enter the lower vibrations of earth. A soul cannot regress but enters each new lifetime at the level of consciousness they have attained even if they have no conscious awareness of spiritual matters and believe themselves to be only human.

Everyone's attained state of consciousness automatically goes with them wherever they go because consciousness IS the reality of every person. Often when a person with a highly evolved state of consciousness incarnates and then forgets who they are, they believe that there is something "wrong with them because they do not "fit in" or align with the beliefs and activities of those around them. This is particularly difficult for the many highly evolved young people now incarnating who have not yet grown into their empowerment and yearn to be accepted by their peers.

Learn to love yourself, the self who may be frightened, confused, feels alone, and even at times wants out. Negative emotions do not mean you have lost your spiritual way but rather can be wonderful tools for reminding you that you are living in a three dimensional world at this time and because you are energy sensitive you easily feel what is going on within the collective. Always remember--these energies are never yours. The only energies that are yours are those of Divine Consciousness everything else constitutes illusion.

Emotions, experiences, etc. are drawn to individuals simply because energy is always seeking to align with itself as ONE. If a person holds energies of fear of disease in their belief system, they automatically attract disease. If a person holds and believes that they are unlovable, situations that reflect this belief will be drawn to them in their relationships reinforcing this false belief until cleared. There really are no victims, only dear ones who do not know who they are and so continually attract to themselves all sorts of error from universal collective consciousness.

The third dimension is a dimension that has surrendered power to everything and everyone other than to the One real Power. The third dimension can be defined simply by saying that it is a universal consciousness of two powers. The third dimension is the bottom rung of a very high dimensional ladder, but most do not know this and consider human beings to be the pinnacle of intelligence.

All fear arises from the belief in two powers. Powers that can affect someone for good or bad and over which they have no control. This belief in two powers is the foundation upon which all news, organized religion, health care, education, law, governments, and societal norms have been built. The belief in two powers constitutes third dimensional consciousness.

Examine everything you have been or still are in fear of and you will quickly see that it is always based in the belief of one power over another. You are ready to release this belief which is a huge spiritual step. You intellectually know that there is only ONE power and that power is God but now you must begin to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, giving lip service to this truth, but not really believing or living it.

There comes a point at which every soul is spiritually ready to shift into the realization that regardless of appearances, there is, always has been, and only ever will be One Power and that Power lies within every individual. IT is you, but over hundreds of lifetimes lived in duality and separation you forgot who you were, falling victim to every false claim of power alive and well fed in the three dimensional belief system. These accumulated old energies are what you are now releasing from cellular memory.

Fully embracing the truth of ONE POWER is a difficult step and does not result in immediate freedom from fear and anxiety. As with all spiritual steps, the integration of it is a process. Do not expect to say "God alone is power", and then be free from all fear. The intellectual acknowledgement of this or any truth is simply the first step toward it becoming one's attained state of consciousness.

For most, choosing to move into a deeper realization of ONE POWER will cause hidden fears to surface because this choice made with sincere intention acts as the key that unlocks and opens an inner door marked "ONE POWER" behind which lies the accumulated energetic debris from lifetimes that has been ignored, hidden, forgotten about, suppressed, and given power.

The deeper aspects of the spiritual evolutionary journey are not always pleasant or very much fun simply because everything old and dense must surface in order to be recognized and even experienced, then cleared. These times are referred to as being the "dark night of the soul". Old fears, beliefs, issues, pains, diseases, and anything still resonating in a person's energy field will begin to surface once the door is opened.

For awhile it may feel as if you are going backwards but always remember that these experiences are temporary, simply a necessary facets of your deep inner journey leading to true realization.

God is the only power is the basis of evolution because it allows everything good or bad, sought or unsought, desired or undesired, feared or not feared, loved or not loved, to be seen from a higher perspective. God is the only power because IT is all that exists. Where could a second power come from if God is the only substance?

You are at a very intense point of your spiritual evolution otherwise you would not read, understand, or even be interested in these messages. You have evolved beyond metaphysics, organized religion, classes, rites and rituals, and all those things meant to bring you closer to God. You now know that you can never be closer to God than you already are because God, the one and only LIFE is expressing ITSelf as you and every living thing as well as earth herself.

This point is the culmination of an inner journey you have been on for a very, very long time. You now stand in front of the door. It is your free will choice as to whether or not you open the door. It is definitely more comfortable to leave it shut where you will continue to have friends, camaraderie, and "belong" but you have spent many a lifetime crawling, begging, praying, struggling, to find this door and now you stand in front of it. To open it or not? That is the question.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/3/21


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Energies Coming In from many Universes… Giant Leap Forward for Humanity
You are free to feel how you want to feel. Begin there. Embrace a vibration of freedom if you truly want more freedom in your world. Always and forevermore, it is your vibration that dictates what you attract or allow. And Your every desire causes the entire universe to respond.
Humanity is inherently good. Seek that. See that. Revel in that. Claim that! You are always happier when you focus on the good growing in your life, rather than fearing that which would choke it off.
What you focus upon you empower. So shift your focus instead to the spiritual truth that there is Divine light, love, happiness, and well-being lying dormant within all souls waiting to arise. You came here to create Heaven on Earth. ~ The Angels
You have the freedom within the fourth dimension to create the experiences you want to have and then to manifest those experiences.
The future is all about probabilities, and you as the awakened ones in the human collective can and will choose from those probabilities.
You needed that op-pression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity presently on Earth.
You have gotten very good at pretending, but your awakening is really a remembering. It is a lifting of the veil of forgetfulness. If you do go into a pit of despair, just realize that experience, will be temporary because it’s all part of the game you are all playing with yourselves, and nothing is permanent.
You are there to remember who you really are and so everyone else. Enough people have graduated from the us-versus-them mentality and have opted instead for inner peace, tranquility, inner harmony. It is so much more important that you exude love, compassion, and an instrument of the universe... than it is to be right.
That is why we are working closely with the sun, your guides and your higher selves to determine which facts about your personal and collective histories you should be receiving while you are asleep… To see clearly who you have been and where you have been in these galaxies and dimensions.
Beyond all of that, you are Source Energy Beings, and that is what is most important for everyone to know there on Earth at this time.There are many potential timelines in front of you.
Your spiritual evolution is the ultimate goal there on Earth.
The e.t.s wanting to help, do not want to rescue you, but they do want you to see yourselves, your world, and your fellow humans in a different light.You are the change-makers there on Earth, and that ripple effect that you have on the entire universe is felt and experienced by All.
Recognize that by living through these polarized times, you create more than you could imagine. Look for the positives amidst everything that you are experiencing, because that will be the way for you to stay in a high enough vibration to benefit from these new energies coming in from afar.
When you are not worried, not stressed and not afraid.. You are wide open to life as it is in this moment on Earth, and when you are wide open, you get what we and other Galactics are giving you energetically.When you unclench your fist, you receive with an open hand, and the same is true with your energy.
Your spirituality is an inward journey, Now you have been guided to turn your attention to that place within yourselves where you know who you really are: where you vibrate the fastest and the highest. ~ the Arcturian Council
Intentions That Manifest… Riding the Waves of Love
~ via The Angels
Your Focus, whether positive or negative, Focus tunes you into a given reality in the field of all possibility.
Your plan demic would end in a week if a sufficient portion of humanity could focus upon well-being!
What if you were to focus on the vast majority of people that heal, and the billions who are healthy? What if your news was to tell you every day how many people recover from serious illnesses, how many people are taking charge of their own health and bodies through meditation, intuitive eating, and kind movement? Your world would quickly shift to that reality!
Become the change that you seek. Meditate, pray, relax, do something enjoyable. Start there.
You are free to think any thought you like. You are free to feel how you want to feel. Begin there. Embrace a vibration of freedom if you truly want more freedom in your world.
The Divine lives and breathes in you and when you focus your attention on something you are "for" or something you "love" then you allow the Divine to flow through you and empower this very thing.
Deep down, you all long for a world of kindness, a world in which the vast diversity of human ideas and ideals is not seen as a threat but rather a glorious buffet from which to choose, learn, and create.
Always and forevermore it is your vibration that dictates what you attract or allow.
Make a list of desires and make sure you can feel really good about each one.
You are spirit in flesh, the Divine experiencing its own life in a body, a personality, a time, and space.
Your every desire causes the entire universe to respond.
… with your every simple loving wish, you sound a silent note of Love and energy that begins to travel through the cosmos. It joins with the energies of others who have wished for something similar and soon these collective notes of love begin to create a symphony of frequency – a tidal wave of love that begins to wash through other human hearts.
The greater the love, the stronger the waves of energy, and the more hearts you will influence.
Silently wishing the earth could remain pristine. Your loving wishes sound and echo out into the universe. And your simple, seemingly "insignificant" wishes have joined together to change the human experience for generations to come!
Dear ones, you are the architects of Love. Love is the "Building material" from which entire universes are created.
Life is a buffet of smells, sights, sounds, textures, tastes, people, beliefs, ideologies, experiences, and possibilities!
We know you'd all rather have happiness handed to you on the proverbial "silver platter" and it can be so, if you're willing to focus upon and find things to enjoy in the here and now. As you raise your vibration by finding things to enjoy you will easily attract enjoyable things, people, and situations that come to you with very little effort.
In your world right now, there are a lot of tempers running high. There are also a lot of people quietly doing good, quietly cleaning up your mother earth, quietly helping the children, elderly, animals... people creating crafts, people baking with love.
Your world is inherently good. There are so many acts of love performed in the space of a single breath, there are countless moments of goodness and things to appreciate.
There is music that elevates your spirit, the hum of the bees, the song of the birds, the gentle breezes, the babbling brooks, the roar of the oceans, and even the beat of a lover's heart. Think of a sound you love right now or a piece of music.
While you have difficult news on your planet, there is good news going on right here and now in your own body, in your own life, in your own little corner of the world.
Seek that. See that. Revel in that. Claim that.
Humanity is inherently good. Misdeeds result from pain or misunderstanding. Your world is not ending. Your countries are not going to self-destruct. Your Mother Earth is rejuvenating herself. Best of all you are living miracles, each with access to experiences that are simply unparalleled in their capacity for joy. Appreciate your tastes, textures, smells, sounds, and sights. If you are missing one sense, enjoy the others even more.
It is in your appreciation of the so-called simple miracles starting with your own body and your own lives – that you begin to see the light, the love, the goodness, and the truth of your being everywhere you look.
Your world is going through a rebirthing, and birth is a messy process. Nonetheless, even a mother in labor can appreciate the fragrance of an essential oil, a tender hand that holds her own, the gentle music or song of birds playing in the background, the taste of a cool glass of water.
Imagine you had a garden. Are you more satisfied watching your plants grow, ripen, and produce delicious food, or are you happier fretting about the weeds?
You are always happier when you focus on the good growing in your life, rather than fearing that which would choke it off.
What you focus upon you empower. So choose your focus carefully. .. shift your focus instead to the spiritual truth that there is Divine light, love, happiness, and well-being lying dormant within all souls waiting to arise. You could heal the sick if you could focus on this light more strongly than they focus on their illness. You can heal yourselves if you focus on this light within more strongly than what ails you.
It isn't easy. However, even here your focus can make a difference.
Your world is birthing itself, you are like this mother now. You are like a Divine gardener. You feel the contractions and you notice both the fruits and the weeds. - place your focus upon that which you want to grow?
You can notice vir us variants but instead give thanks for the well being of countless billions, the light within that is always well, the people working to help assist others. You can notice all the turmoil, but choose to be at peace in your own life and in your own heart.
So many of you are working diligently with 5D reality.. being more careful with your vibration, doing what you can to stay focused on that which feels best. Dear ones, Love is.. in every person and every situation, waiting to be seen, acknowledged, and watered. Don't "water the weeds" with your focus, instead, focus on all that is beautiful as much as you can and your life will become a rich harvest of love! -- The Angels ~ Excerpt from VisionsofHeaven. com
Upgrades, Activations & Downloads from the Sun - by The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council
We have been working with your sun to deliver you more of these energies that you need, and your sun is already doing a tremendous amount of service work for you.. always here to help with new projects and new strategies.
And so, the recent partnership that we made with your sun is about bringing you more of the history of life on Earth for you and for all Earthlings in these downloads. This will help you establish more of a sense of oneness within you, as you will understand how you came to be where you are today on Earth as a human collective.
The upgrades that your sun has agreed to assist with, are in regards to your physical bodies and their ability to hold more light, more love, more higher-frequency energies within them. The activations are of your high heart chakra, because as you can see by looking around on your world, there is a need for more unconditional love. And so, having these activations will assist you in being the love that you truly are more of the time, regardless of what is happening or isn’t happening around you and inside of you.
There is still hate and violence, discrimination and many injustices, and all of that gives us the opportunity to feel more compassion,
You can focus on where humanity needs the most help for some time and send your love, light, healing, and compassion to those regions, and then you can also turn your attention to the stories of kindness, bravery, sacrifice, generosity, and every heart-warming story you can find about how most humans are seeking to come together and help one another.. you have to go searching for them, or you just have to be the one who tells yourself, ‘I will respond to the violence and the hostility with more acts of kindness in my life. That is something that I have control over.’
Then you will be a part of that movement forward that we are constantly celebrating here in the ninth dimension. Remember that you do have the ability to help in your own ways, as you always have the ability to raise the level of consciousness there on planet Earth.
Many of you have become aware of predictions about your shift, or ‘the event,’ as it is sometimes referred to as, chaos, destruction, cataclysms and death. And while those timelines certainly do exist, you don’t have to align yourselves with anything that you don’t want to experience.
You have the freedom within the fourth dimension to create the experiences you want to have and then to manifest those experiences... Remember that your exposures to these predictions is your creation, but also know that you are under no obligation to live out what someone else is inviting you to. We are quite certain that you will enjoy the vision that we hold of humanity’s completion of the shift, and that is why we invite you to it.
You will always have free will. You will always be able to choose what you want to experience, and please know that none of these are set in stone. The future is all about probabilities, and you as the awakened ones in the human collective can and will choose from those probabilities. And, you will probably create some new ones, ones that are even better than what we have envisioned.
Ascending in Spite of Op.pression
We have been witnessing the struggle that humanity has endured with being op.pressed, and we understand why so many of you are angry about this. .. with government officials, cabals, and negatively-oriented extra-terrestrials, and we feel compassion for you for what you have endured there on Earth. However we can help to alleviate some of the suffering that you’ve experienced by reminding you that you are very powerful beings and that you do create your own reality.
Were it not for the op.pression, you would have moved through the third dimension very fast, and many of you would have shifted to the fifth dimension before the rest of humanity was ready. We saw this happen with the Mayans, for example, where many of them ascended because they were simply ready to. Now if this had continued on Earth, you would have had civilization after civilization ascending, and those who were not so fortunate.. would have endured even more suffering and even more op.pression.
So those of you who have been holding the space for all of humanity and holding the higher vibration that you do for your collective have created a balance there, and that balance was necessary to give all of you the numerous experiences that you wanted to have before shifting. Remember that everything is a choice on some level. Just because you don’t remember making the choice to incarnate there and be op.pressed doesn’t make it any less of a choice. Now that most of you who are awake have also become aware of your op.pressors, you feel a great deal of anger and you want justice. You want to them to be taken down, imprisoned, and some of you even look for their deaths as a necessary punishment for what they have done.
But this is not how you evolve and ascend. You evolve and ascend through forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. And that forgiveness is made possible by this understanding that you needed them to play the role of the bad guys, the dark ones. You needed that op.pression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity that is present on Earth. So look for that knowing within yourselves, process your angry feelings, and get to the place of forgiveness and compassion for those who chose to play their roles, and we can assure you that those roles are not as good feeling as you might suspect.
Having all of that power and all of that money is meaningless without love. And some of these beings who have been your op.pressors have even come to that conclusion through the lives that they have lived, and they will need ones like you who are awake to forgive them. And this is what we believe is necessary as well for the ascension of all of humanity.
The New Version of Human Being
We are looking to those of you who are willing and eager to change, to bring about the next giant leap forward for humankind in your spiritual evolution. As we have said many times before, you as the awakened collective are the leaders of humanity, and you don’t have to have a huge following on social media, because what each and every one of you does in the privacy of your own home, it all adds up. You are co-creating the new breed of Human. You all are responsible for the co-creation of the new human being.
And as you do this work quietly, humbly, and most of you are doing it just because you want to feel better. You are becoming more, by virtue of the fact that you exist and this is the time of ascension for humanity, but those of you who know that and who want to do it consciously are making the bigger strides forward, and therefore, capable through your example, through the vibration that you emit and from the templates that you create. You are creating new blueprints for your fellow humans, and again, that is happening regardless of whether any of them know that it is you who is doing this.
You get to take humanity to that next level. It’s a privilege. It’s an honor, and you get to do it in your way. In other words, you don’t have to follow someone else’s owner’s manual for the new human. You get to make it up as you go along. You get to decide what is important in terms of spiritual evolution, but it will always be an inside job. It will always be something that you do by looking within yourselves, by feeling for what is there, and by activating more of what you want to experience. You grow in your ability to forgive, to love, and to feel compassion when you acknowledge that there is something that isn’t quite right, and it isn’t quite right inside of you.
You won’t get there just by saying that someone else over there is the wrong one, the bad one, and the one that needs to be stopped. But look, always, inside of yourself for the next step forward that you are going to take to create that momentum for the human collective, and you will continue to add more to the consciousness of humankind, a consciousness that is ready to move forward, even if many individuals don’t realize that yet. It is going to happen, and if you are already awake, then you are one of the ones leading the way. We suggest that you do so by taking care of business within yourselves first and then emerging from your cocoon to set the bar high for the new version of the human being that you are all co-creating together.
The energies that are upon you right now are very supportive of you creating with vibration, rather than thought and imagination.
Continuing Your Awakening Process
We are very fortunate to have the perspective that we do on life there on Earth, because we can see how easy it would be to go down a path of despair when looking at your society. The reason why we do not get sucked in to that trap is because we see the best in all of you. We see you as you truly are as Source Energy Beings who are merely pretending to be something less than the wholeness of Source. You have gotten very good at pretending, but your awakening is really a remembering. It is a lifting of the veil of forgetfulness, and it is a letting go of the illusion of separation.
You all have been awakening at a faster pace because of the dire circumstances of life on Earth as it has been of late. If you do go into a pit of despair, just realize that you will climb out of it. That feeling, that experience, will be temporary because it’s all part of the game you are all playing with yourselves, and nothing is permanent. Now, we would like to give you some strategies for dealing with your despair and even just your feelings of being down in the dumps from time to time. You can always take a few deep breaths, listen to some soothing music, go outside and enjoy Mother Nature, think about someone you love, and you can always feel for the truth of who you are in the center of your heart.
This remembering that you are doing is very natural. It doesn’t take effort, and in fact, it takes effort to forget. It takes effort to lower your vibration to the extent that you all have in this lifetime and in previous ones there on Earth. You get to strip away these layers of forgetfulness at whatever pace is comfortable to you, and be sure that is what you are doing. You are there to remember who you really are and who everyone else really is, and the rest of it is really just you playing around with each other.
Now, we know that very serious things are happening and that there is abject pain and suffering there on Earth, and we do not mean to diminish it in some way, but if you are in a place where you are not feeling a lot of pain, suffering, and despair right now, you can remember that those individuals who are, would benefit from you sending love, light, compassion, healing, and forgiveness to them. You can all be of service at any time you desire, and you can all continue the awakening process at any time as well. It is entirely up to you how you move forward, but we know that you will, and that is our perspective, and that is why we always greet you with such optimism and enthusiasm.
You will complete this journey of shifting your consciousness, and you are doing it on a much better timeline than most.
Enough people have graduated from the us-versus-them mentality that is so prevalent on your world and have opted instead for inner peace, tranquility, inner harmony.
It is okay to let someone else believe that they are right, even when you wholeheartedly disagree with them. It is so much more important that you exude love, compassion, and that you are an instrument of the universe than it is to be right.
The Next Giant Leap Forward for Humanity
We know that uncovering truths about your personal and collective histories would be a way to alter and expand the consciousness of the collective, but we also know that if someone presents you with evidence that is contrary to what you already believe, you are likely to dismiss it as a fake, a forgery. That is why we are working very closely with your guides and your higher selves to determine which facts about your personal and collective histories you should be receiving while you are asleep… To see clearly who you have been and where you have been in this galaxy, in terms of different star systems and dimensions.
The truths we are referring to are that you have been fifth dimensional. You have been Arcturian, Sirian and Andromedan. You have been Lemurian and Atlantean, Egyptian and have played many prominent roles throughout history. And beyond all of that, you are Source Energy Beings, and that is what is most important for everyone to know there on Earth at this time.
There are many potential timelines in front of you. And we do have the knowing that you will continue to make choices that will lead to your spiritual evolution, which is of course the ultimate goal there on Earth. We know that many humans rely upon their minds and their actions most of the time, but we are continually encouraged by those of you who are letting go of those two typical responses to problems.
The e.t.s wanting to help do not want to rescue you, but they do want you to see yourselves, your world, and your fellow humans in a different light. .. one that many have not even considered. And it will help you to understand your differences, because you will all realize that you were created by extra-terrestrials, and you have been helped by them since day one there on planet Earth.
Energies Coming In from Other Universes
You are the change-makers there on Earth, and that ripple effect that you have on the entire universe is felt and experienced by all.
Recognize that by living through the times you are living through and by being as polarized as you are, you create more than if you were completely at peace right now and with everyone healthy and thriving there on your planet.
You need to disagree with each other, not only to create and access those energies that are coming in to this universe from afar, but you also need to experience unconditional love in order to know yourselves more fully. And if you can disagree with someone, and have a very firm stance on what you disagree on, and still love that person, then you know you have achieved something in your life, something that would not have been achievable without that discord, that tension, that conflict.
You are growing exponentially there on Earth at this time, and we all grow throughout this universe as a result of the current human condition. We want to thank you for being there and being willing to endure so much in the name of the expansion of the Universe and the furthering of the knowing of Source. These are challenging times of change, and you will be the benefactors there on Earth, as these energies that are coming in right now are tailor-made to bring about the changes that you all want to see, changes that will bring you closer to one another, closer to full and open e.t. contact, and closer to the completion of your ascension to the fifth dimension.
Look for the positives amidst everything that you are experiencing, because that will be the way for you to stay in a high enough vibration to benefit from these new energies coming in from afar.
These August Lionsgate energies are meant to empower you, and they are meant to get you to focus like a laser beam on what you want to create.
You are the architects of this next phase of human consciousness evolution, and we are merely supplying you with everything you need to build that better future for humanity that we see and that so many others like us see as well.
As Source Energy Beings you can start taking responsibility for what you create. Things speeding up will help you accomplish that goal. You are the ones living those challenging lives there on Earth and having to experience so much to grow as fast as you need to grow to complete the shift to the fifth dimension.
The living of your lives will cause you to grow just because you have experiences there on Earth.. that are so unique and so taxing on you that, you cannot help but evolve from them.
We will continue to tell you that everything is about taking you to the next level of your consciousness evolution, and we know that some of you are taking the path of least resistance to your ascension event. When you are not worried, and you are not stressed and not afraid, and you are not angry. You are just wide open to life as it is in this moment on Earth, and when you are wide open, you get what we and others like us are giving you energetically.
You are also more likely to receive an upgrade or an activation, and that’s not because we are choosing those who are more open and relaxed. It is because you need to unclench your fist in order to receive with an open hand, and the same is true with your energy. And so, what we have noticed works for humans is acceptance. If you can surrender and let go, you can be on that leading edge of ascension that you want to be on, but if you keep looking for how ‘they’ are trying to stop you from ascending, then you’ll keep finding more evidence to support that belief, and you’ll keep finding more people to throw into the category of ‘they’ and ‘them,’ and your list of enemies can keep growing on a daily basis if that is your approach to spirituality.
And as you make your life and your spirituality an inward journey, then it truly does not matter what anyone else is doing. And when you reach inner peace, and you radiate love to everyone in the universe, you will then truly begin to transform others around you. And that will be immensely satisfying.
We see you stepping into a position of greater power within yourselves, as you have begun to recognize that you really must rely upon the power that you have within you to feel the way that you want to feel and to live the way that you want to live.
We see the readiness within you to take command of your lives by taking command of your vibration and your creation, as a result of the offering of that vibration.
It certainly has appeared as though you’ve had limitations placed upon you. In actuality, you have been guided to turn your attention to that place within yourselves where you know who you really are, where you vibrate the fastest and the highest.
It’s time for great changes on your world, and those great changes start when you are willing to see yourselves as the ones creating, rather than being op pressed...and you’re moving into the time of experiencing those truths in your lives and in the entire world that you live in. ~ Excerpts from the Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton
"As integral parts of Creator’s unconditional love energy, every life in your animal and plant kingdoms is a soul with varying degrees of consciousness. Species-wide, the cetaceans are the most consciously and spiritually evolved souls on Earth—they volunteered to incarnate there in large forms to anchor in ocean depths the light beamed from distant civilizations. And think about the plant kingdom. Each seed knows when to start growing and what to become—grass, tree, flower, fruit, grain or vegetable—and each adds immeasurable quality to your life and to all other souls’ there.”
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Dear readers, welcome. Our messages flow to you with love and the intention of bringing guidance and enlightenment to all who resonate with them.

All is proceeding according to plan, unfolding as it must in order to bring greater awareness to the presence of countless commonly accepted agendas based in separation. Exposure is serving to open eyes of a three dimensional majority to the pain and suffering that has and still is resulting from many laws and societal concepts.

The floods, fires, hurricanes are energy. Energies of suffering, war, violence, and all activities based in separation that have long been somewhat dormant but still present. These energies are now surfacing and clearing and in the process are forcing many who have lived happily in a state of disconnect from nature and other people to begin thinking about planet earth, all forms of life on her, and how everything is connected.

Some not all, who are experiencing destructive events at this time chose to have the experience as a part of their learning process (their spiritual "bucket list" so to speak) while others choose to be a part of these types of events because they provide opportunities for love and service to others. The vast majority however, are spiritually ready for more but need experiences that will force them out of complacency and into deeper inner examination.

HOWEVER...know that

God does not, can not form ITSelf as destructive activity. Extreme destructive events are formed out of the collective belief in separation and its resulting fear. Remember, you are creators.

Be patient and try not to judge what you are presently seeing and hearing froom all forms of media for it is almost always based in three dimensional beliefs and concepts about how things must be in order to be right or correct. This is where trusting your intuition becomes very important.

Fear has become the world's dominant emotion at this time. Become alert to and aware of how you are propagandized into fear on multiple levels. Even the most basic and simple ads tell you that if you do not use their product something bad will happen. The news in all its forms is almost 100% based in some form of fear which when accepted becomes your state of consciousness and may or may not express in some way.

Recognize the many forms through which fear presents itself--rules, regulations, news, concepts, collective beliefs, teachings-religious and otherwise, and traditions, all carrying various levels of fear based belief which over time have become fully ingrained in and as the collective consciousness.

Fear always arises from the belief in separation, that one is separate from their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual good unless they believe this way, act this way, do this or do that, as dictated by individuals and groups who claim to have superior knowledge. In reality much of what they espouse is simply a reflection of collective concepts formed over time by the majority belief in two powers, duality, and separation.

Fear is an illusion dear ones, a dense fog formed of nothing but the illusion of separation. Those who realize that they and all life forms are Divine consciousness in expression are serving to dissolve this ancient heavy fog through the presence of the higher resonating Light they carry in their consciousness. Many very evolved souls are now incarnating in order to add the high resonating Light of their consciousness to earth's ascension process.

It is difficult to stop fearing because fear has served well in its ability to alert individuals to dangerous situations. Learn to determine the difference between the voice of intuition guiding you and unsubstantiated fear. Do not to resist fear when it presents itself in one form or another but simply recognize it and determine for yourself whether what you are feeling is valid or not.

Be alert to the subtle messages embedded in commercial ads and "for your own good" statements that flow to you through all forms of media. You will soon begin to recognize the underlying fear based concepts being presented for you to read, observe, and then accept as your reality. The promoters of these things are not always trying to trick or bring fear to you for they are often unaware that they are promoting fear and believe they are helping others or that their promotions simply represent good business.

Fear is subliminal and takes many forms all of which are present in the collective and available to anyone in alignment with their particular energy. Many of you are experiencing fear and anxiety at this time and don't know why. Because there is only ONE, everyone is receptive to the energies of the collective at some time or another. Know that fear, anxiety, or any other negative energies are never personally yours. It is only if or when you claim them to be personally yours, that they then become yours.

This does not mean that those who are spiritually awake should ignore the practical everyday issues of life that are in need of attention, but rather means doing what you are guided to do while not endowing situations with power for good or bad. No one can live the absolute until it becomes their attained state of consciousness which is what spiritual evolution is all about. Trust that your Higher Self is drawing to you what you need in order to learn and evolve even if the experiences you are having don't seem very positive or spiritual.

We have often spoken to the need for releasing dependence on spiritual/metaphysical tools. We would like to clarify that this does not mean you can no longer own and love the crystals, oils, sounds, etc. that you have come to love over the course of your spiritual journey. When we say release the tools, we mean that there comes a point in every person's spiritual journey at which they must cease giving these things a power greater than their own in the belief that they have the ability to give you something that you don't already have within you.

Crystals, sound vibration, color, oils are all powerful tools for balancing energy (healing) and were the major focus in ancient the healing temples where many of you worked. Each crystal, oil, or sound carries its own unique energy which then can augment and activate that same energy lying dormant but already fully present within an individual.

Always remember that spiritual tools do not, never have, and never can give you something that you don't already have. Use them and love them, but never lose sight of the fact that they are in and of the same energy as you because there is only ONE whether it is manifesting ITself as a person, crystal, animal or tree.

Relax into the process. Spiritual evolution for eons has been based on effort, practices, and activities of one sort or another meant to make the person more "spiritual" or closer to God. It is time to let all that go because these types of beliefs are obsolete and no longer relevant once you become aware of the fact that God is already fully present within. Relax, cease the struggle and allow yourself to be what you already are.

Never fear change for change is the process through which ordinary living becomes kinder, fairer, better, easier, more evolved and loving.

There is much to come dear ones. Be patient as dark rises to the surface in order to be seen and recognized by the majority. Know and trust that there is a Divine plan and that you chose to be a part of it. Allow, knowing that everything is as it needs to be.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/5/21


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Saturday, August 7, 2021



 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Master Djwhal Khul. It is an honour to be in your presence and to bring forth a very sweet and very delicious energy, an energy that flows from my being. I know you have the capability to allow it to flow from your being as well. This sweet and delicious energy that I speak of is the vibration, the frequency and the knowingness of inner peace.

Inner peace is a vibration that emanates from the soul and the soul group, it is a very high vibrational frequency. When you experience inner peace upon the Earth, you feel relaxed, you feel content. There is an inner knowingness, even a confidence, and most of all you feel a connection with the Creator and in truth, with all beings. This connection allows you to explore all that is the Creator not only outside of yourself but inside of yourself. Inner peace allows for your divinity, your truth, the Creator aspect within you to emerge. To gently, but powerfully impact your being, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, every aspect of your reality.

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself because of a habit that you continue to partake in, even though you do not wish to? Have you ever been aware of a thought that keeps repeating against your will in your mind? Have you been aware of a feeling that causes such fear or pain like a wound within your being, or maybe there is something in your reality that is simply not serving you? Even though you have tried numerous ways to release these energies, these habits, these repetitive vibrations they are still present. Maybe it feels that there is an aspect of yourself that is battling against these habits, thoughts, feelings, or experiences and whatever you do, nothing seems to change. If there is this kind of circumstance in your reality or within your being, I welcome and invite you to consider inner peace.

When you access inner peace within your being it filters into everything and rather than trying to release certain energies, change certain habits or let go of the certain thoughts. When you become centred in inner peace it is almost like inner peace takes over doing everything for you. It cleans up, lets go of the habits, of wounds, of thoughts, repetitive thoughts, and experiences. It allows a healing to take place bringing forth the divinity of your truth. You become balanced, centred, grounded, connected thus habits, repetitive thoughts, and negatively impacting experiences cannot exist in the space of inner peace because the inner peace is so strong and powerful. Rather than trying to solve problems within your being, in your reality, instead take your focus to cultivating inner peace within your being, radiating it out into all areas of your reality. In doing so you will notice that everything takes care of itself.

On the inner planes before your birth, you partook in something called the Inner Peace Agreement., Every soul partakes in the Inner Peace Agreement before their birth, it is an agreement with the Creator to cultivate inner peace while you are in existence upon the Earth. This agreement takes place with the knowledge of the power of inner peace, and the impact that inner peace can create and make upon your reality and the entire world. The Inner Peace Agreement means that you will cultivate inner peace for yourself and for others. It is an agreement because it means that if ever you have a problem, inner peace is your solution. If you simply recognise that inner peace is your solution bringing your focus back to the inner peace within your being the Universe of the Creator, your guides and everyone who has joined the Inner Peace Agreement, sends you inner peace. Therefore, you receive a wave of inner peace that supports you. This allows you to really feel at one with the Creator, with your entire being, with the Universe of the Creator, it really allows you to create a foundation and to be supported. Therefore, you have the support of every being, and you are supporting every being in their inner peace.

When you realise that inner peace is needed, bring your focus to inner peace within your being, acknowledge the Inner Peace Agreement. There is an abundance of inner peace flowing to you which you can receive, embody, access, and awaken within your being.

There is one more thing I wish to speak with you about. When you realise the realities of other people, maybe a friend or a loved one, or a stranger, recognising that they are having a hard time, or that they have a problem. I wish to encourage you to recognise that there is a need for them to access and focus upon their inner peace. In fact, recognise that the inner peace will create the healing that is needed because when you access inner peace, you allow for the flow of the Creator, and Divine Enlightenment to come forth. Therefore, you become inspired, confusion dissolves, you are more able to follow your intuition. Rather than judging another person or even trying to work out how you can help them, I would first invite you to enter into a space of inner peace and to radiate this inner peace to them. If you can ask them to focus upon their inner peace as much as possible breathing it in and out through their being. If this is not possible and they are not open to it or maybe they are across the world or a stranger, then you can ask their soul, their guides, their soul group to support them in acknowledging the inner peace within their being in order to resolve the issue. This will be sufficient.

We begin to recognise the power of the Inner Peace Agreement because every soul has agreed to acknowledging inner peace and radiating inner peace. It means that they cannot help but focus upon it, especially if guided, and that also it has a powerful impact upon their being and the same for you as well.

I invite you to focus upon inner peace within your being, I invite you to do so for others, and I invite you to reconnect with the Inner Peace Agreement that you made on the inner planes before your birth.

I will return to you next week and I will speak more about inner peace.

I thank you.

I am Master Djwhal Khul



 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedans. We come as a collective energy of the truth of the Creator to deliver to you inspiration and enlightenment. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations existing within the Universe of the Creator. However, we simply recognise ourselves as divinely connected with the Creator and an expression of the Creator. It is through our expressive nature of the Creator that we allow ourselves to adopt the wisdom, the knowledge, the truth of the Creator, bringing it into the awareness and the remembrance of all beings. We simply act as a reflection of the truth that is already present within your being and we wish to be a reminder of your truth.

Today, we come forth to speak of creation, your ability to manifest anything that you wish in your reality whether you are existing on the inner planes, on a star or planet or upon the Earth. Your ability to manifest is in some ways beyond your physical body, meaning that you can manifest on the inner planes also. As a being of light existing in a physical reality, your physical body and your auric field play a key role in the manifestation process. As do your chakras, especially your Earth Star Chakra, which allows for the grounding of your manifestations and bringing light into physical manifestation.

We do not wish to speak of the process of manifestation. It is an ability that you have, it is a talent, it is a natural aspect of your being and your essence. In many ways, you do not need to learn, or relearn how to manifest, how to create what you want for yourself, your body and for others. If this is the case, what do we wish to speak of with you today?

We wish for you to imagine and that your ability to manifest is a talent that you already embody. 

Imagine yourself as an athlete, maybe you are particularly good at running but you have never been trained, and you have not entered any competitions. Maybe you are an artist; you are exceptionally good at drawing or painting and yet you do not do it very often. You do not go to classes and maybe you do not share your work with other people. Imagine that you had this underlying talent, and you knew about it, for all of us, the talent is the ability to manifest. Imagine that you are that athlete, and someone comes along and invites you to run in a competition. You have the ability to run and to win and it is the same if you are an artist, maybe someone invited you to enter a competition of painting or drawing and you do have the ability to win.

What is the difference between you remaining as a private runner or a private artist and you entering into the competition and winning?

We are not going to say that you need training, guidance, or practice. With your manifestation, you already have the training, and you already have the practice because you are always manifesting in every moment of your reality. You have had plenty of practice and you have had your training, you already know how to manifest, even if you do not understand with your mind.

What is needed for you as an athlete, an artist or a being of manifestation and creation to win the competition or to manifest your dreams? Just think for a moment. The energy that is needed is belief in yourself, trust in yourself, confidence and in a knowingness that you can do. If you doubt that you are an athlete, an artist or that you are a being of creation you will not even be able to enter into the competition to discover what you can do. You will not even be able to reach out to see what you have the potential of manifesting.  Doubt and judgment, lack of faith, lack of belief, lack of trust, these all end up being barriers of separation between the talent that is already within your being.

We the Andromedans, recognise that often many Light beings get hung up upon how to create, even what to create, when to create it, and how much energy and focus is enough. In truth, you already have the inner knowingness with an intuition that can guide you in the exact steps that are needed. Often you take the exact steps without even knowing. The barrier, the blockage, the separation is often doubt, judgment and lack of faith, trust, confidence, belief in self, and even a lack of love for oneself. Realising that you are deserving and worthy of winning the competition or manifesting your dreams can transform your actions and experiences. If you imagine these energies as blockages, as barriers, they come between you as a talented being and the outcome that you wish for. How can you dissolve these barriers?

The answer is amazingly simple. You can ask for healing, we the Andromedans, are open, ready, and available to share healing with you, to support the release of everything that is blocking your manifestation. You can also contemplate that even when others believe in you, loving and trusting you, if you do not love, trust, and believe in yourself, the power and energy they give you has extraordinarily little impact. This means that you are the only one to empower your creations to empower your ability to manifest. Every time you have a judgment, a lack or disbelief, rewrite it within your mind.

Say to yourself, what do I want instead? Maybe you say to yourself, I am really rubbish at manifesting, the things I want never seem to manifest. Change it, I believe in myself, I love myself, I am deserving of manifesting everything that I need. When you rewrite it, it is important that you feel it in your body, that you feel it in your auric field, your energy, your being and then you empower it. Meaning you radiate it, you let it flow from your being like a charge of light and truth. The more you can practice this daily, the more you will change and transform your reality thus the barrier will dissolve, and you will find that you are simply manifesting everything that you need without even thinking about it.

Our message to you today is remarkably simple, and yet it is an especially important key. It allows you to manifest what you wish in your reality, and this is something that we wish to support you in achieving.

We love you deeply and we thank you,

We are the Andromedans




AUGUST 1, 2021

Dear readers, know that our messages flow to you on streams of light and love with the intention of assisting you to reach the levels of spiritual awareness you seek and are spiritually prepared for.

We on this side see you as strong and courageous having chosen to incarnate in order to participate in earth's ascension process. Holding fast to your highest awareness of truth at all times will help you avoid getting pulled inadvertently into the whirlpools of chaos and fear being presented to you on all levels and from all directions at this time.

You may have found that shopping trips or excursions that include crowds leave you feeling drained. This is because you have become increasingly more sensitive to energy and so if or when you forget to keep yourself centered, your personal energy simply falls into alignment with the people and places around you some of which may not be of a high resonating nature.

All that is false, dense, old, and still hidden must rise to the surface in order to be seen and recognized by the majority rather than only by those who have awakened and easily comprehend the error of many commonly accepted practices. You have attained a level of spiritual awareness that allows you to stand back and objectively observe because you no longer align with the beliefs and concepts that formed most of the world's laws, societal rules, traditions, etc.

Present times on earth represent the process involved in the world's spiritual awakening which to human eyes may seem like regression. As individuals clear old dense energies of the past, so also must Earth clear herself of heavy energies that have been stored in and on her for eons and is doing it through the fires, floods, and natural disasters you are witnessing at this time.

Thousands of years of personal and collective activity based in three dimensional thinking with the motive getting, taking, and possessing regardless of the cost to others or earth herself has created and left pockets of dense energy the world over. Crimes against indigenous peoples, wars between and within all countries, violent actions between ordinary people based in concepts of separation the world over have left in their wake energies that must be cleared.

Humans through the ignorance of a false belief system have come to erroneously believe that they are the pinnacle of intelligence with power to use and abuse anything or anyone that does not fit with their narrow concepts of correct, useful, or financially advantageous. They have forgotten that earth herself and all life upon her are living expressions of God to be recognized, loved, and supported as facets of the ONE. The third dimension is the lowest rung of a very high ladder.

The collective must and are waking up as they witness increasingly more "natural disasters" take place. Many deeply suffer from these events but before there can be more light and awareness in the world, earth must first become free of the heavy and dense energy that remains stored on her in various places. These clearings are a necessary part of earth's spiritual evolution.

Long ago souls became stuck in the lower energies and became dense/material creating the world that humans have come to believe is the real and only world. The belief in two powers and separation is the only thing that separates people from reality. Let your work be to recognize false beliefs when they pop up in your thoughts and actions, not by resisting or fighting them but by lovingly and gently recognizing them for what they are and then exchanging them with truth.

A huge and difficult step for seekers of truth is in understanding that the material world consists of low resonating, false interpretations of reality-- spiritual creation. In the beginning it is very hard for the human mind accept this and those hearing about it for the first time usually resist, ridicule, and dismiss the idea until at some later date, lifetime, or period of strife it begins to make sense allowing them to open to more.

You who know the deeper truths will find yourselves increasingly helping others to understand what is taking place at this time both personally and globally Do not go looking for people to advise, teach, or save but simply allow your energy to draw to you those in alignment with it seeking to know more.

Enlightened individuals are no longer Light-workers in the sense that Light-workers have always been thought of in the past but have graduated into Light-holders. You will and many of you are already finding yourselves in situations where without planning or personal effort you are helping a newly awakening individual (often a person you least expect) to understand what they are feeling, experiencing, and why.

Your inner work is to know, practice, trust, and allow each new truth revealed to become your state of consciousness. You now know that you are the fullness of God in expression and therefore no longer need to continue seeking outwardly for health, abundance, harmony, peace, intelligence etc. You are not a piece of God, you are the wholeness of God.

Because all embody the fullness of God, no person can have less than another. Your honesty does not mean that someone else must therefore be dishonest and your abundance does not mean less for others. There is nothing else--every quality of Divine Consciousness/God/Source or fiddlesticks for it matters not a whit what you call IT, IT is already, always has been, and always will be the very essence of your being.

Whether or not a person chooses to believe this is their free will choice. Spiritual evolution is nothing more than every individual's journey toward attaining a consciousness of ONENESS. Many lifetimes of learning experiences and many different paths are involved but all lead to the same place for there is no other place.

This is why every spiritual pilgrim eventually reaches a place at which they must cease believing in the need to seek, search, perform ceremonies, beg and plead some far off God, or do anything even meditate, in order to become what they already are. These tools are important steps along most spiritual paths but once you resonate with ONEness, you have graduated beyond the need for anything that is meant to draw God to you.

When you attain the conscious realization that you are harmony, completeness, and wholeness--not one with it, but actually ARE it, it can begin to manifest in your life as things falling into place without effort, the right person at the right time, etc. A consciousness of Divine intelligence, will manifest as increasingly deeper understandings and knowledge. A consciousness of all life being the ONE LIFE expresses as health.

Mind interprets individual consciousness outwardly on levels the person can comprehend which makes mind the substance of the outer. Truth must shift from being intellectual knowledge to being an actual state of consciousness before mind can draw it out into recognizable form. Consciousness is the substance of all that exists.

Ask yourself; "What am it believing that is making me feel this way? What do I hold as real in my thinking most of the time?" Be alert to and honest about your thoughts because the mind is always busy doing what it was meant to do, being an avenue of awareness--but of what??

All serious spiritual seekers must take truth seriously--NOW. As God Beings you are creators and can no longer see truth as simply interesting conversation for discussion or dismissal based in three dimensional concepts.

What are you choosing to create for yourself and for the world? It is extremely easy to become hypnotized by media, friends and family, groups, organized religion, etc. They all want you to believe as they do because they believe that they have the truth. Most believe that it is for your own good that you believe as they do but this is where you must stand firm in your knowing.

This does not mean being rude or angry at someone trying to convert you to their beliefs, but rather that you honor them because they may well be fulfilling an important facet of their own spiritual contract. However, it does mean that you can politely say "Thank you for your opinion, but I am choosing to do this." Or actually say nothing as you stay centered in your highest awareness.

As you learn to trust in your oneness with Source, you will find it becoming much easier to simply allow world events to spin while you remain centered and calm within the eye of the storm.

Your calmness will be noticed by those with eyes to see and ears to hear and some will seek to join you. By making no outer effort to save the world, you are in reality actually doing this very thing by BEing the Light--Reality. One with God is a majority.

Do not give up dear ones. the energy is very intense right now. You may have days when you feel exhausted, nauseous, and in pain for no particular reason. It is the intensity of the high frequency energy you are integrating that in turn is forcing old energies to release and clear causing intense but temporary symptoms in the physical body. The human mind does not fully understand what is happening and often interprets this process as a problem.

Do what you need to do. Rest as you feel you must even if there are days when you need to sleep and do nothing. Allow painful emotions that may arise to flow through and out without resistance or giving them power. Love and take care of your physical body rather than being angry at it for seeming to fail you.

You have all been practicing loving others in your realization of Oneness, but often exclude yourselves. It is difficult to ignore three dimensional concepts about what constitutes worthiness, beauty, and lovableness because they have become subliminal, flowing from many directions. Be alert to never accepting or allowing them to influence loving and honoring yourself as SELF.

Spiritual evolution does not allow you to turn back into being the person you were in a previous state of consciousness when the going gets tough. Once the door of consciousness opens and higher truths begin to enter they automatically dissolve the previous lower resonating energies.

We thank you for your work toward bringing earth into a new light, a new consciousness, and a new and higher dimension.

We see you, we love you, we are with you, because we are you, dear brave souls.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/1/21

Due to family commitments the next Arcturian Group Message will be August 22d rather than in two weeks.


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