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OCTOBER 28, 2013
We of the Arcturian Group wish to welcome all to this message. We come to teach and inform, never to preach or push you into understanding something you cannot accept as of yet. The main focus of these messages is to help you understand that you are in charge of one else, and to help you remember and claim the power you have always held as spiritual beings, but have forgotten.
All are in and of the Divine, and therefore all that you have been seeking, is already within you. This is a difficult concept to understand if heard with third dimensional ears. It is not that you have a little box in your heart holding all sorts of material treasures, but that within you is a spark of the Divine. That spark, being in and of Source, automatically embodies everything also within Divine Consciousness...every Divine Idea and every facet of truth--your very life, intelligence, wholeness etc., all held infinitely in place by Divine Law. Evolution is simply the process of awakening to truth, and because everyone's past life experiences are different, everyone's evolutionary journey will be different. Everyone unfolds progressively as they are ready, always under the guidance of the Higher Self.
Over time man forgot who he was and came to believe that he was separate from Source and all other living things which resulted in lives of struggle and suffering in order to survive. Duality and separation became the consciousness of the world, always perfectly manifesting itself as the pairs of opposites..sometimes good and sometimes bad--two ends of the same stick. Good appearances are no more spiritual than bad appearances, understand and ponder this truth.
Always there were the few who remembered who they were and tried to tell the world, but for this they were crucified, burned and tortured because others had discovered that by maintaining ignorance within the masses, they could draw to themselves great power and wealth--which is still happening today. Open your eyes dear ones and start to see through much that is being fed to you as fact... begin to question. Listen to your intuition and not the voices screaming at you from your televisions, radios, and pulpits.
Try not to preach new understandings to the world, for you may lose them in your attempt to verbalize to those not ready or able to hear. Simply hold each new awareness within, protecting it as a mother holds her unborn infant until it is strong and ready to be born. Practice by translating all you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell into its spiritual reality. (Example: The common desire for a "right" companion is actually the material sense of a yearning to experience completeness and wholeness--translate and realize; "I am always divinely and perfectly companioned and can never be separated from my perfect companion--Divine Consciousness". This realization (not simply intellectual knowledge) may then manifest in the outer scene as the perfect companion if that experience would represent completeness for you.)
The practice of knowing the truth as you go about your day will change the world because each new awareness adds truth and eliminates error from impersonal universal world consciousness. Others can then begin to access the increasingly enlightened world consciousness, which helps them to open and begin their own journey.
This is what it means to be a light worker. Many still hold concepts of what a lightworker is, believing it refers only those who heal, preach, or do fabulous psychic readings. No, lightworkers are all who bring Light to the world in through their evolved state of consciousness. This is reflected in the Light of your energy field--you. Many will feel this and are drawn to your energy (or are sometimes repelled) for all innately yearn for that which you hold even though they do not know exactly what it is that you have. Most interpret this attraction in very three dimensional ways (your clothes, your hair, your job, your money, your fame etc.). Remember, always hold yourselves in compassion, never entering into the energy of sympathy, for in sympathy you align with another's energy field and may find yourself drawn in and depleted.
Every soul on earth is attracted to high resonating energy because everyone is a spiritual being...all resonate with it, even though they may be many lifetimes away from understanding or even being interested in this. A very un-evolved soul may experience this desire for peace and wholeness as the need to commit murder which in their thinking would resolve a discord and bring them the peace they long for. They do not understand these longings to be a spiritual in nature, and so interpret them according to their state of consciousness.
Many are still confused by issues of right or wrong. Intention defines the energy of every action according to the level of attained state of awareness. This is how you forgive yourself for past realizing that you were doing what you deemed best according to your state of consciousness at that time. You would not take the same action today.
Proselytizing and attempting to force a certain belief system ("my" way is the only "right" way") onto others is an activity of ego. Even when you can clearly observe where someone is missing the mark, it must be understood that the experience is their lesson and their path, which may be totally different than yours. This does not mean you cannot throw out a helpful "seed" of advice, but then let it go. No one can be forced into a state of consciousness they have not yet attained, and all have Guides, a Higher Self, and a contract they are following. Prisons are still necessary for those harmful to themselves and others, but should be places of healing and growth, not simply places of punishment.
Every soul lives out from a deep desire for completeness because although he has consciously forgotten, he innately knows it is who he is. That is why the search for happiness and peace manifests in infinite form and variety...whatever makes sense to an individual's state of consciousness. Understanding this will help you to forgive the world nonsense you see and hear about, even within yourself. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with where they are at.
Send Light to those who do not yet know why they do what they do, and know that regardless of appearances, this is a spiritual world of ONE governed and maintained forever by Divine Law.
We are the Arcturian Group 10/28/13

A Message for Starseeds ~ Video light language by Judy Satori

Dear, beautiful Starseeds!
In this video (go to 55:22), Judy Satori gives a message in light language that will activate soul knowing or soul ability. It’s a message to all starseeds to remember. Remember who you are : )

I don’t know if it resonates, but I remember when I did it, and I did notice differences and things and memories coming to me afterwards. It was incredible. I loved it!
If you want to hear different light languages, go to: 57:35. You will hear her speak light language from Lyra, Andromeda, Orion, Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleiades. Perhaps a certain one – or several – resonates with you?

I love you, Starseeds! You are so awesome. It can be difficult to be a starseed sometimes, because we are different and don’t really have place in society. We can’t seem to find our place, because there isn’t such a place yet, but that is what we are here to create. Don’t feel that you have to be too respectful, and you’d rather go home than try to fit in here. One; we are not meant to fit in, Two; the humans have asked and prayed for this. For someone to “save” them, for someone to come. And we did. We answered that call. Remember who you are, beloved ones. There is no shame in being powerful. You know you are different, but it’s awesome!! You don’t have to hide yourself. Whether the humans like it or not, we are here. Of course they will resist change, isn’t that like a big part of human nature? But we won’t go anywhere, until this mission is “done”. As more people awaken, they will come to you because you know. They will know, consciously or unconsciously, that you can help them. Be ready : D
LOVE ♥♥♥

Saturday, October 26, 2013


By Sandra Walter 

I AM the Divine Light consciousness of HU, the Photonic Reflection, and the metaphor of Creator-In-Carnate dreamed awake.
And so are you.
The Silence
In the beginning there was silence. The stillness of pre-creation. Prior to the first great exhale, the moment when Source projected part of its consciousness in order to create separation, and before the Mother-Father God system birthed the Christ, there was silence. Contemplation of creation.
This passage in our Ascension process reflects the stillness; the direct connection back to Source. It makes us very aware of our words and creations during the merge of Higher and Lower Self. This is why you don’t hear very much from those on the Ascension path right now. Communication is difficult, strange; we can summon words to interact with others when needed, then our Higher Levels pull us back into silence.

Communication shifts to harmonize with 5D structures. You will recognize it, and probably be aware of it as you mimic old communication styles until the new presents. We’re out of ourselves at the moment – stepping out of the old self (the walk-out sensation) – in order to create deep change, a permanent merge with our Higher Self.
There is an awareness of how powerful our creator skills are about to get, and this brings a caution toward miscreation. The Higher Self is rewriting our reality in alignment with the True Self and Divine Will. It makes us aware of how much distortion has been created by our Lower Self. It puts us on hold, so we only desire to create as our True Self.
Fragments of the lower level constructs – ego, mind, emotion – are surrendered. Last bits of wavering, doubt, fears are lifted up for a last free-will review. It is your Lower Self choice to surrender the miscreations and all of the beliefs that came with them. In the stillness, those constructs do not exist. Note the awareness that this has already occurred if you chose that timeline. The delay is perception; honor the stillness.
The Stream
Our lifestream is the stream of consciousness from the top down – from the highest expression we are to the lowest, and every multidimensional aspect therein.
As we experience astral collapse – a.k.a. the thinning of the magnestosphere, the veil, the 4D realm – the buffers we used to create separation dissolve. Our lifestream becomes clearer, purer, more direct. Energetically it can feel quite strong; surges of powerful frequency come through your fields and body vehicle. Know that it is YOU. You are feeling your own true presence.
Astral collapse affects everything in our reality; our meteor shield is down (magnetosphere repels space objects), the Sun can send new intel, codes, rays, communication straight into us (lock your heart center on to that stream if you want the BIG experience), time becomes more fluid and malleable, distortion and miscreations are brought to light. Note that there is no judgment on what occurred. Nothing requires payback or punishment of any kind. Apply this to your lifestream so you can unify with the higher levels.
Our lifestream is becoming somewhat intense as our consciousness expands to take in all that it has created. Let it be, don’t identify (cling to) these aspects of Self as they present. Ego wanted to name these, claim these mulitidimensional aspects because they appeared to be bigger, stronger, more interesting than our lower Self. We have been abandoning that since early this year. It is clear that what we are becoming, what we are accomplishing on this planet, in this realm, in these physical bodies is just as – if not more – amazing.
Light language and tones may interrupt your thoughts – or dominate them – as the merge deepens. This is a liaison skill. It is not intended to be all light language or all grounded language. It is Unity; the liaison of Triality. When it is in the highest interests, either will be utilized. Engage discernment with your communication – note when the subconscious desires to be heard, and when your higher wisdom desires silence and integration.
The Fractal
The veil is now self-imposed as our consciousness catches up to perceiving what occurred almost a year ago. Distortion/illusion cannot be maintained as you level up. The fractal geometry that you are is returned to a sacred state, bit by bit, as you surrender the lower level constructs. If you begin to see your light signature building around you, this is why.
As the fractals of your expression are puritized, divinitzed for the merge, the body consciousness needs you to act in its highest interests. This passage is tough on the body. Holding higher light frequencies rewrites the cellular structure, which affects all of the physical: the organs, nervous system, bone structure, muscles, tendons, skin, cardiovascular systems, blood and DNA. Cells are activated to return to a divine state; if they are floating in the flotsam of an old creation, they will not be able to create your true self.
You may become sensitive to witnessing other’s egos, emotions or mind-level behaviors. We see the division occurring, then witness it without judgment, then transcend it as we Unify with our Christed state. It’s an awareness game until you are done playing. In this world but not of it: Our focus expands to much more powerful and compassionate endeavors.
Everything is complimenting this Shift. External energetics – the photonic bombardment of your beingness (X-flares, Solar Wind, Plasma) – can only push the envelope so far. The merge is a Co-Creation with your Higher Levels, so preparation and participation are essential.
Notice the distractions and release them. Notice your choices and shift as needed.
Process and release the deeper issues as they surface. The subconscious is unmasked as the magnetic buffer dissipates.

All of your experiences are fine, but don’t get stuck if you desire to move forward. Remember who you are and what you are doing here.

Take a look at your Ascension progress: forget about who is seeing/doing what, dismiss the mind-level game of activity, egoic win-or-lose, and emotional constructs of lack and need. Truth check: The glass is always full – our cups runneth over when we lift the veil.
You and your Higher Self need privacy to create a new expression. You and Source need intimate space to reconnect. Silence is indeed GOLDEN right now. The finish of 2013 is key to our ascension process and progress. Minimize distraction and surrender to the Silence, the Stream, the Fractal of Source-as-Self.


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, ©2013


You, who are here to work for the light, are now at the point where your service is being requested like never before.

You will see many things arise and change that will  show your still sleeping brothers and sisters that this reality is not continuous or firm and not forever. 
This will challenge them to change their point of view that still rests on the illusionary surface of themselves and their world, and  to seek the strength and eternity they project onto the outer world within themselves.

For many this will be a new experience as they never had the opportunity to know who they really are, and they will be very confused. Who can help and support them and show them the way are you, who have dedicated your life to the  Truth of your Godhood, the Divinity of your True Humanness.

It is important – and nothing is more in these coming days – that you stand in your heart, the domain of feeling and compassion. That you are rested steadily in yourself, in spite of the many changes and challenges you all will face.

It is only love and compassion that counts in these days, and the wisdom and light that is the basis for finding creative solutions for a new life to emerge.

Only from the Zero-Point the New can materialize, it cannot be created from what already is, especially if it is not based on Divine Principles.
The Zero-Point must  first be known in Oneself,  to accept the outer changes.

The Zero-Point is the Heart that is not holding on to the old ways, that is radiantly empty and thereby full to allow the ways of love and freedom, abundance, trust and truth for a New and Divine creation.

It is your heart that awakens the heart of those who never lived from there. The mere living from the brain will end and what emerges is a humanity One at heart. And it is the heart that reigns the brain.

Dear Ones, if you haven’t done it yet, it is now inevitable that you journey back into your heart to remain there as the essence and center of your being. It is only the fullness of Divine Emotion that has the power to embrace the world and change it from the core, to inspire the  confused to return to Oneness.

This Heart-Power cannot be “created”, it must be allowed to emerge from the Depth of your Divine Being that always has been there. It is your participation in this Divine Force that requires the surrender of your separate self.

It does not know techniques, because it is greater than all of them, it does not even know  “structure”, it is beyond and prior to the human hologram. It just Is. It embraces all beings and things because it Is the Oneness of All.

Dear Ones, this cannot be merely a thought. It must be experienced, it must be lived. It must become Reality, your very own Reality, your firm anchor to be of service in the times to come.

What is merely brain-based cannot hold against the storm. But what is heart-based is standing firmly and is also grounded in your Mother Earth, One with Her. Gaia’s  spiritually expanded state of consciousness and your unity with Her is protecting and enveloping those who understand the Oneness with their planet as the source of their life.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I am here with you at these times of increasing challenge. My love is equally embracing all of you.  There is One Force of Love that unites us all. This Force is now the savior of your world as you allow It to save you and to live it with all humanity.

My Blessings are with you!
I am Mary Magdalene

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Celia Fenn: The 3 November Solar Eclipse Restructuring into Light… and Africa Rises!

We are right now in the transtion from a Lunar Eclipse (18th October) to a Solar Eclipse (3rd November). Coming on the heels of the powerful energy wave of July/August, this has created some very intense Energy “weather”. The Lunar Eclipse in October was in Aries, and was impacted by Uranus in Aries, meaning that much unpredictable energy was let loose into the Grids. As you may know, eclipses are always a time when the Earth Grids are recalibrated with new incoming Light Codes, and while this may be turbulent at the time, the outcome is always positive.
So it is with these two eclipses, one Lunar and one Solar. The Lunar Eclipse allows for shifting deep inner consciousness, and a Lunar Eclipse in Aries with connections to Uranus will certainly shake loose many of our old ideas about Leadership and the “Warrior” Energy and make way for something new. It is therefore no surprise that at this time the US Congress decided to “shut down” creating questions about government and the economy globally. The stage is setting for something new to emerge into the Deep Consciousness of the Collective.

The effect of Mercury Retrograde at this time is also to slow us down and give us a space to integrate these energies and allow the New to emerge as we move towards the second Eclipse on 3rd November. This is a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.
The Solar Eclipses allow for the recalibration of the Grids with Light Codes that bring in new ideas and information about the outer world and how we perceive this world. So, a Lunar and a Solar Eclipse work together to clear away old ideas, bring in new ideas and activate them in the Grids, or in the Collective Consciousness of the Planet. In this case the Lunar Eclipse in Aries ( a solar/fire sign) and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ( a water sign) makes for a creative tension and synergy that is moving energy on a very deep level both within individuals and within the Collective.
The focus of this piece is then to look at how this upcoming Eclipse will affect us individually, and also on the Collective Level.
So, firstly some information on the nature of the Eclipse itself. The Eclipse is in Scorpio, the house that deals with very deep inner issues, intuition and also, with business and finance issues in the public realm (according to traditional astrology). So, again, no surprises in that finances are a key global issue right now, and also may be for many of you reading this piece. So, at the time of the November 3rd Eclipse, the New Moon will be at 16 Scorpio, Mercury will be at 7 Scorpio, Saturn will be at 13 Scorpio and Venus will be at 28 Sagittarius. Now that last little piece of information is important, because Venus will be sitting in alignment with the Galactic Center in relation to the Eclipse energies. The Key Energies are the New Moon, bringing the seeds of the New, Mercury focussing on ideas and mental energy, and Saturn activating the forces of Restructuring. Also, just as a bonus we have the Moon’s north node at 7 Scorpio as well, adding a dollop of deep “Karmic” release to the mixture.
So, by now you can see that there is some very deep energy brewing around money, leadership, change, very deep feelings within individuals and the Collective. But, the effect of Venus aligning the Galactic Center is to introduce Light Codes from the Galactic Council via Venus, which will impact on the Venusian energies of Beauty, Harmony and, yes, Money!
So, looking at this powerful mix it seems most likely that the “reboot” or “recalibration” that is taking place involves the Economy and Finance, and how we as individuals relate to Abundance and how we source that abundance in our Society.
On the individual level, this means that we will be taking a deep look at our “old” beliefs about money and finance, and allowing ourselves to think differently. As we accept new “Light Codes” from the Galactic Center we will be guided to a more compassionate understanding of Abundance and how it can be created in our lives as individuals. In this process, we are sweeping away old ideas and allowing for the New. We may have to give up ingrained ideas that we grew up with about “hard work” and “rewards” as we realize that these no longer hold true. In the 21st century those who work hardest are often those that have the least in life. So, it is time to reconsider the way in which we manifest abundance as individuals, but also how we share that abundance as a society, for the two are connected.
In the Fifth Dimension we are all connected in the Circle of LIfe, and so the Economy and Financial issues affect all of us to some degree. Even if we are “comfortable” we do not stand outside of the interconnected Family of Life on Planet Earth. It is an issue that affects all of us. So, we can expect that we will be facing deep issues relating to our own finances and to how we relate to the greater Global Community. Change is inevitable, as Archangel Michael says.
The Path of the Eclipse…Africa Rises
The nature of this Eclipse is what is called a “hybrid”. It is partially a Total Eclipse and partially Annular, which is a kind of partial eclipse. The Total Eclipse follows a path across Central Africa, from the Rain Forests of Gabon through the Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, into Uganda, Kenya and then into the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia and Somalia. The Partial Eclipse covers most of Africa. This is an African Eclipse and it is awakening Africa!
First of all, the area of Total Eclipse is primarily deep African Rain Forest, some of the most pristine environment on the Planet. It is a time when the “Forest Codes” for the New Earth will be powerfully activated in Africa. But, on another level, these Light Codes will release Africa from the deep darkness that was thrust on her in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and allow her to rise again into Light.
Africa is probably the most “ignored” continent on the Planet. Not much is known about the history of one of the largest continents on the Planet, other then it is said to be the origin point of Human Life. It was the original “Mu”….the first continent that expanded to become first Lemuria and then Atlantis. It holds the powerful original Codes of Creation, which were held by the Keepers of Creation, the “Elohim Guardians” of Africa. These Creation Codes are ready to be released back into the Grids at the time of this Eclipse. This Release will allow the Earth Keepers and Creators who work with the Elohim to once again access the Holographic Library at the Center of the Planet.
But, to go backwards in time, in the late 19th Century in the time of the expansion of the Anglo/European/American Empire, there was what is known as a “Scramble for Africa” in which the European Colonizers “grabbed” as much of the continent as they could. South Africa, after being explored by the Portuguese, was passed from Holland to Great Britain and became a British Colony, as did Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Portuguese settled for Mozambique and Angola. The Germans took Namibia. The Belgians took the Congo, while the British also took Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. While all this was going on, the “Elohim Keepers” together with the African Grid Guardians closed down the Grids and locked the access to the original Creation Codes. And so,from being the original Place of Light and the “Mother”, Africa became the “Heart of Darkness” and has continued to be ever since.
Now is the time when the “Heart” of Africa will be activated and the Light will return.
When I was younger and was involved in anti-apartheid politics, we had a saying : “Africa Mayibuye!”. It means “Africa…May it Come!”. It was a way of saying that Africa would rise back into Light. I think that this is the moment when Africa will begin to Rise into Light!
The Solar Eclipse codes will dissolve the dark shadows projected on Africa and she will begin to awaken to who she truly is as a Continent. The new Light Codes will bring new ideas about the Rain Forests, about the original Garden of the Planet, about the Mother and about nurturing Society and sharing abundance.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Natalie Glasson – Lady Vessa Andromeda – Guardians Of Light Information – 21 October 2013

natalie glasson
It is with great pleasure that I bring forth my light to commune with your own, allowing a deep resonance and familiarityto form. I come forth not only as a guide and a beloved friend but as the chohan and overseer of the tenth ray of light ata planetary level.
There is so much beauty within the Creator’s universe and it is delightful to see that you are each realising and connecting into the beauty of the Creator remembering who you are, your spiritual or energetic origins and the divinepresence of the Creator within you. Remembrance is a key shift and experience in this stage of ascension and it will bring forth great enlightenment, security and awakening. At this time you are remembering aspects of who you are, you are remembering that you are light and love, you are a soul, an aspect of the Creator, that the world is filled with creation and you can create with the vibration of the Creator.

There are so many abilities and skills emerging from your soul, numerous memories of experiences beyond your current reality. The process of remembrance that you are moving through is building a powerful core of light and strength within your being while expanding your mind beyond the perspective of the third dimensional levels. Balancing, centring, awakening and illumination is occurring within your being, this has a purpose of allowing you to remember your truth, your existence and origins beyond the physical reality and body that you occupy. Your origins do not consist of where you come from spiritually but more so what your original or truest energy vibration is. When you remove all that is physical what remains?
The purpose of self-discovery that you are experiencing and fuelling upon the Earth has a greater significance because the process is opening and preparing you for receiving the divine knowledge, divine plan and divine wisdom of the Creator and the universe. There are many upon the Earth who have already accessed aspects of light information and wisdom from the universe and sometimes through artificial means, they wish to conceal the information from the rest of humanity. The light information has the purpose of offering freedom, expansion and power to those who receive and understand its wisdom.  You are preparing your entire being, creating yourself once more into a pure vessel of light not only so that you can understand yourself fully and use the tools and powers within your being to exist in harmony and love with all aspects of the Creator but you are also preparing yourself for downloading and accessing light information from the universe of the Creator. With the preparations of self-remembrance and embodiment the light information can set you free and has the purpose of awakening your mind beyond the third dimensional levels into the universe that is the Creator, understanding all that is beyond the Earth.  This information already exists within you and many of you are accessing the light information in parts already but when you truly allow yourself to connect within, you can access the light information of the universe as it is simultaneously activated within you and downloaded into your being for complete remembrance.
As I have said there are some who can access this information artificially without the spiritual preparations of self-discovery through the means of technology and external tool, these beings do not wish for humanity to access their original remembrance and the light information as the entire limitations, restrictions and fabric of the third dimension and even the Earth would fall away as you are suspended in light and truth. The Earth was created for this purpose to occur, as you return to oneness with the Creator and all limitations fall away but there are those who do not truly understand the divine plan of the Creator and simply wish to retain power and control over humanity. Fear and the experience of being powerless can feed a multitude of energies but within the essence of the Creator there is only love and power.  The limitations of the Earth and the third dimension are falling away for many of you each day and this builds a strength within you that encourages and allows you to be a pure vessel for the sacred light information of the Creator. In many ways you are preparing yourself to hold this light information and to create with sacred humble loving strength from the wisdom shared. Accepting the light information of the Creator is an aspect of your accession but it isn’t something that can be forced or even desired as this will push it further from your awareness. With a pure heart and a clear devoted mind the light information of the entire universe of the Creator will automatically begin to activate and download within your being. Therefore your remembrance of who you are will truly return to you and the physicality of the Earth will no longer have a hold upon your being. You will be able to create not only for the Earth but for the universe of the Creator, such as healing for all, enhanced divine connections with the Creator and so much more. I hope that you can perceive how your reality would alter and how your attachments to the Earth would dissolve. Withmore and more people accepting the light information of the Creator, the presence of the Creator would return in abundant presence.
I wished to share this understanding with you so that you may realise free from ego and with a humble loving heart that you are a guardian and an instigator of the powerful shifts of ascension that are waiting to proceed into the reality and dimension of the Earth. You are also a guardian of the light information of the Creator and the universe. It is important for you to continue to discover yourself, to realise the light you hold and that you are an aspect of the Creator because you are preparing yourself to be a guardian of the light information of the Creator, safeguarding and enacting it upon the Earth and within the universe of the Creator.
Know that there is a greater purpose even beyond the ascension pathway that is unfolding before you. With this knowingness you are already overpowering the control that some may have over humanity, you are also preparing humanity and your soul for a period of soul empowerment and powerful actions which will be instigated by the deep centred core of light within you and the light information shared with you from the source of the Creator.
Allow yourself to perceive yourself as a light beacon of pure and humble love, the more that you strengthen and expand your light the more light information from the Creator flows into your entire being allowing you to protect and share appropriately. This is a simple meditation that can assist the process of remembrance of your self, soul, role and purpose. It also returns to you your power and your ability to transform and create as the Creator upon the Earth.
I have come forth to you with this message because I also wish to remind you to release all fears and expectations of that which is beyond the Earth or you may perceive to be within the Creator’s universe, this will allow you to be more fully open to receive the channels of light from the Creator’s universe. Fear only weakens your vibration while a humble loving and trusting heart fuels your inner power and light strength. It is important to realise that the process I speak of can also be described as an aspect of soul integration. I am the chohan of the tenth ray of light which is known for soul integration, this is why I bring forth this essential message as I wish to assist you in accessing your light power and the light information of the Creator through deep soul integration processes. This pearlescent light more so aids soul embodiment rather than simply integration, allowing for the soul to pour into all aspects of your being, creating a deep and beautiful alchemy of light within your being to strengthen, empower and awaken the divine within. You may wish to visit the tenth ray ashram at a planetary level during your sleep state or during meditation so that I and the light of the tenth ray may be of service to you.
‘Lady Vessa Andromeda, I call upon your assistance and support, please transport me and connect my energies with the tenth ray of light of the planetary level of a pearlescent colour. Take me into your sacred soul integration and embodiment chambers so that I may connect, experience and bathe in my soul light more fully. Assist me in acknowledging the presence and embodiment of my soul while also enhancing the light strength within my being.
Prepare me to be a guardian of the light information of the universe and the Creator understanding when divinely appropriate the divine plan and divine wisdom. Let me be a beacon of light assisting the ascension process of the Earth and the Creator’s universe. Thank you.’
Simply allow the pearlescent light of the Creator from the tenth ray to wash over and through your being as I, Lady Vessa Andromeda, assist and support deep transition and shifts within you.
Remember that you are and humbly hold the power of the Creator within your being.
With love and divine power,
Lady Vessa Andromeda

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Full Moon October 18 – 19 : Theme – Gestation – AA Michael

Dearly beloved children of light, we come to you once again in the preparation of the full moon that is about to open its gateway into your subconsciousness .

The theme of the upcoming portal is Gestation a period of gestation has indeed began for new consciousness, and we urge all of you to partake of the upcoming energies and fill your heart with the love and light that this portal brings its way.

We the guardian angels for your souls are standing by you ready to assist you in the newly formed earth consciousness. For the consciousness that you are finding yourselves in now at this present moment in time, is indeed the consciousness that all of you have been waiting for. For it is now that you can truly open up to your own selves, it is now that you can freely walk amongst your peers proclaiming to them who you are without the fear of your shadow self. It is now in this newly formed consciousness that you are able to freely express your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and all that hidden within you.

Know that you are surrounded by love and light from the etheric realms. Know that the frequency of joy is bestowed upon you and is sent to carry you on a wave of love into the seas of self discovery, adventure and bliss. Know that you are protected. Know that you are loved. Know that you are forgiven, know that you are asked for forgiveness. Know that the doors of abundance and love and light are finally opened to all, and the energies of the new universal truth, are readily accessible by each soul that dwells therein.

You need simply to go within, into the sacred space within your heart and open up the vault of the treasures that are waiting for you within, as from your heart you shall then connect to the divinity of your soul, from your heart you are to connect to the AKASHA, to the eternal library of life, to all that is, and from there you shall glean all the information that you seek. Go within dearly beloveds, go within and flourish into the without, flourish and spread your love and light to all who seek it. Spread your knowledge, spread your truth. For you know all there is to know.

Call upon us whenever you need us. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

AA Michael – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Friday, October 18, 2013

THE ARCTURIANS - Perception/Creation Part 2 - Surrender to the IS


Perception/Creation Part 2

Surrender to the IS

We, the Arcturians, return to remind you that:

Surrender to the IS
It IS HERE and NOW that you shall consciously connect with your SELF.
Your Multidimensional SELF IS.
Your Multidimensional SELF exists HERE in the NOW.

You have been trained from your many incarnations in a third dimensional reality that you must wait. You had to wait because there was time, and it was not the “Right Time” for you to receive what you wanted NOW!

Therefore, you learned to wait. If you were very patient, as patience was a commendable virtue, you would get what you wanted. However, what was in your heart and mind while you waited?

Was your heart and mind filled with the belief that that which you wanted was already yours? Or did the waiting make you believe that that you were not good enough, yet, to get what you wanted?

No one told you that the time you waited was best spent raising your consciousness to live in the NOW. Then, in the NOW, you could create that which you desired. No one told you that once you lived in the NOW there is no time.
            There is no waiting.
There is only manifestation.

Within the NOW, you are infinitely ONE with all you believe you desire. Hence, once you seek that which you desire, it is instantly within you.

The process of wanting is a passive process. On the other hand, the process of manifesting is an active process of total vigilance over your EVERY thought and emotion. Manifestation does not take any training. You manifest what you want every day, in fact, every minute. If you were to be totally aware of your thoughts and emotions, you would realize how they become manifest in your life.

How often have you feared that something would go wrong and it did? How often have you feared that you would NOT get what you wanted, and you did NOT get it?

Now we ask you, how often have you held your desired manifestation in your heart and mind and fed it every day, every minute, with your own unconditional love? And did you manifest that which you unconditionally loved?

Of course there are parts of life that blindside you, such as a good thing coming out of the blue or a bad thing coming from nowhere. These manifestations are created on an unconscious or super conscious level of your being and are often contracts that you made before you entered your current earth vessel.

Some of these contracts may seem very harsh to your present reality. Thus, you must remember that just as you forget how wonderful the higher worlds are, the YOU in those higher worlds forgets how difficult life is in the physical world. Fortunately, once you are in connection with your higher SELF, you gain a higher perspective through which you can understand why those things occurred in your life.

 From this higher perspective you can easily perceive how your thoughts and emotions constantly create patterns of energy within your aura that waft out into your daily life. We ask that you take a moment to check out the patterns of energy within your aura right NOW…

In fact, take a moment to close your eyes and think about something that you really WANT…
Do you see how the concept of wanting creates energy patterns that collide and disappear? You see, wanting and manifesting are not the same energy. Wanting is NOT having and manifesting is having NOW.

Now, think of a time that you manifested a desire…
Do you see how the energy patterns flow cohesively in a united manner? When you believe that you can manifest your desires, you focus on the joy and fulfillment of being the creator of your own life.

On the other hand, when you are wanting, you feel much like a victim to your own self. Why do you dare want that thing? Who do you think you are that you can have that thing? Maybe if you get a lot better and spend more time working hard you will get that thing. These are not bad thoughts, but they are third dimensional thoughts.

It is true that within your third dimensional thinking you will likely have to dare to desire. It is true that in your physical world you may think that you are not good enoughand have to take time to get better. These are not incorrect thoughts, but they are third dimensional thoughts.

Since “as you think, you live,” when you think in a third dimensional manner your consciousness resonates to the third dimension, you perceive only the third dimension, and you are bound by the illusions of the third-dimensional matrix. Beloved ones wearing an earth vessel, we want to remind you again that YOU are NOT third dimensional.

YOU logged into the 3D Matrix and swiftly forgot your true SELF. Then once you began to dare to remember that you are more (that would be conceited in 3D thinking), your 3D thoughts consistently over-rode your higher dimensional thinking and distanced you from your SELF.

We ask you to:
·      Think about something that you want.
·      How does that wanting FEEL in your body?
·      How does that wanting FEEL in your consciousness?
·      How does the wanting AFFECT your state of consciousness?

Now we ask you to BELIEVE that you have fulfilled your desire:
·          THINK about having that which you just wanted.
·      If it is an object, such as a car or house, how do you FEEL riding in your car or walking        through your house?
·     If it is a job, promotion, project or change in profession, how do you FEEL about this expression of yourself?
·          If it is a relationship, how do you FEEL when you are bonded with this person?
·           How does this manifestation FEEL in your physical body?
·      When you place your desire in your mental, emotional and physical NOW, how does it AFFECT your state of consciousness?

There is an ongoing relationship between your state of consciousness and your BELIEF in your own power of manifestation. Therefore, if you are having difficulty raising your consciousness, then focus on BELIEVING that you are the creator of your life.  Conversely, if you are having difficulty BELIEVING that you are the creator of your life, focus on raising your state of consciousness.

In other words, do not fight with yourself. Instead, just move into a different area of your mind to look at the same thing from a different angle. Also, if you are exhausted, hungry, angry, tired or stressed in any manner, focus on clearing your stress. If you were preparing to run a race, you would stretch your body. Hence, when you are preparing to manifest your expectation, stretch your mind.

Your mind is, in fact, the body of your consciousness. And your consciousness resonates to myriad frequencies of reality in which you can, and do, manifest your reality through the Mastery of your MIND. Remember that your mind is not your brain or even just your thoughts. Your MIND is your creative force that includes your thoughts, your emotions and your state of consciousness.

In fact, your MIND is actually your Heart/Mind. Your Heart/Mind is expressed through your Crown and Brow Chakras in cooperation with your Heart and High Heart Chakras. Your Heart/Mind thinks and feels your highest creativity, which is expressed through the higher dimensional communication of your Throat Chakra.

Your Throat Chakra is not limited to just your speech and hearing. In fact, your higher dimensional communications are expressed and shared with others through your creative force of speaking, singing, playing an instrument, writing, dancing, athletics, gardening, etc., etc.

With your Heart/Mind and Throat joined in this manner you open a Portal of Manifestation. You will ground this Portal into the body of Gaia and then through your physical body via your Solar Plexus, Navel and Root Chakras.

Your chakras also transmute your thoughts and emotions into energy fields, which flow into your aura, out into your reality and into Gaia’s biosphere. You can lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to your chakras. Often when you are having difficulty with a chakra it is because you are trying to avoid a truth in your life. Then, the chakras that rule this area of your body become confused, as chakras cannot lie.

You can lie to yourself because you have been fed with lies throughout your entire third dimensional incarnation. However, you cannot lie to your chakras or your body any more than you can lie to your beloved dog or cat. The act of lying does not exist in energy fields or in the animal kingdom (your earth vessel is an animal).

Consequently, if you want to know the truth, look into your body, or your aura. For many of you, your physical brain has been trained to forget how to consciously interface with your body in the way that other animals do. Your brain has been trained to forget how to read energy fields via your aura. Most unfortunately, your brain has not been trained in how to expand your consciousness. However, it is quite simple to re-ignite this memory.

As a young child, you still remembered how to read energy and how to talk with the family pet. It was your 3D education that made you forget. Now that the higher light is expanding your consciousness more and more each day, you are remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality. You are also remembering that your only enemy isthe lies you tell yourself.

YES, your world is dangerous. YES there are many still lost in darkness. However, that is the reality that they are creating for them. Do not engage or intermingle with that reality. Instead, send these lost ones your unconditional love and forgiveness. In that manner, your resonance will remain far beyond the reach of those who still cherish “power over others.”

Emotions are contagious. In fact, emotions/feelings are the language of the higher worlds. In the higher worlds emotions and feelings are the same. However, emotions in the third dimension can be polarized into good or bad, whereas feelings are often perceived as energy fields.

In the higher frequency realities, both emotions and feelings are perceived as energy fields of pure potential awaiting manifestation combining with your thoughts and expectations.

We Arcturians and your higher expressions of SELF are always HERE in the infinite NOW.

Just give us a call us with your Heart/Mind and we will answer.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD