Thursday, May 11, 2017

Energy Update ~ Schumann Resonance is Hitting a New High!

FCGCT Commentary: Hydration is very important! We recommend Alkaline Water. See the link below for more information
By Jenny Schiltz, 05/09/2017

The energy is really pounding right now and the Schumann Resonance is hitting a new high… a whopping 120!

For those whose bodies thrive on these higher frequencies – it becomes a time of action. A time of creation. Ideas come flooding in. If this is you, be sure to write down what you receive and make a plan to do. For others this new high can be quite brutal. Insomnia, exhaustion, headaches, feeling foggy & spacey. Some feel deep joint aches as well.
I compare it to altitude sickness, the body hasn’t quite adjusted to your new location so it gets dizzy, confused, tired, irritable and sore. Headaches can be massive. It becomes dehydrated and loses essential minerals as it struggles to acclimate. The only cure is time, water, and replenishing essential minerals (salt (sea or Himalayan), magnesium, potassium even vitamin C & D).

The biggest issue many have with these intense frequency upgrades is the inability to stay grounded.  If you are not fully in your body, you could roll in mud and still not be grounded. Take a moment and plant yourself firmly in your body.  Close your eyes and say “I ground myself fully into my body now, from my head to my toes.” then bring your consciousness down to the tip of your big toe, feel it.  From this space you can then ground into the earth if that works best for you. I am finding I center much better by dropping into my heart space and feeling it swell with love and gratitude.

These energy spikes can also cause intense emotions to rise. Though uncomfortable, it’s a really good thing – we have to see what is not compatible in the higher frequencies. Once you see it, then it’s time to get to work healing, forgiving and reconciling whatever it is. Owning whatever it is within us, (the good, bad and the ugly) and loving ourselves in spite of it brings deeper levels of healing and letting go. Our deep, dark hidden parts will get louder and louder until we bring them to the light of love. Love is the only way to transform anything as it is who we are at our core… all else is simply part of the human experience. It is now time to go beyond and return to our natural state of being.

Hang in there, be gentle with yourself and others. We are all feeling this rise in resonance and not all handle it well. Understanding and compassion for self and others will go a long way.  Sending you all love. <3

One of the sites that sourced the brief 120 spike:  – When I saw the report I checked in with my inner guidance and heard very clearly that the earth is beginning to wake from her long sleep and indeed there was a spike and more will come. 

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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2017 Predictions

Selacia Article & Info on May 13 Wesak 
Wesak May 13 Meditation with the Masters 

New Energy Threshold 
Another Quickening of Change
by Selacia
A new energy threshold is here this week, the May 10 Full Moon amplifying intensity as we head into the actual doorway of openings during Wesak this weekend.

We have moved through a number of these energy thresholds over the past year, each one building upon the last and creating a critical mass of awakening. Continue reading to discover what this means for you and humanity as a collective.

What do energy thresholds feel like? The answer to that depends on the person, but for those of you who are sensitive it can feel like a big push to change something significant in your life. You may not know what that is, but you feel a sort of urgency to do something different.

What happens with humanity as a collective? In general think of these energy thresholds as electrifying catalysts for societal change. Issues that need resolving will get the spotlight in an amplified way. Example: debates people have 1-on-1 about the state of the world may morph into a more public voicing. It's like the heat gets turned up on controversial issues and people usually silent in public become vocal.

What does the quickening of change look like? In the outer world, all kinds of hidden information can surface and things previously known to only a few can become public in sometimes shocking ways. For you personally, these cycles can bring to your awareness solutions you had not considered or fully applied. You could have sudden flashes of insight into your self-created obstacles and an understanding of key action steps to take for a more fulfilling life. You could find yourself drawn to do something or meet someone - without fully knowing why - and when you act on this impulse you discover some kind of miracle blessing. 

How does Wesak factor in? Energy thresholds involve choices that need to be made. Some of the bigger choices we make in fact happen in advance of a pivotal lifetime like this one. These include decisions to travel a path of spiritual awakening to achieve enlightenment. Wesak is a celebration of enlightenment, connecting with beings like Buddha and Christ who helped show the way. Based on the fact that you are here now and reading these words, you already chose to follow a spiritual path. For you, then, energy thresholds are like a nudge from the universe to deepen your commitment to your path, and to discover expanded ways to fulfill your higher purpose.

How can you prepare for the threshold? The first element is foresight, knowing that an energy threshold is about to occur. The threshold is not just one day, although there are peak moments as we have happening this weekend during Wesak. Being mindful at these times is helpful. When you have a context for events unfolding, it becomes easier to discern happenstance and to take timely advantage of seemingly random insights. The second element involves managing your energy. When we have these energy cycles, things can feel and be intense. Allow for that and increase your spiritual practice. The third element is action. Put yourself in situations that are supportive of your spiritual growth. Be with others who share your desire for spiritual awakening. Give yourself daily moments for inner reflection and stillness. These preparations can help you connect with your inner qualities of joy and peacefulness.  

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