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NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Greetings dear readers. Emotions of both sadness and celebration presently reflect world energy do to people's inability to return to what is familiar. Know that there is a purpose to all that is presently going on. Circumstances are forcing many to reassess how they have been living their lives, what they believe is true or important, and if there may be a "better" way. Much that up to now has been simply accepted, is beginning to be more closely examined from a higher perspective.

Life as you have known it cannot return to exactly as it previously was simply because the energy maintaining and sustaining many of its three dimensional creations are dissolving by virtue of the increasing presence of high resonating energy--as collective consciousness evolves, so do its material expressions. Always remember-consciousness is the substance of form.

World consciousness has reached a place of readiness for earth's next step in the Divine Plan of all eventually awakening to their Oneness with Source. It is a step but not yet the fullness. Some will experience it more than others and it will take a few more lifetimes for some.

Allow the process dear ones, allow the process. The process may not be or even resemble what you had had in mind, but trust that personally and globally a new phase of the Divine plan is unfolding, one unaffected by three dimensional thinking, plotting, planning, or scheming.

Keep your consciousness filled with the knowledge that every individual regardless of how ignorant of truth he/she may be, is in reality (not ego based humanhood) an expression of God for nothing else exists from which they could be made. As increasingly truth becomes the substance of your thoughts and actions it becomes your state of consciousness where without thought you are adding increasingly more Light energy to collective consciousness where it will at some point begin to manifest in the world as higher and better ways of living. This is how things will change. It has begun.

Many of you are about to celebrate the holiday called Thanksgiving, a day set aside for expressing gratitude for the things in your life that you are thankful for. Gratitude is much more than a polite response to something received. Gratitude is a facet of Love and as such is in and of the Divine. Love and gratitude are two ends of the same stick.

At some point in every person's spiritual journey they must cease looking to a person, business, job, family, group, or friend etc., for gratitude even if deserved, because only God has gratitude to give. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion for examining your beliefs about gratitude. "Have I been looking and expecting gratitude from outside of myself, from my job, my family, a friend, or even the random stranger I may have helped?".

Know that no person in and of themselves has love or gratitude to give and so seeking it from a person, even one you would expect it from, can only result in disappointment and a sense of separation from your true self. Only God has love and gratitude to give, and therefore these things must be sought where they exist, from within, from the fullness of your own Divinity.

When you look for love and gratitude within where the fullness of all that is real exists, it will flow in ways and from those you may have never expected it because you have opened the door to your sacred storehouse. Love and gratitude frequently does not come from those you would naturally expect, hope, or want it from, but if you seek it where it exists, it will manifest.

The error of the human condition is and always has been in looking to persons or conditions for what only God has to give. Gratitude, just as with all God qualities, flows through individuals, but never from them. Example: If you limit your finances to being personal, they will be limited and reflect duality, but once you attain a consciousness of abundance as being ever present, infinite, and never personal because it is a facet of the unlimited Divine Consciousness that you are, it can flow in ways you may least expect.

You are spiritually ready to understand and accept that no person in and of themselves has love, gratitude, peace, joy, happiness, understanding, abundance, appreciation, etc to give you. These are God qualities and to seek them outside of where they exist simply perpetuates the illusory human condition.

Express gratitude often, allowing it to flow freely in every moment. Don't apologize for donating only one penny if that penny represents your highest and best. Simply let it flow out in the realization that that penny is not coming from a limited amount that can be depleted, but rather is an expression of an unlimited Source within you. As you pay bills, shop, or donate remember that it is flowing through you from an infinite well that never runs dry and not from a personal limited source regardless of how it may seem.

Let Thanksgiving during these times of stress, confusion, and change be a time for rejoicing in the fact that you have attained a state of consciousness able to recognize the underlying reality of all things in the material world. "My car may be a junker but in reality is a three dimensional expression of Omnipresence." "That person is acting like a real jerk, but I know his essence is Divine." The spiritually evolved know that that every person, condition, thing, or life form is a spiritual reality being interpreted materially according to the consciousness of the individual and/or collective.

This is absolute truth but a person is only able to experience it as they attain the consciousness of it. Attaining a consciousness of the absolute is what constitutes the spiritual evolutionary journey of every individual whether or not they know or accept it. None will or ever can be dropped from or quit the Divine plan for like it or not, God is the essence of every individual.

Gratitude for something received is the common belief about gratitude, but you reading these messages are ready to bring gratitude to a higher level through understanding that love and gratitude are God qualities and no man or woman in and of themselves has them to give. This realization will remove you from the painful experiences of expecting and not receiving love or gratitude from another.

Our wish for all who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday is that they begin to experience the true love and gratitude they carry within. For those who do not celebrate this holiday, the message is the same.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/22/20


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Solar Rays of the Beginning by Helios and Vesta

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

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Greetings, we are Helios and Vesta. We are one soul and yet we express ourselves as a masculine energy and a feminine energy. We are the overseers of the Solar Level of the Creator’s Universe; we work very closely with the Earth and the Planetary Level. It is our purpose to bring forth the wholeness and completeness of the Creator to support the emerging, blending and unification of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, to create a balanced, to create a grounding of the Creator's light.
Many souls come to us to understand the unification process, especially understanding unification with the Creator. They are therefore more easily able to move forth in their ascension process understanding their purpose, their embodiment of the Creator and how to express the Creator’s vibrations and wisdom through their being. We are present to be of service to you, we bring our light to you and invite you to absorb our light. The solar Level is of a copper golden colour, imagine, sense, or acknowledge you are breathing in the copper golden colour of the Creator's light. You may imagine us like a sun beaming down upon you warming, comforting, and supportive.
We wish to share with you that the Solar Rays of Light are anchoring into the Earth and in your being now. Some of these are flowing through the sun, others are simply flowing into your being through the energy planes. The energy we are expressing from the Solar Level as Solar Rays is known as the beginning energy, or the birth energy.  The energy we are sharing now was transmitted during the birth of Mother Earth and the beginning of the Earth's ascension process. These energies are immensely ancient, pure, sacred, activating and awakening for you, and for all upon the Earth, Mother Earth as well. For Mother Earth, it will bring back remembrance and maybe for you as well, bringing forth new energies, new understandings, wisdom, and knowledge. The beginning energy from the Solar Rays and Solar Level has been programmed to support new beginnings. The energy being delivered supports new beginnings within your ascension, your physical reality, your perspectives, and your emotions within all aspects of your being.  This is appropriate as it is also the purpose of the New Earth Ascension Blueprint to create a new canvas, a clean canvas where expansive possibilities and opportunities are available to experience. The Solar Rays not only promote the activation of a beginning, they support a new beginning in your reality or being, whatever is appropriate to aid and advance your ascension process. The Solar Rays of the beginning also bringing forth remembrance and the returning of skills, abilities and understanding connected to the beginning of the Earth and the beginning of the Earth's ascension. It is like a merging, a synthesis of two beginnings, thus there are ancient sacred energies being brought forth into new transitions, new awakenings, new activations and transformations within your being and your reality.
Absorbing the Solar Rays of Beginning
We do not know the new beginnings that will be created because the new beginnings will be personal to each soul. We do invite you to absorb the Solar Rays of Beginning that are flowing from the Solar Level and from us, Helios and Vesta, the Solar Logos, to your being.
During meditation you can ask to receive the Solar Rays of Beginning. Imagine a sun either beaming down upon you, a copper golden sun flowing over and through you. You may even imagine you exist within the centre of this copper golden sun, breathing in its light, receiving its activations.
The new beginning brings hope, excitement, a feeling of freedom or liberation, a feeling that anything and everything is possible.
Recognise these energies within your being as they build, as you breathe in, receiving and absorbing the Solar Rays.
Send the Solar Rays into Mother Earth and invite all upon the Earth to receive the Solar Rays of Beginning.
As you work with these Solar Rays be open to insights, ideas of where a new beginning may take place, like a birth of new energies through your being, new creations, new circumstances, and new understandings. Contemplate the Solar Rays allowing the inspiration to come to you.
You may wish to call upon us, Helios and Vesta, to be present with you, to work with you bringing illumination and enlightenment into your awareness.
You may not gain any understanding, please know that the activation and the new beginning will have taken place. The insights and understandings may dawn as you experience new beginnings in your reality or within your being.
Please use this affirmation if you wish to.
‘I opened myself fully to receive new beginnings.’
We are present to serve you,
We thank you,
Helios and Vesta, Solar Logos 

Sunday, November 22, 2020


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November 7, 2020

Consciousness of Humanity and the Planet
   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! In this lecture, we are going to cover four subjects, including higher consciousness, consciousness of the planet, the belief systems and humanity’s relationship to the Unconscious. I realize this is a big agenda, but we need to accelerate our teachings and work as intensely as possible to expand the consciousness of humanity. Indeed, when I am talking about expanding the consciousness, I really mean bringing higher consciousness.

   Humanity has evolved to the place of consciousness, and we can describe consciousness as self-awareness. This is a trait that is expressed in the mystical expression “I am that I am,” and it is also in the Kabbalah, one of the names of the divine, which is expressed in the Hebrew as “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.” In this Hebrew expression, it turns out that the correct literal translation is in the future tense, which means “I will be that I will be.” You in the West have translated it through the various languages from Greek to Latin to German to English into “I am that I am,” but both, “I am that I am” and “I will be that I will be,” imply a consciousness, and in fact, a higher consciousness.

   “I will be that I will be” is even an expanded level, because it implies that one has the ability to direct one’s evolution, and that is exactly what humanity needs to do now is to direct the evolution of the species to a higher level. This can only occur when there is a consciousness or an awareness that one can do that. It sounds needlessly repetitious when you say this, but believe me, it is a higher state of being when a species can say that I am that I am. It means that I am aware of what I am; I am aware of who I am, and when one goes a step further, I will be that I will be, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. Then this goes into the next level, a higher level of directed evolution. That is why Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is considered a sacred name of God in the Kabbalah. Mankind, throughout the ages, has understood that the Adam species is made in the image of the divine and shares that one quality that is truly divine, I will be what I will be. Humanity is now at that stage of development in the midst of this planetary crisis, when that next evolutionary step is greatly needed. 

   I want to look at some of the bio-neurological components of consciousness, and that will help us in our quest for how to expand your consciousness, and also to answer the question about how to expand other people’s consciousness. Biologically and neurologically, we have taught from the shamanistic perspective the existence of the Assemblage Point. The Assemblage Point is, in various different shamanistic traditions, located behind the head. Some recognize it existing at the brain stem, while others have recognized it as the upper shoulder/neck level. Basically, the Assemblage Point is a valve that is, biologically, in the human nervous system. I call this a perceptual valve. When that valve is open, from the shamanistic perspective, then one has a deeper perception, a deeper ability to perceive this reality and other realities. Many times, in the shamanistic tradition, the other realities are in the lower astral plane or are in the animal world. For example, you get reports of people experiencing power animals or being able to deal with lower spirits and removing of lower spirits. Such experiences can be activated by the Assemblage Point, which is an actual biological and neurological place in the nervous system of your species. 

   In modern neurobiology, they talk about the Reticular Activating System which, from our perspective and our study of the human species, we equate that system with the Assemblage Point. It is still necessary to identify the location of the Reticular Activating System which has been identified as being related to the lower brain stem. From a neurobiological standpoint, you cannot describe it in simple terms, but from a simplistic view, I can say that the Reticular Activating System operates like an open valve and a closed valve. I can say that this perceptual valve then is open from an evolutionary standpoint to a certain position that allows humanity to see and operate in the Third Dimension.

   I have compared this to the blinders that are on a horse in a horse race. The idea is that the owner wants the horse to run without distraction. Therefore, if the horse is not distracted, then it can run at the highest speed possible. But if it turns to the left or turns to the right, that could slow the horse down a second, and that second could be crucial in the speed and winning the race. So think about the fact that in this position of the horse race, the horse’s perceptual field is limited. It is only open in a forward direction, and it has lost the ability to look to the left or the right. This limited perceptual field is most efficient, and it is all that really matters for improving the horse’s chance of winning the race. 

   I want you to think of the openness of your perceptional field in terms of the Reticular Activating System. Humans have just recently come out of the “evolutionary jungle” or “evolutionary forest”, and you are only several thousand years away or only ten thousand years away from a primitive state. It is only recently you became city dwellers, and it is only recently that you have left the hunter-gatherer system and gone into the agricultural and city system. That means that you, too, have had a certain narrowing of perception in order to survive. This narrowing of the perception has the function of biological survival, because if you are in a certain jungle or forest, you need to shut out the spiritual. You want to shut out extradimensional perception. You want to shut out the ability to relate to the Unconscious. You want to shut out the ability to connect with spirit guides. The reason you would want to shut it out is because it would be a distraction in your survival ability. The Reticular Activating System has been calibrated over the history of the Homo sapiens and Neanderthal species to have a narrowing of its Reticular Activating System so the species would have the highest possibility of survival. 

   But let us fast forward to the year 2020, and you are in a much different situation. You are on the cusp of a planetary crisis, and you are on the cusp of an evolutionary shift which includes the ability to have expanded consciousness. That means biologically and neurobiologically, your Reticular Activating System has to open, but because there has been consistent bracing or blocking of this system over the centuries, over thousands of years, there is a resistance to opening. There is a biological resistance. There is a biological reason why it is harder to open that part of your brain to expand your consciousness to fifth-dimensional consciousness. Some of you have asked why is there so much resistance to higher consciousness, why is there so much resistance to the evolutionary change that seem so obvious to each of you. Part of the answer is that the biological restraints for survival, that have been in place for centuries or even longer, are still operational. That explains part of the resistance of the majority of the population. 90 percent or more of the population’s perceptual field is restrained. 

   Over the past decades, there have been some interesting possibilities of opening that valve. Over the centuries there have been shamanistic ceremonies that were used to open up one’s perceptual field. Some of these shamanistic ceremonies used different drugs, such as Ayahuasca and the mescaline mushroom. These drugs, used carefully in certain ceremonial ways, can effectively open the Reticular Activating System. But unfortunately, there are dangers also associated with drug-induced expanded consciousness. When using drugs, there is always the possibility of breaking the valve, or not being able to close the valve properly again, or keeping the valve open too long. The more traditional, mystical methods of opening that valve of perception include meditation, going to sacred sites and group consciousness exercises. We, the Arcturians, have introduced different, spiritual technologies to expand your consciousness. In particular, we believe that aura exercises, such as shimmering and the Cosmic Egg and bilocation to sacred places in the Fifth Dimension, offer the same possibility of expansion of your Reticular Activating System. There is no danger in using these exercises. 

   I introduce again these terminologies and this neurobiological description so that you now have an awareness of what you are doing and how you are affecting yourself neurobiologically. I believe that the consciousness that I am talking about, that is expanded consciousness, can go in to the neurocellular level. This ability to affect your neurobiological system has been described in some of the great work that has recently been done in epigenetics, which is the ability through thought and consciousness to control your genetic structure. For example, it is believed that certain genes turn on at a certain point in your life, and create diseases in your body such as cancer. It was believed that if you had a gene for a certain disease, then your body was programmed for that disease genetically, and there was nothing to do about it. But now through expanded consciousness work, it is understood that your consciousness is a factor in whether or not you get diseases. Your genetic predisposition or the genetic code can be influenced by your environment and your thoughts. Epigenetics is saying that you can control your genetic opening and closing of the codes through consciousness and the environment. 

   When we are referring to the Ascension, we also talk about the opening of the Reticular Activating System. This is an important step in the ascension process. The Reticular Activating System part of the brain contains a coded section that is linked to ascension, transmutation and the raising and transmutation of your Self into the Fifth Dimension. But this area of your brain must be opened up with the code. The opening of the Codes of Ascension is the highest form of epigenetics for you. Through the meditation and through the control of your consciousness and I Am Self, you can open the valve for ascension. 

   The Codes for Ascension are linked to an ancient Hebrew mantra, or prayer, that was sung in the holy temples (and I am referring to the holy temple from King Solomon’s time from around 950 B.C. to 588 B.C., and also the second holy temple from 556 B.C. to approximately 70 A.D.). There were specific times of the day, and even specific times of the year, when phrases were chanted like a mantra (mantra means the repetition of sacred sounds, usually from a yogi or guru given to students in order to open up their consciousness). In the Hindu tradition, the mantra was a secret and special code or sound given to the student, but here, we have a general code that is available to everyone for the Ascension. This mantra sound affects and opens the valve of perception. The mantra is the “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth.” I encourage you to use it as a mantra for opening up to expanded consciousness, and to open the ascension valve epigenetically in your Reticular Activating System. I will sing it once or twice just to help you activate your consciousness. (Chants “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth.”) 

   Let us now move to the second part of this discussion, which is Planetary Consciousness. It is believed among the First Nation Peoples that the Earth is a living spirit, but this idea is not accepted in the Western world. In fact, it is looked at with great suspicion and even intense criticism. How is it that a planet could have consciousness?  From the Native People’s traditions, they even go one step further and seek to interact with the living spirit of the planet. 

   The planet has consciousness and humanity has consciousness, and humanity’s consciousness can communicate with the Planetary Consciousness. From the Arcturian perspective, humanity can aid the planet in realizing its consciousness. In other words, humanity is needed by the Earth in order for Earth as a planet to gain consciousness. That refers to the perspective that humanity is the crown jewel of the Earth’s evolutionary cycle over its four and a half billion years of existence. This is quite a paradox because humanity in its greatest form may be the crowning jewel, but it is also the source of the destruction of this beautiful complex biosphere that has taken at least several billion years to evolve to this fantastic state. Few planets in this galaxy have the biodiversity that exists on the Earth. 

   It is true that there are 5,000 planets that have higher life forms in the galaxy. This is out of 200 to 400 billion stars. There could be trillions of planets in this galaxy. Yet from all of that, we only found 5,000 planets with advanced life, and of those 5,000, there are only a few that have the biodiversity of the Earth. There are some galactic animal species that have been transported to the Earth from other extrasolar biodiverse systems. Two of these galactic animals are the whales and the dolphins. These are both ancient animals that have deep galactic wisdom and knowledge, and this is one of the reasons why many of you are attracted to the whales and dolphins. They certainly are beautiful and sensitive animals, and they do carry ancient energies and knowledge from other planetary systems. We were watching with great pleasure when one of the earlier Star Trek movies was involved with the rescue of a whale from the past into the future in order to save the planet. This was an advanced Starseed idea that the writer developed in his story. We, too, acknowledge the specific uniqueness and sacredness of these two beautiful animals, the whale and the dolphin. 

   The whales and the dolphins have the ability to directly communicate with the Spirit of the Earth, and the whales and the dolphins are assisting the Earth in her quest for becoming conscious of herself. This is why, from the Earth’s perspective, the whales are so important. I am happy that there are certain areas, especially in New Zealand, where these animals are protected. Their protected waters provide the whales and dolphins needed protection. There is a deep bond between the Spirit of the Earth and these whales and dolphins that is absolutely necessary for the continuation of the consciousness of the Earth. 

   The whales and dolphins cannot bring the Earth into the higher level of consciousness that humanity can. Humanity has served the Earth tremendously in the past decades, especially when, through satellite imagery and through the Moon landings, the pictures of the Earth have come into the consciousness of humanity. Believe me, those pictures also have been downloaded into the Spirit of the Earth. So the humanity, through their discovery of the galaxy, has offered tremendous information and helps the Earth to expand her consciousness. 

   The question becomes: “How is the Earth a living being, a living spirit?” In terms of our studies and the study of Biorelativity, we make several observations: 1) the Earth is a self-regulating system and seeks a balance called “homeostasis”, and 2) that the Earth has a feedback loop system, which means that when one area of the complex planetary system is out of balance, then the feedback loop system has the ability to rebalance the planet. These are key components in a living system. There are other factors that are included in designating the planet as a living spirit. Earth has the ability to evolve and to go to higher levels and change. This is truly amazing. 

   The evolution of humanity is linked to the evolution of the Reticular Activating System and Assemblage Point. Humanity needs to evolve with the Earth, not against the Earth. Because the modern technology, including such things as fracking, burning of the forests, dumping of pollutants in the ocean, including radioactive waste, all are working against the Earth, not with the Earth. In what way would a nuclear bomb help the Spirit of the Earth? In what way would the dumping of radiation from Fukushima help the energy flows and the feedback loop systems and the oceans? It would not! Interacting with the Earth would tell us how harmful this is to the Spirit of the Earth.

   Humanity can interact with the consciousness of the Earth. This has been demonstrated over and over again by the Native Peoples through ceremonies, and through special structured exercises in the spiritual tool known as the Medicine Wheel. The Earth then, through humanity, can elevate her consciousness, and with an elevated Earth consciousness, great possibilities of planetary repair will emerge. Some of you do experience higher consciousness, also tremendous healings, and this is also possible for the Earth. Working with humanity, the Earth can gain higher consciousness and repair also. 

   Now I want to go into the third section of expanded consciousness which I call “the belief systems”. It is vitally important in your quest for consciousness and higher consciousness and expanded consciousness that you evaluate and become aware of your belief system. One of the most important factors in expanded consciousness has to do with the person’s belief system. For example, if you believe, as people believed 400 years ago, that the Earth is the center of the universe, and the stars and the Sun travel around the Earth, then all of your beliefs and all of your conclusions about the nature of reality and the universe will stem from that. And of course, this was a predominant belief up until the 15th or 16th century. So Europeans at that time had a limited and incorrect view of the universe and the Earth’s place in the cosmos. Remember that Galileo tried to convince people that the Earth was not the center of the universe, and that the Earth was going around the Sun, but that was against the standard religious belief system at that time. 

   When we believe in the Fifth Dimension and higher planes, then we can interact with spirit guides. We talk about controlling your evolution as an advancement in consciousness. What you believe influences your consciousness. It sets limits on the consciousness. If you believe that you can ascend, then you have the ability to do that, and you will receive information and exercises to do that. If you believe in the existence of other dimensions, then you will be eager to explore those other dimensions. If you believe there are no such things as other dimensions, then that is what will influence your spiritual explorations. 

   There is one interesting point: if you believe that there is nothing after life, and that you just die, then what happens? Your belief system controls your access to expanded consciousness and your access to other realms. Some people have a narrow, fixed belief, such as “there is no life after death.”  What would happen to these people when they die? Interestingly, they will go into a deep sleep after their death. In some cases they may be into this sleep state for centuries. When you do not believe in life after death, then you program your spirit to go into a deep sleep, which is equivalent to dying in your mind. But you cannot die; your spirit lives on. This example shows the importance of what you believe, and how it affects you when you leave the planet and what will happen to you when you die. If you have no belief in the other dimensions, and if you do not believe in cosmic reincarnational systems, then that road will be temporarily blocked for you. 

   The Arcturians set up the Arcturian Temple for the Starseeds as a path to the Fifth Dimension. In the Arcturian Temple, we do upgraded training and extensive work with your belief system, because you have to have a calibrated expanded belief system in order to go into the higher dimensions. You may not be able to have the necessary belief systems in place; therefore, we provide an intermediary center at the Arcturian Temple. In the Arcturian Temple, you are in the Fifth Dimension. The doorway is open to this special compartment of the Fifth Dimension. We are able to evaluate and upgrade your belief systems and your spiritual development so that you can participate in the fullest way in the fifth-dimensional process. I say that we provide this training as a great service to humanity. The overseer of this entry point into the Fifth Dimension Arcturian Temple is Archangel Metatron. 

   Expanded consciousness is directly related to your relationship with your Unconscious. People who have a relationship with their Unconscious, either through dreaming, lucid dreaming, art work, poetry or any creative aspect, have a stronger likelihood of expanding their consciousness. Perhaps the greatest contribution that Freud made to the study of human psychology is the explanation of the existence of the Unconscious and the different layers of the Unconscious. It was Carl Jung who introduced the concept of the Collective Unconscious, which is that part of your deeper Unconscious that is shared by all of humanity. The Arcturians have elaborated on the concept of the Collective Unconscious and integrated that into the description of the Noosphere. The Noosphere is the collective thought field of the entire planet, which does include the Collective Unconscious of the Earth. Our estimation and evaluation are that the Noosphere contributes to and influences the evolution of humanity. That means that, in order for a certain manifestation and evolution to occur in physicality, it must first happen in the Noosphere and the Collective Unconscious. 

   The Subconscious is that part of the consciousness that is just below consciousness, but it can be remembered or retrieved under certain conditions. The Subconscious is able to directly communicate with the Unconscious and the Collective Unconscious. Those of you who have a good relationship with your Unconscious are in a better position for multidimensional work and expanded consciousness and fifth-dimensional consciousness. I know that many of you are going to high states of expanded consciousness in your dream time. Again, the question is: “Why is there so much resistance to expanded consciousness? Why is it so difficult to reach people and to work with people from their collective, unconscious state?” If you look at people who are really resistive to expanded consciousness and higher evolution, often you will find that they may not have a good relationship with their Unconscious.

   One of the ways to work with people who are resistive to the expanded consciousness, is to teach and explore with them their Unconscious. This can be done through dream interpretation work, poetry, art, music and shamanistic ceremonies. We believe that humanity is by nature multidimensional. Multidimensional means that you are living simultaneously at least two or more states of consciousness or states of being or dimensional states. One of those primary dimensional states is your dream world. For example, your ability to have a positive relationship with your dream world, interact with it, even direct it, is called “lucid dreaming”. Being able to experience lucid dreaming has a positive effect on your ability to expand your consciousness. 

   If you are in a position or mission to work with other people to help them overcome resistance to expanded consciousness, then start by teaching them how to relate to their Unconscious. When we are talking about Planetary Consciousness, then we have to relate to the Collective Unconscious. The Earth receives and holds the energy of the Collective Unconscious in its layers within the Noosphere. There is the Collective Unconscious of the Earth, and there is the Collective Unconscious of the galaxy. You, as Starseeds, are also activating your consciousness into the Galactic Consciousness. This is a major step in the evolution of humanity and the evolution of humanity’s consciousness, and that is why many of you are receiving information and images of lifetimes on other planets. You might also be receiving information about wars that occurred in other parts of the galaxy, such as the Lyrans and other nearby systems that had conflicts.

   Connecting into the Galactic Consciousness is a big step. Some of you may feel overwhelmed by this connection. There has not been very much discussion or training about tying into the Galactic Consciousness. I know that there has been training about how to get in touch with the Unconscious and working through different shamans, for example, or working with the Collective Unconscious through Jungian psychology and symbology. But there has been limited discussions and information about the Galactic Consciousness. We, the Arcturians, do want to continue to introduce ways of connecting with your Galactic Unconscious, and we will provide training for you. 

   Let us close our time together today with a brief meditation. Take three breaths and go into a state of spiritual relaxation, which is a state of deep relaxation. You are spiritually sharp, enhanced, and in this state of enhanced psychic ability. Think about the image of the Arcturian Stargate, a beautiful temple at the entrance point of the Fifth Dimension which is in alignment with the Earth, and in fact, it is in alignment with the Arcturian Etheric Crystal in Serra da Bocaina, which is in Brazil, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

   If you do have the ability, thought project yourself to Serra da Bocaina to that etheric crystal, and from that etheric crystal, thought project yourself to the doorway of the Arcturian Temple. And we are all together now at the doorway of the temple, and I, Juliano, have opened the doorway slightly, allowing some of the energy of the Fifth Dimension to come out so that you can breathe it in and let it become absorbed in your Spirit Body. Let us go into meditation now as you absorb this light. Hear the angelic Cherubim singing oh so softly, “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth.”

   Those of you who have the vision, see Archangel Metatron step out of the doorway in his full, angelic presence, greeting each of you. You are filled with the light of Archangel Metatron, and you are filled with the fifth-dimensional light from the opening at the Arcturian Stargate. And this energy and light helps you to keep open your Reticular Activating System and your Assemblage Point. (Chants “Oh, Oh, Ohhh.”)

   It has been a brief time, but an intense energy that you have absorbed. I, Juliano, close the doorway and together we begin the journey back through the Serra da Bocaina etheric crystal and come back to your physical body. For those of you who can, go through the crystal at the Serra da Bocaina, Brazil, and then return to your position six feet above your physical body, create a perfect alignment and download your Spirit Body with this higher energy back into your physical structure on Earth. You are back with this higher light, and all the knowledge that we have talked about will be integrated in a deep and thorough way in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body for higher consciousness and for your enhanced abilities to teach and activate others into expanded higher consciousness. 

I am Juliano. Good day. 
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Group of Forty GLOBAL Newsletter | Issue 289 | November 2020
Group Of Forty Newsletter headers
Homo Omega Man and the Dramatic Year 2020
By David K. Miller
We are approaching the end of 2020. This dramatic year has accelerated many changes that has brought our attention to the seriousness of our planetary crisis. The most disturbing event in 2020 has been the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected all aspects of our world. The Arcturians believe that this pandemic is a result of the 6th mass extinction. However, there are other serious global crises occurring that potentially have even greater consequences, but these other problems have not yet reached the global attention. For example, some of the other potential catastrophes that may soon occur are the dying of the oceans, further destructions of our biosphere, depletion of the earth’s oxygen levels and an intensification and acceleration of plant and animal extinctions. Only a few of the world leaders are acknowledging that we are in the middle of this dramatic planetary crisis. We, as planetary healers and Starseeds, are focusing our work on raising the consciousness of humanity as an important step towards planetary change. Raising the consciousness of humanity is represented in the new Adam, or Homo Omega. Homo Omega is the next evolutionary step upwards from Homo Sapien. Homo Omega is the model for our advancement to the next level of development which includes the ability to work with and understand 5th dimensional consciousness. Homo Omega will have the new spiritual tools and strength to heal our planet. In the year of 2021 Planetary Repair, let us use our GOF energies to promote and advance Homo Omega evolution.  
STARSEEDS Counseling
Instead of her regular column this month, we decided to feature Gudrun's lecture at the annual conference because it contains valuable information for all the Starseeds.
How Traumatic Events are Affecting Starseeds and How to Move Towards Repair
You as Starseeds are gifted with great sensitivity, great empathy, and great compassion, so during these trying times on the planet Earth, these gifts can become burdensome. Not only are you coping with your own emotional reactions to stress, and coping with your families’ reactions, but also you can experience the greater imbalance caused by the stress on the planet. How can you cope with that level of stress, and possible sense of urgency to help when you are only one person, even though you know you are on Earth to do personal healing and also, planetary healing? If you are like me, the traumas occurring on planet Earth right now can be overwhelming. We have been reassured by the Arcturians and others, that being on Earth during this time is a great blessing for the Earth, and also it is also for us, an opportunity for great soul advancement, but we are also humans, experiencing life in the Third Dimension. As humans, we are subject to the cares, concerns, worries that go with being human during this time of many crises on this planet. I remind myself every day to stay in expanded consciousness. I remind myself to remember that this drama has to play out on this planet, and I think the Arcturians mention that sometimes, because of trauma and crisis, we open our consciousness, we open to our deeper understanding, we also then, are able to heal. 

I remind myself that we, in the Group of Forty, are actively working to raise the consciousness of humanity, and we work to offset the planetary crisis as best we can, and I am so proud of our collective work and our dedication in this Group of Forty project. I remind myself that this time on Earth is an opportune time for my personal soul growth, I remind myself that I chose to be here, even though often times I say to my soul what was I thinking? I think it is easier when we are in expanded and higher consciousness to imagine coming to a third dimensional existence, and it being like a piece of cake, oh yeah, I can do that, no problem. And then, once we are here, all the challenges of our identities as human beings come into play. I remind myself to focus on the beauty I see around me, and on the many lessons in my life, which are easy to forget when every day brings a new crisis on this planet. I remind myself that detaching from world events does not mean I lose my compassion and empathy. Detaching gives me a break, so I can stay centered and grounded. I will say a little more about detaching. Detaching allows you to be aware of your own inner process without judgement, and it allows you to observe your outer environment with curiosity, objectivity, and with no need to judge. There is then, no trauma triggered in your emotional body, if you are detached and observing, you can be much clearer, and you are not involved in a deep emotional reaction. This then, reduces stress, and ultimately allows you to see more expansive options regarding how you need to respond. You get breathing room.

Vywamus, a Fifth Dimension Soul Psychologist, once encouraged us to use the phrase: “Well, isn’t that interesting?” when confronted with stressful situations. There is a concept in recovery programs which states, and I love this: “Don’t just do something, sit there.” So, when you say don’t just do something, sit there, it gives you a pause, a break, you can move into higher consciousness instead of just “knee jerk reacting.” This of course, does not mean you shouldn’t take action, but whatever action you take is not done out of fear or anger, it is not a stress response. So, this is a very stressful and traumatic time for most on planet Earth, I would say that most people are suffering chronic, persistent, post-traumatic stress disorder. The trauma is not one event, but a series of ongoing events which can erode your immune system and your emotional resiliency, you can burn out. And what is burn out? Burn out essentially means you shut down, you shut down your compassion and empathy, and you can go into a state of disassociation. You disconnect from yourself on all levels, you can’t care anymore. The danger here is moving into despair, depression and disconnecting with your higher self, you essentially give up. I think that is a defensive posture, it seems like it gives you a break, however, it does not allow you to evolve or progress in your own growth. So, this is a sad and scary state, a low frequency to be in. What you need at this point is deep rest, good self-care, including asking for help from others, you especially need an infusion of love. Love from yourself to you, love from others, love from your environment, from Mother Nature, there are so many ways to receive a lot of love into your heart. Your heart is ailing and needs some life support. 

I once gave a lecture which I called “Trauma and Ascension,” and the gist of this lecture was we, as Starseeds, are all trauma survivors. We have survived trauma in this, and in other lifetimes, and also in our soul journey in the vast universe. What I know of those that truly survive trauma, is that they are very strong. You Starseeds are some of the strongest people on Earth, or you wouldn’t be here today. When you survive trauma, there are not many things that can take you down, you essentially have “been there, done that.” Please remember this when you find yourself despairing, when you find yourself wanting to shut down and close off. Also remember that you are not alone, and that you have a host of higher dimensional teachers and masters here to assist you. You also have access to the wonderful Starseeds in the Group of Forty. It is not a weakness on your part to be overcome by world events, it does not mean you are not doing your spiritual work, or that you are a failure. Reach out for help, speak about your pain, know that for many of you, this traumatic time on Earth can trigger memories of other traumas that you have survived in your current life and your soul journey. Don’t shy away from these memories, but rather understand that the surfacing memories can give you opportunity for deeper healing. I think that is one of the interesting aspects of trauma and pain. When we suffer trauma and pain, it opens us up to issues that we may have blocked or we aren’t aware of, and then we have access to those and well, that is uncomfortable, and while that may seem burdensome and overwhelming, we do not want to open that Pandora’s Box and look at all this stuff we have been hiding from or been unconscious about. But it is still there, even though we weren’t going to look at it, this then, gives us an opportunity to heal those aspects of self. Talk with someone about your experience, get help if you need it, be kind and forgiving of yourself and others when you can, even those that you don’t like. Love yourself for the strong being that you are. As we move into the “Year of Repair,” as the Arcturians are calling it, look also to repair what is hurt inside of you, and you are worth it and you are loved.
Finally, I’d like to read to you some powerful words that I read on the internet from an indigenous person from the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation in South Dakota, whose name is Tiokasin Ghosthorse: 
This is the hardest time to live, but also the greatest honor to be alive now, and to be allowed to see this time. There is no other time like now. We should be thankful, for creation did not make weak spirits weak spirits to live during this time. The old ones say: ‘This is the time when the strongest spirits will live through, and those who are empty shells, those who have lost the connection, will not survive.’ We have become masters of survival, we will survive, it is our prophecy to do so. Humanity must shift from living on the Earth to living with her.” 
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Group of Forty Monthly Lectures
with David K. Miller
David Miller
The next lecture is on Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 5:45 - 6:45 p.m. Phoenix, Arizona time (MST). We will be meeting on international phone line, which is specific for each country. An email announcement will be sent out one week prior with the freeconferencecall phone number and access code.
Contact David Miller at for more information. The re-transmission of the lecture for Europe will be on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Phoenix, Arizona time. You can check the teleconference/lecture time against your local time by using either: or
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with Juliano,
through David K. Miller
Fred in Boston asks:
Juliano, my questions have a few queries....

  1. What happens to others around us if we ascend – like business partners, family? Will they see a physical body so they can have closure?
  2. If the physical ascends as well, what occurs in situations involving the payment of life insurance, transfer of assets, or a Will?
  3. Is our ascension the greatest gift we could give family and friends because of understanding what has happened?
A Well, ascension is the greatest gift you give to yourself. It is not necessarily a gift to the family but it is a gift to you. Now the observation is that the ascension, because of the spiritual upliftment, will create an energy field of spirituality and upliftment for the family members who are left behind and they will, so to speak, experience the tails of the higher heightened energy but I would not say it is a gift to them as much as it is a gift to yourself. Now this is just like I have been talking about, you have to be prepared for using the spirituality and the higher dimensional energy. The ascension is a downloading of intense accelerated light but if you are not prepared or trained to use that light, it will not be useful. 

Therefore, the family, without any preparation or understanding, would not be able to use it either. Now when you talk about Wills and all these other aspects, I recommend that you try to get all those in order before the ascension because they are not going to magically fall into place. You are not going to magically write a Will, assign all your bank accounts to your trustees or divide up your property. That had better be done before. I am glad you asked this question because in the earlier discussions of the ascension Sananda gave the lectures entitled “Do not look back” and what he meant by that is, when the moment of ascension comes you do not want to think “Did I do the Will, did I set up enough life insurance, is this person going to be taken care of,” because those are all attachments to the Earth and by focusing on the attachment at the moment of ascension you will block your energetic transfer into the higher light so that is why Sananda gave the lecture, “Don’t look back.”

Your physical body transmutes and there was another term that was used in the New Testament I believe, called the transmigration where your physical body is transmuted from its physical form to a 5th dimensional form and in that transmutation or transmigration the physical body essentially is shifted into the 5th dimensional spiritual body and this is a good description of what happens in the 5th dimension. There have been some discussions about what happens to your clothes, for example, and I know that is rather odd but in the story in Ezekiel when he ascended, his student was with him, Eleshia, and Ezekiel’s clothes were left behind as a symbol to let Eleshia and other people know that he was ascended. Now in this day and age and at this time there is some question if your body ascends are you going to leave the clothes behind?” and in the case of Ezekiel he purposely did that because he knew that people did not understand the ascension process. His main student understood it but his other students did not.

So what is going to happen, how will people understand this, for example, will they view you as being dead because in terms of that, the determination of life insurance policies, the determination of other assets and distribution of assets is dependent upon proof of death and if you ascend, there really is no proof of death other than if the clothes were left behind but then you might get into issues such as “was this person kidnapped or what really is happening” and frankly, this is going to be problematic and the only suggestion I have is to prepare the people, family, friends or whoever that would be around and you can discuss with them that you may ascend and this could be interpreted as a disappearance.

Now if you may want to leave back a sign to your family such as Ezekiel did, for example, leaving down the clothes.  In your meditations for ascension – and pre-ascension – you can make an agreement with your higher self that you will leave back a sign such as a red handkerchief or something that would be acceptable and understandable by others that would give people the knowledge of your ascension.  Because you are not going to have time to make those decisions at the time of ascension because it will cut short the energy and may jeopardize the ascension. But I cannot guarantee you that the legal process that we have just mentioned will somehow go smoothly because there will be many other issues, but you might take some comfort in knowing that the polarizations and the condition on this planet is going to be more accelerated and therefore what you and I will call the normal attention to such matters may not be at as high a level as it is right now.