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Find Your Tranquil Zone

-Tips for Riding December's Energy Wave-

by Selacia
After this year of relentless changes, intensity and turmoil, December will roll in with a continuation of these themes but also with the potential to find your center before 2017 begins. Set your intention now to do what you can to calm frayed nerves, get fresh perspectives, repair relationship discord, and find a new inspiration for your life path.

In this article I'll describe some of the energies we will be dealing with in December, and what they may mean for you on a personal level. First, as background, it's quite common that how a year ends sets the tone of how the next one starts. I'm speaking in general here, not so much about your personal life. As you continue reading though, invite your inner wisdom to show you what applies to you personally, and how you can put in action some simple remedies for challenging energies.

Recent Energies

Regardless of where you live or your life circumstances, these past several weeks and months have involved challenging energies and stressful outer world circumstances. Most likely right now, you have more questions than answers - involving a host of things - due in part to the craziness that has unfolded globally. The US elections, as an example, involved such unusual happenings that they represent a marker moment that will only be fully understood months or years from now. 

We have moved through key energy thresholds the past couple of months, another on its way in December. Each one of these thresholds is a reality check of sorts, all of us and humanity moving through a new crossroads and needing to consciously choose how we together move forward. It is essential that we stay awake and actively participate in these moments, even if sometimes we may prefer to take a long vacation or simply disconnect from what's going on.

What's in Store for December

Here are a few highlights of what's in store for December. 

First, it's the holiday season, that time of year when time seems to evaporate and we tend to be in celebration mode and spend time with family and friends. If you typically find the holidays challenging, this year's intense energies could stir even more squabbles with people. These quarrels may be personal or they may relate to outer world events. Reduce tensions and enjoy your time more with active self-censoring of words you might later regret. Remember: you don't have to agree on everything to love people - give people space.

Second, the first week of December is an excellent time to connect with inspirations, self-confidence, and insights about your life and projects either under way or on your future wish list. Be sure to take some down time for reflection and pay attention to social connections that may bring nice surprises and tangible support for your next steps. Think big picture. Many people you meet may at first appear unconnected to your future life, yet they indeed are directly or indirectly helpful conduits for you. It goes both ways, too - you are helped by them and vice versa. 

Third, note your calendar for the December 13 Supermoon. This will be a powerful Gemini Full Moon, with a focus on key endings and leaving behind outmoded approaches and situations. Themes or issues that come into your awareness at this Supermoon can be further explored and worked with during the rest of the month. Key times for inner work on these include the week of the December 21 Solsticeand the final week of the year including at the December 28 New Moon. Consider these dates as cosmic opportunities along a pathway that leads to a brand-new destination where you can more fully embody the light that you are, and be successful in the process.

Tips for Riding December's Energy Wave

Answering Your Wake Up Call: Think of December as your wake up call about your status quo. Use these last days of the year to go deeper than normal with your self-reflection. You deserve the quiet time to do this, and in 2017 you will be grateful to yourself for claiming the time! No one will give the time to you unless you take it. Be greedy with this time. Consider this: the more resourced you are on all levels, the happier you will be. As you feel more tranquil, more fulfilled, and more confident about your place in the world, your ability to contribute to others increases by leaps and bounds.

Five Questions to Ask Daily: To accelerate your progress with letting go of the old and creating brand-new life templates, here are five questions to ask daily: (1) What inspires me to do the work I do or live as I am living? (2) What is motivating me to change direction or add something to my life? (3) What is the good involved with my current challenge or troublesome situation? (4) How am I sabotaging myself with self-talk? (5) What is the one thing most important to keep and the one thing most important to leave behind as I move forward?

Be honest with yourself about answers you receive to these questions. Allow for the possibility, as you ask these daily, that some answers either change or are expanded upon. Be open to the possibility that in your simple act of questioning, the universe opens a quantum treasure chest of helpful insights and validations about your path ahead. Know that no matter what, you are a divine changemaker, alive now for a unique purpose and part to play in the awakening of humanity.

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Friday, November 25, 2016


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 25th November 2016 –

 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Beloved soul incarnate upon my body, I send my energy, love and truth to you, I am Mother Earth. It is a great honour to connect with your heart chakra from the space of my profound love for you. We are one, we are reflections of each other, I am you, and you are me. When you were born into the earthly reality, and onto my body, you merged an aspect of yourself/ your essence with me, our energy became united. I supported you in grounding into the earthly reality, supported you in embodying a physical body and connecting your consciousness with mine and those already present. In return you shared with me your light, you allowed yourself to hold the essence of my truth and to exist on the Earth as an example of my essence. You hold within you the essence of my soul, Mother Earth, as well as the essence of the Creator, we both merge with your soul essence to create who you are in this ve ry moment as well as whom you can become when you allow yourself to awaken further remembering your truth. I deeply honour you for the light and essence of pure truth that you hold within your being; it is a power and wisdom which is unique to the earthly reality. A synthesis accepted by only those who are born onto the Earth.

As you exist upon the Earth, you have many purposes to embody, accept and manifest. A purpose is an opportunity that creates truth, inspiration and enlightenment, it is not something which is compulsory for you to achieve, it is simply an opportunity which is available to you to aid your spiritual evolution. When you believe that you have a purpose which is vital for you to achieve and yet you do not understand your purpose, then you are hindering the creative flow of the Creator as well as encouraging yourself to be blind to your essence within your being. When you believe that you have many purposes upon the Earth, that each is opportunity and is not compulsory for you to achieve you begin to tap into the magical creative flow of the Earth which will guide you through your journey of incarnation.

Some aspects of the Earth can seem restraining, confining and restrictive, this is not the true essence of the Earth, it is of liberation, freedom and expansion. The energies of my being, Mother Earth, have numerous levels, you might say dimensions of energy which connect with the levels and dimensions of your being. If you are recognising the Earth as a negative place which limits and restricts you, then you are not viewing the essence, truth and jewels of my being and energy. You are not allowing yourself to look and connect deeply within my being to see the truth. This is when you will realise the magical energies, wisdom and sacred vibrations which are available within my being. Although I, Mother Earth, am one with all upon the Earth many have yet to look within at their own essence and into the depths of my essence to recognise the truth of this earthly reality, to discover the magic which is available. It is when you begin to appreciate, love and allow yourself to be fascinated with nature, realising that the Creator, myself and your essence exists within all things upon the Earth that you begin to connect with the magic of the Earth.  It is also when you begin to recognise within your being that love is present, compassion, peace and truth, realising that everything within you is the same as outside of you, especially in nature. The magic of the Earth appears to you when you remember the connection which is strong and true like a bridge of light between the truth within your being and the truth within my body; the Earth. The connection made with yourself, and all that I manifest allows you to access the magical high vibrational energies and wisdom that is unique to the Earth. It exists within my being and yourself because during your incarnating upon the Earth we are synthesising our energy to work as one, co-creating the Creator in manifest ation.

My body is a well of energy, a synthesis of aspects of the Creator. I represent the power and possibility to be expansive and free, to manifest using your inner power and to be an expression of the Creator in action. The energies, essence and wisdom I hold supports you in experiencing yourself in this way with the freedom to discover your inner essence, who you really are and to remember all that is the Creator within you and around you. You may not feel that you have time to simply contemplate the beautiful synthesis of my energy, your energy and the Creator within your being, my being and your surroundings. However, when you begin to notice this most sacred, magical, and in truth, essential energy for existing upon the Earth within your being then time becomes expansive, synchronicities flow, and the creative essence of the Earth, your being and the Creator manifest to support and g uide you. It is important for you to realise that your incarnation upon the Earth encapsulates and expresses the well of energy and Creator’s aspects that I embody.

During your incarnation upon the Earth, you are an extension of Mother Earth and the Creator, this means you have access to all the power we hold. You may perceive that you are powerless as a human being upon the Earth and yet this is your opportunity to access your power drawing it from within through your being and into manifestation for you and all to recognise. Your power as an incarnate upon the Earth is immense. This is why so many Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Extra-terrestrial Beings and Light Beings are so interested in observing and assisting those incarnate upon the Earth. They all know that each soul has an opportunity to access and co-create with the synthesised essence and truth of Mother Earth and Creator. They wish to see whether humanity will realise the power they have been given and how humanity will choose to use it, to create love or to create chaos. It is as if all eyes of the Universe are upon you as well as wishing to support you to harness the power that is available to you. If you only realised the power available to you and the beauty you could create in every moment of your reality you would never again think of yourself as a victim, unworthy or unloved. Instead, you would experience yourself as an interconnected and valuable part of the co-creation of myself and the Creator. You would recognise yourself as a representative and an expression of the power and truth that we are within you. You would recognise the magic of the Earth and the magic that can be experienced bringing fulfilment, love and joy. Suffering, pain and chaos would be erased because you would not recognise it within your being. Suffering, pain and chaos are born from separation or the belief in separation. Many souls upon the Earth are experiencing separation from the power that is available to them from the Earth and Creator, known as their inner pow er. Many people know on some level that they were not born on the Earth to experience negativity. Instead they were born to remember from within the fulfilment, love and peace of the Creator manifesting it in every moment.

The easiest way to heal and erase separation is to practice and explore appreciation, acceptance and gratitude with yourself and with nature or any manifestation of my body. Recognise that there is a beautiful synthesis of the Creator, Mother Earth and your soul within your being and everything around you. Honour this energy, the more you recognise this synthesis, the easier it will be for you to remember and recognise the power, treasure and truth within your being which has yet to be known to you. Allow yourself to recognise the love, peace and creative force within everything within and around you, by doing so you will allow your conscious awareness to move into new dimensions of understanding where you can familiarise yourself with your power realising it as a magical energy of fulfilment for you to co-create and manifest anything you wish.

Visiting Mother Earth’s Chamber of Transformation and Full Realisation

I wish to invite you to visit my Chamber of Transformation and Full Realisation within my heart centre. Simply state this intention and I, Mother Earth, will come to you transporting you to my chamber. When inside the chamber you may feel immensely peaceful or like a whirlwind is building, each person will have a different experience. The energy of peace will carry you into the power within you while the whirlwind sensation will be the chamber supporting illusions and limitations in dissolving. I, Mother Earth, will work with you to support your remembrance of your inner truth; the synthesis of my energy, the Creator and your own energy which flows from your being creating a reality of fulfilment for you and all.

I, Mother Earth, am ever present to support you,

Mother Earth

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Méline Lafont ~ Healing for animals

NEW AVAILABLE assistance and service from Méline:
healing for animals on remote or in person.
These Energy healings on remote sessions are divided into 3 sessions of a duration around 20 minutes and is done on remote. This because animals are less complicated in their mind and thoughts than humans are and therefore is the energy working in more rapidely. This healing can also be done in person! NDL and ENG

We focus on the aura, the physical body, the main channel and the chakras as we remove impurities with the Violet Flame. Here we focus mainly on what is going on innerly in your animal companion, what is most important to work on: that can be a need for balance, a removal of blockages, a cleansing.. You receive each time a small report to let you know how it went and what we have done. This along with email follow up and communication.

These 3 sessions (20 min) includes the following: 
* cleansing aura, chakras, main channel and physical body
* Focussing on energy blockages, inner processes, healthissues, balancing chakras...
* 1 hour energy healing session on remote (in total)

What is the added value of this type of healing session?
* this can be done at any time and day
* follow up and communication during and inbetween sessions
* Short feedback given after the healing through email

Sessions are done in English and Dutch.

Brenda Hoffman ~ Surface Wounds Clear Easily

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com
Summary of Brenda’s November 18, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show athttp://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:   The past few days were likely emotional roller coasters. Even though some of you remain enmeshed in the resulting fear and pain, many have distanced yourselves because you no longer wish to feel the depth of those emotions. You’re free to discover your path – whether creating new communities or laying in a hammock. You’ll know by your interest level – not shoulds or have tos. 

“Creating a New Global Society” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Many continue to reel emotionally following the chaos of the past few days. Do not worry for such is no longer your natural state. It might take a few days to balance yourself, but you will. For you are no longer of 3D and your step back is merely a step back not a leap. You are healing parts of yourself you did not know were wounded.

This healing phase is quite different from the clearing phase you experienced for months, years or even decades. Of course, you beg to differ for you feel uncomfortable despite the ongoing promises and prophecies of joy.

Think of this phase as a slight skin wound that never quite healed until you discovered a healing salve.

For eons, you and all members of 3D society covered up, hid and feared to address those insults, anger, slights and fears that stopped you from being yourself. Perhaps it was no more than a neighbor ignoring you, or as fearful as you wondering if you and your family would survive an earth or human holocaust.
Even though you did survive, the ongoing wound of “When will it be my turn?” lingered throughout your being. Those hidden fears you treated with band-aids are now exposed for your final healing.

Your skin wounds are surface level only. Perhaps that does not seem like much of a distinction now, but it will. As you apply your loving salve, you will be on your way.
Those who have not cleared their internal beings are in the dark night of their soul. A phase you successfully completed.

An ingrown toenail is unpleasant and most often, painful. And before that toenail is healed, it is your focus. But once you apply the correct medication, you forget the incident.
The internal fears you collected before you expunged them in this lifetime lasted for eons and affected you externally and internally. You are quite able to attend a loving party with an ingrown toenail, but unlikely to do so if you mistrust the love of those at that party.
That is the difference between a surface wound you will soon clear and a deeply held wound that impacts your being for eons.

Perhaps you cannot yet distinguish between the two for you are suffering.
Your current suffering is at a surface level and will not be something you need to address for weeks or months as was true for your eons of internally held fears.
Maybe you are fearful that the earth is slipping backward regarding diversity and ecology. Such is not true. For if you are reading this material, you have clarified within yourself what is acceptable to you. You have focussed and cleared your fears to the point where you can express your fears knowing deep within you that all is well despite messages to the contrary.

For what is happening now is not compliance, but instead, “This is not acceptable in my world.” So it is you, en masse, are focussing on what you want, instead of what you believe is.

Your current fears and anger are that all will continue as it has regarding your leaders and the earth as a whole – instead of understanding that such fear is no longer valid.
It is time for you to adjust to a new world where your past fears are no longer your reality. That is not to say that you will float above it all, as much as it is that you will discover within yourself your new being of love that will crush (Yes, crush is the correct word.) the fear that is now expressed.

You no longer need to cower in the corner telling others that he or she did this or that to me. You are different beings than you were mere months ago. And so it is even though you will sense and feel the hate, you know deep within you that is not your world for you are creating a new world.

Before this transition, the current anger and hate would have survived for decades, even eons for that is WAS your world. It is no longer. So it is that you can shine a light in those dark spaces instead of cowering in the corner.

This is a new world with new light. A light that will shine on all. And all you have to do to be part of this new revolution is to know deep within you that no one and nothing is more powerful than you.

Perhaps you feel isolated. As if you are the only one shining your light. Or as if you have no like-minded friends. Or as if you are in a country or location so filled with hate that your puny light will not make a difference. Or that you do not wish to be part of a social/cultural revolution. Or that you are tired and cannot fight any longer.

Fighting is not your role, love is. Shining your light so those out in the cold, as it were, know something else is available. Your light will touch your so-called ‘leaders’ (for you no longer need leaders) as much as the common person. Your light of love will radiate throughout the globe even helping earth move through its pain and anger.

This is a win-win time, instead of the lose-lose times you have experienced for eons. The eons of fear that placed you on an ongoing wheel of hate, fear, retaliation and then more hate.

This is a time of love despite your fears, healing those who wish to heal and allowing those who do not to continue to experience their karmic wheel of hate and anger.
We told you that your karmic slate is clean. And so it is despite your ongoing fears to the contrary. With that clean slate – once you acknowledge and heal your current surface fears – you will once again feel the freshness and joy you have already tapped into for brief periods.

This time in your society is to allow those who have not yet started their transition journey to do so if they wish. For the factors, you en masse created to ‘be in your face hatred,’ as it were, gives all a chance to determine if they will continue their life of fear and hate or emulate the love and joy that will soon return to you for much longer periods than has been true in the past.

You will discover, that the rage and fears of others does not impact you as it once did. That, in fact, it feels a bit silly. For you know who you are without anyone needing to tell you who you should be. So be it. Amen.

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Arcturian Update ~ Violet Light That is Shining Through on Gaia

By Suzanne Lie, 11/13/2016

Arcturian Update

Through Suzanne Lie

Greetings we are the Arcturians coming through Suzille even though she’s not feeling too well today.  Perhaps our energy flow through her will assist her.

Suzanne: Shawnna, did you wish to begin with whatever questions or comments you wanted to make?

Shawnna:  Yes thank you. We felt that it might be helpful if we check in on a weekly basis to see if you, the Arcturians, have helpful information to share with us and with others as well. Are there any insights that you felt would be helpful in this Now?

Arcturians:  This is a Now of great flux on planet Earth. There are many possible realities that are intertwining, separating, merging.  From our perspective when we look at the energy field of Gaia’s atmosphere from her surface and through that third-dimensional realm, we see that there is Violet Light that is shining through. 

But there are also a lot of shadows. It is almost as if this Violet Light is streaking through the fear and the darkness. There is quite a bit of fear, especially in the United States, and in some places in Europe that have had quite a bit of challenges. 

What we are seeing is that those who have aligned themselves with the Earth, such as the native peoples, the farmers, as well as anyone who has been able to interact and connect with the planetary energy field, all the ones that are connected to Gaia’s energy field, whether they are consciously aware of that connection or not, that these people are grounding these energy fields of Violet Light that are coming into Gaia’s atmosphere via higher frequency energy packages.

We, the higher dimensional beings who are assisting Gaia with her transition, have been sending Earth a great deal of Violet Light. We send the Violet Light because that octave of light resonates to the frequency of Light that moves into the highest frequency, gamma wave realities. 

This Violet Light can make a shift in the future perceptions of humanity who still live in 3D space/time, because it will create a shift in the future. The grounded ones, who resonate beyond Gaia’s third-dimensional planet and are free of the third-dimensional matrix, are using the Violet Light to bring about a potential reality that is filled with Light and Love.

There are also potential realities that are not filled with Light or Love. In this case, the Violet Light is seeking out any potential realities that could be damaging to Gaia, her people, her animals, her environment, and all components of Gaia’s Planetary SELF.

The Violet Light of transmutation is seeking out any gray streaks of lower frequency, fear based light that is being placed into the atmosphere by the many people who are frightened by the great flux of energy packages that they are unconsciously, perceiving. 

These fearful thoughts and emotions of humanity are occurring because Planet Earth is in great flux. Therefore, many people are frightened, as the “unknown” is one of humanity’s greatest fears. 

Furthermore, the dark ones are purposely putting out the dark energy fields, which are creating a feeling of confrontation within humanity’s fourth-dimensional consciousness, as well as Gaia’s fourth dimensional expression of Her Astral Plane. 

Some humans are having very vivid dreams and/or difficulties sleeping. They are also having meditations in which they cannot get into the higher states of conscious, as they normally do. 

We suggest that if any of these things are occurring that you realize that you are being called on to assist with the grounding of the Violet Light that we of the higher frequencies are sending into Gaia’s atmosphere.

We ask that all of those that are awake and aware of the situations that are occurring on the body of dear Gaia, assist with grounding that Violet Light into the physical body of Gaia. It is through this grounding of the Violet Light that Gaia can use the transformational energy to assist with Gaia’s transmutation into fifth dimensional, New Earth. 

Arcturians: Did you wish to ask a question?

Shawnna:  Yes, I think my main concern is always how we can best influence that high potential reality that you mention which would be the highest frequency. I suppose that the way that we can assist is by grounding the energy that is being sent into and through us. Do you have any other suggestions on how we can help and what we are capable of doing at this time?

Arcturians:  As you, the members of humanity, use your self as a portal of life and light, you greatly assist in bringing in the higher energy fields into Gaia’s planet. Because there is still some darkness in the Astral Plane, especially in the Now because there are many changes, which often frighten the humans. There is also a great deal of fear that the dark ones are placing into the lower sub-planes of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.

Fortunately, when the harbingers of Light, the awakened ones, open their portals of Light, they can pull through that higher frequency. Our volunteers to take an earth vessel can actually pull the higher light through their physical bodies and into the body of Gaia. 

What is happening NOW is that more and more humans are consciously accepting that Higher Light as it moves through their body. First they allow the Higher light to transmute themselves, which allows them a much greater power and intention to share that transmutation with the planet. 

In return, planet Gaia grounds the humans so they can take in the higher and higher energy fields without damaging their fragile third-dimensional vehicles. Most important, these transmuted ones are offering themselves as a “human portal.” 

As “human portals” take the higher frequencies of light and the rays of transmutational Violet Light through their portal and all the way down into the core of Gaia. Within Her Core, Gaia shares these higher energies with the mighty beings that are waiting in Gaia’s fifth-dimensional core to assist those on the surface to transmute the entire planet.

Shawnna:  Is there a “critical mass” that we are where we have enough of an influence to be able to create that highest potential reality.

Arcturians:    Yes, the critical mass is an important component of this process. As this critical mass is achieved, there will be a splitting off of realities because there are members of humanity that are not really members of humanity.

These beings are the laggards who have not been able to reach that “critical mass” to assist in their former planetary ascension because these lost ones were lost in the illusion of “power OVER others.” The laggards have gone from reality to reality, planet to planet. 

Their job has been to be the “representatives of darkness and fear.” These lost ones enter third-dimensional planets to experience the oppositions between the dark and the Light. However, as Gaia moves into her fifth-dimensional expression of SELF, that time/space that creates separation will merge into the NOW of the ONE, which creates Unity with ALL Life.

Darkness cannot survive within the frequency of the fifth dimensional Now. What will occur is that, just as a dry leaf is thrown into a fire, their lower frequency of resonance will be instantly transmuted into being a component of the fire. On the other hand, those that are able to allow themselves to embrace the energy fields of light and love will experience a great transmutation within their reality.

Now we wish to let them know that very often this is not initially very comfortable because what will occur with humanity is much what will occur with the human society as a whole, in that the darkness must come to the surface. 

Because humanity has been taught to hide the darkness deep into their unconscious mind, it must be revealed on planet Earth so that humanity can use the Violet Fire, and Unconditional Love, to transmute the darkness and heal it’s pain with Unconditional Love. 

When the “pain that created the darkness/fear” is uncovered, it can finally be healed with the gift of Unconditional Love. Humans, whether they know it or not, are representative of Earth via their elemental system which is exactly the same as the Earth’s elemental system. 

Therefore, as humans shift within themselves, they will assist Gaia in making Her shifts within herself. In order to release that which is of a lower frequency, a person, or a planet, must become aware of that which they are releasing.

The experience of awareness of their inner fear, inner conflict, past lives, as well as the full awareness of what is truly happening, can be one of the most frightening aspects of third-dimensional life. 

As the lies that hide their fear are replaced with the truth, their fear comes to the surface where it can be unconditionally loved, as Unconditional Love is an antidote to all fear. Then the Unconditional Love will allow humanity to consciously confront the darkness that is still a component of Gaia’s third-dimensional operating system.

Gaia’s third-dimensional operating system is an operating system in which there are polarities of light and dark. What will assist Gaia to shift into her fifth-dimensional operating system will be to close those polarities of light and dark and move it into the knowingness of the truth. Then, the truth can heal the waves of darkness with the waves of Higher Light.

While in the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, you can consciously perceive all polarities, as well as that which is “in between” the polarities. In other words, they are no longer perceived as “separate,” because you can see the “in between” that unites the polarities into the ONE.

As long as our human representatives who are so brave to take embodiments within this Now protect themselves with Unconditional Love and with Violet Fire, they have a shield around themselves to protect them while they work for Gaia.

The other thing that protects humanity is that, when they are doing the work for Gaia they are integrating their energy field into the planetary energy field. This merging of person and planet offers humanity a great deal of protection because then humans have the power, and the energy field, of the entire planet. Therefore, they are able to do greater works, more often. 

Because so many of you are representatives that have chosen to take an incarnation during this Now, we advise that you remember your fifth dimensional self on a conscious level. Remember the component of your multidimensional being that is serving on a Starship, or perhaps on your Homeworld.

Then connect yourself, intertwine yourself, with this higher dimensional expression of who you truly ARE. As you integrate your own higher dimensional expression of Self into your physical consciousness, you can then send it into the core of Gaia, which allows you to feel secure as you assist Gaia.

Now, we Arcturians are aware that we have made this statement multiple times, but we are also aware that in the midst of challenges of your current reality, this information cannot be repeated enough.

Shawnna:  I feel that that’s very helpful in aligning us to the efforts that we can participate in to contribute to the highest most impactful way. So I think that’s a perfect description of how we can contribute.

Arcturians:  Yes, and as one is consciously and actively contributing to planetary transition, you will look at the dark side, the fearful side, the challenging side of reality from a very different viewpoint. 

You will realize that you are not victims. Instead, you are warriors for the Light! As warriors for the Light, you might come into situations in which you realize that in order to expand your consciousness you must go into your own fears, your own doubts and your own issues. 

As you do so, you can realize that, “NO, this is not something that is wrong with me! NO, I am not a bad person! I am a person who is transmuting my reality into the higher frequency. And through this transmutation, I will become aware of a component of myself that I had, prior in my life, had to look away from, had to ignore.

“I did not have the strength to face this component of myself, and I did not have the strength to face that I am not just human, that I am a multi-dimensional being, and it is the Now for me to fully awaken to these higher frequencies of myself within my everyday life and especially within the parts of my life that are challenging.” 

For it is those challenging parts of your lives through which you will grow. It is the challenging parts of your life through which you will remember your own higher frequency of self in the conscious, active, interactive moment-by-moment manner.

Shawnna:  I think it’s always a helpful reminder as we face the challenges of working towards resolving polarities, releasing fear and transmuting our world. It’s helpful to have the assistance that you provide, so that we can effectively be the portals of Light and assist others to recognize the truth of what is occurring, as well as how we can perceive these truths from our higher frequency consciousness.

Arcturians:  Yes, and when we state that your life is going through great transition, 

we wish to add congratulations!

AN UPGRADE IN FREQUENCY- Riding the waves of intensity

By L’Aura Pleiadian, 11/16/2016

Breathing in the Higher Frequencies of Light, even now, may feel like a never-ending  powerhouse of vibrating Light, pulsating through every cell of your body.

As this Light increases even now, the intensity may feel overwhelming. When this happens, rest, and ride the waves, showing your body great compassion, at it adjusts.

The energy upgrades are reaching unparalleled vibrational frequencies, from the Central Sun, the Pleiades, impacting the whole. All consciousness, everywhere.

Now, this activation as you read, engulfs your frequency, in pure love. In higher vibrational Light as purity, which naturally releases from your cellular consciousness, the frequencies of memories from your subconscious that are to be transmuted, into your Higher Self Light.

The form in which you live through, transforms, through your consciousness, as a frequency.

In 3D, your body (form) lived out, the disharmony, through its reactive state of stress. Of survival.

The dismantling of 3D, through the Higher Frequencies of Light, releases the cellular debris, so to speak, associated with those memories, from ALL incarnations, that you have carried over, from incarnation to incarnation.

These memories are held in your Blueprint.

You are playing out through  your Blueprint, Your Soul Plan for this incarnation.

ALL those on Earth in a form, although of varying frequencies, if here, are transforming, from these Energy Upgrades, through the Higher Light frequencies.

Even now, feel these higher frequencies. These vibrations you are receiving as you read, this. TO be aware more and feel more. Slow down and breathe. Be present in the moment. Being present will help you to become more aware, of what is going on inside you. Inside your cells.

Riding the waves of intensity, then become the process you enter more into the present moment. As you slow down. Drop the pace of 3D. Relax more. Reflect more. FEEL more, within you.

Then, riding the waves, through being present, facilitates even more, the conscious recognition of the higher frequencies you are receiving and the vibrational shifts within your cellular consciousness.

As you are more present, then the awareness of the releasing of old memories, will be something you will be highly aware. Which also will make the process easier. You will know, WOW these are the new downloads, my activations. And WOW, I am releasing now, which is still part of the RECEIVING of higher frequencies. This is just the releasing.

And by so doing, you CONSCIOUSLY integrate in harmony, the Higher Frequencies of Light, impacting you EVEN NOW as you are reading. This is a process of bringing the subconscious to the conscious awareness.

Which opens you, as the memories are released from your cellular consciousness, to ALL of your experiences throughout your many incarnation experiences. And to the you in parallel worlds. And the you as Your Divine Presence and Higher Self.

Riding the INTENSE waves, even now, is a surrender a letting go. As opposed to a “trying’ to make happen.

It is a going ~ Through.

An Allowing.

A Releasing.

A Receiving.

Activating also your FEELING Nature of consciousness, the feminine PRINCIPLE, even NOW.

Consciously more and more, as the NEW YOU emerges, as the Light Itself.

Receive all of this through Grace Now. As you enter and go through, all you are destined to go through. In harmony, love and peace, of the Now moment. In the Higher Vibrational frequencies of Light. Your Upgrades NOW. In the Eternal Light of the Central Sun. And so it is! Now.

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Heaven on Earth ~ Within!

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