Friday, February 10, 2017

Sandra Walter ~ February Gateway: Utilizing the Eclipses, DNA, Timeline Alignment


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
We are utilizing the portals of the February eclipses (Lunar Eclipse on February 10 at 4:43pm PT and the Solar Eclipse of February 26 at 6:58 am PT) to support the February 22-25 light influx. The next two weeks provide energies which further refine the dismantling of old systems which are not in alignment with the higher trajectory created by the accelerated timelines. As always, these passages are utilized for global as well personal dismantling of that which does not serve the highest interests.
Challenging Your Spiritual Choices
Your Higher Selves attempt embodiment through the Ascension process, and these higher perspectives reveal what is needed on the journey, and what must be discarded. As the light level and timelines continue to divide realities, this great sorting out of belief systems is both purposeful and necessary to bring forth the higher realities of pure unity consciousness.

Our Gateway of February 22 – 25th, just prior to the trigger point of the Solar eclipse on the 26th is a choice-point for the larger wave of light anticipated around the March Equinox. We still have intense timeline flux; many primary and secondary timelines are still adjusting to the collective vibration. Our conscious choices, actions, thoughts and emotions greatly affect collective outcomes. While those aligned with the Mastery experience tremendously affect the raising of the collective vibration, and make those timeline experiences available for all, the rift between experiences can only grow so wide before they divide. This is why Gatekeepers have been focused on the Solar aspects of the new grids, awakening of the Solar temples, and opening pathways through the SUN with the higher Councils of Light. More on that soon.
Utilizing the Eclipses and Wave
Eclipse passages always include a bit of karmic clearing. Obviously there is a global-level karmic clearing playing out on the world stage. Just as with your personal journey, the more intense the show gets, the greater the clearing. Gaia is unique since she is used for Galactic clearing and the creation of a dimensional shift with HUman DNA, Photonic Light and a multidimensional operation that truly defies our complete understanding (hence all the numerous higher beings involved.)
As you know, we have Master-level transmuters In-Carnate on this planet, taking a huge load off the collective and Gaia. To those dear In-Carnates, this is an opportunity to shift fully into new creations which support the next levels of light. In brief, if you have not shifted to the freedom, creativity and expansiveness of the higher trajectory, now is the perfect passage to do this, consciously, and abandon the old Self’s lower interests, beliefs, habits, actions, words, thoughts and emotions which are not energetically supported by a higher experience.
For those engaging with higher trajectory of Ascension, this is when deep choices about the trajectory of your personal path, your service work, the creation of the New self, and the emergence of the Higher Self must be examined within the context of this new light. All the work that has been done to get us to this point of the Shift (well done, Beloveds) is complete. Now we reevaluate in this new light.
Many of you experienced a profound death of the old self as the timelines shifted in September. You are still receiving a deeper understanding of what that meant for your personal path, your service work, your lifestream trajectory, and the higher trajectory of global Ascension. Great acts of clemency and forgiveness were utilized in January so that the collective could receive some relief from the collective angst from this timeline shift. As you break your addictions to drama, concern, or worry about the external, and shift to heart-based action, empowerment and divinity, you resonate with the higher trajectories of the Christed timelines which deliver peace and opportunities for global divine alignment.
While it did take a few months for many to realize what is unfolding, and integrate that realization, we now move forward with more expansive creations with this next influx. Remember this is a collective effort, so dream your largest creations, plan your collaborations wisely, and consciously release the old design of Self. The new templates of Self will receive a significant boost with the Equinox, as will Gaia.
Creator Consciousness in the Now
Remember that the heart is infinite as you play with the finite constructs of the mind level. As the frequencies emanating from Gaia support pure creator beingness, the responsibility becomes yours; how you direct that energy for both your personal path and your service work. Practice responsible creation, and do not ruminate or stagnate in the old timeline energies as they drop away. Move forward with clarity, joy, and an open heart because so much is becoming available to us.
Divine DNA – Our Key to Shifting Dimensions
The energies are challenging to the mind and the emotional levels because that is what affects the collective Ascension the most. That is where the most distortion takes place, in beliefs, emotions, judgments, and thought forms. They become triggered by the pure light coming on to the planet, and now from Gaia herself. Thoughts and emotions are directly associated with DNA activation. You know this if you are studying Ascension or spirituality; you change the biolandscape of your body vehicle and energy fields to receive the truth of Love. You feel the freedom of this new light because you are creating ways for the light to enter.
DNA is our key to shifting dimensions. In order for the DNA to reawaken, re-bundle and etherically reconnect, it cannot contract into old thought forms, habits, addictions, or beliefs about the self. This is why self-love, love of Source, and love of all of Creation is vital to the Ascension process and to restoring, reactivating, and ascending the DNA within you.
Divine crystalline HUman DNA is unique. We have access to pure Creator beingness, and to Source. We are creating a Galactic Legacy by learning, teaching and setting forth creations which demonstrate the finer capabilities of HUman DNA. As you Ascend, you might see the spiral of the helixes surrounding you, or entering your Ascension column. Gatekeepers are working with this right now (and through the SUNday Unity Meditations). Make it conscious and active. Talk to your DNA just as you do the crystalline structures within you. Feel the Divine love available, and radiate love to your DNA through the heart center. The heart contains the keys to the kingdom; the spark of Source which will receive and broadcast the Solar Cosmic Christ activations, just as Solaris receives and sends forth information and upgrades. As above, so below.
The light is growing again after a period of stabilization of the grids. Get out in nature, and in the SUN, as often as possible. It may benefit you to have a long conversation with Gaia; ask her how you may assist as she takes on these higher frequencies. As I stood in Council with the Galactics last week I saw a great model of Gaia, and her etheric bands had aligned around the Equator. She was also upright (no axial tilt); she was in absolute alignment. This is what is ahead of us, Beloveds. These higher timelines are pushing us into alignment, as well as the planet. As we become capable of holding that alignment, holding that light, aligning ourselves with the higher aspects of divinity, purity and unity, we call forth the Ascension in the Now.
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Eclipse Energies ~ The Goddess Speaks

ToDAY is the Lunar Eclipse ~ POWERFUL gateway and window of opportunity to integrate volumes of Higher consciousness. Good moment for this sharing which assists in the amplification of the Lunar eclipse energies. I have chanted these especially for these eclipse moments. Chantings by Méline Lafont.
I find the Eclipse energies to be about empowering the God/Goddess within, in order to step forth in creation with a deeper sense of Self. These empowering energies are here to align you with a Higher form and expression of you so that you can execute your mission and duty as a Light conduit and Gatekeeper. These Eclipse energies are awakening the energies of creativity and expression. It is about expressing those creative energies within us and to do something with this in the collective as well as in your own personal reality. Stepping forth in self trust and with self empowerment through the energies of creativity and creation is thus the energy of this now..

I have created this audio during the Full Blood Moon Eclipse energies of early October 2014, where this powerful force of the Goddess consciousness was activating within me to speak these tones of truth. It is a language of light codes, one that speaks of empowering, freedom and unity as One. This helps you to release emotions, to empower your own true God/Goddess Self and to awaken this creativity within you to arise and integrate in your life.
This is my own energy and voice in a state of enlightenment, where this energy was directly channeled during this recording. It is one of power and freedom! This is my gift to you all, as I was called to share this with you: for those who might benefit from it.
With Love in unity as One
Méline Portia Lafont


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 3rd February 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Venus Beings, as one, come forth to share our essence and truth with you. We are always honoured to be in your presence and to recognise the truth your essence embodies. We are now bringing forth the second phase of the anchoring and integration of Venus energy with Mother Earth. In 2016, you, humanity and Mother Earth embodied, accepted and recognised a deepening presence of love within yourself and the world around you. Many of you worked with our energy because of your wish to exist within a reality of love and for all to experience the same. Your compassion for humanity and Mother Earth is immense, and why you are upon the Earth at this time to experience the Venus Ascension Shifts, as well as many other ascension activations which are taking place constantly due to the acceleration of vibration of all. Your natural ability to be compassionate to those around you, your wis h to help and be of service at an energetic or physical level means that your heart chakra is constantly opening, you are a conduit of light and love as well as holding the skills to support the ascension of others upon the Earth. You have so many skills and abilities which to you seem unimportant or are so much a natural aspect of your being that you do not even recognise their value. We, the Venus Beings, wish to share with you that all that you are in this moment is more than enough to assist you in being of service and supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity. Many believe they must have fantastical spiritual skills to be of service to the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes. The truth is that you already do, it is simply that at this moment you are reluctant to recognise how well equipped you are for your journey upon the Earth.

Compassion Is Your Power

During the second phase of the energies of Venus anchoring into the Earth and humanity, there may be many areas that we will encourage you to focus upon to support your alignment with the energies grounding and being created. At this time we wish to encourage you to explore and contemplate the natural, already present and fascinating aspects of your being. While many souls upon the Earth may require your guidance, support or assistance, we know you will share what is needed as guided, however, bring your focus back to yourself because essentially everything begins with you. It is time to recognise your compassionate nature, to recognise that you do have a natural willingness to support others whether they are people, animals, nature or other aspects of Mother Earth. The more you access, recognise, acknowledge and honour this aspect of yourself, recognising compassion as your super pow er, the more you will discover the power of your compassion. Realising how open and expansive your heart chakra is, how much love you have to give and that your love powerfully impacts the realities of others. This is a very important realisation because it returns you to your power and aligns you to the Universe of the Creator. Thus you expand into the magnificent being that you naturally are. Compassion and the energy you exude becomes your power, strength and tool to support others and yourself.

Explore Your Amazing Qualities

Compassion can only be shared from a space of strength when you are focusing upon yourself or within your being. A person is unable to be compassionate at an advanced level if they do not realise and recognise their own truth first, as well as the abundance they have to give. When you gaze within your being with a willingness to recognise your truth you reveal to yourself your natural amazing abilities. Skills that you may have taken for granted as your personality because they have been present since childhood. It is now time to recognise who you truly are and what you have to give and share with others from within you. We, the Venus Beings, do not mean to recognise who you are as a spiritual being, such as where you are from, your soul group or even the name of your soul. We wish for you to discover who you are right now in this present moment of your life, what you have to give and the natural abilities you hold. We wish for you to realise in a humble and self-loving way how amazing you are and that you are already fully equipped at this moment to be of service in the most magical and wonderful way, that is unique and personal to you. When you are willing to recognise your gifts and that you are a unique gift to the Earth, as is every being, then you will access your inner power, will work in harmony with the Creator and further explore the depths of your abundant light with ease and perfection. In truth, the accelerated ascension you wish to achieve spiritually would manifest instantly.

Here are examples of the gifts and skills you may possess: to make other’s feel at ease, see beyond problems and how they can be resolved, promote happiness, be a calming influence, exude joy, kindness, inspire, be creative, awaken spiritual senses, heal, comfort and so forth.

With the task and focus we are pointing you to, we, the Venus Beings, know you will learn to awaken your natural capacity for self-love, which is love for the Creator within and all the ways that the Creator manifests, without any form of judgment or expectations of how the Creator should be. Your deep self-love will become your power, strength and core centre, as it is already, however, you will be able to truly recognise, experience and know this. Gradually exploring and understanding the amazing qualities and gifts you hold will allow you to accept your inner power, the presence of love and the power or impact of true Creator love which exists naturally within your being. These are the key focus points and purposes for the Venus second phase of anchoring into the Earth. While to accept your inner power, to accept love and the power of love seems in one light simple and in another c hallenging, a greater embodiment of love will be experienced within by all. The two areas we have spoken about, exercising your compassion and discovering whom you are in this moment of embodiment, meaning the beautiful qualities and skills you may share without doubting yourself will encourage you to realise your inner power, love and the power of love.

Trust In The Presence Of Love

There are many levels that guide you to embodiment of love, the love of the Creator. You are already an embodiment of love there is simply a need for you to recognise this. Your love is an immense, abundant, completely awesome, wise and powerful source of energy within you which is aligned with every aspect of the Universe of the Creator and the Creator. Each experience of self-realisation you encourage and accept, the more you begin to realise the power within you. With recognition of the power within you comes the need to explore and recognise how this power or love can assist you, your reality, humanity and the Earth in the most wonderful, inspiring and truth awakening way. You are at a stage of love embodiment where you already recognise that love exists within you, now is the time to truly realise that love is your ultimate power and can influence the reality you experience in ma jor ways. It is now time for you to explore how the powerful love within you can assist your reality, support others and aid the Earth’s greater embodiment of love. You may realise that we are inviting you to TRUST in the power of love within you and the magical way it can create beauty, abundance and all you require in your life.

To TRUST in the presence of love within you is the ultimate aim for the second phase of Venus energy anchoring.

‘I TRUST in the presence of love within me now.’

Allow this simple affirmation to become your meditation as you repeat it silently focusing upon your higher heart chakra above your heart chakra at your chest area. Let this simple affirmation be a central focus to which you return to often as a familiar remembrance and acknowledgement that brings you back to your truth and alignment. The meditation only needs to be experienced for a few minutes or until you engage with the presence of love within you. It can act as an experience of and alignment to yourself and our energies, the Venus Beings. Please call upon us to be present with you each time you experience this meditation as we will also download codes, templates and wisdom of our love into your being and awareness.

When you trust in the presence of love within you, how it is powerful and can align your reality, so experiences of love manifest, you are allowing yourself to be in the flow of the divine Creator, to receive guidance and support, to co-create with the Creator and to know that you are constantly and absolutely supported by the Creator. It is as if you are carried forth, supported, secure, safe, your needs met and your experiences blissful. This is what we wish for you. It is nothing new, simply your natural existence which we wish to remind you of so you may experience your powerful harmony with the Creator.
In eternal love and trust,

The Venus Beings


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 10th February 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love is expressed to you from the Angelic Kingdom through my being, Archangel Metatron. I am currently and have been for some time overseeing the ascension of humanity and the Earth. It is my purpose to ensure that all the necessary energies that humanity and the Earth require to aid their illumination and enlightenment are anchored, aiding the appropriate shifts. I ensure the inner planes and the Earth exist in harmony as major shifts of awakening occur. It is balance that I focus upon as well as ensuring that all receive the necessary ascension energies and guidance they require.

My purpose is achieved by holding a vision of all beings upon the Earth existing as enlightened, remembering the truth of the Creator and acting from the source of the Creator within. I hold a vision of your ultimate enlightened self for your current reality and existence upon the Earth. With my vision, I also store an energy and light frequency which is the equivalent level and dimension of energy you will hold and embody as your enlightened self upon the Earth. In truth, I am a reflection of your infinite opportunities of experience and embodiment upon the Earth. It is my role to support you in recognising, remembering and realising your enlightened self.

You may call upon me in meditation: ‘Archangel Metatron, please be present with me now as a reflection of my enlightened self. Support me in remembering, realising and embodying my enlightened self, inner truth and Creator truth. Enthuse my entire being with the frequency of light that is equal to that which I hold as my enlightened self, awakening my awareness and senses to my enlightened self within. I am ready to experience and embody my infinite opportunities as my enlightened self upon the Earth. Archangel Metatron, please demonstrate to me my inner truth. Thank you.’

Your Enlightenment

Take a moment to contemplate what you believe or perceive your enlightenment process to be. What do you believe will happen when you become enlightened? How will you feel? What will you be able to do? How will other people regard you and how will you perceive yourself? Encourage yourself to imagine the process of enlightenment for you.
It is often when humanity perceives enlightenment they focus upon drama, glamour and the pinnacle experience. They have within their minds an idea of what they will feel like and be able to do when they have experienced enlightenment. Mostly this is connected to drama because they believe that it will be a drastic shift which could change their being and reality completely. They may also hold onto glamour as they will perceive that they and everyone around them will notice a difference, maybe converse with them differently or that people would know them as enlightened. We could say this is equivalent to celebrity status in the spiritual circles upon the Earth. They may also be holding a vision of what it is going to be like for them when they become enlightened; therefore they are constantly in a state of searching believing that they are not enlightened now. However, they will be in the future or tomorrow. Essentially, they are not existing in the present instead they are constantly looking to or trying to live in the future. It is because of these three illusions that I invited you to contemplate what you believe and perceive your enlightenment process to be. When we realise that even with the process of enlightenment that drama, glamour and not being in the present can be engaged with, then we begin to see through illusions accessing the truth of the enlightenment process of the Earth. It is appropriate to realise illusions and let them go.

The Key to Remembering You Are Already Enlightened

The truth is that you are already enlightened, you already have a pure connection with the Creator, are able to receive guidance, heal yourself and other as well as other beautiful skills and abilities. Everything that you seek is within you. I, Archangel Metatron know this to be true, so why do you seek enlightenment when you are already an enlightened being? Why do you not realise or remember you are enlightened? It is an interesting question to contemplate, in doing, so you begin to realise the key to unlocking your experience of your own enlightened self.

Allow yourself to sit in meditation, ask yourself, ‘Why do I seek enlightenment and why do I not realise or remember I am enlightened?’ Simply allow insights, realisations and understandings to dawn. You may need to repeat the question a few times in order to create a reaction and response within your being. Ensure that you ask yourself in the most loving way from a state of self-unconditional love. The answers you receive will reveal to you areas which require healing. For example, you may believe that you are not good enough, you do not trust yourself or the Creator, you have been taught that only special people communicate with the Creator or achieve enlightenment, that you need to work hard to achieve, you may feel rejected or abandoned, or maybe something else. There are numerous reasons, and each is a special key that if you transform, heal or shift, you will reveal your enlightened self viewing who you are as your truth. When a limiting belief, realisation or experience is discovered by you; please call upon my presence, Archangel Metatron. Invite me to bring forth the necessary healing to support the release of this limitation and your acceptance of your inner enlightened self. I will distribute the most appropriate frequencies of healing to support your transformation.

Recognising Your Enlightenment

It is important to realise that you are recognising, remembering and revealing your enlightened self and grounding it into your body and personality every day. It is for most a gradual and subtle process which can be recognised. However, it is often that people desire an instant dramatic shift into enlightenment, so they miss the signs that they are engaging with and embodying their enlightened self. Some indications that you are recognising and embodying your enlightened self are that you experience:
  • Love for yourself and others as well as emanating love wherever you are, whatever is occurring.
  • Inner peace and contentment for yourself, life, those around you, the Earth, the Creator, in truth everything, which is more present than not.
  • An expansion of your heart chakra, your willingness to accept, communicate and share with yourself and others.
  • A sense of gratitude for all that you are and all you have.
  • Love and appreciation for your body as well as communicating with your body and fulfilling its needs.
  • Inspiration, understanding, realisation or divine guidance, feeling stimulated to act on the information shared.
  • Pulsations or flow of energy moving through your body and aura at certain times.
  • New abilities, skills and talents, whether they appear miraculously or whether you are guided to train or study to gain the knowledge required.
  • A reduction in your negative, blaming, doubting, limiting, fearing and distracting thoughts and habits, or even the wish to declutter your mind and focus upon positive truth inspiring thoughts.
  • Trust in the universe of the Creator, the support of the Creator and your own power.
These are just a few examples; each person will experience and notice new beautiful shifts within their being, every person’s experience is unique. Even if you recognise that you are experiencing one of the examples I have shared, even if it is only for a few moments, it is an indication that you are already achieving, accessing or more truthfully remembering yourself as an enlightened being. The enlightenment you seek is already occurring/present within you now. When you recognise your experiences of enlightenment this offers you the confidence and trust you require to open yourself fully to the truth within you. It is important to realise that you are not waiting for your enlightenment to happen, it already is being reveal by you to you every day. A true experience of your enlightened self manifests when you let go of drama, glamour, the ego, negative or fear based habits, lac k, doubt and separation. Every moment you allow yourself to let go you reconnect yourself to your inner power and enthuse yourself with the truth of the Creator within.

In many ways, the quest for enlightenment is an illusion and yet remembering or familiarising yourself with your enlightened self is a journey of being in the present moment.

With eternal support,

Archangel Metatron

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FEB 2017

Monthly Astro-Forecasts February 2017 ~ Letting Go of The Caveats and Conditions

Posted by SpiritLibrary, 02/01/2017

By Sarah-Jane Grace

Message for February 2017

In many ways, life is a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life by strokes of the brush, splashes of colour and a willingness to breathe energy into possibility. Although the canvas is blank, and we have the freedom to create something unique, many of us choose to paint by numbers as it gives us boundaries and a safety net. Maybe it’s an inherent part of being human to want to fit in and follow the ‘guidelines’ even though we intuitively know there are no guidelines? Maybe the freedom of a blank canvas is simply too frightening for many of us to contemplate as it takes us out of our comfort zones and into unchartered terrain? Even when our comfort zones are full of pain or struggle, we still cling to them as it’s what we know as the fear in uncertainty can feel too much.

Being human is a complex, complicated and confusing existence. We are not like washing machines or flat-packed furniture as we don’t come with an instruction booklet. Even if that instruction booklet is written in a different language or full of nonsensical clap trap, we try to find one and follow it all the same as it’s what we do, isn’t it?  As ridiculous as it sounds, so many of us do this as we need something to help us to make sense of the lives we live and we want reasons to understand why things are the way they are. Yet, can an instruction book really do this for us? Are we clutching at straws? Maybe our tendency to cling to instruction manuals is less about living consciously and more about living unconsciously, being a part of the treadmill of life and never really having to think beyond the four walls of everyday life?

It’s important for each of us to realise that the pathway to bringing that blank canvas to life is in letting go of the caveats and conditions we place upon our own existence. We need to stop hovering over the edge of life waiting for a better moment to live and we need to stop feeling we need to be more, do more or achieve more in order to be happy. We each need to find our own ways of working out how to live with life and we need to start having the confidence to pick up the paintbrush and let our intuitions lead the way.

It’s so easy to define ourselves by everything we are not. We see the faults and imperfections far more easily than we see the brilliance. Yet, what we are is not the same as what we are not. We are not the sum of what we haven’t achieved nor are we the sum of our failures; our parts are so much more. We often define ourselves by what we are not as we feel we need to do more in order to attain peace, joy and happiness. We rarely, if ever, entertain the possibility that we are the way we are because that’s the way we are. Perfection is found in imperfection, wisdom is found in struggle and happiness can be found in the here and now. If we spend our lives looking for happiness and seeking out joy, we can lose sight of the present moment. Surely we need to stop chasing happiness as some state of being sat high up on a pedestal on the horizon and instead learn how to live vibrantly in the here and now?

Life may not be as we want it to be; we may have pain, struggle, unhappiness and challenges, but these are always a part of life. We can no more eradicate these than we can stop the day turning into night. Equally, if we believe happiness will come once we have eradicated or fixed all of our problems, then we are denying ourselves the opportunity to be happy as happiness is not a default setting nor is it a result of being ‘fixed’, it’s a force to be cultivated and nurtured. We also have to believe that happiness is possible if we are ever going to experience it! Life’s tough and sometimes it’s downright mean, but we can find strength and wisdom from our struggles, and it’s often during such times that we find insight into our true selves as the light shines brightly within and illuminates the soul. Often, as a result of this, we find the courage to pick up the paintbrush and let our hearts and souls find joy in the freedom of expression.

It’s understandable to want to live life in the relative safety of painting by numbers and to seek out the light, yet light casts shadows. Are the shadows and the darkness any less important than the light? So many push away the darkness in order to find peace without realising true peace can only come from accepting the bigger picture. In this fleeting moment we call life, we need to learn how to breathe into it, how to live consciously and to stop frantically trying to make sense of it all. Living wholeheartedly is an art, and living authentically and with passion are the brushstrokes of living intuitively... 
With love,


As you continue to work towards capturing the essence and the energy of the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense you are beginning to feel more in touch with your inner glow and creative spark. Although you can feel this inner warmth, there is a sense of some confusion as to what exactly you are supposed to do with it! You thrive on clarity and purpose, and using your inner glow as a guidance system feels rather too woolly and vague for your liking. However, you are overthinking things as there is no instruction manual to follow, this is simply allowing your own formidable intuition to lead the way. At the same time, your inner glow has always been your guidance system, it’s just that you have found ways to ignore it! Listen to your heart and soul, and when you feel the warmth rising up from within, you intuitively know you are heading in the right direction. It really is as simple as that! Okay, well maybe not that simple, as life has a habit of throwing in the odd curve ball, but it doesn’t have to be complicated unless you make it so.
February looks set to be a month of re-igniting the passion within as you let go of your frustration and impatience, and begin to allow your free-spirited self to thrive and flourish. Whilst you will always want to do more, be more and achieve more, particularly when it comes to those close to you, you are reaching a stage of your personal evolution where acknowledging your own needs no longer feels selfish or greedy. You are ready to reach more deeply into your heart and soul in order to reach more deeply into life whilst, at the same time, allowing life to reach more deeply into you. Your mantra for February: don’t overthink, keep it simple…

Living wholeheartedly continues to shape and define your path in life as you begin to walk, talk and breathe more consciously than ever before. In a way, you have awoken from a long slumber of being stuck on the hamster wheel of life, but, at the same time, you haven’t really changed much, you have simply become more aware of how you live and how you want to live as this has inspired you to create ripples of change. Of course, part of you is not keen to rock the boat, particularly if it means disturbing the equilibrium of those you hold dear, but there is also a part of you longing to up-anchor and do something completely different. Living with two ends of the extreme can create some disharmony and disequilibrium so it’s important for you to find your middle ground: that place where you feel centred and able to walk ahead with confidence and a strong sense of self.
This is easier said than done, particularly when you spend so much of your time giving to others, but you are a strong, courageous and intuitive soul, so if anyone can find a way through then it’s you. Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t give up when confusion sometimes sweeps in as this is not meant to deter you, it is designed to re-shape and re-hone your path so you can define a truer and richer way of living and being you. You can’t eradicate confusion, so try to embrace it and see it as a tool to help you thrive. Living wholeheartedly takes courage, self-belief and passion, and you have all three by the bucket load. It’s time to stop doubting yourself and it’s time to start honouring yourself as you are ready now to embark on a new adventure towards living the life you were born to live…

The concept of inner balance looks set to take centre stage throughout February as you begin to realise the correlation between inner balance and outer harmony. It’s similar to having a clean and tidy desk to help facilitate clarity and clear thought, as maintaining inner balance can help you to see yourself and your life far more clearly. Of course, achieving inner balance takes patience and determination, but it’s important not to push yourself too hard as frustration can be counter-productive and leave you feeling less balanced than ever. Inner balance is more a way of being than something to ‘do’; it’s a state of existence, an allowing. It’s hard to describe or articulate as there are few words that could truly facilitate an understanding of ‘inner balance’ as there are no words to describe the indescribable.
Inner balance is a feeling, and you know it when you feel it, not before. This is likely to irk you somewhat as you thrive on understanding and feel you need clarity to fully understand a concept but there are times when this holds you back as you cannot always have the answers before you begin the process of asking questions! Sometimes you have to stop digging and analysing in order to live more consciously in the present moment instead. Asking questions can keep you locked in a cycle of waiting for a better moment before you act as you tend to want the answers before you move forward, this is understandable but rarely possible! Intuitively you already know this, but knowing it and accepting it are quite different things. The stubborn side of you may want to dig his/her heels in but it’s time to let go a little as inner balance comes from surrender, open-heartedness and a willingness to trust in the process…

February looks set to be a month of inspired thought and creative vision as you begin to look at the bigger picture of your life and see new ways of living and being which can enhance and enrich your life greatly. You are quite a visionary at heart and even though you are also practical and a bit of a realist, you never give up on dreams as you know they feed your heart and soul, and give you hope even when life feels uphill and overwhelming. Dreams motivate and inspire you, and they encourage you to keep on keeping on even when you are moving against the flow. Yet, what is your dream? In a few words, explain it: give it shape and form. In a clear and succinct way, declare your dream to the universe. Well? What are you waiting for?
Whilst you are full of ideas and encouraged by the concept of having a dream, when it comes to the finer detail, and perhaps even the bigger picture, there is a sense that you haven’t really given your dream a great deal of thought recently. It’s there because it’s always been there, but it’s a little bit dusty sitting on the shelf. Perhaps it’s time to lift it down, dust it off and reconnect with it? Maybe it’s no longer your dream? Maybe you have evolved and moved on? Maybe it still warms your soul? Yet, until you look how can you know? This is a pivotal time for you to re-connect to your dream as the fires in your belly are re-igniting and sparking into life; capture the essence of this and channel it towards creating a clearer and more defined vision of your path ahead. Let the passion and energy of your dreams expand your consciousness and inspire you to soar…

‘Be more lion’ continues to be your mantra throughout February as you re-connect to your inner roar and feel your creative courage rising up from deep within. You have spent a long time trying to be everything to everyone else but forgetting to be everything to yourself. You have given so much of yourself to others, trying to do the right thing and trying to do more, be more and achieve more, and whilst you have achieved a great deal, you can’t help but feel a bit empty and shallow as you are lacking an inner sense of fulfilment. So, what does ‘be more lion’ actually mean? Well, there aren’t really the words to describe it as it’s a state of being that only a true Leo soul can comprehend. Breathe in the words and feel them reaching deeply into your heart and soul; let the energy become one with you as you feel your true nature rising up and embracing you like an old friend.
You may feel as though you’ve lost your way over recent months (even years) as you’ve edged away from your true path and gradually eroded your creative spark, but you intuitively know nothing is lost, it’s just been tucked away, out of sight. In a way, being more lion has, until recently, simply got in the way of life as you haven’t had the time or the inclination to even consider the concept, let alone embrace it. However, the tides are turning and you are now beginning to reach more deeply into that inner longing to live a more enriching and fulfilling life. This has triggered off a chain reaction within you and your fiery, creative, passionate lion is slowly re-energising and inspiring you to thrive. So, embrace this energy and ‘be more lion’…

The wheels on the big bus of your life have been going round and round for quite some time. You have successfully managed to keep the bus going (carrying a wide array of family, friends and passengers) uphill, off-road and in unchartered terrain. Your tenacity and determination has kept the bus moving, and you have learned more about vehicle mechanics than you ever thought possible (or indeed ever really wanted to know). Your life has become ‘project bus’ as your focus has remained fixed on keeping the bus going and you have lost sight of the reasons why you’re on the bus in the first place. ‘Project bus’ has, on the whole, been a successful project as you have pushed on even when you have felt overwhelmed and your gritty resolve has seen you do so much for so many.
Your generosity extends far and wide so there are many random passengers who get on and off the bus as you love to help others and this has seen you meeting a wide range of different people and opened up unexpected doorways and opportunities. Yet, there is a sense that with your focus on keeping the bus going, you have lost sight of the destination and spent a great deal of time meandering and zigzagging. In short, you have misplaced your sense of personal purpose and it’s time to grab hold of the great big map of your life in order to re-connect to your destiny and dreams. This doesn’t mean you’ll stop taking on passengers, but it does suggest a need for you to be far more aware of your own needs and wishes. February looks set to be a month for re-inventing the wheel, or at least pumping up the tyres, changing the oil, grabbing hold of the steering wheel and setting off of your own personal road trip… 

Being you continues to take centre stage throughout February as you begin to seek out new ways to express yourself and to share your wisdom, creativity and sparkle. It may be hard for you to acknowledge you even have a sparkle as life has been tough for you over recent months as you have spent a long time trying to ‘fire fight’ in order to keep on keeping on, leaving you little time for much needed contemplation, creative thought and breathing space. Although your head is always very busy, you are often misunderstood as others fail to see your layers and your complexity. This can sometimes make it hard for you to find that all important ‘quiet’ space as others assume you can’t possibly need it as your head is whirring all of the time. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth but you do a good job of hiding your inner depths so you should try to forgive others if they struggle to ‘get’ you.
February is time for you to open up the doorway to your inner world a little more in order to allow others to see the real you. Whilst you like to keep the real you private, sometimes you need to let it breathe in the fresh air in order to re-centre once again. It’s hard trying to hold it all together on the surface when underneath the veneer the cracks are showing. The main reason for this is an incongruence between your head and your heart as well as the one between your inner and outer self. The time has come for you to bring all of this back together again into a more harmonious whole in order to find a truer sense of peace and balance. Do it your way, trust your intuition and don’t forget to breathe…

February looks set to be a month of inspired vision and innovative thought as you begin to feel a growing sense of momentum gathering pace within your heart and soul. This momentum is connected to a shift in perspective as you’ve found the wisdom in focusing on the things you can change and having more trust in the process of tender, wholehearted surrender with the things you can’t. This isn’t giving up; it’s facing life with courage and acceptance, and allowing your wisdom and intuition to guide you forward. In many ways, this is about the concept of ‘letting go’ as there’s a need for you to realise the futility in trying to push against dead ends and brick walls. Whilst there’s a chance you could break through, often the best option is to find another way. Once again, this isn’t ‘giving up’ it’s simply being wise.
This can be hard for you to see though as your stubborn nature can obscure your view and leave you feeling ‘less than’ if you don’t manage to make the progress you believe you need to achieve in order to ‘succeed’. You are your own harshest judge and this needs to stop if you are going to break this cycle and move forward in life with more confidence and a stronger sense of self. Whilst your dogged determination has seen you make progress in life, it has also tripped you up and left you feeling frustrated and downhearted as you have, at times, felt so powerless and out of control when life hasn’t panned out as you hoped. You may have fought hard to change the outcome in such situations, but there’s great strength to be found in finding another way and it’s time to shift your perspective in order to find a more life affirming, enriching and positive path ahead… 

As you continue to gather together your dreams, goals and opportunities from across time and space, there is a sense you are beginning to see the need to trim down the plethora of things to do, people to see and places to go, as well as re-focusing on your true priorities and goals. Although you are acutely aware of the need to do this, knowing it and doing it are very different things as it’s so hard for you to trim away anything much as you can see the potential and possibility in almost everything. You have a ‘just in case’ kind of attitude and like to keep hold of ideas or projects ‘just in case’ they will bear fruit or serve you well. This is an understandable approach to life, after all, it’s never easy to know exactly where the next opportunity will take you, however, there is a sense that having too much ‘just in case’ can undermine you as it weighs you down and becomes more of a burden than anything else as you end up buried beneath a huge great pile of ‘just in case’ ideas and then you cannot see the wood for the trees.
Of course, knowing exactly what to trim down and what to keep isn’t always straightforward, but when you go within and listen to your intuition, you know what you need to do. Sadly, too much ‘just in case’ can also thwart your intuition as it creates a heavy mist in your soul, clouding your view and preventing you from connecting effortlessly to your intuitive side. So, it seems clear you need to take a little step back from your everyday in order to see the beginnings of your true priorities so you can grab hold of them like the end of a ball of string in order to get to the core of what really matters in your life…

Trying to find a key word for you for February is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack as there are so many words which would be appropriate for you as your life is like a kaleidoscope of thoughts, pathways and opportunities. However, one word seems apt, so one word it is. Happiness. There’s a word for you! That took you by surprise. Some call you a realist, others think you see the glass half empty a little too easily but you have had your fair share of challenges in life to not expect an easy ride. However, this can mean you expect life to be harder than it has to be. Happiness may not be top of your mind as you manage your everyday but it’s no less important. You may be busy keeping on keeping on and trying to deal with the humdrum pedestrian-ness of daily life, but there is still room for happiness. Perhaps you have stopped allowing for the possibility?
So, what does happiness mean? What makes you happy? Is happiness a result of what you do or how you feel? Is happiness the lack of unhappiness or is it something more? Is happiness a default setting that emerges when all the challenges and unhappiness has been eradicated? Is happiness possible? So many questions but frustratingly for you a distinct lack of answers. You hate fluffy, vagueness and this forecast really isn’t giving you much meat on the bone to grab hold of. Yet, maybe that’s the point? Perhaps giving you food for thought is better than serving it up on a plate so it gives you the freedom to shape and define what happens next? Happiness is a flavour, it’s a taste of a state of being, an energy which is both within and around you. The time has come for you to embrace the concept and see where it takes you…

There can be no denying that life has been something of a challenge for you over recent weeks and months. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges has been in trying to hold together the many different facets and components of your everyday world even though they have veered off in many different directions, often at the same time. You do your best to keep on keeping on, trying to do the right thing and often to your own detriment as you push yourself hard and expect to maintain those very high standards you set for yourself. Of course, high standards are a good thing, but when the expectation to continually achieve these comes at the cost of your creativity, ingenuity and intuition, then you know things are out of kilter. Yet, with you being you, even though you can sense this, you still push on as your drive towards getting life right is so strong. It’s not easy being you!
You are a complex soul with a complex perspective on the world, your beliefs are deeply engrained and even though you are a fluid, free-thinking soul, you can find it so hard to break free from the beliefs you know are holding you back. February looks set to be a month for you to turn to face these beliefs in order to find a new way of living and being. You are a vibrant, passionate and compassionate soul and it’s time for you to turn towards these gifts and focus them inwards in order to find a more enriching way to live your life. This isn’t selfish, it’s vital if you are to re-establish equilibrium and balance. You may feel you have to keep pushing hard and keeping on keeping on, but intuitively you know there are better ways to live and this is your time to fly high and soar…

As you continue to contemplate your true destination in life, there is a sense you are beginning to acknowledge the idea that you have been more like driftwood than a mighty tall ship over recent weeks and months. You have lost the self-belief that you have mastery of the waves and you cannot see your own majesty and beauty. Of course, even in a ship, the tide can still carry you off course, but driftwood just drifts and that really isn’t your true and natural state of being; you are mighty, passionate and wholehearted! You often feel awash with the watery depths of Pisces, feeling overwhelmed, lost or confused with the enormity of life, however, you can struggle to see the power hidden within these depths and instead of channelling your formidable energy to thrive, you end up trying to survive instead. There is a big difference between surviving and thriving, and using your time, energy and focus on keeping your head above water really isn’t doing you any justice.
It’s time now for you to explore why you feel more akin to driftwood as it’s important to understand your motivations and beliefs. It’s possible you have bought into the driftwood belief as others see you as slightly vague and nebulous so you have started to think it’s true, or it’s possible you have embraced the driftwood concept as it means never really having to take hold of the helm and make some big decisions. Acknowledging the driftwood state of mind is a big first step but it’s important for you to move beyond the passive and back towards feeling your own majesty, strength and power. Drifting never has, and never will, be natural for you as you know the waves, ebbs and flows so well as your intuition is formidable; see this of yourself now, own it and allow your power to rise up as it’s your time to thrive once again…

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