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July 5, 2014   
The Principles of Entropy versus Coherence      
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     Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians.  Today we are going to continue our discussion of the subject of coherence, but we are going to look at it from the opposite angle, which is entropy.  Entropy is a classical energy of chaos and disorder and is described as an energy of confusion and disintegration.  This is usually how it is discussed in relationship to the thermodynamic principles in modern physics.  It is noted that energies or objects or systems have a way of disintegrating or becoming chaotic.  In our discussion, we are going to look at entropy from the standpoint of sociology systems and spirituality.
     From the sociological or societal standpoint, the energy of entropy still can be compared and is still similar to the ideas of thermodynamic physics.  Namely, social or political systems, in particular, societal systems, do have a tendency to disintegrate or to break down into chaos.  In fact, if we look at the Earth and the current situation, I can observe that polarization in the political and social world systems is a symptom or an aspect leading to entropy.  For example, you can picture from a statistical or probability standpoint that there are many dots in a circle, and now picture that all of the dots in a circle are all closely, or coherently, sticking together.  But in polarization, you would find that the dots are going to be separated into different aspects or opposite parts of the enclosed circle.  So in polarization there are now opposing dots or dots of the opposite nature, which are conglomerating and forming separate units.
     Now imagine that the dots in a circle represent the people and the energy of a social system.  If people are working in harmony and together, then the dots represent all of the coherent energies working together.  Those dots will be viewed in a tight-knit, coherent system.  The system could seem to move towards polarization and eventual chaos or disintegration.  One of the earlier symptoms of chaos is polarization.  Dots which are representative of early signs of system chaos then tend to move opposite each other as a beginning of the entry into disintegration and chaos.
     Let us look at this model from the society and the planetary systems.  We see that polarization is one step in the process of disintegration, and actually, the polarization sides also eventually disintegrate.  Now this may be surprising to you when you think about the current planetary and political situation because I know that there are those who may think that disintegration or revolution will lead to a greater unity.  But in fact it has been proven over and over again that polarization and revolution lead to a period of chaos.  You are observing this phenomenon now in the Middle East.  Uprising is an aspect of a disintegration of a unit or a system and initially leads to a chaotic period which can last for an extended period of time.
     The nature of the universe and the nature of reality that is the third dimension are based on principles of coherence and entropy.  Remember from a previous lecture, coherences are coming together, and it is a holding together as a unit, and this is where there is a great deal of power and energy and increased thought abilities.  When your energy field is coherent, then you can accomplish great things, great interventions.  The opposite is true when you are experiencing entropy; then you lose many of your abilities.
     Now I want to make the comparison of the holographic universe and entropy because it's always true that what is normal and can be talked about in the systems on the Earth also relates to the universe.  This is true on many levels.  Let us look just at one level.  You as a personal human have a meridian system.  The Earth, the planets, the solar system, the galaxy and even the universe also have meridians.  The fact that you are more conscious of the galactic center is going to lead to more discoveries about the meridian system of the galaxy.
     Perhaps it is not known by many people that the universe is still young.  I know that the accepted age of this universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old.  This number is very difficult to really measure or comprehend.  But also, let us make for some a comparison.  There could be 200-300 billions of stars in a galaxy.  So numerically, 13.7 billion is a small number compared to 200-300 billion.
     In fact, this third-dimensional universe that you are living in is still in early adolescence.  It may be strange to think of the universe as being young, but if I say that the universe is in adolescence, what does that mean for the projected age of the universe?  Some of the modern astrophysicists on the Earth believe that the universe's full lifespan could go to 100 billion years.  If you consider that the universe has a potential of going on for 100 billion years, then of course, this is now a very young universe.
     How does the concept of entropy relate to the universe because this is a universal principle?  The answer to that is that there are stars and star systems that have formed.  Star systems and clusters can become galaxies.  The galaxies formed systems which are called galactic clusters and galactic groups.  It is well known that there are parts of the universe that have no galaxies.  There is a general clustering of the galaxies in all that there is, but there is a part of the universe where nothing is present.
     Stars and galaxies are part of a unit.  They age and they will eventually run out of energy just like your sun will run out of energy.  Galaxies can even collide with other galaxies.  Galaxies can   lose their energy and force that keeps them going.  Now running out of energy from the Sun is not going to happen in your lifetime.  I am only explaining this to you because stars and galaxies running out of energy relates directly to the phenomenon of entropy.  It is part of the reality of the third dimension, and that is one of keys points in understanding entropy.
     In contrast, there is no entropy on the fifth dimension, no disintegration of systems, no polarization nor chaos.  In fact it is exactly the opposite.  The fifth dimension is without entropy.  The fifth dimension only has coherence.  One of the challenges is how to understand and process the disintegration of the systems that you are now witnessing.  The second part of that challenge is, can you change the entropy?  Can the normal occurring disintegration and chaos of systems and organizations be changed?  The answer is yes, it can be changed.  There are several viewpoints on how to accomplish this.
     Remember the saying, "From the ashes, the Phoenix rises."  This can be interpreted as meaning that in the disintegration of the current patterns and the current society, a new energy can arise and a new light.  This new energy and new light is a greater unity of consciousness; it is a greater coherent system.  It is helpful to quickly evaluate the systems on the Earth at this moment, which is in July 2014.
     When we look at the systems, can we observe or note if entropy or disintegration into chaos and disorganization on the Earth continues?  I am going to answer that question with another question.  Do you know of any systems now on the planet that are getting more organized and more coherent?  Do you know of any environmental systems or biosphere systems that are experiencing an increased unification?
     The next part of that question would be this: Do you know of biological systems that are disintegrating on this Earth?  Do you know of political systems and war-like systems that are seemingly edging towards chaos?  I would make the argument that you are witnessing and experiencing an overwhelming disintegration of many bio-systems on the Earth, and you are also witnessing, or continue to witness, the disintegration of many political systems.
     I know that the economic system may seem coherent around the Earth, but I previously have mentioned that the economic system is based on an illusion.  The illusion is that the biosphere is in perfect condition, and there is an unlimited amount of resources of energy, of food, and other natural resources for everyone.  The illusion is that the availability of these resources will continue no matter what happens on the Earth, no matter how many people live, and no matter how many wars are going to be fought.  The illusion is there always will be continued available natural resources, food, animals, plants, insects, and whatever else is needed.  That illusion is the basic principle of the existence of the current economic system.  You will quickly realize that this is an illusion.  The Earth does have a vast amount of resources.  It really is taking tremendous effort to use up all of the Earth's resources.  It almost seems as if mankind is trying to see if the biosphere is going to go into a meltdown or into entropy.
     The fact is that there are all these Earth systems that are now on a path of disintegration and confusion.  This is what you are seeing now!  This is what you are living in now!  But do not despair because fifth-dimensional energy is the antidote for entropy!  Wow, isn't that a relief that there is an antidote to these disintegrating systems and the chaos.  I think that we have to understand that there is going to be continual entropy on the Earth now.  You're going to continue to see more systems disintegrate.  This is going to be more apparent in the political arena.  There are certain aspects of the religious systems and the moral systems that will experience entropy.
     In order for you to understand the concepts of entropy from a broader perspective I want to introduce another concept.  (Author's note: Precession is an astronomical phenomenon caused by the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon on the Earth.  These forces cause the north and south poles of the Earth to move in an apparent circle.  Each circle lasts about 26,000 years.  This phenomenon will also cause a change in the pole stars, so our current North Pole star will change over the centuries.  The positions of stars and constellations, such as the constellations of the zodiacal constellations, change in their relationship to the Earth due to this precession.)  This concept has been described as the relationship of the Zodiac to the precession of the Earth (Equinoxes).
     One important understanding of the entropy lies in the understanding of the Zodiac and the Earth's precession.  Now these two may not seem related.  The zodiacal system is a path related to the traveling of the Earth's "wobble", and thus the Zodiac is divided up into 12 sections.  Each section represents a movement of the Earth's wobble which is approximately 2200 years long, give or take a few years.  The approximate circling of one cycle (or wobble, which is also called the precession) is about 26,000 years.  That cycle is referred to as the wobble of the Earth, and this can be visualized by a ball or a top.  You spin it, and as the spinning slows down, there is a slight wobble.  That's what the Earth is doing, and that wobble can be described in terms of the relationship of the North Pole and the Zodiac.  Which star system is the North Pole pointing to?  Now you know through some of the work of the 70's and 80's that Earth is entering the Age of Aquarius, that the Earth is leaving behind one cycle and one path on the circle of precession, and it is going into another group of stars known as Aquarius.
     In each zodiac position, there are certain dominant energies and dominant patterns which begin to flourish on the Earth.  It also means that the previous zodiac energy will not be able to hold together the societal, economic, political and biosphere systems.  Let me give you an example: The energy of dominance and conquest and male superiority is one aspect of an older system.  It is an energy of male superiority and dominance.  This energy was somewhat successful in holding together and forming the foundation of modern civilization.  Some of the ideas in that system had to do with the right of dominating whatever is needed by taking whatever resources are necessary, etc.
     I want to explain that this type of thinking is not just limited to the Earth.  These energy systems also exist throughout the galaxy.  In fact, some of the extraterrestrial beings have come to the Earth with these similar patterns of domination and exploitation.  They've come to the Earth to mine gold, to take the resources of the Earth, and in some cases they've even abducted people.  In other cases they've enslaved groups in order to have these groups do certain tasks for them that they did not want to do.  These concepts of dominance and using resources are part of a systematic thinking that also occurs in other planetary systems and other solar systems.
     We are now talking about the Earth and how the Earth systems are going through different stages of development.  These stages of development correspond to the position of the Earth in relation to the Zodiac.  Now you are beginning to leave the old system that some people call the Piscean System and are going into the new system called the Aquarian System.  This transition is marked by the Earth's shift into a different section of the Zodiac.
     The entry into a new system means that the energy of the old system disintegrates.  You know that the energies of the old systems do not disintegrate without a fight.  You do not see an immediate surrender of old ideas.  I don't think there are many warriors on this planet who are surrendering.  The warriors are not saying, "OK, let's give in to the new energy."  In fact, some of the old energy seems to be erupting in newfound success!  I'm referring in particular to the energies of the Middle East.
     The energies of the chaos and the striving for world domination and also the desire to destroy  all that is in opposition to it is part of the old way of thinking.  This old way of thinking is experiencing a resurgence, but clearly, that old way of thinking, even though it's showing success in some areas, is going to lead to more disintegration and more chaos.  This transition is part of the process of entropy.  Entropy begins and is initially experienced in society as a polarization which then leads to a conflict, which then leads to more chaos and more disintegration.  That is in part what you are observing now.  But the optimistic part of this process is that the Earth is moving into a different position energetically where the newer modes of thinking that are in line with the Age of Aquarius will dominate, will become accepted and will be integrated.  (Tones OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH twice.)
     This pattern of shifting into new energy is also evident in your personal development.  The systems of thinking, the thought patterns, the belief systems that were originally downloaded into your energy field as a child don't work well now.  Early systems given to you as a child are not usually based on spiritual principles that are fifth dimensional.  We find a need to integrate your belief systems.  The belief systems that you were raised with did not include discussion of the fifth dimension or ascension.
     Now I want to mention that ascension transcends entropy!  As I said earlier, the fifth dimension does not have entropy.  Fifth-dimensional energy can offer solutions that are part of the Age of Aquarius.  The fifth-dimensional energy can bring an alchemical energetic restoration of a higher order to the planet, and it's a higher order that does not contain confusion or disintegration.  I think that these higher thoughts and projections have been written in some religious texts when they describe an age of peace and prosperity coming to the planet.  In this higher order there is a general acceptance of fifth-dimensional energy which is above the entropy.
     Let us look at some of the ways of bringing this higher order to the Earth and into your life.  There are a plethora of crop circles that are spontaneously appearing around the planet.  One of the greatest messages of the crop circles is that there is a unity and there is coherence.  Another message is that entropy is not inevitable, but rather there is a higher order of thinking that is being communicated to humanity and to the Spirit of the Earth.
     Surely we can look at the Earth as a super-organism.  We can look at the Earth as a great spiritual energy being that we call Gaia.  It is important for Gaia to know that the experience of entropy and of disintegration of systems is not permanent.  The disintegration of its biological nature is not permanent.  The Earth needs to know that these systems are not going to disintegrate into chaos, but rather, a higher unity is coming to the Earth and to all of the systems on the planet.  There appears to be continuing polarization and disintegration and chaos, but behind all this and after all this is a greater unification.
     The crop circles are first and foremost a message to the Spirit of the Earth.  The message has to do with understanding that the crop circle images are representing systems of circles and different geometric formations.  These images are forming a unity of higher light, and therefore, the Earth is being instructed in fractal geometry.  The crop circles are giving the Earth energy and methods of connecting to the fifth dimension as well as ideas on how to upgrade its feedback loop system to include new patterns and a new transcendent order.  Maybe you will look at crop circles and think that you don't understand these images, and you might want to meditate on the images in order to understand what the message is, specifically to the Earth.  I would say that the specific message in almost all of these crop circles is the unity that the Earth can achieve in the face of such disintegration that is known as entropy.
     You are witnessing some of the great disintegration of Earth systems in part because of the nuclear destruction that is now continuing on this planet.  The nuclear energy is continually invoking a major destructive force throughout this planet, and the Earth is still attempting to reconstruct itself and rearrange its energy field.  Remember, I said that the Earth is a super- organism and it does seek unity.  It does seek to maintain a homeostatic position.  I think you will agree that the Earth has done a fantastic job at this point in maintaining a homeostatic position in the face of some of these energies that are tending towards disintegration.
     I also want to say that you, personally, as star beings, have done a wonderful job in maintaining your homeostasis.  You are seeking to have a greater perspective on yourself and your relationship to this wonderful planet.  You understand the system and the era and zodiacal epic that you have chosen to incarnate in.  You have chosen to incarnate right on the cusp of the shift of the change from one epic to the next.  This cycle or this wobble has been described as a 26,000-year cycle.  I know that each of you have incarnated at different times during this past 26,000 years, and now, this transition point is flourishing.  The energies and the awakenings are potentially healing and uplifting for all beings.
     Of course, the problem is how do you uplift those who are still stuck on lower consciousness?  The answer again lies in bringing down the fifth-dimensional energy and light and bringing together a unified thought field into the Noosphere.  The answer lies in holding that thought field at the highest level possible.  Then download that thought field energy into strategic energy points that can be viewed as meridians.  Concentric circles and geometric patterns to help the energy of the Earth are represented in the crop circles.  You can look at some of the crop circles and think that maybe this is a new pattern of fractal geometry that is being presented.  These configurations are representative of certain types of Medicine Wheels.  These new concentric circles need to be manifested across the planet.  These are representing patterns of interaction that are certainly transcending modern logic.
     How can patterns that contain concentric circles and different levels of triangles and rectangles be of a healing nature?  You have to understand the nature of holographic energy and holographic light.  Holographic energy and holographic light is a healing energy, and it's a healing perspective.  Holographic energy has to do with being able to work with a small slice of an object or person.  To heal the Earth holographically, you can work with a small portion of the Earth.  You can first work with a small a portion of your own life also.  When you minimize that portion, you are able to zoom into it, and then by zooming into it, you can create a healing energy that will spread to the whole system.
     I will try to explain holographic healing again because it may be a little bit confusing.  The basic idea has also been expressed in this love of water where this great Japanese metaphysical healer (Dr. Emoto) spoke about how water carries love.  A small portion of water, containing healing energy and light and love, can be placed into a lake, and that energy and that love will be transmitted holographically, to the whole lake.  This healing in part occurs through a fifth-dimensional intervention.  This holographic healing and energy occurs when you are minimizing and then energizing healing a part from the whole.
     This healing is done though the saying and invocation of sacred words and/or through a prayer.  For example, imagine that you have a special container of water that you have configured and energetically rebalanced for higher vibrations.  Then you decide to use that water for healing a large body of water.  You then have that water placed into a river or pond that's polluted.  You can then say a special invocation that would go something like this: "O pond or lake, please accept this higher level of water that I am now pouring into you.  Know that this water is coming from the highest dimension and has a holographic power and force to send this healing energy and light to all the water molecules in this lake, and I ask for the intervention of the higher guiding spirits to come down and spread this energy throughout the whole lake."  This is an example of holographic healing because you are just taking a small part and healing that part and then allowing it to replicate or interact with the whole body of water.  This is a part of the process of osmosis and a cellular transfusion where energy is passed from one cell to the next.
     It's also one of the keys to your own healing.  Heal a part of yourself, or heal the singularity within you, and then that will be transmitted to all the cells in your body.  Where is that point of singularity in you?  Where is that holographic healing point in you?  That point is basically in your Super Mind, which is manifested in your Higher Self, and it has been described as the point of "I am that I am.  I shall be that I shall be."  It's a point of consciousness.  You could go to that point of consciousness, and you can accept it into your third-dimensional mind, and by doing so, you are creating a holographic healing point that can be transmitted to all the cells in your body and all of the systems in your body.  This is an antidote for entropy in your body and a model for how to heal the whole planet.
     But now at this point I would like you to find that point that is the I Am Presence in your energy field.  If you're having trouble identifying it, see your Crown Chakra and see a beautiful golden candle burning a golden flame of light above your Crown Chakra.  As you visualize that, see a point right above the candle that's another circle, like a crown, like a halo of light.  It's just a point and that golden circle, that golden aura, that golden halo is your I Am Presence.  Just focus on that point that I call the singularity of the I Am Presence and say these words: "I am.  I am.  I am present."  And hold that thought as a singularity thought, a thought that is only the one thought that you are going to focus on right now.  "I am.  I am."  Let us go into meditation now as you hold that energy of the singularity, "I am."
     As you are holding this light and energy in this beautiful circle above your Crown Chakra, feel a golden light becoming stronger and larger.  This golden light is becoming a big circle filling your whole aura.  As it fills your whole aura, it becomes a healing energy for you because this is part of your eternal nature.  This is part of the eternal self.  This is the part of you that is not affected by entropy.  Entropy is not able to affect in any way this I Am self.  It only affects the third-dimensional self.  (Chants "Ehiyeh", the Hebrew for "I will be", but we are re-translating it into "I Am".  Chants "Ehiyeh" several times.)  Feel the vibrations of this sacred name of the Creator.  It carries a sound vibration that fills your whole third-dimensional aura, bringing you into a state of transcendent golden light.  (Chants "Ehiyeh" several times.)
     Your whole aura is filled with your I Am Presence.  This is a fifth-dimensional presence, and it is that part of you that is connected to your eternal self.  Know that the Earth has an eternal energy, the eternal fifth-dimensional Earth that transcends what you are witnessing as the third-dimensional Earth.  We know that there is a fifth-dimensional Earth, and you can connect with her spirit.  The Spirit of the fifth-dimensional Earth is in the Garden of Eden.  Everyone knows about the Garden of Eden.  In your great ability to visualize and to heal, see yourself going through the gateway and entering the Garden of Eden.  See the beautiful divine light in this garden.  It is a garden that brings joy, happiness, and unity into your energy field.  It is a place where your I Am Presence feels welcomed and nourished.  This is one of the keys about the fifth-dimensional Earth - it nourishes your I Am Presence.
     There you are, in your Garden of Eden, the fifth-dimensional Earth, and you have this visual image of how the beauty of the Earth can sustain higher spiritual light.  Bring that image back to your third-dimensional self now.  For the Garden of Eden is also eternal and does not experience entropy.  It is self-sustaining and self-nourishing.  Bring that image back into your third-dimensional body.
     Now you are also sending the image of the Garden of Eden into the Noosphere.  There will be manifestations of the Garden of Eden on Earth in small places, in small ways, through Planetary Cities of Light work, through coming together in group consciousness and group brotherhood and sisterhood.  This experience will be just like the way I described the healing water phenomena.  You take a small amount of healing water and put it into a big lake.  That small water will help to heal the big lake positively.  Now you are creating miniature Gardens of Eden throughout the Earth.  Miniature places of unity will affect the greater planet and the greater society.
     You are all great beings of light, and you have these untold powers to counter the effects of entropy.  Certainly, I think by now you've understood that entropy is part of the natural process.  This is why I was describing it in terms of the process of the universe.  There are examples throughout the universe of entropy.  Remember that there are multi-verses, not just this universe.
     I want to say that one of the goals of the Creator is to create a universe that does not have entropy.  But in order for a universe to exist that does not have entropy, it must be fifth dimensional.  A third-dimensional world will be able to integrate fifth-dimensional energy in such perfection that everything will be able to stay in a dynamic energy sustaining a Garden of Eden on the whole planet.  This is going to occur.  May the light of the Garden of Eden stay with you throughout your coming days, no matter what chaos, no matter what disintegration you might hear about or observe.  Let your energy of oneness, unity, and I Am Presence stay intact for it is the seed for the new Earth.  You are the seeds for the new Age of Aquarius!
     I am Juliano.  Good day!

David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty


Antarians and Arcturians

Timeless Conversations With the Higher Dimensions

July 20, 2014

Dear Arcturians and/or Antarians,
I am addressing you both so that either or both of you can assist me. I am in the midst of a huge transition. I know enough to know what I don’t know, and right now I feel like I am stepping over a cliff and into a bottomless canyon. Of course that is an exaggeration in terms of physical reality, but pretty correct in terms of emotions. It is not that I am having a lot of negative emotions, but I am definitely not having a lot of positive ones either.

It is more like my emotional body is in such transition within the NOW that the polarities of “good” and “bad” emotions are overlapping and even interlacing. I am not unhappy. In fact, often I am very happy, but I do have moments of, not really sadness, but more like grief. Yes, I am having a sadness that is more like a grief. However, the grief if also filled with expectancy that what I am now apparently losing will be replaced with something that is currently beyond my ability to put into language.

I was told to open my long closed file on the Antarians who came into my consciousness in the mid 1990s. I also discovered the long lost file about Jaqual, my Antarian warrior self. I was wondering why this information pulled on my consciousness begging to be released. Then, I realized that we, that is all of us who are “warriors for Gaia,” are fighting a war just as Jaqual fought in the Galactic Wars against the Orion Draconians and their allies.

Our war is not to be fought with weapons and spaceships, but with our minds and hearts. At least, in a “real war,” the enemy is known and “over there” in their starships. Our “war” is more with our own addiction to third dimensional thinking and emotions, as well as our habit of thinking and perceiving the third dimension as our “real world.”

We are being called upon to believe that what we have known as REAL for myriad incarnations on Gaia’s third dimensional planet is actually a holographic illusion. Therefore, ALL our external enemies, ALL our external perceptions and needs are only holographic projections of light against the mind-screen of our third dimensional brain.

Meanwhile, I think I am getting what I have always wanted. But sometimes I feel sadness that what I had instead seems to be leaving. “Why did this not happen sooner?” and other time-based thoughts flood my mind. Simultaneously, I am having many journeys beyond time in which I blink out for literally a second or two, but come back to the 3D feeling disoriented and confused.

Interestingly, before it was the higher frequencies of reality that confused me, but now it is the third dimension that clouds my mind and encourages the emotions of “something is happening.” I know that statement seems like a thought, which it is, but it feels like an emotion. My thoughts seem know better than to try to figure it all out,yet. On the other hand, but my emotions want to rush to anxiety or grief, that is until I meditate.

Once I meditate and/or communicate with my higher expressions of SELF the anxiety becomes hope and the grief becomes joy. But then, ego pops in to tell me that I am likely crazy, and “Who do you think you are?”

Why does that final question come in just when I feel my true reunion with SELF? Yes, of course, the ego is threated that I will leave it behind in the crazy 3D world. Dear ego, do not be concerned. I, my multidimensional consciousness, am just scouting out the trail. I will come back for you, and for Gaia.

That is I hope I am scouting out the trail and not “just daydreaming.” However, daydreaming about a fifth dimensional reality that I can easily slip into is MUCH better than worrying about the bills I can’t pay or whatever is happening with my body. Hence, I choose to go with the ascension version of reality. Yes, ascension is the reality that I AM choosing to attend to—that is most of the time.

When I talk to you dear Arcturians, Antarians and other members of my Higher SELF, I get great comfort. For one thing, in order to communicate with you, I have to pull my consciousness up from the gutter and into the reality that is based on unconditional love.

To stay aligned with my higher dimensional reality I do need to stay away from the “bad news” that confronts us everywhere we look. And most important, we have to call on the higher dimensional members of our SELF, which I am NOW doing? I will stop talking now and listen for your answers.

Dear ONE,
We the Antarians are the first to answer you, as we have been in frequent communication with you in your NOW. Also, we have waited for many of your years, since 2007, which was ten years after the last communication with you in 1997. To us in the timeless fifth dimension, there was no wait, but for you there was 10 years of no communication. Actually we communicated in 2002, but you lost our message.

The physical world can be a very distracting place. Also, your relationship with your Arcturian SELF was greatly expanding during that duration of that “time.” You have been called back to us, as it is the NOW for you (meaning all who find themselves reading this message) to activate the Spiritual Warrior.

You might ask us, “What is a Spiritual Warrior?” We answer you by saying that as a Spiritual Warrior you fight for the fulfillment of your personal Mission/ Reason for Incarnation with the “Sword of Truth” and the Shield of your Three Fold Flame. Your purpose is not just personal. In fact, it is primarily planetary and inter-galactic.

As a Spiritual Warrior you wear your body as their uniform, your High Heart as yourmultidimensional computer and your Third Eye as your inter-dimensional communication system.

You are not above the sensation of fear, as fear is not just an emotion. Fear is a warning that you resonance is lowering and it the NOW to recalibrate your consciousness, and thus your thinking, emotions, perceptions and communications.

We Antarians refer you now to the Arcturians who will augment our message:


Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We will begin by reminding you of a morning message we sent you in on 4-28-14.

That morning you woke up with an inner message. With eyes half opened, you reached for the pen and journal by your bed and wrote what you heard:

With this decree I declare that

I AM ready to release the protection of fear

And walk the path of loving surrender.

I AM ready to transmute ALL fear into Unconditional Love as

I choose to walk the Path of the NOW and live within the ONE.

(Your 3D self did NOT know you were ready for this choice, so we reminded you that your were, indeed, ready!)

With the above reminder, we return you to 1996 and the Antarians…


Dear Commander Malteese
Please assist me more in learning how information is sent from the higher dimensions into the third dimension.

We are happy to answer your question. The transmission of information from the higher dimensions to lower dimensions is a process of transduction. The vibratory rate of the message must be transduced up and down the vibratory scale.

First, the call is made. At this point in your Earth time, (1996) there is a great call from both directions of the spectrum. There are many beings, such as our selves, who send a “homing beam” to all those who can be receptive to it.

This beam of light is to assist you to recognize the frequency of your higher dimensional home. There are also many confused and frightened earthlings who are calling for higher assistance.

The ones who are receptive to our messages are:
·      Those who are of a higher resonant pattern 
·      Those who are able to believe that it is possible to receive a message from the higher dimensions 
·      Those who are clear enough in their minds and emotions to retain the message that was transmitted to them with some degree of clarity
·      Those who wish to transfer that information from their superconscious, Higher SELF into their conscious third dimensional self. 

Of course one can, and many do, receive messages and are unable to ascertain the true source of that message. This situation allows that person to access their higher creative energies without causing too much of a strain on their 3D belief systems. 

However, if one cannot be clear as to the source of the message, their chances of distortion of the message are much greater. Without a conscious connection to the source of the higher dimensional information, it is more likely that there will be a third dimensional belief system that will limit the full meaning of the message.

Usually, until known guides are established, the call is sent out from the physical in a wide spectrum sweep such as: “Dear God…” This call is always answered, but it is the belief system of the caller that determines “who” answers the call. 

We now return you to another Arcturians timeless message that was sent to you via a dream in what you would think of “a more recent time.”

I had a dream this week in which I was ascending. I woke up suddenly at about 3:00 am and heard in my head, “I just had a dream of ascension.” However, I could not remember how it felt. Of course, I then had to go to the bathroom.

When I came back to bed, I tried to remember the feeling from the ascension dream, but I was distracted because my body was too hot. I was not a hot night, but the heat came from inside of me.

I lay in bed for a while feeling the intense inner heat. Eventually, I fell back asleep. In the morning, I remembered the experience, but I still could not remember how the dream felt. Fortunately, I had an acupuncture appointment that day and determined to remember the feeling of my dream then.

When I was on the acupuncture table, it took a while to return to the dream. Gradually I began to see myself in what looked like a cloud. I was in an upright position with my hands pointing down, and I was slowly rising upwards.

However, after just a short moment, I felt a tugging sensation on me feet, which stopped my upward motion. I realized that there was something that I had to release. I didn’t know what that was, nor was that important.

All that was important was that I had to release it so that I could continue my ascension. Therefore, I took a long breath and told myself, “Let go!” Instantly, I returned to my slow, but steady ascension upwards.

Unfortunately, it was not long before I felt the tugging again. This time I knew what to do. I took a long breath and said, “Let go!”  Again and again, I had to let go, never even knowing what I was letting go of. I only knew that ascension was most important, and I had to continue.

Eventually, I began to rise faster, and the tugging greatly diminished. It was then that I saw something far above me. Controlling my excitement, I patiently (and I don’t do patience well) continued to float in an upward fashion towards the unknown.

Thoughts drifted through my mind, but I could easily ignore them as I was beginning to feel the euphoria of the higher dimensions. My form started to tingle, my heart opened and my Third Eye became focused on a blurry object above me.

Eventually, all thoughts were released, and my emotions were only a sense of expectation and wonder. The tugging had stopped completely and the letting go was constant. I was living in Surrender, and it felt natural. I felt a light emanating from me, and my body remained extremely hot.

Then I saw a light from above, which resembled the dawn coming through a dusky morning. As I moved closer to the light, the object above me became increasingly clear.

It was an orb with a face, but I could not recognize it as the light was too bright. As the face came closer and closer, I still could not recognize it, but I KNEW who it was. I was ME. It was the face of my SELF.

As I went about my week, I remembered that ME, but I could only recall it when I could “let go” of the drama, confusion, and 3D distractions.

I was not difficult to let go,
but it was very difficult to remember to let go.

(I found the below writing without a date, so I do not know at what TIME I wrote it.)

I had completely forgotten I had written this. (Not sure what the “this” is.) In fact, I had forgotten I even had that experience. I write this now to remind us all that we must have patience with this process of ascension. Impatience creates anger and anger creates fear. Then, fear lowers our consciousness and puts our ascension process on hold until we can return to love—unconditional love!

The path of ascension is paved with patience. We are accustomed to thinking in human time, but we are actually leaving time. Therefore, thinking in any “time” binds us to the third dimensional paradigm from which we are trying break free. In fact, “trying” also creates anger, which lowers our consciousness.

Many people have asked the Arcturians, “What can I DO to facilitate my ascension?” The Arcturians always give the same answer of, “Do what you love!” Love is an action of letting go because love is based on faith and surrender. When we cannot surrender into our love, the feeling of love dries up from the lack of our constant connection.

Those of us who are in a loving relationship with any being—husband, wife, children, friend, animal, garden, job, creative project—know that we must keep our heart connected to that love in order to maintain it. In the same manner, we must keep our heart connected to our ascension process.

It is helpful to write down our ascension experiences, as they can be forgotten in the struggles of daily life. Then one day when we are feeling like we have never had a “real sign” of our ascension we can stumble onto a dream, a meditation or a brief moment that we experienced years ago to affirm that we ARE ascending.  Then we can regain our patience.

Note from Sue:
As I looked through my old files I discovered that I had to release my 3D addiction to the sequence of “time.” Once I could follow this timeless thread, I discovered that:

 “If we follow the outer signs that are showing us what we have received inside and forgot; we understand how our LIFE is talking to us in the NOW.”

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD


red heart small  

Changes at 7/26 New Moon     
by Selacia   

Want to energize a brand-new phase of your life or find increased clarity about something that just ended?

Our new moon on July 26 is an excellent time to put your active focus on brand-new starts and to go within for greater understanding of recent life events. This is especially true for anything that really speaks to your heart and allows you to express yourself in an authentic way.

The key right now, during the time leading up to the new moon and this weekend, is to tune into yourself and the things that help you to connect with your heart and life passion. Similarly, invite your inner wisdom to show you what about the recent past or even the present is getting in the way of your full authentic expression. Contemplate these things now and over the next few days.

Most likely, you have experienced numerous chaotic and perhaps disheartening life events in 2014. If you are like most people, you have had disappointments and felt uncertainty on more than one occasion as you moved through our recent challenging and unpredictable cycles.

Those difficult cycles are part of the package of transformational energies impacting all of humanity during these times. They may seem relentless, but indeed from a higher perspective, their very persistence over time is part of what is helping to shift humanity into the higher frequencies of love. That is what you want, after all, to live in a world where all are valued and honored. 

More Gentle Cycles

Amidst the overall mega shift energies of these times are more gentle cycles like the expansion wave that arrived this month. That energy may feel like a soft breeze on your skin, helping you to be more optimistic and connect with opportunities arriving at your door. 

Each of those opportunities comes with some kind of change. Your task as a divine changemaker is to make peace with the process of change. That includes the sort of relentless and imminent change that stops the average person from self-actualization. 

For the typical person, living with a multitude of imminent changes - many not of his or her invitation - it becomes too much to handle. The overwhelmed person then unconsciously puts up an energetic stop sign to the world and blocks the very opportunities he or she desperately wants.

Look at Yourself Anew 

On this new moon, decide that you will look at yourself in a new way, with an updated perspective that factors in your growth and why you are alive now. Certainly, you are not average or typical. You have a unique divine spark to express in ways that no one else can. 

You do not need to have the rest of your life planned out to express what makes you distinctive. It is not necessary to have a particular job lined up or to have a soul mate partner at your side to express your gifts either. Do not wait. 

Work with what you have. Work with who you are, beyond what the world tells you that you are. Work in a multidimensional way with your timeless eternal self, alive now to offer unique contributions to humanity and the Earth. 

Work with your inner wisdom relentlessly. Inquire within regularly, even if you are not conscious of any response. Ask anyway. 

Remember: even in the darkest hours there is a light shining and growing brightly. You are that light.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Can you hear us?

It seems like "WE" are speaking from 13 galaxies away, and maybe We are.

Does it really matter?

When you learn to implement you eternal capabilities, it won't matter if your contactee is " right down the block", or 13 million Galaxies away.

Your natural telepathic powers know no distance.

Reach as long or as short as you wish.

"WE" wish for you to understand something.

You need not look towards the skies for your "Saviors".

"WE" are not here to be seen as Gods or Saviors.

The times for needing a leader is over.

The Earth project is one of many..

Granted your planet has been hidden.

And we do give protection at this time.

If you knew the Multitudes that surround your small blue academy you would be shocked, and pleased.

" WE" say academy because it is a planet of lesson.

Earths ascension is very important to many beings and planets.

You need not wait for us...WE are here.

You need not wait for are Ascended.

Do not fall for the waiting game.

Its a ploy to hold you back.

It is a matter of perception, not physicality.

There are those with dark plans.

They are held at bay, and only fool themselves thinking they will succeed.

Your Eternal Family holds you always.

Be at peace. You ARE peace.

All you need to do is open your inner world.

There in lies the truth.

You already are that which you strive to be.

And its not even close to being the first time.

Earth is the next in line to be home for the Masters.

We are here in Love. Open your hearts to feel us.

When humanity comes to the realization that they dont need leaders, and they look within.

You are empowered....each one.

When you bring that power to the forefront a new age will dawn.

And Gaia will be inhabited by truth and Love. Do not give away your power.

You need nothing more than the remembrance of what and who you are.

You are all Gods...You are Eternal. ..

We are the Overseers....

Sunday, July 20, 2014


JULY 20, 2014
Today we speak to you of ascension. You are beginning now to see the results of higher dimensional energies pouring into world consciousness causing the dissolution of many old paradigms and bringing in a receptivity to truth and there is much yet to come. Up till now, ascension has been the distant goal of hundreds of individual lifetimes of experience and learning finally to be understood only after death with the help of one's Guides. However at this time--NOW, planetary energy is shifting and raising in frequency through the presence of so many enlightened beings on earth at this time. There are many from other planets here in human body simply to add their light to this process. The higher dimensional Light of so many enlightened ones is serving to dissolve the false and bring about the personal ascension of many while still in physical body. Those of you reading and resonating with the Arcturian messages can rest assured that you chose to be here at this powerful time to be a part of this.
Ascension is the reason so many struggle with difficult experiences. In order to shift into higher dimensional energy, there must first be a clearing of the lower resonating energies still held in cellular memory--these energies cannot be carried with you into the higher. These energies usually remain dormant as long as an individual is comfortable and all seems to be going well--thus some powerful "wake up call" may be needed to jolt him out of complacency. "Negative" experiences are not signs of failure for a spiritual student, but instead are indications of a spiritual readiness to move deeper. However not all energies needing to be released are negative, sometimes it is an intense connection to someone that has become so interdependent over time as to hold the student back. Because this is such an important time on earth, most of you chose birth families that would serve to activate deeply buried issues, bringing them to a conscious level where they could be finally resolved and released.
Through an honest examination of all experiences, the good as well as the bad, you will come to understand that much of what you have accepted as the way things "must be done, must appear, must work" in order for them to be correct, are instead simply concepts, many of which were accepted in other lifetimes and carried into this one. Everyone has had different lifetime experiences and so everyone's clearing experiences will be different.
Impersonal universal human consciousness contains all third dimensional thoughts and beliefs. The beliefs and ideas of this impersonal human consciousness are never yours until you personally accept them as true, at which time they become your state of consciousness and can begin to manifest outwardly. You may say; "But I don't believe this" or "I am spiritually aware, so how did this thing manifest in my life?" This is because energies of duality and separation are still resonating in cellular memory and any general acceptance of the third dimensional belief system will appear outwardly. There is no un-manifest consciousness. Many of you may re-experience these impersonal energies as they clear, especially those from the emotional body, just don't pull them back in, once again personalizing them.
If it seems to you as if you are going no where spiritually, know that this suggestion arises from human concepts of how spiritual experiences must look. Films, books, and even some spiritual teachers present pictures and ideas of ascension and spiritual evolution according to their personal experiences and state of consciousness. Every individual is different and there is no one experience for all--to believe you must have a particular experience is human.
Some are attracted to the teachings of the East because they learned and lived these teachings in other lifetimes and resonate with them. Others may find themselves drawn to teachings from the nature path...those of Native Americans and other aboriginal groups. Many are finding themselves drawn to convents and monasteries for no apparent reason. This is because you have lived these experiences in other lifetimes and everything you resonate with either positively or negatively is now coming to your awareness.
Always remember that at a certain point, you no longer need the modalities--paths, rituals, and teachings. Tools can guide and assist in the earlier phases of awakening but are no longer necessary after realizing that you already are that which you seek and that your oneness with Source constitutes your oneness with all that Source is. The tools can help open an individual to deeper awareness but there comes a time at which any dependence upon them must cease in order that teaching come from within. Holding tightly to some path, tradition, or teaching after it has been outgrown only serves to keep one in old and finished energy. This does not mean you cannot occasionally work with an evolved reader or teacher, or schedule an energy session, or take some class you may be guided to take. It means you no longer believe you NEED these things.
It is important that you not judge yourselves for any human beliefs or thoughts that may flow to you even if you temporarily accept them. Impersonal ideas are often inadvertently accepted because you still resonate with their energy. For example if a person has had many previous lifetimes of disease, he will be more susceptible to the concepts of health and disease floating about in universal consciousness.
Resist any temptation to guilt, regret, or self loathing for thoughts or actions you may embrace, instead use these realizations as reminders to go deeper. If you realize that you have ignorantly accepted some belief or another that you now recognize as false, know that the sky is not going to fall down nor will you be "smote from above" as punishment. These experiences are simply opportunities for growth, and investing them with a power they do not have is duality and separation. Always remember that nothing, no word, thought, experience, or appearance can ever separate you from who and what you really are. Learning becomes more gentle with time because the need to learn through struggle and pain is finished. Most of you are at that point now.
Trust your intuitive sense about things. If some thing in your life (food, books, entertainment, world view etc.) is no longer resonating with you, know that you have shifted beyond the energy of it and try not to revive it as it was in the past no matter how pleasant or perfect it may of been at that time. Try very hard not to add energy to negative outer appearances, but instead reinterpret them. For example, you may become aware of some humanly negative or violent activity, but the spiritual reality is that all activity between living things is the activity of interconnectedness (Love-- many within the One). In this case that spiritual interconnectedness is being reflected through the third dimensional consciousness of separation--it is still the interaction within the One, but colored by false belief.
Trust that once you choose to evolve, you are indeed evolving regardless of any outer appearances. It is not necessary to jump up and down, light a candle, chant certain chants, go to church every week, or stand facing a certain direction saying certain words to get the process moving. You have all evolved beyond these beginner activities or you wouldn't be reading these messages. Nothing is needed but the intention to evolve. It does not mean you cannot visit a church and enjoy the beauty of a service nor does it mean you cannot sign a petition or speak your truth. It means you no longer give these things a power they don't have, but instead, rest in the realization that there is only one power and that power is within.
There are those who believe they have already know all the answers and so there is nothing more for them to learn or understand. Sadly, this ego stance serves to act as a box enclosing them with their own creations and preventing any real spiritual growth until such time as they are ready to open themselves to more.
Evolution is a gradual journey into higher dimensional energy. Ascension is the achievement of that state of consciousness that will allow you to shift into the higher frequencies. The higher and faster the frequencies, the nearer to pure Light they become. The third dimensional world is unable to see these higher frequencies with human eyes and so denies them, but this is changing as more and more come into alignment with them. As beings of light, you allowed your energy to slow and become dense in order to experience the third dimension for the purpose of remembering truth while seemingly separated from it. At this time most of you are ready for completion and are on earth to once and for all clear any remaining energies from these life times.
Trust that you are well on your way regardless of the lack of so called spiritual experiences. Open your hearts to the truth behind what you may behold in the outer knowing that all, even the seemingly un-awakened are releasing old energy. There are some not yet ready for ascension, honor them and concern yourselves with your own inner work. It is not wisdom to try and convert another not yet ready for your level of awareness. Keep truth silent and secret in your heart and those ready for what you have will find you for energy seeks its own level.
Relax, rest, and take time often to go within, even if you have to get up in the middle of the night to find quiet. Stay present in each moment no matter how mundane or frightening--this is the spiritual journey which rarely comes as the blast of heavenly light depicted in movies except to those who have already attained their personal ascension in a previous lifetime.
Trust, trust, trust that which is within. It is time to claim your own Divine Power.
We are the Arcturian Group July 20, 2014
©2014 | Cedar, MI 49621