Friday, September 30, 2016

Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ Put Everyone in Your Heart

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Take everyone in your life and put them into your heart, right now. 
The simple act of placing another individual in your heart will facilitate a deeper connection with that person, whether any words are spoken between you. You have within you access to all other beings, but most of the time you pretend that the other beings you share this universe with are out there, somewhere.

They seem to be separate from you, and that is as you want it to be because you need to create that illusion to give yourselves opportunities to come together. The feeling of coming together brings you closer to home, closer to the Source that you truly are. So whether someone is actively in your life or not, if you want to reach out to that person, reach in. Put the person inside your heartspace, and see how that shifts how you relate.

It may seem counterintuitive to you to bring someone into your heartspace if you are having some sort of conflict with that person. You may be trying to avoid that person. You may not want to see or hear from that person at all, but we suggest bringing him or her into your heartspace, wrapping the person in the Love that you are, and surrendering to the relationship that you have.

You are always co-creating with all other beings, whether you recognize it or not. Regardless of whether you ask for anyone else’s input, you are co-creating. You are giving yourselves an opportunity to experience what it is like to complement each other. Sometimes it helps to create a greater connection with another person if he or she has an ability that you are fooling yourself into thinking you don’t have.

This is how bonds are created, strengthened, and how you can access more of yourselves. You do so through your connections with other people, even though you are whole and complete. So again, you are playing with the illusion because you want to create a very specific experience and a very specific feeling.

And as you continue to acknowledge that you are doing this, then suddenly you will recognize that all others always have and always will exist in your heartspace, surrounded by the Love that you are.
We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Rare Black Moon Rising In Scorpio ~ Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift

By higherperspective, 09/29/2016

What's so special about a black moon? Well, black moons are very similar to blue moons as well as being the exact opposite. Black moons only appear if there are two new moons in the same month.

Since we already had a new moon on the first of September, this next new moon that is suppose to rise in Scorpio on September 30th is considered to be a black moon since it is the second new moon of the month.

Blue moons only ever occur whenever you have two full moons in the same month, meaning that the second full moon would be considered the blue moon.

So, what can you do in order to prepare yourself for this astronomical event?

Luckily, it will not be as hard as you think it will considering the last major shifts, such as Mercury retrograding for the past three weeks, you will not have to worry about any form of communication going unheard.

In fact, during this time you should be awaiting a huge shift in positive energy as it contagiously spreads like fire to each individual on earth.

You may not exactly be able to see the black moon since technically new moons are the first phase of the cycle which usually means you won't be able to see it at all.

However, despite not being able to see the black moon in the sky, you will definitely feel it's tremendous energy pouring throughout the universe.

This is a time for creative people or artists to truly tap into this power of the black moon and harness all of the new insights as well as perspectives in order to see your truest/full potential in making a masterpiece.

You will see all of the steps necessary for success and all of the things you will discovery about yourself in the process. Do not shut out new ideas because there will always be more than one point of view that you're not seeing correctly.

It is also a good idea to balance yourself with all of your negative and positive emotions. If you are entering into this major shift with negative thoughts then you can reverse the feeling instantly with the help of the black moon.

The energy is so great that you probably aren't going to be feeling any kind of negativity in the first place.

However, it'll help you all the more if you are able to adjust your way of thinking into something productive as well as beneficial in order for you to truly experience the raw power that the black moon exudes.

Keep your eye's open for any new opportunities that present themselves to you. With the black moon rising, you will want to make every single change possible.

This will allow you to move on further into your life as well as accomplishing something that you've been working really hard on for a long period of time.

Allow yourself to experience new beginnings as well as coming to an end with some of the old things that you've been dedicating your time to these past months.

Essentially, in order to prepare for the black moon, just be as open as you possibly can. Be open to new people, new places, new ideas, new homes, new friends, just about everything! This shift is going to be huge!


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Sar’h Reveals Her Truth

by Sar’h

(Daughter of Jesus and Mary

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 30th September 2016

 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greeting, I am Sar’h, Daughter of Christ and Keeper of the Holy Grail Ascension Codes. It was my purpose to be born upon the Earth to continue the light and ascension achieved by my parents, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, as well as retaining the high vibration all obtained and experienced in that lifetime upon the Earth. I, Sar’h, am known now upon the inner planes as the Keeper of Truth or in fact, sacred secrets. My purpose as a soul was to receive a great volume of codes, energy vibrations, light, love and wisdom, safeguarding them within my being and sharing them appropriately so the truth could be remembered by all. Although I was not physically present for much of Jesus’ lifetime, I held within my being and soul all of the ascension shifts Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Christed Beings and Disciples of that time experienced. I retained all the knowledge discovered conc erning the Christ Consciousness energy. I held wisdom about how to heal instantaneously, the teachings of the Goddess and memories of every aspect of the time when Jesus walked upon the Earth.

From the moment I was conceived, I began to absorb wisdom, light, memories and consciousness. I was in my mother’s womb during the crucifixion of Jesus; I accepted the ascension codes all received at that time. When I was born, I downloaded further wisdom and light vibration of that time. My mother, Mary Magdalene, soon realised how sensitive I was. My character and inner power were strong as I was a synthesis of my parent’s energy and truth, yet Mary Magdalene gradually realised my powerful ability to absorb energy. As a baby, if she left me with another while she rested, when she came back to me, even if it was only after a few minutes she would find that I then held the energy of that person. It was not that I took energy or consciousness from others, more so it was that I became a reflection of them, as if I had made copies of all that they were and embodied it myself. My mother realised the full extent of my unique ability when she allowed a woman who was a friend to hold me; she observed me change from a happy baby to experiencing heartbreak, saddened by the loss of romantic love and experiencing excruciating pain throughout my being. Upon realising that I had embodied the women’s energy and especially her heartbreak, she quickly realised that in order to safeguard the wisdom and codes imparted to her child from herself, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness and the Creator she needed to surround me in pure vibrations. Otherwise, my heart would become quickly darkened by the pains of humanity, a burden that one soul cannot carry on their own.

My mother surrounded me with people who had reached a high level of ascension, who had moved through powerful healing processes releasing any pain of their past and who focused upon their connection with the Creator. She carefully assembled souls of the highest vibration around me who would mirror back to me my truth so I could begin to explore the truth of my being. She realised that if I was constantly being bombarded and influenced by the unconscious thoughts of others, their pains and illusions, then this would always cloud my perception of my truth. It is because of my ability that we moved to the south of France to live in a cave with the High Priestesses of the Goddess Isis Temple, this way my energy and truth would be safeguarded remaining pure.

I never considered myself special, my energies were safeguarded because as an adult there would come a time when I would marry a man of equally high vibration. I would then share all the wisdom, light, love, consciousness and holy grail ascension energies with him and the children I would give birth to. This would be a symbol of allowing me to give all the energies which had been safeguarded within me to the consciousness of humanity for all to absorb. As a child, I longed for that moment because I knew that the vibration of the entire planet would rise and accelerate. I knew all the wisdom I held would be shared with humanity energetically, creating a major awakening for all as well as completing a Christ Consciousness awakening and initiation which my father had begun. I realised that after I had imparted my consciousness and light to humanity my ability of embodying all energies wo uld decrease and so I would be able to live a normal life in a community while still explore the great volume of powerful consciousness within me.

As a child my mother taught me how to heal the pains of others I absorbed, she also guided me to recognise the powerful blaze of light within me using it to support and empower myself. There were times when the energy I was embodying in preparation for delivering it to humanity was so powerful and luminous within me it felt uncomfortable and unbearable. As a soul I already knew closely and recognised my truth, my purpose was not to explore my soul, more so it was to synthesis my soul with the energies which had been anchored into the Earth and my being by the inspirational people of my past.

In the years following the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus there were some dark times upon the Earth, it was as if the Earth and humanity went into a depression. Immense volumes of love and ascension codes had been anchored into the Earth and humanity causing fear and pain to come to the surface to be released. It was a period of purging all that was not love which had been instigated by the love of the Creator touching the hearts of many. Another reason for the depression was that humanity required time to synthesis with and embody all they had received from the Christ Consciousness. They needed time for it to merge with their thoughts, actions and reactions so all could emerge into a greater experience of love. My mother use to tell me, ‘Let go of your fear of darkness because when there is darkness you know that profound love is on its way.’ She knew th at the presence of any form of fear or challenges was an indication that love far greater than you could possibly imagine was about to emerge and blossom from within you, filling your being and reality with profound bliss.

There were times when the fear embedded within the consciousness of humanity become so heavy that even protected by my mother’s energies I would feel its presence as a burden upon my being. I would cry and scream in pain and suffering. My mother would call in more light and protection holding me as she emanated her light into my being. However, she knew I was releasing the energy on behalf of humanity and that once the process had been completed it would pass and I would return to my normal self.

I, Sar’h, am sharing this information with you because I feel you may be interested to hear a little of my life and purpose as Sar’h. Although predominantly it is to support you in recognising that even as an individual upon the Earth you can support and assist such tremendous shifts and transformation for the Earth and humanity. Just because you may see yourself as an individual focusing on achieving your ascension, may feel helpless or powerless, please know your ascension process and journey is so valuable to all upon the Earth. The changes and shifts you experience as you move into a greater space of love and enlightenment may seem personal to you and as if they do not impact others, however, they do, more than you could possibly imagine. Every small shift you make awakening your being from illusion supports others in achieving the same. Just because the Earth may seem so big and impossible, this is not the case. You have a power within you which like me is a synthesis of powerful energies which you can draw upon and use as your power. It is not for you to consciously change the world or dictate to others what their actions should be, to do so is to try to create change from a place of weakness. When you allow yourself to recognise and observe all the beautiful energies, light, love, codes and consciousness you were brought to the Earth to embody and share, letting go of the outside influences which may cause confusion within you, then you will be achieving all you need to on the Earth. You will receive the beauty, power and healing within you while recognising the energies which are not your own discarding them back to where they came from. You will find all you need to do is safeguard that beautiful energy within you by retaining the focus of your mind on your truth and alignment with the Creator. There will then come times when you fee l empowered and inspired to let your light shine brightly, simply feeling the energy flowing from your being. It will be at the appropriate divinely guided time that you will allow the precious energy and consciousness you express to merge with the consciousness of humanity creating tremendous ascension and greater love. This is the most powerful gift and ascension service you can give to all.

Please know I am with you, supporting you in being your truth upon the Earth,


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Archangel Michael ~ September Has Been Off The Charts With Dynamic Shifting

By Leslie-Anne Menzies, 09/26/2016

Dear Ones,

Your ability to transmute these extraordinary energies increases exponentially. You truly are Masters of your environment. September has been off the charts with dynamic shifting and changes. So much has occurred within your physical bodies and you have felt every ache, and pain.  Every part of your body is affected. We remind you Dear Ones - this is an Evolutionary Shift of physicality from Carbon to Crystalline - NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN HUMAN FORM.

You are Way-showers Dear Ones. Congratulate and applaud yourselves for undertaking such an incredible feat. If you could but see what we see. We are truly in AWE, Dear Ones. Each of you now taking more in your stride. The bemoaning has lessened, as you appreciate you have signed on for this transition and you are now witnessing daily the positive outcomes for the effort you are expending.

Continue to breathe through the changes Dear Ones. Your ability to “go with the flow” is being tested to your highest capabilities and as your supporters we witness the growth experienced by each Soul. After all Dear Ones, this is what you came to do!

Dear Ones, as your cheer squad we wish to encourage you to keep on, keeping on. We feel you when you cry out, that it is all “too much.” You tell us you wish to go home - let us remind you Dear Ones you are HOME - this is your new home and you are just beginning to understand where everything is placed - you are finding your place.

When it all feels too overwhelming (and it will) feel us closer than ever before. Go quiet, listen and we are there. We hear your cries, we wipe your tears, we listen to your prayers and requests. As your consciousness rises you are taking your power more completely and remembering your role in this Evolution of Humanity.

Your safe passage is assured Dear Ones, you are making the Dimensional shifts necessary to bring your HEAVEN to your EARTH. You work diligently not only in your awakened hours but during your dream space. So much is being achieved - not yet physically visible to you. You interact on so many levels Dear Ones and the Beings who assist you are delighted to be of service.

Dear Ones, we wish to shower you with LOVE/LIGHT, breathe it in, allow it to flow within each of your trillions of cells.

As you become more LIGHT all of the struggles will subside and you will freely find your Bliss.

How can we assist you further Dear Ones? Please call upon us to add to your awareness as we all walk this path in unison. This is a co-operative process Dear Ones, What is it you wish to Create in these transformative energies?

REMEMBER who you are - REMEMBER why you came

Take your rightful position in your changing reality. YOU WERE BORN FOR THESE TIMES. You are noticing the cells stir within you at the mention of the magnificent changes to your Planet.

You are the Ones, the time is now. What lays before you is YOUR Creation.

Dear Ones, we have reminded you often to “Let-GO” we now reiterate that statement as we assure you, letting go is the only option if you truly wish to be FREE. All that holds you back from achieving all you desire is what you are holding on to. Holding on/hoarding is about fear - you can only serve one Master at a time - let that BE LOVE - let You be LOVE and watch your world shift before your eyes.
LOVE truly is ALL THAT IS - when you CHOOSE to live only from LOVE - fear has nowhere to reside.

Be LOVE Dear Ones, Breathe LOVE, Speak only of LOVE and BE the Magnificent Being you came to be.

LOVE and LIGHT Dear Ones, your future is here.
And so it is.


Leslie-Anne Menzies

Black Moon Sept 30th 2016 ~ Helping Us Manifest All of Our Greatest Dreams

Posted by Gostica, 09/27/2016

The final day of September will bring a rare lunar event that hasn’t occurred since March of 2014, a Black Moon.

The term Black Moon has several definitions, but one of the most common definitions is the second new moon in a calendar month. This is similar to the well-known Blue Moon, which is the name given to the second full moon in a calendar month.

“Traditionally, Black Moon’s are ultra feminine and represent a time of great awakening and clarity. Black Moon’s are extremely powerful and often indicate a sharp turning point in a cycle.

New Moon’s are all about releasing and letting go so the new can emerge. On a New Moon, it is often a good time to go within and spend some time clearing through your subconscious mind.

The New Moon often represents the planting of a seed, and the darkness that seed experiences before it begins to bloom.
To have two New Moon’s in one month signifies a very powerful blossoming process and one that has probably been in the works for some time.

September’s Black Moon is filled with positive aspects and plenty of opportunities. In fact, the entire week leading up to the Black Moon and the days that follow it, are going to be extremely positive and peaceful.

The energy of this Black Moon is so supported by the other planets and it is very likely we will all be experiencing great epiphanies, opportunities and even, miracles.

In fact, this Black Moon is going to deliver an extremely positive force, helping us to manifest all of our greatest dreams, wishes and desires.

If you have been looking to change or shift something in your life, if you have been building new ideas or projects, this Black Moon is really going to give you an amazing push in the right direction.

Whatever has been troubling you, whatever has been shrouded in doubt and confusion may also become clearer to you around the time of this Black Moon.

If you are in doubt about anything in your life, you may find it beneficial to wait to see what energies and what opportunities the Black Moon brings you.” says Tanaaz Chubb

Also of note is the fact that this particular new moon will only be a Black Moon for the Western Hemisphere; in the Eastern Hemisphere, the new moon doesn’t occur until after midnight on Oct. 1, making it the first new moon of October instead of the second one of September. But, that half of the world will still experience a Black Moon soon — it’ll just happen about a month later. Depending on where in the Eastern Hemisphere you live, you’ll be seeing your Black Moon either on Oct. 30 or Oct. 31, 2016.

Overall, the Black Moon is going to bring an extremely positive force and is going to help all of us to change directions in our lives in some way.

Pay attention to what transpires for you around the Black Moon, for it is sure to be guiding you towards your highest path.


Lord Metatron Shares a Message about the Equinox of September 2016 ~ Integrative Channel Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden


Lord Metatron Shares a Message about the Equinox of September 2016 

~ Integrative Channel Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Dearest Comrades of the Light,

I Am Lord Metatron, here to speak about the Equinox of September 2016.
As I speak in this moment, the Equinox has fully arrived around the world. It does not matter which hemisphere we are speaking about, it represents the entire earth and all her inhabitants.

As we stand at a very important precipice of time upon this planet, changes will create a new reality to be birthed unto your world. It is a time of standing at the edge, ready to go forward into the next creation of your life or to stay within your present conditioning as the world crumbles around you.

Since 2012 the world has been in a state of turmoil. Each of you are part of that creation with every thought, every feeling, and every action that you have experienced. Every soul upon this planet is going through some kind of upheaval within their four body system. The sad part of it is that many individuals do not realize the potential they have to make necessary changes within their world.

Each of you stands at the center of the earth, you are fully learning to see things differently as everything changes around you. Some of this movement is in a positive direction and for others it may seem it is not going as well as they had hoped. It all depends upon the individual consciousness of every living being at this time.

The Equinox of September is that cliff – the movement of stepping off into the unknown and allowing faith to be your guide. It is happening everywhere around the earth. Many people are waking up to the control, to the darkness, to the elements that have held this Earth in bondage. It is now time to allow the awakening to happen in various degrees to all souls.
Each of you has chosen to be here at this time, but yet there are so many thoughts that come into the consciousness of the all that truly do not understand how it is occurring right here and now. But yet each soul is responsible for the changes that are experienced. The collective energies that are felt is a mixture of both the dark and the light. But yet, many of you, the awakened ones are tired of the same energy occurring over and over again. You look to the Spiritual Hierarchy, to the Inter-Galactics, and to the Inner Earth Beings of Agartha and Telos to give you the answers.


And the answer is not within your Lower Mind, it is not within your experiences of the duality of this earth; it is within your Higher Consciousness, it is within the Divine Beingness that each of you are a part of.

Presently, what is occurring is that your prayers are being answered. What have your intentions represented in the last quarter since the June Solstice? That is your answer.
As now within this period of the Equinox, you stand upon the mountain. You are ready to move forward or are you? That is a very important question that can only be answered by you.

You see, the energy that is occurring presently is allowing everything that you have been working upon, within your lower and higher consciousness to become your reality. What you have asked for, what you have been releasing, what you desire to manifest is right in the next step of your pathway. All you have to do is take one step forward away from the reality that has bound you for eons of time to fully embrace the next movement of your desired awakening.

Now this advancement into the New You can come in varying degrees depending upon where you are within your mastery pathway.

It can be part of your four-body system, the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, or the Mental body. It is an area in which you truly need the most healing that will take you into a different part of yourself than you experienced previously.
It could be a study of mastery that you have been delving upon within your life and taking those principles into a deeper part of yourself.

It can also be the desired effect of your intentions to allow them to become your physical reality.

It all depends upon who you are as an Initiate and the level of experience that you are bringing forth into your physical life. It is a time when the desired effect of your consciousness become your true reality.

This movement is allowing the Earth to receive these energies so that she can also do her part. Every cell and particle within Gaia and each of you is being challenged to be more than the previous cycle. This is allowing every soul an opportunity that has not been acknowledged previously, mainly because the time was not right.

Many individuals feel that this means the New Earth has arrived; I am sorry to share with you that we still have a very long way to go; but this Equinox is allowing the energies to move in a direction that has never been experienced before.

If you will recall, during the June Solstice we stated that the 22nd Ray of the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchiee was emitting particles of light into Mount Shasta, California (it resides above this area). This was bringing forth the Feminine and Masculine Divine energies more physically into Mount Shasta so that it could be emitted through all of the Majestic Mountains around the Earth.

I am happy to share with you that this energy started it first journey around the Earth to assist each area to be infused with these light frequencies but more importantly, for each soul to start to experience change within their creation. The activations that took place during the months of June, July, and August has allowed more infractions to be put into place within Gaia and each of you.

Now what has occurred is an opportunity for more to happen. This is what this Equinox represents – it is a parting of the energies so to speak as the Feminine and Masculine Divine comes into balance it helps each soul to go more deeply within themselves to see what needs to be changed.

It is a moment in time when each soul has the ability to be more to themselves (the physical essence) than they have been previously. It is the splitting of the dark energies from the light and jumping into the abyss of unknowingness but having full Faith and Trust that you are in the Right Time, the Right Space.

We have been awaiting this time to occur and each of you have done the same. It is a time of letting go of the past in order to see the future and it is all based on your previous intentions from the Higher Self, from the I Am Presence, and from the Source of Light.


The entire planet is going through an upload of more light within her system. Each soul upon the earth is going through the same upheaval; for some it may represent their present consciousness they have been dealing with or it can mean COMPLETE REVIVAL OF THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

It is truly a moment in which each soul must decide –

“Will I move forward with what I have acquired or will I stay in the same energy I have been dealing with?”

The element of Free Will now comes into a new perspective than ever before as it is becoming a Physical Reality and not just a statement of the souls of humanity. It becomes a conscious effort of every person upon this planet.

Now this is just a raw beginning but it is a movement that needs to be experienced in order for this Earth to accelerate into the level of a higher dimensional frequency. It represents looking at the 4th dimensional self of duality and saying to yourself, “I no longer desire this experience so I will step over the cliff and allow my Free Will to take me into another paradigm of light that I desire to create.”

This portal of light is open right now and will continue through the entire season until the December Solstice. It will be an open-ended condition of allowing the continuance of light to come into each soul – it is a time of great reflection, of seeing the inner self from the perspective of the dark and the light, and then choosing to be that light.
This period of time will be powerful for each of you; it will allow you to step into the processes you have been trying to create for some time as long as you allow yourself to have faith. When your lower mind comes into play, then that will stop the movement and you will fall back into your duality.

It will not be easy for some individuals; for others that have walked the pathway of master for a longer time, it is the moment that they have been asking for, working towards by allowing themselves to step into a higher level of consciousness.

This cycle is going to help the planet immensely. There needs to be an internalization of every soul upon the planet to go through this doorway. It is not being given, it is to be earned. It is not a quick fix for the Earth, it is an opportunity to be and do more for humanity, for Gaia, and for your eternal self.

Many will be feeling ill effects within the physical body or the emotional and mental levels. It will come in waves and for different types of individuals. Those that have been upon the pathway for several years will find that more of their crystalline energies are being accepted. The physical body will feel the effects. Others may need more psychological balancing within their subconscious minds to find the balance they need. One thing is sure is that each of the four bodies must be in full alignment so if there are elements that you are dealing with in any of those bodies, they need to be healed and changed. So there will be challenges physically, emotionally and mentally as your Etheric Body catches up with the other three.

Take time to reflect upon what I have shared. It is not an easy time but the results will be tremendous. Be diligent with yourself; reflect upon your past mistakes so that they do not occur again. Then, and only then is when you will know that you have the Faith to move forward in your journey. Without this element in place, you will not be able to achieve the results you desire as all needs to be released unto the Light.


The Light Infractions of the Fifth Dimension cannot be held within the body until all four bodies are in alignment within each other. This means that in order to raise your light quotient continually you must work through these issues that you are experiencing. Many times the physical body will e the last one to go through this process so physical ailments can result within the system. Many times they are not acute just elements from the Etheric Self that are arising so they can be healed. This time period will be a huge forward movement for the acceleration of healing to occur especially for the ones that are beyond the Planetary Ascension and well within the Cosmic Level. But these souls are a very small minority; very few on the planet have reached this level of ascension and been able to ground themselves to stay within the body.

That is now changing with the higher energies coming into the planet. The bodies can become Crystalline in the higher initiations within the Cosmic Levels. This process is absolutely necessary in order to be fully grounded. Otherwise, the New Earth will not be able to occur.

It is a Doorway of Light with Great Opportunity That is Now Upon this Earth and Each of You.

I walk with you as all of us doing within the Spiritual Hierarchy of the 144thdimensional state of reality.

I Am Lord Metatron, at your service.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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