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MARCH 10, 2019
Dear readers, welcome to the new age you are creating and have begun to experience. Let go of any concepts about how change must look because this only reflects what is already known.
The massive shift in world consciousness that is taking place will express in ways and ideas that the human collective is not yet aware of. Many resist change simply because they believe it will interfere with what seems to be perfectly fine already, unaware that better expressions of these same things will manifest in their place.
Those who remain focused on self- serving at the expense of others are being exposed and brought to justice. There is more to come and more to be exposed. You are in the midst of it because Light is now penetrating into many previously hidden agendas. The ascension process that began so long ago is beginning to manifest on a global scale.
Personal and collective consciousness manifests outwardly because Consciousness is all there is and therefore the substance of all form. The expansion of spiritual awareness in increasingly more individuals cannot help but express as higher and better form (change). There is much to come dear ones, much to come.
You, who have evolved beyond the illusory concepts of third dimensional thinking, are feeling tired and finished with the worlds' nonsense and game playing. Living in the density of third dimensional energy is difficult for those who are spiritually awake and who often incarnated from places of much higher dimensional energy. Life for those who are already awake is starting to feel like being back in middle school.
Many are finally starting to recognize the manipulation that commonly takes place in businesses, politics, relationships, and organized religions etc. etc. Three dimensional games always arise from concepts of separation that justify manipulating people and circumstances through advertising, speeches, news, preaching etc. as being perfectly acceptable for getting what one "needs".
Up to now, the majority has allowed itself to be hypnotized by the beliefs of others, especially if their words came in an expensive or beautiful wrapper with lots of degrees and authority. These dear ones have been unaware that their ignorant acceptance of everything they are told has been feeding the coffers of the self-serving.
There are some businesses, relationships, and churches that function from love, but many as of yet do not. However, every day more and more individuals are waking up to discover that the "Emperor has no clothes".
Do not resist or become despondent when you discover that you no longer resonate with certain people, foods, or activities as you once did. Understand that your energetic resonance is becoming more refined causing you to be out of alignment with anything of a lower resonance. Beliefs you previously held as truth are starting to feel foreign causing you to wonder how you could have ever believed them.
Never allow new insights to result in guilt and regret for past actions and words, but rather learn to love and accept these experiences as facets of your learning process that brought you to an examination your belief system and helped you to move into a higher state of awareness. Earth experiences are all about learning and growth, there are no accidents.
You are ready to "fine tune" your belief system through the recognition of certain seemingly innocent and innocuous beliefs you may still be holding. Example; "You must work hard in order to succeed., There is never enough., Murphy's law(Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.) There are hundreds of these sayings, and as you begin to recognize them as being alive and well in your belief system, more will begin to surface. Everything held in consciousness will manifest.
Painful experience has been the learning tool of the third dimension. If you are reading and resonating with these messages, it means you no longer need to learn this way. You now understand that everything flows out from Source (Divine Consciousness) within. Therefore, why do so many of you continue to anticipate and expect difficulty, pain, and suffering?
The evolutionary tools that were necessary for you long ago are no longer relevant but as long as you continue to make them a part of your consciousness, they will appear. Release everything reflecting duality and separation, not in an absolute way, but rather in awareness and replacement with truth way. Accept that the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent living Light is already fully present within you.
Humans struggle to hold their "life medallion" with its good side out at all times, even gluing it in place with all the three dimensional "glues" they are aware of but if their consciousness is one of duality and separation, their "life medallion" must sooner or later flip to the bad side because duality will always express as the pairs of opposites.
You are ready to allow the true forgiveness of self and others to become your attained state of consciousness which means allowing an honest examination and re-evaluation of all issues still causing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain. Deeply buried or ignored experiences can and often do remain unconscious for lifetimes but are nevertheless alive and well in the person's energy field until cleared.
Forgive yourselves for past offences and actions taken from a less evolved state of consciousness. Release those still running programs of guilt, regret, judgement, and criticism through accepting that you brought these experiences into manifestation through ignorance. You were living from your highest level of awareness at that time which is all that is required of anyone, but are no longer that state of consciousness--you have graduated.
Forgiveness does not mean you become best buddies with your seeming nemesis, but rather means you recognize that they too are spiritual beings having human experiences in order to learn. Often the very person who has caused you the most discomfort in this life is in reality a dear close friend from your soul group who volunteered to play the "villain" this time around in order for you to learn.
However, forgiveness never means being a doormat or are not allowed to speak your truth, saying what needs to be said to someone. Allow the words you are guided to express to flow on an energy of love (silent recognition of the other's Divinity) rather than anger (separation), and always asking yourself; "What did I learn about my own belief system from this experience?"
You are spiritually prepared to allow any remaining buried energies out of the basement where you have kept them hidden, perhaps for lifetimes--no more resistance, ignoring, or giving power to them regardless of how painful or unpleasant. Old energy often surfaces and clears through dreams. If this happens and it is intense, do not fear, resist, or make a power out of the experience but rather rejoice in the realization that you are finally clearing these old energies.
Past life experiences involving torture or intense suffering that resulted in death or severe injury often remains alive and well in a person's cellular memory until they are spiritually prepared to acknowledge and integrate these energies which often continue manifest as an intense fear of some certain person, place, or activity. Example: Falling to one's death from a cliff lifetimes ago today may manifest as an intense and inordinate fear of heights.
Consciousness, the substance of all form--"What am I continuing to hold in my consciousness?"
Those who choose to end their lives early are not punished as many believe, but are lovingly welcomed home and helped to understand that they were learning something from their experiences. In their next incarnation these dear ones must once again get to the same or a similar difficult place and this time move past it. Nothing is ever for nothing. No one is ever lost because there is only ONE.
It is a new time and a new consciousness you will be living. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to allow yourselves to let go of grievances you may still hold for certain persons, places, organizations, or things. Grievances represent separation, an energy you cannot take with you into the new.
The three dimensional belief system consists of concepts that promote entitlement, that the goal of life is to be happy, rich, beautiful, and to experience every good however one can. When those of this mindset find they are unable to achieve these goals they will often turn to drugs or alcohol in the belief that they are failures which simply further empowers the very situations of lack, limitation, pain, and suffering they sought to be rid of. More often than not, these experiences are "wake up calls" meant to force the individual into new and higher insight.
Regardless of how beautiful, rich or famous a person becomes, these things all remain behind when the person "goes home". The only thing that remains forever with each and every soul is their state of consciousness which they bring with them into their next incarnation. This is the secret of "child prodigies" who are simply souls who attained a high level of expertise in some particular area throughout previous lifetimes and now carry this expertise with them as an attained state of consciousness.
You cannot slip backward to an outgrown state of consciousness, although some attempt it when they believe life was easier before. With each incarnation, you pick up where you left off. Everyone carries their attained state of consciousness with them wherever they go, and in reality no one is responsible for another's problems.
What may look to others to be a very un-evolved life, may in reality be an upgrade from the person's last life which is why it is foolish to judge by appearances. Everyone is only able to live out from his or her attained state of consciousness but everyone is continually adding to their spiritual awareness regardless of how un-awakened they may seem to others. This is how evolution works.
Perhaps in previous lifetimes a person easily got away with nefarious actions toward others--stealing, using, lying etc. but this time around, these familiar methods resulted in a prison sentence. The whole scenario was most likely part of his/her chosen soul contract as being necessary for soul growth. Next incarnation, he/she will incarnate with a more evolved consciousness prepared for a higher way of living but most likely still perceived from a third dimensional level at first. So on, and so on goes evolution.
Gaia is a living soul in earth form and not material matter to be owned, destroyed, and used for self serving. Gaia took the body of earth in order to provide a place for people to evolve but as the result of mankind's ignorance and selfishness has become very damaged and has chosen to ascend to a higher resonance. Please include this living, breathing, loving soul in your realizations of truth and Light.
We are the Arcturian Group 3/10/19

Note; Due to commitments and some travel, the next Arcturian Group Message will not be until April 7th.
Thank you,


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March 2, 2019 
The Concept of Messiah Group Energy     
Copyright © 2019 David K. Miller
All Rights Reserved 
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Founder & Director, Group of Forty
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     Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians!  Let us look at the concept of the Tao that contains the concept of the universal Yin and Yang energy represented in the Chinese philosophy known as Taoism.  Taoism says that the only thing that is constant in the universe is change.  The only energy that can be counted on is the energy of change.  I want to use that brilliant observation to look at the world situation, and look at your personal situation, and also look at your ascension.

     One of the paradoxes in aging is that one often wants to hold onto and maintain the same status.  It is a paradox because, as you are younger, especially as a teenager or even as a child of 11 or 12, you probably remember that you could not wait to grow up.  You could not wait to change.  You were happy to change, and in fact as a child, you might have become bored if there was not change.  But now as you are a full adult and are becoming wiser and, as they say, more senior in your years, then you might find that you are doing everything you can to hold on and to stay the same.  Changes may become overwhelming.  Perhaps you look for ways to stay the same.

     When we look at the planetary situation, then there continues to be rapid change, and I observe that the change is so rapid that you cannot really integrate it all.  The models for predicting the change often no longer work.  I am sure that you have heard predictions of rises in ocean and rises in the Earth's temperatures.  You have heard scientists make the prediction that if everything continues as it is, then by 2050 there will be such a high rise that many of the cities that we know will be under water.  Then a year or two later we might hear that the same prediction has been moved up to 2030.  And then you hear it again moving up more and more.  This tells you that as accurate as some of the scientific instruments are, they are still lacking in observable and correct predictive data.

     There is a rapid change on the planet which is comparable to the change that occurred approximately 50 - 55 million years ago in what is now called the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  The incident I am referring to was the asteroid striking in the area of the Yucatan Peninsula which led directly to the fifth mass extinction which immediately resulted in the death of all of the dinosaurs and many other plants and animals.  It has been estimated that perhaps 85 - 90% of all life forms died during that planetary event.  Now we are experiencing the sixth mass extinction, and the changes that are occurring are equally as rapid as when that asteroid struck the Earth millions of years ago.

     The extinction of the dinosaurs from that asteroid may have taken several years.  It did not happen immediately.  You might think that this mass extinction is happening slower than that incident.  The overall age of the Earth is approximately 4.7 billion years old.  Therefore, then even 50 years or 100 years is an extremely small percentage of the overall time period we are talking about.  So this is a rapid change from the perspective of the age of the Earth.  We, as planetary healers, want to slow down or stop this rapid deterioration, this rapid change.  One thing is for certain, there has to be a rapid intervention for the better in order to stop the continuation of this deterioration.

     This leads me to the well-known subject which we frequently discuss with you, which is the evolutionary change of humanity.  During rapid change on a planetary basis as well as on a personal basis, a crisis occurs, and that crisis confronts all species.  The choice is either to adapt, make necessary changes, or perish.  Some of you may have had personal life-threatening events in which you were forced to change.  You might have found that your old patterns of thinking and your old belief systems were not sufficient to help you adapt.  For example, if you became ill, you might have found that your old way of eating food was not working, and you might have decided to use a new diet.  You might have found that you needed to change your environment, because where you were living was toxic.  Interestingly, you might have found that earlier, when you were younger, you were able to tolerate certain pollutants and certain changes in the environment, but now as you have aged, you are not able to tolerate the same level of toxicity.  The ability to change is one of the key ingredients for survival.

     You are being challenged on a rapid basis to make changes in your belief system, in your diet, and other adaptive mechanisms.  You are being challenged, especially in your belief systems and your perceptions about the Earth and the Third Dimension.  I have repeatedly suggested that, in the face of crisis, a species must change or perish, and the change which is necessary, for humanity to survive and to protect its planet, is in fifth-dimensional consciousness.  I want to look more specifically at how that looks and what a species with fifth-dimensional consciousness can do to change a planetary system.

     The first place I am going to refer to is the Bible and what you call the Old Testament, or the Hebrew Bible.  The change agent for the Third Dimension is encapsulated in the concept of the Messiah.  The Messiah in the context of the Old Testament can be described as a "Warrior-King".  I want to emphasize both aspects, warrior and king.  This may surprise some of you.  I think that there is a general acceptance of the Messiah as a peaceful king, but it may surprise some of you to hear in ancient times the Messiah was also considered to be a warrior.  In the biblical Hebrew language, the Messiah (Maschiach in Hebrew) means "Anointed One".  Anointed refers specifically to oil that is placed on the forehead or head of the king in order to crown him.  The placing of oil on the king's head is called "anointing".  This symbolizes the entry of the person into his reign as king.

     The idea is that the Messiah, the Anointed One, would have the powers to change the political, environmental, social, cultural and societal civilizations, so that everything would be in accordance with the higher, spiritual laws of the Creator.  In fact, in Taoism, there is a discussion of living in the order of the Tao on a worldwide basis.  In the book of the Tao called the "Book of Changes" there are specific instructions on how different time periods have different energies.  One who is to adapt to the times must learn what the energies of the time period are, and to flow with those energies.  This adaptation also includes instructions for world leaders!

     I want to suggest that now, in this year of 2019, the energy of the Messiah can be passed on to groups of people.  The conception in the biblical times was that one person would carry that energy and cause the change, and of course, this Messiah would have the power to change the physical realities on the Earth.  Each of you today struggle with this question: "How is it possible for someone who has high spiritual consciousness to use that energy to change this reality?"  Everyone agrees that this reality has to be changed, but what is the way that a fifth-dimensional consciousness person, who carries this higher light, can manifest change?  In biblical times, the answer was that the person who had the higher consciousness also had the power of the warrior.

     Many of you have been warriors in past lifetimes.  I am not suggesting now that you adapt the warrior way and get ready to go into battle.  There is a new way, and perhaps some have identified this correctly as the way of the "spiritual warrior".  What is important for you to understand is that the beings of higher consciousness are also in possession of personal power which is equivalent to the warrior.  However, the personal power of the spiritual warrior will manifest through a higher way.  When I look at the teachings of Jesus/Sananda, I say: "This was one of his great teachings to the world, i.e., there is a path of higher consciousness that can be used to change the world.  This path of higher consciousness is in alignment with peace and with spiritual harmony.

     The concept which I want to introduce today is that this energy of the Messiah can be combined with the energy of the warrior spirit.  This combination can be called the energy of the Warrior-King.  The energy of the Warrior-King can be carried by a group energy.  There is a group consciousness which can hold this energy of change, both for the individuals and for the group.  You, as Starseeds, can participate in this group Messiah energy.  It will open you up to personal change and offer a force for planetary change.

     Let's look at the fifth-dimensional beings that are sometimes referred to as "extra-dimensional beings" or "extraterrestrials".  When you think of the Arcturians, or any other higher being who comes to this planet, then I am sure you idealize them as having great powers.  How could an Arcturian spaceship come into this reality and not be protected?  The contradiction might be that you would see us, the Arcturians, or other higher beings, lacking the muscle power or lacking the warrior appearance which you would come to expect in the Warrior-Messiah/Warrior-King role.

     In Greek mythology, it was exactly the opposite because Zeus and Achilles and other of the great gods were warrior gods, and they had great muscular appearances as giants who had huge strong bodies and were able to do superhuman tasks.  They could move the energies of mountains, oceans, and certainly they were able to overcome any rivalry from humans.  They were able to fight better and they were able to dominate.  Yet when you see the images of the Arcturians, for example, you are not seeing great figures like Zeus.  You do not see huge images of Achilles, but rather, you see what perhaps some have called "dancer or ballerina-like figures" with minimal muscle.  Certainly, we do not look like the images of Warrior-Kings that you have from Greek mythology.

     There is a big difference in that our mental powers are so different from yours.  You know that mental telepathy, teleportation and other higher powers come with fifth-dimensional consciousness.  These powers are far superior to any type of muscle force.  We, with our minds and our other mental powers, can control even the most advanced radar techniques and the most advanced laser beams that come towards us.  We would easily be able to protect ourselves from any type of military attack on the Third Dimension.

     Our Arcturian technologies also include what you would refer to as advanced military technology.  We would not come close to a planet like Earth unless we knew that our technology was far superior to yours.  Our technology is able to protect and shield us in all ways from any of your military energies.  But on appearance, we do not look scary.  We do not fit the image you have of great warriors.

     I want to assure you that as fifth-dimensional beings, we have never imposed ourselves on humans.  There have been some questions about us trying to control humans.  There are reports of people saying that the Arcturians put an implant or a chip in someone's brain.  This person asked the channel David how they could deal with that and remove the chip.  We, the Arcturians, would never impose ourselves that way on our Earth friends.  This report of implants is referring to some other beings that are doing that type of controlling work.  We, as fifth-dimensional beings, would never impose chip implants on anyone, and we would never abduct anyone.  Beings that do such activity are lower beings.  We have no need, no wish, to abduct anyone.  Abducting or placing a chip in as implants into people is a violation of free will.  It also is considered a karmic interference in a planetary system.

     We do not need to do any genetic modification or genetic investigation of your systems.  If people say that: "Oh, in my dream state, an Arcturian visited me and implanted a chip", then this was not us, but some other group.  Remember that is not an Arcturian.  We are much more advanced than that, and our abilities to enter and study your planet are so advanced that we do not need to abduct anyone.  It would be such a violation and a karmic interference.

     Let me also look at an interesting figure in a comic book known as Superman.  In this figure, we are again talking about an extraterrestrial person coming to this planet, and by the nature of his own development, that person, when he came to the Earth, had super powers.  That is why he is called Superman.  This is a good model for understanding higher dimensional beings, because in the higher dimension, in the Fifth Dimension, those beings who appear or who come here to the Earth have "super powers".  The manifestation of a higher dimensional being has fifth-dimensional powers, which can be used in a structured and changing way to bring a better order and system onto this planet.

     The existence of higher beings was known by the ancients.  It was known by the ancient Israelites, and also by the ancient students of the Taoism.  They knew that higher beings from other realms could manifest onto this planet and have "Superman-like" powers.  This does not mean that the higher beings would be flying through the air with a cape.  But it does mean that they would be able to change aspects of this third-dimensional reality.

     Having a power like this, that is, the power of the Warrior-King, requires great responsibility, great ethics, and that is why only those who are fifth-dimensional can and should be granted the power to change this reality.  The energy for this change is contained in the energy of the Warrior-King.  This energy is also referred to as the Messiah Energy, and it can manifest through a group, and that group is called the "Starseeds".  We are working with you to establish the foundation and the receptivity for the Messianic Light to be downloaded in order to shift this planet.

     I can talk about this shift while I am looking at the evolutionary process that is now going on with humanity.  Remember, you are Homo sapiens, but you are part of a series of species within the branch of this Homo sapiens.  Homo sapiens has a long, historical connection, and you are not the last manifestation in this line of species.  For example, we can look at earlier relatives of Homo sapiens.  We can go back to Neanderthal Man.  We can go back to Cro-Magnon Man, and we can even go back to Peking Man or even earlier to what is known as Australopithecus.  We can say that these are all hominids that are related to a chain of species that is evolving, and that Homo sapiens is not the last manifestation of this line.

     It is a good thing for you to understand that you are part of a chain.  You, too, are changing.  Your manifestation on this planet now is not the end.  You are in a process of evolving.  You have earlier states of your Self that were more primitive.  You also have more advanced states of your Self that you are working to reach.  Of course, you have your ascended Self, in the future.  So, you, too, individually are participating in this evolutionary process.  Do not look at yourself now as the final stage of you.  You are experiencing one manifestation of your "Self".  You might want to hold on to this image of your "Self".  Please understand that you are in a process, just like humanity, of changing.  The changes in your consciousness will affect the changes in humanity's consciousness and help move humanity to the next level.

     I have designated the next level of evolution for humanity as the Omega Man/Woman.  The Omega Man/Woman has great personal power with higher consciousness.  The Omega Man/Woman has fifth-dimensional consciousness, and he/she is able to use the laws of alchemy to change this planet.  I used the word "alchemy" because the alchemy is also a system or philosophy, developed in the Middle Ages, which attempted to demonstrate that metals could be coordinated and mixed in order to turn the lower metals into gold.  Everyone knows that gold is the most precious metal on this planet and has great monetary value, which means that, symbolically, those who could change the lower metals into gold could become rich.  Experts in alchemy were also able to use their personal power, and gather their personal power, through the accumulation of wealth.  Wealth is also defined as the ability to accumulate gold.  This process is called alchemy, because it demonstrates the ability to transform lower energy into higher energy.  Today you would want to do alchemical exercises in order to activate personal and planetary change.

     I now want to lead you in a meditation for the evolution of humanity and for the gathering of the Warrior-King Energy.  We want to merge that energy into a group focus for the planetary change.  This is necessary now because the coming changes are going to be so rapid that it will require great concentration and great focus to hold the energy for higher evolution.  Let us clear our minds first with this tone.  (Tones)  Say this affirmation: "I open myself to the Warrior-King Messianic Energy."  I want you to understand the warrior energy as the energy of personal power which will help you to affect and to change this manifested reality.

     The next affirmation is: "I open myself to the Warrior-King Messianic Energy.  Take three breaths and feel a great opening in your Crown Chakra as you rise out of the physical body into the spirit body.  You float to the top of the room, and as you go there, you leave the room and float upwards from the Earth and into the Ring of Ascension.  And all of you, wherever you are, in Australia, San Diego, in the United States, Germany, in South America, Mexico, Europe, or wherever you are, enter the Ring of Ascension.

     Now when you are in the Ring of Ascension, enter a special doorway that I have opened up that enables you to see the future of this planet.  I want you to sit in a meditative position by this special doorway in the Ring of Ascension.  The Ring of Ascension is a fifth-dimensional, etheric ring which has the greatest energy for higher planetary light.  So, let us sit for a moment in the meditative state in the Ring of Ascension.  We will go into silence.  (Silence)

     From this position in the Ring of Ascension, I want you to look down at yourself back on the Earth, sitting there in your room.  I want you to see your past experiences in this lifetime.  Some have called this perspective the "life review".  You can see yourself even as far back as when you were born coming into this body.  Just look at all the events from childhood and growing up, teenage, young adult, middle adult, older adult.  See yourself and realize that you have evolved.  You have come to a higher, more evolved state.

     At the same time, look forward towards your future and see how many years you might have left in this physical body.  This time as you look forward, I want you to add the energy of the Warrior-King to your future time on the Earth.  Add the energy of the fifth-dimensional Warrior-King Messianic Light to your future time on the Earth.  Say this affirmation: "I project the Warrior-King Messianic Light into my future Self on the Earth."

     Let us go into silence again and work with this affirmation: "I project the Warrior-King Messianic Light into my future Self on the Earth."  (Tones)  This will give you great advanced powers of healing.  This affirmation will help you with your personal issues, biologically or genetically, physically, but also it will give you abilities to manifest a positive planetary change.

     Now see your future time on Earth with this ability for spiritual manifestation.  Join with all Starseeds in the Ring of Ascension and feel a strong group connection.  All of the Arcturian Starseeds are uniting in the Ring of Ascension.  Say this affirmation: "We, as a group, manifest the Warrior-King Messianic Light onto planet Earth in the future.  We, as a group energy, will manifest the Warrior-King Messianic Light onto this planet."  (Tones)  I want you to feel the group energy link from this power.  Hold this deep group connection, and now I want to turn the next part of this lecture over to Vywamus who will be speaking on the subject of resistance.  I am Juliano.  Good day.

     Greetings!  I am Vywamus.  I am a soul psychologist.  Juliano has asked me to talk with you about resistance to change.  When you connect your higher energy fields in the Ring of Ascension, then you are in a heightened state of understanding.  It is easy to talk about change, but the truth is, in order to institute change, you must have the ability to deal with the resistance to change.  It is said that most people can look at others and see what is wrong with them.  Of course, it is more difficult to look at yourself personally and see what you need to do to change.  Most people with decent intelligence can look at other people and see what the other person needs to do and what is wrong with them.  But the true art is to understand and help oneself and other people deal with their resistance to change.

     The truth is that each person resists change.  Why would you, as a student of the Ascension, resist the change that you need to do to become of higher consciousness?  There are many answers, but they lie in fear of the unknown, in fear of giving up old ideas and old selves, these old ideas and old selves that you have brought with you from other lifetimes and from your childhood.  The old ideas have become your identity.  The way to change lies in identifying with your fifth-dimensional Self, not with your older Self.  You do have sub-parts of your Self, including your Inner Child and older parts of your Self, referred to as remnants of your Reincarnational Self.  But you need to identify more with your Higher Self for true healing.

     This is very easy to say, but it can be difficult to implement.  This is why there are soul psychologists and other types of counselors.  People need help to learn how to surrender their attachments to their old beliefs about themselves.  Here is another good affirmation to help you do that: "I hereby release all old beliefs of my Self that are not in alignment with my Higher Self.  And so it shall be."

     We are planetary healers, and therefore we can see what is wrong with the planet and what this planet needs to do to evolve.  The true planetary healer will also learn how to deal with the resistance to planetary change.  What is the nature of this resistance?  You see the resistance every day.  Denial is one of the strongest resistances.  Some of my students on the Earth have said, "Denial is a great defense mechanism.  I use it every day; it is very successful."  So, as a defense mechanism, denial is wonderful, because then you do not have to experience the pain.  People deny that there is climate change, or that there is global warming.  Why do they not see this?  These people are intelligent.  What is wrong with them?  It has to do with denial.  Denial lessens the pain one would experience if one accepts the climate change.

     Who wants to give up their power?  Who wants to give up their control?  Who wants to give up their ability to dominate this planet?  Only those who have things to lose will want to hold on to the old system, and that desire for control and power contributes to the denial.  This is another part of resistance.  There is an old way of doing things on this planet that has been successful.  This planet has achieved rapid technological advancements in the past 50 years.  It is unbelievable.  The advances in the computer world, for example, and lasers and digital technology and space travel.  This planet is on the verge of overcoming time travel, and this planet is on the verge of being able to travel interdimensionally.  There may already be craft that have the ability to travel interdimensionally.  The technology to control the whole planet exists.  There are a few powerful people who are exerting that control, and the resistance to change lies in the fact that they do not want to give up their power.  They do not want to give up their control.

     Healers must find a way to overcome resistance.  Each person has their own unique resistance to change.  I cannot give you a formula and say, "As a soul psychologist, this is the way to make people overcome their resistance."  I can only tell you that every person has a fear of change and a fear of losing the Self.  It is Nature's way to hold on to what you have.  Juliano was talking about the way of the Tao.  In the Taoist philosophy he was implying to you that the new paradigm is that everything is changing.  This means that it is not good to be rigid and fixed, but rather hold onto the value that everything changes.  But you want the change to go in a direction towards healing.

     Use healing affirmations and connect with the spiritual groups that are working and focused on planetary and evolutionary change.  To continue Juliano's meditation: As you are in this Ring of Ascension, say: "I am here to contribute to the evolutionary change towards the Omega Man/Woman."  It is a great personal mission to be able to contribute to that higher evolution of humanity which is represented as the Omega Man/Woman and the Warrior-King Messianic Light Energy.  Hold that affirmation now, in your meditations.  (Tones)

     Call on me, Vywamus, to work with you on helping you overcome your resistance to change, because each of you are here, preparing yourself for greater awareness and a greater downloading of your higher, fifth-dimensional Self on this planet.  I am sure of it.  So let yourself return from the Ring of Ascension.  Return back to your physical body in your room.  Hold and download that powerful energy back into your physical body.  You are ready to accept change.  You are ready to change and to participate in the evolutionary shift which we all know is so necessary now on planet Earth.  I am Vywamus.  Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Good Morning, Adrial.
Good Morning, Mark, I am most happy to be with you this day. It is nice to find you in such high energy. Today I wish to follow on my earlier communication about energy, for we see all in terms of energies and their impact.
Let us begin a long time ago, after Earth had fallen in the Great Catastrophe. She was at that time reduced to a globe of rock, a tiny image of her glorious past as Earth Star. But more than rock remained; there were energies that lingered in this density. These dark energies remained with Earth as she was set on a path of resurrection.
These remained from the final moments of the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. They were: domination, fear, separation, and polarity. I go back to this moment so that you can see where some of the energies that now infect your world originated. As you know, Earth is slowly evolving from this lower density empowered by her human population.
Dark energies are very present on your planet today. It is not just an absence of love; these dark energies have a power of their own. The energy of Love is much more powerful. It is able to override dark energies; then they become dormant.
While the majority of Earth’s human population resides in various levels of 4th Dimension, there is a significant portion of the population that lives in 3rd Dimension. It is this portion of your population that would like to control all others.
We who observe your planet see 3rd Dimension energy manifested in government structures that are not based in love. Herein we have the energy of domination at work, in those who wish to control others. We see the energy of fear present in those that feel dominated, feel less-than, or feel separated. Those that dominate others do not see them as their brothers and sisters, rather then see them as something less-than.
We see your monetary system that is rigged to accumulate wealth in the hands of the few while relegating all others to a less-than role, people who can be dominated to squeeze money for the wealthy. Here we see the energies of domination, more-than, and less-than.
We see the energies of domination in religions that express a dogma and demand that all adhere to it, while condemning non-believers. Yes, some religions do good works, but they do it without the benefit of unconditional love or perfect unity as their basis. They are judgmental and treat the poor as less-than or lazy.
We see the dark energies of domination and fear in war and in some athletic contests. Where is the energy of Love in these? In the absence of the energies of Love and Unity, the dark energies manifest.
Some who read these words would attribute the dark energies of the 3rd Dimension to off-planet interference. In the past this has been the case. Today it is no longer so. All of the detrimental ETs who sought to control your planet have been removed. What remains are those humans who see the benefits to themselves of power and money and follow the pattern laid down by detrimental ETs. So do not blame off-planet influence for what is happening today. It is up to humanity to reject the dark energies of the 3rdDimension.
The energies inherited from your distant ancestors are no longer present in the children coming onto the planet. They do not carry the energies that your generation continues to hold. This not to say that you should wait for the ascendancy of the children, rather you should do whatever you can to ease the introduction of the young into your societies.
There are many worthwhile ideas here, Adrial, thank you.
Thank you, Mark, blessings
Dear Friends,
I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional Love and perfect Unity.
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Good morning Adrial
Good morning Mark
It has been some time since we have communicated. I was worried that I had lost our connection.
Our connection extends back to when you were in Andromeda, so there is little chance that we would not remain connected. You and I were regular communicators during your lifetimes in that Galaxy. In those times were both teachers.
As you are communicating these words I can have a feeling that indeed this was our situation. Thank you for stirring that memory.
Today, I would like to speak with you about the impact that certain energies have on human beings. I believe that the readers of these words can learn much about what is influencing them as they go about their lives on Earth, if they will look at all in terms of energy impacts on everything.
When Earth began its journey of resurrection, many millions of years ago, there were energies that had carried over from its previous existence as a 12th Dimension planet. There were also the energies of Light, Love, and Unity that Atlantis and Lemuria had demonstrated during Earth’s golden years. The energies of fear, separateness, and domination tagged along from the final days of Atlantis.
Early human beings were created and placed on this beautiful world in what you call a “Garden of Eden,” wherein they had everything they required to survive. These early humans were mainly concerned with finding food and shelter. The world was pleasant enough and their lives were quite satisfactory. However, they knew only that they were to survive and procreate.
These early humans that were bathed in the energies to which I referred. The energy of fear entered when things did not work out exactly as they had hoped. The energy of domination affected them when they not accept their differences. This led to the energy of anger. Early humans had only two strands of DNA, a minimal brain, and dysfunctional chakras. They were ill equipped to deal with the energies that impacted them.
The energies of Love, Light, and Unity were also residual on Earth. These energies impacted early humans to the extent that they did not become war-like nor did they kill each other. They recognized that they had a commonality and that it was better to cooperate than to disassociate. These conditions continued for about a hundred thousand years. Humanity did not flourish, but neither did it regress.
About four hundred thousand years ago, beings of higher consciousness from other star systems brought energies to influence the humans of that time by upgrading their bodies, particularly their brains. The energies that came from different star systems affected groups of humans differently. This resulted in the different races of Earth. After many years and many experiments, an upgraded physical body that was common to all early humans was decided upon. Thus today humanity has the remnants of those older races.
And, all of this took place before any of the detrimental extraterrestrials came to Earth?
Yes, the establishment of the races in various parts of the planet and the common physical body was fixed before there were any detrimental outside influences. Detrimental extraterrestrials interacted with Earth humans both energetically and biologically. We have spoken of these things before.
What I want to emphasize here is the very positive and uplifting aspects of the energies from other star systems. There is much circulating about the detrimental influences, little about the positive influences.
Thank you, Adrial. I believe this will help readers to seek out a more balanced way to see the outside influences on early humans, our very distant ancestors.
Thank you, Mark. I appreciate you receiving me this day. We will speak again.
For those that have not previously read communications from Adrial, she resides aboard the starship Athabantian that is in orbit about Earth. It is a higher dimension ship with many aboard that has been directing energies to the humans of Earth since the 1940’s. I have referred to Adrial as a celestial because she comes from the 15th Dimension energy of Andromeda.
Dear Friends,
I have dedicated the last 21 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity. I am now adding my communications and experiences with Archangels and Ascended Masters.
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Good Morning, Mark, we are the Ultraterrestrials of Andromeda. We are pleased to come to you this day to provide insights about this universe and your planet.
Good Morning, Ultraterrestrials of Andromeda.
For those who do not know us, we function at an ultra-high consciousness that is very close to Source and according to the Schematic of Christ Consciousness. We Ultraterrestrials are the highest energy beings of Andromeda. As you may already know, we are a collective, as are all other beings associated with the Andromeda Galaxy, for the entire Galaxy functions at high consciousness to the 15th Dimension.
There was a time in Andromeda when certain star systems fell to lower frequencies, affecting the vibration of the entire Galaxy. (These star systems did not fall as far as was to be the subsequent fate of Earth.) The star systems within Andromeda were able to regain their higher functioning due to the example of the Christ Consciousness Schematic provided by Earth. All in Andromeda are most grateful for that example, as it helped restore the functioning of all planets.
At that time, several billion years ago, Earth was a beacon of high consciousness, functioning at 12th Dimension. She was not in her current orbit; rather she stood alone as an example. If you had been able to see her, she was what you would call a very large gaseous globe radiating high energies, much like a star. She was positioned so that all in the universe could see what Source declared to be a planet according to the Schematic from which this entire universe was to be created.
These were Earth’s “Golden Years.” They lasted for many billions of years, providing an example of proper creation according to the Schematic of Source. Many great beings who were creating star systems and planets elsewhere visited Earth to experience her example. It was during these Golden Years that Atlantis and Lemuria were on Earth. These civilizations existed in harmony for many hundreds of thousands of years, before the Fall of Consciousness, the Great Calamity, that almost completely destroyed Earth. Imagine the fall of what was once the beacon for the entire universe, and the reactions of those who had admired and copied her.
Now is the moment in which we of Andromeda provide assistance to Earth in her time of need. We have been supplying energy to Earth for many years as humanity struggles from the depths of 3rd Dimension. Most recently we positioned one of our starcraft in orbit around your planet. It functions at a high frequency so it is not detectable. The beings aboard the craft function as a collective, expressing individuality only as required. The energies supplied by the craft are reduced into a somewhat lower frequency so that they are compatible with those of Earth and humanity.
The beneficial energies our craft provides are broadcast across the planet. In some cases specific individuals or events are targeted. As examples, we recently provided energies to the Crystal Conference that Mark attended. Mark is able to receive our communications due to the imprinting of his incarnations of several thousand years on planets within Andromeda.
We Ultraterrestrials, and those from Andromeda who work with us, will continue to support the resurrection of your planet and its humans, and foresee a time in the not-to-distant future when all will function at a higher consciousness.
It has been our pleasure to communicate with you this day, Mark. Blessings.
Thank you, Ultraterrestrials of Andromeda. Blessings.

Dear Friends,
I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional Love and perfect Unity.
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