Monday, January 30, 2012


Part Four

In 11 months all that we have waited for will be here. Last night I had an experience in which I was NOT channeling the Arcturians. In stead, I was attempting to “line up” that frequency of my SELF with my human expression. Actually, it was quite successful. I felt a deep connection between my heart and mind, as well as a new sensation that I have never felt before. I went to sleep trying to hold that experience and saw an Arcturian before me as I drifted off the sleep.

In the morning I was in the car, my husband was driving, and I did the exercise again. I connected my High Heart and Third Eye and saw a burst of light shoot up and down into Gaia when the connection was made. The burst of light was like a Light Saber, as in Star Wars, when the Saber opened. 

Then, I saw an Arcturian in Lightbody standing in front of me. It reached out a beam of light that was an arm, hand facing down. Then I felt to reach out my right hand, palm up and we connected.  The Arcturian also touched my heart and I felt a huge rush of energy flowing between us. We remained this way for quite a while. Finally, I asked, “Are you my Arcturian SELF or are you some one else?” Inside myself I felt the answer, “There is NO difference for we are ALL ONE.”

Since then, I can easily recognize each moment of my third dimensional thinking, which is my ego thinking. However, I can’t yet stop it before it happens--yet. I know that this ego thinking is just a habit. I also know that habits arise from our unconscious, and we can only release them by making them conscious. Therefore, I will continue to note my 3D, ego thinking. I know that if I judge myself for maintaining this habit, it will hide deeper in my unconscious. Therefore, I am noting my thinking in a detached manner.

Of course, the other component is that in order to release all ego, we must release all fear. Fear=Ego and Ego=Fear. Ego is a primitive frequency of humanity that only exists in the third and fourth dimension. Ego is much like the white part of the egg, as it feeds the chick until it is ready to break out of the egg. If I can recognize my ego having fear, then I can remember to Surrender that fear to my Soul. The hard part is to remember to recognize when my ego is in control. Basically, if I perceive my self as human, my ego will be ME. On the other hand, if I perceive my self as my Arcturian SELF, then the ONE is in control and ego is the pilot for my earth vessel. However, I keep thinking about the baby in the pink basinet? I feel like she has something to tell me. After all, she was still more Arcturian than human at that time. I am going to try to connect to her…
I did not connect with the baby. In fact, I totally forgot about doing that. However, something else has happened. I have an ongoing picture of my Arcturian Self standing, or floating, directly in front of me. Perhaps, that is what the baby experienced. However, I think she got scared when she realized how many years she would forget about that image and feel like an isolated alien. Yes, I did feel like an alien who was left on a hostile planet. I said that sentence many times in my life. Little did I remember that it was true. Of course, I was not “caste upon the planet.” I chose to come here. In fact, I asked and made a petition to be here. But now, I am going Home, but Home is not a place. Home is a frequency.

Dear ever-present image of my Arcturian SELF,
When we met in the car yesterday, you held your Light Hand over my out-reached hand. When I asked you why you did this, you said that that is how you share information. This morning I heard that the sharing of information is usually done High Heart to High Heart, but I was not yet ready for that. Can you tell me more?

My dear Earth Form,
Your body still needs to hold a higher resonance before we connect directly heart to heart. Also, your right arm is still recovering, and I was sending healing love along with the message. If we (remember we are all ONE here) were to connect directly with your heart, it might damage some of your lower frequency circuits that are still on-line in your system. We anticipate that this upgrade into higher frequency neural patterns will be complete within about six months of your time. However, since time is an illusion, your neural circuitry may be transmuted sooner.

In fact, within our NOW, it is fully transmuted, which is why we are hovering directly in front of you. Every time you recognize our presence in your aura, for we are IN your aura, your fourth dimensional self is able to accept our frequency without damage. The process of our remaining in your Aura exponentially accelerates your transmutation into Lightbody.

Take a long breath and breathe us into you within this NOW…
As you do so, you hear us reminding you that it takes a great deal of mastery over your ego to share this information with others. When you were breathing in our frequency, your heart was opening, but your mind was having/releasing the fear-based concern of being judged for you are presently sharing.

This release of fear was because your inhale pulled up your third dimensional programing, which was released with your exhale. With you exhale twice as long as you inhale, you can better complete the release of fear-based, third dimensional programing. Please try this breathing now…

Now try having two exhales for your one inhale. Inhale up the old programing. Then, use the first breath of your exhale to release that programing and the second breath to stabilize the higher circuitry that is instantly activated by the release of fear-based thoughts.

This time, inhale to pull up more old programs, hold your breath to FEEL the emotional aspect of this program, and then exhale in two breaths, as the second exhale allows a more complete release. In this case, focus on the huge program that you have gathered about fear of judgment…

My experience:
I first breathe a few times to feel in control of my breath. With each exhale I feel my consciousness expand.  Now I focus on the exercise I have just been given…

As I inhale I pull up the fear of judgment and exhale it out with the first exhale. I exhale again with no inhale, to feel the multidimensional concept of we are all one.  

Now I will do so with he feel of fear.  I breathe in the fear of judgment.  I breathe in the fear around judgment and FEEL the fear with such force, that my eyes open.

How many lifetimes have I lived wit this fear? In order to heal this fear, I look into the Arcturian eyes of my SELF to remember that all those lives were for the purpose of this one life o f ascension. Since ascension is here, all third dimensional lessons can be fully released NOW!

Do I believe that I am “Good Enough” to accept this Freedom?
Yes, I cry from my healing heart. YES, I was always “good enough,” but I forgot!

By Suzzane Lie, PHd

Saturday, January 28, 2012


PART Three 
Death and Rebirth

Dear ONE,
Everything seems very quite these days. I feel like something new is about to happen to me, as if I am about to experience a new expression of my SELF. At the same time, I am feeling very tired, sensitive and apprehensive. Can you assist me to better understand what is occurring within me?

Dearest Suzille,
We speak with you as your Galactic Family. We understand that you are endeavoring to release you self-image as a human channeling Arcturians and replace that with the self-image of an Arcturian inhabiting a human form that is speaking with family members. We, the members of your Arcturian Family, happily support you with that “return to SELF.” We, also, wish to remind you that your wounded human will have to come to the surface of your consciousness so that you can “love her free.”

In order to free your wounded human you will need to unconditionally love EVERY component of that wounding. To love your self in such a way, you hold your sense of SELF as being Arcturian and not at being a human. When you think of yourself as the human, you cannot give your wounded SELF the degree of unconditional love necessary to free her. To your human mores, loving yourself in that manner would mean that you are “conceited,” “self-absorbed.”

In order to be your Arcturian frequency of SELF, you will need to free the human by assisting her to release ALL attachment to drama so that YOU, the Arcturian, can continue with the culmination of your assignment unencumbered by third dimensional thinking and emotional reactions. You have noticed that the emotions of your human one have been very engaged lately. This emotionality is a result of your Arcturian SELF downloading frequencies of light that are not compatible with a human consciousness. Many of our grounded ones, meaning Arcturian who are holding bodies on Earth during your timeline, are have similar issues. To all of our many family members who are holding earth vessels in your NOW, we say:

“Please expand your consciousness NOW, so that you can remember your pre-birth briefing.  As you remember your briefing, focus on the instruction about ‘releasing the illusion of being human.’”

Remembering The Briefing

I remember the conversation that I had with the three Beings, who I now know were Arcturians, when I “died” at six weeks old. As much as I am trying to remember on my own, I think I will have to call in that familiar consciousness of these three Guides who I now know protected and guided me for my entire life. I hear inside now that they are known simply as, Family.

Dear Family, the many that I have perceived as three, please assist me in remembering my pre-birth debriefing. To set my consciousness I will first write my experience of my death. I may remember more as it write. I first remembered my death experience during a re-birth session in the early 1980’s. I felt the humans huddled closely around me trying to comfort me, but I resisted this comfort. I was angry. I did not want to be born to the life that I saw before me. I did not want those parents, and I did not want that life. I wanted to go Home!

Then I remembered a picture of myself looking down on the scene of my mother coming into my room. I was in a beautiful basinet decorated with pink lace and a light flowing material that I cannot remember the name of. I don’t see the baby. I only see the mother leaning over the bassinet, and touching the baby who will not move, is too cold and turning blue. She hysterically picks up the baby and shakes me to try to make me breathe.

I flash now to the scene in which I am in front of my three guides telling them I am NOT going back there. I am not too aware of the form I had then, but the three guides were much taller than me and were in what I now know as Lightbodies. They told me that I needed to go back, but I said, “NO, I do not want to go back there,” as I stamped my astral foot. I was very angry. They tried to talk to me, but I would not listen. My mind was made up. I was NOT going back there!

Then they said, “We have something to show you.” “NO,” I cried. “You can show me a bunch of pretty pictures and expect me to go back.” However, I was too late, as a picture came to life before me. I saw a rolling hill on the side of a mountain with I huge square garden. Tending the garden were children, Faeries and Angles working as one unit. They got me. They showed me the one picture that would change my mind. To further convince me they said, “I you return, you have the possibility of living in that reality.”

With that sentence, my mother decided to hold me by my feet and shake me. The small body coughed and began to breathe. She held me to her chest and ran to call the doctor. I was back in human form, but not really. There was always a part of me that lived in that place in the picture I was shown. All my life I have loved gardening, nature, Faeries and Angels. Most of all, I have ALWAYS been guided and protected from within/above.

Furthermore, I forgot to forget by “past lives.” When my consciousness expanded I learned that they were not “past” lives, but parallel lives. I also learned, actually I remembered, some of my most important fifth dimensional lives on different planets, galaxies and dimensions. I also remembered when I first entered this dimension at the fall of Atlantis. I remembered being on Venus and the briefing about our decision to assist Gaia in Her time of great need. I think that is the “briefing” that I need to remember.

I have already remembered what they said about our entry to third dimensional Earth, but now I call upon my Arcturian component to remember the briefing about our process of Personal and Planetary Ascension. I will go back to that experience and write down what I am experiencing…

I am standing in a huge room with my fellow volunteers. We have volunteered to enter into a third dimensional earth vessel to assist Gaia. We know that Earth is on the very edge of destruction because the forces of darkness are stronger than the forces of light. We know that darkness and light must be in balance in a third dimensional, polarized world. If the light becomes too dominant, the planet ascends. On the other hand, if the dark becomes too dominant, the planet will destruct.

We have just received our instruction for how to deal with our occupation of a human form, for there are many of them on the verge of death. We will occupy one of these forms and use our higher abilities to heal it. We can then use that form to blend in with that world and attempt to save Gaia from total destruction.  This entire adventure is documented in my book Visions form Venus.  Thus, I will jump ahead to the second part of our briefing about our process of ascension. As I look to Arcturus, our leader, I telepathically hear he/she saying,

“Beloved Galactic Family Members, we are so grateful that you have come from many different planets, galaxies and dimensions to assist our dear sister Gaia in Her time of need. Now that we have briefed you on your landing, we will prepare you for your Planetary Ascension. All of you here have had experiences of personal ascension on some of the realities in which you will have taken form. Some of you here have had the experience of Planetary Ascension, which. is why you have been chosen. You have within your multidimensional consciousness the memory of the process of Planetary Ascension.

“To keep this memory alive within your consciousness you will have the opportunity to personally ascend within one or more of your many incarnations on Gaia between now and Her time of ascension. Unfortunately, you will also need to experience the underbelly of third dimensional life, so that you can gain the full insight of living in a dualistic reality. The lives in which you explore your inner darkness will be great initiations in which you will rise into the correlate heights or get lost in your darkness for an unknown amount of Earth’s time.

“Either way, at the point of Planetary Ascension, when the light and dark must merge into the ONE, your knowledge of the dark will allow you to maintain detached compassion. It is your detachment and compassion that will allow you to navigate the rocky seas of Planetary Ascension. As you will learn, the final merging of light and dark into the ONE will be preceded with great challenge and, hopefully, tremendous change.

“We cannot guarantee that your assistance to Gaia will create the long predicted Planetary Ascension. However, we do know that that area of space will experience great transmutation, but it is not known whether or not Earth will survive the many possible realities that loam in Her future. It is for this reason that She has called for assistance. With great hope and confidence in you, the members of our greater Galactic Family, we now move on to our plans for your Planetary Ascension Process.

“Other planets, such as many of our Arcturian planets, have ascended into the fifth dimension and beyond. However, none of them were as diverse and polarized as Earth. Because of the great extremes on Earth, we can only predict the best plans for ascension. It is our great expectation that many of you will have awakened enough to consciously connect with your true, Multidimensional SELF enough to directly communicate with your Galactic and Celestial Family. It is through communication with your Galactic Family that you will garner enough assistance to remember your own higher expression within that reality.

“Furthermore, while in contact with us, you will have access to our detach, higher perspective of the true goings on. This detachment will greatly free you from the many third dimensional illusions that will burst forth at that time. As polarities blend and illusions end, the resistance to change will be amplified by those who still carry fear of a different structure of reality. With this final confrontation with fear in mind, we give you direct instructions regarding your process of Planetary Ascension. Please Know that you can update this message when that moment of final confrontations arrives.

“The first thing that you will have to do upon recovery of your true SELF, is to surrender all control of your physical body and physical life to your Galactic SELF. At first, your human ego will deny this shift in “management,” so it is best to allow this process of “changing of the guard” to go slowly. However, within the predicted year of ascension, the close of 2012 A.D., we will presume that all you have released your human facade and returned to your true, Galactic SELF.

“Releasing the illusion that you are human will be much easier if you have released many of your other third dimensional illusions. It is our expectation that by that time many members of your reality will know that the members of the Galactic Federation of Light are surrounding Earth and assisting the ascension process as much as is allowable within the guidelines of a polarized, free-will world. That said, we must remind you that there is no simple way to release the human sense of self that you have retained for myriad incarnations. In fact, each of you will need to call upon your vast experience to find your personal process of releasing the habit to being human.

“All third dimensional habits must be conscious before they can be released. Therefore, part one of release your habit of being human is to bring the awareness of your Galactic Self up from your unconscious and into your daily life. If you can find the courage to share this personal return to SELF with others, you will greatly assist the process of Planetary Ascension. A physical human bound in the belief in time and third dimensional thinking will not be able to navigate the transmutation into fifth dimensional Earth. Hence, each of you must first ascend beyond your own humanity in order to assist others to do the same.

“This process of ascension begins in your consciousness. The frequency of your consciousness will dictate the frequency of light that your form can download and integrate. Then, the light quotient of your form will dictate the frequency of your consciousness. As you consciousness becomes increasingly multidimensional, it will become easier and easier to release your attachment to your human ego. Once you release this attachment, you will be able to transmute your remnants of ego back into its higher frequency expression of SELF.

“It is expected that during your myriad human lives you will become familiar with the power of transmuting matter into a higher frequency of expression. However, we remind you now of that power of transmutation now so that you can implant it into your multidimensional consciousness. Whenever your human self regains your current state of consciousness, the information that we are now giving you will enter your ‘memory.’

“Transmutation is the process of infusing the frequency of Violet Light into any situation, place or thing to transmute all shadow into light. Due to Earth’s law of free will, you will not have permission to transmute another human, but the Violet Light will clear all shadows in which a person can hide their own darkness. It is the vision of ones own darkness that will disable anyone who has become so lost in fear that they would want to harm another. Furthermore, the Violet Light raises your own energy field beyond the perception of the lost ones, virtually making you invisible to their limited perception. To release the Violet Light into your reality, simply say”

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze
The Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL shadow into
Light, Light, Light

“As you remember to download and integrate the higher dimensions of light, the great force of the unconditional love of the Mother of Creation, the ONE, will fully awaken your multidimensional memory. When you begin your process of returning back to your Source SELF, you will know to contact us directly. We are ALWAYS here to assist you and KNOW that you will return to us!

Elohim of the Arcturian Worlds

By Suzzane Lie, PHd  


Part Two 


Somewhere after my message of 11-27-11, I began to lose time. I went on a retreat on December 11 and came back just before my webinar on December 21. It was like I touched down long enough to do the webinar, and then I took off again. I was involved in some personal issues, of course, that took a lot of my attention, and worked a bit, but I was still floating through time. 
By that statement I mean that I was losing time, or time was losing me. I can’t remember much of what I did, but I do know that I could not do any mundane tasks. I could not return emails, pay bills (which, of course, I had to eventually do), clean the house, and I still have not unpacked from my retreat. I had my 65th birthday during that time, so age continued even though time had stopped.  I think that this morning I may be able to touch down into the 3D again. In fact, I had a dream last night about how to slowly intermingle with my Arcturian SELF:
Dear Arcturian Expression of my SELF, 
Please assist me in understanding my dream. Much of it was lost as soon as I awoke. Therefore, I must call upon my higher frequency of consciousness to remind me of the message. Please assist me.

Dear Grounded Expression of our SELF,
Take a moment to raise your consciousness into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional Mind. See the great ocean of possibility before you and allow yourself to slowly step into this ocean. Surrender to the unknown and allow it to flow around you as you step deeper and deeper into the sea of possible realities. These possible realities swirl within your consciousness at all times. Step into this inner ocean, knowing that your experience is real. 
In fact, “real experiences” all begin inside of your greater self. These experiences are then projected out into whatever reality that resonates to your frequency of consciousness. For example, your “dream” was a reality for your fifth dimensional SELF, while your third dimensional earth vessel slept. To assist you in remembering your true experience, the imprint of this experience was left in your fourth dimensional consciousness so that it could be more easily retrieved by your waking mind. You left this fifth dimensional imprint in your fourth dimensional aura as you were awakening, to assure that you could remember it when you awoke.
The details of your true experience, which was beyond the limitations of time, are foggy to your time-bound thinking. Hence, you will need to meditate a moment to return to the multidimensional thinking which can remember your fifth dimensional experiences. In fact, it will not “remember” for remembering is a time-bound thought based on bringing forth a “past” experience. Instead, you will return to the NOW of that experience when you activate your multidimensional thinking.  
Feel the dream around you as you walk along the shores of multidimensional possibilities. You can feel your third dimensional doubt, frustration and fear. You can simultaneously feel your fourth dimensional aura floating around you enter the shallows of this ocean.  Now feel how you are creating a connection to your deepest inner self, the depths of the sea before you. Experience the flow of your true Arcturian nature as it enters your fourth dimensional aura and your third dimensional brain.
Feel the rising tide within our brain. It is this rising “tide” of multidimensionality flowing into your mind that has made it so difficult to partake in the many mundane activities of your physical life.  Feel that flow trickling into your mundane life, drop by drop. Allow a slow trickle so that each drop can be digested and absorbed. Your dream, fifth dimensional message, told you that all one needs to initiate this process of Becoming ONE with SELF, is to BELIEVE that it is possible. 
Your belief sets your state of multidimensional consciousness
Your multidimensional consciousness directs you to expect to BE your SELF,
Your expectations direct your perceptions of higher frequencies of reality,
And the reality you perceive is the reality you experience.
Believe in your Higher Expression SELF, and feel your consciousness expand to encompass that belief. Use your multidimensional consciousness to expect to BE this expression of your SELF. While BE-ing your SELF, go into your true inner world to perceive the fourth dimensional expression of your SELF…
            BE your Aura…
            BE your Dream Body…
            Face your darkness…
            Return to the Land of Faerie and take your favorite form…
            BE your Emotional Body…
            BE your Mental Body…
            BE your Causal Body…
            BE your Spiritual I AM Presence…
SEE the Rainbow Bridge across the great void into the fifth dimension…
            Cross this Bridge by releasing time…
Releasing the habit of time is no small task, as our mundane self will repeatedly say, “But I should be doing…” Fortunately, the long journey through our fourth dimensional self allows us to remember to say, “I love Being…” Choosing to BE that which we love releases the duty of time and pulls us across the Rainbow Bridge into the threshold of the fifth dimension and New Earth.
Living in New Earth gives us a loving transition into our Multidimensional SELF and the myriad realities that we can simultaneously experience within the NOW of the ONE. Releasing our habit of “time,” frees us from linear thinking and the limitation of sequential experiences. It is then that we can more easily remember the many expressions of our Multidimensional Being. As we remember our SELF, we become our SELF.

By Suzzane Lie,PHd

Friday, January 27, 2012


Being Arcturian

My dearest Arcturians,

I have been hearing inside that I am to stop the illusion of channeling you and move into the Truth that I AM you. As you know, for decades, I have used writing as a means to contact higher expressions of my SELF, and I have been going through a continual process of incorporating those higher expressions into my grounded expression. However, I have managed to keep you as a “not me.” I think that that was because I needed a parent figure or a guru; some Being or Beings that were higher than me. In that way, I could maintain a place or person that was NOT “me” to whom I could go for support. 

While I was channeling you, I knew that I was actually channeling my Arcturian SELF, but still needed the protection of “channeling” rather than “speaking from my Arcturian SELF.” Finally, I am ready to take full responsibility for whatever comes through me and into whatever world I am resonating with. I have been hearing myself saying, “The Arcturians said…” This statement released me from some of the responsibility of those words. I needed this release because I still had fear. It is not that I do not have fear now. I think that as long as we are in the third dimension fear is a part of our reality, but I am not experiencing fear right now. 

I think I am saying this now because I have been feeling a “ME” inside that is beyond any expression of my SELF I have known within my grounded earth version. I want to BE that person in daily life. I Know that that ME always takes full responsibility for ALL my energy patterns. That kind of responsibility is a pretty tall order, but I Know that is the next phase of my process. Therefore, in my, hopefully, last childish request for help, I hope you can assist me in discovering how to fulfill this portion of my journey. I am aware that the asking of the question triggers the response, but there must be a way to ask my SELF. In other words, there must be a way in which I can completely own what ever comes through me.

Dear Members of our Being, we are now speaking with you, Suzille, as well as ALL the many Ascending Ones. Just as you have met with and incorporated Kepier, and are currently creating a Pathway to New Earth, we will assist you with your return to your innate Arcturian Group Consciousness. In this manner, you will be consciously living, which will likely feel like juggling three realities, while you still are maintaining your physical reality on Ascending Earth. The recognition of multiple expressions of SELF is an indication that you are returning to multidimensional thinking. It is for this reason, that so many of our Ascending Ones are having experiences similar to your own. 

We shall speak to your experiences so that others having similar experiences can, also, gain some insight into what is really happening. The realities of ascension that you, Suzille, are experiencing at this moment are: 

1) The third dimensional reality of ascending earth. 
2) The fifth dimensional threshold reality of creating New Earth. 
3) The fifth/sixth dimensional reality as Kepier who is serving on the Star Ship Athena.
4) The seventh/eighth dimensional reality of returning to the Arcturian Group Mind.

These are just a very few of the myriad realities in which you, and all of the grounded ones, experience form. Do you see how it works to BE your Multidimensional SELF? Maintaining a conscious connection to four frequencies of reality while still carrying a physical form is a huge initiation. In fact, it is the initiation, which our grounded ones have prepared for myriad incarnation.

We, the Group Mind of Arcturus, are pure consciousness and no longer require containments for our Essence. However, being Elohim, we do enjoy creating forms through which we experience the multiple expressions of life in this Galaxy. In fact, many of us have created a physical form on Earth at this time of Gaia’s planetary ascension. Whenever we create a form, it contains the imprint of our consciousness, which can be shared with all the members of our Group Mind; even those who have earth vessels. 

That imprint of our consciousness gives the awakened grounded ones access to our Group Mind. In this way, we, your higher expressions of SELF, can infinitely experience differing expressions of individuality, while resonating to a Group Consciousness. You, our Ascending Ones, are now ready to trace the multidimensional path of individual expression back to your fifth dimensional SELF, and beyond. By following this Path, you will collect all your lessons before contributing them to the ONE. 

It is common for those of you who are completing your “tour of duty in duality” to want to regain full understanding of your multidimensional nature before returning Home to your SELF. We have compared this process to a Summary Report. This Report will be a summary of your many incarnations. For you, Suzille, these creations of form began millions of years ago. You and many others first created a form at the time of the Great Galactic War. Many Arcturians had created forms at that time. Even though our society ascended beyond the need for form, we still had great unconditional love for this Galaxy and wanted to be of service to it. We still do.

Suzille, which is the name that you have carried for many physical expressions, you were born remembering your many incarnations into form because this would be the lifetime in which you would write your Summary Report. It was, also, your personal service to make this report public to assist others in completing their sojourns into duality. The experiment of duality has been a double-edged sword. The separation, limitations and many ensuing wars that stem from this form of reality can create immense spiritual growth, but many have become lost for many incarnations in the darkness and fear of separation from the ONE. That consequence was true for you, as well.

Since you were born this lifetime, (consider revising forgetting to forget) forgetting to forget your many other incarnations, you carried the sum total of emotional extremes within your consciousness for all of your life. This experience was a burden for most of your life. However, as you continued to expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality, the burden was slowly released. Now that you have come to completion, you wish to review the realities and identities you have visited before you leave the world of duality. You have visited with us “in-between” lives, but you always knew that you would return to third dimensional form.

Now, you wish to experience the Way Back Home in great detail. You have waited for this time for millions of years, and you don’t want to miss a moment of the grand finale. Therefore, we joyously assist you in remembering, “YOU are WE.” You can also continue to experiences (what do you mean by continue to experiences?) of Matrix Earth. Matrix Earth, which is a fourth dimensional hologram, gives those “on the fence of ascension” the illusion of time so that they may have the “time” to heal and remember their Multidimensional SELF. Once you, our ascending ones, return to your true multidimensional nature, you can visit any reality that you wish to experience. 

The veils of illusion that create separation and limitation are slipping away as the frequency of Gaia is beginning to resonate beyond the vibration of third/fourth dimension. Because of this, it is easier for our ascending ones to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. Since it is only in the lower frequencies of reality that the illusion of time is maintained, you are slipping in and out of “time.”  In fact, you are slipping in and out of the fifth dimension. It is when you are in the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth that the illusion of separation disappears.

When your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you are free of time and the myriad limitations that it creates. Then, when your consciousness lowers to the third and fourth dimensions, you blink back into time. Your third dimensional belief that you can only be in “one place at a time” lowers your consciousness back to the familiar reality in which we only occupy one space at a time. However, with practice, you can learn to catch that limiting thought, which has become a belief, and Flow with your fifth dimensional experience.

When your consciousness is resonating to the frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, the barriers of time are released. Then, your imagination (fifth dimensional thought) takes over to allow you to perceive multiple realities within the same movement of your Multidimensional SELF. We say “movement,” for Multidimensional Thinking, which allows you to perceive the fluidity of all reality. Within this fluidity, many possible, probable and established realities intermingle like drops of water in a multidimensional ocean.

When you are thinking third dimensionally, you will separate each of these intermingling drops and examine them in as individual objects. You may then think that there is only one possible reality and lose sight of the other possibilities. On the other hand, when you think multidimensionally, you can perceive the drops completely intermingled within the water. Instead of seeing the drops, you see the ocean. Therefore, instead of seeing one possibility, you perceive an ocean of multidimensional possibilities. 

This ocean represents the multidimensional organization of a drop, trickle, steam, river, a lake and an ocean. Each drop of the ocean has its own story to tell, and it constantly shares its story with the ONE of the ocean in which it flows. In the same manner, you will become ONE with the Flow of the fifth dimension and beyond. Within this Flow, you are free to remember all that you have learned in your long sojourn into duality. 

Before you can share what you have learned, you must remember it!

By Suzzane Lie

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


22 January 2012


We see many starting to awaken; starting to recognize that there is change coming and much already here with regard to the way that life has been lived up to this time. We see many are beginning to let go of the idea that there is only one way to accomplish things, or only one way of understanding an issue. This is progress dear ones, because this means that more and more are opening up to the energies of light now pouring onto your planet. As a result, many who heretofore lived in fear and obedience, are starting to take back their power.


It is time to let go. We have made this statement many times before, but we must say it again. You cannot carry that which is old and finished with you into the new energy, it is of a higher frequency. This is why many of you are experiencing headaches, flu like symptoms, ringing ears, sleep problems, and various aches and pains; you are releasing cellular memory and old dense energy still stored within your energy fields from lifetimes. Much is to be accomplished in the next few months. If you choose to remain a bystander, living life as usual, that is fine, it is your choice. But again we say, you cannot take the old and untrue energy with you into the new.


We see much about to occur with regard to world financial situations. Many countries are beginning to question, and amongst themselves are talking about new and better ways of financial working but you do not hear about these things, because your news is not open and true. It is on your Internet that you must search for the more open news.


Do not be afraid dear ones, things will occur that may cause you to doubt or fear, but all is proceeding according the plan. All is moving into a higher resonance of seeing and being. Nothing real is ever nor can be, lost. Some things may seem to be lost, but if they are the manifestation of your state of consciousness, they will then reappear on a new and higher level; remember, your state of consciousness governs your world. This is why successful businesses are often sold, but then quickly fail, for a business expresses the consciousness of the owner and a new owner consciousness may be very different.


Many are finding their work moving in new directions. Try not to hold to what you have done in the past, but allow your work, whatever it may be, to unfold and new ways. The mantra of “this is the way we have always done it” will begin to ring very hollow for some.


Old beliefs of everything are shifting; government, healthcare, relationships, foods, entertainment–all are changing and shifting-if you allow it. All have free will and can choose to stay in third dimensional energy, moving into the higher frequencies at a later time. Some are choosing to leave because they realize that they will not have enough time to complete their life lessons. These dear ones are choosing to leave now and then come back into the new energy at a later date. Know that all have been given the choice as to whether they wish to stay or leave during this time of shift. This choice is made on a deeper consciousness level, so many now preparing to leave do not realize that this was their free will choice.


Please do not fear, hate, or even love death. There is no death; what you call death is simply a change of location, a going back home, for you are spiritual beings, not physical. Those who excessively mourn the dead–building altars and calling out day after day, cause their loved ones to stay attached to earth and hamper their journey of evolutionary understanding.


It is time to realize the illusory nature of all third dimensional appearances. It is time to understand that the the world is not an illusion, it is your perception of the world that is the illusion. Many have gotten tripped up in this fine point, saying to themselves; “Oh well, this situation is only an illusion.” The sick or sinning person you see before you is not an illusion, it is your concept of him that is the illusion. Recognizing this distinction is imperative, for only as the spiritual student begins to understand this, can he begin to see through the negative as well as positive appearances of the third dimension– good and bad are both just ends of the same duality stick. Being in third dimensional energy is like observing every activity of life through a stained glass window. You see it, but in a distorted way.


With the recognition of the illusory nature of appearances, you begin to realize reality– everything is Source manifesting as… All that is real is governed by Divine law and can never be changed or eliminated. If disease resided within Divine consciousness, governed by Divine law, no one anywhere or at any time ever would be able to cure it.


Ponder this dear ones.


We are the Arcturian Group.