Sunday, September 30, 2012



Greetings, I am Taugth, a celestial aboard Athabantian, speaking for the many. We wish to speak with you this day about the creation of Abiquor.

The manifestation of Abiquor is an event that has never before been accomplished. Let us explain as follows. The density of Earth is unusual – much more dense that that which occurs in Andromeda. While the Andromedans have manifested all manner of structures and starships before, this undertaking is beyond anything they have attempted.

When we celestials look at things from your perspective we can well imagine that you see this project as audacious, outrageous, or impossible. How can anyone manifest something so large as multi-story buildings? How can anyone manifest a whole community, a community with surrounding farmlands?

When viewed with 3rd Dimension eyes, such a manifestation event is clearly impossible. However when see from the perspective of Creator, nothing is impossible, after all Creator manifested this entire universe. So we are simply involving the energies of the Godhead, of prime Creator, and why not, since we are one with the Godhead?

A collective effort such as we celestials, along with the Andromedans, are undertaking – you notice we did not say the word, “attempting” – requires the participation of many creators. Some are the same beings who create individual worlds; others are the humans aboard Athabantian On the one hand we are tapping into the creative energies of great beings of light. On the other hand we are utilizing the focus of your brothers and sisters from the worlds of Andromeda. We are employing the power and intelligence of those who are masters of this type of endeavor.

Yes, we have previously manifested great structures. Yes, we have manifested great starships. These have been done with the collective energies of many beings focused on a particular effort. There is no question about the ability of great beings to manifest such a grand project in physical form, because many things have been manifested in physical form. In fact all in physical form has been manifested from the non-physical.

Though your work with Archangels, Mark, you have acquired the ability to know. You now “know,” without question, without words, that the manifestation of Abiquor can happen. You know that it NOT just within the realm of possibilities, rather it is truly doable. We are sure this changes your perspective.

The physical form of Earth is changing. Earth is slowly moving herself to a higher, lighter density. The evidence for this is coming to the consciousness of all who are aware. It will accelerate over the next months. By the end of your year 2014, Earth will be in a lighter density.

As this is achieved, as far as Earth’s physical form is concerned, there will be a point when Abiquor can be manifested. We look upon this as preparing the soil for a new crop. By this juncture, the appropriate physical location for Abiquor will be finalized.

The next step in this process is to move from “knowing Abiquor can be done” to “knowing that Abiquor will be done.” This entails the continued focus of all aboard Athabantian plus those of you who are anchoring Abiquor. By anchoring we mean that you, humans of Earth, intend that Abiquor will be manifested, AND that you are focusing your attention on such a manifestation on a regular basis. Manifesting is always a joint co-creation; it occurs between individual beings and the Godhead, for the Godhead is involved in all creation.

In the case of Abiquor, this co-creation process will take place with myriad celestials, those aboard Athabantian and elsewhere, Andromedans in physical form and non-physical aboard Athabantian, and the humans of Earth who are focused, plus, of course, the Godhead.

Make no mistake manifesting Abiquor and its surrounding support facilities is a monumental project. The structures of Abiquor are quite large, a building to train up to 1,000 students at any one time, residential facilities to house students, teachers, and support staff. Then there are surrounding buildings to provide food and other facilities.

Abiquor will radiate its energy of transformation, training, reorganization, cleansing, and oneness throughout the universe. In addition to training Caretakers to reorganize everything, it will train those who will go out to the other planets of the universe to show them what has been accomplished.

In the larger perspective, the transformation of Earth from a very dense 3rdDimension to a 5th Dimension is an exciting and important adventure. All within the universe are aware and watching. Never before has the 5thDimension been bought into such a dense level of existence. Yes, the density of your planet and it residents is being raised to accommodate 5thDimension energy, like meeting it part way. However, it still remains that the 5th Dimension is being brought into dense physical form;  Abiquor is an important part of this.

One key to all of this is to understand that you are a great being of light. Yes, Mark, it is true, when you hold the 5th Dimension, you are a great being of light. So are those who offer their energies to the manifestation of Abiquor. Each is a great being of light. I, Taugth, am a great being of light, as are all aboard Athabantian, as is the vast majority of the universe.

None are better than you, for the 5th Dimension is a collective of vast numbers of beings of light. To have individual humans of earth accept that they are great beings of light is essential to the manifestation of Abiquor. More than any other, that is the process that will occur over the next months, achieving that knowing is what will uplift the humans of Earth to the lighter densities.

Now that you “know” it can happen, all that remains is to intend it and allow it to happen. Do not attempt to force it to happen or become anxious. We invite all who read these words to join with us in co-creating Abiquor.

On behalf of all aboard Athabantian, we love you more than you know. We support your transformation, and await your joining us. Blessings.

 Through Mark Kimmel

Saturday, September 29, 2012



The Arcturians Speak About

 Fifth Dimensional Leadership

We have spoken with you before about Fifth Dimensional Leadership (Please see the Blog for 8-20-12) and would like to expand on that information. If you have said, “Yes, I want to be a 5D Leader” when you are not even sure what that means, you have put yourself in the “fast lane” of ascension.

Therefore, your lives will begin to change very quickly, and you will be asked to release any person, place, situation or thing that binds you to the final illusions of the third/fourth dimensional paradigm. This Path that you have chosen is not an easy one. It is a Path in which you must clear out the old, and then clear it out again, then again and again.

Light travels in circles, and as you allow higher and higher frequencies of Light into your beingness, the circular motion will take you into lower and lower frequencies of that which you are about to leave behind. As the Leaders into the fifth dimension, you are the “clean up crew” for Gaia.

It does not matter if the darkness is in the Earth, in you, or someone else. In fact, as you continue to move into fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness, someone else become an extinct term. The cleaning up of the final remnants of Gaia’s 3D polarities has to be done, and YOU have volunteered to do it. In fact, you volunteered before you took this form.

You, our beloved ones, are our dearest brothers and sisters who have made the monumental sacrifice to leave our wonderful realms of Light and Unconditional Love to wear an earth vessel throughout this process of Planetary Ascension.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, call upon you NOW to dedicate the remainder of your earth vessel’s existence to returning Gaia HOME to Her fifth dimensional expression. There are those who say they will, but they won’t. On the other hand, there are those who say they will, and they DO!

We know that we are asking you to strain your poor, exhausted earth vessel to its very limits of endurance. However, it is this process that will free you from the separation and limitation of that form for all eternity.

We realize that we ask so very much of you, but if you can allow yourselves to remember who you really are, your hardships will be revealed as a blessing. There will be nothing that you are asked to surrender that will not be replaced with a higher frequency version. We make this statement knowing that ALL of you have conquered yourpower-over ego.

However, we also realized that your wounded ego still wishes you to believe that you are “just one human.”
NO!  You are NOT just one human! NO! You are not alone. 
Yes! You are of THE ONE!

Definition Of Fifth Dimensional Leadership

Before we continue with our message, we wish to define Fifth Dimensional Leadership by saying that a Fifth Dimensional Leader is one who leads the way into the fifth dimension. This definition may assist with any confusion you may be having about how to lead. It is not so much HOW you lead, but WHERE you are leading.

Or dearest ONES, we speak to ALL of you who receive this message. Even if you are not involved in a particular undertaking, we see that our Lightworkers have shifted into high gear in these final moments. We see vast changes on Gaia that we KNOW that you, our representatives wearing human vessels, have created these shifts with your vast, multidimensional creativity.

We look to ALL of you and see that YOU are indeed your true SELF, cloaked in a lower frequency garment. Therefore, we ask you to remember that WE, your Galactic and Celestial Family, are YOU! Hence, we are not more advanced than you.

In fact, your challenge of being your Multidimensional SELF within your small, clay form is a feat that we are not sure that we could complete. We honor you with our Open Heart and our Cosmic Mind. We hold great respect for our Galactic Family members who have volunteered to take a form for this final segment of the Planetary Process Ascension.

Your collective ability to maintain a connection with your true SELF while wearing a clay vessel is a primary component of your Mission. You are already victorious in that endeavor.

Furthermore, each of you is beginning to understand your own puzzle piece, as well as how you can connect your personal puzzle piece to the planetary puzzle of ascension. Unfortunately, you do not have the cover to the puzzle box to see how it will look when it is complete.Hence, each of you must look deep inside to discover your wish fulfilled.

We are now ready to give you instructions for three components of your process of being a leader into the fifth dimension:

#1 Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System Into Your Physical Brain:

Without the integration of your new mental and emotional operating system, the concepts to which you will be introduced will be too advanced, too multidimensional for your physical brains to embrace. Therefore, we request that you read our former message about integrating your Multidimensional Operating System. (See Blog for 9-24-12)

#2 Returning To Unity Consciousness

We, the Galactics, need a network of ascending ones who are bonded in Unity Consciousness with each other and with their higher dimensional expressions SELF. This Unity Consciousness cannot be fully achieved without the full integration of your multidimensional mental and emotional operating system.

We say “mental and emotional” as within the Multidimensional Operating System, thoughts and emotions, mind and heart, are ONE. Therefore, you can think and perceive with your heart and feel your wonderful human emotions with your mind. Your expanded ability to perceive with your heart, which is ever expanding into perceiving with your High Heart, is the foundation of this new operating system.

The mind, thoughts, brain and neurology can accept and organize the multidimensional light into information bits. However, only your High Heart can perceive, embrace and use the unconditional love that is the building block of all creation. Please remember that unconditional love is the bonding force of the Multiverse.

Hence, unconditional love is the cohesive power that holds every energy molecule together to create form. Also, since the form that you are creating is fifth dimensional, unconditional love is needed to close all the third/fourth dimensional polarities of light, thought and emotion into Oneness. In this manner, your creative concepts can enter through the fifth dimensional Matrix where they are bonded together with the cohesion of unconditional love.

#3 Creating New Earth

First, we must remind you that within the vocabulary of unconditional love, the concepts of creating and perceiving are interchangeable. If something is not created, it is not perceivable. On the other hand, if it is not perceivable, it is not created. Because there is no time, as you know it in the fifth dimension, it is not possible to place these concepts in a separate, sequential, organized fashion.

There is only NOW. Therefore, within the HERE of the NOW, creation and perception intermingle into the forms of fifth dimensional Earth. Paradoxically, the fifth dimensional is also formless, because it is infinitely responding to the ever-changing creative ideals of the Unity Consciousness.

Coming Out

Meanwhile, back on physical Earth, some of our ascending ones are still struggling to decide whether or not they dare to “come out” as their true SELF.

Hence, we hope you understand now why there needs to be strong supportive Networkers who have:
·   Integrated their Multidimensional Operating System to better understand that which they will be teaching to others.
·     Returned to Unity Consciousness to best assist with Planetary Ascension.
·     And are actively creating New Earth with their every thought and emotion.

We see that many of you are ready to join into the Flow of ascension, but feel isolated and alone. Therefore, we ask those of you who have found your Way to share your process with those whom you have come to assist.

Yes, you may not remember, but all of you have created strong bonds with certain life-streams through your myriad shared incarnations. In fact, many of you that find yourselves together now were also together within when you came to assist Gaia at the fall of Atlantis.

Remember, our dear ascending ones, there are NO mistakes and NO accidents. YOU are the creator of your life! Even if this creation stems from the wounded ego of your subconscious mind or the immense power of your Multidimensional SELF, it is YOUR creation.
As you release ALL sense of victimization, you will KNOW that where you are and what you are doing NOW is the HERE from which you will commence your new life.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, are ALWAYS with you,
Call us!

The Arcturians*
Creating New Earth

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Friday, September 28, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Beloved Friends,

Yes, it is time for those of you who feel attracted to Nova Terra, to start to carry the vision of Her and Her Glorious ascended New and Divine Light and Energy in your Heart, to welcome Her already now in the essence of  your own being!

When you do this with the Love of your Heart, you are preparing yourself in a perfect way for ascension. It will greatlymake your transition easy and pleasant, as you connect yourself already now with Her vibrant new Creation.

Do not withdraw your energy  from the necessities of your daily life, but you can fulfill them by  joining your heart already now with Her highly ascended Consciousness.

You can do this, while you meditate and ask to be elevated up to her frequency which exists radiantly all over and as Nova Terra! As you allow yourself to connect with this higher dimensional field of love- and joy-radiance, you automatically rise your own vibration. Feeling the joy and happiness that pervades our New Earth, should make it easy for you to bring it to here, because Joy is contagious! It is this Joy which takes over then your daily life and which is the bridge to our new world soon to emerge!

Do not allow yourself to be drawn down with your emotions into the daily ups and downs of the fading state of our old world, but live with the certainty of a radiant Divine Reality  which will be soon ours. 

If difficult emotions persist, accept and feel them fully. And then release them into the light. If you do not release them, this might be a reason, why you cannot yet connect with Ascended Gaia.

Although there is a “distance”from here to there, in Reality this New World is right here, only vibrating in a Higher Consciousness, transcending the illusion of space and time.

Originally, Gaia existed many eons ago as a very High Being of Light, some say as an Archangel, in the highest dimensions, before She fell into the lower densities, not because of Her failures, but because of lower dimensional beings whom She allowed in Her Compassion to incarnate on Her.  

In our time She has been Blessed by the Incarnation of Radiant Source Consciousness Itself, to Which She  surrendered by Her own great Spiritual Practice. Divine Source Consciousness  can only be Realized by transcending mind and creation. It required Her to let go of all other identifications and personal states. Therefore Source Consciousness is so present on New Earth. And this is the reason why She Is Unique among other planets and in the many dimensional realms and has Great attractive Power.

Ascended Gaia also wants you to know that She is deeply connected to all of us, and that we only need to allow this connection and feel it! And so She is asking you to open your heart toward Her and let go all presumptions of difference and separation, so that you can become in your feeling Heart One with Her Radiant State!

What an unspeakable blessing it is, to ascend with a Great Divine Being and to live directly in Her Divine Company! There is no greater Blessing, I believe! Because our beautiful New Home is Spiritually Alive and not a insentient body, like the planets of many of the ascended Galactic civilizations are! To me the Joy and Blessings of this Divine Gift is beyond words! And it is important, that ever more of us can wake up to this unspeakable Miracle.

I remember the stories of ancient Indian Wisdom Teachings, the Puranas, in which even the most unfortunate events always turned out to be in the end unexpected and Greatest Divine Blessings, in ways which did not exist in creation before! 

Our days of limitations are numbered! The Great Waves of Joy are already arriving to here, and all that light and all that love that is One with that Joy! 

We all can take advantage of this!
We are all so much Blessed!

With love,

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Trip to the Mothership Part IV b



 Before Mytre speaks with you, we wanted this opportunity to share a special message with our ascending ones who have been visiting our Mothership. We are so happy to visit with many of you in your Night-bodies. Do not be concerned if you do not remember us, for WE remember you. In fact, we remember when you, too, were Sixth Dimensional Beings.

Your Sixth Dimensional Self is a wisp of light seeking a new form to wear. Once you create your form, you take on the persona and milieu of that form. This shopping for a new form is great fun. But, most important, it is how your great Essence can check out and interact with the myriad realities to see if your infinite services are required.

If you find that you are needed, if you just want to have some fun, a unique experience, or a visit with friends, you insert your SELF into the 6D Matrix of that reality as simply as a third dimensional might slip on a glove. The reality of the formless ones is much vaster than the realities of form. In reality, within your NOW of the ONE, you are simultaneously relishing many visitations to many realities.

On the contrary, your insertion into your present matrix/life was not for fun or a visit. You came to Gaia because YOU were needed. Just as Gaia had called you at the fall of Atlantis, She has been calling you for the last two generations. She called you because she needed your great sixth dimensional light to counteract her impending darkness.

And so you answered Her call…

In your sixth dimensional SELF, you inserted your Light into the era that would commence the final days of ascending Earth. However, our dear, brave ones, you did not stay at the higher frequencies of this reality. No, you purposefully delved down through the fifth dimension, through the fourth to capture your Aura, you pulled in all your protection as you bravely traveled through the dark and murky Lower Astral Plane and inserted your Essence into the tiny, helpless form of a third dimensional infant.

Please recognize how much courage and dedication to the Light that it took for you to diminish your great Multidimensional SELF into such a dependent state. If that were not enough, in a very short “time” you forgot your true SELF and only knew of your small, weak physical form. You ALL chose a very difficult matrix upon which you chose to adhere your multidimensional creativity.

Many, more than our hearts could bear to count, were lost in the great darkness of the closing cycle of Gaia’s plight. However, upon your release from your illusionary form even those who have become completely embedded in the darkness will, eventually, return HOME to your true SELF.

This harvest has begun NOW.

It is VITAL that you remember who you are.
Release the illusion of physicality that you have wrapped around your memory.
Release the fear that you had to learn in order to survive this challenge
Release the guilt that you were taught.
Release to doubt that clouds your mind.
Release ALL you memories of darkness, pain, fear and sorrow.

These burdens are the heavy pack that makes your ascent to the mountain peak too difficult, too exhausting and too dangerous. With the release of all that over, you will more able to find your Way into that which is new. Always, remember that you are totally protected.

Whatever happens to you within this final leg of your life-long return Home is of no consequence. The dense body you are wearing will soon be transmuted into its true body of LIGHT.  However, your Path is not ending. In fact, this Path is just beginning, but it is moving into a frequency of reality in which the density is not so heavy.

Your return is moving into a dimension in which you are free of the darkness that has haunted you for myriad incarnation. We, the members of your Higher Expressions of SELF, are leading you into the Light that you have always sought. Yes, even in the darkest of nights, you have sought this light.

Our dear ascending ones, we salute your wondrous courage and tenacity. You have continued on and on through the darkest of times when hope seemed to be your greatest illusion. However, you didcontinue. You did not give up! Somehow you found more light, more courage and more tenacity to continue your Return, no matter what!

The peak of the mountain is very near, but you are more exhausted than ever. Fortunately, the hope that was once an illusion has become your talisman. Hold on to your hope, our dear ascending ones. Hold on to your faith—in your SELF—as you climb the final hills and journey through the final valleys of your discontent.

Polarities are closing and you are CREATING you New Life!

We, the Arcturians, and ALL your Galactic and Celestial Family, are holding our arms open wide to shine our Heart Light on the final steps of your long journey. You are coming to the Threshold now. All you have to do is step across!

The Arcturians*


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The Sixth Dimensional Matrix

YOU are the Matrix, and YOU are the creative energy that fills that Matrix. Therefore please remember to:

Allow yourself to LONG for Freedom!

Allow yourself to LONG for Peace!

Allow yourself to LONG for Ascension!

YOU are the creator of your reality. YOU are the sixth dimensional womb of creation. Through your longing, you prepare the 6D Matrix for the insertion of YOUR new reality.

Prepare for the birth of your creation by thinking of it as your wish fulfilled.


Discipline yourself to perceive peace where there is conflict.
Discipline yourself to feel love where there is fear.
Discipline yourself to find unity where there is separation.

In this manner, you create your ascension. Refuse to linger on or give attention to any of the components of reality that are ending. Focus only on the reality that is being born. Then, gradually, your consciousness will begin to disarticulate from the extinct Matrix and set off in search of a 6D Matrix to which you can attach the energy field of the Creation of your New LIFE.

(see 6D Mothership post before)

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD