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GOF Monthly lecture, September 2019

September 7, 2019      
Epigenetics and the Human Race      
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     Greetings, this is Juliano.  We are the Arcturians!  Today's theme will be on the epigenetics of humanity as a whole.  Perhaps you have become familiar with the study of epigenetics for individual situations.  Basically, the study of epigenetics refers to the idea that you can control genetic factors with your environment.  The genes are not rigid finalities and you can change outcomes.  I know that you have heard reports from doctors and medical communities that genetics is the source of many of the illnesses, such as heart illnesses and cancers, in the human body.  The earlier thoughts on genetics presented the idea the genes you inherit are like a time bomb or a time clock in your body.  If you have certain genes, those genes will bring forth these illnesses.

     Epigenetics is saying that your environment and also your mental processes can influence and even change the outcomes of such genetic time bombs.  This has led to many brilliant programs which are focused on environmental factors, diet and the ability to change your thinking.  This is, from our perspective, fifth-dimensional thinking.  This is higher level thinking, because it is demonstrating that the mind does have control over the physical body, even in situations where the physical body is threatened by inherited genes.

     We, the Arcturians, have developed newer healing technologies that help you to activate new reactions and new programs in the physical structure of your body.  These new programs and structures can help you tremendously to overcome what might seem to be incurable illnesses in the physical body.

     One of our favorite methods for this healing intervention has been Helio-Ah's healing chambers.  There are two very prominent exercises in that healing chamber.  One is the revolving chair technique, and the second is the healing chamber that is focused on the visualizations and computer images from your past memories.  In the computer technique, Helio-ah helps you to retrieve images that go back to the original program from your childhood that were downloaded into your mind.  Helio-Ah has used these childhood images to help people to reprogram and heal from traumatic events in their body.

     The idea is the healing chamber, where the computer is, has access to the image of the trauma from the mental body.  These stored images in the mental body can become the foundation for future activities and future unfolding of psychological constellations.  If the image can be altered or even removed, then there is room for replacing the image with more positive images.  A new story can be downloaded then into the Unconscious and Subconscious.  This changing of the earlier traumatic images leads to tremendous healing opportunities.

     The key from the computer healing visualization experience is that a new and positive image can cause a dramatic shift in the psychological functioning of a person, even if the trauma occurred 40 or 50 years ago.  Downloading and recreating a new image, then, has a powerful healing effect.  This has great significance for epigenetics, because sometimes the genetic program for a certain illness was given to each of you by your parents when you were a child.  There are visualizations downloaded coming from childhood, which give the body instructions to formulate and activate a certain body rhythm or body blockage and illnesses.  I have seen this in many cases where people seem to have difficulty surviving past the age of their father or mother.  In certain cases they seem to have a repetition of the illnesses that their parents had.

     In this concept of the healing chambers, we are correlating visual images with the alteration of genetic programming.  This means that, instead of visualizing oneself reacting to an illness or a heart ailment as their parent did, then there could be a new image where it is possible to visualize that one would not have the circulatory illness or the heart ailment that one's parent had.  This is, then, uniting the concept of epigenetics with visualization, and in particular, retrieving and healing the visualizations from earlier childhood programs.  This technique is relatively easy to perform, and certainly is less intrusive than chemotherapy or dramatic surgeries, such as open heart surgery.

     The second aspect of the epigenetics and Helio-Ah's work arises in the revolving chair technique.  I will briefly describe this technique as it offers some important insights for the deeper theme that we are going into, which is "Epigenetics and the Human Race", or "How can the genetic programming of the human race as an entirety be modified?"  In the revolving chair technique, one's astral body is thought projected to a special chamber on our starship, and one enters a room that has a revolving and reclining chair.  Helio-Ah compared this revolving chair to the type of reclining seat that is used in preparation for astronauts going through gravity-less training.  The astronauts would lie flat on a reclining chair that would rotate them in a circle at a high speed.  This high speed rotation would simulate the effects of being without gravity.  Naturally, one would have reactions of dizziness, for example, which might also need to be overcome.  One would have to train the body to overcome the dizziness.

     During the healing chambers and in the astral body work, we bring your astral body to Helio-Ah's healing chamber and revolving chair, and then we begin the revolving.  There are instructions given.  The first instruction is that lower densities, lower thought forms, are hereby removed from the astral body.  This then gives you several interesting insights into how the human mind and genetic structure function, because all illness lies in the mental body and in the programs and thought forms that operate there.  What is amazing is that these thought forms operate subconsciously; that means that for the most part, one is not aware of the programs.

     But the mind has tremendous abilities that are in the Subconscious or Unconscious.  Remember, Freud's famous analogy which was, "Think of the mind as an iceberg.  You see a large portion of the iceberg above the water, but in reality, what you see above the water is only 10 percent of the full iceberg.  That means that 90 percent of the iceberg is below water."  This analogy is still good and holds true today, because 10 percent of your waking consciousness is above water and is in your waking mind.  That's right, only 10 percent; so 90 percent of what is going on in your Conscious and Subconscious is below the water.

     Now it is true that there are powerful techniques, such as hypnosis, in which one can retrieve these subconscious programs.  There is in the psyche resistances that must be overcome in order to activate and to pull out those subconscious or unconscious thoughts and programs, and even when they are brought out, it does not mean that they can be changed.  A special skill and training is required to help one overcome these resistances, and sometimes we refer to this procedure as "thought surgery".  In thought surgery these older programs are brought up from the Subconscious so that they can be analyzed and changed.

     Many of these programs come from early childhood.  Some of the programs are passed on from generation to generation.  That is to say that you could be operating on programs from the Unconscious that are part of your soul group, or are part of your racial group, or even part of your country group.  I speak often of karma and talk about cosmic karma and Earth karma.  There is also the family karma, and there is also racial karma, and there is also karma from your country.  That means that you are subject to all of these types of karma, and all of these are, for the most part, below consciousness.

     In the revolving chair technique, Helio-Ah has the person revolve their astral body at a higher speed, and as it begins to revolve, the lower thought forms are removed.  There are several speeds involved in this technique: low, medium and high.  At the highest level, then those thought forms from the Unconscious that are deeply attached to you are released.  This gives you an idea that many of these deep thought forms are intergenerational.  Karmic thought forms have a high degree of attachment to your Unconscious, and it would require a systematic and very powerful intervention to loosen and remove them.

     When Helio-Ah does this technique, there is another aspect to this method which is called the "reset technique".  This technique is a "rebooting" of the mind.  In many respects your mind is like a computer.  It stores memories and the mind even has programs.  Older programs of lower density can be removed.  Your mind and your brain can be reset.  After the removal of old programs, then it becomes important to download new instructions and new programs.

     The interventions, then, are the revolving technique and the computer retrieval technique using images.  These two techniques can be used for dealing with what I call "epigenetic modification" for the individual.  There are other techniques that deal with these matters.  But for our discussion today, these two are the most prominent and will also offer the greatest ability to help us understand how we can apply these techniques to changing humanity.

     We are ready now to look at the theme, which is "epigenetics and humanity".  Many of you see the inevitability of the current Earth trauma leading to End-Time catastrophes.  Certainly, recent events are demonstrating that the drama unfolding on the Earth seems to have an inevitable negative outcome.  This inevitable outcome can be linked to the sixth mass extinction and to the destructions of the biosphere, which is also related to significant climate changes and the possibility of other Earth changes, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Ultimately, the most destructive Earth change would be the striking of an asteroid to the Earth.  Because an asteroid striking the Earth would lead to approximately the death of this planet or the death of the biosphere, and perhaps the removal of 99 percent of the life forms on the Earth.  There would not be a total removal of all life forms, because there are some life forms that are surviving below the ocean.  But the general biosphere and life forms that you know and love could be instantaneously destroyed through an asteroid strike.

     There could be an interaction between the mental processes of a species and an asteroid coming to the planet.  Jupiter serves as the guardian of the solar system, and most of the severe comets and asteroids must pass through the gateway of Jupiter.  That means that, in your solar system, like many other solar systems, a large planet such as Jupiter is critical for the protection of a planet like Earth.  Were it not for a planet like Jupiter, the Earth biosphere would have been decimated many times previously, and the chances of life surviving would have been greatly diminished.  So, you can thank Jupiter.

     Jupiter, by the way, also serves as a corridor of light for incoming extraterrestrial vessels.  One of the reasons why it is a corridor is because of the great distance between Jupiter and Mars.  The incoming extraterrestrial vessels who come from the Fifth Dimension and who want to appear in the Third Dimension need a huge landing space.  These interdimensional vessels are overcoming the forces of other dimensions.  When you come from one dimension to another, there is a huge release of energy when you enter the Third Dimension, and therefore they need a huge space for entering your solar system.

     There is a mental aspect to asteroids striking the Earth.  Believe it or not, the laws of entanglement and quantum physics are operational when it comes to asteroids.  There are, therefore, attractive forces that can help to bring asteroids to this planet, and some of those attractive forces have to do with what I call "darker energies".  But other asteroids coming to the Earth have to do with what I call the "reset process".  The reset process was demonstrated with the dinosaurs, because clearly the proliferation of the dinosaurs had gotten out of control, and there was no possibility that higher life forms or higher beings such as humanity could exist side-by-side with the dinosaurs.

     The Earth has in it this program for humanity and for higher life forms.  There was no possibility of controlling the proliferation of the dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were so successful in their evolution that they became resistant to viruses and bacteria, and it was very difficult to control the population of dinosaurs.  There were multiple strains of dinosaurs.  Even if one strain succumbed to immune deficiency problems, such as a virus, there were no worries because there were so many other forms of dinosaurs.  You know, even from observing reptiles, how strong their exterior is, and how they can effectively deal with incoming assaults and even incoming bacteria or viruses to their systems.  But the key point is that the Earth is programmed and set for humanity, and humanity has a genetic structure that is complex.

     The complexity of the genetic structure of humanity has been tampered with by extraterrestrials.  There are multiple programs genetically that are incorporated into humanity.  Some of these basic programs are of competition, dominance, and strong, military, war-like tendencies which come from the Lyrans.  500 million years ago there were wars between the Lyrans and other subsidiaries of their cultures that ended in major destructions of entire planetary systems.  You are not the first, nor will you be the last, humanoid-type person or species that has come from the Lyrans.  The Lyrans are the forefathers of the humans, and they are the forefathers of the Pleiadians and many of the human-like life forms in this galaxy.  But their genetic structure had certain traits in it that have come down into your DNA genetic structure.  There also are positives, because the Lyrans were extremely advanced scientifically.  They were traveling interdimensionally.  They were able to do many of the higher spiritual exercises that we are now teaching you, such as thought projections.  They have gone far beyond nuclear weapons.  They were using weaponry that had to do with interdimensional explosions.

     I will give you one example of interdimensional explosions that has recently occurred.  There was an interdimensional explosion in Russia in 1908 in the forest in the area known as Tunguska, Russia.  (Author's Note: this event has been considered to be an impact asteroid event, but no asteroid remnants or crater has ever been found.  It is considered the largest impact event on Earth in recorded history.  It had the force 1,000 times more than the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima.)  In this explosion which occurred in Siberia near the Tunguska River, there were vast forests that were totally flattened  (Author's Note: over 80 million trees were flattened), and a huge explosion was seen, but there never was an asteroid that was found.  The explosion was so loud and bright that people in London - imagine how far London is from Siberia - had seen bright light in the sky from that explosion, and the explosion was comparable to a major asteroid hitting, and was also comparable to huge, nuclear bombs which, of course, were not developed in 1908.  The scientists looked very hard to find the crater that should have been caused as a result of that asteroid.  However, there was a lot of controversy because the land there was swampy, and there was not an obvious hole or crater that you would expect to find.  The point is that it was not an asteroid.  The point is that it was an interdimensional explosion from an extraplanetary source.  This type of technology was developed by the Lyrans.

     Think about this event.  Maybe in the type of military wars that are potentially occurring on the Earth, one country could send a missile to another country, and that missile might have a nuclear bomb on it, but that incoming bomb could be intercepted by a defensive missile.  For example, there is a defensive system called the "Patriot System", which with high technology is able to knock down incoming missiles.  Of course, you need only one missile to get through to cause significant damage.  What type of technology could possibly protect you from an interdimensional blast?  This interdimensional blast that occurred at Tunguska came from another planetary system in another dimension.  Why did they choose this area of Russia at this time to detonate this?  The answer is that they were experimenting, and they thought that they could successfully practice this type of technique without being detected and without doing a lot of harm.  In one sense, they were correct, because it did occur in a very isolated space on this planet.  This is the type of technology that the Lyrans developed, and that knowledge was also passed on to the Atlanteans.

     I know that you have heard stories of the Atlanteans, and how they destroyed their own civilization.  There have been various mysteries and various theories about how their continent was destroyed, and some have said that there were experiments with the Sun and giant solar panels of huge size.  Some have even talked about nuclear bombs.  But our perception was that the Atlanteans also were using forces that they did not know how to control, and there were certain safeguards for these forces, but they did not follow the safeguards.  The Atlanteans also experienced an interdimensional explosion similar to the explosion at Tunguska, but the Atlantean's explosion was more damaging because it caused the sinking of an entire continent and an entire civilization.

     Seeking scientific advancement and technology is also programmed into the humans.  Humans have programming from the Lyrans and programming from the higher beings.  There also exists what I call the "core Adamic genetic programming".  This core Adamic genetic programming developed over several million years, and is demonstrated in the various, different subspecies of humanity, such as the Neanderthal, the Cro-Magnon, the Australopithecus and some of the newer discoveries in Africa of subspecies of humans.

     There is, then, a core genetic development that is individual to the human species on Earth.  You have all heard stories of the Annunaki in the Mesopotamia area.  (Author's Note: The Annunaki is a group of deities that appears in the mythological traditions of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians.  In his book "The 12th Planet" Zecharia Sitchin claimed the Annunaki were actually a race of extraterrestrials beings from an undiscovered planet in our solar system called Nibiru.)  The civilizations in the Mesopotamia area were visited by beings from "the 12th planet", which is an interdimensional planet.  The reason why you cannot see the 12th planet now is because it is in an interdimensional area beyond the vision of Earth's astronomers.

     The theories that were developed in the concept of the 12th planet were that these species came to the area of Mesopotamia and trained humans to be their servants in order to mine gold and other materials that were needed for their planet.  In that process, there was interbreeding with other Earth people.  That means there were interactions and passing on of genetic material between one species and another.  Also, these beings from the 12th planet could also be described with the word "Nephilim", which was used in biblical Hebrew to describe those who have come down from the sky.  Nephilim literally is the Hebrew word which means "the fallen ones".  It can refer to those coming from the sky in reference to the Annunaki, or it could refer to other beings coming from different extraterrestrial sources that also did come down and intermix with humans.  Despite all these intermixings with other beings, there still is a core genetic strand that is unique to Earth humans.

     Now, let's bring all this together into the concept of epigenetics.  I said that in epigenetics, on a personal basis, you can go beyond your inherited genetics.  You can use your mind and environment to override what might be a core program that is physically and genetically programmed so that you can modify, or in some cases, even override that program.  I have used the term "reset".  When you can access core programing, then you can reset the whole program.  One method to get to the core basis is to remove lower thought forms, and that process will set up the possibility of resetting the whole program.

     Epigenetics also applies to the entire human situation and the human race.  One of our missions, and one of your missions as Starseeds, is to help shift the genetic programs that are now operational for humanity on the Earth.  These genetic programs are leading to the destruction of the Earth and of the biosphere.  We are in a situation now where there is a small percentage of people, namely the Starseeds, with higher consciousness who understand and grasp the situation.  They could understand that the genetic program that is operational now for humanity is "dark" and will lead to the destruction of this planet.  That means that these dark forces are like cancers that proliferate uncontrollably, and left uncontrolled, will no doubt cause this planet to go into a deep spiral.  You are just now seeing some of the severe outcomes of this deep and dark spiral.  But the concept of epigenetics can be applied to the human race, and it is not inevitable that the human race will destroy this planet.  It is not inevitable that the biosphere will die.  It is not inevitable that Man will destroy itself.  In order to stop this downward spiral, there must be a genetic modification of the human.

     I talk about this type of planetary crisis in my classes on Arcturus,   I give classes on Galactic Anthropology, which is the study of planets and species in the galaxy, and how the species on a planet change during a crisis.  In some cases, the species do not change, and the inevitable destruction of that planet occurs.  In other cases, the destructions occur from external sources, such as from nuclear bombs and wars.  But what are the ingredients epigenetically for changing the whole species?  One obvious ingredient which causes a genetic change is a planetary crisis.  In order for humanity as a species to change genetically, a crisis must occur.

     For example, imagine that you had a blood test and an MRI.  Then you received some bad news which revealed that you had blockages in your arteries.  It is only at that point that you would marshal your efforts to begin to change.  You might immediately start to change your diet.  You would start to study some of the teachings on nutrition that are being given, and you would say: "Ok, I am open now to epigenetics.  I am open now to changing my thinking.  How could I reprogram my genetic structure?  It is not inevitable that I will suffer from these problems."  But the motivation to change usually would only come to you during a crisis.  And that is just the way humans work.  It is not anything unusual.  Humanity has reached that crisis, and that crisis is what you are seeing now.  It is a crisis that threatens the survival of the whole species, and the survival of the whole biosphere.

     So, the first ingredient for epigenetic change in a species is crisis.  Unfortunately, the majority of people, especially those in power, do not agree that there is a crisis for survival, and therefore, we are experiencing resistance.  There is a great resistance among the majority of people to accepting or believing that this is a crisis.  If everyone accepted that there is a crisis, you would see change.  If people universally agreed that there is a climate crisis on this planet, then people would marshal their efforts and study and do things immediately.  Part of the resistance is from greed and from ego and from lower energies, because it comes down to the Animal Self.  And the Animal Self is very narcissistic.  And when there is a possibility for gain of finances, gain of resources, control, etc., that will override what I call the "Middle Self".  The Middle Self is more focused on ethical behavior and social justice, two very important aspects necessary for saving the planet.

     How can we use these principles of epigenetics to apply to species?  The Starseeds have the ability to program and do visualizations of the new evolved Man/Woman genetically.  I have called the new Man/Woman the Omega Man/Woman.  The reason why I have used that terminology is because it has a significance that was described by famous French philosopher Pierre de Chardin, when he described the higher evolutionary possibilities of humanity which could be compared to the Christ figure, or to Moses, or the Buddha.  The Omega Man/Woman could be compared to the higher beings that have been on this planet, and these higher beings had extraordinary mental powers.  But what was equally important is that these higher beings were able to see all of humanity, and they all tried to set a new direction of evolution for humanity.  You and I could argue about whether or not they were successful.  We can argue whether or not Jesus was successful, for example, in establishing a new direction, a new higher evolution for humanity.  I think what is clear is that we can accept without argument that Jesus did represent a higher form of humanity, a form that was not engaged in violence, a form that was to be in higher consciousness, and also a form in which he was  able to go into the Fifth Dimension.  There have been other, higher beings since then that have been on this planet.

      There has been an extremely small percentage of higher, enlightened beings that represent what I call the Omega Man/Woman.  The key ingredient now in the Omega Man/Woman is the fifth-dimensional consciousness and higher consciousness.  We want to accelerate the visualization and imagery of the Omega Man/Woman so that there is a new, expanded group of higher consciousness beings that emerge on Earth.  Remember the situation between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon.  They were both living together, yet one survived and one did not.  But both of them, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, were very strong beings.  Neanderthal lived for thousands of years, and was able to survive pretty harsh conditions, but there was something about the Cro-Magnon that had greater survivability.  There are theories that they merged and joined into one being, but the point is that Neanderthal died, and the Cro-Magnon went on and eventually evolved into Homo sapiens.

     We are in a situation now where the Homo sapiens is existing and is the dominant species on this planet, but there is a new form of Homo sapiens on the horizon, which  I call the Omega Man/Woman.  There are small pockets; there are small groups like you and I who are forerunners of that new Omega Man/Woman.  We want to encourage the proliferation of the Omega Man/Woman.  What is interesting is that you are able to shape and shift yourself into the Omega Man/Woman at certain times when you can experience higher consciousness.  That could be through trance work; group activities and meditations help you to move closer to this next evolutionary stage.

     We want to expand and accelerate this evolutionary shift.  We are going to get into a situation where there are two species of humans.  There is going to be the Omega Man/Woman species, and there is going to be the normal Homo sapiens.  The Omega Man/Woman has developed higher consciousness as the main ingredient, but also, the Omega Man/Woman must have survivability.  This means that they must be able to protect themselves.  Each of you know, from your personal experience, that there are people who have this higher consciousness and also have a need for protection   For example, there are people in South America who are seeking to protect the environments, but at the same time, their lives have been threatened.  In some cases, they have been assassinated.

     To come forward and to act on these impulses for higher consciousness is good, but also they have to develop the ability to survive.  To be an Omega Man/Woman you have to be smart enough, and at the same time you have to manifest a way to protect yourself and survive.

     Visualization and downloading of the Omega Man/Woman prototype or blueprint can be accomplished.  The way this is accomplished is through the downloading of the images of the Omega Man/Woman into the Collective Unconscious and into the Noosphere.  Remember, I said that 90 percent of the iceberg is below the water, and 90 percent of your Unconsciousness is below water.  There is a substantial part of your consciousness that is connected to Universal Consciousness, or what Carl Jung called "Collective Unconsciousness".  The Collective Unconsciousness makes an interconnection of all consciousness beings, and therefore, this interconnection is called "collective".  If you wanted to download a new image of the Omega Man/Woman into the Collective Unconscious, then this can be done.  Downloading the image will help the Omega Man/Woman to manifest.

     The power of this visualization can be accelerated through the use of the 12 Arcturian Etheric Crystals and the use of group consciousness and group meditations.  These exercises are very similar to Biorelativity exercises.  In the exercises of Biorelativity, you use group consciousness and meditations to telepathically communicate with the Earth.  Also in some Biorelativity exercises, we are using special downloading of affirmations to the Earth.

     In the manifestation of the Omega Man/Woman, we can accelerate the thought forms through using etheric crystals, that is, the 12 etheric crystals that have been downloaded on Earth by the Arcturians.  For example, in one exercise, we raise an etheric crystal, such as the etheric crystal in Mt. Shasta, and then we visualize a white screen on top of that crystal.  With this image, then, we can place the image of the Omega Man/Woman on that screen.  What exactly would the Omega Man look like?  You could use the image of Jesus, but remember the problem is that the traditional Western image of Jesus may not have been the reality of his appearance.  Jesus was living in a Middle Eastern community, and he actually had black, curly hair, and looked more Mediterranean or Middle Eastern than he did in the Western images that were portrayed.  But nonetheless, what is important is that we would have to come up with an image that would be Fifth Dimensional.

     I would recommend that the image we would use has a halo around their shoulders and their head.  We also have the issue of man versus woman.  I call it the Omega Man/Woman, which means that this perfected image should be androgynous, that is, the image will have the characteristics of both male and female.  Look for a universal image that would represent the new aspect of the species that is going to evolve.  I challenge you, as a group, to come up with this image.

     To complete this exercise I am going to use the image of Jesus Christ.  Project this image onto the screen in front of the etheric crystal at Mt. Shasta, California.  Add Arcan Power  (Author's Note: Arcan Power is the Arcturian term for increased thought energy.), and send thought power  to the screen.  We can increase the Arcan Power of that image as high as possible, until we reach a certain point, until we reach 50,000 Arcans, which is an extremely high thought power.  With a large group meditating together we can reach 50,000 Arcans of thought power of the Omega Man/Woman image.  Then, download that image into the Collective Unconscious and project that image into the Noosphere and project that image also into the Ring of Ascension  (Author's Note: a fifth-dimensional halo around the Earth).  In some cases, we might use the Iskalia Mirror (Author's Note: an etheric mirror over the North Pole used by the Arcturians to bring down higher light from the Central Sun to the Earth)  as another source to bring down Central Sun light onto the etheric crystal.  This will help increase the Arcan Power of the image.  On the screen bring up the Arcan Power, and then we can download that image into the Collective Unconscious and into the Noosphere.  This will help to begin to manifest the higher being known as the Omega Man/Woman.

     We are bringing up the Arcan Power of this image even higher.  The image is becoming brighter and brighter on the etheric screen.  Visualize this image as also containing the first Adam, the highest prototype form.  The chakras of the Omega Man/Woman are lighting up.  There is a strong halo around the head and shoulders representing expanded consciousness.  Keep this figure in your mind.  At the count of three, download this image into the Collective Unconscious of the Earth.  One, two, three.

     We will be working with this figure in future lectures when we begin the process of bringing our thought power to 50,000 Arcans, which is a level which would greatly and meaningfully bring the power of that image into manifestation.  This is our mission and this is your mission - to bring forth this higher, evolutionary being into manifestation on the Earth.  For it is only then that this planet can be saved.  I am Juliano.  Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Monday, September 23, 2019

THE ARCTURIAN GROUP MESSAGE - 22 nd September 2019

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019
Welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages.
Everything is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way. Each day as more people awaken and begin to question the status quo, the collective consciousness grows lighter. Many more are now beginning to ponder higher ways of living as they recognize that that which they have always accepted without question does not serve the majority.
Much of the old energy remains alive and well but do not be fooled by appearances for the changes taking place in individual consciousness are beginning to manifest outwardly. This does not mean everything is going to suddenly become roses and light, but rather means that increasingly the obsolete creations of duality and separation are being recognized and rejected.
A great deal of exposure is going to take place in the next year. Those who refuse to to accept change and continue to flex their three dimensional muscles in hopes of keeping the majority in fear and old energy, will find themselves becoming less and less effective as those they hope to control begin opening their eyes.
Intense frequencies of Light are flowing and lifting all who are receptive to higher levels of awareness. Everyone, receptive or not, is feeling these energies. Relax and allow the process of integrating them as best you can. Detach from the chaos when you feel the need, even if it means simply going to a restroom for a few moments. Center frequently throughout the day and eliminate the "must get this done" programming that pushes you to do, do, do, when your body is tired.
Do not identify with the ascension symptoms you may be experiencing but rather simply recognize and allow them. You are moving into an integration phase now. Many believe they are sick or that something is physically wrong as their physical body integrates higher frequencies and forms new pathways with which to carry them. The ascension process affects every person differently depending upon what is clearing and what is integrating according to their individual state of consciousness.
Mind, which is an avenue of awareness, will always jump in with solutions according to what it knows. Honor the mind and evaluate its suggestions, but never forget that that there is a deeper and higher process going on that the human mind in and of itself, cannot explain to you. Information that flows from within comes to you through the mind, but never from it.
You are well beyond the need to continue seeking for God and spirituality as these practices flow from a sense of separation. Instead, begin to identify with the reality of your being, the I AM, the Divine Consciousness that you are. Consciously accept that the peace, safety, security health, intelligence wholeness, harmony, abundance, etc. you have been seeking is already fully present within you.
Once and for all release all favorite excuses as to why this is not possible. Until a person begins to acknowledge and accept the reality of themselves, they remain in and continue to manifest from separation consciousness.
In general, consciousness is awareness fully integrated and expressing through and as a person's thoughts and actions. For example--learning to drive a car. At first a new driver will study and think on an intellectual mind level about every step and rule for driving. However with time and practice, the information becomes automatic and driving becomes easy and without conscious thought. Driving a car is now established in his/her consciousness.
This is the secret behind child prodigies or talents that are quickly and easily learned. The particular musical, acting, scientific, or artistic talent was developed and perfected through other lifetimes and is now a state of consciousness. Although most are not aware if it, prodigies young or old, have all spent lifetimes studying, practicing, and perfecting their particular talent and because consciousness does not or cannot regress from an attained level, they incarnate with it intact.
Divine Consciousness is all that exists--omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Consciousness flowing Itself as all that is. Everything is this one Consciousness expressing ITself in, as, and through individual consciousness which then manifests it on the level of their personal conditioning or attained state of consciousness.
When the consciousness of some truth is attained, it is becomes available to all who are a part of your consciousness--children, family, friends, etc. for there is only ONE. If they are open and receptive they may receive insights or even healing but if not, they will not even notice.
My oneness with Divine Consciousness automatically constitutes my oneness with the spiritual reality of all living things as well as with every spiritual reality embodied in Divine Consciousness.
The spiritual journey is simply the evolution of individual consciousness which on earth is done through lifetimes in which a person gently or painfully learns to move beyond that which is false in his consciousness. Divine Consciousness is already fully present in every individual simply because it is all there is, but freewill allows every person to express whatever three dimensional conditioning they choose for as long as they choose.
The worst of criminals has Divine Consciousness but is allowing only a tiny pin prick point of its Light to express. This is not done consciously. The un-awakened do not yet know who they are and are only able to express themselves through the three dimensional belief system they hold as reality. Divine Consciousness remains forever fully present awaiting recognition in every individual regardless of how limiting their present belief system may be.
The evolutionary process requires hundreds of lifetimes and experiences for most. You have done this work or you would not be able to align with these messages. Most of you chose to came into this lifetime having already attained a higher level of awareness in order to teach and serve during these energetically intense times. Evolution does not end at a particular point, but rather continues infinitely because Divine Consciousness is Infinite.
Evolution is like observing life through a very dirty window through which objects appear distorted and colorless. The observer then bases his beliefs and life decisions on what he sees. Each good or bad experience in every lifetime serves to wipe a tiny bit of grime off the window until at some point he is able to clear increasingly larger sections, allowing him to perceive that which was previously unrecognizable with new insights and clarity.
Previously dull colors are now seen as vibrant and varied while life and people begin to reflect beauty, unity, and love. All life forms are recognized to be in and of ONE and hope arises to replace previous despair, sorrow, and sense of separation.
You may wonder; "I am awake. Why then am I still experiencing three dimensional problems?" At this point ask yourselves; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?" There are many answers to this question but frequently it is because new insights have not yet fully integrated and become one's living, breathing, state of consciousness. Sometimes it is because the individual's has made a pre-birth choice to serve in lower resonating energies for the purpose of helping awaken those who remain steeped in density.
Know that once you choose to spiritually evolve you are on your way and whatever difficulties may present along that way are a part of your individual process. Release all teachings and concepts regarding how evolution must look or be experienced in order to be correct. Trust that your intention to evolve has set everything in motion and you don't need to light a candle, chant, or jump up and down to make it happen.
An attained consciousness of Oneness manifests outwardly as whatever is needed even in the most intense of circumstances and often as something seemingly very ordinary and practical. Give up trying to figure out, plot, and plan everything with the mind. The finite human mind is incapable of understanding or comprehending that which is infinite.
Cease struggling to attain what you already are. You have been falsely programmed to believe that the spiritual journey must be difficult and hard. All that is required is that you live each moment from your highest state of awareness. Simply allow the process and go within often to bask in Oneness with Source.
We are the Arcturian Group 9/22/19


Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The Arcturian Group welcomes you once again to messages presented with love for the purpose of helping all who choose to attain a higher understanding of who they are and what is taking place on planet earth at this time.
The increasingly intense frequencies of Light now pouring to earth are assisting all who are spiritually prepared to achieve a new and higher state of consciousness but many are not consciously aware of their readiness and so continue to resist change, allowing themselves only to open to if forced through painful three dimensional experiences rather than from gentle ways of non-resistance.
Never doubt that every individual is aware of what they are entering into before incarnation because they themselves chose it. Everyone works with Guides, teachers, and members of their soul group to choose the parents and life situations that will best help them move beyond old programing and resolve karmic situations from past lifetimes in awaken into a higher level of awareness.
In three dimensional energy all this is forgotten because plans were made in a higher dimension and the individual is no longer able to align with those frequencies. Children often remember past lives and what life was like on the other side until they are three dimensionally taught by adults who tell them they are wrong.
Energetically sensitive young children often have a difficult time adjusting to the lower resonating energies of the third dimension. Never force a child into a situation that may seem ordinary to adult thinking but is causing them to experience fear or resistance. Even situations that seem ordinary like a large birthday party or loud music concert can overwhelm a young child or even an adult who is energetically sensitive.
Duality and separation beliefs that remain alive and well in individual consciousness will always express themselves in forms of good or bad because there is NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS and even the smallest bit of old energy can manifest. The un-awakened do not understand this and so continue to create and further expand their three dimensional experiences with three dimensional solutions.
You have all lived many lifetimes during which you have had experiences of good, bad, and very bad. You have worn every color of skin and have been male/female/and both genders. Some of these lives were very short and some were very long. You have have lived mentally handicapped and extremely intelligent. You have been warriors and killers as well as peacemakers, and you have both hated and loved.
When you observe these things in the world around you, remember that there is a bigger plan than what meets the human eye, a plan in which each soul hopes to learn what he needs in order to awaken to his next level of awareness.
Once a person awakens to the deeper truths, he begins to stop thinking of himself as just a human who is subject to all the creations of duality and separation. Fear begins to lessen and life automatically becomes healthier and longer (unless the person chooses to leave) because their cells have begun to hold more of the body's Divine Blueprint and fewer three dimensional beliefs about body. Physical living becomes less at the mercy of "fate" and more in the hands of the individual.
Allow Light to flood the cells of your physical body and speak to them. Give them permission to release all the old programing still being held from this and past lives and then avoid reprogramming them again through fear.
If God did not form ITself as..., then whatever it is has no law to maintain or sustain it. If God ever expressed ITself as disease, there would be no person, no mantra, no medical procedure, and no effort that could ever remove it because the creations of God are held forever in place by Divine Law.
It is a new time dear ones, one in which many commonly accepted beliefs are quickly dissolving. Each
day more awaken in response to the intense waves of higher dimensional energy pouring to earth. Gaia who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt to be used and abused has had enough. She is shifting to her higher dimensional self and allowing her inhabitants to come with her if they choose.
Be prepared for more earth events, for the clash of differing levels of energy can and often does result in chaos. The old versus the new will express in whatever way it is able. All is proceeding according to plan and all is exactly where it needs to be so take your focus off of appearances and put it within where the answers lie.
It is commonly stated that a problem cannot be solved on the level of the problem but this is exactly what the world continues to do. Begin to meet the issues in your lives with truth and not with solutions wholly based in a belief system that is fast becoming obsolete. This does not mean you cannot see a doctor if you are guided to, or see a lawyer for advice but it means that you take your higher awareness with you, letting yourself be intuitively guided as well as being advised.
Stop analyzing everything according three dimensional concepts of how things should or must be.

Depending on old solutions and programs to bring about permanent and peaceful resolutions between people or situations will never be permanent and will always be subject to change because they are formed of duality and separation. Many know this but are afraid to rely on it.
Omnipresent Divine Consciousness is infinitely expressing ITself. Mind interprets the One Divine Consciousness according to whatever conditioned beliefs a person has accepted in his or her personal expression of the One Consciousness.
Learn to trust your intuition, seeking answers about anything and everything from within rather than from the level of the question. All answers lie within you because your true essence is Omniscient Divine Consciousness. The unconditioned mind of a person who has attained a consciousness of oneness is able to translate the events of the person's life from a higher level and into forms of completeness and wholeness that are personal to the individual.
For example; A self realized surgeon will get new ideas about surgery if needed and a self realized mechanic will find himself knowing how to fix a complicated auto problem. Neither will get the other's information unless they need it. It is unconditioned consciousness translated by an unconditioned mind into individual understandable form.
Learn to think of yourselves as spiritual beings, not so much as one with God, but actually being God and thus embodying all that constitutes Divine Consciousness--I AM wholeness, abundance, safety and security, harmony, completeness etc. etc. now. ONE can never be in conflict with or separated from ITself. Separation is the myth of humanhood.
You are in charge of you--always have been and always will be but you have not known this. No priest, guru, class, crystal, rule, or mantra has the power to make you more than you already are. A realized consciousness of Oneness is the key that opens all doors. When you first know, accept, begin to live from, and then allow oneness to become your state of consciousness, you open the door to its expression in even the smallest of ways.
Let go of beliefs about what you need or must have in order to be happy for they represent nothing more than majority concepts about happiness. To continue holding on to them only serves to block something higher, better, and yet unknown just waiting to express.
Trust, Trust, Trust. Your higher self knows where you belong and how to get you there. Get out of your own way dear ones, and allow your already fully present Divine Consciousness to express.
We are the Arcturian Group 9/8/19



Selacia Article * Predictions 2019 eBook * Info on Upcoming:
September 21 Equinox Meditation 
Your Cosmic Self & You - Prepare for 2020 course

Bring Light Into Grief 
- Loss and Impermanence -
by Selacia        
It's not easy to live in these times of mega change, the world around you shifting at lightning speed and so much of what was familiar falling away. Feeling a sense of loss, or even grief, is not uncommon. Sometimes your mind can be so concerned about future unknowable situations that you can project a sense of loss into your present regarding things that may or may not happen. Continue reading for understanding how to work with these feelings of loss and grief - whether it's about a situation, a person, or a beloved pet.
Advance Grief

Let's start with what I call advance grief. You can experience this when a loved one is terminally ill, when you fear you will lose something material like a job, or when you project fear about a future condition like growing old without savings. The grief or sense of loss you feel can be debilitating. Certainly it can take you out of the present, cloud your vision about options, hinder your current time decision-making and actions, and reduce your capacity to feel joy in the now.

None of this is productive. Your conditioned mind, however, can easily take you to this unproductive place. Over lifetimes you and your ancestors have been conditioned to fear change and the ultimate physical body change for all beings, which is death.

Your wise cosmic self, however, understands impermanence and the importance of living in the present. This part of you can easily be with what is. It knows that it is eternal, and that all things in this world fall away. Your wise inner being trusts in the process of change and has no fear about the 'what ifs" of the future. In "Your Cosmic Self and You" will be more guidance and practical tools for working with these things so much a part of our human condition.

Loss of Loved Ones

Loss of a loved one can be among the most difficult crossroads you can have. Losing someone you love also can be a significant catalyst to awakening and personal understanding of impermanence. Sharing here something I wrote in 2003 when my beloved calico cat Chelsea passed after being with me for 20 years - in hopes this helps you navigate grief and loss in these times.

From Selacia's December 2003 Article - Loss of a Loved One

The end of a year is a time when it's helpful to reflect on life's cycles, one's own personal progress, and the numerous endings that seemingly divide one experience from the next.

Consider for a few moments your life in 2003. What changes or endings have you experienced in your relationships and your life experiences? As an example, you may have left a job or been promoted to a new position, dramatically shifting your career path or income level. Your old way of fearfully responding to uncertainty may have changed to a more confident, trusting manner as you developed a more intimate connection with spirit. Your relationship with an old friend may have grown more distant as your paths took different routes. A loved one may have died, leaving you with a sense of loss and grief.

As you do your personal year-end inventory of 2003, consider inviting spirit to assist, bringing to your awareness what you need to see. Ask to be shown the gift of each ending or change, even if the situation has been painful and you can't imagine there is anything positive to ponder. Allow your intuitively guided reason to show you what is limiting your personal progress, and what you could let go of to get back on track. This process of inner reflection can be done anytime throughout the year, too. For right now, before this year ends, it can be especially potent to set aside time for yourself, taking stock of the energies you are leaving behind and the energies you seek to bring in during 2004. For this process, it's ideal to have at least one day when you are not involved with the busy "doing" state of typical life. Allowing yourself regular renewal time is essential to your spiritual growth.

Renewal time and inner reflection become especially important when you sense the imminent departure of a loved one. To allow yourself this time and quiet space for listening to the whispers of spirit is to honor yourself and your loved one. It also helps you to be really present with each part of the transition experience. As a result, you will find it easier to cope with stress and to respond in a loving way.

Every person will at some time receive news that a family member, pet, or other loved one has a terminal illness. Such is the nature of life. One cannot avoid the experience of death. Life, by its very nature, is marked by impermanence at every turn. Everything in the world of physical form, including the loved ones who you hold dear, will one day be changing form. Therefore, even if you aren't now personally facing the prospect of a loved one's death, it's very useful to frequently meditate upon this idea of impermanence.

Knowing that your loved one is dying can be overwhelming, especially when you are unsure about how to prepare. In modern society, there is so much fear, denial and ignorance about death that many people make little or no advance preparations. Worry, by the way, does not count as preparation! Facing the death of a loved one without preparation tends to needlessly increase one's suffering. After all, how can you say good-bye to a loved one without regrets when you don't feel ready?

There is a strong tendency to delay as long as possible the decisions, actions, conversations and completions that could make the transition less painful for all concerned. Likewise, because of the taboo and fear surrounding death, most people are unable to remain in present time as they contemplate the prospect of death. The person's mind races forwards and backwards, avoiding the stillness and richness offered by the present moments.

Focusing on the future can bring up fears of the void a loved one's passing will create. Thinking about the past can bring up regrets and wishes for a life that could have been different in some way.   Both reference points are futile and create feelings of loss.

At the moment your loved one leaves their physical body, you will want to feel complete about your relationship. How can you prepare with this completion in mind?
Contemplate What You Have Learned & Received
While your loved one is still living, it is very useful to take the time to contemplate what you have learned and received from the relationship. Ask yourself some questions such as the following, inviting spirit to open you to a higher wisdom:
  1. What have I learned about myself because of this relationship?
  2. What qualities have I developed because of this relationship (e.g. to be more patient, generous, forgiving)?
  3. What difficult pattern played out in this relationship, opening my eyes to a way of being I would like to release from my life (e.g. noticing how my need to be right causes friction and a wall of defense around my heart)?
  4. How is my view of life changed?
  5. What patterns did I repeat?
  6. What have I learned about love and how to love?
  7. What are the key gifts I have received from this relationship?
  8. What was this person or pet showing me about life and how to live life?
  9. What do I now know about relationships that can alter how I relate to others from this moment forward?
  10. What was the true higher purpose of this relationship?
Communicate Your Feelings & Thoughts
It is natural to feel sad about the prospect of a loved one passing. The grief that you feel when you lose someone will be there even if you feel prepared. However, you will likely suffer even more when you haven't communicated what's in your heart while your loved one is still alive. You can communicate things such as the following, either face-to-face or on the "inner planes" to the person or pet:
  1. What would you like me to know that you haven't told me?
  2. What I would like you to know that I haven't told you is ....
  3. How would you like to be remembered?
  4. I love you more than I've ever told you ....
  5. The things I've appreciated most about you in my life are ....
  6. The questions that I've always wanted you to answer are ....
  7. What I'd like to make sure you know while we're still here together is ....
  8. What I believe about death and the afterlife is ....
Let Go Of Grievances
Completing your relationship includes letting go of the grievances, both known and "forgotten," that prevent you from forgiving and loving. Take an honest inventory of the things you blame your loved one for, also getting in touch with any need for retribution. Remember that grievances are poisons that prevent you from connecting with love and wholeness. They separate you from your loved one, from yourself and from your true Divine nature. As long as you hold on to them, grievances will bind you to a painful cycle of negativity and suffering, and you will feel alone.
Revisit Vows & Agreements Held Within Your DNA

Ask spirit to help you get in touch with any vows or agreements you have made in connection with your loved one. These energetic statements of intent, often made silently and without your conscious awareness, are held along with belief systems within your DNA. The purpose of uncovering these is to have conscious awareness of their existence so you can determine if they serve your highest good. Sometimes the agreements are made between two people in the early days of their relationship. Other agreements are made before you are birthed into physical form, either in a past incarnation or in between physical lives when the stage is set for what you will learn this lifetime. You have the power to change or rescind agreements! An example of an agreement a person might want to reconsider is one that says, "I will die before you (so you can take care of me in my final days)." With this agreement in place, your loved one may not feel they have your permission to leave the physical plane when it's their time to die. This can create needless conflict and cause heavy feelings of obligation.
Give Permission & Let Go
If your loved one has a terminal illness, it can be helpful to their own preparation process to know it's OK with you that they die. Even if their life expectancy is several more months, they will benefit from knowing that they have your permission to leave and that you are willing to let go. Communicating this permission, both verbally and in your actions, will help both of you. In this preparatory period, you also will benefit from inviting spirit to show you that you really will be OK without the physical presence of your loved one. Pray about it and trust that spirit will begin to reveal to you actions you can take now, including the healing of past wounds, that will allow you to say to yourself, "I know I'm OK and will be OK when they are no longer in my life."
Consider The Physical Details In Advance

Completing your relationship with a person or pet also includes considering the end-time physical details in advance. If you have a pet, for example, it will be helpful to make plans for their death in advance of the day they die. When you are in the midst of the grief of just losing your pet, it will add to your pain to have to sort out details of how you will treat the body. Pets can telepathically communicate their wishes about things like burial, cremation, and commemoration. Your pet can also tell you whether it wants assistance in dying, and how you will know when it's "time." Likewise, with your beloved human companion, it's useful to know in advance their preferences about a funeral and other physical details as well as any special requests or needs. You will also want to give some advance consideration to your personal role in your loved one's final days.

These are among the initial preparations that can be helpful when a loved one's passing is imminent. The transition from physical form to the spiritual form can be one of ease and release, accompanied by a sense of completion. Regardless of what your relationship has been until now, the final days or weeks can be a time when you set aside grievances and choose to come from love. It can be the most potent time of your entire relationship.
       Allowing yourself to remain present throughout each part of the experience is the key. As you do this, allow yourself to feel what you feel and to grieve in advance of the loss. Remember to honor yourself and your loved one by allowing your intuitively guided wisdom to prevail. This can be a very fruitful time when you set aside your usual ways of coping with life. The Divine offers a more loving way to be.  
Copyright by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.
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As we connect with our cosmic self, we change our life experience in profound ways - changing our life focus, how we approach our work or service, and seeing relationships as gifts for our awakening. As our perspective of self changes, so too does our perspective of what's possible and what's truly important. This process is an essential part of our awakening and self-actualizing.   
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