Wednesday, March 30, 2016


As members of the Family of Light, you have incarnated on this planet to prepare yourselves to do your work. What is your work? Your work is quite simple: you carry frequency into systems that have limited light frequency, because light is information. This is not cold, computer-data information; it is information that is transmitted biologically through an electromagnetic send-out of consciousness.

This is what you are experts in. If you were to have a business card printed up for yourselves when you are in full memory of your identity, it would say something like: 

“Renegade Member of Family of Light. Systems Buster. Available for altering systems of consciousness within the free-will universe. On call.“….

You go for it! This is what you do. This is an aspect of your identity that you all have in common, and you are here in the millions at this time. You are here primarily to remember who you are, to operate multi- dimensionally within the system, and to teach humans-the natives in this place that have been under frequency control for a long time.

The task for you members of the Family of Light who have desired to take this information inside of yourselves is to Anchor a new frequency on the planet by anchoring it impeccably inside Yourselves. This is not easy. It was not meant to be easy. You did not come here to have an easy assignment..

~ The Pleiadian

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Jean-Luc Bozzoli
15 h
… this invisible coming Quantum Patterns of Integration...
Time responds to your invisible intent... to your passive force of Love, this invisible resonance with which you create.
As you are and always have been the One imperishable, immutable, eternal Infinite-Consciousness 
Find more ways to discover - your joy and inner peace - even in the smallest things.
An entire new world will open up when you will see the patterns of Love
The magnetic grids are changing the planet. 
You are in space ! and altered by the heliosphere of the Central sun ( where your solar system is headed ) 
it's going to modify the Patterns of Consciousness 
Step out of duality... and into Quantum where/when everything becomes synchronistic. 
For you hold this powerful resonance of Love that Changes all Forms around.

Quantum Patterning & The Coming Integration of Science
Physics, chemistry, biology and medicine are all approached as if they are standalone sciences. Of course, they are related, but there is no place in education campuses where there is an "integration building" for putting it all together. 
There are actual puzzles in each of the independent studies that are only solvable by integration into the others.

90 percent of DNA was data, not code-containing chemistry. All this time, it was called "junk" because you misdiagnosed it. It took linguists to discover it. They saw language pattern, not chemistry patterns. This is what is wrong with only having chemists and biologists look at complex and unknown chemistry puzzles. 
There is a new consciousness coming and with it comes new wisdom.

The Vast Invisible World That is Before You
Gravity! Everyone on Earth is affected by gravity! But it's invisible! it is not necessarily linked to mass in the empirical way you think. In fact, you can tune it to the amount you want if you knew a little more about how to change the mass of objects. 
Quantum things do not exist in a way you can see them as you are used to in 3D. This will require discoveries that are coming that will be scientific and developed with a new understanding and consciousness.

The Coming Patterns
Imagine seeing gravity? Imagine seeing the magnetic field? What is it going to look like? Will there be patterns, or will it simply be a swirling mass of energy?
Everything has patterns - everything. The fractals are always there. You'll understand why the magnetic grid does what it does, and you'll understand how it allies with biology and Human thinking. You may even be able to tune it slightly for health! 
It will be revealed clearly that Human Beings have some kind of quantumness around them. There will be ways of actually seeing and measuring the patterns around the Human Being. This is the sacred physics of the Human - the Merkabah.
Scientists, it's time to think out of the box of specialization. This is a linear approach to solving problems that are circular.

it is your legacy to come to the place where your science and your physics and your knowledge start to ally with the confluence of a new, wiser consciousness... And it will open up many areas of tremendous help. 
These inventions are going to give you as much water as you will ever need to grow things, and to drink, almost anywhere on Earth. The salt in your oceans will easily be removed with real-time, efficient inventions that use magnetics. Energy will be far easier to obtain, and it will be produced in abundance with free and abundant heat.

The valuation of high and low thinking - What might happen if you developed physics instruments that could actually see consciousness? … using weather satellites, has shown continuous correlation between variations in the strength of the magnetic field and mass consciousness of Human compassion. ... the magnetic field reacts to international disasters and celebrations! - Consciousness is related to physics.
The Coming Patterns of Humanity
Multidimensional physics has the potential to reveal many patterns of invisible things. Almost everything involving quantum energy will have patterns to see. …. this is individual consciousness, as opposed to mass consciousness. This pattern will be physical, individual and will have a field. It will be measurable and will have patterning - the "patterning of you".
The two greatest Human consciousness energy producers are in pairs: Fear and hatred, compassion and Love. They are on both ends of the spectrum and they're both extremely powerful. They can set off alarms; they can crash your computer; they can soften your heart; they can affect your chemistry; and they can do it from across the room or across the planet. Have you ever sat in a room where somebody was angry ... It's palpable; you can feel it. ... you don't want to stay there.
Would it be a different energy if a master sending love? Yes! you want to remain here and soak up this feeling." You have just defined the pattern of consciousness!

All energy, anywhere in the Universe, has ways of being measured and seen. .. eventually elegant patterns will be seen with better instruments. Can you measure love? Yes! It's patterned and you can see it. An entire new world will open up.
The Patterns - LOW / HIGH
Low consciousness carries incredible power and so does High consciousness. ... it's only a measure of the vibration. Do not mix this up with frequency, for the technology of this is not that linear. What is seen in the patterning is the vibration of thought, and where it can go or where it can't go, or how restricted or expansive it is. The power of fear can enslave nations if they are not careful. Low consciousness will create extremely basic and simple patterns. The circle is like a patterned prison, that does not repeat. It holds itself within itself, and the pattern will not be aware of anything outside its own circle. The circle will then become wider and greater in its entrapment of consciousness around it, creating an even bigger circle, but only one circle.
it cannot see out of itself. It makes judgments and decisions based only on what it knows within itself. It's low consciousness. Its agenda is itself, and it sees nothing else. The circle can enslave those who are thinking the same. It can become a larger circle but can never get out of itself. It cannot see beyond what it knows. There is no patterning outside of the circle that belongs to the circle. It's restrictive….basic survival.

A higher consciousness of love, compassion, high-minded thinking, integrity and caring. ... creates multiple fractals. ... a confluence of energy that then creates more of itself in the way of harmonics of itself (many more fractals of higher frequencies that are specific multiples of the original). These fractal waves emanate outward. It's expansive; it's catchy [additive] and the harmonics create other fractals way beyond their own scope. It has an influence with other matter everywhere.
So, from the most simple to the most complex... expansive and powerful within its multiple expansiveness. Up to this point, on this planet Human consciousness has tended to circle itself in the lowest vibration possible. Hatred, war, argumentative attitudes, rudeness, unkindness - because it was all survival. Winning was the only thing in the circle. It then became group against group, country against country, circle against circle, and that's what you got from this pattern. So all it did was repeat itself, repeat itself, There were no harmonics to send out, and there was no expansiveness.
Dear ones, the energy on this planet is going to change the old patterns. The patterns of consciousness lay in the attributes of the magnetic grid of the planet, as altered by the heliosphere of the sun. This grid, combined with the new place you are in space [where your solar system is headed], are going to modify the patterns of both of these consciousness examples and are going to make the one that is most complex with fractals far more powerful than the basic survival one. The new energy is changing how humanity reacts to the other Human fractals! Human consciousness will evolve and no longer will there be a scale of light and dark like the scales of justice because the evil will then measure a far less powerful influence over compassionate and complex harmonic vibrations.
The Darkness Can't See Beyond Itself / The Individuals
In fact, there are cultures today, even today, that are invested in rudeness because they say compassion and kindness is equated with weakness. 
Most of the earth is tired of this approach and is looking for a much more elegant way of being. The energy around a compassionate person invites you in. The energy around a rude person pushes you out. 
Human consciousness is starting to rise above what it was, because that which is the light and dark ratio of the planet has changed, … you're going to be seeing more light, more compassion and more real solutions because of the ripple effect, where the harmonics of the fractals go everywhere.

These will be regular people who will look beyond judgment and will look beyond differences in faith systems. 
They will see differences in belief systems in the same way there are differences in food selections. This is a wise Human who is balanced.
What is your pattern? Are you starting to feel the reality of this? It's safe to relax and drop your guard a bit, to look around and be more compassionate and more kind. The reality of this diminishing darkness is everywhere, and it is starting to show itself as it knows its days are numbered. When you see this struggle, know it's good news. It means the end of this old world consciousness is coming.

It's the beginning of hundreds of countries coming together and planning ways to create a balanced Peace and a Oneness. Cultural differences will always be there. But compassion and balance are common Human attributes. You will stop repeating the past and instead grow in the maturity and wisdom of the beautiful fractals and harmonics of compassion.
Welcome to the New Earth. It's coming. ~Excerpts from KRYON


Our planet is one in thousands. There are over 300 billion galaxies out there.
There are endless worlds for the One to find endless adventures in. 
We are the One God-Consciousness Veiled in varying forms ‘playing’ in Space-Time in human form, our data-collecting vehicles. The human body contains the chakra system, which connects to the realms that resonate with each chakra. Thus we have the potential to realize many levels of manifested existence in the one body. We are having a grand adventure.

So you can forget the idea that you came here to learn anything. You already know everything. You are simply pretending not to so you can ‘play’ and experience the potential spectrum of God’s creative capacity. The Sanskrit term is the Divine LILA, meaning play as in both a drama and the play of a child. When you are weary of playing here, you will wake-up to the reality that you are and always have been the One imperishable immutable eternal God-Consciousness and you can go Home until the next adventure, perhaps in a completely different galaxy or even dimension. ~ Tat Tvam Asi


We are currently at the crest of a Support System of Tsunami Wave Proportions from Galactic Core. 
This is one of the greatest times of transformation in our Earth's history.
Wave X Phase 2 is pulsing 5D frequencies through all of Earth and her beings
shifting the fabric of our global consciousness.
Are you feeling this enormous influx of enlightened support? Is your heart portal widening?
Are you feeling a strong need to simplify, rest, center, ground, and connect to the Earth?
Have your sleep patterns gone utterly haywire?
Are you releasing deep emotional patterning? Are you eating lighter foods?
Does pushing things around in your life just not work any more?
Are you opening up to inner worlds easily, and with power?
Are you feeling inspired to create new amazing enlightening things for the world?


Your inner world is the passive force in action.

It compels Form into creation through your physical experience. 
It offers resonance into the electromagnetic information saturating Life, and Life responds. 
As you strengthen the clarity of your inner world, you are clarifying and amplifying the vibrational information you emanate into Life.

As you stagnate, Time reflects stagnation. As you enjoy, Time reflects the excitation of Love. 
When you manipulate with fear or aggression,... Time responds with resonant active force, the visible flow of time being your only access.
There is no judgment in this—good is not rewarded while bad is punished, it is mere resonance. 
As you learn to create with the open inner flow of your Compelling (passive) Force of Love, you learn to build new form through time.

Time Forms in direct response to your passive force of Love, the invisible resonance with which you create.
Invisible speaks to invisible. You create from vast invisible information, not just words. You create from a totality of electromagnetic vibration that speaks to the invisible aspects of Life. 
Time Forms a flow and responds to your invisible intent.
As you attempt to control it, you are met with the active force of Time flowing around you. As you open to working with it, you see the reflection of your peace, your Love of Life. 
Your presence in the moment is a gift to Time. Time responds according to your resonance.
We are opening to the beauty of Life, finding Love and potential in every experience. 
We are peaceful within, knowing all is well, even when circumstances are not ideal. We are holding a powerful resonance of Love for change to form, remaining balanced for humanity to learn a new way of being. 
We are strong enough to illuminate Love in a storm, lighting safe shores for those still learning the power of their Light. 
We are Love in action, creating a new resonance on Earth, fearlessly Loving Life to new heights. ~ Excerpt from Jamye Price

Find more ways to discover joy even in the smallest things. It does not matter how small they are.
And finally, find the courage to speak your truth to those closest to you. This type of truth speaking and self-revealing is, in our opinion, critical for your successful transition through the current and on-going period of global destabilization.
~ The Hathors

the new Game board where wisdom is Grace
You have traversed the Universe, dear ones. You have been here incorporating your gifts, but you also have been many places throughout the Universe. You are called on when there is a need on Earth. … understand that really what takes place here is that over time your environment—we shall simply call it a “society”—has developed certain rules and guidelines. Sometimes they are turned into laws and imposed on other people. When humanity gets completely off track, often the guidelines created start working against them actually bringing down the vibrations instead of raising them up. That is when the call goes out to the universe. It went out some time ago and here you are, for you are the magicians on the Game board. You are the ones who can come in and ground your light by telling or teaching others, and being a healer, or just by being who you are. ... and bring all the vibrations of humanity to a higher level.
If knowledge is power then wisdom is grace, for that is your next step. You are stepping out of the game of humanity altogether, away from the game of duality, right and wrong, up and down, black and white. ... in the United States, because you have completely polarized everything to such an extent that you are beginning to see the end of your two- party system. It is actually breaking down right now and starting to divide in a new way. 
Find the path of least resistance in your own life, then turn around and offer it to others. When you turn around and work with another being, you help them re-member their own empowerment and abilities to walk as a conscious creator on planet Earth. That is what you are here to do, to awaken the others one heart at a time. It is neither a race nor is it a competition, ... try to open and touch as many hearts with your experience as you can.

A Synchronistic Lifestyle
Find your gifts, ground and start to use them. As you bring them in to a practical use in any form, you make space for more. The channel starts to flow on a consistent basis and it is very magical indeed, for that is when everything becomes synchronistic. 
They are here to empower people in new ways, giving them hope, enlightening your dreams, and setting things into motion so that you can have the life that you want. This is not only for you, but also for the collective vibration of humanity.
Some of you will just hold the light right where you are, tap into the collective vibration of humanity and feed everything with your grace.

Grace is a synchronistic lifestyle ... it is what happens to energy. If you release energy in any form, it always finds the path of least resistance. Always. You have that ability if you do not over think it and simply allow this energy to flow. 
You are playing such a beautiful game of pretending to be humans, but yet, you have not forgotten who you really are. You are spirits of the greatest nature and you have come to bring your light to planet Earth at a very critical time, a time where you can help to ground a vacillating humanity. We have asked you to practice your humanness. And we have asked you to look at your own prejudices, because everyone has them. Whatever your prejudice may be, it is not right or wrong; it is not that you must release all of your prejudices, but you should know about them. 
Have you noticed that everything seems to be going a little crazy right now? All of your so-called organizations are suddenly sort of dissolving and re-forming. Even your own lives are trying to find new ways to ground and anchor. That is actually as it should be, for what lies ahead for all of humanity is greatness beyond your imagination. Dear ones, trust that you have the ability to take this to a whole other level.

Sometimes you put power into your own belief system about what the labels mean. In truth, you have the essence to filter it all through your own heart and take only the vibrations that feed you. That is discernment and it is your first tool … to find what feeds each one of you, so that you can turn around and make a difference on this planet in some way.”
Gentle Nudges
Big hugs and gentle nudges from this side of the veil, so that you can re-member who you are and the path that you chose to be on.
You are awakening from the dream at an incredible pace on planet Earth. As your eyes open and the sleep starts to fall away from the eyes, we will be there smiling, greeting you Home in the most beautiful ways that we can. Enjoy this journey, dear ones. ... please treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play the new game of planet Earth together. Big hugs, gentle nudges.
Espavo. ~Excerpts from The group

If only you could take your true place as a Being of Light - the veils of darkness are being lifted and you are slowly comprehending your destiny. With the truth you will throw off the shackles that have led to your “imprisonment” upon the Earth. It is now all changing although there will be some confusion as the new mingles with the old.
The time is upon you when the old ways no longer serve you, and soon you will take a great leap forward. 
There will be no shortage of guidance and there are sufficient helpers to ensure that the changes take place without difficulty. The changes will be well beyond many people’s expectations, and they will come very quickly that will take you through a most exciting period of advancement. Many souls are involved in the presentation of the changes and have been waiting for this time for years ... to carry out their part in the revelations.

Allow for a progression of changes that may initially be slow to commence. Mother Earth has reached the point when she can no longer hold the changes back. Most of you are familiar with the Lemurian and Atlantean periods ended in catastrophes. Be assured that you have moved past that possibility, and you are destined to experience a wonderful success.
When the hostilities upon Earth are stopped it will give the Human Race time to contemplate on the fact that you are All One. ... and that what you do to one you do to all. Given time to develop trust in each other and understand the nature of unconditional love. There is in each soul a fundamental desire to be at One with All That Is, 
Hold on to your vision of the future thus helping to maintain the higher vibrations. In these troubled times as the dark Ones desperately try to control the outcome, it will be some time before they realize how futile their aims are.

No soul is beyond help and there are many great souls of Light who stand by them. ... your Guides do not interfere with your karmic responsibilities, but will help you get through them. Karma can by your reckoning be both good or bad, but all is part of your necessary evolutionary experiences.
Life seems to be a set of random happenings, but in fact it is meticulously planned. ~ Mike Quinsey.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Divine Inner Consciousness - ByCelestial White Beings and the Pleiades

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 24th March 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

It is with love we step forth to greet you; we are the energy and consciousness of the Celestial White Beings and the Pleiades. We merge our energy in beautiful synthesis creating a wondrous ensemble of light which we shower over and through your being. Colours of white, blue and green like jewels of light cascade distributing our combined energy, consciousness and frequency to support the presence of the Creator’s light within all. Our light has a greater purpose which is to shed illusions connected to the concept of truth and the perspective of spiritual or Creator truth in order to encourage many to engage with their Divine Inner Consciousness.

Even people moving in spiritual circles can hold onto concepts and ideas of spiritual or Creator truth. However, when the knowledge is held within the mind it is only a product of learning rather than experiencing or embodiment. The mind cannot fully understand the pure consciousness of the Creator through learning or lack of experience. However, it can often be learning which opens the mind. The mind can engage with the pure consciousness of the Creator; often when the mind receives an idea, it can wish to hold onto the idea neglecting the acceptance of other insights. When the mind and the pure love of the Creator work as one then the mind is able to adopt the flowing free nature of the soul and Creator being constantly divinely inspired.

Your Divine Inner Consciousness is an active light within your being which vibrates at the same frequency as the Creator and, therefore, holds the true and pure consciousness of the Creator. Your Divine Inner Consciousness simply exists within you, when you engage with it the results are states of love, peace, harmony, knowingness, unity and acceptance. These sensations or states of consciousness abundantly fill every cell of your being, every chakra, every aspect of your auric field as well as your thoughts and feelings. The sensations can be likened to fireworks of luminous light and inspiration moving as current throughout your entire being.

Your Divine Inner Consciousness, which emanates the purest truth frequency of the Creator could also be labelled your soul’s wisdom, your spirit or even your higher self. However, we are speaking of states of high vibrational pure consciousness born from your connection with the Creator. These states of consciousness move beyond your thoughts, feelings, perspectives and opinions, causing all of their previous programming to fall away. This Divine Inner Consciousness is free from judgment, fear or illusion; it is a consciousness of love which when connected with creates a new state of consciousness within your being. This consciousness of love has the power to gradually, if continued to be connected with, erase all previous thought patterns of negativity, fear or illusion. So powerful is your Divine Inner Consciousness or Pure Consciousness State of Love, that it is immensely hea ling for your body, being and reality. All that is required is your willingness to access your Divine Inner Consciousness, allowing it to intensify and move throughout your being as you accept, observe and experience.

There are aspects of your current state of being and consciousness which hinder or block you from accessing and experiencing your Divine Inner Consciousness. Such behaviours as judging yourself or others, being inflexible in observing the opinions of other, doubting yourself or others, lack of trust or faith in self, others and the Creator, fear in change or fear in nurturing experiences, lack of self-love or lack of love for others, ingratitude, stubbornness, trying to control self, others, situations or the Creator. We could continue with our explanation, however, we know you have grasped our meaning. Any process that encourages you to believe in separation leads you away from your Divine Inner Consciousness. Many upon the Earth hold spiritual knowledge maybe they believe in spiritual or healing techniques, philosophy, religion or way of life or thinking. If the individual is only o pen to their spiritual knowledge and is unable to view, understand, accept or even simply allow free from judgment, then this can be a block to accessing their Divine Inner Consciousness. Judgment, the creation of fear or intolerance even within spiritual concepts, ideas or experiences cause a diversion of the mind to separation rather than union. When there is a belief in union then the Divine Inner Consciousness can easily be accessed. Belief in union can manifest through your compassion for self and others, love for self and other, acceptance of self and other, broadmindedness towards self and others. In truth, a loving open-mindedness gifted to self and all will create peace within your being which will usher you forth to connect with, observe and experience your Divine Inner Consciousness.
Every time you create a thought, feeling or action born from and focused upon unity then you allow yourself to accept your Divine Inner Consciousness.

We can recognise that behaviours such as judgment, (which we feel is the most harmful) cause a block in connecting with your Divine Inner Consciousness. However, we recognise that judgment is a part of a person’s journey towards spiritual awakening. Judgment comes from the belief of separation within an individual; separation is a feeling and experience of pain. An individual engaging in judgment has yet to fully accept themselves as a being of love as well as not realising or being able to view the beauty of the Creator in all; this includes the expressions all create.

Any judgment is born from pain of separation within your being especially when you are attached to the judgment you are making about yourself or another. Being attached to a judgment is enjoying sharing the judgment, feeling that the judgment proves your importance or knowledge as well as feeling that the judgment must be delivered. It can be challenging to dissolve the mind’s pattern of judging self or other, even judging whether certain situations are good or bad however judgment can be dissolved when you let go of your attachment to judgment. When a judgment arises within, first you can acknowledge it then let it go by breathing it away. Continue this if needs be until your attachment to the judgment has dissolved. Then contemplate, does the judgment hold truth within it and does it serve you, others or the situation? If the judgment is of service you will be able to deliver it from love and compassion, it will actually transform from a judgment into an observation. If the judgment does not serve you, it will be easier to discard it with love. Judgment comes from a need to feel important within when you love yourself unconditionally the need to feel important dissolves because you are fully nurtured. This changes your perspective of yourself and others while allowing you to engage with your Divine Inner Consciousness.

Please recognise that we are not judging you by bringing this to your attention, we simply wish to aid your recognition of that which blocks you from accepting and engaging with your Divine Inner Consciousness. We also wish for you to realise that judgments will arise, and there is no need for you to judge your judgments with further harmful and critical thoughts. Loving yourself while recognising the judgments you create will allow you to detach from the patterns of judgment within your being. It also doesn’t mean that you cannot express yourself in the way you wish to, to support yourself and others. However, it is to encourage all expressions to flow from a space of pure consciousness within you.

To engage with your Divine Inner Consciousness:
  • Encourage yourself to enter into states of peace and relaxation through deep breathing, meditation and focus upon loving self.
  • Recognise that your Divine Inner Consciousness is a consciousness of pure love from the Creator, when you engage with this part of your being you are communicating and expressing the Creator.
  • Affirm, ‘I engage with and embody my Divine Inner Consciousness.’
  • Call upon our combined energy and light of the Celestial White Beings and the Pleiades, feel our white, blue and green light surrounding you as you breathe it into your being. We are magnifying your sensitivity to your Divine Inner Consciousness.
  • Imagine, sense or acknowledge a source of pure consciousness within your being. Discover where this source of pure consciousness is and what it feels like. Imagine that you sink into the pure consciousness and it fills your entire being, illuminating you and moving you into a new state of consciousness.
The more you experience and practice this the more you will recognise the strength and power of your pure consciousness, feeling it penetrating your being. It will offer to you states of peace, fulfilment, renewal and healing. Through your repetition and acknowledgement, you will discover the abundance of your Divine Inner Consciousness flowing freely throughout your being and the knowingness it promotes within your being, mind and feelings.

We are in Divine Love with you,
The Celestial White Beings and the Pleiades

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Equinox-Eclipse: the corridor of truth

Happy Equinox!  I can barely believe it but we are already halfway thru the eclipse cycle (what the?) and now we are entering into what is being called “the corridor of truth” as we begin to align with resurrection energies of Easter that will be broadcast so powerfully during the upcoming full moon/eclipse.
Coming into this next planetary season we are bumping up against some major changes as the celestial heavens prepare to display one of the most phenomenal passages in human history.

Because we are moving so rapidly (perceptually) through time and space at this moment on earth, we are often unable to fully realize the scope and magnitude of such changes until they appear in the physical dimensions.  According to my Sources, this is what 2016 heralds…beginning with the spring (in the north) and the cyclical emergence of new life.
Since we moved into March and I pulled inward to observe my process and the incoming energies, I have been hearing over and again that “everything is about to change” and that “there has never been a moment like this earth”.
I have also been hearing that “this moment, right now, is why so many who were here in the very beginning are back for THE END (of an age)”….that it was our promise to earth and humanity that we would one day return to fulfill our destiny as Suns of GOD, to pave the paths and build the structures needed to support all others in their remembrance, and to assist the planet in her own journey to becoming a divine solar being.
In other words, for some, this is our entire human journey made manifest in THIS lifetime…and it begins now (this year).  It is the reward for thousands of lifetimes in-the-making, and the reality of this is becoming tangible. However trite, this is THE moment we have been waiting for…not just for the last few decades, but for an entire odyssey of life experience as unconscious earthlings.
We are in what is being called “the grand finale moment”…an ending of epic proportion (like, literally so) that is piggybacked with an astounding new beginning of human experience, the likes of which this planet has never seen. And as we venture into the next several weeks each of us will be called to rise up into a new level of consciousness.
For those who chose embodiment, this will mean a release of the lower world, a severing of the 3D timeline which will result in the unification of spirit and matter.  This merger is the requisite for the unfolding of the higher body consciousness, that which will activate the new body technologies that the star beings have spoken about in past reports.
After this takes place I am told that we can expect the new human form to begin its own unique journey of realization which means those (mentally, emotionally & spiritually) prepared will go thru a series of biological mutations required to sustain our 5th dimensional chakra system and (christ) body of light in the world of form.   Apparently this could create a euphoric-like state as those prepared to enter the light fulfill their contracts of service in the 3D world, and in that release, can fully engage with their divine missions of the 5D world.  (read: this is what we came here for)
And while this remembrance of divine truth may be quite an ecstatic experience, I am also made aware that there is coming a moment where that disconnection/reconnection process will greatly affect the world consciousness grid.  Because of this, we are being called to stay awake and use discernment in our daily dealings, as we move thru an even more accelerated period of collective unrest.
In the coming days we will be urged to pay close attention to the ways in which we are beginning to adapt to new life, to the world around us, as we become clear, conscious conduits of Source.  The next few months leading us to the solstice will be a time of balancing our new divine-human experience with those around us, learning how to engage with the world we are “in but not of”, from our newly awakening perspective born of the GOD mind.
All in all, there will be much to behold for each of us in our own way according to the galactics…and for the next 4 weeks in particular we will be the witness to a lot of “newness”, both within ourselves and in the world around us.  
In this special report gifted to us from the Spiritual Hierarchy (the governing body of ascended masters directing the spiritual evolution of all those who desire to reunite with divine/GOD consciousness), the wayshowers are finally given the “hall pass” to enter the light.
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A Full Moon Eclipse, and now the Goddess will take you to where you truly need to be.
You can drop the act, drop the pretence, drop the defences, drop the hard ego control, drop the 'need to know', drop everything.
Let it go, because you never had the reins anyway.
This is it. Everything has now come to this.
You will be taken to where you need to be: for your heart's deepest fulfilment, your contract with the Divine to be enacted, the meeting with your sacred Self to occur, the purpose that you asked to fulfil to birth itself through you.
This may look different for everyone in physical reality, but the roots of this are planted firmly in the same spiritual soil.
You are now going to stop running from your Self.
Every diversion tactic that your ego created will now end. You will be brought to your knees if that is what you need.
The Goddess will now guide you towards exactly what your Soul most needs in order to fully merge with Her, and accept her medicine for total self-realisation and activation of Her fullest Gifts.
Whatever, and whoever, you most need for complete realignment with the Truth of your Sacred Self will now manifest - rapidly.
Perhaps you need to be out of intimate relationships for a while if that is where you hide from yourself. Perhaps you need to devote your entire heart, body and spirit to the Divine, and learn to discern your own voice and feelings from the crowd. Perhaps there, you will discover the guidance that has been long drowned out by other people's voices.
Perhaps you are now ready for a consuming, all-enveloping dive into sacred intimacy. Perhaps you spent a lifetime with your heart defending against the opening that is necessary for this kind of connection. Perhaps this relationship will confront you with a depth and desire that you never felt was possible, and in truth, scares you. But it is here, it is coming, you are ready.
Perhaps you need to use your talents, creative gifts and soul wisdom in places and forms that really challenge your ego's imposed limits. Perhaps you are being taken so deep into the Heart of the Goddess, that you will have no choice but to surrender to Her Plan in ways that melt your Soul, take you up against your darkest fears, plunge you unapologetically into the core of the Unknown.
The Goddess is working through you with a sacred vigour that is unsurpassed and previously unseen.
This is it: there is nowhere for you to hide.
Your power is needed. Whatever you require to attune and open to this divine power will now be dispensed. You will have to follow the guidance: there is no other option.
Eclipses are blunt, definite, unavoidable.
The energy of the Goddess is now blunt, definite, unavoidable.
You're ready to come face to face with your Self. No more running. If you must be still, you'll be made to stay with yourself. If you must purify - from anything: relationships, work, drugs, food, whatever - you'll be grounded until you do. If you must now go forward and take your place with someone, something, some place, some challenge, some project - you'll find yourself there.
This is YOU. This is the Divine Plan in action. This is your Highest Self showing you that It is greater, wider, stronger and capable of more Love than you ever realised.
You are destined for deep connection, deep truth, deep work, deep power.
The Eclipse now moves your terrified ego out of the way and allows your heart to lead.
Get on your knees if you are not already there. You are a true vessel for the Goddess: get ready to see how She really works.
┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
┊  ┊  ┊  ★
┊  ┊  ☆
┊  ★

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


You are now entering through the Portal of Galactic Activation

As you step into the Full Moon Portal, all lower vibrational energies from your energy field will be released.

Release all energies and emotions that do not belong to you.

Release everything that you no longer need in your life on all levels.

Release it all dear ones.

Divine alchemy occurred new Light Codes are activated


May the light of the thousand suns within you shine brightly and illuminate your whole being and all that you meet.. ~☜

Monday, March 21, 2016


MARCH 20 2016
Dear ones, welcome to a time when things seem the same for much of the world, but not for you who are awakening. Many of you are beginning to have new and unusual experiences as well as deeper insights that the others are unaware of. Keep on keeping on for evolution is moving toward a new earth and a new state of consciousness for those who choose.
We wish to talk about money, a topic that seems to cause much chaos and many problems for the world. The human belief system regarding money is built around duality--the consciousness of money as a "good" that must be attained or an "evil" to be rejected. Both are false being based in a general ignorance of truth often along with the desire of many for power. Money is a medium of exchange in and of itself having no power other than the power you give it.
Every soul is seeking to find and remember Itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is. When an individual incarnates into third dimensional energy, he comes with a plan for whatever experiences are necessary for his evolutionary process. Once in the denser energy of the third dimension he forgets this, but retains that deep yearning for completeness. Not understanding that what he is feeling is spiritual, he begins to seek outwardly for whatever he believes will bring him happiness according to his attained state of consciousness.
Seeking and struggling for some perceived good (often money) in the outer no matter the cost to others is how much of the world still functions. It is the source of all criminal behavior, power struggles, dishonesty, religiosity, and on and on. Every individual is seeking to experience their innate wholeness, but not yet aware that it lies within, they turn every which way in the outer until in some lifetime at some point they give up and start looking within to where it is.
Money, as well as all forms of abundance, is a mind interpretation of the ever present completeness and wholeness within every individual. Mind can only interpret and manifest outwardly according to the attained state of consciousness and personal belief system of each. If Divine wholeness was not already embodied within, it could never appear outwardly, because the outer is the inner.
Abundance is an infinite and always present Divine law, but the universal belief in duality and separation has resulted in a world of lack and limitation. In duality there will always be the pairs of opposites (abundance and scarcity) and with separation there will always be some who have and some who do not. These beliefs are being continually re-enforced by the consensus consciousness.
The law of abundance is easily observed in nature--the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the flowers in the fields and the birds of the air. Nature when allowed, always functions according to a law of Divine abundance. The time has come for evolving mankind to begin the process of moving beyond obsolete beliefs of lack and its many forms, for in reality there is no such thing as lack.
Lack, especially in the form of money is a very difficult belief to move beyond. It and lessons of relationship represent the two most difficult blocks for the human consciousness. Beliefs of lack and limitation have developed to the point of becoming human laws because for the most, all previous lifetimes were lived fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy.
Cellular memory until cleared, still carries energies associated with experiences of poverty and starvation from some of those lifetimes. However, human laws as real as they may seem to be, are only beliefs that can never supercede Divine Law.
Gratitude is a powerful key for unlocking of abundance because it is the acknowledgement that "I have". Start with what is familiar, giving gratitude to the Divine within you for everything no matter how mundane or seemingly unimportant it may seem. Begin to acknowledge abundance everywhere around you even with something as as simple as noticing the nice suit someone is wearing or a beautiful home you admire.
Start saying grace before meals if you don't already, making it a recognition and gratitude for your Divine wholeness manifesting outwardly as food. Allow the simple mealtime prayer to move beyond the memorized and rote thanking of some far off concept of a God who picks and chooses who to bless--the God man has created in his own image and likeness.
In expressing gratitude to another for anything, you automatically acknowledge and honor Self when you realize that this has not come from the other but through them. There is no "other" and within the realization of ONE, all things simply move from one pocket to the other. This is why it is so very important to stop looking outwardly for anything--your good, happiness, or fulfillment. An evolved state of consciousness knows that all good flows from within, but appears to come from others.
As you begin to accept the truth of who and what you are, honoring and loving yourself as Divine beings, you will find yourselves automatically feeling gratitude for everything. This happens because you are now able to recognize every physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual experience (the pleasant as well as the not so pleasant), to be a teacher.
Abundance appears in infinite form and variety according to the need of the moment. Money is only one form of abundance. When you open a bill, or look in your wallet and declare; "I don't have." you can be assured that that is exactly what you are creating, for you are creators. Even if you have only one meager coin of the lowest denomination look upon it without judgement and acknowledge; "I have.".
As with every aspect of spiritual evolution, intellectual knowledge of a truth is only the first step. You cannot sit in the absolute waiting for a bag of money to drop from the sky (although this could happen if you had the consciousness of it). Know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, be it employment or assistance of some sort. Let your actions be what resonates with you, and not what others may be telling you to do for their guidance as well meaning as it may be, is representative of their state of consciousness and not yours.
Keep yourself open and guided with regard to all employment opportunities, not just the "perfect job". Taking a job that you consider to be beneath you and performing it to the best of your ability, sends a message of intent to the Universe that you are serious about experiencing more abundance and are ready to receive. Often another more suitable form of employment will soon present itself. All employment is service and any job you hold can be Light work when done in an energy of Love.
Begin the flow of "I have" through giving on all levels-- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It can be as simple as taking time to find used clothes and items to donate. Let go completely of the belief that when you give, this automatically means less for you. You have moved beyond that state of consciousness and now understand that everything flows through you from an infinite well of abundance and not from a limited personal stash.
Use every giving as an opportunity to realize "I have" because "I am". Let the energy of your Divine wholeness flow where you are guided to let it flow in the realization that you are not expected to lift the whole world for there are still many who need the old. Remember always to listen closely to your intuition for it occasionally happens that an enthusiastic student unknowingly becomes an enabler.
Lack must must be understood for what it is--a belief based in duality and separation having no law to support it--illusion. The fear and panic that arises from not having enough is what drives crime and perpetuates the sense of separation. We understand your struggles. Our message today is that you are now ready to begin seeing and experiencing money as energy and not material even though it appears that way.
Take some material money and feel it, hold it, and realize that it is a material concept representing the completeness of the Divine Consciousness that you really are.
Divine Consciousness is Self sustained and Self maintained embodying all that is and holding it in place eternally by Divine Law. It can never be more or less, nor can it change or be absent for it is all there is and must therefore be the substance from which you were formed.
"I am the substance from which money is formed."
We are the Arcturian Group 3/20/16