Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The Aetherium

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon


From our perspective the destabilization of your world, which we mentioned in our last planetary message, is accelerating at an ever-faster rate. This is producing immense stress upon your biological, mental and emotional realities.

What we wish to offer in this message is a practical tool to bring your body/mind complex into a greater state of coherency in the midst of the ever-increasing chaos around you.
The shock waves of change that many of you are experiencing can be likened to the re-potting of a plant that has become root-bound. For many of you, your psychological and biological roots to your current perceived reality are bound up. With some exceptions most humans are finding the current transition that the world is passing through most difficult to contend with.
Much of what you might have believed to be true is being revealed as lies. Many of the institutions you counted upon to protect you are increasingly being unveiled as insidious. Interpersonal relationships are strained due to the simple fact that so many of you are stressed by the complex changes around you, changes that you seemingly have no control over. This produces destructive patterns of response within your biology meaning how your body is responding to the stressors around you, including your mental and emotional faculties.
Returning to our metaphor of the root-bound plant, all sentient beings have psychic roots that connect them to their perceived reality. When a plant becomes too root-bound it is unable to flourish. Yet the paradox here is that when you place a root-bound plant into a larger container, with more space to grow, the plant undergoes a period of shock and disorientation. It takes awhile for the plant to recognize that there is more space to spread out its roots. While our comment may seem implausible to some of you, you are actually in the midst of greater opportunities for accelerated growth due to the fact that the multi-dimensional space you are in is expanding, i.e. your pot is getting bigger. And yet your visceral experience may be that you are feeling more confined than ever.
Our position regarding this odd paradox is that human beings—with some exceptions—tend to be slow in recognizing new spaces for growth.  They get used to being root-bound and confined by their perceived reality. There is an innate laziness in human nature when it comes to the task of stepping into a new reality that is greater than has been perceived before. If you are one of the few humans who is bold in the face of new realities, we salute you. But for most humans, there is a deep reticence in allowing their own psychic roots to expand beyond perceived realities into new vistas.
One of the great challenges in this period of global transition is that your difficulties are not just mental and emotional, they are physical in nature as well. By this we mean your physiology and neurology are deeply challenged by the rapid changes in your perceived reality.

The Aetherium

The Aetherium is a sound tool for you to address these issues head-on. The sound codes that comprise this sound meditation come directly from the higher realms of light. They are emanations from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensions of reality in a realm we call The Aethos. This vibratory field of light is self-aware as well as highly intelligent and resides in a state of consciousness you would call non-duality. For our purposes, we will simply address practical suggestions for how to use this unique sound pattern.

When you listen to The Aetherium you will hear a continuous drone-sound in the background. This is TheAethos sound meditation that we presented in 2012. Emerging from this sound field are complex descending sound codes that bring the comfort, nurturing and healing energies of The Aethos into the cells of your physical body. This is a downloading of light through the agency of sound into your physical body to assist you through this immense transition the world is passing through.
There are two means of listening to this sound meditation.

Passive Listening

There may be some days when you are so stressed, depleted and exhausted that you are unable to hold a mental focus. At these times simply listen to the sounds. When your mind wanders, simply bring your relaxed focus back to the music. There is nothing else to do in this form of listening.

Focused Listening

In this method your focus is on your physical body while you listen to the sounds. This way of listening will produce the greatest effects, in that subtle energy follows awareness. What we mean by this is that subtle energies tend to move where you hold your focused attention. If you rest your awareness in your physical body while listening to The Aetherium, the subtle energies of calmness, nurturing and healing will enter more deeply into your physiology and into the cells of your body.

For those of you who are aware of your inner realities you may notice complex geometries swirling within your body. Allow these to move according to their own volition. They have awareness and intelligence. Some of these fields of moving energy will be counter-rotating, and there may be many patterns of rotating energies moving through your body while listening. This phenomenon is a signature of deep transformation. Allow these patterns of rotating energy to emerge and move according to their own will, without intervention. It is possible to extend your listening time by simply repeating the sound meditation. For those of you prepared to enter into a deeper state of transformation this will be a very effective way to work with The Aetherium.
If you feel discomfort, disharmony or distress in any part of your body focus your attention there and when you mind wanders, as it will, simply bring it back to that area of your body.
Another way to conceive of The Aetherium is as a kind of metaphorical life raft that you can ride through the tempestuous waves of change that are upon you. If you feel a connection, a resonance, to this sound meditation we encourage you to use it regularly. It is a highly effective sonic aid for your body and mind.
The Hathors
June 26, 2016

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

I have personally found this latest Hathor sound meditation (The Aetherium) to be highly beneficial both at a physical level of wellbeing and as a means to adjust to the ever quickening energetic shifts that our Earth is undergoing.
In their last message, Destabilization, the Hathors offered the suggestion to listen to an earlier sound meditation they gave called A Bridge Between the Worlds. While this has a definite calming influence for most people, thus helping to reduce the effects of stress, in my opinion the Hathors’ latest sonic piece creates a profound healing response at the cellular level.
By the word “healing” I am referring to a sense of harmony and balance at the cellular level that arises out of the complex sound codes that make up The Aetherium.
Note: The Aetherium is a form of body/mind re-education. It is not a medical treatment and should not be used as such.  If you are suffering from the symptoms of an illness consult with a health professional.
As you listen to The Aetherium, you will no doubt hear a continuous sound in the background, which is actually The Aethos sound meditation the Hathors gave in their September 20th 2012 message titled The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness. I strongly suggest reading this message if you are interested in the Hathors’ perspective regarding  non-duality and higher dimensional realities.
The Aethos sound meditation is the root vibration (i.e., the base layer) of The Aetherium. The other voices you hear are rather choir-like and were created to move the calming energy from The Aethos using sound codes, which can then be utilized by biological systems (i.e., your body/mind) to receive comfort, sustenance and nurturing from a higher vibratory realm of existence.
There are no electronically generated sounds in The Aetherium sound meditation, just multilayered vocal tracks, sung by me, as directed by the Hathors.
When I listen to The Aetherium for extended sessions (i.e., by just hitting the repeat button) I find that the sound codes enter more deeply into my body including my meridian system, various organs, as needed, my cells and interestingly enough, into a complex system of subtle energy pathways called nadis by yogis and yoginis.
Sometimes I experience these pathways and organs filled with white light and sometimes gold. My expectation is that you will experience the color of light that is needed for you at the time, since the effects of The Aetherium are a result of a synergy between the higher harmonics of the sound codes and your own energy system. Do note that there is no need to “see” light in your mind’s eye during the sound meditation for it to be effective, but light is the language that is being used here. This language of light that emanates from The Aetherium has been translated, if you will, into the language of sound codes, and they will affect your body/mind system in ways unique to you.
As one of my aunts used to say: “The proof is in the pudding.” So listen to The Aetherium to see if it resonates with you. If you feel a kinship with this unusual harmonic, then I would say to experiment with it freely and incorporate it into your daily or weekly private times to see what it will unfold for you. If you don’t connect with it, don’t give it a second thought. This kind of sonic tool is not for everyone.
I can honestly say that The Aetherium is a harmonic of light and sound that keeps revealing ever-deeper levels of sustenance and healing for me.
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Click here to listen to and/or download The Aetherium.

Information Not Directly Related To This Message:

First of all, I wish to announce a change in how I will be teaching in the future.
All things in this world are truly temporary, and all creation cycles have their beginnings as well as their endings. And in many ways it is appropriate that the upcoming Hathor Intensive scheduled for November 11th – 13th 2016, in Seattle, Washington will mark the ending of a creation cycle regarding my public teachings.
Getting to the heart of the matter, the Hathor Intensive, Transition States: Dealing With A World In Crisis, will be the last of my three-day sound Intensives. After this event I plan on shifting my teaching format to shorter events, which means that this will be the last opportunity to experience my extended sound immersions in their current form. While advances in CD mastering are now able to capture much of the presence and potency of the sound codes that emerge during my events, there is nothing like being in the room when subtle energetics are released during the live transmissions.
If you desire to experience being in one of my three-day extended live sound fields, the upcoming event in Seattle will be your last opportunity to do so.
Other Classes for 2016
Regarding other workshops planned for the latter part of this year, I plan to do a one-day Hathor Sound Immersion in Munich, Germany on September 17th and another one-day Hathor Sound Immersion in Vienna, Austria on September 24th.
On Sunday, October 2nd I plan to do a one-day event called The Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing at Symphony Space in Manhattan (NY, NY). You can read a description for this workshop, as well as register for it, directly on the Symphony Space website by clicking here:
For a description of all courses and how to register for them via our website, click here or go to the Calendar at
New Releases
Finally, the full set of recordings from the last Hathor Intensive in 2015, The Spiral of Ascension, is now available through our online Store both in CD and/or mp3 formats. Furthermore, I have taken what I consider to be the most potent of the sound transmissions from that Intensive and compiled them into a single CD, called Vibratorium. This is also now available in CD and/or mp3. Please note that Vibratorium is included in The Spiral of Ascension set. You can view the Class Handout I gave participants at The Spiral of Ascension, free of charge, by going to the Articles section of our website ( and scroll down to The Spiral of Ascension—Class Handouts.
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Celia Fenn ~ Archangel Michael ~ The Lion's Gate 2016 and the "Master" Cycle that Commences : The Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth

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Beloved Family of Light, when you began this year of 2016, we did say to you, with much love, that 2016 would be a challenging year, and that you would need to embody your Mastery in a powerful way.  As the Lion’s Gate of 2016 approaches, you now prepare yourself for a New Beginning and to initiate your first major cycle of creation as an embodied Master and Alchemist. 

What does this mean?  It means that you will take what is of low frequency and you will transform it and turn it into Golden Light!  Even though you may be surrounded by people who are filled with fear and anger and other low frequency emotions and who are making choices based on these emotions, you will make your choices from Love and Compassion and you will be the Diamond Light that shines clearly and magnificently. 

Beloved Ones, now is not the time to give up or to step back.  Now is the time to fully embrace who you are, who you have become, and to step forward into the Emerald Light as a fully embodied Master, a Creator and Alchemist of Light.  In this time of chaos and challenge as the old falls away and the new is still to manifest, it is you who are here to hold the energy of the New, to be the New Earth, and to embody the Power and Empowerment of the New Earth Soul.

The Lion’s Gate and the Planetary New Year : A New Cycle of Time and Creation

On the 26th of July, you will enter into the Planetary New Year.  This is the Time celebrated by the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, as the moment when the Planet begins a New Spiral of Galactic evolution in alignment with the Great Central Sun and the Divine Cosmic Heart.  It marks the opening of the Lion’s Gate Star Portal, which allows for a powerful influx of Light Codes that will shape the form of experience in the coming year.  These Light Codes will lift you into another level of evolution and experience if you allow this process, but if you are not aligned or you are in a low frequency of anxiety and fear, you will simply continue to create at this same level again. 

Beloved Ones, be open to this grand influx of powerful Light and Blessings that is coming to you as this Star Portal begins to open on the 26th  July, and culminates on the 8th of August on the 8/8, and then closes on the 12th of August.  Here is a “window” of Light and Opportunity for each one of you to step up and into a new level and phase of your personal evolution on Earth..

There will be many distractions in the outer world.  Many disasters and conflicts will occur that will ask for your attention and will ask you to align your energy with theirs.  Beloved Ones, it is enough to be aware of what is happening, but to focus your energy and attention rather on your inner processes and on the need to initiate a New Cycle of personal Creation that will express a higher level of your Soul and your Soul Essence on the Earth. 

Decide for yourself who you are and what you will create in your life and on the Earth, and then focus on that.  Do not be drawn by the energies of anything that is not in alignment with what you wish to create.

Time Cycles and the New Cycle

Beloved Ones, in your Earth space of the Fifth Dimension in transition, you have experienced two creative cycles of 8 to 9 years, and you are beginning another now. 

From 1999 to 2008 you created together as the first wave of awakened souls on Earth, together with the Indigo and Crystal children.  This period included the 9/11 event and the economic collapse of 2008.  Both events were aimed at distracting attention from the creation of the New, and keeping people on Earth focused on the same old creations of fear and lack that allows them to be manipulated and controlled.  Then, from 2008 to the end of 2016, you have been in the second cycle, where there has been a continuation of low frequency fear based “events” that are aimed at keeping humanity at a low frequency and preventing them from progressing to freedom and empowerment. 

Beloved Ones, if you are awake and aware, you will see how these events always occur at times when a great shift is possible, so that fear and anxiety will prevent many from shifting as they are trapped in their own fears.  Do not let this happen to you!  Now, as you begin the process for the creation of the 2016/7 to 2026 cycle, focus on Higher Consciousness, Higher Wisdom, and what you desire to create for yourself and for the Earth as you assist in the manifestation process for the New Earth.

The Master that You Are and the Power that Flows through as the Seventh Dimension opens

You have everything that you need within you.  Over the past two cycles of evolution and growth, you have activated the Personal Power and Creativity that you need.  You have activated your Light Body and the 13 Chakra Energy system that you need to allow you to receive and integrate the incoming Light Codes.  You have opened your Hearts to receive the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness with its Love and Compassion at the center of your existence. 

Then, you have received the Diamond Codes that allowed you to reconnect with your Galactic heritage, and the Emerald Codes that allowed you to reconnect with Nature and the Green Heart of the Earth. 

More recently, you have begun the rewiring of your energy meridians that allows you to reconnect with the powerful flows of creative and intuitive energy of the Right Brain and to balance these and integrate them with the Left Brain’s ability to organize and create narratives. 

Beloved Ones, this powerful energy that is flowing into the Planet right now is a torrent of blessings and creative abundance, but unless it is received in balance and integrated into your Light Body system, it has the potential to destabilize your energy field.  This Energy flow must then be received by the Pineal Gland Gateway, and then transmitted by the Right Brain and the Left Brain and then into to the Heart.  From there it must be grounded into the Earth through Manifestation and connection with the Earth Star and the Earth Heart centers. 

Those who are not grounding this energy will feel this energy running “wild” in their system, and they will become aggressive, fearful, explosive and angry.  Those who have no connection with their Soul and Higher Self will feel lost, confused, anxious and unable to find their place in the world. 

The whole purpose of your evolution in thee last two cycles has been to reconnect Spirit and Body, Heaven and Earth, so that your Body and Soul are One. 

It is your Soul that will provide the center of your Being and your Life right now.  You are the Master, your Soul connects to your Heart Center in Love and Peace.  You manifest from Soul and Spirit into Matter, following the laws of Divine Creative Power and Balance.  You create a Garden of Peace and Creativity within your Heart and Soul that manifests around you. 

Beloved Ones, do not seek for Peace and Harmony in the outside world, or in others, right now.  You are the ones who are here to demonstrate Mastery and to open the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension.  Those around you in the world are still struggling to understand the Fifth Dimensions, and the Magic of the Sixth Dimension, so they cannot at this moment be in that place of expansion where you stand now ready to move forward. 

The Seventh Dimension is the frequency of the Master and is the focus and end point of the Ascension process.  For you, Beloved Ones, it means to be here on the Earth, in the midst of the turmoil and chaos, and to be in that place of Inner Stillness and Peace.  It means to be connected to the powerful Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to be able to direct this Flow into Magical Manifestation through Intention and Focus.  It means to live without fear, without expectations and attachments, but simply in the Flow of Love, Creativity and Divine Manifestation. 

To live as a “Master” does not mean to be “perfect”.  It means to be who you are as a Soul in a Body, and to express your Soul in alignment with Spirit, in everything that you experience and manifest on Earth. 

Beloved Ones, as these Gateways are opening, you are all most welcome to step across the threshold and claim your place in the Higher Dimensions of Light as they open to Earth.  These intense Frequencies of brilliant light and Luminosity will illuminate all that you do at this time. 

And, as you do this, you will know and trust that you will always be safe and cared for.  Your Soul will protect you and Spirit will guide you, as you weave and create with the Divine Creative Intelligence as an Embodied Master of Light.

The Magical Gateway Opens

So, Beloved Family of Light, at this powerful New Year and Lion’s Gate, there will also be a powerful opening to the Seventh Dimension of Ascended Mastership available to you if you so desire to move forward in this way. 

You will know that you are ready.  You will feel that you have mastered the Fifth Dimension of Oneness and released the hold of Duality and the Shadow on your Life.  You will be ready to embrace the Love, Creativity and Magic of the Sixth Dimension and to flow with the powerful Light Codes and currents without Fear.  You will be ready to balance yourself between Heaven and Earth, and to step forward as a Master of these Energies on Earth. 

You will be ready, when the Gateways open, to express your Soul fully on the Material Plane as a New Human of the New Earth.


If you would like to learn more about the Planetary New Year, the Lion's Gate and the Opening of the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension, you are invited to join Celia Fenn in an online Webinar Course Gateway to a Magical New Beginning : Planetary New Year and the Lion's Gate 2016 Webinar Series

Please join Celia Fenn and Claudia Pureco  for a Planetary New Year Broadcast on Internet Radio from "Charlotte View" Radio on the 25th of July. The broadcast will include an Activation with Archangel Michael.

You can join at this link :

Monday, July 25, 2016


July 24, 2016

Dear friends, as we observe the struggles and confusion many of you are experiencing at this time we wish you to know that every thing happening is a necessary part of mans ongoing ascension process--these things are serving to wake people up. It is impossible to fully understand or figure out solutions with the human mind for much of what is going on is simply not what it seems. Instead utilize these times to rest more fully in trust, allowing intuition to be your guide.

On the surface everything seems to be bubbling with chaos. Think of this chaos as a cleansing process exposing buried and long hidden dirt and which in time will reveal that which has always been there but has been unseen--a clean and harmonious reality reflecting truth and oneness. The world in general is experiencing whatever intense and deep cleansings are necessary in order that new and higher levels of awareness may be experienced.

Many find themselves increasingly in a state of sadness and depression regarding today's outer conditions , but do not for a second believe that the chaos you see has any sort of law to support it or make it permanent. Chaos is the outer manifestation of the energy of duality and separation which will increasingly dissipate as more Light enters world consciousness.

That element that supports the chaos and confusion is making a last impressive stand to stay in power because it can sense (not always consciously) that the world they support is changing and along with it, their perceived personal power. People are rapidly waking up and realizing their own power regardless of how hard certain elements of society may try to keep them under a thumb of fear and powerlessness. As more and more of the world awakens, the outer picture cannot help but reflect that.

Every individual who lives out from a consciousness of truth no matter how simple their everyday life, is helping to create a new and higher dimensional world consciousness. Try not to be discouraged when you observe at the same time, those working very hard to hold on to and continue that which is old and finished. There is a Divine Law that forever holds truth in place, and no laws to support illusion.

Creation is finished, perfect, and whole, but because humans are in reality expressions of Source energy, they form the world through the creative energy of consciousness. The majority of individuals are as of yet unaware of the innate power they hold within, instead choosing to see themselves as human beings who must await, petition, and blame some imagined God "up there" to save them. You did not know that you were the Gods meant to do the saving--but, you know it now.

Be patient with the process, and don't expect it to manifest in its fullness immediately, for the energy of many deeply entrenched beliefs take time to surface, be recognized for what they are, and released. Evolution does not happen in a minute, but is well on its way at this time.

It is important to make a practice of observing and acknowledging the Light of everything in your lives, feeling gratitude no matter how seemingly small or insignificant something may seem--the song of a bird, a beautiful flower or tree, a friend's smile, a baby's laugh--everyday things usually taken for granted. Begin to express gratitude even for the things you would rather not have in your life remembering that every experience holds a lesson if you are open to receiving it. Gratitude acknowledges; "I have because I am".

We wish to speak of Oneness, for the understanding and acceptance of Oneness as truth is the key that opens the door to ascension. There is only One Divine Consciousness expressing itself in infinite form and variety. Can there ever be a person or living thing apart from ONE? What would it be made of?

Every problem human beings have ever had throughout the ages has reflected a sense of separation manifesting as disagreement, hatred, and discords on all levels between people, countries, businesses, families, friends, and animals. Permanent peace can never and will never manifest from the energy of duality and separation because real peace is not in alignment with the energy of duality and separation.

Oneness may still represent a spiritual leap for some of you, but you are ready. Anyone reading these messages is ready. You made the decision to incarnate and experience the powerful energies of evolution that are taking place right now. You chose to clear, awaken, and then help others awaken and because of this choice you are now experiencing the very things that can lead you into your deepest awakenings.

Many belief systems continue to perpetuate beliefs of duality and separation through rigid dogmas and teachings that reflect earlier and less evolved times. Examine your personal concepts of God. Do you believe God to be a man hanging on a cross, sitting quietly under a Bodhi tree, or maybe even a woman? Do you still see him as a man with a long beard sitting high in the clouds, enforcing human values of good and evil, punishment and reward?

Concepts of God act to block understanding and the experiences of Reality for that part of your consciousness is already filled with concepts. God can never be understood with the human mind no matter how many classes, meditations, or books an individual has accumulated. The human mind is limited to what is already known, what is already floating about in consensus consciousness.

True spiritual understanding as well as inventions, ideas, solutions, art, music, etc. can only be fresh and new when they flow from the infinite well within. When there is receptivity heretofore unknown solutions, ideas, and truths seem to bubble up into conscious awareness when least expected. This is how it works.

Those who shout to the world that they know all about God and what God is, speak from their own personal and limited concepts. Those who have experienced God, do not brag about it but hold these sacred experiences safe and protected in the heart.

God/Source/Universe just is...period. That is all the human mind can or needs to know. What IT is, must be experienced, and because it is the very essence of every individual's being, this will happen at their point of readiness (which may be several lifetimes down the road). Let go of trying to know and understand and infinite God with a finite intellect, it cannot be done. Trust that there is a "Something" and only One of IT whatever IT is.

Accepting oneness is the first step toward living unconditional love, for how can there be animosity and hatred when there is no "other"? The world in general as of yet does not know this and is still creating from energies of duality and separation.

Never deny the discords you see, but learn to look through them, knowing that in spite of how horrific an appearance may be, there is no law to support it, that no one ever really dies, and that you are witnessing an illusory expression of dense and false energy.
This does not mean you stand back and just watch a situation where you could offer help, it means you silently acknowledge truth while doing it.

Oneness eliminates "us versus them" from consciousness. Do not try to humanly love the perpetrators of heinous actions, or the irritating neighbor but love them spiritually by recognizing the terrorist, the road rage person, the animal abuser, the suicide bomber to be spiritual beings who are as of yet very unaware of who and what they are. Instead of judgement, send them Light and a recognition of their true selfhood. This does not mean they should be allowed to continue with their nefarious activities.

Perpetrators of horrendous acts see the world through skewed beliefs based in duality and separation and until they are consciously ready to open to more, they will continue to act out. War and violent solutions only align the energy with its counterpart--the same energy. The world still has need of prisons and law enforcement but fear and desire for power has caused many these services to deteriorate and function at a lower resonating energy.

Light energy is bringing many into a sense of personal power but everyone is interpreting the experience according to their level of understanding. Some are beginning to have more confidence and less fear, while others have become bullies. This is the energy behind the plethora of conflicts between law enforcement and the public. New energies are bringing to the surface deeply buried fear, anger, and resentment for all parties resulting in "us versus them" reactive actions.

It is all about the old order rising to be recognized for what it is. These events are revealing that old energy is no longer in alignment with the majority of an awakening society. Because many old and previously accepted ways of doing things are often deeply ingrained in society, it may take the shock of certain events to bring about change.

As more Light flows to the group consciousness of those doing this type of work,
whether of law enforcement or military, it begins to filter into individual consciousness and from there comes an inner nudge to work differently from what has been done in the past and where respect for and from the public as well as for and from the police is the norm. All work is Light work if done from a consciousness of love and respect.

Many facets of the world as you know it today will seem not to change, but as world consciousness steadily evolves, the outer forms must evolve as well--employment, entertainment, medical, food, etc. will be of new and more enlightened levels of awareness. You are witnessing its beginnings now as people become aware of and are demanding cleaner food, natural medicines, and in general, change.

These powerful energies of change are being felt by businesses, service industries, governing bodies, corporations etc., prompting them to start thinking about and making changes without the heavy resistance that would have taken place a few years ago.

Many in the world are already performing their work from the higher levels we speak of. They came into this lifetime having already attained a state of consciousness that was supportive of unconditional love and thus their intention has always been to serve from the highest level. Some of these dear ones have even sacrificed their own lives for the purpose of awakening others to the need for change within certain systems.

Your work and your mission, is to bring Light to wherever your daily activities take you. This is why you chose to be here at this energy intense time. You brought an already evolved state of consciousness into a world ready to evolve. There are many, especially children who have no karma to resolve, but have simply chosen to come and add their Light to world consciousness.

You who are awake are the head of an energetic arrow so to speak, and because of this may often find yourselves catching the heat. In many ways you are "bucking the system" and making it uncomfortable for those who like the system just the way it is..

Do not despair or believe that the situation is hopeless for evolution is inevitable. Reality is--period. It may be taking what seems to be a long time, but the underlying and never changing reality is that in spite of any appearances to the contrary, this remains a spiritual universe peopled by expressions of God.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/24/16


Tuesday, July 19, 2016


r emails.

July 2,  2016     
Time, Healing and the Fifth Dimension     
Copyright © 2016 David K. Miller
All Rights Reserved 
No part of this may be reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of David K. Miller,
Founder & Director, Group of Forty
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! In this lecture we will focus on time, healing and the Fifth Dimension. What is time? How are we to understand the relationship between time and the Fifth Dimension? What is the relationship between time and our eternal Self? These are some of the questions that we will be asking and answering for you today.

Man is part of the animal world, yet Man, humanity, has the unique ability to understand and perceive time. In fact, Man is the only species on the planet that is able to measure time. This is a unique ability among nature, and it brings forth many gifts, but also there are severe limitations to time, or at least the way that humanity looks at time. In this lecture I want to suggest that there is a new way to perceive time that is more in alignment with your nature, and also by using this new perception of time, you will be able to accelerate your healing, and ultimately, you will be able to amplify and accelerate your ascension.

The traditional perception of time is linear. That means that you can visualize a straight line, and to the left is the past, on the center of the line the present, and to the right, the future. This view is the cultural, trained tool that is used to educate us and to acculturate us into how to perceive time. Everything that has happened in the past is finished, and the future is an unwritten story that will hopefully unfold in a positive way, and we are now in the present. In fact many of the mystical teachings are inviting you to focus only on the present and on the I AM Self in the present.

The model that we Arcturians are offering you today is different. We see time as a circle. In your mind, take that visual, linear line and fold it or wrap it together so that it makes a circle. This has profound implications for your existence and for all aspects of your being.

First, by viewing time correctly as a circle, then you are demonstrating that the past, present, and future interact. Who you were in the past has an effect now on the present, but more important, who you will be in the future also affects your present. You are on an evolutionary path that is accelerated and is going to higher light. When we look into your future, we can easily see that you are fifth-dimensional. I can see that you have become an Ascended Master. I can see that each one of you is healed from whatever ailments or imperfections that are plaguing you on the third dimension. If I go back to the linear perception of time, then I may say, well, it's going to take you four or five lifetimes to cure this ailment or this imperfection. Maybe you will not ascend in this lifetime; maybe you need another one or two lifetimes. I think that is a valid way of looking at things, but again, it is the third-dimensional linear way. Use the circle. Interact with that part of yourself now that has ascended, and that has successfully dealt with this imperfection that is plaguing you now in this third dimension.

The main, newer time theory is that you are interacting now with all aspects of your Self, the past and the future. During this lecture I will also show you methods of how to interact successfully with your past, with the help of Helio-Ah. For the most part, people only look at the past when they are plagued with traumas or unhappy circumstances that seem to contribute to blockages or neuroses in your current lifetime. We have ways of resolving those traumas from the past using such techniques as Helio-Ah's healing chambers. I also want to make this point: In other lifetimes, some of you had very high levels of spiritual achievements. I know that some of you were priests in ancient Egypt and had strong and developed powers. Some of you might have even been on other planetary systems, such as Lyra, or the Pleaides, where you were an Ascended Master and teacher on higher spiritual and light frequencies. Now as you came to the third dimension, part of those experiences and abilities from those past lives may be blocked or more difficult to access. You can, through connecting with your past lifetimes, activate powers and abilities that you had in these past lives and bring that energy into the present. This is a similar technique that we use in future healing. Future healing includes going to that part of yourself in the future when you are healed, and bringing that completed future energy back to the present. Past life healing works on the same principle, only you go back into the past. In summary, the ability to perceive time is one of the true abilities and gifts of Man in the animal world. Unfortunately, humanity has trained everyone to perceive time in a unidimensional, flat way called linear time.

We, the Arcturians, are offering you a new model of time based on the interaction of present time with the past and the future. I want to look at this new concept and the perception of the Creator and time. Using the linear model of time produces many paradoxes and unsolvable problems, especially when you're trying to understand the meaning of creation and how the creation began. Modern physicists have determined that the universe is 13.7 billion years old. The beginning of the universe is described as the "Big Bang", but the unsolvable problem is that no one seems to understand what happened before the Big Bang. There does not seem to be any reasonable way to find out because there is no evidence or method to scientifically study what happened before the beginning.

If you follow this newer model of time as a circular function, then you will see that the beginning is interacting with the present and the future. Therefore, there is no need to ask the question of what happened before the Big Bang. Such a question is based on linear thinking! The linear model is the basis of Newtonian physics and even is used in modern, quantum physics. Everything has a beginning and an end. This is not true in the circular model of time. It is equally important to understand how this circular model applies to your soul. Your perception is that you are born, you live this life and you die, and then perhaps you reincarnate, and you follow this linear pattern. At times you might even have periods of doubt about whether or not there is life after death. You may have periods of doubt about whether you do exist when this lifetime is over. But when you look at the circular model of time, then you immediately understand that you and your soul are part of the same cycle of time interacting with past, present and future.

I want to make one spiritual comment about the energy known as "I am that I am". This phrase has become a unifying principle for centering oneself into unity with the Creator and the higher Self. It is based on a Hebrew phrase coming from Genesis in which God reveals his name. Used as a name of God, it is more accurately translated as "I will be that I will be". This identification phrase is known in Kabbalah as a powerful and sacred name. The Creator reveals himself to Moses by giving his name: "I will be that I will be". In Hebrew, the word "to be" has past, present and future implied. So the correct translation in Hebrew of "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh" is "I will be that I will be". However, modern mystics and biblical scholars have translated the phrase as "I am that I am", implying the present. Some mystics have even added a second translation as "I was that I was". So the phrase can be translated to include: I was that what I was, I am that which I am, and I will be that which I will be. This implies again that time is circular, that all parts of the Self are interacting. You are similar to the Creator, and you have this ability to experience time in a circular fashion.

Meditating on this phrase can help you to experience your true nature, which includes I was, I am and I will be. You are made in the image of the Creator, but it doesn't mean that you are in the physical image, but rather, that you have the same essence in yourself. You too have the energy of "I was that I was, I am that I am, I will be that I will be". These three states of consciousness represent aspects of circular time. They are so important to your understanding of the multi-dimensions and your ascension, as well as your personal healing. We are going to look at this concept that I call the multidimensional Self and see how it relates to circular time. We will use the concept of "I am that I am", "I was that I was" and "I will be that I will be".

I have described multidimensional presence as living in different dimensions simultaneously. That means that you are in this plane on the Earth, but then you might also be on the Pleiades, or you might be on one of Ashtar's spaceships at the same time. When I describe this experience to people, it may at first seem illogical. How could one be living double or triple lives in other dimensions at the same time while being on the Earth? It becomes even more mysterious when I tell you that this multidimensional presence is more in alignment with your true nature. The unidimensional experience that you were brought up to experience is perceived through that lens of linear time.

Look at time as circular. Who were you in the past? For example, you might have been a student with Ptaah on the Pleiades, or maybe you were one of the commanders of a spaceship traveling through the galaxy. Maybe you were on Arcturus with us, or maybe you were in ancient Egypt working with the Sirians in your past lives. When you experience time as a circle, then those parts of your life interact with your present. Remember, you are multidimensional, and you may be living with these other lifetimes simultaneously. There is great advantage to this multidimensional experience. The main advantage is that you are able to bring the energy, knowledge and abilities from those multidimensional lifetimes into the present. You may have the knowledge of star travel that an officer on Ashtar's Command possesses. Maybe you have the healing abilities of an Ascended Master on the moon-planet Alano. Alano could be a place where you would be in a future time. On Alano, they have certain sound healing techniques and telepathic energy operations that they can do with their hands that would be equal to what you would call miracle cures. When you become aware of the multi-presence, then you can access these future or past parts of your Self.

Let us look at healing more closely and how you enhance your healings by using this concept of circular time effectively. For this next part of the lecture on time and healing, I would like Helio-Ah to speak with you, and then I will return.

(Chants Helio-Ah.) Know that each syllable in my name has special healing powers. My chanting is already loosening the blockages in your aura that are the basis of some discomfort or illnesses. Listen to sacred sounds and tones. The sounds are helping to create a healing vibration and healing energy which can weaken and cause blocks to be removed from your energy field. Please listen one more time as I do this toning. (Chants Helio-Ah several times.) Let the healing energy of these tones permeate your aura to begin the healing process. Let us go into meditation briefly to allow the vibrational frequencies to totally have their effect on you.

Now I will speak to you about the Helio-Ah healing chambers. These healing chambers have special powers. My healing chambers are on the starship Athena. They are based on the principle that Juliano explained to you about the circular time. Each healing chamber has a unique computer that is directly correlated and in alignment with your soul history and includes your past, present and future. These computers have been developed in alignment with fifth-dimensional technologies. The Pleiadians also have these types of computers. We, the Arcturians, have them, as do the Lyrans. The computers are so advanced that they are tied directly into your aura. They are even able to report the time of your death, if we needed to find out that information. Your aura contains unlimited amount of information about your soul and its history. Our computers are holographic and your aura is also holographic.

In this exercise, I will bring you to a healing chamber that has been specially aligned for you. Visualize now a corridor of light coming down over you. Feel my presence and feel a golden blue light fill the corridor. Take one deep breath and allow your aura, your spirit, to depart temporarily from your body. But as it departs from your body, know that your astral cord is going to stay connected, and you will return to your body on Earth. Travel up the corridor now at the speed of thought. (Chants Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta.) As you go through the corridor, you are at the other end which is bringing you to the entryway of my ship, the starship Athena. Come through the door. I, Helio-Ah, embrace you. We are together again in our fifth-dimensional ship. Feel the wonders of being in this expanded state of light in an Arcturian spaceship that is able to travel interdimensionally through hyperspace, and through all parts of this galaxy. We have technology in this ship that far exceeds even your imagination. Each one of the windows is like a gigantic telescope. When you look through one of the windows in the starship, you can see right to the center of the galaxy. You can see the moon-planet Alano. You could see your home planet, the Lyrans, the Sirians, and you could see any planetary group throughout this galaxy. There are other Arcturians on this ship now.

We have a certain homework to do, so follow me as I bring you into the healing chambers. Many of you have been here before; this is not your first time. There are rows of about 80 healing booths. Go into one of them. You will enter the one that is correlated for you. As you go into the booth, close the door and turn the computer on. There are two buttons on the right side and one button on the left side. The one on the left side turns on the computer, and it aligns itself to you and all of your life and soul history. The computer creates an electromagnetic interaction with your aura. The computer can now show you visually your own journeys as a soul being in this galaxy. There are two buttons to the right. One has the label "Save" written on it. We use it after we have reshaped a memory from the past, and then we "save" the re-shaped memory into the subconscious of the person we are healing. Another button below that is "Edit". This button when pressed gives permission for you to call up an image and edit and change it. This edit button must be used with great respect. You must have the highest intention and the highest clarity to edit and shift anything from your past that is stored in memory. One other important piece of knowledge: your Subconscious, your Superconscious, and even your soul are able to communicate with you through visual images. Language comes later. Visual images are powerful ways of interacting with your Subconscious for this type of healing. Healings with the techniques that I am describing are 10 times more powerful when you use visual images or visualizations.

Look again at the computer in the healing chamber. Notice that the dial goes to the left and the right. When you turn the dial to the left, the computer can access your past. When you turn it to the right, it will access the future. For this lesson, I want you to turn it to the future. I would like for you to visualize that the top is 12 o'clock noon, the bottom is 6 p.m., the left is 9 p.m. and the right is 3 p.m. Turn the dial to 3 p.m. in the future. Turn it to the right. We are going into the future. Remember the future time is interacting with the present time. But in this future time you are in your fifth-dimensional body. You are in a state of magnificent healing light. All personal imperfections have been healed. You are a true fifth-dimensional master, and you are able to shape your body any way that you wish. You can shape it to look as young as you like. You can have as much hair as you want. Your body can assume any type of body form, even an extraterrestrial body form that has a shape unknown to our current standards. As you know, we, the Arcturians, have an appearance that has been described as looking like thin ballerinas. I want you to shape yourself or see yourself in a shape that is pleasing to you.

Know that all genetic aberrations are brought into healing in the Fifth Dimension. The aura is completely free of any attachments, any holes, as well as any densities in the Fifth Dimension. Work on that image as we go into meditation again. (Chants OOOOHHHMMM, OOOHHHMMM.) Now press the "Save" button, and that image of your Self, including that heightened, fifth-dimensional healed Self, is preserved on this computer. We are going to bring that image back into the present. Press your right hand on the "Save" button and put your left hand on the dial and turn the dial back to 12 noon. Then when you are at 12 noon, take your hand off of the "Save" button, and that image is now interacting with your I AM Presence Self. (Chants OOOHHHMMM.) The healing light, the healing energies from the future time are now interacting and creating this wonderful personal healing for you. Again, we'll go into silence for a brief moment. (Silence)

I want to explain that for past healings we can go back into your past. I can take you back either into a negative or a positive past life. Say you were a Native American shaman and we want to help you recover some of your powerful skills as a shaman. We can go back to the past and to help you bring back this gift. So, going back into the past doesn't mean you go to negative events only. You can go back into positive events. I can bring you back into other positive lifetimes.

There is another button to press. This healing computer can bring you back into your past lives on other planets. I could bring you back to a past lifetime on another planet when you were on the Pleiades, or when you were on Arcturus, or when you were on Lyra. Maybe you want to bring back those gifts, those high level spiritual tools that you had in that past lifetime on another planet. Please understand, going back to the past does not mean that you are only looking for trauma. You can go back and take higher lessons and higher skills from your past Self and bring those skills and abilities into the present. They are all able to interact with you now.

Our time is short, so we have to close this computer down, shut the computer off. Follow me as you leave the chamber. You come into the general room, and you see some of our other Arcturian teachers there, warmly greeting you, even embracing you. Now follow me through the doorway and we travel back through the corridor to the Earth. (Chants Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta, ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta.) You travel at the speed of thought through the corridor, come to your room and go to a place six feet above your physical body. Align yourself in your spirit body so that your aura is in perfect alignment with your physical body. At the count of three, enter your Earth body in perfect alignment. One, two, three - enter now. All of these positive higher healing energies are now brought back into your physical body with your aura. Your physical body and your energy field are being upgraded just as you had wanted it to be. Again, allow this integration.

As you are doing this integration, I want to speak briefly about space. One way to approach the understanding of space is to look at space and time as one unit. Look at time as a circular energy. There is also the concept of folding space. As you may know, on the Fifth Dimension, space is not the way you experience it on the third. Time and space are referred to under Einstein's laws of relativity as the "space-time continuum". You cannot talk about space without talking about time. You can approach this level of understanding the space-time continuum in the spiritual world through the exercise known as folding space. The idea of folding space is to look at the distance between two objects and visualize the space between the two places as being represented by a piece of cardboard. Then, in your mind, you fold the cardboard like an accordion, and the two objects that were a distance apart collapse in your imagination and are right next to each other.

You fold space every night when you dream. By folding space in your dream, you experience a tremendous, broad range of experiences that can take you all over the galaxy, but you experience it in a very compressed time. You may have a dream in which you are doing vast traveling throughout the galaxy and meeting many different people and visiting many different planets. If I, as an observer, watched your dream state and watched your Rapid Eye Movement (Author's note: REM, or rapid eye movement, occurs when you are dreaming) while you were sleeping, then I would report that that dream was only one minute long, yet you might have experienced that dream covering years. Time was shortened in your dream because space was folded in your dream. When you fold space, you are also changing time, and this is one of the intricate secrets of space travel and time travel. Because when you fold the space, then time becomes folded.

The ability to fold space is also one of the secrets of how to travel through time and also to other star systems far away. The idea is that you project yourself outward in the galaxy. You all know that the nearest star may be over four light years away, which means it would take four years traveling at the speed of light to reach that star. What if you went to a star that was a thousand light years away? First, you have to project your thoughts to that star. From the Earth what you see is that star a thousand years in the past. When you look up at the sky, you are seeing those objects as they were in the past. You are not seeing them in the present. For example, you do not see the Sun in the present. You see the Sun the way it was eight minutes ago because it takes that long for the light to reach the Earth. When you want to travel backwards in time, you project yourself to a place and time that is in the past years. You project yourself above the Earth at that past time, and then from there you project yourself to the Earth in the past.

There is one more step to this process, and the other step is folding space and time so that you are there on the Earth between the present and the point in the past that you wish to visit. I want to conclude this lecture now with a brief channeling from Archangel Michael. This is Helio-Ah.

Greetings, I am Archangel Michael! I'm happy that Juliano and Helio-Ah are talking about the "I am, I will be, I was" presence. There is very special power in the words that we in Kabbalah know as the sacred name of God. This is the name of God that was revealed to Moses at the burning bush: "I will be that I will be." This name, properly toned, will place you into a higher level of being that resonates with expanded time and space. You have the same quality as the Creator. When you hear the words of His name, then you will go into that state of the time sequence where time is circular. I'm going to chant the sacred name in Hebrew, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. Just listen to the tones, and it will help you to hold that vibration in your consciousness.

(Chants in Hebrew Ehyeh, Asher, Ehyeh. Ehyeh, Asher, Ehyeh. I will be that I will be. I am that I am. I was that I was.) Let all three aspects, the past, present and future Self, now be united in one energy. (Chants Ehyeh, Asher, Ehyeh.) We will go into silence as you unite those three sides. Ehyeh, Asher, Ehyeh. The burning bush was existing in the past, present and future. This is why the burning bush did not consume itself, because the bush was in the present and the past and the future at the same time. It was all three, so it could not die. It could not pass on, and it was in its brilliance in the unity. Of course, this is the energy that you have, and this is the energy that you will use for your ascension. You are going to combine your future Self to the present Self, and all the powers that you have in your future Self will become available to you in your present Self. And so it shall be.

I am Archangel Michael. Good day.

David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty


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Selacia's Article & Invite to 7/23 Spiritual Heart Activation Event

July Madness Tips                    
-Full Moon Week Higher View-
by Selacia

The week of a Full Moon is when you want to have your discernment antenna turned on "high alert." Things tend to get amplified and regular life dramas tend to be expanded upon. Also, the craziness of the world, amplified beyond the usual, is impacting people on a personal level, adding to the intensity people are feeling. These amplifications are not really that unusual, but these are unusual times. Old norms often have little application during these moments.

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon peaks July 19 as it sits in Capricorn. This particular cycle is stirring issues of mastering this physical reality. It is also catalyzing people to self-reflect on things like life foundation, balance, and expanding views on limitations. Another key thing about this cycle is that its impact is likely to be felt for more days than usual, in part because of how connected we all are and types of universal themes surfacing within the collective.

As I've been writing about on social media, the pace and extent of dramas is likely to accelerate even more now as we step into Tuesday's Full Moon energy and a host of high-profile debates involving politics, culture, injustices, and how we live on this small planet. I've been suggesting that we walk gently and with love. Easier said than done, of course. Read on to find out what else each of us can do to navigate these energies.

Fluctuations: Focus, Energy, Time

One feature of this week is the potential for wide fluctuations. For example, between now and Thursday you may find yourself needing to pay extra attention and make extra effort to complete tasks. It may feel like time disappeared when you need to get things done. Your focus may dart all over the place. Don't take this personally - this is much more than you. Everyone is affected by the planetary dance of challenges along with the Full Moon. Breathe.

Self-Monitor Communications

Communications are amplified now. Be an example of heart-centered communications, doing your best to self-monitor words when you are emotional or just very passionate about something.

There's lots of fiery energy in the air. Count to 10 before you respond to upsetting or unsettling events. Loved ones may act out of character, strangers may do strange things. Do your best to remain the calm voice of reason within your circles.

Feel you reached a breaking point with someone and strong words must be said no matter what? Current energies could be stirring some very passionate feelings, so factor that in before you make your declarations. Invite your wise self to guide you with optimal words, timings, and delivery. Sometimes journaling about your feelings or speaking them in the air when you are alone helps take the edge off - then you can say things in a more loving way.

Bigger Picture Positives

One way to find your calm zone more quickly now is to remember as unusual things are unfolding quickly that there is a larger picture to the world's remake. Much is happening behind the scenes and humanity's ascension is speeding up exponentially!

Yes, the drama you are seeing played out in the news is crazy and you don't want to subject yourself to repeated replays of sound bites. However, avoid the temptation to numb the senses or purposefully tune out as we sit in some of the most challenging moments to be alive. Many things just won't make sense. Other things you may simply wish you didn't know about, they are so weird or horrible. Still, your wise self knows you must stay conscious and aware in order to benefit from the gifts of these times and to help others.

Be an example of the multidimensional self you are too. This means avoid black-and-white thinking and responses to dramas being played out on the world stage. As the tempo of weirdness is turned up this week, stay in your center so that you as a being can benefit. You are not here to simply watch a show or comment on what is being said. You are alive now in these particular moments to be an integral part of the planet's awakening.

As a reminder, the outer world is not random but a reflection of the inner state of humanity. Use each round of craziness and whatever personal response you have to go within and discover what from any lifetime is being triggered so you can work on and clear this at a DNA level. Each time you address an issue in your DNA, you help your own awakening and assist in a healing of the collective. All of us carry old dysfunctional patterns from humanity's long past. Each time we personally clear something that's also in the collective, we add to the momentum of humanity's ascension.

Friday - Weekend Good News

On Friday we have some good news! The Sun then moves into the sign of Leo for the coming month, and it can feel like the sun came out on a dark day - literally. Self-confidence may get a boost, and you may have more energy and stamina to get things done. This is a fortuitous time, therefore, to allow yourself and your gifts to shine and to use your creativity to break through what seemed impenetrable before!

On the weekend - even with the backdrop of continuing outer world combative vibes - we have some helpful cosmic energy supportive of teamwork, cooperation, partnerships, heart openings, and creative approaches. Use this foresight to enhance your life potentials and joy.

Spirit is always with you, helping you to make sense of your Earthly experience. Tune into this help regularly so that you can soar above the chaos and find comfort when nothing makes sense.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.  
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