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Electromagnetic Assimilation      
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        Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! The topic for today's lesson is electromagnetic assimilation. It is a rather technical term that I will be describing in more detail during this time we have together. Briefly, let me say that electromagnetic refers specifically to the energy fields of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. It is known that there exist electromagnetic fields in all four of these bodies. The term assimilation can also be described or defined as integration, but I have used the word "assimilation" for a specific reason. While you are spending your time here on the Earth, there are many subjects, many experiences that you have to assimilate into your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Specifically, I have talked about the protection of your energy fields, and I have also described in detail about how you can protect your energy field through the usage of such Arcturian technologies as the Cosmic Egg and the development of what the Taoists call a "Pung" energy field. A Pung energy field refers to a resiliency in your energy field which can push back and help you reject unwanted energies.
     But now, in this lecture on electromagnetic assimilation, I am suggesting that not all of the energies that are unwanted can easily be pushed away. You probably have already noticed that you are affected by what is going on in this planet. You are affected by the polarizations; you are affected by the climate change, and you are affected even by cosmic energies that are coming onto the planet. In addition, your energy field, in particular, is also affected by the widespread use of electromagnetic radio waves from computers, cell phone towers, smartphones and other electromagnetic radioactive waves which are being generated from a variety of sources. These sources can even include medical treatments. Finally, we mention the military usage of electromagnetic waves. In particular, the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project which is the use of high frequency auroral radial propagation waves for shifting energies in the Ionosphere. This is done for multiple purposes. This type of project directs high frequency electromagnetic waves into an area, and the people who live in that area may not even know that they are being exposed. This is good example of you potentially receiving electromagnetic energy without your knowledge.
     You may be asking yourself: "How can I assimilate such energy?" specifically, because you do not want this type of energy to overburden your system. Receiving unwanted electromagnetic energy is a new experience in being on the Earth. At other times, when you reincarnated here on the Earth, you did not have to deal with high levels of electromagnetic energy. I think that receiving higher doses of electromagnetic energy is definitely a challenge for maintaining your health, especially when a great deal of the electromagnetic energy that you have to assimilate into your four bodies is happening below your consciousness.
    For example, you could be in the direction of receiving electromagnetic energy from higher radiating sources and not feel it in your normal consciousness. You would have to have heightened consciousness or expanded consciousness in order to be aware of receiving electromagnetic energy. Now there are many people who are empathic and highly sensitive, and they report that they do feel this energy in their conscious mind. They do feel these electromagnetic energy fields that are being sent to them.
   For example, recently in the state of Arizona, and probably in other states, there have been new electric meters placed on homes by the electric company in order to digitally and electronically measure home electricity usage. These meters transmit a very low power frequency to a receiver miles away. The old analog electric meters had to personally be read, which means a meter man would have to come to your house and read the meters in order to record your usage. The new meters instead send an electromagnetic radio reading to a source perhaps 5, 10 or 15 miles away. Your electricity usage is then measured and electronically reported without the necessity of someone coming to your home to read the meter. This might be a good time-saving device, and maybe it is more accurate, but the fact is that this meter is still another radio transmitter source potentially interacting with your personal energy field.
   You have to understand one of the properties of radio transmission through antennas. Antennas which are vertically polarized radiate in an "omnidirectional pattern". Omnidirectional means that the radio wave is transmitted and radiated 360 degrees in a circle, equally in all directions. Transmitters can also use antennas that are directional, which means that the electromagnetic radiation signal will predominately radiate in one direction. The electric meter transmitter on your house most likely uses an omnidirectional antenna. This means that some of those low powered radio waves being transmitted go outwards towards the electric company's receiver, but some can also come into your house.
   Imagine that that meter was close to your bedroom, which would mean that you would receive those electromagnetic waves at different times of the day, even at night when you are sleeping. In some instances, these little meters could be transmitting on and off 24 hours a day; in other cases they are transmitting periodically, only at certain times.
   I am using this example to explain that your energy field is assimilating electromagnetic energy waves from many sources. I want to be clear that the frequency and the wattage from these electric meters are in the milliwatt range, which means that they are extremely low power. The safety argument that modern scientists use is that the wattage from such a device is so low that exposure to this field would not make a difference for your own physical aura. On one level that is a powerful argument because most people can tolerate low levels of exposure to electromagnetic radio waves without being affected. However, how such exposure affects you is dependent upon your sensitivity, because if you are extremely sensitive, you could have a higher level of susceptibility to even exposures on a milliwattage basis. So such an exposure might actually affect your aura, and you could feel it. In some cases such exposures may cause physical problems or health problems.
    The other thing is that a one-time exposure to a milliwatt can have a limited effect, but continuous exposure on a daily basis is another matter. Let us look at another example. The cellphone is another example of a device that may have as little as a tenth of a watt of transmitting power. And I could tell you that a tenth of a watt is not going to hurt anything, but if you are continually on the cellphone (for three or four hours a day), then that tenth of a watt is continuous and therefore could be harmful. I know that many of you, for example, are also carrying your cellphones around, and the cellphones, or the smartphones, are also in continuous contact with your body. Therefore you are exposed to the continuous radio waves that are being sent from the phone to a tower.
     The antenna in a cellphone would also be omnidirectional, which means that part of those radio waves are going to the tower, but another part of them are coming into your body. I am not suggesting that everyone throw away their cellphones, nor I am not suggesting that we no longer use these new electronic meters. Because the fact is that no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape the electromagnetic field that is continually being transmitted around you, especially in the modern societies. There is exposure to electromagnetic energy from regular computers. There are other sources of electromagnetic radiation exposure in your daily life which you have no control over. I mean the only possibility of blocking exposure is if you decided to become a hermit or live on an island where there are no electromagnetic radiation devices. The solution is not to avoid all this, but the solution is to learn how to assimilate this energy into your system so that it is not harmful. This is the technique that I want to talk about today, that is, how to assimilate it as opposed to totally withdraw from all these sources.
     There are many positive benefits from the development of electromagnetic energy in the past 50 years. Society will continue to develop the usage of these energy fields, but your body and your aura has to also develop to deal with this, and that is why there are so many problems. I know that there is not yet definitive research of harmful tolerances of exposure levels to electromagnetic radiation energy. For example, some research says that cellphone use is not a problem, and then other ones come out and say we have found that continued cellphone use is harmful and may even cause brain tumors. One of the principles of electromagnetic radiation is that the closer you are to the source, then the more intense electromagnetic radiation you are receiving. If you are holding the phone to your ear, then your brain is receiving a lot of this electromagnetic radiation, but if the phone were five or ten feet away, there is a decrease in intensity and harmful effects to your brain. The further away you are, the better, and also, there are probably special shielding devices that you could use. There are shielding devices even for these electronic meters. You do not have to have a complicated shield to block a tenth of a watt.
     But again I return to the observation that, no matter how hard you try, you are still going to have some exposure. That is why I am discussing with you this idea of electromagnetic assimilation, which means that you can assimilate and process this kind of energy so that it will not be harmful to you. Even though you are receiving a lot of energy around you from your environment, you can process it in your own electromagnetic energy field. Your energy field includes your spirit body, your mental body, your physical body and your emotional body. Each one of these four bodies has a certain electromagnetic charge. Emotions have an electromagnetic charge. Ideas, prejudices, belief systems - all have an electromagnetic charge. You are storing energy in your body and in your muscle system from this lifetime and from past lifetimes. These experiences are also carrying a charge
     You are an electromagnetic being. You are multidimensional, loving, electromagnetic beings of light. When we are talking about light, then we also must talk about vibrations and particles. These are all descriptions of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is one of the primary sources of life. There is even electromagnetic energy in your heart. If there is a disruption in the electromagnetic field of the aura, the heart could stop. One of the experiments that the military was doing was focused on how to project a certain frequency towards the human aura that would cause the heart to stop. It sounds kind of devious and malicious, but this was and is the basis of the "ray gun", which is a deadly weapon which could direct electromagnetic force to a target and cause a total disruption in the energy field of the person, and in some cases even cause the heart to stop. The argument for the military would be that using a ray gun is better than using conventional guns, because there is less risk to the soldiers using the weapons.
     How would you be able to project deadly rays over long distances? It would have to be with a very high-powered device.   Remember, the principle of omnidirection in the transmission of electromagnetic energy. You do not want the electromagnetic radiation from the ray gun to come back to the person who is shooting the gun. You want to make sure that it is directed towards the source, rather than have the radiated signal go in all directions. If you are radiating from a source that goes in all directions, then the electromagnetic radiation from that source can even come back towards the person who is emitting the source. However you can "direct" all the energy of the radiation in one direction. This means that the radiating energy would be "directed" instead of omnidirectional. This can be compared to shooting a gun towards one direction; you want all of the emitted radiation towards one direction.
   I wanted to mention that this development of the ray gun as a disruption of the electromagnetic energy field has been used on other planets. Ultimately, certain frequencies electromagnetically emitted from a powerful ray gun can destroy a biosphere or portions of a biosphere. In my travels and in the Arcturian study of other planets, we have seen these ray guns being used to destroy life forces and to destroy planets. And finally, in its essence, the nuclear bomb creates an electromagnetic pulse that can be compared to an omnidirectional ray guy. Perhaps you have heard some discussion about the dangers from an electromagnetic pulse in a nuclear bomb. The idea is that in advanced nuclear bombs, you do not have to drop a bomb and spread a lot of radiation and destroy all the buildings. The idea is that a specialized nuclear bomb can only send out a strong electromagnetic pulse which would be an extremely strong pulse. You could then destroy all the electronic equipment in a city and also kill many people, because the pulse is capable of disrupting the heartbeats and the electromagnetic energy field of people. This is the newer idea of nuclear warfare.
     Let us not totally devote ourselves to negative aspects of this study. I want to discuss our primary technology for protecting yourself. Ultimately, there are ways of protecting yourself even from strong pulses. I want to then look again at the vision and the image of the Cosmic Egg. The aura in its ultimate shape, or most beneficial shape, is in the shape of an egg. There are meridian lines, which are both vertical and horizontal on the surface of the Cosmic Egg. These meridian lines go into the Cosmic Egg. The aura could be filled with what I call the "Pung" energy. This is a special etheric and internal energy which has great resilience in helping one protect the energy field.
   The aura has a certain maximum distance away from the physical body. The further and expanded it is from the body, then the more potential for protection from intrusions is possible. For example, if the aura is only able to expand one inch away from the body, and there is an intrusion, then there is not much space for protection and the intrusion could potentially reach the physical body. But if the aura is eight or nine inches away, then there could be enough resiliency (or Pung) in the aura which would enable you to resist intrusions. We can say that with an expanded aura you would have some extra room in your aura so that the energy will not touch you physically.
   Visualize the Star of David above your Crown Chakra in the Cosmic Egg. I would like for you to visualize the Star of David placed horizontally over the Crown Chakra. This symbol of the Star of David also is a galactic symbol. On the Earth it is called the Star of David. This star has a special meaning related to divine power and protection in the Kabbalah and in Hebrew mysticism. The Star of David consists of intersecting triangles with six points. As a galactic energy it signifies the intersection of the third and fifth dimensions. Visualize that Star of David horizontally above your Crown Chakra.
   Now activate the two intersecting triangles which represent the intersection of the third and the fifth dimensions in you. This gives you the most powerful energy protection and activation. By placing this Star of David over your Crown Chakra, you are immediately energizing and shielding your aura and your energy field. By doing this shielding your ability to block harmful energy coming into you is increased at least 10, 20 or 30 times. In some cases it can even be increased 100 times. By placing the Star of David over your Crown Chakra, you will have a shielding power that is far beyond what you would normally be able to use.
     The Star of David must be in the horizontal position and be connected to your Crown Chakra. It will then radiate a protective electromagnetic shield, through all the meridians and through all of your Cosmic Egg. The Star of David in that position is sending a healing electromagnetic, vibrational current throughout your whole outer aura. The electromagnetic current is an interactive current with the third and fifth dimensions. It is not like a normal energy current. We could call it a quantum energy current. This is a quantum energy current; even though it might be a very low wattage, it has intense powers. Think about this for a moment: What better way to neutralize any type of electromagnetic force coming to you than using a counter-quantum healing current in your energy field? The healing current that is created by the Star of David around your aura is of the right frequency, the right vibration, the right resonance to block most of the harmful electromagnetic energy field that comes to you.
   The current and the energy created by the Star of David help you to assimilate the forces coming to you. I do want to explain this. Sometimes it cannot totally block it, because totally blocking it may require a different energy, and in some cases, it may require a stronger energy than you would be able to hold. Remember I used the example of the electric meter on your house. You are sleeping and that meter is transmitting energy waves, and after a while, your force field may break down. In fact it is true, when you are sleeping, your force field does become more vulnerable, but the Star of David over your Crown Chakra and above your Cosmic Egg creates this beautiful, protective current which assimilates, resonates, and integrates any exterior current, any exterior force, so that it becomes harmless inside your system. That harmful energy that is sent to your aura can then be discharged at a later time.
   Discharging is another important aspect of this aura protection work. In the technique of assimilation, you can hold on to the energy in your outer aura, but at a later time, you do want to discharge it. This means that you can hold on to a certain frequency, or a certain amount of energy that is aberrant or not especially healthy to your system, and then later you can discharge it. There is a simple exercise for discharging it. I will explain later. Now, I do want to do the exercise with you so that we are practicing the Star of David technique with the Cosmic Egg.
     First, we will do a clearing of all energy. (Chants "OOOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOO-HHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHH.") Take three deep breaths. Command your aura to go into the shape of the Cosmic Egg. Expand your aura so that it is now expanded eight inches from your body. "Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta." See 12 vertical lines coming down the aura from top to bottom, and see and also visualize 12 horizontal lines going around your aura, around your body. Now visualize the Star of David coming down horizontally and resting on top of your Crown Chakra. As that Star of David comes into contact with your Crown Chakra above your aura, feel that there is an immediate, electromagnetic charge through your whole aura. It is a balanced charge and it is a very pleasant charge. It is a healing charge. It brings and assimilates all of the energies into a new harmony and balance. Let us go into meditation now as you experience the Star of David charging your aura. We will go into silence. (Silence)
     To the best of your ability, see this charge going through all of the 12 lines and meridians, the 12 that are vertical and the 12 that are horizontal. As these vertical and horizontal lines are charged, the charge field expands around the whole aura. And now, with the lines established, you can make sure all the quadrants of the aura are now carrying this charge. And with this completed, you are now totally protected. (Chants "OOOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHH.")
   Remember there are the charges of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Just now, we have done the general, united charging of all four bodies in a normal situation, and with this exercise your energy field will be able to assimilate external electromagnetic energies in your outer aura and outside of your body on these quadrants. Now, it is necessary to release all of the unwanted energy, because you carry a lot of unwanted energy. Some of this unwanted electromagnetic energy is stored on your aura without your knowledge. For the release, visualize the Star of David rising five feet above your head. As it is rising, it is emitting this beautiful, white light. This is a healing, purification light, and this light can act like an etheric shower above your aura. Now, the white light from the Star of David five feet above your head washes and cleanses your energy field of any unwanted energy. It would be like taking a shower and getting dirt off of your body, only now you are taking off this unwanted energy.
   Remember, you can hold onto negative electromagnetic energy or the unwanted energy, but now you want to release it. Visualize again the cleansing white light from the Star of David five feet above your Crown Chakra washing yourself. Now the negative electromagnetic energy is just disappearing. We can say it is going into the ground below because the Earth can absorb it. Let us go into silence again as you visualize this process. (Silence)
   Now for more in-depth work, we would recommend that you do this exercise for each of the four bodies. The exercise that I just led is a general one, where all four bodies are integrated. Now I am going to just do a separate exercise for the emotional body. By the emotional body cleansing and releasing in a separate exercise, this will show you and explain how to do this with the other bodies. If you have the time and you want to do more in-depth work on yourself, then do the Star of David exercise separately for each body.
   The emotional body, like all the other three bodies, has an etheric representation of itself within your aura. If I look at you, I would just see you as one body, but if I looked at you with more from the perspective of a microscope, then I could see that there are four bodies interwoven.
     Now I want you to separate out the emotional body and see and visualize the emotional body in the shape of yourself. Now, as you start this exercise, your emotional body is separated from the other four bodies. Now do the Cosmic Egg exercise around the emotional body. The emotional body carries a high electromagnetic charge. There are positive emotions and negative emotions, and no matter how hard you try, you will have a lot of emotional reactions. You cannot be on this planet now without having some strong emotional reaction.
   Place the Star of David above the Crown Chakra of the aura of the emotional body. Visualize 12 lines vertically and 12 lines horizontally on your Cosmic Egg. Now send an electrical charge through these lines in order to protect your emotional body. The Star of David is placed right on the Crown Chakra, and the charge travels through all these meridian lines we set up in the emotional body so that you have a protective energy.
   Now raise the Star of David to a position five feet above your emotional body's Cosmic Egg, and then experience this great stream of cleansing light that is washing down over your aura, helping you to discharge all of the charged, polarized and unwanted energy that you picked up in your emotional body. Feel that cleansing now. (Chants "OOOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHH.") Your emotional body is now balanced, and unwanted, negative energy is cleaned and is washed away. Let the emotional body re-merge back with the other three bodies, and you are now in this unity again in one unit.
     I want to talk about electromagnetic assimilation and your soul. You are on a soul journey, and this lifetime on Earth is just a small part of your soul journey. However, you have the task, either now or later when you are on the other realms, to assimilate this experience. It is a challenge because a lot of the experiences you are having may be unwanted experiences. I am sure that you knew that you were coming into this lifetime with the possibility of experiencing certain traumas. You knew that you were going to see traumas on this planet, and maybe you would experience personal traumas.
     There is a method of assimilating these personal and planetary experiences. I want to speak briefly about the concept of the Self from the perspective of "Soul Psychology". There exists in the psychology of the Self a concept which is described as the unwanted part of the Self, or the disowned part of the Self. There are experiences that you have had in this lifetime or in other lifetimes that you did not assimilate or integrate as part of you. In the concept of the Soul Psychology, you have pushed those experiences away from your consciousness, because you do not want them to be part of you (they are "unwanted parts"). The conscious mind thinks that if these parts are pushed away, then they are not part of you. The same process also occurs in the soul history. There are parts of you that you experienced in past lives as traumas that you have disowned; you are saying they are unwanted and therefore not part of you.
    But in the concept of assimilation, we want to integrate all of these experiences, even the painful ones. There is a method that we can describe to you that will help you to assimilate the traumas. You see, the traumas carry an electromagnetic charge, and if you are not integrating them, and if you are not trying to release them, then the charge stays with you and can stay with you from lifetime to lifetime. One of the great opportunities about this lifetime on Earth is that most of you are coming into this lifetime with higher, starseed consciousness. This means that you now have the mental abilities and the expanded consciousness to accept and work with and assimilate, and eventually release, all of these unwanted or disowned parts of the Self, because one of the great advantages of being on the Earth is that you have a great opportunity for soul assimilation and soul integration, and you can do this in a conscious way. This is something that is of major value in being on the third dimension. There might also be traumatic experiences on other planets you are carrying a charge for. Often the strongest charge is carried on the emotional body. Of course, the charge from other lifetimes can also be carried by the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body.
   When you are ready, then you can sense that you can connect with visions and these other repressed traumatic memories, either from this or other past lifetimes. If you give permission to your mind to allow the retrieval of these memories, then they will come up in your consciousness. This is a good sign, and an opportunity for you to do the assimilation, because you do not want them to have disowned parts of your Self any longer. Part of your ascension work focuses on integrating all parts of your Self. Ultimately, this same healing technique can be used on the planet. There are many traumatic events occurring now on planet Earth that must be integrated into global consciousness. To integrate these events would require a much larger energy field and greater global participation.
   Blessings to you all, Lightworkers around the world, and this now concludes our lecture on electromagnetic assimilation. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

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DECEMBER 2, 2018
People all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the hidden agendas of those dedicated to self service. The false beliefs and concepts that have ruled the three dimensional world for centuries are surfacing in order to be transmuted once again into energies of Light. Energy does not dissolve, but rather changes form as evolution takes place. Other planets have done it and it is now earth's turn to graduate into being a planet in alignment with other evolved planets.
Do not allow the chaos of the outer scene to lodge in consciousness as reality, but rather remember that Divine Consciousness, which is all that exists, is incapable of and thus never has expressed Itself as chaos, violence, or suffering. If God did not form Itself as these things then they must only exist as false creations, manifestations of a collective mind conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation.
This is the illusion that is so often spoken of. Earth and her people are real and not illusory but hypnotized states of consciousness interpret her realities falsely. This constitutes the illusion.
The heat is being turned up so to speak, because those who stand to be acknowledged publicly for their self serving actions fear this exposure and are attempting to keep the status quo by means of tricks and fear tactics that have been successful in the past--anything to distract and keep the majority un-informed.
Learn to stay centered, resting in that clear, cool well of contentment within, regardless of outer appearances. Watch less news, detach from 24/7 electronics, and be alert to aligning with negative discussions. If or when you find yourself in this type of situation, don't correct the others, but rather stay centered and aligned, tossing out a seed or more of truth where there is receptivity.
There are times when you may be guided to join a heated conversation in order to add Light that will help to open and lift the energy. Never "cast your pearls" where they can be trampled on but rather let intuition always be your guide, which may be to say or do nothing. This is how you secretly and silently pour gentle rain of Light on the fires of confusion. This is Lightwork.
There are many in the world who are spiritually ready to go deeper but who remain reluctant, hesitant to do anything that might change their comfortable three dimensional lifestyle. These dear ones usually do not open to the deeper truths without some sort of wake up call forcing them out of their comfort zone.
No one incarnates without first creating a contract that they themselves draw up with the help of Guides and teachers. Spiritual contracts are agreed upon lesson plans for chosen experiences and interactions necessary for spiritual growth. Contracts can be changed, but few realize this. In spite of what third dimensional thinking promotes, no one is on earth simply to enjoy concepts of pleasure through any means available.
All is proceeding according to plan, never doubt this. Physical eyes can only see the material, but you are reaching a new place by virtue of your inner work where you will begin to access higher frequencies that exist beyond the third dimension. Many of you are already doing this. Do not doubt when you begin to have deep and clear insights or have experiences that were previously unavailable to you.
You are becoming YOU as old cellular memory is cleared and higher frequency Light is integrated. You are beginning to align consciously with your Higher Self who has been present in every lifetime, even though you were mostly unaware of her. Talk to your Higher Self for she/he has been lovingly awaiting your recognition since the beginning.
Each day more people are awakening and although they may not voice this to those around them, they are starting to question the status quo and seek for better and more loving ways of living. The train of spiritual evolution has left the station and is moving forward. Any attempt to slow or speed up the train by running back and forth in the train cars is futile.
We wish to speak of self- love. We have often spoken of love, what it is and how it is, but there remains a great need on earth for real self-love, one not based self importance and ego. Until an individual is able to love and respect self, he will be blocked from entering fully into unconditional love because he has left himself out of ONE and thus remains in alignment with separation.
Humans beings are taught from birth that certain codes of conduct must be adhered to in order to be loved and accepted by society. If the parents are somewhat evolved, these codes will be primarily based in love but others are taught codes of conduct that arise out of denser belief systems.
Every person brings their attained state of consciousness with them at birth because in reality you are consciousness and not just physical bodies. This effects if and how these codes of conduct are accepted and lived which is why parents should not always be blamed for the actions of their children.
Every person, no exceptions, seeks love and acceptance because Oneness is the reality that underlies all creation. Realization of Oneness is what evolution is and has always been about. Every soul innately, but usually unconsciously seeks to once again experience the wholeness of realignment with SELF--Source.
This is the force that drives and governs the actions of human beings in accord with their level of awareness. The love, acceptance, and sense of wholeness that every soul has sought lifetime after lifetime, is already fully present within but remains dormant and inaccessible until consciously realized.
If love and acceptance is only received in negative ways, for instance from gang participation or some other organized group, desperate and un-awakened individuals will do whatever is required in order to experience acceptance and a sense of belonging. (love and wholeness)
Third dimensional ideas about how to experience love and acceptance are usually promoted as being dependent on accomplishment-- concepts that often drive individuals to use any means to be beautiful, handsome, rich, strong, and powerful, etc. etc. in the belief that once these things are attained, they will finally have the sense of completeness, love, and acceptance that they seek.
These dear ones often force themselves into the particular mold they believe will make them worthy, by means that often drain them of true individuality. However for some who are spiritually ready, these exercises in futility can be a part of their pre-birth contract, one designed to move them once and for all beyond seeking love outside of themselves.
Drugs and alcohol are often relied upon when even after achieving human success, there remains an inner longing for more and sense of failure. These and other distractions can temporarily relieve the pain but these feelings will continue from lifetime to lifetime until that which the heart seeks is discovered within. The soul's yearning to be whole is what drives mankind's continual search for the right partner, a better job, more money, beauty, power etc. etc.
What you as evolving students of truth must never lose sight of is that no one has ever or can ever be separate from love. Once this truth becomes your living breathing state of consciousness, the yearning drive to seek love and acceptance from the outer things (jobs, partners, money, education etc.) dissolves. Only God is love and when you see a loving person, know that it is God expressing ITself through them. Love exists fully present within you now--you are IT.
Many who lash out physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually at others have consciously or unconsciously recognized those same unacceptable qualities in themselves although they will deny this in every way possible. Self loathing is usually disguised as righteousness taken to intense levels of judgement and even violence against certain individuals or groups.
This behavior is common among those who hold to strict religious rules and regulations of what is right and wrong. When these dear ones suspect or discover something within themselves outlawed by their narrow belief system, they lash out at anyone or group represents these qualities in an attempt to convince themselves and those around them that the issue is not a part of them.
Because energy always seeks to align with like energy (oneness) that which is being judged, is in alignment with similar energy in the person doing the hating and judging, otherwise there could be no reaction or even awareness of the issue.
Intense personal reactions to some person or group occasionally pop up even for the very evolved, causing confusion and guilt. This happens because energy from a former belief system is still resonating in cellular memory. Without judgement or guilt, utilize these types of experiences as wonderful tools for more fully examining and clearing energies you may still be holding in consciousness.
As individuals become spiritually enlightened, they often experience intense guilt over past actions. This is normal as you begin to see the world with awakened eyes. Experiences are how humans spiritually grow and evolve until they are no longer needed. Do not give some un-loving action of the past power over you because it has only the power you choose to give it. All experiences are steps along the path of enlightenment and without them you and the others involved would not be where you are now.
Earth school is a teaching school that begins which pre-school, moves to grade school, then high school, college, and graduate school where most of you are now earning the right to teach and assist others coming up the ladder behind you. It is never wisdom to burn down the school once you graduate or to sit back doing nothing in the false belief that you have arrived. Evolution is a group effort-- ONE individualized as the many.
Rejoice in your failures and in the parts of yourself that have caused you shame. We are not saying that it is fine to continue with actions that reflect separation once you know better, but we do say that it is time to accept that you grew and learned from these experiences qualifying you now to assist others dealing with the same issues.
In spite of what many paths teach, there is no right way to become more spiritual, because you already are as spiritual as you will ever be. No path, teacher, tool, or experience can make you more spiritual than you already are. Evolution is simply the process of remembering and accepting this fact until it becomes a permanent state of consciousness.
If you are guided to read these messages, it means you are ready to let go and move on from the million and one concepts the world presents regarding spirituality, most of which involve looking to some person, place, or thing outside of yourself. Accept the reality of who and what you are and only ever will be. This is how you love yourself.
To know self as SELF is self love.
Allow any shadow parts to assume their rightful place as representative of who you thought you were at that time. Let everything that has caused you to feel "less than" fade away and Light to take its place. Everyone is only required to live their highest attained level of awareness, doing the best they can with what they know in all situations. There are some who continue to live out from an outgrown level of awareness in order to be accepted by others.
Humans chose to experience separation when they picked earth as their evolutionary path. There are those on other planets who have and are evolving without third dimensional experiences. When fully aligning with the lower resonating energies of duality and separation, humans are unable to access the higher frequencies of their spiritual nature. This is the so called "veil" that prevents most humans from accessing the higher frequencies. This is rapidly changing.
Every incarnating soul is aware of the "veil" before choosing "Earth School". Those of you reading these messages have weathered many three dimensional storms, lived as all races and both genders, and have experienced intense fear and suffering as well as joy and happiness throughout your hundreds of lifetimes.
Because of this, those drawn to you for spiritual assistance will not tell you anything new or that will shock and dismay because you have already either heard about or experienced it in this or some other lifetime making you a teacher who embodies truth, understanding, patience, and unconditional love.
We are the Arcturian Group 12/2/18