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JULY 18, 2021

​Dear readers, welcome. Our messages are intended to bring you hope, encouragement, and information during these times of earth's evolving energy.

Many who remain unaware of the changes taking place in earth's energy at this time are experiencing fear and despair. It is a powerful time to be on earth, a time that has been predicted in the sacred writings of all spiritual paths for eons but it is also a difficult and frightening time for those who do not know what is happening as they witness much that has always been a certain way, change or disappear.

Earth is lifting out of the low resonating energy of a three dimensional collective consciousness and into one awake in the realization that all are connected within the One. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of many three dimensional beliefs, are or soon will collapse under the weight of their own nothingness. Much is yet to be revealed.

People, plants, animals, and all lifeforms are in and of the ONE. It could be no other way for nothing exists outside of the ONE. Much remains hidden from mankind's general awareness including the presence of many other worlds because third dimensional knowledge is severely limited by the presence of false beliefs accepted as reality. The opportunity for mankind to leave behind the false and move into an awareness of immortality, individual value, and oneness with God and all life is present now if they choose.

Be not afraid dear ones as you witness the chaos that seems to be accompanying the ascension process on all levels--personal and global. Everything at this point is a necessary facet of earth's collective shift beyond the creations of duality and separation that have held it in bondage for eons and which no longer serve.

The physical issues that many of you are presently experiencing are for the most part, clearings--the releasing of long held frequencies from old injuries, diseases, and experiences in past lives as well as this one. These clearings often choose the path of least resistance, a weak area of the physical body through which to flow. Allow the process, clearings are necessary but temporary.

You may find yourself experiencing emotional and/or mental issues that seem to arise out of nowhere. Allow them to flow through and out without resisting or giving them power by claiming them to be personally yours and then trying to "fix" them. Acknowledge them (" Oh you again...") and allow them to move through and out for they are, never have been, and never could be personally yours.

Not all clearings are of negative experiences. Oaths, promises, and vows, are also clearing. Something as simple as sincerely promising another in a past life that you will love them forever can serve to bind you to them in some form in each succeeding lifetime. This can be a problem if their evolutionary goals for this lifetime do not include that person.

All that is not in alignment with the higher frequencies now flowing to earth as a part of her dimensional evolution are automatically dissolving, clearing, or being exposed in order to be recognized. This is the process. You may find that you have become increasingly bored, irritated, and even occasionally angry at the three dimensional nonsense you see taking place around you because you have shifted out of alignment with much that the world still considers important or newsworthy.

Denser energies cannot align with the new and higher frequencies and must be left behind by those actively choosing to spiritually evolve. A great deal of clearing happens during sleep. Many of you may be having vivid and unusual dreams often involving people you are close to. Some things must be consciously recognized in order to be cleared and so will manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually often causing a person to believe that they have somehow failed or are doing something wrong when in fact they are doing something right.

Those who refuse or are unable to move beyond the old and false will not be able to survive in the higher frequencies. Many are choosing to leave at this time in order to return to a higher vibrating, more evolved earth at some point. Death is never an accident but is always a free will choice that is made on the deeper levels of consciousness and not from ordinary human awareness. It may actually represent a soul's choice to experience some event or catastrophe.

Because there is only ONE, all energy is in and of that ONE. In the third dimension the ONE perfect energetic vibration expressing ITself in and as individuals manifests in/as forms of duality and separation ( lack, disease, pain, suffering etc.) because the belief in two powers, duality, and separation have been accepted as reality in the consciousness of the majority. This in turn has formed the collective consciousness based in error that has governed earth for ages. You are creators, consciousness is the substance of form.

Divine Consciousness is infinitely complete, but in the human sense of separateness this wholeness manifests as a law of attraction--energy always seeking to align with like energy in order to be whole and complete. Because the reality of every person is Divine Consciousness, every person automatically draws to themselves those energies that are in alignment with the energy of their state of consciousness.

The majority as of yet does not realize this and considers themselves to be victims when something unwanted enters their experience. The person who becomes ill does not always consciously align with the disease, but his/her belief in disease (separation) simply may or may not show up at some point. It often happens that a person who has spent their entire career researching a particular disease or condition finds that very disease occurring in self or someone close.

This happens because there is only ONE. On the three dimensional level, the energy of ONE Divine Consciousness becomes a law of attraction. The energetic frequency of a person's consciousness will always seek to align with same or similar frequencies as it attempts to be what it is--whole/one.

It is a new time dear ones, a time in which the old ways of thinking and doing will simply no longer work as they once did for the beliefs that held them in place are dissolving. Many continue working very hard to keep obsolete beliefs in place, but this will become increasingly difficult as more individuals awaken and move into higher states of consciousness.

Be patient, for all is proceeding according to plan. All is as it needs to be at this time. Live each now moment from your highest level of awareness which will allow more to unfold. Living in the past or the future does not allow you to receive what you are ready for or need. Living each now moment makes life simpler and easier.

If you find yourself worrying about something in the past or future, bring your awareness to the realization the you are Divine Consciousness having a human experience and that harmony, completeness, and wholeness are the reality. Take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take while at the same time always remembering that the sky will not fall down if you make a mistake.

As you spiritually evolve you find yourself with less and less in common with those around you who have chosen to remain in the old energy. Be true to yourself, trusting that you are right where you are supposed to be learning what you need to learn even if your life does not seem to fit in with three dimensional concepts of how you "should" or "need" to be.

Be what you know you are . Let go and BE.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/18/21


©2021 |


 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings Namaste, I am Master Djwhal Khul, I come forth in love, peace, harmony, and tranquillity.

It is an honour to be in your presence and to bring forth the gifts that I believe are most important at this time of ascension, I bring forth to you something amazingly simple. Please imagine a straight line, this straight line can be any colour that you wish it to be.  Let it be created from light, imagine the straight line runs through you, maybe it runs forward in front of you and behind you. Feel that you can move along the line very easily, simply with your thoughts, you can move forward, you can jump backwards, you can jump extremely far forwards.
Imagine again, another line, this line extends down from above your head, through your body, out through your feet and down into the Earth. You can look up, you can see far, you can look down, you can see far. Imagine that you can jump upwards up the line or maybe down, you can continue to explore.
Imagine that you jump forward, maybe only a small amount on the line and then you jump upwards or maybe you jump downwards. With this example, we can recognise that jumping forward is jumping into your ascension. Jumping upward is a connection with the Creator and jumping downward would be a connection with the Earth, a grounding or even an embodiment and a manifestation. You can imagine that you jump forward a certain amount along this line and then you can stop for a moment and ask yourself:
How do I feel in this moment? Do I require more grounding or more connection with the Creator? 
Then you can make that possible by imagine yourself jumping down the line or jumping up the line.  You can in fact do this for your entire lifetime in this current existence upon the Earth as you will be creating and paving the way for your ascension, you are grounding aspects of your ascension or connecting aspects of your ascension before you have even experienced them.
If we imagine going backwards as the past, your experiences on the Earth, this means that you can go back into your past, then ask yourself:
Do I need to ground, embody, or manifest? Do I need to connect with the Creator and receive?
You can achieve this by imagining these two lines, jumping down if you need to ground, and jumping up if you need to connect. You will notice that each time you go along the line, sometimes you may go far along the line other times just a small jump.
This example allows you to create an entire lifetime and an entire ascension journey that is healed, balanced, harmonised, whole, and complete. You may find at certain points in your reality or certain points along the line that you require to both ground and connect.
This is a technique that allows you to explore your own ascension journey, and to bring connection and grounding to everything, thus balancing your entire ascension journey. It is important to realise that everything is ascension, a conversation you have with a friend or a stranger. Even when you got angry with yourself because of something in your home or something that you did, that is a part of your ascension process.  Where you sat and admired the most beautiful flower and felt a deep connection of peace, that is a part of your ascension process. Life, as you know it on the Earth, is your ascension process, it is your ascension journey, and it is time to bring a grounding and connection forth.
When you connect you synthesise, the Creator is all about synthesis because the Creator wishes to merge aspects of the Creator to create something new and awakening a new beginning. Every time you experience an ascension process and ascension awakening or activation, you have experienced, a synthesis of the Creator's energies within your being and of course, the Creator's energies are your energies so a synthesis of your divine self within your being. When you experience a deep connection with another being or maybe you have a conversation that really ignites your passion or your bliss. Recognise that this is a synthesis of the Creator within yourself and the other being, it is not that you two are synthesising and becoming one although you are. It is an aspect of yourself and an aspect of the other that is a Creator, that is igniting and synthesising, therefore, creating a new energy that fuels, energises, and charges both of you.
I encourage you to contemplate synthesis, the synthesis of the Creator's energy and I invite you to recognise whether every experience in your reality is a process of synthesis. I believe you will discover that it is.
When we ground, embody, and manifest, we can recognise this as a release. Yes, it is a synthesis as well because energies of the Creator are merging with your being, merging with that which you wish to manifest, have manifested or whatever you are embodying or becoming. However, there is also a release, and we recognise this release, especially in the grounding process because while synthesis takes place, there is a release of old energies, old perspectives, old habits and thought processes. This release allows for a new understanding, what we might label as enlightenment, to come forth. Therefore, we can recognise the grounding and when we say grounding, we mean anchoring into the Earth, embodiment, and manifestation. Grounding allows for enlightenment because it supports the synthesis of the Creator creating a release, a letting go of all that is no longer needed for you to accept the next stage of divinity. The next stage of your truth and the Creator. I wish to encourage you to recognise this process of release in your grounding. I invite you to imagine yourself grounding into the Earth, into Mother Earth.  Grounding can simply be a process of sending energy into Mother Earth from your being, from your heart. It can be from your root chakra or your feet chakras, can be from your hands or palm chakras. There is not a set rule of how you ground, some people prefer to lie on the floor. It is for you to discover the best way for you to ground and when you contemplate what grounding is and means for you, you will really begin to recognise how you can ground yourself with greater success. When you do ground yourself, I wish for you to be open-minded to the release process. Often people do not recognise the release process, because they are so involved in the synthesis and receiving process that the release process simply passes them by with extraordinarily little acknowledgement.
When you are experiencing a grounding, just hold a thought that there is something releasing and in that thought, you may gain inspiration as to what is releasing. It could be a perspective, a thought, emotion, or maybe a wound. Recognise that it is the release that is allowing you to move forward.
This also brings us to another question. What could you let go of within your being or even within your reality that would create a space for enlightenment, insights, or a new perspective?
The truth is that you know the answer instantly because that answer has been waiting for you to acknowledge it, but maybe you have not wanted to acknowledge it. However, when I ask you this question you are drawn to acknowledge it. You might try to distract yourself by thinking, that you do not know the answer.  That is simply your mind distracting you, you know, and what I invite you to do is to put that into practice, whatever it is, that is required to be released. Let it be released in the next 24 hours and be open-minded to recognising the shift that takes place. Also, be open-minded to how challenging it is sometimes to release when you are holding on to that which needs to be released.
Thus, a new question emerges,
What truly belongs to you? Do your thoughts belong to you? Do your emotions belong to you?
And so, we could continue with these questions.  Who are you?  To understand if something belongs to you, you need to know who you are.
Let us not get too deep into these questions. However, I simply wish to ignite some sparks of inspiration and enlightenment within your being. And of course, I have shared with you a practice to support you in this time of ascension, please know that I am present to be always of service.
I thank you,
I am Master Djwhal Khul.


We, the Arcturians, are here within this NOW to remind you all that YOU are not alone. 

You are not aware in your daily life, as we, the Arcturians, are communicating with the many higher dimensional humans who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel during this NOW of great challenges for humanity and for the dear planet Gaia.

Gaia, the name that we the Galactics call planet Earth, is in the same process of transmutation as many of Her humans are undergoing. 

There are "times of change" that are often created by the human residents on Gaia's Earth Body, as well as there are many changes that are actually initiated from us, the Galactics who resonate to the higher frequencies of reality.

We Galactics are happy to see that more and more third dimensional humans are beginning, or have already, awakened to the knowing that they are not just third dimensional beings. 
In fact, there are Galactic beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional Earth Body so that they can better assist Gaia with Her transition into the higher frequencies of reality.
Many of the humans, if not most of the humans, are not aware that there is something that is happening on Gaia's planetary body. Yes, Gaia has a "body" in the same manner that humans have a body, but Gaia's body encompasses an entire planet.
Gaia is much like a human that has a Soul but it is unseen by humans whose perception of reality is primarily limited to the third dimensional frequency of reality.

We, the Galactics, are happy to see that more and more humans are beginning to expand their perceptual field to encompass the fourth dimension and beyond.

Of course, each dimension has a different perceptual field. Therefore, the "vision of Earth" usually very different when the humans are in different states of consciousness.

When humans are in a "good mood" they often see all the beauty, hope and kindness around them. However, when they are in a "bad mood" they often see, all that needs to be done so that they can make it better."

However, if the third dimensional beings can remember that they also have higher dimensional expressions of their seemingly human self, they will regain much of their multidimensional abilities.

These multidimensional abilities are of the higher frequencies of reality and therefore allow the human to gradually, or even quickly, begin to remember that they, too, are multidimensional, but only in their consciousness.

However, once one begins to remember their own Higher SELF, they also remember that they are Multidimensional, but only when they have allowed their Higher SELF to communicate with them.

We the Arcturians are able to resonate to the higher frequencies of reality while we also maintain a third dimensional body. 

In fact, gradually, more and more "3D humans" are beginning to remember that there is a higher dimensional expression of their third dimensional Earth SELF.

This "higher dimensional expressions of SELF" is always ready to assist the third dimensional self who is currently wearing a third dimensional earth body. 

If more and more humans can remember their own higher dimensional Self, then Gaia will be able to raise Her consciousness, which had been limited due to all the negative thoughts and actions of the humans who were inhabiting Her third dimensional Earth Body.

In fact, within this now, Gaia is preparing to raise her frequency rate. However, it may take a very long "time" for humans to begin to awaken to the higher dimensional changes that are more and more visible, especially to those who are more and more awake!

Dear humans of Earth, please listen to our inter-galactic call to REMEMBER your OWN Higher dimensional Self so that you can assist Gaia to return to Her higher planetary resonance, which is actually her True Planetary Resonance.

Therefore Gaia is calling to all humans who can hear to say to them

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD



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How Would the First Contact Experience Affect
the Religions and Belief Systems of the World? 

By David K. Miller
Cosmic Cross by Gudrun R. Miller
I often think about this question. How would it change the world’s religious views if we learned that when Moses went to Mt. Sinai for forty days, he was really visited by a higher Extraterrestrial prophet from another planet? How is it that the great priest during the time of Moses, called in Hebrew the Kohen Kadol, communicated with the Creator through his breast plate, which contained twelve sacred stones. These stones were imbedded over his chest on the plate. It is said that each stone would light up in a type of coded language of letters which would represent words. In this way, communications were sent to the Israelites. 

What if this method was really an electronic device set up by an Extraterrestrial to facilitate radio communications with the Israelites? What if it were discovered that Jesus/Sananda had visited other planets in our galaxy, and what if we learned that other planets gave him a better reception than we did on the Earth? What if Mohammed met an Extraterrestrial in the caves in Saudi Arabia where he was visited daily, and that Extraterrestrial communicated and transcribed the Koran for him? It was well known at the time that Mohammed was illiterate, therefore, he would have been unable to write down the Koran. It was said that he memorized the lectures and then had his wife write it down.

Our belief systems and religious ideas were originally based on the misconception that the Earth was the center of the universe, and every star, including our sun, revolved around us. Modern astronomy has proven that the Earth is an insignificant planet, 26,000 light years from the center of the galaxy and that it revolves around the center of the galaxy on a path that takes hundreds of millions of years. How is this fact affecting our religious beliefs now?

The Arcturians talk about Galactic spirituality, which takes into account this new scientific information. The Arcturian perspective balances our spiritual beliefs with astrophysics and the quantum world we live in. Galactic spirituality includes the beliefs in other planetary beings, the existence of higher dimensional beings, and the existence of ascended masters from around the galaxy who are communicating with us now in order to help us evolve. 

In the sixties, we talked about the dawning of a new age when old patterns and old belief systems would crumble to make way for a new, more accurate perception of the universe, and our role in it. There is no doubt that many of our belief systems about the galaxy and the universe are dramatically changing. Even though many parts of our world have become chaotic, there does exist a higher order and purpose in our being on the Earth.  

Let us hope that the new perception of reality will include Galactic spirituality and the belief in higher dimensional beings, such as the Arcturians, who represent a more spiritual and technologically advanced galactic species who can aid us in our planetary evolution.
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JULY 4, 2021

​Dear readers, we come to you in love and appreciation for your continued efforts to bring more light into a world that seems to be so lacking of it. You are doing a fine job in spite of the struggles that many of you have faced in your own lives. It is easy to feel a sense of despair when you look out at a world that seems to be falling apart from it's own weight and density.

Always remember that you chose to be on earth during these intense times of change, otherwise you would not be here. You knew before you came what was going to be taking place and were deemed strong enough to hold the Light in spite of it. You could of chosen to observe earth's evolution in comfort from the other side.

You were evolved and knew that your higher resonating consciousness would serve to add Light to the earth's collective consciousness, a collective filled with error through mankind's dominant belief in two powers and separation from God, people, and all other life forms. Only through the increasing presence of oneness and the true nature life will the collective consciousness on earth be lifted beyond its present density which is the work you came to do.

Cease waiting for an event or looking to evolved beings, special ceremonies, prayers, mantras, or anything outside of yourselves to do this work. We are not saying that you cannot participate in ceremonies or prayers but we are saying that in and of themselves they have no power other than what you give them and are meant to be tools guiding within. Yes, some words and ceremonies do carry energy endowed through years of belief, but the reality is that God alone is power never given to some special word or action.

Collective consciousness is the world consciousness of earth which for eons has been fed only false concepts based in separation. The collective evolves as mankind evolves. As more and more awaken and begin feeding this collective consciousness with truth it automatically dissolves and replaces the false. Because it is a collective, each new insight, awareness, and integration of truth adds more Light to it, making these truths available to everyone.

When Light becomes dominant in the collective, it will reach a tipping point at which the balance of true and false, Light and dark, will shift.

The human mind draws from the collective for information which is why looking to the human mind for deeper answers, higher solutions, and creative ideas is fruitless for these things do not exist in the human mind. Deeper truths and creative ideas can only be accessed from within where they have always existed unconditioned by false concepts and beliefs, just awaiting recognition.

The world is awakening. Each day more begin to question, seek answers, and look for better and higher ways of living. At first they seek from the only place they presently know which is the human mind, but because increasingly more truth is being added to collective consciousness these individuals will have access to it and many will begin their journey of awakening.

The chaos and struggle that you are seeing in the world at this time represents the dissolution of old energies that have been alive and well established in human consciousness for many centuries. Those who still consciously embrace these dense and false energies are feeling emboldened to act out as they experience the presence of energies now surfacing in order to clear.

Many are experiencing a sense of panic as they observe the world's chaos. Because there is only One, many will feel it even if they are not prone to emotions like panic. If or when you experience fear, anxiety, or panic that seems to come out of nowhere remember that it is never yours unless you claim it as being yours. The only reality that is permanently yours is the fullness of Divine Source Consciousness. Do not resist if you experience these types of negative emotions, but rather rest in the realization of your true being knowing that God never formed ITself as them.

Be patient dear ones, for the energy is quickly changing even if it doesn't seem that way and you will soon see results. Not in their fullness, but through the collapse of many old structures and beliefs as increasingly more become fed up with the status quo. This of course will create conflict between those who stand to benefit from the status quo and those who see the need for change. The Light will always win because it is the only reality making anything else simply a conceptual image in the three dimensional mind.

The human state of consciousness is conditioned to "do" because its sense of separation from good drives it to continually fix, heal, correct, invent, serve etc.. This has translated to spiritual living as well through the need of many for ceremonies, chants, rites and rituals etc. You reading these messages have evolved beyond this state of consciousness and are ready to stop spiritually doing and be. Just BE. The belief that spirituality is doing this or doing that is separation. Your work is to simply be the Light in every moment, as you go to work, as you do the dishes, as you live your ordinary lives.

The higher frequencies of an evolved consciousness constitute a person's energy field which automatically radiates outwardly wherever they go. Many feel it and may be attracted while others are repelled. How others react to your energy is not your problem, what matters is that you hold the Light by being the Light. This is how you are helping to lift the energy of a world that has for so long been stuck in the density and pain of believing itself to be separate from God and all others.

The 4th of July is USA holiday that celebrates the people of the USA declaring their independence from the oppression of another country. Make this idea personally yours not as freedom from a country, but rather freedom from the false beliefs that have held you in bondage for so long.

This is what the evolutionary shift is offering personally and globally to those who will accept it--freedom from the oppression of others having power over you. Freedom from the belief that you are just a human body subject to everything ever dreamed up in minds ignorant of truth. Never doubt that you are Divine Beings who chose to live in the lower resonating energies of a three dimensional planet in order to spiritually grow and help others do the same.

Allowing is the ability to stand back and observe the ever changing show while fully aware of reality. Allowing means trusting that your Higher Self knows what you need even if or when your life experiences do not seem to meet human standards. Allowing means trusting that the evolutionary process is unfolding both personally and globally without the need for you to personally fix, heal, or change it. Spiritual evolution is inevitable and cannot be stopped because it is the reality. How quickly it takes place is up to the people of earth.

The three dimensional world is giving birth and as with all births, it can be painful and messy but your job as awakened souls is to know that this birth actually took place in the beginning and what seems to be the birth of a new world is simply a remembering. Earth, the people on her, and all other planets, have never been less than the pure expression of Divine Consciousness. Everything must eventually manifest love, peace and harmony because in reality these things already are and always have been.

The world and all life in it is already perfect and whole, because expressions of Divine Consciousness are held permanently in place by Divine law. God expressing ITself as...can never be otherwise regardless of how many illusory perceptions are formed in sleeping human minds. Humans who have forgotten who they are, are beginning to remember. Everything that is less than loving is being increasingly recognized as such and everyone is seeing the same thing because there is only ONE.

No one ever has been or could be separate from their true Divine nature which is creative. No one has ever lacked and no one has ever died. In third dimensional energy people see and experience duality and separation because as creators, they over time have ignorantly created and continue to create a world based in error. As many three dimensional illusory structures begin to collapse there will be pain and suffering for those who have based their entire lives illusion.

You have done the work and are prepared to live beyond the illusions of sense. Know that we and all evolved beings on the other side are with you, cheering you on at all times. You knew it would not be easy when you volunteered, but you and your guidance knew you were capable of doing what you came to do. All is proceeding according to plan.

The highest form of spirituality is to simply know, rest in, and be the Light which is consciousness of Oneness.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/4/21


©2021 |



7/7 Master Portal.
Today is the 7/7 Master Portal under the light of the Blue Sun Sirius.
It is a time for us to stand as Empowered Masters of Light and Energy as we approach the Planetary New Year and the Lions Gate.
The energies are intense and will keep on accelerating as we move towards the Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo on the 24th July and the New Year on the 26th July!.
I am finding that this is not a time for any great action or "doing". It is a time for peaceful reflection as we wait for the "waves" of Plasma Light and Energy to bring us to the "Level Up" point of the Lions Gate.
So, even though many of you are feeling these intense waves, remember you are a Master of Energy and Light. This is why we are here and what we are working towards from day to day.
Be Peaceful and Calm.
Draw deeply on your Resilience and your Inner Strength and Power.
Connect with and express Love in all you say and do.
Remember, as always, you are not alone.
You are here present with the Angels, the Archangels and the Beings of Light such as the Royal Lions and the Golden Dolphin Angels.
Have a Glorious 7/7 Transit Beloved Community of Light!
❤ ❤ ❤
Image by Lindka Cierach