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July 7, 2018    
Holographic Healing Work and Your Home Planet      
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     Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians!  The subject of today's lecture is holographic healing work and your home planet.  I want to start this lecture by describing what a Starseed is and how being a Starseed relates to your holographic energy field.  "Starseeds" are Earth beings who have had lifetimes on other planetary systems and also have had interactions with higher dimensional beings from other planetary systems, either on this planet Earth or on other planets.  Also, many Starseeds have home planets other than the Earth.  The majority of people who are now incarnating on the Earth are part of the Earth's home group, but the Starseeds have other home planets and come to the Earth either recently or in past lifetimes in order to participate in the Earth's incarnational cycle.  Sometimes the Starseeds are born and remember that they are coming from their home planet.  Other times Starseeds awaken during their adult life and have a longing to return to their home planet.

     What is the home planet?  The home planet is that planet in which you first incarnated as a soul into this universe.  Frequently, other members of your soul family incarnated on your home planet with you at the same time.  The Starseeds are often soul travelers for many reasons.  As you know, the incarnational process is a learning process for the soul, and frequently there are many new and exciting learning opportunities in different planetary systems.  Also, Starseeds are followers of the universal principles of spiritual service.  This means that you as a Starseed could be living on a planet that would be comparable to the Garden of Eden, that is, it would be a fifth-dimensional planet, and there would be total peace and harmony.  You would feel and experience great satisfaction, harmony and feelings of enlightenment on such a planet.

     At the same time I could say, because of that certain situation on the planet that is so harmonious, there is not a need for your service.  There is not a need for your leadership.  Your soul longs for the challenge and also the opportunity to provide guidance and spiritual wisdom to those throughout the galaxy.  Therefore, you would gladly choose to embark on other planetary incarnational excursions.  But doing such excursions comes with a price.  It is difficult to leave the womb and the perfect fifth- dimensional life on a higher star system.  Yes, it is true that some of you as Starseeds have left home planets where you were already in an ascended or fifth-dimensional state.  I am sure that after your experience on the Earth, you would even more than ever long for a return to that home planet.  There is a lesson though, because sometimes when everything is so perfect, one does not have the total appreciation for the higher state of consciousness and the higher evolution that one is in.

     During this Earth experience, you will have the opportunity to ascend, and you will have the opportunity to return to your home planet.  And I guarantee you that you will have the greatest sense of appreciation and take full advantage of the higher vibrational energy and evolution on that home planet.  But you know that the universe is not static, and it is not in a perfect homeostasis where everything is in a harmonious balance.  There are always changes, always movements, and this means that even on the perfected home planet that might be on the Fifth Dimension, even on that planet there are changes.  There are energies that are moving, and there are reasons why it is necessary to go out beyond one's planet.  There are reasons why one must become a soul traveler throughout the galaxy.

     The subject of the home planet is closely connected with the second area of discussion, which is the holographic self.  I want to discuss the holographic self, also in relationship to astral traveling, bilocation and thought projection.  You are currently practicing these techniques, especially in anticipation of the Ascension.  There is one thing lacking in your practice with the bilocation exercise and in the whole ascension practice in general.  Most of you are practicing sending your spirit body, your aura, the higher energy body, to the bilocated place.  That means that if you are traveling to the Arcturian temple or the Crystal Lake, then you will send your higher spiritual self to there.  This is appropriate and very good.

     But you consist of more than just a spirit body.  In fact you have a mental body; you have a physical body, and you have an emotional body.  In our opinion, we see that many of you are not bilocating your emotional body into these higher realms.  I bring this up because I know that many of you are suffering emotionally.  I know that you are having many different and sometimes traumatic experiences on the emotional level.  How can you not have very strong reactions given the terrible circumstances on the Earth at this time?  Of course I am referring to the whole event known as the sixth mass extinction, the polarizations and the continued contaminations and neglect of the biosphere which continues without any real efforts on a global scale to control the devastation and destruction.  Therefore, you are confronted emotionally in seeing this.  I know that you may have to block your emotional body so that you do not feel the intense pain of watching what is going on now on the Earth.  It is easy to get involved emotionally, react emotionally, and in some cases become emotionally overwhelmed by current Earth events.  You are a sensitive, caring, loving Starseed.  This means that for healing purposes we must also emphasize that when you bilocate, you must also work with and bilocate your emotional body to the higher level.
     In the Ascension, you have to bring all of your bodies; you do not just bring your spiritual body to the higher realms.  You also have to bring your emotional body.  The truth is that the emotional body is the most vulnerable of your four bodies (mental, spiritual, physical and emotional), and thus it can more easily become attached to this planet.  There are many reasons why it would be difficult to cut the cords of attachment to the Earth and in order to ascend.

     Most of those reasons are undoubtedly tied to your emotional energy.  This could be expressed in terms of sadness or any other strong emotional ties or feelings of responsibility that you as a Starseed might have towards the Earth.  Being a Starseed means that you most likely have seen other planets go through similar events as the Earth.  In some cases, you might have even incarnated in Atlantis or Lemuria, here on this planet, and you may have directly witnessed a similar grand destructive cycle.  In some cases, you might have been in a powerful position, either as a scientist or as a politician or as a philosopher.  You might have tried, to the best of your ability, to bring about a healing, to change the energy of that society, of that civilization.  That means that, also, you might have been unsuccessful, and you might have taken it personally.  You might have been emotionally drawn to feeling inadequate, because of your inability to change the destructive events occurring in your previous lifetime.  In this case you reincarnate in another time that has similar circumstances.

     I know that you are sincere, and I know you have tried in previous lifetimes with great effort to be powerful planetary healers.  Part of your returning now on Earth is to deal with that experience of being a failure.  You might try harder to be a planetary healer, or you might also need to learn the hard lesson of not feeling overly attached to the dynamic polarizations and conflicts that are occurring.  It is difficult to not feel attached and to not have an emotional reaction to the drama now on the Earth.  That is why I recommend in your ascension work, which includes bilocation, that you bring your emotional body with you for purification and for cleansing.  You can work on releasing the cords of attachment.

     The emotional body can be reactive.  Our experience in working with you and with Earth beings is like this: You have to feel what you feel.  That means that it is unreasonable to tell yourself you are not going to feel something.  The difference is that after you feel it, do you respond or do you react to that which you have observed or that which you are a part of?  Reacting, then, can be more devastating.  It could involve becoming angry, taking sides, being jealous or experiencing hatred.  Feelings are not wrong.  The determining factor is how you react to the feelings.  There are reactions to feelings that can be harmful to you.  Instead you could then have a planned behavioral "response" to your feelings about the Earth drama.

     This negative emotional reaction could even be unconscious.  I really am referring to a reaction.  Reaction is similar to the experience I have observed when I see many of the people on the Earth on the freeways and somebody cuts them off, and then you react with anger.  You know how dangerous it can be because many people on the freeway system are right on the edge of exploding anyway.  Reacting to being cut off on the freeway would be to respond in anger and even swear at the other driver.  However, responding would mean that you take a measured response.  You would slow down, that you would stay calm and you would not express anger.  Even when you "respond", you still feel that emotion, but the difference is that you just choose not to express it while driving!

     Remember that experience on the freeway could still be influencing you.  You might need to come back home and take a cold shower or do something to relax in order to discharge that negative energy.  As a Starseed, all which you are seeing and experiencing in the Earth drama is affecting your soul energy.  It would be good to have a purification so that you could release any accumulated negative energy that you are carrying with you about the Earth.
     Purification is one of the great benefits of the Arcturian Crystal Lake.  Water and crystals are capable of accepting and purifying all emotional energy that you could release.  I encourage you then to bring your emotional body to the Crystal Lake in your bilocation exercises.  We will have an opportunity to lead you on an exercise using the Crystal Lake for an emotional purification as part of the ascension process and also as part of your process to stay balanced.

     Let us discuss the holographic self as an important part of this ascension process you are experiencing.  It is said that humanity, even the brightest people, only uses 20% of their brain.  What happens to the other 80% of the brain?  Where is all of that brain energy that is not used, and why is it that most people never have access to the other 80%?  Remember that, in holographic terms, the self is much more than the linear Earth ego self that you are seeing and experiencing as you now.
     Let me list some of the different parts that would be involved in the holographic self.  You have your past-life self and your past lives.  You have your future self, and you have your multidimensional self.  You have your spirit self; you have your emotional self; you have your mental self, and you have even your physical self.  It is difficult to understand the multidimensional self, but if you think about it, your mind is not just existing in this reality.

     The mind has electromagnetic energies, and it responds to different multidimensional stimulations and can form different reactions.  There are so many levels of the mind.  There are many levels of the brain that humanity has no idea about.  The mind is as complex as the galaxy, and the mind (and I am using the term mind to include the brain) is a physical manifestation of the self in this reality.  The mind is greater than just its manifestation in this reality, which means that the mind has other dimensional experiences that would be considered simultaneous to this experience.

     You may have heard reports from Starseeds who say that they are captains of starships in their multidimensional reality, or in some cases, that they are healers or commanders of star fleets.  In other cases they could be members of another planetary confederation. Such reports are popular especially among the Ashtar Command where there are frequently numerous members of that system, that is, the Ashtar System, who are also simultaneously living a life on the Earth.  At the same time, they have a high level of recognition and a high consciousness of their life under Ashtar and under his command on those ships.  The Ashtar Command is another example of the multidimensional self.

     I use the term holographic self to encompass all of these aspects of the self that you are participating in.  Without the proper belief system, without the proper training, it would be easy to become overwhelmed and, possibly, to lose one's center of balance on the Earth.  It is difficult enough to try to maintain a center and a harmony on this Earth.  Now you also may have to coordinate your multidimensional self on another starship, which could be even more complex.  The other side though, is also worth mentioning, that is, with your experience as a multidimensional being on another starship or on another planet, then you can have access to information and energies that are far in advance of what most people on the Earth can access.  This means that you have Ascended Masters that you could speak with.  You have healing energy and light that you could work with, and in some cases, you have access to newer technologies which can be called "quantum technologies" which right now are just being developed on the Earth.

     Advancements in these new quantum technologies need to be downloaded into the Earth's system.  You, as a multidimensional being on the other planet or other ship, are in a position to be a conduit in order to download, to bring that new healing, that new technology, to the Earth.  This downloading of new technologies is also called service.  This is a spiritual service.
     We are continually studying ways in which we can help you maintain, with greater efficiency, your awareness about multidimensional realms.  One important way to help you do that is becoming aware of your dreamtime.  Your dreamtime is multidimensional.  There are great experiences and great messages from your dreamtime that you can train yourself to interact with.  One of the greatest balances and the greatest energies of the human race is their ability to experience dreamtime.  There are studies of the hardships people experience who have been prevented from dreaming.

     Dreaming occurs during the state called deep R. E. M., or the Rapid Eye Movement sleep state.  It is in that state where the deep dreaming occurs.  Often in the dream state you are able to become more aware of your multidimensional self.  Some psychologists have rightly concluded that if you are deprived of your dreamtime, which includes access to your multidimensional self, then you could go crazy.  This is how important the dreamtime is for you and how important your multidimensional experiences are for you.

     It is peculiar that Western society, that you are all participants in now, has seemed to push away the importance of dreaming.  Culturally, there really is not any major value placed on having important dreams or sharing important dreams.  I know that the dreams are often difficult to interpret and could be open to interpretation because of different symbolism.  I assure you that the Ascended Masters and guides in the multidimensional world can easily access you through your dreamtime.  Call on them to come into your dreamtime and also prepare yourself to engage in multidimensional travel and multidimensional awareness and multidimensional consciousness in your dreamtime.

     You can acknowledge and instruct your Subconscious that dreaming is one of several access roads to your multidimensional self.  In your normal consciousness, your access to your multidimensional self is constricted, which is due to the culture and civilization and the priorities that you are trained in.  However, you are Starseeds.  You are sensitive.  You can open the doorway to your multidimensional experiences through your dreamtime by offering yourself instructions or commands which will be every effective.

     Remember, when we are talking about the "Cosmic Egg aura exercise", I have said that you can command your aura to go into the shape of a Cosmic Egg, and the Unconscious will respond to that.  In the same way, you can command your dream self to provide you access to your multidimensional self and to your higher spiritual guides and teachers.  You have a dream guardian.  Sometimes it is referred to as the dream censor.  I prefer the term "dream guardian", who oversees the input that comes into your dream awareness.  Talk to that dream guardian and tell them you are now ready to be more open and to have more direct experiences with your multidimensional self in the dreamtime.

     Let us return to the subject of a home planet and what the Kabbalists call the "Merkavah Vehicle".  The Merkavah Vehicle is a holographic vehicle that has a special protective vessel that allows you to travel interdimensionally and through hyperspace.  I look at this Merkavah Vehicle, and I like to compare it to your computerized controlled automobiles.  Let us say you are in one part of town, and you are in one of those computer controlled autos.  You can just program the auto to your destination by putting your address where you want to go into the computer.  Then the computer maps it out on the screen.  You might get to choose between route number one, route number two, or you could just say let the computer choose the easiest and most efficient route.  Then you just sit back and let the computer and the automobile take you to your destination.  This is similar in the way the Merkavah Vehicle works and is why I recommend the Merkavah Vehicle for traveling to your home planet.  We are going to do an exercise now using the Merkavah Vehicle to go to the home planet.

     Visualize your Merkavah as a seat in the center with a giant bubble around the seat.  This is a special Merkavah Vehicle that is surrounded by this beautiful, tetrahedron- shaped bubble.  This is a holographic vessel.  Go inside the vehicle in your spirit body and in your emotional body.  Bring both of these bodies with you.  We will leave the physical body behind, and we will also leave the mental body behind for this exercise.

     Your emotional body looks like an etheric double of your energy field.  See the two layers or bodies, the spirit body and the emotional body.  Enter into this holographic Merkavah, interdimensional vehicle.  (Tones "OOOOOOHHHHHH.")  There is a device in the center of the vehicle that looks similar to a joystick on a computer.  It has a small galactic map and an accompanying keyboard.  Type in these words: "Take me to my home planet" as your destination.  There is a button on that joystick that says "Begin." Press that button now.  The etheric computer in your vehicle will automatically program the Merkavah to take you there.

     Begin the journey to your home planet.  Your Merkavah Vehicle knows exactly how to get there interdimensionally.  (Chants "Tatatatatatatatata, OOOOOHHHHH.")  You are traveling through hyperspace at the speed of thought to your home planet.  You come into the outer boundary of the planet.  You are being let in by what would be called satellite ships, or satellite Merkavah Vehicles, directly into the home planet's temple.  Each of you may have different home planets.  You are being guided into a special temple area of your home planet.  You step out of the Merkavah Vehicle and are greeted by brothers and sisters from your soul family.  You feel a big sigh of relief to be back home again.

     We will go into silence as each of you now interact and experience the wonderful energy of being with your soul family members on your home planet.  We will be in silence.  (Silence)

     You are in a state of ecstasy, feeling so well understood, feeling so well received.  You have your emotional body with you, and in the temple of your home planet that you have come to, there is a small pond, somewhat similar to the Arcturian Crystal Lake, only on a much smaller basis.  This means the pond may only be one hundred feet in diameter.  There is a powerful crystal on top of the pond.  I would like you now, with your emotional body, to go slowly into the pond.  It is not deep.  It is only one or two feet of water depth.  Bring your emotional body into that pond.  Your emotional body is now being purified by this crystal infused water.  All of the traumas, polarizations and worries that have attached themselves to your emotional body are now cleansed.  You are now purified.  (Tones ("OOOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHH.")

     It is beautiful to watch all those layers of trauma fall off the emotional body, and the pond absorbs it and sends it up into the light.  Momentarily, the pond receives a high- energy, quantum energy download into the pond.  Bathe in this pond as the emotional body continues to be purified and continues its releases.  (Tones "OOOOOOHHHHHH.")  When you are on your home planet, releasing emotional trauma is so much easier.  You are in the most supportive, energetic and sympathetic atmosphere with your soul family members with you.  You are almost complete with all of these wonderful discharges.  (Tones "OOOHHH.")

     Now your soul family surrounds you, and you step out of the pond and merge back in with your spirit body.  You are engaged in a deep circle embrace with your soul family on your home planet.  You are receiving encouragement and upliftment and, of course, healing energy from them as well.  Reluctantly, you know it is time after this beautiful embrace to return back to the Earth.  You climb back into your Merkavah Vehicle filled with the joy and healing energies, knowing that at the right time, you will have the opportunity again to return to your home planet.  Returning to your home planet is part of your multidimensional self.

     You are in your Merkavah Vehicle.  You program the vehicle to return to the Earth,   Put in your Earth address.  Put in the name of your city and state and even your street address.  Say goodbye to your home planet for now.  Say goodbye to your soul family members there for now.  Press the "Begin" button.  You are flying away from the temple, escorted out of the home planet system by small starship satellite vessels, and then you enter the hyperspace area and begin the journey back to your home on Earth at the speed of thought with your spirit body and your cleansed emotional body.  (Tones "Tatatatatata, tatatata, tatatata, tatata.")

     You arrive on the Earth, and you arrive into your home on Earth in your Merkavah Vehicle.  You sit in the Merkavah Vehicle before you get out, and you process and integrate to the best of your ability all of what you have experienced, knowing that you will feel more enthusiastic and more devoted, more talented, and more focused on your great mission as a Starseed here on Earth.

     You step out of the Merkavah Vehicle and you reunite with your physical body in perfect alignment.  Take three deep breaths and know that you can return at any time to your home planet for rejuvenation and purification, using this method.  Also, at the time of ascension, you will easily return to your home planet if that is what your desire is.  It is wonderful to know that your soul family is there waiting for you, and also they are there to help you now if you need them.  Do not forget that you are bringing back valuable information and energy to them, as well.

     In the light of Adonai, and in the light of the Merkavah energy field, I, Juliano, bless each of you with my love and guidance. 
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty