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La imagen puede contener: planta, flor y naturaleza, texto que dice ""We suggest that you focus on where you do align with the other humans in your life and on your world. And we know that you can come together spite of your differences and make planet Earth the paradise that it was alway's meant to be. It starts with that simple act letting someone else believe whatever it is they believe." The 9D Arcturian Council danielscranton.com"

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been evaluating your progress there in the recent weeks and months, and we have come to several conclusions about how you have been able to evolve and expand in spite of the challenging circumstances you find yourselves living in. One thing that is very clear about humanity at this time is that a larger number of you than ever are willing to question authority. You are willing to wonder if the version of reality, the story you are being told, is in fact the truth as the person speaking it knows truth to be.
You have also demonstrated a willingness to investigate those who hold positions of power and authority, and you have recognized that your version of reality is the one that matters most. As you progress in this time of opinions and theories, you will find that the next step in your spiritual evolution is letting someone else believe what they believe without having to tell them about your perspective that is diametrically opposed to theirs.
When you can let someone else believe what they believe and just be happy for them that they are coming to their own conclusion about what is happening there on Earth, then you will know you have taken a giant leap forward. The truth is that you can all coexist harmoniously there on Earth, even with different religious beliefs, different customs, different governments and other systems. You do not have to come to an agreement on any of the hot button topics that you have.
What you need is to accept that someone else’s perspective is just as valid as yours. And when you let go of your resistance to what someone else believes is going on behind the scenes, or even right in front of your faces, then you will know that you have benefitted from being in a topsy-turvy time and a polarized society. And so, when you can celebrate the fact that someone is at least thinking for themselves and marching to the beat of their own drummer, then you know you will have acknowledged that person’s free will, and you will not feel in any way threatened by the fact that their version of reality doesn’t line up with yours.
It is good to question, and it is good to empower yourselves. It is also good to look within for confirmation of your beliefs and your perspective. Do not ask anyone outside of you to agree with your version of reality, because chances are they won’t. And you can let differing perspectives be what causes you to feel disconnected from another person, and that feeling of disconnection from others eventually leads to violence and war. We suggest that you look for the commonalities amongst all humans.
We suggest that you focus on where you do align with the other humans in your life and on your world. And we know that you can come together in spite of your differences and make planet Earth the paradise that it was always meant to be. It starts with that simple act of letting someone else believe whatever it is they believe.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
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Social Divide Over Masks  
-Divided Yet Interconnected-        
 by Selacia
History has shown that with great uncertainty comes fear and a human need to control one's circumstances. This is tribal. It is emotionally-based. It can cause adult people to act out like children. And it can divide people - even families - setting in motion even more fear. This destructive spiral is now front-and-center across our world - catalyzed generally by Covid and now specifically by the wearing of protective face masks. Regardless of how you feel about masks, continue reading for a big-picture view of what's really going on.
As I write about in Predictions 2020, we're in a year of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty. Even without the Covid global pandemic, 2020 was destined to be a major threshold of societal changes and upheaval.  
The energies of this year are setting the stage for ongoing chaos and a deeper look at what we as a society have created. It's like the universe provided us with a quantum mirror to see the truth of how we live, how we treat each other, and how we treat the Earth. That mirror won't be disappearing - not until we individually and collectively see what it is reflecting, what needs to change, and then come together to make those changes. "Together" is the key.  
During the process I describe above, we'll surely have countless squabbles about things we need to learn. As is human tendency during uncertainty, we may seek reasons for why things are happening and want to blame someone or something. During that process, people can find conspiracy theories appealing.  
Also, even when there are facts from scientists and health experts, fear can cause a typically grounded reasoned person to dismiss facts and allow emotions to influence thinking and actions. Example: spending hours on Twitter to read the latest 'news.'  
Did you know Carnegie Melon University researchers concluded on May 20 that nearly half of accounts tweeting about Coronavirus are likely bots? Researchers said that there were 100 false narratives about Covid proliferating on Twitter by accounts controlled by bots.   
The social divide over masks is counter-intuitive. Masks and social distancing are a temporary measure to prevent further spread of this virus we don't yet fully understand. It's here. It's contagious. This isn't personal. It's not about our freedom. We are an interconnected global society - no borders can contain an infectious disease like this. What each of us can do is our part in helping our world move through this crisis. If it means temporarily wearing a mask to help contain the virus, we remember that it's temporary. It is our act of kindness in these moments.   
What You Can Do      
I suggest being mindful of what information you take in. Educate yourself once daily with the basic news of the day, then disconnect so you aren't over-saturated. To be sure, don't take in the news within an hour of sleep. Strive to know the facts and the science. Use your intuition to cross-check information and to look deeper. Most stories will be like sound bytes - headlines with some attention-grabbing information. Many of them will appeal to your emotions, including irritation and anger you may feel about stay-at-home or other Covid-related restrictions.      
Our role as divine changemakers is to be at the forefront of positive change in our society - setting an example for others. To do that we must stay grounded, develop our inner wisdom,  and learn to be discerning. Skill is needed monitoring our own mind and learning to tell the difference between the voice of our ego-mind and our inner wisdom.    
The Ego-Mind  
Part of our ego-nature is to take things personally, getting upset and feeling offended about things that indeed are neutral. It's our ego-mind, after all, that puts labels on things. And it's the labeling that takes us out of quantum and into a linear perspective involving judgment.  
When we go down that road, our ego-mind chatter can circle in a loop, adding to our upset by repetitive thoughts about why "this or that" is "bad or unacceptable." Within that mind chatter, of course, our ego-mind will add its bias from conditioning and exposure to group think on social media.  How that looks for each of us depends on what media we focus on and beliefs we share with others around us.  
Why We Must Go Beyond Our Ego
What's happening with the social divide over masks is a perfect example of the dynamic I describe. When a previously-unknown virus arrived and spread globally, that alone triggered great uncertainty within society. The energy of not knowing with something like this is profound. Add to that the ineffective leadership we've experienced during the Covid crisis - and we have alarm bells going off within peoples' nervous systems. Much of this is unconscious but it's there.  
Our ego won't get us out of this chaos sooner. The ego, by its very nature, will stir things up and create even more questions within us. The questions from our ego don't have answers. Those questions do involve stories, however, plenty of them. And we can get so caught up in those stories that we lose ourselves, our inner peace, and our ability to perceive what is true and real.
Let's strive to raise ourselves above the octaves of fear to receive the higher view spirit has. Each of us has the potential to do this. It does take more effort during a crisis, but we can do it. Trust this. Know that you are encoded to develop your abilities and talents in very purposeful ways during the 2020s. A brand-new world is in the making, and you will help create it.
I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.   

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La imagen puede contener: texto que dice ""You are undoubtedly to receive more from your sun during this solstice than you have during any previous solstice that you've experienced there on Earth. you have been summoning, and the sun has taken notice. The sun has received your requests for help and wants very much to help. your sun is a living being, a being with consciousness and is a part of the overall plan to help humanity ascend." ooThe 9D Arcturian Council danielscranton.com"

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are continuing to explore the many possibilities that we see leading up to this next very important solstice that you have coming up there on Earth. You are at this time relying heavily upon energies coming from all across the galaxy, and on the solstice it will be your sun’s turn to shine, quite literally. There are many possibilities that humanity is choosing from at this time, and that you can choose from as individuals. Now, we know that many of you have heard about a solar flash, or a solar sneeze, and for a very long time people have been talking about the effects of solar flares on all of you there on Earth.
But with this upcoming solstice, what we see as the most likely probability is that your sun will be sending out such an enormous transmission of unconditional love that humanity will forever be changed by that transmission. Now, of course you are dealing with quite a bit of chaos and fear on your world at this time, and it is at times like these that every being that you have helping you steps it up a bit in terms of the offerings, the transmissions, the downloads, the activations, and so on.
You are undoubtedly going to receive more from your sun during this solstice than you have during any previous solstice that you’ve experienced there on Earth. You have been summoning, and the sun has taken notice. The sun has received your requests for help and wants very much to help. Your sun is a living being, a being with consciousness and is a part of the overall plan to help humanity ascend.
Now, you have reached a point where we feel you have done enough cleansing, purging, and ultimately evolving as a result of the Covid-19 virus. We see very little good in dragging this out till the end of 2020, or even beyond. And so, we can see how this particular timeline will be the one that you will all choose for yourselves, to rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes, to become the version of humanity that is going to live out the years you have remaining before the shift in consciousness is completed.
We give you this transmission, this wonderful message a month in advance of your solstice, because we are essentially out an invitation to all of you to be on that timeline, to bring about the changes that you want to experience, rather than the ones you are afraid might happen. That is how you do it. That is how you ensure that you are living in the future that you want to be living in.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
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La imagen puede contener: exterior, texto que dice ""All of you are important. Every single person could have their own podcast, and we would celebrate all of you if you did. Now is time where those of you who who are sensítive, compassionate and empathic are going find that you also have newfound power coming from within and to you because you are sensitive enough be open to all the energies that are coming in from the higher realms, and we wait to see what you with your your newfound power and influence." .The Arcturian Council danielscranton.com"

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very satisfied with the progress that we see humanity making at this time, and we are very excited to see where you go next. You are experiencing a heightened sense of awareness because of the current conditions there on Earth, and with that heightened sense of awareness, you are capable of fine-tuning your discernment ability. When you are more sensitive, more tuned in to the energies inside and outside of you, you become better creators of your reality. You also become more compassionate.
And so, what you are going to see there on Earth is a shift in terms of who holds the power. You are going to see more compassionate leaders on Earth, because those who have the ability to feel compassion are also more capable than ever of creating their reality. Therefore, you can all look forward to better leaders showing up to guide all of humanity, and we are not just talking about politicians here. We are talking about any and all who have influence.
There are those within your collective who do not like it when an actor, a musician, an athlete, or someone else who is famous for some reason expresses their views, uses their fame for good. There are many who say that those individuals should just keep their mouths shut and do what they are paid to do. However, those opinions do not stop people who have a platform from talking about how they feel. And what you are going to see is more people expressing themselves, expressing their thoughts about humanity and how society has been working and working for the less fortunate, for the average person.
This is a time where more and more compassionate people are finding themselves with opportunities to have a voice and to express themselves, and they do inspire. People get inspired by other people, and we see that as a very good thing. We also see that more of it is coming and that more who traditionally have not had a voice will find themselves being given an opportunity to speak up and share.
All of you are important. Every single person could have their own podcast, and we would celebrate all of you if you did. Now is a time where those of you who are sensitive, compassionate and empathic are going to find that you also have a newfound power coming from within and coming to you because you are sensitive enough to be open to all the energies that are coming in from the higher realms, and we cannot wait to see what you with your newfound power and influence, as well as the heightening of your ability to create your reality.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
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May 2, 2020
The Relationship Between Consciousness, Thought, and Manifestation on the Third Dimension
   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Today, we will return to a very important subject, which is the relationship between consciousness, thought and manifestation on the Third Dimension. For this discussion, I will define consciousness as the ability to have self-observation. This ability, along with language, is only possessed by humans, the Adam species on this planet. There have been many attempts by psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and philosophers to define consciousness. And one psychologist interestingly said: “We all know what consciousness is, and when we are having it, but no one can really define it. ”

   And one of the reasons why consciousness is so difficult to define and describe is that consciousness is not just the Third Dimension; it is interdimensional. Consciousness is extradimensional. That means that if you have the ability to dissect the brain, and look at different cells, neurons, dendrites and other aspects of the brain, you could not find consciousness. Consciousness needs the brain, but transcends the brain, which includes some interesting terminology, such as quantum consciousness, quantum healing and quantum entanglement. 

   There has been criticism of the mystical world which, I think, would include you the Starseeds, since you interact with the Fifth Dimension and the Arcturians. Terminology from modern physics is often used in an attempt to describe very difficult and hard to define mystical concepts. My answer to the criticism is simple: There is no readily available terminology besides what one finds in modern physics to help describe the functioning of consciousness. This is because the brain and consciousness transcend the Third Dimension. The closest terminology that is available seems to originate in modern physics and the discussion of the quantum world. 

   Modern physicists often do not like the fact that mystics are using terminology that was not meant for describing higher consciousness. I am always trying to point out that there needs to be a coming together of science and mysticism, science and philosophy, science and the Fifth Dimension. Those scientists who are not mystical may never be satisfied with using the terminology of physics with higher consciousness. 

   We, the Arcturians, are becoming more familiar with your language and your thought fields. We will try to find new words that may more directly describe how physics and higher consciousness interact. For example, when we are talking about interdimensional travel, we often say that thought travels at the fastest speed in the universe, faster than the speed of light. When you look at Einstein and the Theory of Relativity, you will find that one of the major discoveries was that “nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.” However, here we are, talking about thought, which is tremendously, immeasurably faster than the speed of light. How are you to reconcile those two observations? Is the thought some type of a particle that travels at this enormous speed? Why can we not see the thought in an atomic microscope, for example? This is information will be discovered at a later time. 

   Thought waves are actually a physical structure, but are very difficult to measure. Part of the reason why it is difficult to measure is that the electromagnetic energy of the thought is so small; there are no instruments available to measure them. There are measurements and abilities to measure basic thought waves which are classified as Alpha and Beta. But when we are talking about advanced thought patterns related to bilocation and thought projection and astrally traveling into the Fifth Dimension, these are higher thought waves that are far beyond the normal thought powers. 

   Where is all this discussion leading? It is leading to an answer for this question: “Can thoughts change the physical reality on the Earth?” Remember, many scientists, including quantum physicists, say that thoughts cannot change the physical reality. Most scientists are coming from what is called the “dualistic” world. In the dualistic world you have thoughts, and you have actions, and they are separate. Most spiritually advanced people know their thoughts can change physical reality, and therefore this fact is not controversy among the mystics,

   I will present one example that is clear. Even the most rigid scientist will have to agree when I say that thoughts can change physical reality when it comes to the realm of mood and health. It has been shown that one’s attitudes, and what one says and thinks affects one’s mood and health. It has been shown that those people who have diseases such as cancer, and engage in a certain type of thinking that is positive, usually have a better outcome than those who remain pessimistic. 

   In fact, there is even a concept that has been discussed in the healing world in which doctors can put a “hex” or a “witch’s curse” on a patient. This is an example of negative thinking affecting a physical reality, that is, your health and survival. For example, if a doctor had discovered that a patient had cancer, and then either during the operation or afterwards, said to the patient: “Well, I have bad news for you. We discovered you have a cancer, and you will die in two months. So please prepare yourself and put your affairs in order.” Oftentimes, this is a death sentence. This “hex” can have a dramatic effect on a person. It is not unusual for the patient to die in three to four weeks, even though they were told they have two months to live. 

   On the other hand, some of the famous healers, such as Deepak Chopra, have discussed what is called quantum healing. Quantum healing is a term that was borrowed from quantum physics. In our definition, “quantum” is an energy that transcends the dualistic world of Third Dimension and interacts with the Fifth Dimension. “Quantum” is usually referred to in modern physics when we are talking about subatomic particles and how they behave, and the quantum world refers to the action of the subatomic particles. 

   Interestingly, human observation affects subatomic particles and how they behave. That means that if a human is observing experiments with subatomic particles, then that observation can affect and influence the trajectory, the spin, the motion or the locality of that particle. There are certain characteristics in the physical world that are affected by consciousness in the form of observation. Therefore, we use the word quantum because it implies that the behavior of particles is affected by conscious observation and what is normal expectations and logical. This is an expansion of the word “quantum”. 

   In some of the quantum healing experiments, especially, there were instances where the doctor would tell a sick patient that: “We have this new drug that was discovered from the Amazon jungle, and it has miraculous effects. I was able to find a six-month dosage, and I would like to try it with you, and we have reports that it cured many of the tumors.” The patient would take that medicine and their tumors would diminish. This is an example of quantum healing, because the healing process transcends logic and is affected by consciousness and expectations. What is remarkable is that the pill that was given to the patient could even be considered what is called a “placebo”, which means that it was a sugar pill, so to speak. In quantum healing, the doctor can set the patient up for powerful thinking, and thus have a dramatic and miraculous effect on curing the patient’s disease. 

   I would like to remind you that, when you are dealing with the COVID-19 virus, that your thinking and your uses of either certain medications or vitamins for protection are important and powerful. You also can experience a quantum healing and quantum protection from this virus. You can use aura shimmering exercises for protection and other aura techniques for protection of your energy field. The thoughts that you have are critical, and when you are around somebody who has the COVID-19 virus or any virus, then you could experience a weakening of your energy field, especially if you are around an area called a “hot spot”. It is a strange phenomenon that this virus has the ability to weaken a person’s energy field. The virus can only enter your energy field when your field is weakened. The energy of the virus tries to weaken your energy field first, and then it is able to enter if your energy field is weakened. That is why your thoughts and your strengthening of your energy field through the aura exercises are important. But even if by chance, one of the viruses got through, you still have the ability of quantum healing techniques which can help you remove or evict the virus from your aura.  

   I want to go to the subject of thinking and changing this physical reality. Much of our work as planetary healers is based on the planetary Noosphere and working with the energy of the evolution of humanity, which we call the Omega Man/Woman. It is a fair question to ask: “When we are working on thought fields, then is it possible that a thought can change a reality?” I want to explore that with you, and I am going to give you a formula, so please do not get too excited or scared, there will not be test on this. The formula is: A+F+I-R=O. “A” stands for the Arcan Power of the group. “F” equals the power of the Focus. “I” is the Intention. “R” is a measurement of the Resistance that exists on the Third Dimension to change. These energies added and then taking resistance into consideration equals “O”, which is the Outcome or probability of the outcome you are asking for to manifest. Basically, to have a successful outcome, you need a high, Arcan Thought Power. 

   High Arcan Thought Power is measured numerically. Intention is also measured numerically. 1000 would be the highest Arcan Power, and 1 or 0 would be the lowest Arcan Power. Arcan Power is the term used to measure the “wattage” of your thoughts. We have to understand that the effectiveness wattage of your thoughts has to take into consideration the resistance. Resistance has to deal with the thickness and density of this world, and it has to deal with the curtains that block belief and thoughts you might have that run counter to the power of your thoughts. We say that the Arcan Power is increased by the intention, and also it is increased by the focus. When you are working in groups, then the Arcan Thought Power is increased. When you are meditating intensely, the Arcan Power also increased. When you are at a sacred spot, or when you are at one of the 12 Arcturian etheric crystal areas, then your Arcan Power is increased. But then it is the focus that you are having at that moment, and I am going to say that you can have 50 people meditating, but if the 50 people are not focused, then it is not worth a lot. 

   You need to focus on a point, and when you are trying to change reality, you have to focus on, for example, moving the storm, blocking or mitigating the earthquake, attenuating the electromagnetic storm coming from the Sun’s coronal mass ejection, attenuating or lessening the strength of the radiation from Fukushima. These are examples of focus and intention. In planetary healing, intention means that there is a desire to do good, and there is a desire to create less harmful catastrophic outcomes on the Earth.  . When you are working in Biorelativity, for example, you want to save people from a drought; you want to stop the fires from burning forests and people’s homes. This is intention, and I am also measuring intention on a scale of 1 to 10. So, we have the Arcan Power, plus the Focus, measuring that from 1 to 10, plus the Intention. In the formula A+F+I-R, “R”, or working with Resistance, is one of the key concepts in all of psychic healing work. 

   Believe it or not, there is a resistance to healing. There is a resistance to the Arcturian work and planetary healing. There is a resistance to cleaning the oceans, and there is a resistance to preserving the forests and the Biosphere. There are many reasons why there is resistance, but when you are taking into consideration all of these factors, the Arcan Energy, the focus, the intention can overcome the resistance. There is what you call “evilness” or “darkness” in this world, and there are people, and there are groups, and there is energy that wants everyone to fail, and they want the dark to win. This dark energy is coming from multiple sources. Some of it is coming from lower spirits such as ghosts and low entities, such as the Grays. There are many sources of the darkness. 

   Darkness is part of this duality, and the darkness does serve a function. What may that purpose be? This is a good, philosophical discussion, but I would just say that in a dualistic world, that dualism offers wonderful opportunities for soul growth. You have to have a choice between good and evil in order for soul growth to occur. Darkness, then, is often the source of resistance to the change. One of the mistakes the planetary healers and the Starseeds make is that they do not even consider how to deal with the resistance, or maybe even admit that there is resistance. I am asking you to evaluate the resistance. When you add this up, that is, A+F+I-R, you get the outcome which is based on the probability of a successful change occurring. This is where planetary healing borrows some of the thinking from the quantum world, which is dealing with probabilities. What type of change is likely to happen with your intervention? And how does that likelihood change when you introduce an observer?

   Measuring probability is important when we are talking about predictions. The greatest prophet at this time could only tell you the probability of what can happen. I can tell you that there is a high probability that the Coronavirus, the COVID-19, crisis will end by 2022. I could tell you that there is an 85 percent probability that this will occur. What if I said: “Well, what about ending the Corona crisis in 2020?” I would say, well, there is a 30 percent, or less, probability that that would occur. But still, there is a lesser probability that the crisis could end at the end of 2020. Now I say what about the end of 2021? Then I would say to you that the probability of this crisis ending is at 60 percent, and every year it goes up. Remember that there still is a small probability it ends at the end of this year (2020). But what has to happen? The answer is that there has to be some spiritual changes on this planet for the virus crisis to end. That means that the thought and the spiritual energies can change the probability to a higher and a quicker outcome. 

   When I am talking about consciousness, I look specifically at the Earth, and the fact is that the Earth is a spiritual, or the Earth is a living, being. Is the Earth conscious? Does the Earth have some reactions? And the answer to both of these is “yes”. The Earth has consciousness, awareness of herself, and the Earth wants to maintain a certain homeostasis. Also, the Earth reacts, and there are outbursts. I can compare this to a child. When the child does not get its way, then it maybe has a tantrum. I think that that is a good example when trying to understand the Earth, because the Earth has tremendous power, but the Earth is also capable of tremendous tantrums. You might say: “Oh, Juliano, the Earth is an advanced planet because it is housing human life and Man life forms.” There is not a lot of planetary mentoring going on. It is only recently that the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Council have sent their messengers to work with the Earth, and it is only recently that we, with your help, started to interact with the Spirit of the Earth. 

   We must talk to the Earth, and we must speak to the Earth, and say things like: “No, do not throw this tantrum; do not have an earthquake in California; do not let the Ring of Fire erupt into new earthquake activities. Do not explode these volcanoes that are very close to eruption.” But the Earth could respond and say: “Why not?” Because the Earth does have a feeling of threat to its well-being. When your homeostasis is threatened, then you become stressful, and you may decide to act out as a way of self-protection. We have to work with the Earth, and we have to say things like: “No, it is not necessary to destroy this country. We are going to work to raise the Spiritual Light Quotient of the planet. We are going to help balance the energy so that it is not necessary to have an eruption.” The Earth will respond to higher thoughts. We, the planetary healers, have to respond in like kind, and say we are going to work with this energy. We are going to work so that the oceans are going to be cleaner. We are going to work so that the air is going to be cleaner. 

   Remember that the Earth has ways of responding. Many of you have already pointed out that one of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis is that there is less pollution in the air. The Earth has many different ways of responding to these imbalances and to the sixth mass extinction energy now. From the Earth’s standpoint, the COVID-19 is a mild response. From humanity’s perspective, this is certainly not mild because of the grave harm and danger it has been doing. It is causing harm to many people and changing the political, economic and social systems in a dramatic way. 

   The Earth has ways of bringing back a homeostatic balance, and there is still what you call “time to change”. If humanity makes changes now, then the virus could retreat, if there is commitment towards balancing the planet. Unfortunately there is still tremendous resistance to take any responsibility for the current virus outbreak or any other future Earth problems that can erupt. 

   The Earth is conscious, and the final aspect I want to discuss is the idea of observation of the Earth and the deeds that are being done to the planet. This comes back to the discussion of how does thought change the physical reality on the Earth? Thought can change physical reality, and one of the qualities of thought changing activity is outside observation. The effect of outside observation on workers’ performance is known in the field of sociology as the “Hawthorne Effect”. (Author’s NoteIt is a situation where an individual or group knows they are being observed, so they change their behavior accordingly.) In the Hawthorne Effect, researchers studied factory workers’ performance. They had two groups, and one group was trained and observed, and another group was trained, but they were not observed. The group that was observed had a higher level of performance, because the workers knew they were being observed and therefore improved their performance. 

   Observation changes energy. This is another phenomenon that exists in the quantum world, that is, the observation of the experiment changes the outcome of the experiment on a subatomic level. Observation also changes the outcome in the sociological world. Observation is a key ingredient. When we are doing planetary healing work, and we are trying to make the leap from the thoughts to changing the outcome, one of the factors for manifesting change is the observational process. Is anyone watching? If there are people polluting the waterways, and no one is watching, then that person or group who is doing that will not feel guilty and can get away with it. Just by observation then, there is recognition. There is the possibility of the deed being well-known and punishment could be a possibility. 

   Your observation skills as planetary healers can change the outcome. For example, visualize the Wuhan meat market where many people believe the virus began. If there were observers there monitoring activities for cleanliness, then a virus outbreak could be prevented. For example, when I say observing, I am saying that there could be people dressed up in white coats at the meat market. They could have some kind of pen and paper and observe what was going on. If observers were there, then you would immediately find that the outcome would be changed. 

   The effects of observations have tremendous ramifications for the planetary healing work. Observation could come from many different ways. It could even include remote observation from different areas of the world. It could be observation from people that are near the event, that are far enough away to be safe. I want to emphasize the power of observation. We are observing the Earth, and I want you, who are planetary healers, to use your powers to observe the Earth in your focus on Biorelativity. 

   One last point in how thinking can change reality. In the Kabbalah there are four worlds. Kabbalah is really based on galactic energies and galactic blueprints. There is the world of thought; there is the world of creation; there is the world of formation, and there is the world of doing. These are four worlds. Kabbalists know that the four worlds interact. They are not separate. The world of thought is not separate from the world of creation; the world of creation is not separate from the world of formation, and the world of formation is not separate from the world of doing. You may not see all of these four worlds interacting in your daily life. You may only be seeing the world of doing. The other three worlds of thinking, creating and forming affect the outcome. 

   A simple analogy would be if you wanted to build a table. You first will have the thought of the table; it came into your mind. You have to have the thought first, and then you would maybe draw a plan; that would be the world of creation. And then you drew the plans, and then add the measurements. You needed this 2x4 and this nail and this saw and everything else. And then you have to get all the parts together. You would have to go to the store and buy the wood, and then build it. But you could not do the world of doing, that is, the actual building of the table, until you had those other thoughts. 

   In your planetary meditations, begin to meditate and use visualizations of people doing things to help the environment. For example, visualize that people are protecting the Amazon jungle, and that people who are trying to illegally cut trees down are stopped. Visualize that there are groups of people that are cleaning the oceans. There was a wonderful example of a young Starseed who was developing a special boat to clean up plastics in the ocean. He had developed some new boat technology that was able to go into a specific area of the ocean to pick up plastic waste. It was a sophisticated net that was able to pick out the plastics. He would get tons of plastic out of a section of an ocean. It was quite amazing. In your meditations, meditate on cleaning the oceans, but also visualize people doing things like this young man was doing. Visualize that, at the meat markets in Wuhan, and in the meat markets in the United States, that there is somebody observing and that the workers are responding to the observations by using good work practices. Visualize that somebody is observing what is going on at Fukushima and that this observation is helping to clean up the reactor area. 

   Planetary healing meditations need to expand to include the visualizations in the thoughts. You might ask: “Does that mean that I have to do the activities in the visualization?” The answer is: “No.” “Do I have to do what I am visualizing?” No, you do not necessarily have to get a boat and go out with a net and pick up the plastic. You could just visualize other people doing this. Visualizations increase the focus of your work. 

   How do you deal with the resistance, though? I think that dealing with resistance is the most frustrating part of your work as a Starseed and a planetary healer. We are coming to the end of an era, an era that has been marked by male domination and misuse and also very high technology. Some very good things have happened during this era, but also the technology has led to over-destruction of the environment. We are faced with a world in which it does not appear the spiritual intervention is going to come from within the governmental systems. I can say the probability of world governments in unison changing towards planetary healing methods is low (under 20 percent). There are individual differences, such as in New Zealand, where you have a leader that is in tune with the planetary needs, but that leader is in a minority. We are entering a period of darkness now, where it is going to be more difficult for leaders to be strong enough to speak out for planetary healing. 

   The Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life provides a paradigm for planetary change. This Tree of Life is part of a galactic thought form. The Tree of Life is like the DNA of the galactic world. It is a model for transformation, and its codes can be used in meditation as a thought form to stimulate positive planetary changes. The Planetary Tree of Life over a country is the DNA code for change. According to the Tree of Life, if there is overuse of the resources, then a modified judgment of harshness may be necessary to bring the planet back into balance. The Tree of Life can promote a modified harshness, that is, the modified harshness is done with compassion. To be specific, let us say we want to visualize and say: “No, we do not want the volcanic eruption. No, we do not want the COVID-19 crisis to destroy 50 million people like the Spanish flu. Let us keep it to a minimum. ”There could be extremely harsh and tragic Earth responses to imbalances created by humanity. However, maybe a minimal intervention, a minimal crisis, will be enough to move people towards change that will help to promote saving the Biosphere. 

   Rebalancing the Earth according to the guidance of the Planetary Tree of Life can bring this planet back into a better, sustainable homeostasis. We could use the Tree of Life to help rebalance the oceans. We could use the Tree of Life to help rebalance the forests. Those who are creating dangerous destruction to the Biosphere then may have to be dealt with somewhat harshly. Let us hope that destroyers of the Biosphere will gain higher consciousness so that they do not have to be dealt with too harshly. 

   There is also channeled energy from in the Tree of Life, which we say: “Let a higher source from the galactic, undifferentiated light, come down for planetary healing. Let there be the energy of First Contact that moves people to rebalance the planet. Let there be the energy of the Messianic Light which opens up people’s hearts to the planet Earth. Let there be a strong, willful person emerge who will be able to convince the world to change some of their destructive habits towards the Earth. 

   There are many great visualizations that you can use for planetary healing. This projection and visualization of the Planetary Tree of Life into the consciousness of humanity can help to bring a new light and a new hope that the Earth can be rebalanced, the Biosphere can be rebalanced in a positive way, with the minimal amount of harshness. Let there be harmony in the judgment and the compassion towards the planet, and let those necessary changes happen in the least harmful way with the most compassion. When necessary, we must understand the harsh aspects of Earth changes with the knowledge that harshness can help to bring the Earth back into a positive new balance. (Tones “OH, OH.”) I see a time when the virus will be gone, and there will be greater health, and everyone’s immune system will be strengthened, and there will be a new awareness on keeping a safer environment.

I am Juliano. Good day!
Group of Forty | P.O. Box 4074Prescott, , AZ 86302


MAY 17, 2020
Welcome dear readers to the Arcturian Group message.
You are entering a new phase of the evolutionary process. Present "down times" are allowing a quietness during which many for the first time are pondering, questioning, evaluating their lives, and the right way of doing things. Every day more are allowing themselves to honestly examine aspects of their personal life as well as the world in general such as business, farming, religion, health, education, environment, and politics etc.
Much that has always been considered correct and appropriate is being recognized as inefficient, obsolete, and unfair to many and based in convenience and a resistance to change by those who benefit from the status quo. This period of quiet is also allowing nature a respite from the ongoing barrage of pollution and degradation she suffers.
All is proceeding according to plan. You have been hoping, praying, and waiting for a world that more closely resonated with truth and it is coming but will be an unfolding process over the next few years because the third dimension functions in time and space.
Know that things will never go back to exactly as they were because consciousness is changing, and as we have said many times, the substance of the outer is the inner (consciousness). Do not put effort and energy toward attempting to return everything to exactly as it was but rather be open to new and higher expressions of these same things.
Be prepared for change but also be prepared to hear things that will upset you. Much is going to surface regarding the long standing negative activities of some individuals. The denser energies must be exposed for what they are in order to be recognized and acknowledged. There is an element that feeds from energies of fear, pain, suffering, and discord and in order to keep feeding, they promote words, activities, and false information that will serve to keep fear and discord alive.
When you become aware of these types of issues, send these individuals Light while recognizing that they too are Divine Beings who have lost their way. They have chosen to close their hearts to Love energy and have no interest in or awareness of the fact that everything they sought is already fully present within them.
It is easy to get caught up in this type of information and spend a great deal of time and energy studying and researching negative activities. You have all experienced the heaviness of dense energy that comes from getting too involved in these types of issues. As awakened individuals you are ready to move beyond duality and separation and live from the higher levels of consciousness you have attained. Be aware of and informed about negative beliefs and actions, but then release them and align with Reality.
Activities of love are beginning to take place in the outer scene. Although these activities flow from spiritual oneness they are generally understood as activities of kindness, a looking out for neighbors, and the lending of a helping hand where needed. These seemingly ordinary activities are three dimensional interpretations of spiritual Oneness, evolutionary steps that eventually lead to a state of consciousness that understand service to be service to SELF--Universal Oneness.
A sense of camaraderie not possible in the old energy is developing among people simply because all are experiencing the same issues (oneness). Even the small sense of camaraderie you may feel towards a stranger as you walk by is in reality Oneness expressing through you. However, not all are ready or willing to understand this and the loss of what is familiar is causing them to act out with fear and violence as they seek to protect and perpetuate everything that has supported their false sense of empowerment.
Selflessness is beginning to penetrate collective consciousness on a deeper level but selflessness has been misunderstood and falsely taught to mean that the sacrificing of ones's self for some "grander" purpose is spiritual . Sublimating and denying one's self/SELF by believing it to be of less value than another's self represents separation at its finest.
What can one possibly have to give another if they eliminate themselves from the equation? It is only an empowered person, one who knows and accepts themselves to be a spiritual being, that is able to truly serve. Sacrificing one's identity, needs, and dreams in the belief that it is spiritual is a denial of God for is not God every person's true identity?
Never allow yourselves to be guilted, threatened, pushed, taught, or used by others into doing something. When you do this you are automatically surrendering your power. Service must be a free will choice that flows from a place of love rather than an unwanted activity forced onto a someone for the benefit of another or others who appear more powerful and demanding, or are needy, disabled, and dependant.
We recognize that many are presently locked into some service that they did not consciously choose or want. As a result they may feel angry, depleted, unhappy, and trapped seeing no way out. To these dear ones we say; there are no accidents. Every life is planned before incarnation with the help of Guides, to include those experiences deemed necessary for spiritual evolution.
These types of situations are usually karmic in nature and represent a person's spiritual readiness to address some old energy imbalance that may go back lifetimes but which can be balanced and completed through service in this lifetime. The one needing service may have chosen to learn about patience, humility, and helplessness in this life having never expressed it to others in previously. Frequently the server is a dear friend who volunteered to assist with this lesson.
Sometimes it is because the one needing service did the same for the server in a previous life allowing them both the experiences of giving and allowing. Service can be the push a spiritually prepared person needs in order to move more deeply into the empowerment, love, patience, and awareness that they are ready for.
Do not let obsolete concepts of spiritual duty, and self- sacrifice to enter into your activities of love and service. As universal consciousness shifts to new levels of awareness, service to others on all levels of need will become common, ordinary, backed by law, and simply the way life is lived because there will be a sense of oneness that was not present in third dimensional energy.
Realize that in and of yourself you have nothing to give another. God alone is love, energy, appreciation, gratitude, service, cooperation etc. and God alone has these things to give. To believe that self or some other person has spiritual qualities in and of themselves is the belief in a self separate and apart from God. Only God is good, patient, loving, friendly, honest, cooperative, etc. etc.
Both human good and human bad are impersonal, never becoming or belonging to the person. All there is, is God, Source, -- perfect, whole, complete, harmonious, abundance, intelligent, Self sustained and Self maintained Consciousness.
This is why looking or expecting acceptance, companionship, friendship, forgiveness, cooperation etc. from a person is to look where these things do not exist unless they flow through the person. Always seek these things from God, from within, allowing them to manifest as they will which can and often is where least expected.
True selflessness intuitively guides a person to acknowledge and honor their own needs. It will also guide them as to whether their service is actually needed or simply wanted. It is understanding that what one does for another never comes from a personal supply of love, energy, abundance, and ideas, but rather flows through them from an Infinite Source within--from a well that never runs dry.
Present times are calling for more awareness, deeper understanding, and a serious contemplation of how one will continue living their life. "Will I grudgingly go back to the same old, same old that I have outgrown or will I have the courage to pursue something that makes my heart sing?"
This is where fear will jump in and say that you must go back to what you know or you will suffer lack and limitation, your family with starve, and you will be homeless. It is fine to return to what you are used to, but never forget that you are creators. Regardless of what others may tell you, do not allow your dreams to pass into oblivion in the belief that they are hopeless and could never happen.
Allow your dreams to grow and mature silently and secretly within your heart until they ready to be birthed as your new world and identity.
You are creators, creating your world from the contents of your consciousness.
What do I hold as truth in my consciousness???
We are the Arcturian Group 5/17/20