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I am Taugth, celestial of the cosmos aboard Athabantian. I am one of many who are empowering the Grand Transformation. I am here today to give you the perspective of one who sees the extent of your transformation.
When we say that you should concentrate on raising your vibrations, we do not mean that you should raise your vibrations only to exist in the same paradigm, rather we are encouraging you to raise your vibrations to exist in a new reality, a paradigm of love and light versus the existing paradigm based on fear.
Those of you who are highly conscious (vibrating at a high frequency, holding the 5th Dimension) know that your world is changing. You feel it in your body, see changes in others, in events and structures. In general you hold optimism about what is to come as the result of the transformation. Those who cling to the fear-based paradigm do not wish to admit to these changes, although most believe that something different is happening. For them there is a sense of foreboding about future events; generally they view each day as much the same as the prior one.
We have asked Mark to supply the following definitions to help you understand the extent of what lies before you:
Extrapolation: To infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information. (Predicting the future based on the past.)
Discontinuity: Lack of continuity, logical sequence, or cohesion. (Totally shifting from one paradigm to another.)
What you are facing is a discontinuity of such massive proportions that you will not recognize your old selves in a few short months. Many humans attempt to extrapolate from their current paradigm to see the future. This will become even more prevalent as the energies of change impact all. What we foresee is nothing like what is current. There is a fundamental discontinuity about to occur. Extrapolation will not foretell this future.
Do not be afraid of the transformation, for it will be quite wonderful. Yes, you will endure some hardships, such as being without what you now feel you need to be comfortable. Look beyond those creature comforts, because in the New Earth all that you need will be provided. However what you then need will be quite different from what you now need, or believe that you will need in an extrapolated future.
We would now share a somewhat misty vision of what is to come for you. Keep in mind that this picture involves not just planet Earth and its humans, but all in physical form within creation. It is an enormous event, unlike any that has occurred before, ever.  We are speaking here of the Grand Transformation out of 3rd Dimension. The vibrations of the higher densities will integrate with physical density, and the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension will be no more. This will create a heretofore-unknown reality.
This undertaking is so grand that it involves all celestials of the universe. It involves those who create universes, the creator gods, and energy organizers. It involves those who uphold these universes. It involves the All There Is, the GodHead. And yes, it involves your star sisters and brothers. It is much beyond a simple showing of the presence of your brothers and sisters from other star systems, or a transformation of Earth. It is an event of enormous proportions, affecting all in creation.
You the humans of Earth are the focal point of this magnificent transformation. You, who have agreed to spearhead this transformation, are honored by those of us from throughout the cosmos. Millions of your brothers and sisters from distant planets and all manner of celestials are gathered about your tiny sphere to witness its transformation, and to partake of the consequences of that transformation.
From our perspective, as ones who observes from the starship Athabantian, we see your confusion about events that are transpiring on your world. I now ask you to see these events from the perspective of ones who observes from a larger perspective.  For a moment, view these events not from your ground level perspective, but from ours. There are arrayed about you and intimate with you the beings who created your planet in the first place. There are those who fashioned the surface of your sphere: oceans, land, and atmosphere. There are those who brought the plants and animals. And there are those who brought the first humans to your planet.
In Earth’s most auspicious beginning all was of light, harmony, beauty, and majesty. There are many of us who watched these last million years as your planet underwent the awful changes from a sphere of light to a sphere of darkness. We watched as your ancestors wallowed in fear, violence, hatred, and greed. We watched as earlier civilizations brought light to the planet only to succumb to the darkness. We have also watched as certain of you climbed to sufficient consciousness where now you can return your planet to its former majesty.
This is the moment. This is the great shift from darkness to light. All will be transformed, from the darkest to those who are filled with the light, from those who live in fear to those who live in the light. And all will awaken with a realization of what is now around them while they will retain memories of their past.
It is for these reasons that we have taken so long to prepare this Grand Transformation. It is not a matter of evolving from one track of development to another, from one way of being to another. All extrapolations fall by the wayside.
This time was delayed until now because you, the humans of earth, were not sufficiently conscious to be able to receive that which is coming. It has been attempted before with little success because you were not ready. It was always incumbent upon those who incarnated on Earth to make change possible. That is why so many have come from around the universe to incarnate on your planet.
Never was it to be allowed that we would force changes on Earth, or the rest in physical form, from above. Always it was to be the intention and actions of the beings of Earth to spearhead this Grand Transformation.
Your brothers and sisters from distant planets have long awaited this moment. In starships they gather about you by the millions.  They originally came here to send light to help the planet, and to assist your transformation in a brotherly and sisterly fashion. But they always knew the importance of the transformation of Earth and her humans. Most recently they have come in vast numbers for they foresee this as the moment.
All is in place now. The Grand Transformation has commenced. Very soon you will experience events that are undeniable. Many of you are already feeling the changes that foretell what is coming. You feel it in your bodies. Your dreams forecast a new ways of seeing. Your emotions play havoc as they sense what is afoot. The infusion of energies that began some months ago is now ramping up and will continue to do so. Your emotions will escalate; your minds will seek to comprehend that which is not comprehensible. And you who are awakened will be called upon to assist your earthly brothers and sisters.
Physical events of Earth will heighten: More severe weather. More earthquakes. More volcanoes. More shifts in climate. These are not ordinary times. There are no extrapolations to foresee these events. These are the times of transformation, the times of discontinuity. Look beyond these events to the majestic New Earth. We are here to encourage you until that most auspicious moment when all will become known to you, and all will transform.
And yes, Mark, Abiquor will play a part in all. From its position in the 5thDimension, its principal function is to anchor the Grand Transformation of the Earth. Those of you who hold its energy of manifestation are grounding the energies of change into your planet.
All in the universe support your transformation as the key part of the Grand Transformation. All send their blessings to each human of Earth. I am Taugth, and I am privileged to have provided this message for you.

The transcript of a recent talk by Mark Kimmel can be found at Mark’s Corner on this web site.
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Thursday, November 29, 2012




One of the many night body visitors awakes 
with a vague memory of being on the Starship…


Dearest Arcturians, I surround my SELF in your great light so that you can assist me to remember my dream/visit to your Starship.


Our dear ascending one, you have asked us repeatedly to assist you in remembering your “dreams” of nightly visits to our Ship. Hence, we will assist to you remember them now. “Will I remember my dream,” is the code message you have given yourself to remember your “dream.”

First, know that you will remember your dreams in imagistic, dream pictures and sensations. If you need to continue to call it “remembering your dream,” allow yourself to do so. Using the word “remembering” calms whatever remaining ego might be frightened by the concept of visiting our Ship in your dream body. Whatever gimmick you need to fool the remnants of your frightened ego is fine. Soon, these gimmicks will be unnecessary.

You woke up with the sentence of, “Will I remember my dream?”
This question was the carrier message that translated you from your “dream” experience on the Ship into the memory of your physical body. To capture your dream experience within your physical memory:

·      Begin your remembering by feeling the images…
·      Allow your perceptions to shift from the perceptions of your night body into the perceptions    of your physical body…
·      See your environment in the foggy fashion of the astral world…
·      Hear as if you are listening to as a distant message…
·    Feel your sense of touch in a very different manner, as there are no longer the sensations of something different against your form.

For example, your physical body is sitting in a chair writing your experience. Your physical body has a border, which interfaces with the border of the chair, and there is the sensation where the two different substances meet, yet remain discrete. Now:

·      Feel the night body you wore during your visit to our Ship…
·      Experience a glimmer of coldness, as you are no longer in possession of the heat of your physical form.

Without your physical form, you no longer have that same sensation of heat.  However, you do have a sensation of being a cloud. You have this feeling because your mind is trying to find a connection to some sensation of form. Your mind wants to find a correlation to “having a form,” because it is attempting to do its job of keeping you safe in your physical world.

Your mind has had many experiences within this life that would have been considered to be crazy by your childhood environment. Therefore, you have adapted by creating correlate versions of your inner reality that do not interfere with your ability to remain functional in your physical life. It is these mental adaptations that have made it so difficult for you to remember what has been happening in your night body.

These mental adaptations made you forget your nightly visits to the Ship. The direct memory of your being on the Ship would have disallowed your ability to successfully function in a society that would have labeled you “crazy” if you had remembered. Therefore, we ask you now to lovingly address this mental adaptation, who has taken a persona of its own in order to protect you.”


Thank you, Arcturians. I will do as you ask…
Dear Mental Adaptation, thank you so very much for protecting me. I was not ready to know what was happening in my dream body. Thank you for the many years that you have protected me.

Dear Mental Adaptation, because you have been so vital in my life, I give you the privilege of being one of the first components of my Multidimensional SELF to ascend/go Home. In other words, I no longer need you to wake up with me. You can remain on the Ship. Before now, being on the Ship would have been frightening, but now I am ready to remember that experience.

I am also ready to practice living in two worlds at once. Therefore you, my protector, will allow you to remain on the Arcturian Mothership. This Mothership is the Home “planet” of the Arcturians. You will remain there to be my Greeter.

Then I will greet ME when I enter the Ship, and YOU can assist ME to adapt to my true form on the Ship. Then, just as I might move into my new Home bit-by-bit, I will gradually move more and more of my grounded self into my true Home on the Ship.”


We wish you to recognize, now, that you are hearing the name and feeling the person who you said you would meet on the Ship last night. This agreement to meet a friend on the Ship is another gimmick to fool your protective ego.

Allow the feeling of that person into your awareness so that you can find that person’s feel. Finding the emotional feeling of a person you have agreed to meet will connect you with that person, as well as the other visitors. Some of these visitors are not human, and none are third dimensional.

You see this person now, who is undergoing his own process of remembering. He is across the room, which means that your auras are not in connection yet. Each of you must go through your own process ofremembering your “dream” before you can connect in this state of consciousness. Therefore, please return to your process of remembering…”


I feel myself in my astral, night body, which is more like a cloud than a physical form. Everyone around me is in his or her astral body, as well. We have all chosen to remember our visits so that we can better assist others to remember theirs. I can feel that we are from many different areas, primarily areas of Earth, but there are some Venusians as well.

The Earthlings are from many different walks of life. Some are very old, some middle aged or young and some are children. THEY are in their night bodies, which are the same age and appearance as their earth vessel but at a slightly higher frequency. We are all very happy to be here.

In fact, as I look around, I see that many of us are in the same state oftrying to carry this experience back to into our 3D life. I was going to say,back into our waking life, but I realize now that our 3D life is our sleeping life, and this reality is our true, waking life. Dear Arcturians, I feel as though I am loosing my lucid connection. Can you assist me?

I smile as I instantly feel the Arcturians directly in front of me assisting me to stay present with this experience. They are reminding me that I will share my process with others who are also ready to remember. The Arcturians then remind me to remember the feeling, the emotion and the sensation of a different frequency of awareness. I take a moment to focus on these sensations…

As I re-focus my attention, I remember that this intimate experience of my 4D night body while in my 3D form is a precursor to the intimate experience of my 5D light body while I am still holding an earth form. I am now hearing the main message that we are all receiving in our nightly visits.

This message is that we are beginning to BE our Multidimensional SELF while still holding our earth vessel. We will keep our earth vessel throughout the time of ascension process so that we can move back and forth between worlds. Just as we may choose to move into our new home while we are still living in our old home, we will move into our new form while maintaining our old form.

This process of ascension will not be for everyone, but it will be for most of the Openers, that is the Portal Openers. We will need to keep our old form, as this body will serve to assist us in keeping the portals open while others move through them. Most of us who are of Arcturian and/or Pleiadian descent are Openers. Hence, we will maintain our roots in both worlds until our ascension process is complete.

Since time is an illusion, which will morph even more as you continue your ascension, there is no need to know how “long” the process will continue. Your ascension process will continue until it is complete. Therefore, it is within this NOW that you are beginning to live in two (or more) realities within a continuous state of consciousness. This continuous state of consciousness begins with remembering your visits to the Ship, or wherever you are visiting, in your night body.”

 Thank you Arcturians, Again, I return to living my experience…
As I stand in this Astral, fourth dimensional room, I feel the cloud of consciousness that connects us all. Some of us are not able to connect with any of the other astral bodies, but most of us can connect with the Greeters.

The Greeters are members of the Mothership who have lowered their resonance to greet and assist us to gradually step up our energy into the fifth dimension. Once we can maintain our fifth dimensional resonance, while our 3D form sleeps, we can intimately experience the Ship in a fully awakened manner.

I have been able to remember my visits in a “story telling way,” but not as a direct experience. Therefore, I will remain here in this fourth dimensional area to fully anchor my physical consciousness with my astral consciousness. My astral consciousness is remaining on the Ship even though my dream has ended.


By allowing yourself to gradually remember your nightly visitations you are creating the reality in which your ascension proceeds slowly but surely. This process of ascension is similar to moving into a new house room-by-room. Your decision to create this type of ascension was made before you took your present body.

There were many pre-embodiment choices that were made, all of which were directly related to your Mission. The most beautiful part of the ascension of Gaia and Her many Beings, is that each and every ONE has gained a sense of individuality. You will then use your great individual creativity to create your own ascension. We, your Galactic and Celestial family, are greatly enjoying watching, as well as assisting, you with your process.

This is enough “remembering” for now. Allow what you have remembered to deeply imbed in your consciousness. In this manner, you will not forget what you have recovered and learned. Allow the puzzle of your process to come together piece-by-piece.

Remember that we, the Arcturians are here to help whenever you call us. We bless you on your journey and await your return with joy and unconditional love.

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Beloved friends,

as I have asked for it, this message came in a Blessed meditation for all my readers. There I was  drawn to the Unspeakable, while "I" was forgotten and my heart was  replaced by the Reality of Pure Radiance of Consciousness, which was an extremely powerful experience. The Shakti (spiritual energy) in my body was overwhelming and I felt a Divine Beauty and Awe which has no cosmic equivalents, as the Freedom of It was (and still Is!) Perfect. And with the experience, (whose description can only be a metaphor) the words came down from an infinite shape, narrowing down, while adapting to our dimension.

They, such as “beyond” and “above”, stand for a State that is truly and completely unknown to the mind, even the most subtle mind. So these words are used  for something that is NOT of this familiar world of experience AND even imagination (of the mind) and for which language does not really exist.
The message  is based on pure awareness and reveals our own True and Ultimate Nature to you. There was no image, color or object, there was only pure Light and Consciousness.
Some content seems to be repeated. Consider this like the repetition of a Sacred Mantra.

I pray that you might be inspired to the dawning of Who You Are in Reality.
Our Own Reality has been forgotten and suppressed for so long. So please do not doubt your own True Roots, but start to find out about them yourself. We all originate in That Which is described here. And the “I”  that Speaks is the “I” we all are Ultimately. But It cannot be known with familiar instruments of awareness of the body-mind. We must develop new instruments (which are given by Grace) in order to Recognize It. Till then this “I” speaks from the “other side” of our usual human identification, even our cosmic identification.

I love you,

My State cannot be comprehended by your pre-sumed ego-I. I only can Be experienced by your feeling heart, and after that Realized, after you have gone trough a purifying ordeal of self-transcendence.

I AM the Mystery that always draws your heart beyond the known. To the mind I AM Un-known. While the mind imagines to know, the heart is sure beyond doubt. It is the heart that is sure of Me, unspeakable, and without language.

My Domain is always an Opening into the Unfathomable, Where Reality Is. It Expands your heart to the Beyond of Beyond, Speaking from the Other Side of your familiar experience. Only There your heart is One with the One Heart of All Existence.

It is Silent, it is Stillness. It Is. It Pervades your human heart and Is like an envelop around your being. Ultimately Is Is your own Being. It Is Being Itself.

There Is a Light That Is Above All Lights, and I AM That. It Is not Space, It Is Spaceless and yet Contains All. I AM nameless, and I AM eternally Beauty beyond all beauty, beyond your  imagination.

Whom I call will never forget Me again, even if the little ego-I seems to swallow Me into the unseen.

I AM always Most Alive, Life beyond Life, Widening your heart beyond your body-mind. That Is Where We Communicate. But Being Itself, your in Me Being, Is Above the Above. This Is My All-encompassing Reality, Truth and Accomplishment. It Is your own True State.

But you, you can of course play in limited dimensions. However, they are all Mine, like branches of a tree. I AM  the Tree Itself, and if you desire to become the Tree Itself, you must cease to limit yourself to the experiences of its parts. How can infinite Consciousness be diminished just to a part of Itself!  I AM Whole and What You Are ultimately, IS THAT. I Show you the Way.

I Express Myself through You. Be My Vehicle. Who I AM cannot be understood by the trivial mind. You must let go the mind and listen with your heart to What Is Beyond. I AM All Heart, beyond the human heart.

I AM Being. There Is Only the Infinite Happening of the Currents of Events and Worlds and Beings. All of Them are Movements in My Reality.

You can become One with Me, if you let go your finite identification with what is limited. You become One with Me if you acknowledge My Vast Existence with Open Feeling-Awareness.
Let your heart be moved by Me. So I can guide you along My Ways.

Do not hold on to your point of view or to the familiar.
I AM not familiar. I AM the Sudden and Unexpected Beauty and Pristine Freedom of That Which Is Unknown to the body-mind. My Ever-Freshness is Unheard and Other-Wordly.

What I Give to you, cannot be known before your heart’s eye is receiving It. Only then you can be Knowing, and you have not known It before, because I AM always New. Therefore I AM your greatest Adventure, your greatest Joy and Happiness.

Only with Me you are Truly Alive. This Is Love-Bliss, this Is Fulfillment, This Is Perfection.

I AM  with you Eternally.

I AM your God-Self!

Message  conveyed by Ute 

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Celestial White Beings And The Galactic Council Of Twelve – December 2012 Climaxing Of Ascension

Natalie Glasson – The Celestial White Beings And The Galactic Council Of Twelve – December 2012 Climaxing Of Ascension – 26 November 2012

It is with the purest vibration of love and peace that we send our energy to greet you; we are the combined essence and consciousness of the Celestial White Beings of the Cosmic level and the Galactic Council of Twelve who oversee spiritual matters and evolution from a Galactic Level. It is our purpose to come forward in love and guidance for you at this most sacred time on the Earth. We first wish to reassure you that all is well and that you are achieving your ascension process on the Earth with divine perfection, guided as always, whether you are conscious or not, by the will of the Creator. It is important for us to share with you that there are no set rules or expectations on our behalf for the time we are all experiencing now. Each person may have different experiences triggered by the divine will of the Creator and their personal perspectives and intentions.
We are entering into a great energy vortex of change. The energy vortex that is anchoring onto and into the Earth around the date of 12/12/12 and beyond, including the 21st December, will allow for you to enter into this vortex of change, truly allowing for transformation to take place in whichever way, need or form that is appropriate. You may also have heard this energy vortex being spoken of as a gateway or rays of light anchoring into the Earth. The energy that is already anchoring onto the Earth and within your being will encapsulate you completely holding and suspending you in the energy of tremendous change, shifts and transformation. Even from the beginning of December you may feel the energies gathering around your being while simultaneously emerging from within your being. It could be likened to an incubation period with tremendous cleansing because the energies will begin to remove all unneeded energies with greater intensity to manifest yourself as a purer
vibration of light. Many beings will gather around you working with your energies to make the necessary shifts of dissolving illusion and separation within your being while anchoring planetary light and shifts through your being into the Earth.

Do not be surprised if new masters and guides appear to you during this sacred time, there are many galactic masters who are preparing themselves to be of service to you energetically for the transition that will occur within your being. Many beings of high vibration will align their energies with your being while asking your soul to align with their energies, to create a tremendous uplift within your energies, as if you are being pulled from the grasp of illusion and brought into the light and truth of the Creator and the Creator’s universe. For those of you who are aware you may find that connections with energies and civilisations within the Creator’s universe, that you had not previously, recognised or understand will manifest, sharing with you further spiritual enlightenment as theyanchor divine consciousness into the Earth through your being. Please do not be fearful of new connections and energies drawing around you being, they come in love and only wish to assist in the universe of the Creator opening up to you. At this time the entire universe is shifting and opening up its energy, restraints, suppression and limitations placed on the universe of the Creator are all falling away. Even those on the inner planes are beginning to see all that is the Creator with greater clarity, an intense clarity that is so vibrant to our hearts. As your being is awakening and opening up to greater energies of the Creator’s light so you will interconnect into the Creator’s energy and universe, feeling the life force energy and divine flow of the Creator pulsating through your being with greater vigour and realisation.
Throughout most of December and climaxing around the 21st December you will exist within an energy vortex which will allow for transformation and change to occur within and around your being,you may experience intense energies, intense shifts within your mind, emotions and being as well as an intense releasing process. Many levels and layers of your being will be dissolved while new energies and attunements are created to assist your pathway forward beyond 2012. This will be the most intense and evolved incubating period that has and will be achieved on the Earth by a united civilisation. It has been during these incubator periods of climaxed energy and transformation that souls have found that they have been unable to cope with the transition process and so the entire civilisation has agreed to terminate the spiritual advancement and evolution. 

We must share with you that your civilisation and all are more than equipped to move through the incubator period with tremendous ease. There is no need for you to fear termination of any form as you have been in many ways already experiencing the shifts and changes of your being and perspective. You may not feel strong and powerful but through your tremendous release processes you have been gathering your inner power and strength so that you may move through this transition with ease, remaining in your
centre and heart, simply allowing yourself to experience and accept all that you need to. This period that we are entering into now is to nurture, nourish and empower your being, soul and the Creator aspect within you. With so much energy gathering around your being you may find that you are continuing to release, let go of and dissolve many aspects of your being, thoughts, reality and emotions that are no longer needed. Please look upon this process as the most blissful process that is allowing tremendous attunement and expression of the Creator. 

You may also find that your sensitivity is increased which will require you to react in a deeply loving and compassionate nature to yourself and others. It is our greatest wish and intention for you to allow yourself during this time to remain as much as possible in your heart centre, as this will ensure that you remain balanced, harmonised and supported by your guides and the Creator.

It is important to take time to rest, do not be too demanding of yourself, allow for meditation and quiet time to integrate and process the  energies, allowing shifts to occur with tremendous simplicity.

Please remember that simplicity is the key at this time as well as loving yourself completely and absolutely while dissolving all expectations of yourself and your reality to simply exist in the divine flowing energy of the Creator within each and every present moment. If you can remain in your centre and in your heart chakra by imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart chakra you will remain attuned and we will be able to be of service to you at this time. We understand that you are all aware of these basics but it is the basics of your spiritual  practices that are of most important at this time, bringing yourself back to your heart at any given moment will offer to you a tremendous sense of security and support.

As the energy vortex of this ascension process gathers around you with greater intensity it will open up new opportunities to you in your meditation or quiet time.

 Opportunities such as connecting with, experiencing or visiting aspects of the Creator’s universe and inner planes in order to reactivate your consciousness and awareness.

 These could be seen as gateways within the energy vortex but it will just be because the veils between the Earth and the inner planes will be thinner therefore making your meditation experiences and practices more abundant and fruitful. It is important for you to be aware that this is a very personal time of growth for you which will allow you to access and experience all that you need to further your ascension. Please acknowledge that all of your experiences, shifts and transformation that we have spoken of will occur within your being so direct your focus into your being and heart chakra at this time in order to truly bask in the experience of ascension and the incubator process of nourishment and release to bring forward yourself as a purer vibration of light.

We ask that you allow yourself to be, to experience and to enjoy every present moment, for you have been waiting for this for many lifetimes. Let all fear and expectations go as you will be incubated within the loving vibration of the Creator with great intensity which is divinely blissful.
We love you unconditionally and we are here to support you as are all at this time of tremendous inner transformation.
Celestial White Beings and the Galactic Council of Twelve

Monday, November 26, 2012






My next day began very early, as I received a message to meet with the Arcturian as soon as I was able. The communication seemed important, so I instantly dressed and went for our meeting. We met, as usual, at the Holosuite, as it was such a great place to learn by doing. When I arrived, the Arcturian had the Nature Program running and was sitting by the waterfall inviting me to join it. My instructions began as soon as I sat down.

“Dear Mytre, in preparation for your communicating with many different peoples and civilizations, we wish to talk to you about expanding your telepathic abilities. You are doing wonderfully with your telepathic communication with us and with Kepier. However, when you are the only one who can communicate telepathically, it will be a more difficult task.

“Therefore, we wish to go over some of what we have already taught you to lay a firm foundation for a more advanced discussion on inter-dimensional communication. All telepathy will not be inter-dimensional, but much of your ensuing communications will be with Beings of either a higher or lower frequency of resonance. We will begin our instruction by giving you more information regarding communing with your Heart/Mind.

“We wish to tell you more about your Heart/Mind. Yes, Heart/Mind is a combination of your heart and mind, but it is much more. Actually, your Heart/Mind is your High Heart, which has the ability to receive all frequencies of light in any pattern. Hence, your High Heart can think; which is a process of translating light patterns into a form of language. Your High Heart can also love unconditionally because unconditional love is among the highest frequencies of light.

“Your incarnations in the lower worlds have led you to the habit of believing that your thoughts and emotions are separate. This belief is false, as both thoughts and emotions are patterns of light that are interpreted in a different manner. Thoughts are interpreted by how the patterns of light interact with each other. Conversely, emotions are interpreted by how the patterns of light interact with whatever form you are wearing.

“If one is free of all form, there is truly no difference at all between thoughts and emotions; they are all patterns of light. Our resonance is the carrier wave for the light patterns we send. Hence, when we send patterns of light into your consciousness, we blend our resonance with yours.

“The merging of our energy fields, which is all the light patterns we are sending to you, enter your Pineal Gland, which shares the light patterns with your High Heart to be translated. The informational component is what you perceive as thoughts, whereas the imagistic component is what you receive as emotions. When you separate the thoughts from the emotions in that manner, you lose much of the information.

“On the other hand, your Heart/Mind is able to maintain the interaction of thoughts and images to create a more expanded message. That is why we ask you to meditate and release fearful memories, as fear distorts our messages. The frequency of any form of fear restricts your band of reception, cutting off the high and low peaks of information.

“For example, we may send you an image of a tree. However, if you have fear when you receive that image, the top of tree would be cut off, as well as the deep root systems. Hence, any information about the life force of the tree’s new growth or the health of its roots would not be transmitted.  

“When you surrender into fearful emotions, rather than blocking or limiting them, you can perceive the emotion with your Heart/Mind. Your Heart/Mind can then garner all the information embedded within that emotion. Remember, emotions are merely a form of communication. Fearful emotions tell you that it is not safe to be receptive to incoming energy fields.

“However, you do not want to limit your ability to receive full communications from your SELF because of events that are no longer in your life. These “past” emotional events remain as “scar tissue” in your receptive neural net. Therefore, even when there is a message filled with love, the scar tissue will distort the loving message.

“This distortion can cause you to misinterpret a loving emotion as a fearful emotion. For example, you have had many hardships in the past, which you still carry in your consciousness. It is vital that you release these memories, as well as the scar tissue that they have created.

“Since you are the creator of your reality, you have the ability to choose to release these old memories. Then call for your High Heart’s Thymus Gland to heal that area of your form, as well as your neural net. In this manner, fear from the past is released, and you are able to receive a broader frequency band of the messages that we send you.

“Also, you will be communicating with Galactics and Celestials who do not use any form of language other than telepathic projection. On the other hand, you will be communicating with ascending ones who have little or no experience with imagistic communication. Therefore you will be called upon to expand your communication skills to embrace both higher and lower frequencies of reality.

“Your ability to remain confident and calm is important when you are assisting those who are unaccustomed to telepathic communication. Telepathic communication is received by matching your state of consciousness with the one with whom you are communicating. Hence, you may need to maintain higher or lower states of consciousness for longer than you are accustomed.

“There are many who visit us in their dream state. We would like you to practice your telepathy skills with these visitors. This experience will assist you while you are also assisting them.  Kepier will be joining you shortly. If you have any questions, please give us a telepathy call.”

The Arcturian instantly beamed away, as if it had something important to attend to and left me to turn off the hologram. After I did that, I went to the Mess Hall to get some breakfast before I began my new assignment. I was not surprised to see that Kepier was there with a cup of hot tea waiting for me.

“I see you knew I was coming.” I said with a grin. “You were speaking with the Arcturian in the same moment that I was, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Again, we are receiving a lesson via our experience. I think we are ready to participate in more than one reality at a time. What do you think?”

“That does appear to be the lesson,” I agreed. “Do you think that we are meant to remain in this version of our SELF while we go into the fourth dimensional Astral Realm to assist the ones in dream state?”

“I was thinking the same thing. The visitors are experiencing the two realities of sleeping in their bed, as well as the one in which they are visiting the Ship. It would make sense that we should also live two realities.”

Kepier and I continued our discussion while we ate our breakfast, then we walked together to the Visitors Center. The visitors who came to us in dream state often came to the fourth dimensional counterpart of the Visitors Center. This Center resonated to a frequency lower than the Ship; hence, it was located in the Ship’s aura.

The visitors came to this area until they learned how to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension so that they could visit the actual body of the Ship. One of Kepier’s and my assignments would be to assist these visitors to release their attachment to their lower resonance and raise their consciousness into the fifth dimension. Once their consciousness resonated to that frequency, we could assist them to create a form in which they could visit the higher frequencies of the Ship.

This expansion of their consciousness was exactly like ascension. Therefore, they came not just to visit the Ship, but also to practice transferring their consciousness into a higher frequency container/body. Once they were wearing the fifth dimensional frequency form, they could perceive the Ship around them. Some visitors entered the Restoration Room, but that transition of consciousness was not the same as it was done via the Restoration Chair.

Meeting in the fourth dimension to learn how to raise their own resonance was a vital lesson for their process of ascension. It was also important to be able to raise their own resonance so that they could more clearly experience our Landings. The only correlation between “time” on the Ship and Earth time was that the Mothership could correlate to Earth Time. Therefore, we had no idea when these Landings would begin from the perspective if Earth time.

In our perception of reality, we are already in contact with the higher expressions of many Earth Beings. It was up to those Beings to find a way to awaken their lower dimensional selves and their reality. We could easily perceive the Wave of Ascension Energy, and were assisting the ascending ones to sense it as well.

Of course, there are myriad possible realities, and many of the ascending ones will choose different ascension realities. Also, as the ascending ones remember how to simultaneously live more than one reality, they could have several experiences of ascension. Since Earth time was not out of sync with the NOW of the Ship, we were welcoming visitors from many different realities and timelines.

Kepier and I left the Mess Hall and beamed directly to the Visitors Center. We used our joint energy field to create a second reality in the Ship’s fourth dimensional aura, while we maintained our fifth dimensional expressions on the Ship’s fifth dimensional Visitors Center. Once we arrived, we went our own way in search of those in need of assistance.

As I walked through the somewhat ghostly forms of night bodies, I understood why the Arcturian had so completely briefed me about telepathy. As I telepathically projected that I was there to assist them, I realized that many of these sleeping forms were not ready for communication.

However, there were a few who came toward me. Unlike the others, they seemed to be able to see me and realized that I might be able to help them. After a few of these “awake sleepers” gathered around me, more came into our circle, then even more. These visitors were primarily from Earth, and they came from every country, culture, age and social status.

Of course, the children were the first to understand my telepathy, and they began to assist the adults. I could see that I would greatly enjoy this assignment. I had never met Earthlings before. That is, I could not remember meeting Earthlings. On the other hand, I was still not aware of many of my expressions of SELF.

The Earthlings seemed eager to learn to be ready to change their world. However, I could not sufficiently answer the most asked question,

“Will I remember this meeting when I wake up?

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD