Friday, December 30, 2011


Welcome back to your journey through the Arcturian Corridor. It is within this Corridor that you are able to trust your fifth dimensional imagination regarding your inner-realities. Do you remember when you first started your Path? You were so worried about revealing your true nature. Now you have come so far that you are usually your SELF in daily life.
Having the courage to be your true, Multidimensional SELF while living on a third dimensional planet can create a constant sense of fatigue because your consciousness is vibrating at a higher frequency than your earth vessel.
Furthermore, when your consciousness is resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond it is difficult to remain focused on the mundane chores of your physical life. Hence, you must constantly adjust and re-adjust your consciousness to remain in the third dimensional world of your current service.
We understand this dynamic, for our consciousness usually resonates between the eighth and tenth dimensions. Because of this, we are very uncomfortable if we try to even maintain even a fifth dimension form. Therefore, we speak to the grounded earthlings through our beloved family members who volunteered to carry lower dimensional earth vessels. Our brave ones who maintain our fifth dimensional Star Ships have chosen to restrain from too many visits into their innate eighth–tenth dimensional frequency, as it makes it too difficult for them to return to their Mission of Service to Gaia.
They do, however, make frequent visits to our various Arcturian planets, such as Zantarius. All of the planets in our Arcturian Star System have gone through the planetary ascension for which Gaia is preparing. Ascended planets only hold form for beings who resonate to the fifth through seventh dimensions. Beyond the seventh dimension, form is experienced as an encumbrance to one’s consciousness.
Many of our grounded ones on Earth visit fifth dimensional Earth, which is called Terra. However, they often forget their many adventures there, as those memories make it too difficult to return to the End Game of third dimensional Earth. We to remind you dear ones, you are with us many nights in your sleep.
In fact, it is then that you are truly awakened. It is when you disconnect from your real life in the higher dimensions that you are truly “asleep.” On the other hand, because of these visits, bit-by-bit the fifth dimension is becoming your Home,while the third dimension is becoming your “Service to Gaia.”
We are joyous to see that many of you are finding new clues regarding your daily Mission. The veil between your two worlds is becoming thinner and thinner, and Gaia has more and more patches of Her planet and atmosphere that resonate to the fifth dimension.
At the same time, other patches of Her planet are falling into destruction. With every moment, people and planet are receiving that which is of the NOW while simultaneously releasing that which has become complete. In this manner, Gaia and Her inhabitants are no longer choosing to attach their attention to that which may interfere with the process of personal and planetary ascension.
On the other hand, they are choosing to focus on that which assists the ascension process.
In your lower fourth dimensional dreams, you may be having visions of destruction, which is the reality being created by those of Gaia’s inhabitants who believe they cannot release their attachment to their physical reality and are fearful that they are loosing their power over those who are ascending.
These ones who once had great power-over others would prefer to destroy Earth rather than allow Her to return to Her fifth dimensional expression. However, Gaia is like a bird that will surrender her tail feathers in order to fly free from a predator. The bird knows that new tail feathers will quickly grow, and those who posses that which she has released will find little joy in that which they have stolen.
Therefore, we remind you to focus on the multidimensional light and unconditional love, dear ones. Imagine the light growing brighter and brighter as it encompasses more and more of Gaia’s body. 
Allow this light to guide you to the many Portals that are revealing themselves to your higher perceptions. Use the power of your unconditional love to guide you through these Portals. To better maintain the purity of your course, we ask that you release all fearful thoughts and emotions that might taint your great force of unconditional love.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.

Greetings, this is Sananda. So, let us review the mission and let us remember that my mission was introduced by an event with the stars, by an event in the sky, by an alignment of celestial bodies. This alignment has a great significance because it is introducing to the world, the consciousness of the Star Masters. It is a sign that it is introducing the world to the consciousness of the galaxies, to the consciousness of the universe. It was a sign that man needs to understand his relationship, her relationship, to the stars and that also the alignments of stars do reflect the universal energy. Every era has a particular vibration, an energy vibration, that is resonant with the Creator Light and which is resonant with certain messages, certain information, certain power that can be distributed and that can be dispersed throughout the nations.

The message of my coming in the era 2000 years ago, was a message that had not been totally received: you may say that the world was not ready to manifest the teachings, to live the teachings. You may say that the world was not ready to understand what message, what mission that we were trying to fulfil at that time. At the same time, we could say that the information and the energy that was brought was to be percolated, was to be processed over many millennium, over many years, so that the truth and the understanding of the mission would be more evident 2000 years later. And that our mission at this time, our coming at this time, was setting the foundation for the future.

This is one way to look at the Second coming. But I want you to understand that I have been with you for all of these 2000 years, I have been with humanity. And also I want you to understand that I have been in other planets.   I think that you have heard already that I have been to the Pleiades, I have been to Arcturus, I have been to Antares, I have been to many celestial galactic planets.

This particular mission to the Earth was a complex mission. One of the reasons why it was complex was because it required an incarnation. This is something that you have read about: when a fifth or higher dimensional being comes into a planet on the third dimension, then that being is subject to the laws of karma, to the laws of vibrational energies, to the laws of cause and effect on the third dimension. This is one of the main reasons why many of the fifth dimensional masters do not incarnate into the third dimension -- because it requires a very advanced soul energy to manifest into the third dimension and then leave the planet in a way that you do not have to reincarnate.

So my work and my incarnation were accomplishing all of those goals. That is to say that I was able to complete the mission, complete the incarnation and yet not have any karma. There are many stories about my death, there are many stories about the crucifixion.   There are many stories about what is the truth that happened at that death. But every group has a karmic interpretation, every soul group has a particular need to interpret and understand my death in their way.

So what I'm saying to you is that, when you hear the different interpretations know that each interpretation of what happened to me at my death is geared towards the needs of that soul group at the time. Actually, each group is actually right, because some people would say that I died at the cross, and then other people say that I didn't, and then some people say I was resurrected. Well, all of these things are true! There was a death at the cross, I was resurrected, but what the people don't understand is that the resurrection also means that you can continue on the third dimension. People think that the resurrection means that you leave the Earth.

But, let's talk a little bit about the fifth dimension. So my physical body could die but I could bilocate -- and I bilocated many times when I was on the Earth, I bilocated to North America, I bilocated to South America, I bilocated to China, I bilocated to India, I bilocated to Egypt. The type of bilocation that I was doing was a lot more complicated than what you may now think of. Because in your idea of bilocation you maintain your presence in the first body and then you, in a way, shimmer or appear in a second body, but then you come back. This is also like it is a fleeting bilocation. But I'm explaining to you that my bilocation is true bilocation in that I could leave my primary body, and go into a secondary body and have equal presence, equal consciousness and equal abilities in both bodies, so much, that if one body is injured or killed it would not affect the second body.

So you can say that I was murdered on the cross. That body that was depicted in all of the pictures was ended. But when you say resurrected, and when many people saw me after my death... I was still there in the second body, but also because of my abilities to bilocate, I could also terminate the first body. That first body was gone. That is, that I could make the first body disappear, so that they could not find my dead body that was bilocated. So, there was no reason to stay in the first body.

You will find that even now, many of you have the power to bilocate... and say, for example, you have to have a surgery, or something is happening to you that it is unpleasant in the physical, then you are able to bilocate into another body and into another place. The problem is that you may not know what place you should bilocate to. You may not know where to be when you bilocate.

The key to the bilocation process is to have practice in going to other places. So I had already been bilocating for many, many years, because I knew that it was going to come to this level, which is the crucifixion. And I knew that I had to go and bilocate when the crucifixion occurred.

So what I'm saying to you is that I lived after the crucifixion! I lived in my secondary bilocated body. However, it is more complicated because you might say: "Well, what is the primary body? Was the primary body the body that was on the cross, or was the primary body in another location?" I'm suggesting, and telling you actually, that the body that was crucified and the body that was judged and went through all those events was the secondary body. I had transferred more of my energy into the primary body. But then, upon the death at the crucifixion, I was able to still communicate with the primary body through my secondary body and then I was able to remove my secondary body. Then I was able to appear again and I was also able to continue to bilocate. So I could bring my body to appear. This means that there are various levels of bilocation and there are various degrees of bilocation.

So, I will try to explain it as simply as I can. One level of bilocation is that you would appear as a spirit, as a vibrational spirit, maybe you would call it a ghost, I don't like that term but we will come up with a better one as we look at the channel's vocabulary.

So, the second level of bilocation is that you actually are both an etheric being where people see you, but also that you are able to physically become engaged with objects. So, in level one you appear but it is like you cannot touch anything, or you cannot pick anything up. In level two you are able to actually pick things up, you are actually able to interact. In level three of bilocation, you can make your primary existence in either body with equal energy. In level four, which is the level that I used (there are even more levels that these) I can abandon one body and even though that body could die, it would not affect me, I could still maintain a relationship with that bilocated body and, for example, make that body disappear.

But... my primary energy was not in the body that was crucified.   I was still able to project my energy into the body was crucified. I was still able to project energy to it but that body on the cross was not holding my primary energies.

So, when you hear the stories that I was on the cross and I said: "Oh, God, why hast thou forsaken me?", that was actually said. But you have to understand that it was not my primary essence who said that. It was not my primary energy, because I had already transferred a lot of my energy away from there. So that was a shadow of my true essence left on the cross.   Still you could say that it was a great essence, because still it was a part of me. So I continued living afterwards, after the crucifixion.   I understand the stories and the ideas of the resurrection. The resurrection is interpreted as rising from the death. However, the people at that time had no idea of bilocation. So, in fact, the raising from the dead is a good description and it serves the purpose. Because the purpose is for people to understand that there is life after death.   The purpose of the mission is for people to understand that there is a greater spiritual world and that everyone must relate to it. Also the purpose of the mission was to lay a foundation for future work on this planet, and I had laid these foundations on other planets.

So there are different interpretations of my mission. For example, one interpretation is that I died on the cross for man's sins. Actually, that is a misinterpretation because the correct interpretation is that, through my work and through my mission, I was offering an avenue for Grace. Grace means that men can be relieved of their sins. I was offering a teaching that said: "There is Grace". And Grace includes the ability to become free of your karma. So if you want to interpret that as "I died for your sins", that is a little bit different, because the true interpretation is that I offered an avenue and I still do, in which you can be free of your karma.  Many of your karmas are tied to sins but I look at sins as errors. I look at sins as being overly involved in the lower self and becoming involved in lower ego activities. So there is a way, through spiritual union, with the higher light, to become free of the karma.

So, I did not have karma from my Earth existence because I was bilocating, I didn't have all my primary sense, my primary being in one body. But also I was bilocating in three or four bodies, even five bodies sometimes. I was also bilocating in different dimensions. So, I was able to also transfer the energy of that body that was crucified to a fifth dimensional body. It is hard for you to imagine how it is that an energy or a master can bilocate in physical bodies and also bilocate in spiritual bodies, all simultaneously. But there was a special star alignment when I came in, and that means that that energy, that teaching, was ready to be received on Earth.

Now, I can also say to you that the teaching was misinterpreted and there were some other variations that led to distortions. But I don't want to focus on the distortions because the basic story of my life, and the mission of my life on the Earth, is still strong. And there is a time of renewal where there will be great doorways coming in 2012, especially in which my teachings will be reintroduced.   You have heard different stories already about the lost years of Jesus and about the different ideas of what happened. I know that the real energies, the real teachings, the real descriptions of my life will become more known, because they are more fantastic that what you are even describing. It is not even in contradiction to any of the original teachings or interpretations, but this story just says that the spiritual powers and psychic powers that I exhibited 2000 years ago are much more advanced than anyone even imagined. But also you have to understand that people did not have the vocabulary, did not have the spiritual knowledge, to even attempt to describe what I did and how I lived.

So, after the crucifixion, I continued to live on this planet. There is not a need at this point to go into what I did but I want you to become aware of what powers and what energy I exhibited and still do. Now, in this time that you are in a new star alignment that is coming, a new energy is coming, and there are great powers that many of you are exhibiting. My mission still is to help activate your true nature, your true relationships with spirit so that you all will do what I did and become Ascended Masters for this planet. You will exhibit and manifest great powers of healing for the planet and for yourself.

I wish you a great joyful celebration at this time. Look at this time as a time of celebrating your true spiritual nature. Looking at my life, you can see the many spiritual abilities that I exhibited and know that you, too, have the power to experience all of those gifts yourself, including the bilocation.

I am Sananda. Good day.

Through David Miller

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Through remembering realities in which you embraced the unconditional nature of love which Flows from the fifth dimension and beyond, you can replace your old, protective mechanism with the love and light of the ONE. Unfortunately, most of your spiritual traditions since the “Fall” have had a Heaven, Nirvana, Afterworld, etc., which were actually in the fourth dimension. Since the fourth dimension still holds polarity, even in its highest octaves, there remains a conditionality to love. This conditionality teaches that love is something to be earned or achieved.

It is only through expanding your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond that you will be able to fully embrace, and live, the concept of unconditional love. Once your consciousness is filled with unconditional love, you will be able to realize that your old habits and emotional addictions were like training wheels on a child’s bicycle. These training wheels protected you from falling. However, once you realize that you can maintain balance on your own, the training wheels (habits and emotional addictions) slow you down and limit your ability to “enjoy the ride.”

On the other hand, once you have released your third dimensional limitations the work really begins. We say the word “work,” for releasing judgment in a world filled with fear, such as your own, takes a tenacity and determination that feels like work. In order to release your old coping mechanism of differentiating between dark/fear (which you move away from) and light/love (which you move towards), you must fully embrace the fact that YOU resonate beyond the reach of either of these options. In other words, you will need to release your habitual perception of your SELF as being your earth vessel and see your SELF as being the ONE who is using that earth vessel as a means to more intimately
experience the third dimension.

When the resonance of your consciousness is beyond polarity, unconditional love can rule your every thought, for you KNOW that you are protected at all times. With the knowledge of this protection, you will not need to judge others as a means to protect yourself. Even more importantly, when your consciousness is filled with unconditional love, you can perceive the “big picture” of the small fragment of your SELF who is grounded in the third dimension.

YOU are a magnificent Being of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Just as you physical body can be lying on a bed with your hand reaching down to touch the floor, your Lightbody can be in the fifth dimension with your lower resonance of SELF extended down to touch the third dimension. To better understand:

• Visualize that your physical self is lying on your bed with your hand touching the floor…

• How does your hand experience the floor beside your bed?...

• Imagine that you are your hand looking up at your body…

• How does your hand perceive your body?...


• Visualize that your Multidimensional SELF is in the fifth dimension with your third dimensional expression touching the physical world…

• How does your physical self perceive third dimensional life?...

• Imagine that you are your grounded one looking up at your Lightbody…

• How does your physical self perceive your Lightbody?...

From your third dimensional perspective, you can see many powerful humans who willingly harm people and planet in their endless need for power and possessions. On the other hand, from the perspective of your fifth dimension SELF, you are united with the higher expression of these very same people.

From your higher perspective, you realize that your grounded once can only perceive the lowest resonance of these fifth dimensional ones who are still “logged in” to the “Power Over Others” chapter of the 3D Game of Separation
and Limitation.

You may even ask the fifth dimensional ones why their lower resonance is still logged in to that Power-over Game. Since you are coming from the perception of the fifth dimension, you would ask this question in the same detached manner in
which you may ask someone why they are enjoying that particular Reality Show.

Have you noticed how popular Reality TV has become? This appetite for a different reality, or several different realities, is actually the beginning of multidimensional consciousness.

Planet Earth, Gaia, is the expression of a great Multidimensional Being whose consciousness is so vast that it must be contained in the body of a planet. Gaia’s consciousness is now expanding beyond the point that it can be encompassed in a planet, and She wishes to expand Her expression of SELF into that of a Star.

As Gaia becomes a star, Her inhabitants will expand their expression into being a planet. Fortunately, for those still logged into the 3D Game, this process is commencing. On the other hand, those whose consciousness is still limited to the third and fourth dimension will become increasingly uncomfortable.

A person whose consciousness resonates primarily to third/fourth dimension will have great difficulty with the instant manifestation of EVERY thought and emotion. The instant manifestation of their fear will not be enjoyable, nor will they like their every thought and emotion being read by others. The many secrets of the lower worlds do not exist in the fifth dimension. Therefore, those who still wish to live in separation from others will not be comfortable in that frequency of Earth.

With your expanding multidimensional perceptions, the intentions of others will be increasingly transparent, as you will perceive these intentions within your own form. In the same manner, you will telepathically hear within your mind and empathically feel within your body. Higher perceptions operate within the Unity of the ONE. You will no longer experience life as outside of you. Instead, you will know that all life is within.

Fortunately, your Multidimensional Consciousness will assist you in understanding this concept of “All life is within the ONE, which YOU are within.”

Furthermore, your Multidimensional Operating System will allow you to unconditionally love ALL life. The protection that this unconditional love provides far surpasses any emotional addictions or behavioral defense mechanism.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii

Friday, December 23, 2011





MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lux and Shanti

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The sky absorbs the Light today

It shines above to show the way

For in this moment the NOW is HERE

To think about what we hold dear

We’ve no time left to moan and pout

For now we know, what it’s about

It time for us to look inside

Beyond our fear and past our pride

The Truth will soon be free for all

To push away or “take the call”

We look away, or take a stand

To save the sea, the sky, the land

Protect the Earth, She is our Mother

She is our SELF, there is NO “other”

We are all ONE, we Know inside

And from that Truth, we cannot hide

We aren’t alone. We have resources,

If ALL the world can join forces

We ARE the planet that we have squandered

For, from our SELF, we all have wandered

The greed of now and in the past

Must be released, it cannot last

Our Mother calls, “It’s time now dears.

“Give me your love, I’ll take your fears.

“We need each other more than ever

“Although that bond, some try to sever.

“Love them most, for they are lost.

“They knew their game would have a cost.

“Yet, still they want what’s been before

“But, we’ve had enough, and don’t want more.

“So in their choices, we will not follow.

“Our New World lies just through that hollow.

“So reach right through and deep within

“To find the ONE you’ve always been.

“The Game is closing, it’s the final call

“To go Home NOW, once and for all!”
Blessings. We are the Arcturians, here to usher you back into the Arcturian Corridor. Just as there are earthly portals, which are opened by your love for Gaia, there are portals in outer space that are opened by your love for Spirit. All of these portals are always available, just beyond the limitations of your third dimensional perceptions. Therefore, we wish to further educate you regarding the care and maintenance of your new Operating System, which will expand your perceptions beyond all physical limitations.
By now your Multidimensional Operating System is fully online. You have “restarted your computer/brain”  and are ready to switch channels onto this new system of operating in daily life. The process of this switch is to remember from
minute-to-minute that you are different than you have been, likely since your lives before the Fall of Atlantis over 10,000 years ago.

It will be helpful for you to remember your lives in which you were a Priest, Priestess, Shaman and/or Healer, so that you may bring that Knowing into your current incarnation. In the lives in which you attained multidimensional consciousness, you could perceive the physical plane from a higher dimensional expression of your SELF. Therefore, it is important to bring these realities into your present memory to counteract your “lives-long” habit of viewing life through a third dimensional viewpoint. Some of these spiritual lives were “past lives,” whereas others were “parallel realities.”
There are many parallel realities, and they resonate to the myriad frequencies and sub-frequencies of the multidimensional matrix for planet Earth. To explain this concept, we ask that you imagine a stone that is thrown into a still pond. Now visualize the many circles in the water around the stone’s point of entry. The circles closest to the point of entry are clearest to your third dimensional expression, and each echoing circle becomes less and less distinct as it moves away from that point. It is the same with the many frequencies of Earth. Earth is like the stone thrown, not into water but into space.
The echoes of Earth’s many expressions of reality are densest closest to the physical planet for they hold more matter, which lowers the resonance of that circle. The versions of reality further from Earth’s physical expression hold lessand- less matter, which allows them to resonate to higher-and-higher frequencies.
This amplification of resonance moves all the way through the fourth dimension, through the fifth, and into the sixth. The integration of the multidimensional light and unconditional love of the Flow from the ONE activates your Multidimensional Operating System. This activation gives you the capabilities to perceive these higher dimensional rings of reality as they echo into the higher dimensions.
By the time the inhabitants of Earth are able to perceive the fifth and sixth dimensional expressions of Earth, they are no longer planet-bound and have
long since taken to inter-galactic and inter-dimensional travel. That “time” is closer than you may think. In fact, this reality exists NOW, just beyond your third dimensional perceptions. Through continually accepting and integrating the
multidimensional light and unconditional love of the ONE, you can complete the “switch of channels” from the limited Third Dimensional Operating System to the unlimited Multidimensional Operating System.
The challenge is that, even after you have completed your transition into your Multidimensional Operating System, you will need to release the emotional addictions and defense mechanisms that have protected you from the dangers of your third dimensional reality.

These behaviors and addictions that once protected you, now make it difficult for you to “take the leap” into a new way of living. You dare not “drop your shield” for fear that the dangers of your formerly polarized reality will attack you. This fear makes it extremely difficult for you to accept the very multidimensional light and unconditional love that will raise your consciousness beyond those dangers, once and for all.

From Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor iii

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


California Redwoods

Surrounded by trees, I hear the Quiet of the Nature all around me. It is a Quiet that is unavailable in the city, for it is a time warp. Nature exists before technology, before cell phones, WIFI, jet airplanes and the 24-hour electrical, environmental noise.

In the city, I am constantly in contact with this “noise” through the airwaves via my expanded perceptions. I did not recognize this noise until now, as slowly and silently, the electrical noise has interbred with my consciousness until it has become “normal.” Hence, it took three, maybe four, days in Nature before I could even hear the Quiet.

Actually, this Quiet is the language of the trees, but not just any trees, although, all trees speak a form of this language. This particular Quiet is the language of the Redwood trees, the oldest and largest trees on the body of Gaia. It is through these Redwoods that I can hear the True Language, a language not based on words, but based on tones of consciousness.

Now that I have spent a week in a sparsely populated area with few people, but a glorious abundance of trees, I can hear the True Language as transmitted by these ancient beings. The Redwoods are the remaining guardians of Lemuria.
Hence, these trees hold that vibration.

Los Angeles, where I live, holds the vibration of Atlantis as transmitted through the electric noise of a modern city near the ocean. This electric city speaks the Atlantian True Language, whereas the Redwood Trees of Gaia’s Nature speak the Lemurian True Language. When we re-enter the Corridor, we will revisit these ancient ancestors, as well as our even more ancient Galactic Family.

We will take this journey as ONE through the power of our Collective and Planetary Consciousness. In fact, we will take this journey via our Multidimensional Consciousness.

Through our multidimensional consciousness, we will remember and revisit our “past” so that we can better Know our “present.” We will go, also, into the “future” to see it as our “present.” In other words, we will transcend the concept of time and space that has been based upon that third dimensional illusion.

Together, via our united, multidimensional consciousness, we will enter the unknown. Of course, the “unknown” is only the “forgotten,” for we are great Multidimensional Beings who have the honor of being incarnated NOW to participate in Gaia’s great Planetary Ascension.

Together we will remember our True Language, which is the language of tones/frequencies of consciousness. Before we know it, our Internet will be out of date for we will remember how to speak and hear via the expanded perceptions.

This Language of our multidimensional consciousness is transmitted and received via Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.


The Internet has taught us that we can communicate by words and pictures with a person that we know only by their consciousness. Gender, culture, religion, age and economic status are unknown and unimportant. As we ground more and
more of our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life, we will remember that:

Consciousness IS Communication and
Communication IS Consciousness

It is through our consciousness that we truly communicate with the world that we accept as our reality. If our consciousness is restricted by the mundane actions of third dimensional life, then we can communicate only with that small fragment
of our total multidimensional reality.

Fortunately, as we expand our Personal Consciousness from our personal third dimensional reality to the Collective Consciousness of our fourth dimensional reality and into the Planetary Consciousness of our fifth dimensional reality, we can accept increasingly larger fragments of multidimensional reality as our “real world.” We can then cross the threshold into the Galactic Consciousness of our Star Ancestors, as well as our own alternate/parallel realities in which we have taken form on other planets, galaxies and dimensions.

My old friends, the redwoods, have reminded me of the True Language in which spirit (breath) moves through Form (matter). When we use our human language to speak, we allow our breath (spirit) to arise from our lungs (heart chakra) and move through the many articulators of our mouth, tongue and lips. The True Language is spoken through the trees as the wind (breath) moves through the trees (form). Each leaf is an articulator for the wind, just like our mouth, tongue and lips are the articulators for our breath.

This True Language of the ONE is transmitted by multidimensional light and unconditional love. The differing frequencies of light are the “articulators” which give meaning (words) to the unconditional love, which assures the listener that the message is Flowing from the ONE.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii

Monday, December 19, 2011


As gently as a blossom coming into flower, as softly as a whisper in the midnight hour, like a feather slowly rising in the currents of the air, we surrender to ascension without a worry or a care.

We find the moments we create are drifting into days, as slowly we become aware that we’ve moved into a haze. This haze is what is in-between, where we are and where we’re going, is the space between the past and NOW that’s wavering and glowing.

We release that which is over, to find that which we cherish. And let go the life that is complete, so it may slowly perish. It is through the ashes of what is done that we find the glow of our new Sun. The Sun, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea all tell us who we’re soon to BE.

Because we’re ONE with all the Earth, together we shall Know re-birth. The “who” we are becoming, and the ONE we’ve always been, remembers we are free of fear and forever clear of sin. As we return back to the Sender, the ONE we NOW remember, WE are the ONE we’ve always known, WE are and light that we’ve been shown. We step into our future to live within the NOW, to be our SELF with every breath, cause we remember how.

And as we do recall the ONE we truly are, together with dear Gaia, we shall become a STAR. A Star so bright and filled with love from deep inside and high above that we light the path for all to see and the way in which we can be free.

Free at last and free forever with a bond of love no one can sever. Within our SELF inside our heart, we’ve found the place from which we start. We start anew for we are through of being a separate “me” and “you.” We NOW can BE all that we SEE and know that love is always FREE!

From Suzzane Lie, Phd