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Your Journeys Throughout the GalaxyThe 9D Arcturian Council
 Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are in the process of exploring which of your personality traits can be assigned to the different star systems that you are all from originally. We know, for example, that the trait associated with helping others, being of service, is something that you have brought to Earth and to yourselves from the Sirius star system. You incarnate there to explore that theme. The theme of being of service then becomes a part of you, and you are all there to integrate these various themes and aspects of self. In some instances, like Sirius, the Pleiades, and our little star system, it is obvious. You get your capacity to teach and heal others from the Pleiadian star system. You get your proclivity towards spiritual evolution from our star system of Arcturus.
Certain star systems are more of a mystery in terms of what they have lent to the evolution of the human consciousness. When you were incarnate in the Orion system, for example, you explored victimhood and oppression. And so, we are unraveling those traits within you that might harken back to that time when you were in the Orion system, and you were either an oppressor or a victim. Most of you played both roles, and that is also something we want you to recognize so that you can embrace that you also at times have played in the dark, just as those who would oppress you now have done.
It is our theory at this point that you explored victimhood and oppression to eventually glean the trait of balance and moderation from those lifetimes. It is a system that went from great war to tremendous peace, and so your tendency towards wanting peace comes from your association with the Orion system.
You all travelled from star system to star system on your way to Earth, and Earth was always meant to be a melting pot of the galaxy where a race of beings, the human race, would have the opportunity to bring all of these traits, all of these aspects together and integrate them into oneness and wholeness. In the star system known as Antares, you also explored themes that are somewhat of an enigma in terms of how they’ve contributed to the human condition and personality as it is today. In the Antarian system, you created androids, and those androids eventually rebelled, and so there was a great war there as well. Your desire to explore technology to the ultimate heights, and the search for a balance there as well is evident in your history and the history of the Antarian system.
We believe at this point that the time you all spent in the Antares star system was meant to make you rely on your intellect to the degree that you have. People on Earth put much more faith in science than you do in what you cannot see and touch and prove. And so that is our working theory on how the Antarian roots that you have are affecting you now.
We want to understand your history in this galaxy and how it has affected you because we want to help you integrate all aspects of yourselves, make peace with who you have been and who you are, and when you have that inner peace and you feel whole and complete, then you are ready to shift your consciousness. It’s been a long journey, not just on planet Earth, but through the entire galaxy and universe for all of you. And in the acceptance of all that you are and all that you have been, you are bringing yourselves closer and closer to that moment of ascension.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Lecture of October 5, 2019
Spiritual Symmetry and the Activation of the Starseeds
Greetings, this is Juliano, we are the Arcturians!  The theme of our lecture today is: "Spiritual Symmetry and the Activation of the Starseeds."  Symmetry is a characteristic of the universe.  Symmetry means that throughout the entire universe, all physical and spiritual laws work the same.   The laws of gravity, the laws of physics are operational no matter where you are and which planet you are on, or which galaxy you are inhabiting.  For example, if you take the idea of an apple falling from a tree, then this conforms to the law of gravity known as Newton's Law, and this would take effect on Earth, but it also would be operational on all earth like planets in the Andromeda Galaxy or any other galaxy throughout the entire universe.  Symmetry then means that there is a likeness, there is a sameness throughout the entire universe. 
I want to expand this concept to explain that symmetry also exists spiritually and in  different dimensions.  You might think of each dimension as being separate, and you might think that each dimension has its own rules and regulations, and to some degree there is some truth.  We know that in order to get into the Fifth Dimension, you have  attain a higher level of vibration and higher level of consciousness.  You cannot enter the Fifth Dimension when you are dominated by lower feelings, such as   jealousies, hatreds, or competition.   Surprisingly, there are complimentary, symmetrical characteristics in the Third and the Fifth Dimension, and in all of the other dimensions.  The laws of spiritual attraction work on the Third Dimension and the laws of spiritual attraction work on the Fifth Dimension.  How you think and what energy you emanate attracts and brings to you, those energies that are in alignment with you.  This  law of attraction, works on the Fifth Dimension and on the Third Dimension.  There is one main difference though and that is on the Fifth Dimension, the law of attraction is immediate.   What and who you want to be with and who you want to attract immediately happens!   However, on the Third Dimension, the law of attraction is slowed down.   This is due to the density of the third dimension.  Therefore on the third dimension there is a delay in the attracting process.  This is for your own protection.  The third dimension  is set up for your learning experience.
I know that you have dense thoughts at times.   You have thoughts that are of lower vibration. This is normal and this is part of being on the Third Dimension.  Fortunately, not all of what you think on the third dimension, happens.  Fortunately, what you are attracted to does not always come to you, or it may come to you in a delayed fashion which would give you time to ponder and meditate on whether or not you wanted to engage in that which you are attracted to.  Why is the Third Dimension setup for this delay?  The reason is that the Third Dimension is considered a school, and it is considered a preparation for entering the Fifth Dimension.  This means that when you are on the Fifth Dimension, you can immediately interact with who and what you are wanting to attract.  You can see that it would be important then, to have this training on the Third Dimension.  You would want to refine your thinking through meditation, for example.   You would want to have the experiences of denser energies so that you could learn and make the decision not to attract those kinds of lower vibrations.

 Symmetry throughout the dimensions means that the laws of attraction on the Third Dimension, do exist on the Fifth Dimension.   There are other, interesting symmetrical relationships between all of the dimensions.  Therefore, these other dimensions are not that different from your experiences on the third dimension.  .  Your experience on the Third Dimension will be of great assistance when you enter into the Fifth Dimension.   You will be thankful that you have had these experiences, and have gone through the different trials and tribulations of attractions and rejections of energy. 
One of the symmetrical aspects of both the Third and Fifth Dimension, has to do with higher consciousness.  Higher or expanded consciousness include the ability to experience unity and to see the unity of all things, and to see the true nature of all reality including the holographic interactions. The  work in each dimension, is now being focused on how consciousness can manifest reality.  Again, we come back to this symmetrical idea.  On the Fifth Dimension, what you think and how you think is manifested immediately.  If you wanted to manifest an Arcturian temple or a special, spiritual group focusing on temple work, then you would immediately have that experience and be with those like-minded starseeds.  I am sure you have noticed there is a big difference on the Third Dimension, and how slower  consciousness is in manifestation.  Like all committed and concerned starseeds, you are interested and involved in planetary healing and planetary balancing.  You engage in exercises, and you are working to manifest a higher consciousness and higher movement towards rebalancing the Earth and bringing fifth dimensional light to this planet.  It is not manifesting as quickly as you want.   I am sure that you are all aware of the resistances to consciousness and how consciousness is involved in manifestation. 
I want to review some important factors in consciousness as it applies to the Earth and the Fifth Dimension.  Historically, and in current affairs, there is an effort to control your consciousness.  This can be seen historically in the twentieth century through the mass movement called Fascism and Nazism.  In both of these cases, the idea was to control the consciousness of people, and therefore, if you can control  what people think and what they are aware of, then you can easily control people, and manipulate them.  There are many  major emphasises in history for controlling the consciousness.  There are many examples now of how governments are using communication tools, such as mass media, to control consciousness.  This occurs through the news outlets, through the promotions on advertisements, and many other aspects of advertising.  The end goal is to control the consciousness.

I know that some of you may immediately say it sounds like you are talking about a conspiracy.   That is there are a group of people behind the scenes who are trying to control  what you think, and if they could control what you think, then they could control what you do.  How do you make the distinction between reality and factual occurrence and fantasy?  This is something that already is part of the mass consciousness, which is the term "fake news."  This implies that you might be perceiving a truth, but people who are trying to control your consciousness can make you doubt what is the reality.  This is being seen now, for example, in the battle over climate control and the polluting of the Earth.  We can say that  denying climate change this is one of the biggest examples of controlling of consciousness.  There is one group that is saying there is nothing to worry about, that this is not real, and everything is normal, and then there is another side of people who are saying that we are in a crisis, and that man is creating the ingredients which are destroying the biosphere. 

The factual part is that the Earth is experiencing  a mass extinction.  There have been five other mass extinctions and some of these mass extinctions, for example, are well known.  The most famous one is the one that occurred approximately sixty five  million years ago when an asteroid hit what is now the Yucatan Peninsula, and directly cause  the end of the dinosaurs.  But that crisis, that mass extinction led to the elevation of the mammals, who then were able to control the planet, and eventually led to the domination of the humans over the planet.  That is a good example of how a crisis that seemingly is leading to the destruction of an  entire species  makes room for the emergence of other higher beings, who are  now controlling the environment.  If it had not been for the asteroid hitting the planet, then the mammals, in particular humans, would not have been able to emerge and successfully propagate on the planet.

It is important to note that there have been five other mass extinctions beside this one, and each one had different characteristics.  There was one mass extinction two hundred and fifty million years ago and that one was in part, weather induced by ice.  There are climate cycles which lead to extreme conditions and lead to mass extinctions.  This means that the Earth knows and has the experience of mass extinction.  There are similarities, and we could even say symmetrical similarities between each mass extinction.  The symmetrical similarity is that each mass extinctions usually result in a harsh environment in which living species can no longer survive due to harshness of the climate.  Now, the harshness could be because of ice, or volcanic eruptions where  chemicals from the volcanic ash  destroy all living plants and animals. 
Now there is great resistance on this planet to this consciousness of the sixth mass extinction.  There are many reasons why there is this resistance.   This could include greed and desire for maintaining control of resources for personal gain.  But the important thing in our planetary work is that there is a great need to change consciousness, so that there is an opening and a more realistic perception of the danger of this mass extinction.  Because this mass extinction is different than other mass extinctions.  This sixth mass extinction is different because it is being caused by one species, namely Man.   Never before has a mass extinction been caused by one species.   The dinosaurs did not cause their own demise.  Remember, it was an external force, and in the other mass extinctions it was Earth events, Earth changes that cause the mass extinction.  . Humanity is causing this mass extinction, and this type of effect by humanity can actually kill the entire biosphere, which would mean that there would not be further life coming back for millions of years, if even longer.

When we look at the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, we can say that ten percent of the life forms survived the effects of the asteroid.  But in this mass extinction that has been caused by humanity, there might be less than ten percent who survive.  It could be only one percent for example, and that would mean a slower recovery.  You, as starseeds, want to prevent this, and you are working to help preserve the planet and the biosphere to the best of your ability.  The question that we are continually posing is how can a small group of starseeds change the consciousness of the planet so people will act differently, and will respond in an appropriate way to this crisis and to this danger. 
To answer this question, I want to again look at the nature of consciousness.  I want to say that everyone may know that consciousness is, and you know when you have consciousness, but it is extremely difficult to define.  It is not a "measurable" phenomenon.  There is no weight to consciousness, there is no external force that you can measure.   The only thing you can say is that people say that they have the consciousness.  The second thing is that the consciousness is the one factor that distinguishes man from the other animals.  The other animals have a small degree of consciousness, but not the heightened consciousness that humanity has.  And the next thing I want to say about consciousness is that there are events that seem to move and bring the world together in consciousness in a moment.   For example, the 9/11 event in the United States which was a terrible tragedy,  did bring a unique, very powerful unity consciousness for a short time.  Unfortunately, that consciousness was not used correctly and led to much further war and destruction instead of unity of brotherhood and sisterhood energy.

There are other examples of the unity of consciousness or unifying humanity's consciousness.   One of the goals of the planetary healers  is to bring forth a unity of consciousness that would also manifest the change of planetary balance and planetary healing.  Mass sports events, such as the super bowl, or the world soccer cup, brings forth a unity consciousness where everyone, is focusing on this one event.  But this is not an example of consciousness that is being used for planetary benefit.  Finally, and most interestingly, there  is the charismatic leader who seems to be able to bring forth a focus on consciousness, and that focus is often described as being  messianic.  There have been claims of a false prophet arising on the Earth who will  attract people  and be able to bring many people together. Fascism is also usually dependent upon a charismatic figure who is able to mold the consciousness of people, but then the leader will  use their charisma  for personal evil.  So, there is the hope among our work that a mystical or charismatic event or person can arise that will unify humanity's consciousness. One of those possible events has been described as a "first contact" with a higher dimensional being.  
First contact with a higher dimensional being is an example that is used  for healing the Earth.  The idea is that an Arcturian or a Pleiadien or  other, higher being would make themselves known on the Earth, and by making themselves known, they would immediately be able to unify the consciousness of the world.  There have been several movies dealing with this theme of the first contact.  One of the most notable movies was "The Day the Earth stood still."  In this movie,  a higher being comes to Earth  and tires to get humanity to change their ways and as a warning  sign, he stops the rotation of the Earth and everything becomes immobile for a short period of time.  There was an  unified awareness,  and  consciousness created by that interference in the Earths rotation. . But even in this movie, it was never shown how this was going to manifest a change in humanity. 
There is a resistance to changing consciousness.   You, as starseeds and planetary healers, have run into this resistance, and I compare this attempt to change consciousness to the attempt of religious conversion.   Some religious people are working to proselytize or to change your religious beliefs.  I think that many of you might have had the experience of someone knocking on your door and then trying to convince you to change your religious consciousness and join their religious following, because they hold the truth.  Now this is problematic, but it also demonstrates some  important points.  The first point is that there are people who are working to change your consciousness .  Secondly,  you can resist those trying to change your consciousness.  It is wise to resist such changes, because the type of consciousness that people who are trying to change your religious beliefs may be more rigid, it may be more dense, and it would not be appropriate for you.

But this example  is demonstrating that there is a resistance to you changing your consciousness to a lower level.  Surprisingly, there also is a resistance throughout the whole planet for people to change their consciousness to a higher level.  The resistance to going to a lower level of course is beneficial because you do not want to lower your consciousness.  You might have personally experienced people coming into a room where people of a lower consciousness are, and you might decide to leave the room because you do not want to be around people of lower energy.  But at the same time, think about this: People of lower energy also have a resistance to higher energy,   One of the spiritual laws  of balance of consciousness is this: That if you have a higher energy and a lower energy enters, that lower energy will either come up to the higher  level, or the lower level  will bring you  down to their level. 

I know that you have some experiences in your personal relationships in dealing with the balance of consciousness experience.  Of course option is to disengage, or   not be involved in this type of interaction.  However, this  disengagement may work in terms of trying to change  planetary consciousness.   One of the keys to planetary change is  working with the resistance that people have to changing their consciousness.  Unfortunately, we are now seeing a historical polarization on this planet.  What happens in a polarization is that each side becomes more encamped and more resisting the other side.  And this is not good news because some polarizations lead to wars and to external conflicts.  There is a prediction that the events coming in 2020 that the polarizations are going to lead to more dissent and more conflict.  This is being played out now on a mini basis in Hong Kong where you see that neither side wants to listen to the other side, and you might even say both sides have some valid points.  But that is not really the issue.  The issue is polarization is leading to resistances and changes in thinking. 
I want to make a new proposal about how to work on changing  planetary consciousness more effectively, and the proposal is this:  We need to work together to activate starseeds.  The goal of changing consciousness may not work if we are to try and change those who are already polarized and who are already denying the gravity of the situation.  How many times have you confronted  people who are "climate deniers" or who are denying the sixth mass extinction and the planetary crisis? How many times have you seen those people who deny that there is a planetary crisis change their mind and say:" Oh, you are right, the Arcturians are right, this planet is in danger?  I am ready to accept unity consciousness and holographic energy, and I am ready to become a planetary healer."  How many times has that occurred?   I would guess conservatively it rarely occurs, especially when you consider the resistance to changing planetary consciousness is becoming stronger among those who are already polarized. .  Remember, there is resistance to higher consciousness, just like you have a resistance to lower consciousness.  You want to place and do your energies in a way that will have the most positive affect towards planetary healing.   I am therefore suggesting that the way to manifest the planetary healing experience on a mass level is through working to activate unawakened starseeds, and in particular, activating unawakened  young starseeds.  We will work on n activation  meditation during this lecture . 
Why is an  activation necessary ?  What is the activation of starseeds about?  There are many starseeds on this planet,  but many of them are sleeping.  Many of them have not come into their awarenesses.  Some of them are on drugs, some of them are living in repressed societies in the Middle East or in Africa or Russia, or even in the United States and even in Australia or New Zealand.  There are starseeds who are repressed in their consciousness, and to activate them would mean that you are going to awaken what is already in them, that is to say the seed of higher consciousness is within them and it needs to be awakened, and it needs to be nurtured.  Let me say that the nurturing of the awakening starseed can be accomplished. 
What is a starseed?  What does it mean to be starseed?  The traditional definition of a starseed is that it is a man and or a woman who has had a lifetime on another planet and traditionally and typically, the starseeds have been on higher planets such as the Pleiades or Arcturus or maybe on one of the higher Sirian planets or in the Andromeda Galaxy or on Antares.   Some of the starseeds incarnated onto the Earth.  We have noticed that some of these starseeds have also seen this planetary drama on other parts of the galaxy that is now occurring on the Earth.  There have been planets that were destroyed within our galaxy who  could not resolve this polarization and ended in self-destruction.  This is a danger on the Earth at this time of self destruction.

I want to expand the concept of the starseeds to also include people who have had higher consciousness in lifetimes on the Earth, and who  have interacted with higher beings, such as beings from other planetary systems on the Earth.  I want to expand that definition so that you could understand that there are starseeds who are of higher consciousness, but who have  stayed on the Earth and have reincarnated on the Earth.   Fortunately, they have had extradimensional experiences on the Earth in previous lifetimes .  In some cases, these starseeds were instructed by the higher dimensional beings or the Extraterrestrial beings. They were traveling  to the shipsof these star beings and in some cases they were even transported back to the other planets where the visitors came from.   They had extensive instructions and education in the nature of the galaxy and the nature of Galactic anthropology and the history of planetary development.  Therefore, they have  a huge connection to these higher beings.   Many many of these sleeping starseeds, those who are not awake but need to be activated, also fall into this category.   We want to activate them.   We want to awaken them and have them contribute now to the planetary consciousness from their experiences,  They also can contribute  their thought power to the new planetary consciousness. 
There is one other discussion I wanted to offer before we do our meditation, and that is the idea of the hundredth monkey effect.  If you remember, this was a theoretical experiment in which an anthropologist was teaching one monkey how to wash his food, and after he taught a hundred monkeys the same technique,  then miraculously all the monkeys which were estimated at five thousand, learned how to wash their food.   They learned how to wash their food without the instruction that was given to the first one hundred monkeys.  In this theoretical experiment, there was a manifested, measurable event from consciousness, and that measurable event was how can the monkeys wash their food .   We would measure the success of the experiment by the fact that all of the monkeys manifested that ability to wash their food.  Consciousness is not easily measurable.  However,  let us  take this example of the hundredth monkey experiment and apply it to consciousness.  We have said if there are sixteen hundred powerful Arcturian starseeds meditating and thinking and doing specific exercises, then those sixteen hundred would activate the  hundredth monkey effect.  This  would activate thousands, if not more, starseeds towards an awakening and towards a movement for planetary change.  The measurement of the effect of the meditations of  sixteen hundred Arcturian starseeds is more difficult because there is not anything to measure, because there is not an observable event to measure.  The only measurement would be that you would see more planetary healers, you would see more people participating in our exercises with you.  There would be more people supporting the climate problems, and there would be more people writing about it in the newspapers and the media.  There would be more protests and more signs, and the traditional things that you see that are being used now to control consciousness.  There would be more successful efforts by those who are awakening.
Let us begin the mediation to activate unawakened starseeds.  We are gathered today to bring our consciousness together, and we are gathered today to focus our energy on activating those starseeds who are sleeping or those starseeds who are repressed.   They need to be awakened.  I am now going to lead a meditation again for this important process. 
Take three deep breaths.  Feel the unity with the Arcturians and the Arcturian Brotherhood and Sisterhood energy.  This is a healing energy and it is an energy that also gives you greater thought power and  abilities to activate change throughout this planet.  Feel and allow your spirit body to rise out of your physical body. Allow your spirit body to rise out of the physical body and then let it  go upwards to the top of the room, and then upwards to the great halo around the Earth known as the Ring of Ascension.  You are now in this wonderful, physical Ring of Ascension, and remember that the ascension is also considered a planetary event that will create an awakening of consciousness.  You are now sitting in a huge circle in the Ring of Ascension around the Earth.  This Ring of Ascension has the energy of ascension in it, and you are feeling the wonderful light of ascension.  (Tones.) Let the light of ascension fill your spirit body, bringing you heightened, expanded consciousness and  a great feeling of healing and a wonderful feeling of well-being, and a great feeling of connecting to all of the Arcturian starseeds in our group.  As you look around, you notice that this Ring of Ascension is a huge ring, and you and I and the other starseeds who are meditating with us in this exercise only make up a small proportion of available space within the Ring.   There is room for many more starseeds from the Earth.  I, Juliano, send out the calling from the Ring of Ascension to all starseeds who need to be awakened, to come and join us in the Ring of Ascension.  All  unawakened starseeds, come and join us now in the Ring of Ascension.  This is the affirmation: Unawakened starseeds, come and join us now in the Ring of Ascension.  Please meditate on that powerful affirmation.  We will go into silence.

Unawakened starseeds, please join us now in the Ring of Ascension.  An activation energy is being emitted by this powerful Ring of Ascension.   Remember that the ascended masters are with us in the Ring of Ascension.  There is a symmetry between the ascended masters and the Earth beings, and the ascended masters want to activate the unawakened starseeds.  (Tones.)  The calling is going out, the energy is being sent to all the unawakened starseeds to awaken and to activate.  You are needed now, unawakened starseeds.  Come together and join in this movement for bringing higher consciousness to planet Earth.  We will go into silence.
As you are meditating, feel the healing light coming from this Ring of Ascension.  It is purifying your body on all levels, it is increasing the arcan power of the thoughts, the effectiveness of the thoughts, and the power of your thoughts to manifest on the Third Dimension.  You are unique in your abilities, because you are living on the Third Dimension, and you are open to your multidimensional light.  (Tones.) And so this activation shall be. The power of the calling has gone out.  Now slowly begin the descent back into your physical body, leaving the Ring of Ascension, knowing you can return anytime you need to.   Coming back into the room at a position six feet above your physical body, and enter now your physical body in perfect alignment, bringing the light of the Ring of Ascension into your physical body.  (Tones.)  It is a great service you are doing, to help in the awakening of the unawakened starseeds.  I am Juliano, good day. 
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

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OCTOBER 20, 2019
Dear readers, once again we come to you with great love and respect especially during these times when so many are experiencing chaos and seeming loss--the birth pains of bringing forth a new earth, new collective consciousness, and more evolved humans. Be not afraid or doubtful based on what you see but know that mankind is well into the evolutionary changes that have been unconsciously desired and sought throughout time.
Once an individual attains some measure of spiritual awareness, they are never forced to incarnate. You chose to be on earth at this time. Many wanted to be here during these times but were not permitted because their Light was not yet of a sufficient level to assist in earth's ascension process.
You who read and understand these messages are here to serve the Light as examples and teachers. This does not mean that in order to do this you must first become a spiritual guru, channel, or teacher in the ordinary limited sense of these titles. You become these things and much more as you begin to secretly and silently align with Truth in each now moment while going about your ordinary daily activities.
The three dimensional belief system based in duality and separation has created gods, saints, and royalty. It has taught for eons and still teaches that some individuals, as well as a nebulous male god in the sky are better than you and must be looked up to and even worshipped. In reality, these designations simply represent facets of separation, the belief that those who have attained some "man ordained" qualification either by birth or experience are more valuable, wise, loveable, and "holy" than everyone else.
A "saint" is nothing more than a person who has fulfilled certain three dimensional concepts of spirituality. Many of those declared saints were not awake to real spiritual truth. Because you are creators, a person who spends 24/7 thinking about and concentrating on the stigmata, or some concept of a God experience will easily create it for themselves.
This is why it is important to let go of all concepts regarding what spirituality must look like in order to be authentic. Allow your personal evolutionary process to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self knows what is right for you and when, which may be totally different than someone else's experience.
Three dimensional titles mean nothing in the larger scheme of things because even though there is individuality, all life is in and of the ONE and only life. This does not mean that you cannot give honor and respect where it is deserved, but to worship and seek to emulate some saint, famous person, or three dimensional concept of God at the expense of one's own divine nature is idolatry.
Most souls do not incarnate for the purpose of becoming famous or to attain that which will make them valuable, loveable, or important to others according to three dimensional standards. However, most incarnating souls forget and lose sight of their purpose when entering into the denser energies of earth.
There is nothing un-spiritual about pursuing a career or activity that results in fame and glory. Often a person is drawn to some activity and is very good at it because they have done it in other lifetimes. Professional perfection or fame of some sort may well be the necessary component to one's chosen Light work--a way to show others that a person can be famous, rich, or physically beautiful while living a high level of spiritual awareness.
Those in positions of authority or fame of some sort have great responsibility because they are looked to as examples by those who as of yet have not realized their own uniqueness and thus often imitate them. The only spiritual error of any life choice is in using it solely for service to self and in looking to it rather than within, for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual validation.
Make these times a time for rejoicing rather than suffering, for prison walls are coming down and allowing those inside to wake up and begin experiencing the realities of their already perfect consciousness while the prison masters scurry about pulling out all stops in a futile effort to maintain the status quo.
We wish to speak of compassion and how it is not always seen in its truest form. Compassion is a state of consciousness able to understand, accept, and unconditionally love without becoming an enabler or doormat. Many still falsely believe that in order to be a loving or spiritual person they must just allow what another does to them physically, mentally, or emotionally.
Compassion never denies a situation but rather sees through it to its underlying components while at the same time taking whatever human steps are necessary and understandable for self and the other. No matter how well intended, giving words of truth to someone who has not yet attained a consciousness that is able to to align with them is folly.
This is why the practice of proselytizing or forcing one's beliefs no matter how true on another represents a false sense of ego--the belief that only the proselytizer has the right answers and everyone else is wrong.
Proselytizing can be harmful in many ways. It creates guilt, false beliefs, and often the loss of a person's already present spiritual foundation (frequently more evolved than what is being taught). Every evolving soul eventually attains a state of consciousness in which the beliefs of others no longer have the power to cause doubt or questioning.
Compassion does not align with another's low resonating energy as sympathy does. It is very important for those who work professionally in medicine, psychology, law, social work etc. to understand the difference between compassion and sympathy. Those in these fields of work are exposed every day to dense frequencies of sadness, pain, suffering, and victim consciousness.
When you work with others from the level of sympathy--"I feel your pain" rather than from compassion-- "I recognize your pain" you align with the other's lower resonating energy which then feeds from yours leaving you feeling tired, drained, and unable to provide understandable but high level solutions that can help the person's situation.
Even if this is not your professional work, most of you are finding others being increasingly drawn to you confiding their pain, problems, and sad stories. This is happening because as a person becomes more spiritually evolved their energy field broadcasts more Light and because everyone consciously and unconsciously seeks Light, those with little of their own are drawn to yours.
This happens for those in physical body as well as those on the other side which is why it is important to keep your energy levels high and filled with Light at all times. You can ask your Guides to help you with this and when you feel yourself slipping into density, stop and center while visualizing yourself in golden/white Light. Lower resonating energy cannot enter in to the higher, but the higher can allow itself to slip into the lower.
Allow your Lightwork to be wherever you are--to come to you. There is no need to seek it out. It may be as ordinary as someone in a grocery line that you intuitively know is in need silent spiritual recognition. A teacher may be intuitively guided to a troubled student needing someone to talk with. It could be a friend or relative that is receptive and desirous of learning more about the spiritual truth you know.
When you live from compassion, you live at a higher level of awareness in which others if ready and receptive, can be lifted higher. This is how true healing takes place but it is then up to the other to keep themselves in that state of higher awareness. Your job is never to carry another indefinitely out of a false sense of love, that is enabling not love and may be taking away their chosen lesson.
As earth energy becomes increasingly high and intense, more will find their way to you at work, home, in a crowd, or at a party--wherever-- for help of some sort. This is why you chose to be on earth at this time and this is how concepts of duality and separation will dissolve into the nothingness that they are.
Be in the world as fully as you desire or are guided to be, but be not of it.
We are the Arcturian Group 10/20/19


Thursday, October 17, 2019


You Matter ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are the ones in your lives who bring you the most, in terms of how much energy and information that we provide to you, and yet we still want you all to be listening to your own hearts. We still desire for you to be more independent and to get more from within you. This is a co-creative effort. We do our part, but we also want you all to recognize that you are the ones creating your reality, and you are also the ones who determine whether what we give you resonates or not. You get to decide whether you receive our energetic transmissions, and you get to decide whether you tune in to any of these transmissions.
You are in the driver’s seat, and we will continue to give, and give, and give some more, regardless of whether anyone receives us there on Earth. You see, we understand that we affect your collective consciousness, because you are a part of a universal consciousness, as well as the human collective consciousness. You are also a part of the galactic collective consciousness, and so are we.
So we will continue to give and to watch over you, because we know that we have an impact on you, even when you’re not paying any attention to us. We invite you to do the same in regards to the rest of your fellow humans there on Earth. Even if you write a book and no one ever reads it besides you, that energy has been put down now on paper or is sitting in a computer, and it has an impact on the human collective consciousness. It has an impact on the universal consciousness.
You must begin to see yourselves in this way, because otherwise you will stop contributing. If your book doesn’t get published by a major publisher, or any publisher, then you might stop writing. But if you recognize that you are still making an impact and reaching the entire human collective, then you will quite possibly continue writing. It does not matter how many views your video gets. It matters that you make it. It matters because you have an impact on the human collective, the galactic collective, and the universal collective with everything that you put out.
Every word you speak, every thought you think, and every intention you hold impacts the whole. That’s what we are seeking to do here with these transmissions, and we invite you to join us and become a part of this co-creative dance. Together, we can bring about a peaceful, joyous, easy transition for all of the consciousness in the entire universe. We can do that because we are all creating our realities. And if that is the reality you want to experience, then join us in what we are doing here.
We are spreading light and love. We are spreading positivity and hope, and we know that you can do the same. We know that if you resonate with us and our agenda, then in all likelihood you are doing the same. And we are grateful for your contributions because we like having a ground crew there in the physical realm. But even if we didn’t, we would still do what we do.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Monday, October 14, 2019


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OCTOBER 6, 2019
Welcome dear readers.
You the awakened ones, are rapidly shifting into new levels of awareness while others previously unaware or uninterested in truth become more receptive to examining universal beliefs that effect everyone's life.
You who already know who and what you are, are leading the way. You are the light for those ready for more, but who remain unaware of exactly what it is they seek. You need not actively protest or engage in outer actions unless guided. Your work as way showers is to hold the Light of truth within at all times carrying it with you into whatever situations you may experience or become aware of.
The Light of an awakened consciousness automatically flows without conscious thought in and as forms of love accompanying every word and action. It may simply be the act of petting a dog, or offering words of comfort to another, but is often simply bearing silent witness to truth when in the midst of or observing discord.
You no longer need to be actively involved in third dimensional discord. Avoid intense watching and listening to the news or gossip. Be aware of what is going on, but do not immerse yourself in it. When you feed consciousness with negativity and problems you align with the energy of them which then begin to manifest as judgement, criticism, and other creations in and of the three dimensional belief system--all the things that you have been working to clear.
Everything is energy and because there is only ONE energy, whatever you energetically align with you automatically draw to you because everything is always seeking Oneness--law of attraction. Those who attain a high level of spiritual consciousness discover that their lives become increasingly harmonious on all levels because their consciousness of Oneness begins to automatically express the harmony, balance, safety, abundance, and completeness etc. embodied within it.
However, it often happens that an individual will choose to accept and attain a consciousness of Oneness, but exclude one or more Divine qualities from that Oneness. Example; "I am whole and complete in every way, but I never have enough money." Remember, consciousness is always expressing itself and as long as any false belief is a part of one's consciousness, it will continue to manifest.
An attained consciousness of Divine harmony and wholeness will manifest outwardly in ordinary and practical ways. Example; Being drawn to a particular ad in the phone book or notice on a board for a needed service or a friend recommending a business or a product that is perfect for a project you want to do. If you allow your intuition to guide you, your consciousness of wholeness and harmony will draw to you the right attorney, doctor, plumber, etc., those in alignment with you.
Mind interprets an evolved state of consciousness in practical every day forms a person can relate to. Spiritual living is very practical, much more so than living from the creations of duality and separation which will always manifest in forms of both good and bad.
We wish to speak of remorse. Remorse is the act of passing negative judgement on self with regard to past action or actions from the perspective of a different, often higher awareness than that which was in place at the time of the action or actions. Remorse is an illusion created from energies of separation belief and never has or ever can reflect the reality of any individual.
Many of you are experiencing remorse and guilt as you re-examine your lives in the light of higher awareness. All actions and decisions reflect the attained level of consciousness present at the time of the action. Know that anything you did in the past now causing remorse was simply reflective of an earlier state of consciousness. If you hadn't evolved beyond it, you wouldn't even be questioning the past action, you would simply consider it to be right.
Evolution involves the clearing of no longer relevant energies of a lower resonance. Higher frequencies of Light expose old energies still active in cellular memory causing them to surface on one or more levels (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). This allows you to become aware of the particular belief underlying some negative past action. Use this insight to examine, replace the belief with truth, release it, and move on without further indulgence in guilt and remorse. This is how the clearing process works.
A person is only capable of living from their attained level of consciousness. Many pretend to have a evolved state of consciousness, but sooner or later the reality will express and expose itself. An example of this is the rampant psychological, sexual, and physical abuse of women and children that has taken place in organizations through individuals that promote themselves as being in spiritual and loving service.
Remorse reflects the belief that one has failed, done something unforgivable, and is thus not worthy of love. Consciously or unconsciously believing self to be unlovable is the driving force behind the actions of those who act out in violent ways. The energetic resonance of this belief is unknowingly carried from lifetime to lifetime in the cellular memory of an individual until cleared.
Remorse can lock an individual into the belief that they are not worthy of happiness or love, and because everyone is a creator, they continue to create situations that reinforce this false belief. They welcome hardship and emotional suffering, even seeking it because they believe that they deserve it.
Many project their hatred of self on to others as a means of relief-- "I will show them I am strong. I will make them respect (fear) me." Others use drugs or alcohol to ease the inner pain of feeling intense separation. The soul is always seeking oneness but most as of yet do not understand this.
This state of consciousness creates a vicious circle of three dimensional experiences that will continue as long as energetically fed. Programs that foster self esteem both in or out of prisons serve to begin healing the broken hearts of many who commit violent crimes. An excellent example is prison programs that pair homeless dogs needing love and training with prisoners. The resulting partnership is often the very first time a prisoner has ever expressed or felt love.
If or when guilt surfaces, remember that every person has guides, teachers, and incarnates with a contract that they themselves wrote about what they were choosing to experience and learn. Your actions may very well have been a part of some karmic or learning process needed by both. Negative past actions never hurt or effect the reality of the other, but do effect you.
On a practical level, you can apologize whether the person is on this side of the veil or the other. Send Light and see their Light through consciously acknowledging the Divinity of the person or persons involved including self. Be intuitively guided as to what if any, actions are needed. You may be guided to simply do nothing on an outer level, but to do much on the inner.
Learning to love self comes through knowing that self is SELF. A consciousness of Oneness can never be attained if self is left out of the ONE. It is easy to hate self when one's belief system is based in three dimensional concepts of how one must look, be, or act in order to be acceptable or loveable. This is simply old programing that you have long ago moved beyond. Allow all remaining remnants of it to dissolve into the nothingness that it is.
Choosing to spiritually evolve on earth in three dimensional energy allows for a difficult but intensely valuable evolutionary process. Begin to understand that in reality there are no accidents, mistakes, or victims especially during these powerful times of energetic ascension. Recognize and acknowledge the spiritual ideas that underlay everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.
This is how you learn to see beyond appearances and is why you chose and were allowed to be on earth at this time.
With love, respect, and recognition...
We are the Arcturian Group 10/6/19