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empire trail
APRIL 27,20
We are the Arcturian group and we are here to assist those of earth in their ascension into the higher frequencies of love and light...frequencies that many do not yet even know exist. Many still live lives enmeshed in unawareness, hypnotized by the pictures presented within third dimensional vibration because a "veil of forgetfulness" is in place on earth. Mankind is struggling to remember who they are while in the density of believing they are separate and apart from each other as well as their God...or if even there is such a thing as God.
Fear not dear ones, for you are always loved and protected even when it may seem that you are not, even a child must be allowed to fall and skin his knee at times. Your Divinity is your protection as you can never be separate from who and what you are regardless of how many millions of years it may take. No person, experience, or belief can ever separate you from what you are. This realization is your protection and support in all things and will deflate every balloon of nothingness you may face.
Always remember that the physically and emotionally painful experiences you encounter are life lessons set up by you with the help of your spiritual Guides and teachers before entering into this particular incarnation. As an individual evolves the harsher life experiences begin to lessen for he is now manifesting from a higher state of consciousness and can learn in easier ways.
Always know that the intense, painful clearings many of you are experiencing right now are positive things, graduations--signs that the soul is now evolved enough to recognize and clear energies long kept deeply buried. Now is about letting go of the past and learning to love and honor all facets of self in the journey to knowing SELF.
There are those that read metaphysical books, go to classes, and spend a great deal of time talking about metaphysics and mystical truth but then continue to live their lives as they always have. Truth must be lived. It must be practiced with every experience of daily living no matter how mundane, until it becomes your state of consciousness at which time living it becomes automatic and will be who you are. Truth is not just an interesting theory to be discussed, compared and then dismissed, the time for discussion is over.
Truth cannot be discussed in general groups because every individual is living out from their attained state of consciousness and groups will always have those without "ears to hear", who simply want to argue. Truth is never to be argued or imposed on another. This does not mean that you should not share with those on your level of awareness, but in general the spiritual journey is a silent, secret, and very sacred one--a living, moving, and having one's being in Oneness.
Change comes in the outer world as mankind's' inner world evolves. An example of this can be seen in changes now taking place with regard to animal cruelty and other issues heretofore considered unimportant. What you observe is what the consciousness of mankind globally and individually creates. There are no victims. War, cruelty, dishonesty, power struggles etc. etc. are the manifestations of separation/duality consciousness. Us versus them...all so unnecessary in light of the fact that all is ONE and that ONE does not embody ideas of discord. The war lesson is one that many are painfully learning right now.
Mankind is ready to create a new world by pulling back from and releasing all that is old and finished, fearlessly embracing new and higher concepts of oneness.
We wish to speak of the healing energy of love. Love is the activity/interconnectedness energy of the One manifesting ITSELF as the many. As this truth becomes your attained state of consciousness, it automatically aligns you with the higher frequencies...displacing the dense and heavy false vibrations of duality and separation which have no law to hold them in place. Since complete and harmonious Divine Consciousness is the true essence of every individual, the more aligned with truth you become, the more the outer will begin to reflect it...physically, emotionally, and mentally.
This is the work, this is the journey. Truth begins simply as mental knowledge but must be practiced and lived until it becomes your state of consciousness at which time it then begins to appear outwardly as what is, ideas, companionship, home etc.
Meditation is the best healing and beauty treatment you can give yourselves because in meditation you are resting in the higher resonating and harmonious frequencies of Oneness.
Most of mankind is ready to stop seeking outwardly in the realization that the substance of everything lies within. Understand that these words are not simply a nice quote from some mystical poet. Learn to never again seek your good in the outer for all that you will ever need is forever and permanently already embodied within the Consciousness that you are. When you understand this but then continue to seek your good from the world, you create a spiritual gap between your sense of self and your real self.
Once an individual attains the realization of Oneness, the outer experiences of will begin to reflect joy , health, happiness, and fulfillment which the world will see as healing. Outer change can only manifest after the state of consciousness is attained because the substance of all things is consciousness...not someone else's consciousness--yours. A healer working on a high level of awareness may temporarily lift a person's energy, but unless the individual himself keeps it there, his issues will return, re-created by his own state of consciousness.
You say what does this mean, how can everything I need be, house, job? Divine consciousness (which is what you are), embodies every spiritual idea. These spiritual ideas in turn manifest outwardly in the forms you can understand and appreciate. A car is the material sense of Omnipresence. A home is the material sense of consciousness--I live and move and have my being always in Consciousness. The person who loves the solitary life, will not suddenly manifest a partner because that would not represent completeness for him. Music, art, medicine, science, ideas and inventions of every form and variety can and will flow from the infinite Source within if the door is opened. Divine Consciousness--your consciousness, is Self sustained and Self maintained and is ever complete and manifesting Itself. How you see these manifestations is determined by your awake or unawake state of consciousness.
Begin to claim your birthright, recognize and manifest it. Your good is not going to fall down from the heavens the minute you go to church, say the right prayer words, or do a good deed. It can only manifest the higher and better forms as you realize you already are it.
This is the lesson and the time is now.
We are the Arcturian Group 4/27/14

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Archangel Metatron via Anna Merkaba: Solar Eclipse April 29 – Change, Power, Manifestation

solareclipseArchangel Metatron: Solar Eclipse April 29 – Change, Power, Manifestation, channeled by Anna Merkaba, April 24, 2014 at

Dearly Beloved Children of Light. The atmospheric pressure of the solar eclipse arriving shortly in your daily reality has created the energetic field of powerful vibrations which shall affect the psyche of many.

The outpouring of the universal decrees shall continue to be in effect, in turn affecting all the souls residing on planet earth. And as such the energies of tension and misunderstanding shall ensue at this moment in time. Bear in mind dearly beloved children of light and love, that as you move throughout your daily tasks you may be faced with adversaries, you may be faced with challenges and misconstructions of your ideas. 

Understand that within the seeming challenges of your daily reality you shall encounter great opportunities for growth and expansion of your psyche. The ones that you are seemingly to be in the argumentative states with shall in fact be the bringers of new awareness into your reality and you into theirs.

For the light that you shall outpour to all who your way comes, shall cleanse the reality of the past and instill a reality of the present into the psyche of their being.

Nonetheless, pay close attention to the information that you shall be receiving from your seeming “Adversaries” for within their agenda will be hidden the key to your own growth and expansion of consciousness. For as you reject their ideas that you are not resonating with, you shall open up your vortex of understanding further still, and the answers and comprehension and confirmation of that which you shall feel from within, shall present evidence of such feelings from without.

Pay attention to your surroundings, and your news, for you are about to see an explosion of truth being revealed to you daily about humanity’s past, present and future. For through the archeological advances, much will be unearthed. For within the governmental structures of your society will be those that will step forward to reveal more truth of the workings of the system which has been instituted on your earth eons prior. For within the structure of your physicality much shall ensue, unfold and change. Be prepared dearly beloveds for the change is upon you. The theme of the times that are coming to you is CHANGE.

Understand that seeming setbacks are in actuality a way to propel you faster towards your desired outcomes. For the road blocks shall act as guiding posts to showcase to you that which you shall not continue to do, prompting you to look for alternative ways of “getting things done”.

Throughout the coming weeks and months your primary goals shall shift focus on the abundance of planet earth. For many of you shall indeed generate the energies necessary to propel you much faster and further than you have deemed possible. For the reality that you are experiencing is melting away and a new reality of lightning fast manifestation is approaching.

Pay attention to your thought processes and focus your attention on that which you WISH to manifest into your reality, be mindful of that which you wish not to come to pass, for all that you put your energy towards shall appear within your vicinity.
And so, and thus, stay in the light and stay in the balance, welcoming the various scenarios and opportunities unfolding before you, welcoming each moment with dignity and grace.

Gratitude shall play a very important role in the weeks to come. For that which you shall be grateful for, shall multiply tri fold. For the energies of gratitude shall open a vortex of love and light and abundance within your sphere and propel you in the direction of your dreams.

Understand that you are the ones in control of your reality. Understand that you have the perfect opportunities to utilize the newly found energies entering GAIA at present moment in time.

Know that we are standing by you ready to lend you a helping hand, walking with you foot in foot and hand in hand. Call upon us whenever you wish. Know that you are supported by the universe and all that is.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Personal Note: I channeled some information from AA Metatron previously on HOW to MANIFEST things into your reality. Please click here to read this article.


Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence so let your rational mind be at ease. But first … how is this even possible?

Human Thought Determines Reality

One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality. Early in the 1900′s they proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt with an experiment called the double slit experiment. They found that the determining factor of the behavior of energy (‘particles’) at the quantum level is the awareness of the observer.
For example: electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and then at other times they would switch to acting like waves (formless energy), because it was completely dependent on what the observer expected was going to happen. Whatever the observed believed would occur is what the quantum field did.
The quantum world is waiting for us to make a decision so that it knows how to behave. That is why quantum physicists have such difficulties in dealing with, explaining, and defining the quantum world. We are truly, in every sense of the word, masters of creation because we decide what manifests out of the field of all-possibility and into form.
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The thing is, the quantum level of reality isn’t a local and insignificant aspect of creation. It is all around us, and it is the most fundamental level of creation aside from the unified field itself. The human energy field is interacting and influencing the quantum field all around us at all times and the energy of our beliefs and intentions are infused into our energy field because they are defined by the energy of our thoughts and emotions.
Thus the fusion of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, which I will call the human energy field for simplicity’s sake, is perpetually informing the quantum reality within us and around us at each moment of our existence.
And because reality is flashing in and out of existence (hypothetically at Planck time – 1044 times per second – as explained by The Resonance Project biophysicist William Brown), every time our reality oscillates between form, and the pure energy state of the field, our awareness which is constant and doesn’t flash in and out of existence informs the field what to reappear as when it makes its transition back to form at the quantum level.
Therefore each time we oscillate into formlessness, we have complete and total control and responsibility over what we choose with our attention to manifest out of the field in the next moment, and our power and ability to do so relies entirely on what we believe, and on how we are feeling.
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A dramatic example of this is the case of Vittorio Michelli. In 1962 he was admitted to the Military Hospital of Verona, Italy with a large tumor on his left hip. The doctors knew that they could not help him, so his case was deemed hopeless and he was sent home without treatment, and after about 10 months his left hip bone had completely disintegrated. As a last resort, he traveled to Lourdes, France and bathed himself in the spring there (which is a Christian holy site famous for producing miracles).
Immediately he started feeling better, he regained his appetite, and bathed himself in the spring a few more times before he left. After a few months of being home he felt such a powerful sense of well-being that he urged the doctors to x-ray him again, and they were astonished to find that his tumor had shrunk. Over the next several months they kept a close watch on him, and his X-rays showed that his tumor kept on shrinking, until it was gone. And once his tumor disappeared, his hipbone started regenerating.
After two months he was walking again, and several years later his hip bone had completely regenerated. The Vatican’s Medical Commission, in their official report said:
“A remarkable reconstruction of the iliac bone and cavity has taken place. The X-rays made in 1964, 1965, 1968, and 1969 confirm categorically and without doubt that an unforeseen and even overwhelming bone reconstruction has taken place of a type unknown in the annals of world medicine.” (The Holographic Universe, p.107)
Ordinarily this would be deemed miraculous, and indeed it truly is. But I find this miraculous in the sense of the true power of human intention and belief that it displays. Moreover, this is powerful evidence that suggests that there is an energetic structure which our ‘material bodies’ align with, because that is one of the only logical explanations for how Vittorio Michelli’s hip bone knew exactly which shape to grow back into unless there was some sort of energetic blueprint which was instructing its growth, which as the Vatican’s Medical Commission clearly stated, was “unknown in the annals of world medicine.”
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In medicine, maybe this was unknown, but the same cannot be said for physics. At the atomic level atoms bond with one another to form molecules which have specific geometric structures as if there is an energetic blueprint which they are adhering to which dictates the shapes they maintain together.
If our bodies are a projection of consciousness, then our consciousness would create an energetic blueprint which our atoms and molecules align with to create our bodies. There is highly suggestive evidence of the existence of this energetic blueprint (or human energy field) in the new research on DNA which proves that it transmits, receives, and thus reads energy directly from the field.
Michelli’s case is a perfect example of our human ability to re-organize that vacuum structure with our energy and intentions, and thus manifest what we desire directly out of the field for truly miraculous results. The fact that he started to feel better and started to believe that he was healed is, I suggest, the key to his healing.
Some may want to stick with the belief that God healed this man, and I would agree with you. But you and I would probably disagree on the nature of this God. For I contend that you are god, as are we all, because the force we call God is the energy and infinite consciousness behind creation, and thus when we tap into ourselves as pure consciousness, i.e. without thought through meditation, then we open ourselves to the infinitude of our own awareness because we inseparably are that infinite creative consciousness. We are it and it is us.
And when we open up to that energy, we allow ourselves to be flooded with a “powerful sense of well-being” and knowing which has astounding power to create reality, and directly affects our biology.
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The Body as a Projection of Consciousness

I want you to really internalize the understanding that reality is flashing in and out of form. This is absolutely crucial in understanding our ability to heal, because if half of the time we are formless, then (1) Who are we really, because obviously our bodies and the material world is illusory to a degree; and (2) What is the blueprint which is guiding the rearrangement of our bodies each time we quite literally re-materialize?
The answer to both questions would be consciousness. Our bodies are a holographic projection of our consciousness, and they are the sum total of our beliefs about ourselves. If we can change our beliefs about ourselves, and thus if we can change the energy that defines our human energy field, then we can change the energetic blueprint which our body aligns with as it re-materializes back into form 1044 times per second.
(The exact structure and dynamics of our consciousness which make us both a fractal and holographic expression of this infinite God-consciousness can be found in Nassim Haramein’s Holofractographic Universe theory, and in his work Crossing the Event Horizon.)
Deepak Chopra told a story that illustrates this perfectly in his book, How to Know God. A friend of his injured his foot while working out in a gym because he was unaccustomed to using one of the machines and strained it. The pain in his foot increased over the next few days, and he found it increasingly difficult to walk, so upon “medical examination it was found that he had a common ailment known as planar fasciitis, in which the connecting tissue between the heel and the front of the foot had been stretched or torn.” (How to Know God, p.221)
His friend decided not to have surgery and instead to tough it out, but in time he found it so painful and difficult to walk that he sought out a Chinese Healer in desperation. This Chinese man was ordinary by appearance, and gave “no evidence of being mystical or spiritual, or in any way gifted in healing.” The injured friend of Deepak Chopra continues:
“After gently feeling my foot, he stood up and made a few signs in the air behind my spine. He never actually touched me, and when I asked what he was doing, he simply said he was turning some switches in my energy field. He did this for a minute or so and then asked me to stand up. I did, and there was no sensation of pain, not the slightest. You have to remember that I had limped in, barely able to walk.”
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He continues:
“In complete amazement I asked him what he had done. He told me that the body was an image projected by the mind, and in a state of health the mind keeps this image intact and balanced. However, injury and pain can cause us to withdraw our attention from the affected spot. In that case, the body image starts to deteriorate; its energy patterns become impaired, unhealthy. So the healer restores the correct pattern – this is done instantly, on the spot – after which the patient’s own mind takes responsibility for maintaining it that way.” (How to Know God, p.222)
This story has fascinated and inspired me ever since I heard it. As we have seen, reality is flashing in and out of existence innumerable times every second, oscillating between form and formlessness, and quantum physics knows that our thoughts and beliefs influence the quantum reality which is the source of the material world. Therefore it is only natural to assume an energetic and formless source for all of creation, including our physicality.
I think it is absolutely clear that we must start to consider ourselves as more than a physical body. In truth it is much more coherent to think of ourselves as a luminous energy field organizing ourselves in a body, or as pure consciousness manifesting and temporarily experiencing this level of reality through our bodies. New evidence is clearly illustrating that our mind is non-local and is independent of the brain, which means it doesn’t need the brain, or the body for that matter, to exist.[1]
We are so much more than we think we are, and infinitely more than we have been lead to believe. The next step that we have to take, moreover, the next step in our human evolution now involves us learning how to use and hone this power we have to influence reality and literally manifest anything we want directly out of the field, from a new hip, to perhaps better eyesight, or a fit and healthy body, all the way to a new life.
But how is this done?
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Healing Your Field, Healing Your Body

To heal, all that we need to do is purify our energy so that the energetic projection of our body is unobstructed. Then our atoms and molecules can align perfectly to this structure because there is no energetic interference to disrupt the image of our body as projected by our consciousness.
We do this by getting in the gap between our thoughts, where our beliefs no longer affect our reality, for, when we are not thinking, we are also free of beliefs and expectations. And by doing this we are aligning ourselves with universal principles, and matching our energy with the energies coming directly from the field of all-possibility – those high frequency energies of love, kindness, inspiration, passion, joy, and so on.
The first step is to consider the possibility that we are not only energy, but that there is infinite energy all around us which we can consciously tap into to promote healing in our body and mind, to become a more happy, healthy, vibrant and creative being. As soon as you start to connect to the infinite energy of creation and your own true nature as formless energy, then you start to become aware of these energies in your body which returns the projection of your body to its natural state.
The projection of your body can only be disrupted by a disturbance in your energy field – your consciousness - caused by unbalanced thoughts and emotions, and limiting beliefs. Our luminous energy field is naturally vibrant, and our energy naturally flows unhindered as a powerful stream of consciousness, but the lower levels of consciousness, which we have been conditioned to live in as part of our social indoctrination, disrupt this flow which if left unhindered would express its perfection everywhere.
Another key concept to understand is that your body is always regenerating. In a talk of Deepak Chopra’s that I listened to, he pointed out that atoms do not age. They do not die, and the same atoms that existed at the big bang around 14 billion years ago exist to this day, some of which are even within you.
Every year 98% of the atoms in your body are exchanged for ‘new’ atoms. You are constantly dying, and being reborn, and literally transforming at the atomic and molecular levels. Every three days you have a new stomach lining, every month you have new skin, every three months you have a new skeleton. And every year you have almost an entirely new body (Deepak Chopra from Living Beyond Miracles with Wayne Dyer).
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Deepak Chopra described it beautifully by saying that our atoms “are like migrating birds”. They are not permanent, they are completely independent, and are drifting through space and time and merely being organized into structures such as our bodies by none other than our energy field which organizes them as a magnetic field organizes metal filings, only slightly more complex.
What more proof do we need in order to start looking at our bodies differently, and in general looking at the mechanism of health itself in a new light?
None of the raw materials that form your physical body age, moreover, they are constantly changing. Therefore I ask this of you. Is it really you that is changing? And what is the force that organizes these atoms and molecules back where they are supposed to be, and makes sure that they perfectly and harmoniously continue to do their jobs even while your cells and atoms are migrating by the billions?
Your body is not the real you. Your body is merely a projection of what you believe yourself to be. If you could discover that you are pure consciousness, and that who you really are is an infinite creative awareness that is manifesting reality and co-creating reality with other aspects of yourself (because every being is an expression of the infinite universal consciousness we have labelled as God), then you can start to take complete control over your body, your health, and your life.
Chronic pain, disease, illness, or the old injuries that you have in your body are not actually in your body, they are in your mind. More specifically, they are a function of your perception. Your atoms are always changing, and your molecules are too, but as new atoms come and as new molecules are formed, and as you flash in and out of existence, your energetic field is telling them where to go, what to do, and how to align with one another.
Therefore, you are holding disease, illness, pain, and injuries within your consciousness, and thus, they are imprinted in your energetic field, and only then do they proceed to manifest in your physiology.
If this is the case, then not only is our health completely under our willful control, but the rate at which we age may even be under our control as well. Now I am not suggesting that we can be immortal, because we already are as infinite beings of consciousness. What I am suggesting is that in a time long forgotten, and in the near future, human beings have had and will realize again the ability to live from this field, and live consciously from their nature as luminous beings of pure energy.
At that time human beings will realize that the body is a manifestation of our highest self, and we can not only consciously manifest anything in life, but anything in our bodies as well. And one day we will reach a point where we can continually regenerate our bodies at will because we live from the field of infinite energy, and thus our bodies simply operate at a higher frequency so that we can live in them until our work is completed and we choose to move on.
Fantastic? Yes. But these changes are noticeable within the human body and mind even after a little bit of practice and training, so decide to feel and experience it for yourself, and learn how to meditate. This is what evidence is clearly suggesting and my own experience also indicates to be true. The only hindrance to tapping into this nature of the universe is your own conscious awareness, your level of attention, and your beliefs.
Our ability to heal is directly related to our level of attention and our level of belief. For example we can heal ourselves of any affliction, illness, disease, or injury that is possible so long as we have absolute certainty, a knowing, that we will be healed. This is directly achieved by accessing the most fundamental level of reality through deep meditation.
This is because at the fundamental level of reality, anything is possible, and the restructuring of reality is dictated entirely by our beliefs and expectations. We are pure energy, and there is infinite potential in that energy. It is entirely up to us what we choose to manifest out of the field in our lives and in our bodies.
You have no limitations, and nothing is impossible. It is only your beliefs which dictate what you can and cannot do.
“Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” - St. Augustine

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red heart small

by Selacia   

Feeling edgy and out of sorts, or simply sensing that you're on the edge of your seat about to make your next move?

If you're experiencing either of these states right now, you are in good company. You don't have to look far in any direction to notice people with an anxious disposition. Some of them close to you may be acting out their jittery feelings, too, adding to your own nervousness.

Especially if you are sensitive, you can feel what others are feeling. Sometimes you are aware of this response - other times it may be unconscious. Don't make sensitivity or awareness bad. It's part of being multidimensional to tap into the interconnected world and the collective. This includes people you work with, live with, and interact with in everyday life. 

Energy is energy and it exists whether or not you are consciously aware of it. No matter how hard you try, you cannot divorce yourself from the world and its current energetic shifting that touches everyone around you. Even pets are impacted!

As a reminder of what's going on, here's a recap of this month's energies underlying the edginess, chaos, and intensity.  We now sit between two powerful eclipses in a longstanding transformational cycle building for decades. 

Next Wednesday's Grand Cross Peak

Part of that cycle is the rare cardinal grand cross energy you can feel now before it peaks April 23. Even after that peak, too, is a cycle of releasing and adjusting to the new energies. 

For perspective, what you are feeling is both personal and your tapping into the collective dance of radical shifting involving how Earthly life is lived. It's not just about one day, or one month, but certainly April is an intense time for most people to handle! In my private astrology readings for DNA healing clients, we address the very personal implications of cycles like this. 

These definitely are moments you don't want to sleep through or let slip by unnoticed. Indeed, this cycle has great potential to catalyze just the breakthroughs you have needed to get free of your past and move into a much more promising future!  

From a multidimensional perspective - as I describe in my book Earth's Pivotal Years - "upward spirals of growth can occur either very slowly or seemingly in a flash of time. This applies to both individuals and the planet as a whole."  When we have a grand cross, think of it as a crossroads that can ignite your personal spiral of growth with a bolt of lightning!

Avoid the tendency to go into fear and have a breakdown. Use these energies to have huge breakthroughs instead.

5 Tips for Having Breakthroughs

Here are five tips for having breakthroughs in April and over the coming weeks as the chaotic energies continue to play out. As I've been writing about on Facebook, these can be times of meltdown or breakthrough - applying these tips can help you to achieve breakthroughs. 

First, avoid your learned tendency to be harsh with yourself. Refuse to listen to your ego voice that keeps you in fear and negativity. Don't let that critical voice convince you that things are hard, no fun, or tough to accomplish with all that's going on. Invite your higher wisdom to help you stay positive, on track, and open to the gifts of self-discovery now becoming available at this crossroads.

Second, when you first begin to feel a negative emotion, check in with yourself to determine how much of what you are feeling is yours, how much is other people, and how much is the collective. The only feeling you have any power over is your own. This means owning how you feel but refusing to act on the emotion. An angry text or comment to a colleague or loved one will backfire. Find a gentle way to communicate or hold your tongue for a bit until you can find more constructive words.

Third, remember that just on the other side of chaos and darkness there is peace and light. These qualities always are there, in fact, but during turmoil it can be challenging to access them. Keep your focus on your light-filled intentions and your own light within. It is your own light that can reveal things blocking your full divine expression. Allow this light energy within to bring you the outer resources you need to break free. These resources could include insights from others not invested in seeing you the way that you have always seen yourself. It's common knowledge that enlightenment is catalyzed by being with and seeking input from others outside of you. Asking for help doesn't make you less than - it can help you to be more than your ego self is allowing you to be.

Fourth, know that crossroads like these tend to bring up intense desires to do or be something different from what society dictates. To have breakthroughs, you will need to self-moderate your desires and only take actions on things that truly need action right now. If you're not sure, wait. Meditate on your desires and invite dreams or other inner input to help you see the larger picture of where these desires will lead long term.

Fifth, on a daily basis, ask your higher self to reveal to you what you are not seeing about your situation. Ask to be shown - directly or through other people - what in your DNA-level conditioning is blocking your forward movement. Invite a knowing of how your current blocks relate to things you experienced in past lives, vows you took in other lifetimes, or agreements you made with people at another time in history. These things, not on the ordinary person's radar, can be seen in the field of the DNA, which is also the place they need to be cleared to have real progress. Remember, too, that in your DNA are very beneficial patterns helping you in this pivotal lifetime - ask to be made aware of these things so that you can see your divine qualities. Then call upon those qualities to assist you in creating breakthroughs that subsequent generations will liken to miracles!  

Copyright 2014 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



The Gathering

The worlds are blurring into one
The moon is joining with the sun

The ONE is gathering all those who know
The pathway way Home that they will show

We will show this pathway made of light
Beyond the harm, beyond the fright

This journey that we take inside
Is free of ego, free of pride

The lion there lies with the lamb
As everyone lives in “I AM”

Deep inside we find our way
One, by one and day by day

We discover now the path we take
Is the very pathway that we make

We make this path with light and love
That we have gathered from above

Along this path dear Gaia's flows
As her New Earth awakes and grows

Within this path there’s only NOW
There is no time. This is not how

Each moment is revealed inside
Where from ourselves we cannot hide

We cannot hide, as we are ONE
We are the planet. We are the sun

Our true SELF, now, will lead the way
Into the knowing of each day

As time collapse into now
We must be still and just allow

Allow the moment and the day
To reach into our heart and softly say,

"We are all here, as we are you
“And we will tell you what to do

"Listen closely and do not doubt
“As we tell you what its all about

"It is the beginning and the end
Of what you take and what you send

Every thought and brief emotion
Will set your new world into motion

Your inner power is being born
Release your doubt, let go your scorn

For what you think, you do create
And what you feel, will find its mate

You will remember and you will learn
What you send out will soon return

YOU are the creator of your life
If it is loving, or filled with strife

The light that shines into your Being
Ignites your hearing and your seeing

And what you choose to hear and see
Inside your life, it soon will BE

Choose your focus. Master your mind
For what you think, you will NOW find

The slowness of the era past
Is closing now and will NOT last

Prepare your SELF for a new beginning
Where love is free and truth is winning

This new life shines within your heart
Which is the place where you will start

Start to BE and remember HOW
To live your life within the NOW

When you walk within the moment
You live your life in true fulfillment

To BE the YOU that is your Soul
Is your promise and your goal

Step into NOW
And find out HOW

To BE the world
You choose

There are myriad realities that surround us in every moment of our day. We have forgotten that our consciousness is the key to open the doorway into any reality that we choose.

In fact, we forgot that we could choose our reality. We bought the lies that were fed to us by those who sought to control and possess rather than to love and create.

We tried to control our life so that they would not control us. However, control in any manner is a trap because we cannot control and surrender at the same time.

Control is the mechanism of the third dimension, whereas surrender opens the pathway into the higher worlds. Therefore, by controlling our lives, we see only third dimensional options and solutions for our third dimensional situations.

On the other hand, we move beyond the third dimension through surrender. We cannot control our self into the dreamland of the fourth dimension.

Falling asleep is "falling" into a slightly higher state of consciousness in which we can experience our reality from a higher perspective. To enter fifth dimensional consciousness we must surrender into our higher SELF.

Just as we only see the channel to which our television is tuned, we can only experience the reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness. The illusion of time no longer reigns in our fifth dimensional reality.

Each moment is alive, and time cannot be waisted.  Therefore, we do not need to hurry up or slow down. Within the fifth dimension there is only NOW.

In the higher worlds there is no fear for what might happen.
There is only unconditional love within the HERE of the NOW.

In other words, in order to enter the fifth dimension and beyond,we must: 

Understand and release fear!

By Suzanne Lie, PhD