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Optimizing October Energies  
Your Guide to the Month    
by Selacia        
October is one of those months you will look back on years from now, remembering key societal markers involving revolutionary change. Notable developments include an unprecedented unmasking of the patriarchy and the light shining in a very public way on deep wounds felt by both the oppressed and oppressors. Imbalances of all sorts will take center stage, a spiritual cleansing taking place. You are part of society, of course, so be prepared to look inward for your own balancing. Continue reading to better understand what this means and your role.
The shadow of humanity is coming up for healing in a big way. This is a needed element in shifting our planet into one of love. We can't move forward without seeing the larger picture of what keeps our society divided.  
We've been in this process for quite a while. It's not surprising that people often feel weary about this, impatient about how long this is taking. What I can tell you, though, is that progress is being made and we must be persistent and determined in our quest to shift this planet into love. It will happen. There already is so much love here, even if it appears sidelined by the division and polarization.  
Daily we must come back to a focus on the love, and express that love as best we can. We must be courageous in standing up for what is right and good. This is our role as divine changemakers.   
"You came to Earth to have a front-row seat as the Earth ascends into a higher conscoiusness. Your movement into higher levels of being won't always feel comfortable. Sometimes you will question whether you can go on, but do not worry. The eternal you has no doubt that you can take the leap that you came to take." - from my book Earth's Pivotal Years.  
I repeat that here knowing that sometimes we need to be reminded of the long view. We are not lightweights. We are not quitters. We are vast quantum beings with a long history evolving on this planet before this life. That perspective is very important right now.   
October Transforming Energies
A number of transforming energies will be impacting us in October. I'll outline a few of them here, and what you need to know to optimize benefits.
First is the Libra balancing energy of October. The sign Libra is about striving for balance between polarities - it seeks harmony, justice, and relationship. As this balancing energy plays out in society, do your own inner work. Explore what may be out of balance in your personal life, your relationships, and your work. Be open to discovering new ways to look at old problems, new ways to look at others, new ways to look at yourself.
Energies as October begins will catalyze a deeper look at relationships and how people publicly and privately engage with one another. Strive to be kind and open-minded. Remember that there are two sides to every situation. You don't need to agree with the "other side," but applying openness in dialogue can engender compassion and a move towards finding common ground.    
Second is the Venus retrograde starting October 5 to November 16. The sign Venus is about love, beauty, values, and relationship. When Venus goes retrograde, old unresolved issues in relationships can come up for healing. Sometimes this is with a current partner, an issue off the radar becoming visible and needing resolution. Other times, it may be a very old wound involving a partner no longer in one's life - coming to the surface now because it's a block to love with others. In still other instances, the retrograde may mean an old lover reappears in one's life, bringing up something to look at.   
In my 1-1 DNA healing sessions focused on love relationships, I find it's common to be blocked in manifesting a new partner when there are unresolved issues with a previous person. Identifying and healing those old issues at a DNA level is key to moving forward.  
Other effects of Venus retrograde involve values. Don't be surprised if you feel called to reflect on what's important to you, on many levels. The energies will support taking a deeper look at what you care about, what you enjoy, and what in society you value. Begin reflecting on these things now. Remember: we individually and collectively create our world by our presence, focus, heart, and mind. We can have the most impact by being present to what we value and what we want to preserve about our way of life. If something is important to us, we can stand up for that, becoming an active conscious voice.  
Third is the Libra New Moon of October 8-9.  This provides the opportunity to give your relationships a tune-up - observing what's out of balance and making needed course corrections. It's also the best time to begin something new. If you apply that as a RX for a stale or troubled relationship - e.g. starting an exercise routine you enjoy together - this could be a plus. Sometimes what a relationship needs most is variety and a change of routine.    
Fourth is the Taurus Full Moon of October 24. Energies of this moon will catalyze a deeper look at things in your life that are blocking your progress. This could be anything from destructive habits and things you no longer need to negative character traits like judgement, self-pity, and pride.   
Fifth is a balancing of your inner male and inner female. Regardless of whether you are male or female, the two need to be in balance. Events unfolding in society will give you clues about what to focus on.   
In my "Predictions 2018" eBook I wrote about the cultural shift involving women and how the balance between men and women is up for a big review this year. In 2017 we had the #MeToo movement, and this year mistreatment of women is getting an even larger spotlight during the Supreme Court nomination hearings in the US Senate. Both of these will set the stage for many more changes in our society over the coming decade.  
In my eBook I said: "The cultural shift is not about punishing men or pushing them off into a corner. The foundational issue is the abuse of power - the kind of ego power that dishonors and hurts others. Both sexes house the divine, and each has a beneficial role to play."
Remember as you witness events to keep a higher view and an open mind. We are all in this Earthly experience together. We must stay strong to help ourselves and others. Our love and our light-filled actions are what will make the difference. Trust this.
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September 1, 2018    

As Above, So Below: The Philosopher-King 
and the Council of Elders

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All Rights Reserved 
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Founder & Director, Group of Forty
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     Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Let us look at this famous statement called "as above, so below." This is a statement that in many ways is a summary of a "new age" philosophy and thinking and has to do with an important observation. One cannot only look at the energies of the Third Dimension in order to understand all of the effects and all of the causes. There are hidden dimensions, hidden energies, that are above this world and that are influencing the development and unfolding of the cosmic drama that you and I are observers of. It really is important to note the effects and the causes of third-dimensional events. Generally, one always assumes that the higher energies are always in perfect balance, and that it is only the lower energies, i.e., the third-dimensional Earth energies, which are suffering and are out of balance. One only has to look at the Arcturian Tree of Life to understand that we are living in a holographic world and a holographic universe, which means that what happens on one part, affects the other part. In the same way, what happens in one small part of the universe is a microcosm of the whole universe. Therefore, what happens on the higher energies affects the lower energies, and what happens on the lower energies affects the higher levels.

     I would like to explain another observation to help you understand these concepts. There were worlds that were created before the Earth. This is not the first planet in this galaxy that has life on it, and it certainly will not be the last planet. One of the observations is that earlier planets, that is planets that were before the Earth, were destroyed or were unsuccessful. Why? It is understood that some of these planets were too constricted or too contracted. To put it another way, these planets that failed suffered from harsh judgement, harsh criticism, which meant that when there were any transgressions of any sort on that planet, then there was immediate, and sometimes even fatal, punishment. There were other planets that were also unsuccessful because they were too permissive. That is, there was too much compassion and understanding, and those who were, shall we say, "evil" were not controlled or punished. The overly permissive rules of understanding and compassion were not able to keep those who had bad intention in line, and this led to the destruction of that planet.

     There are about five thousand planets that have life forms of higher consciousness in this galaxy, and each planet has a specific operating principle. The Earth's operating principle is based on duality and free will. Earth is part of a grand plan in an attempt to develop a planet and a world which provides the optimal learning experience for soul development. You and I are seeing that a planet like Earth, which has uncontrolled free will, also presents certain problems. When free will is allowed without constrictions, then those who are negative or of evil intention also get to live and to act out their free will. This is presenting a specific problem on this planet Earth because those who have gotten into power and are controlling many of the resources on this planet are not focusing on spiritual wisdom or spiritual balance. Unfortunately, they have the free will to act the way they feel, which often is only in alignment with their own self-centered needs. The Earth is a demonstration that free will can also be out of control on a planetary system.

     I, Juliano, and the other Arcturian guides and the other Ascended Masters often compliment the Earth for providing the experience of free will. And I have also described how souls line up waiting to come down to this Earth just for this opportunity of free will. Manifestation on the Third Dimension allows one certain circumstances and experiences that will accelerate your soul development. It may seem contradictory to you, but in truth the Earth's free will provides the perfect opportunity for soul learning and development. Where there are planets that are more regimented, then the opportunity for soul growth is more limited. Unfortunately, this experience of free will on the Earth is causing some major threats to the planet which can lead to the destruction of the biosphere.

     Let me return to that statement "as above, so below." The setting up of this planetary system, the operating system of this planetary system, was and is being guided and set up by higher beings and higher energy sources. These higher beings and energy sources are studying and working to develop systems and planetary experiences which are in alignment with soul development. It is clear, though, that this system, that is the free will system on the third-dimensional Earth, is in a major crisis.

     You perhaps always believe and think that it is the Third Dimension on this Earth which is out of balance. But the Earth is part of an interacting system. What happens on the upper planes affects the lower planes, but also, what happens on the lower planes affects the higher planes. I think that this is a rather revolutionary concept, and in some ways it is a rather shocking concept. How many of you would even think that what you are doing here, and what is going on here, does affect the higher realms? I am sure that, for the most part, you would not think or believe that your actions here have any effect on the higher realms. But the higher and lower dimensions are an interacting system. The dimensions are a holographic system, and how the Earth is responding and what is happening on the Earth is affecting many different energy fields in the galaxy. This is one of the main reasons why so many of the guides and teachers have now come to the planet. The guides from the Fifth Dimension have expanded the limits of interventions in order to bring in a new balance. A new balance is needed on this planet. The development of higher consciousness is the main ingredient towards a shifting and resolving this planetary crisis.

     I look at the Arcturians and the other higher dimensional beings as a positive influence on the consciousness on the Earth. Why are you attracted to the Arcturians, and why do many Starseeds want to work with higher Pleiadians or Andromedans and higher Syrians? There is one very basic core reason, and that reason is that we bring in tools and energy for higher consciousness. We represent an avenue and a stimulation which will help you to raise your consciousness and expand your consciousness. I would look at the other dimensional beings, such as the Grays, and I would consider the Grays fourth-dimensional as opposed to the Arcturians who are fifth-dimensional. There is a major difference between these two dimensions. I would say that the Fifth Dimension is closer in concept to a perfect world that would be comparable to the Garden of Eden.

     Why are the Grays coming to the Earth? There has been speculation that the Grays were interested in the emotional energies of the Earth, and in particular, the heart energy. Humans have special powers of heart energy and emotions that are quite strong and powerful, but this is not the main reason why the Grays are coming here. The main reasons why the Grays are coming here is to understand and to incorporate expanded consciousness into their DNA. It is your ability to expand your consciousness that is leading you, and leading them, into the search for higher biological evolution.

     The Grays are not able to experience expanded consciousness; it is only humanity who has that ability on this planet. There are other beings in the galaxy that have expanded consciousness, and I am including the Arcturians. We do not allow these lower beings like the Grays to come into our fifth-dimensional system. They are forbidden, and we are able to keep them locked out of our planetary energy fields, but the Earth is not sophisticated enough in their space technology and etheric energy work to block lower-dimensional beings such as the Grays. The Grays come then in search of the special consciousness, and they are interested in doing biological experiments and doing research and examinations to learn the exact mechanism which allows humanity to experience different levels of consciousness.

     They are not able to grasp a very basic rule of consciousness, and that rule is like this: The brain is the center of consciousness, but the brain is multidimensional. You could take the brain and dissect it, and look at all the cells and the different parts, different temple lobes or different sections of the brain, the frontal lobes, the rear, the center, but you will never find physical consciousness in the cells. And the Grays, for example, never understood this. They still continue to evaluate spinal cords and the nervous systems of animals in search of the seat of consciousness. Searching for the key to consciousness is one of the bases also of the cattle mutilations and other animal mutilations, because the Grays are looking at certain biological functions in the spinal systems and in the nervous systems of these animals that will help them to create the basis for consciousness. But the Grays are missing the point. Because the point is that your brain is multidimensional, and that parts of your brain are linked to an etheric energy field with a larger mind that has characteristics of multidimensionality.

     I want to take this one step further so that you can understand the value and the uniqueness of the human brain and its multidimensional characteristics. One obvious characteristic of multidimensional experiences is in the dream world. There is multidimensional activity in the dream world. There is extensive mind traveling that is occurring in the dream state.

     I want to return to a concept which is called "unity thinking". This idea says that all higher consciousness is part of a great unity field, and this unity field has existed at one point in a great oneness. You were part of this oneness. You were part of a great unified consciousness that existed before space and time began in this universe. This is very difficult to explain, but unity is part of your inherent codes, part of your inherent wishes to be re-unified. You feel the calling to come back into unity. I know that many of you in this group are studying and working together in unity and are working for and looking forward to a total return to a higher unification. This is a unification of consciousness that you had previously experienced in your soul history.

     Maybe you feel alone now. There is a part of you that remembers that unity, and here is the point of great importance: In the universe, once you have interacted in unity, then you always remain affected by the unity energies that you once experienced. All it takes is for there to be one experience of the unity, and no matter where you go in the universe, no matter where you go in the galaxy, you remain connected energetically. You remain connected in unity through thought. Unity Consciousness does affect you. You remain connected because you long for a return to this unity. I have seen this expressed in many different ways, both poetically and scientifically.

     For example, there is a concept in modern physics which is called entanglement. Entanglement means that when there are two subatomic particles that have had contact with each other or have had interaction with each other, then they remain forever bonded. This means that whatever is going on with one particle can still affect the primary particle, even though the particles are separated by great distances. It even gets more expansive, because in the theories of the new physics, entanglement means that those particles, no matter how far away they are, still have a bond and can affect each other. This is a mystical idea. It maybe seems logical. How would it be possible that particles so far apart in distance could still affect each other? The reason is that there was a bond, and that bond transcends space and time.

     Let us take that analogy of entanglement and look at the concept of unity. There was a point in the history of your soul that you were part of a greater unity. You were not isolated as you are now in the Third Dimension. You were in unity. This experience of unity pre-dates the existence of this universe. It pre-dates space and time as you know it. Over the course of the events of the development of this universe, the soul energies got dispersed into many different planets and many different areas in the galaxies and the universe. But even though there has been such an expansion of space and expansion of time, this has not changed the bond of unity within your soul. You have the memory of that unity and you long to return to that unity.

     Your experience on the Earth as a third-dimensional being is definitely an experience of separation from that unity. The fifth-dimensional energy is much more unity oriented. When you go to the Fifth Dimension, you will feel and experience a much stronger sense of unity. You will have no sense of being alone as you might feel right now.

     From the point of view of physics, one particle may even be a light year away, yet despite this great distance, it still can affect the primary particle, which is on Earth. You are part of this greater unity, which is an immeasurable distance away from you. You have become separate from the unity, but the Unity Consciousness still exists throughout the universe. In fact, a large part of the energy for the Unity Consciousness is being carried by the Ascended Masters to the Earth. We recognize that humanity has a difficult time experiencing this unity. There are many spiritual opportunities on Earth to experience Unity Consciousness. Some of you have already taken advantage of these experiences, such as in meditation, enjoying a beautiful sunset, or having heightened experiences at sacred energy sites. Some of you have luckily and fortunately experienced the impregnation or cohabitation of higher, advanced spirits into your energy field, such as Sananda Jesus, Mary or Kuthumi. They have brought lessons and their energy into your energy field to help you to experience this unity. Unfortunately, it still can be very difficult on the Earth to sustain unity thinking or the unity experience, because the very nature of this Earth is duality. If the very core operating system of this planet is duality, then you would have to work hard to overcome that feeling of duality so that you can go into higher consciousness and Unity Consciousness. I am happy to say that many of you have done that. I am happy to say that there have been advanced experiences of unity, and so the Ascended Masters and their work are affecting you and are affecting the planet.

     Remember, in entanglement, once you are together at any point, no matter how far apart you become, you still have the ability to be affected by them. In order to "maintain that entanglement" with the higher masters and teachers, you have to reach out; you have to have expanded consciousness. Up to this point on planet Earth, expanded consciousness was not a necessary characteristic for survival. The necessities for survival might include the ability to build weapons and tools, the ability to build fire, the ability to have dwellings, and even the abilities to travel or go into different locations easily in order to change climates. These were the earlier characteristics that were necessary for survival. A higher consciousness was not a basic need. In the early primitive world higher consciousness did not have usefulness, because if you were living in the forest or in a primitive environment, going into higher consciousness would remove you from perceiving the dangers in the forest. Those who were able to go into higher consciousness might risk death. Eventually, through the development of more advanced cultures, it was acknowledged that these cultures would allow certain individuals who were called "shamans" to go into higher consciousness. The cultures would protect the shaman. This acknowledgment helped establish that higher consciousness was needed for the health and welfare of a culture.

     The survival of the biosphere and the survival of the planet require the evolutionary stage of development called "higher consciousness" to come into fruition. It is clear to us, the Arcturians, that humanity cannot survive in this current state of lower consciousness. The only evolutionary step that can save humanity is to allow the evolution and to support the evolution of higher consciousness without which this planet's biosphere collapses. You, as Starseeds, understand this message. You, as Starseeds, understand that there is a need, a necessity, for higher consciousness. The questions that you and the guides and teachers of the Ascended Masters are asking are: "How do we ensure that this higher consciousness is immediately downloaded into this planet? How do we ensure that all the leaders of this planet have the ability to make decisions based on this higher consciousness?" This is the problem, and this is the major question that the higher realms are also working on. It's not just a problem on the Earth. It is a problem on the higher realms as well because the unbalance and the disunity that is going on on the Earth are affecting the other realms. To put it another way, the deaths and destruction of the plants and animals, and now humans, is on a grand level. The number of lost souls that are coming through the Earth to the other side are quite extraordinary. These souls are requiring great efforts on the other side to be rebalanced and repaired.

     I want to look at our system that is the Arcturian system and discuss our structure and how, from a fifth-dimensional perspective, we deal with some of these Earth dramatic issues, such as problems of maintaining balance on the planet, distribution of resources, political instabilities, and even warfare. I have said before that during the history of Arcturus, we have, too, suffered and were almost destroyed by polarizing conflicts. There are a few of you who have very strong Arcturian memories, and you may have basic, core memories of the destruction of one of the Arcturian planets. This occurred during our reign of warfare when there were great conflicts that are similar to the conflicts that are going on on this planet Earth. We, the Arcturians, did evolve. In our earlier history, we did have polarizations and even some major conflicts filled with hatreds towards others.

     If you look at the Pleiadians, you will find that they have had that experience, too. There is a history of planetary warfare among the Lyrans, with whom we share some common ancestry. The Lyrans are one of the core ancient groups who were the earliest developed civilizations in this part of the galaxy. The Lyrans were the ancestors of the Pleiadians and the ancestors of the humans on Earth. The Lyrans also experienced this type of planetary warfare.

     Let me just also be clear that the nature of the universe is filled with violent events. The universe is in a balance, but there are exploding stars, planets that crash into each other. There are gamma rays that kill other life forms. There are asteroids striking planets and many other violent galactic events that are occurring.

     We have had to develop a balanced system that would be able to counteract violence. I want to talk about our system from the standpoint of political structure. We have proposed to you the idea of creating what we call "the just society". Part of creating a just society also means creating Planetary Cities of Light, which will help in creating a new and more balanced planet. When you look at a planetary development on the Earth, there has to be some kind of solution to many of the problems which are creating some of these imbalances. There needs to be solutions to poverty, solutions to health problems, solutions to food distribution, distribution of wealth, and solutions to immigration problems. Some of these problems are being made worse by climate problems. There are core third-dimensional problems that are tied into technology and pollution that are greatly contributing to the imbalances.

     This leads me to the discussion of free will and what you would call "electing of officials" to run the countries and to run the resources. It so happens that in a free will zone, given the opportunity, people often can choose the wrong person to run the world. Those in power may not have the interest of the whole planet at heart. To have a leader who has planetary perspective is unusual, and most of the time, if somebody does have this kind of perception, they are not successful in maintaining a grip on power. How did we, the Arcturians, deal with that, because again, in a free will planet the inhabitants have the freedom to choose whoever they want, and they even have the freedom to choose the system and leaders they want, even if it is not in the highest interest of the planet?

     I am going to refer you to a concept which is galactic in origin but came through the teachings of the famous Greek philosopher Plato. He came up with this concept called "the philosopher-king". What this means is that a ruler of a country, a ruler of a planet, should have the wisdom of a philosopher. Also they should have the perspective of a philosopher, which would be a philosopher who has a planetary perspective. This means he or she would have to have knowledge of Biorelativity and planetary healing. The philosopher-king would have to have the perspective of the other dimensions and how those dimensions interact with the Third Dimension. Plato was talking about this expanded view of reality and dimensions in his writings about the philosopher-king, but his definition would have to be broadened to include this wider perspective. In addition, the philosopher-king would understand the planetary stages of development, including the conflict between spirituality and technology and pollution.

     Who would elect a philosopher-king? People who were in the business of making money from the Earth's resources might not want a philosopher-king running the world. The philosopher-king might not agree to use oil as the basis for the economy. A philosopher-king might say that oil usage is leading to too much carbon emissions, and it is contributing too much to climate change, and we have to stop using oil. Of course, now, anyone who would rule from that kind of view would not be allowed to stay in office.

     On Arcturus, we have developed what is called a system of a council of elders. We have offered that system as a prototype for the Group of Forty. The council of elders is an advisory group which is capable of embracing high perspective. Thus they can make recommendations for important decisions regarding the overall welfare of the planet. In the case of our planet on Arcturus, the council of elders would be the ones who would choose the philosopher-king to be over our planetary system.

     On Arcturus, we have a system in which people are trained from a young age to do the work that they are destined to perform. I will give you an example of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama comes from a long, historical line and is chosen at birth based on certain astrological signs and other important factors. The Dalai Lama was chosen and trained to be in that position. He was prepared to become the next leader of Tibet. The council of elders on Arcturus, then, has ancestral groups of potential leaders who are trained to be philosopher-kings. The decisions of the council of elders to choose a new leader are accepted by everyone. We know that the council of elders is not coming from the standpoint of ego or self-centeredness, but is coming from the greatest good of all. They are coming from the unified energy field of Arcturus.

     Further, the council of elders chooses the philosopher-king based on the philosopher-king's attributes and characteristics which are most in alignment with the energy that is needed at the time on Arcturus. This means that the council of elders can install or put into power a philosopher-king, and also remove them and put in another one, given the different conditions or leadership characteristics that are needed. Placing a leader into power is not done with ego. The removal or replacement of another philosopher-king is not looked upon with any negative energies. Nobody feels bad if they are removed from a leadership position, and there is no incitement or violence because of leadership changes.

     This idea of philosopher-king was received by Plato. He obtained this concept from some of his higher thinking when he was able to connect with the Galactic Masters. You may think that this is high philosophical ideal would never work on the Earth. I want to give you another view on this matter, because clearly, the resolution of the Earth's problems is going to depend upon capable leadership of this planet.

     There is a long history on this planet based on the coming of the Messiah, and the word Messiah comes from the Hebrew word "Mashiach", which is translated from Hebrew as "the Anointed One". Anointing their king was a tradition among the ancient Israel tribes. Their first king was Saul. The Israel tribes believed that their king would be chosen by God through a prophet. The prophet Samuel anointed Saul, and he put olive oil on his forehead, meaning that he was the king. The Anointed One became known and was expected to come and rescue Israel. Later, the idea was expanded so that the Anointed One would rule over the whole Earth.

     The philosopher-king would also be operating from the highest principles of the higher wisdom. Now we would want the philosopher-king to bring the divine order back to the biosphere. Of course, they did not use the word "biosphere" in ancient times because they did not have that concept.

     Here we have one of the greatest religious concepts offered to Western civilization, which is the coming of the Anointed One. The philosopher-king is also a person with the highest perception who could come to re-order everything and bring it into a new balance. The idea of the philosopher-king has similarities to the idea of the Messiah. The Anointed One or Messiah has had different interpretations of his role throughout the history of Western civilization. In some cases, you would think of the Messiah as a king over all of the Earth. He would have to have the power to stop all wars. He would have to have the power to stop all nuclear weapons. He would have to have the power to stop all polluting. He would have to have the power to ensure clean energy, and he would have to have the power to ensure equal distribution of all foods. The Messiah is a higher, fifth-dimensional thought form, just as the energy of the philosopher-king comes from the higher realms. It is clear to the Arcturians and clear to the fifth-dimensional masters that, in a free will society, it is extremely difficult to elect and have a philosopher-king run the world in a way that would bring forth a balance to the planet. You and I probably will agree that this is exactly what is needed.

     Look at the Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life, and notice the Messianic light and energy which is the sphere in the middle of the tree. The idea of a Messiah and Savior coming to rule the world is also based in mythology and unconscious thought form in the Native American teachings. Look at the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman. You will find some interesting parallels to the energy of the Messiah and the philosopher-king. One of the main differences is that White Buffalo Calf Woman is a feminine energy. I support the feminine energy coming into power on the Earth. Masculine energy has dominated the Earth for thousands of years and has led to some of the distortion and over-aggressiveness on the planet. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a figure who has the power to bring back a new balance and order to the Earth, which has since been lost. She possesses great strength. White Buffalo Calf Woman is not portrayed as a weak woman, but rather she is portrayed as someone who can victoriously instill the proper order on this planet.

     In conclusion I want to say that we on Arcturus have developed the philosopher-king rulership. We do not have any conflicts over our rulers. There are no problems with the distribution of energy or wealth or food or land. One of the attractions of the connections to the higher dimensions and to the Arcturians is that there is an expectation that we can help to bring and instill that kind of leadership ideals onto this planet. We can help instill a higher planetary perspective. When we talk about first contact, then it has to be based on a higher thought form and a higher implementation of a more enlightened rulership over the dominion of this sacred planet known as The Blue Jewel.

    I am Juliano. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty