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MARCH 30, 2014
Greetings dear ones. We see many starting to accept and understand change in their lives...some even saying; "Why didn't we think of this before?" People are losing the fear of change which is a big part of evolution, that is how it works. Never be afraid to try something new and then if you find that it does not work, that is fine, the sky does not fall down. Learning to be open to new ideas and change on all levels allows an individual to likewise receive on all levels--the inner door opens.
Many of the so called "older generation " continue to hold themselves back through the belief that there are no better ways of doing things than their life experiences have taught them. They have become comfortable in routine, refusing to even contemplate other ways of seeing the world and are missing opportunities to spiritually grow. Allowing oneself to contemplate new ideas does not mean living lives without joy or fun in work and activity, nor does it mean that your current way of doing and seeing either globally or personally is wrong and has to change. Being open simply means a willingness to let go of resistance and not being so locked into what is known and familiar that any change is impossible.
Arcturian Group wishes to speak about energy. Energy is the essence of all things, for it is Divine Consciousness and the substance of all form . Energy in its purest, is white Light and is interpreted according to the consciousness of each individual. The halo of light seen around saints and masters is simply their energy field, so filled with pure light that many can see it.
Energy, being Omnipresent Consciousness can never be lost, and only changes form. You are aware of and experiencing energy at all times, but are not always aware of what you are feeling. You may sense a heaviness in places like old battlefields that still hold the vibration of fear and suffering. Bars often carry a very heavy third dimensional energy which can be felt immediately. Most have experienced the peace and lightness of a cathedral or simple country church where the prayers of many throughout time have created almost a "presence" of light energy. The healing energy of nature in an undeveloped forest or beside a flowing stream is felt by almost everyone and is the reason these powerful and sacred places need to be protected.
All humans experience energy but do not always understand what it is they are feeling. Channels often say; "The energy is not yet in place." for this or that to happen. This means that the level and alignment of energy needed to bring a particular event into manifestation has not yet been reached. All living things feel energy and interpret on the level of their state of consciousness. Scientists will most often interpret it as physical, psychiatrists as emotional, and intellectuals as ideas and brain power...these are interpretations based on their states of consciousness--their belief system. Animals are very receptive to energy and easily sense and respond to the fear, anger, love, or whatever that is being projected by others...human or animal.
Color and the sacred Rays, are facets of Source energy, pure Light each carrying unique vibrational qualities but still in and of Light. As evolution moves to ever deepening levels, new colors never before seen will manifest. Every aura has varying colors representing of the energy of the individual. This is why individuals are drawn to or look best in certain colors, and this is why purple is considered a royal color (the perfect blending of red-physical and blue-mental). Ancient healing temples (and some healers now) used color therapy to adjust vibrational frequencies.
Make use of the Violet flame (seventh ray) as taught by Adamus/St. Germain for it is the vibrational energy of transmutation. Flood yourselves with it and flow it to the world and others if guided (without attaching any purpose or goal). Use this tool often in your meditation and inner work as the violet flame transmutes denser energies into the lighter, dissolving all that has no law to support it. All energy is Light, but its frequencies are lowered through the thoughts and beliefs of the un-evolved third dimensional consciousness thus moving it into slower, denser vibration...Light vs dark--duality.
The human eye is as of yet unable to perceive the lighter faster frequencies and this is why most do not see their Guides or those in light bodies and believe that the material/physical is all there is. This will change.
Because of ONEness, each vibrational level draws to itself similar...ideas and people of like frequency. This is what makes relationships work... not looks, money, status, or anything else the world may believe. Relationships are built within a somewhat same level of resonance. This is why many are drawn to those of Light, they are seeking their own Light but don't know that it is within and so look outside to others.
At this powerful time of change the vibrational frequencies of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are becoming lighter which is why many are having physical symptoms requiring the need to lay down and rest. The releasing of old dense energies stored through lifetimes in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies takes a lot of basic physical energy, leaving many exhausted for no apparent reason. Trust the process, rest when you need it, and drink lots of clean water. This process will complete at some point following the clearings, integration of lighter energies, and the DNA activations you are ready for.
Energy is all these things, and MORE, much MORE. Energy is the vibrational frequency expression of the Divine, and as you evolve ever more deeply into truth, your personal energy field will become lighter and brighter, more representative of the reality of your true essence.
We are the Arcturian Group 3/30/14
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Suzanne Lie ~ Message from the Arcturians - Walking The NOW


Walking the Now

We are the Arcturians.  We are here with you now to tell you that many of you have been through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” which is described below. For now we will just say, “The darkest night is just before dawn!” Therefore, we want to remind you that you must remember to “walk in the NOW.”  In the NOW there is no past.  In the NOW there is no future.  In the NOW there is no money to be made, no bills to be paid, no difficulties to be confronted.

In the now there is only NOW. There is only YOU. All the components of your Multidimensional SELF are attempting to come into alignment to create your “Bridge to Freedom.”  This alignment begins with the YOU that appears to be your physical body in that which appears to be your present incarnation. This YOU is ready to join in alignment with all the higher expressions of your SELF.

We ask that you take a moment and look around within your consciousness. Within your consciousness you will experience many other incarnations of yourself from what appears to be your past lives on planet Earth. There were incarnations in which you were poor, you were destitute, you were happy, you were spiritual, and you even ascended on several occasions.  

Now you are being called upon to ascend again. This time it is not just your one individual self who is walking in the now of the ONE that is ascending. It is also Gaia’s planet Earth that is aligning with Her higher frequency. Feel this planet around you. Feel yourself within the body of Gaia and within the essence of Her being.  

When you are not within Gaia’s core you are in Her atmosphere. When you are not within her waters you are drinking Her waters.  When you are not on Her land, you are eating that which has grown on Gaia’s earth. When you are not remembering your kundalini within your lightbody self for you are always within the fire of Gaia’s kundalini within Her lightbody.  

As you walk the NOW there is no time, there is only NOW. As you walk the NOW, you will see that there are no desires. For within the NOW you are fulfilling each desire as it arises within your beingness. If you are thirsty, you take a drink.  If you are tired you go to sleep.  

If you have to pay a bill, you do it within the NOW in which you find yourself paying that bill.  If you are driving to work or doing your job, you are doing it within the NOW.  Therefore you needn’t calculate how long something took or how long it will take.  For this is no “long’” there is only NOW.

Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is the final cleansing that must occur before you can live within the NOW of Ascension. This dark night of the soul is when you go through your daily life being fully aware of what you are doing wrong, aware of your fear, aware of your anger, aware of your pain

You move through your life knowing that YOU are the creator of your life. You have created the situations that make unhappy and pull you from the NOW. You are the creator of the situation that take you out of the ONE and trap into the 3D hologram.

The dark night of the soul is quite uncomfortable but very informational. This dark night is a transition through which all of our away team, all of our wondrous multi-dimensional beings, who are logged into the 3D hologram have volunteered to enter. 

Yes, you all volunteered, applied and wrote life plans to have the honor of logging into the 3D Game during this extremely challenging era of personal and planetary ascension. There have definitely been times that have been more challenging, as there were times of war, times of starvations and times of plague. 

But these times are challenging in a different manner.  This “time” is challenging in that you must see yourself. You must be aware of what you are thinking, what you are saying, what you are doing and WHY. Why are you thinking that?  Why are saying that?  Why are you doing that?

Are you living your every breath within the NOW of the ONE?  Or, have you become distracted by the myriad challenges of the third-dimensional matrix of reality? As long as you hold an earth vessel, these distractions are unavoidable. However, in order to complete the process of Ascension you must go through the dark night of the soul.  

For through the dark night of the soul there is no one else you can blame. It was no one’s fault.  No one and nothing did it to you. You created your reality. Through creating your reality, you first needed to bring to the surface the parts of you that could not participate in the creation of the reality of planetary ascension.

There are many components of your Earth vessel that have come into your present incarnation so that you can love them free and send them off to Venus to be completely healed.  This process of releasing the components of your self that cannot ascend refines your beingness into that which you can transmute. 

When you look at the processes of the flowering of a tree you see that there are many small deaths. Before the bud can bloom, the leaves that protected that bud must open and fall away.  The bud opens to create the flower and that outer petals fall away. The flower opens to create the fruit, and the flower falls away. The fruit then falls from the tree to go in to the earth to create another tree. That is what our beloved grounded ones are doing while walking in the NOW.
You are falling away from the “Tree of Life” as you have known it, to go deeply into the core of Gaia to create another tree, another life.  You are going into the core of Gaia within your conscious mind to create the fifth-dimensional expression of New Earth.

How will you do that? Each and every one of you will need to remember the life plan that YOU wrote while resonating to your higher expression of SELF.  You have brought this life plan with you. It is stored in your High Heart and can be read with your opened Third Eye. If you need our assistance to translate the light language in which this plan is written, please call upon us, the Arcturians. 

As you walk the NOW you are at ONE with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. In this manner, you are infinitely guided. Blessings be, you may call upon us.

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March 1, 2014   
Evolution and Biorelativity     
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     Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Today we will look at the concept of evolution and how evolution applies to a planet, to a person and also to the universe. I want to look at several important concepts in the evolution because the Earth, at this point, is in an evolutionary crisis. I also have called this a planetary crisis.
     You have incarnated at this time on this planet for specific soul purposes. It is no accident that you have chosen to incarnate on the Earth at this time.
     An evolutionary crisis can be defined as a point in the growth either of a planet or of a species in which the entire existence or survival of that species or of that planet is threatened. This means that a dramatic change must occur in order for survival to happen. If the dramatic change is not made, then there can be extinction. In the case of a planet, it is also possible that the planet can be totally destroyed.
     There are examples throughout this galaxy and many other galaxies in which planets have actually been destroyed. This is a serious situation. The reason why this planet is in a crisis is many fold. I know that all of you realize the various problems that face or confront this planet including radiation leakages, contamination of the environment, wars among nations and global planetary climate change. Other circumstances that can threaten a planet include asteroids and extra-solar events that are generally out of the control of a planet.
     A planet does have stages of development just like the human has stages of development. I have, for simplistic reasons, listed five stages of planetary development. I said that the Earth is in its first stage of planetary development, and in fact, the Earth has reached the end portion of that stage. The first stage of development includes certain functions and skills or abilities that need to be completed. This is comparable to the personality theory of a well-known psychologist called Eric Erikson who charted the stages of development that a child must go through in order to proceed into adulthood.
     For a planet, the stages of development that I am speaking of relate directly to the human species. A planet's development is moved to a higher position when humans or higher thinking beings arrive on the planet. In some cases, the humans are arriving through a long evolutionary cycle that has loosely been described as Darwinism. In most cases, however, including in the case of the Earth, the human beings have been brought here to this planet. The humans were planted here. True, there is an evolutionary process that Darwin described. There are long periods in which certain things occur that can be only attributed to evolution and the survival of the fittest. But Darwinism does not totally explain how the human species came onto the Earth.
     The human development was far advanced over what basic development had been occurring on the Earth. The humans were brought here or planted here for many reasons. Part of the reasons is directly related to a complex cosmic drama. There are evolutionary problems and issues throughout the whole galaxy that are symbolically and metaphorically expressed in the current situation on this planet. Some of the forefathers or ancestors of the humans are the Pleiadians and the Lyrans, the Orions, the Andromedans and also the Antareans. Predominantly, the Earth human form that you now exist in is a duplication of the human form that comes from the group known as the Pleiades.
     This human form that you are now living in has been propagated on other planets in this section of the galaxy. I could say that the human form is a dynamic and refined form that has been proven to be flexible and useful and also able to evolve.
     Let me look some more at this concept of evolution so that you would have a better grasp of the evolutionary crisis. I want to look on a deep level at creation. In order to understand evolution one has to look at the basic cosmology of creation. How did this world come into existence, and what is the process of evolution that is occurring, and how does that process of evolution directly relate to the soul?
     The soul is evolving, and part of the soul's history of evolving occurs through manifestation into the third dimension. Specifically, when I am looking at creation at this point, I am looking at the creation of the third dimension. The universe that appears through telescopes and other technical instruments are part of the third dimension.
     The core concept of creation has actually been expressed by the ancient Kaballistic notion known as the Great Contraction or the Great Withdrawal. Scientifically, the first act of creation is said to be the Big Bang. The Big Bang is based on the observation that all particles or all matter that exists or will exist was compounded and compressed into one point known as a singularity. How that singularity came into existence is a subject of great debate. It appears that the singularity appeared from nothingness. From nothing came the singularity; that singularity was a point infinitesimally small. A huge explosion or big bang occurred which manifested into a "reality." That manifestation was the beginning of the third dimension.
     This is a Kaballistic concept which we, the Arcturians, have embraced also. The first act of creation was the withdrawal of the creative force energy field so that there was room for the creation. However, a source of light remained in the contracted state. If you could, imagine a large bowl that would somehow represent all that exists. This bowl would be empty and all energy has been withdrawn from it. However, there would only be a strand of light across the bowl which would be the Creator Force energy. That is somehow going to provide a metaphor for us in understanding that in order for creation to occur, there must be a withdrawal of the Creator Forces, but there would be left a strand of light that represents the harmony and unity of the higher light. That strand of light is so powerful that it would be able to influence all of creative creation afterwards.
     This also means that at that point where there was the Big Bang, there existed a compressed point of singularity within the bowl, possibly in the center of the bowl. This compressed point of singularity contained everything that would come into existence into the third dimension.
   Why is there a third dimension when we know that there are other dimensions? The answer to that question comes from a second concept that I wish to introduce into today's discussion. The second concept is called the multiverse. I want to also talk about the Father Universe and the Son Universe, which are related to the multiverse.
     In your traditional thinking of cosmology, you look at one universe and all that is and all that exists. You say that this is the "uni" verse. However, there are multiverses. We, the Arcturians, see that there is a universe called the Father Universe, and there is a universe called the Son Universe. This conception of the Father and Son has great significance, especially in the modern thinking that has been the foundation in Christianity in particular, but also other religions which speak about the Father and the Son. The Father and the Son does have meaning in terms of religious symbolism. I only want to point out that there are some universes that are operated by the Father and are primary universes, and there are other universes that are secondary and are Son universes.
     The conception of the Deity or the Creator is totally beyond your own ability to conceive because when I speak of a Father and a Son, then this sounds dualistic. However, in traditional father-son concepts, you also understand that the father and son are united and are really only one anyway. This universe that you are now occupying is a Son universe. There is another and greater Father universe. Therefore, when you think or hear that there was a Big Bang, then you might think that was when everything was created, but that Big Bang only marks when this universe was created.
     There are other universes as I have described based on this Father and Son model. There are multiverses, and there are many different worlds that have been created. This idea is also discussed in some of the ancient teachings when it is said that the Creator had tried and created other universes and other worlds. These other worlds either ended by destroying themselves or the Creator destroyed those worlds. The reason why those worlds were created had to do with certain balances. The worlds ended because they became out of balance.
     You need to have this conception of balance to understand the creation of this universe, the creation of this galaxy and the creation of this Earth. You see that there were different dualistic forces that came into existence when this universe was created. There were other universes created before this one. Some of those universes were destroyed or self-destructed. Now we come into this realm of existence in a universe that has dualism. You can see that dualism also has some obvious conflicts.
     This description of the history of the universes also parallels your own development as a soul. When you incarnate into the third dimension, then you withdraw your soul energy. You allow a strand of your soul light to stay with your third-dimensional body so that you can experience the full duality, the full range of experiences on the Earth. You may have heard that when you come into this reality, you forget your past. Before you enter, you are touched on the forehead. At that point, you will forget all of your soul contacts and soul connections. You will forget almost all of your soul history that you have had up to this point. You enter the Earth like a blank tablet in order to have the total experience of being in the third dimension. However, the healing and the growth that you will experience on the Earth will paradoxically be based on your ability to integrate and activate that soul energy and light into a new unity.
     You see, that means that for you personally, you heal yourself when you strengthen your soul light in this lifetime. You will heal when you bring more of the soul energy into yourself. This part of the soul energy that initially comes into your body when you are born represents a small portion of your soul energy. That portion had to be made small so that there was space to be incarnated. This is the law; this is the rule of the third dimension.
     The entry of the Creator Light in a small portion is also the rule and the law in the creation of the universe. The Creator had to begin the world by a withdrawal so that there would be space for the third dimension. However, the healing of the universe, the healing of this planet is based on restoring an increase of light from the Creator into this planet. This is an ancient wisdom that is found in the Kaballah, but it is also ancient galactic wisdom that is the source of many galactic religious and spiritual teachings.
     Let me use a tone or a sound to help you integrate this because now we are going to go down to a more comprehensible level. (Tones HOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.)
     Inherently, this third-dimensional world, and in particular this galaxy, manifested with great dualities and separateness. This separateness is also described as dualism. This means that as part of the evolution, dualism offers freedom for multi-sources of differences to emerge. Dualism sets the stage for the first part or first level of planetary evolution when thinking human-type beings emerge. Thinking beings engage in the development of societies, and then differences and conflicts appear. Differences lead to conflicts. Development occurs when science develops information and tools to gain access over forces of nature including but not limited to space travel, flying and control of energy. At this point, there emerges a danger to the planet because the scientific technology that is developed can be used against each other, which could destroy the planet.
     When harmony and light of the primary Creator source rules, then the beings on the planet realize that there is this unity. Their dualism is overcome, and they make the necessary steps to ensure that their planet will not be involved in self-destructive behavior. They are then ready to graduate into Level 2.
     Level 2 of planetary development is indicative of no more wars and their physical conflicts diminish. Also Level 2 means that the thinking beings on the planet are able to do space travel. They can go into other parts of the galaxy. There are examples of other planetary beings that have been on the brink of Level 1 and Level 2. The Earth now is right on the brink between Level 1 and Level 2. There are planetary beings like yourself who are already in Level 2. They know about unity. They have overcome dualism to the best of their ability. They have come to understand that they should avoid efforts to destroy themselves.
     Someone said recently, how unintelligent is it to go to war and destroy countries over oil in the ground? Somebody in the Level 2 of planetary development would think that would be absurd. People on Level 2 of planetary development would never risk the destruction of a country or permanent damage to a planet for control of oil in the ground.
     That is Level 2 planetary thinking, that is, we must avoid conflicts. Level 1 planetary thinking is more, dominate the resources, control the resources and use it for power.
     The Earth NOW is right between Level 1 and Level 2. But, it is amazing how many people are now on this planet that are in Level 2. It is also amazing that the Level 2 thinkers cannot control this planet. Other planets have totally achieved Level 2. They have overcome war, and also they have overcome religious differences. They have overcome economic differences. They have overcome the environmental differences, and they have also reached a level of enlightened interaction with the planet. I have described the higher level of interaction with the planet as biorelativity. Biorelativity is the ability to interact with the spirit of a planet. By interacting with the spirit of the planet, you can communicate with the planet. By communicating with the planet, you can start to make modifications on how the planet reacts. Earthquakes may no longer need to occur. Storms no longer need to be so powerful and destructive. Tornadoes do not need to occur and destroy cities. Finally, asteroids do not hit the planet.
     The planetary stage known as Level 2 is where the Earth is moving to achieve. You, as planetary healers, are working in your exercises and in your spiritual meditations towards this goal, which is focused on the ability to interact with the spiritual energy of Earth. You are still at a very introductory and good but basic level of biorelativity. One of the difficult things about learning biorelativity is the fact that the Earth is a complex planet.
     The Earth is unique in this galaxy because it is so diverse. The Earth has a complex biosphere. The Earth has a complex economic sphere. The Earth has a complex political sphere. The Earth has a complex religious sphere. The Earth has a complex language sphere. The Earth has multi-complexities, including different races. Many of the planets in the galaxy, such as the Pleiades, are not so diverse. For example, the Pleiades may only have three to four million people on it totally. At some points, they have even had less people. There is only one language. True, the Pleiadians are telepathic. When you reach the level of telepathy, then language as you know it is not used in the same way as it is on Earth. They only have one language, and now they have one spiritual tradition. They have evolved towards this unified system.
     The Earth is still struggling towards any type of unity. The Earth is unique and has the ability to support so much diversity. The Earth became a magnet for attracting unresolved galactic conflicts that occurred on other planets. This is really an important distinction to make about the Earth, and this will explain on a much deeper level why there is so much conflict on this planet on almost every level.
     It is difficult to find anything that the whole planet can agree on. Perhaps if an asteroid were coming, everybody could agree that it would be very destructive! Even then you would have some disagreements.
     The Earth has this unique ability to house this biodiversity and also to allow many different groups to sustain themselves. Many groups that have intermingled on the Earth have come from ancient civilizations in the galaxy. Unfortunately some of the history of these ancient civilizations was based on similar conflicts that now have emerged on the Earth. Some of these galactic conflicts ended disastrously.
     I know that there are those among you who may have ancient soul memories of being on planets that destroyed themselves. This is not an unheard of experience.
     The emptiness or removal of the Creator Light from the third dimension allows for individual differences. In order for the individual differences to be totally "free," there must be this withdrawal of the Creator Energy. That has occurred with great regularity on the Earth. Because this is allowed to occur in this galaxy and on other planets, then this withdrawal has allowed for individual differences to thrive and setting the stage for the ensuing cosmic drama.
     Cosmic drama refers to the fact that the conflicts that are generally observed and experienced on the world stage of the Earth are actually cosmic dramas. These are themes that have occurred on other planetary systems in this section of the galaxy. Going from Level 1 to Level 2 is a cosmic drama. Domination by male energy or male species is part of the cosmic drama. The conflict of nuclear energy and dynamic military powers are also a cosmic theme. The technology involved to leave the planet for space travel also simultaneously can lead a planet's military industry to self-destruction.
     The Earth has gloriously and in an overwhelming way accepted all parts of this cosmic drama. You are witnessing it. One of the reasons why you are witnessing it is because you have seen it before, and you know that there is a way to heal this drama and conflict. Part of the solution to this conflict is bringing to the planet a sense of unity consciousness and fifth- dimensional thinking.
     Biorelativity has as its source the union of the human spirit with the spirit of the planet. It has been called connecting with the spirit of Gaia. You are all very sensitive beings. You are all capable of feeling the light. When I am using the word biorelativity, I am using the word "bio" as referring to a living organism. Relativity really means "related to" in this concept. "Bio related" means that biologically you are related to the spirit of the Earth. This is part of the healing thoughts and paradigm that will bring unity consciousness to the planet. The healing force that must emerge for planetary harmony rests in the principle that you are biologically related to the spirit of the Earth. Therefore, when this is acknowledged, then the planet can begin to make the necessary changes.
     What is totally amazing is that the spirit of the Earth has the flexibility to respond to you. This should not be surprising because the Earth has responded for many years to your inhabiting her.
     It is a truism that the Earth as a living spirit has a consciousness. It may not be the consciousness that you have, the consciousness of space-time, the consciousness of other feelings and emotions. You would be surprised of what the consciousness of the Earth encompasses. The Earth knows about the Sun. The Earth is conscious of the other planets in the solar system. The Earth is conscious of the Central Sun. The Earth has a consciousness of extra-solar energy sources. The Earth has a particularly strong bond to Jupiter. Of course the Earth also has a strong bond with Mars. The relationship with Venus has been somewhat complex. The Earth has a relationship with the Pleiades. The Earth has a relationship with the Arcturian Stargate. The Earth has a relationship with the Arcturians. The Earth is aware on a dramatic level of its place and relationship in the cosmos and its relationship in this section of the galaxy.
     Your scientists' discoveries of other galaxies, other planets, other universes are all received into the Earth's spirit. The Noosphere, which I have been recently discussing with you, is part of the energy field of the Earth. The Noosphere and the ideas and thoughts that are placed in the Noosphere interact with the Earth. The Earth is aware that you are here. The Earth is aware of your actions. The Earth receives your thoughts. There are only a limited number of people on the planet now who are interacting with the spirit of Earth. I say a limited number because on a statistical basis, it is a small number. You know that there are seven and a half billion people on this planet. If there are two million people who are interacting with the spirit of the Earth, that is a high numeric number, but it represents a small percentage of the total population. This number certainly would be a high number on the Pleiades. On the Pleiades you would find that everyone is doing biorelativity. Everyone knows about the "bio-relatedness" to the spirit of the planet.
     The Earth has the ability to receive your thoughts. The Earth can receive your thoughts through meditations, and the Earth can receive your thoughts also through the Noosphere. The Earth can receive amplified energies from spiritual sources that you use, such as Medicine Wheel ceremonies. The Earth has also been receiving energy from the Central Sun. The Earth has been receiving energy from the Stargate. The Earth is now receiving energy from the Ring of Ascension, a spiritual fifth-dimensional ring that the Arcturians have helped establish around the Earth.
     Connect now to your bio-relatedness, your bio-relationship to Gaia. Feel this powerful connection to the spirit of this planet, Mother Earth. We will go into meditation now.
     The Earth responds to biorelativity exercises more powerfully when the Earth knows that you are united with her. The Earth responds to the biorelativity exercises when the Earth feels that unity of consciousness that you are experiencing as biological beings. When you are connecting with the Earth biologically, then your connection, your bond with her is deepened. When your bond with her is deepened, then you have a greater ability to influence the Earth's feedback loop system.
     Connecting requires a sensitivity because when you wish to bond with somebody, you have to release judgment, need for control and a lot of ego. You unite with the person you want to bond with when you give up these things. Thus you merge with the spirit of the Earth. I recommend that in order to strengthen your biorelativity power you work first with the biorelativity exercise of bonding with the Earth and bonding with the spirit of the Earth. To the best of your ability, experience that bond. It is an unbelievable bond.
     Now, when the planet's development reaches Level 2, then the entire planet's inhabitants also raise their spiritual light quotient. At the Level 2, with that type of bond, the new skills of planetary application develop. They have developed this on the Pleiades, and we have achieved this on Arcturus.
     It is unheard of to have storms on Arcturus. It is unheard of to have storms on the Pleiades. We never have these torrential rains and floods that you are seeing in California now. We do not have terrible winters, heat waves, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. These would not be occurring. The knowledge of how to affect the planet in a more harmonious way can only occur when there is a sensitivity to bonding with the spirit of the planet.
     Some of you now are so sensitive that you are in great distress because you are feeling the pain of the animal world. You are feeling the pain of the plants and animals and the terrible mistreatments that are occurring. It's too painful to even discuss. It is that level of sensitivity that also enables you to feel the spirit of the Earth.
     Mankind has been called the Earth's crowning jewel. This was expressed beautifully in the ideas of the movie, The Blue Jewel (made by filmmaker Oliver Hauck and now available through Light Technology). In the film it was described that the Earth feels pride and great glory in having mankind on her surface. But, do you think that it is reciprocated? Generally, there are many Native Peoples and there are many starseeds who feel this great bond with the spirit of the Earth. Native Peoples and starseeds would not misuse the power of the "bio-relatedness" with the Earth. They would use it only for higher wisdom and higher balance of the planet. They want to bring unity. If that is achieved, then healing energy will dominates the planet, and there would be huge progress in solving the planetary crisis.
     Huge progress is needed. The domineering forces of greed and power seem to be getting more out of control. These out of control forces that you are seeing is a common theme now when a planet is moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2. Humanity has lost its connection to the bio- relatedness of the Earth. Planetary healers are working to bring back that connection that is so necessary. The Earth wants you to bring her to planetary Stage 2. You are here to help and assist in the movement towards the next stage of planetary development.
     Let me turn the lecture over to Chief White Eagle. I am Juliano. Good day.
     Hey ya ho ya hey. Hey ya ho ya hey. Greetings. All my words are sacred. I am the Chief White Eagle. My heart is moved when I hear Juliano speak of bio-relatedness. We know that the Earth is our mother. What stronger bond is there than the relationship between the mother and the child?
     In our teachings we have great respect for the mother. We also know that the mother loves the child unconditionally. The Earth is in a complicated situation. The Earth loves humanity unconditionally even though mankind has been so cruel to the Earth. Humanity has been dropping atomic bombs all over the Earth, destroying things. Humanity has been blocking the rivers and polluting the oceans. Yet the Earth is the Mother, and the Mother still loves humanity unconditionally.
     What does it mean to love unconditionally? That means no matter what mankind does, the Earth still loves humanity. What would happen if humanity loved the Earth unconditionally? Can you imagine how the bond between humanity and the Earth would be strengthened?
     There is now a soul bond that you have with the spirit of the Earth. The Earth is in your soul history now. When you leave the planet, some of you will go to other planetary systems, and you will carry with you this Earth experience. You will carry with you the unique bond that you have with the Earth. You will be teaching others throughout the galaxy about Mother Earth. Her fame, her beauty is known now throughout the galaxy as The Blue Jewel.
     You are helping to strengthen the spirit of Mother Earth by connecting her telepathically with other planets in other parts of the galaxy. You are connecting her to the Arcturians. You are connecting Mother Earth to the Stargate. You are connecting the Earth to the Galactic Council. You are connecting the Earth to many of the higher beings, including those higher beings from the Andromedan Galaxy. You are helping the Earth connect to the Central Sun. You are biologically relating the Earth to the galaxy.
   We know that the Earth contains great hidden powers of healing. I sincerely want to tell each of you that the Earth has within her great healing powers that are beyond your imagination. The Earth is able to heal herself, bring herself back into balance. The Earth loves humanity unconditionally and is slow to anger at humanity. You would think that the Earth would have responded with greater storms, greater purging, greater geological upheavals in response to humanity's abusive actions toward the planet. But the Earth is a great mother, and she is working with you. You are her children. We are her children. The Earth has great patience.
     Can you imagine all the patience that is necessary for a planet like Earth to be with humanity? Please connect with great love to your Mother and connect your Mother to the galaxy. The Earth loves when you work with her and consider her part of the Star Family. The Earth loves it when you are working and connecting with the Planetary Cities of Light. She feels your great emotional bond.
     This is an expression of your love for her when you are creating the Planetary Cities of Light. The Earth loves it when you connect with the other Planetary Cities of Light in the star systems. The Earth loves it when you respond to her Noosphere, for she is part of the Noosphere as well. She has ancient beautiful energies that are deep within the Noospheric levels.
     I, Chief White Eagle, see the beautiful energy field of the Earth in its full auric presence, its blue jewel light emerging as a strong force in this section of the galaxy, beaming with the love of humanity as she "bio-relates" to her beloved humans. There is nothing more beautiful in a galaxy than to see the beings on a planet express their love, beauty and spiritual light to the spirit of their planet. This IS the greatest joy for all star travelers to witness. I am the Chief White Eagle. We are all related.Ho!

David Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Saturday, March 22, 2014


MARCH 16,2014

Greetings dear ones. Once again we come to speak to you of ascension. All are in different phases of ascending into the higher dimensional energies. Not all will fully ascend at this time for many are not yet ready to embrace the fullness of their inner soul. However, all are experiencing the Light pouring onto Gaia at this powerful time and all have the free will choice to grow from or to reject it.

Remember this as you observe the many changes taking place within you and in the world. Change can be very upsetting to those still holding tightly to lifelong teachings and beliefs that no longer work for the highest good, but that is the way evolution is a gradual (sometimes not so gradual) shift into new and more evolved thinking, being, and doing, and old beliefs cannot stop it as the majority awakens and adds ever more Light to universal consciousness.

Since all are creators, evolution can be slowed, but never stopped for it is the purpose of life. Through free will, an individual can slow or even stop his spiritual growth for awhile even lifetimes, but the evolutionary journey can never be permanently's true nature is Divine, and the yearning to remember this is never lost. It is often buried deeply within through intention or ignorance, but can never disappear or there would be no individual. One cannot exist in any way shape or form with out the Divine within, as it is the substance of all form...all that is.

Arcturian group wishes to talk about life. When functioning within the third dimensional belief system, life is considered to be sacred in certain instances, (friends and relatives) but not so sacred (war) in others--perfectly reflecting the separation and duality of third dimensional thinking. There is only one life and it is is the only life there is. Humanly, scientists can create something that may seem to be alive in a bottle, clone, or test tube but this is only physical, an interpretation of "life". Life only becomes LIFE, when Divine energy enters in to it which is why a physical body disintegrates so quickly once the soul leaves.

It is here we must bring in the topic of abortion which has been and still is a subject of much discussion, confusion, anguish, and suffering for many. The decision to extinguish an unborn is a decision that must not be undertaken lightly but know that the soul who would choose to enter and become the child is well aware from the other side as to whether or not the child will be carried to term. A soul can enter, coming and going throughout a pregnancy that will result in a birth, but usually there is no soul yet attached in the early stages of a pregnancy unless there is a particular lesson for the entering soul.

Decisions of this sort must be made only after an honest evaluation of intention for these types of decisions carry and store intense energy for those making them, and there is much emotional energy being expended both ways on this topic. There must be HONEST inner consideration of what is the best and highest good for all concerned... decisions like this must never be made simply from a place of selfish convenience or fear and never as a means of birth control.

Intention is the spiritual key in making decisions of any kind because the intention behind any decision provides the energy upon which it rides...every word, action, or thought flows upon the intention that set it forth. Remember this dear ones, for it is a vitally important point.

Life is forever but souls choose to spend time in limited physical bodies in order to spiritually grow and evolve within the denseness of third dimensional energy. Earth is a powerful and difficult place in which to evolve and not for the faint hearted. Never under estimate your courage dear ones, for there are many evolving on other planets who chose not to be in a place that carries such density. All gradually learn from the experiences of earth and finally discover that that which they have been seeking, lies within. It is at this point that they begin to meet any problems on a higher level, karma disappears and they find themselves helping others struggling with same and familiar issues. Earth is being observed by many who wish to learn and study how mankind is going about doing this.

Life can never be lost, there is no such thing. A person who leaves either naturally or unnaturally, simply goes to another dimension. Most human eyes cannot as of yet perceive the higher frequencies of a light body and believe the deceased to be simply dead. In sleep, all leave their bodies, moving about, studying, and working in the spiritual body. Life and death are just two aspects of duality. You are more alive on the other side than you are on earth because on the other side, you remember who and what you are and are guided to whatever help and assistance you may need.

There are some who after "death" continue to align themselves only with familiar earth energy and because of this are unable to see the light bodies of their guides waiting to assist them. These souls become what you term ghosts...souls afraid of moving on and into higher dimensional light--some not even aware of the need to. These souls attach themselves to the familiar and often loved-- people, places, and experiences from their recent time on earth. Some, firmly stuck in a particular belief system are waiting for their belief to manifest...unable and unwilling to leave where they are. Some create for themselves familiar settings and lives in what is called the astral realm often for a long time until helped by another (Light beings or people who do this work) or awakening to their need for change.

In the third dimensional belief system it is believed by many that only some life forms are of value, and those mainly human. It must be understood that ALL life forms are sacred and in and of the One Life. There is no lesser or greater life. So called "primitive" societies were taught to ask permission before taking lives for food-- honoring and respecting the life given them by the animal. This idea has been largely disregarded in favor anything bringing in more money--a bigger, faster, approach carrying no respect for the animal involved... lives thoughtlessly taken for food, fashion, money, or power. The Divine has manifested Itself in infinite form and variety. You say; "What about the cockroach or the mosquito, are we to let them do as they please?" Insects are of those who have a group soul. The energy is Divine, but not individual. When an insect dies, it immediately rejoins its group soul but ask yourselves honestly, as respecters of Life is it really that difficult to simply move the spider outdoors rather than to kill it?

Life appears limited and fragile but is in reality forever and unlimited. You cannot die. Those who seek relief from the pressures of living through the taking of their own lives, simply cross over and find that they have solved nothing for the lessons they were meant to learn now must be met again at another time in another life.

Incarnation into the third dimensional energies of earth is a soul choice made by an individual in order to evolve and grow within the tremendous issues of third dimensional energy. Life lessons are planned by each soul with help and spiritual guidance before birth. Life events are not accidental as they would seem when judging by appearances but represent experiences necessary for the growth and evolution of the particular soul. Karma is not a punishment, but the balancing of energies originally created by the evolving soul and mankind in general. There is no longer karma after the soul reaches a certain level of spiritual awareness for then the individual is able to deal with life in new and higher ways but at this time many of you are helping to clear impersonal world karma.

All is perfect dear ones, in spite of world concepts of how everything needs to appear in order to be "right". Never forget as you journey through your life experiences ( some pleasant and some not so pleasant) that you are here at this time, in this body, with this family, in order to learn and grow and not simply to gain fleeting ego status through the attainment of money, popularity, beauty, goods, or power. Be alert to your desires dear ones, for ideals such as these represent the limitation of those still stuck in unawareness.

There is nothing evil or wrong about having wealth. This is a false concept still held and preached by some. The belief in the concept of separation has resulted in a universal sense that abundance in all its forms is outside of you and that you must struggle and grab it at all costs as best you can. Abundance is your divine right by virtue of your Oneness with Divine completeness, a truth that must be realized and become your state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly. This is the work.

Make your only God the one within you, allowing it freely flow outward and manifesting in whatever form is needed. That which is completeness for one may not represent completeness for another so do not compare. This realization will help to free you from the never ending promotional hype to buy this, do this, have this...and you will be happy.

We are, with you in ONEness and LIFE...The Arcturian Group 3/16/14

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2014


How do we deal with the new frequencies that are introducing a new Consciousness to humanity? Are they teaching us to live from inside out? Yes, they do!

These frequencies of light that are covering now the planet, are changing us forever - if we are allowing them to enter us and release what stands in their way. While they raise our vibration, they also raise our Consciousness and light quotient, because light carries information. 

Yes, the controllers are trying everything to prevent the light to enter our beloved planet, via geo-engineering the weather with poison in the stratosphere, hoping that the new frequencies cannot come through.

What is done within the limitation of a lower dimensional consciousness by beings who lack the Boundless Gift of Divine Creativity, Inspiration and Love –  how can by such limited means the greater Forces of Conscious Light be prevented from breaking through to here!

If we connect from within with these Forces we can bypass any obstruction and harmful intentions and invite them into our lives.

Divine Consciousness is beyond the darkness of artificial creations intended to harm. It exists and functions prior and beyond space and time and density and contains them all!

So when we know that we ARE able to directly connect and unite with the new liberating frequencies, there is nothing that can stop us from growing in Consciousness.

These fountains of light are re-awakening us to what we already are, if we understand with our heart, and if we are willing to surrender to them in the right way, if we allow them to open the Chambers of our Divine Unlimited Self.

But if these new frequencies are merely being used by the striving ego, the separate self, - then the True Self that lives as the Heart, remains hidden behind the illusion of a world that teaches still the way from outside in.

What does this mean? Society believes that our Treasure is found somewhere outside there in the world. Therefore we have been taught by parents, teachers, schools and universities, and by every educational institution, with almost no exception, that we first need to take thingsin before we can become "somebody" and as such adapt the outer world to our desires.

A whole culture has been created and lived by the so called civilized world on these principles. Of course, there was a certain intention behind it: to split our consciousness and to divide and separate the wholeness of humanity. Now we think we must consume and control the many things to be whole again.

This fits perfectly the Big Companies who have diligently developed and prepared us for today's insanity of consumerism, to keep humanity in an unconscious, exterior state of awareness and in poverty on all levels. While  at the same time they prosper and multiply their Trillions further. But this is really the proof of their own poverty.

Poverty is primarily not about money, but about the absence or loss of the true Treasure of our Divine Self that is intentionally hidden from an overwhelming majority. Therefore most of us live from a deep rooted identification with lack, which then in turn is mirrored, if not by material poverty, by compulsive accumulation of things.

As such we have become locked up onto an artificial exterior identity of ourselves, that is like a closed container preventing abundant flow through our being, a flow that would naturally emerge from the Heart. Because it is the Substance of the Heart that creates the world we desire, from inside out.

If it is not naturally the Heart that creates our world – and it does not, just look how miserable our planet is – what then creates it? 
It is the limited mind set, based on duality and lesser lightwhich lacks juice, joy and life force, as it is separated from our True Self. It is focused on hopefully getting from synthetic surroundings what our artificial self desires, such as safety and fulfillment with the means of separate things, while perpetuating our dilemma.

But we cannot add artificial and seemingly external things to the natural Fullness that we already are. It just does not take this stuff in. Rather the natural and divine flow of abundance from inside out is being blocked by our attempt to inhale the things that we perceive as separate from us.

If we look closely, this paradigm also controls the spiritual domain.
We are trying to get satisfaction by consuming spiritual things and practices, like workshops which promise enlightenment over a few months, if not just on a weekend, by adding techniques and new mind sets to our fake identity. The ego might be enchanted for a short while and imagine enlightenment, but soon it goes hunting again for a similar ego-fulfilling entertainment, under the delusion of true satisfaction.

However the ego will never get what it is looking for. It is like with the new shiny and attractive technology, that needs to be constantly exchanged for the newest products to keep us happily going.

The calamity is, that all of these toys even push us further away from ourselves, because we are mislead to think that we have really acquired the true jewel. And so we do not look further for the REAL.

Nothing is more misleading than the believe we are free, we are spiritual, when in truth we are slaves and have fallen for spiritual materialism. All this is part of the cheap disinformation and manipulation programs that are to keep humanity away from awakening.

The separate ego-I that seeks fulfillment will never attain true happiness. Because the ego-I is the very one that needs to be surrendered to the Divine Heart.

We have truly gained victory over the forces of delusion and control when we begin to comprehend the Divine Reality of our True Nature that is already Full, Radiant and lacks nothing, and brings forth all our desires into a new world to celebrate and share the joy of abundance, beauty and love.

Now the time  has come for us to free ourselves from all the illusions of false identification, forced on us by those who do not love us. The New Light is already here to bring us Home, if we use It wisely.

Now is the time to start to jump, to jump onto the newly forming higher dimensional earth that is growing every day, gaining momentum. 

This requires to leave behind the old illusions and false teachings. It requires courage and radical honesty with oneself.

This new earth is starting already to separate itself from the old paradigm. She invites all of us who are willing to discover the Heart and live from THERE, to come with Her, as She is emerging in and as the New Consciousness.

This New Consciousness is beyond 3dimensional imagination. It is a realm of a radical new Reality of Conscious Light, vibrating as a very high and powerful frequency.

There Is a powerful Call, and it is the Reality of the New Earth Who Is Calling. This is what I am experiencing.

In Lak’esh,
dearest human family!

With love,

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