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FEBRUARY 23, 2020
Dear readers, we hold a great deal of love and respect for you who have chosen to be on earth during these challenging times. You chose to enter this incarnation fully aware that it would be a time of energetic shifts and difficulty but you wanted to participate, knowing that your awareness could help others.
If you believe that you only recently woke up from the three dimensional dream, you are wrong. You who align with these messages are not new souls just learning about truth even if it seems that way. If you had not already attained a high level of awareness in other lifetimes, you would not be in alignment with the higher truths you are now integrating. You are wise, seasoned, and prepared to make the dimensional leap by virtue of having learned through hundreds of lifetimes--some good, some bad, and some just plain horrible.
Having already attained a high level of awareness you knew that these times of dimensional shift would offer you opportunities to bring everything full circle and into third dimensional completion, allowing you to become the whole, compete, wise, and evolved state of consciousness you always sought.
High frequency energy and assistance is available now as never before. Earth and her inhabitants are being offered the opportunity to shift into higher dimensional awareness if they choose. No one is or ever can be forced to take advantage of this for all are free will beings. This is why your Guides can assist you with your decisions, but will never tell you what to do.
It can feel unpleasant when you witness some friendships, health, or even familiar activities fade out of your life. Remember, everything old is making way for the new on all levels, in the outer scene as well as the inner which can be as ordinary as old equipment breaking down. However, the dissolution of the old is often simply the first step toward its reappearing in a new and higher form if it is meant to be in your life.
All are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually feeling the intense frequencies now pouring to earth. Old energy accumulated from from hundreds of lifetimes and stored in cellular memory is surfacing for everyone in order to be recognized, released, and replaced with higher dimensional frequencies. Each person is responding to this according to their attained level of awareness.
For some this process is bringing fears that have lain dormant through many lifetimes into conscious awareness causing them to lash out and blame some person or particular group for their emotional pain and the world's problems. They then attempt to make things better in the only way they understand which is usually through violent actions . This is what lies behind the violence you are witnessing at this time.
Allow your personal process to unfold without comparing it to another's. You cannot evolve incorrectly for once you have chosen to embark on a spiritual journey, the "train leaves the station" and the "human" you is no longer running things in the same way it did when you were living fully in third dimensional energy.
Everything is consciousness in vibration-energy. Consciousness expressing itself as....How each sees and experiences the world depends upon their attained level of consciousness. What you believe and hold in consciousness you are in alignment with in the outer scene and can experience. A rose may represent beauty and love to one, but thorns and allergy to another.
In reality there are no victims, because as God beings everyone is simply drawing to themselves from the collective that with which they are in alignment. Remember, there is only ONE and that ONE is always seeking to align with itself-- wholeness.
Both the good and bad pictures of material sense have no law other than belief to hold them in place and will dissolve in the presence of a high resonating state of consciousness that sees them only as mind interpretations of reality. This is how the master Jesus healed. People brought themselves into his consciousness where disease simply had no reality.
This does not mean that the spiritually evolved never have problems. Never believe that you have somehow failed if your life suddenly turns upside down but rather learn to see difficulties as facets of your evolutionary journey indicating that you having attained the spiritual readiness necessary to deal with deeper issues--karmic resolution with some person, place, or thing, the clearing of some ancient experience, or simply the gaining of new insights into something you have struggled with for your whole life.
Many creations result simply by not paying attention, letting the mind wander and accept whatever comes floating by from the collective. Be aware of what you allow into your consciousness for you are creators. Learn to step back from those things that pull you into lower frequencies. Stop occasionally and ask yourself; "What am I creating in this now moment?" Do not resist what you may discover for resistance only serves to give power to something that has no power of its own.
Consciousness changes and evolves as beliefs based in duality and separation are let go and truth is integrated. Spiritual growth and evolution has often meant spending whole lifetimes or even more on learning just one thing (example-honesty) which is why it takes so many lifetimes to reach an enlightened state. Lessons learned and truths integrated become the fabric of individual consciousness which is then further built upon and expanded through each following lifetime until third dimensional lessons are no longer needed.
It is a time of worry, concern, and frustration for many hoping to see the earth restored to her natural perfection. This must eventually manifest because what you see with human eyes is the material concept of a spiritual earth. Human eyes are unable to see the spiritual realities that underlie everything just as what you see in the mirror does not reflect the real you. Try not to judge by appearances but rather hold to the truth that God alone is. Change cannot happen over night in a world of time and space. Allow the process.
Energy, vibration, and frequencies form the material. In reality the world is and always has been spiritual for God could not create anything outside of ITSelf as nothing exists outside of ITSelf. However, the world as seen and experienced by most is being interpreted through a collective consciousness conditioned by beliefs in duality and separation. This is why you must "come out and be separate".
It is a time of worry, concern, and frustration for many who hoped to see the earth restored to her natural perfection. This must eventually manifest because what you see with human eyes is a material concept of a spiritual earth. Human eyes are unable to see the spiritual realities that underlie everything just as what you see in the mirror does not reflect the real you. Try not to judge by appearances but rather hold to the truth that God alone is power. Change cannot happen over night in a world of time and space. Allow the process.
Everyone is born into this false sense of the world. Small children often remember the higher dimensions but soon get caught up in the lower frequencies that surround them. As increasingly more awaken, Light is added to and changing the vibrational pattern of the collective which in turn will allow human minds access to higher ideas.
Each generation enters into the collective consciousness that is in place at that time. The collective of 200 years ago was much different than it is today because evolution is an ongoing process that effects all levels--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The evolutionary opportunities available today are extremely important because they offer an evolutionary path of infinite possibilities for shifting to higher dimensional awareness while remaining in the physical body.
Because increasingly more light is flowing into the collective, many more individuals are starting to re- think their beliefs. Laws, ideas, and some social norms previously considered acceptable are beginning to be recognized as untrue. Those who profit from the ignorance and fear of others are attempting by all means possible to keep the status quo in place. They do not understand that in spite of their efforts or temporary successes, the evolutionary train has indeed left the station.
Spiritual evolution can never be stopped. It can be delayed but never stopped because everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness whether anyone believes it or not. Those who choose to believe that people are nothing more than flesh, cannot change the reality.
Peace and harmony exist fully present now, held infinitely in place by Divine Law simply awaiting conscious recognition.
We are the Arcturian Group 2/23/20


Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been watching and waiting and feeling into the right moment to bring you this transmission, and now that moment is upon us. We are excited to tell you that the way that you have been processing the energies coming from your sun and Earth has been changing. You have finally become the beings that your planet has been waiting for. Most of you have felt like fish out of water there for so long because you are starseeds and wanderers, but that is changing now that you have all done so much work on yourselves and have cleared your chakras to such an extent that you are downloading and uploading that energy that your sun and Earth are providing with a precision that we have not experienced from you and through you.
This means that you have aligned yourselves with Earth’s intention to ascend to the fifth dimension, and you have demonstrated that you are the perfect beings to have the experience of ascension with your planet. You have been riding the waves of the Earth’s energies so well that everything has clicked into place for you to then receive the upgrades that have been coming in from the sun, and you don’t need a lot of sun exposure to benefit. You don’t need to be gazing at the sun or spending hours a day in the beautiful light that comes from the heavens. Just a little bit of sun is enough to receive the upgrades that you have been getting that have been making it easier for you to stay in light body mode.
You have made it easier on yourselves to be your higher selves in the flesh. Now, we know that some of you are wondering how this is possible when you have so much more clearing and processing to do, but just the fact alone that you know about the clearing and processing speaks volumes about how well you are all doing at opening yourselves up to the higher frequencies being offered by the Earth and sun at this time.
Now, you are also ready to accept that you are Earthlings in this lifetime, even though you carry that galactic history in your DNA, even though you feel that connection to Sirius, the Pleiades, our star system, or one of the other many throughout the galaxy. You still have an Earth lineage as well. You wanted this to be your home for the ascension, and she is very happy and proud to have the awakened population that you are aboard the mothership for the final push to the fifth dimension that you are making. This is a wonderful time to be alive there on Earth and to be experiencing the harmonizing of all the divergent energies, and we are very proud of you as well.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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(Author’s Note: The Subtle Body consists of focal points called chakras. The Subtle Body has supernatural powers, including past-life connections. In many Eastern traditions, such as Indian mysticism and Buddhism, the Subtle Body consists of layers of human energy fields, including the astral body, the aura and the physical body. In modern mystical texts the Subtle Body is called the Divine Body, and its multidimensional higher powers are recognized, such as the ability to transmigrate, merge into a body of light, called one’s Light Body, and ascend. As you spiritually progress, you can gain better access and control of your Subtle Body).
   Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Today we are going to talk about the Subtle Body and its relationship to your physical body and also its relationship to the aura. Generally, the aura refers, in our perspective, to the energy field of only the physical body. Therefore, the aura is mostly Third Dimensional, although of course, it does have connections to other energy fields, but predominantly, the aura is Third Dimensional. The Subtle Body includes the aura, but it goes beyond the Third Dimension and is able to do remarkable and amazing feats. Today, I am going to talk about the Subtle Body and some of its abilities. 

   I would like to introduce this subject though by talking about one particular ability of the Subtle Body which is to be able to reach out and find other life forms in the galaxy. I have heard, with amusement, how the current Earth astronomers are searching for extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial communications, through the SETI [Editor’s Note: Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence] program. I am sure that you have seen these huge radio telescopes that are continuously working and scanning the skies for contact with higher intelligence. To this date, they have not found any such communications.

   This has been compared to looking for a needle in a haystack because of the tremendous distances that are involved. One must also take into account the vastness of outer space and the extraordinary luck that one would need to coordinate the following factors: (1) the revolution of the Earth and the solar system, (2) the revolution of the stars and (3) the revolution of the galaxy. That might only leave an open window for a few brief seconds to allow a contact to be found. Of course, in trying to make a contact with another galactic civilization, the signal would have to have tremendous power and tremendous wattages. This would require a vast amount of energy to produce such power.
   Then, the final problem is, of course, the distances. You know how extraordinarily vast the galaxy is. It has been estimated that the Earth in your solar system is approximately two-thirds of the way from the center of the galaxy, and that is 26,000 to 30,000 light years from the galactic center. That means that the radio signal would take 26,000 years to reach the center. We view this entire attempt of SETI as primitive. We have higher technologies that we use that are more accurate and easier to identify and find life throughout the galaxy. This methodology that we use employs the Subtle Body. 

   The Subtle Body can scan for life forms in a galaxy. We have the ability to enhance the operation and the implementation of the Subtle Body. I could say that the Subtle Body can work in coordination with certain advanced computer systems, and through this methodology, we have been able to identify at this point 5,000 advanced civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy. This approach and method gives you a taste of the abilities of the Subtle Body because the Subtle Body can reach out across vast spaces, can go through different time-space dimensions and realms, and can even reach out into other galaxies.

   In our exercises, we have the ability to travel at the speed of thought. That means that the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light. In effect, the speed of thought and the use of the traveling of the Subtle Body at the speed of thought is immeasurable in Earth terminology. In some cases, traveling at the speed of thought would be instantaneous. That means that the Subtle Body, with the proper instructions and preparations, can even travel across the galaxy, or even to another galaxy, at this tremendous speed.

   The Subtle Body has receptors on it, and when you program the Subtle Body, then you can activate special sensors on it which would identify and be useful in searching for extraterrestrial galactic civilizations. This is how we identify and search throughout this Milky Way Galaxy, and we have the advantage of experience, and we have the advantage of special computer-integrated systems that work together with the Subtle Body. 

   This discussion relates particularly to our mission, because our mission is to help the Earth and to help humanity on several levels. Level number one is to help prepare and consult with humanity and the Starseeds about the Ascension and what it means. The second part of our mission is to help activate and prepare the species known as the humans, or the Adam race, to evolve to higher planetary consciousness and higher realms, that is to say, to evolve to a higher species which we call the Omega Man/Woman. This would be a further adaptation and improvement of functioning over Homo sapiens, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon and other species that are in your family. 

   The Omega Man/Woman has the special feature of integrated Planetary Consciousness and the ability to interact with the Fifth Dimension, and also the ability to work with and integrate the Subtle Body into its functions. The energies of the Subtle Bodies of all civilizations in this galaxy interact with each other. This is an amazing observation, and this in part explains why we as higher dimensional extraterrestrial beings have a mission to work with and to interact with you. The Subtle Energy Fields of all living beings are part of the Unified Field of Galactic Consciousness. This means that, what happens at one civilization or at one planet, like the Earth, does affect and is recorded and is interacting with other energy fields in the galaxy. That means that what you do and how you deal with these polarizations, conflicts and life and death struggles of your biosphere will affect the Subtle Energy Field of other galactic beings. This is why the Galactic Council, which is composed of Galactic Ascended Masters, has taken an interest in the Earth. They have directed higher beings, such as the Arcturians and other Galactic Ascended Masters, to directly work with the Earth.
   Your Earth-based actions and your energies have been picked up and received by those who are of higher consciousness and who have searched out and received your Subtle Energy Fields. Therefore, we use our energy and abilities to help motivate and to assist in your evolution, and this requires a lot of teaching and consultations. The past 100 years has seen an increase in Planetary Consciousness and an increase in Ascended Masters, guides and teachers who have been coming to the Earth and seeking to promote a higher consciousness and evolution. 

   The Subtle Body has amazing powers and these include psychic abilities as well as abilities involving interdimensional travel and reaching out and interacting with other Ascended Masters throughout the galaxy. I can say that at this time in 2020, there have never been as many contacts with higher dimensional beings on this planet as there are right now, and this includes contacts through channeling. It does include direct contact with extraterrestrial beings and, in other cases, it includes lower energy abductions by fourth-dimensional beings. There also is higher energy traveling, where people are voluntarily going on starships. This also includes the work that is going on in Dreamtime. 

   The Subtle Body is extremely active in Dreamtime, and there are some Starseeds who are working in special Dreamtime. The beauty of Dreamtime is that you have direct access to your Subtle Body without any other blocks. These blocks that are normally in existence in your third- dimensional body have been taught to you. You have been trained culturally to block out information and communication with the Subtle Body. 

   Lacking contact and information about your Subtle Body has harmed your civilization, because the modern times minimize your spiritual development and instead emphasize material gain and possessions. This lack of spiritual contact is one of the reasons why the Ascension is being introduced, because part of the teachings of the Ascension is to open up spiritual areas in our physical body, such as the Reticular Activating System, also called the Assemblage Point, and by doing that, you would have more direct interaction and more direct abilities to use and interact with the Subtle Body. 

   One of the techniques of using and taking advantage of the Subtle Body is the technique we call “identification with the Subtle Body”. It is a simple technique. Right now, you identify yourself with your physical body even though you might in your belief system realize that you are greater than your physical body. Culturally you are trained to maintain a strong identification of your existence with your physical body. This is one of the reasons why there is such a fear of death in the Western world, because the physical body is time limited and is subject to certain limitations. Over time the physical body will generally begin to decline so that it would leave you with a feeling of loss and also a feeling of fear. When you connect and identify with your Subtle Body, then you do not have these feelings. The Subtle Body is connected to your Soul. The Subtle Body has luminous strands of light, or etheric cables, that connect to the Source of All. 

   Your true nature is more in alignment with the Subtle Body than it is with the physical body, because your true nature consists of luminous light. If you ever are able to get into a higher state of perception, and you look at yourself or look at another person, you will not see their clothes; you will not see even their face as much as you will see them as luminous, electromagnetic beings of light. You will see that each person has deep connections to different realms. The Subtle Body is greater than the aura. The aura is included in the Subtle Body, but the Subtle Body surpasses the restricted energy field that would be identified as your physical aura. In fact, the aura would be considered the energy field around your physical body, and the Subtle Body would be considered your energy field that is infinite and eternal, and it has abilities far beyond what you even can imagine. 

   You do not normally identify with the Subtle Body. One way to work with the Subtle Body is through strengthening your identification with it. Interestingly, there are certain aspects of your third-dimensional experience that inhibit your identification with your Subtle Body and also, there are actually certain energy fields that can harm your Subtle Body. We have always been concerned about radiation, and we have been concerned about the nuclear energy contamination on the Earth, and there is a variety of reasons why. We are concerned about nuclear energy. The main reason is because radiation destroys the biosphere, but another reason is that the nuclear exposure to high amounts of radiation can affect the connection you have with the Subtle Body and can cause distortions in the Subtle Body Energy Field.

   Remember, I said that the consciousness of a planet is communicated in the subtle energy fields throughout the galaxy, and that means that higher beings, such as the Galactic Council, can feel and hear and sense energy work and energy actions in the Subtle Energy Fields here on Earth. Radiation has the potential for being interdimensional. The effects of the energy field of radiation are not well understood on the Earth. Most scientists would have no idea what I am talking about on the Earth when I say that the radiation is interdimensional and can travel through the Subtle Energy Fields of a person and can communicate and can be transmitted throughout the galaxy. 

   This explains why the ascended guides and teachers working with the Earth have specifically setup protective energy fields so that this nuclear energy weaponry will not be allowed to be transmitted outside of your solar system. Maybe you have heard discussions like this many years ago when we were talking about the first atomic bomb that went off on this planet. The first atomic bomb used as a weapon was the bomb in Hiroshima. The Hiroshima bomb is minor compared to the hydrogen bombs that were later tested. Nonetheless, that first atomic bomb set off a wave in the Subtle Energy Fields of the Earth and was received throughout the galaxy. That may be hard for you to imagine or believe. How can it be that one small atomic bomb could set off a wave of energy which could be picked up in the Subtle Energy Fields outside of the Earth by higher beings far away from this planet? Remember, the nuclear energy and explosions have an interdimensional ability that can transcend what is the normal energy. 

   This dropping of the first nuclear bomb was the beginning of an acceleration of the Ascended Masters’ work with the Earth. We saw potential danger to the interference and to the damage that can be done, and it has been our mission, along with many other Ascended Masters, to protect and counsel as many people as possible about the harmful effects of radiation. I realize that there are lesser levels of radiation, such as being used for medical purposes. I am talking specifically about nuclear bomb radiation as the danger, including the meltdown of a nuclear reactor, which we have seen at Fukushima. 

   I have spoken, numerous times about Fukushima, and I want you to know, that this nuclear reactor meltdown accident in Fukushima is still the number one threat to the biosphere and to all life forms on the Earth. Here we are, maybe eight, nine years since the accident [Editor’s Note: March 11, 2011], and it is still issuing levels of radiation equal to the first year of the meltdown, and there is still no slowing down of this dangerous emission rate. There is some minor containment but not concretely solid enough to say that the leakages have been stopped or that the danger is past. 

   This radiation leakage is one source of possible harm to the Subtle Body. There are other traumas now occurring to the Earth’s biosphere on the Earth, including contaminations, and finally, interdimensional space-time distortions which can affect the Subtle Body. 

   Part of our other mission is to help you to purify and to re-assess and re-align your Subtle Body. We have the technology. We have the abilities and the exercises to help you purify your Subtle Body and to help you to cleanse it. Helio-Ah, my colleague and partner, has special healing chambers that help you with this work. We also have the special healing chambers in Tomar’s temple which can also do great purification on your Subtle Body. 

   What is the relationship between the Soul and the Subtle Body? The Subtle Body is directly connected to your Soul, and the connection again is through luminous cords and luminous cables. I like to use the word “cables”. There are energy fields that the Subtle Body is able to use and can communicate with through these cables. The Subtle Body has direct communication with the Soul. The Soul is above the Subtle Body, but also the Soul and the Subtle Body are highly interactive. You can imagine that if there is a distortion or damage to the Subtle Body, then the Soul can respond, and the Soul will seek out ways of repairing the Subtle Body. This means that the Subtle Body often needs to be repaired and purified. There are particular experiences on the Third Dimension which give you access to repairing the Subtle Body. 

   There are experiences on the Third Dimension which can harm the Subtle Body as we have described, but there also are experiences and opportunities to heal and repair the Subtle Body, and this is partly one of the reasons why you may have decided to come here at this time. I will be leading an exercise today with Helio-Ah to repair and to help heal your Subtle Body. 

   I want to also talk about the Subtle Body and ascension because the idea of ascension is that you use this alchemical, transformational process in which your physical body transforms into another energy field, and then that energy field is able to transfer you into another realm. Think for a moment, if you are totally identified with your Subtle Body, then you can “give up” your physical body with joy, and then you identify with the Subtle Body, and the Subtle Body then can easily enter higher dimensions and can transfer you to other realms and other dimensions. The teaching of the Ascension includes the advanced ability to work with subtle energy fields, and particularly to be able to identify with the Subtle Body. 

   (Tones) Take three deep breaths. Experience a state of relaxation in which you become aware of your energy field around the physical body, and feel the beautiful, joyful shape and energy field known as the Subtle Body that is above your aura, that is above the energy field even of the Cosmic Egg. Have your aura be in the shape of the Cosmic Egg. Having your aura in the shape of the Cosmic Egg prepares you for being in your Subtle Body.

   It is important to say that the Subtle Body can also be called, in metaphysical terminology today, the “Light Body”. The Light Body is luminously bright. The Subtle Light Body is your true essence. You have only come down into this third-dimensional body as part of an experience, as part of a traveling on your soul journey. You are not totally who you are in this physical body. You are greater than this physical body. See and allow yourself to go upwards into your Subtle Light Body now. Some have even called this the “I Am Presence”.  Again, it is above your aura. I will go into meditation time now as you experience this higher form of yourself, the true part of yourself. We will go into silence. (Silence)

   You can say this affirmation: “I am my Light Body. I am my Subtle Energy Field Light Body.” Open up the antenna of your Light Body, which is at the Crown Chakra. Prepare yourself to receive communications from the Ascended Masters and other higher conscious beings around this galaxy. Space, time and distances are not meaningful like they are on the Third Dimension. There is an interconnectedness of higher beings in this galaxy. This has been expressed in our work with you on the Sister Cities, which is an important part of the Planetary Cities of Light project. In our original definition of Planetary Cities of Light, we said there are networks of Sister Cities of Light around the whole galaxy that can connect with the Earth Planetary Cities of Light. The Planetary Cities of Light and the Planetary Ocean Reserves of Light project is setup to potentially connect with all other Star Cities and Star Ocean Cities of Light around the galaxy. For various reasons, we have not been able to totally implement this, but a time is coming where we will be able to improve our communications with the Sister Cities of Light around the galaxy. 

   Imagine for a moment, that there are Cities of Light around the galaxy that are sending out callings for Cities of Light that can be received and heard on the Earth, and that these callings are being received through the Subtle Body of Gaia. There are subtle bodies of planets, and there are even subtle bodies of cities. This calling to Star Cities of Light focuses on connecting links and networks with other Galactic Cities of Light. This is a great exercise, to be able to interact with Star Cities of Light on the Pleiades, Arcturus, Alano, on Antares, and on so many other places. 

   These other Galactic Sister Cities of Light have access to energy fields that may not be available to your Cities of Light this time, but it can energetically boost the Subtle Energy Field of your City of Light, or the Subtle Energy Field of your Ocean Reserve of Light, and even your own Subtle Energy Field. Think about how wonderful and expansive it is to be connected with the Subtle Energy Fields of other Star Cities of Light around the galaxy. Think what it means when we say that you are a Galactic Citizen, and you have Galactic Consciousness, and that you have abilities to interact with these other higher energy fields around the galaxy. (Tones) I now turn the next part of the lecture over to Helio-Ah. This is Juliano. Good day. 

   (Tones “Helio-Ah.”) Greetings, my Star Brothers and Star Sisters. I am connecting my Subtle Energy Body with yours. In the energy of the subtle fields, cohabitation is easy. Remember that these principles of contact, which sometimes are called “quantum contacts” or “quantum entanglements”, are more directly experienced when you are in your Subtle Body. This means that your interest in our work indicates that you have had previous contacts with the Arcturians. You have been led into this large Arcturian group to enhance and improve, with greater clarity, your Arcturian interactions and your Arcturian memories. I have a special healing chamber on our starship, and I am going to invite you today to visit with me. I want to help purify your Subtle Light Body Field and help it to return to a more pristine condition. Maybe you can call this “maintenance” on your Subtle Energy Field.

   I send down a corridor of light to each of you, wherever you are on the planet. Feel that corridor of light over your room. It is a glorious golden energy field of protection and higher consciousness and higher light. Call on your Light Body; call on your Subtle Energy Field to bilocate and travel with me to my starship through this corridor. (Tones “Ta ta ta, oh....”) 

   Travel at the speed of thought in your Light Body, your Subtle Energy Body. Come into the entranceway of my starship. I am there, greeting you. We are in a huge circle of light together. Follow me as we move as a large group into this special blue room that is right to the left. It is called Helio-Ah’s Healing Chamber of Light. 

   You come into the room with me, and you immediately understand the purifying energy of this light and of this healing chamber. It is more powerful than a hyperbaric chamber, which is a chamber with a high level of oxygen. The energy in the healing chamber is more powerful than any healing that you have ever had, more powerful than any hallucinogenic drug you have ever had, including Ayahuasca. It is a light purification, especially aligned, attuned and calibrated for your Subtle Body. The light in the chamber is cleansing you. It is removing densities, doing healings on all levels of cells that may have been damaged from your experience on the Earth. It can heal all traumas that you might be carrying with you. Yes, this is a tremendous healing chamber of light. We will go into meditation as you experience this healing for your Subtle Energy Body. 

   You are transforming now directly into your Light Body. Your Subtle Body continues to remove any densities, any blocks, any contaminations, any distortions. You are totally in your Subtle Energy Field, and you are merging into your Light Body. (Tones “Oh….”) This is truly a soul healing experience. Now continue to feel this high energy cleansing/purification, and prepare yourself to return back to Earth and to return back to your physical body. Pay particular attention to your heart, and fill up your heart with this healing light, for it is said that the true Earth healing comes when the heart is also purified. (Tones “Oh….”) 

   We gather as a group and begin to leave my healing chamber, knowing that you can come back and return to this chamber at any time. We walk forward as a group, to the entranceway of our ship. There is a corridor, connecting to your home. Together we enter the corridor and travel through the corridor at the speed of thought. (Tones “Ta ta ta, oh….”)

   You come back to your room, and you see your physical body and your aura. You are in your Light Body and in your Subtle Body. There are layers. You have your Light Body; then you have your aura, and then you have your physical body. Bring your Light Body in alignment with your aura. This purifying charge of energy that you have experienced in my healing chamber will now transfer into your aura, and then into your physical body now. 

   At the count of three, in perfect alignment, bring your Self down through your Subtle Energy Field, your Light Body, into your aura and then into your physical body, now. You are expanded. You will experience a feeling of joy and harmony that will last for the next 24 hours. Your abilities of receiving communication and information from higher beings and your psychic abilities have now doubled from where they were before we started this lecture. 

   My blessings to you and healing light. I am Helio-Ah. Good day! 
Group of Forty | P.O. Box 4074Prescott, , AZ 86302

Monday, February 17, 2020


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FEBRUARY 9, 2020
Dear ones, the world is increasingly moving toward more revelations with regard to negative actions and those involved in them. Be not afraid of what you may see and hear from commercial news sources or your technology for everything that resonates with old energy cannot help but change or actually disappear as new and higher frequencies integrate into the collective.
Many commonly accepted rules, beliefs, and concepts that over time have resulted in today's belief system, must be exposed for what they really represent before those who consider them acceptable will be able to see them for what they really are--programs based in false beliefs and the surrendering of personal power to those who seek it for themselves.
Appearances would testify that mankind is going backwards and reverting to an old state of consciousness. In reality, consciousness is going forward. Each day as higher frequencies of Light increase, more individuals become aware of what up to now has either been sanitized through false teachings or simply hidden behind closed doors.
Allow your light to shine in each now moment of the day for this is what adds to the incoming frequencies of Light flowing from higher dimensions. Accept that you are the one you have searched for over lifetimes. The high resonating energy of each awakened consciousness is what will bring change, expose shadows, and assist the un-awakened to wake up.
All is proceeding according to plan. Rejoice as you witness increasingly more people become aware of the need for change and better ways of living for all rather than a select few. Changes are coming, but don't spend your days waiting and looking for them while dwelling on and adding energy to negative appearances. Rather keep your focus in truth, in the higher frequencies of conscious Oneness with Source and what that means. Remember, you are creators.
Honestly examine how much time and energy you spend thinking about negative issues and learn to be very selective with regard to networking, websites, or groups that easily pull followers into dense energy under the guise of information. Many of you are beginning to recognize an energetic heaviness when visiting certain websites, news sources, or even entertainments.
Be intuitively selective with regard to what you accept into your consciousness. Many sites that began as light fun and interaction with others have become platforms for promoting fear and separation.
Understand that as your consciousness increasingly shifts to new levels, you automatically move out of alignment with some previous interests--online or in person. Attempting to make something from a previous state of consciousness work as it once did is futile and only serves to hold one in bondage to energy that is familiar but which has been outgrown.
Be very honest with regard to how some people, places, or things effect you and have the courage to withdraw from them if they no longer serve. Not only are you changing, but many things that began innocently enough also changed as they were recognized to be excellent platforms from which to to promote an agenda. Always listen to and trust your intuition in these things.
There is much to come dear ones, much that we cannot yet speak about for we do not wish to influence you or cause you to sit back awaiting the arrival of some concept of "savior".
Love yourselves, all of yourselves not just the "good" parts, and allow your inner process to unfold. A great deal of clearing-- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is taking place at this time. Many of you are experiencing odd symptoms of one sort or another on one or all levels,
The clearing of old energy is individual because energies needing to be cleared result from individual experiences and different lifetimes. One person's process may be to actually re-experience something while another's will simply be to feel exhausted or sick. Allow you process without comparing it to another's.
Allowing indicates a consciousness able to trust that the God/I AM of your being knows how to express ITSELF as and through you without your need to tell it how. In every situation, simply say; "I allow..." rather than "Teach me how to allow" because if your intention is to be taught, opportunities for practice will indeed present themselves.
Rest and pamper yourself when you feel the need but don't endow your clearing symptoms with power. Love and support your physical body as it clears old cellular memory and integrates new frequencies of Light . Speak to your cells telling them to release low resonating energies acquired through inheritance and experience, and allow frequencies of Light to replace them. Visualize bright golden Light moving into each cell and pushing out any shadow as it does so.
Everyone at some point reaches a level of awareness in which they must cease looking to others for love, cooperation, gratitude, appreciation, friendship, support, etc. even from those where it is most expected.
These things are God qualities, facets of Oneness, that human beings in and of themselves do not have to give. Looking to some person for what God alone possesses can only result in disappointment because individuals are only able to express God qualities at the level of their attained state of consciousness.
Every person eventually evolves to a place where they must begin to acknowledge their Oneness with Source and seek only from IT. This then allows whatever is needed, be it the solution to a problem or the receiving of appreciation, to manifest outwardly though the avenue best qualified.
Solutions often appear through a person from whom it is least expected or even a stranger. Never doubt that what you need will appear, often before you know there is a need if you rest always in a consciousness of Divine completeness.
Third dimensional energy is and always has been about looking outside of self for everything. This is because third dimensional energy can only express as duality and separation. Enlightenment means realizing that harmony, wholeness, completeness, abundance, love, acceptance, appreciation, safety, security, and infinite supply are already fully present within never dependent upon outer appearances but rather upon a conscious realization of SELF versus self.
God qualities express and flow through humans, but can never flow from them, simply because human beings in and of themselves do not have these qualities to give. Once you understand this, you stop being disappointed by another's lack of empathy, appreciation, friendship, love, support, or gratitude because you understand that every person is only capable expressing God at their level of consciousness. Everyone is expressing their highest level of awareness.
By not expecting another to give what only God has to give you are loving and allowing them to be who they are at this particular point in their evolutionary journey. At the same time you are allowing yourself to trust that what you may seem to need at any given time already exists within and so you allow the God qualities of your own Divine Consciousness to flow wherever and through whomever is the best vehicle.
In these times of change you are witnessing the disappearance of much that has always been held as being "tried and true"-- facts about successful living that you could rely on. Fear often arises for even the spiritually evolved when suddenly they discover certain solutions no longer work or carefully laid plans fall apart.
You have all lived lifetimes based in mind alone, where plotting and planning was the only acceptable way to resolve issues of any kind. Shifting away from mind alone and into truth and intuition is difficult at first when things begin to no longer work the way they are "supposed" to.
Because almost everyone still carries frequencies reflective of familiar and commonly accepted ways of doing things, panic, confusion, and fear will often manifest as an individual moves to a level of consciousness that requires trust and allowing.
Begin to put everything you have learned about truth throughout this and your many other lifetimes into practice and begin to totally embrace the fact that you are a Divine Being having third dimensional experiences through your own choice.
Spirituality was all well and good and even quite comfortable when it was something discussed in classes, listened to in lectures, read in metaphysical books, given through a psychic, or by meditating now and then. It was something you enjoyed with like minded people and left you feeling "holy" and perhaps even a little "better" than those who didn't know what you did.
That work is complete. You are ready to leave behind spiritual tools based in a sense of separation that promoted struggle in a vain attempts to contact some far away God or become enlightened. You came to believe that spirituality could only be attained through effort, ceremony, right practices, and a whole lot of work. You now know that everything you sought through these practices is within.
You may still be guided to seek help from a certain teacher, book, or class to help you move through a "stuck" place, but spiritual tools are never intended to become one's lifeline. A continuing reliance on anything outside of SELF simply prevents one from realizing that everything they need is fully present within. The books, classes, crystals, mantras, and gurus necessary to one's earlier steps are meant to be bridges leading within.
Example; Crystals carry unique and often very powerful energy, but are meant to align with and strengthen this same energy within the individual, rather than give them something they don't already posses.
Those of you who are spiritual teachers in some capacity must keep in mind that it is vitally important that you never allow human ego to keep your student coming after they are ready to go "solo". A spiritual teacher's job to give wings to each student as they lovingly guide them toward realizing their Oneness with Source.
Integrate each truth as it reveals itself to you and live from your highest attained level of awareness. At some point IT begins living ITSELF as you without effort or study on your part. Most of you are either already there, or close to it or you would not be drawn to or even understand these messages.
Let go dear ones. Let go and jump off that spiritual cliff you have teetered on for so long. Allow your Divine self to be your sword and shield. Accept that you really are a Divine expression of God in material form and never have been a powerless human subject to all the manifestations of duality and separation.
I AM everything I have sought for lifetimes...there is no longer any need to keep seeking.
We are the Arcturian Group 2/9/20


Friday, February 14, 2020


January 4, 2020      
The Momentous Year 2020      
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Founder & Director, Group of Forty
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     Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. At this momentous year, 2020, we turn our attention specifically to the issues at hand in Australia, and to our observations of the event known as the sixth mass extinction. The sixth mass extinction has been discussed and observed recently by anthropologists. They have concluded, based on the analysis of a number of species and the habitats that are being destroyed, that you are in a period of mass extinction that is equivalent to the previous five mass extinctions that have occurred on this planet. The most well-known and popular mass extinction occurred approximately 65 million years ago when an asteroid of great size struck what is now near the Yucatan Peninsula, creating fires and dust in the atmosphere that led to the dying of forests, plant life, etc.
   Because of the devastation to the plant life and to the ecosystems, the dinosaurs essentially became extinct. They were not able to thrive because there was no food. There was an approximately ten percent survival rate after that mass extinction. This means that there were some plants and animals that survived. Biologists and anthropologists have come to the conclusion that, because of this mass extinction, there were opportunities for other mammals, including humans, to evolve and to eventually become the dominant species on the planet. But this process took millions of years. If the mass extinctions of dinosaurs had not occurred, then the mammals, including Man, would not have had the opportunity to evolve and come into this period in the evolution of the Earth.
     The most important factor is at this point that the humans, the Homo sapiens, are the dominant species on the planet. All life, whether it be in the oceans, in the Amazon jungles, or in any forest, all ecosystems now as well as every plant and animal on this Earth, are dependent on what humanity, what Homo sapiens does or does not do. And that means that all the power of survival, even during the sixth mass extinction, is dependent upon what humanity does.
     There might even be some controversy among many groups, political groups and social groups, about whether or not we are experiencing a mass extinction. There is resistance or the denial of this event. Therefore, it is important to look at how to change the consciousness of the world and how to stop the mass extinction. That is correct; this mass extinction can still be stopped; it can still be altered. Based on the current situations and the current efforts that are being done as we speak, however, there is no indication that the actions the planet as a whole are taking will be sufficient to stop the mass extinction.
     There are various predictions about how soon the mass extinction will be completed, and some of these predictions are related directly to climate change. I want to state from the beginning of this discussion that climate change is a major factor, but it is one factor, in the sixth mass extinction, and certainly, it is creating dramatic shifts throughout the planet. In some parts of the planet there have not been radical changes. Some parts of the planet, for example, have been colder instead of warmer, so instead of global warming, there are some areas that are experiencing cooling. Part of the denial of the mass extinction and global climate change is that in those places, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, there may not be as dramatic a shift in the global warming as in other parts of the planet. This in part leads to denial and resistance to believing that there really is a mass extinction.
     From the standpoint of the Starseeds, there are several important spiritual and energetic points to observe. The psychic energy of a planet going through a mass extinction is tragic, depressing, and it also is traumatic. I could say that you, as Starseeds, are all very sensitive, and the energies of the mass extinction events do go into the Noosphere, do go into the psychic energy field of the planet, which means that you are picking up and receiving some of this energy, and it is affecting you as well as the energy field of the Earth. There has been a lot of discussion about the Earth and whether the Earth will survive. The Earth will survive this mass extinction; that means the Earth, as a planet, will not become extinct.
     However, this mass extinction is different than the first five mass extinctions, and part of the reason is that there is now radiation contamination and nuclear energy waste and other poisons in the ecosystem which are quite devastating. That means there is a possibility of total collapses of biosystems. There are several predictions, for example, that if the situation continues as it is, that it is possible that the ocean life will collapse. And we, at least for the past six, seven years, have been discussing with you the dramatic and devastating effects of the Fukushima accident and the radiation contaminations that are being sent into the oceans from that accident.
   If you want to talk about denial, then let us look at this event, because we have rated the Fukushima accident as an example of events related to the sixth mass extinction. We call this accident on the planetary event scale, a very high event. We rate numerically events that are contributing to the global destruction on a scale similar to the Richter Scale, that is on a one-to- ten basis. The Richter Scale is based on logarithmic values used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes. An earthquake of 7.0 would be ten times stronger than a 6.0 earthquake. It is a complicated, mathematical logarithmic function. Nonetheless, the idea of the planetary event scale is using a similar scale. Thus a global event of 7.0 would be ten times worse than a global event rated as a 6.0.
   We rate events that are occurring on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most dramatic and devastating. The Fukushima event is considered an 8.0 event. In other words, it has the potential for causing massive global destruction. The global destruction from this event is not happening immediately because of the slowness of the discharge into the ocean. The radiation that is being emitted has to get into the oceans and into the ocean currents and then travel around the world. Some of the ocean currents take two or three years to go around the whole planet, and some of them actually take longer than that. There are several ocean currents that are deep in the ocean that might even take 100 to 200 years to complete one cycle. The fact is that radiation is being released, and there is the factor of the diluting of the radiation, even though a large amount of radiation was emitted, it could be diluted over the waterways so that by the time it reaches say, the coastline of the United States, the measurement of the radiation could be greatly reduced.
     However, the problem with Fukushima is that it is continuing to emit radiation. It is not a one-time event. That means that the initial release of radiation could be absorbed and not cause a lot of damage. However, unfortunately, radiation continues to be emitted at a very high rate and at a continuing rate. There is no foreseeable time when the radiation leakage will be stopped. In fact, as we are speaking, a lot of the water that has been used to cool the reactor, which by the way is still active, is being stored in tanks, and now, the Japanese government wants to release the irradiated water from those tanks back into the ocean. This is some of the most toxic water that has ever existed on this planet, and we can only speculate what harm this will do to ocean life around the world.
     I am using the description of these events as an introduction to look at the Australian fires and the situation in the beloved country of Australia. These fires are also a planetary event. It is not just a local event to New South Wales or to Queensland or any other part of Australia, but it is an event of global significance. It is an event that is ongoing, and it is an event that is going to last for a while. There is no foreseeable end in a week or so. It is an event that will continue at least for the next 30 days, and there is a 50-50 chance that this event will continue, again longer than that. I hesitate to make predictions of how long because of concern for some of your reactions.
     I want you to consider that this event is part of the whole scenario known as the sixth mass extinction. I have said earlier that Australia is like the "canary in a coal mine". What is happening in Australia is a prelude to other events that will occur around the globe in this time period. Remember, 2020 is a pivotal year for shifting and change.
     If you want to know what it looks like to be involved in a mass extinction event, then look at some of the fires that are going on, and then ask yourself: "How could the biosphere recover? How could the biosphere exist? How could life exist in such ferocious fires?" It is possible to recover, and I think there will, of course, be recovery, but these Australian fires also are a prelude of what could potentially happen in other parts of the planet. Equally important is the fact that this event is affecting the entire planet, but unfortunately, the entire planet is not responding. It is still viewed as an isolated event. It is not viewed as a global or planetary event.
     There is no widespread acceptance of destructive planetary events related to the sixth mass extinction. People might not consider or believe that the Australian fires are a planetary event. I am going to explain to you why it is a planetary event, and why everyone on the planet should be concerned about what is happening now in Australia. I am going to explain to you also about some techniques that you, as a planetary healer, can use to help rebalance the situation.
     But first, I want to talk about this concept of the Noosphere and the concept of the sixth mass extinction, because the Noosphere and the thought forms of the sixth mass extinction energy field is in the Noosphere. The Noosphere is in the Planetary Subconscious, which means that the Noosphere helps to program events. We as planetary healers and you as Arcturian Starseeds are using our highest consciousness and our highest energy to positively program the Noosphere. We are working with you to positively program the Noosphere for higher consciousness for the Omega Man/Woman, for Unity Consciousness and for the Ascension. But there are other negative programs now in the Noosphere. The Noosphere is not just responding to the starseeds, and as much as we want to encourage you to work with the Noosphere, you are not the only ones who are inputting into the Noosphere. Unfortunately, many of the people who are negatively influencing the Noosphere are doing it unconsciously.
     The Earth has certain programs that are triggered by the negative actions now on the planet. That is right; there is a certain trigger that can set off a chain of destructive events throughout the Earth. When you see that, for example, the Amazon forests are burning, then you can realize that this event also is a trigger of mass extinction. Believe it or not, there is a causal or synchronistic relationship between the burnings in the Amazon jungle and what you are seeing now in Australia. Because of the Amazon fires, there are certain global wind patterns that have shifted.  
     Let's look at the Theory of Chaos and the Butterfly Effect when we are looking at this situation. There are now blockages in certain Earth meridians. Many species are threatened. If a certain number of whales die off, this is another trigger for catastrophic global destructive events. There is also a trigger in terms of dolphins. When a certain number of dolphins perish, then this will also trigger an Earth event. Remember that we have periodically seen many dolphins committing mass suicide. Scientists are not able to understand what is wrong with these dolphins. Is there some kind of disease or are they mentally ill? Why are these dolphins acting this way? The answer is that the dolphins and the whales are very sensitive to the Noosphere and to the planetary input of the sixth mass extinction that is being triggered. This means that they are sensitized to the energy of the sixth mass extinction.
    Clearly, the Earth knows how to act in a mass extinction. There have been five other mass extinctions, and the Earth has known how to survive and has known how to process the energy and has known how to re-institute and re-seed certain biospheres for successful living. The Earth has successfully recovered from the asteroid mass extinction event. There is now an activation energy field within the Noosphere, in the Spirit of the Earth, which says "We are now in a mass extinction event." When that program of mass extinction is activated, certain situations, such as the fires in Australia, become intensified. The mass extinction program places locks that are put in place in ocean currents or locks that are put in place in wind patterns. This means that mass extinction planetary events can continue. This is, again, something that has to be addressed on a planetary basis.
    The planet is reacting and playing out the program of the mass extinction, in part because of the destructive triggers that have occurred over the past years. I only mentioned two such events, the Fukushima nuclear accident and the Amazon fires. But there have been other events that have occurred over the past decades including aboveground and underground nuclear testing and the Hiroshima bomb, which ended World War II. Also, there was an event that was not widely known that occurred in Nevada in the early Sixties in which a high-megaton hydrogen bomb was exploded in the upper atmosphere, causing great shifts in the balance that is necessary for biospheric health. There are other manmade destructive events that can be added to this list, which have contributed to blockages of and damage to Earth meridians.  
     I want you to understand that what is going on with Australian fires is not the "fault" of Australia. This is not necessarily a karmic payback for anything that Australia has done. Again, we have to have the global perspective on what is going on, and it is going to take a global perspective and a global intervention to stop these fires. The sooner we can convince the world that this is a global threat the better. The whole entire world must react. Then the fires can be extinguished and the winds can be calmed down. Part of the solution to this event is:
  1. Recognition that we are in the sixth mass extinction,
  2. Recognition that this event, the Australiana fires, is an aspect of a mass extinction event,
  3. Recognition that we must have a global consciousness and a global intervention in Australia to stop this.
     An important point also is that what is happening in Australia may happen in other parts of the planet. This is a warning; I know that you like to use the term "wake-up-call". I am concerned that there are many people on the planet who are not listening and who are not considering this a global event.
     Now I want to turn to the concept of the Theory of Chaos and the Butterfly Effect. These are two terms that I think are extremely relevant to the situation at hand in Australia. The first thing is that, in the Theory of Chaos, there is the idea that things tend to disintegrate, and that there can be a movement towards chaos and disintegration. This is in contradiction to when people say 'energy is neither created nor destroyed.' In essence, in the Theory of Chaos, on a planetary basis, there are certain levels of destructive elements that occur. When it reaches a certain point, and maybe we can call that the "breaking point", then unusual, unpredictable patterns emerge that lead to chaotic situations.
   Certainly, the fires in Australia were not predicted, and I would consider it an unpredictable event, but this also goes back to the second theoretical point, which is the Butterfly Effect. This is part of the Chaos Theory, and it says that once a situation on a planet reaches a certain level of degradation, certain unpredictable events are triggered. For example, the Amazon is being destroyed, and that event will have unforeseen dramatic effects on the planet.
    According to Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect, events of seeming insignificance can cause major disruptions anywhere on the planet. It may be hard for people to accept the Butterfly Effect theory. Changes in global wind currents could be caused by the destruction of Amazon jungle. Remember, the Amazon forest is considered to be the "lungs of the planet". Think about that for a moment, what does it mean, "the lungs of the planet?" Lungs have the ability to breathe, the ability to exhale, the ability to inhale. Now this has all been shifted and changed. Therefore, there reaches a breaking point that even a butterfly that is moving say in a northeastern direction, suddenly shifts and goes in a southeastern direction. That seemingly insignificant event can help to trigger disasters of unknown proportion throughout the planet.
     In the Butterfly Effect, seemingly random events occur. There is no way to predict it, and they may not seem to be related. Nobody, up to this point, would ever relate the fires in the Amazon jungle to the fires in Australia. They do not seem related. In the Theory of Chaos and in the theory of the Butterfly Effect then, insignificant events could trigger catastrophes. This Butterfly Effect should be considered when analyzing the cause of the fires of Australia. There now exists the potential in 2020 for other types of catastrophic planetary events. There is the possibility of the increasing of catastrophic events in other parts of the planet.
     I want to talk about the healing, and I want to talk about the rebalancing of this situation. There are great discussions about the ocean and wind patterns that are coming from India and Indonesia. The rains that are supposed to come to Australia are falling on Indonesia. There have been great floods in Indonesia. They have too much water, and there needs to be a reversal of the ocean currents and the wind patterns so that the shift in the rains that normally would and should come to Australia begins to shift.  
     This leads us to a discussion about Biorelativity, because in Biorelativity, we want to lessen the intensity of events. That means we have to acknowledge there are forces that have been set in motion, and that need to be played out. For example, if we look at a volcano, then we see that there is an energy force that needs to be released. In terms of planetary healers, we want to moderate the release of energy. We do not want the full-blown, planet-ending eruption. For example, Yellowstone National Park in the western part of the United States has a huge supervolcano. If that supervolcano erupts, it could potentially destroy the entire western part of the United States. We would say that there is a tremendous energy field there, and it needs to be released in moderation so that it does not explode and destroy the western part of the United States. We recognize that there are energy forces on the planet that need to be released. This is an active planet.
     Advanced planets are able to control all of these types of planetary events. I know there are people who are saying you cannot control Nature, and you cannot tell the Earth, for example, to stop a volcanic eruption. Mankind cannot control the planet. But, mankind is now affecting and controlling the planet in a negative way. Mankind is causing this mass extinction, and the mass extinction is affecting the biosphere. The energy and thought fields of mass extinction are affecting wind currents and ocean currents.
   My point is that on a fifth-dimensional planet, the people who are doing the Biorelativity have the wisdom to use interventions in the proper way. They have the wisdom to take into consideration how to meditate, and how to ask the Earth, in the proper way, to rebalance itself so that there is an equal amount of rain on all parts of the planet. That means equal parts of rain for Indonesia and Australia, without breaking or trying to overly control the planet. That means that in the Biorelativity, we do not ask that all the rain stop in one place, but that there be a rebalancing and an evenness. I am going to have Chief White Eagle lead a Biorelativity meditation for Australia. We can go over some of the healing techniques I am discussing here.
     Rest assured that there are interventions for Australia, but they have to be on a global platform. We recommend that a global meditative intervention be used, because the more we can get people from all over the world to meditate and work with us, then the stronger the input into the Noosphere will be. There is the possibility of reprogramming the Noosphere. We can say the affirmation that we do not want the sixth mass extinction. We do not want to see all the forests destroyed, and we do not want to see the oceans die. Mankind does have the ability to repair the planet.
     We are working with Starseeds to repair the Earth. A new thought program can also be downloaded into the Noosphere, but it has to be done in a strong way with the greatest thought power. This is why we have continually emphasized the Group of Forty needs 1600 Starseeds meditating on the Noosphere, meditating on the Biorelativity, meditating on the planetary repair changes that need to occur.
     I am going to ask Chief White Eagle to speak with you now and lead a meditation. I am also going to lead a second meditation for Biorelativity planetary healing. I turn you over now to Chief White Eagle.
     Heya hoa hey, heya ho. Greetings, I am the Chief White Eagle. We, the Group of Forty and the Native Ascended Masters, are gathered here today to talk to Mother Earth, to work with the Noosphere and to bring our spiritual powers together in a way to rebalance the energies in Australia, and also to rebalance the energies that are known as the sixth mass extinction.
     Mother Earth, Father Sky, we ask for a great blessing of peace and balance for our dear Australia. We ask from the bottom of our hearts, from our highest Crown Chakras, from the highest Arcan Power, to minimize the winds, to bring needed rains to all areas that are suffering, and to help repair the weather pattern that is creating this disruption so that it more favorably helps to extinguish all fires in the continent of Australia. Heya ho, heya ho. Mother Earth, we recognize the great abuse that has been placed upon you, particularly the devastations in the Amazon, particularly the radiation releases throughout the oceans, and the many other Earth meridians that have been blockaded. But we know, Mother Earth, that you have the power to help repair the weather patterns so that there is a rebalancing and a clearing of all smoke, all ash, and all disruptions caused by strong winds. We know it is within your power. We, the Group of Forty, and our Australian Starseed friends are gathered here today to ask for this intervention as soon as possible.
   We create a gigantic Medicine Wheel of light over Australia, and we center that Medicine Wheel over the etheric crystal in Grose Valley near Sidney. We call on the Ancient Grandmother/Grandfather Spirits, and ask for their help, too, in rebalancing and saving the lands, and stopping these horrendous fires.
    Let the etheric Arcturian crystal in Grose Valley rise up. We feel that and the Ancient Grandmother/Grandfather Spirits are with us. We open our hearts and call on Mother Earth for the repair and the rebalancing, and I call on Juliano and the Ascended Masters to bring down the healing and repair energy immediately for Australia. We will go into mediation now, as all of these forces interact to re-shift the energies for the highest good for Australia. We will go into silence. (Silence)
     Heya ho, heya ho, heya ho. Let the shift in the rain patterns from the area of Indonesia re-align for the highest good of all, so that they bring the rains back to Australia, now. Heya ho. Let the winds calm down. And we say to you, Mother Earth, that we will work for raising the consciousness of all of Australia and all of the globe. This is not an external, single event, but it is part of a global pattern. Let those in power on the Earth realize the global crisis that planet Earth is now in. Heya ho. Heya ho. Visualize this Medicine Wheel over Grose Valley. Envision it now over all of Australia where all the fires are - New South Wales, Queensland and Sydney. There can be a repair of the Earth. Wherever this etheric Medicine Wheel is, then let the repair begin. Heya ho, heya ho. I will leave this etheric Medicine Wheel over Grose Valley. It expands and contracts over any part of Australia that needs the repair.
    For our final work today, we want to download new affirmations into the Noosphere. We, as planetary healers, are working to repair this energy that is creating the sixth mass extinction. The Earth does not have to respond to that thought field of mass extinction. We will help to create a more positive, expansive and healing thought field for all of life on the Earth, for our beloved Blue Jewel. I am the Chief White Eagle. All my words are sacred. Ho!
     This is Juliano. Know that the healing will come to Australia, and know that the consciousness of planetary balance and healing will prevail. In advanced Biorelativity, we work with the global consciousness and the entire planet. The ultimate solution is to rebalance all of Earth, to rebalance all the meridians, and to work for global healing. The most important paths and lessons from these fires is that this situation is a global problem, not just a problem with Australia. We must, in our meditations of advanced Biorelativity, work with all of the planet to rebalance her in all ways that we can imagine, including all meridians, for we are in a position now where one butterfly changing directions can affect the whole planet. The opposite is also true, even though you are a small group, your influence and power can shift many different levels on this planet. And so it shall be.  
I am Juliano. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty