Friday, August 31, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

(A Message from my Andromeda Group-Self)

Dearest  Ones,

We  come again to confirm to you all, that the development in the heavenly realms is progressing!

We are more exited  every day, that the immensity of highly increased Light in the universe will soon affect your world in a way that all veils of separation from it will cease to exist!

This Light is Light from Source Itself which is Empowering all realms of creation, to call them back to their own Origin of Self-Existing Radiance.

It is no longer allowed in your universe that creations can continue which do not love and worship Source Itself and through this love allow Source to become fully Obvious and Acknowledged in the heart of Beings in whatever dimension or form they appear.

This IS the Return of Truth which grants happiness and fullness, as the heart, which is the core of every being, is used as an open corridor to its very Source Itself.

The veils of separation from  Source are fading, ignorance and false doctrines are disappearing from now on continuously, especially for those who are ready to accept  and are willing to discover that the door in their heart is open to Infinity.

That Infinity is Radiant, ever Blissful, it is Truth Itself that manifests Its Reality in creation more and more prevailing, so that all things and beings can be recognized as an emanation of this Truth.

We have come to plant this spark of Knowledge into your heart so that your joyful anticipation can be like an opening flower to receive the sunlight.

Dearest Ones, YOU yourself are a seed of this Blissful Truth, if your own flower of heart reaches out with desire to deep inside and out, to meet the Source, to find and locate It as the Infinite that Surrounds you and is therefore found in the deep of your own Radiance.

What we say, cannot be taken lightly or as a metaphor. You must come to the true Spiritual Understanding of It by going through a purification process , through which  in due course you start to understand the nature of your body-mind and its implications in your world, to transcend it.

Truth is absolute Simplicity and Beauty, however a Mystery too, and to recognize it, you cannot use your mind or imagination. Our speech is only an attempt to ignite your inspiration and set your intuition on fire.

Let it be so, so that your limitations of mind are blown open, and your remembrance dawns to rediscover where you are coming from!

There is only One Radiance, One Reality, One Love-Bliss that Pervades all Existence and holds the universes together.
Let That Be your Guidance and utter Joy! Step out of the old incarceration of what you think you are. Your Divinity is much more than that of a creator god. It is the Self-Existing Source-Field Which can be discovered at the core of all beings and with Which all beings are to re-unite.

By this inherence, you are, as humanity, not unique, this inherence is the birthright of all beings. This Radiance is Home for all existence, including you. You share it with all creation and all universes.

Praise to That One, That One Source at the Heart of all Beings and Things.

You are returning to That One. You have already returned, you never have been away. But the dreams you dreamed for so long, created the worlds of separation and bewilderment, lost in doubt and desperation. How could it be otherwise if one’s own Source is unknown and one’s existence is drawn along by false presumptions and illusions.

The Light of Origin now streaming out and reaching your very heart, will make Itself known to you as What It Is, if you recognize It.

We have brought you the message.
Now please use your heart-discrimination to discover that Source-Light is knocking Itself at your door of heart. It brings with Itself the Secret of It’s Unspeakable Qualities, not known in any universe.

Whatever seems to appear to you familiar, know that this is NOT what Source Is. Source is what is non-familiar! 

If you enter the domain of the Unknown because you let go of the known, then you Know that you are entering the Other World. 

This Other World is Untouched. It is Pure, senses cannot see it, imagination cannot create it. You must grow a new awareness to Understand and See. 

With Blessings! 
We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message  conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Mytre and The Arcturians

Is It Real?

After I ate familiar food with my crewmates, we stripped down and swam in the lake. Then, we lay down on the warm rock and talked about nothing. We told jokes, laughed and finally feel asleep on the warm rocks. When I awoke, the sun was low on the horizon and my friends were gone.

Suddenly, I was engulfed by the deep sorrow that I had not been able to feel about leaving my beloved family. I was alone now, so I could cry like a baby, and I did. As I cried, images from being on the Mother’s land with Mytria, laughing with her, and making love filled my heart.

Slowly, I realized that those images were stronger than the feeling of grief and I began to focus on the feel of the images. As I allowed the feeling of deep friendship, love and fun to fill my body, I began to understand what the Arcturian meant by “perceiving with emotion.”

When my emotion was sad, all I could perceive was that I was alone on a rock that was once filled with love. However, as I gave my sorrow a voice, my perceptions began to change. In my mind’s eye I actually saw that which I was remembering. With the feeling of love filling my body, I looked out towards the setting Sun and saw my SELF.

I don’t know how to explain how I saw myself, as I saw it with the emotion of Bliss. I had released my loneliness and deep sorrow and replaced it with the FEEL of love for another. Then, once I felt love for another, I was able to love my SELF. By SELF, I mean, the self that is ONE with the SELF that is ONE.

At that time, that sounded like a poor sentence, but gradually I began to understand what it meant. I was creating the hologram with my thoughts, just like the Arcturian said I would. I called forth my friend and gave life to my friend who had died. I hung out with them on a sunny day because I needed to feel like a “normal” guy relaxing with his buddies. Finally, I fell asleep as I could no longer believe the fantasy that I had created.

With the loss of my illusion, I had to face my truth. Fear and sorrow came fast, and love and happiness came in a slow, but enduring manner. When I allowed my emotions to speak to me, I could see the truth around me. Much to my surprise, that truth included the fact that my sorrow was not just for my family.

I was mourning the loss of all that I had held to be true, honest and real. Now that I realized that my real world was an illusion, all I could perceive was the truth. With that final realization, the lake vanished, the rock vanished, the trees vanished and the setting sun revealed the door out of the holosuite.

I knew that walking through that door was acknowledging that everything that I had ever known, done, had and experienced was an illusion. Through the door was my true SELF. Yes, of course, this SELF was within me, but through the door I would learn how to remember who I really am.

I stared at the flat door on the empty wall for a very long time. I knew that I no longer had a choice. Once I moved our small Ship with my mind, everything changed because I changed. Then, when I left the Restoration Chamber, I began to BE my truth, which terrified me.

I stood up and walked toward the door. With my head held high, I walked through the door and followed the awaiting Arcturian who greeted me with an open heart. No words were needed, for now I could read its mind.

As my Arcturian friend (they don’t have names in the manner that I was used to) led me through the corridor, it started to float higher and higher above the floor. I know that it was encouraging me to do the same, but my doubts were louder than my belief in my SELF.

With that thought, the Arcturian turned around and stared into my face. Gradually, a small golden light grew within me. In fact, it felt as if it was gently rising above the threshold of my inner doubt.

I know that sentence does not make sense, but my doubt was not infinite. It was strong within the part of me that still held fear, the part of me that held the dark. However, this golden ball was rising above that fear and filling me with light.

Yes, of course, this is the Sun that revealed the door out of the holosuite and into my SELF. The Arcturian read my imagistic mind and spoke to me in an image more powerful than words. I could feel tears rolling down my face, but they were tears of joy. I threw back my head and opened my heart to the growing joy within me.

I raised my arms up and out to surrender my heart to…what?  I did not know, but the sensation of surrender felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and the surrender turned into bliss and the bliss turned into a total quiet, a complete calm and a sensation of floating.

And then the Arcturian said, “Open your eyes.”

I did not want to open my eyes. I was concerned that if I saw the outside world I lose these marvelous, healing sensations.

            “Open your eyes now,” I heard with a sense of urgency.
Reluctantly, I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling of the Corridor inches away from my nose.

I was so startled that I lost my concentration and started to fall.


Much to my surprise, my fall was halted by the Arcturians firm words. I held the feeling of command in my mind, as I repeated, “STOP” until I could lower my feet to the ground.

With a sense of pride mixed with embarrassment, I looked up into the Arcturian’s eyes.

“Now is the time to start your lessons,” said the Arcturian with its mind.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Mytre and the Arcturians

Mastering Thought and Perceiving with Emotion


When the Arcturian kindly mentioned my thinking, I had to laugh. I realized that my out-of-control thinking was partially because I had been recalibrated to a frequency of resonance that I had never experienced before.

I also recognized that I was frightened because my thoughts and emotions were out of alignment with my new body. I remembered the Elohim that Mytria and I had met within the Womb of the Mother long, long ago. However, I had never met an Arcturian, much less experienced a frequency rate of beingness that allowed me to perceive and interact with them.

“Good,” spoke the Arcturian standing just inside my doorway. “You have corrected discerned that we took you to the Restoration Room to expand your resonance. You were taken there because you passed a major initiation of mastering your thoughts and perceiving with your emotions.”

I had no idea what perceiving with my emotions meant, but I was very clear about my difficulty in mastering my thoughts. On the other hand, when I was flying the Ship with my mind, I had only one thought, and I felt that thought with every cell of my body.

“Follow me,” the Arcturian directed, but I saw no movement of its mouth. Furthermore, I heard its message inside my heart instead of through my ears. However, the Arcturian did not explain what I was experiencing. With a knowing smile, it turned and walked away. I was very groggy from lack of sleep and intense anxiety, but I woke up quickly in my vain attempt to keep up with it.

For starters, the Arcturian did not actually walk. It moved just above the ground. In fact, I sensed that it could just blink itself to its destination, but was only using its present archaic locomotion for my benefit. I was clear that I had a lot to learn if I was to remain on this Starship.

The Arcturian guided me into what was likely a holosuite, because it was a huge area with a beautiful lake, warm sun, and a soft breeze that gently moved the leaves on the many trees. In fact, it was the exact area where I first met Mytria. With that realization, a rush of deep loneliness and sorrow rushed through me.

“You have been through a great change,” the Arcturian said. “ We have created a familiar place for you to rest and become accustomed to your new frequency of form. You may use your mind to call up anyone that you wish to visit.”
“But, will they be real?” I asked.
“What do you mean by real?” The Arcturian asked.

I did not even know how to answer that question, so I stumbled around and said,
“You know, real in that it is not just my imagination.”
“Everything is your imagination,” the Arcturian said as it turned and left the lake, the holosuite, or was it the reality?

Unfortunately, I could not ask these questions because the Arcturian was suddenly gone. Obviously, I was on the fast-track of learning, and I had to stop questioning and start remembering what had happened to me on the Ship.

Therefore, I started to call up the illusion, hologram or reality of my shipmates to ask them what they had seen.  That was when I remembered that they must be on the Starship too.  Before I had a chance to ponder that question, all three of my crewmates, including the one who had died, appeared before me.

I was overwhelmed to see someone who I watched die standing in front of me. Maybe he was a hologram, but if he was, I didn’t want to be the one to break it to him.
            “We brought you some food,” they said.

We sat down on a flat rock and ate our simple food while we all pretended that this experience was normal, and I tried to figure out if it was real.

A Note from Sue

Last night in the middle of the night I was awakened by a message that flew quickly through my mind, but was important enough to wake me. The room was dark, so I gabbed a paper and a pen and went into the bathroom to see by the nightlight. My message was:

Earth is calling in Her markers from anyone who may owe Her.
Of course, that sentence is a third dimensional way of saying that Gaia is making Her final arrangements for transmutation.
Therefore, any one who is busy being distracted by what seems to be so important, is being called away from their distractions and into Gaia's service.

Part of the reason for my getting this message may be because of a quick meditation, or maybe it was a vision, that I had as I was falling off to sleep the night before. I had just arrived in Dana Point with my girlfriend for her Birthday Getaway, and I was thinking about the myriad earthquakes that were in the San Diego area.

Dana Point is quite close to San Diego, and my husband had protectively “reminded” me of the earthquakes before we left. I didn’t think of it until I was falling asleep. Then, I realized we were there to assist Gaia. I could feel that the land in that area was having problems transmuting, and I knew that it was because of the nuclear power planet between Dana Point and San Diego.

In my partial sleep state, I began transmuting the land and assisting Gaia. All was going well, when a short, negative E T, a fearful image from my childhood, walked up to me. I started to feel fear, but I stopped my self and called in the Arcturians.

Instantly, I felt myself transmute into a ten-foot tall version of Arcturian. My human disguise came off and my real identity was revealed. I wish I knew how to describe it. I was so calm, so filled with love that I could not even imagine the sensation of fear.

I, in my Arcturian form, walked over to the short ET, leaned over and kindly touched the it on the shoulder. Then, in a very loving fashion, I said,
“You may want to leave now, as it may get too difficult for you here.”

It was a very short meditation, but the feeling of being a ten-foot tall Arcturian Lightbody stayed with me for hours. In fact, if I just close my eyes for a few moments I can still call up the feeling again. Mostly, I can feel the complete lack of judgment and the true concern for the difficultly that the fearful, and afraid, being might experience.

I think the most important lesson in this short experience was that transmuting my form so easy. Of course, I am still walking around in a physical body because the Arcturian form was not physical. However, my perception of life, especially fear, was totally different while my consciousness was calibrated to that frequency of SELF.

I write this brief note to remind you all that you do NOT have to learn anything. All you have to “do” is to remember who you really are and call it into your daily life. We are Flowing into a period of immense change. When our world gets overwhelming, all we need to remember is to call in our SELF!

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



At our recent workshop, Transformation 2012, Taugth spoke about Abiquor and its role in training Caretakers of the New Earth. I have been asked to re-publish earlier messages relating to Caretakers. The following message from Bren-Ton was published on June 15, 2009.

I am most pleased to be with you again. This will be a series of lessons about leadership in Oneness. This type of leadership is different than any other leadership, although it bears some of the same characteristics. Once you accept the Oneness of all people, plants and animals, and the Oneness with Earth and the universe, everything changes. So it is with leadership also; everything changes.
First a leader in Oneness will see that everyone and everything is conscious, and will treat everyone and everything in that way. Others are neither less nor more than the leader. The leader is not above others, is not better than others. The leader merely has the ability of leadership. It is talent, nothing more or less. It does not confer special privilege, rewards, or status. The leader is the leader simply because he or she possesses the talent to lead.
Leading is seeing what needs to be done and crafting a plan to do it. This vision comes from the ability to foresee. It is intuitive within the leader to be able to foresee a way in which events will play out, to take into consideration all factors that will come into play, and to see a path through the morass. Thus we see that one aspect of the talent of leadership is vision. Not everyone has this ability. Other people have different abilities for which they are to be honored, but a true leader will have vision.
In addition to foresight, a leader will put him- or herself in front of others in a public way. This is done by writing, speaking, counseling, and/or with energies. In doing this, a leader will be willing to risk criticism and revolt against what he or she is speaking about.
A true leader will have the ability to not only speak out, but to phrase things in such a way that other will relate to what he or she is saying. What is presented will be neither too complex nor too simple to appeal to the listener. In addition, he or she will have the ability to motivate others to act. In many cases this means changing the way in which others think and behave. So a leader will be able to inspire others to change.
Finally, a leader will be able to garner participants about him- or herself; for one cannot lead if others will not follow. The more revolutionary the path that the leader is treading will be the more difficult it will be to get others to follow him or her. So it behooves a leader to propose a path that is possible for those whom he would have follow him. It does no good to propose a seemingly impossible path for others, even if the leader sees it in this way, and may be prepared to follow that path himself.
Contrast this with the autocratic style of the so called, “leaders,” of your corporations and other institutions. They enrich themselves at the expense of their customers and employees, both of whom they consider to be their inferiors.
So the above are the characteristics of a leader in Oneness. It may seem rather basic, but on further reflection it will become more meaningful to consider someone who is leading participants who are all in Oneness with him and with each other.

Through Mark Kimmel

Monday, August 27, 2012



Mytre and The Arcturians

The Restoration Chamber


When I first arrived on the Arcturian Starship after “accidentally” navigating my Scout Ship with my mind, our society in the Pleiades was at the same stage of ascension as your Earthly society is now. However, when I arrived all I could do was tell the Arcturians that our planet was under attack. Shortly after, I was taken to the Restoration Chamber.

I would like to begin this message by telling you of my experience within the Chamber. As soon as I was in my chair and the door was closed, I was surrounded by total darkness. At first, I was a bit disconcerted by the darkness, but slowly an inner light began to awaken within me. I had never had an experience of perceiving this light before. It seemed to be coming from the top of my head.

The light began to move throughout my brain, as if it were looking for something. After an unknown period of time the source of the light seemed to settle into the very center of my brain. From there it projected a beam into my inner forehead, at which point I passed out.

When I awoke, I could see in the dark. I knew the room was still dark because I was seeing through a higher frequency of vision. I could pan-in or pan-out from what I saw without moving my head in any way. I also realized that I could see to either side, and even behind me, without moving my head. What I realize now is that I was seeing through my Third Eye.

Once I had a chance to “play” with my new vision, I began to feel an immense burning just above my heart. The burning sensation was so intense that I was paralyzed with pain. If I moved my body in any fashion, the pain escalated. On the other hand, if I totally relaxed into a calm, slow breath, the pain receded. Hence, I remained totally still for an unknown time.

I think I fell asleep, for it was not the same sensation as before when I passed out. Either way, when I returned to an awakened state the pain was gone, and I felt unbelievable filled with love. My wife and daughter came into my thoughts, and I immediately saw a picture of them in my mind. Later, much later, I learned that I had actually seen them.

I focused on our village with my mind to see if I could see anything, but all I could receive was an intense fatigue and sense of dread. I later learned that searching for love was an easier task than seeing fear and violence. I also learned that the reason for this discrepancy was to learn to follow the sensation of love during my inter-dimensional travels. Of course, at that time, I had no idea what glory my future would hold.

My pondering was interrupted by the opening of door to the Chamber, which opened quite on its own. I later learned that when the one in the chair resonated to a certain frequency, the door automatically opened. As I slowly stepped down from the chair, I felt a completely unique sensation course throughout my body.

I had no idea what that sensation was, but it was quite blissful. I later learned that my entire body had been re-calibrated to the fifth-dimensional frequency of resonance. However, I could only maintain the gift of higher resonance that I was given by the Arcturians by learning to be the Master of ALL my thoughts and emotions. This mastery was no easy task, but I did achieve it because the reward was so immense.

Once, I found how to balance my new legs, I slowly walked through the door and out of the Chamber. I then entered a quiet corridor. The floor felt more like a cloud than the ground, but I was not sure if it was the floor or my new body. I later found that it was both. The corridor was empty, but I felt the thoughts of the crewmembers as if they were there with me.

The thoughts of so many people swirling through my mind gave me a headache and a feeling of nausea. I put my hand out to hold onto the wall for stability and was instantly overwhelmed by information regarding ALL the workings of the Ship. Fortunately, I heard a quiet instruction emanating from my heart, which was another novel experience, that instructed me to close my eyes and go deep into my own Core.

I was not sure what “going into my Core” meant, but I correctly imagined that it meant to find my own Center. When I focused on the Center of my self, I could find a place of peace and, even, quite. Within that quiet I realized that I was hearing these voices from within my self rather than through my physical ears.

I found my Center again so that I could balance my body enough to stand on my own. I then gradually opened my eyes and saw the smiling face of an Arcturian. “Very good,” It spoke. (Arcturians are androgynous even when they are wearing a form.) “Follow me,” it said, as it led the way. It could tell that I was still disoriented and kept a slow pace.

At first I did not see much of the Ship, as I had to keep my eyes focused on the Arcturian to avoid further dizziness. However, as I continued to walk, I became steadier on my new feet. I had a million questions to ask but knew that I had to respect their means of teaching me.

The Arcturian led me to a Debriefing Room, where I told them everything that was happening on my planet, as well as everything that happened to me on the Ship. After my meeting I was taken to my own quarters, shown how to operate the replicator to make myself some food, and encouraged to relax and get some sleep. I did everything I was asked to do, except sleep.

I tossed and turned and could not stop thinking long enough to surrender to sleep. I had so many questions. Why did they leave me here alone? What was going to happen next? How were Mytria and my infant daughter? How was my planet? Did the Arcturians save them? And one, and on, and on…

Finally my door buzzed, and I invited an unknown Being to enter. I say “Being” because my unbidden communications revealed that there were Beings from all over the Galaxy aboard this Ship. Fortunately, when the door opened it was an Arcturian who entered. I had had enough surprises for a while.

With a slight smile, the Arcturian said, “How are you doing with mastery of your thoughts?”

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

The Arcturian Group Message – August 26, 2012

As channelled by Marilyn Raffaele

We come to wish you all a very happy summer. Much is coming to fruition at this time and we see the light of your dear planet earth becoming intense and awakened.
Much is soon to manifest as a result of your hard work dear ones, so do not be surprised as you witness many traditions begin to crumble. It is a time of transition and shifting to new ways of seeing, being, and living.
You will be pleasantly surprised when the world finally realizes that there is no need for war, separation, cruelty, and extreme power held by a few. These concepts are remnants of an energy that is now completing for those of you choosing to move forward.
This new world is represented through new ways of living and yet, it is not new at all, for you are simply now awakening to the realization that you are and always have been, One. All living things are connected by virtue of their being in and of the One omnipresent, One omnipotent, and One omniscient Consciousness.
As the manifestation of Source, you are also one with every Divine Idea within Divine Consciousness. Think upon that dear ones–you are actually one with Divine ideas of abundance, joy, peace, intelligence, completeness, wholeness, and much more. These Divine ideas are held in place by law. If there were disease or lack in Divine Consciousness, it would be held in place forever and could never be healed or changed.
Many of you are now experiencing painful endings; the leaving behind of people, places, and things that no longer resonate with you. These things as you have known them, are not held in place by Divine law but were the expressions of your state of consciousness at the time they were important to you.
Do not be afraid to lovingly let go of all that is finished, because this paves the way for new and higher forms of that which you love to appear in your experience–new friends, new activities, new joys, for nothing real can ever be lost and your new and higher resonance will draw that which is completeness for you, to you.
There are two areas of strong belief firmly entrenched in the third dimensional consciousness and both are causing pain for many at this time. These two are: 1.Beliefs regarding romantic relationships and 2.Beliefs about money.
In third dimensional energy (duality and separation) relationships are based on the concept that “I am half of a couple”. “I need you to give me the feminine energy” (male belief), or “I need you to to give me the masculine energy” (female belief) and “together we are whole”. This concept has been in place for lifetimes and is still being pushed upon you through books, movies, television shows, family, friends, churches etc.
However, as you awaken to your innate completeness, you begin to understand that you are already complete and whole and that as the manifestation of Source, you embody both the masculine and the feminine qualities/energy.
Those spiritually ready for this awareness but still needing to integrate their masculine or feminine aspect are now getting ample opportunities for practice through experiences of daily living that force one or the other to take on responsibilities heretofore believed to belong to the opposite sex.
You cannot move forward into the new and higher energies while still entertaining the belief that you are half. All have both the masculine and feminine energies. It is a matter of bringing them into a balance regardless of what physical form has been chosen for this life time. This awakening is causing conflict in many established marriages and relationships as suddenly one partner realizes his or her completeness while the other chooses to stay in the old energy of being half of a couple.
The other area manifesting many problems now is the struggle to release the beliefs of financial lack and limitation. Mankind creates from its state of consciousness–personally as well as globally. The third dimensional consciousness always manifests as pairs of opposites because it is an energy of duality and separation. Therefore, the world as you have experienced it lifetime after lifetime, has always known lack and limitation, it has become the accepted normal. There is a human matrix of beliefs and it is filled with concepts of lack with more being added each day.
Your job is to stop claiming these beliefs as true and thus allowing them to become your state of consciousness. You are ready to move beyond this matrix of beliefs and it is difficult.
Abundance is held in place by Divine law and you are now ready to accept and embrace that. We are not guiding you to sit in poverty repeating over and over; “God is all” while doing nothing, for to “pretend a state of consciousness not attained, is human”. Truth must become a state of realized consciousness before it can manifest.
What we are saying, is that it is time to make the first step as you consider acting on a financial situation, a step of realizing that Divine Consciousness (which you are in your true essence) contains nothing of lack. Recognize that you have simply come under the influence of false concepts and beliefs because it is all you have ever known–no judgement, no guilt–just a moving into the new and higher awareness of abundance as being for all, held in place by Divine Law.
This is your journey, this is evolution–your work as you evolve. Remember, you chose to evolve through duality and separation and you are doing a fine job. After assuring yourself of the truth, then proceed to take whatever human footsteps may be necessary at the time.
All is about to change very soon and this is why we guide you to let go of blindly holding on to things and ways that no longer work for you. You are moving into new awareness which in turn will lead you into a new and higher state of consciousness. When people try and hold to what is old and finished and no longer resonates simply because of family, friends, false pride or duty, they hold themselves back and cause themselves much unnecessary pain. However, there will always be free will and all can choose when and if they wish to awaken.
It is a new time dear ones, a time for celebration, for that which is real is beginning to manifest. You are not hearing about this through your media, but much is taking place behind the scenes. Hold to your center of truth as best you can with every experience of daily life while visualizing your energy field filled with Light.
You are being bombarded with much that is old and false as the clearing process within and without manifests chaos. The Light is forcing illusions created of shadow energy to surface in order that they be looked at and released. You are beginning to recognize this chaos for what it is– the manifestation of that with is old and untrue, creations of duality and separation.
Mankind as a whole is no longer resonating with ideas of war, in spite of the intense and ongoing efforts of those seeking to keep you in bondage to the belief that war is necessary for your safety.
You are now awakening to what is real and the understanding that real power lies within. We love you and congratulate you in your difficult yet necessary work of awakening, dear ones. All is proceeding according to plan.
Trust. Trust. Trust.
We are the Arcturian Group