Saturday, August 31, 2013


AUGUST 31, 2013

Greetings dear ones. Again we come to bring hope and the light of guidance for all is proceeding according to plan. Try not to simply turn away when you hear this, for we know you hear words of change coming from many channels and yet nothing appears to change. It is important to let go of any concepts you may still hold with regard to how world change must manifest for in holding specific ideas of change you look out through the lens of third dimensional concepts and see third dimensional appearances. It is time to move into trust and the practice of truth.
We see change in the hearts of many who previously lived lives of anger and resentment as the higher resonating energies pour to earth at this time allowing more and more people to open to the experience of compassion regardless of any previously held prejudices. Every unfolding awareness adds another spark of unconditional love to universal world consciousness and helps to bring about the changes you all seek.
Unconditional love does not mean you must seek an emotional connection to everyone, but means that in spite of any appearances to the contrary, you recognize everyone is the manifestation of the Divine even if they themselves do not know or care. This is unconditional love and the practice of it does not prevent you from saying what may need to be said to someone behaving in ways needing to be addressed. When words are spoken with an awareness of the other's Divine nature they flow on an energy of Light whereas those same words spoken in the energy of duality and separation, carry a low resonance.
Life on earth is about learning to move through and then beyond the false concepts and beliefs that constitute the third dimension. This is evolution. Mankind is creative by virtue of being in and of the Divine but because most have been unaware of who they really are, your world universally and personally has shown forth the perfectly created manifestations of duality and separation. This will only change as mankind changes and begins to create his world in and through truth.
It is time to become aware of and examine any lingering concepts you may still hold with regard to what passes for "life as usual". Concepts are simply untrue beliefs passed down and accepted through time as truth. Listen closely and be guided by those intuitive nudges that pop up when you are quietly thinking or in conversation with another. Every issue of normal daily life is spiritual activity overlaid with third dimensional concepts. This is why there is no need to separate your spiritual life from your every day life as so many do--it is all spiritual. The work is to see the underlying reality of all things.
An example of this could be that you are seeking a new home. You look and look for the perfect home and cannot seem to find it. If you can realize that you are never separate from your perfect home (Divine Consciousness) the physical interpretation of this realization will manifest in the outer. This is how you reinterpret everything in the physical world through new eyes. Practice seeing through any and all appearances to the spiritual reality that constitutes what you are seeing.
If disease actually existed in Divine Consciousness, it could never ever be healed because it would exist eternally as a reality. Do you understand? All that is real is held in place by Divine law and cannot be altered in any way. It is only mankind's' false interpretations that see good and evil. Intelligence, abundance, harmony, peace, joy, love (oneness), completeness, wholeness, etc, etc. are infinitely embodied within Divine omnipresent Consciousness and must be recognized and accepted as your real Self. Nothing exists outside of Divine Consciousness and all appearances to the contrary are simply false interpretations. These truths constitute your journey from metaphysics to mysticism.
Concepts reflect the thinking of the timeline in which they occur and reflect whatever the state of consciousness was at that time in that location. Some concepts dissolve as society evolves, but others just as erroneous come to take their place if states of consciousness remain the same. Evolution is the process of moving beyond concepts and into the Truth about God and man.
There was a time of when it was believed that the burning of healers and light-workers as witches was an appropriate way to deal with "evil". The dense consciousness and its accompanying belief system of those times did not permit anyone but God to have spiritual gifts. God was a man in the sky with rules and regulations to be followed under fear of punishment and evil was a red man with horns called Satan or devil. This is a glaring example of how the consciousness of duality and separation ignorantly manifests in the world.
Society has evolved beyond burning people for having spiritual gifts, but still holds many concepts just as obsolete and still permits unduly harsh punishments for those who may have chosen to disregard some aspect of currently accepted dogma.
When an individual chooses to live governed by some dogma and its accompanying rigid rules of right and wrong, he chooses to live in bondage. Regardless of whether the dogma comes from a religion, government, or a person of authority, it still simply represents someone's interpretation of truth--their concepts and beliefs. This is why you are urged to go within, to practice meditation and get your information directly, YOU DO NOT NEED A GO BETWEEN. Reality is free, loving, joyous, birthless, deathless, changeless and is infinitely held in place by Divine law and IS WHO YOU ARE.
You are ready dear ones to take the deeper steps of reinterpreting everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell into its spiritual reality which means living each day doing what is given you to do, but seeing through any bad or good appearances to the reality. It is a removing of the labels from everything.
The world is not an illusion, but false concepts of the world are the illusion.
This is the work dear ones, this is how you shift your world into a new state of consciousness, and it is indeed work, especially at first and no one can do it for you. This is why you chose to be on earth at this powerful time. There are many who hear and read truth, even pretending to be serious truth students but are unwilling to release their comfortable old beliefs. Many feel that mystical truths are too impractical to take seriously, and so choose instead to stay in the status quo of what they already know.
At this time you are clearing physical cellular memory as well as your emotional and mental bodies--everything that cannot be carried with you into higher dimensional energy. Physical, emotional, and mental clearings frequently manifest in ways that may be uncomfortable on many levels so learn not to panic but to pay attention to these experiences which are sign posts indicating what you may still hold that needs forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love--for self as well as others.
Send light to your physical cells telling them to release any old and finished energy they still hold from this life time and past lifetimes. Inform your mental body that you now choose to let go of all false beliefs. Consciously choose that your emotional body release any toxic negative emotional energy and be replaced with unconditional love.
This is the work dear ones, and you are ready and fully able to do it, should you choose.
We are the Arcturian Group 

Through Marilyn Rafaelle

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Arcturians message to their “children” – 28th August 2013

 by Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and to support as ALL now prepare for transition into the New Earth in TRUTH. We call to our “children”at this time, those who have taken human form and carry the codings and energies of our race. To them we send out the New Earth codings of 333 and the sacred geometrical shape of the star tetrahedron. We ask them to place this in their base chakra and allow the coding and the sacred geometry to begin to dissolve the very human attachments they have to their human vehicle.
As the New Earth begins to anchor in TRUTH it is time for ALL upon and within planet earth to embrace unity and their GALACTIC origins, this has been controlled and contained by the old 3d earth frequencies and these will now dissolve fully for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.
The time to let go of your fully human “roots” is NOW, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE. It is not TRUTH to separate the human race from other races as the human race was created by and with ALL races. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race focussing on the need to pull the human race together in defense of itself.

This has seen great fear anchor deeply within the cellular structure of the human vehicle and this is what we ask our children to dissolve fully.  The human race are but one aspect of the family of LIGHT which now welcomes them home in TRUTH.
Preparation has now begun on ALL levels for the continued unfolding of the disclosure and re-unification process that ALL in human form will move through in order to birth fully into the New Earth in TRUTH. We ask ALL to process our words through the heart space for the heart KNOWS TRUTH and TRUTH JUST IS.
We guide for clarity that mass disclosure is against the free will of ALL sentient BEings in the UNIVERSE of 3, it is a SOUL choice and those choosing this in their human form are now moving through the portals into the appropriate dimensional timelines to accomodate this. We draw your attention to the new higher dimensional timelines and ask for YOU to TRUST in SELF at all times. YOU incarnated onto and within planet earth for a reason, there are no co-incidences and nothing in this universe is by “accident”.
Each one of you walks a slightly different path in your human form but ALL paths in the New Earth frequencies are anchored in TRUTH. In a human context you are all at the boarding gates to your chosen destination in this your human life experience and at ALL times the journey is overseen by your SOUL.
We send out much LOVE to ALL at this time and we guide for ALL to FEEL TRUTH for ALL that IS TRUTH will remain and all that is not will dissolve. The old earth may try to place your focus on that which dissolves, we ask you gently to place your focus and your LOVE with all that remains.
We are the Arcturians and we walk with you in peace, LOVE, serenity, joy, TRUTH and harmony as you now transition into TRUTH at human conscious waking mind level in the reality you know as your human life experience, here on planet earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 in the linear human timeframe of 2013.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and article is not altered in any way. No permission is granted to change the format of this article which is written and must state this copyright notice at all times.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Message from the Arcturians

Transmutation of Form

I started my day by reading a wonderful message from Dr. Bruce Lipton:
A Cosmic Joke that has the Scientists Rolling in the Aisle

As I often do, I asked the Arcturians to assist me to deeply understand this message in a manner in which I could integrate it into my daily life. Below is the message I received:

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

Your bodies are transmuting at a cellular level to resonate to a higher frequency of reality. Hence, you are remembering to recognize a higher frequency energetic reality along with your physical reality. Whenever you perceive a higher frequency reality, your body adapts to the resonance of that reality for as long as you can perceive it. Hence, whenever you experience a higher energy field of reality, your body adapts to that frequency of perception

You have been taught to believe that only the physical reality is REAL and that other version/frequencies of reality are “a figment of your imagination.” However, your body believes in you, not the ones who programed you. Therefore, once you begin to perceive these higher frequencies of reality, even if only for a few seconds, you perceptions send that information to your body. Your body then begins to adapt to that version of reality.

The New Normal

There is an inner threshold of “normal” that is based on your perceptions. For example, if you move from a very cold environment to a very warm environment, over time your body will realize that your external world has changed in temperature and inner workings of your body will begin to adapt to life in a warmer world.

Another example is your bodies’ adaptation to an increasingly polluted world. Once air pollution would create a great response in your body, but now you have largely, and unfortunately, adapted to poor air quality. In the same manner, you will adapt to a higher frequency of reality. Whereas now you may be able to maintain a higher frequency of consciousness only while in meditation or engaged in a creative activity, as you meditate more and fill your life with creativity, your body will adapt to a higher resonance of “primary state of consciousness.”

For example, you have been taught that the beta wave consciousness of total focus on the external (holographic matrix) world is your real world. However, as you consistently remember to begin your day with calibrating to your alpha wave consciousness through meditation, enjoyable exercise and/or creativity, your perceptual field begins to focus on a higher resonance of your environment.

As the baseline resonance of your consciousness raises your expanded abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience begin to habitually augment your physical senses of sight and hearing. Furthermore, your clairsentience naturally expands as you incorporate telepathy and empathy into your life. Additionally, your perceptions of smell and taste provide you greater information about the food your transmuting body requires.

Believe in Higher Perceptions

When you remember to “believe” what your higher perceptions and your bodily sensations communicate, you reinforce the changes that are occurring within your earth vessel on a cellular and molecular level. In your third dimensional reality, you were trained to believe that your body was something over which you had little control. Yes, you could choose to look in a different direction, have different actions and behaviors, but your body was a mystery that was healthy or sick of its own accord.

As you continued to awaken you began to realize how much influence your thoughts and emotions had on the health and welfare of your physical vessel. You are aware how your body feels if you are depressed or anxious as opposed to how your body feels when you are happy and having fun.

Once you continually choose to keep your consciousness high you can perceive flashes from the fourth and fifth dimensions. These fleeting perceptions of higher worlds assist you to realize that the frequency of realty that you choose to perceive is the reality that you live. Furthermore, the calm recognition of these observations directs your body to accept the frequency on a cellular and molecular level.

At the same time, allow your belief system to fully embrace the fact that you are resonating to a higher frequency so your perceptions will seek out higher frequencies of reality. For example, your vision will also look for the aura of each person, plant, and animal. Once you include the fourth/fifth dimensional aura in your mundane perceptions, you further activate your higher perceptions.

However, you will only be able to perceive the higher frequencies when your consciousness is calibrated to alpha waves and beyond. You are still wearing a physical earth vessel and are in engaged in all the challenges of a third dimensional world. Therefore, there may be many times when you are “just physical.”

When this drop in consciousness occurs, love and forgive yourself unconditionally. You are in the midst of a transmutation of all life, without a rulebook or a map. Therefore, be good to yourself and accept that there are times when you must still function as a third dimensional human. Enjoy these times, as you will miss them more than you think.

Activating Your Higher Perceptions

As you continue to activate your higher perceptions, your experience of “realty” will expand into the multidimensional fields of the fifth dimension. Many are still calibrated only to their third dimensional perceptions, so they will begin their evolution by perceiving more of the fourth dimensional world of auras.

On the other hand, your Lightworkers have stabilized that expanded perception and are moving on to conscious, daily perception of the fifth dimensional resonance that is now perceivable via your daily consciousness. We say “daily consciousness” as most of you have a daily consciousness that is largely in alpha waves.

With the increased inner awareness of alpha wave consciousness you will quickly identify when negativity enters your heart or mind. When your consciousness, and hence your perceptions return to the third/fourth dimensions, you will easily identify the feeling of density. Please remember that you are still wearing your earth vessels, no matter how altered they are. Hence, you need to pay bills, drive in traffic, and clean your house or whatever task lowers your resonance.

Monitor Your State of Consciousness
It is vital that you recognize when your consciousness has dropped, as your perceptual field will soon follow, as will your reactions to life. When your consciousness rises again and you re-calibrate to your new expanding reality, your feelings of joy, love and hope will return. Then, you can more easily attend to the flickers of fifth dimensional reality as they pierce the waning veil of third dimensional illusion.

When you experience the perceptions and feelings of your new reality you can consciously choose to use your higher perceptions to give you greater information about your physical and higher frequency surroundings. As long as you are wearing your earth vessel, you will be able to also perceive your physical reality unless you are resonating to higher theta or delta wave consciousness.   

Remember that your brain must be calibrated to your mind and your mind calibrated to your cosmic mind. Otherwise, you will be responding to the outdated 3D computer of your brain. Also, remember to connect your physical heart to your High Heart so that you can integrate your expanded perceptions with the wisdom, power and love of your Three Fold Flame.

When you unite your physical form with the heart and mind of your Lightbody, you can easily choose to focus on love and release all concepts, thoughts and feelings of a fearful nature. You are no longer limited to your physical earth vessel, but the illusions of the physical world can make you forget to connect with your Multidimensional SELF.

Reshaping Your Life
You begin to reshape your life by training yourself to consistently modulate your state of consciousness to alpha wave and beyond. As your higher states of consciousness become normal, your expanded perceptions become normal, your emotions of calm, loving acceptance become normal and your multidimensional thinking becomes normal.

When multidimensional thinking is normal, you will perceive a temporary slip in consciousness into 3D thinking as a short journey into the physical, from which you can easily return. You will remember that your physical body and physical realty is your connection to Gaia, your Earth Mother with whom you have promised to enter into the partnership of ascension.

With a firm sense of partnership with Gaia, the third dimension will no longer be the lower frequency, which causes you problems, but the reality that you volunteered to enter.  With the reminder that you chose your present incarnation you can choose tolive in the higher frequencies of reality but “go to work” in the physical world to fulfill your birth contract.

With the knowing that you chose your reality and wrote, and are currently writing, your own script there is no room for being a victim. Please remember that you chose your lessons in order to learn what is necessary to fulfill your earthly mission Therefore, you may have to unconditionally forgive your SELF for choosing some of your challenges.

With the full awareness of your multidimensional nature, the higher frequencies of reality are always a choice. You make that choice by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of reality that you wish to experience. In other words, you are no longertrying to ascend.

Your Power of Choice
You can choose to live in the knowing that you are ascended and your primary state of consciousness is no longer restricted to the physical plane. However, because you are new to this SELF-image, you will likely have many temporary excursions into the challenges of third dimensional Earth. However, remember to instantly readjust your consciousness back to alpha wave and beyond.

Be patient with yourself.
Be loving and forgiving of yourself.

You are a great multidimensional being who has volunteered to venture into the depths of illusion in order to assist all the beings on planet Earth. What you are doing is unique to your Universe, as you are ascending a planet and its inhabitants into the fifth dimension without physical destruction. Remember to be loving toward those who choose not to participate in the ascension process.

They have taken this incarnation to learn about ascension, but they desire further incarnations in the physical plane. Ascension is a choice and not all of Gaia’s humans will make that choice. However, they have grown immensely by taking an incarnation during Gaia’s time of transmutation. Therefore, release all judgment about what others should do.

Focus on your own choice and on the others who have chosen a similar experience. Furthermore, release the concept of time. Time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. If you focus on “when it will happen,” you lower your consciousness into the realms of time.

Live in the NOW

Live every moment in the NOW. If you don’t know how to do that, look to your pets, the plants, the sky, the earth, a pool of water. The fifth dimension and beyond is free of time. Hence, all experience occurs within the NOW of the ONE. We know that this concept cannot be understood by 3D thinking. Therefore, take a long walk in nature with no watch, ride your bike, do yoga, paint a picture, play a song, go to a concert etc. etc.

When you engage in creativity your sense of time becomes distorted and you move into the NOW. When you live in the NOW you resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. Fortunately, your creativity will greatly expand as you continue your journey back to your SELF. In fact, you will be consciously creating your life with your every thought and emotion.

Therefore, remember to be the master of your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions create and stem from your state of consciousness. It is one thing to perceive the fifth dimension and even to visit it. It is another thing to release ALL habits of third dimensional thoughts and emotions so that you can remain in that resonance.

When you were a baby and learned to walk, you did not become angry with yourself for falling down. You simply stood up and tried again. Eventually, your crawling was replaced with walking and even running. Go into your Divine Child to regain that patience with yourself and the childhood wonder of exploring an expanded version of reality.

We are with you NOW,

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Sunday, August 25, 2013




Moving into the massive Vortex on Mother ship Earth
In the midst of earth and cosmic whole there is intense flux and there is a moving, a creation and re-creation going on which is beyond the scope of what has happened over millions of light years and now culmination into a new rebirthing and a new re-creational order of life itself.
As the planet is and never was an entity on her own, her own rebirth and re-emergence is therefore now happening and there is not form of life on and within her which will go untouched. She is moving in higher state of Being, as this whole solar system and Universe is being transformed. Our sun is being transformed and the great Sun too. So there is not one particle how small or big which is not being transformed in its own essence.

This is not the first time the planet and greater cosmic whole has gone through massive transformations like this – it has happened before and therefore one must understand that in essence all the souls who are now in this planet KNEW this before they were born. They also knew that the old order would disintegrate and that a new one would be formed and will emerge as there has to be a new 72 000 year cycle and with it a new way of life.
In this one has to understand that all souls, in some measure have trigger mechanisms deeply ingrained and built into them. Some have prepared this planet for this shift through a number of lifetimes, working in tandem with other souls from their own soul group, and then now having returned to see this work to completion.
Sometimes ideas or concepts were brought to fore in a form when the planet had slipped into forgetfulness, and the majority were not prepared as yet for the changes. Often they were persecuted, or burnt or simply cast out of society, because what they were trying to bring across was not understood and what is not understood is feared and what is feared is then cast out or exterminated. However, the concept will move forward and on, until those are not able to suppress or stem the tide anymore.
At this moment there are two major forces at work and this need to be understood in order for the rest to be understood:
1. The ancients worked with two powers and one of these was the vortex sound energies, which emitted sound. These vortex energy centers were essential to the greater well being of both the planet and masses. It was controlled by those who used this for the greater good of all at the time. And this energy is now making itself felt again, in ways which most human beings still do not understand. They stand in front of stone emitting sound frequencies and energies and measure them and look at them from all angles, wondering how they got there and were assembled, when they fail to HEAR the messages and songs these stones are singing. LITERALLY SINGING for they are emitted messages from the stars and relaying them, for they are TRANSMITTERS of cosmic energies, and are reactivated by the vortex energies.
2. The pyramids and such-like structures were never used as tombs or whatever other purposes, than ENERGY places and higher healing and energy transmitting stations.
3. The human body is undergoing immense changes at this time, and therefore the entire old karmic residue, the unbalanced emotions and all the old stuck patterns which were created over thousands of years, and often by the self-same souls now returned, have to be dissolved. There is reluctance on the part of some to let go of spouses, or others whom they have trodden a long path with. However, if the soul is not free and thus tied down by those who are not as evolved or as tune-in as they themselves are, and then such relationships are not serving their highest soul purpose anymore. Some like to brag about the fact that they have withstood all the storms for many years – when in reality this is a sham and the relationship is shaking and disintegrating at the seams. Now is the time, when those foundations will truly crumble and disintegrate, for what is not authentic and real, no matter how much glue is used, will just disappear. It is to free these souls up to move into a new reality where a new way of relating and loving is now being born and this is essentially a totally new way of life and living. Why cling to the old when the new is being born?
4. Never underestimate the power of your own soul to guide you home to the truth and to the heart of whom and what you are. It is your own heart and soul that are connected to the Over soul and the Divine Blueprint for your life. Even if you have lived your life a certain way for 50 or so years, it does not mean that you have done and lived it all and know it all. Far from it – it is now that you are only getting activated to the fullest, and therefore what served you even five years ago, is no longer serving you now. Be prepared for all to dissolve and move into something totally new.
See this as a portal in cosmic time having opened up, and spaceship earth, like a great Mother ship, moving into a new galaxy which it has never explored before and therefore now moving into life and life forms and coming across such as she has never encountered before. Therefore and she, and those abroad her are moving deeper and deeper into the new they find that their old tools, the old way of thinking, feeling and being of nil and void in this new space. Therefore they now have to adapt and create a totally new of life, and invent new tools and new ways of living, relating and being.
See yourself as pioneers, as adventurers and then just go with the flow. Stay firmly centered and anchored in the heart and let the mind not lead you astray.
Hone into your inner guidance system – it is true and the greatest instrument of navigation you have and know that the art of moving into the new, is to be open to re-create, to re-think and re-love and re-invent a totally new life and new way living.
This is the greatest moment of time-travelling, of being a pioneer explorer into the infinite new space being opened up now with this massive vortex the planet is now moving deeper and deeper into.
All is disintegrating at its seams, but the new – the new is being created and what a journey of exploration this is!
(Judith Kusel)

Saturday, August 24, 2013


 ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

AA Metatron

My dearly beloved ones, as the Merkabah and Grand Sextile is coming across your paradigm and reality of time, there is an advancement lingering in that moment of truth that will proceed Humanity and its beloved Planet, called Gaia, in her more natural way of being. As you grow along with Gaia on her path of Ascension, a lot of tools in the form of energies and activations are being manifested on your plane and inner plane, guiding you through all of this in the most comfortable way possible for your being at this time.

There is no need to fill in the separation form again nor to conduct it through you, so therefore a much deeper need for understanding of the oneness is upon you all, again through a portal or Ascension gate that is being manifested in your field of creation. As you go along the waves of these creations and portal activations, there are some tools and guidelines required to be able and help you to be in the most comfortable state of being. Therefore, it is my wish to speak to you all and bring some of my energetic structures of who I am as a Presence of Light.

Let us look into this process deeper that is awaiting you all in the next days or so.

  • When such a formation occurs, a deeper love is being activated in the hearts and rejuvenation is felt in the deepest ways of Being. That means that more love and bliss is being taken in inside of you and starts to reflect from the heart.

  • As a more powerful energy is being thrown at you and being absorbed by your wonderful BEing of the I AM Presence of Light, a reflection of this is expanding towards your outer reality and Humanity, which causes the collective to receive more opportunities and growth during their own Ascension process.

  • A firm grounding on a daily base, and preferable more times a day, is required in the Now to be able and stay in this Now moment and to not float away in the infinity of the Light that you are. You are all growing into such refined and strong Light beings that it is very easy to lose yourself into that Light that you are and to forget about your Earthly temple that is still in the process of absorbing, grounding and bringing in those energies. Your Earthly temples are very much needed at this time to bring all of these energies into a manifestation on Earth, so don't you go off and fly away like that but really work with those energies by grounding your Earthly temple and manifesting whatever is needed to help this planet to shift into deeper grounds of Light.

  • How to ground the incoming energies is merely an intention and focus of doing so by visualizing all the incoming energies to float through you from the crown chakra to the feet chakra, slightly moving into the Earthly grid and her core that is surrounding her beautiful crystal heart. See those energies as etheric light cords, attached to the crystal heart of Gaia. Send your vibes and waves of love and energy to her and appreciate her by heart, you will receive an amount of Love back from her heart as an appreciation.

  • What the main focus is during this Grand Sextile and Merkabah, is to not let bad intentions take over forming the forms and creations upon your reality, but to really focus on what is primarily of need in this reality, which is nothing but Love, joy, happiness and positive thoughts. Be aware that what you think of, focus on and acting upon will form your outer creations and take it into a manifestation in your own personal and collective reality. So do think Love all the time and all those days long, as it will follow you behind and be present around you all the time, for it mirrors what you are and what your intent is into this world.

You have now reached a state of being and much more happiness inside of you, that is merely a product of all your hard work on the Self Mastery you are all achieving at this time. Do you see how far you have come, beloved ones? Can you feel the intent of your true Self and how it is coping with all of these wonderful but very intense energies? Let me say that all of this Self Mastery that you are achieving now at this point in your lives, are truly one of the most intense and powerful achievements you can have as it is the first step to a true Full Ascension upon your planet and it is merely only just the beginning for much more wonderful things in life are upon you all that will even blow away your biggest imaginations!

So be prepared for that and let your bodies get used to these wonderful shifts and achievements that you are dealing with now, so that you are ready for the mind blowing part of this whole Ascension. Allow the mind to cope with things by letting go and just flow with those energies by accepting and trusting that all must be as it is. By forming energies into words and expectations, limits it all.. so allow yourselves to just FEEL and you will find yourself floating with and coping with these strong and intense energies. There is no need to panic for lower density or negativity, for its only a perspective that you create, nothing more or less. It is something that only you as your mind allows to exist and be created. Not the heart, for the heart does not want it or know it, it knows only love and nothing but Love.

I shall tell you one important thing, my dear friends and that is to ALWAYS but truly always stay in your heart and no place else. When you do that, nothing will be too hard or too much for your being and everything will always be well. In the best interest for all of you, I have shared this message in Love and Light with all of my being and energy. I love you all! Archangel Metatron

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Friday, August 23, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

God takes on dark form to propel forward evolution (and consciousness).

Love is the motor. Deep feeling and Love. Love for all creation.

I feel the deep love that took on all misery and all the horrors to experience it myself.
There is only Love.

This love emerges from the Deep, the primordial ground of all Being-ness and Existence That has taken on the form of the individual.

The horrors that we did: A deep guilt that is fertil ground has to be released by recognizing it as Love in disguise. And so it becomes our strength. The horrors: the hidden power of Divine Reality.

To ‘whitewash’ has no other meaning but the alchemical process which is the recognition that there is Only God  Who Is the Only Doer.
The horrors that we performed are thereby transmuted and recognized as the Deep Power and Emotion of Love that  embraces all that is as God. There Is Only God.

We have taken on all forms, all intentions, good and bad, in order to know the Fullness of  God Who Is One.

All Is One Profound Emotion and darkness can be recognized and released as the Deep of the Power of Love.

That is why we, coming from the Highest Divine Realms of Light, took on the forms of darkness to create as the Will of God a higher Light and Ecstasy, that glorifies Divinity in Divine Creation in an ever increasing Magnificence.
That is: Divine Ultimate Consciousness becomes ever more apparent in Divine Creation Itself, until Creation is Outshined in Ultimate Conscious Light again.

This was already shown to me many years ago, when I recognized in the art work  “The Temptation of St. Antonius” by Max Ernst, the Essence of Pure Divine  Consciousness and Eternal Peace in the horrific monster that is attacking the Saint.

So our horrendous task is, as we are here to support the  evolution of earth humanity, to be victorious in the assimilation and transfiguration of all the led into gold in our own consciousness, body and mind.

Also the shadow then is recognized as the materia in the Divine alchemical process that IS in its very depth and true essence Divine Consciousness Itself, and IS as emerging Creation the Power of Love Itself.
It is a Love, that does not know duality, as even duality arises from the depth of sheer Divine Existence or Source Itself.

When the two towers of duality are recognized as That Which Is Substance  and Essence of Divine Existence Itself, then only the Reality of God Remains that Is Love, as God enters the Realms of Creation to be experienced.

And such all pain and guilt that is nothing but self-contraction, can be transformed into love and recognized as love. It can be released  into the substance  of Love  that Is the Divine alchemical “Prima Materia”.

This is the Profundity in which all Creation and with it all worlds and all beings exist.
All of this is merely a matter of reaching again the Divine Foundation and Source from which all experiences arise to be suffered and enjoyed.

To touch again this primordial ground from where we came, we must allow to feel ALL That is in between since the beginning of time, because All  these experiences Are Divine and Sacred. And it can be felt when we are rooted deep in our Earth Mother, the abode of peace.

That way we serve Divine Consciousness to become  Conscious again in Creation. It is a transpersonal task, but which turns into an error if we start to take it personally.

Surrender and devotion to the process is required to be of service to That Which we Love Most: God or Divine Reality or Radiant Divine Love-Bliss, Which Is the Source of all-and-all.

This is what I experience as a process and realize in depth as a gift that was resurrected in me through the  “smart-meter” challenge! (As strange as it is!)

I got all the loving help and impetus by a dear Shaman friend. This is a profound process I always knew, but almost had forgotten in the worlds of superficial judgement that divides experience into two: the “me” and “other”, the “good and bad”. Indeed there is only One, that is: One  Consciousness in Which all of that arises.

The body is the instrument to unify. It is not just a thought. It is to allow that which is Greater, to descend. This is work and often struggle.

We must allow to be transmuted by the Power of Feeling and Love that is the Force that keeps the Universes together. And what is not Love must go. This could be stored since eons of time in our very cell memories when we entered the battle field.

Outside and inside are One, and so is humanity. To become this Only One humanity that ascends into Unity-Consciousness,we must embrace darkness as  Divine. That Is how true unity is revealed and becomes obvious.

With  gratitude and love,

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