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Straight Talk on Ascension #2 and Releasing the Illusion of Questioning


Straight Talk on Ascension #2


Dr. Suzanne Lie

As I close my eyes, I perceive myself on the edge of… on the beginning to…

I feel behind the pain, the war, the anger, the violence, the lies, and the illusion. And, I feel before the Light and the Love of Home.  Oh, Home feels so wonderful!   It has been a very long excursion through many lifetimes on poor beloved Gaia who was taken over by the dark ones long ago who have ruled on and on.

But, no longer can these dark ones rule, though they try harder and harder every day. They try to have at least one terrifying event hit the news as often as possible.  Terror, fear, agony, death…  Why? 

Because we are leaving and they know it.  Those who live in the dark, those who create in the dark, they know that we are leaving.  Their prey is leaving.  We are stepping beyond an invisible line that they cannot even see.

They know, at least some of them know, that we send this feeling of some kind of love that they cannot even begin to imagine and some color of fire that they’ve never heard of. 

But some know, the young ones know, the children know, and the new indoctrinates are remembering.  These awakening ones are accepting the Unconditional Love, and they are using the Violet Fire.  Therefore, they are breaking their programming.

Now they, too, can step across the line.  Anyone can step across the line.  Everyone can step across the line.  The challenge is not stepping across that invisible line.  The challenge is perceiving that it is even there because we can only perceive a reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness.

So we can only perceive this threshold into fifth-dimensional realities when our consciousness is resonating to that threshold of:
Moving beyond the illusions of the third dimension…
            Into the ever-present multi-dimensional Light,
The feeling of Unconditional Love,
And the transmutation and glory of the Violet Fire. 

It is there for all.  It is there for free.  All you need do to consciously perceive this threshold is to expand your consciousness into the frequency through which you can perceive it.

Once you can perceive this threshold, it is your choice whether or not you are ready to cross it… 
You can live just before the threshold because you don’t quite feel ready. 

You can waiver on the threshold so you that you can quickly move into the higher frequencies and then jump back to that which is familiar. 

Or you can stay longer and longer within that frequency. 

As you stay longer and longer within that frequency, your mind begins to change.  Your body begins to change.  You begin to transmute into your Lightbody and into your multi-dimensional mind.

How does this experience feel? 
We don’t know, do we?  We never did it before like this.

Yes, most of us that can perceive the line of this threshold have had at least one life, if not many lives, in which we consciously walked across into the higher worlds.  Maybe we even experienced the higher realms of the fourth-dimensional Nirvana. 

And, some of us, more and more each day are remembering our true life in the fifth-dimension and beyond.  And, that remembering is so very wonderful because, once we remember, we have something to return to.  Therefore, crossing that line, crossing that threshold is not frightening. 

For those who do not remember, I will say that crossing, even if we cross it “only in our imagination,” feels like stepping over an invisible line into an unknown reality. 

This unknown reality feels wonderful, but we don’t know anything about it. Maybe our feelings are wrong.  Our third-dimensional feelings are very often wrong.  Maybe this feeling is just another ploy of the darkness?  We have learned – don’t trust anyone or anything.

So those of us that have somehow regained and/or are stayed in continual contact with our own Multidimensional SELF, it is our joy to even be near that line, that threshold. But we remember that we volunteered to find those that waiver at the edge and just need a little bit of information, a little bit of security, a hand of Love.  They just need a little bit of help. They need us to say: 

“Look, this is what it’s like across the line.  Don’t be afraid, here, let us tell you our story about life on the fifth-dimension.”

And then we try to tell them how it feels to live in complete Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and Unconditional Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is such a novel concept to the third/fourth-dimensional world.

It is the Unconditional Love of our selves and Unconditional Acceptance of our selvesthat we found the courage to accept these challenges. And, it is the UnconditionalForgiveness of our selves for any means in which we faltered, fell apart, had anger, or lost faith that gives us courage to continue. 

More and more, we can forgive ourselves unconditionally and accept ourselvesunconditionally because we are changing realms.  Therefore, each day, each hour, each minute, each second, and with each breath, we are remembering how to Unconditionally Love, Accept and Forgive our self.

It is because we are remembering the fifth dimensional traits of unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance that our consciousness is beginning to expand into the fifth dimension.  As our consciousness expands, our perceptions expand, and we begin to see the wavering Light of something that we know is not third dimensional.

We begin to perceive something that we know is beyond that which we experience in our dreams.  It is something that reminds us of our Home, of the beings that we were, and the places where we lived before we took this third-dimensional form. 

We are also remembering to allow ourselves to sit with these memories and to just bewithin these memories. Many of us have had myriad incarnations on third dimensional Gaia, and there are a lot of physical traumas that we need release and forget

We can forget because we remember, and we can release because we know.

As we find that courage to trust our SELF, trust our inner vision, trust our inner voices, trust our dreams, and trust our aspirations, that which so many of us have held secretly within ourselves can finally be shared with others. Before (that is, before we could perceive the line), perceive the threshold, it did not feel safe to share.

In fact, we knew it was not safe, and saw that many suffered for saying their truth. On the other hand, there were—are—many who shared who did not suffer, or who shared in spite of the consequences.

We send them all unconditional love as this gives us unconditional courage to PERCEIVE our SELF, to share our SELF and to BE our SELF in daily life.

As more and more of us take that leap
Back to our own Multidimensional SELF
And share our true SELF with others
Together we can

Blessings, Please assist us to “make Ascension normal” because IT IS.

Then we can release our illusions of questioning 
and begin living our Truth!

I welcome you to listen to the message below and share your comments! 



“The Illusion of Questioning” 

Where am I?  Oh yes, I am here.  I see the door behind me and I see Lady Astrea to my right.  Perhaps I can ask her now about why I don't remember my Earth life while I am here. But, before I can formulate the question, I hear her saying,

"Dear, you will know when you remember this experience on Earth when you remember your Earth life while you are here.  Be patient with yourself.  It is very difficult to live two realities at once, and your Higher Self will determine when you are ready."

Higher Self?  What is she talking about?  Does she mean that there is even more of me than my waking and sleeping self?  I am even more confused now than I was before I asked the question, but now I must enter the circle.  I hope I can remember to ask her about that "Higher Self".

I am entering the circle and, as I do so, I feel like I am coming Home.  The two dear Ladies appear as if from nowhere and lovingly release another veil and I hear the voice of Lady Leto. 

It appears that she, too, heard my question as she says, "Last evening the work was very deep and you were unable to carry any of it to your outside mind.  Know that seeing the connection between the inside and the outside is sometime dependent on your fortitude.  In this case, it was better not to remember the night's work so that you could rest.

“This evening the Ladies have lifted the ‘Illusion of Questioning.’  To question is to feel the separation between yourself and the ultimate source.  To question is to put one's consciousness into human consciousness to ask of a higher or another source. 

On this side of the veil, we are living in a constant state of knowing.  All divine information is readily within our grasp and we easily attune to whatever is appropriate.  Also, on the spirit level, we are not bound to attune to only one thing.  I can personally attend to you while I can, just as personally, attend to all others who are also calling me this day."

As the veil is given to the Brother, Hilarion speaks, "I can see, my one, that you are 'questioning' this concept.  This, of course, is part of the reason why you were unable to bring forward any of the work of last evening.  I will try to explain this to you.  To you particularly, questioning has been an important part of your growth. 

Questioning is a lot like wanting.  Wanting denotes that you do not already have and this wanting pulls one out of the cosmic flow of All in All.  Questioning acts in much the same manner.  When you question, there is an underlying energy field that denotes that you do not already know.  This separates you from the Universal Mind.

"To release the ‘Illusion of Questioning,’ one would instead unify.  When you unify with the Universal Mind, no questioning is necessary as your mind is united with the Universal Mind.  Then the information desired can be collected just as it is ‘collected’ from your physical brain. 

Dear one, try not to question this concept, but rather take a moment to experience the difference.  First, ask yourself a question, then unify.  As you have seen, to question dissects your consciousness into individual words and concepts.  To unify, however, opens you to all answers simultaneously."

As the other Brothers take the veil, Apollo speaks, "The opposite polarity of questioning is understanding, because you do not have to question if you have grasped what was said.  We have unified with your consciousness and, therefore, know exactly what you need us to say to you to further your understanding. 

The basis of questioning is insecurity and impatience.  Insecurity comes from the illusion of space because one is insecure in one’s supposed separation.  Impatience comes from the illusion of time.  Therefore, space and time bind questioning.  As you transcend both space and time, the illusion of separation and the human quality of impatience are also transcended.” 

With mighty Apollo's final words, I could feel myself being pulled back into space and time.  No, no, I don't wish to re-enter yet.  I have more questions…

Q and A on Questioning Your SELF

Please share how you questioned your SELF and
How you found the courage to BE your SELF.

Thank you, in the great year of 2016, we


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Finding the FLOW

The Arcturians

Dear Ones,
We are aware that so much of your third dimensional lives appear to be lost in working hard. The term “hard” represents the resistance of third dimensional labor and the word “work” represents the efforts of ones energy over time.

Both of these terms are bound by third/fourth dimensional constructs. Hence, they do NOT apply to the multidimensional energy fields that are now flowingthrough your reality. If you wish to flow into one of these energy fields, you will need to release your third dimensional thinking.

We do appreciate how very challenging it can be for you to release third dimensional concepts such as time, sequence, separation, polarities, enemies, and death. Let us begin with the third dimensional concept of death.

We know that those of you who have expanded your consciousness into the higher realms of the fourth dimension are well aware that “death” is only of your third dimensional container that your life force is using to maintain your experience of the third dimension.

We know that many of you have conversed with a loved one who has crossed over into the fourth dimension. You may also have followed their fourth dimensional adventures until they either take another body or advance into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional regions of reality.

Once you have had the above experience, your perception of your physical realm alters. The rush to work hard or gather many experiences because you may “die” before you get a chance begins to fade away.

Once you realize that life expands beyond the third dimension, your adherence to the third dimensional rules of separation and limitation diminish. You realize that the third dimension is merely one of many realities.

You also realize that you can visit fourth dimensional realities by expanding your consciousness into that frequency of reality. You likely begin with vivid dreams, which often expand into meditations.

Then, you wish to find our more about this reality that glistens just beyond your physical life. Therefore, you read books, do research, talk to others who are having similar experience and often join groups.

Slowly, the myriad limitations of your reality are pushed aside, as you now KNOW that there is something more. You may not understand, yet, what this “more” actually is, but your quest has begun to find it. This quest is not about more money or fame.

In fact, this journey is beyond the confines of your daily life. There is a feeling, a longing, a knowing that is rising up within your heart and mind that you know you cannot ignore.

As you attend to this feeling, you realize that it is NOT new. Yes, you had this feeling as a child when your “imagination” was a cool way to play. You remember the concept of playing and how good you felt when you played with your friends and/or family.

How and why did that concept, that feeling, the wonderful group idea become “less important” than doing your job and working hard. When you were a child you often “played at being an adult.” The adult of your childhood fantasy was fun, loving, creative, and free.

What happened to that inner adult? In fact, what happened to your inner imagination? Do you no longer have “time” for your imagination because you are “working so hard?” We ask that you ask your self that question.

We also ask that you consider the possibility to combining “hard work” and “fun.” Of course, if your hard work is fun, it may not feel like work. It might feel more like “creativity.” Think about it.

You may say, “But I am not creative.” That is not true! You are ALL creative because you are ALL creating your life. Some may be unconsciously creating their life, which is likely because they are afraid they will “do it wrong.” However, “wrong” is a third dimensional term.

When you are thinking fifth dimensionally, you realize that there will be many “initiations” in your ascension process. An initiation is an event that comes into your life, likely when you are NOT expecting it, that gives you a wonderful opportunity to be the creator of your life.

This creation is unique in that you choose to release all sense of victimization and feelings of anger or fear and bravely admit, “I am the creator of my reality. Therefore, I take responsibility that which is occurring with this NOW.” 

During these initiations, you may not want to admit that you created what you are experiencing. In fact, it would feel better if you could be the victim to that other person who did that thing to you.

Or, you could choose to be the creator of your life. Now, if you are the creator of what when wrong, then you can be the creator of the solution. One solution that is always a good place to start is to send unconditional love into that which is completed.

Then you can, also, send violet fire into that component of your life so that you can transmute it into a higher octave of your own Multidimensional SELF.

As you move through these difficult initiations, allow ALL your thoughts and emotions to enter your conscious awareness. In this manner, you can fully release that which is complete so that you can embrace that which you are ready to receive.  

It is in this manner that you will Find the FLOW traveling through your daily life that reminds you to transmute the concept of work into the concept ofcreation.


“The Illusion of Hard Work”

As I awaken, I find myself inside the golden room with the door open behind me.  Actually, I suppose I have fallen asleep, but since I do not remember Earth while I am here, it feels more like I am awakening when I return.  I wonder if I remember any of this when I am awake on Earth.  I have no way of knowing, as I cannot remember anything other than what is happening to me while I am here.

I will have to ask Lady Astrea about that sometime, but now I feel it is my turn to enter the circle.  Each time it becomes easier for me to bear the increased vibration.  I wonder if this activity changes my Earth body as much as it changes this one.

Again, the Ladies come to remove yet another veil as I hear the voice of Lady Leto saying, "The veil we lift now is the 'Illusion of Hard Work'.  Work is another aspect that is particular to Earth existence.  'Work' is an activity that became necessary to man only after he had fallen from grace.  This fact is because Work, by definition, is based on resistance.  Therefore, it was an unknown concept when man was living in his divine plan free of all resistance."

As the Ladies carry the veil to the Brothers, I hear the voice of Master Hilarion, "The energy field of work is something to behold.  If mankind could see this energy, it is doubtful that they would ever indulge in the activity. Many molecules are moving towards each other in dissonant patterns.  It is no wonder that mankind often experiences fatigue.  In fact, the basis of human 'aging' is the concept and activity of work. 

Whenever one indulges in a given energy field, their personal energy field becomes aligned with it.  Therefore, they move into a vortex of energy in which many molecules are colliding with each other.  Each individual molecule tries to either hold its position or infringe on another's position. 

This constant energy battle dissipates one's vital forces.  As one's vital forces are dissipated, their physical body is robbed of vital healing nutrients. Therefore, for these minutes or seconds that the physical body is denied its life force, it begins to 'die'.  Then, the worker will cease the work and begin to rest.  At this time the body can be healed and replenished.  However, some cells are irretrievably damaged and, hence, the body dies bit by bit.

"Yoga is a very important discipline for one to follow as it floods the body with many life giving nutrients and moves these nutrients systematically throughout the body.  In the ascended state, all movement is like that of a great yoga master.  There is no physical illusion of separation and, therefore, each movement, thought, and feeling is a flow of divine force channeling throughout one's individuality."

As the other Brothers take the veil, I hear Apollo: "Throughout the centuries, 'work' and 'bravery' have been associated.  I am particularly familiar with this Earth connection, as many have called to me for bravery throughout the ages. 

This connection is correct on the highest level as bravery in its ultimate is to face death and, as mighty Hilarion has spoken, work is indeed a slow form of death.  However, on the cusp of one's ascension, they begin to associate death with birth and birth with death.  When this association happens, bravery also takes on a new meaning.  Bravery then comes to represent courage, not in facing death, but instead, courage in facing life. 

  “Indeed, much bravery is necessary to live victoriously in your land of illusion.  Therefore, my one, continue with your journey into a new state of awareness.  Call on me for bravery to face Illusion.  Call on all your forces, and feel them coursing throughout your physical body.  Eventually the Illusion of work will fade and be replaced by the truth of living the divine work, free of resistance, and in ultimate freedom, you may then live the creation of the new world.  Welcome!"

Again, the dimming and fading is experienced.  Not only of what I am seeing but also of who I am.  If only I could know that I am remembering and using this information on Earth.  Perhaps this experience is all for nothing.  Perhaps I go back to Earth and do, think, and feel exactly as always.  If only I could remember and use what I learn here.  Oh, I am leaving.  I feel like I am dying…

THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL - Excerpt from the Book "Dark Night of the Soul" by PamelaKribbe, where Jesua (Jesus) speaks about depression...

'Why is there darkness, why is this happening to me, Dark Night of the Soul 138 what should I do with it?' Or do you pose the question from fear, anger, and resistance: 'Why on earth is that darkness present in my life, and how can I beat or avoid it?' Feel the despair and the resistance expressed in the latter question, and recognize those emotions within yourself, because it such a human reaction to resist what feels dark, unwholesome, or difficult.

The deepest challenge to you as a human being is to say yes to situations that you initially refuse to accept; to say yes to what you want to avoid at all costs. It requires great inner strength to say yes to what comes into your life in the form of darkness. If you cannot find that strength -- which is understandable -- and you say 'no,' you harden in opposition to that which happens, and the darkness becomes deeper and the despair increases. 

There are actually two kinds of darkness in life. The first darkness is something external that happens to you on your path in life. It can be a divorce from someone you love, the loss of a loved one, a disease, or an accident. In short, it could be anything that deeply distresses you in the form of a crisis or a major setback. I will call this darkness one.
 And then there is your reaction to darkness one, your emotional response. Every human being is inclined to initially resist fate, to rail against the darkness. But if you keep up your resistance and close down and keep saying no by passing judgment on what is happening in your life, then there is an additional layer of darkness, a second kind of darkness. I will call this darkness two; it surrounds darkness one. 

Darkness one brings you into a level of intense, deep emotions. Something happens in your life that brings a lot of grief, fear, and pain, and as you experience those emotions, you are very much alive. Life flows through you like a thundering wave. Can you allow this to happen? Deep emotional blows strike you – they shock you – and then it becomes a question of whether you have the strength to trust that there is something in that experience that will take you somewhere that you would like to go. If you do find that inner strength, you begin to trust that life has meaning, even though you, as a human being, often do not understand the meaning.
To put it even more clearly, darkness one invites you to accept that your soul may have chosen to have this experience, perhaps to bring something hidden to the surface, to heal something you did not know needed healing. A pivotal Two Types of Darkness 139 moment of choice then arises when you are confronted with the options of either accepting and opening up or resisting and closing down. It is most common still for humans to want to say no. I will not say it is wrong, but by doing so, you are putting an extra layer of darkness (which I have called darkness two) onto the darkness already present (darkness one). Darkness two comes from within; it is your reaction to darkness one. If you persist in saying no, the flow of your emotions will come to a stop, and you, too, will become immobile by saying, 'No, I do not want to experience this; I refuse; I cannot accept it'. If you persist, you will be filled with resentment, anger, and bitterness. These sentiments are not really emotions; they are judgments that freeze the natural flow of emotion inside you. Darkness two prevents life from flowing through you; you have put up walls and defenses. In the end, this may attract grave forms of darkness to you, such as deep despair, alienation, and depression. When you are in a deep depression,  the flow of life has almost halted. You feel dead inside. 

Life is always subject to change. Life inherently holds the possibility for growth and healing, for a new birth, if you trust it at a basic level. But if you persist in saying no, you shut out that possibility. You keep insisting that life is not as it should be, and as you judge life in this way, you disconnect yourself from life and can sink to the deepest darkness that a human being can experience. It is not darkness one(external situations) that brings people to the deepest level of darkness, it is the persistent refusal to accept the emotions arising from darkness one. This is darkness two: an inward hardening, a shutting off of your feeling nature. 

How does a person bring light into this kind of darkness? If someone arrives in the first kind of darkness, and becomes very sad, anxious, and distressed, you can still reach them. They are still alive, they are in touch with the emotions running through their body and psyche, and they actively seek for the meaning behind what is happening to them. This person is still whole and healthy from a psychological standpoint, even if they face very grave situations. A person dealing with darkness one is in need of comfort and compassion, and they are able to receive and appreciate a loving gesture from another – they are still very much alive. 

But someone who persists in their refusal to accept, who keeps saying no, such a person is shut off from receiving love. They close down, not only against their inner light, but also against the light from outside that wants to Dark Night of the Soul 140 come to them through others. That is loneliness, and isolation, that is being lost – that is hell on Earth. And I tell you that each of you knows this hell from within. Maybe you are not fully aware of it, but for most people, a process of closing down started long ago during their childhood. 
You know how a child stands spontaneous and uninhibited in the world, and how their emotions flow easily. These emotions often pass quickly through their being, because no barriers have been erected, no gates have been closed. Generally, life freely flows through a child. There are exceptions, of course, because some children carry burdens from early childhood or past lives, but you get the point I am making. Being a child is to be in a state of relative openness. A child is alive and spontaneous because it cannot be otherwise; it has not yet learned to rein in itself the way adults do. 

But as you grow older, you start to experience emotions with which you do not know how to deal. People are trained by society to shy away from difficult emotions. Thus, the adults around you often do not help you understand those emotions and they avoid speaking about them. Most of you become confused as a child. You start to believe you are strange and different. Maybe as a child you were still full of inspiration, enthusiasm, love, and dreams, and then those dreams bump against the harshness of reality. You begin to put up barriers against your feeling nature in reaction to the fears and prejudices that exist in your family environment, or later at school and in the people you meet. Inner doors close, and this often happens subconsciously, but some of you may remember it as an old grief. 

See if you are able to find the child within yourself, the symbol of your spontaneity; a child who is outgoing, uninhibited, alive, and someone who says yes to what presents itself as experience. Can you see that someone who says yes to joy, pleasure, and enjoyment, as well as to grief, fear, and anger? Imagine that this child within wants to come to you. It is still there; space and time are illusions. In the inner reality nothing is ever lost. Your original life stream is preserved, and still wants to join with you. 
Imagine for a moment that a smiling child is coming to you with an attitude of openness. In your imagination, hear it say: 'Do you remember who I am?' Look at that child, and ask what you can do for it. There is a heart-wish the child wants to see fulfilled, something you may have pushed away for a long time. Let the child speak for a moment. The child stands for the yes in you, the part of you that wants to live, so let it speak. 

A child still possesses trust. As adults, you have absorbed ideas that are full of fear and mistrust, and that feeds saying no to life and contributes to darkness two in you. Try now to sense or visualize this second kind of darkness; the part of you that is opposed to life, which no longer wants to experience pain, and which actually wants to escape this life. Can you feel that element of hardening and contraction within yourself? Can you feel it physically, or perhaps see a color associated with it? 

There is a part in you that is very tired and no longer wants to live, because it has seen and experienced too much pain and struggle. Feel the weight of that part. Can you say yes to it? Do not try to change it immediately; try to understand how that has come about. No one deliberately closes off themselves because of an unwillingness to live. It is an act of desperation; it is the not knowing that there is another way to live that leaves you with that reflex of shutting off, of shrinking back, of saying no. 

I do not ask you to only say yes to darkness one in your life: the difficult events, illness, pain, suffering, or whatever. I ask you to also say yes to darkness two, to that within you that has closed off itself from life as a result of painful events; to that which no longer wants to experience life and rejects it. And to reach that part in yourself, you have to be very gentle, because insistence and coercion do not work there. 

That is the essence of light; the light that can flow into the darkness. This light can reach every corner because it carries no judgment. It does not say, 'Oh, this is bad, we must break down this defense or that blockage, because life must flow again'. It never says that. The light simply says: 'I understand'. The light says: 'It has been so very difficult for you, I can see that. I can see how you have tightened up, how you have closed down yourself, and how that contraction has eventually made you tired and empty.' Light is gentle and fluid. It can penetrate into the deepest pain and suffering, and the most hardened human soul. 

I ask you to again open yourself to that light. If you cannot find that willingness within yourself, if you do not feel the openness to let go of the 'no', then allow that to be as well, because the light is always there. It is with you even in moments of despair so deep that you feel that there is no more light within you. It is there during those times, and in those situations, where you have totally lost touch with it and never again expect to see it. 

The fact is, the light is not yours, it belongs to all that is. The entire universe, and all creation, is light; everything is imbued with light. Know it is there and put your trust in the light and in life. As soon as you allow even a small opening for trust and surrender to enter into your life, you are opening the door a crack. Know that even during the darkest night, your soul is always connected to you and offering you light and consolation. Although that door is open only a tiny crack, the light will find that opening. You do not have to do anything except allow it to happen. The light is with you, life is with you. Ultimately, your 'no' to life cannot maintain itself.

I ask you to surrender to the light, where light means saying yes, and not only to the difficulties in your life, but also to your problem with saying yes, the resistance you put up against deep emotions that make you feel naked and vulnerable. Become like a child again. Live! Say yes to everything. Envelop yourself with compassion and understanding. In doing this, you bring flow and movement into your life. You can do it! I see your strength. In each of you is a flame of consciousness, a bright flame of light. I am here to remind you of it. 

By Pamela Kribbe

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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The Safety of Love
The Arcturians

Beloved ones,
We the Arcturians come to you within your NOW to salute you for your ever-expanding transmutation into higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.

As your consciousness expands into the frequency of reality which is the threshold connecting the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as the Rainbow Bridge, your perceptions of reality take a quantum shift.

The reason for this shift is because your fifth dimensional perceptions come online with your 3D brain. This shift occurs when you then begin the process of reconnecting with your multidimensional mind.

This reconnection with your multidimensional mind occurs once your consciousness expands into higher delta and gamma wave thinking. You may not be aware of this shift within your consciousness, but will become increasingly aware of the messages you are receiving from the fifth dimension and beyond.

Actually, your fifth-dimensional perceptions come “online” with your multidimensional mind, which is the interface between the higher worlds and your third and fourth dimensional thinking. Then, once you become aware of your multidimensional mind, you become aware of your incoming information from the higher octaves of your Multidimensional SELF.

More and more of you are starting to think in a multidimensional format. The difference between your third/fourth dimensional thinking and your multidimensional thinking is time. Time rules your physical world. When you love what you are doing, “time flies.” When you are doing something you dislike, time crawls.

In reality, time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. Long ago, ascension meant that one consciously traveled into the highest realms of the fourth dimension at the close of their physical incarnation. Now, ascension means to consciously travel beyond the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

Within this NOW there is a worldwide process of ascension into the fifth dimension. However, you can only participate in this event if you can perceive it. The difficulty is that if your consciousness is only consciously calibrated to the third/fourth dimensions, you will only perceive the third/fourth dimensional realities.

There is no “good/bad” or “right/wrong” to these choices of consciousness and perception. Some humans are not interested in a conscious connection to the process of planetary ascension. Many of them have been wearing an earth vessel for myriad incarnations and desire to remain within the third/fourth dimensional format to which they are accustomed.

However, more and more of you are remembering and dedicated to fulfilling your mission to assist in Planetary Ascension. Your first challenge is to expand your consciousness enough so that you can be in constant, conscious connection with your own multidimensional expressions of SELF.

This conscious connection with your higher and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF serve as a “Jacob’s Ladder.” This ladder of ever-expanding frequencies of reality will guide you when it is your NOW to release your earth vessel and return Home. 

This “Jacob’s Ladder” is actually the frequency trail that you created when you volunteered to take a vessel to assist Gaia with Planetary Ascension. Those of you who came in in the late 1940’s and early 50’s had to “hide” your higher light for many decades before you could openly perform your mission.

The difficulty was that if you “hid” your true, Multidimensional SELF for too long, you began that it was YOU. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of light entering Earth’s atmosphere within your NOW are interacting with your 97% DNA, which has be “turned off” for most of your earthly incarnations.

(For information about this DNA, please see:

This 97% of your DNA serve as personal wormholes of multidimensional light. Hence, they serve as the communication route between the frequency of you wearing an earth vessel and your true, multidimensional consciousness that is now being activated.

The “lost ones” who knew they could not expand into their higher frequencies of light, had to amplify their fear campaigns to lower the consciousness of the masses. However, “the masses” are increasingly awakening to the truth of their multidimensional nature.

As more and more of you consciously acknowledge that you are multidimensional beings, your innate higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience will also become normal.

These higher dimensional perceptions give you important information about your environment that is far beyond the perceptions of those who still wish to harm and dominate.

Most important, your higher perceptions allow you to recognize your increasing power to transmute your reality into a higher frequency of resonance via the power of your innate unconditional love and violet fire.

As each of you, as well as within groups, consciously transmute your reality into a higher frequency the forces of “power over others” will be left behind in the lower astral realities that they have created.

Also, your expanded perceptions allow you to perceive possible realities from the perspective of the fifth dimensional NOW. Hence, can perceive a “possible realities” before they occur.

You can then support that possible reality by sending unconditional love and violet fire into it before it even occurs. By this contribution, you simultaneously ground a higher dimensional version of reality and transmute any attempts of the lost ones to interfere with the Divine Plane.

It is in this manner, those who are ascending into the higher frequencies of reality can assist by creating a safer world for those who are just beginning their process of awakening.

Just as you were guardians of your third dimensional reality while it was your primary reality, you will maintain your third dimensional guardianship as your expand your conscious awareness back into the multidimensional being that you have always been.

Thus, with every “step” you take into the higher frequencies, you leave a trail of “bread crumbs” for others to follow. It is true that there are still enemies against the light. However, those “enemies” are decreasing more and more each day.

By transmuting new projects far beyond the reach of the lost ones, you greatly assist with the process of Gaia’s ascension. Most important, your protection and guidance assists with the inevitable defeat of the lost ones. Since Gaia is a free-will planet, those who choose to serve the darkness will be left behind until they choose to serve the light.

Furthermore, as more of humanity recognizes that they are multidimensional beings who have vessels of light on myriad dimensions and realties, they too will realize their own inner powers of transmutation of darkness into light.

Within this NOW, many of you, our light workers, are moving through your final initiations into your fifth dimensional consciousness. These initiations appear as problems, but if you recognize them as initiations, you can remember to use your innate multidimensional powers of transmutation and unconditional love.

Please remember that if you assist just two people to remember their true multidimensional nature, and those two people each tell two people each, and this continues from person to person to person… just think how many people will know the TRUTH.

Will the truth set free humanity from the limitations of the 3D Matrix? It will only set free those who want to be “set free.” There are still many humans who are not ready to move beyond a third dimensional matrix of realty.

Gaia has chosen to be a free will planet in which all Her beings could make their own decisions. Therefore, those who are not ready to ascend can continue their lessons of incarnation on Earth until the NOW of Gaia’s ascension. Within that NOW, they can choose to ascend or to continue their third dimensional adventures on another planet.

As you can see, Gaia’s original blueprint has long been corrupted. This corruption was because Gaia also choose to offer the opportunity to live within polarities which appeared to be separate. These polarities, such as good and bad, are only polarities if one does not perceive that which resonates between the extremes of the third dimensional spectrum.

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands further into the frequencies of the fifth dimension, you can perceive the higher dimensional energy fields that connect that which was perceived as a “polarities.” Then, instead of perceiving polarities you will perceive a “spectrum of light.”

With the awakening that NOTHING IS SEPARATE, you realize that “everything is ONE.” When “all life is ONE” then you cannot have a winner or looser. You are ALL in this together. When you are all connected in unity there can be no competition with each otherand no domination over each other—the concept of “other” will be extinct.

Do you see how the third dimension will and is shifting into a higher frequency of Gaia’s holographic program? Whereas before, Earth reality was based on “separation from” and it is now transmuting into “Unity With.”

You have all seen that the lower frequency realities, such as the third and fourth dimension, are resistant to change. This resistance to change has occurred because many have not felt safe, and one must feel safe to try something new and advanced.

How does one “feel safe” when they think they are alone in a frightening world? They don’t! In fact, they often feel sorrow.

“The Illusion of Sorrow”

The dizziness, bright light and loud buzzing are a little easier for me to bear this time. However, it seems to takes forever before I can accustom myself to this intense light. Gradually, I can see the circle of light before me and I can feel Lady Astrea gently reminding me that it is my time to enter the circle.  Again, the Ladies come to me and remove an unseen veil and, as they do so, I hear the voice of Lady Leto from within saying, "This veil is the ‘Illusion of Sorrow'. 

As you may recall from your life dreams, the theme is again and again the loss of love and the resulting sorrow.  Know my One that love can never die.  It may change or move to a higher vibration but it cannot die.  Once the energy of love has been formed on Earth, the creator of that energy has made a lifelong friend.  For, to be creators of love is the major Earth lesson for all of mankind."

As the Brothers of Hilarion's retreat take the veil, I hear Hilarion's voice saying, "The energy field of Love acts as a shield.  When you become a master of energy, you will be able to see love energy in any environment.  Love energy is different from all other energy fields.  Other energies leave the aura of the creator and begin their traverse throughout the realities, which is eventually terminated in their three-fold return to the creator. 

Love energy, of course, also leaves the creator, but it leaves a small portion of itself with the creator as a shield of protection.  This is because love is very attractive and adhesive. It clings to all that it comes in contact with.  Love is the most powerful energy force known on the planet Earth, with divine love being the highest frequency of all."

I then hear the voice of Apollo, "Dear One, good morning again.  How you have suffered in this life!  How you have felt unloved and unlovable.  The sorrow that has come to you from the illusion of loss of love has been your most difficult life lesson.  As you know from your individual karma in other lives, you have tended to not value your loved ones and have instead focused your energies elsewhere.  Because of that pattern you have 'feared' the karmic retribution of loss of love and, my dear one, as you know, ‘Fear Precipitates’.

"Know now in your heart of hearts, love can never die.  Love always remains in the Soul of the lover and the loved ones.  Love is a Soul quality and, therefore, rises eventually to the level of Soul.  Even if the being is to die, it does not matter because the Love shall automatically be passed up to that one's higher body.  Remember that there is no true sorrow, as there is no true separation.  Separation is the ultimate illusion, particular to the planet Earth.  On the sun, we are all one. 

“Remember now that your feelings of sorrow are truly loneliness for home.  This loneliness for home is a divine discontent.  Allow divine discontent to guide you into your spiritual heart.  Use this illusion.  Feel the sorrow and carry it to your heart.  Set it at the feet of the Oneness where your Soul will mop your brow and touch your heart.  The One awaits your gift.  The giving is your treasure."

With Apollo's mighty words I feel myself fading and know that I am now returning to Earth…

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