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Dearest Ones,
we are the Arcturians!

As you move forward in your effort of what you call "occupy your world", this is indeed a very necessary undertaking in the process of your evolution. The more of you are consciously participating the more power, the power of light, will be received and facilitated among you and in the energy field of your Mother Earth.

As it is you, the human family, who have lived for so long below your true Divine Power of Love and void of the Light of Christed Consciousness, it must be you who change this! You must change, you must allow all your natural Divine Powers emerge to activate the necessary shift in your world.

When the united power of your higher will, accompanied by the Light of Love, reaches a certain level of accomplishment, this will be the day when your controllers will loose their power they are still able to hold on to.

Even though there are massive loads of light directed at your planet, there must be an active and conscious response to it, so that it can become fully effective! It must be received, and you are the ones who must receive it, dear ones.

We observe with joy that there are ever more of you who have opened their heart and who nurture the desire, to receive this light and who awaken to the love they are!

We ask you all to spread this Light of Love by choosing It in any moment over against the old and so familiar frequencies  of intolerance, nonconstructive criticism and judgment. 

Now is the time that all those who are here to work for the light join together.

In spite of differences in perceptions of spiritual matters and spiritual paradigms, in spite of differences of culture, personality, preferences and life style, we ask you to put all of that aside now and join with the unity of the heart, the one place you all share without difference. If you want to see the victory of the light and a new and Divine World to emerge, you all must sacrifice this last bit of egoity which still lives in the illusion of competition and a sense of separation.

How can you all, who are working for the light, be victorious over your controllers if you do not all unite in your heart! But you can unite if you truly incorporate the power of light, which carries the information of unity and  which is now available abundantly for each one of you.

We ask that you take advantage of it, of the energies now available, all these frequencies, including the frequency that makes itself known as Love as soon as you assimilate it. 
Everything is now at you finger tips, beloved ones! Now you must act! 

Full of Light and having integrated your original gift of Love, you  cannot but know that you all are here together to fight this fight for the victory of light. Each one of you carries gifts, they are different, yes, but they all are part of this huge puzzle, where each piece is needed for the shift to occur!

If only one piece would be missed, the whole glorious Divine Operation of liberating earth (and, yes, the whole universe) would not be successful. Each one of you, here to carry the banner of light, is needed to give an impulse to those who are here to be awakened by this specific impulse. It is due to this necessary and desired chain reaction, that you must honor and embrace  and tolerate each other!

You all carry an important mission, which includes many civilizations in your universe. When you join together, united by your self-transcendence, your whole universe unites in Love.

Only if you do this you prove that you are a true worker for the light, because you know that light does not make a difference. Therefore you will recognize one another in that light! And you will be drawn to one another by this love in your hearts. This is the One and Single Link that links you all together.

Difference and separation is the language of the left brain! The language of the heart is unity and non-separation from each other. 

Dear ones, workers for the light, now is the time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. Join, all of you. Join with your hearts and what will happen is that the power of light, existing already on your planet,  will fully enter you all, causing a tremendous wave of Divine empowerment.

Your self-transcendence is the last step you must accomplish to see a new world arise. Without it you share with your controllers separation and empower them. 

And you cannot look at others whether they are willing to let go their sense of specialness and separate ideas, you must start with yourself, not looking right or left. But joining into the feeling of unity, that is all you need to do. The more the power of unity stands out in your feeling heart, the more you know have joined this undivided unity already. Be driven by that power, by that joy and love, it will grow exponentially. 

Let your day of "World Liberation" be the day of your own personal victory of self-transcendence!

We bless you and are here to support you in your desire for that victory, if you call upon us. 

We Are the Arcturians! 

Message conveyed by Ute 

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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The Blue Jewel Is Sacred

The Blue Jewel

April 7, 2012 GOF Lecture

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. It is part of your evolution to assist this planet. It is part of your mission to be here on the Blue Jewel during this time, during this great time, of planetary transformation. You, the starseeds, have chosen to incarnate at this time. There are many reasons why you have chosen to be here. For some of you it is part of a learning experience. This means that there are certain lessons that you have come here to learn. Others have also come here to provide assistance to the planet. This assistance can be on many different levels. For example, it could be on the level of providing assistance in consciousness. It is required that a certain core group of people attain a high level of consciousness. When a core group reaches this level of consciousness, then a great assimilation, a great expansion of that consciousness, will become anchored into humanity. There is an effective method for anchoring such a level of consciousness in humanity. And that method is based on the contribution and participation of a certain number of people. It is required that these people are able to hold a consciousness, transmit that consciousness and manifest that consciousness into the reality.

The consciousness that we are talking about is a planetary consciousness. This planetary consciousness is greatly assisted by the modern technologies that have emerged in the past 20 to 30 years, or even 40 to 50 years. Most of you are participating in this computer technology. Also, the fact is that Man has gone to the Moon and has learned to create and transmit a new perspective of the Earth that never before in the history of modern civilization existed. That image or perspective, of course, is the image of the Blue Jewel, the Planet Earth. That image, of course, is the image of the Earth as it is seen from outer space. That image is so central to theupliftment of planetary consciousness, because now this visual image is one of the primary methods for communicating with the unconscious and the subconscious of the Earth. This process exists in your personal transformation, and it also exists on a planetary basis. You are able now to have the imagery of the Blue Jewel embedded in your personal unconscious, and now you also can anchor the image of the Blue Jewel into the Earth's unconscious, superconscious and subconscious.

The Earth is a living planet. The Blue Jewel is a living planet that has a fantastic range of responses. Think for a moment about a series of events that must occur in a galaxy in order for a planet to create a biosphere that can hold light and hold life. There are billions of stars in this galaxy, and there may be an equivalent number of solar systems. But there have already been discovered 400 to 600 planets. Yet, even that large number of discovered planets has not provided any proof that there is life on these planets that have been discovered. The reason is because there must be a certain relationship between the planet and the sun for life to start. The planet can't be too close to the sun, but it can't be too far away. The planet must have a moon because the moon sets a counterbalance gravitationally so that the planet can have a certain level of rotation on its axis. There is also a necessity for other planets to exist in that solar system. You have, for example, Jupiter in your solar system. Jupiter is providing a great shield for the Earth from comets and asteroids that come into the solar system. If Jupiter were not in the orbit that it is in, then Jupiter would not be able to be the great shield that she is for protecting the Earth. Remember, it was only perhaps eight years ago that the Shoemaker comet, Shoemaker-Levy comet, struck Jupiter creating an explosion that was comparable to the entire size of the Moon and perhaps the size of the Earth. If such a comet of that nature passed Jupiter and came to the Earth, then all life would be destroyed.

So, there is a series of necessary objects in the solar system that create and allow one planet to have the beautiful life that you now are witnessing on the Earth. So this planet, in this case the Blue Jewel, is unique. But, remember, there are other planets in the galaxy that have life. There are other beings in this galaxy that are living on planets that are even similar to the Earth. This arrangement that you see of nine planets does occur in other areas of the galaxy. Some astronomers now say that there are only eight planets in the solar system instead of nine. I am referring to the fact that there is a controversy over whether Pluto is a planet. Our answer is that Pluto is energetically a planet even though it may not meet the exact criteria of density and gravitational force that your scientists define that is necessary for a planet to exist. So, yes, there are other planets, and there are other life beings on these planets in the galaxy. Think for a moment, what the small percentage exists of these planets that can have inhabited life like the Earth.

So, if there are four billion stars in the galaxy, there may be one billion solar systems. However, there may only be ten thousand planets that have this level of life as the Earth. Now that may seem like a lot, but statistically that is a very small percentage. So what I'm saying to you is that these circumstances and this solar system and this planet are unique. The Earth, as a planetary force, as an energy field, is a great achievement. The Earth, as a living planet, has been evolving for well over four billion years and has brought herself to this point of evolution that encompasses the right conditions for humanity to be on her.

So, let us acknowledge this great sensitivity, this great evolutionary accomplishment of this planet. Let us also become aware that we are contributing now to a beautiful awareness, a beautiful consciousness. The consciousness of the Blue Jewel includes an awareness that this beautiful planet also has a feedback loop system. There is now a unique experience that is extremely rare occurring on the Earth. One species, namely Man, has the ability to determine the fate of all the species on this planet! One species, namely Man, and the actions of Man, determine now whether or not this biosphere will continue. The actions of mankind now determine whether life will continue. Every being, including the insects, the mammals, the fish, the whales, the dolphins, the trees, any and every being, is now dependent upon what mankind does on this planet. I do not think that mankind has accepted this responsibility or is even aware of it. What is even more profound is this fact: mankind is now part of the Earth's feedback loop system, whether mankind accepts or rejects that idea.

The feedback loop system is a complicated and integrated system that is responsible for the maintaining of the right circumstances that allow the biosphere to continue and to maintain life on this planet. It is required that there be a certain percentage of oxygen and a certain percentage of nitrogen in the air. It is required that a certain level of rain occurs. It is required that there should be a certain flow of ocean streams and jet streams. It is required that the rotational speed of this planet be at a certain level. It is required that the electromagnetic field of the planet be at a certain resonance. It is required that there be a certain level of ozone protection from electromagnetic energy. It is required that there be an allowable radiation level on this planet. If any of these requirements, such as the entire radiation level, goes beyond a certain threshold, then the life as you know it becomes threatened. It is required that there be a certain temperature that is maintained for the entire planet. It is required that there be a certain level of wind speed that is consistent throughout the whole planet. It is required that there be a resonant vibrational energy, because the Earth actually vibrates at a certain harmonic frequency. It is required that the Earth have a certain electromagnetic configuration that allows it to interact with the solar system, the Sun and the Central Sun. I could continue to list many more variables that are necessary and that are controlled and maintained through this intimate system called the Earth's feedback loop system.

There have been dramatic changes over the centuries, and yet the percentages of oxygen and nitrogen have maintained themselves. The percentages of other variables that I have discussed have been maintained into certain thresholds which have allowed life to be maintained as you have seen it. Now, there is a whole new variable in the Earth's feedback loop system, and it is an unpredictable variable. That new variable is humanity. The Earth has magnificent abilities as a planet. The Earth has worked and created this whole feedback loop system process that has allowed life to exist in diversities unknown or rarely known on other planetary systems. I want to emphasize that there are other planetary systems in the galaxy, and there are other planetary systems that have life forms even as high as yours or even more advanced. Yet the biodiversity that exists on the Earth is totally unique. This biodiversity is also expressed in other aspects of humanity. You have multi-cultures; you have multi-races; you have multi-languages; you have multi-religions. We have not seen a planet like the Earth where so much multicultural diversity and religious diversity exist at one time.

Truly, you are experiencing a cosmic drama on the Earth. That drama, in part, can be described by answering this question: How can all this diversity be maintained without destruction of the planet? Now, that question is one of the most powerful questions for this time, for this era. It is a question that has attracted many of you in your journey throughout the universe and your evolutionary path. Because you, like the Arcturians, are fascinated by this complex problem and are fascinated by wanting to offer assistance so that the planet can resolve this, so that the Earth, the Blue Jewel, can resolve the complex diversity and still maintain itself. The Earth can maintain this diversity without self-destructing. One of the primary awarenesses and consciousness rests with the acknowledgement that the humanity is now part of the Earth's feedback loop system. Most of humanity doesn't even know what the Earth's feedback loop system is. To say to people: "Well, mankind is part of the Earth's feedback loop system now", won't mean anything to most people. There are only a few people like you, who are starseeds, who even will understand and accept and grasp this idea.
Now, when I say a few people, I might be talking as many as 500,000 to a million people that are potentially able to grasp this concept and work with it. Because this concept of the Earth's feedback loop system and the teaching of this concept is one of the basic ideas that must be disseminated, accepted and acted upon. Planetary healing requires a tremendous effort on your part to begin to teach this powerful principal, because only when this concept of the feedback loop system is accepted and becomes part of the conversation of how to maintain the Earth, only when this is accepted, can there be the changes made.

Now, the question some people ask is: "How does the Earth feel about allowing humanity to be part of the feedback loop system?" It is difficult to answer that question because we are trying then to anthropomorphise a planet, which means we are trying to make the planet have the characteristics of a human, which means that a planet would have human feelings. Now, on a deep level there is a way to experience and learn Earth's reaction. There are some special beings on the planet now who have this ability to connect with the Earth's energies and to connect with the vibrational frequencies of the Earth and bring forth the Earth's responses. These are very special people and they do a sacred task. But we also acknowledge, through our work of the Sacred Triangle, that the Native Peoples have culturally developed the sensitivity and the technique and even the technology to communicate with the Blue Jewel. They do so through ceremonies and other sacred activities. They seek to influences and communicate directly to the Earth.

One example of this is the Native Hopi people in Northern Arizona. They have a long and elaborate tradition of communicating and responding to the Earth. They use a very complex system. Eventually, the rest of humanity is going to come to understand and to appreciate the complexity of that level of communication. Eventually there is going to be a greater teaching and a greater technology which will emerge on this planet using techniques and ceremonies based on the Hopi Way and on the Hopi thinking and on the Hopi ceremonies. There needs to be, though, a tremendous amount of foundational work in preparation for humanity to do this. This foundational work is so critical that it must be immediately done. It must be urgently done, because of the many dangers facing the biosphere.

But I can also say that there is huge spiritual effort and progress being made by you, the starseeds. Because, remember, this beautiful image of the Blue Jewel is raising the consciousness of many people, and the image of the Blue Jewel is also becoming part of the feedback loop system. That image of the planet is becoming a key resource and a key intervention for accessing the Earth's feedback loop system. So, even now, as we are speaking, visualize again the Blue Jewel. Visualize the blueness of the Blue Jewel, and visualize in your mind and think about the word "jewel". What does it mean that a planet is given the name "The Blue Jewel"? Well, the "jewel" is like a diamond; it is something that is greatly treasured; it is greatly valued; it is unique; it is rare. OOOOOOOO. (Chants)

Yes, it is necessary to recognize that the Blue Jewel is a rare diamond in the history of this galaxy. It is time to offer that level of praise to the Earth. It is time to acknowledge the power that humanity does have to influence this Earth's feedback loop system.

Now, I want to say also that there are certain Ascended Masters, guides and teachers who have a special role with this planet. One of those guides and teachers is known as Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is considered one of the overseers, one of the Lords, if you will, over the planet Earth. Sanat Kumara has a special ability to communicate to the Earth and also has a special ability to use his sensitivity to report back on what the Earth is doing. Also, Sanat Kumara has special powers at certain times to intervene in Earth's events. Each Earth event has a trigger point, but sometimes an antidote to the trigger point can be found if you are able to access the Earth's feedback loop system.

So, I am going to now ask Sanat Kumara to speak to this group. And I will return. I'm proud to introduce the Ascended Teacher Sanat Kumara. I am Juliano.

Shalom. Shalom. Shalom. Greetings, dear ones, I am Sanat Kumara. I am sometimes known as the Planetary Logos, or the overseer of the planetary operations. It is true that the Earth is in a transformational moment. We should all be aware that at a transformational moment like this there are many vulnerable points, there are many trigger points, that can set in motion great upheavals. Sometimes a planet has great defenses and great resiliency to withstand these upheavals.

The Earth has shown great resiliency. There have been, in the past, mass extinctions. There have been, on this planet in the past, mass upheavals. Some of these upheavals and extinctions are very dramatic. The one I know that everyone is aware of is the extinction of the dinosaurs that is linked to the downloading of a meteorite that struck the Yucatan peninsula many millions of years ago. Yet, even with such catastrophic events, the Earth has demonstrated and has exhibited a resiliency, and life returned to the Earth, even in higher forms. So, we must acknowledge that this planet, known as the Blue Jewel, is a resilient planet that has great recuperative abilities. These resiliency and recuperative abilities have already been exhibited during the past, because there have been untold extinctions already on this planet.

Imagine all the destruction to the planet, even if everything stopped right now. Imagine that all the destruction of the forest and all of the destruction of the fish and imagine that the air was not being polluted anymore. If all this destruction stopped today, historically, this period known as the 2012 era, would still be considered a time of mass planetary extinction. That means that you are living on this planet at a time when mass extinction is now occurring. You may not even have that much of an awareness that you are existing at a time of such extinction. But it also shows you the resiliency of this planet, because, despite already experiencing such mass extinctions, this planet still is able to hold its feedback loop system together and maintain a consistency that allows the biosphere to continue at a relatively balanced, homeostatic state. This balance and this resiliency are still being exhibited now in 2012. There have been many dire predictions of catastrophic Earth changes. I know that many of you are already frightened about earthquakes in Chile, in Mexico and many other places along the Ring of Fire. And there are great fears of more tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, violent storms, extreme temperature changes and erratic weather patterns.

The Earth, in my communications with her, wants to maintain the homeostatic balance. The Earth wants to see humanity continue to exist, and the Earth welcomes the opportunity to interact with mankind on the spiritual consciousness. The spiritual consciousness, this interaction of spiritual consciousness between species and a planet, is referred to as Biorelativity. "Bio", of course, is referring to the biological being on the planet. The "relativity" is referring in part to the quantum process of shifting a planet's functioning through higher thought patterns. This quantum process can be described that the thought level and the intentions and the energies of species can, through the energetic process, influence the planet. This process is relative because the thoughts can have an indirect effect, but a powerful effect, on the operations of the planet.

There are inherent laws and functions which make this planet operate and create this biosphere. So, in order to influence it, you must come to its terminology; you must come to its process. This is why Juliano referred to the Hopi Nation, because they, perhaps through great gifts of their ancestors, received intricate knowledge on conducting ceremonies that would open up a direct link of communication with the Earth. But this communication is somewhat coded. It is not a direct communication. It is not like "do x and y will occur". It is a process which mankind joins in the energy of that Biorelativity process.

In 2012, many of the trigger points that could lead to upheavals are being counterbalanced. Many of the episodes of upheavals have not dramatically occurred yet. The Earth has a little more resiliency. The biosphere has a little more resiliency left. The people who have made these predictions in 2012 based on end-time scenarios did not totally take into account the resiliency of the Earth. The Earth, as a great planet, desires to maintain its biosphere and to maintain its humanity, because humanity is a great gift, and it is a great achievement for a planet. But everything has a limit. There are certain trigger points that still exist on this planet that could totally set off catastrophic shifts. These are not pleasant trigger points; they are not points that are easy to find countermeasures.

One of the trigger points right now is the pollution in the ocean and the spilling of oil and other gases into the oceans. The oceans are at a critical balance, and they are in danger of totally collapsing. The life in the oceans could collapse. The oceans now are at a sensitive trigger point. Another trigger point on this planet is the nuclear radiation and the nuclear power plants. Some of the nuclear reactors have been built around earthquakes faults. So, you may ask this question: How many more nuclear power accidents like Fukushima can this planet absorb? How many more nuclear accidents can the planet filter out? There are other trigger points in certain Earth meridians, where there are blockages of the meridians.

But there are antidotes to counterbalance these trigger points, and one of the main counterbalances is the creation of sacred areas. The Earth really responds to sacred work. This fact has long been known by the Native Americans, the Hopis and many other Native Peoples, such as the Iroquois. They have known for centuries the power of creating sacred areas and how the work of sacred energy counterbalances the trigger points. But because they are so many existing trigger points on the Earth right now, this means that there must be a proportionate major increase in the creation of sacred areas. So never before has there been such a high necessity for sacred areas. One of the greatest tasks and the greatest work is to create the awareness of the planet as being sacred. That is why the Ascended Masters and teachers have supported greatly the idea of the Earth being sacred. One of the basic messages of the Arcturians, and one of the basic messages of planetary healing, and one of the basic messages of Biorelativity, is that the Earth is sacred. This is such a simple and beautiful message. There are many trigger points, and there are many possibilities of continued upheaval. But the Earth responds, the Blue Jewel responds, to your sacred work and your working to create sacred spaces. Your eventual work as planetary healers is to teach that the Earth is sacred.

I connect at this moment with the energy of Jerusalem and the great light that is coming out of Jerusalem. Let that light and energy come through this great Ring of Ascension that the Ascended Masters have developed. And let that Ring of Ascension be filled with the sacred light, and let it go around this planet. And let each of you now hold the vision of the Blue Jewel with the Ring of Ascension around it now. Let us together hold that image and think that the Blue Jewel is sacred. We go into silence. (Silence)

Do not be concerned if you feel a certain level of sadness as you connect with this message that the Earth is sacred. Send this message to the Earth. The Earth longs for this recognition from humanity. The Earth yearns for this energy of sacredness. The Blue Jewel wants to be honored as a sacred planet. And you, the starseeds, you, the planetary healers, have this ability to initiate this great process.

I am Sanat Kumara. Blessings. Good day.

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Transmissions from Home

Fifth Message

I AM your Past/Future Ascended SELF,
and I AM HERE within you NOW!

I come to you upon your awakening to this day to remind you that your “work” is already done.
I come to you upon the awakening of your new life to remind you that all that you seek is within you right NOW. 
I come to you in this hour of your greatest need to remind you that YOU are everything that you need.

You journey Home has begun, while it is also completed. You are Home for your have never left. You have moved beyond the illusion of the third dimension because you were never there. Always and forever you/I sparkle within the Heart of the ONE. We are standing before the great holographic projector that streams its molecules of possibility into the illusions of that which you once believed was real.

Now, as you remember that YOU were never the Play, as you were only IN the Play, you can turn around inside your earthen vessel and see the steady stream of light that is being projected down from the holographic projector and into the matrix for your 3D Game of physical, polarized reality.

As you know, that Game is closing. Now, it is time to go inside to see the molecules of unconditional love, which have congealed into the sacred geometry that created Gaia’s ornate creation for existence. The ONE is quite pleased with the outcome of this Game, as it appears to have returned to its highest expression of completion. In other words, the Game is completing it cycle not in destruction but in ascension and construction of a higher frequency version of itself.

Just as you once pulled into the lower frequency version of this Game, you can turn inside to Know that the higher reality that you have dreamed of, yearned for, desired with the core of your heart is pulling you into its matrix. I, your Past SELF, will now remind you of how you first joined this Game.

Of course, it is difficult to use your 3D language to tell you a story that is beyond time and separation. Therefore we will use the metaphors of Light Language. Within the ever-present ONE, your consciousness streamed into and out of myriad experiences of realities. As experienced through Light Language, reality is a collection of possibilities that have inter-twined and congealed into a pattern of energetic flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

The multidimensional light is projected from the Omni-direction of the ONE to create a hub from which the “spinning” of the net of possibilities can begin. The creative force of unconditional love, which can express itself as Sacred Geometry, accomplishes this spinning of possibilities into a finite pattern. The pattern, or matrix, is a cohesive force, which beckons consciousness to connect to it.

Once a stream of consciousness has attached its attention and intends to join that pattern, it is pulled into the matrix to merge with the creation and manifestation of that reality. Outside of the reality matrix there is no time or sense of separation. Inside the reality matrix is the collection of possible realities that are converging to create a reality based on the patterns of possibility that have entered it.

The lower frequency patterns create realities based on time and space, whereas the fifth dimensional and beyond realities are based on Now and Here. As your Past Self, I decided to joined my heart force with the reality matrix of physical Earth to experience time and space. I joined this reality many times in differing time periods to experience the myriad patterns of Gaia’s reality.

Gaia has held a reality matrix for many millions of your years. I chose to enter Her matrix during many time segments ann as many different species. My ongoing, and closing, experience of Gaia’s Matrix is of a human “earthling.” In my/your current version, we are still earthlings. We have not yet “taken to the skies” to create a new life, such as we did in our Draconian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian and other inhabitants of the  diverse and ever-expanding story of Gaia’s reality matrix. 

Once Gaia’s matrix was joined, there were vast storylines and time zones to be visited. It is much like going on your Internet or watching your YouTube. I began in one “time zone,” which was linked to Her many other time zones. Through my many visits to Gaia’s vast reality pattern I have become very attached to this vast Being call Earth. Yes, what began as a pattern of possibilities congealed into a magnificent, Multidimensional Being. 

I bring you now into what you would perceive as our Future SELF. In my introduction I said “Past/Future Ascended SELF” as you/I/we resonate to frequencies far beyond those of the time-bound patterns of the physical reality matrixes. Therefore, as your “Future SELF, I will remind you how we have already chosen to look within to follow the stream of light back into our true origins in ONE.

We have had several solo ascensions within our myriad visits to Gaia’s reality, but now we do not return alone. Now, we enter to this stream with Gaia’s Earth body in tow. Within the same moment of the NOW, Earth is pulling you, and all Her inhabitants, as She makes Her return trip into Her higher frequency realities. This return has been in process for many of your years, but it is now reaching its critical mass.

In order to initiate a frequency shift of an entire planetary matrix, there must be immense dedication and unity of those currently logged in to that matrix. Fortunately, that dedication and unity has been achieved. Now, it is vital that all participants in this process of shifting the matrix into a higher frequency turn inward to consciously perceive the unconditional love-light and multidimensional light streaming into Gaia’s reality matrix. Your conscious perception of the light and love that once created your reality is the KEY to returning your reality to it expressions in the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you look inside to see the flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love, you will also see the patterns of the matrix and the sacred geometry that created that matrix. Trust your imagination, for we KNOW that you have perceived these patterns, as we are YOU. Sometimes the patterns come in multidimensional light, other times there are unique tones that resonate to your every thought, other times your High Heart and/or physical form perceive a feeling with is something like a “fulfillment of longing.”

It is especially important to go inside to follow the FEEL of the fulfillment of your longing. Partially, it is important because your choice to attend to your heart and body in this fashion validates the unconditional love that you have been able to integrate into your consciousness. It is also important to follow of the feeling of fulfillment, as it will carry you to – yes – FULFILLMENT. Do no worry about the work that you do in the matrix, for as you live inside your SELF, your everyday DOING will become the expression of your Multidimensional BEING.

Therefore, practice perceiving your inner world as you walk through the physical matrix of ascending Gaia. Imprint your inner light and love on every person, place, situation or thing that you encounter. We know that this act seems far too simple to be important, but isn’t the TRUTH always simple? As you remember to remember to live your life in this fashion, you will serve as an Opened Portal of Ascension. It is through this Portal the higher-frequency possible realities can enter Gaia’s ever-changing matrix. Through the Opened Portal of your ascending earth body, you will send streams of higher frequency possibilities, which can intermingle with your area of influence.

Your area of influence is any dimensional reality in which your body and/or your consciousness have influenced your reality. Therefore, your area of influence is any place that your body travels, your words are read or heard, your creations are seen, as well as any persons, places, situations or things to which you send your love and light. Thus, those who enter your area of influence are presented with the opportunity to perceive a higher frequency expression of reality. Do you see the Power that you carry as you simply walk through your mundane life?

What Flows through you touches the land with your every step, every person, animal, plant, insect is influenced by your Flow as you move past them. As you breathe, your Flow of influence travels into the atmosphere, and as you dream and/or meditate your Flow influences the fourth dimension and beyond. Ascending Earth is not an action; it is a state of consciousness that you contribute to your reality with your every word, thought, emotion and breath.

In other words, ascension is not an action. Ascension is a RESPONSIBILITY!

I, your Past/Future SELF, 
know that you have accepted this responsibility 

because I AM your Present SELF 
in the process of ascension.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD

Wednesday, April 25, 2012




Fourth Message

It is I, your Pleiadian Friend from the Galactic Federation. I/we do serve on the Violet Ray, as well as on the Star Ship Athena. Thus, we are friends. In fact, all ascending ones are serving in some capacity in the higher frequencies. How could they not, for you are all Multidimensional and resonate to many realities within the NOW of the ONE.  It is the connection to your own higher expression that is most helpful for you at this moment of your ascension process.

Knowing that you are connecting with a higher expression of your SELF assists you to release your human habit of worshiping Beings from the Higher Worlds. If there is worship to be done, is should be of us for you. You, our grounded ascending ones, have made the great sacrifice of incarnating on Gaia during the final years of Her third dimensional expression. Hence, you all have been facing myriad challenges as your old society breaks down in preparation for your Planetary Ascension.

In other words, all that has stood in the way of Planetary Ascension must be released from your society. In the same manner, all that has stood in the way of your personal ascension is being released. Therefore, you are asked to face major alterations and transmutations in your personal world while you are also facing major social changes. Do you see now why we, your higher dimensional expressions, are so very proud of the magnificent transformation you are creating?

Yes, your Galactic Family, are assisting Gaia in many ways, especially now that our Divine Deadline has been reached. However, we are surrounded at all times by peace, calm and unconditional love. Furthermore, we are in constant connection with the Unity Consciousness of the ONE. On the other hand, many of our brave grounded ones are facing personal, domestic, professional, social and geographical changes that appear far beyond their control. However, you are continually meeting every challenge with courage and love.

Therefore, we wish to “take our hats off to you,” to speak in your Earth vernacular. We want you to know how very much we respect you. We hold you in our every thought and constantly send you our unconditional love. Please take a moment to take in our love and respect. Feel our energy as it encircles your earth vessel and caresses your heart. Listen as we tell you of your life here among us. Allow your imagination to remember your life here with us on the Starships, in the Celestial Planes and/or in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Remember that YOU are not just the small earthen vessel that presently appears to be your body. Your physical earth vessel is merely your login point through which you can interact with the third/fourth dimension. We direct you to look into your High Heart to find the login point through which you can consciously interact with us in the fifth dimension and beyond. Use the great power of your imagination to believe that which you perceive. For believing in your higher perceptions will allow you to find your Path through the many changes and challenges that you will confront in the final leg of your long   journey.

Most of all, remember that we are always in your heart. Feel the great love that we feel for your. Hear our words as they guide your every decision. See our faces when you look into the mirror and call upon us to assist you to remember your nightly visitations to our Ship. Yes, we see you often. However, we realize that it would be too difficult to return if you always remembered your visits with us. Therefore, most of you forget. However, just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean you were not among us.

To best remember your visits, try automatic writing. Your mind has been trained to lie so that you can live within the third dimensional illusions. However, your hands are connected to your heart and only know the truth. This is how our scribe receives many of our messages. Most of all, trust that you, yes YOU—the one who reads this message, is “good enough” a be the great, Multidimensional Being   just as we are.

We, who await your return to our Ships, New Earth and to worlds beyond, are higher expressions of your own clay earth vessel. YOU are here with us, as well as on ascending Gaia. YOU are our “away mission.” YOU volunteered for this tour of duty and you are doing a magnificent job.

We stand as ONE and Salute you!

            Your Galactic Family

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Monday, April 23, 2012


Dear Ascending ONES,

The love and light of our messages are constantly flowing from our frequency into yours. You have heard of many impending changes, which will soon be revealed to the general public. We say the word “soon,” as from our frequency of no-time we choose not to give dates. Also, the information that will be released (and is being released) will only be perceived by those who are ready to receive it, as well as when they are ready to perceive it. Fortunately, because of the steady flow of this information, and your choice to accept it, you are beginning to shift in and out of myriad versions of Ascending Earth.

Once you experience other frequencies of reality, you become aware of the many dampers in your consciousness that you had to (unconsciously) create in order to perceive ONLY the third dimension. With the awareness of these constraints to your perceptual field, you begin to see through them to perceive higher expressions of reality.  In this manner, the illusions of your physical reality are breaking down, and you are left with the matrix of many possible realities that have always been underlying the third dimensional illusions.

Your true nature is much like a search engine on your Internet in which you “type in a key word” and have your choice of many versions of reality. Then, once you “click” that choice, you are able to explore that version of reality. Also, just as the other options on your Search Engine do not disappear because you have chosen to open a certain file, the myriad realities that you did not choose to “click” still exist. Just as the many temperatures of water intermingle in your oceans, these many possible realities intermingle in the vast Cosmic Ocean of the ONE.

When you chose to enter the third/fourth dimension, you turned off your ability to access your personal “search engine” so that you could remain on the physical world. We can guarantee you that most of you would have chosen to click—place your intention on—a higher frequency of reality if you had conscious access to it. However, now that you have downloaded and integrated your multidimensional consciousness, you are beginning to see through the illusions that once seemed very real. Of course, all reality it “real” while you are experiencing it. Then, once you shift your intentions away from that world, it becomes a “potential reality.”

Those of you who have placed your attention and intention onto our constant flow of information, are beginning to perceive the “bleed through” of parallel and possible realities. When you are “working,” your attention is focused on your physical responsibilities and your myriad possible realities are forgotten. However, once your mind is free to wander and you choose to do that which “feeds your Soul,” your multidimensional consciousness returns to the forefront of your awareness. It is then that the many possible realities become conscious, and you experience the bleed through of higher frequencies expression of your life.

For example, the grounded expressions of our Galactic Federation are completely ready for our landings and for the precursory changes in your reality that will make a peaceful landing possible. Therefore, many of you are going to the search engine of your Internet to see if there is any new information. We wish to tell you, that you can begin to release the need to access the physical Internet to gain your information, as we are able to speak directly to any of you that calibrate your consciousness to our frequency of reality.

Conversely, we do suggest that you share any information that you gain from us on your Internet, as it serves as a hub in which it is safe to express your Multidimensional SELF. Those who still do not believe in their inter-dimensional abilities will choose not to read your information, whereas those who are hungry for messages from Home will eagerly “click your message.” This sharing of your experiences via a safe and anonymous hub is your rehearsal for sharing your experiences in your daily life. By sharing what you have received via your inter-dimensional communications, you make them “real” to your daily life. In other words, you make these inter-dimensional communications NORMAL.

When one of you takes the risk to honestly share your multidimensional nature with others, you make it safe for them to share their multidimensional experiences with you and with others. As more and more of you KNOW that their Home is beyond the confines of the third dimensional illusions, you begin to “crack the 3D Matrix.” By this term we mean that the hold that the third dimensional paradigm has had on your consciousness for more incarnation than you can remember is loosening.

Once this hold on your consciousness begins to loosen, the definition of  “normal” begins to change. It will become normal to receive inner messages from your higher dimensional Home. It will become normal to release your desire for fame and recognition in a reality that is closing its doors. It will become normal to look through the 3D Matrix to see your true reality. At first, this vision may be much like looking through gauze curtains. You can clearly see that there is something on the other side of the loosely veiled window, but it not clear to you until you pull the curtains open.

More and more there will be visions that come into your awareness just beyond that veil of illusion. At first, you will ignore them because they will distract you from your “work.” You will be too busy to bother with your imagination. Then, you will begin to realize how VERY tired you are of the work, and how much you long to take just a quick peek through that veil. When you dare to pull that “curtain” aside, your emotions will burst forth in remembrance of Home. You will want to tear down the curtain and open the window. However, you have work to do! You have responsibilities to others and to your world. How can you take out time from your busy life to “day dream” of a better reality?

That question, once asked, cannot leave your mind. Furthermore, that feeling of Home will not leave your opening heart. So, why not just take a quick moment, perhaps during your break, to take a quick peek through that veil? You take a moment to close your eyes to the illusions of the physical world and pull aside the curtain that has kept your true reality distant from your daily life. No, you can’t see a thing today. Yes, you knew it! It was just your imagination. There is no “other world.” You are just here. But where is “here?” If your physical world is all that there is, why can’t you stop longing for a life that is lived in love, creativity, camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment?

Perhaps, there will be some news on the Internet about this yearning that will not cease. You pick up your smart phone and go to your favorite sites. Yes, sure enough, there is more news. More things are happening that you WANT to be true. You want the fighting for survival to end. You want the debts to be forgiven and your home to assured. You want to travel through nature and enjoy what is left of your third dimensional experience. Oops, there you have thought it. There you have admitted to your self that you DO believe all that you have been hearing because you WANT it to be true.

But how many things have you wanted to be true in your physical world that never happened? Yet, it feels different now. You don’t exactly know how, or maybe even why, it is different, but it IS different. You feel it. You know it. You want it to be true so much that you remember again and again to “imagine” yourself living that reality that you glimpsed through the gauzy curtain over your mind screen. You cannot forget the feeling of unconditional love and total freedom to express your SELF in every moment. Thus, you hold those thoughts and feelings in your consciousness where they begin to take root and grow.

It is then that you choices begin to change. Maybe you don’t need that thing that was your reward for working so hard. Maybe you would prefer to go to the park with your family, pet your dog, hug your children or embrace a good friend. Maybe having stuff and/or gaining recognition is not so important any more. In fact, it is getting increasingly difficult to do any thing that does not fill you will peace, love and even joy. What is wrong with you? You have bills to pay, things to buy, your boss needs you—even though you hate your job. In fact, you hate “working.” Oops, you said it, you thought it, you admitted to your self that you are tired of working. You want to be more creative. You want to enjoy your life. In fact, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of creating a whole new way of life?

Now you have admitted it! Now you have chosen to look out that window rather than attend to that thing you are doing so that you can make money. Now that you know that YOU are working long, hard hours to eke out a living while others are stealing your money, repossessing your house, laying you off and taking your retirement. NOW you are angry. But anger is not always bad. Anger can assist you to DO that thing you always wanted to do, but you were a good person who was working to contribute to your society.

However, now you know that is NOT your society. It is the society of a very few people who NEVER worked. Are you going to continue with that life when there is reality based on unconditional love and unity consciousness just on the other side of your mind? Or, are you going to follow your heart into that which was formerly impossible?  However, NOW it is REAL. However, it is only real if you click that link.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD