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JULY 28,2019
Dear readers, welcome during these times of so much change and chaos. The energy of earth has become increasingly intense for everyone dear ones, but never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth during these times. Being already evolved souls, you chose to complete and clear anything yet unfinished for yourselves and then assist with earth's ascension.
Frequencies of Light created by the awakening of increasingly more individuals is dissolving the chains of dense and millennia old energies of separation that have served to block ever present but unavailable higher frequencies of oneness and love.
You do the work without conscious thought every time you see through a negative appearance to its underlying reality, are patient with someone who is rude or troublesome, and especially every time you look into someone's eyes and acknowledge the Christ that lies hidden behind them.
Light work is not limited to spiritual teachers or those doing channeling and healing energy work. Light work is the activity of every awakened person and is simply doing small and ordinary things from a consciousness of oneness. Light work consists of actions done from a realization of the Divine nature of all life (nature kingdoms included) in spite of how ignorant or uninterested in this they may be.
Unconditional love never means allowing yourself to become a "door mat" for some person, persons, or organization. Many still hold to old and false teachings that say that in order to be a truly loving person one must sacrifice one's self. Staying in an abusive relationship under the illusion you are being loving, is a very three dimensional concept and an insult to one's Divine Self.
A person has nothing to give and share if they ignore, sacrifice, and deny their own Divine individuality. No dear ones, this particular belief is not only false, but has created an evolutionary block for many.
Sacrificing who you are is not and never has been a requirement for being a loving person. Sometimes the karmic balance of a life must take place. This is planned pre-birth. There are other situations where a person freely chooses to sacrifice his life for another and this is love. What we are addressing as being foolish and unnecessary is the submission of one's Self/self to the whims, desires, and rules of some other person or group. You are in charge of you, never forget that. This is empowerment.
As spiritually awake individuals you are required to know and practice your highest level of awareness while at the same time holding your hand ready to grasp another's should they sincerely reach out for help. However, your job is not to reach down into another's chosen gutter and pull them out while they are content to remain there because in doing this, you take away their job, their lesson, their growth.
There exists a fine line between unconditional love and enabling, between helping and interfering, and between discerning wants from needs. Always allow your intuition to guide you as to which is which in the understanding that every individual is in physical form for the purpose of learning and spiritually growing through experiences provided only on earth and every person has free will with which to make his choices.
The reality of some who appear to be living troubled lives, is that they chose pre-birth to activate and re-experience old habits and cellular memories from past lives in order to once and for all clear and move beyond them. This does not mean you cannot offer help where there is an obvious need, but it does mean you understand that there is often more at play than meets the eye.
The energy is becoming very intense and will continue to do so for a while yet. Many of you are experiencing exhaustion and clearing symptoms even re-experiencing the same physical symptoms as old issues reactivate and clear.
The ascension process is in its phase of "exposure" at this time. The Light has begun to shine brightly into dark corners where many still hide which makes it tempting to believe that things are getting worse, not better. Exposure is necessary for the awakening of those who continue to believe whatever they are told by anyone holding a position of authority. Rejoice as these hidden issues surface regardless of how disgusting, for this is what will bring change.
Some patiently await the return of the "good ol days" when everything was better. The past is dead and gone and cannot return because the energy that formed it no longer exists. This is how evolution works. Today is a new time. Many concepts and beliefs that worked well in the past are either dissolving or beginning to manifest in higher and better forms. Nostalgia for the past serves only to block a person from experiencing new and better forms of the very things he/she feels nostalgia for.
All is proceeding according to plan. Everything is on track. Try not to become discouraged by what you see taking place in the outer scene. Evolution is a process and the world is well into it. Everything will not change in a flash for the energies that created the third dimensional belief system have been alive and well for thousands of years and there remain many still creating it.
You must never forget that because you are Source Consciousness, you are creators. You are the ones creating a new earth and collective consciousness. Beings from many different evolved planets are watching and standing by ready to assist, but the people of earth are the ones who must do the heavy lifting.
In order to assist with this many very evolved souls with no karmic issues to resolve are choosing to incarnate. They think differently because they are not in alignment with the three dimensional belief system causing some around them to try and force their personal obsolete programming onto them in the belief that there is something wrong with them and if that doesn't work, give them drugs.
These children of Light need to be protected, nurtured, listened to, and lovingly guided into maturity for they are the future spiritual, political, educational, and health leaders of the new earth in service to others rather than themselves which is what you have today.
Profound new ideas about everything are awaiting mankind's readiness to receive them. Fantasy books and films have been tapping into much that is actually real for a long time. However, the collective consciousness must evolve to where these wonderful ideas and technologies would be utilized for unity rather than for weaponry and it is not at that level yet.
Those who understand this feel a sadness as they observe the density that remains in the consciousness of so many and particularly those who were chosen to lead. Keep yourselves in the energy of Light dear ones, for it is very easy to slip into depression and sadness when judging by appearances.
Meditate often throughout the day, just a second or two to rest at center and realize--"I and the Father are One". Picture your energy field filled with Light and do not feed your consciousness with dense three dimensional issues. Imagine a bright diamond in the heart of every person you see as you go about your day. Be in the world, but not of it.
Small acts of kindness and love done from a consciousness of oneness have the ability to help someone spiritually ready to rise to a new level. The secret silent awareness of another's Divinity can lift and open them to more if they are receptive. Teach truth only when you are intuitively guided as to the readiness of someone to receive it.
It is personal ego and not spirituality that forcefully spews their religious beliefs onto others who are not interested or spiritually prepared to hear it. Forcing spiritual knowledge onto others even if the information is true, is a self righteous act. Religions and individuals that believe they have all the right answers about God so it is imperative that everyone else believe the same, is reflective of the human ego based in duality and separation.
You are no longer ordinary three dimensional human beings, you are in the process of graduating and must cease thinking of yourselves as the person you were in the past. If this were not true, you would not be reading or even understanding these messages.
Your work has begun, your reason for incarnating at this time has arrived. Release any remaining false concepts you may still hold from your old belief system and begin to start each day with the intention to serve the highest and best good of all from your highest level of awareness.
This is your soul mission, this is the work, and this is why you are here on earth at this powerful time of change and evolution. However...this does not mean you cannot have fun and enjoy life as you do it.
We are the Arcturian Group 7/28/19

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JULY 14.2019
Dear readers, know that the strife and conflicts taking place at this time on earth indicate the shifts of consciousness that are happening. The status quo is being questioned and no longer blindly accepted by an ever increasing number of people. The innate self serving goals of many three dimensional standards are beginning to be recognized for what they are and as more and more awaken, will be eliminated or transmuted to higher forms. Know that all is proceeding according to plan.
Some refuse to let go of three dimensional concepts now being recognized by many others as false. They continue to identify with what is familiar in the belief that their belief system is their identity, showing others who they are. These dear ones believe that they would no longer be the person they believe themselves to be if they were to change.
This type of thinking represents separation and demonstrates the common human need to create an ideal persona based in the individual's concepts of what constitutes a good, bad, perfect, ideal human--illusion at its finest.
Many continue to believe and promote that change and new ways of thinking will never be as wonderful as in the past. These dear ones live in the past, nostalgic for what they falsely believe were "the good old days" not realizing that the past only seemed better because the same issues being exposed today were very much alive at that time as well, but were hidden.
Never forget that those who remain fully three dimensional are also Divine Beings. Your job is to live from your highest enlightened realizations in the ordinary moments of each day. Many of those choosing to remain rigidly attached to illusion will at some point leave the planet as they will not be able to align with the higher dimensional frequencies.
Do not overly concern yourselves with those choosing not to awaken at this time even if the person is a loved family member or friend. Remember, every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a spiritual contract and this lifetime may not be their chosen time to awaken. After enough lifetimes lived in the illusions of duality and separation every soul grows tired of the nonsense and begins to seek for more. 
Evolution can be postponed, but not avoided forever because the reality of every soul is Oneness with Source.

Every one of you has experienced lifetimes mired in the sticky energy of duality and separation. It is important and necessary to have hundreds of different three dimensional experiences before a person is prepared to let go and seek the deeper realities. That is how the ascension journey works.
Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is energy . Everything is in vibration. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency, the highest being pure Light. High resonating frequencies cannot be seen with human eyes because the two frequencies (three dimensional versus fifth and higher) do not align. This is why most people are unable to see their Guides and beings from the higher dimensions. However this is rapidly changing as the ascension process brings change to the personal resonance of every individual.
There are some who have brought psychic abilities with them into this lifetime, they see "ghosts" and get information usually from the 4th dimension. Contrary to what many believe, psychic is not the same as spiritual. Psychic information flows through the consciousness of the individual giving the information and will reflect their level of awareness. Keep this in mind when getting a reading or body work from another. Seek out those who work from a high level of spiritual awareness and always trust your intuition.
Earth is a spiritual universe filled with Divine Beings and governed by love, but what most see and experience are the false mental interpretations of this spiritual reality. This is why it is so important to practice non-judgement regarding appearances at all times. Example--Rather than being shocked, repulsed, or pitying of someone with a severely deformed body, say to yourself; "Oh God disguised as a deformed body." This is unconditional love.
We are not speaking of deformed fetuses. The soul does NOT enter a fetus at the time of conception as many believe. In preparation, the soul may come or go into the developing fetus during pregnancy, but many do not fully enter until birth.
Unconditional love is a state of consciousness that is able to acknowledge the realities that lie hidden behind all appearances. It is a conscious realization of Divine Oneness regardless of circumstances. It does not mean ignoring whatever human footsteps may be necessary but does mean that these human footsteps are taken with a consciousness of Oneness.
Many of the negative situations you observe in others lives are actually facets of that person's spiritual journey, experiences chosen by them (not consciously) as being necessary for their evolution. Even what is termed "karma" is an energetic reflection of energy given out, a learning experience and never punishment. God does not punish. God could not punish ITself. Never forget that. All painful experiences are creations of the one experiencing and no one else.
Consciousness is omnipresent energy. Energy is not good or bad, it just is. Everyone feels energy although most do not understand what they are feeling. When you enter a place of heavy dense energy, you feel it and want to leave. These frequencies are commonly felt in bars, antique stores, and businesses that thrive on lower human instincts. When you enter a place where the energy is light and refined, you feel that as well. It resonates with you and you want to stay-- commonly experienced in places of natural beauty or places of prayer and meditation.
The state of consciousness of the individual determines the energy they align with. Those living fully in duality and separation and who get all their pain and pleasure from this level often enjoy being in heavy dark energy and frequent places of that density. Some go on to create their own situations of dark energy--satanic rituals, serial killers, and those who thrive on the pain and suffering of others.
They feed from these energies because they are unable to access the inexhaustible source of energy within themselves. They have blocked their flow and need to find it elsewhere, outside of themselves.
Always know that high energy frequencies of Light are the reality and that heavy low resonating energy cannot enter into the higher because there is no alignment. Let this realization be your "sword and shield" in every situation.
There exist many metaphysical protocols for "protection", and most of you learned and have practiced them along the way of your spiritual journey but you are now shifting into a higher state of consciousness where your Light is the only protection you need.
You no longer require rites and rituals meant to protect, lift you into the Light, or bring you closer to God. These practices are based in beliefs of separation and you now know that you never have been or ever could be separate from God. These practices serve newly awakening students of truth and were important facets of your journey at one time, but at some point become obsolete.
This is the shift from metaphysics into mysticism that you have been preparing for over lifetimes. Metaphysics is changing a bad picture into a good picture through the use of energy tools, mantras, etc. Mysticism is the realization that nothing needs to be changed, healed or corrected.
Let go of assigning power to anything that does not reflect truth, always remembering that God alone is power. You who read and resonate with these messages have been preparing though many lifetimes for a higher way of living and are ready.
There is nothing but God, Divine consciousness, regardless of how the outer scene may appear. As you begin to acknowledge and live this truth, it becomes your state of consciousness and your lives will begin to reflect it because you will be creating from reality rather than from concepts of duality and separation.
We cannot emphasize enough that at some point you must cease being the student and become the master. False ego based "humility" will say; "Oh I am not worthy". This type of thinking is impersonal and reflective of the un-awakened three dimensional collective belief system.
Intellectual levels of spiritual study reach a place of completion where one begins to be taught from within rather than from some guru, book, class, or practice. There comes a point at which every individual must let go of the tools that served them along the way and begin living and being truth.
It is every person's free will choice to stay in the illusions of separation, continuing to seek and search for some concept of God to save them.
You have graduated and are ready to experience the infinity of Consciousness not available to the human mind should you choose.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/14/1


July 6, 2019     
Protecting Yourself     
Copyright © 2019 David K. Miller
All Rights Reserved 
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Founder & Director, Group of Forty
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Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! There are a lot of new lessons and ideas to cover today as there are many points of acceleration and rapid change throughout the planet. The first, and maybe the most important subject, is protecting yourself during this time of dramatic change and crisis on the planet. In truth, it is a difficult decision about where to live or where to move and which part of the planet is the safest. What is most important is that your own Third Eye remains open. Perhaps the most valuable asset you have in this time of dramatic change is your psychic ability. The psychic ability can be defined as multi-talented or multi-faceted.

One of the primary psychic abilities is the ability to see into the future and to know, or have intuition, about future events. Frankly, it is not always possible to move to another location. You may get information about the potential for a future event in your area, but it may be too difficult, too expensive or just not practical to leave. Psychic abilities though are still very useful, even in those situations. I want to look at how best you can accelerate and enhance your psychic abilities. This means that you will be able to sense the potential danger to your own personal self for future events and future crises that may affect you. This ability is the best insurance against the dangers of Earth changes. If you knew that a building was going to fall, then you would not enter the building. Is that not the safest thing to do in that situation?

But there is a second aspect to the psychic ability that I like to call "creating sacred space". Creating sacred space is an important activity in the planetary evolution and in the planetary ascension. The Earth is also evolving. I talk a lot to you about the future evolution of humanity, and I refer to the next link in that future as the Omega Man/Woman. The next link in the Earth's evolution is the fifth-dimensional link. One of the most rapid ways to encourage the evolution of the Earth is by creating more sacred spaces. This includes Planetary Cities of Light and Planetary Ocean Reserves of Light. There is also a need for creating individual sacred spaces in your home and in your neighborhood. It is always possible for one or two people living in a house to work on creating sacred space in that house and on their property. When you can enhance the sacredness of your own land and your own house, then you are adding another layer of protection for yourself.

Everything is electromagnetic, and every object and living being on the planet, and even in the universe, has an electromagnetic field. In fact, if I were to evaluate the great discoveries of Albert Einstein, perhaps one of his most important discoveries was the idea that fields exist around objects and even exist around planets and around the Sun. That means that the space around your own body is an electromagnetic field. The space around your home, the space around your city, even the space around your country has its own individual signature of electromagnetic energy fields. The good news is that you can influence and activate the electromagnetic energy field around you and around your property and around your loved ones. I also include the fact that your pets can be included in your electromagnetic field of protection.

We already know about thought fields, and how important it is to create a constellation of thoughts, and part of the constellation of thoughts is a series of individual thoughts that are put together in a group. When those individual thoughts are put together in a group, it creates a thought field, and that thought field then could have more power to manifest. In the same way, you can create electromagnetic energy fields of protection around yourself, and around your property and around your loved ones.

There is an accumulation of several thoughts together that go in a thought field. There is also an accumulation of meditations that are part of the creation of the protective energy field around you. And I will go over some of those meditations today.

Part of this protective thought field includes your Third Eye. Your Third Eye is perceiving and interacting with your thought field. It is interesting to note that many things energetically that are occurring around you are below your consciousness. This has been also shown by scientists when they look at the human body, because many of the functions of the human body, such as digestion or heart rate or blood pressure, are below your consciousness. All of these functions are continually working within the body without your awareness. You may only become conscious of what is occurring in the body in these areas if something is wrong. Then your body dysfunction will be called to your attention.

Your energy field is the same way. Your energy field is functioning and picking up many things continually. The question is how aware are you, how tuned in are you to your energy field? And another way of putting it also is how much are you able to influence your energy field? Are you trying to make your energy field a better shield? Are you trying to place an energy field around your house and around your car? The obvious way of enhancing the energy field around your house is by placement of crystals in the cardinal points around the area of your house or the yard. Then you can activate that area. This is actually similar to how we are activating the Planetary Cities of Light during the Planetary City of Light activation. We have the people, before the actual activation ceremony, place crystals at the four cardinal points. These crystals are anchoring in energies, and they are also strengthening the electromagnetic energy field.

I think that is a good example of how you protect your own self and your property, that is, by the strengthening of your electromagnetic energy field. You want the electromagnetic energy field around your property to have this great function, that the Chinese have referred to as "Pung", which is elasticity and the ability to repel energies that could be of a lower nature. In any shielding, you want the shield to act as a filter. This means that you would want higher energy and higher light to enter your energy field. At the same time you would want lower, darker energy to be repulsed. I do not recommend that you set up a shield that is like a wall, because if the wall is too thick, then it will also reject higher light and higher energy. You need higher light and higher energy in your electromagnetic energy field. The higher light and higher energy can strengthen the field around your property and yourself. With your mind, you can direct the energy field to have more Pung or more elasticity and have more ability to repel lower energies.

Where are you getting this ability? You may not have this ability within your own mind or within your own repertoire of spiritual tools to develop the proper shielding. We, the Arcturians, are committed to helping you and to protecting you even when there are a series of events such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions and storms. It is our perception that these events are increasing, and will continue to increase more rapidly. We, the Arcturians, are able to download higher light, such as the blue Arcturian light, into your designated energy field. If you designate your energy field and designate a need for energy, for example, on your property, then set up the four crystals, and then call on me, Juliano, to come over your property and bring down the special Arcturian light. That special Arcturian light will have the property of the Pung Energy, which interestingly will only repel the lower, darker energies; it will not block the higher light. This is a good way of protecting yourself.

You can also bring down Arcturian protective light when you are working in your own individual aura. The spiritual tool for working in the individual aura really begins with the Cosmic Egg. You can plant crystals around yourself in the room you are sitting in. I mean that would be one way to do it if you are in a mediation room and wanted to strengthen the room. Generally it is effective to work with the Cosmic Egg and to strengthen your Cosmic Egg.

An important tool to begin this type of protective work is to enhance your Third Eye, because I want you to be aware of your energy field and also be aware of any intuitive messages that may be coming to you. Then you can make the appropriate response based on the information that you are going to receive. Everyone knows that we are very close to the "End- Time events" in this planetary crisis. But just knowing that is not protection enough. You want to have an enhanced sensitivity and perception,

I am going to lead you in an exercise now to enhance your Third Eye. Take three breaths, please. Become aware of your Crown Chakra, your Third Eye Chakra, and your Heart Chakra. Our belief is that, when working with any parts of the chakra system, then they should be worked with in unison of triads. It might be easier to say: "Let us work with the Third Eye Chakra." But you must realize that the Third Eye Chakra is part of a chakra system. This is similar to the concept of the Tree of Life, which has 12 spheres. It is ok to work on one sphere, but it is better to work on the triangle of spheres and see how they interact.

See these three chakras, your Crown Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra interacting with each other. (Tones) Each chakra has rotating, tunnel-like energy like a funnel in front of it. The funnel on the Crown Chakra projects three or four inches above the top of the head. The Heart Chakra projects the same distance, that is, three or four inches in front of the heart, and then the Third Eye Chakra projects three or four inches in front of the center of your forehead.

Place the palm of your hand and the center of the palm above the Crown and feel the Crown energy coming up to the center of the palm. Put the palm right over your Third Eye. Hopefully, you will feel some heat there, and then, put the palm over the Heart Chakra, and then say your name, "(Your Name) is now uniting these three chakras for this exercise."

The truth is that you need these three chakras to work in unison in order to have the highest psychic ability. You can then use that ability to predict dangerous events. Sometimes you would feel something, and have a psychic impression in your heart like something is going to happen. Other times, you might have a psychic impression from the Crown Chakra, or in more advanced cases, you might even receive images. Remember that the Subconscious, the Unconscious, and the Multidimensional Consciousness have a unique way of communicating through images. When you are seeking information through the predictive world, they usually come as images as opposed to words. For example, imagine there is going to be an earthquake. The image of that earthquake may not come to the Third Eye, but it might come to your Third Eye with the images of shaking. Or you might receive a feeling in your heart that something catastrophic is going to happen.

Place your hand now over the Third Eye, approximately three inches above the Third Eye, and now we are ready to continue. The next step is to pump up the etheric energy of the Third Eye. I use the example of pumping up a bicycle tire, to symbolize how you can describe the effect of building up your chakra. Imagine that you have a hand pump and you are pumping it up. Your hand will be the pump and your chakra will be represented by the tire.

Put your hand on the forehead. Move your hand back. You hand is around four or five inches from your forehead. You are pumping up your Third Eye Chakra. Your Third Eye is getting stronger and stronger. Think again of the image of the bicycle tire. In the beginning the pumping is rather strong, and you can push down on the pump right to the bottom of the pump because there is not any air in the tire. But as the tire gets more and more pressure, then you have to push harder and harder. You are not able to push all the way down on the pump because there is back pressure. So, feel the pressure on your Third Eye as you are pumping it up. "Pumping it up" describes the process of this spiritual tool. It means that you are making your Third Eye stronger, and thus it is going to increase your psychic sensitivity.

Put your hand down away from your forehead, and you already can start feeling the energy flow. We want the energy to flow outward in a circular manner. Circle shapes are part of the quantum world, and when energy is in a circle, it is coordinated and in alignment with the basic subatomic energy waves that can come into your Third Eye.

The next part of this exercise focuses on making small circles in front of your Third Eye. Your Third Eye has now been expanded. Your hand will be about six to eight inches from the Third Eye. In this method, I would like for you to rotate your hand counter-clockwise in front of your Third Eye. Going counter-clockwise is similar to winding up a spring. You are now able to wind up your Third Eye Chakra.

Make nine counter-clockwise revolutions: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. When you are finished, then put your hand down. As you put your hand down, the Third Eye Chakra cone is sprung, and it is now rapidly spinning clockwise. It is very much alive. And activated.

Now project a little arrow and line coming from your Third Eye directly across the room. The line has traveled all the way across the room. You can expand the reach of your Third Eye now to the edge of your energy field now and across to the end of your room. Now, send that energy line out through your whole property. Think of this line also as an antenna that is able to receive information and psychic impressions wherever that line reaches. You have extended the range of your Third Eye outside of your room and onto your property.

Take a minute and allow yourself to receive any psychic impressions on your property line. Are you receiving any images, for example? Extend the line further. Choose a spot in your neighborhood and send the line there. Very good. Let us be silent for a moment, and this will allow you to receive any impressions, including concerns that you may have about the property, about your home. You are looking to receive images and psychic impressions for the next seven day period. You may receive images that are very stable, and you may receive good feelings about your neighborhood and your property. In other cases you may not. You could receive some kind of warning, or you might even have images of some large storm or disruption. Your role is to receive any images. Do not filter or hold back any psychic information coming to you. Again, we will be in silence as you receive any psychic images around your neighborhood and your house for a one week period from today. (Silence)

Put those images into a special memory bank that you can call on anytime. I would not want you to make any decisions about what to do about any images you might be receiving while we do the exercise. Put the images and the information that you received in your memory. When you come back out of this light trance, you can look at it and make decisions then.

Now, withdraw that psychic line back to your Third Eye. Make an etheric dome of protective blue light around your property. You may have seen pictures of this experimental place called the "Biosphere" which is in southern Arizona. It was an attempt to create an experimental living self-sufficient city that had a huge dome over it. Underneath the dome were gardens and recyclable air and other things necessary for living independently. The idea was to see if astronauts could live on the Moon or Mars under such a dome around. I want you to place an etheric dome around your property now. This etheric dome is going to have the properties of the Pung Energy, which means that the higher light will come in, pushing away lower or dark forces away from your property. Destructive energy will not penetrate it.

I would like for you to picture this dome as being an etheric blue dome, and as you are picturing this dome, visualize an opening from a corridor on the top of the dome. That corridor goes up to the Arcturian starship Athena. I, Juliano, and my team of Arcturian workers are now going to send down protective energy and light into the dome over your property. It will begin now. (Tones)

Let this dome and this energy field cover your property and all of the cars that you may own and, of course, over you. We will also be working specifically with your energy field during the next part of this exercise. You can include yourself and all of your pets, your plants and trees under this dome. Let everything under the etheric dome be filled with this blue protective light. (Tones) Incidentally, this etheric energy under the dome also is a healing energy field. Think of it as higher oxygen, higher etheric energy, that you can now breathe within this dome.

Now bring that etheric line from your Third Eye back into your forehead area. Leave the etheric line at the edge of your own energy field, which is approximately seven or eight inches away from your forehead. See the next seven days as huge layers of energy on top of each other. Send your etheric line forward again from your forehead. See that line through those days of the next week, and send the light and energy forward from your Third Eye. Let the etheric line be like a beacon of light. Let the line sensitize itself to any unusual energies that you should be aware of during the next week. Maybe you are going to travel in a car someplace next week. Maybe somebody is going to visit you. Receive any impressions from the coming week. We will go into silence again while you do that part of the exercise. (Silence)

Now, bring that etheric line back to your forehead. Leave that line going from your Third Eye just to the outer edge of your aura, and say these words: "I now activate my sensitivity for my Third Eye so that I can receive all information from my energy field about future events." This means that when you are sending out this line, you will receive pictures, energy and information about potential problems and future events. The beautiful thing is that with that information and with that knowledge and with that image you will be able to make corrections and adjustments to your daily life.

Say, for example, you were planning to go to another city next Tuesday or Wednesday, and you were going to be on the freeway. Then send this line of thought out to Wednesday, and you may receive information that there will be a big traffic jam on the road that you were taking. Maybe psychically you can see that there may be an accident. After you receive that information and when you go on that trip next Wednesday, you may decide to take another route. You can work with your Third Eye to help you predict future events.

If you perceive an event possibly happening on a future trip, then you can make decisions on how to protect yourself. You might even decide that you are not going to go, or you might decide that if you are driving next week on this road, then you will be extra-careful and drive more slowly. You can tell yourself that: "I am not going to be speeding the way I usually do." Your Third Eye is now really activated, and it will give you information that will help you make decisions about yourself.

Finally, see this bubble again, around your house, and see yourself in a protective Cosmic Egg, and receive the blue light of protection from the Arcturians. Let this blue light come into your energy field, bringing you health and vibrant energy on all levels. (Tones) You are protected. You have this expanded ability of perception, and you have the ability to evaluate and to discern images that you receive through your Third Eye.

We are going to switch themes now, and I want to look at the concept of the evolution of the Earth, and how the Earth is responding to humanity. The planet is evolving, and in reality, this planet is still a young planet. I know that it is statistically 4.5 or 4.7 billion years old, and that seems like a very old planet in human years, but the age of a planet is not always measured linearly. You may be 70 years old, but you may have the body of a 35 year old, and you may have the mind of a 35 year old. You have your linear age which is the year you were born and adding years, but the metaphorical age is based on what age your body is acting like. The Earth is a living spirit, and you know that the living spirit is also called "Gaia" or the "Blue Jewel", and the Earth does respond to traumas.

The Earth is experiencing a trauma at this time. The biosphere is greatly contaminated; many of the meridians are being blocked. There are many aspects of the Earth that are out of balance. This is no secret. Everyone who is at all sensitive, especially like you the Starseeds, knows that the Earth is out of balance. Now imagine a child is out of balance. That child is going to act out. The child might be angry and act out from unconscious anger. This is the same way with the Earth. The Earth is being abused. How would you respond if you were abused as a child? You might either withdraw and contract, or you may reach out and angrily kick and punch people or destroy things around you.

Now the Earth, then, has some of these traits of trauma. The Earth now is in a position of a traumatized child, and the Earth is contracting, and as it contracts this has energy being released. You might see this reaction to the trauma on the Earth as storms or earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. When we are working with you, we are trying to speak to the Earth; we are trying to suggest to the Earth that there is another way of response.

In my psychology of planetary development, I talk about reactions versus responses. Let me explain. Imagine that you were driving a car, and somebody cut in front of you, and you were very angry, and you reacted. You raised your fist up and you swore at them. You did not think about this, but rather you reacted angrily. We all know in this stressful age that any type of reaction like that could be dangerous because somebody might respond or react back in a very violent way. Response is different than a reaction. In a "response" you feel the desire to react angrily, and you feel the impulse to fight back aggressively, but you hold back this impulse. You say no, I do not think that it is a good idea to become aggressive. There are a lot of crazy people in this world, and if I raise my fist and yell at the person, I have no idea what that person is going to do. My aggressive reaction could escalate the situation very quickly. My response is that I will hit the brakes and slow down and let the person pass me. I am not going to look at them. That is a response instead of reaction. Reaction means there are no intervening thoughts; there is no control; it is all unconscious. I actually call this "subconscious"; it is below the consciousness.

Part of the role of humanity, and part of the role of evolution, is to evolve from reaction to responding. This is difficult because humanity is still close to its animal nature, and the animal nature is more closely aligned with reaction. You can understand in the animal world, there usually is not time to respond. That means that for self-protection, you have to react. And part of the evolution of humanity is to transcend that animal reaction from the Subconscious and to choose a higher response instead of reacting.

Let us take that model of responding instead of reacting to the planetary level. What is the repertoire of reactions and responses that the Earth has? The Earth has a limit, a limited way of communicating to humanity and to the world. What you are now seeing in many cases is the Earth reacting. We, in terms of our work as planetary healers, want to elevate the Earth to respond, but in order for the Earth to respond, there has to be some good communication between mankind and the Spirit of the Earth. There have to be some heightened energies of interaction.

To improve the interaction between the Earth and mankind, we must work with the concept of the Planetary Subconscious and also the Planetary Noosphere. That means that we are starting to download higher thought forms into the Planetary Subconscious, and the "Collective Subconscious". I am introducing the term the "Collective Subconscious". There is a Collective Subconscious on this planet, and this Collective Subconscious is dramatically increasing in its power, and one of the reasons is because of the new technology. The new technology includes the Internet, includes the images on the television and throughout all the media, including smartphones. All of these are using images that are being downloaded into the Planetary Subconscious. Many of these media contain images of aggression and violence which is increasing the possibilities of eruptions and the possibilities of more violent planetary reactions. I would say planetary reactions... are increasing. Unknowingly, humanity is placing these primitive images into the Planetary Subconscious.

There is this concept, that is originally based on the ideas in some spiritual teachings, called "As Above, So Below." "As Above, So Below" means as the higher energies are, so will the lower energies be. But I want to modify that today, and I want to say "As Below, So Above," which means that as the Planetary Subconscious is, so that will manifest on the Third Dimension. On the higher realms, there are still higher thoughts going on; there are still higher energies, but those ideas do not necessarily manifest on the Earth. I think the idea of "As Above, So Below" makes it sound as if it may be interpreted as if something is wrong with the higher dimensions, because the higher dimensions are sending down energy that is messing up the Third Dimension. But no, in my view it is the opposite, "As Below, So Above." It is the lower, Collective Subconscious energies of this planet that are influencing and manifesting much of the violence and destruction.

We as planetary healers, and you as individual healers, need to help change the Collective Subconscious of the planet. That is a big task, but some of the ways this could be done include, but are not limited to, global events, global meditations, Medicine Wheels, certain gatherings at sacred areas of a global nature, such as has been done at Stonehenge, or what is being done with the Group of Forty, or other large groups that are creating circles of light. You do have the power; you do have the energy to change the Planetary Collective Subconscious.

Now the Earth is reacting to the Planetary Subconscious. There are continual inputs of what I call "planetary abuse". I know you have heard the concept of child abuse or sexual abuse. We are calling this, which is occurring now on the Earth, planetary abuse. The Earth is reacting to planetary abuse, and that is why there is an acceleration of some of these crisis events on the planet. But the Earth will respond to your spiritual work, and your spiritual work can strengthen the Collective Subconscious of planet Earth in a positive way. Send her (Mother Earth) the proper messages of evolution, kindness and love. The Earth can respond and rebalance herself. She responds instead of reacts.

I am Juliano. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are extending out an invitation to all of you there on Earth who want to have a deeper experience of yourselves as galactic beings. We are ready to transmit more information that you can receive as a download, and that download will include more of the history of this galaxy of ours. In your unique download, you will receive images and knowings of your place in galactic history. If you want to know what part you’ve played in bringing peace during the Orion Wars, then this is the download for you. If you want to know what healing modalities you created as a Pleiadian, then this is the download for you.
All you need to do is agree to receive the download, and then be patient. It might not come right away, and it certainly might not come in the way that you expect it to. But a good time to ask for this download to come is right before you are falling asleep. Now, at times, you will receive a download in your energy field, but you won’t get the details grounded into your consciousness right away. We are telling you this because we want you to know that it might take a while before you are able to translate the download into something that makes sense to you.
Some of the images you see, or the feelings that you feel, might be too intense for you given where you are at this time in your life, but you can still say ‘yes’ to receiving the download. We want you to understand where you come from and the history of this galaxy because of the truth that you will be experiencing open contact with extra-terrestrials in this lifetime. That is to say, most of you who are receiving this transmission fall into that category. There will be some who will have a death experience, but we know that those of you who are awake will want to come right back and experience the shift as an infant or a toddler.
So it does hold true for all of you that there will come a time in your lives on Earth where you will experience this full, open contact, and it will behoove you to have already experienced some of your personal history and some of the collective history of what has happened prior to your series of Earthly incarnations, which of course you are now in. There are many stories out there of course about the history of this galaxy, but no one else’s account will ever compare to your experience of your own memories. And that’s what this download we are offering is really all about.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Thursday, July 11, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are beyond satisfied with how you all have been handling the recent energies that have been coming in. You are doing such a wonderful job of handling the upgrades and downloads that have come with these energies. We have noticed that a large majority of those of you who are awake have been able to utilize what you’ve been given to provide assistance to your fellow humans.
This is a big part of what you will be doing moving forward. You’re not going to be receiving upgrades and downloads just so you can feel special, or just so you can impress your friends. Everyone is getting exactly what they need in order to be of service to those who are closest to them.
Those who have a bigger reach and are serving a larger portion of humanity are going to receive more, and some of you are going to be asked to step up more so that you can reach a larger group of humanity. All of you are going to have the opportunity to give what you have received to the human collective consciousness. That happens automatically.
But some of you are going to need to step up to be of service because there are more individuals awakening now than ever before on your planet. You are going to see large scale awakenings happening, which means there will be more individuals looking for those like you who have been doing this ascension work for quite some time.
And of course, many of the individuals who will be seeking you out will be those who have known you for your entire lives, or at least most of your lives. And they will want to know what to do about what is happening. You have been sharpening your skills, and that is precisely why you are able to handle the intensity of these energies that have been coming in to light a fire under you, but also to support you. We know that you can handle it all, and we are counting on our knowing that you can handle even more. The party is just beginning to get started there on Mother Earth.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have begun investigating the probable scenarios that lie in front of you for the second half of your calendar year, and we have noticed that some new probabilities have come to the surface involving the discovery of extra-terrestrials living in your oceans. Now, when we say that they will be ‘discovered,’ what we really mean is that there is a high probability that the existence of these extra-terrestrials will be revealed to the public. Now, you have already seen the groundwork for this laid by the articles that have come out proclaiming that the octopi in your oceans could not possibly be from planet Earth.
You are beginning to accept more and more as a society that extra-terrestrial life is a real thing, and the numbers of humans who accept that e.t.s have been on planet Earth with you is growing every day. Now, the reason why the revelation will be made about the e.t.s living in the ocean first is because most individuals do not spend a lot of time on ships and boats and those who do already know about great white sharks. They understand that the oceans can be a dangerous place, even with just the possibility of a huge storm coming. And so, it will not rattle too many of you to know that there is life from other planets living in your oceans.
Most people will still not believe that the evidence is real, if they are inclined to not believe. If they are skeptical for any reason, then the revelation will not affect them. So, it is a step forward for those of you who want full disclosure, but it is not news for those of you who want full disclosure. It is showing a willingness on the part of those who have been keeping secrets from the public to reveal more. We see this probable timeline as a sort of test to measure the response of humanity. And as we have said, we do believe that those of you who already know about extra-terrestrials will find it satisfying to see something like this revealed in a regular publication.
Even our announcing of this probable timeline creates a greater likelihood of it coming to fruition, and we are excited for all of you. We are excited to see humanity getting closer and closer to the time where you will have e.t.s walking, swimming, and flying among you.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Photo by: Karin Miller
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