Sunday, May 31, 2015


Sacred Water Worlds


Dear Friends,
I was walking on the shore of the Atlantic, blessing and embracing the waters with the love of my expanded heart. The forceful waves seemed to pause for a moment and suddenly, while some becoming very shallow, small and translucent, they caressed my feet with great softness.

I stood and asked the waters:

Who Are you?
Who ARE you!
What is your true identity!
What is your mission and your function!
What is your work on this planet!  

And the water spoke:

I am the messenger of peace, from the Origin that I am, the peace of Being, the peace of Divine Existence Itself.

I am representing the ocean of consciousness. I am giving you an image of your own Divine Nature, because, first of all, I do  not only appear to you in this seeming element. But I also appear as moving waves to your awareness. I am representing both, substance and moving form.

So when you look at me, you see exactly yourself and how you function. I am your great mirror and I am what you are: energy. In truth I am energy, and not an element. I am energy, made visible in this form in your 3dimensional realm. This might not be new to you, but you tend to forget. And as much as you neglect my waters of your planet, as much you do not love yourself, neglect yourself.

I am the mirror of humanity. And in fact your whole planet is imprinting me with information.  My waters speak with the orchestra of the increasing and decreasing sound of existence. Listen to them. Listen to the waves, that YOU are creating. They are your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. They  are also  responding to the fabrications of your artificially created, illusionary world.

So in order to recognize me as your own being, you need to look deeper, you need to look at my substance. You need to connect with my deeper substance to find yourself reflected in me.

When there is much turmoil, I reflect humanity´s emotions and also violence. I am nothing, my waves are just  humanity, who creates their own mirror in me, when you see me violent, when you see me killing life. And when you see no life anymore in my waters, - how many of you exist without life inside, who consider themselves to be pure, free of reactions to life, without feeling, but who have become in fact lifeless, automated beings. I reflect that at the shores where you see no longer life. That´s me, when life in me is gone.

I store humanity´s consciousness, I absorb it and reflect it to you back.

Still I am Love, as much as you are, and I  open for you your space of  heart to find yourself in the immensity and the apparent infinity  of my Being and Substance.

There is only one Divine Consciousness, and it manifests itself in many layers in your creation. One of the most important layers are the waters. They are found in many domains of your universes, even though the density might be different  to what you experience here on your earth. But the principle of water, the reflective nature of its light and energy and infinite Divine Consciousness exists everywhere in the universe.

On this basis of infinity and substance, my universal waters communicate with each other, being able to carry information over long distances.

I am without judgement, I just AM.  I am reflecting the vast Divine Consciousness, and what is arising in It,  back to you, so  that you can learn about yourself, to turn to yourself with my help and example.

Do spend time at my ocean shores, at the shores of my rivers and lakes. Even a little drop of morning dew on a leaf is revealing you the Divine Nature of the Universal Waters.

But even the most polluted water maintains still its Divine Substance. The loveless information it carries, does not touch It. What you can see with your eyes, does not touch It. What you see is just a reflection of your perceptual senses. You notice a form and information, that is destructive, which is your own thought form.

To regain balance, seek my shores of clean, pure water, full of life, to recover, to rediscover knowledge about your own true nature. But even if you are not able to find  easily these shores of purity and full of life, with your pure heart, you can find my true nature everywhere, that is also yours.

I Am in love with everything, that´s why I accept everything, that´s why I do not dissociate from anything. Learn from Me to not to be attached, although you might appear to be burdened on your surface with the image of unlove. Cut through all the surface illusion to find the Truth, the Essence of Being altogether.

You are that, I am that. Divinity is without limitation!

Message conveyed by Ute 

Saturday, May 30, 2015





Dearest Suzille,

Your resonance has expanded into a higher frequency, but your conscious awareness has not yet flowed into that portal of your SELF because your consciousness has not yet fully occupied that resonance.

You higher consciousness flowing into your earth vessel and the consciousness that now resonates to your earth vessel do not YET intermingle. Therefore, what is occurring is that you feel a bit of disconnection from Source.

This disconnection is just your 3D brain trying to figure out what is occurring. The solution for this issue is that you pull in the protection that you have via your connection to us, your Arcturian SELF.

You have always experienced us as above you. We ask now that you experience us as within you. You could begin with your Pleiadian expressions of SELF, but your primary alignment within this NOW is with us, the Arcturians.

It is difficult to explain in human language what we are saying, so we will speak symbolically .Do you see the picture of your Pleiadian and Antarian Selves on your right and left?


Now see that we are directly above your head, above your pineal gland. Do you see how the Pleiadians and Antarians are protecting you?


Now see how we are directly above your Crown Chakra, protecting and communing with you.


Can you now feel our protection and information entering through your crown and flowing through you and into the core of Gaia?


Around us you also see the Angels and Ascended Masters, Correct?


Good, you just figured out in your own mind—by reading the light language of your life—to look at that which you desire to perceive and ignore that which upsets, distracts, or s you from your purpose.

NOW, this is very important, focus on that which expands your consciousness and release/look through that which lowers your consciousness.

We say, “look through” for we want you to be aware of any potential danger about where you are walking or a darker energy field. However, you must learn to NOT be distracted by the dark.

You have been trained by your life to recognize any danger of darkness, but now you need to acknowledge it exists without any interaction besides a quick thought of unconditional love and violet fire.


That is true. But that “hard way” also taught you that miracles happen every day.


It was your own higher expression that created that miracle, not us.


The difference is in the primary resonant frequency. Your Kepier Self’s primary resonant frequency is currently calibrated to the fifth dimension to have more direct contact with you in case a physical intervention is needed.

We Arcturian no longer lower our resonance to the fifth dimension and remain focused on the eighth through tenth dimensions. After we have completed our Mission to assist Gaia, we (meaning the group of Arcturians the “we” are) will take a much needed “vacation” in the dimensions known to humanity as “Source.”


Yes, and we laugh at jokes too. Evolved beings can enjoy the best parts of being in a physical form without the difficulties that accompany wearing an earth vessel. We love, laugh, and even have what you would call fun.


We are happy to answer any information that you wish to ask us. We are, however, bound by the free will law of Gaia to only give information that is requested. On the other hand, if one of our grounded ones asks, “What message do you have for me NOW?” such as you do, we can look into your consciousness to perceive that which you are able to understand.

Our information to you has progressed exponentially. Also, because of your latest initiation, you will NOW be able to receive and understand even higher frequencies of information.


You needn’t “look forward.” Just stay in the NOW.


Yes, that is an initial adjustment, which you will now be able to work through by channeling the energy—in this case your thoughts—through your crown and directly from your brain.

In other words, the next time you forget something, instead of searching your physical brain, go directly to the “external hard drive” of your multidimensional mind.

Remember, it was your external hard drive that held all that you had entered into your computer. Therefore, when your computer crashed, you could restore everything that you had lost.

Now your “computer” is so full, that you have had to store your information on the hard drive and in the cloud, as the capacity of your computer (3D brain) is insufficient to hold all that information and creativity within your mind.

Do you see how your life is speaking Light Language to you?


Right! You/we (because we are one being) are speaking through YOU (your Multidimensional SELF) so that YOU can use your earth vessel to receive and share our messages.

In this manner, we can communicate with the earth vessels of other multidimensional beings who are on the “away mission” of wearing an earth vessel to assist Gaia. It is for this reason that there are so many “channels” for the Arcturians.

Each “individual” channel (as you are all ONE within our Arcturian essence) has an individual life with individual experiences. Hence, you can say the same thing with a different twist, so that more humans can receive our messages.


“Clear” is what you will seek rather than “correct.” Correct is a term that is bound in time, situation, culture and personality. “Clear” is much like clear water that one can look through to see the bottom of the pond, or “clear” air that one can look high into the sky.

However, different people will see different things because you all see what you look for. In other words, there are myriad things to see in the sky or in a deep pond, so you will unconsciously seek out what you want to see.

What you do NOT want to see may also be there, but you will not look for it. Therefore, you will not find it.


Yes, it is the same. It is in this manner that you choose the reality that you want to perceive. You are all practicing this skill now while you live on 3D Earth, which appears to have only one reality.

However, as you become more adept at changing your expectations, you will all realize that you will find what you are looking for. However, if you do NOT think that you deserve to find that which you seek, you will not find it.


It sounds very simple, but we observe that deserving and believing are often more of a result of what our grounded ones have learned from outside of their self, rather than from inside of their SELF. This problem is the result of myriad generations and millennia of being taught to look out rather than to look in.

The ability to look inside of your own consciousness calls for a level of SELF ESTEEM that has been robbed from many of our volunteers to Gaia. You were all warned of this difficulty before you bi-located to Gaia.

Unfortunately, it was one of the first things you forgot. You forgot because you were trained to “mind” your authority figures, even if your inner self told you not to. Many of you fought this training for many years, but finally succumbed. Looking outside your SELF for love assistance is the key format for a “power-over-others” reality base.


And NOW you are telling everyone as often as you can, and in as many ways as you can.


We do not give 3D complements, but we always tell the truth. However, our truth would have been dangerous for you to share, so you had to hide or disguise it.


Dear volunteers wearing physical earth vessels, we answer this question for all of you. Only YOU will know if it is safe yet or not. You will have to go inside your SELF to find out.


Yes, you all do, at least while you are primarily resonating to your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. However, as you increasingly resonate to fifth dimensional consciousness, you will easily perceive others of that frequency of resonance. You will always be safe with them.

Soon, there will only be NOW.


It means that in the NOW there is no soon.

SOON is a state of consciousness.

Blessings from the Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD



Reading Light Language

The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,
I woke up with a message from you. If I repeat what I remember, can you complete the message? Also, can you comment on the vision I had of a huge whale with wings in the deep ocean?

Dearest Suzille,
We answer these questions for you and for your readers. Our message began with, “The shift is NOW, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension and beyond.” We do wish to remind you that when we say “NOW,” we are NOT speaking of the 3D now in which it is the “time to do something.”

When we say NOW, we mean "it is the NOW in which you leave the illusion of time.” Within that NOW you can experience the Shift because your consciousness is then calibrated to the fifth dimension.

The forces of darkness that have worked against Gaia’s ascension since the fall of Atlantis have lost their battle to control Earth. However, the “cleaning up” process will take more 3D “time” to be completed. Fortunately, many of our volunteers are opening portals to the fifth dimension, and holding those portals open.

This higher frequency light streaming through these opened portals greatly assists those who arecleaning up the lies and domination that has invaded Gaia’s planetary form since the later days of Atlantis.

Because of this higher frequency light streaming into Gaia, as well as the simultaneous clearing of the darkness, it is the NOW to focus on the frequencies “in-between” your higher states of consciousness and you third/fourth dimensional consciousness. In this manner, your un-conscious, conscious and your super-conscious awareness will be fully connected.

In other words, you will need to live the three-fold consciousness of 1) your higher expressions of SELF, 2) your mundane, consciousness of daily life and 3) your states of consciousness “in-between” your daily life and the higher dimensional consciousness of your SELF in the higher realms.

The whale being that you saw in your meditation is representative of your deepest unconscious self. Do you remember how this magnificent being could only communicate with you when you totally surrendered to your experience? Also, when you lost contact with the whale being, your unconscious self, you needed to relax into, and then enter a circular light that preceded another message from the “whale.”

We hear you ask us to remind you what your unconscious “whale being” in the deepest ocean of your unconscious, told you. We will assist you to remember. Look now at the whale being’s huge wings. Of course, the wings were not of feathers, but of the same skin as the rest of his body.

These wings are similar to the whale’s flippers, which are similar to human arms. The whale’s flippers transmuting into huge wings are much like humanity’s arms transmuting into wings. We will now explain more of the meaning of these inner “moving pictures.”

Before we do so we remind you, and your readers, that you ALL will be receiving more Light Language messages. Light Language originates in the fifth dimension and beyond. Your third dimensional brain is not calibrated to download that frequency of information, but it can capture the pictures and feelings.

Light Language is much like dream language. Therefore, if our grounded ones document their dreams when they awaken, it will be a strong foundation for understanding the Light Language that accompanies all of our crop circles and transmissions.

We will now go into detail of all the images that accompanied your message, which is actually a message through you rather than just to you messages.

A whale is a kind and loving being who never hurts anyone.
Whales are dedicated to their pod and their children.
They are huge creations that leave NO negative “footprints” on the body of Gaia.

Water is a symbol of emotion. The deep ocean is a symbol of the emotions that are deep within your unconscious mind. Before you connected with the whale, you needed to see the higher dimensional circle of light in the midst of your deep unconscious mind. You then needed to totally surrender to that light and free your self of ALL expectations. The whale kept saying to you, “Let Go, Let Go!”

Once you connected with the light, it became clear that the whale had huge wings where once it had relatively small flippers. It was your love for all whales that allowed you to surrender to the watery darkness. You, Suzille, have been a whale on Sirius B. Thus, you could identity the whale as YOU.

Hence, the message to you and through you was, “If you can find the light hidden within your deepest unconscious, you will be able to connect with a deep wisdom within you that you have likely ignored. From your many years of being a psychotherapist, you had thought of the unconscious as a place where negative secrets were stored.

From the dream you remembered that the unconscious is also where your greatest wisdom, power and love, in this case personified as a huge whale with wings, can assist you to transmute into a higher expression of your SELF.

Of course, we the Arcturians have given the above message many times. However, it is more personal and has greater meaning when you see it, feel it, surrender to it and deeply experience a message through you own inner light. People's inner light is too often hidden in the deepest oceans of his/her unconscious mind.

They have all been indoctrinated to think that something is wrong with them, that they need to get better, that they should be mortified if they do something “wrong,” or if their body is bigger than a movie star’s body.

Television commercials have been a VERY successful tool of the cabal to diminish the self-esteem of those who watch it. Fortunately, TV commercials will soon, and are increasingly, ending.

People are choosing to enjoy their entertainment via a medium that is not based on commercials. In fact, commercials have a great deal of “subliminal” information that is unconsciously perceived by the viewer.

This subliminal information riddles your third dimensional media by creating invisible, negative thought forms. Because these negative/controlling messages are subliminal, they are often stored in one's unconscious mind.

You are then “unconsciously” guided to do what the subliminal message tells you to do “or else” you will lose your friends, get fat, be unhappy, lose your job…The list goes on and on.

It is for this reason that we are reminding you how to read Light Language. Light Language is beyond your third dimensional brain's ability to perceive. Therefore, it is often stored in yourunconscious along with that which you have repressed.

Yes, it is true that you have repressed past negative memories. However, you have also repressed memories of very positive events that you know you could not share with others, such as your many meeting with higher beings or visits to our Starship.

Hence, a very “wise whale” can been developed within ones unconscious mind. Once they have remembered how their unconscious mind/body reads Light Language and other higher experiences, they have an instant antidote for the negative subliminal messages that litter their third dimensional reality.

To read Light Language, you must first recognize the “feel” of it, as well as how to discern it from other symbolic, nonverbal language—such as commercials. Many commercials make you feel “not good enough” and that you “need to improve.”

On the other hand, Light Language makes you feel loved, honored and important just the way you are NOW. Light Language is filled with unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, and Violet Fire.

Therefore, when you receive Light Language you feel happy, honored, euphoric, or you sob from happiness and joy. This sobbing is a form of deep release from your daily negative indoctrination. This release of, “I didn’t know how upset, confused and lonely I was until I felt wonderful!”

This release of fearful emotions stored in you unconscious is one of the primary gifts of Light Language. Even though your 3D brain may not understand it, your unconscious mind and physical body FEEL the unconditional love and multidimensional light stored in ALL Light Language messages.

In fact, this love and light is the marker that proves that it really is Light Language that is steaming to you from the higher dimensions. We, your Galactic Family, are continually sending you Light Language messages.

Suzille was instructed to give “Morning Messages.” However, the flow of our message through her Throat Chakra began an initiation. An “initiation” usually arises when one is ready to shift into a higher resonance, but their unconscious mind must be cleared before they can fully accept their multidimensional gift.

Our channel has not been able to verbally transmit our message because she “lost her voice.” In reality, she did not lose all of her voice. She just lost the tones “in between” the higher and lower frequencies. For example, Suzille’s throat could express the high and low frequencies of sound, but not the frequencies “in-between.”

After the morning meditations of the whale, her voice slowly began to recover and she began to be able to experience brief moments when the “in-between” sounds could be expressed. It is then that her “voice would come back.”

In other words, her body received the Light Language message of, “Remember to be Fully Connected by joining the consciousness of your super-conscious self with the consciousness of your un-conscious self.

Since Light Language arises from your highest expressions of SELF and penetrates deep into your unconscious self, it is best perceived if you have fully connected your super-conscious self with your un-conscious self.

In this manner you can also remember how to “read” Light Language messages via the events of your daily life. When you are consciously connected to ALL the full range of your life, you can be fully connected to the full range of the life on Earth.

As you consciousness expands into higher frequencies of light, you will consciously perceive any darkness (which is actually fear) that you tucked away in you unconsciousness mind. Perhaps you hid that darkness, fear, negative behaviors, and old wounding in your unconscious mind because you did not believe that you could face them.

As your inner light grows brighter, you have the courage to consciously perceive and heal the dark secrets you have hidden in your unconscious self. Once this illusion of darkness is healed, your innate wisdom, power and love are revealed.

This wisdom, power and love then liberates your innate “loving whale being of wisdom and light.” This being was always there, but you hid it in your unconscious to protect it from a world that could believe in your whale or in you.

As you heal and honor your past, you have enough faith in your self to live in the NOW.
Within the NOW you are fulfilling your reason for incarnation.
Within the NOW you are free of past disappointments and future fears.
Within the NOW you are the best and highest version of your SELF that is NOW you.

Within the NOW, you no longer need to compare yourself to who you once were, or who youshould be in the future.

Within the NOW you can remember to unconditionally love, unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept your self.

Within the NOW you are free of the polarities and illusions of the 3D world and are able to perceive the multidimensional light of the ONE that is flowing into your life.

Within the NOW you are HOME and HOME is where you have always been.

Please join us in that NOW,

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This time...

There is a catalytic energy present at this time on the planet as all of the individual structures begin to melt and merge to create what looks like chaos. 

There will be something new born out of this, just like a cake is born out of the chaos of mixing together certain ingredients. Someone who does not understand that after you mix cake batter, you put it in the oven to bake it, could look at the goopy batter and think they made nothing. Many people on the planet will not recognize that there is a higher order behind the chaos-that there is a recipe being followed.

 Each of you has a specific assignment within this recipe. Of course, you have free will to determine how you will follow the recipe and be an ingredient of it. This free will allows you to decide the specifics of how you would like your life to be designed, although you must live out your blueprint. Whether you choose to do this with difficulty or with ease, in poverty or in richness, is up to you. It all depends on where you have been convinced to put your boundaries.

What can we say to convince you to take all of your boundaries down-to stop limiting what you believe can be yours? If there is anything we wish to achieve, it is to have each of you boundless and free, knowing that every thought you entertain somehow determines your experience. ~☜


~Bringers of the Dawn~

Barbara Marciniak


Mercury Retrograde: Don't Panic!Image: Brian Varcas

To set the scene………

There’s always much talk (and a fair amount of hype!) when Mercury turns retrograde, most of it pretty negative and doom laden. Mention of travel disruption, communication breakdown & misunderstandings abound. People roll their eyes and brace themselves for a few weeks of chaos and confusion as they anticipate the trickster aspect of Mercury messing with their lives. And yes, it can be true that these happenings occur more readily during Mercury’s retrograde phase, but the essence of the trick being played upon us is that they’re not negative events, but moments designed to stop us in our tracks and wake us up.
Many years ago I worked with an Ericksonian hypnotherapist who used the technique of unexpected mispronunciation (often of their name) to pull people up short and take them by surprise, inducing a moment where their ‘everyday’ consciousness was interrupted and a brief state was born into which he could then insert a hypnotic suggestion. Retrograde Mercury acts in much the same way. It suddenly presents us with the unexpected in the context of everyday life, lifting us out of the semi-conscious state in which we often pass our time. At that moment a new suggestion can be made by the cosmos. Seeds for the growth of a different perspective can be planted. If, however, we respond to this moment by frantically trying to return to the ordered world we thought we knew, a moment of creation and awakening can be lost, never to return.
The time of Mercury retrograde is always a time of truth, even when communications seem disrupted and misunderstandings are rife, because misunderstandings themselves are part of the truth of being human. When Mercury is retrograde we’re given a chance to address them and correct the course of events, rather than sweeping them under the carpet, ready to trip us up another day. Indeed, whatever Mercury retrograde brings to us, the best reflection is always, ‘What truth does this reveal to me, and why have I needed it revealed in this way at this time?’. The answers to these questions may be very enlightening indeed…
So no matter what you may have heard about how it’s nothing but a pain, causing disruption to our plans, throwing our communications awry and generally chucking a spanner into the works of our lives, the passage of Mercury retrograde is actually a gift from the heavens which gives us an opportunity to reflect, take stock, review, and correct mistakes we may previously have made in the rush and whirl of everyday life. It’s how we receive and use this gift that matters.
A while ago I heard someone tell a story of when they were travelling and every plane they were booked on was delayed or cancelled. They began to think they would never arrive at their destination and were becoming increasingly frustrated. In a packed airport departure lounge, filled with equally frustrated people, this person decided to make the best of a bad situation. She looked around to see who looked like someone she’d like to get to know better, noticed a woman in the corner, sat down next to her and sparked up a conversation. They ended up sitting together when the flight finally left, and in the course of their conversation on their shared journey, this person’s life was quite literally changed over-night. The seeds of a new perspective were sown. Now, I have no idea whether or not Mercury was retrograde at this time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, and this story gives a wonderful example of how retrograde Mercury can work…. if we let it!
Nothing that Mercury retrograde throws our way is insurmountable, no matter how disruptive it may feel at the time. And none of it is essentially negative or bad. So if Mercury retrograde messes with you, consider yourself blessed with an opportunity to wake up and smell the coffee, embrace the unexpected and be prepared for a new perspective. You see, despite the bad press, Mercury retrograde is actually our friend if we’ll only allow it to speak its often unwelcome message! It will reveal to us where adjustment is needed, within and without, and where our attention and focus may be hindering rather than helping us. It’s sent not to frustrate us but to show where flaws exist in our thinking and perception, which need to be addressed. It also gives us a valuable opportunity to revisit ground covered in the previous few months and correct any decisions or communications that need further attention. This is not the heavens wanting to trip us up, a cosmic banana skin on the pavement. No, this is the heavens giving us the chance to review, reflect and try a different way. Mercury’s regular retrograde cycle is a self-correcting mechanism of the universe, enabling things that need adjustment to be adjusted before it’s too late!  And for that reason alone we should welcome Mercury Retrograde with open arms…

A (very) brief explanation of what retrograde motion actually is…

When we say that a planet is retrograde, we mean that, from the perspective of the Earth, it appears to be moving backwards against the constellations of stars that form the zodiac signs as we know them. This phenomenon occurs because the speed at which the planet is orbiting the Sun is different to the speed at which the Earth orbits the Sun. Of course, the planet in question hasn’t suddenly changed direction, it merely appears to have done so at certain points in its orbit relative to the Earth. As such, planetary retrogradation is an illusion, but a significant one none-the-less, for the messages that it brings us about the inner work we need to undertake at those times.
All planets other than the Sun and Moon (which, of course, aren’t actually ‘planets’ anyway!)  undergo periods of astrological retrogradation, and the amount of time they spend retrograde lengthens according to their distance from the Sun, with the Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) remaining retrograde for several months but Mercury being retrograde for only about three weeks at a time.

The astrological significance of a retrograde planet

A retrograde planet in a birth chart renders the expression of that planet more contemplative and considered, less likely to unconsciously follow the herd. There can be both individuation and internalisation when a natal planet is retrograde: we express it in a more individual way due to the deeper level of consideration we bring to it, and we process its influence much more as an internal experience than as an external encounter. The riches of a retrograde planet are discovered within us, not through interaction with the outside world. Thus, when a planet is retrograde by transit (that is, at any current moment in our lives), we experience its influence more deeply within us, as we’re encouraged by the cosmos to contemplate the truths of life in a reflective way.

And a bit about the planet Mercury, Ruler of Gemini
(and, traditionally, Virgo)

The planet Mercury is the planet of communication, teaching, learning and understanding. It relates in part to our mind and intellect, how we go about gathering information and the way we communicate that information to others. It governs our interest in life in general, and how much we do or don’t interact with our environment. It also relates to our childhood education, our early life, to siblings and to our local environment and community. It seems like a broad range of areas covered by Mercury, but in essence they’re all about contact and connection in some form or other, whether it be the connection that we experience in early life via our immediate family and community, or the connection that we can nurture at any time through communication with others.
Mercury helps us understand life and make sense of our everyday experience. It does not, however, take us deeply into things, preferring to deal with the necessary surface issues of life before moving on to the next thing. Mercury is a flexible planet and its energy can be quite immature at times! It is often observed that Mercury has few morals. It’s not immoral, it’s amoral: it seeks understanding and recognises connections and possibilities without particularly engaging in the rights and wrongs of those possibilities. In myth, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. It wasn’t his job to judge the messages and information that he imparted, only to communicate them.
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, never journeying more than 28o away from it. As a result, the only possible aspects that can occur between the Sun and Mercury are the conjunction (0o) and the semi-sextile (30), and Mercury can only ever be in the same sign as the Sun, or the preceding or following sign. So, for example, everyone born with the Sun in Capricorn will have Mercury in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius.

Why everyone talks about Mercury Retrograde!

As you can see, Mercury is very influential in our day-to-day existence, ruling the building blocks of our interaction with others such as computers, the media, telecommunications, travel and our local environment. So it’s no wonder that we experience its effects quite readily. We all know the frustration of a computer crash, a cancelled train or a misunderstanding with someone that leaves everybody feeling out of sorts and dissatisfied. When Mercury turns retrograde these things can occur more frequently and with greater consequences, hence the negativity surrounding these periods of time.
But in allowing ourselves to be distracted by the practicalities of such inconveniences we can easily miss the deeper messages that Mercury holds for us because, remember, a retrograde planet turns us in upon ourselves to process its lessons within, not tackle them in the external world. If we focus all our energy and attention on getting our computer running again we may just miss the most important aspect of the trickster’s influence in our life… that which reminds us we’re actually in control of very little in life. In fact, it’s only ourselves over which we can really claim any sovereignty, and to tie ourselves in knots trying to control the material world and its vagaries is a long and exhausting journey with few rewards at the end of it!
Which, of course, isn’t to say that we shouldn’t sort out the computer problem or find a different route to that meeting we should be at when our train’s cancelled, but it does mean we should also remember there’s a whole other level to what’s going on, and the more we can engage with that too (and what better time to do that than sat in a station waiting room, or in a traffic jam, with nowhere to go and nothing to do?!) the better. Like the story mentioned earlier, of the woman who made the most of her disrupted journey and as a result met someone who changed her life, we too can use Mercury’s tricks and games to enhance the richness of our own existence if we choose.
Thank you for reading! I hope I’ve given you a new perspective on our trickster friend, who merely wants us on track and will do what it takes to get us there!
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 Sarah Varcas

Sunday, May 24, 2015


MAY 24, 2015
We come in love to assist all in their evolutionary journey of remembering.
The world appears to be filled with intense images of both good and evil at this time--duality expressed at its best and highest. This is because ever increasing energies of Light are greatly effecting the stability of anything and everything formed of old beliefs and concepts. Rejoice dear ones, for it is you doing the heavy lifting that is changing world consciousness--the outer is always a reflection of the inner.
Slowly but surely, a consciousness of Oneness is emerging. More and more people are being intuitively guided to assist man, animals, plants, and the environment of Gaia herself in whatever ways seem to be needed. An understanding of many within One, is gradually being born which starts on the unconscious level and then moves into conscious awareness.
Higher dimensional energies are serving to open the hearts of all who are ready, shifting them more deeply into the realization that every person, no matter the color of their skin or language they speak, as well as all life forms, are in and of the One substance and seek the same things according to their level of understanding. These things are peace, harmony, abundance, joy-- all facets of unconditional love, the Divine essence of all that exists, ever present and always calling.
Often it is only an experience of some seeming disaster that brings this awareness to those still holding tightly to a sense of separation, choosing to live in white towers of self-righteousness and power, and who see themselves as separate and better than everyone around them. When change comes for these people, rejoice not in their seeming "fall from grace" but in the realization that they too are learning and evolving, but doing it the "hard way".
Today's message is about love, a topic spoken of and discussed on all levels throughout the world.
A deep and truer understanding of the Divine nature of Love is vital to spiritual evolution. Love is the activity of oneness and is the basis for everything that exists. It is the glue that holds together all things and is interpreted and experienced according to the state of consciousness of the individual.
Example: Love, the connecting energy between all things within the One Omnipresent Consciousness, when interpreted through un-evolved states of consciousness will manifest outwardly as war, rape, abuse, and all the experiences of duality and separation. The One has never changed nor could it ever be less that what it is. It is the state of the individual consciousness as well as consensus consciousness that interprets and manifests how you see and experience the world.
A higher sense of love is beginning to awaken within the hearts of mankind. Love, the connecting energy between all living things is beginning to be experienced and acknowledged profoundly more than in belief systems of the past.
Most of you have lifetimes in which love was generally only thought of as something between a mother and child, or perhaps between friends or lovers and often with strings attached. Love was more of a barter and almost never unconditional. Often there was little or no love in marriages which were simply contracts assuring convenience and safety for two countries, or families. For those of poorer means, it often represented another pair of hands to do the work.
Women were more often than not, considered bargaining chips or simply chattels, a means to an end. Love even in the human sense rarely entered into the picture. When romantic love did happen, it was frequently discouraged or even forbidden if the union did not fulfill the concepts and beliefs of those in power, be it simple families or royalty.
There has been very little understanding of the real nature of Love except for the occasional mystic. Concepts based in duality and separation have ruled the consciousness of mankind lifetime after lifetime, conditioning and interpreting love as well as everything else, in very limited ways.
Love is beginning to be recognized as much more than simple emotional attachment. Over time those of a higher state of consciousness tried to reveal unconditional love through their words and actions, but for the most part people were unable to embrace that level of consciousness. Your inner work is birthing a new world consciousness and mankind is rapidly attaining an ability to learn about and live Love as the universal and unconditional truth of being that it really is.
You have evolved and are now ready to accept and integrate the deeper truth of unconditional love as being all there is. This must become an attained state of consciousness if you are to move into the higher dimensional energies emerging and available at this time which means awareness and practice on your part. You do not have to have fully attained this state of consciousness in order to move forward, but must have the honest intention to do so. The higher dimensions are dimensions of Love, and cannot be entered still holding fast to a consciousness of separation with all its accompanying judgement and criticism.
The necessity for unconditional love occasionally acts as a block for the spiritually ready individual unable to embrace the idea of having to love everyone. When this happens it means there is a misunderstanding of what unconditional Love really is. It is possible to have unconditional love even for those living at very dense levels of awareness once it is understood that unconditional love is not an acceptance of their actions nor a lowering into their level of consciousness.
It is not attraction to or acceptance of everyone and everything regardless of how much havoc they may be causing and neither is it an emotional desire to be with the person or place or thing although that can be a part of it. Unconditional Love is recognition--the recognition of ever present Divinity within all things even when the object does not care a whit about it.
Unconditional love means every person or situation you become aware of must be seen with new eyes, which in turn trains the mind to interpret in new and higher ways. Begin to visualize a diamond in the heart of every person you become aware of as you go about your day. Make this diamond a symbol representing the person's innate Divinity even if you do not like or respect what they represent. The news, the world, the things you hear about or see on TV are all opportunities to practice blessing the world through recognition.
There must come at some point, a realization of oneness in world consciousness if it is to evolve beyond duality and separation and you are Light workers making it happen.
Try and let go of judgement and criticism of appearances for fear, worry, and concern serves to give them a power they do not have and cements whatever illusory energy they do have. This can be difficult for those of you used to actively fighting the negative issues of the world in your quest for change.
You are being asked now to take the next step which is a letting go of resistance, and a moving into unconditional love. Your mind will accept this after awhile although at first it will rebel, for it has been trained in other ways.
This never means you cannot sign a petition, or take some action you are being guided to take. It does mean that your first action now becomes one of unconditional love which may or may not lead you to a next action.
Attaining this state of consciousness and the next step of your journey and you are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group 5/24/15