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~Why so many lightworkers are and have been through rough life and times

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Asking and intending to speak as clearly as possible and with the highest good for all. Intending to bring more information, joy, love, hope, clarity and faith for all of us.
Many awaken lightworkers are in the position where they look back their lives and see it to be very demanding. It is almost quarantined that more advanced you are, more pain and suffering there has been as some point of your life. The good question is why? Let me explain what I have found when I have been following my ray of light trough dimensions back to the source. You may use your personal assessment and knowledge and intuition to validate my thoughts or align them the way you interpret this subject. I am not claiming this to be the only truth. I need to shortcut lots of topics in this text that I could explain more and why things are like they are, but I am simply just stating some things as a truth without not explaining why. The reason for this is that the topic is so large, that we would need about +100.000 pages of book to explain it all and we could still find gaps and things to be explained.

The creation, everything, started from single point, from a void via thought by god. All we experience are initially from this single point, from this point of no time, space. This place is oneness, this place is full of love – and at this point you are the one, you are the god, the whole god. The universes and dimensions where created by blasting out the god outwards and individualizing the god into many – you are one of these many individualized fragments of the whole, of the god. The idea is to go “out” from the god, experience on its own creation and return back to god over the time and bring back the knowledge, the experience. When god blasted out and we individualized, we split and descended into many realms, many places. This creation was architected by master architects on many dimensions who are creative aiders of divine. The idea is that all is within the god, all is the god, so we all create and this creation has a free will. This idea cannot be manipulated and changed by any means ever, we are infinitely one.
Earth is just one location where the creation is ongoing – it has expanded out from divine and created by experiencers for many more to experience. But as god is self-creative, expansive and in everything it is not just humans that experience – also water, rocks, trees, animals and many more experience but the very different way than human. Earth it is enormously intensive place to experience –one of the most interesting and demanding places there is. Especially the intensity of experience has been on a direction it is no longer what it was aimed to be, but as god always know the end-result even before anything started, so the destiny of earth has been always known; will return back to divine at some point. As there is no rush, no time, god have all patience to wait that we here at Earth align to he’s love completely and fully. The earth as place of experience become almost unbearable place to experience because of its suffering so something needed to be done. The co-creators at higher realms and master architects pondered on the divinely aligned action to help earth to accelerate back to balanced divine creation. As Earth creation has got to a timelines at times, where the mass destruction and suffering would reach points that it would start to escalate too much into other systems and dimensions, something needed to be done. The earth “native souls” who started to develop the planet after they left the divine, got influenced by higher dimensional forces that has decided to have their own experiment without the approval of all master architects at the all universes. The spin-off experiments was to try out how to create from point of separation instead of unity that is the simple principle of god – we are all one, we are all responsible. These forces who span out the dive unity towards separation, created an illusion of good and bad by example using separation of religions, separation of countries, promoting wars via beliefs on lack of “something” and creating fear of sickness. As these energies know the power of belief and fear and their combination, they helped human to create a collective experience on earth of suffering, where so little amount of joy and goodness was present. These fear based beliefs became hard-wired on many levels of human system that it started to accelerate this separation and it almost ended this whole race even before it tasted the glorious feeling of love and unity.
This is a long introduction why so many lightworkers choose the rough life as a human; the earth direction, as it is based on divine free will by beings who inhabit it, is partially directed by hope, belief and love but only within the earth – this means that all we experience if we strictly look at who created it is the humans. Each human being is connected to earth collective grid (etheric non visible energy field). This grid shape the experience for us and the knowing ie. common sense. We all, mainly at the moment unconsciously, exchange “commons sense” in and out from us to and from the grid – I mean by unconscious the fact that many people are not fully aware of the power of thought, feeling, hope and beliefs and how it effects on the grid. Many things are self-evident for us, many things make total sense for us without not even any teaching – this information comes for us from the grid. We may laugh older generations when they did not know something that is for us so clear. These things that are self-evident are the ones that are collectively accepted as a truth and these reminds in the earth collective grid where we unconsciously tap and create our commons sense. One of these current examples of self-evident things is the life at the other planets in the universe. The commons sense is changing to accept this fact that there is life at the other places than earth. Previously example 20 years ago the common belief was mainly against the life on other planets. But as we move along on the time the commons sense in within next 20 years will be; yes there absolutely is life out there in the universe. This will be proven scientifically and it will radically influence on this belief.
The universal truth of unity and love is something that does not have any copyright. These are not innovations of any individual this is an idea of what we are at our source, at our home where we all are from. When the Earth got misaligned from this unity path and became a place of separation, black and white, true or false, enemy and loved ones, something needed to be done. The call went out to the universe by divine; please send a fragment of you to live a human career, but this time I am asking you to go as a large group and as an ordinary individual and I advise you to choose a career that has the impact from within the humanity as possible. So when a divine call for earth career went out for many realms many planned a career based on this divine call. As this earth career aim was to influence on earth gird only within many choose a family full of issues in order to have a chance to directly influence positively on the ordinary life. These souls when born to these families have no idea who they are during they live their life in earth. The quantity of issues, suffering and pain was taken into these bodies to wait the time of healing and release. When these individuals when they hold incredible quantity of light takes these experiences they experience everything as amplified emotion, but also the healing and transmutation of these experiences. These new souls who came in as newcomer to earth did not plan to rise above ordinary people and they remind unknown for masses even after they pass away. These ordinary people are the one who heal family trauma, trauma of war, align the concept of separation. They do this work by living a human career by changing the thinking of families, by shifting possibly only a handful of people but with this have a huge impact on collective grid. There is so many of these lightworkers that their collective effect via ordinary life is incredible efficient. But as anything, all starts within – these people cannot change anybody – but they can show the way for new thought, the new love. But these masters who came are not by any measure greater than any native Earth soul, who actually are also from the same source, from the god. Some of us ended up to earth and it is now our time to help and to have a glorious victory of love within here to remember who they are.
The huge change on separation paradigm is shifting towards unity thinking. We are aided at so many levels on this and even the planetary weather pattern changes are part of this shift. We are awaken by severe series of storms to consider again the more aligned technologies with planetary balance. So all I can really do to love these storms also.
Now once we live our life at our family, we may want to consider how to help our own family. Many lightworkers have needed to cut the family out, in order to be able to build the own energy and light. But now we may want to re-connect. Our own relatives who may be stuck on negativity and circle of blame, needs to feel also the new thought of hope, belief and love. This lightwork we do at our own families is very important but very demanding because we / them need to heal the past trauma by going releasing these deeply embedded issues at subconscious and cellular memory. As we know we cannot change nobody, we can just guide and gently try to help people to see who they truly are within. At times this work is easy – it just require us to be patient and wait the right time to talk with them about the miracles of the universe, the beauty of the unity and a power of prayer and forgiveness and the awakening happens.
As anything is possible so is full healing and forgiveness of family issues. As there is no any other way than back to oneness, so we all need to face each other again the way or another so why not to start immediately by example doing some praying.




Reality echoes each thought and emotion
To create a world of peace or commotion

Inside our SELF is our true Being
WE are the ONE we are hearing and seeing

We have been taught WE are too small
So some one else must answer our call

But all the some ones are of the ONE
And shine together as one bright Sun

The moon reflects its hollow globe
And from within it sends a strobe

This strobe of light is all we know
While we live within the 3D Show

We are the projector, the film and the story
We create both misery and our greater glory

Our thoughts, the Sun, and our emotional Moon
Invent the reality we will live soon

We gnash our teeth and pull our hair
As we cry and yell, “Life is not fair.”

But we create the life we live
We are the ones who take and give

If we could master Sun and Moon
We’d live the NOW, instead of soon

Time, you see, it is not real
It’s based on what we think and feel

If we master US, we master TIME
To BE the NOW, oh so sublime

All lives on 3D Earth, which we perceive as being in the past, present and/or future, will be free from time once we enter into the NOW of the fifth dimension. Within the ever present NOW we will realize that all our multidimensional realities include our 3/4D lives that simultaneously exist within the NOW. It is only the filter of our 3D perception that separates our myriad physical lives into separate and different time zones.

In the fifth dimension and beyond, all timelines run simultaneously like different currents in a stream. All these currents vary in speed, temperature and often source. It is the same for the flow of the NOW. While in the NOW of your multidimensional world you can, and have, chosen to engage in the experiment of time. Time separates realities into genders, polarities and past, present and future.

In the NOW there is no sense of a sequential time; hence you are HERE NOW. The 3D filter is based on a perceivable steady beat of time, which allows you the experience of doing only one thing at time. You can do "one thing at a time" because time is separated into individual, separate calculations. In the same manner, all your perceptions are separated, as the space in-between persons, places and things resonate to a frequency beyond the conscious perception of your 3D senses.

This separation creates a great deal of polarity, and this polarity is the core of judgment. The judgment of I am better than you, which often results in conflicts, has amplified all polarities into my perception is better than your perception. Of course, humanity did not realize that they were talking about perceptions. Instead, they simply believed that “I am better than you,” or “What I have is better than what you have.”

If "I" am better than "you," then I have permission to take control of you. Also, since my value is based on my possessions if what "I" have is better than what "you" have, then "I" can take your possessions. This type of thinking creates a basis for a hierarchal, third-dimensional society. The comparison of who and what is better, as well as the hierarchal format of society, does NOT exist in a fifth dimensional reality.

The residents of the 3D Earth within the timeline of 2014, which is Year Two of New Earth, have an amplified opportunity to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension. Once their consciousness extends beyond, time, separation and hierarchical alignment these concepts will become old fashioned and somewhat barbaric to the ascending ones perceptions.

Gradually, and sometimes suddenly, these ascending ones will alter their thinking from the separation and limitations of their polarized world and into the ever-increasing fifth-dimensional memories and yearnings for a world in which every person, place and being is equal.

Most importantly, this equality will encourage unity. Even within the 3D paradigm, those who see themselves as equals will find comfort in gathering together. In the 5D paradigm, all is equal. Hence, every person, place and being has equal rights and is considered as "good company."

This feeling of "good company," whether it is with humans, animals, plants, insects, Elementals, and/or higher dimensional beings, *creates a deep sense of “Unity Consciousness.” When a majority of humans reach a critical mass of Unity Consciousness, as the plant, animal and higher kingdoms already resonate to unity, then Planetary Consciousness will be achieved.
(*Critical mass: a size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result.)

Rest assured that “a majority of humans” is not measured in numbers of individuals but in the light quotient of the human collective. Since one awakened person’s light quotient is ten times greater than those who still slumber, critical mass will be accomplished with far less than a majority of Earth humans.

Planetary Consciousness means that the planet is perceived as a living being who has dedicated Her body to be a format for evolutionary development and the completion of the experiment of polarity and individuality. Once humanity joins in the unity consciousness of the planet's animal, plant and mineral kingdom, the shift into the fifth dimension will be greatly accelerated.

Humans, who were meant to be the Keepers of the Land, have limited Gaia's ability to transform Her planet by damaging her land, sea, sky, animals and plants, as well as the mineral and elemental kingdom. This damage has kept Gaia in a healing mode rather than an ascending mode.

Fortunately, those who have connected with unconditional love via Unity Consciousness with their Higher SELF can share that love with Earth. As this unconditional love is integrated into the body of Gaia the growing Unity Consciousness will increasingly expand into Planetary Consciousness. It is in this manner that the ascension of the entire planet, and all who hold form there, will progress.

Imagine a wave of light bearing the gift of unconditional love sweeping across the face of Earth. In fact, use your great power of imagination to see that image in your Third Eye and feel it in your High Heart. Each of you will perceive this glorious picture a bit differently. This diversity is a wonderful blessing for your Mother Gaia.

As you allow this vision to enter your imagination:
Feel how that wave of unconditional love filled light feels...
Breathe in this sensation…
Imagine how this love for all life is slowly transforming into a feeling of bliss…
Feel the immense power and confidence of unconditional love

With these feelings, observe your accompanying thoughts…
Allow your brain to become your mind…
Now, surrender your mind into your multidimensional mind…

From this state of consciousness you can see, feel and understand how the flow of unconditional love moves deep into the core of the Earth and out into the furthest reaches of Her atmosphere.

Who and what would live in this resonance of reality?
Who and what could match this resonance?

The answer is YOU!
YOU are Gaia's hope. Look not into the skies to be rescued by our Galactic and Angelic legions. Instead, look into your SELF to find your own galactic and angelic essence. You need not wonder why we have not landed.


Instead of looking up or out - look IN! That for which you are waiting exists within the NOW of your great, Multidimensional SELF.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Thursday, December 26, 2013



The small child very much wanted the
brightly wrapped present.
But somehow she felt she didn't deserve it.

Each time it was given to her
she retreated in shyness and lowered her eyes.

How could that lovely prize be hers?
How could she accept it?

“Just take it,” came a kindly voice.
“There are others who know more than you.
Even though you cannot see
all that has brought this to you,
know that it is yours.”

The child did not understand.
But she trusted the kindly voice and
timidly reached for her prize.

But, as she touched it,
it disappeared.

“Where has it gone?”
cried the child.

“Why, it is yours now,”
said the voice.

 “It is no longer something
that you must reach for.
It is something now,
which you must own.”

As we move into New Earth, we must remember that that which we thought of as "modesty" was actually a form of fear. We are adults in the NOW of our Multidimensional SELF. Thus, we must OWN that SELF and live it in our daily life. 

We are moving into a wonderfully special epic of our myriad sojourns onto the body of Gaia. We waited in line and wrote a petition to have the honor of taking an incarnation in the transitional era. 

We are complete NOW. We have changed into adults! 


Once there was a baby bird.
He could not fly nor feed himself.
Helpless, he lay in the nest and
waited for his parents
to bring him nourishment.

Because the bird was so dependent
he grew to worship those who cared for him.
After all, without them, he would die.

However, over time,
the bird began to change.
The fluff on his body began to drop away
and something else took its place.

Of course, when the bird
began to lose his fluff
he became very worried.

“What is this ‘something else’?
What if this ‘something else’
is not as good as my fluff?” he cried

Also, to make matters worse,
the growing bird’s parents
did not come as often with food.

They left him alone in the nest,
which was becoming smaller every day,
for what seemed to be a very long time.

And now the “something else”
began to itch.
The bird wanted to shake himself
and spread his arms.

But, alas, the nest had become quite small
and, if the bird were to move at all,
he had to stand on the very edge of it.
One day, when the nest had seemed
very small and the bird felt very itchy,
he stood on the edge of his nest
and stretched out his arms.

Just as he did so, a gust of wind came up
and blew the terrified bird from his nest.

Oh no! 
The parents were gone again
and the ground was very far away.
Surely, he would die.

Whatever could he do to save himself?
Clearly, he was all alone with no one to help.
And oh, he itched so terribly.

But, at least now, he could stretch himself,
if only for a few moments.
But something happened
when the bird stretched out his arms.

The very evil wind that had
blown him from his nest
seemed to catch him by the “something else”
that was hanging from his arms.

“My, this is wonderful,”
thought the bird.
“Even if my end is near, at least I can enjoy
what time I have left.”

Then, just before the bird
reached the ground
he thought to look up to where he had been
and to where he would never return.

Surprisingly, as he did so,
the wind carried him in that very direction.

The bird became so very excited
that he rapidly moved his arms
with the something else hanging from them.

For the first time, he really looked at himself
and found that he was just like his parents.

“Why, these are wings,” cried the bird.
“And I am flying.”

So the end was really the beginning.
And, what the young bird
 had thought was his death,
was really a new life.

Blessings on your new life! We are HERE NOW! 
The most difficult part will be to release of habit of being third dimensional.

by Suzanne Lie, PhD

Sunday, December 22, 2013


DECEMBER 22, 2013
We come to wish you all a very Merry experience in the season of Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever you are choose to celebrate in this season. It carries an energy of joy and it matters not that some may choose to name it something other than Christmas. It is a season that promotes celebration, love, and the experiences of Oneness--the underlying energy of Christmas.
Christmas to Christians, means the birth of Jesus but many who call themselves Christians fail to look beneath the rites, rituals, and celebrations of a birth 2000 years ago, getting caught up in much of it without any deeper understanding of the core truths of the event. Rituals in and of themselves have only the importance or power they are given, for they are simply representations of deeper truths. Begin to ponder the deeper meanings of this season for the outer, material sense of anything is always an interpretation of its spiritual reality.
Enjoy the festivities and try to let go of any concerns you may hold. Stand and observe with a lightness of heart letting yourselves join whatever activities resonate with you. Along with the difficult lessons, you are meant to experience joy and learn to be happy, and now is a perfect time and good excuse for those of you who have difficulty doing this. For too long spiritual living has been equated dull stoicism and suffering, even to the point of believing that self inflicted pain will make one more "holy". This is pure nonsense dear ones, know that these erroneous concepts were seeded into world consciousness by those who stood to benefit from mankind's' belief in such things. Joy carries the energy of the Divine.
You are here to learn yes, and a large part of that learning is to integrate the energy of joy and love thus allowing you to then express it, for you cannot flow outwardly that which you believe you do not have.
The holiday season is bringing confusion for some of you. You are feeling the need to question many of your traditional beliefs and this is good, for it means you are no longer just taking for granted that life can be lived only in a particular way, and that anything other than that one way is incorrect. The world is a diverse and wonderful one filled with many traditions and different ways of expression for you to experience. Those who forever stick only to what they know believing that it is the only way, will never enjoy the world's infinite diversity.
Anything in your life that no longer resonates with you, have the courage to release. This does not mean you push it deeper inside, simply walk away, or ignore any human footsteps needing to be taken for these are frequently karmic situations needing to be once and for all, resolved. Letting go is NOT an excuse to simply avoid something unpleasant that may be presenting itself to you. Spiritually, letting go means is that you go deeper within and take a long look at the particular issue as to why it no longer resonates with you. Honestly examine your belief system, asking yourself; "What am I believing about this person, place, event, experience etc." and then ask yourself; "Is this true or is this a concept I am still holding that is in and of the third dimensional belief system?". You will quickly begin to see the issue from a new perspective and this gives you the power to then let it go and at the same time, send unconditional love and light to all involved. Ask for guidance, your Guides are just waiting for you to ask. Write everything bothering you down and take time to really examine your belief system. It can be very painful to release something you have grown accustomed to even when that something is dense and heavy and you know you would be better off without it. This goes for relationships, traditions, habits, or anything that feels old and finished.
Open yourselves to the true meaning of Christmas dear ones, open yourselves to the celebration, gratitude, happiness, and joy of letting the Christ (Light) be born within each of your hearts not relegating it to one event that happened long ago. Let Christmas take place in every moment of every day within you. The birth of the Christ takes place in a humble (the stable) heart, one that has released and moved beyond ego and self importance (duality and separation). This is the true message of Christmas. Look deeper.
We celebrate with you, dear ones. We celebrate with you the remembrance of the message of Oneness as was given to the world through the event of 2000 years ago. This was and is Jesus's eternal gift to you--acknowledge and accept this gift through your own ever deepening understanding of his messages and then begin to live them without judgement, criticism, or self-righteousness.
Christmas is not just for those calling themselves Christians, for it is a celebration of universal Oneness, to be interpreted on ever deepening levels. Many so called atheists and agnostics practice the truths of Oneness perfectly and often more completely than many calling themselves "Christians". Try to not place labels on anything or anyone, but simply focus on your own journey to live the message of Christmas. This is true Christianity and the message of Jesus.
Merry Christmas
We are the Arcturian Group 12/22/13

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

We will divide our message into two parts. The first will deal with the escalation of your current Chaotic Node and the second with the nuclear facility at Fukushima Japan.

The Escalation of your current Chaotic Node

In relationship to previous Chaotic Nodes, this one is highly volatile.

From our perspective, the primary reason for this is related to changes in your Sun’s magnetic field. Indeed the escalation of this Chaotic Node is tied directly to the magnetic field shift that your Sun is entering.
There are anomalies present in this phase of your Sun’s magnetic field-shift, and your scientists are puzzled about the reasons for this odd behavior. As the Sun enters a more dynamic phase of magnetic reversal, including the period directly after the Sun’s magnetic poles shift, we anticipate further escalations of your current Chaotic Node. Any technological device or biological system that uses electromagnetic fields is subject to aberrations during this phase of the Sun’s magnetic pole reversal.

Do not be surprised if your computers and telecommunications devices present erratic behavior. As biological organisms, you are being continually stressed by this particular Chaotic Node, and depending upon your level of sensitivity you might be experiencing sleep disturbances, emotional volatility, cognitive dissonance, memory glitches and an inability to sequence mentally—in the ways you are used to.

While we mentioned these aberrations in our previous message, we think you will see an increase of these phenomena as your Sun enters a mo re dynamic shift in its magnetic fields—including the period after the actual magnetic pole reversal occurs.

We suggest you refer to our previous message, Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes, for a simple method that might assist you as you move through the escalation phases of this current Chaotic Node.

The nuclear facility at Fukushima, Japan is in a critical phase of its decommissioning. This involves removing highly radioactive rods from one of its damaged reactors. It is most unfortunate that this is taking place during the escalation phase of your current Chaotic Node, but such is the nature of duality.
Fukushima poses a major ecological threat to the entire Pacific Basin, and if the radioactivity is not contained it will eventually threaten the ecosystem of the entire planet.

This is a very complex situation.

Three of the reactors experienced core meltdowns during the Earthquake in 2011. There is no current technology available to handle this level of radioactivity. In addition to leakage from storage facilities at Fukushima where radioactive water is stored, underground streams that flow underneath Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean are being contaminated by the three core meltdowns.

From our perspective this is having dire consequences.

We are proposing the use of a specific sound meditation for the purposes of supporting the nature spirits of this region, to support the human beings who are engaged in the dangerous and critical decommissioning of this facility and for the inspiration of new technologies to deal with the crisis. This sound meditation is for those of you committed to planetary service for the “long haul” as you say.

The situation at Fukushima will continue in various forms for at least the next two to three decades unless hitherto unknown new technologies arise to deal with the core meltdowns and the contamination of underground streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean.

If you feel an alignment with this purpose and a resonance with the sounds that comprise this meditation we invite you to join this planetary work.

To fully participate in this sound mediation and to have a positive impact upon the situation, you must have clarity, vibrational fortitude and perseverance. This is a calling to high spiritual mastery under dire circumstances.
Let us address the three attributes required.


The clarity required here is the recognition that as creator-beings you have the capacity and the right as human beings living on this planet, especially collectively, to change outcomes. This is done through clarity of purpose and clarity of emotion. It is the union of thought and purpose joined with coherent emotion that will produce the most positive impact.
Vibrational Fortitude
Metaphorically speaking you are swimming in the debris field of a global energetic tsunami.

You are witnessing the collapse of civilization as you have known it, and the birthing of a new civilization. But one consequence of such radical shifting in such a short period of time is the arising of fear.

In order to participate in this global meditation, this form of planetary service, you must temporarily transcend your fear responses. You must enter a highly coherent state of emotional vibration to be effective in this.


Because the situation at Fukushima will continue in various forms for many years, this is not a short-term application of spiritual mastery. It requires that you revisit the situation in meditation many, many times. The task of applying yourself to the task at hand, i.e., the transformation of the situation at Fukushima through highly coherent states of emotion and clarity of purpose, requires your attention multiple times. In other words, after you get a sense of the meditation, you re-enter it whenever you feel called to do so and until the situation at Fukushima has been fully resolved.

The Meditation

The sounds that comprise this meditation impart healing energies to the nature spirits of the region surrounding Fukushima. It also imparts support to the human beings engaged in the task of decommissioning the facility.

When you listen to this sound meditation, you would ideally enter a state of vibrational resonance you might describe as ecstasy, impersonal love, appreciation or gratitude. While remaining in one, or all, of these coherent states for the entire duration of the meditation, you imagine positive outcomes in whatever ways they present themselves to you.

If you do not know how to enter ecstasy and wish to experiment with this coherent state of being, we suggest you read a previous message entitled Ecstasy and the Heart, which presents a simple method for generating this state of consciousness.
It is not so important which coherent state of consciousness you use, i.e., ecstasy, impersonal love, appreciation or gratitude. But it is a vital necessity that you attain a highly coherent state that transcends fear in order to be effective during this meditation.

Without knowing how it will be accomplished you hold the clear intention that the situation at Fukushima be resolved for the benefit of life upon this planet.

Collectively this intention will set a quantum field effect into motion. The purpose of this energetic is to inspire new technologies and new ways of dealing with the situation.
The meditation itself is 3 minutes and 28 seconds long.

Personal Protection

If you live within or near the Pacific Basin we suggest you refer to a previous message entitled Medicines of Light. This is a mind/body/spirit process that engages your higher dimensional aspects to protect your biological expression, i.e., your physical body.


This message is a calling to a specific and highly demanding form of planetary work and service. You will know if you have been called to participate in this form of Planetary Service for you will feel a response in your heart/mind and an enlivening of your being.

We have said it before, and we will say it again, “The journey of an Initiate is the art of applying consciousness to life.” It is through this application that you gain greater mastery.

To those of you who feel called to join this particular form of planetary service, we extend to you our deepest appreciation.

The Hathors

November 26, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Shortly after the Japanese earthquake of 2011, which severely damaged the Daiichi Nuclear Facility at Fukushima, I was in meditation when I unexpectedly found myself on an imaginal cliff overlooking the island of Japan.
A Tibetan Buddhist lama by the name of Yabsong Rinpoche was sitting by my side. He pointed down and said “Soon the entire world will be suffering like Japan.”

It would seem that his words are turning out to be sadly prophetic.

It is not in the scope, or the purpose of this message, to discuss the many ecological danger signals that point to Fukushima. Anyone interested in exploring the increasingly large pool of data, beyond the superficial treatment of the crisis by our mainstream media, can find a lot on the Internet by doing a search of the words “Fukushima radiation,” “Fukushima core meltdown,” and “Fukushima debris field.”

I would just urge you to keep your “wits” about you as there is a lot of erroneous and hyperbolic information floating out there about the disaster. The facts are scary enough without having to go into unsubstantiated speculation. For the sake of clarity I would suggest reading reports from reputable scientists—especially those in the fields of nuclear energy, ecology and the marine sciences, as well as those who work in the fields of epidemiological research (meaning where cancer and radiation related illnesses are increasing in various populations including Japan and North America). I would also give more weight to respected alternative news sources. In my opinion these include, but are certainly not limited to, The Huffington Post (, Energy News (, Simply Info (, The Guardian (, and Greenpeace (

Background on the Fukushima Sound Meditation

After the Hathors asked me to channel this sound meditation to help with the crisis, I asked them—ever the skeptic—to explain how this meditation could possibly change the course of such a true debacle. After all, radiation of the type being released by Fukushima is highly toxic and damaging to most biological life-forms including we humans who have perched ourselves on the top rung of the evolutionary ladder, a position I consider to be highly tenuous.

They explained that the sound meditation would focus on the three areas mentioned in their message above—1) to assist the nature spirits of the area, 2) to assist the humans who are undertaking such a critical task under the direst of circumstances and 3) to inspire other humans in the sciences and technology sectors to create new technologies capable of dealing with the unprecedented challenges that Fukushima presents.

Interestingly, the Hathors are of the opinion that in addition to new radiation management technologies, some of these new technologies will be “biologically based” and will be developed by cell biologists, as well as by researchers who work with mushrooms and fungi.

The Hathors contend that when the Meditation itself is engaged properly, those working with it will, in effect, create a quantum field-effect that can affect future possible outcomes around Fukushima. In essence, those who work the meditation will be Jumping Timelines, as the Hathors call it.

This is a very important piece of information, in my opinion, as it provides a theoretical understanding how such an ephemeral thing as this meditation could affect such a terrible situation in three-dimensional reality. I therefore suggest you read a previous Hathor message entitled Jumping Timelines, if you haven’t already read it. (Note: Click on the link above or go to and click on the Hathor tab. You will be taken to the Hathor Archives. Simply scroll down to the message titled Jumping Timelines).

I imagine that some readers might like to know what transpired for me during the recording process, and I will do my best to describe my experiences although, quite frankly, I find that words fail to capture the staggering breadth of energies and cosmic assistance being offered to humanity in this most precarious of passages. If you don’t care for such matters, just skip down to the subtitle The Meditation where I clarify the nuts and bolts of how to do it.
A Descent of Light

With the very first notes of the first channeling that became the foundation track of the recording, I psychically sensed a tower of white light descending from space into the Fukushima reactors and the surrounding environs.
As I recorded other channeled sounds, the light often changed to a type of violet flame, which I interpreted as an effort to transmute the very difficult energetic conditions. I also clearly sensed other colors from the light spectrum—especially gold, silver, blue and purple—indicating to me that many spirit beings from the realms of light were adding their assistance as well.

At one point during the recording process, some of which took place in the wee hours of the morning, I was overcome with pathos as the channeled sounds began to flow from the Devic Kingdom to the nature spirits around Fukushima. For a moment I was flooded with a sense of utter despair coming from the nature spirits in the region, so much so that I had to stop recording and regroup myself in order to find a state of emotional balance so that I could continue with the channeling.

About one-third into the recording, you can probably hear three distinct voices to the far stereo left, far stereo right and stereo center. These are the voices of three High Devas (in my language meaning high up the vibrational scale at the juncture between the High Astral and the Etheric). For me these voices carry a sense of spiritual fortitude and strength mixed with a soft and gentle compassion.

These extraordinary beings were directing their energy and full intent to support both the nature spirits of the region as well as the human beings who are faced with the daunting task of decommissioning the facility.

The Meditation

The recording is 3:28 minutes long.

Although the Hathors described the meditation quite well, for the sake of clarity, here are the steps:
Enter a coherent state of emotion such as appreciation, gratitude, impersonal love and/or ecstasy. Consciously enter a state of appreciation, gratitude, impersonal love and/or ecstasy according to your own capacity to enter coherent states of consciousness. The simplest coherent state for most people to enter at will, is simple appreciation. If you are more adept at these things, you can choose one of the more complex coherent emotional states as you wish. But to be clear, simple appreciation is enough of a coherent state to make the meditation effective. As the Hathors clearly state, you must be in a coherent state of mind and emotion that transcends fear in order to be effective at this.
Listen to the sound meditation while you remain in this coherent emotional state.

Imagine, in whatever ways seem natural to you, that the situation at Fukushima is being resolved in life benevolent ways.

This type of knowingness is not just idle hope or mere fantasy on our part. It is the engineering of intention through the union of coherent emotion and mental clarity.

This energized clarity is what creates the quantum field effect that the Hathors described to me when I asked them how such a meditation could contribute anything real to the situation.

In other words, as those of us around the world engage the meditation, we will set into motion a movement of energies that can constellate into new and more positive outcomes. How this will show up will be anybody’s guess. But if the meditation is successful through all our joint efforts, I would expect to see an increase in both serendipity and new forms of creative problem solving in relationship to Fukushima.

I suspect that within our world sangha there will be many variations of the meditation. The important thing is to work with it in ways that seem natural and plausible to you. Those of you who are experienced in engineering outcomes through meditative states of mind will undoubtedly know what to do. For those of you new to this type of meditation, my primary suggestion is to let yourself settle into and be enveloped by the coherent emotion that you have chosen. As you “let go” and really experience the coherency of your chosen emotion, you will eventually find a deep intuitive sense emerging. This type of intuition is from your own heart/mind and it will reveal to you how to proceed via your creative imagination. In other words, once you have entered deeply enough into coherency and set into motion your intention of imagining a resolution, ideas will spontaneously arise within your mind.

One of the many things I appreciate about this sound meditation is that it is short and effective. It shifts my brain state into a very receptive state quite quickly, and due to its length I find that I can easily fit the meditation into my daily schedule.

This meditation is to be done on your own whenever you choose to engage it. There are no plans at this point to have a global world meditation where we all meditate at the same time.
An important thing to remember is that this is not a one-time deal. If this experiment in consciousness is to be effective, the meditation will need to be engaged by many of us around the world multiple times for many years if not decades. Indeed, for those of you who choose to undertake this form of planetary service, the meditation is a profound calling to presence. Furthermore, this level of work will require a level of spiritual fortitude and perseverance that is, for most of us, unprecedented.

A Final Thought

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - Albert Einstein

Click here to listen to and/or download the Fukushima Sound Meditation (3:28mins)

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