Thursday, July 30, 2020


The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased and excited to share with you what we believe the month of August will be all about there on planet Earth. We have been working with a Pleiadian collective and a Sirian collective to put together a package of energies that will work quite nicely with the other energies that you have coming in for the month of August. It is our intention to make this upcoming month be all about you finding your core within. This is the month of humankind recognizing the Divine that is always present within each and every one of you.

We really want to hammer home the truth that you all are Source Energy Beings, and that you have access to All That Is when you focus inwardly, when you give your full and undivided attention to the unconditional love that exists at your core, at your heart-center. If you are going to lead humanity as the awakened collective, then you have to be the ones who hold the Christ Consciousness within you. You have to be the ones to demonstrate to the rest of humankind what is possible when you truly know yourselves as Divine Beings of Light and Love.

What we see there on Earth is far too much waiting around for something to occur that will rescue humanity from yourselves. Only humanity can truly rescue humanity. There are, of course, beings and collectives like ourselves who are doing everything in our power to help you awaken as a collective, to guide you back into yourselves, and to remind you of how powerful you are. But there are far too many humans out there telling you that you aren’t as powerful as some cabal group and that you have to wait for some kind of solar flash to come and rescue all of you.

It’s time to stop pinning all of your hopes on one politician saving the day, or even a group of well-meaning individuals defeating the bad guys. What humanity needs now, and what this upcoming month is giving you the opportunity to recognize, is that Divinity activated within as many of you who are willing to go out there on a limb in the same way the one known as Yeshua once did. Remind everyone that they are Source, that they are Divine, that they are creating all of this as an illusion so that they can wake up from the dream and become the powerful beings of light they truly are.

Welcome in the August energies with open arms, and take that full knowing of who you really are out into the world. Spread the light, spread the love, spread the healing, and offer compassion and forgiveness freely, and you will see your world transformed in a way that nothing else could possibly accomplish. You are the ones to truly embrace your true nature as Divine Beings, and it will be a group effort to bring the rest of humanity along for this very fun, joyous, and beautiful ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
Photo by: Karin Miller


La imagen puede contener: texto que dice ""If you think that people who live thousands of míles, or kilometers, away are scary because they are different, then how is person who thinks that way going to handle an extra-terrestrial from qnother star system? Once again, it is you the awakened collective to lead the way, to show to getting past those fears. you need to set the very positive example by connecting with as many different people as you can. need to aside any ideological differences order to do this." 00 The 9D Arcturian Council"

 Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been exploring how all of you can live on a world where you do not feel connected as a global society, a global community, even though you have the ability in this day and age to travel to other countries and to connect with people from all across the planet with your internet. We understand how a person can be programmed into believing that the way they grew up was the right way to be in the world, but at a certain age, at a certain level of maturity, it would seem quite natural for all humans to want to explore something different. It would make logical sense for you all to want to get to know other people, living in far off lands, with different customs, different traditions, different rituals.
And of course, there are many humans who feel that way, who want to expand their horizons, but the vast majority of humans still prefer to be around people who are almost exactly like them. And it is very limiting. It is very challenging for the expansion of the consciousness when a person stays in the town they grew up in and doesn’t show any interest in what’s happening in the rest of the world.
When we look at human history, it begins to make more sense to us because oftentimes there would be an attack on a village, on a community, and that attack would come from outsiders, from people who didn’t look, or talk, or act like the villagers who were under attack. And so, what you are there to do now is process those fears. You need to process your fear of the unknown, of the outsider, if you are going to be ready for full extra-terrestrial contact.
If you think that people who live thousands of miles, or kilometers, away are scary because they are different, then how is a person who thinks that way going to handle an extra-terrestrial from another star system? Once again, it is up to you as the awakened collective to lead the way, to show others the path to getting past those fears. You need to set the very positive example by connecting with as many different people as you can. You need to set aside any ideological differences in order to do this. You need to accept that certain people in certain parts of the world are not honoring every member of their society.
Having compassion for the victims in those parts of the world is easy. Having compassion and forgiving the perpetrators is hard, but that’s why you are there on Earth, hardest place to be incarnate in the whole galaxy. You are there to do what seemingly cannot be done, and you are the ones to do it. We know that you can. We believe in you, and we know how much you desire to have full e.t. contact, and you want it sooner than later.
And so, we advise you to start spreading the truth that diversity is good, that differences do not in and of themselves separate you, and that you can come together as one human race, to meet one extra-terrestrial race and to show them how unified you are, even with all the diversity that exists there on planet Earth today.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
Photo by: Karin Miller


New Life Direction
- Your Alliances with the Outside World -

by Selacia

As we go into the last days of July, it’s helpful to reflect on the past couple of months of roller-coaster energies. If you’re like most of us, you’ve felt challenged by the continual parade of intensity and escalated emotions. Ironic, you might say, to feel the impact of these things so much when we’re in a pandemic and less tangibly engaged with the outside world. Energy is energy, however, and we can’t escape its effect by being less social. Continue reading to understand both your opportunities now and some welcome energetic relief coming Tuesday.


Tuesday the Moon catalyzes some supportive energies involving Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. This could help facilitate courage and self-trust needed to address difficult relationship issues experienced in recent weeks. Bonds with others that had become shaky could become more stable. People who had been overly combative and aggressive could be more willing to talk, to listen, and to be diplomatic.

These relationship dynamics reflect a larger theme involving partnerships and social connections. The universe is bringing these to our attention now as part of our global societal restructuring. This impacts all of us, for historically our partnerships have been built with a focus on the ego and what each person or group "gets" from the other. Ego-based and ego-power based structures are dinosaurs in the 2020s. They must be updated for us to progress and create a sustainable way of living, relating, and being. They must be transformed for us to move out of fear and into a way of being that is based on love.

Right now we are being nudged to look more deeply at how we relate to one another. In fact, this is an auspicious time to reflect on and update relationships with friends, groups, and partnerships. Ahead of the August 3 Aquarius Full Moon, there is ample support for this. This support doesn't mean it's easy - real change, by its very nature, is a painstakingly slow and difficult process.

Indeed, energies over the next several days will challenge us to update our relationships with the outside world. These updates are necessary, on a regular basis, yet especially now in these moments of escalated evolution.

Updating Our Partnerships

How do we do this? Firstly, a step at a time. Secondly, by our taking what I call "the high road of spirit" and being the one to be diplomatic and open, even if the other person is unable to do so. Thirdly, by our remembering the long view, factoring in long bonds over time and future positive potentials.

On a practical level, we benefit from remembering that preparation is essential for success. That's a life skill that applies to pretty much everything we do. That includes preparation for interactions with partners.

Preparation Skills & Qualities

The key foundation in preparation is energetic, our being in the correct mindset with a high frequency. We must be grounded, present, and able to hold a space of openness. These qualities are developed over time as part of our spiritual practice. To sustain these energies is an ongoing effort. It's not enough to be grounded and centered the day before a potentially-stressful meeting with a partner occurs. We must apply our skills regularly throughout a day, and especially ahead of and during such meetings.

When we are energetically prepared, the other practical preparations can go more smoothly. Those include remembering to check the logistics of meetings and other details that can make all the difference in outcomes.

When we continue to apply our spiritual practice throughout the preparation and into the actual interaction, we are more likely to effectively manage our fire when discussions get heated - avoiding words we may regret later.

All of this is a developing skill. Some days it's easier to apply our skill. On other days, like when conflicts erupt without advance warning, it's not so easy to apply what we know and what we've learned. Our ego, or conditioned self, steps in and can lead us down an unproductive path.

When Things Go Wrong

When you realize that you've gone down an unproductive path, don't judge yourself or the partner who likely did the same thing. We're all human, after all.

We've on a soul level chosen to be alive now in perhaps the most tumultuous time of our planet's history. There are very good reasons for this, even if our logical mind cannot grasp them now. And, as I often say, we're prepared for this, much more than we can possibly know!

Good News - Opportunities

Good news for context first.
One piece of good news is obvious - we aren't alone in transforming our partnerships. Everyone is needing to do it.

The old ego-based ways of relating and partnering are falling away from their own weight. They don't work. They didn't work before, of course, yet in previous historical cycles humanity wasn't ready for a big-scale restructuring. The consciousness wasn't there. The urgency wasn't there. The planetary energies didn't support it. The current shift - seemingly overnight but in reality more like a slow-moving train that gained momentum in sync with factors mentioned here - accelerated in a quantum way as 2020 began. There now is no turning back.

Opportunities arise from the good news I just described.
They will be unfolding in direct and more subtle ways. Some of them may not appear to be opportunities, yet they indeed will be.

Example: the pandemic. On the surface it may not look like an opportunity. However, a pandemic in the 2020s can create even more breakthroughs and societal evolution than pandemics of other centuries. We're already seeing changes in how people relate to one another - oftentimes with more compassion than before. We're already noticing the increased level of spiritual space this pandemic is helping to create in peoples' lives. It's not about time or location in a linear sense. The openness and spaciousness is catalyzing creativity and a willingness to explore options previously not explored. People who before were "driven by the clock" or commuting long distances to work now are discovering that they are more balanced, more focused, and in some cases more inspired.

Another example: interdependence. Our true nature is as social beings, interdependent with one another from the moment we are born.

In my book Predictions 2020, I write:
"Throughout our life our experiences, growth, and potentials are in large part determined by our bonds with others. None of us can do everything alone - we depend on each other."

As our global society became increasingly dysfunctional - often in a climate of division and hostility - our natural bonds and ways of helping one another became compromised. Things devolved into "us vs them" and we became disconnected from our true nature. On a country level, this has translated into a rising wave of nationalism and hate.

The road to our future - if humanity is to survive - is a mega shift to embracing our interdependence. It's personal, between individuals and groups of people, and it's humanity as a collective waking up and grasping the imperative of coming together. In my Predictions 2020 book I speak about potential doorways for accelerating this process: the pandemic and climate.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

Copyright by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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Monday, July 27, 2020


La imagen puede contener: texto que dice " "We are very pleased to announce that you all are getting upgrades at this time, because you need to be able absorb physically the energies that are upon there on These upgrades that you are receiving while you are asleep are your physical body's cells. your cells were originally designed to only be able to handle of light. your bodies were created to only give you access to a amount of energy, and as you all know, things Earth this time are changing." ..The 9D Arcturian Council"

 Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very pleased to announce that you all are getting upgrades at this time, because you need to be able to absorb physically the energies that are upon you there on Earth. These upgrades that you are receiving while you are asleep are to your physical body’s cells. Your cells were originally designed to only be able to handle a certain amount of light. Your bodies were created to only give you access to a certain amount of energy, and as you all know, things on Earth at this time are changing. From where we sit, they are always changing for the better.
Your bodies need to be able to hold more light to process higher frequency energies in order to be able to transform from being carbon-based to being crystalline-based. You are transforming your consciousness, and your bodies are following in the footsteps of your consciousness. You all need to be patient with this process, because even though your cells are getting the much needed upgrades, it is still going to be a new experience for you to take in the light that is available to you. There will be a process, a learning curve, regarding how exactly you are going to absorb the energies and make use of them.
We know that many of you have experienced ascension symptoms for a very long time and that you are growing quite tired of the process of transforming your physical bodies, but the good news is that this part of the transformation process will not be taxing on you physically. That being said, it is always a good idea for you to get lots of rest and drink lots of water. We also want to invite to start working with your upgraded cells, your transforming bodies. Work with them more consciously by feeling for the energies, feeling for the light that is all around you, that is beckoning you into higher and higher frequency states.
As we have said many times before, this ascension of yours is inevitable, and those of you who are awake must be the leaders. You must be on the leading edge in order to help your fellow humans who have made the choice in this lifetime to lag behind a bit. It is an honor and a privilege to be in the position that you find yourselves in, and we know that you are the perfect candidates to take on this light and these energies. We know that you are going to bridge the gap between the third and fifth dimensions, and we know that many of you are already doing it very consciously and deliberately, and we applaud you for your service.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
Photo by: Karin Miller


La imagen puede contener: flor, planta y naturaleza, texto que dice ""You are awake enough to receive what we in the higher realms have offer. you are awake enough to rise up and meet us in the beautiful space that we can co-create together, new fifth dímension, new of knowing yourselves as Source Energy Beings in physical bodíes. And when you get there from having been so far away from that knowing, when you get there from having felt so separate from Source, it is tremendous ride." oThe Arcturian Council"

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are quite famous throughout the galaxy for our spirituality here in the Arcturian star system. We have been through so many different processes, teachings, exercises, meditations, and different ways of knowing ourselves as Source Energy Beings in physical bodies, and that is essentially what you all are there to discover. You are there to discover how to be Source Energy in a physical body, how to represent Source in the physical. You are there to know yourselves as gods in the flesh.
And the journey that you have been on to that knowing has been much longer than the journeys that Arcturians have been on throughout history. When incarnate, we came into our physical bodies in a higher vibrational state. That is not us bragging. That was a choice, and it was a choice that almost everyone on Earth has made in previous lifetimes in our star system. We are doing our best to help humankind, even though your experience has been, and continues to be, much, much different from the Arcturian experience.
But you need a stable force. You need beings to hold that higher vibrational frequency so that we can call you up to us. We, and others like us throughout the galaxy and throughout the universe, are always pulling humanity up with our intention, with our love and our compassion, and we will continue to do so because we love and honor you so much. We want so much for humankind to succeed with as much joy and ease as possible. And you are living at a time right now where joy and ease are hard to come by.
Therefore, we invite you to lean on us more. Lean on the archangels more. Lean on the ascended masters more. Surrender to our invitations to be in a higher vibrational state, and you will find yourselves there. You have already come so far, and those of us in the higher realms are ready to give you that last little nudge, so that you can catapult yourselves into the fifth dimension and so that you can start living better lives there in the fourth.
You are awake enough to receive what we in the higher realms have to offer. You are awake enough to rise up and meet us in the beautiful space that we can co-create together, a new fifth dimension, a new way of knowing yourselves as Source Energy Beings in physical bodies. And when you get there from having been so far away from that knowing, when you get there from having felt so separate from Source, it is a tremendous ride.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller

Sunday, July 26, 2020


JULY 26, 2020
Dear readers, during these times of so much turmoil and confusion our hope is that these messages will bring information and encouragement. Do not become discouraged for present times are the very reason you chose to be on earth at this time.
The shift that so many have hoped and prayed for has begun but does not look like so many expected it to look. This is because they were imagining it with three dimensional concepts of what a perfect new world would look like. All the bad guys would be removed and all the good guys would live happily ever after with no problems. Release any remaining concepts you may still hold regarding the earth's ascension and allow the process to unfold as it must.
Many old and well established three dimensional creations must first surface in order to be seen and recognized for what they really represent before the majority can be aware of, reject, and stop energetically feeding them. This is a process, but as maps point out; "You are here."
This will continue for a while and there is more to come. Stand centered in your highest spiritual realization as an observer, but one who is open to helping as needed. Some are being guided to take an active role, while others are to simply hold the Light. Neither is more important than the other but both must be done without ego involvement. Follow your intuition, listen, trust, and know that you are always being guided.
We see many changes coming soon and more to be revealed that is not yet energetically ready for manifestation. Do not be shocked and upset when people and issues begin to be exposed for who and what they represent. You are prepared and have had fair warning but some information will be shocking to those still living in old energy. You may be called upon to reassure and assist those unprepared for information and change.
It can be a time of celebration if you allow it to be and if you are able to let go of concepts about how everything should or shouldn't look. The journey toward a higher resonating planet earth has begun and no amount of interference from those seeking to uproot the process can stop it.
Much of today's chaos is the activity of those who do not want the world to awaken into a new level of awareness for that would mean they could no longer manipulate and control. However, they are running out of options for the Light has spiritual law to uphold, maintain, and sustain it, whereas false beliefs and concepts do not.
As one's personal consciousness becomes more enlightened, they begin to access and resonate with previously unavailable higher dimensional frequencies because they are now in alignment with them. This in turn results in ms-alignment with some other things like certain foods.
Avoid processed, junk, and false foods no matter how delicious and healthy the packaging tells you they are. This also goes for fruits and vegetables poisoned with pesticides, picked long before ready, sometimes even colored, and then displayed beautifully for purchase. Choose foods that more closely align with your energy and trust your intuition as you shop. The sky is not going to fall down if you eat something of a lower resonance, but you will feel better and your energy will be supported when you choose higher resonating foods.
New energy levels will also cause some entertainments, TV shows, books, and activities to no longer resonate with you as they once did. Family and friends who remain in alignment with these things will not understand why you are choosing to no longer fully participate and may interpret your lack of interest as personal rejection frequently bringing about discord and misunderstanding.
It can be a loving gesture to continue participating when something no longer important to you is very important to another but never surrender your integrity or personal power in order to please others or "fit in". Do not allow pressure from others or a desire to keep the peace cause you to slip back into places you have outgrown or cause you to believe that there is something wrong with you. It is never a question of wrong or right, it is simply a matter of energetic misalignment.
Never surrender your innate power as a Divine Being, but at the same time be alert to avoid resistance on your part that can easily slip into being an ego game that becomes about the three dimensional sense of power. Walking on eggshells in order to please another must cease if a person is ever to experience their own innate power.
There are situations and more coming in your life when you will simply and without regret or guilt, step away. Always stand in your spiritual integrity (power) lovingly but firmly without making mountains out of molehills in the false belief that you must stand your ground regardless. That simply gives power to some person or activity that in and of itself, has no power.
Power is never personal, bestowed only on a select few. God alone is power and that power flows in, as, and through you from Source within--it is your birthright. Ego, or the sense of a selfhood apart from God never has or ever can have real power although many continue to claim it for themselves and appearances may look that way.
Because a physical body is necessary for three dimensional living you are limited in some ways and often under the influence of collective thought. As truth increasingly becomes your attained level of consciousness, many three dimensional concepts will fade away allowing you to actually experience increasingly more qualities of Divine Consciousness that were previously just intellectual knowledge. Once a truth becomes your realized state of consciousness, you are no longer in alignment with commonly accepted but false beliefs about it.
You will begin to notice that you often know or act without conscious thought and it turns out to be the perfect action for the situation. You begin to automatically know what foods your body needs and what activities are right for you. Synchronicity happen and things begin to fall into place easily and without effort. The right people come into your life at the right time. The harmony, completeness, wholeness, and intelligence of your own realized Consciousness, is expressing through you without personal effort. You are allowing rather than trying to make it happen. Be-ing rather than do-ing.
Lecturing, preaching, or punishing the un-awakened never brings about lasting change for every person is only capable of living their attained level of consciousness until they can open to their next level which usually comes about through experiences. Jail or prison, counseling, and intense experiences all have potential to awaken someone if they are receptive, but higher awareness can never be forced on another.
Never fear or resist allowing certain people to fade out of your life if they are choosing to remain in old energy and you find yourself no longer in alignment with them. It is not your job to save anyone, that is the person's own job for every person has a Higher Self and Guides
Your work is to have your hand out and available at all times should another choose to grab it, but it is never to reach down into someone's personal gutter and pull them out without their consent or desire. Their situation could very well be a planned part of their evolutionary journey. Always allow intuition to guide you in these situations for a person may actually be seeking help but not seem that way while another may simply want you to further enable them.
Awakening happens when the Higher Self determines that a person is ready and high frequency energy and current events are serving to shift many into readiness. A new wave of energy is coming very soon, one that will expose and change many things. Your awakened consciousness will draw to you those ready to hear what you can tell them about what is happening personally and globally.
Love is the core and essence of all things because it is the energetic connection of the many within ONE. This interconnecting energy exists between all living things but has been falsely interpreted by the three dimensional mind. The result has been a multitude of commonly accepted beliefs about love--attraction, emotion, sex, possession, as well as some very negative ones.
Current conditions are forcing many for the first time to begin experiencing a sense of oneness. You are witnessing the birth of a higher sense of love in collective thought as the virus and isolation puts everyone in the "same boat" so to speak.
Because there is only ONE, Love embraces all life regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, age, race, wealth, looks, or anything else that has throughout history served to separate people. Love is the innate knowing (consciousness) that all things are connected. Relationships of all kinds start with some sort of sense of oneness (goals, likes or dislikes, interests, attraction etc.) but are experienced according to the state of consciousness of those involved.
Frequently a sense of oneness comes from having been connected in some way to another person in previous lives which then manifests in this life either as attraction or repulsion depending upon previous relationships. Most heterosexual as well as homosexual partnerships take place between two who have become very close through previous shared lifetime experiences.
As the reality of pure Love integrates and becomes a person's attained state of consciousness, they automatically and without thought or ego driven goal begin to respond to all life situations from a place of love because they have become Love. Always remember, you are Consciousness.
All is proceeding according to plan. Trust. Allow. Love.
The train has left the station.
We are the Arcturian Group 7/26/20
Readers, the next Arcturian Message will be August 23 rather than in two weeks.

Friday, July 24, 2020


In the last few hours immense healing has come of the Masculine and Feminine Energies, as immense emotional trauma and pain has been lifted off the Sacral, Base and Solar Plexus Chakras of the planet as well as that of the collective of humanity.

This is a very deep release, of Billions of Years of Trauma and Pain, and it has literally moved deeply into the very bowls of the earth and is going to continue for the next few weeks, until all is released.

I ask you today, to ask for the Releasing of all present past life trauma and pain, all the suffering, not only of yourself, but use this as an opportunity to render highest service with great love.

Release all within you, which is still in bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, etc. and allow yourself to now receive the deepest healing of your Emotional Body.

Simply ask the Divine to bring about a deep healing of the Masculine and Feminine within you, and all your interactions with other souls in this lifetime and all other lifetimes which caused trauma, pain, anger, bitterness, resentments, fears, etc. and then ask for the release of all present and past life trauma with regard to any and all pain, bitterness, anger, resentment, hatred, fears and whatever is lurking there.

Know that the Divine reads your INTENT. Do you really wish to release this with all your heart, and soul and not hang onto anything - and I mean ANYTHING?

More than this, know that you will be put through the Fires of Purification in the highest degrees: - if you are not ready for this, and not ready to forgive and finally let go, then this is not for you! You have free will and choice, and many will choose to rather hang onto the trauma, and pain, etc. because they refuse to let go of the 3D and all the trauma and pain of past and present lives.

All I can say, is that this truly is setting humanity free in ways I cannot even try to put into words.

We are being FREED.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are moving fully into the wide open heart center, in total balance and harmony, and this is an immense Divine Gifting! We are given the GIFT OF WHOLENESS. UNITY in the HIGHEST SENSE!

It is up to you, to claim this Divine Gifting for yourself - or not.

It literally means to finally being able to move into the Highest State of Loving Grace - where there is Unity, and pure unconditional LOVE!

Pure Love!

No-thing else but LOVE in its highest form and expression!

The Choice is yours!

By Judith Kusel


World War 3 is Spiritual ...
WWW3 is the internal war currently being fought within each of us ... Reflected outwardly in how we are individually perceiving the global fight, or growing harmony on a planetary scale
The battle between the mind and the heart
The war between control and surrender
The fight between fear and faith
And the aftermath of separation or unity
Whatever is playing out in our immediate world ...
Within ourselves
Within our personal relationships
Within our Individual choices ...
Is the microcosm of how we are viewing the world on a larger scale ... The smaller representation of the Earthly macrocosm that we are experiencing and immediately responsible for creating
So to align with global peace
Create peace in your home
To align with sacred love
Create love in your heart
And to eliminate the focus of fear
Surrender to each moment
Knowing that this moment of now
Is all that exists
"The war is over
If you want it
The war is over now" (John Lennon)

Karen Star 

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Greetings from Sue Lie,

Welcome to this new version of Blog. I have used the old Blog for many, many years. Therefore, please be patient with me while I figure out how to work with this blog.

How are all of you doing with this time of many changes? I know that sometimes I am feeling a bit 
"up side down." It is difficult to have to change how we feel about our reality, our life, and our selves.

In fact, it is the NOW to ask the Arcturians to come into this blog, so that I, as well as you, can ask 
these wonderful Higher Beings, "How can we adapt to so many changes within in such a short period 
of time? Well, actually, some of theses "short periods of time" seem to be continuing on and on and on.

That is when friends come in. There is sooo much happening in our daily life that we need to stop, look, and listen to what our friends--that is friends in our physical worlds, as well as friends in the higher dimensions of our Multidimensional World. Yes, now we are bringing in the Arcturians. I will begin by asking them a question.

Dear Arcturians, 

We, the third dimensional versions of our Multidimensional SELF is becoming so lost in our daily 3D life that we are forgetting to remember that WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS. Of course, our Multidimensional SELF does NOT reside within our third dimensional physical body, as this higher frequencies would greatly confuse our third dimensional expressions of self.

Therefore, we the Arcturians, will ask you to ask us, your higher dimensional expressions, the questions that you would likely not feel to comfortable with asking your physical friends, or even your own physical self. We, the Arcturians, as well as all the members of your Higher Dimensional SELVES, wish to commend you for your great patience during this time on Gaia's Earth which is riddled with more and more and more questions.

What is happening? Why is this happening? Where is the source of all the chaos that is with us day, after day, after day? Dear Arcturians, please assist in whatever manner that you can. We, your grounded members of the Higher Planes, had NO idea that life on 3D Earth would be as it has been, while at the same time, there has been great growth in your consciousness, simultaneioulsy while you may feel totally lost and alone.

We, the Arcturians, wish to reassure you that you are NOT ALONE!!. In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as ALL of your Galactic Family, are with you EVERY DAY in  EVERY WAY! We know that your third dimensional perceptual field is not, yet, able to consciously perceive the many beings of your Galactic Family who are "overnighting you" during these challenging times. 

We, your higher dimensional family, wish to reming you that SOOO many of you visit with us, your Galactic Family, while your are sleeping or in deep meditation. Yes, yes, we know that usually you do not remember these experiences. However, it is best within this now that you focus on your physical world, so that you can see the many growing streams of LIGHT that are moving into your ever-expanding consciousness.

The reason why your third dimensional self is not fully aware of what is occurring in your Higher Dimensional SELF is to protect you from the many hidden patches of darkness that are being awakened within this NOW. However, fo not be too concerned about this as the awakening to the darkness that is about you, will assist you to more and more awaken to the LIGHT that is growing BRIGHTER AND BRIGHTER with IN YOU!!

Dear beloved volunteers to take an incarnation during this challenging time, have volunteered to assist dear Gaia, and in fact, you dear Earth Bound Ones, have been greatly assisting us, your Galactic Family Members who are meeting with you, and instructing you, and healing you, and loving you, EVERY
night when your physical body goes to "sleep"--which is actually when your physical body returns to your OWN higher dimensional frequencies of your innate Home worlds!

We, the Galactics, have seen how many of you are bravely facing great challenges during your working like. However, as you fall int what you call "sleep," many of you are actually returning to your Home Worlds and your Star Ships. Yes, yes, we know that many, if not most of you, do NOT remember your nightly visits to your Star Ships and Home Worlds.

One of the main reasons why you do not remember these adventures, as well your meetings during these adventures is because it would make it too difficult and even too dangerous to know what you know in your Higher Self. Therefore, dear brave ones, we, your Galactic Family, ask you to be patient and to know that you ARE assisting us by bringing us important information, as well as many well thought out ideas about how we, the Galactics, can best assist our "grounded ones" in a manner that will not endanger them during this time of great transition.

Yes, yes, we hear you say, "Please, please, help us NOW and HERE!' However, many who ask this question do not register the answers that they have received. This "lack of memory" also has a reason which is, "because the cause is hiding in the darkness" YOU, the members of our Galactic Family, must first and foremost LIVE IN THE LIGHT!!

The answers that you seek are not in the darkness which is riddled with fear, illusion and lies. The answers that you seed are within your OWN Higher Dimensional SELF! Your own Higher Self will remember and remind you that the "dreams" you have forgotten in your Third Dimensional SELF, are fully awake and ready to act in your "Fourth, Fifth, and even your Sixth" dimensional expressions of SELF!

You may, or may not, remember that you have made many journeys to your Starships that are invisible to the third dimensional realities. It is also within these higher dimensional Starships, that you can see that much of the suffering that is occurring on your third dimensional version of reality is being healed via the Higher Dimensional LIGHT of the higher fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensional frequencies of the Home Worlds and Starships that you will, have or have already experienced 

Please understand that the information that you receive in the higher planes CANNOT be understood, or even remembered, in the physical plane. The reason for this situation is to protect the brave Galactic Ones who have volunteered to temporarily take a third dimensional physical form. 

As you all know, there are many, many humans who have been VERY instrumental in this difficult phase of planetary ascension into the higher planes of reality. You are also aware of those who have chosen to think of themselves, and their "money" before they think about Dear Gaia and all Her many forms of living-beings!

However, energy out is energy back. Therefore, those who put out greed, selfishness, danger and fear will be greeted by those very experiences before they can move on into the Higher Frequencies of reality that await those who lived in Light and Love. This is not a form of punishment or reward, it is just that manner in which Dear Gaia has chosen to teach those who chose to live on Her Planetary SELF.

We are aware that many humans do not think that Gaia is a living being, or that Oceans are Water Ways are living beings. In fact, even the Sky is a living being. Fortunately, more and more members of humanity are beginning to realize that ALL life is Alive and needs to be cared for and loved in the same manner that humans care for themselves and their possessions. 

However, the concept of "possessions" will begin to blur as the concept of "love and light" becomes strong and stronger. YES, "The darkest night is just before dawn," but YES, that"dark night" is more and more flowing into the "Lightest Light!" This darkness has been a harsh teacher. 

Therefore, we, the members of your Galactic Family, wish to remind you to be ever patient as:

                         THE SUN HAS ALWAYS RISEN!

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D. |