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You’re Prepping for the Role of a Lifetime

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Summary of Brenda’s February 20, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  Clearing issues will change your history and memories. You’re a unique part of the whole, just as each dot of your television screen is a unique and necessary part of the image you see. Without your dot, your being, the totality of the Universes would be less colorful, less complete.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “Naysayers”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if your nerves are on top of your skin, that you are re-addressing issues you thought you addressed long ago or you are angry for seemingly little or no reason. Know that you are undergoing a major transition at this time.

All of earth are now under the influence of the energies building within your environment.
Those of you who climbed your mountain are definitely angry. Where is the fun? Where is the joy?
Ah. You do not yet understand that you selected a specific role to play in this ‘now’ and you are diligently preparing for that role.

Perhaps an analogy might help you better understand. Let’s pretend you were selected for a stage role in 3D you coveted for years (completed your climb up the mountain). Now you must learn your lines and prepare for the actual role – and so you are. Meaning you are letting go of any pieces that might hinder you – a new type of cleansing if you will.

And you are doing so diligently because you captured your coveted role. Nothing is more important to you now than preparing for that role including – as many 3D actors do – cutting your lovely hair, gaining or losing weight, shadowing someone with a similar life, learning your lines and physical placement and on and on. None of which is necessarily joyful, but required for you to play the role to the best of your ability.

Again, like salmon swimming upstream.

When this energy burst passes in a couple of weeks, you will discover the joy in it all. Just as would be true in 3D once you felt comfortable in the stage role you accepted. Your misery, if you wish to call it that, is short-lived and something you decided to accept during this dynamic energy burst.

Perhaps you are angry at yourself or the Universes for your feelings or symptoms. All for naught as this is part of your new you role.

Would deciding not to play your new you role or delay preparing for it help negate or shift your current discomfort? YES – a resounding yes. But most of you rolling down the hill opted to cleanse yourself for your specific role in days instead of months. So complain all you want. Your discomfort will soon be over and an important phase completed – in a much shorter time than anticipated because of this energy burst from the Universes.

Those of you climbing your mountain can also grasp the ‘brass ring’ that is this particular energy burst – or not. You have more flexibility than those rolling down their hill because you are moving at a slower pace and in a more general fashion.

If you are beginning your mountain climb, you might wish to use this energy burst to speed your ascent – or not. For you are moving at the pace correct for your being. Even though this energy burst might be tempting for those of you climbing your mountain who always do extra work, you might be prohibited by your physical being. The same is true for others of you at all stages of your mountain climb.

Once energies, as are directed to earth now, have entered earth’s atmosphere, they remain. So those of you bemoaning that you are too tired or too something to grasp this brass ring, allow yourself to be. You will discover this energy at a time more appropriate for you.

Those of you who completed your climb up the mountain are most certainly grasping the brass ring that is this huge energy burst. You will most likely feel some discomfort as you prepare for your new you role – as is true for most 3D actors preparing for their roles. Learning lines, movements, physical alterations, new perceptions and interactions is not necessarily easy, but required to fulfill the role you have long coveted.

Many of you are crying foul for you expected rolling down your hill was going to be fun – and so it is. It is just that this particular energy burst – that you requested we might add – feels like punishment to many. Instead, it is merely a short-term preparation for the 5D, 6D or 7D role you have long coveted deep within your being.
You have gathered the segments necessary for this role. You have completed your general cleansings and now you are diligently preparing to create your role – that is, your assessment of that role.

Perhaps others would play your role a bit differently. It does not matter. It is your role. So it is that it is time for you to claim both you and your new role.

Your discomfort will end in a few days. And that is when you will begin your first role of new you. A glorious thought indeed. Allow yourself to feel the joy in that as you prepare to accept the mantle of your new role. For indeed the only difference between you and a 3D actor being offered and accepting a role they have coveted for years is that you cannot yet understand the results of your preparation.

Go in peace knowing that you are preparing for the role of your lifetime – to date. So be it. Amen.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015


FEBRUARY 15, 2015
Greetings once again from the Arcturian Group. We wish to speak of transformation, a seemingly simple topic, but one that is important to the understanding of truth. Transformation flows through and as an individual when he awakens out of the dream. It manifests as the ability to "see with new eyes and hear with new ears" while in the midst of duality and separation. Transformation allows one to recognize whatever false concepts and beliefs he may still hold and replace them with truth. It brings the ability to say; "I was wrong."
Those unable to allow transformation, delay their ascension into a consciousness of higher dimensional energy. Fear of change acts to support the continuation of third dimensional concepts and beliefs. Many who resist change are in positions as world "leaders" who acquaint any sort of transformation with loss--loss of their personal power and wealth. Because of their leadership positions, they often attract followers who blindly accept whatever these so called "leaders" believe, giving away personal power in the process.
You are now at the point in your spiritual journey dear ones, where you must acknowledge and reclaim your innate power. Many of you have done this already, having attained this state of consciousness in other lifetimes, entering into this lifetime with this state of consciousness already in place.
Never fear to say; "Enough is enough, I no longer choose to live, act, be, or think in old outdated concepts of separation". Some of you may have already discovered that there willable those who are offended by this. Friends may drop away, but be not afraid if this happens dear ones, for energy seeks its own and will soon draw to you those of your resonance.
We speak of transformation now because you are very close to seeing transformation take place. Much is to be revealed and you must be prepared both within and without for you will be the ones called upon to assist those in fear, unable to let go of their old and comfortable ways of understanding the world. Mankind is no longer being allowed lazily float from one day to the next believing that the government, church , parent, friend, or society in general will take care of everything for them. You are the consciousness and thus substance of the outer world and things are quickly changing.
It is time to claim your identity as Divine Beings who chose to learn and assist others within third dimensional energy. Allow the process. For some, allowing the process may simply mean becoming be-ers instead of do-ers--allowing themselves to be still and at rest, going within often while old energies surface and clear. Others may find themselves being guided to stand up and be counted in some way.
Transformation is a surrender, the ability to open oneself to change. Surrender is not the giving up of self to some unknown "pie in the sky God" concept. Spiritual surrender is the natural result of having clear understanding of what one is surrendering to--Truth. It begins with a strong inner drive to begin a quest for truth which can take many many paths, but which eventually leads to discovering IT within. This process cannot be avoided for it is who you are.
There are many who "suspect" the deeper truths but refuse to embrace them, choosing instead to believe that others more "holy" or intelligent, know more than they do. No dear ones, all have the Divine Voice within, it is simply a matter of acknowledging, listening, and trusting. The time is now.
Valentine's Day!

Yes, we are aware of your customs and we join with you for is it not a day that celebrates love? Love is all there is, for ONE can never be divided. It is only the belief that One can be divided (separation) that has resulted in the outward manifestations of war, discord, suffering, lack, limitation etc.
Valentine's Day celebrates the romantic/partnership facet of Divine Love. There are teachings that preach the "ungodliness" of romantic love and that in order to be "holy" you must forgo romantic connections. Nonsense, this is a part of the same teachings saying that you must suffer in order to be "holy". These are man created beliefs with no spiritual law to support them.
However, romantic love must be understood on deeper levels if it is to "work", and this is the missing element of so many human relationships. Attraction between two people does not always mean you are meant to marry or establish an intimate relationship with them. Attraction often occurs as the result of past life connections and frequently happens with someone you intuitively know would not be a good partner for you.
When two people with an intense past life history meet (male/male, female/female,or male/female) there can be either instant attraction or instant repulsion. Many gay couples have been together in other lifetimes as heterosexuals. Connections do not end with death, for you are consciousness, not just physical bodies.
Marriage or committed relationships often happen as the result of pre-birth choices by both parties for the purpose of resolving some unfinished past life issues which may or may not have began as romantic partnerships. Often those energies needing to be cleared have their origin in ancient roles lived as mother/child, father/child, friend/friend, servant/master etc. Present life relationships can provide an easy path in which to bring closure. This is often the case in those relationships where one or both wonder; "Why did I marry this person?"
Always look deeper dear ones, there really are no accidents at this point. Look into what you are learning or meant to learn from every situation. Karmic closure can take place even if only one person desires it. If he/she is able to recognize the other as an un-awakened Divine being and also chooses to no longer live within an energy of judgement and hatred (which simply serves to feed the karmic situation) then they have reached that place of unconditional love and there is karmic resolution. An individual can now leave the situation if they choose, knowing that it is finished.
Sometimes two people are intensely attracted to each other on all levels, but for some reason this never unfolds into a relationship. This happens with some who choose in their pre-birth planning not to be with each other in this lifetime. They understand that intense past life connections and love would not allow them to seek and spiritually grow into their own awareness and power if they were together--they would be content to simply be together.
Romantic love must be rooted and grounded in real love or it is simply animal attraction which sadly many consider to be real love. This concept of love is promoted heavily in all areas of media-film, books, TV shows, magazines, advertising, etc. and particularly on Valentine's Day.
The wise know that sexual attraction alone is not love but is a facet of it, one of the "added" things. Sexual attraction by itself is based in the human need to propagate the species which can be accomplished without love. Intimacy based only in sexual attraction never carries the intense and deep energetic connection and fulfillment that is possible when both are of a consciousness that sees beyond appearances to the deeper realities shining through the other's eyes.
Love relationships are never dependent upon how the other looks or dresses and it is fruitless and very human to attempt to mold someone into your concept of the perfect partner. Healthy relationships have similar energy resonance and those in them have close world views but do not necessarily think and believe exactly as each other because all are here to learn and grow according to their individual need.
Two well matched individuals be it friends or partners, have attained similar states of consciousness. Observe those living out from un-awakened states of consciousness who enjoy relationships of fights, cheating, anger, angst, and make-ups-- they are both on the same energetic wave length so to speak--it is their state of consciousness, their concept of how relationships work.
There may be a time when you are tempted to enter in to the lower awareness level of another because of attraction and desire for this person. Although certainly allowed by free will, it can never result in the happy outcome desired but instead usually ends in heartbreak after a quick, short, intense time together. One simply cannot go backward to outgrown states of consciousness no matter how appealing doing this may seem.
Misconceptions abound regarding love and partnering. Governments, religions, families, and friends continually spew that love is only valid if it meets their often very narrow concepts. The partner must be of a certain color, gender, education, financial status, or other acceptable trait. Love is the experience of One self manifesting as the many. Love never has been and never will be dependent on mankind's concepts.
There comes a point at which an individual no longer "needs a relationship" in order to feel complete, happy, and whole because they have attained a consciousness of spiritual wholeness and completeness. They have discovered their twin flame to be within, and being in relationship now becomes a personal choice.
Happy relationships only happen when each understands and accepts their own true worth and power because then there is no longer the need for outside validation. Unawareness of one's true identity causes the un-awakened to seek their completeness from outside of themselves. "If I am married to this good looking, rich, smart person, then I must be loveable and valuable".

Many still carry old cellular memory from times when being in a partnership may of been the only way to avoid death or starvation and this is often reflected in those who jump from one partnership to another never allowing themselves to be alone. Recognize and allow these old cellular memories to clear if you suspect them in yourselves.
As you grow stronger within, you will look back at past failed attempts at romance and laugh, saying; "Thank you dear God for saving me from this relationship." even though at the time you may of been heartbroken and hurting. The human mind is programmed to world concepts of romance and sex and responds thusly until you teach it differently.
If having a life partner represents completeness for you, you will draw this to yourself without thought and struggle because it will be the natural manifestation of your state of consciousness, your realization of spiritual completeness. Being alone may represent completeness for some.
True, deep, and lasting relationships do include romance, great sex, and all that the rigid, structured, Puritan state of consciousness deemed unholy, but these are now recognized as being the added things.
We the Arcturian Group send love, joy, fun, and awareness to you all for Valentine's Day.



February 2015 Message

From the Akashic Records: An Excerpt from the Message of February 2015

Members: To access the full monthly message including all of the information the Keepers have to share about this month, please login above. If you're not a member, consider joining Akashic Transformations, and compare thebenefits of membership to public access before joining!

What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2015?

This month brings the unexpected.  There is a sense that every day will turn things in a new direction.  As soon as you think you've oriented yourself to the new direction, everything will change again.  As soon as you adjust, then everything will change yet again.

It will be useful to expect the unexpected and be willing to change over and over again.  It will also be useful to approach each day as a separate event.  Sometimes you will even need to approach each hour as a separate event.  Do not worry if you cannot see how yesterday led to today, or how today is going to lead you where you want to be tomorrow.  Focus on one moment at a time.  If you will do your best to be honest and authentic, open-hearted and loving, then you will get exactly what you need out of this month.  On the other hand, if you strive to retain a sense of control over what is happening or what people are feeling, then you will find that this month will cause you a great deal of suffering.

This month is likely to bring strong emotions to the surface for everyone.  It will be useful for you to look at your emotions as they arise.  Accept them, take accountability for them, and then let them go.  If you hold onto emotions and wait for other people to help you feel better, again you will find yourself suffering this month.  It is as if the month is filled with cosmic portals.  It is as if every day brings a new, entirely different expansion between you and spirit.  In order to be open to the next portal you must let go of the previous one.  This is really a day-by-day kind of month.

Is there any particular activity that will help us best use this month?
One of the things that will be most beneficial for you this month is to get used to saying "I am sorry".  If you will say, "I am sorry," whenever you need to, it will help you let things go and move on.

Whenever you think you need to apologize for something, please do.  Whenever you think there is something you need to be accountable for, be openly accountable.  Tell everyone that you recognize your mistake and you are moving on.  Let everyone know exactly what you have learned so that others can know that you have taken accountability for your part of the situation.

If you will communicate you willingness to learn and take accountability this month, you will find that things can move on and that you will be able to keep moving ahead, even if the people around you try to drag you back.  This month get used to saying "I am sorry," or get used to articulating the things that you are learning or the things that you are working on changing.  If you will say those things out loud more often, it will allow other people to either accept you or let you go.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prepare for 2015 Goat Year by Selacia

Prepare for 2015 Goat Year by Selacia   

If you haven't already noticed the lighter and more optimistic feel of the Goat Year, you will as this year unfolds. The Chinese New Year officially begins February 19, a day after a powerful new moon that's one of six super moons of 2015. This combination sets the stage for powerful shifts in consciousness and breakthroughs on a personal level.

What's New for Goat Year

The 2014 Horse Year had fast-moving energies and much more fire energy than some earlier years.

Last year's focus had a lot to do with movement, journeys into new territory, and an intense desire to be free of past limitations. Some of this continues in the Goat Year, but with a different underlying energy.

Like horses, goats move - but in a more peaceful and careful way. The goat carries a more yin or feminine energy - artistic, creative, and collaborative. Goats are more generous and willing to compromise in order to get where they need to go. 

As an example, picture a herd of goats traveling up the side of a rugged mountain. One leads the way and they go up as a team, paying attention to the path and slowing down when needed. The goats are agile and flexible, so are able to navigate difficult terrain. These are positive attributes for the individual goat, benefiting the herd too.  

In general, goats enjoy helping each other, and because of this, there's energy of generosity and abundance. Imagine how this could translate in your personal life, and for society as a whole!

Goats like horses, move with fire energy. Managing your inner fire will continue to be important in 2015. 

General Themes to Watch

People everywhere will continue to feel the intensity of revolutionary change. 
More than ever, too, in 2015, you will need to be challenging the status quo and pruning away things in your life that no longer work or suit where you are headed.

You are used to these cycles by now, yet each year has a different flavor. 

This being a Goat Year, you are likely to see more discussions coming from a humanitarian perspective. 

Initiatives for a better world, long on the back burner, could emerge to front and center in surprising ways. With enough collaborative spirit, some historical agreements could be reached. 

The arts - including music and other creative expression - could be instrumental influences in resolving key issues. 

On a personal level, it will be vital to apply creative approaches in all things. Creativity is necessary to break out of old ways of being and to take full advantage of open doors as they open.

The key to your success in this Goat Year is to remain present and access your inner and outer resources that help you stay positive and alert to new opportunities. 

Relationships will play a significant role in your success and in your level of inner harmony. Therefore focus on maintaining inner balance and clearing away old blocks preventing you from relating to others in positive ways. 

Join with Friends and Groups

Come together with friends and with groups of people sharing similar goals - do this more often in 2015 in order to advance on your path.

Do what you can to hone your relationship skills. This includes mastering the art of connecting with new people and cultivating relationships. 

Allow the people in your life to give you useful feedback - helping you to see yourself more clearly. Keep in mind that sometimes you can get a more accurate self-assessment by being around a person who disagrees with you, or even a person you hardly know!

Humanity Looks Deeper at Itself

Overall, the 2015 energies will catalyze even deeper levels of questioning across the planet than possible before. This is partly because of rare planetary lineups and the long momentum of changes in recent decades. 

Humanity's deeper look at itself, however, is also happening because it's time. 

New Levels of Critical Mass

The progression of awakening is reaching new levels of critical mass - triggering a radically new and more loving mindset. As this percolates to the surface within people, the seeds for a more loving world are planted.
At times you may feel like you're in a void, with nothing happening. Do not fear the void. Indeed much is percolating beneath the surface in such times. The void is the fertile unknown, containing everything you could possibly create. This is true on both a personal level and for the collective. That's why conscious choice is so important. 

Remember these things next time you experience a void or simply an unexplainable delay. Trust that you are not alone, not for one instant. Imagine yourself surrounded by a loving team of helpers - physical and invisible. They are your collaborators in a profound awakening process. They help you to plant vital seeds for a more loving world. As you do this in our 2015 Goat Year, you raise your vibration and accelerate your forward momentum.   

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