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 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Master Djwhal Khul. It is an honour to be in your presence and to bring forth a very sweet and very delicious energy, an energy that flows from my being. I know you have the capability to allow it to flow from your being as well. This sweet and delicious energy that I speak of is the vibration, the frequency and the knowingness of inner peace.

Inner peace is a vibration that emanates from the soul and the soul group, it is a very high vibrational frequency. When you experience inner peace upon the Earth, you feel relaxed, you feel content. There is an inner knowingness, even a confidence, and most of all you feel a connection with the Creator and in truth, with all beings. This connection allows you to explore all that is the Creator not only outside of yourself but inside of yourself. Inner peace allows for your divinity, your truth, the Creator aspect within you to emerge. To gently, but powerfully impact your being, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, every aspect of your reality.

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself because of a habit that you continue to partake in, even though you do not wish to? Have you ever been aware of a thought that keeps repeating against your will in your mind? Have you been aware of a feeling that causes such fear or pain like a wound within your being, or maybe there is something in your reality that is simply not serving you? Even though you have tried numerous ways to release these energies, these habits, these repetitive vibrations they are still present. Maybe it feels that there is an aspect of yourself that is battling against these habits, thoughts, feelings, or experiences and whatever you do, nothing seems to change. If there is this kind of circumstance in your reality or within your being, I welcome and invite you to consider inner peace.

When you access inner peace within your being it filters into everything and rather than trying to release certain energies, change certain habits or let go of the certain thoughts. When you become centred in inner peace it is almost like inner peace takes over doing everything for you. It cleans up, lets go of the habits, of wounds, of thoughts, repetitive thoughts, and experiences. It allows a healing to take place bringing forth the divinity of your truth. You become balanced, centred, grounded, connected thus habits, repetitive thoughts, and negatively impacting experiences cannot exist in the space of inner peace because the inner peace is so strong and powerful. Rather than trying to solve problems within your being, in your reality, instead take your focus to cultivating inner peace within your being, radiating it out into all areas of your reality. In doing so you will notice that everything takes care of itself.

On the inner planes before your birth, you partook in something called the Inner Peace Agreement., Every soul partakes in the Inner Peace Agreement before their birth, it is an agreement with the Creator to cultivate inner peace while you are in existence upon the Earth. This agreement takes place with the knowledge of the power of inner peace, and the impact that inner peace can create and make upon your reality and the entire world. The Inner Peace Agreement means that you will cultivate inner peace for yourself and for others. It is an agreement because it means that if ever you have a problem, inner peace is your solution. If you simply recognise that inner peace is your solution bringing your focus back to the inner peace within your being the Universe of the Creator, your guides and everyone who has joined the Inner Peace Agreement, sends you inner peace. Therefore, you receive a wave of inner peace that supports you. This allows you to really feel at one with the Creator, with your entire being, with the Universe of the Creator, it really allows you to create a foundation and to be supported. Therefore, you have the support of every being, and you are supporting every being in their inner peace.

When you realise that inner peace is needed, bring your focus to inner peace within your being, acknowledge the Inner Peace Agreement. There is an abundance of inner peace flowing to you which you can receive, embody, access, and awaken within your being.

There is one more thing I wish to speak with you about. When you realise the realities of other people, maybe a friend or a loved one, or a stranger, recognising that they are having a hard time, or that they have a problem. I wish to encourage you to recognise that there is a need for them to access and focus upon their inner peace. In fact, recognise that the inner peace will create the healing that is needed because when you access inner peace, you allow for the flow of the Creator, and Divine Enlightenment to come forth. Therefore, you become inspired, confusion dissolves, you are more able to follow your intuition. Rather than judging another person or even trying to work out how you can help them, I would first invite you to enter into a space of inner peace and to radiate this inner peace to them. If you can ask them to focus upon their inner peace as much as possible breathing it in and out through their being. If this is not possible and they are not open to it or maybe they are across the world or a stranger, then you can ask their soul, their guides, their soul group to support them in acknowledging the inner peace within their being in order to resolve the issue. This will be sufficient.

We begin to recognise the power of the Inner Peace Agreement because every soul has agreed to acknowledging inner peace and radiating inner peace. It means that they cannot help but focus upon it, especially if guided, and that also it has a powerful impact upon their being and the same for you as well.

I invite you to focus upon inner peace within your being, I invite you to do so for others, and I invite you to reconnect with the Inner Peace Agreement that you made on the inner planes before your birth.

I will return to you next week and I will speak more about inner peace.

I thank you.

I am Master Djwhal Khul



 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedans. We come as a collective energy of the truth of the Creator to deliver to you inspiration and enlightenment. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations existing within the Universe of the Creator. However, we simply recognise ourselves as divinely connected with the Creator and an expression of the Creator. It is through our expressive nature of the Creator that we allow ourselves to adopt the wisdom, the knowledge, the truth of the Creator, bringing it into the awareness and the remembrance of all beings. We simply act as a reflection of the truth that is already present within your being and we wish to be a reminder of your truth.

Today, we come forth to speak of creation, your ability to manifest anything that you wish in your reality whether you are existing on the inner planes, on a star or planet or upon the Earth. Your ability to manifest is in some ways beyond your physical body, meaning that you can manifest on the inner planes also. As a being of light existing in a physical reality, your physical body and your auric field play a key role in the manifestation process. As do your chakras, especially your Earth Star Chakra, which allows for the grounding of your manifestations and bringing light into physical manifestation.

We do not wish to speak of the process of manifestation. It is an ability that you have, it is a talent, it is a natural aspect of your being and your essence. In many ways, you do not need to learn, or relearn how to manifest, how to create what you want for yourself, your body and for others. If this is the case, what do we wish to speak of with you today?

We wish for you to imagine and that your ability to manifest is a talent that you already embody. 

Imagine yourself as an athlete, maybe you are particularly good at running but you have never been trained, and you have not entered any competitions. Maybe you are an artist; you are exceptionally good at drawing or painting and yet you do not do it very often. You do not go to classes and maybe you do not share your work with other people. Imagine that you had this underlying talent, and you knew about it, for all of us, the talent is the ability to manifest. Imagine that you are that athlete, and someone comes along and invites you to run in a competition. You have the ability to run and to win and it is the same if you are an artist, maybe someone invited you to enter a competition of painting or drawing and you do have the ability to win.

What is the difference between you remaining as a private runner or a private artist and you entering into the competition and winning?

We are not going to say that you need training, guidance, or practice. With your manifestation, you already have the training, and you already have the practice because you are always manifesting in every moment of your reality. You have had plenty of practice and you have had your training, you already know how to manifest, even if you do not understand with your mind.

What is needed for you as an athlete, an artist or a being of manifestation and creation to win the competition or to manifest your dreams? Just think for a moment. The energy that is needed is belief in yourself, trust in yourself, confidence and in a knowingness that you can do. If you doubt that you are an athlete, an artist or that you are a being of creation you will not even be able to enter into the competition to discover what you can do. You will not even be able to reach out to see what you have the potential of manifesting.  Doubt and judgment, lack of faith, lack of belief, lack of trust, these all end up being barriers of separation between the talent that is already within your being.

We the Andromedans, recognise that often many Light beings get hung up upon how to create, even what to create, when to create it, and how much energy and focus is enough. In truth, you already have the inner knowingness with an intuition that can guide you in the exact steps that are needed. Often you take the exact steps without even knowing. The barrier, the blockage, the separation is often doubt, judgment and lack of faith, trust, confidence, belief in self, and even a lack of love for oneself. Realising that you are deserving and worthy of winning the competition or manifesting your dreams can transform your actions and experiences. If you imagine these energies as blockages, as barriers, they come between you as a talented being and the outcome that you wish for. How can you dissolve these barriers?

The answer is amazingly simple. You can ask for healing, we the Andromedans, are open, ready, and available to share healing with you, to support the release of everything that is blocking your manifestation. You can also contemplate that even when others believe in you, loving and trusting you, if you do not love, trust, and believe in yourself, the power and energy they give you has extraordinarily little impact. This means that you are the only one to empower your creations to empower your ability to manifest. Every time you have a judgment, a lack or disbelief, rewrite it within your mind.

Say to yourself, what do I want instead? Maybe you say to yourself, I am really rubbish at manifesting, the things I want never seem to manifest. Change it, I believe in myself, I love myself, I am deserving of manifesting everything that I need. When you rewrite it, it is important that you feel it in your body, that you feel it in your auric field, your energy, your being and then you empower it. Meaning you radiate it, you let it flow from your being like a charge of light and truth. The more you can practice this daily, the more you will change and transform your reality thus the barrier will dissolve, and you will find that you are simply manifesting everything that you need without even thinking about it.

Our message to you today is remarkably simple, and yet it is an especially important key. It allows you to manifest what you wish in your reality, and this is something that we wish to support you in achieving.

We love you deeply and we thank you,

We are the Andromedans




AUGUST 1, 2021

Dear readers, know that our messages flow to you on streams of light and love with the intention of assisting you to reach the levels of spiritual awareness you seek and are spiritually prepared for.

We on this side see you as strong and courageous having chosen to incarnate in order to participate in earth's ascension process. Holding fast to your highest awareness of truth at all times will help you avoid getting pulled inadvertently into the whirlpools of chaos and fear being presented to you on all levels and from all directions at this time.

You may have found that shopping trips or excursions that include crowds leave you feeling drained. This is because you have become increasingly more sensitive to energy and so if or when you forget to keep yourself centered, your personal energy simply falls into alignment with the people and places around you some of which may not be of a high resonating nature.

All that is false, dense, old, and still hidden must rise to the surface in order to be seen and recognized by the majority rather than only by those who have awakened and easily comprehend the error of many commonly accepted practices. You have attained a level of spiritual awareness that allows you to stand back and objectively observe because you no longer align with the beliefs and concepts that formed most of the world's laws, societal rules, traditions, etc.

Present times on earth represent the process involved in the world's spiritual awakening which to human eyes may seem like regression. As individuals clear old dense energies of the past, so also must Earth clear herself of heavy energies that have been stored in and on her for eons and is doing it through the fires, floods, and natural disasters you are witnessing at this time.

Thousands of years of personal and collective activity based in three dimensional thinking with the motive getting, taking, and possessing regardless of the cost to others or earth herself has created and left pockets of dense energy the world over. Crimes against indigenous peoples, wars between and within all countries, violent actions between ordinary people based in concepts of separation the world over have left in their wake energies that must be cleared.

Humans through the ignorance of a false belief system have come to erroneously believe that they are the pinnacle of intelligence with power to use and abuse anything or anyone that does not fit with their narrow concepts of correct, useful, or financially advantageous. They have forgotten that earth herself and all life upon her are living expressions of God to be recognized, loved, and supported as facets of the ONE. The third dimension is the lowest rung of a very high ladder.

The collective must and are waking up as they witness increasingly more "natural disasters" take place. Many deeply suffer from these events but before there can be more light and awareness in the world, earth must first become free of the heavy and dense energy that remains stored on her in various places. These clearings are a necessary part of earth's spiritual evolution.

Long ago souls became stuck in the lower energies and became dense/material creating the world that humans have come to believe is the real and only world. The belief in two powers and separation is the only thing that separates people from reality. Let your work be to recognize false beliefs when they pop up in your thoughts and actions, not by resisting or fighting them but by lovingly and gently recognizing them for what they are and then exchanging them with truth.

A huge and difficult step for seekers of truth is in understanding that the material world consists of low resonating, false interpretations of reality-- spiritual creation. In the beginning it is very hard for the human mind accept this and those hearing about it for the first time usually resist, ridicule, and dismiss the idea until at some later date, lifetime, or period of strife it begins to make sense allowing them to open to more.

You who know the deeper truths will find yourselves increasingly helping others to understand what is taking place at this time both personally and globally Do not go looking for people to advise, teach, or save but simply allow your energy to draw to you those in alignment with it seeking to know more.

Enlightened individuals are no longer Light-workers in the sense that Light-workers have always been thought of in the past but have graduated into Light-holders. You will and many of you are already finding yourselves in situations where without planning or personal effort you are helping a newly awakening individual (often a person you least expect) to understand what they are feeling, experiencing, and why.

Your inner work is to know, practice, trust, and allow each new truth revealed to become your state of consciousness. You now know that you are the fullness of God in expression and therefore no longer need to continue seeking outwardly for health, abundance, harmony, peace, intelligence etc. You are not a piece of God, you are the wholeness of God.

Because all embody the fullness of God, no person can have less than another. Your honesty does not mean that someone else must therefore be dishonest and your abundance does not mean less for others. There is nothing else--every quality of Divine Consciousness/God/Source or fiddlesticks for it matters not a whit what you call IT, IT is already, always has been, and always will be the very essence of your being.

Whether or not a person chooses to believe this is their free will choice. Spiritual evolution is nothing more than every individual's journey toward attaining a consciousness of ONENESS. Many lifetimes of learning experiences and many different paths are involved but all lead to the same place for there is no other place.

This is why every spiritual pilgrim eventually reaches a place at which they must cease believing in the need to seek, search, perform ceremonies, beg and plead some far off God, or do anything even meditate, in order to become what they already are. These tools are important steps along most spiritual paths but once you resonate with ONEness, you have graduated beyond the need for anything that is meant to draw God to you.

When you attain the conscious realization that you are harmony, completeness, and wholeness--not one with it, but actually ARE it, it can begin to manifest in your life as things falling into place without effort, the right person at the right time, etc. A consciousness of Divine intelligence, will manifest as increasingly deeper understandings and knowledge. A consciousness of all life being the ONE LIFE expresses as health.

Mind interprets individual consciousness outwardly on levels the person can comprehend which makes mind the substance of the outer. Truth must shift from being intellectual knowledge to being an actual state of consciousness before mind can draw it out into recognizable form. Consciousness is the substance of all that exists.

Ask yourself; "What am it believing that is making me feel this way? What do I hold as real in my thinking most of the time?" Be alert to and honest about your thoughts because the mind is always busy doing what it was meant to do, being an avenue of awareness--but of what??

All serious spiritual seekers must take truth seriously--NOW. As God Beings you are creators and can no longer see truth as simply interesting conversation for discussion or dismissal based in three dimensional concepts.

What are you choosing to create for yourself and for the world? It is extremely easy to become hypnotized by media, friends and family, groups, organized religion, etc. They all want you to believe as they do because they believe that they have the truth. Most believe that it is for your own good that you believe as they do but this is where you must stand firm in your knowing.

This does not mean being rude or angry at someone trying to convert you to their beliefs, but rather that you honor them because they may well be fulfilling an important facet of their own spiritual contract. However, it does mean that you can politely say "Thank you for your opinion, but I am choosing to do this." Or actually say nothing as you stay centered in your highest awareness.

As you learn to trust in your oneness with Source, you will find it becoming much easier to simply allow world events to spin while you remain centered and calm within the eye of the storm.

Your calmness will be noticed by those with eyes to see and ears to hear and some will seek to join you. By making no outer effort to save the world, you are in reality actually doing this very thing by BEing the Light--Reality. One with God is a majority.

Do not give up dear ones. the energy is very intense right now. You may have days when you feel exhausted, nauseous, and in pain for no particular reason. It is the intensity of the high frequency energy you are integrating that in turn is forcing old energies to release and clear causing intense but temporary symptoms in the physical body. The human mind does not fully understand what is happening and often interprets this process as a problem.

Do what you need to do. Rest as you feel you must even if there are days when you need to sleep and do nothing. Allow painful emotions that may arise to flow through and out without resistance or giving them power. Love and take care of your physical body rather than being angry at it for seeming to fail you.

You have all been practicing loving others in your realization of Oneness, but often exclude yourselves. It is difficult to ignore three dimensional concepts about what constitutes worthiness, beauty, and lovableness because they have become subliminal, flowing from many directions. Be alert to never accepting or allowing them to influence loving and honoring yourself as SELF.

Spiritual evolution does not allow you to turn back into being the person you were in a previous state of consciousness when the going gets tough. Once the door of consciousness opens and higher truths begin to enter they automatically dissolve the previous lower resonating energies.

We thank you for your work toward bringing earth into a new light, a new consciousness, and a new and higher dimension.

We see you, we love you, we are with you, because we are you, dear brave souls.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/1/21

Due to family commitments the next Arcturian Group Message will be August 22d rather than in two weeks.


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July 10, 2021

The Omega Evolutionary Process

   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. In this lecture, we will explore the Omega Evolutionary Process as it relates to humanity. In order to explain this process, we must first explain what the normal evolutionary process is. Also, we will talk about Galactic Anthropology and how it applies to the Earth situation, and then we will explore again the correct need for a technique to accelerate the evolutionary process of Homo sapiens.
    We are Galactic Anthropologists, and we study the many civilizations in this galaxy. Our particular interests are how civilizations evolve and how species evolve. It appears that evolution is a normal process throughout the galaxy. It appears that evolution is more likely to occur during a crisis. We can all agree that Earth is now in the middle of a planetary crisis which includes the sixth mass extinction. The symptoms of this planetary crisis include the many weather changes, climate changes, geological changes and the possible destruction of the biosphere which is the core structure that makes life possible. How can humanity react, and how can the Starseeds react to such crisis?
    Our answer is that there must be an evolutionary change, and a new species must emerge, and we call that new species Homo Omega. We refer to the evolutionary order of Homo Neanderthal, Homo sapiens, and then Homo Omega. The process of evolution includes the following, normal steps:
  1. There is crisis in the environment.
  2. There are adaptations in which a select few of the existing species make a necessary change. This process has been described by Charles Darwin as “natural selection”. 
  3. There could be a seclusion or a separation of those “naturally selected” from the main group, that is, the group that is making the adaptations goes into a separate section of the environment.
  4. And the fourth step is what is called “reproduction”, that is, the species or the members of the species that make that adaptation reproduce children who follow and continue the new changes.
    This is a simplistic summary of the steps of evolution, but now there is a big problem when we applied this model to the current Earth situation. This process, which is the natural evolutionary stage, can take a long time. In fact, in some cases, it could take at least 100 to 200 years or several generations in order for this adaption and natural selection to occur. If you look at the situation on the Earth now, then do you think that the current situation can last for another generation? A generation could be 50, 60, 70, 80 years. And our answer is: “No, we cannot wait that long.” This is too long of a time for the planet to wait. The crisis has become so intense and so dire that there is need for an immediate evolutionary shift, and that is why we are continuing to emphasize the Omega Evolutionary Process.
    Omega Evolutionary Process means that there is a way to shorten the natural steps of evolution. In fact, the Omega Evolutionary Process can be shortened to as little as a year or less. But there are certain requirements and certain fundamentals that must be accomplished. The basic theory of rapid evolutionary change centers on the theoretical hypothesis known as the “Hundredth Monkey Effect”. This theoretical situation was described by a Japanese anthropologist in 1953. Anthropologists discovered that a small number of monkeys, approximately 100, learned to wash their food. Miraculously, 5,000 monkeys on the same island learned the task without having to have personal instruction.
    The implications of this theory mean that, if a certain core number of members of a group learn a planetary healing skill, then it can be passed on in a quantum way to the entire population. We use that model for describing how the evolutionary change can occur. The evolutionary changes that humanity needs include higher consciousness, fifth-dimensional understanding and connections, Unity Consciousness, and the ability to understand holographic planetary healing principles. This evolution will create a biological change in the brain of the new members of the species.
    In other words, you, the Starseeds, are experiencing a biological change in your brain that allows you to have an opening of higher consciousness. The opening of higher consciousness is actually manifesting in a neurological way. The Omega Evolutionary Process focuses on how to spread this opening and this awareness to the entire population, or to a population that is strong enough and numerous enough to make the change.
    Let us then remind you about Omega Energy. Omega Energy is coming from the Fifth Dimension, and Omega Energy allows one to transcend the normal cause-and-effect third-dimensional rules, and jump forward, and transcend the normal cause-and-effect karma.
    A word about evolution from the galactic perspective. Evolutionary change, from the galactic perspective, happens to a planet in several ways. The first way has been described by Charles Darwin which is called “natural selection”, and I have already described that process in this lecture. The second way for evolutionary change to occur is through alien interference in a planet. That has occurred several times on the Earth, and it has occurred on other planets also. An alien civilization can interfere in the normal process of natural selection and either allows natural selection to continue or influences a change in another direction.
    One of the main reasons why the Grays came to the Earth and began abducting individuals rests with their need for the DNA of humanity. The DNA in the human species is unique and powerful, and it is desirable. The Gray civilization had a drought in its reproductive abilities and was unable to sustain their own species, and began to borrow the DNA from the Earth in order to perpetuate their species. This is an intervention in which the DNA was robbed, or taken, from one planet and given to another, extraterrestrial species. There have been cases on the Earth, and there are cases on other planets, where alien civilizations landed on the planet and changed the DNA of the inhabitants of a planet.
    In the Middle East during biblical times the Annunaki came to the Earth. They used the human species as slaves for producing work for them. The Nephilim were large and powerful giants.  The Nephilim were intermixing with humans. The Nephilim turned out to be monsters, and it became necessary to find a way to destroy them all. There are several theories.  One theory is that there was a nuclear explosion that killed the Nephilim.  Another theory was the great flood. In our research, these species of Nephilim were destroyed through a nuclear disintegration of their group. There were approximately 5,000 to 10,000 Nephilim on the Earth at that time. If they would have continued to propagate, they would have taken over the whole planet. Remember, that we are talking about beings that were nine, ten feet tall, and the current human population at that time could not defend themselves against such powerful beings.
    The third process that I am referring to is the Omega Evolutionary Process where a species, like Homo sapiens, makes the realization that they can start an evolutionary change through advanced techniques. These techniques include meditation and special uses of thought power.  These techniques include relating specifically to the Noosphere. The Noosphere is the collective thought field that surrounds this planet, and the Noosphere has been compared to the Collective Unconscious and the Collective Subconscious of the planet. The Subconscious operates on the principle of imprinting, that is, whatever is focused on mentally, then it usually manifests. The Subconscious does not have discriminatory powers, that is, whatever is focused on will be processed and, if possible, manifested.
    In the current Earth situation, there is random input into the Noosphere; that means that there is little, collective focus on the desired outcome.  You must understand the Noosphere better. The Noosphere is a relatively new concept, yet it influences everything that manifests on the planet.  There are many people who are focused on polarizing thoughts. For example, there are many countries wanting domination of the world, and there are some people who are even focusing on the end of the world. But very few people, to our knowledge, are focused on the evolutionary process we are describing. Few people are focusing on the evolutionary process of Homo Omega as the solution to this planetary crisis.
    How does the Noosphere work? There are four principles in working with the Noosphere. The first principle is based on thought.  The second is based on the concept of creation of the thought.  In a way, the third principle is based on creation of the thought, and the fourth principle is the manifestation of the thought.  In summary, it is thought, creation, the creation, formation, and then manifestation.
    These principles can be explained by a simple example. Imagine that you wanted to build a table in the Third Dimension. You cannot just snap your fingers and manifest the table; that does not work on the Third Dimension. First, you have the thought that you need a table because you need something to support your books or your writings. Then with creation, you develop what could be considered a drawing of what the table would look like. The third step is formation when you gather all the instruments that you need for making the table. You may need to go buy wood; you may need to have a saw, and you may need nails, whatever you need to put it together.  And then the final step is that you do the work and it manifests on the Third Dimension.
    These are the four steps, and some people would call these stages “individual worlds”. You have the world of thinking, but everything that happens in the world of thinking does not manifest. You have the world of creation – everything that maybe many people think about creating a table, but maybe only a few are able to form the table. You have the world of formation. There are people who know how to build it, know where to get the tools, know where to get the wood. Then, of course, the manifestation is the completion when the thought manifests on the Third Dimension.
    These stages are also used in evolution. These stages are what helped to manifest all of the species on the planet. This method is also affecting what is happening on the planet now. There is a similarity between the Subconscious and the Noosphere. The Subconscious does not discriminate the input being downloaded.  It accepts either good or bad images. The Noosphere is the same way. It does not discriminate what information is being downloaded.
    Now let us think about what are some of the negative images, and what are some of the negative thoughts that are going into the Noosphere now?  Some of these negative thoughts are random. Negative images could originate from television programs; they could come from video games or from social media. When you think about the Noosphere, remember it is the collective thought field of the entire planet. I do want to emphasize the idea of “collective”.  It is a collective thought field; therefore, any thought that any being is having on this planet is recorded and is processed in the Noosphere.
    There are principles of manifestation in the Noosphere. The majority of the population has no idea how to use the Noosphere, which is fortunate, but on the other side, there are evil people. There are evil dictators who have understood principles from the Noosphere and have used those principles to manifest evil on this planet. The principles of manifestation on the Noosphere follow the laws of the Subconscious. The Subconscious manifests thoughts more easily when there is strength in the thought image. Both the Subconscious and the Noosphere respond to images, and images are stronger than words for both of these spheres.
    More effective manifestation on a planetary basis occurs in the Noosphere with the repetition of images and thoughts.  The number of people holding an image also improves manifestation on a planetary basis.  We know that the more people that are holding an image, then the stronger the image is and the more likely it is to manifest.
    I want to briefly discuss the theory of Planetary Global Consciousness and some of the work that has been done on consciousness and global consciousness as a way to further enhance your understanding. In the movie “The Blue Jewel” (made by German GOF film producer Oliver Hauck), there was an interview with a psychologist who is studying global consciousness. His name is Roger Nelson; he is a well-known psychologist who has studied planetary work. He measured an aspect of planetary consciousness based on a “random numbers generator”.
    A random number generator is a computer-like machine that produces random numbers. He found that, at certain times on the planet, the random numbers would go into a unified sequence. What could possibly be influencing a random number generator to suddenly produce numbers in a pattern instead of a random sequence?  Nelson studied two global events, the 9/11 tragedy and the death of Princess Diana. Surprisingly, those two events brought a global Unity Consciousness to the planet.  The random number generator started producing numbers in a pattern instead of a random fashion. These events touched the emotions of the globe, and people generally felt unity. What it shows is that a world event can manifest a sense of feeling of unity throughout the world which can be recorded on an experimental random number generator.
    Over the years, I have spoken about sports events, and I said to the Group of Forty members: “Is it not amazing what kind of group consciousness can be achieved at a soccer match?” We might have a billion people watching a sports event. Sporting events create a type of Unity Consciousness. Sporting events create emotional responses. What this does show is that it is possible to bring the world together, or a large portion of the world, through sporting events using social media and television. It is possible for the world together to hold one thought through events. The point is that it is possible for humanity to focus on one planetary healing thought, and that one thought could dramatically influence the Noosphere and the manifestation of a new reality.
    Can humanity focus on the next evolutionary change the way sports fans focus on a world championship game? How can we get Starseeds to focus on these four stages or four worlds, which are thought, creation, formation, and manifestation?
    We are now introducing the Omega Evolutionary Process. We can introduce a fifth-dimensional aspect to the third-dimensional evolutionary process. That fifth-dimensional addition is the energy of Omega Light and Omega Energy. While you are meditating on the Homo Omega, we can introduce an additional thought field that will include the Omega Evolutionary Process. We will introduce an Omega thought field that is external to the planet, but at the same time, can be received and processed by the planet. We do not need to have one billion people focus on this. It would be great if we could get one million people to focus on the needed evolutionary change in humanity and consciousness. I would love to see that occur. The Group of Forty and other Starseeds could start this huge shift in consciousness that will lead to an evolutionary change.
    It is not the number of people who are meditating, but rather, it is the intent and quality of the number of people. It is the intensity of those who are holding the thoughts that can make up for the numbers. We refer to “the Arcan Power of the thought”.  Arcan Power is the measurement of the strength and the power of the thought. “Arcan thought” means that a group of people with the right intensity and the right thought power can create an equivalent power of thought that might take hundreds of thousands of people to equal. The reason is that the Starseeds have higher concentration, and number two, they understand this process that I call the technique of the Noosphere, which is thought, creation, formation, and manifestation. If you know those four layers, and you work on each layer with the right intensity, then you can manifest a higher evolutionary process on Earth.
    I want to return to the concept of survival of the fittest, which was the core evolutionary teaching of Darwin. Survival of the fittest implies a certain physical ability and physical strength. In the evolutionary world, change occurs during a crisis, and that crisis will have survivors, and often the survivors either were smarter or had certain physical strength that the others did not. We go back to Homo Neanderthal and Homo sapiens. Homo Neanderthal may have been stronger than Homo sapiens, but Homo sapiens was smarter and was able to use tools and weapons in a way that made him stronger. Homo Neanderthals did not do agriculture, nor did they do domestication of animals. Homo sapiens learned to do agriculture and learned to do domestication of animals. This was an important change that enabled Homo sapiens to outlast Homo Neanderthal during difficult times  Eventually, Homo Neanderthal died out and Homo sapiens ruled. But the use of certain intelligence, the use of certain agriculture methods, and the use of certain weapons did make the Homo sapiens stronger. And then that process was passed on to the ancestors of Homo sapiens and led to the current civilizations that you now see.
    Survival of the fittest usually means that there is a stronger characteristic that must be passed on to their children. How does THAT stronger characteristic look in the world of Homo Omega? It does take strength and wisdom to be able to survive.  We want Homo Omega to be strong; we do not want Homo Omega to be weak and defeated. The second characteristic for a strong Homo Omega at this time has to do with the immune system. The new evolutionary species of Man must have a stronger immune system.
    You all have seen the dramatic and devastating effects of COVID-19 on the planet. One conclusion is that humanity’s immune system has been weakened. There is a lot of discussion about the Delta variant, and other possible variants and how dangerous they are. I agree; they are terrible, but the underlying problem is that humanity’s immune system has greatly been weakened over the past 30 to 40 years. There are a lot of reasons why this has occurred, some of the reasons have to do with radiation contamination, contamination of water, contamination of the foods, toxic chemicals and pesticides, and leaks of radiation from nuclear power plants. The nuclear testing that has occurred all over the world in the 50s and 60s has contributed to the aboveground radiation problem.
    There are various different cosmic rays that are striking the planet, and there are dangerous levels of solar energy that can enter the Earth’s atmosphere. In general, it is our conclusion that humanity has increased the toxic environment that is resulting now in the lowering of the immunity and immune response. What is needed for humanity is that each person must have a strong immune system. We are in a period in this planetary history where the immune response of this species has weakened which means that there is great susceptibility to the COVID-19 virus and other viruses in the future. The best response is to think about your immune system and what you can do to protect your immune system. You want to have the highest possible immune system. Homo Omega will have a strong immune system.
    Some of the internal characteristics of Homo Omega will include higher consciousness and the ability to use Omega Light and Omega Energy and a higher immune system.
    What is the relationship between spiritual energy, spiritual acceleration, higher spiritual consciousness, and the immunity response? The answer is that higher spiritual energy can do several things to your immune system. Higher spiritual energy can lower your stress level.  The number one cause of a weakened immune system is stress. Another main cause of the lowering of the human immune system is electric-magnetic energy pollution, which includes radio waves from cell phones. You are not going to be able to withdraw from the electromagnetic world now, nor will you be able to withdraw from the computer world or the smartphone world.
    There is a lot of concern about 5G, which is now the higher system of electromagnetic systems for smartphones. There are certain steps you can take to protect yourself, such as distancing yourself from the source of the emission of radios waves and not overusing smartphones. There are protective devices, certain stones, and other crystals that can help protect you from the electromagnetic energy field.
    Part of a strong immune response is the ability to protect oneself from electromagnetic energies and viruses and bacteria. The best protection for your immune system is the holding of a consistent, harmonic resonant aura. This means that your energy field has a resonant frequency.  It is a harmonic frequency, and it is in a balanced form. It is a balanced form that is harmonious, and the electromagnetic waves are very calm. There are descriptive terms for this, such as going into theta meditation or experiencing theta waves.
    The waves of your electromagnetic energy field do play a factor in your immunity, and the more that you can work towards achieving this higher state of consciousness, then that will bring a lowering of your stress and will bring to you a higher and stronger immune response.  I am just saying to you that your immune response is such an important factor that the way you approach that electromagnetically in your meditations and in your energy field can be a help for creating the strongest possible immune response.
    Each one of you has certain other requirements for your immune system, and I want to emphasize that there are individual needs in the immune system that apply to you and only you. Some might need a certain vitamin to improve their immune system, while others might need a certain type of juice. You have to experiment with yourself.
    Homo Omega has the strongest immune system. When we are visualizing Homo Omega when we are doing the meditations, then we want to create an image of a person with a strong immune response. The characteristics that Homo Omega possesses include Unity Consciousness, the ability to connect with the Fifth Dimension, but also the ability to maintain and hold the highest immune response. The next several years in particular are going to be challenging for your immune system. Even the people who are vaccinated sometimes still get the illness. There has to be a combination of building up of the immunity with the appropriate spiritual vibration and spiritual meditation.
    I want to turn to another concept that involves bringing down the higher Omega Light to the planet. You can see that, if we are going to successfully work with your Subconscious, then you want to have the strongest and most positive image to work with. There are powerful techniques for changing core belief systems by accessing the Subconscious through strong affirmations. This has to do with writing a core belief on a screen in front of the Third Eye and then emboldening the letters of the new core belief with the strongest red letters possible. That powerful new message is downloaded with the energy of the Soul, the energy of the Ego, and the highest intention into the Subconscious. And given the right combination of experiences and techniques, a personal core belief system, no matter what it was previously, can be changed in one session. It does require, though, the right technique and the right energy.
    Let us just talk about changing the whole belief system and the core system of a planet.  You would need to bring down into the Noosphere the strongest energy possible in order to accomplish such a change. This would require a strong Group Consciousness. One could use bringing down the Omega Light through the Iskalia Mirror. The Iskalia Mirror is another technology that we, the Arcturians, have brought down to the planet for planetary healing. It is an etheric mirror over the North Pole which is linked to the Central Sun.  Now think about the North Pole, because the North Pole is one of the strongest parts of the electromagnetic energy fields of this planet. And also think about the Hubble Telescope, which is one of the greatest achievements of humanity to place that telescope in an orbit far away from the Earth, and then use that telescope to gather light millions of light-years away. Think about a spiritual, etheric mirror, and we want that spiritual, etheric Iskalia Mirror to gather Omega Light from the Central Sun.
    Omega Light is always coming, is all around us. But there has to be a way to gather it and focus, and so we downloaded the Iskalia etheric mirror over the North Pole and placed it in alignment with the Central Sun, and then that mirror is gathering Omega Light. And then the Omega Light is coming through a corridor into the North Pole and then it comes down to you, and you can direct it.
    If you want to help manifest Homo Omega, then you want to put the image of Homo Omega into the Noosphere. You can use one of the 12 etheric crystals to increase the thought power. You can use the etheric crystal at Mt. Shasta.  You can direct the etheric light from the Iskalia Mirror directly to an etheric crystal, holding an image of Homo Omega
    After the meditation for Homo Omega, you can download the image into the Noosphere, saying: “Please allow Omega thoughts to be received. Please allow the formation of Homo Omega.  Please allow the creation of Homo Omega.  Please allow the manifestation of Homo Omega on the Earth now.”  Now you are giving specific, more detailed instructions to the Noosphere, and you are doing it with the greatest intensity possible. This is a powerful planetary healing technique.
    We are going to be able to do a meditation. I am going to direct you in this, and for the purposes of the meditation, I am going to bring you to the Ring of Ascension, and then we will follow my directions. (Tones “Oh.”)  Close your eyes; take three breaths; become aware of your spiritual presence, and you, in your Spirit Body, can separate from the physical body and allow your Spirit to rise up, out of your Crown Chakra.
    I, Juliano, place a corridor of light over your room and direct it into the Ring of Ascension. Follow that corridor of light and travel now with the speed of thought up to the Ring of Ascension. You are now sitting in a beautiful circle of light with many Ascended Masters and Arcturian Starseeds like yourself, meditating, glowing in the golden light of the Ring of Ascension around planet Earth.
    Travel with me to the North Pole, and as we reach the North Pole, we see this Iskalia Mirror pointed at the Central Sun. This etheric mirror has tremendous spiritual light gathering ability. Together we see this mysterious Omega Light coming down into the Earth, and it is being gathered by the Omega gathering mirror known as the Iskalia Mirror. The light from the Central Sun is being focused on the mirror and then brought into a place over the North Pole. As it goes into the North Pole, it also fills the Ring of Ascension with this Omega Light. We have now connected the Omega Light coming through the Iskalia Mirror with the Ring of Ascension.  (Tones “Omega Light.”)
    Sit in meditation with me now as a continual downloading of Omega Light through the Iskalia Mirror into the Ring of Ascension occurs. Your electromagnetic spiritual body is also being filled with this Omega Light. We will go into silent meditation.   (Silence)
    In the center of the Ring of Ascension, I have placed a huge white screen, and we will project onto the screen, the following words: “Homo Omega will appear on Earth through thought, formation, creation, and manifestation.”  And under those four words, write: “So it shall be.” “Thought, creation, formation, manifestation, thought, formation, creation, manifestation, so it shall be.” And then you have the words: “Homo Omega” on top. Hold that thought; hold those words in bright red, and as you are holding that vibrational thought, I, Juliano, bring a higher boost of Omega Light onto your screen in the center. (Tones “Oh, Oh.”) Homo Omega, thought, formation, creation, manifestation. So it shall be.
    At the count of three, we will lower the screen with these words, and the Omega Light will be downloaded into the Noosphere now. One, two, three, (Tones “Homo Omega.”) Thought, formation, creation, manifestation. Let the laws of this process unfold as quickly as possible for the greatest and quickest manifestation of Homo Omega. And so it shall be, my friends.
    Return slowly, leaving the Ring of Ascension, traveling in the corridor, back to your Earth body, bringing this higher consciousness and light with you. And now, reenter your physical body in perfect alignment, bringing as much Omega Light as possible into your physical body. And when you are ready, open your eyes and feel a new resonant unifying energy field around you in alignment with your highest abilities. 

I am Juliano. Good day. 
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