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MARCH 26, 2017
Dear ones, we come in love and with messages of truth for you in these times of turmoil and uncertainly. There is an energy of universal mourning within the spiritual community as they observe and see no apparent signs of the world enlightenment they had expected.
Understand that much of what was anticipated for these times has been based in three dimensional concepts which can only reflect what is already known. Spiritual reality does not dance to third dimensional dreams, but never doubt that it is nevertheless intensely present and flowing in profusion at this time. Trust and allow the process both within and without, never believing that a world of ever increasing Divine Light would or even could regress to less than what has already been attained.
No dear ones, those outer appearances breaking the hearts of so many is not the new reality, but represents the exposure and death throes of the duality and separation energy that has accumulated over thousands of years.
New and higher frequencies are profoundly frightening to the un-awakened who are also experiencing them, but are only capable of interpreting them from their level of consciousness. Thus many of these dear ones are lashing out in the only ways they understand in an attempt to achieve or hold on to their concepts of good, doing it through dominance and violence, rules and regulations.
Never forget--One with God is a majority.
Everyone has the choice of moving to new levels of awareness through the acceptance or rejection of truth. Every person has free will and is free to remain in what is known, but know that if you are reading these messages you have at some point either consciously or unconsciously made the choice to evolve.
Try not to lose heart dear ones. Never forget that images made from the illusions of duality and separation can never exist permanently and will dissolve when the energy that formed them is no longer present. In the lower resonating energies of the third dimension, most humans forgot that they were expressions of God and thus creators, and so ignorantly formed the world as you know it--one of good and bad (duality) and us versus them (separation).
Know that if you are drawn to the deeper teachings of truth, you chose to be on earth at this powerful time in order to complete any remaining lessons and clear old cellular memory in order to be a part in the ascension process of Gaia and humans taking place. In spite of the many painful life experiences that were necessary for lessons and clearing, most of you have accomplished or are in the process of accomplishing everything you came to do.
However, it is at this point that many still live with one foot in both worlds. There comes a time in every spiritual journey where the choice must be made as to which world you wish to live in. "Do I really believe and accept that I am the expression of Source and all that IT is, or am I holding to the belief that truth sounds wonderful but is too impractical to be taken seriously." As always, the free will choice is yours.
All serious students of truth must now begin to move into trust, deep trust. "If Oneness is true, then it is TRUE--period." If you have accepted the truth that you are Divine Consciousness in expression then you must also accept the fact that your body exists within consciousness, consciousness is not inside of a body. Trust is the resting in this awareness, knowing that everything you need is already present within this consciousness that is you.
Remaining in what is old and comfortable after becoming aware of truth out of fear of change or rejection from others can only serve to hold you in place and delay further expansion.
Go within often throughout the day, taking frequent mental breaks to simply rest in an awareness of Oneness. Those around you will not notice. Let go of any remaining sense of pressure to spiritually do, do, do, and instead move into a silent resting in I AM. "The experiences, truths, knowledge, awareness, spirituality that I am trying to draw to myself is already present, because it is who I AM."
Never compare your personal spiritual experiences or the lack thereof with those you may read or hear about. Comparisons or believing that you have failed because you do not have the same experiences as someone else or those that some book said you should have, will always leave you believing yourself to be a spiritual failure.
Every spiritual evolutionary journey is individual, based in past life experiences and spiritual readiness which is determined by the Higher Self. Many of the spiritual experiences you read about are in actuality illusory creations brought about through the energies of overstimulated religiosity in the mind of an individual holding intense but false beliefs of what constitutes spirituality. Never forget, you are creators perfectly forming your world from the substance of your consciousness.
Spiritual experiences and psychic abilities manifest without effort for some because they carry them in their cellular memory--techniques and abilities attained in past lifetimes spent in ashrams, mystery schools, and other schools of spiritual learning and discipline.
There are valid and tremendous spiritual experiences awaiting everyone as their energy refines and they are able to access the frequencies of the higher dimensions. You will intuitively know when something is simply mind formed or a real spiritual experience. Never try to create spiritual experiences. The manipulation of energy has gotten many into situations they had not expected. Allow these things to unfold through your Higher Self when and as you are ready.
Silence is where the Divine You lies awaiting your recognition, dear ones. You no longer need seek it through rites and rituals, just in Silence. Go within often, resting in the Divine Silence of your own Divinity, letting go of any remaining beliefs that you must work and struggle to find it.
Throughout lifetimes you have been on the journey of remembering. In the beginning you took baby steps, slowly advancing through lifetimes into the adult steps of discovering who and what you were. Be patient with those only able to walk with baby steps, for everyone must journey at their own pace and may be new to life on earth. You have already done the work and so are now ready to live with your hearts open and your hands out ready to grasp the hands of those seriously seeking more.
We know that we have given much of this information in other messages, but many serious and evolved students are still believing that they must continue to do some rite or ritual in order to become a part of the ascension process. This does not mean you won't be guided to some book or class that can help you understand something, or that you must throw away all your crystals, but it does mean realizing that the bottom line is-- You are the ascension process --and any teachings telling you that you are less than that are based in separation.
You have arrived but have not believed it. Spiritual teachings that emphasize a need for students to do this and that, or resist and struggle in order to become spiritual were needed long ago when the world was very dense and un-awakened. They can be tools for beginners who are just starting to awaken but not for you who have completed that beginning phase of your evolutionary path.
You are soon to see changes on earth, some frightening and some not, because the Light energies from this side and yours are clearing and dissolving so much of the lower resonating energy, the substance from which third dimensional creations are formed.
Try not to add more energy to what you see and hear within the old belief system, for fear and worry only add energy to the substance of the things you dislike. Keep yourselves separate from the fracas of a world that as of yet does not know who it is. You are the way showers serving the confused, angry, and frustrated through example and sometimes words.
Resting in Divinity is not a doing nothing. It is a living awareness of the reality of being even in the midst of activity. Allow the three dimensional nonsense to play itself out in the realization that anything formed from the energies of false concepts and beliefs, have no law to hold them in place.
Room is being made for the birth of a new and higher world consciousness, one of unconditional love that freely flows between all kingdoms of life on earth--the crystal/mineral, plant, animal, devic, elemental, nature spirit, and human kingdoms all in and of the One. A universal consciousness without judgment with regard to color, sexual orientation, gender,race, etc. -- a consciousness that recognizes the ONE expressing Itself in infinite form and variety. This is evolution.
Be that which you know you are. Live, move, and have your being in the truth of your Oneness for it is the fruition of what you have sought lifetime after lifetime. Fully embrace your Chirsthood, holding it dear and protected. You have arrived.
We are the Arcturian Group 3/26/17


Thursday, March 23, 2017


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 10th March 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Arcturians, greet you with love and joy. Today we wish to discuss the process of your transformation, highlighting areas for you to contemplate and focus upon. Many of you understand your process of transformation while in existence upon the Earth into the light being that is your truth. We, the Arcturians wish to guide you through this process so you may assist yourself more fully, calling upon the necessary aid so that each transformation you experience is easy, effortless and enjoyable.

When you begin to focus on observing your entire being each day, even if only for a few minutes, you allow yourself to connect into the energy, feelings, sensations, colours and sounds of your entire being, becoming present with yourself. At first, you may not understand or even be able to explain the energy of your entire being. Instead, you may be distracted by emotions, thoughts or areas of your body. Acknowledge anything that rises into your awareness and then continue with your focus and intention of observing your entire being. There is no need to focus on experiencing love or connecting with the Creator, simply observe what your energy feels like to you at that moment. Is there a lot of light pouring into your being? Do you feel heavy and drowsy? Do you sense that you are ungrounded or resisting something? Whatever you observe, acknowledge it first and then let it go, if the sa me observation keeps returning to you then allow yourself to focus on the energy as it may require your attention. Once you feel you have become familiar with your energy then you may wish to use this innovation:

‘Together with my guides, angels, healing and transformational team, I invite the most appropriate energies and frequencies of light to gently penetrate my entire being, anchoring all that I require to support my constant transformation, healing and ascension. I allow all resistance to dissolve as I receive the necessary light to support me now. Thank you.’
Take a few moments to imagine yourself receiving the necessary light and assistance from the Universe of the Creator. This simple process will not only allow you to release blockages and resistance to your ascension, often without realising, you will also become familiar with the presence of your energy. This means that you will be aware when you are moving through a transformational process and when you are experiencing a rest period where your entire being is recalibrating, and light is settling within your being. The more you achieve this practice, the more you will understand yourself and the ascension process you are moving through. Recognising whether a cold is simply a cold or whether it is helping you release old energies. Whether a pain in your body is due to something you have done physically or a resistance within your being that requires your intuitive attention. You may r ealise that you feel tired because of the great volumes of light that are anchoring into your being, recognising that you require rest. You may feel low in mood because a past lifetime aspect of yourself is returning to merge with your soul and requires to release all burdens before it can fully surrender to the light of your soul. When you are in tune with your entire being, you are more able to assist yourself in moving through your ascension process with ease and happiness. Thus you become intuitive to your spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and ascension needs.

The process of spiritual transformation within a physical body encourages you to trust your intuitive senses. By developing your intuitive senses to aid your own ascension, you become alert and aware of the transformations and positive transitions into greater light occurring within others and the entire Universe of the Creator. Thus, you become a powerful source of light assisting, supporting and encouraging the ascension of the entire Universe of the Creator.

A process of your transformation which occurs often is that new aspects of your soul download and ground into your being to merge with the aspect of your soul already present within your physical body. This means that the presence and influence of your soul becomes stronger within your being, new tools, skills and abilities develop, new passions and desires materialise leading you upon new pathways in your reality, and new wisdom or understanding dawns offering a clearer understanding of self and the Creator. For some people, new aspects of their soul can download every few weeks or months, for others, it can be every few years, depending on the mission of the soul and the focus or acceptance of the personality.

When a new aspect of your soul anchors, this often creates a shift or change in your being or reality which encourages you to let go of an aspect of yourself you are familiar with such as a perspective, habit or understanding. Frequently in order for the new aspect of your soul to enter a transition must take place where you let go of a perception of your identity which no longer serves you. This can be a challenging process especially if the physical body, personality or mind is resisting, unwilling to change or let go. Sometimes we are asked to let go of perceptions, ideas and aspects of ourselves that seem so familiar, which seem to describe who we are and are very much a beloved part of our existence. This can even manifest in your physical reality such as a beloved friend leaving, having to leave a home, job or area which you have enjoyed immensely, losing a precious object or ev en a part of your body. Often these transitions are so subtle that many people do not notice them and simply perceive them as a natural part of life. However, a perception, idea and understanding of yourself is lost, released and let go of to make space for the new aspect of your soul which will bring forth greater fulfilment and new perspectives. A grieving period may even take place which will allow for a deep cleansing to be experienced, a purging of the old to allow for a new perception, idea and understanding of self to dawn which is when you connect with and accept the new aspect of your soul. With the connection of the new aspect of your soul that was waiting to download you will experience a healing and renewal process allowing you to feel as if you are soaring high. This entire experience is a process of transformation, becoming more of the Creator’s light, love and wisdom upon the Earth.
If you are asked in your life to let go of something or someone, realise that not only new energy are entering into your life, a new aspect and level of your soul is grounding and awakening within you, ready to share all its insights, love and skills with you.
In these times with your intuitive senses, you will be able to comprehend that you require support and assistance.

‘Together with my guides, angels, healing and transformational team, I invite the most appropriate energies and frequencies of light to gently penetrate my entire being, anchoring all that I require to support me in letting go and releasing all that is no longer necessary, so I may accept a new aspect of my soul to merge with my physical being, becoming fully present with me now. I am ready to transform with ease and happiness. I invite my soul and soul group to support me now. Thank you.’

It is important to remember that your ascension process can be found in the subtle actions and reactions of your entire being, from your thoughts to your emotions. Even experiences within your physical reality or within your being which do not feel remotely connected to your ascension such as worry, exclusion, fear or anxiety, are keys that encourage you to continue forth, transforming and shifting into the light of the Creator, into your ascension.

Take notice of all that you are; the Creator is speaking to you, through you, guiding you to recognise and remember yourself once more as the light, truth and love of the Creator, and All That Is.

We the Arcturians are supporting the transformation of all upon the Earth. We are aiding you in understanding, experiencing, moving through and accepting each process of your transformation. We are sharing skills, wisdom and tools to encourage, enthuse and support all. Please call upon us for assistance, and we will come forth to share our energy, wisdom and understanding of transformation, as well as offering insights into your own transformation.

‘Arcturians, I call forth your loving, supportive energy to surround me completely. Assist me in gaining new understanding and wisdom concerning transformation and my own transformation process now. Surround me with your healing and inspirational light, love and consciousness as I inhale and accept all you wish to share with me. Thank you.’

In loving transformation,

The Arcturians

Archangel Uriel ~ Are You Self Healing or The Healer?

Posted by SpiritLibrary, 03/23/2017

Every lifetime has a soul mission for healing and a life purpose designed to bring closure to the healing cycle. Every healing path mirrors your soul’s desire for wholeness, to release pain and trauma so you can know joy and peace. The release of soul groups and karmic cycles is the focus of your healing journey so that you can be complete with your karmic cycles and soul groups. You enter a lifetime for healing and to heal yourself into wholeness but when you see yourself as the healer for others, you lose the focus of your self-healing purpose and become a purpose for others.

This healing purpose draws you into karmic cycles that cannot end because they are not your cycles, they are the pain and trauma that others have created for themselves that are their own healing journey. Each person is their own healer and no one can heal another. Once you shift from your purpose of your healing journey to become a healer you step onto someone’s path and lose the empowerment that is only available on your own path.

The desire to be a healer for others arises partly from your desire to prevent anything that might disrupt humanity’s ascension path. You fear that without being aware of healing or the opportunity for healing, someone may prevent higher frequencies from being present and that will end the ascension cycle. As you heal into wholeness you become more aware of others distractions, scattered energy, and pain, and you wish for them to know peace, joy, and love. So you step onto their path to become their healer.

With these soul groups you have known lifetimes of pain and trauma and it is true that many of them have interrupted your own healing, as well as interfered with past ascension cycles. But this ascension cycle has new potential and a new level of energy that has not been present for you before. No one can interrupt the ascension cycle but when you become a healer of others you interrupt your own movement into wholeness. And the light you can shine brightly becomes dim and loses its focus. Your own ascension cycle is interrupted and that serves no one, you or humanity.

The inspiration of your healed self is the light you can shine brightly for others. There is no need to convince them of the need for healing and that is not possible for you to do. Instead, your peace, joy, and love serve as a bright beacon of new potential for humanity that will encourage them to release their pain and know the joy they see in you. The role of the Light Worker was to heal the world by being a source of healing. The role of the Light Beacon is to be a source for healing and inspire others to seek this for themselves.

Every experience of healing mirrors your soul mission and life purpose. There are no wasted or unneeded experiences. Each facet of a lesson holds the promise of learning, healing, transformation, and ascension. Moving forward on your path comes when you release the need to be a healer and acknowledge your own healing. Everyone does not need to be healed and whole before ascension can occur. But those who are the ascension forerunners, the ones who have the brightest lights and who are the enlighteners of the world are the ones the ascension cycle needs. Be your own healer and acknowledge your journey into wholeness. Be in joy, that is your purpose. Then you become the inspiration for humanity’s ascension path and become part of the higher dimensional flow of grace to create heaven on earth for yourselves as you inspire the world with your joyful light.

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Energy Report March-April 2017 ~ We Have Reached a Turning Point

Posted SpiritLibrary, 03/23/2017

We have reached a turning point, one that marks the crossing over into a new cycle of being. The beginning of this new cycle is marked by the Equinox on March 20th / 21st and is indicative of the new reality we will now inhabit. A new reality, which is the culmination of all the many, many shifts, changes and transformations that we have endured. This new cycle is the realization and actualization of your true divine self.

The first three months of 2017 have been a time of cleaning up and clearing out all that is no longer need. In this time you have descended into the depths of your soul to access your hidden qualities. You have ascended into elevated aspects of your being to gather expanded states of consciousness. You have shifted timelines and crossed dimensions retrieving long forgotten aspects of your soul. You have accepted your grief, your pain and your suffering. You have healed, realigned and reunited these aspects so that you may move forward unhindered by your past.

You are now in the midst of creating a new life, one that honors difference, accepts individuality, embraces creativity and allows balance. You are weaving a new world into existence. A world that unites all aspects of your being and enables you to truly feel and experience life from the center point of your soul. The next three months will involve a period of rejuvenation, which will accelerate your soul’s embodiment process. With this acceleration your personal growth and spiritual development will rapidly increase. You will travel beyond confusion and into the light of clarity. You will awaken to your soul’s truth and begin to know yourself as whole in the midst of all that life has to offer.

The incoming energies are fully activating your original divine blueprint and releasing your pure essence. The unique codes of light and energy, which define your soul, are shifting the patterns of subtle energies that have shaped your soul’s form and experiences. With this shift your energy field is naturally expanding and linking you to multidimensional consciousness. Your ability to see, hear and feel truth is being enhanced, enabling you to step fully into your soul’s consciousness. Clarity and wisdom are emerging, which is helping you to being creating a new life filled with the light of your soul.

If you can imagine that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, then you can understand that the new reality you are inhabiting also contains a divine blueprint. This divine blueprint reveals its self as you surrender control of your reality to your soul. As you do this your place and your purpose in the new reality begins to emerge and you are able to fully actualize your own divine blueprint. You are then able to work with what arises without the need to control and manipulate reality.

In April of 2017 the energy of rejuvenation and renewal will come in to sooth and to heal any remaining mental anguish and control issues you may have. You will need to surrender to your soul, which will enable you to enter into its inner sanctuary and ignite the seeds of wisdom germinating therein. These seeds of light and energy contain the inspiration and insights you need to rekindle the awakening of your soul’s gifts.

Connecting with these gifts initiates a journey into your soul’s mysterious depths. In these depths you will unveil your soul’s divine messages and find your way to greater self-knowledge. As you access this knowledge you will discover your true nature, your purpose, the dreams, prayers and hopes your soul has for this life. You will remember that your soul is also a keeper of divine wisdom and truth. You will come to understand that no real separation exists when you are in constant communion with your soul. Your soul then becomes a sacred sanctuary where your body, mind, heart and spirit can truly merge aiding you in becoming an embodiment of divine love.

In the coming months you are encouraged to dive into the depths of your soul, to unlock the sacred messages of your divine blueprint and to immerse yourself in its flowing light and energy. It is this that will support you in embracing the many blessings of this new reality, as well as the shifts and changes you will be required to make.

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Lord Metatron brings forth an important message about the 10th Dimensional energies of the March Equinox which occurred on March 20th, 2017 at 3:28 AM PDT; 6:28 EDT, 22:28 GMT time zones. Transmitted by Integrative Channel Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden.
Greetings and Blessings for a new time of arrival,
I am Lord Metatron desiring to assist you in the rebirth of change that is occurring in the planet as we speak. The Equinox of March has arrived: Spring for the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn for the Southern Hemisphere.
It does not matter where your location is concerning the present incoming energies as everyone around the world is being affected at this time to step into the next phase of their spiritual development.
As of early morning the Northern and Southern Hemispheres came into alignment to fully receive the light forces of the Solar level to be more fully initiated into existence. This occurrence has already taken place which means that the onset of the energies is already within the atmosphere of the Sun and the Earth.

Some individuals may think that this Equinox is a life changing event for humanity. In truth, it is for those that are willing to see the possibilities of the Solar dimensions of light coming into the planet. But, for the majority of souls they will look at this as just another season that is coming into fruition.

For those of you that are ‘listening’, you will accept a new part of your Being to be acknowledged in a different manner. It all depends upon if you are willing to wake up to the potential within you to see the change that is happening.

This is a very important element to consider as it brings forth great understanding of the consciousness within the physical body. Many souls will exist within their consciousness and never see that they should make changes in their thoughts or emotions that will allow them to open up a door to a great opportunity that is waiting for them.
We have to understand what has been occurring in the last few months since the Solstice. This is very important to consider – to look at the changes you may have thought about. Have you been able to act upon them?

This is the crucial line that occurs within one’s consciousness – when they realize the potential they can be and act upon that energy to assist them to make their existence better for themselves.

The Solar Light energies that are occurring today represent the light frequencies of the10th Dimensional level to come into existence. Now this is not going to occur like a lightning storm and just change everything that you know in your world. It is a continual line of geomagnetic occurrences to assist in creating more of a balance within the entire earth. As the Northern and Southern Hemispheres came into alignment through this occurrence it represents the ability for Gaia to receive the 10thdimensional frequencies into her existence. What she does with this depends upon her consciousness that is occurring with her full body system.
This directly relates to the frequency lines around the earth and how these lines are going to change or stay the same. Each of these ley lines represent a frequency that is already in place – and moves continually around the earth. The energetic exchange of this Equinox in March represents that the Solar Frequency of light through electromagnetic waves are being infused within the present ley lines within and around the earth.
This means that the ability to access the higher realms of light through Gaia’s core is going to become more of a possibility. As the Solar Lines ignite their balance of the 10th dimension within the Earth, every soul upon the planet has the ability to awaken to greater possibilities within themselves.
This does not mean that the Earth is becoming 10th dimensional; it actually represents the fact that the windows of opportunity are becoming increasing more available for humanity to begin to access the higher 5th dimensional reality.
The infusement of these electromagnetic rays are very small and could be categorized as very small filaments of light.
This year of the earth has already shown great improvement in opening up people’s awareness to what is right and wrong and that it needs to be put in balance, but that has not occurred fully on earth at this time.
There is still duality that is occurring – people fighting for what they believe while yelling at the other side. This represents the masculine energies being very strong within the planet.
This equinox is the window of opportunity that Gaia has been asking for along with each of you. A moment in time when all can come into balance to receive the dispensation of Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos of the Alpha and Omega to help align the Feminine and Masculine imbalance that has occurred upon this earth for centuries of time.

What will happen through this movement of light is many places upon the earth will have darkness as the filaments of light become increasingly charged with the higher rays. This is the beginning stage of great cleansing of Gaia’s lands within her physical body.

Souls living in these areas will also find deep healing come to them. There may be illnesses that arise so they can be healed; some individuals will fight this process and will find great turmoil in their lives. Others, that allow the healing to occur will find themselves in a much better position in their emotional bodies to bring forth the alignment of the Masculine/Feminine within the physical self.

The beauty of this movement of light is that there is now a small opportunity to see change in humanity and that is where each of you come in that are awakened and walking as an Initiate of Mastery.

You must now do your part to go deeper into yourself as the light forces are becoming ever more consistent to help you achieve the desired effect within your life. You must not think of yourself as the physical person trying to achieve ascension, but instead realize you are the one that is walking as the Initiate, learning and growing to be an Ascended Master in your lifetime.
These present energies will allow you to go deeper into your consciousness, into your thought process, and your emotions to see what needs to be changed. You then will achieve what you desire, if you believe it.

This time of renewal represents the element of ‘BELIEVE’.

What is within you that you believe to be true? Call upon that energy to help you through this next phase.
Those of you that are able to fully call upon the present energies to help you walk through a dark storm fully into the light that you are becoming, will then see the focus of light you have been looking for.
As you do this, you will help the planet tremendously as when you accept the filaments of the 10thdimensional balance of light, then you realize that the journey of the eternal self is just beginning. This will allow what you are accepting to become grounded; it will move through the ley lines of the earth so that others can also see a New Beginning* that is erupting.
All you have to do is BELIEVE it is possible.
You have to remember that this is an attunement for the Earth; it is not a physical reality that is going to change everything overnight. You are the Light Bearers and must do your work to allow this exchange of light to be fully grounded into the Earth. Without your help this movement may not go as well as we would all like.
The most important element to remember is that you are an embryo of light from the Source of Light; you have your I Am Presence, your Monad, your Higher Self, and most of all your Solar Angel that are guiding you through each moment of your existence.

Believe all these elements and you will acquire great change in your life.

What you believe can be manifested within your world. Allow this change to be a Divine Opportunity for more to come.

I walk with you, I Am Lord Metatron at your service.
Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
The Walking Terra Christa March Equinox Ceremony was held on March 20th, 2017 with Lord Metatron as the host. This recording is available free on our website: Free Audio-Mp3 Library.
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* [Comment by Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden: Lord Metatron used the words “New Beginning” in terms of a gateway of light we have never experienced before on earth. He also clearly points out that we must believe this event is occurring.  I would add that it must be through our active consciousness, otherwise the energies do not become grounded on earth. “Active Consciousness” is my own term of understanding of what it takes to actually ground higher frequencies. In other words, while we offer them for your deeper understanding, it cannot be done just by reading channelled messages such as these. Instead one must do as Lord Metatron shares by first changing our understanding consciously and then taking action in the physical world in our daily life. He literally is referring to the formal spiritual study of Ascension Mastery when he says “you are the one that is walking as the Initiate, learning and growing to be an Ascended Master in your lifetime”.  Just reading new ideas and changing our attitude or interpretation about spirituality is a consciousness activity, but it is not taking it to the level of being an “active consciousness” (consciousness in action). It is this “deeper healing” that is required, and he also points out that, so far, too few upon earth have taken on this personal responsibility. If this continues it may well result in these energies we are now being gifted with to not become anchored into the earth fully. So there is a tone of urgency he wants to convey for those “listening” to his words. I think this urgency is due to the vast number of individuals who are now channeling messages to the community of “Lightworkers”. Most all of those channelings pertain only to our human consciousness in general, not to what it will actually and specifically take to make that consciousness active within us. Falling into the trap of confusing “believing what we read about ourselves as humans” with that of “believing what we must change within ourselves as humans” is very detrimental to creating the higher dimensional frequencies within us for earth. His use of the term “believe” is in direct connection to taking conscious action to ground that belief through our own practice of Ascension Mastery in our lives. ]

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March 4, 2017     
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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians!

Each dimension has a particular focus and a particular theme. The Third Dimension is focused on duality and the concepts and usages of free will. Those souls who incarnate here in this Third Dimension need this environment to further their soul development. This means also that other dimensions have different themes and different focuses. The Fifth Dimension is focused more on unity and divine harmony and peace.

I can also say that the concepts of space and time are different in the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension has a space continuum that from your perspective would be described as circular. Time on the Fifth Dimension is circular as opposed to on the Third Dimension, where time is linear. On the linear time there is the past, the present and there is the future. Once events have happened, they cannot be changed, and there is greater anticipation on what is to come in the future.

In consciousness meditation practices on the Third Dimension, one often focused on the now to the exclusion of the past and the future. This is often called "here and now consciousness". One of the psychologists on the Earth jokingly called meditating on the past as "there and then" meditation. I know that many of you sometimes get stuck in the "there and then" and need to come more into the "here and now".

On the Fifth Dimension, the dynamics of time are circular. Therefore this means that the present, the future and the past are still interacting. As strange as it may sound, in the Fifth Dimension you can alter the past. On the Third Dimension you try to affect the future. But, on the Third Dimension, you have no control over altering the past; you must accept the past.

Of course on the Third Dimension, space and time have different attributes. There are large distances, which is called space, and in these large distances, there is seemingly emptiness. That means that if you wanted to go from one city to the next, you must go through a lot of space. Going through that space takes time. In the Fifth Dimension, we have this new concept where space is folded, and when space is folded, time is folded. If you want to be somewhere on the Fifth Dimension, you can fold space, and then there is not the physical space requiring long periods of time to travel. There is more of a harmony and unification on the Fifth Dimension because you're able to be in immediate placement without worrying about space and time travel. This includes being with somebody that you want to be with, but it also includes being somewhere that you want to be.

On the higher dimensions, the eighth, ninth and tenth, for example, you are even working with different themes and different concepts than what I have described. The main difference on the eighth, ninth and tenth dimensions is that you do not have a body. You do not embody in those dimensions. This means that you do not assume a body form.

If you notice when we are speaking about the Fifth Dimension, we still refer to your fifth-dimensional body, and in some of the exercises I ask you to visualize your fifth-dimensional body. One of the exciting and desirable objects and abilities in the Fifth Dimension is that you can shape your fifth-dimensional body to your liking. I know that you in the Third Dimension try many different ways to change your physical body to your liking. Some of these attempts are successful, and some of them are not. Eventually you're faced with the aging process where your physical structure is declining in youthfulness, beauty and strength. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and elderly, wise people still are beautiful. But on the Fifth Dimension, you have the choice of shaping your body in any way you like. So oftentimes people would choose an image of themselves that they especially like, such as when they were younger. They might have had more flowing hair. They might have been free of wrinkles and have full physical strength and abilities. So when you are given the chance to embody on the Fifth Dimension, then you would most likely choose one of those youthful looks. It would be based on how you remember yourself when you were in your twenties or thirties, for example.

We have seen visionary pictures by psychics which could be described as artistic drawings of fifth-dimensional Masters. These drawings portray the Masters as being very young, beautiful and handsome. They are portrayed with flowing hair and beautiful skin and nicely formed physical bodies. Shaping and creating your body is one of the abilities and choices you have on the Fifth Dimension. On the Fifth Dimension, you can shape your body in its highest and most perfected image that you remember or are capable of putting together. The other thing is that the fifth-dimensional body does not decline like the third-dimensional body. There is not an end stage of death and dying where you are suffering terminal illness, and in some cases, you may even suffer a painful, prolonged illness, causing great discomfort to you and your family. This experience does not happen on the Fifth Dimension.

There is a transition when you are going into another realm from the Fifth Dimension, but the transition is not at all like what you would see on the Third Dimension. You are able to simply leave your body at will and your desire, and transit without experiencing "a death". On the Third Dimension, there is the illusion of death, and there is the separation because it appears as if everything is finite. There is the belief on the Third Dimension that at the end of this life there may not be any continuation. There is debate about what happens after you die.

There are also different experiences of God, of the Creator, on the Third Dimension versus the Fifth Dimension. Each dimension has a particular level of Creator or divine light and divine experiences that they are able to experience and participate in. Whatever dimension you are on, the third, the fifth, the seventh, the eighth, they all have the possibility of having unification with the divine and achieving enlightenment. From our perspective, it is true that there are "higher dimensions", but this only means that each dimension has a different focus or theme and offers you a different experience. I don't say one is better than the other, but that there are different levels of experience possible.

Now when we go to the higher levels of eighth, ninth and tenth, then we are talking about not being in embodiment. You will find this difficult to grasp from your third-dimensional perspective. Being on this level means that you are existing as a mental being or as a thought form. I know that this is difficult to visualize. As you go into higher dimensions, there are more expanded experiences of the divine, and there are more characteristics of the divine that you can assume. If you look at the mystical descriptions of the Godhead or the divine in Earth religions, you will find that God is described without a body, and that there is no way to really describe the divine. No physical characteristics can be attributed to the divine.

This idea is also covered and described in other mystical religions, such as in Taoism (also known as Daoism). The Taoists were very much in touch with the galactic masters and teachers and had high energy instructions, and their description of the Tao is very simple: Anything that can be said about the Tao is not the Tao!

I want to focus this discussion more on the Fourth and Fifth Dimension, and on the unique qualities of the Fifth Dimension interacting with the Third Dimension now. I also want to discuss this concept of the Planetary Cities of Light, and how they are representative of a unique model of the perfected fifth-dimensional City of Light known as "Shangri-La", sometimes also uniquely called "Shamballa". The best way to describe the Shangri-La is that it's a beautiful and perfected fifth-dimensional City of Light, which for particular reasons that only the Ascended Masters know, has been placed in the Earth's auric energy field. The Planetary City of Light known as Shangri-La, then, is embodied in a form that is able to survive and able to intersect the Third Dimension. There are unique qualities about Shangri-La. The Planetary Cities of Light are modeled after Shangri-La, and the Planetary Cities of Light can work towards evolving into Shangri-La.

We will describe that the Fifth Dimension is already intersecting with the Third Dimension. I have spoken to you about the Ascension, and I have spoken about how the fifth and Third Dimensions are intersecting. There has also been a history of portals from the Fifth Dimension that are connecting to the Third Dimension. In your Bible, you have stories about one portal, called the Garden of Eden, which was a Planetary City of Light where people were living in a perfected state of consciousness of higher energy and higher light.

Adam and Eve were not able to hold the energies of this higher light, and therefore they "fell down" from this higher place, and the entire Garden of Eden was brought into the Third Dimension. I want to point out that the fifth-dimensional Garden of Eden was placed in the Earth's energy field. It was part of the energetic thought field of the Earth, but it could not be sustained because the beings that were in there were unable to hold the higher vibration. I want to clarify that there were more than two beings in the Garden of Eden, even though the biblical story is focused only on Adam and Eve. There were other beings that were under their leadership. It was a divine, perfected City of Light, just like Shangri-La.

What other thing can we say about Shangri-La? We can say that there have been stories of this City of Light being placed in the Himalayan Mountains, perhaps among the Tibetans monks who interacted with the city. They found a path to lead into the city, but then could not figure out how to re-enter once they left the city. In other words, they found the path and they entered the city and experienced it, but then when they left, they couldn't find the entrance doorway. This says that there is an energetic protection around Shangri-La. How is one on the Third Dimension able to pierce that energetic field? The city does have a protective energy field which means that only those of a certain vibration of higher light would be able to find the doorway and be able to enter it.

Now think about your Planetary Cities of Light. One of the goals of developing and holding the energy of the Planetary Cities of Light is to create a special energetic field so that lower vibrational people cannot or will not enter. It is difficult on the Third Dimension to totally block a City of Light so that only certain people can enter. I sympathize with you in your efforts to create these Cities of Light. I know that in many places of the world there is lots of violence, corruption, contamination and conflict. It is very difficult in these situations to establish this energetic boundary of light around a city. I could say that if you're working only with higher beings like in Shangri-La, then of course it's much easier to hold the white sheet of light around a city. Higher beings in Shangri-La can hide the doorway or the entrance path into their City of Light. In the stories of Shangri-La, people "accidentally" found the entry portal. But accidentally in this sense means that they already had a vibrational frequency that was compatible to the entryway into Shangri-La.

In your efforts to create Cities of Light, I also encourage you to create protective shields around your city, and state the intention that only higher beings will be attracted and want to enter into your city. You do this to the best of your ability. But you are on the Third Dimension and the City of Light is on the Third Dimension. You are not going to be able to hide the entranceway to your city. It would be great if you were able to do that; then you'd have great control over allowing only higher beings to come in. But our concept is that by focusing on higher light and higher energy in the City of Light, you are creating a vibrational energy field that will attract other beings that are also of higher light. Those who are of lower light will not be attracted even if they knew where the entrance was. They would not be interested in coming into the city.

From my perspective then, Shangri-La was an experiment and an attempt by the fifth-dimensional masters to see if the Third Dimension can hold a fifth-dimensional City of Light. It has been successful to some degree, but in the largest experiment in recorded ancient history, the Garden of Eden, we have documentation that it was not totally successful, and that humanity, for a variety of reasons, could not hold the light frequency to keep them in the Garden of Eden. (Note: the Garden of Eden was an aspect of Shangri-La.)

The other examples we have of Shangri-La are described in the Himalayan Mountains. There were also aspects of Shangri-La in the Andes Mountains in South America, where Cities of Light were founded based on this concept. But in these examples, the Cities of Light were hidden and only special people, at great effort, were able to find and enter the cities. But after they left those cities, they often were not able to find them again. In these Cities of Light known as Shangri-La, people were totally in the Fifth Dimension, but they also were on the Earth. They knew that they were on the Earth, and they knew that there were limitations. They knew that there was finiteness, but they had the ability to expand their consciousness and see beyond duality.

Shangri-La was on the Earth in the Earth's energy field. The people in Shangri-La experienced duality, but they also were experiencing the fifth-dimensional energy at the same time. They saw that the duality was an illusion, and by seeing that illusion, they were able to experience joy, health and an expanded consciousness, which is the goal of everyone now to achieve. In the story of Adam and Eve, they got fooled by duality, and they accepted duality as being the real truth, and that led them to be thrown out of the Garden of Eden or thrown out of Shangri-La. I consider the creation of the Planetary Cities of Light as an important part of the Earth's ascension and an important part of your planetary work because you are working off of the model of creating Shangri-La in your Planetary Cities of Light. You are trying to set the parameters that will hold fifth-dimensional light in a city. So that means that the city itself would start to operate on these higher principles.

The first principle in Shangri-La is the transcending of duality, the transcending of good and evil, which also means that there is a transcending of the ego. There are other principles which Shangri-La operates on, which include the concept of the "Just Society", where there is an equal distribution of wealth and caring and nurturing. Right away, this sounds like Karl Marx and socialism, which has a very negative construct in Western thinking. So it would be difficult to describe the social model of being in a "Shangri-La" environment without getting into a political dialogue about philosophical and political conflicts.

And you know that there was even in the 18th and 19th centuries, great discussions about Utopias in the writings of philosophers of that time period. They had certain principles that were described, such as doing things for the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Even the word "Utopia" became popular at that time. These ideas of Utopia are not totally new in the Western mind. Many people are shocked when I tell them that on Arcturus and other highly evolved planets, we don't have money and we don't have possessions like you. It is difficult to think of a "Just Society" and think of capitalism and the acquisition of wealth and of money and goods and material objects at the same time. I do not say this in a critical way.

Your societal system is developed without many of the concepts of the "Just Society". In Shangri-La there were no possessions; there was no jealousy. There was no wanting of anything because everything was provided for, and people were not taken advantage of. But think, in order to be on that level, you would have to be at a high vibration and maturity to live in a society that was based on such divine justice.

The Tree of Life contains a blueprint for the "Just Society" and for the Planetary Cities of Light. It also contains a blueprint for Shangri-La. A fifth-dimensional society on Earth would have problems. In fact, one of the goals of you, the Starseeds, and enlightened beings is to raise the vibration of the Third Dimension. The Third Dimension was created for a specific purpose, and as I said, there is a theme in the Third Dimension, which is duality, separation and free will. Those three things have to exist on the Third Dimension in order to create the environment for the soul growth.

The Tree of Life consists of polarities and different spheres interacting with each other. The spheres are setting up a model of how to have divine compassion and divine justice. This is particularly needed for setting up a Planetary City of Light or a Shangri-La type of area on the Earth now. There are many beings of lower vibration, and however hard you try to set up the perfect vibrational energy of the city, you're going to find someone who may be disruptive. You could find someone who "sneaks through the doorway", and therefore, you would have to deal with them. You might find someone who might want to steal, or who doesn't believe in the sharing and might want to start gathering goods and become selfish. So that means that you, as a "Just Society", or as a keeper of the rules of a "Just Society", would have to find ways of dealing with such behavior with divine justice, with divine compassion. There are times when there would need to be restrictions and punishment.

One of the problems in the original Shangri-La was just that it was totally closed to interacting with the third-dimensional world. The guides and teachers proved that the Earth's energy field could hold Shangri-La, but they had to place these Shangri-La Cities of Light into areas that were very difficult to access, and for the most part, they were in the hidden areas of the planet. Only several people of special nature were allowed to come.

Now the mission of the Ascended Masters has shifted, and with their and your work and cooperation, we want to begin to create the Planetary Cities of Light and have them modeled after Shangri-La. We realize that there will be many problems and much resistance to the Cities of Light. To help each City of Light, we suggest that each City of Light choose an Ascended Master to be its guardian, overseer and guide. For example, let us say one City of Light chose Kuthumi to be the guardian and overseer of their City of Light. That city could then call on the energy of Kuthumi to be downloaded into their area. His energy would begin to permeate many people's consciousness in the city, and hopefully even his name as the guardian of your city would be taught.

I want to discuss with you the idea that a city has a fifth-dimensional embodiment just like you have a fifth-dimensional embodiment. If I say to you: "Let us travel to your fifth-dimensional body," then we will go through the corridors of light. We can do shimmering to help accelerate our energy field, and then we will go the Crystal Lake. You will find your fifth-dimensional body at the lake. With proper alignments and intent you could experience your fifth-dimensional perfected body.

What if I told you that there is a fifth-dimensional embodiment of your City of Light? Your City of Light exists in a fifth-dimensional form right now. This concept is contained in some of the mystical writings and teachings, that is, these fifth-dimensional cities exist as embodiments of third-dimensional cities. Each city has a fifth-dimensional embodiment. The third-dimensional city already can exist in a fifth-dimensional form. You can choose a fifth-dimensional guide and work with bringing a higher thought form from that fifth-dimensional form to your City of Light - on the Third Dimension. One of the tasks that you as planetary healers are destined to do is to interact with that fifth-dimensional embodiment of your city.

Your country could also have a fifth-dimensional embodiment, and it also means that planet Earth also has a fifth-dimensional embodiment. You are working and thinking about how to contribute to the Earth's ascension as a planet. Many of you already have this concept in your mind that there is a fifth-dimensional embodiment of the Earth, and that it represents the highest form that the Earth can reach. You probably have the idea that suddenly the Earth is going to ascend to that embodiment. This is a good image and a good exercise to work with in your meditations.

Also, we have to prepare to do the work so that embodiment of the fifth-dimensional city, country and planet has the place prepared for it in the Earth's energy field. We don't want a Shangri-La to exist only in the Himalayan Mountains where nobody could access it. We want to see the portals from the Fifth Dimension cities open up to the Earth. These fifth-dimensional cities can only open up and download in places where there is already an anchoring foundation of fifth-dimensional energy. (Chants OOOOOOHHHHHH.)

Each city that was founded on the Earth has an astrological chart. For example, if you want to find the destiny of Sao Paolo, Brazil, go back to the city's birth date, or the date that the city was founded. You see, even in that city, there was already a guardian/overseer - St. Paul. If you want to find out about what the destiny of that city is, then you could do the astrological birth chart of that city. You can do that for any city in the world, but you can also do that for any country. So there is a certain destiny for the United States of America, and that destiny can be found in the birth chart of that country, which was on July 4th, 1776. You in the Cities of Light are creating an access point for the portal that will be downloaded in greater depth when the Fifth Dimension intersects with the Third Dimension.

Now let us also talk about the concepts of Shangri-La and Planetary Cities of Light and how it relates to the Collective Unconscious and to the planetary Noosphere. There is an energy field or an aura that exists around the entire planet. There is a specific energy field that exists around each of your Cities of Light. There are energy fields around different planets. One of the reasons why we wanted to connect your Planetary Cities of Light with Star Cities of Light is because we wanted to help you interact with the higher frequency of light that is contained in the Star City.

Our definition of the Noosphere and Collective Unconscious includes all the thought forms that have existed and are now existing, including the thought forms in the future. Believe it or not, there are many aspects of the planet Earth in the future. People have projected and planned for the future Earth. Even as we are speaking, there are people right now who are survivalists who are planning for the "End Times" catastrophes and the destruction of modern life as you know it. These people believe that there is going to be some type of untold harm to civilization, and if necessary, they are ready to go into bunkers and isolation to protect themselves. Even some great spiritual leaders, such as Elizabeth Clare Prophet, believed that and took preparatory steps to protect, including means using isolation of their village or city. That type of thinking and those preparations project thoughts into the future Earth and into the Noosphere. The future energy/aura of the Earth will be affected by those thoughts, and whatever is in that aura in that future time can possibly come into a manifestation. If you have millions of people thinking about the "End Times" and thinking about nuclear war and the possibility of survival in special circumstances, then those thoughts can influence the outcome of the future of the Earth. The Noosphere consists of past, present and future energy fields and contributes to what is manifested - on the Earth.

Fortunately, the Ascended Masters, guides and teachers have downloaded special healing patterns for a better future for the Earth, for a better manifestation. Our work together with the Planetary Cities of Light and our discussion of Shangri-La has contributed to a more positive input into the Noosphere. We want the idea of Shangri-La to be integrated into the Planetary Cities of Light, and this higher light can be opened up and can manifest here on the Earth.

We can download those higher thoughts into the Noosphere. We seek to have a greater community of Planetary Cities of Light that are raising the vibration in a way that is going to prepare for the Earth's ascension. Part of that preparation is to visualize what your City of Light looks like in the Fifth Dimension and also to visualize what the Earth looks like in the Fifth Dimension. I know you perhaps have the vision of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden did not have internet, transportation devices or spaceships. Your fifth-dimensional Earth in your vision might have some of those features, including space travel and interdimensional corridors. Certainly the fifth-dimensional Earth would be a planet that is in Stage II of development. Stage II of development means that you have overcome the urge towards self-destruction. In Stage II there is the ability for Earth to control the forces of nature, which means the volcanic and earthquake reactions and the storms, and the man-made destruction of the biosphere would be stopped.

The Planetary Cities of Light hold foundational thought patterns that go into the Collective Unconscious and to the Noosphere. Eventually the Planetary Cities of Light can create the energy to connect with the ascended, fifth-dimensional Earth. There are two options that the Ascended Masters see:

Option number one is to create the fifth-dimensional Earth on the third-dimensional Earth. This would happen through downloading the energy to create more cities like Shangri-La and the Planetary Cities of Light.
Option two is that the Earth magically ascends and everything of lower vibration is left behind. In this option you go directly to your fifth-dimensional Earth the same way that you would leave your physical body and go to your fifth-dimensional body. In this option your body transforms, transmutes and goes into the fifth-dimensional body. In this concept, everything transmutes and goes into the fifth-dimensional Earth.
But there is one problem with option two: there are billions of people on the Earth right now, and all of them are not prepared or not vibrating at a high enough frequency to go to the fifth-dimensional Earth. Remember, to enter the Fifth Dimension requires a certain vibration. You cannot enter the Fifth Dimension if you are of a lower vibration filled with hatred, disunity, disharmony and violence. This idea of everything transmuting magically on the Earth and going into the Fifth Dimension is not going to work because there are too many people on the Earth right now who are not ready or are not prepared for the Fifth Dimension.
The fifth-dimensional Earth does exist. Part of the fifth-dimensional Earth can interact with and become manifested on the Third Dimension, and part of the third-dimensional Earth that is of higher vibration and is already filled with fifth-dimensional light, can ascend to the fifth-dimensional embodiment of the Earth. I know that sounds kind of fractionalized, and there are a lot of paradoxes in this. My only answer is this: You have to be prepared to enter the Fifth Dimension, and even for a City of Light to enter, it must be of a higher vibration. Visualize the concepts of the Shangri-La in your fifth-dimensional Cities of Light and connect now with that higher embodiment. Hold a vision of yourself in your fifth-dimensional embodiment and hold a vision of your City of Light and its fifth-dimensional embodiment. Finally hold a vision of the Earth in its fifth-dimensional embodiment. It all will happen as it shall be in accordance with the divine light and divine laws of higher spiritual evolution.

I am Juliano. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty