Monday, May 30, 2016


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MAY 29, 2016
Dear ones, once again we speak of love, for love is the glue that holds all things together. Because the resonance of the world is becoming ever more enlightened, you are seeing and hearing messages and articles about love from many different sources on all levels of understanding. World consciousness is beginning to open to love.
You may tune them out in the belief that you have already heard all there is to hear and know all there is to know about love, and in many ways you are correct. Human opinions and concepts no longer satisfy the individual able to be taught from within. Every hidden, deeper truth about love will unfold as individual consciousness is prepared to receive it.
Love at its purest level is simply the interconnectedness of Oneness. The realization begins simply as intellectual knowledge, but when lived and practiced eventually becomes an attained state of consciousness. Every truth realized becomes you because you are not a physical body, you are consciousness, a consciousness that formed for itself a physical body to use on earth.
Examine the events of each day, acknowledging those that left you feeling uncomfortable in some way and then ask yourself; "What was I believing at that moment that caused me to take the actions, speak the words, or feel these emotions?" You will discover that you had forgotten to live out from your highest level of awareness.
Old habits die hard, and there never need be guilt for slipping into an old belief system. Within every negative interaction, love is the component left out. Love--the realization that each and every one including self, exists within the Whole, regardless of appearances that would seem to negate that.
There are occasions when words spoken or actions taken must be stern. Every individual comprehends according to their attained level of consciousness and thus what is spoken must be said in a way the other can understand. As awakened ones, when you need to speak strongly or take unpleasant but necessary action, you will now do it from a consciousness that acknowledges the spark of Divine Light within the other. If there is receptivity, this acknowledgement may lift their energy and bring about a shift of some sort.
The Arcturian group wishes to speak of fear because fear is the subtle underlying energy of all human difficulties. Many fears lie hidden and unrecognized, until at the right moment, something on a conscious level will align with the fear energy and manifests. The fear we speak of is not the fear as seen in horror and violent media productions but is a silent, quiet hesitation that affects every day choices and activities.
Fear manifests on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. In reality there is only one energy and it is always seeking to align with itself--same vibration, oneness-- (like attracts like). Fear is simply the alignment (triggered by some event, word, or experience of daily living) of an energy with its counterpart--those negative beliefs and experiences, etc. still resonating in cellular or conscious memory.
There are those for whom some past experience has created a fear so intense that it is ever present. These are the phobias that trouble many lives. Because spiritual Light is flowing ever more intensely at this time, fear in all its forms is surfacing to be recognized and released.
It is normal to have hesitation with new experiences. The hesitation we speak of is when some ordinary activity is always accompanied by a holding back, a tightness, or resistance with no conscious reason. As students of truth, see these experiences as messages pointing to the need for a deeper examination of one's belief system. Fear is often disguised as common sense, practicality, expert advise, or information based in personal or another's experience.
Normal hesitation is looking before you cross a road or choose to enter some area that does not feel safe. This sort of hesitation is guidance from your Guides and Self that should be heeded. What we speak of are simple every day actions often accompanied by worry, dark imaginings, doubt, apprehension, trepidation, inflexibility, and irrational emotions having no conscious cause.
In the human scene many of these feelings are accepted as normal human emotions, but there comes a point in the spiritual journey when you are ready to go deeper and move beyond the unreal. Fear in all its forms, has no law to support it having never been a part of Divine consciousness. Fear is held in place through false beliefs representing a sense of separation.
The three dimensional scene offers medication, distraction, therapy, and all sorts of solutions for fear. These things can be helpful for those at that level of awareness, but you are now ready to go deeper, to acknowledge your Divinity and lay the ax at the root of any remaining fears in order to become the free and powerful beings you already are.
When emotions reflective of fear manifest during the course of your day, take time then or later, to examine them. "What do I believe that makes me feel this way? Is it true?" That is the most important question a spiritual student can ask themselves..."In the light of the truth I now know and accept, is this belief that I am allowing to influence my decisions, actions, and choices, valid?"
Never feel guilt over your fears, but begin to see them as tools of awareness for they point out current beliefs and cellular memory ready to be examined. Unexplainable fears usually represent cellular memory--some terrifying or painful experience from a time when mankind's awareness was very un-enlightened. Take time to love yourself, speak to your cells sending them Light and telling them that it is ok to release all old energy because it is finished and will never happen again.
Profound experiences become a part of your energy field, remaining in cellular memory until cleared. Much clearing is now taking place in sleep, but some things must be cleared on a conscious level even occasionally needing to be re-experienced. Clearings usually take place over a period of time, energetic layers surfacing as an individual is spiritually ready. This is why issues believed cleared and resolved long ago are now resurfacing for many of you.
Ask your Higher Self and Beings of Light to help you, to work through you. Trying to do everything yourself is an old concept reflecting separation--your Higher Self is you and not a separate "something".
The energy of duality and separation teaches fear from childhood on. Babies are born into a world consciousness of fear. A belief in duality will always manifest as pairs of opposites. The third dimensional consciousness will always have things to fear, for it is the nature of duality and separation. However, at a certain point in everyone's evolution, he moves beyond long held fears and beliefs and begins to live out from a new state of consciousness, one where there is nothing to fear for he knows there is only ONE.
Many still hold tightly to their favorite concepts of fear simply out of habit and the world's promotion of them. We do not say you must pretend a consciousness not yet fully attained, for that would be very human. Our message is that it is time to know the truth behind any remaining fears, seeing them for what they are--concepts and beliefs, while at the same time feeling no guilt about taking whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take necessary for your present state of consciousness.
Once realized, the infinite bounty of a Self sustained and Self maintained Divinity becomes yours without effort, manifesting as ideas, creativity, solutions, and an abundance of whatever is needed because these things are already within you.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/29/16

Friday, May 27, 2016


Accessing the Universal Mind
by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 27th May 2016 - Sacred School of OmNa

Light flows through your being with great force and abundance, this is always the case whether you are aware of it or not. When you awaken your senses to become aware of the positive and continuous flow of the Creator’s light pulsating through your being you become consciously involved in all shifts occurring within your being instigated by the light of the Creator. Your willingness to be conscious allows you to remember aspects of your Universal Mind, thus realising insights, knowledge and wisdom which serves and guides you in your lifetime. When you allow yourself to connect into the Universal Mind, you are encouraging your natural essence to become prominent within your physical body and being such as expansion, freedom, inner knowingness, light, love and truth. The more you allow yourself to be conscious of the shifts occurring within your being and your eternal connection w ith the Universal Mind, the easier it will be to remember who you truly are. Remembrance is after all what every soul seeks, whether on the Earth or the inner planes.

A lack of memory of the divine/ Creator, in truth who you really are occurs when disconnection with the Universal Mind occurs. There is a need to be in 90 % connection and conscious connection with the Universal Mind in order to be able to access the truth of your being. This is because the knowledge, wisdom and remembrance of your soul concerning your current and other lifetimes on the Earth and the inner planes extend from the Universal Mind. Your soul and soul group are in constant communication and transference of energy and wisdom with the Universal Mind. Everything that is your soul and soul group, even your current lifetime is stored within the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is a vast expanse of knowledge, wisdom, and information concerning every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes. It is likened to the mind of the Creator. When you receive divine wisdom or enlightenme nt, this flows from the Universal Mind through your soul group and soul into your consciousness, energy field, mind, and understanding. Your soul does hold information and wisdom; however, it is predominantly drawing the wisdom from the Universal Mind.
Every soul is connected to the Universal Mind, and every experience, perspective, and understanding of every soul is present within the Universal Mind. This means that when you are conscious of your connection to the Universal Mind, you are aware that every thought of every soul is available for you to draw upon and accept. When a thought or energy consciousness exists within the Universal Mind it is neither positive or negative; it exists as neutral. It is only when the thought or energy is absorbed by a soul that they interpret or react to it thus determining it as negative or positive.

Imagine being able to investigate and draw upon the wisdom of every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes; the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Star Beings, etc. You would hold the belief that your inner knowledge was profound, expansive and eternal. You would hold the belief that you had access to any wisdom you wished to embody such as how to channel, the wisdom of the stars, how the universe works, why people exist upon the Earth, how to heal the physical body, ancient languages, the purpose of the Creator and so forth. Even seemingly mundane wisdom concerning achieving something in your physical reality would be available to you, for example, how to boil an egg, how to tend to flowers, how to build a table. Learning would take on a new meaning; it would be more like remembering or connecting and downloading information. Another belief which you would adopt would be that there is no need to retain information and even memories because they would be constantly available to you with a simple request as if plucked from your mind when truly drawn from the Universal Mind. Information within the Universal Mind can never get jumbled as you will always have a vibration link to the wisdom, information, and knowledge from your soul and soul group. This vibration link is like a thread of light linking you, however truthfully it is your ability to recognise your own vibrational frequency and to recognise the same within the Universal Mind. In order to access other forms of wisdom from the Universal Mind, there is a need to be receptive of other vibrational frequencies. All vibrational frequencies held within the Universal Mind already exist within your being, as you are the Creator, aligned to all. Conscious remembrance is the simple key. Every meditation you achieve, every spiritual exercise or focus is encouraging and allowing you to consciously remember all vibrational frequencies within your being, thus remembering all that is the Creator. This opens your awareness to who you really are; a source of the Creator connected to everything that is the Creator, (everything is the Creator.)
We are using the label of the Universal Mind; this is because it is the expansive consciousness of the Creator of all within the universe of the Creator. We are not referring to the Universal level. We could also use the labels Cosmic Mind, Creator Mind or Mind of Infinity; all would refer to the same source. A label after all is merely a focus of intention.
One way to enhance your connection with the Universal Mind is to allow yourself to take time in your day to be conscious. It is a very simple practice and something that many spiritual teachers have encouraged throughout the ages, and yet it is an immensely powerful process and experience. It could even be called transformational because it clears away illusion and allows you to practice seeing, sensing, acknowledging and remembering the truth within you and around you. We invite you to practice three forms of being conscious.

The first is to be conscious of your inner self meaning your thoughts, feelings, insights, how your body feels and the presence of your soul/ light/ love. These can be observed simultaneously or individually. You may also allow the most appropriate aspect of your inner self to be drawn to your attention for observation or to be conscious of.
The second is to be conscious of your outer world meaning everything that is occurring around you in your current reality. Your outer world can also be observing others or situations occurring in the world.

The third is to combine your inner self and outer world, seeing beyond separation and being conscious with both inner and outer reality simultaneously.

By achieving these three forms of being conscious, you allow yourself to open up to recognise and realise your connection to the Creator and the Universal Mind. Accessing the Universal Mind then becomes easy. To be conscious can seem like a challenging process, it does not have to be this way. Here are some guidelines to support you:
  • Encourage yourself to observe, as if you are trying to take in or absorb all the information within you, outside of you and then both simultaneously.
  • Once the above has been mastered, allow yourself to observe your reactions to your outside, inside or both simultaneously. For example, you may discover you are being judgmental or become upset, are deeply loving or fearful. Observe or register the reaction and whether you perceive it as negative or positive, send love from your heart and soul to the reaction. This will reprogram some of your reactions as well as amplifying reactions which empower you.
  • Once you have experienced the above, connect into your soul and heart reminding yourself that you are the Creator in manifestation on the Earth. Then allow yourself to observe, to watch, feel, acknowledge your inner, outer and both realities.
Being conscious actually allows you to see, sense and acknowledge through the veils of illusion into infinity. It may seem an unimportant task which is not linked to the Universal Mind, however when you allow yourself to become harmonised with yourself, surroundings and all that is the Creator the Universal Mind appears to be present to you in a way that it was not before.

It is essential to hold an intention of existing in eternal conscious communication with the Universal Mind. You may wish to affirm: ‘I exist in eternal conscious communication with the Universal Mind.’

During meditation you can ask your guides, soul or us, the Celestial White Beings, to consciously connect you to the Universal Mind. This is a wonderful process if you have a question you wish to receive an answer for, wish to acquire a skill or ability, wish to access enlightenment or simply experience the Universal Mind in its expansion and perfection. You are always connected to the Universal Mind; it is your conscious awareness of this continuous conversation which requires to be remembered and developed.
With infinite celestial blessings,

Celestial White Beings

Monday, May 23, 2016

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ MERCURY RETRO

Mercury retrograde is a maintenance period, perfect for revisiting everything one has not gotten to in the last several months. The planet Mercury is associated with the god mercury/ Hermes who is the 'god of the unexpected' and divine coincidences.  Hermes/Mercury is the creator of new and sacred spaces.

Mercury retrograde is inevitable regardless of our best-laid plans; we might just get a taste of unexpected luck in a serendipitous coyote medicine type of way. Mercury makes us go to the picnic in the pouring rain and have a great time. It asks us to be fluid in our day and remain flexible, having as many backup plans as it takes. Whenever things seem 'stuck,' Mercury/Hermes introduces fluid movement laced with little chunks of surprise. Mercury retro is all about getting unstuck in thought deed and dreams forgotten.

Mercury in retrograde can be a deep healer of the soul.  It asks you to look at what you do not want to address, what you do not want to clear up, what you do not want to heal. The winged messenger sits pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, being made to stop and smell the flowers. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute. It asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing. Call those that you haven’t talked to in months or years or decades. Look backwards in time but don’t lick your wounds.

Get ready to plant new seeds in your soul.  Time beckons you to walk through the past, picture by picture, memory by memory. Having No regrets about who you were or what you did. Allow this mercury retrograde to youth you, to take you back to when you were a child of wonder. Recapture your youth through your memories and then shift those memories into fairy dust and sprinkle it on your life. See the kid in everyone around you and play like your life depends upon it.

As the vibrations of Mercury retro and mercury eclipse wrap themselves around us, they escort us into the land of many choices. Mercury retrograde asks you to look at everything you do not want to deal with, what you do not want to clear/clean up, what you do not want to think about. The winged messenger Mercury sits pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. The strain upon his winged feet demands he slow down long enough to see what he has been blind to.

Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, (willingly or not) to smell the flowers. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute. To use mouse of scrutiny and look closely at what lives in the shadow. Mercury retro asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing, of seeing. Mercury is at rest at this point of energy and history. In this resting it says do not move forward but stop pause and organize your earthly life - tend to the details, tend to the fine print.

Call those that you haven’t talked to in months or years or decades. Call those who have passed over and talk to them soul to soul, heart to heart. Look backwards in time but don’t lick your wounds. Get ready to plant new seeds in the old soils of your soul. Time beckons you to her side as she walks through the past, picture by picture, memory by memory, thought by thought. The spirit of Time takes you past the fine lines of scrutiny. No bah hum bugs about who you were, what you were or what you did.

Every thread of you is woven into the beautiful tapestry you are now and even if you do not see the beauty reflected in your own eyes, it truly comes as a mirror from Source. Let those around you reflect that beauty with their kindness. You are a child of God. You are a child of the Universe. Honor yourself as such. Honor yourself those around you in all of their choices. People are enmeshed and immersed in the quick sand of their thoughts. They are not listening and do not hear your woes as theirs internal sound is in Dolby digital surround sound.

Allow this mercury retrograde to youth you, to take you back to when you were a child of wonder, a child of grace. Recapture your youth through your memories and then shift and sift those memories into fairy dust. Youth is first a state of mind, then a state of heart and then a state of body. Allow your body time to catch up with your youthful thoughts. See the kid in everyone around you and play like your life depends upon it - because it does. Youthing gives you life, laughter gives you more life and loving gives you all life.
In this time of numerous celestial alignments, and dimensional potentials – do not take the same route that you have always taken. Move past the borders that once held you captive. There is much more to you, expand your horizons and possibilities. It is time to heal.  It is time to release the pain in your heart.  It is time to let go.  It is time to forgive.  It is time to love, deeper, fuller, more beautifully than you ever have thought.  As the constructs of invisible walls are released you are free to fly home into your original source thought. The walls in your heart, the walls in your life, in your automobile, in your home, in your thinking – have all served you.  They have lovingly served and limited you.  They have kept you looking at the same scene over and over again, never refreshing the page.  Strive to become more and in that striving, you will expand your consciousness and your ability to perceive worlds beyond worlds 

Sandra Walter ~ Perspective and Guidance for the Now May 16, 2016

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
There is a portion of the Ascending collective who are about to have a very different experience related to the expansion of consciousness. You might feel it unfolding, you know it in your hearts; something new and different is taking place. As this year of revelation continues to expose, disclose and peel back layers of illusion, both personal and global revelations come to light. Many body vehicles are going through extraordinary changes, and the intensification of this transition may feel uncomfortable and often disorienting. As you have learned, what you are accomplishing in the physical has not been experienced in this particular way. As we (your Higher levels and Divine Teams) observe and monitor your ability to maintain stability in the physical and comprehend several dimensional experiences at once, it is important to perceive these energies as evolutionary and keep your focus on the cosmic outcome rather than fear about the transition itself.

The experience of Ascension in the physical is an extraordinary task. You are attempting – and accomplishing – the experience of a collective Ascension which will come in waves. The experience of Resurrection (permanently merging with the Higher Consciousness) is unfolding in the now moment for much of the Light Tribe. This is why so many of you feel like you’re leaving right now. Your consciousness is expanding beyond the limitations of your old reality, and this new territory which you find yourself in, this new space of heart coherence, will make you feel more like your True Self than you ever have been. As you abandon the old self, you leave the old state of consciousness which no longer makes sense.
This is an extraordinary passage, Beloveds. You are beginning to comprehend multiple realities in the same way the higher realms interpret and perceive time, space, consciousness and divine love. The closer our perceptions, the more we may communicate, commune and co-create; working together to greatly accelerate the shift in consciousness and global ascension. In brief, contact is accelerating and strengthening because you are perceiving realities in a similar way, as well as getting more comfortable with what used to be unfamiliar. The lights, tones, sensations, beings, visions, orbs, and multiple races presenting are now becoming familiar, an everyday experience, and this greatly accelerates your progress when you choose to interact with an open heart and mind. Fear turns to acceptance through heart resonance. Expect your contact experiences to greatly increase – if you are open and comfortable with it, and welcome interaction – over the next month.
There is an entire section of the beloved Light Tribe who are absolutely present and accepting of whatever is needed in order to serve the Ascension, no matter the effects on the body or the inconvenient energy shifts. This state of divine love and unity is greatly amplified as you engage with weekly meditations and daily practices. Your desire for unification grows stronger. Your perception of the great cosmic mission of Ascension is resonating with the higher cosmic perception. This is Mastery, beloveds. When you resonate with timeless presence and surrender your concerns with the old denser, dissolving illusion you will notice a freedom and casualness about what the lower reality is projecting as it breaks apart.
It is not that the lower reality does not matter. It will feel like you are abandoning that realm altogether as your consciousness experiences/reunites with your Higher Selves. Remember you are embodying higher frequencies in order to transform the lower vibrations. It is somewhat exhausting as the body experiences consistent state of tired and wired. The dramatically higher photonic light quotient coming on to the planet can be uncomfortable to the physical, while simultaneously expanding the heart and higher consciousness.
Thanks to your inexhaustible healers, teachers and leaders, you have a myriad of tools, practices and a higher perception on what is unfolding with Ascension. When your perception resonates with love, gratitude and service it transforms your personal reality to vibrate with the higher reality, and you become a bridge between worlds. This is going to be very important over the next four months of your linear time. The higher vibrational HUman collective has opened Solar gateways; very intense light which vibrates with the resonance of the Sun, Galactic center and Great Central Sun. This means that your Solar beingness will begin to step forth, which in turn creates a much stronger influx of light to be delivered. As above, so below.
These more intense waves of light can be disorienting to the general population. Increased photonic activity (demand for order and harmony) sets newly awakened ones onto the path of self-discovery in a stronger way. Lightworkers, this month of redesigning and reorganizing your services after a year of cave time places you in the role of service to a larger awakened collective. Some lightworkers may continue to retreat from the collective out of habit (or fear), however many will step forth fully into a new level of freedom with joy and gratitude to be of service – in your own creative and unique way – without old beliefs about limitation. Trust the new light. Own your Ascending Self.
Beloved Lightworkers, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, those in service to the Light; the rewards for your efforts are unfolding in this now moment. It’s a reap what you have sown passage as the magnetics shift to support the higher reality. Take note of the shifts in your consciousness; the expansion, the freedom, the love, the divinity, the purity, the ability to interact with the higher realms, the expansion of your creativity. Rejoice in your Ascension. This will assist the psychological levels; avoid lower level choices to be tortured by the energy, or play the victim. Evolution is difficult; change can be challenging. It is what it is. Be here, now, with the experience.
The more that you can resonate with the emerging Solar Light within the planet and HUman heart grid, the faster (and easier) you will be able to embody the higher state of consciousness in a permanent way. It is there to assist you. Choose wisely moment to moment. The tones (the high-pitched frequencies hitting the vagus nerve) and intensity of the light vibrations running through your meridians are accelerating at a very rapid rate.
You are now the teachers and leaders who will comfort, guide, activate, heal and create stability in the collective. Those of you resonating with the pure Christed light are experiencing stronger interaction with the higher realms. Take note of how the Christed state auto-corrects situations, thought forms, and energy fields around you – without you doing anything but being present. Let the light do the work; utilize your tools to stay clear, pure in intent, and aligned with Source.  We understand many of you feel disconnected from the lower reality; you are merely embodying a new reality while surrounded by an old one. Over the next four months, the new reality will take over your personal lifestream – if you allow it. This is already happening in the Light Tribe; surrender to the flow of the higher path as often as possible.
As always, love is your goal. Love of the process, love of the True Self, and love of Source in this grand experiment of Ascension. When you embrace this perspective it quiets the mind and soothes the heart; gratitude for the opportunity of Ascension will take over.
Upcoming Gateway
Gateway notice: Wesak Moon: Full Moon on Saturday, May 21 at 2:16pm PDT. Opening through Mount Shasta and the crystalline grid. All on board for some high-level support after a rough few weeks of intense energies. This light increase flows through June 6 (Ever-increasing; this is a powerful passage! Why would you want it to decrease? That’s not going to happen.) Just be present with it, and assist in anchoring the Solar aspect through the HUman heart grid and Gaia’s grids.
This is a divine opportunity for interaction with our Higher Teams and Higher Selves. Notice the increase in beings, orbs, light phenomena and tones lately? Take advantage. Join the Light Tribe on Wednesdays for the Global Unity meditations. They provide beautiful support for the Now Ascension, and we’re learning how to get out of the way of our Higher Consciousness and let it work miracles.
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Future of Healing by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th May 2016

 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Every person upon the Earth has the ability to receive and accept healing vibrations whether it is from another human being, from an inner plane being or the universe of the Creator. To receive healing is a divine right for all souls on the Earth or the inner planes. It is also important to realise it is every person’s divine right and natural ability to express healing energies from their beings to themselves or others. This means that every person can be healed and can be the healer. When you realise your divine right and natural ability, you empower yourself. The universe of the Creator is always delivering healing frequencies to you and through you it is simply your choice as to whether you wish to receive it solely to support yourself or to share it with others in need.

Many people also believe that in order to be a healer there is a need to be guided or instructed in how to express healing energies. There are many organisations which will support you in this matter upon the Earth and the inner planes; they offer an in-depth understanding while encouraging you to take responsibility for your healing ability. They may focus your awareness to certain healing energies within the universe of the Creator you can call upon to work with you. This has for some time been the accepted route to becoming a healer however at this time of ascension many people in their own time and space are becoming aware of their healing ability and the healing energies their soul wishes them to bring through. It is akin to a remembrance dawning or an activation of your divine right. The vibration of the Earth and humanity is quickening significantly causing many to remember the ir truth; their natural healing skills and alignments.

If your natural healing ability is activating you may be experiencing heat or a tingly sensation in your hands, feet and even in your chest, brow or crown. This may occur at certain times or even continuously throughout your day. Remember that every part of your body has the ability to express healing energy. You may feel energy flowing through your body like a current of electricity. Know that as your healing ability awakens so your entire being and physical body opens and expands. This may create a deep clearing on many levels, enhanced sensitivity and heightened intuitive senses. Your natural healing ability is not awakening from a past or simultaneous lifetime; it is awakening from your original energies, the truth and essence of your being; your soul, which is an expression of the Creator. Many people may remember the healing techniques they have used in other lifetimes and they may feel guided to share these gifts once more. However, it is the healing ability of your soul which is activating and awakening at this time of ascension. A healing ability aligned with the truth vibration of your soul. This may be a healing you have used in many lifetimes; it is the purest expression available to you through your soul. There may also be many healing vibrations which your soul channels through you, each will have a specific purpose and meaning to you while allowing you to serve others.

Activating Your Soul’s Healing Ability

Whether you already recognise yourself as a healer or not, take time to sit peacefully in meditation or surrounded by beautiful nature.
Repeat, ‘I am a healer, I embody and express my soul’s healing abilities.’ Focus upon your soul star chakra above your head, breathing in and out of this area. Allow the energy of your soul and natural healing abilities of your soul to build as a source of light in this areas.
Then place your focus within your earth star chakra below your feet, breathe into this area until you feel the energy of your soul build.

Take the attention of your mind to your heart chakra or higher heart chakra recognising your soul’s energy. Radiate this energy in all directions allowing yourself to be divinely inspired by the guidance of your soul as to your healing ability.

Your soul may instantly align you to the healing frequency it wishes you to express which may be an aspect of your soul or a frequency from the universe of the Creator. Your soul may share with you the way you can express the healing energy or may simply pour the energy through your being inviting you to observe. It is important to realise the more you practice this exercise, the greater your experience and understanding will become. You can then use the energy expression to support your own healing journey while accessing greater understanding of its influence upon your being. Thus taking responsibility for the energy you express. A belief will manifest that you have the ability to heal any situation in your reality with ease and perfection.

Every person is a natural healer and heals in a perfect way aligned to the Creator.
With your soul’s healing abilities awakening your soul will make you aware of certain energy frequencies it wishes you to express. This ties into an energetic shift which is occurring upon the Earth now. Throughout numerous civilisations and areas of the Earth, people have been practising and expression diverse healing techniques. The healing frequencies and information concerning the healing method still remain with the land where they were practised. Mother Earth is now sending her own healing energies across her body with the purpose of activating all appropriate healing frequencies and methods anchored into the land. Some of the healing frequencies may have been lost or long forgotten. There is now an opportunity for ancient and much needed healing frequencies and understandings to return to the conscious awareness of humanity. Thus, humanity’s knowledge of healing esp ecially healing the physical body will progress and develop immensely. This could cause new understanding in regards to supporting the physical body in healing which would become mainstream and globally accepted.

Mother Earth invites you to express the energy of your soul to surround the Earth, with the intention of activating appropriate healing frequencies and methods, which are required to be remembered and are an integral part of the ascension process of all.

Energetically through meditation you may be drawn to a place upon the Earth to receive and accept the healing frequencies and methods which were once used there. You may even be inspired to physically visit certain areas of the Earth or discover you are becoming aware of a healing frequency in a place upon the Earth you had not expected. It is important to allow yourself to be open and receptive, knowing you cannot push or encourage the process to occur, it will manifest with divine timing and perfection.

Simply call upon my energies, Archangel Raphael, to surround you. Whether visiting a place energetically or physically know my green light will support and guide you. As you exist in my bubble of green light simply allow yourself to be guided by your intuition which will share all that is needed and required.

The awakening of ancient healing frequencies and methods which have been safeguarded within Mother Earth coupled with your soul wishing to guide you in realising your natural abilities as a healer, signify a major shift in the consciousness of humanity. Collectively many are taking responsibility, remembering the truth, realising the delusional habits of humanity and wishing to return to a purer alignment with the truth of the Creator. If humanity realises they can receive healing and express healing from the universe of the Creator, this would instigate a very powerful shift in perceptive as many would no longer seek outside of themselves to restore physical, emotional and mental balance and health. This would change how the entire world experiences their day and life. Empowerment, freedom and choice would be the key experiences which would accelerate ascension tremendously. This wil l take time to manifest however it is a future humanity is moving towards. A step closer is taken for all when one person really allows themselves to tune into and believe in their own ability’s to receive and express healing. It is time to play your part in the development, believe and trust in the magic of energetic healing.

My healing energy is constantly with you, supporting and loving you,

Archangel Raphael

Thursday, May 19, 2016


May 7, 2016  
Accessing the Arcturian Stargate  
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     Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians!  In this lecture, we will be studying the Arcturian Stargate.  Of course we have talked to you about the Stargate before.  The Stargate plays an important role in the Ascension.  I have many different subjects to discuss with you about the Stargate.  First, I want to explain that it is the role of the Arcturians to be the overseers, guardians and protectors of the Stargate.  There are three stargates in the Milky Way Galaxy.  This section of the galaxy has one stargate, and we, the Arcturians, have the ability and the job to oversee it.  One of our missions in working with you is to explain what the Stargate is and to inform you on how to use the Stargate.  Also, we are to explain the role of the Stargate in your ascension.

     Let me define and explain the Stargate and its role in the Ascension.  The Stargate can be described as a portal or as a corridor, but it is really greater than those two things.  I have compared the Stargate to a train station on the Fifth Dimension.  Visualize for a moment a train station and you are in the main entrance of the station.  You can see that there are entranceways in the station to many different cities in your country, and you have the ability to choose which city you want to go to.  You buy a ticket and then you go to the proper train track.  When the train arrives, then you board the train and you go to that city.  Now imagine that you have completed this Earth incarnation.  Imagine that you are able to travel to this beautiful, fifth-dimensional, interdimensional station called the "Stargate".  You enter the Stargate through a beautiful doorway, and you see a remarkable view of entry portals to different fifth-dimensional planets throughout the galaxy.  You have before you the beautiful task of making a choice.  You have completed your Earth incarnations.  You are a totally free soul and have no karmic attachments to the third dimension, and specifically, you have no karmic attachments to the Earth.  Only those of highest vibrational energy can pass through this Stargate and therefore have this opportunity to go, by choice, to different fifth-dimensional planets.  I can say that you have earned the right to go into this station known as the Stargate.  You have earned the right to be able to make this powerful choice.

     We are looking at the train station, or the Stargate, and we see that there are names of many different planets that you are familiar with.  There's the Pleiadians and their planet Era.  There are the Arcturians and our planet Arcturus.  There are the Lyrans.  There is Alano, the moon-planet near the Central Sun.  There is Sirius, the star system that is made famous by its connections and interactions with the Egyptians.  There is even an entranceway to galaxies nearby, such as the Andromeda Galaxy.  You have the power, and you have the choice now in the Stargate to go to whichever fifth-dimensional planet you wish.  You sense your home planet.  Your home planet is that place where you originated in this galaxy.  I have more to say about the home planet and your origin later on in this lecture.  How are you to choose?

     All of these planets in the Fifth Dimension look inviting, and certainly, they are in a higher state, which means that each one of these planets has higher consciousness, fifth-dimensional light and advanced spiritual evolution.  I am happy to report that when you enter the Stargate, you will be able to meet many of your spirit guides and teachers.  You will have the opportunity to discuss and listen to their advice on which fifth-dimensional planet would be in your best interest to go to.  In fact, the Stargate has special powers.  When you look down the corridor of the "train station" in the Stargate, you will be able to see what will be happening in your future life in that fifth-dimensional planet.  You will retain your consciousness and all of your memories from past lives.  This is different from being on the Earth and being on a third-dimensional planet.  When you come to the Earth, for example, you also enter a corridor.  You go down this corridor and enter the Earth and with third-dimensional consciousness.  But there is a main difference between your entry into the Earth and the third dimension and your entry into a fifth-dimensional planet from the Stargate.

     Before you come to the Earth, your memories from your other star systems and earlier past lives and earlier soul experiences are temporarily erased.  You forget who you are.  This is done on purpose because when you enter this third-dimensional Earth, you have what's called a "clean slate".  You have some memories of soul impressions, but the soul memories are pushed back.  It is possible to recover those soul memories and experiences from other planets; however, it requires a certain technique.  Adults in Western cultures do not in any way encourage young children to remember their past soul experiences.  This is very different when you enter the Stargate and when you enter these fifth-dimensional planets.  Past life memories are encouraged.

     In the Stargate, you will choose the next planet that you go to.  You will enter that planet, and your existence on that planet will be with full memory.  You will be fully conscious on that planet.  You will not have the experience of your memory being repressed.   Also you will see what you'll be experiencing in that next lifetime on that fifth-dimensional planet.

     Now is a good time to talk about the soul and the history of the soul.  After all, the Stargate represents an important transition in your soul journey.  The Stargate represents a graduation from the Earth.  It also represents a completion of all of your Earth lessons and an elevation of your soul into interdimensional, higher realms.  The soul is eternal.  Your soul had an existence before the Big Bang.  Conservatively, this universe began with the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.  But this was not the beginning of your soul.  Your soul existed before this universe began.  Your soul decided to begin a series of incarnations in the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, so the Earth is not as old as the galaxy.  Some of you have only had soul experiences and incarnations only on the Earth.  There certainly has been enough time on the Earth for many different incarnations.

     You are Starseeds, and one of the definitions of Starseeds includes the experiences of having incarnations on other planetary systems.  We have said that conservatively there are 5,000 planets now in this Milky Way Galaxy that have advanced life similar to the Earth.  When I say similar, I mean that there is consciousness; there is religion; there is spirituality, and there is even space travel on many of these planets.  You, as Starseeds, have most likely had incarnations on other planets besides this planet.  We have used the term "home planet", and I know that each one of you is eager to learn the name and place of your home planet.  What does it mean to have a "home planet"?  The home planet is the first planet in which you incarnated into during this cycle of the universe.  There are several key points that I want to make because I referred to this cycle of the universe, because there are other cycles, and there are other universes.  Your soul may have had experiences and incarnations in other universes.  For our purposes in this discussion, we are only referring to this universe and the fact that your soul has incarnated first on a planet in this galaxy.

     You may remember your soul records of that home planet.  I know that each of you has a yearning to return to your home planet.  There are many inhabitants on the Earth who have only had incarnations on the Earth, so you who are starseeds are advanced because you have incarnated earlier times on other planetary systems.  This indicates a greater advancement in your soul.  This also indicates that you are more understanding of the Stargate, of the Ascension, and you can recall and integrate your knowledge and experiences from these other planetary systems.  Also, as star beings, Starseeds, you are remembering many other experiences from your home planet or from other planets.  You see, you may also have had what I call "multi-planetary incarnations".  I have often used the words "cosmic karma", "cosmic archeology" and "cosmic anthropology".  Cosmic anthropology is the study of other civilizations in this galaxy for the purpose of the advancement of knowledge of the incarnational cycle in this galaxy.  That means that there are Starseeds who have incarnated on their home planet, but there are also Starseeds who have chosen to incarnate on several other planets in addition.  This can be compared to visiting four or five different countries.  Those of you who are advanced Starseeds have had multiple experiences on other planets, and some of you have even given up your allegiance or connections to your home planet and feel like you are just a citizen of this galaxy, which is, of course, fine and beautiful.  In the Stargate station you have the choice of where you would like to go in your next incarnation.  It is also true that incarnations do not happen immediately, and in some cases people could wait for long periods of time before they incarnate.  In other cases, people may choose to incarnate immediately.

     Let's look at the relationship of the access to the Stargate and the Ascension.  I also want to talk about alignments.  Access to the Stargate is dependent on several factors, that is to say, the Stargate.  Access to the Stargate is not available all the time.  There are certain alignments that must occur in order for the Ascension to happen and also for access to the Stargate.  I like to compare alignments to the solar eclipse.  In order for the solar eclipse to happen, there has to be an alignment between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.  This alignment only happens at certain times.  Sometimes it happens once a year; sometimes it happens once every two or three years.  Also, the solar eclipse is not visible everywhere on the Earth.  Sometimes the solar eclipse is only visible in Australia, and other times it's only visible in North America or in Africa.  There are different combinations necessary in order for a solar eclipse to be experienced.  If you are a true scientist of the stars, then you may travel and visit certain parts of the planet in order to observe the solar eclipse.  There are scientific opportunities that can only be tested and observed during the solar eclipse.

     Using the solar eclipse model, let us compare the alignments necessary for the Ascension and for accessing the Stargate.  Several important alignments have already come to the forefront with regard to the Ascension.  The Earth has come into alignment with the Central Sun, and this is an important alignment for accessing the Stargate and the Ascension.  It is a complicated alignment that would be difficult to explain without maps of the galaxy.  This is an alignment that occurs periodically when the Sun, your star, comes into a particular alignment with the center of the galaxy.  The center of the galaxy is known as the Central Sun.  The Central Sun is a multidimensional center.  You may read that the center of the galaxy is a black hole, but that reality is just one third-dimensional aspect of its properties.  The Central Sun is multidimensional and exists in higher realms as well as having a link to the black hole at the center of this galaxy.

     Other Earth alignments include the precession, or the wobbling of the Earth on its axis.  One wobble occurs every 26,500 years, approximately.  That wobble does also create a specific alignment.  I think it's important to talk about these alignments because many of you came to the Earth in this time period because you knew of these alignments.  You knew that these alignments would give you access to the Stargate and access to the Ascension.

     Let me use the analogy of the solar eclipse again.  If you knew that there was a solar eclipse in Australia in October 2017, then you might buy a plane ticket now and make your reservation to be in Sydney for the solar eclipse.  Similarly, if you knew that there is going to be these alignments on the Earth between 2010 and 2018, then you would know that these are powerful and important alignments that would give you specific accesses to higher dimensions from the Earth.  You might decide that you want to incarnate on the Earth during this time so that you would be able to have these higher experiences.  This is particularly important when you're looking at third-dimensional incarnations.  I would say that some Starseeds came to the Earth and now are ready to leave and ascend.  There may not have been opportunities at other times to ascend from the Earth.  There were no opportunities, for example, in 1920 or 1830.  There were opportunities during the time of the Atlanteans, and there were opportunities for ascending at the time of the Lyrans.  There have been periodic opportunities throughout the galaxy for the Ascension and access to the Stargate, but they were in different epochs and different centuries.  You came into this incarnation knowing that these alignments are going to be present and that you would have access to the Ascension.

     Another alignment which is more difficult to scientifically observe is the intersection of the third dimension with the Fifth Dimension.  One of the key points in the Ascension is the intersection of the third dimension with the Fifth Dimension.  This happens periodically.  It's not something that happens every year.  It happens in different epochs and in different parts of the galaxy.  When the third dimension approaches the Fifth Dimension, then there is greater access to the Stargate.  Other channels who are referring to stargates compare it to a corridor or a portal.  People describe these stargates as portals and corridors to spaceships or to other systems on different dimensions.  I definitely want to make a distinction between that general terminology and the Arcturian Stargate because the Arcturian Stargate is more than a portal; it is more than just a corridor.  You use a portal or a corridor to reach the Arcturian Stargate, but the Arcturian Stargate has greater functions.

     Now I want to describe, in more detail, the appearance of the Arcturian Stargate and who the higher beings are that are guarding this Stargate.  First I will do some toning: "OOOOOOOO.  Yeyeyeyeyey."  Allow your Crown Chakra to open to the energy of the Arcturian Stargate.  The energy of the Arcturian Stargate is streaming down over your Crown Chakra.  It is expanding your Crown Chakra, filling you with light, information and brilliance.  The Stargate has an opening that I call a vestibule.  A vestibule is a small room before entering a great hallway.  It is a small corridor.  You must pass through this room in order to go into the Stargate.  I want you to understand that, from your perspective, it's quite large.  From your perspective, you would see this room as a large garden with a beautiful pond or lake.  You can approach this garden, this entryway in your meditations.  We will do a meditation going into the vestibule of the Stargate.  The guardian of the Stargate is Archangel Metatron.  He has the highest authority over who enters the Stargate.  He has his hosts or his corps of workers that are assisting him.

     The Codes of Ascension are like a password used to enter into the Stargate.  The password is the famous expression: "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts - Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tsevaoth."  This is a high vibrational phrase, and when you are saying or thinking this phrase, then you are vibrationally ready to come into the entranceway of the Stargate.  However, to enter the Stargate requires a different set of criteria.  To go into the Stargate, you must be at a vibrational frequency that includes:
  1. You have no ego attachments left on the Earth, and you have completed all Earth lessons to the best of your ability.
  2. You are able to experience higher, fifth-dimensional emotions and are able to push aside lower emotions such as jealousy, hatred and attachments.
  3. You must have a consciousness and awareness of your soul journey.  You must be able to understand that you have multiple soul incarnations and that now you have earned the right to consciously choose where and when you incarnate again in this galaxy.

     I want to point out that it's also possible to incarnate from the Stargate to another galaxy, such as the Andromeda Galaxy.  The entranceway into the Stargate appears like a gigantic door, and the light behind this door is so intense.  The door can be pushed open a small bit, which can be called a crack.  That light that pours through the Stargate is so strong that it would be enough to totally elevate you into the Fifth Dimension immediately.  However, it is only permitted to open the door for those who have completed their Earth incarnations.  That is why Archangel Metatron is standing there, because he is guarding those who are trying to enter, and he is making sure that you have achieved the right vibrational frequency required for entry.  He can read your soul history.  He can read your aura, and he can see if you have vibrationally completed all that you need to on Earth.  Everything is recorded in a vibrational imprint on your aura.

     No one is expected to be 100 percent.  I realize that you are humans and that no one is going to be perfect.  In fact, if you were perfect, you would have ascended already before you even heard this lecture or began a study of the Ascension.  This ascension is also filled with grace, that is, those people who are trying to the best of their ability to go to higher light will be given the opportunity to go through this ascension process.  Sometimes in the vestibule or in the entranceway, those people who are seeking entrance are evaluated, and they are given the opportunity to go to a special training or crash course in human evolution.  They can be given a chance to process and resolve unfinished experiences from the Earth.  Some of you are already going through that review process and are already working to resolve previous experiences in this lifetime and other lifetimes on the Earth.  Now, you are seeking a healing or a finishing of these experiences.  Part of this healing involves understanding your Earth experiences.  Other parts of this healing involve releasing pain and anger from any Earth experiences.  You will begin to see the higher purpose of all that you have done.  These healing lessons in these mini-areas of learning are available at the entranceway for those who need further advancement.  I can assure you that the guides and teachers will be there to help you.  You will very quickly, and in an accelerated way, go through the learning that is necessary to complete all incarnational lessons on the Earth.  We will provide you with whatever is necessary to finish that task; therefore you will then have the higher consciousness and higher vibration necessary to enter the Stargate.  Archangel Metatron will then allow you to pass.

     Passing through the Stargate and the doorway is an experience that I can only describe as being filled with ecstasy and extreme joy!  You'll be free of all of Earth burdens.  You will feel a closeness to your guides and teachers, and you will be around all the Ascended Masters that you love, including Sananda, Archangel Michael, Chief White Eagle.  You will feel a sense of timelessness and a sense of no need to worry about how much time there is.  Most important, you'll have those beautiful choices of where you can go in your next incarnation.  I know there are those of you who want to return to the Earth - there is also a portal from the Stargate to return to the Earth - but your return to the Earth would be much different than previous incarnations.  First of all, you will not have the loss of memory, and you will not lose all of your knowledge and skills.  You will not have to start from scratch if you choose to reincarnate into the third-dimensional Earth again.

     I want to lead you in a short meditation now.  Visualize a blue corridor over you.  This is a powerful blue corridor that I, Juliano, am placing over each of you.  This corridor is directly linked to the entranceway, or the vestibule, of the Stargate.  Take three deep breaths.  Give permission for your spirit to rise out of your physical body into this blue corridor above.  (Chants "OOOOOOOOOO, OOOOOO.")  At the speed of thought travel with me to the Stargate entrance.  Your astral cord is solidly attached to your third-dimensional body.  Immediately and surprisingly, you are at the entranceway to the Stargate, and you find yourself sitting in this beautiful garden with a sunset of beautiful orange and golden light.  As a group we are all sitting together, and you see the presence of Archangel Metatron, and a sense of wellbeing, compassion and expansion fill your consciousness.  We will now go into silence as you feel this joyful and peaceful light.

     Archangel Metatron opens the Stargate doorway a small amount, perhaps in Earth terms one inch.  But as the doorway opens, you feel and see this huge expanding light - a light unlike any light you've ever seen or experienced.  This light cleanses and purifies you.  It heals you, and it brings you into a beautiful sense of balance.  Experience the light as this door remains open just one inch.  Archangel Metatron closes the door, but even with the door closed, the light that was from the Stargate is still in the room we are in.  You are absorbing it in your astral body on a deep cellular level, and when you return to your physical body, you will be able to transform this light of ascension and light of the Stargate into your third-dimensional body.  We gather together and we re-enter the corridor that brought us here, and now we will journey back into our Earth home.  (Chants "Ta ta ta ta ta ta taa, ta ta ta ta ta taa, ta ta ta ta taa.")  We travel at the speed of thought.  You find your Earth body and go six feet above your Earth body.  Tell yourself that you will re-enter the physical body in a state of perfect alignment.  All of this higher light and energy will be absorbed into your physical body in a healing way.  One, two, three - re-enter now into your physical body.  Of course, you now feel a great healing and a great sense of peace and balance.  You have taken the journey to this doorway again with me, and it will help you.  At the right time in the future, you will easily find your way to the Arcturian Stargate.  

I am Juliano.  Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty