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MAY 23, 2021

Welcome, dear readers.

It is plain for all to see that the world is filled with change, chaos, and confusion but in spite of it, the old familiar ways of dealing with these issues die hard. Commonly accepted solutions of the past remain ingrained in the collective belief system and continue to influence those in positions of power even as they fail in the presence of a rising consciousness on earth.

New and higher frequencies simply cannot be made to fit into molds created to accommodate the denser energies of duality and separation. As the energetic frequencies of earth rise, ideas and beliefs still in alignment with the old will not be in alignment with the new unfolding belief system. This lack of alignment will cause many "tried and true" ways of resolving issues to fail simply because the substance (energy) that has sustained them in the past will no longer exist.

Never forget that consciousness the substance of form and the unfolding spiritual awareness of increasingly more individuals will serve to automatically bring about new and higher forms of everything in all areas of life on earth.

Recognize and resist the temptation to recreate something in your life that feels complete or finished even if it was a happy period of your life. Follow your inner guidance with courage when it tells you that it is time to "move on" for often the pressure to recreate or keep something going that is finished comes from others-- friends, family, or even some religious group.

There are some who thrive on the glories of the past, reliving them to self and others while seeking to keep them alive through groups, clubs, and periodicals that focus on the particular time or events being glorified. This statement is not meant to denigrate the bravery or fruitful experiences of the past which will always be with you, but is to help you understand that living in the past is a backward step dear ones, regardless of how seemingly better the old days may seem in comparison with today.

Evolution is the ongoing journey every soul makes through the good and not so good experiences of many lifetimes in order to finally reach a point at which they are ready to awaken into a realization of Oneness. Spiritual evolution can never be controlled, stopped, or governed by human thinking no matter how seeming better or worse the experiences of some earlier time were.

Be patient with the process dear ones, for the new can not appear overnight. That which is well established in the human belief system can only gradually dissolve, being met with resistance and fear by those comfortable with the status quo. There are many who continue to rely on three dimensional or religious opinions and beliefs about life regardless of how painful their personal situation may have become. This is particularly true with regard to relationships.

You have reached a place of spiritual readiness enabling you to stand back as a beholder rather than someone constantly struggling to heal, change, or fix self and others with outgrown tools. This does not mean you will never again be guided to use ordinary methods to alleviate the suffering of someone, but means that while doing it you remain aware that in the reality of ONE nothing needs healing, changing, or fixing.

Many of you have or soon will attain a spiritual level that is ready to accept and integrate the fact that all qualities embodied in God/Source/ I AM, are and always have been fully present within you. Seeking Divine qualities (completeness, wholeness, harmony, abundance, intelligence etc.) outside of Self rather than from within where they exist in their fullness is the result of the belief in two powers that brought about the duality and separation that constitutes third dimensional energy.

This does not mean that serious spiritual students must never take the human footsteps that may assist him at some point, but does mean that the footsteps are taken with spiritual awareness and trusting intuition as to when they are no longer needed .

Creations formed out of three dimensional beliefs, rituals, and concepts, will always contain elements of duality and separation that result in the creation being sometimes successful and sometimes not. This is why so often sincere hard work and dreams fail, having been created from energies based in duality and separation which is all that is available to the unaware.

When you go within and allow yourself to rest in the reality of YOU, you open the door to all that the real YOU is. Never forget that your oneness with Source automatically constitutes your oneness with all that Source is. Meditation is a silent listening for the "still, small voice" which you may or may not actually "hear" because this is not the goal of meditation. There may come a "knowing" about something rather than words. It is an individual's intention to align, listen, and rest in an awareness of oneness that is important.

You never need to tell IT what you need or want because IT is YOU. Using meditation as a time to relate a list of wants and needs indicates a belief in separation. Everything you have been seeking, is already fully present because IT IS YOU, not the human concept of you, but the real YOU-- Divine Consciousnesses individualized.

Meditation is a silent resting in the awareness of your completeness and no words or thoughts are needed. Thoughts of all kinds will come floating by but do not resist or make a power out of them. Simply allow these thoughts to drift through and back out again without focusing on them while you rest in Oneness.

Ponder and practice every truth you become aware of until it shifts from being intellectual knowledge to being your state of consciousness. Many of the ordinary problems and the issues of daily living will begin to automatically fade out of your experience without you even noticing as you live each day silently resting in and aligning with the reality of your own Divine Self-hood.

Consciousness is the substance of form, because Consciousness is all that exists, IT is omnipresent. Every person's state of consciousness (the ONE Divine consciousness individualized), manifests as their life and experiences. If a person's consciousness is filled with beliefs of duality and separation then that is what they will create. You are creators because you are God beings having a human experience.

In the presence of realized truth (not intellectual knowledge, not words in a book, not some repeated mantra) the unreal simply does not/cannot exist and will create forms that reflect the substance of pure Divine Consciousness.

Those of you that align with these messages or any mystical teachings of oneness are ready, beyond ready, to allow meditation to be what it is meant to be, conscious alignment with the already fully present I AM that you are. Many of you have been knowing the truth and meditating for a long time but continue to think of yourselves as separate from IT and spend meditation periods seeking it. There comes a point where each must accept that they already ARE IT in order to BE IT.

Go within often not to speak, try to create, force something to happen, or to seek some perceived outcome, but rather to simply align with IT. Do not attempt to understand what IT is for the human mind is incapable of comprehending IT. Many try and many think they have succeeded, but the Infinite can never be understood by the finite so don't try. When you are ready IT will reveal ITSELF to you.

Mediation can never bring something to you that is not already fully present within YOU. The time has arrived for every serious spiritual student to accept that they already are IT and that meditation is simply time set aside to rest in this awareness until at some point meditation becomes a permanent state of consciousness and is simply lived.

Withdraw from today's constant barrage of news and human opinions. It does not mean you cannot be informed, but rather means that you no longer choose to watch, listen, or engage 24/7 in the illusions of the three dimensional world. Doing this constitutes a giant step for those accustomed to staying informed and giving opinions on everything happening in the three dimensional world.

When you align physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with the good and evil of the world, you give power and reality to appearances which are manifestations of false beliefs with no real law to support them or hold them in place. When you make something a power you give it substance because energy is what maintains and sustains form. Every "war" launched on some disease, situation, or belief simply serves to create more of it, not less.

Begin to translate all appearances into the reality that underlies them. (War--oneness misinterpreted through beliefs of separation) Observe and do not deny the outer scene, but translate it through the realization that God never has, never will, and never can express ITself as war, disease, pain, lack. etc.

Trust, relax, and allow through realizing that you never need to inform the Infinite intelligence of your very own SELF what you need because your conscious alignment with IT will automatically express outwardly in ways that represent wholeness and completeness for you.

Listen and rest within often in the realization that IT is always fully conscious of ITself as YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/30.21


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Our Mission by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

We extend our light, our vibration of freedom, and peace to you now. We are the Arcturians, we come forth as one voice and yet we are a collective. We come forth to share with you today our mission which means the intentions we hold at this time as well as our purpose, and role within the unfolding ascension.

We, the Arcturians, have been sharing our information and knowledge with many upon the Earth, especially those incarnate in physical bodies. We have been creating inspiration for some and for others we have been downloading with their conscious knowledge, wisdom, ideas, and plans. The Creator and many beings upon the inner planes have advised us to download our wisdom, information, and technology into those who are receptive upon the Earth. With the purpose of creating love and truth upon the Earth, you might like to call it heaven upon the Earth or a greater remembrance of the Creator. Our purpose is aligned 100% with love and it is our mission to embrace, embody and empower the love of the Creator for all upon the Earth.

We are known upon the inner planes, as masters of light technology. We bring forth manifestations of light that support the creation of love, peace, and truth as well as the creation and expression of the Creator. We create technology that empowers the Creator within each being, enabling and supporting the deepest, purest relationship and connection for all with the Creator. It is this we gift to humanity or more truthfully, it is this that we are reminding humanity of. You all have the ability to create and manifest, this is your purpose, it is your natural ability. You also hold access to and an embodiment of light, the purest and highest vibration of light of the Creator. You can and do allow this light to flow through your being and be expressed in beautiful ways. You are already masters of light technology and this is something that we wish to enhance within your being, especially those that truly feel aligned to this mission upon the Earth.

Technology has been used for much time now and through many generations and civilisations upon the Earth. Often technology can be created from lower vibrations. When you create technology especially light technology there is a need to have an expansive mind, to adopt the energy of the limitless vibrations of the Creator. When you create light technology from this seat of essence of the Creator then anything and everything is possible. You create light technology that nurtures and nourishes everything and everyone. When you create technology from a desire, need, a lack, or a want for control or power the technology is created from a lower vibration. It will only support humanity and all beings to some extent and could also cause negative impacts. Our purpose, the Arcturians, is to inspire the creation of light technology from the seat of limitless, expansive freedom of the Creator. Therefore, creating technology that is filled with light and that fills every being with light, developing with the ascension process. You could say light technology is open-ended, it continues, evolves, and grows to continue to support, nurture and nourish every being upon the Earth.

This is what we are downloading and activating within those who are specifically receptive to our energies and who hold the purpose of bringing forth light technology and inspiring others to do so. You do not need to be technically minded; you do not need to be able to even follow a plan or to create something physically with your hands. What we are asking of humanity in this moment is to open your mind, to expand your heart, and your entire being to the prospect that there is light technology and we the Arcturians and many beings are anchoring this light technology into the Earth now. Please also be open and receptive to the reality that you are a master of light technology and understand it perfectly. We wish for you to be accepting and receptive that light technology will begin to manifest upon the Earth now and this is the most important thing. There is a need for you to be open and receptive to the manifestation of light technology in the physical realms. As new technology comes forth, we the Arcturians invite you to connect with your soul and your soul group within. We invite you to connect with your intuition.

Ask yourself, is the technology coming forth of a lower vibration or is it light technology?

You have the ability and the power to understand and to recognise which technology is of a lower vibration, and which is light technology. This simple recognition is immensely important because it allows for the continued manifestation of light technology.

We also invite you to gain a mediative state, focus upon your breathing, gain a quiet space within your being, and hold the intention or acknowledgement of opening your mind, heart, and your entire being to our light technology, the Arcturians. Invite us to download our energy into your being and the Earth. This is concerning the manifestation of light technology. There is a need for humanity to open, receive and consent for light technology to be anchored. Remember it is to support and nurture the ascension process for evermore. There is a need to open, receive and claim it, in doing so you will receive energy from us. If it is not for you to bring forth light technology, you will receive the energy, maybe even the plans so you may ground them into the Earth and the collective consciousness of humanity.

If you do have an ability to bring forth technology, putting it into action, and physical manifestation upon the Earth, then you will be given this inspiration along with the energy, vibrations, and frequencies, in truth everything you need to bring this forth into reality upon the Earth. You may even find that many Arcturian beings come forth to be with you as guides at this time.

What We Ask Of You Now

All we ask of you now is to be open and receptive to the presence of light technology and how it will manifest in your reality.

To be open and receptive to anchoring our energies, our information, wisdom, and light technology.

Please question our intention and our purpose, question whether we are coming from love and truth. It is important for you to do this because you will begin to understand and trust in our energy and our purpose, recognising that our purpose is also your purpose and that there is a need for a shift in technology upon the Earth. Some may believe that technology needs to be erased completely, others may believe that technology is the future. We believe that when technology is born from the soul, from the Creator, it supports humanity, your soul, soul groups, and aids, expands, and empowers ascension in all ways. It is time for you to claim your power upon the Earth, to claim the light technology that is present, bringing forth remembrance healing and truth. It is time to be open to recognise this and maybe even be a being that brings forth this technology into the consciousness of humanity. Whether you are bringing it forth through meditation and grounding or through your voice and physical actions we are present to support and love you. We are present to be of service. Our purpose is to aid your ascension, to empower and strengthen you, to be your truth, to be all that you wish to be upon the Earth. We love you deeply and absolutely.

We thank you,
We are the Arcturians

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May 1, 2021

Homo Omega and Expanded Consciousness
   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. When I look at the evolution of a species, I can say that there are two choices: A species can evolve, or a species can de-evolve. It is possible that a species can actually go backwards. This has happened in some instances in our travels and observations. How do other galactic civilizations handle the progress and potential evolution of their species? When I look at the evolution of the Homo sapiens, I ask myself several questions. One question is: “Is Homo sapiens going to survive on this planet?” And number two: “Will Homo sapiens evolve or will it de-evolve?”
   When I look at the history of Homo sapiens on this planet, then I note that there are several aggressive characteristics that did serve Homo sapiens well in its earlier history. 50,000 years ago, Neanderthal Man was one of the dominant species in the European area, and there was a sub-species of Homo sapiens that also lived next to the Neanderthal Man. The Neanderthal did not survive, but the sub-species of Homo sapiens did survive. One of the characteristics of the surviving species, Homo sapiens, was the ability to be more aggressive and in some instances to commit genocide against its enemies. If the sub-species of Homo sapiens at that time saw Neanderthal as a threat, then they would conclude that it would be justifiable to wipe out that population.

   This is the trait of aggression and hostility that led to survival of Homo sapiens. But now when I look at that same aggressive trait, we have to ask: “Does this aggressive and domineering trait need to stay within the gene pool? Is this a trait that needs to be part of the new evolutionary species that comes after Homo sapiens, which I call “Homo Omega?”

And obviously the answer is no, we do not want to favor a trait that leads to death and destruction. We need to promote and support the next evolutionary stage of Homo sapiens, which is more advanced. I have given the term “Homo Omega” to this next development species. 

   To help you understand this evolutionary stage, I want to explain the term “Omega”. The term “Omega” comes from the usage of the Arcturian technology and teachings called “Omega Light”. Omega Light has some special characteristics. Omega Light brings out the highest potential of a species, or if you were to use Omega Light personally, it would help you to maximize and bring out the highest potential of yourself. Omega Light has special healing powers. Anytime there is a blockage causing illness, then Omega Light can help to bring out the highest healing potential within the system. Omega Light comes from the Fifth Dimension. 

   To be effective Omega Light requires receptivity. There can be the highest light frequencies coming down, but if the vessel, or in this case, the human, is not receptive to Omega Light, then it will not be received and processed. In some cases, it may be received but not processed. In fact, you are receiving energies and different frequencies of light all the time. Much of what energy you are receiving is unconscious, and you are not using it. It requires then training to work with and help each of you become receptive to Omega Light. 

   Now for the evolution of Homo sapiens, we are talking about an entire species being receptive to Omega Light. In this lecture, we will go over what I call the “molecular changes” that are necessary for the human brain to activate and receive Omega Light. It is necessary to access consciousness on a molecular level in order to have “expanded consciousness”. 

   Expanded consciousness is one of the main traits of the Homo Omega. So let us look at this concept of “molecular transformation of the brain”. There is a long history of expanded consciousness using substances to change the brain on a molecular level in the Western civilization. Primarily, I will refer to the use of drug-induced states of consciousness. There is a history among the shamans of using plants, such as ayahuasca, or Native Americans, who may use psilocybin or mescaline, in religious ceremonies to induce what is called an “alternate state of consciousness”. 

   The alternate state of consciousness has specific characteristics that are important for us in our study of Omega Man/Woman. The drug-induced states from plants that are used by shamans create molecular shifts in the neurons of the brain, and that particular shift allows new connections between different neurons to be made. These connections would not normally be made, but the drug-induced states shift molecular communications within the brain. The receiver can see connections and see unity and see cosmological principles that they could not see in a normal state of consciousness. In fact, some have now called drugs which induce expanded states of consciousness the “DNA-God molecule”. The DNA-God molecule in the study of consciousness refers to a drug-induced state that helps to create what some would call the “God Consciousness” state with Unity Consciousness.  

   I want to be clear that I am not recommending the usage of these drugs now, but I am only using these experiences and descriptions to help you understand the molecular energies and the subatomic level energies that one works with in expanded consciousness. We, the Arcturians, are teaching that you, the Starseeds, can achieve similar molecular transformational states through our exercises. With the new Arcturian spiritual technology available now, it is not necessary to seek out drug-induced states, but rather, through these specific exercises, such as the Cosmic Egg, shimmering, thought projection, and special meditations, one can achieve the similar molecular transformation experiences. These higher experiences can be self-induced through Arcturian spiritual technology exercises. 

   I refer now to the concept of expanding consciousness and the unlocking of the Codes of Ascension. Unlocking the Codes of Ascension has been one of our main meditative practices that we are teaching the Arcturian Starseeds on the Earth. Several phrases in Biblical Hebrew are tools to use for activating a molecular transformation within the neurons of your brain. This means that sacred sound phrases in Hebrew have the ability to unlock the Codes of Ascension, which will put you into a state of mind expansion. The molecular connections that lead to Unity Consciousness and awareness of the Fifth Dimension are turned on when the Hebrew phrases of Ascension Codes are toned in a certain way. 

   We need to emphasize that the Omega Man/Woman has the ability to experience the molecular transformation so that states of consciousness known as Unity Consciousness, balance and harmony, can be achieved. There are terms in modern psychology, for example, referring to this transformation. “Self-actualization” and “peak experiences” are two terms used to describe transformational expanded consciousness experiences. Sometimes these experiences can be induced by outside stimuli, such as a sunset or some remarkable sacred energy from Nature that one receives. These peak experiences induce a molecular transformation within the brain.

   Peak experiences are a type of psychological, mind-expanding experience in which one sees, for example, the meaning of life; one sees the connection between All That Is, and one understands that it is a holographic universe and that all is connected. And with this type of peak experience, it becomes clear that there must be a new approach to protecting the biosphere and to protecting the planet on all levels. This is how profound the peak experience is, and this is how profound the molecular transformation through these meditative and sound practices can be. This type of experience will become the “normal” Homo Omega characteristic, not just a characteristic for some. 

   So let us turn again to the concept of evolution, and how do we induce an evolutionary state or an evolutionary change? In the normal evolutionary change, it appears to be based on what Darwin called “survival of the fittest”, which means that those people who have a survival characteristic, such as aggression, will dominate and survive, and those who are not aggressive will not be able to survive. Traits are passed on from generation to generation. But now we are in a state where that state of aggression is not fostering survival of the biosphere. In fact, aggression and domineering behavior is contributing to the eradication of life forms on the planet. 

   But we can raise the question: “But how is it that humanity can direct evolution?” There are examples of DNA modification and RNA modification throughout the world. There is even discussion about the COVID-19 vaccination changing one’s genetics. Some people believe that the vaccination causes a shift in the RNA that could somehow create problems in future generations. The point is that humanity is already studying and beginning to practice genetic modification. (Author’s note: We use genetics every day to cure diseases, solve crimes and even reunite families.) We see this in particular, with the agriculture industry, which has created genetically modified, or GMO, food. 

   The problem with genetic modification of food is that you are creating what I call the “hybrid plant”. Scientists have created genetically modified food that is resistant to certain insects or certain weeds, and therefore the genetically modified plants can grow faster and better. And at first look, that might even seem really good, but in actuality, it is a dangerous practice, because the food then becomes more susceptible to bacteria and intrusions from new insects. GMO does not have a broad band or broad range of defenses. Instead, it is focused on one particular or two particular defenses against insects or bacteria that could harm it, and it does very well with those. But GMO does not establish or grow with the same nutritional value as non-GMOs. 

   Ultimately, the expansion of human consciousness through the Omega Man/Woman is going to be on a molecular level, and therefore the modification is going to occur on a conscious level through thoughts, not through artificial manipulation of Man’s genetic codes the way GMOs are created. The shift in thoughts will physically manifest, and there will be a new physical and different energy in the brains of the Omega Man/Woman. 

   I look with great interest on how you approach Starseed counseling and Starseed psychology because the Starseed counseling focuses on the peculiar and important traits that Starseeds possess. And these traits are actually forerunners to the shift on the molecular level that needs to be made in order to permanently shift the evolution of humanity. What are some of these traits? These traits include empathy, telepathy, sensitivity, expanded perception, including what I call “synesthesia”, which is the ability to see and hear at the same time. In other words, synesthesia is the merging of two perceptual states, such as seeing and hearing. A good example of synesthesia is that you would hear music and see the notes as well as you hear the music. People who are in altered states of consciousness can experience synesthesia. This is a higher trait of expanded consciousness and the great composers, such as Beethoven and Mozart, were able to use their synesthesia to write down their concertos and symphonies. They would hear the melody in their mind, and then they would see the notes in the air, and then they would write down the notes. This is a high level of perceptual consciousness, and Starseeds generally also have such traits. 

   My observation is that, in the galaxy, higher civilizations have successfully used “genetic direction”. Instead of the term “genetic modification”, I prefer to use the term genetic direction. There are many social and moral and ethical issues in genetic direction.  Remember though I said that a species can de-evolve instead of evolve.  Therefore, humanity can risk de-evolution, which means by doing nothing, letting the evolutionary cycle go as it is, then it can lead to de-evolution. It is known that humanity is controlling the planet, and what humanity does on this planet will determine whether life will continue or not. What humanity does on the planet, will affect every species on this planet. Whether any species lives or dies, no matter what that species is, is totally dependent on what humanity does with its aggression and domineering behavior. 

   As a sidelight, I wanted to briefly talk about the Reptilians. I know many of you are interested in the Reptilians as an extradimensional or extraterrestrial species. I only bring up the Reptilians because many of the Reptilians believe that the Earth and humanity will fail, and will de-evolve and that in that de-evolution the biosphere will become uninhabitable, and humanity will perish, at least humanity as you know it today. There might be pockets of existence, but the Reptilians believe the structure of the civilization that you see now will disappear, and part of the reason is because the biosphere will become uninhabitable.

   The Reptilians are patient, and some of them are thinking this way: “Well, we can inhabit the Earth after humanity destroys it.” Because being Reptilian, they are able to survive in many different situations that humanity cannot survive. For example, they could tolerate large doses of radiation, and it does not affect their immune system the way it does the human immune system. They are able to tolerate high levels of viruses and different bacteria that do affect humanity. For example, the Reptilians would not at all be affected by COVID-19. So the thinking of the Reptilians about humanity is: “Go ahead and destroy the Earth, and then we will take over when you have ruined it.”

   We, the Arcturians, do not approve of the Reptilian approach, but I think that it is interesting to note that these species are waiting for humanity to destroy the biosphere. I also think it is interesting because some people are thinking there will be a takeover of the planet if the humans do not evolve. The Reptilians do not have to create an intervention like a war, because all they have to do is wait until humanity self-destructs. 

   For point of clarification, there are several levels of Reptilians. There are higher levels, middle level, and lower level Reptilians. It is the middle and lower levels that I am more concerned about. There are some high-level Reptilians that are not in that type of domineering thinking, and who actually want to contribute to the evolution of humanity. They are not waiting for the de-evolution of humans. They want to see the evolution of Homo sapiens. 

   The Arcturians are higher, fifth-dimensional beings who want to prevent humanity from de-evolving. We want to encourage evolution of higher consciousness. We are not content to sit by and watch the de-evolution of humanity. 

   Now a note also about the nature of galactic civilizations and the nature of the cosmos.  The cosmos is infinite, and there are infinite numbers of stars, and the universe is infinite. So there is no perceived end, which would indicate infinite possibilities of planetary civilizations that could evolve. You could say that each civilization that does finally emerge is like a test on whether that planet and that civilization can maintain and protect higher evolution. But when a civilization like Earth gets to this crisis point, then there is grave concern and also intense interest. This means that humanity could hopefully control its evolution and move to higher consciousness. Even though you see so much of the imbalances on the planet, we still have to note that there is a significant number of people that understand and are willing to contribute towards the evolution of the species to higher light. 

   How can a group of Starseeds like yourselves contribute to the evolution of humanity to Homo Omega? Let me first address food as a possibility of contributing to evolution, and I want to use the example of the Biblical Israelites in the desert receiving manna. Manna is the food that came from heaven because there was no food available in the desert. (Author’s note:  Manna is the supernatural food God gave to the Israelites during the 40 years they were in the desert after their departure from Egypt. It is sometimes referred to as the bread from heaven because it fell from the sky.)

   You have to remember there were estimates of 500,000 or 800,000 Israelites in the desert at the time of the Exodus. There was no agriculture; there was no farming; there was no ability to produce food for that many people. Manna is the perfect food that was falling from the sky every day at a certain time, and the Israelites would eat that food, and they would be content.  

There are several points here:
  1. That this food met all of their nutritional needs.  
  2. They would be totally satisfied after eating the manna, and this indicates that there is a possibility of developing a food now in the 21st century that would affect your sense of wellbeing and your consciousness. 

   Manna provides both a nutritional base, and it also stimulates, in a healthy way, molecular transformation within the brain that allows for the Doors of Perception to be expanded. After eating manna, the people would experience a molecular transformation so that Unity Consciousness and higher spiritual perception could be achieved. 

   This story suggests that it would be a good evolutionary step for humanity to develop such a special food. Remember that we, the Arcturians, do not eat like you do. In fact, our total digestive system is totally different than yours. We do not eat large amounts of food. You might see us and think that we are skinny, or you might think that we do not look very strong. It is exactly the opposite. We can lift large amounts of weight if necessary using our minds. Also, we are able to live 800 to 900 Earth years. 

   The original human genome form is programmed for people to live far longer than the 80 or 90 or 100 years that are now being achieved. 165 to 200 years should be the normal Earth life expectation. When you live 800, 900 years, for example, then 60 years or 70 years is still considered a baby from our perspective. Many of you at 60 or 70 are still resolving psychological problems that developed in childhood. Can you imagine what it would be like to finish the psychological healing at 70 or 80, and then have another 100 years to live where you would be in a much more satisfactory emotional state?

   Some of our diet involves liquid light, liquid energy, and other special foods that are used that serve both purposes. That is the purpose of nutrition and the purpose of expanded consciousness without any negative side effects. (Tones “Oh.”)

   The second aspect of instilling or creating the energy for the evolution of Homo Omega focuses on teaching. It is true that humanity is the dominant and controlling force on the planet, and that all Earth life is now dependent upon what humanity does. It is also true that humanity can direct its evolution. This ability is pretty amazing, but it is also frightening if the choices are going in the wrong direction. We, the Arcturians, have directed our evolution, and once we directed our evolution to a positive way, then we made remarkable progress in a short time. 

   In fact, our direction of evolution goes from past lives to present lives to future lives. When a baby is born on Arcturus or even in the embryo stage, we are able to lock on and understand the past-life issues, the past-life traumas, and also any genetic blockages that may come into this lifetime. We are able to understand what the soul lessons are for a baby before it comes into our world. Then we are able to provide beforehand the necessary help and environmental support necessary for its evolution. For example, think of how many of you may have had traumatic births? I know that the birthing process is extremely traumatic on Earth and has been for centuries. Some of the trauma that people experience comes from when the mother was in pregnancy. The mother may have had negative thoughts or problems during the pregnancy. Maybe your mother was smoking cigarettes during the pregnancy, and the toxicity had a major effect on your childhood development. 

   Of course, we have a different society makeup, which is based on the model of the Just Society. One of the important aspects of the Just Society is to ensure that the pregnant women are taken care of properly. Caring for pregnant women can positively affect genetic evolution because the traumas that occur at birth could take many years to recover. We also have the ability also to look into the future and see what the potential is for a child. 

   The idea of Omega Light is that it can help bring out the highest potential for a person. We evaluate the potential of a child using analysis that is calculated using special computer codes and technology. We determine what is the best environment, what are the best teachings a person needs for a successful incarnation. We then are encouraging the optimal, highest growth of the child. It is this method that I just described that leads to what I see as genetic direction. 

   There is already genetic direction being done by humans. There has already been research done on trying to eliminate certain negative traits. Some of the research is based on what the culture is and what they would want to see. It can be problematic, especially for a civilization that still has not graduated from Stage 1 in planetary development (Author’s note: The Arcturians say there are five stages of planetary development, and Earth is only at the end of Stage 1) and is still in the midst of conflicts and polarizations. Can you really trust people of lower consciousness to make genetic decisions? You could see that the answer is probably no. Even if that is the case, it is still happening anyway. Remember, the basic conflict of Stage 1 is technology vs. spirituality. And that means that people, or scientists, could be making scientific advancements in genetic direction without spiritual considerations. 

   The next important aspect of manifesting Homo Omega evolution will occur through teaching. Teaching means that you are putting into people’s minds the optimal possibility of evolution to a perfected level, using Omega Energy. There are already examples of Ascended Masters, such as Sananda, Buddha, and Moses, who gave examples of what it is like for a being to live in the higher light on Earth. There already are people teaching the model of striving for a higher human potential. 

   Omega Light comes from the highest source and has a transformational ability to interact with third-dimensional molecular structures and transform them into a higher vibrational state. Your brain cells are capable of shimmering. I have talked to you about shimmering your aura, but let me talk about shimmering your brain cells because the brain cells contain the molecular energy on a subatomic level that must be activated. The subatomic level is the level that will open up the higher consciousness and help people to experience the unity connection. 

   If you can imagine that if everybody were on a higher level, then they would immediately understand the unity of everything. They would understand immediately that there need to be dramatic changes in the world. There would not be polarizations any longer. There would not be concern about who would be dominating the planet because the main concern would be to preserve the Planetary Unified Field of Light. 

   To experience Unity Consciousness you can shimmer the brain cells. How do you shimmer brain cells? The answer is through tones and sounds. Let us practice shimmering your brain cells. This will help you to be teachers of this light, and also you will bring down the Omega Light to activate yourselves.

   Take three breaths. Go into a state of spiritual relaxation. Open up the Crown Chakra. I, Juliano, have my Starship Athena, and I am in a state of multidimensional consciousness. I am aligning with each one of you, and I am sending down now Omega Light to you. You are receptive to Omega Light. Receive the golden Omega Light into your Crown Chakra, and let that light disburse into your brain. You have all seen the pictures of the brain with the frontal lobe and the different sections, including the left hemisphere and right hemisphere. Picture the Omega Light coming into your Crown Chakra, now, and see it being distributed in the necessary patterns for activating higher consciousness on a molecular level. (Tones “Omega Light.”)

   To the best of your ability, as you visualize your brain, try to see it on a cellular level, and go inside the brain. Go into the Pineal Gland and the Reticular Activating System, which is the center for expanded perception. The Reticular Activating System opens the doorway, on a molecular level, to expanded consciousness. Open, and let us shimmer the brain cells in the Reticular Activating System and the Pineal Gland. (Tones “Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer the brain cells and the Reticular Activating System, now, shimmer.”)

   We will go into silence as you experience the shimmering of your brain cells, which opens up a doorway into the higher worlds. (Silence) (Tones “Shimmer.”) Now listen to the tones of the Kadosh (Author’s note: a famous Hebrew prayer) and allow your brain cells to shimmer as you hear the sounds and opening up of the Codes of Ascension from this prayer because to ascend, you must have higher consciousness. To ascend you must have expanded consciousness, and to work for the evolution of Omega Man/Woman, you need to be in higher consciousness. (Chants “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth.”)

   Your brain cells in the Reticular Activating System are shimmering, and the Codes of Ascension are unlocked. You have great Arcan (Author’s note: Arcan is an Arcturian word meaning strong thoughts) energy and power. Visualize yourself shimmering in your aura. You are a cosmic being of light. You are now receiving the Omega Light, and you are helping to activate the evolution to Homo Omega on this planet. (Tones “Oh.”) Return back into your normal, waking state of consciousness, but yet you will still be with this higher state of consciousness. That means that you will still be able to function on all levels, in all ways, in the third-dimensional world, but you will at the same time be holding this expanded state. This expanded state will help you be a better person, a more effective planetary healer, and a representative of the Homo Omega Man/Woman on the Earth. I am Juliano. Good day. 
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MAY 9, 2021

Welcome dear readers of the Arcturian Group Messages. We see your light and that of many others around the world expanding as you traverse your way through personal and global debris and into new levels of awareness.

The world is changing but you are not yet able to see it as densities of the past continue to surface and overshadow everything. Your job is to allow the process dear ones, trusting that much is happening that you are not yet aware of. All is proceeding according to plan.

We know that some of you are beginning to feel that these messages and others that you have loved and relied on for guidance, no longer speak to you as they once did. Rejoice, for the end goal of any real spiritual teaching is to bring the student to where they no longer need the outer teacher because they have reached a level of consciousness able to access information, guidance, and spiritual instruction from within, where it exists in infinite pure form.

Teachings, traditions, and religions that do not allow followers to grow beyond further need for them are not true teachings. High resonating truth teachings will always offer freedom and empowerment, never bondage. Allow yourselves to move and grow beyond what may have once been your highest reality even if you meet with resistance from those still in alignment with that which you have now grown beyond. Evolution is an ongoing infinite process.

When a spiritual truth jumps out at you from an article, channel, book, or simply presents itself in thought and deeply resonates with you, it means you are prepared to integrate it into consciousness. Take the Divine Idea into meditation, pondering it, chewing it, and exploring three dimensional concepts versus the reality. Ponder how it influences the world on all levels. You will discover that when your intention is to more deeply understand some truth, it will unfold and reveal ITself to you. This is how you are taught from within.

If parts of these or other messages have begun to feel old to you, it probably means that you have integrated the teachings into your consciousness and they have become you. If you haven't already, you will soon find that many favorite channelings, books, groups, classes etc., that you loved and looked to for spiritual information and guidance have begun to feel boring.

This is how spiritual growth is supposed to work. It means that you have reached a level of awareness capable of receiving directly rather than through another person or thing outside of self. Rejoice when this happens, for it is what you have been seeking.

Occasionally this level is resisted by a truth student because it frightens them. They enjoy being a seekers and want to continue doing all the things they familiar with. There is a camaraderie with other seekers and is what they are used to. It is comfortable because as a seeker, the responsibility is on others. As a finder it is on self.

Most who are awakened at this time are a combination of seeker and finder which is the way it usually works, but it is important to allow the finder part of self to grow and mature. Accepting that you are a finder enables you to love yourself more fully and reclaim the power you innocently gave away and may still be giving away to others. Finders live in the world but are not of it.

The energy of transformation has arrived and all is proceeding according to plan. The energy that you are presently witnessing as violence and pain represent the exposure and dissolution of outer effects formed from energies of duality, separation, and the belief in two powers.

All that exists is Divine Consciousness, pure Light. Everything is in and of this Light. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are not separate parts of you but are rather facets of your one and only body which is pure Light. Begin to see yourself and others as Light. Let go of the need, obligation, and struggle to heal, change, and correct everything and everybody and begin to acknowledge the presence of their Light instead.

You are frequently told to "send light" to someone in need. Now take this to the next level and instead of sending Light, "see" and acknowledge IT as already present. Greet every stranger, answer every phone call, observe those you see on television or in the news with an awareness of their ever present Light hidden to human eyes.

Living from this level does not mean you cannot offer practical guidance if asked nor does it mean you must never again seek help of some sort like going to a doctor. Becoming intellectually aware of absolute truth does not mean that from then on you must rigidly cling to it. Many serious spiritual students make the mistake of trying to live some absolute truth they have learned before it has become their state of consciousness.

Because earth is a planet of time and space, intellectually known truth needs time to grow and strengthen through contemplation and practice before a full integration of it can take place. The spiritual evolutionary process begins as gradual awareness and intellectual knowledge but must be lived and fully integrated before becoming one's attained state of consciousness. When the world was very dense, this process took many lifetimes but in the higher resonance of today, it is happening more quickly.

It is important that you allow your evolutionary process to unfold without trying to define, guide, or influence it other than with trust. Most of you were trained to govern your spiritual life with guidelines and rules learned in other lifetimes, in convents, monasteries, and ashrams etc. Many of you were serious students in the ancient Egyptian schools and still carry the influences of those lives. Now let it all go allowing each day to bring what you need on whatever level is necessary in order to awaken more fully.

Do not feel guilty if you are guided to see a doctor or spiritual teacher/adviser. Help is provided on all levels of awareness and none is lesser than another if done with love and service. Like everything else, it is a matter of energetic alignment. If your consciousness is more in alignment with standard medicine, then go with it. If you are in alignment with holistic medicine, go with that. If you have attained a level of conscious awareness of oneness with completeness, allow that to unfold as your health and well being.

Resistance that is based in the belief that you must hold fast to some absolute truth in spite of not yet having attained the consciousness of it, will actually act as a block because it gives reality and power to the very issue you are seeking to move beyond. Go within and seek guidance on these issues and never believe that you have spiritually failed if you decide to seek some assistance that resonates with you.

It is impossible to go spiritually backward to levels you have outgrown for evolution is an ongoing journey of awakening not governed or influenced by concepts of human thinking. Allow your intuition to guide you toward those things that are in alignment with your present state of consciousness.

Pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained, is a three dimensional activity and does not serve or fool those around the person doing it. This is easily observed in many world "leaders", politicians hoping to be elected, those seeking to be famous, and many who are desperate for the recognition and love they believe to be outside of them.

Truth is a seed that must silently and secretly rest and be allowed to grow strong in the safety of your heart where it is protected from doubters and those who would take it from you until it can germinate and express in, as, and through you. You will know when a truth has become your state of consciousness for it simply becomes you, your automatic awareness and response in all situations.

Allow yourselves to grow and expand in ways that are highest and best for you never doubting that you are always being guided and directed by your Higher Self that knows where you need to be, how to get you there, and when. This is how you unfold into knowing and loving self as SELF.

Accept that your journey may be nothing like that of others in the realization that all paths, regardless of how bizarre or twisted they may appear to human thinking, eventually lead to the spiritual realization of ONE. (Ascension) It cannot be otherwise because it is what you already are -- Divine Beings in disguise.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/9/21


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