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May 6 2017     
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     Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians.  We want to explore the concept that is related to biorelativity, and we have given the name of this technique, "noorelativity".  Biorelativity is the ability to communicate telepathically with the Spirit of the Earth in order to create changes in the feedback loop system.  This helps to keep the balance of the various forces in alignment for the benefit of mankind and, I may add, for the benefit of the planet.
     The noorelativity is based on the concept of the Noosphere.  The Noosphere is the collective thought field energy around this planet, and the Noosphere is contained in the aura or the energy field of the Earth.  We call the ability to interact and change in a positive direction the Noosphere, noorelativity, which is in essence based on similar principles to biorelativity.  The difference is that in noorelativity, you are using your Arcan powers of thought energy to create and enhance both the evolution of planet Earth and the evolution of humanity.  I will be discussing the various ramifications of noorelativity in this lecture.
     I want to begin by talking about vibrational energy.  In order to understand the Noosphere, you have to understand the concept of thought fields and the idea of vibrational energy.  People have referred to the illusion of the Third Dimension and have even called it Maya.  This comes from the Hindu word which can also be translated in some ways as a "veil".  There is a veil in the Third Dimension, and because this veil is overwhelmingly in place, everything that you see in the Third Dimension looks solid and looks finite.  So you see a table and that table appears solid.  You look at a person and that person looks solid.  Even you look at the Earth and the Earth looks solid.
     But this is the illusion known as The Veil.  In reality, everything is vibrating.  You have a perceptual valve in your brain that helps you see the world as solid.  We refer to the perceptual valve in the interior of your mind as the Reticular Activating System.  This valve has various levels of being open or closed.  Normally, in the operation of normal life, the valve is, relatively speaking, closed.  So when the valve is closed, you do not see the vibrational reality that exists.  When the Reticular Activating System valve is opened further or wider, then you see.  You can experience the vibrational world of energy.  You see people's energy field.  You see the vibrational speed of their aura.  You see their thought field.  You see their emotions.  You see so much about them.
     In this experience, when your perceptual valve is opened, you could see a thought field around a person's head.  The thought field is based on the accumulation of the thought energies that you have in this lifetime and the thought energies that you brought from your other lifetimes.  This thought field also has different layers and different characteristics.
     So, for example, people who are of higher evolution and who have connection to their Higher Self are able to bring higher thoughts into their thought field.  The thought field is a collective energy field that is around the aura, and it is based on the vibrational energy created by thoughts.
     Unfortunately, at this time in the evolution of humanity and the science of humanity, they have not been able to create an accurate photo or accurate way of measuring this thought field.  But, if your perceptual valve is opened, you would see the thought fields, and you would see that thoughts actually are an energy, and that the thoughts have a power that can only be described as a quantum energy field.  Thoughts have the ability to create this reality.  It is said in the Kabbalah and other mystical texts from different religions that the Divine first focused on a thought to create this universe.  There was a First Thought that created this reality.  As a result of that First Thought, you are now experiencing the Third Dimension which includes the physical reality of all that exists in this universe.
     Some philosophers say that the first action began with the words, "Let there be light," which has been compared to the Big Bang.  But, scientists have asked the question, what existed before the Big Bang?  Humorously, astroastronomers and physicists say, "We know that the Big Bang existed.  We know that it happened.  We don't know what banged, and we do not know how it banged."  The answer is that what happened before the Big Bang or the words, "Let there be Light," was the thought of the Divine.  The Divine thought set in motion all that is and created all that we experience in this universe.  This gives you an idea of the power of thought.  Also, thoughts accumulate in a field, and we call this "constellations", or a sum of certain thoughts, together which make up a thought field.
     Now, let's look at how these three concepts, the vibrational world, the perceptual valves and thought fields relate to the planetary Noosphere.  There are two important points that we must discuss in this part.  The first is that the Noosphere, which is the collective thought field energy of this planet, controls and directs the evolution of all species including the evolution of humanity.
     First, we can say that Homo sapiens is part of a chain of different species.  The final outcome of this evolution that you are a part of will become another species that is more evolved.  You have had heard me lecture at earlier points about the different forms that have contributed to Homo sapiens.  In particular, we have talked about the Neanderthal man and the Cro-Magnon man and other hominids that are linked in this evolutionary cycle that Homo sapiens belongs to.  The point is that Homo sapiens is not the final end product.  The evolution and the next step in the evolutionary change of Homo sapiens will be directed by the Noosphere.  It is truly amazing that because of Homo sapiens' evolutionary possibilities, he is able to engage in higher thoughts and higher thinking.  There is a lot of primitiveness in this dualistic, polarized planet which is filled with wars, hatreds and jealousies.  However, the truth also remains that the Homo sapiens is capable of more higher thought forms than any other animals or plants.  It is also true that because of Man's possibilities of higher thought forms and higher thinking, mankind can now contribute and direct the evolution of himself.
     Remember, according to planetary science, this is the first time in the history of this planet that one dominant species can control the fate of every other species on the Earth planet, including every other plant and animal form.  It is also true that this species, Homo sapiens, can direct its own evolution to a higher species.
     You might ask, what would be the name of this higher species?  It is difficult to come up with a meaningful scientific terminology that would relate and receive an overwhelming agreement among the scientists on what the new next stage of Homo sapiens should be called   Therefore, I have taken the liberty of calling the next stage of development of the Homo sapiens, the fifth-dimensional Starseed beings.
     Why did I choose this name?  Because the next evolutionary stage of humanity needs the Starseed consciousness for its expansion and evolution.  The Starseed consciousness includes the ability to grasp life existing beyond this planet and beyond this dimension.  The Starseed consciousness also includes the ability to connect with the needed fifth-dimensional energy and light.  The powers of the thought forms reside in the Noosphere or the thought field around the aura of this planet.  There are ways that the Homo sapiens, which I often refer to as the Adam species, can direct and influence the Noosphere.  Some of these techniques you are already familiar with.  They include using powerful affirmations and using Arcan energy techniques to increase the power of your thoughts.  Other techniques include using group power and using group thinking to send the thought energies into the Noosphere.
     I recommend that in the noorelativity, we create special visualizations in which the affirmations are seen as embedded into the thought field of the planetary aura.  To this end, I want to refer to the Ring of Ascension, because the Ring of Ascension also is directly interacting with the Noosphere.  The development of the Noosphere and the evolution of humanity through the thought forms are coordinated with the Ascended Masters.  The Ring of Ascension is a halo of higher light that has special abilities to interact with the mind, thoughts and energy of the Ascended Masters.
     The reality is that the Ring of Ascension is also part of the Noosphere.  Throughout the years I have been describing the value and the wonderful service that the Ring of Ascension is doing for your personal work and for the planetary ascension.  Another powerful and meaningful service of the Ring of Ascension is to provide a light source and a technology for interacting with the Noosphere.
     Thoughts can create reality through a group of thoughts, together called a constellation.  What is a constellation?  A constellation is an accumulation of energy that resides in a form.  Constellations are often seen when you are viewing the stars at night.  It is true, if you look at the scientific reality, there does not appear to be a consistent shape of the 5,000 stars that might be visible to the naked eye by a human.  Yet, through what can be called "gestalt formation", the human mind has depicted animals and various other forms among the various stars and has created the names of these configurations, constellations.
     A constellation is a form that is superimposed on seemingly unrelated stars so that the mind can recognize and also interact with them.  Now when you look at the night sky, you will see, for example, Boötes, which is the star system and constellation which holds our star Arcturus.  You will see that system as a distinct pattern or constellation.  This pattern is given a name, and this helps you relate to it energetically.
     The reality is that those stars that you see are not necessarily even the same distance from the Earth.  Each one of those stars that you see in a constellation could be light years away from each other.  Our star Arcturus is 36 light years away from the Earth, for example.  Some of the stars in the Boötes constellation might be 200 or 300 light years away.  Stars in a constellation might not even be in the same place, and they are not the same distance from the Earth.  The reason why they are seen as a constellation is because they appear to be a group formation from the perspective of the Earth.  But because of your perspective and because of your ability to look for formations, you and ancient astronomers have been able to put together a form that is called a constellation.
     Constellations become a thought field, and that form has had an effect on the mind and the consciousness of humanity.  All of the other constellations have been given forms, such as the Orion constellation, the Virgo constellation and all of the constellations in the zodiac.  Therefore, the energy fields of these star groups have accumulated over centuries or millennium.
     So star groups becoming constellations is a good model for understanding thought fields in the Noosphere.  Thoughts forms create a perceptual field that shapes this reality.  How does that happen?  This is one of the mysteries of the Third Dimension and one of the mysteries of multidimensional reality and fifth-dimensional reality.  It is one of the mysteries of creation.
     How is it that a thought can create and start a whole universe?  The answer is not simple.  Thoughts and thought fields will change and evolve a planet.  I can say that thought fields are the highest light form of energy that exists in the universe.  Thoughts are energetic vibrations, and the thought fields have the ability to transcend space and time.  Thoughts are multidimensional, and they also have the ability to transcend lifetimes.  You could even bring, for example, a thought field that you had from one lifetime into the next.
     Some thoughts contain negative thought fields.  Some thought fields are positive.  Some special thoughts are of the very highest forms.  To explain how a third-dimensional reality can be changed by a thought form, I have to refer to the Kabbalah.  There is a particular kabbalistic meditation that is called unity thinking.  In Hebrew, it is referred to as Yechud.  Yechud is the ability to create a thought form that unites the higher dimensions with the lower dimensions.  This unity of thoughts repairs or heals the third-dimensional reality.
     The Kabbalah relates unifying thought forms and the repair of the Third Dimension with the name of the Divine.  They believed that by reciting and meditating on a powerful name of God, they could unite the Third Dimension with the Fifth Dimension.  This would help to rebalance the Earth.  Yechud, or unity thinking, was a mystical practice by pious rabbis who were totally devoted in their prayers and their meditations to holding this type of healing thought energy.  They often referred to Yechud thinking as a special form of prayer.  It was their belief that special  people with  higher mystical energy and the ability to use sacred time and space could create a new reality that encompasses the higher light with this lower light on the Earth and therefore create a new Earth.
     This type of unity thinking called Yechud can be used to create and implement the next evolutionary step of humanity.  You can use a collection of thoughts or thought constellation to unite this third-dimensional reality (which is now polarized and filled with dualistic conflict) with a higher and more balanced fifth-dimensional energy.  You can use the unity thinking to help create a new balance.  You can use the unity thinking for creating the next stage of evolution of humanity.
     The 20th century French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin says that mankind is evolving towards the Omega Point.  He referred to this next higher stage of evolution as moving towards the Omega Point.  He did not really use the term Omega Light, but he only used the term Omega Point.
     The Omega Point is a higher goal, is the higher model for your evolutionary stage.  How would we describe the next stage of evolution?  We must have some model for this so that we could download, we could implement and we could send in the correct thought forms to begin this higher evolutionary stage.
     How would the new Man look?  Some people have looked at Jesus, Sananda, as the prototype of the new Man, the next evolutionary stage of Man.  Now here we have an example of a being who is able to ascend.  He was able to turn the other cheek, so to speak, and not be violent.  He was able to be loving.  He was deeply connected with the Divine Light, and he was able to take on and remove other people's karma and do many different types of healings.  He had many higher attributes that could be considered part of the new Man.
     When I speak of the Omega Point in the evolution of Man, I am looking at what is the final outcome, what is the highest form that you as humanity can assume.  How do we accelerate the evolution of the Homo sapiens to that next point?  One way is to create a model and use that model as a visualization for downloading and implementing this so that it manifests in the Third Dimension.
     Let me speak about the past Self, the present Self and the future Self.  We have parallels to this in the holy phrase "I am that I am" or "I will be that I will be."  This phrase has many different interpretations.  It does imply that from the perspective of evolution that "you can be what you will be."  This implies that you have the ability to control and move your evolutionary process to the Omega Point, or to the highest point.  It also implies that we look at time in a circular way, not in a linear way.  Therefore, as time is a circle, the past, the present and the future Self are all interacting.  That means that your highest point of evolution, and again I will refer to that in a collective way as the Omega Point, is already interacting with you.  It is up to you.  It is your work and mission to bring down that future Higher Self, that higher model, to manifestation on the Earth.
     I like the descriptive term and model of the Starseed.  I like the model of the new fifth-dimensional Man who has Starseed consciousness, who is connected to the Fifth Dimension, who knows how to transmute his energy from the Third Dimension into the fifth.  The Starseed knows how to be multidimensional and can transcend space and time and then travel through corridors.  The Starseed can do work with higher dimensional beings such as we, the Arcturians.  The Starseeds can work with the energy of the Stargate.  The Stargate, of course, is like a train station where one goes after graduating from the Earth and going on into multidimensional incarnations on other planetary systems throughout the galaxy.  The Starseed is able to engage in unity thought forms.
     As we are talking today, I will try to help you create this visualization.  Now, try and visualize the perfected end stage Omega Point of humanity.  I know that each one of you has seen many pictures of Ascended Masters.  Some of these pictures depict very beautiful figures.  I would like you in this meditation and exercise to take yourself and project yourself as a perfected fifth-dimensional being at the Omega Point.
     As a fifth-dimensional or multidimensional being you will still, if you wish, be able to live on the Third Dimension.  You could use the highest physical form of yourself that you like, in other words, you can visualize and create your body that looks as evolved as you would like it to appear.  You need to work with how you look energetically, including how your aura looks.  Is yours in balance?  Are there any holes in the aura?  Are the holes sealed?  How are the chakras?  Are they all open and spinning in the right vibration?  Is there a multidimensional presence?  Do you have a connection to your Higher Self?
     Your visualization of your highest Omega Point Self is now being created in your mind.  I want you to work with that form and download it into the Noosphere.  Visualize that there is a collective stream of consciousness that directs the evolution of the Homo sapiens species.  You are downloading your highest Omega Point Self into that stream.
     Visualize your highest evolutionary Self at the Omega Point, your perfected Self with all of the high qualities.  Download that image into the thought forms that create the Noosphere of the planet Earth.  See your Self placing that higher image into the stream that includes the stream of evolution that includes Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Homo sapiens and now the Starseeds, moving up the ladder to the perfected evolution.  In this practice you are directing the next stage of your evolution as a species.  We will go into silence now as you do this visualization and work.  Remember, we are planting and downloading this higher evolved Self into the Noosphere.
     See this new evolutionary and developmental step with your perceptual valve open.  When the perceptual valve is open, everyone sees the truth and the effects of all their actions.  When one's perceptual valve is open, one immediately experiences the goodness or the evilness of their actions.  With that open perception, one's behavior will change for the good.
     See humanity's stage of evolution at the Omega Point.  At the Omega Point the Adam species has the opening of their perceptual valve.  We will go back into silence.
     Remember, in our discussion of the Hundredth Monkey Effect, scientists concluded that a small number of monkeys who had a new perception, and therefore learned new tools and techniques, could by their own shift, dramatically and almost mystically change the behavior of all the other monkeys in their cultural group.
     This Hundredth Monkey Effect applies to the evolutionary process because the Noosphere favors higher evolution.  The Noosphere tries to develop and encourage the higher form and a better form of development.  That better form becomes a model that has a mystical power, perhaps we could call it a quantum power, to shift others in the group to evolve to this next higher level.
     The highest point of evolution is called the Omega Point, because when there is a group of beings in a species that reach or seek the Omega Point in their evolution, then it begins to pull others towards this higher state.
     Thoughts are the highest energy form, and you might want to ask about emotions?  Emotionally, I can say that the highest vibration is love. When we are looking at emotions and thoughts, I need to broaden this state of thinking or experience to include expanded state of consciousness or awareness.
     Love is the highest emotional vibrational form that unites and brings your Self into perfect harmony.  That is why we can say loving yourself is a very healing energy to be in.  Love is a healing thought form and a healing emotional form.  Even though there is separation in our discussion of the thoughts and the emotions, the reality is that the thoughts and the emotions are interacting, and that we separate, we divide thoughts and emotions in order to explore and discuss the characteristics.  The reality is that the thoughts and emotions are always interacting.
     I want to conclude our discussion today of the Noosphere and noorelativity by stating that there exists a thought energy field around the Earth.  There is also a thought energy field or Noosphere around the solar system.  There is a Noosphere around the galaxy.  There is a Noosphere around what is called the Local Galactic Group, which is the cluster of galaxies that the Milky Way Galaxy is a part of.  Some of the scientists say there are 12 to 14 local galaxies that are participating in this local group.  There is also a Noosphere of the universe.
     There have been other cultures and other mystics that have worked with this concept of the Noosphere, such as Kabbalistic rabbis.  There are examples of the Tibetan mystics who were meditating in caves and mountains and holding the thought form for the development of the Earth and for this Third Dimension.  In fact, noorelativity does share many of the goals with biorelativity.  In noorelativity, we are also trying to project and visualize a thought form of the highest point of the Earth, when the Earth reaches its Omega Point.
     What would this planet look like if it moved into its highest evolutionary point?  What would this solar system look like?  What would this galaxy look like?  In fact we are already beginning to form on the Earth the interaction of Galactic Consciousness, and you are beginning to experience the Noosphere of the galaxy.  That was one of the main messages of the work with the Central Sun.  One of the energies of the Central Sun was to create your awareness of Galactic Consciousness and contribute to the galactic Noosphere.
     The Tibetan monks, and also there were other native groups, such as the Hopi, have been and still continue to work with holding these thought forms together for the evolution of humanity and the evolution of the Earth.  It is our observation that the Earth situation has gotten too complex for these local groups or these separate groups to be able to hold the energy successfully alone.  Therefore, there needs to be a united new group, such as what we are working with now with you, to begin to hold these evolutionary exercises.
     Some of these concepts of biorelativity include repetition of thought forms, repetition of visualizations, using the etheric crystals, using the Ring of Ascension and meditating at different time periods around the planet.  For example, you can do a global meditation where a group does a visualization going around the world.  One group can start their meditation at11 o'clock GMT time; then, another group can start 12 o'clock GMT and then another group at 1300 or 1400 GMT time.  You can also connect with global groups through computers and phone lines.  There are many different methods of working with the Noosphere, including visualizations, affirmations, chanting, Medicine Wheels, and going in large groups to power spots.  For example, Stonehenge is a powerful sacred place to do visualizations for noorelativity.  There are the areas of the 12 etheric crystals.  The areas of the seven Ladders of Ascension are also good points in doing noorelativity.
     Remember then, the noorelativity is developing an evolution process for humanity and for the planet.  I send you my love and blessings at this time of duality and polarization, but also we are near a point when the Omega Light and energy is entering the thought forms and consciousness of the Adam species, and now you are able to participate in the stream of light and direct the evolution.
     Good Day.  This is Juliano.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty


June 4, 2017
It is our loving work to advise and assist everyone awakening into a new and truer state of consciousness. You are doing a fine job of it, in spite of the confusion often resulting from the discovery that many tried and true beliefs were nothing more than concepts accepted as reality. The first step of all change is awareness.
Gaia and all her people are experiencing the energies of a massive shift into higher and truer ways of understanding. The blinders are coming off and this can be traumatic for the un-prepared because everyone has lived hundreds of lifetimes in the dense three dimensional belief system, embracing it as reality. Opening to and accepting that it was formed from illusory concepts of duality and separation can be very difficult to accept.
The early stages of awakening often bring about emotions of guilt and shame. This is because when certain past actions are remembered with new awareness, they are recognized as having been negative and selfish. When and if this happens, lovingly accept that that you were acting from your highest sense of right at that time which is all anyone is required to do, and call to mind that guilt and regret are emotions based in identification with a false sense of self.
At the same time, be aware that many of those past experiences now causing shame or regret were actually pre-planned interactions, opportunities important for the spiritual growth of all involved. Be alert to emotions as they arise, not resisting them but seeing them as perfect signs pointing to lingering false beliefs--"What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"
It is time to begin thinking of, believing in, and accepting yourselves as Divine Beings, as I AM instead of the personal sense of self as Mary or Jim. Yes, the world will continue to see you as human and you will continue to go about your human activities, but until you can accept and know yourself as I AM, you will forever be on a journey of seeking. Journeys are meant to lead somewhere, not meant to go on indefinitely.
Continuing to hold only to the personal sense of self blocks the attaining of higher states of consciousness. Many intellectually accept the idea of oneness, but continue holding tightly to a false sense of self that believes itself to be only human, separate and unworthy of being One with God. Many, especially those steeped in religious doctrine, still consider the idea of oneness to be sacrilegious--the same unenlightened beliefs that resulted the crucifixion of Jesus.
Identification of self as SELF, one with Source and all that Source is, is the next level of spiritual evolution, and until a student of truth is willing to take the step of accepting that all life is an expression of the ONE Divine Life including themselves, they can go no higher in spiritual awareness, but instead remain on a wheel going nowhere, and perpetually seeking.
As you go about your day, use every experience to practice knowing "I AM". For example, when you look into your wallet and find nothing there, instead of saying to yourself; "I have no money" which will serve to perfectly create that exact thing, say instead; "Yes, I see and acknowledge the appearance of lack, but I know that the I that I am is self- sustained and self- maintained and therefore I am the very substance of abundance." Then get the flow going, living out from "I have" instead of "I don't have" in the realization that you are powerful creators.
The flow can take place on all levels, physically giving away those things you no longer use or need and donating money, even a penny. Emotionally taking time to listen to someone who needs an ear, and mentally knowing the truth about another. The key to shifting awareness from "I lack" to "I have" with regard to all things (not just money), is to realize that all good flows through you, not from you. Personalizing good caps the Divine well within.
Do not expect a basket of money to suddenly drop from the sky, but know that you are on your way to shifting into and experiencing the fruitage of your realization of Oneness, a consciousness that knows God does not give abundance, rather God IS abundance and therefore "I am abundance" in all its forms--(ideas, creativity, wisdom, peace etc.) A consciousness that knows the substance of everything needed is already present within SELF.
You are spiritually ready to separate "seeking" from "being" and move into the realization that "I am everything I seek". You have done the work and are ready to move beyond; "If I can just know enough truth good will come to me". Think upon these two statements for there is a subtle but very important difference.
It is the ability to live every situation as best you can (even when needing to take some very human footsteps) from a place of; In spite of appearances, I stand in the truth that I am the very substance, energy, and reality of completeness and wholeness in all its forms because the I that I am is Divine, God, Source manifesting and expressing Itself as me.
Truth always seems ignorant and naive to the un-awakened, but you who are ready, must begin to come out and be separate, living your awareness. This does not mean that suddenly there are no more discords because you have not yet fully attained, but does mean you have begun the process of being "in the world, but not of it".
As old energies carried through lifetimes are seen through, cleared, and released and you start to trust and rely more and more on the reality of who and what you are, this will begin to be reflected in the outer scene.
Continually translating the seemingly ordinary things of daily living into the truth they represent opens and trains the mind to new ways of interpreting. Left on its own, the human mind simply draws upon what is already present in personal and consensus consciousness. Mind is an avenue of awareness. Most of the experiences of those who live fully in the third dimensional belief system are expressions of habitual and unenlightened thinking--mind chatter translated into manifestation.
You are Divine Beings. You are One with Source. You are complete and whole-- NOW, not after more years of study, classes, books, and ceremony. Evolution is simply the journey of moving from an unawareness of ONEness, into the full awareness and experience of IT.
This does NOT mean you can never take a class, read a book, or do specific meditations you may be guided to do, but rather means you do these things with the understanding that they can not make you spiritual, but may instead awaken you more deeply into the realization that you already are spiritual.
Spiritual evolution must a process because the physical body could not withstand the fullness of Light energy all at once. There have been instantaneous shifts, but these are rare and occur when an individual has been fully prepared from other lifetimes, or when an already fully evolved spiritual Being takes on human form in order to assist the world.
Every cell of every organ in the physical body carries cellular memory associated with that organ or function from other lifetimes. These old energies are based in illusion but nevertheless still resonate and effect an individual until seen through and released or a state of consciousness is attained in which they simply dissolve into the nothingness that are, freeing the person from their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual influence.
The energies of truth are the reality but energies of illusion still hold dominant sway for most of the world because unenlightened beliefs are manifesting outwardly as form and are what the physical eyes can see. Enlightenment comes by Grace when a person is evolved enough to understand and embrace truth. You who read these messages are ready or you would not be reading or even understanding them.
The time is now to move into truth, not simply thinking about it, talking about it, and seeking it, but be it. When an individual continues to seek outwardly after knowing that everything they seek is already within, they hold themselves in old energy that will continue to manifest as duality and separation, often questioning why. Because everyone has free will, choice is always honored. Do you believe in ONE and that ONE manifesting Itself as you or not?
Avoidance can go on for lifetimes because in many respects it is an easier. There is the presence of the consensus consciousness supporting third dimensional choices. Living truth is difficult in the beginning because it takes constant alertness to shift one's thinking throughout the day and often there comes a sense of disconnect from those around leading to feelings of loneliness. "Am I the only person who sees things in this way?"
This sense of disconnect is temporary because it has no law to hold it in place, and is simply the expression of old energies of separation still resonating.
The beginning stages of living truth are more often than not thinking and acting out of habit in the comfortable but illusory ways you are accustomed to with a great deal of effort toward correcting ones thought processes. With time, persistence, and serious practice (as well as a good sense of humor), living as "I" instead of as just Mary, Joe, or Jim, will gradually becomes an attained state of consciousness lived without effort.
Only Source in Its infinite completeness IS. IT is what you are. Be IT.
We are the Arcturian Group 6/4/17