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JANUARY 27,2019
Welcome to the new age dear ones, for in spite of appearances you are indeed on the cusp of the new age long predicted by seers of the past and present. The evolutionary process cannot be stopped because it is simply the process of awakening to what already is.
Sooner or later every soul tires of the fruitless efforts involved in third dimensional living and without personal alignment to feed them, the illusions of material sense begin to fade away. Evolution can be ignored and delayed but cannot disappear because it is the means by which every soul awakens out of illusion and into reality.
Try not to imbue your concerns with power over you, but rather remain centered in the realization that your oneness with Divine consciousness constitutes your oneness with harmony, peace, abundance, and wholeness--everything IT is. Then after doing that, take the human footsteps you may be guided to take.
Many are suffering at this time of transition and those on the other side are well aware of it. The world has not been abandoned, nor is it being punished for its "sins". Events taking place in these times are necessary to the completion cycles of clearing for earth's ascension process that is now well on it's way. A point of no return has been reached.
Many are being forced out of their comfort zone which serves to open them to question their personal belief system and the status quo. New and higher awareness about everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled are quickly unfolding in world consciousness through the Light of the higher dimensional energies now pouring onto earth.
Third dimensional ideas are beginning to shift into higher form as increasingly more people awaken. This is causing those who have chosen to remain locked in "power over" consciousness to resist and fight any change as best they know how. There is a global rift beginning to take place between those opening to higher consciousness and those refusing to or who are simply not spiritually prepared.
You are going to witness this deepening divide as chaos, but it is part of the ascension process. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Much that heretofore has never been questioned, especially in politics and religion, is increasingly being examined and questioned by those seeing with "new" eyes.
The outer always reflects the inner. Consciousness is the substance of all form because nothing else exists but Divine Consciousness. However, the qualities embodied in the One Divine consciousness can only be experienced personally when there is alignment. Every person's consciousness expresses what it is in alignment with.
However, it is important not to judge or believe that everyone experiencing problems is un-evolved, for the individual may be right on track with his pre-birth contract, having the experiences he chose to have as necessary for his spiritual growth.
Differing levels of consciousness are the reason so many religions originally based in real truth and taught by an evolved master teacher are today polluted with erroneous concepts and beliefs that representing gross misinterpretations of the original teachings. Students and followers unable to grasp the teachings at the level of the teacher, interpret them incorrectly according to their much less evolved state of consciousness. This is why Truth should never be organized.
You who read these messages have made your choice to ascend and are spiritually prepared to stay centered at all times even if you do not think you are. The outer scene is changing very quickly and those who remain centered, meeting every appearance with an awareness of truth, will find they are spiritually cushioned for whatever presents.
It is time to clear lingering false beliefs and remove any energetic cords still binding you to some person, place, or thing. This will create space for higher frequency energies to integrate and become your energy. Energy pathways present in the etheric body are now being activated in the physical body, enabling it to hold, carry, and become one with higher frequencies.
Many highly evolved beings are assisting earth at this time. Assistance is always available for the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual facets of the whole. It is important to understand that because of free will, help must be asked for. Guides cannot tell you what to do, they are only permitted to assist you with your decisions.
Never disrespect the physical body through the belief that it is base, sinful, irrelevant, or un-holy as many religions and even some metaphysicians continue to teach. Your body is the sacred temple of Divine Consciousness, the material sense of the spiritual body. To think of it as anything less is a facet of the three dimensional belief in duality and separation. Treat your body as the sacred temple it is by keeping it safe, loved, and clean inside and out.
We have often stated that every person must eventually let go of seeking outside of themselves for what they need. This is true regarding spiritual truth as well. When a person attains the conscious realization of their completeness and wholeness, that which is needed regardless of how seemingly ordinary can manifest outwardly because the person's consciousness is in alignment with the substance of it.
Needed answers, ideas, or goods flow through some person, job, book, etc. but NEVER FROM THEM.This is the universal mistake inherent in third dimensional thinking that has brought about so much suffering and pain for the world. It is a person's attained consciousness of their already present wholeness that can then manifest in forms that are personal to the individual.
Truth progresses from being simply intellectual knowledge to being an attained state of consciousness through awareness, acceptance, and practice. Truth must become one's actual consciousness before it can manifest because consciousness is the substance of all form. A consciousness of duality and separation will continue to create experiences of good and bad for as long as it remains intact.
Release any and all beliefs promoting the idea that some ritual or belief is necessary for your spirituality. True spirituality is not governed or based in rules and regulations, it just IS. Going to church every Sunday will not make you any more spiritual than you already are although it can assist spiritual beginners to open to new ways of thinking.
You are ready to fully embrace the truth that you already are and always have been everything you sought through lifetimes in techniques, rites, and rituals. These helped you to awaken in the beginning but you are no longer beginners. You now know that you already embody everything you sought and yet many of you continue to doubt, still placing all your trust and confidence in the third dimensional belief system.
Continuing to think of yourself as a human being subject to the whims and conditions of duality and separation after awakening to the reality of who and what you really are, is very foolish indeed and only serves to hold you in bondage to the creations of this mindset.
When you compare, judge, doubt and access your life according to third dimensional standards, you are only able to see a tiny fraction of the whole picture leaving you to understand your life in very limited ways stating that some things are right, and other things are wrong and that if you fail to accept and live by these rules you are unworthy of love.
Choose in this moment to once and for all let go of and move beyond the old programming and decide for yourselves which world you will live in. Truth either is or it isn't and the choice always remains yours.
We are the Arcturian Group 1/27/19

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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JANUARY 13, 2019
We are the Arcturian Group, a collective of ascended Arcturian beings from the eighth dimension here to assist Gaia and her people during these times of ascending consciousness.
Know that these messages as well as others that may resonate with you are in reality your own state of consciousness manifesting as the particular message. If this were not true, you would not be drawn to or be able to understand them.
You, who are spiritually prepared to expand beyond the illusion and integrate truth are the forefront of the ascension process. You chose to be on earth during these times of intense energetic chaos and change in order to complete your own third dimensional spiritual journey and become the first wave of ascension and example for those following.
You are preparing the way for those of the second wave--individuals spiritually ready to awaken but who until now have resisted doing so. Know that the Light of so many now awakening out of three dimensional sleep state, is shifting and dissolving the old paradigm, even when things appear to getting worse. Try not to give up hope but rather stand back as an observer for you are soon going to see much that will restore the hope you may have lost.
You serve as living breathing examples of unconditional love for those around you when you realize and begin to live out from a consciousness that knows unconditional love is the only reality and that anything else simply represents conditioned beliefs about love such as; its absence, concepts about, or its reality.
Unconditional love can only ever be all there is because there is only ONE--one substance, one life, one reality, one law. Love is the energetic glue connecting everything within this Infinite ONE and those who ignorantly continue to believe in and live out from a consciousness of separation and duality create for themselves the illusory forms of these beliefs.
You can ignore, but never change the reality of Oneness by judging from outer appearances as proof of its nonexistence. Continuing to hold to the third dimensional belief system after outgrowing it only delays a person's spiritual evolution because Oneness is the foundation of all reality and must be acknowledged at some point. For some it may be in a future life, for you it is now.
There are some who present a very religious face to the public, preaching ideas of love, but who do not practice them when confronted with experiences or opportunities that may result in personal inconvenience or lifestyle discomfort. Unconditional love cannot continue being flowery words spoken or written, but must become an attained state of consciousness.
Because Love/oneness is the only reality, all false concepts about love must be allowed to fade away and be replaced by a deeper realization of what love really is. The third dimensional belief system has created and promoted hundreds of concepts of love, the grandest of them being romantic love.
Romantic love is based in the belief that everyone is half of a couple. This concept would be true if humans were simply physical, but they are not and never have been. Although appearing to be just physical, the reality is that everyone is a whole and complete expression of Divine consciousness having the experience of being in physical form.
Many, even the very evolved are reluctant to move past their favorite three dimensional concepts of love but as long as an individual continues to seek wholeness, happiness, and fulfillment from another, they remain just that-- half of a couple.
This does not mean that spiritually awakened individuals will or can never have happy and fulfilling relationships, it simply means that their relationships will unfold in new and higher ways, without the seeking, yearning, and intense game playing that constitutes most three dimensional relationships.
When a person attains a consciousness of being whole and complete, the mind interprets this outwardly in forms that represent wholeness and completeness for the individual--a surgeon may get new ideas for surgery, the mechanic may get new ideas for fixing something, and the right life partner may show up--or the opportunity to live alone--whatever represents fulfillment for the individual.
Those of you hoping for right partnership must accept, live, be, and integrate the truth that completeness and fulfillment already fully exists within. Consciously bring to mind; "I am one with and can never be separate from my perfect partner-Divine Consciousness". Once again we remind you that you are creators.
Attachment to another even when there is no energetic alignment has to do with many things. Two people may of had happy relationships in other lifetimes as partners, siblings, or friends and are drawn to do it again. This is why some are drawn to same gender relationships.
Frequently, and especially in these times of closure for many, two people will come together in order to compete some unfinished lesson or experience from an earlier lifetime. For some it is their opportunity to once and for all resolve some long standing karmic situation in a loving way.
Occasionally two people come together in spite of intense dislike because sub-consciously they know that the higher frequencies of Light pouring to earth at this time will enable them to clear and move beyond the negative past life issue between them.
Anyone who understands higher truth is spiritually ready to let go of and move beyond concepts of love promoting that family, friends, country, church, etc. must always be fully supported and accepted whether right or wrong because this is love.
Love is the unconditional realization of another's Christhood.
Since in reality there is no time, you can always acknowledge another's Christhood after the fact, when you remember that you forgot to do it when with the person. This is how you practice living, breathing, and being Reality.
Let go of concepts proclaiming that things need, should, or must be a certain way in order to be correct. Most of the worlds' "should's and shouldn't's" have been carried in collective consciousness from earlier times when they may of actually made sense for personal safety. Others are nothing more than rules and regulations given by third dimensional thinkers, governments, and religious leaders often to promote their own agendas.
You are ready to come out from under the bondage of three dimensional thinking because you have evolved beyond the need for someone to tell you what is right and what is wrong--you already know what is right and wrong.
Allow yourselves to be who and what you are. If family or friends think you have become a "weirdo", simply laugh, bless them, and move on. Does God need outer validation? Where could it come from since IT is all there is?
You validate yourselves and it is called evolution. When you can finally move past commonly accepted beliefs and replace them with truth, you stop energetically feeding the manifestations of duality and separation.
You must accept that you have attained a consciousness that no longer needs to seek, search, and struggle to find God. You are no longer beginners or you would not understand the deeper truths. It is time to live your attained state of consciousness without further doubt and procrastination.
Many come to intellectually accept truth but continue to live exactly as they always have, considering truth to be a nice idea, but not practical. Many go to church regularly in the belief that this makes them spiritual. There is nothing more practical for a whole, complete, and joyous life than a consciousness fully aware that these qualities are ever present and available within.
In order to get to where you are today, you have had thousands of experiences and studied truth in its various forms and modalities throughout many lifetimes. In this lifetime, some of you are now living or have lived and carry with you in cellular memory strict religious beliefs with all their rules and regulations but finding that you no longer resonate with the teachings.
For some it takes a great deal of courage to live truth when it begins to unfold from within. A person may be afraid to speak of these things to those of his old mindset be they family, friends, or church elders. Living truth is not for the faint hearted especially in the beginning, but continuing to align with some organization or individual out of fear of criticism serves only to keep the person in energy he has outgrown and where he will continue to create experiences reflective of that energy.
The choice is yours, dear ones. Do you choose to be what you already are or do you wish to continue with the illusion of being a poor human constantly suffering third dimensional problems and continually seeking a savior, human or Divine, to save you?.
Stop waiting for someone or something to change the world for you. Only the awakened consciousness of the collective can and is shifting the three dimensional world out of illusion.
Allow the real YOU to create your experiences. You are your own Light should you choose to accept this fact.
You are Divine Consciousness in expression. Claim it.
We are the Arcturian Group 1/13/19

GOF Monthly Lecture Jan 2019

January 5, 2019 
Meditation to Connect with the Star Arcturus and the Arcturians     
Copyright © 2019 David K. Miller
All Rights Reserved 
No part of this may be reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of David K. Miller, 

Founder & Director, Group of Forty |
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
Greetings, my fellow Starseeds! This is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! 

We would like to start off 2019 with a special meditation which will help you to connect with the star Arcturus and with the Arcturians. Remember that the first book that we were able to bring through this channel was entitled "Connecting with the Arcturians". I know that the connection with us is an important part of your spiritual development and will help you in your spiritual work, both as personal and planetary healers. We would like to offer a special perspective on how you can connect with us through meditations.

I need to offer some brief explanations to you on cosmic energy and how cosmic energy is connecting to the Earth. It is no secret that the Earth is not isolated in the galaxy or in the universe, and it certainly is no secret that the Earth is being bathed continually in radiation and cosmic energy and light from different sources, including sources in this galaxy and extragalactic sources throughout the universe. Just witness, for example, that modern astronomers are able to receive energy from everywhere in the universe, going back as far in time as the Big Bang, which is estimated to have occurred approximately 13.7 billion years ago.

But today, we are interested in your personal stars, your personal energy and why and how you can connect to the Arcturian energy. It is known, especially among the Taoists, that everyone has a personal star in our galaxy. Each of you often question: "Where is my home planet?" or "Where is my home star?" There is a deep soul longing within you for returning to your home planet and to your home star. Why is this? In many cases, your soul entered this universe and this galaxy through your home planet, and therefore, your home star is like a birthing place for you. It is a place where you first began to experience consciousness and awareness of who you are and what you are about.

You, as Starseeds, are soul travelers. Starseeds have been incarnating on many different planetary systems around the galaxy, including Arcturus. I know that some of you come from other star systems besides Arcturus, and these other star systems include the Antares, the Pleiades, Alano, Sirius. I could name other stars whose names you never heard on the Earth. Remember, the names of the stars that are given by your astronomers are Earth-based names. Some of these "personal stars" have galactic names while others just have names unique just to Earth.

You have a longing then, to connect with your home planet and home star in order to feel its strong boost of energy and light. The home star and the home planet can provide you with spiritual sustenance in order to feel nourished, replenished and invigorated. During this time of dramatic planetary political change, it is especially even more important to feel this Starseed connection.

Let us look more closely at Arcturus as your personal star. Arcturus may be your home planet and personal star. However, some of you may be from other planetary systems that you might also call your home star, but you also feel deeply connected to Arcturus. What is the common thread, what is the common link that attracts you to the Arcturian star energy?

To answer this question, I want to remind you of how we, the Arcturians, see our role in the galaxy and our role in the Earth's spiritual development and advancement. I must talk about the Stargate. We look at ourselves as advanced spiritual higher dimensional beings in this galaxy, and we feel that we have a special mission to reach out and connect with Starseeds throughout this section of the galaxy. This outreach has many purposes, including most importantly providing a service to Earth Starseeds. We know how important it is for Starseeds to be awakened. Think for a moment, about your journey on this planet, and think about how long it took you to become awakened. After you woke up to your Starseed heritage, perhaps you did not feel supported. Perhaps you did not know what to do with this awakening. Perhaps you felt isolated; perhaps you felt different. Maybe you even felt misunderstood, but you did not give up and you sought out others who have the desire to connect with the Arcturians. Being the guardians of the Stargate means that we have this special role, and that we have a special ability through our work, to help you connect with your other home star planets and your other home star systems. We have special access and special abilities through our work that will help you connect with your home star, wherever it might be.

I have described the Stargate in several different metaphors, but my favorite one is comparing the Stargate to a train station. Visualize, for example, a train station in which there are signs saying this train goes to New York, or this train goes to Frankfurt, or this train goes to Istanbul, and this train goes to Beijing. There you are in this station and you can transfer to many other cities throughout the Earth. This is a unique station. This is the way the Stargate is. The Stargate offers access to your home planet, your home star, even if that home star is in another galaxy, or even if your home is in another dimension. This is a powerful tool, the Stargate, and it means that we as star workers can assist you in connecting to whatever star system you belong to.

We also have other tools to help you access and connect to your personal star system. Meditation exercises can offer you an accessible way of connecting to your home star. Think about the cosmic energy that comes to you from stars, and let us think about the wonderful ability that each of you is having through our work together. You are having the ability to focus your energy and focus your thoughts on Arcturus.

So, let us begin the meditation for connecting to the star Arcturus. (Chants "OOOOOO, OOOOOO.") Let these sounds be a clearing of all lower dimensional energies that are around your aura. (Chants "OOOOOO, OOOOOO.") Visualize yourself sitting in a huge circle around the Earth. Project yourself in the sitting position, etherically, to the Ring of Ascension around the Earth.

You are sitting energetically in the Ring of Ascension around the Earth, and in the middle of this huge circle, on top of the Earth, is David, the channel, sitting in a chair high above the North Pole, perhaps 100 miles or more above the North Pole. His energy, through our work with him, is connecting to the star Arcturus, and the energy from Arcturus is downloaded directly into David's Crown Chakra, and then it is connecting to you through a line going from David's Crown Chakra to your Crown Chakra. You are sitting in a circle, and the energy of Arcturus is continuing to be downloaded to the channel David's Crown Chakra, and then it is being delivered directly into your Crown Chakra. This is a general energy, so let us go into meditation and hold and feel this connection. We will go into silence now. (Silence)

I want you to see the star Arcturus directly above David. (Silence) Feel the connection to Arcturus. Feel the connection to we, the Arcturians, energetically filling up your aura and your Crown Chakra. Now, we send through our star system, the blue Arcturian light as a vibrational healing, activating energy to each of you through this method. This healing energy is going through David, then to each of you as you are sitting around the Ring of Ascension. Receive the Arcturian blue light.

I, Juliano, now place my starship, Athena, above David, above the North Pole, in an interdimensional space perhaps 500 miles above the Earth. I am in the starship, providing a conduit between Arcturian energy and you through David. The reason is that we are able to refine and accommodate the Arcturian energy to the highest frequency that you can access and you can integrate. We bring the energy from the star Arcturus through our starship and then directly down to David and then to you. It is even a more refined and integrative energy. (Chants "OOOOOO.") Let this golden-blue energy come down to each of you as a personal healing light. You can distribute this energy to any part of your physical body that you wish. This golden energy light is now being downloaded and distributed. Let us go into silence again. (Silence)

Now, we are going to send an activation energy of spiritual technology. You are teachers; you are healers, and we are activating and sending new information on spiritual technology to you. This energy has to do with personal healing techniques, such as the Cosmic Egg, organ replenishment, immune system cleansing, rebalancing, re-stabilization of your emotional body, re-stabilization of your mental body, detoxification of all systems and removing any toxicity. This is a special green healing light that is now entering your body using this method. Receive now this green energy from the star Arcturus through my starship Athena through David. This energy goes through each of you, now. (Silence)

Just allow this beautiful, green Arcturian light to flow through all of your body, including all of the cells, all of the organs and all of the four bodies. This green light is flowing through your body. It is cleansing your body. It is healing by helping to remove all of your toxicity, which now travels out of your body into the Earth. This toxic energy is being discharged from your body with a continual flow of powerful, Arcturian green light. (Chants "OOOOOO, OOOOOO.")

I am increasing this intensity of green healing light from the star Arcturus. It is reaching you, providing a beautiful upliftment and cleansing of every cell in your body. Let us go back into meditation. (Silence) A huge, powerful wave of green light, like an ocean of light, like a wave from an ocean, is being sent down now. Receive it. To the best of your ability, see this green light Arcturian energy going through every cell of your body, purifying it, removing any toxicity, any blocks, any darkness. This is a very powerful green light. (Silence) (Chants a prayer in a galactic language.) (Chants "OOOOOO.")

See the green light removing all the toxicities and being discharged and downloaded into the Earth. All unwanted energy leaves your body, now! This includes any attachments or any negative spirits that may be attached. They are removed. They cannot tolerate this healing green light. Beautiful! The Earth receives the discharge, and now this energy becomes a lighter green color. It represents more of a harmony and balance that goes from Arcturus through the starship through David to each of you, bringing your cells into a new harmony. For you are now connecting fully with the Arcturian star; you are truly experiencing a cosmic, Arcturian healing.

Now, let us move to spiritual alchemy, that is, the spiritual technology for affecting planetary change and planetary healing. Spiritual alchemy requires a higher frequency, a higher vibration; it requires a higher mental energy. It requires an ability to join with other Starseeds, other Arcturian Starseeds, other like-minded Starseeds. Joining with other Starseeds increases one's ability to use Arcan power and magnetic energy force. You have to be in a special vibration in which you can first accept and work with other Arcturian Starseeds in a group. It requires a personal and energetic commitment to merge your energies with others, to overcome any fears you have about being part of a group and to be able to give up your ego and merge with the group energy. You have to have full trust and confidence that you will be able to work together in harmony and balance for the greater good. Group energy and group unity is a special vibration.

I now send down the violet Arcturian light, and distribute it to each of you. This light will enable you to accelerate your group consciousness, your group energy, your group cohesiveness and your group coherency. This light will help you to utilize in a higher light all of your Arcturian spiritual planetary tools. Through your powerful group connections you will be able to work most effectively for the highest good of this planet. I send down the Arcturian violet flame. (Chants a sound.) Receive now the violet flame which you can use for planetary service and group cohesiveness. Use the Arcturian star light now as the violet light is now coming down into your energy field. We will go into silence. (Silence)

You are receiving this energy well. Your ability to work together for planetary healing is now accelerated. Now, I want to send down a special light for accelerating your mental energy. This energy will help your world of ideas and thoughts. Our belief is that thoughts create reality. We must meditate together in order to create the proper thought field. Now on the Earth there are many random non-spiritual thoughts filling the whole Noosphere. The ability to positively accelerate spiritual thoughts in the Noosphere is called "Noorelativity". You can use this ability of Noorelativity to shift thought patterns.

Noorelativity is an extremely high level of planetary work, and it requires the purest mind, the purest intention. The highest frequency and vibration in the universe is pure thought. It is very hard and takes lots of training to be able to achieve a pure thought, and to then download that pure thought into a planet's Noosphere. One such pure thought, for example, is Christ Consciousness. Just saying the words "Christ Consciousness" can fill the Noosphere with positive healing light for everyone. Another positive pure thought is contained in the words "Messianic Consciousness". The consciousness of pure thought includes the ability to meditate and engage in higher consciousness. Engaging in pure thought means the effectiveness of one's meditations will greatly accelerate. In reality, the purest thought is beyond words. Pure thought has the highest frequency. This means that a pure thought can remain in the Noosphere, even after one stops the meditation of that thought.

In a normal thought you have the thought energy of love or higher balance, but it may only stay there for a very brief time. But in pure thought with higher consciousness, the thought energy vibration stays in the Noosphere even after you leave and withdraw your energy. Pure thought has a life of its own. In order to reach that level of mental energy, you need the purification of the white light which I am now going to send to you. Receive now this dynamic, pure white light into your mind, into your mental body, and let this white light be like a halo around your shoulders and your head. Let the white light be downloaded now into your aura. Pure, white light is going through your mental body for purification. (Chants sounds.)

Your mental body is now purified, and you are able to have pure thoughts of the highest frequency. This thought frequency will be so powerful that you can send this thought into the Noosphere, and after you leave, after you withdraw your energy, that thought will remain as strong as when you were attached to it. This is the level of work with the Noosphere that we are striving for in our teaching with you.

In summary, we have sent you different frequencies of light, different activations, including blue light, green light, gold light, violet light and white light. We have helped you to powerfully connect with the star Arcturus. I want you to know that the star Arcturus is for you a personal star, and that you can call on the star Arcturus anytime, day or night. We are always here for you.

You are also able from the star Arcturus to reach out into other sections of the galaxy. Project yourself now upwards, through my starship, to the star Arcturus, and feel the great upliftment, the great cosmic connection which Arcturus offers you. Now, bring yourself back to the Earth. The channel leaves his position at the center of the circle and comes down into his body. You leave your position in the Ring of Ascension, and the circle of light, and come down into your body, fully aware, integrated and downloading all of this healing light and energy into your system. The violet light, the blue light, the white light, the golden light, all the different frequencies of the Arcturian lights which we have worked with, are now in your system, in your vibratory field, and all your cells are in harmony. Your mental, emotional and physical body is in alignment. You are feeling energetic, but also with the new activation for your ascension.

The last part of this work today is talking about the Ascension. I am talking about the Ascension when you are fully in your Earth body, because you want to be fully in your Earth body when you ascend. Please say this affirmation: "I, (your name), am now prepared for my ascension. Repeat the affirmation. I, (your name), am now prepared for my ascension." (Chants "OOOOOO, OOOOOO.") And so it shall be. 

I am Juliano. Good day.

David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


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DECEMBER 30,2018

Greetings dear ones. We observe that many of you are now able to rest in energies of peace and calm in spite of outer appearances. This is because your integration of higher frequencies more in alignment with your true nature are starting to manifest outwardly in every day living.

All is proceeding according to plan. You are and will continue to witness universal discord for a while longer because those wishing the world to remain asleep in order that their financial and power coffers remain filled, are resisting through fear tactics that have worked in the past.

Stay true to your highest awareness at all times dear ones, for by doing this you stop contributing more energy to the illusory "powers" of the third dimensional belief system. Higher dimensional Light is increasing every day even though it may not seem that way. Many are now awakening or at least beginning to question the status quo. All is proceeding according to plan.

Be not afraid dear ones--Be not afraid.

Because today is a time of change and shifting awareness for everyone, fear and trepidation is manifesting in the hearts of those who are unaware of the evolutionary process taking place at this time. Be aware that some will be drawn to your energy simply seeking your opinion while others may have become temporarily unbalanced by world events.

When a person's belief system begins to fail, their sense of security collapses as well causing some to believe that they are losing their mind, creating more fear and confusion. When this happens, some individuals act out negatively in a futile attempt to restore the familiar, while others simply begin their awakening process.

Understand that you who are spiritually awake today were the un-awakened ones in previous lives. Along the way you too lived from the same mindset as the spiritually young souls causing many of today's problems. Evolution by earth school is a process of experiences through many lifetimes where after having had most every experience possible the individual is finally ready to graduate beyond that form of learning.

Everyone is seeking peace and love regardless of whether or not they are aware it. This is why you will find people drawn to the energy of your awakened consciousness even though they do not really understand why they feel comfortable seeking you out. However, do not be surprised if you occasionally experience baseless hostility from some few who react to your energy field with fear. Silently bless them and move on.

For those who are receptive, you can explain what is happening both within and without, but for those not yet ready or able to grasp the bigger picture, simply give them comfort and love on levels they align with. Always trust your intuition and use spiritual discernment--give spiritual pablum to the babes, and spiritual meat only to the grown ups.

Always work with those drawn to you for guidance from levels of compassion rather than sympathy because in sympathy you align with the person's lower resonating energy.

The higher frequencies are disrupting what is old, but it does not mean the end of the world as many still believe and fear. Rather, it is the end of the world as it has been known. Higher forms of Divine ideas will begin to appear as their old three dimensional forms fall away, bringing to world consciousness ideas never before known or even imagined with human thinking.

Higher dimensional expressions of healing, finance, education, science, government, and business, will become the norm as fifth dimensional energy replaces old three dimensional concepts based competition, lack, and limitation designed to get the most money possible out of every idea or institution.

Hospitals, schools, businesses, and government will continue but will function from a higher level that serves from oneness rather than from separation consciousness. Hospitals and schools of learning exist in the higher dimensions and many of you visit them when you are asleep, bringing new ideas back with you. This is how inventors often get new ideas and because there is only One, the same invention is often thought of at the same time. Everything on earth is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Be prepared for some businesses to close regardless of tactics used to remain successful. Those based in energies of self- service over service to others will be unable to align with the higher frequencies of fifth dimensional energy. Businesses based in the spiritual principles of love and gratitude that are the foundation of all business-- (I give to you this product or service that is right for you, and you give me money as gratitude)--will expand and remain successful.

It is important to resist expectations of what changes will be or must look like because expectations based in three dimensional thinking are very limited and consist of what is already known. Simply remain open to whatever ways change may present itself and know that there will be times when you may not like what you are seeing.

In third dimensional energy where time still exists, there must always be a process, an unfolding versus the immediate. Much that is coming is not yet a part of the collective consciousness.

You are now aware that in order for interactions of any kind to work harmoniously, there must be an energetic alignment. As personal and global energies expand, many are finding themselves no longer in alignment with what has always been familiar and comfortable, be it relationships or ideas.

Trust your intuition in all things. If something no longer feels right to you, trust this. Intuition works softly and silently and will not be heard by anyone choosing to stay plugged in 24/7. Allow yourself to let go of the things in your life that no longer work for you as they once did. This need not be a huge effort or struggle and can be as simple as eliminating certain foods. Anyone choosing to evolve must be open change.

Those refusing change, standing firm in obsolete three dimensional ideas-- ( "This is the way we have always done it! This is the only right way! This is the real truth. Government knows best. That is woman's work. That is a sin!" ) --are in for many surprises and will soon find themselves to be in the minority, much like someone on a deserted island shouting into the air.

The sense of isolation that may result from refusing change or compromise can be an important spiritual tool for those continuing to hold rigid three dimensional beliefs. The experience may cause them to question whether their belief system really is correct, is simply what they have been told, or is just ego desiring to be right.

Everyone's "stuff" is rising to the surface in order to be looked at and this can be very stressful. Never lose sight of the fact that you wanted and chose to be on earth at this intense and powerful time or you would not be here. Problems arise because the majority as of yet does not consciously know this.

There remain many who still believe that everyone lives only one life after which they go to either heaven or hell depending on how well they followed the "rules" during that one life. This false belief is what causes some to do whatever it takes get everything they desire in this one life regardless of the consequences to others.

Once you realize and integrate the realization that God is all there is, you understand as well that there is a Divine plan of unification (Oneness) forever held in place by Divine Law. Some third dimensional issues that previously caused problems now begin to lose their seeming power because you are no longer in alignment with that particular energy.

Living the spiritual life never necessitates leaving the world as many still believe, it simply means learning to be in the world but not of it because no matter where you may go to get away from something, you always bring your state of consciousness with you which will in turn express itself as the same issues you hoped to leave behind.

It is important that you realize we are not saying that leaving a violent or dangerous situation is not wisdom, we are saying that your state of consciousness is what forms your outer experiences and must be carefully examined if you wish things to change.

Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be even if you are tempted to believe that you are not. Never compare yourselves to others who may seem to be evolving more quickly. Each of you is working through and moving beyond hundreds of different experiences.

Once and for all let go of continuing to seek and search for God. You have found him and He is YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group