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August 3, 2019     
The Multidimensional Self     
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Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! 

In this lecture, I want to look more closely at the concept known as the "multidimensional Self". It is difficult in the linear mind, and the mind of cause and effect, to understand the multidimensional Self. Basically, in your mindset on the Third Dimension, you see things in a linear fashion. This means there is a past; there is a present, and there is a future, and this timeline is on a straight line. I know that you can conceive or think of your future Self, for example. But even when you think of your future Self, you see it on this linear line that is in front of the present Self.

The multidimensional Self can be defined as a Self, existing on several different dimensions at the same time, or simultaneously. This means that, when you experience the multidimensional Self, or the consciousness of the multidimensional Self, you can be here and conscious of your Self on the Third Dimension and, at the same time, you can be conscious of your Self on the Fifth Dimension. In some cases, it is also possible to be on the fourth dimension at the same time as being on the Third Dimension. 

I want to emphasize that experiencing the multidimensional Self can be done from a higher, expanded state of consciousness. I also want to emphasize that experiencing the multidimensional Self is a sign of higher evolution, and in the future of humanity, especially when we are talking about the Omega Man/Woman, we can say that these more evolved beings such as the Omega Man/Woman have multidimensional consciousness. This means that not everyone is advanced enough to experience or to participate in multidimensional consciousness. It does require what is known in Kaballah as the "big mind" or the "expanded mind". You would not be able to experience multidimensional consciousness with the small mind, or the contracted mind. 

How is this possible that one can exist or have life on two different dimensions at the same time? To begin to understand this, we must transcend linear time. I know that many of you have heard my earlier lectures on time being circular instead of linear. So, we also have co-linear time and circular time. "Co-linear" means that there are two timelines that are parallel to each other. You can imagine this looking like a railroad track progressing on a long road. Co-linear is a possible useful concept in trying to understand the multidimensional Self. 

I also want to use the example of dreaming as a way of understanding how it is possible to have a Self in two different dimensions while you are here in the Third Dimension. In your dreaming, you are confined to a certain time period called the sleep state. You may be asleep for seven to eight hours, but in reality, you are only dreaming when you are in a deep state of sleep. Sometimes this is referred to as the "Rapid Eye Movement consciousness". It has been observed that when you are in this deeper sleep state known as Rapid Eye Movement, you are inhabiting your dream body. This dream state is a good example of multidimensional experience or presence.

While dreaming, you are in your physical body; you are on the Third Dimension, but at the same time, you are inhabiting your dream body. It so happens that the dream body changes. You have the wonderful ability of shaping your dream body into any form that you wish. You can conceptualize or make yourself young when you were nineteen or twenty years old. You can even choose different bodies, different forms of people that you know and who could represent you in the dream.

The fact is that when you are dreaming; you are in multidimensional consciousness; you are in a state of being in two dimensions at the same time. The difference is that we divide these states from sleep state to waking consciousness. Many people are able to enter the sleep state or the dream state from waking consciousness in fantasy, or daydreaming. Some people call this state "waking-dreaming". In this state you nod, or briefly nap for maybe a minute or two, or even five minutes. You immediately go into the altered state of consciousness, and then you begin to experience multidimensional dream consciousness. The dream state then, and the dreaming experience, provide us with a good foundation for understanding the multidimensional experience. 

Our work, that is, the work of the Arcturians, is focused on expanding your consciousness and preparing you for the Ascension. We are encouraging all Starseeds to practice multidimensional consciousness through exercises. You can practice multidimensional consciousness by consciously projecting your astral body into the Fifth Dimension. In this this practice, we have offered you certain sacred places on the Fifth Dimension to project yourself to your fifth-dimensional body. It is important for you to have the most powerful experience and protection when you travel into your multidimensional Self or when you are experiencing multidimensional experiences. Thus, we have set up the Arcturian Crystal Lake, and we have set up Tomar's temple. We have also set up special healing chambers on our starship Athena for you.

Many Starseeds are already deeply experienced in multidimensional work. Some of you report that, when you are able to have glimpses of your other multidimensional states, then you see yourself as a commander on a starship, or a doctor or a healer or some high, planetary healer on another planet, or even in another galaxy. Sometimes I refer to the awareness of the experiences on other realms as the "bleeding between dimensions". There is a safeguard which puts up a curtain between the basic reality that you are in, which is the Third Dimension, and any multidimensional reality that you may be experiencing, such as the fourth or Fifth Dimension. At times that curtain allows a bleed-over which means that you can have awareness of what you are doing in the other, multidimensional life. This is for the most part a positive experience and a desired experience for Starseeds. If you are not mentally stable, or you do not have the proper belief systems or understandings of the nature of multidimensional lives, then you might find the "bleeding between dimensions" experience quite upsetting. You might think that you are going crazy, if you have detailed experiences with multidimensional events. 

I want to put in an addition here about this "bleeding between dimensions" experience. There is a phenomenon known as abductions and abductees, and this includes people being abducted or taken onto starships, and they report the experience with great accuracy. The question always arises of whether or not these people are fantasizing or if there is a group delusion. In other cases, they may report specific examples of interactions with other beings. Every abductee case has an aspect of multidimensional consciousness and multidimensional experience. If you were in a room and somebody was abducted, you might still see a corridor or a portal opened by fourth-dimensional beings, which allows the multidimensional Self to be captured or abducted and brought into another realm on their starships. Abductees may report that they are physically taken, and in truth, from their experience, they are physically taken because the doorway has been opened up for the multidimensional Self. 

I would like to emphasize the importance of protecting the multidimensional Self. I want to emphasize that there are certain safeguards that everyone can practice in order to ensure that your space, which includes the portals that are potentially around you, are protected. The simplest way is to visualize a golden corridor of light around you when you are sleeping, and visualize that this corridor cannot be penetrated by other, lower beings. I feel that it is important for everyone who is a Starseed and is working towards their ascension that they practice protecting their multidimensional Self, and they practice sending their consciousness protective energy for their fifth-dimensional body. I am not encouraging people to practice the multidimensional experience in the fourth dimension. There are certain examples and circumstances when it is useful to practice being multidimensional in your fourth-dimensional body, but for the most part, I believe that you and I are working together for your ascension, therefore you do not need to practice going into the fourth dimension. 

You often go into the fourth dimension in your dream state. Many of the events that you see and experience in your dreaming are part of the Collective Unconscious which is in the fourth dimension. At the same time, on rare occasions, you may have higher experiences in your dream state which can be compared to going into the fifth-dimensional consciousness. You can create and shape your fifth-dimensional body the same way that you can create your dream body. Most of you will choose a younger form of yourself for your fifth-dimensional body. You will choose a time in your history on Earth when you think you were more beautiful or more handsome, and that is fine. You will want to choose a body form of yourself when you were at your best. But you can still choose an older form when you are perhaps wiser and more advanced. It does not necessarily have to be a younger body. 

I want to compare the concept of lucid dreaming to working with and practicing the multidimensional experience. I will first define lucid dreaming: Lucid dreaming is a concept in which you are aware while you are dreaming that you are dreaming. That awareness in the dream state is called lucid dreaming. This is something that was recently discovered and described within the last fifty years in modern psychology. Also this state of lucid dreaming is described quite vividly in the Carlos Castenada books, including "The Teachings of Don Juan" series. The lucid dreaming, then, is a desirable state of consciousness. Why? Because if you are aware in your dream state that you are dreaming, then you can control and direct your experiences. In the Carlos Castenada series, it was desirable for the shamanistic trainee to have lucid dreaming and while he was in the dream, he could do different things like fly, jump off cliffs and do other major shamanistic exercises that he would not be able to do in normal consciousness. 

How does one practice and attain the state of lucid consciousness and lucid dreaming and how is this exercise of lucid dreaming related to the multidimensional consciousness and exercise that we are now talking about? The simplest way of practicing lucid dreaming is to meditate right before you go to sleep and give yourself instructions. In the Carlos Castenada's series, the shaman gives him an anchoring technique. He gave himself a hand signal before he went to sleep, and he told himself that when he would see his hand moving a certain way in the dream, then he would get into the consciousness called lucid dreaming. A simple description would be holding all five fingers with your palms facing you in front of your Third Eye. Practice seeing your hand in that position during waking consciousness. Next, tell your Subconscious this: "When I am in the dream state, and I see my hand in front of my Third Eye, I will enter the state of consciousness called lucid dreaming." You could practice or meditate holding your hand in front of your Third Eye and stating that affirmation. Then when you are in the dream state and you see your hand in that positon, you would go into lucid dreaming. 

When you are doing lucid dreaming, try and do different things, such as flying, becoming psychic, or healing parts of yourself. There are things that you can do in the multidimensional dream state that you could not do in normal consciousness. In the dream state you have psychic powers that are unavailable to you in the normal consciousness. 

Each one of you has a fifth-dimensional body on the Fifth Dimension, just like you have the dream body when you go into the dream state. You may not be practicing entering your higher-dimensional body in the fifth-dimensional/multidimensional state. You can practice it. Just like you have that exercise I told you, which is the exercise of looking at your hands, so you can set up anchoring to get into the state of fifth-dimensional/multidimensional consciousness. I, Juliano, have worked with you to anchor in that state of fifth-dimensional consciousness using tones and sounds. When you hear a certain tone or sound, then it can trigger you to go into a higher state of consciousness which will give you the opportunity to go into fifth-dimensional experience and enter your fifth-dimensional body. This would be similar to holding your hand out in waking consciousness to help you practice going into lucid dreaming while in the dream state.

Now we can practice going into the fifth-dimensional state when you are hearing these tones and sounds. Some of the tones and sounds sound like this: (Tones "Ohhhhh."). This tone gives you the instructions and anchoring to travel interdimensionally through corridors of light to a fifth-dimensional state, and then there you can enter your fifth-dimensional body. 

Let us have you create, have you shape, your fifth-dimensional body. We can do this now before you go there, and I want you to think and visualize a state, a form of your fifth-dimensional body. If you want, you can choose yourself when you were 25 or 30 years old. Maybe that's the time when you possibly were the most handsome or the most beautiful. You can choose yourself at any time.

Visualize this body in front of you, and we will call this your etheric double. Now project that body to the Arcturian Crystal Temple Lake by traveling through the Arcturian blue corridor of light around you. You are traveling at the speed of thought through this Arcturian blue corridor. (Tones) As you travel through the corridor, you come to the Arcturian Crystal Lake on the Fifth Dimension and amazingly, the fifth-dimensional form that you created on the Third Dimension is already there on the Fifth Dimension. And you, in your fifth-dimensional body, are sitting in a cross-legged, perhaps yoga/meditation-like position around my Crystal Lake. Find your multidimensional body and travel over it, and then download or enter that existing fifth-dimensional body with your astral double body now. (Tones) You are now in your fifth-dimensional body in the fifth-dimensional Crystal Lake, and at the same time, you are in your third-dimensional body back on the Earth. This is multidimensional experience. 

You can have other multidimensional experiences besides here, on the Arcturian Crystal Lake. Remember, I am giving you these instructions so you can practice being in the multidimensional Self. At the time of ascension, I think it would be helpful to you to astrally travel and enter your fifth-dimensional Self here on the Crystal Lake, because from here you will be able to go to many different places on the Fifth Dimension. You will be able to travel to Arcturus, or you can go to the Pleiades. You can travel to different galaxies. When you are comfortable visiting your fifth-dimensional body, then you are already ahead of the game. 

But I want to point out this ascension technique called "bilocation". This refers to being able to inhabit and exist in two different bodies at the same time. It is even possible for a being that is highly evolved to be in two bodies on the Third Dimension at the same time. There are similarities between bilocation and the multidimensional Self, and the similarity is this: You have control over how much awareness you have in each bilocated state. So, for example, right now you are in your multidimensional state on Arcturus, and you may be 100 percent consciousness here in the Crystal Lake, or 99 percent here and 1 percent back on the Earth. Another possibility is that you can be 80 percent in Arcturus in the Crystal Lake, and 20 percent in the Earth body. You can control or practice the amount of percentages of awareness of consciousness that you are in. 

Let us go back into the dream state again. In lucid dreaming you can raise the percentage of your consciousness in the dream state. That is exactly what I want to do with you in the Fifth Dimension and in your multidimensional Self. I want to help you to raise your consciousness in the fifth-dimensional body, so that ultimately, you would be 75 percent in your fifth-dimensional body and only 25 percent in your physical body. That means that you can do more things in your fifth-dimensional body that you were not able to do before.

What kind of things you could do? You could do healings; you could be psychic; you could travel to other realms. You may want to travel to the seventh dimension, or maybe you want to visit another planet. Once you become comfortable in this state of multidimensional awareness, then, just like in the dream state, your psychic abilities go way up. There are many wonderful places to visit on the Fifth Dimension. In some cases, instead of projecting yourself to the Arcturian Crystal Lake, you might project yourself to Ashtar's starship, or you might project yourself to your home planet. 

I just have one note of caution for you. There are a lot of fourth-dimensional, extraterrestrial beings floating around the Earth. Some of these beings have bad intentions. I do not recommend that you practice multidimensional Self by going to one of these lower being's ships. We already know and see those stories of the abductees and the pain and suffering that they have experienced, and how it mentally unbalances them. When you go to the fifth-dimensional Arcturian Crystal Lake, you will not become unbalanced; rather you will become more present and you will receive more information and more help in your current life. Now that is not the case if you are abducted and brought to a fourth-dimensional spaceship against your will by an extraterrestrial that is not of the higher light. Even if you want to travel to other starships on the Fifth Dimension, I personally recommend that you come to the Arcturian Crystal Lake first, and then from there, you can project yourself to other fifth-dimensional places. 

Let us practice this again. You are in your fifth-dimensional body; you have left the Earth; your Earth body is well protected. There is a corridor of light around you and around your home. You thought projected yourself and astrally traveled with your etheric body to your fifth-dimensional body on the Arcturian Crystal Lake. You are now in your fifth-dimensional body. You are at least 40 percent aware in the Arcturian Crystal Lake fifth-dimensional body, and 60 percent in the Earth body. Try and make it 50 percent / 50 percent for each body to the best of your ability. (Tones) You are 50 percent in your Earth body, and now you are 50 percent in your fifth-dimensional body on the Arcturian Crystal Lake. You are sitting comfortably in your fifth-dimensional body. You can become as tall as you want, as slender as you want, as beautiful as you want to be. You can have the long hair you wish to have; you can sparkle your Third Eye. Most important, you have high psychic powers in your fifth-dimensional body. You can thought project yourself to other places on the Fifth Dimension. 

Let us then ask: Where do you want to go? Do you want to go to Arcturus? Do you want to go to the Pleiades? Do you want to go to my starship Athena? Do you want to go to the Andromedan Galaxy? Do you want to go the Stargate? Now you can thought project yourself to these places from the Arcturian Crystal Lake. You do not need the corridor like you do going from the third to the Fifth Dimension because you are already in the Fifth Dimension on the Arcturian Crystal Lake. You are already are in a sacred space. Maybe you wish to come closer to the Creator. Maybe you wish to visit Sananda.

Let us go into meditation again, and we will do this second multidimensional exercise. You can astrally travel anywhere you wish to go. I am helping and guarding you at all times. We will go into silence. (Silence)

I hope you are enjoying your powers of traveling. Some of you have come to my starship Athena and others have come into the healing chambers of Helio-Ah. I see that some of you have come to my home planet Alano and others have come to Tomar's temple on Arcturus. Please bring yourself back now to the Arcturian Crystal Lake and to your fifth-dimensional body here on the lake where we all began. Just command yourself to return. Now you have expanded consciousness. You have all your chakras open. You are truly in the fifth-dimensional state. 

I want to talk about cohabitation. Positive cohabitation from the Earth perspective is when a higher being, such as Sananda or an Archangel, comes into your aura and resides with you. There are several advantages to this experience. A higher being can raise your thought vibration, which enables one to do things that maybe one could not do in a normal state of consciousness. 

There is a concept in cohabitation where you, as a third-dimensional being, can cohabitate with a higher being from the Fifth Dimension. Remember, in the conventional, positive cohabitational state, we think of the higher beings coming down, living with you in the Third Dimension. In this state of consciousness that I am now describing, you can bilocate and astral travel and cohabitate with the higher beings on their dimension. 

Now there is a great example of this from the teachings of Jesus/Sananda. One of the great teachings that he offers humanity is that you can come and cohabitate with him on the Fifth Dimension. His energy is big enough and his heart is open enough that he can accept all people who want to go and be in the higher dimension with him. He can accommodate your energy so that he will allow you to be in that state with him. Maybe we could call this experience "reverse cohabitation". 

You can cohabitate with me, Juliano. You can also cohabitate with Helio-Ah as well as other higher beings. It is a two-way street, and in some ways it may be easier and more desirable for you to go up into the higher realms. You have both options available. When you thought project or bilocate to the Fifth Dimension as you are now, you can also cohabitate with any fifth-dimensional being that is willing and open to being with you. That could be Sananda, Ptaah, or other fifth-dimensional Ascended Masters. There are great advantages to reverse cohabitation.

In this part of the exercise, you can cohabitate with another master. While already in the fifth-dimensional state on the Crystal Lake, choose an Ascended Master that you want to cohabitate with now and send out the request and see if they are accepting your request. Upon receiving a positive invitation, astral project your fifth-dimensional body to their presence. We will go into silence while you do this. (Silence)

Enjoy the reverse positive cohabitation. When you return to your Earth body, you can ask the Ascended Master also to cohabitate with you when you return to the Third Dimension. I ask you now to return back to your fifth-dimensional body in the Crystal Lake. You are leaving the positive cohabitation experience you have had with your Ascended Master of your choice, and you are back in the Arcturian Crystal Lake. It is time to leave the lake and your fifth-dimensional body, and return to your Earth body. Follow my lead, go through the corridor above me; follow the corridor and travel at the speed of light back to your third-dimensional body. (Tones) Go six feet above your Earth body. Command your astral body to be in perfect alignment with your physical body, and at the count of three, re-enter your physical body in perfect alignment. One, two, three. You are now in your third-dimensional body, but you have brought back with you a much higher light. Let all this light, healing and knowledge and technique and practices of multidimensionality integrate into your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. You can now practice lucid, multidimensional travel. And so it shall be. I am Juliano. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

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The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin - Lord Merlin and the magic within you. Is love your goal or your foundation? Recognise yourself as love in action within every moment - Lord Merlin

The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

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Greetings and Love I, Lord Merlin, extend to all beings of light aware and awake to connect with my energy and listen to my words. It is a gracious time upon the planet Earth now, as well as the Universe of the Creator. A time of deep blossoming and powerful transitions from duality to integration. A time when love becomes the foundation rather than the goal. For me, Lord Merlin, when love becomes the foundation of all that you are, this is when you recognise the magic within you and that of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate, is love your goal or your foundation? If love is your goal, then you are continuing to focus upon the embodiment and expression of love. If love is your foundation then you have progressed beyond the conscious awareness of embodiment and expression of love, instead you recognise yourself as love in action within every moment of your reality. Remember that no one can be love in action all the time, there may be times when you feel the opposite of love, notice this as a healing and release process only and not a reflection on how well you are doing in your spiritual evolution. 

Merlin’s School

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Merlin, hold an ashram which is akin to a school of divine magic. My purpose is to guide and enrol souls who feel drawn to me into the divine magic of the Creator, within and around them. To do so is to open their awareness into the divine flow of the Creator, experiencing and integrating this flow into all they create. To be as one with the divine flow of the Creator is a magical and empowering experience which requires the process of mastery to allow for full involvement. Within my ashram we engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality. Deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator are encouraged as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation is at the core of my teachings, encouraging you to live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, with my support you recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create. 
My school appears to be within a magical woodland upon the inner planes, the elementals are always present. As are beings that you deem purely magical or fictional. To walk through my ashram is to feel as if you have been transported to another world, akin to a portal where every sight is magical and awe-inspiring. This is of course exactly what happens in my ashram. You will feel a surge as you enter into my ashram on the inner planes, this surge is an awakening of your divine innocence which allows memories of the Creator to flood forth into your awareness. 

Lord Merlin’s Six Week Program 

Due to the blossoming transition, of which I have spoken, occurring for souls upon the Earth, I wish to open my ashram and school to all souls upon the Earth for a six week transition and ascension awakening program. To enrol in my program of spiritual advancement I share with you an invocation:

‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. It is my wish from my conscious mind to enrol myself in your six week transition and awakening program. If it is my soul’s sacred wish as well, please may my soul give its consent now. I understand that by enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program that I am giving my consent for Lord Merlin to work with me at an energetic level for six weeks and for me to visit his ashram during my sleep state for tuition, guidance and support. In enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program I wish to engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator. I wish to experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator as well as deep blossoming and the release of any false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation so I may live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, my goal is to recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that I am and create. 

I understand that Lord Merlin will assist me sometimes with my conscious awareness such as during meditation and other times without my awareness, whichever is most appropriate and valuable for me. I realise that my role is to call upon Lord Merlin as much as I feel guided in the coming weeks, to meditate calling forth Lord Merlin and to hold in my focus the key transitions Lord Merlin wishes to assist me with. 

I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the love and support shared with me during this time. Thank you.’

What to Expect

During the six week period from when you first affirm the invocation shared, you may not experience anything different within your reality, being and spiritual evolution, instead transitions will take place within your higher self. Alternatively, you may experience my guidance strongly encouraging you to make changes within your life or being to aid ascension or assist in the transformation of Mother Earth. The more you read the invocation shared and focus on the purpose of the invocation, the easier it will be to recognise transitions within your being. The outcome of my six weeks with you will be precisely what you need to further your spiritual evolution. This may not be the same as what you desire and you may not be able to recognise the transitions taking place, however, everything your soul wishes to manifest, and embodiment will come about. 

The Purpose of the Six Week Program

•    I, Lord Merlin, work personally with you to aid your ascension, this can take place within your reality and within my ashram on the inner planes during your sleep state. 
•    Connect with and experience the divine flow of the Creator.
•    Contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator.
•    Experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator from within your being as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies currently hindering you.
•    A focus on love as a foundation rather than a goal, therefore being able to live and create from this deep-seated space of love.
•    The ultimate goal, I, Lord Merlin, wish to support you in embodying is the recognition of the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create. 

Meditation for Use During the Six Week Program

First focus upon breathing deeply, then allow yourself to repeat the following words: ‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. Please allow me to remain physically present upon the Earth as you transport my awareness to your ashram on the inner planes. Let us enter together into your Chamber of Divine Magic. As we sit together support me in seeing, sensing or acknowledging the divine magic of the Creator within and around me. Please intensify my abilities to recognise the divine magic of the Creator, enhancing my inner trust and inner connection with the truth of the Creator. With each breath I inhale I am connecting on a deeper level with you Lord Merlin, divine magic and the Creator. Thank you.’ 

I am here to support you in the coming weeks if you wish to invite me forth,

Lord Merlin

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A New Spiritual World by the Andromedans What do you sense of the world around you and the world within you?  Where do your beliefs arise from and how do you formulate the life you create on the Earth?

A New Spiritual World by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

What do you sense of the world around you? 

What do you sense of the world within you?

 Where do your beliefs arise from and how do you formulate the life you create on the Earth?

These questions invite you to gaze deeply at everything you perceive yourself to be, as well as evaluating the world in which you are the centre of. The way you perceive your inner and outer world as well as your responsibility within your reality is the key to the way you navigate all that is the Creator. The key to navigating the Creator is to realise that your sense of the world within and around you is constantly shifting and fluctuating as you gradually accept the expansiveness that is your nature. Acceptance is a tool which can be gifted to all areas of your reality both spiritual and physical; it is to sense the expansive nature of the Creator in all that you are and do.
Your expansive nature is the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom which are the Creator. Therefore, nothing is fixed, a certain way or motionless. Everything has a flow, movement and limitless possibilities. Can you recognise the Universe of the Creator in this way? More importantly, can you recognise yourself in this way? Can you recognise the world you exist within, in this way? It is possible that you cannot, or maybe only partially, this is natural because of both the intensity and density of the Earth’s structure and reality. Mother Earth and the reality of the Earth invite you to move beyond all that you currently sense and into a new perception of all that is.

At this time of ascension, it is as if you are entering through a tunnel emerging into a new world. You are not leaving your current life behind or even parting with the Earth, instead it is that you are expanding your ability to sense the world around and within you, thus perceiving a new reality for yourself. This ascension shift is strongly connected to your ability to embody the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator’s energy. To do so is to move beyond the way you currently perceive yourself and reality, even beyond your beliefs of how the world is and should be. We the Andromedans invite you to be conscious and aware of all the belief systems and thoughts you create and affirm about how the world is and should be. This mind frame only holds you in the space of a fixed and motionless reality. The affirmation available to you is,

‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator.’

This statement can be declared when thoughts of how the world for you is and should be. The practice will transform the way you sense the world within and around you thus allowing you to experience the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom of the Creator. Be aware that your mind may need time to decipher the new world and reality emerging before your eyes both on a physical and spiritual level. If you become confused or despondent know that time is needed for your mind to adjust and accept the expansive energy of the Creator you are now requesting to embody, experience and live as on the Earth. Returning your focus to reconnect with the flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator will affirm greater clarity and peace within your being during this transition. Repeating the affirmation, ‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator,’ during meditation and then allowing your self to sense the opening of your being and the flow of the Creator’s energy through you will assist greatly. Invite yourself each time to contemplate what you see, sense or acknowledge as you experience the flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator. Be aware that each time you meditate to connect with the energy your experience may be different. The more you can become accustomed to the energy of flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator the easier it will be for you to embody, recognise and create from within your reality. 

Imagine what you could create from the divine flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator. What reality would you live? What type of person would you be? What would your experience of the Earth be like? It is important to take time to truly contemplate your integration and creation with these qualities of the Creator.  With contemplation you will begin to realise that even when you imagine what you or your life would be like you are creating an energy and experience that is fixed, a certain way or motionless. In order to enter through the tunnel and create a new spiritual world for yourself and others on the Earth and the inner planes, there is a need to focus on the energy of the Creator in the present moment, realising that this energy is constantly shifting and fluctuating. Therefore, accept an idea or insight as your own, as your reality and experience. Then let it flow, be limitless and filled with motion so it may develop into something greater and more expansive than you can currently perceive. Let it be filled with the qualities of the Creator of limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom. Let the creation be guided by the Creator, as beautiful, powerful, blissful and infinite as the Creator wishes! In truth you are surrendering that which you sense from the flow of the Creator allowing it to pour with abundance into your being and reality. 

There is still a need to focus upon that which you wish for and desire in your reality, this is essential. However, notice when you become engrossed on a fixed circumstance, experience or creation. If after a while there is no movement or flow, the there is a need to realise you are limiting or even rejecting the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom. If this is your reality, then these is a need to connect as much as possible with flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator. ‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator.’ It is not only connecting, it is to exist within these sacred qualities of the Creator. 

Once you begin to grasp and experience that which we, the Andromedans, speak of you will begin to view the world within and around you anew. This will mean that situations and circumstances across the world which seem immovable will begin to transform. Humanity will no longer acknowledge themselves and their realities as being fixed, a certain way or motionless, thus a new spiritual world will appear for all to experience. When we speak of a new spiritual world, we are referring to a world that is based upon the spiritual nature of each and every being present upon the Earth. Imagine this for a moment, it is an extremely exciting idea and concept; a world that is based upon the spiritual nature of each and every being present upon the Earth. We invite you to meditate upon this idea and acknowledge that which you perceive, then connect with yourself as an existing eternally in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator, what appears for you then? To eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator is to empower yourself, the world and the ascension process of all. This is a powerful experience and transition of ascension to experience now.

If you wish to understand or experience more of what we have shared with you today, please call upon us the Andromedans and we will lovingly surround you, sharing all that is appropriate. 
In constant support and love,

The Andromedans


Releasing the Fear of Divine Unification by the Andromedans

Releasing the Fear of Divine Unification by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Beloved light essence upon the Earth, we are the Andromedans, from the Andromedan Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. You may label us as extra-terrestrial beings; however, we are the light and Creator essence the same as you. We are currently supporting and overseeing the service of all experiencing a deep oneness and contentment in their unite with the Creator. In the vibration of oneness, a great volume of freedom is experienced. Everything that seemed important, essential and of great value simply falls away and one can feel a true resonance within, and a greater experience of expansion. With and within the presence of unity it can be as if one shifts from their current dimension into a different dimension vibration, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while remaining present in their current reality.
As a being on the Earth you are able to link into the vibration and flowing current of the Creator's light that pours through your being. With the experience and acceptance of oneness you can experience the flowing current of the Creator and its entire network and wealth of presence. We encourage the vibration of oneness because we know it can bring to your being the contentment and bliss you seek to experience. If you can imagine the Creator as a vast and expansive nourishment supply, as soon as you connect into this supply you are able to allow the nourishment to flow throughout your being eternally. You will never want or need for anything else to support your existence because all that is required will be naturally flowing throughout your being.
Our desire to create oneness is connected to bringing the aspects of the Creator together in union and harmony. You are aware of rifts and separation that occurs on the Earth, this can also occur within the Creator's universe. We are all aspects of the Creator, all wishing to understand, learn and grow, which sometimes means that a certain aspect of disharmony can manifest in order for harmony to reign. Often disharmony manifests due to fear especially fear of the unknown, unidentified and unfamiliar. Fear can also manifest because of a feeling of insecurity, being unsupported or lack of control. With the vibration of oneness, you are able to erase all of these feelings, existing in love within the vibration of love, even if you are alone in your experience or reality. It is often that connection or entering into unknown energies or unfamiliar experiences cause a person to activate fear or withdraw their attention ignoring their divine powerful presence within. We, the Andromedans wish to assist many souls incarnate on the Earth and the inner planes to overcome their fears of the unknown, unfamiliar and unidentified in connection with the Creator. As a being incarnate upon the Earth it is your purpose to embody the Creator, more so to realise you are already an embodiment of the Creator. To release any underlying or unconscious fear of the Creator allows you to access a full realisation of the divine flow of the Creator moving continuously through you. 
The Creator
It is true that you are unable to perceive the Creator completely, especially if you are in a physical body and experience the facade of separation. The Creator, when you observe with your mind or your intellect is an unknown energy and a vibration that can be difficult to interpret or even put into words. The Creator appears to be unknown, unfamiliar and undefinable and yet there is something within you that drives you to seek a closer union with the Creator, even though you are not completely certain with what you are uniting. A personal picture or explanation can form within the mind to allow you to focus and give a personality to the Creator, even when there is no personality present. A personal description may not hold the complete truth, although it does offer a source of guidance and centralised focus for you to concentrate upon. In a reality when everything has a form, label and a purpose it can be unthinkable that an energy source which has none of these could be your original essence, your truth and that which you derive from. You are told that all you are experiencing, however solid, is a mirror and a creation from within your being. Reality is therefore an illusion. Instead you are being asked to focus upon something that you cannot grasp, truly understand or categorise. In truth that is the key to experiencing a resonance and oneness with the Creator, it is the moment of surrender.
To Surrender
If you can imagine that you are holding onto and truly believing in all that is your solid and physical reality, then you decide to inhale deeply letting go of your attachment to your reality as you exhale, this is to allow yourself to surrender. In that moment before you surrender you may find fear of the unknown. As you breathe through the fear and accept the process of surrendering you will find peace. Belief in the unknown in itself is an illusion; you are more familiar with the vibration of the Creator than you are the physical reality. Fear of the unknown is only a result of distrust in the constant and eternal support of the Creator. When you believe that the Creator is within you and supports you constantly then there is no need to activate fears as you are aware and have a deep knowingness that you are always provided for in all and every way. It is your belief in your physical reality and your lack of belief in the Creator that causes fear of the unknown. You may recognise that similar fears manifest within your physical experiences, this is to assist you in overcoming your fear of surrendering into the Creator and all that is the Creator.
Allow yourself to observe your reality; are you fearful of change, are you distrusting of people, do you feel you need to control your reality, are you unable to open your mind to there being something more than the Earth? Observe your small fears in your daily life, once recognised, these will give you the opportunity to surrender to the Creator which is actually to realise and accept that you are always provided for and eternally supported.
Surrendering is to accept that you are always provided for and supported.
Recognising the Creator as love is the easiest way to perceive the Creator.

You are Never in Control and are Always the Creator
Many people fear love because again it is to trust almost beyond yourself in something that cannot be defined, grasped or touched. It is the alterations of your being and the expansion or freedom that you may experience that brings up fear, also the experience of not being in control. Are you ready to realise that you have never had control over your reality and experiences and yet you have always been the creator of your reality and experiences? Control and creation are different expressions, when you control something you limit it and believe that you hold the most appropriate knowledge. When you create you manifest from the power, the essence, the truth within your being, connected to a freely flowing current of the Creator's vibration and abundance that is always provided to you and will never ever be taken away from you. It is important to realise if you are fearful of letting go of control or the unknown transitions that may occur, simply allow yourself to exist in and as the love of the Creator. Love will be all you attract and create, then experiencing amplified love within your being and reality becomes inevitable. How this love manifests maybe unknown but it becomes an exciting journey of wonderful experiences, being guided and supported within every moment of your reality.
It is now time to dissolve illusions of fear and separation as they no longer serve you as you continue to embrace all that is the Creator. I wish to invite you during your meditation time or in your sleep state to invite us the Andromedans to support you in dissolving fears of the unknown, of change and of surrendering, as well as any other fears connected to oneness with the Creator. Now is the time to allow yourself the greatest gift of being at one with the Creator with every breath that you inhale and exhale. Before your meditation or sleep time say;
‘Andromedans, I call upon your support and presence, please work with my energy as you allow your light to flow over and through my being, dissolving, healing and releasing fears of the unknown, of change and of surrendering and any other fears connected to oneness with the Creator. I accept as a gift from myself the reality of being at one with the Creator with every breath that I inhale and exhale. Thank you.’
Allow yourself time to experience the energies, to observe any shifts and realisation that may surface and focus upon your oneness with the Creator.
We are here to support you in this most important healing process,


Friday, August 9, 2019


I (Your name) now align my whole being to the Pure Source Light Codes coming to us on this 
8:8 Gateway

I Invoke these Pure Source Light Codes to pass through every atoms, cells, electrons,  within this form of mine.

Flowing through, filling and renewing
every cell of my mind and body, right now - only leaving my true essens.

I stand open and gratefully receive these powerful key codes of Light from the Galactic Diamond * the Great Central Sun and so it is !!!


~ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes
In Universal Service ◊ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Thursday, August 8, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very excited to see all of you aligning your chakras and opening up to receive the energetic transmissions coming at this time of the Lion’s Gate Portal. You all are such wonderful vessels for these energies, and it is as if you have been practicing for these bigger moments in the calendar year, when all of you are aware of the alignment of energies. You have done so beautifully well with all of the energies leading up to this most intense period of the Lion’s Gate.
You have demonstrated your readiness to handle more. Now, the exciting part comes because you get to do whatever you want to do with the energies you’ve opened yourselves up to. You get to create what you want to create. So if you’re asking others to tell you what the Lion’s Gate energies are all about, you are not taking enough initiative. You need to empower yourselves and recognize that when an opportunity like this comes along, it is an opportunity for all of you to create what you want to experience, what you want for your fellow humans and for the entire planet.
This is a time when you can do more than your share of the receiving, because certainly it is a small segment of the population that is even aware of these energies and the alignments that are upon you. We recommend keeping yourselves fully hydrated and grounded, making sure that you are getting enough rest and relaxation, and make sure that you are anchoring these energies as well. Don’t just run them through your physical bodies. Run them down into your Mother Earth, where she can spread them out and make them available to those who are not as open and aware of what is going on at this time.
You may have already felt the intensity of the energies. You may still be reeling from the last dose that you received, and so, take that into consideration. More is not always better. Sometimes you need to let what you have already received sink in a bit more. The energies will, of course, continue to come in, and the next round will be a bit weaker but still very potent. So we advise that you pace yourselves and that you make the most of this beautiful experience. It is a wonderful time for co-creation as well. Talk to each other about what you want to create, because you most certainly can, and you most certainly will.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
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