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∞The 9D Arcturian Council - What Will it Take to Complete the Shift to 5D?


what will it take to complete the shift to 5D? - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael

 Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are feeling very good about the progress that we see you making since the solstice energies have been upon you and since you have had some time with them. You are letting yourselves feel more since receiving that download of energies that reached its peak on the solstice, and you are ready to become that much more of your higher selves as a result. The only thing that ever holds you back from becoming more and more of your higher self is a lack of willingness to just sit and feel, whether those feelings are positive or negative.

Your higher selves hoped that the pandemic would spur on more of that emotional side of you, because you would be less capable doing the things you would normally do and seeing the people you would normally see. And the truth is that a lot of emotions have come up for people in this calendar year of 2020. But just because an emotion is coming up within a person doesn’t mean the person is willing to feel it. But we are seeing that the solstice energies have had an effect on many humans that is the effect your higher selves were hoping the pandemic would have.

And so, now here you are, evolving and changing because of that willingness to feel, and you are becoming your higher selves at the perfect time, because this is a time where more and more people are needed to display the unity consciousness, the oneness that is inherent within being your higher self. In order to be your higher self, you must make peace with all aspects of who you are, and in order to make peace with all aspects of who you are you must be willing to feel everything that you’ve been resisting.

Your willingness to let any energy flow through you is exactly what will result in you having the ability to let more energy flow through you. And when you are an open conduit to the energies that are upon you right now, then guess what? You are a part of the solution that humanity has been waiting for throughout this entire year. This has been a year of many challenges for many individuals, and a lot of those challenges have been to the mental health of those individuals.

And when you demonstrate through your example that it is possible to feel all of your feelings, you show so many others the way to their better feeling states of being. And so, you are the ones once again to lead the way to better mental health for all, to a recognition of one’s true self as the higher self, and you are the ones to lead humanity to the completion of the shift to the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Selacia Article with Updates:

Solstice Celebration Process
-Invoke the 3 G's-

by Selacia

The 2020 Solstice with accompanying rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction provides a pivotal opening to mega change - on both personal and societal levels. Brand-new more positive beginnings can be seeded. Breakthroughs not possible before can be experienced. To help you use this time in the highest way, I'm providing a simple 3-step process. Continue reading for the process you can share with your friends.


During my morning meditation today, the following process came to me and I've done it myself - experiencing a higher frequency, expanded sense of optimism, and a tangible knowing that I was born now to take an active part in our world's mega transformation. This translated into a feeling of peacefulness about being here now, regardless of our rocky 2020 road and the uncertain road ahead.


Do the Solstice celebration process today, on December 21, or anytime before year-end. If possible, find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Approach it as play. Invite your Higher Self to be with you. One more thing - don't be stingy with yourself - if you feel guided to do it a second time, to further anchor the helpful energy, do that. Part of the benefit is that you are giving to yourself by doing the process - creating spiritual fuel to raise your vibration and placing yourself in a receptive state for the blessings of Solstice with its conjunction.

Solstice Celebration Process

To receive most from this year's Solstice, it's vital to calm your mind and be present to what I'm calling the "3 G's":
  1. Gratitude
  2. Grudges
  3. Goodness

In this process, you will begin with gratitude as it helps you connect with the other 2 G's. As you do the process, your energy will elevate and you will release things that otherwise could leave you sour and unable to see and experience the goodness that indeed exists in our world. The end point - or finale - indeed is the goodness. As you connect with that, your frequency will be high and you will be open to the blessings of this juncture.
Note: this process is about Present Time, not the past or the future.

Consider one person you are grateful for in 2020 - someone whose mere presence in your life was so beneficial that he or she supported you in moving through the challenges and personal growth of this year. Sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, focusing on this person's face, as though he or she was right in front of you. As you tune into this person's face, allow your heart to remind you of the ways this person was of immense support. Spend another few minutes - still focused on the person - and telepathically communicate words of gratitude. After you do this, be quiet for another minute or two as this energy of gratitude is anchored in your field. During this last portion, don't be surprised if you receive helpful insights or even a telepathic communication back from the other person.

Now that you have done the gratitude portion - raising your frequency and becoming calm - shift your focus to grudges. It's important to let them go - now. Don't judge yourself as it's human to judge - even ourselves, but of course other people. That's our conditioning. For this portion, consider one person that when you think of them now, you realize you have a grudge about something that either happened or didn't happen and you were angry. Go with the Very First person who comes to mind. Then sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, focusing on the person's face, allowing yourself to remember why you developed a grudge. During that time, invite spirit's view of the situation - and how to see it through the eyes of your Higher Self. When you're ready, intentionally offer up your grudge, visualizing it leaving your body and energy field. When complete, be quiet for another minute or two as your freedom from the grudge is registered within you and peacefulness takes its place.

After doing the grudge release - you are now more able to connect with the positives of this year - so shift your focus to goodness. Sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, focusing on one or more things about 2020 that in your mind reflect the goodness of people, your own life, the experience of life, and being alive at this juncture. Avoid rushing through this list - stay there reflecting on goodness until you have a wellspring of ideas and you begin to feel joy in your heart. Tip: sometimes writing down your "goodness list" helps you connect with even more examples! Before completing the process, get in touch with your body and how it feels - what do you notice, what has shifted?

I look forward to your feedback on this Solstice process and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.

Copyright by Selacia - a globally known writer, influencer, DNA intuitive healer, and creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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DECEMBER 20, 2020

Welcome dear readers. We hope our message will bring better understandings and peace to you all during these times of confusion and chaos. Like everything else, holiday celebrations will be different this year when many traditions and religious gatherings are limited or banned.

Do not allow yourselves to be defined by your traditions in the belief that without them there can be no joy or proper celebration. Try to understand that present "down times' are actually serving a good purpose because they are drawing many into a deeper awareness of how some of their current life choices hold them in place and block them from moving in new directions.

Traditions are created by beliefs and customs handed down from generation to generation through words and practice until they become necessary to those involved rather than being a choice. Traditions often dictate that certain occasions or gatherings must follow an established protocol that usually has rules regarding the correct time, words, or actions to be taken.

Tradition remains alive and well in organized religions, ethnic and cultural groups, families, and countries and is often endowed with power by and over the participants. Traditions can be fun filled and uplifting unless or until they become something that can not be breached, changed, or eliminated without real or imagined consequences. At that point they become idol worship.

It can be emotionally painful when activities you enjoy are no longer available but keep in mind that something much bigger than what you have grown accustomed to is taking place at this time. Allow the process to unfold. Ask yourselves, "Is it really important that this thing, event, tradition, practice, etc take place exactly as it has always has, or are present conditions teaching me to examine my belief system and think in new ways?"

Present down times offer opportunities for personal reflection, inner growth, and an honest examination of one's choices and beliefs. Many are beginning to understand that there are other and even better ways of living than what they have long held as being right or unchangeable. Many are beginning to integrate and express personal empowerment through making choices to do, change, not do, or eliminate some aspect of their lives that feels finished regardless of family pressure, education, earlier goals etc.

Most seasonal traditions will return with a great deal of "hoopla" from those who believe them to be sacred and necessary and also by businesses who sell the accompanying products. Those who have taken advantage of present down times to examine their belief system and allow the "old and finished" to release, will discover when celebrations are once again allowed that they no longer resonate in the same way because consciousness has changed.

Traditions often become security blankets for those who hold them as being necessary and unchangeable. In order to evolve into a higher state of awareness, everyone must withdraw the power they have endowed on some person, place, or thing because it represents an activity of separation. We do not refer to the respect, honor, and gratitude naturally due to certain individuals, but we speak of worship and emulation that far exceeds normal appreciation. God (your true SELF) does not need a security blanket be it a tradition, belief, or concept.

We have spoken about the true meaning of Christmas many times, but we will speak of it once again because Christmas is on the minds of so many at this time. In its truest sense, the birth of Jesus represents the birth of Christ consciousness that takes place at a point of readiness in every person's evolutionary journey. Every soul eventually comes to an inner place devoid of everything previously dependable and depended upon. This is the "dark night of the soul" and can last for some time. The Christ can never be born into a consciousness that is already filled with three dimensional beliefs and this phase of the journey is represented by "no room at the inn".

When everything familiar fails and the person is forced to look deeper, he begins his inner journey (the solitary journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem ). This is usually an uncomfortable and lonely time depending upon ones resistance to change. He/she (perhaps over lifetimes) eventually finds refuge in a "humble stable" (his consciousness now devoid of beliefs in two powers and separation from Source) where surrounded by simplicity and peace he is now prepared to give birth to Christ consciousness. Those with eyes to see (the wise men) recognize, are drawn to, and give gifts of gratitude to the Christ (enlightened consciousness).

Birthing the Christ consciousness of your own being has been termed ascension or realization. The Christ is already and has always been fully present within every person, but cannot manifest outwardly until it is recognized, accepted, and becomes ones attained state of consciousness.

Christ is not a man, it is an attained title meaning illumined or light and is available to every individual because it is every persons true SELFhood. This is the point at which the followers of many world religions block themselves from spiritually evolving into a consciousness of higher truth. To believe that Christhood belongs only to a certain person is idolatry, the pagan worship of a god. When we believe someone or something to be more spiritual, deserving, or blessed, than ourselves or everyone else, we are in full acceptance of the belief in separation.

Jesus/Jeshua attained Christ consciousness but so can you. He tried to tell this to the people of his time, but they were unable to understand and simply continued and still continue to worship him as being the only son of God-- better, holier, and separate from everyone else. Mankind has evolved and today is better able to understand the message of the first Christmas on this deeper level.

As with the original story, the new born Christ of every person needs to be held secretly and sacredly within until it grows stronger. It needs to be protected from the well meaning Herods that often exist in families, friends, co-workers, churches, etc. who will try and take if from you for your own good of course.

Know that as you evolve more deeply into the realization of your true self as Devine Consciousness, the high resonating energy of your consciousness expands further into your energy field where it then automatically dissipates many areas of shadow (pockets of old denser energy). This is why it is so important at this time to align with your true identity as a God being rather than continuing to put effort into fixing, clearing, and removing three dimensional appearances. Not everyone is spiritual ready for this step, but you reading these messages are or they would make no sense to you.

As you grow into ever deepening awareness, the Light of your own consciousness begins to automatically dissolve many of the issues still troubling you because the higher frequencies always dissolve those of a lower resonance. The clearing of old energy is usually a process that begins with the awareness that three dimensional issues reflect and are formed of three dimensional beliefs in them. This is followed by a willingness to surrender these beliefs and replace them with truth which then unlocks the door to new and higher solutions and resolutions.

Some things need to be addressed on a conscious level but many do not, often simply dropping away without you even noticing until at some later point you realize that they are no longer and issue. Life becomes much easier when the struggle to fix, heal, correct, or change the things you don't like about yourself ceases. Allow the Light of your divinity to shine into every aspect of your life.

From a young age, everyone is told by parents, teachers, experts, government, and religious leaders how to live according to the belief system of those doing the teaching. Everyone is taught that they must "do this, do that, never think this way, change their thoughts, let go of certain ambitions, etc etc." if they want to be happy or accepted. Do not allow old personal programming to continue making choices for you. It is a time for spiritual empowerment, to stand in truth and leave behind teachings that may have served you once, but which you have long outgrown.

You are ready for this deeper step dear ones, ready to embrace your divine nature and release that human sense of self with problems that must must be fixed. We are not saying that human footsteps are not to be taken or that you must never avail yourself of assistance from those who can help you in some way. When you feel the need for assistance of any sort, always ask within and let yourself be intuitively guided to those who work from a higher level of consciousness rather than those who may be popular or touted as being the best.

Trust your intuition in every area of your life from choosing the right dentist to finding a plumber because life becomes much easier and intuition stronger when you allow it to be your guide. You are ready to move beyond seeking only three dimensional solutions to problems--personally and globally. Continuing to depend on what is familiar or generally accepted will simply hold you in alignment with that particular energy.

Never attempt to live absolute truth before attaining the consciousness of it for you will be disappointed and question what you have learned believing that it really wasn't true and doesn't work. Your first step is to recognize that outer appearances as illusion, three dimensional mind interpretations of reality having no law to support or maintain them. The next step is to embrace what really is true through acknowledging ONE omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God as the only cause and therefore the only effect.

These steps gradually create for you a holy place (state of consciousness) in which your Christ can and will eventually be born.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/20/20


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Group Of Forty Newsletter headers
Denial of the Planetary Crisis: 
 A theory and Explanation  
by David K. Miller
There is a term in modern psychology called cognitive dissonance. This refers to a situation in which a person is confronted with a contradictory belief to his/her main belief system. A cognitive discomfort or dissonance is experienced when there is a clash between a person’s belief system and new information that is presented that does not fit into their old belief system. A person will try to resolve this contradiction or dissonance.  In order to reduce their discomfort, they can either deny that the new information is true and or ignore or suppress the information. Remember the discomfort is called cognitive dissonance. Using this model, we can look at the current planetary crisis and try to understand why there is so much denial among the world leaders that we are now facing life threatening problems.  In the theory of cognitive dissonance, you try to avoid information that conflicts with your belief system. Anthropologists, environmentalist, climatologists, biologists and other scientists are presenting convincing information about this planetary crisis and the sixth mass extinction facing us.  However, despite the overwhelming facts about the sixth mass extinction and the planetary crisis, many people, including world leaders, do not accept these facts because the information is contrary to their belief system. A common technique used to counter cognitive dissonance is to attack the person presenting the new information. If we can attack or discredit the person presenting the new facts then we do not have to change our belief systems and then we do not need to change our actions and we do not have to deal with the cognitive dissonance caused by the new information. 

This psychological theory explains how people can maintain denial during the planetary crisis and it explains why people, who are harming the planet, can continue to justify their behavior. They hold onto the belief that the Earth can continue to be abused for our own self-interest. One solution to this problem is that the unbalancing and destruction of the planet could become so overwhelming that the planetary crisis will become more severe and deeply affect every decision maker. In this scenario we have to ask how bad does the planetary crisis have to get before the leaders begin to change to start to repair the planet.  I like to think that this cognitive dissonance will be resolved soon, especially as we are approaching 2021, the year of Planetary repair. To overcome this dissonance, humanity will have to change many belief systems and learn to make and accept hard decisions in order to repair our beloved world.  

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December 5, 2020

Five Different Perspectives of Time

    Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Today we will look at Time. I am going to approach the subject from at least five different perspectives. The first perspective has to do with your belief system about time. This may seem peculiar that we would talk about time in terms of your belief, but as we explore the subject in more depth, I think that you will agree with me that your belief system influences how you view time. For example, in the Western culture time is defined as “time is money.” A second belief is that “time is linear,” that is, time has a beginning, middle point and end time. As we continue our discussion, I want you to try and uncover some beliefs that you have about time, because what you believe about time will influence how you will use time, and how time can be effective and helpful to you in your personal transformation and in your ascension work.
    The second perspective on time has to do with the dimensions, because time is experienced in different perspectives and in different personal experiences, based on which dimension you are in. Here is an interesting example that illustrates this phenomenon. Look at those who have had “Near Death Experiences (NDEs)”. When you review their experiences, you often find that they have had quite extensive and jam-packed experiences, yet they would report that they felt that only a short time had transpired. In some cases, people who have had Near Death Experiences have even been in a coma. Despite the complex and interesting experiences, they often report that it was a short time, yet when they awake and come back into this reality, that is the third-dimensional reality, then their friends or loved ones would report that they have been unconscious or in a coma for weeks. Yet the person’s individual NDE experience on the other dimension was perceived by the individual as a short time.
    There are other examples regarding time that I want to refer to which is the dream world. Time in the dream world is what I call “condensed”, that is, many different experiences in the dream occur in a short time. Many dream experiences could be shortened, or condensed, into a brief period of time. Yet if it were possible to interview you while you were in the dream state, you would report that these dreams have lasted for long periods of time.
    In the research into the dream world, they have narrowed down the actual dream time to a period known as “Rapid Eye Movement”, which occurs for short periods of time as part of your cycle of sleep. The dream state occurs when you are in the deepest state of your sleeping. Rapid Eye Movement only occurs for brief periods of time from the outside observer’s perspective. The dreamer has no sense of time from the perspective of waking consciousness. Dream events could be experienced as timeless, or occurring over a long period of time.
    Remember, one of the attributes of dreaming is Time Condensation, or the condensing of many events into a short period of time. Such condensation would not be possible in your normal waking consciousness. For example, in a dream state, you could be in many different locations.  You could be in different jobs; you could be with many different people, and yet, from the outside observer’s standpoint, as verified by Rapid Eye Movement, this whole dream might have occurred in less than a minute.
    Another perspective of time occurs in “altered states of consciousness”.  The experiences you have on the Fifth Dimension are in a different time perspective. In fact those experiences might fall under the category of “timelessness”.  Many times when you are doing meditations, then you can access the Fifth Dimension. After experiencing fifth-dimensional energy, then you bring yourself back to the Third Dimension. You will now download the experiences that you have had back into your third-dimensional consciousness. You could have experienced this in a short period of time on the Fifth Dimension. However, when you transfer the information and the energies back into your third-dimensional body, it will take longer to download than what you had experienced during your Fifth Dimension meditation. This means that there is a subjective time difference between the two experiences. In the Fifth Dimension, you will experience things in a dense way or in a shortened time, but then when it is transferred or translated into and back to the Third Dimension, you will have the realization that it has been a long time from the third-dimensional perspective.
    Another perspective we have is what I call “Galactic Time”, and this is a beautiful subject that covers many different areas of astrophysics. Galactic Time is an important aspect of understanding the Cosmos and understanding your soul journey. Let me begin discussing Galactic Time by talking about Earth Time and the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. One year is equal to 365.25 days. This is the time it takes for the Earth to go around the Sun in one year. The time length of one year is the measurement of that period.  What if you lived on another planet in the galaxy? Imagine that you lived on a planet where it took 835 days for that planet to go around the Sun. That means that your year on another planet, compared to the Earth year, would be at least twice or three times as long. You would only know that if you compared it to the Earth and the amount of time it took for the Earth to go around the Sun.
    Now, we have this galactic observation. Your solar system is on a journey around the center of the galaxy, and that journey, in our estimate and in other scientific astrophysics estimates, takes at least 300 to 350 million years. That means that one day, from the galactic perspective, the Milky Way Galaxy, would be measured in the extraordinary time of 350 million years. My point is that time is relative, based on the star system that you live in, the galaxy that you live in, and the amount of time it takes for the revolution of your planet or your solar system. Look again at the revolution of your solar system going around the Central Sun, and you conclude that it takes 350 million years. Ask the question: “How many lifetimes have I had in one Galactic Day?” And the answer would be: “Many.” And from the soul perspective, you would see that there are numerous opportunities and numerous perspectives to have in a Galactic Day.
    This leads us to the next perspective of time, which is the Time of the Universe. The Time of the Universe is measured in a different way because there is no observable center of the universe. The universe is not going around any center as is the galaxy, and the age of the universe is measured based on the expansion rate of the universe, which goes back to the beginning of the universe which is called “The Big Bang”. Astrophysics concluded that the universe is 13.7 billion years old. In a very complex way, the age of the universe is measured by the expansion, but according to the laws of physics, you could only travel at the speed of light.
    One of the contradictions, which perhaps Einstein did not clearly understand, is that space expands faster than the speed of light. Space is needed to measure time, and this leads to the important discovery, in modern physics, which is called the “Space-Time Continuum”. That means that you must consider space and time as a single connected unit, which is called the Space-Time Continuum. (Author’s Note: If you want to meet somebody at a certain space, such as a downtown street corner, then you must also give the person the time of the meeting. Just giving one an appointment by designating a space, or street address, is not enough. You must give them the time of the meeting, otherwise the two people may never meet, even though they both have the correct space designation. Without a time designation each person might come too early or too late and the meeting will never occur.)
    It is important that we talk about the Space-Time Continuum and how this relates to working with “Circular Time”. One of the belief systems that everyone in western society has grown up with on the Earth is that time is linear, that means that time is like a straight line, and time marches on in a straight line. You have the past; you have the present, and then you have the future.  You cannot go backwards to the past; you cannot go forward into the future, and that means that there is a beginning point where the timeline begins, and there is an end point where time ends. And in your Earth incarnation, you measure your lifetime based on how much time has passed. There is a part of your belief system that tells you that at a certain age, or at a certain time in your life, your time will end as you know it on the Earth.
    This linear concept has been the predominant thought pattern in the western world for centuries. However, it is based on a belief system, that is, the belief that time is linear, and follows the laws of linear thought. There are laws of linear thinking that apply to time.  There is a starting point; there is a stopping point, and there are certain rules, such as, you cannot go backwards; you cannot go forwards; you are always in this state of “Linear Time” in the present. From the Arcturian perspective, we say that time is circular, not linear. Our belief system, and our observations over many eons, is that time is in a circle. With that belief, and also with the facts that we have to back that up, there are many more possibilities, and these possibilities have great significance for your spiritual development and for your ascension. The first conclusion is that if time is circular, you can travel through the circle, which means you can go back in time, and, believe it or not, you can go forward in time.
    I am going to talk today about Circular Space and Time, and moving through Space and Time, using two techniques.  One is called “Folding Space”, and the second technique is called: “Folding Time”. But this is only possible when you are working in the paradigm of Circular Time. In your dream world, you go back and forth in time continually. In your dream world, you can go backward in time, and you can go forward in time. The dream world is also based on Circular Time it is not based on Linear Time. In the dream world the past and the future and the present are often mixed. You may wake up, and you many not even remember or know if you are dreaming about the future or the past, or the present. You might not even know if you are dreaming about a past lifetime or a future in a future lifetime. But in the dream world, which is an altered state of consciousness, time is circular, so that means that you can interact with all different levels of time, including the past, present or future.
    This leads into the discussion of Spirituality and Time. One of the most profound spiritual statements on time is the expression of the Creator, which says: “I am that I am,” I was that I was,” and “I will be that I will be.”  This is an expansion of the mantra: “I am that I am.”  When I say: “I am that I am, I was that I was,” and “I will be that I will be,” that designates the affirmation that you are eternal, and that you live in all three states, the past, present and future. That means that your “I Essence”, the Sacred You, your Higher Self, exists in the past, present and future. This has great spiritual significance, because it shows that you are transcending Linear Time, and that your existence models that of the Creator. The Creator transcends Time, and the Creator can participate in all three states. You are made in the image of the Creator, and you are also able and willing to participate in your past, present and future. One of the significances of this time expansion is that you can interact with different parts of your Self, meaning parts of your Self in the future, or parts of your Self in the past, as well as your present.
    Helio-Ah, my colleague, does healing work with you, and she uses the Arcturian healing chambers.  In the healing chambers there are sophisticated computers that are able to go back into your past lives or go forward into your future life. One of the benefits of going forward into the future life rests with the achievements and the evolution that you are all going to be experiencing in the future. You all will be ascending; you all will be in the Fifth Dimension; you all are evolving spiritual beings. Here is a great affirmation: “I am an evolving spiritual being.” Your evolution, in part, will occur in the future.  I say the words “in part”, because you are going to experience, or are experiencing now, in the present, your evolution. Remember, your Transcendent Self includes: I am that I am; I was that I was; I will be that I will be. In the future, you are going to be in a more advanced state than you are in your present.
    Using Helio-Ah’s technology for healing, and in the Arcturian perspectives, we know that you can travel into the future and bring back energy from the future. Let me explain this further.  When Helio-Ah works with you on the past, she offers special exercises to heal past trauma. Past trauma are recorded as an image memory in your mind. Helio-Ah can help you to re-orient and heal past memory, so that those traumatic memories are stored in your memory in a more positive way.  When that memory in the past is shifted or resolved, then it upgrades and uploads into your mind and brings a healing energy into the present Self.
    When we are working in the future Self, we help you to project your Self into the Fifth Dimension. We can work with you as a fifth-dimensional being. We can see you in the future as an Ascended Master. We can see you as living on your home planet, whether it be the Pleiades, on Arcturus, or on Sirius, or on Antares, or on any other beautiful and advanced planet in this galaxy.  You do have access to your future Self. Time is circular, and you are on an evolutionary path that is on a circle, not on a line. In the future Self, you are free of illness; you are in balance mentally, physically and emotionally. You are living with your soul family.  You have greater spiritual understandings, and higher spiritual and psychic gifts, and we see you as a higher, fifth-dimensional being in the future.
    This image of yourself in the future can be accessed. How would you look in the future?  There have been visionary artists who have been able to draw pictures of people in their fifth-dimensional Self. When you see yourself in the future, as an enlightened, fifth-dimensional person, you can see how your face looks, how your eyes look, how your hair looks, how there is also a halo around you. You can even see what you are wearing, including special meditative clothing. There are many other aspects of the future Self that you can visualize.
    Visualize those positive aspects of your future Self. That image can be brought back into the present Self. You could use this image in many different ways. You can use this image for a healing. For example, if you had a particular block in an organ causing you distress in the present, then you could visualize yourself six months in the future when that blockage is removed. Also you could see yourself as an enlightened or Ascended Master in the future. Those images, including the energy signature, the aura and future energy field, can all be imprinted in your I Am consciousness in the present. And then by imprinting and bringing that image into the present, you will experience a huge healing and an advancement in your evolution and spiritual development. Let me lead you in a short exercise in which you can do that. I will need to call on Helio-Ah to lead you in this exercise in the future time, and then after the exercise, I will continue to talk to you more about folding space and folding time. I now turn you over to Helio-Ah.
(Chants “Helio-ah, Helio-oh-ah.”)
    Greetings, I am Helio-Ah. Take three deep breaths my dear friends, my Starseed friends, as you go into what I call a state of spiritual calm, spiritual awareness, spiritual depth, connecting with your Higher Self. I, Helio-Ah, send down a corridor of light over each of you, and this corridor is connected to my Starship Athena and to my healing chambers. Allow your Spirit Body to rise up, out of your physical body, and travel with me at the speed of thought through this corridor to my Starship Athena, now.  (Chants “Ta ta ta.”)
    Enjoy traveling at the speed of thought, knowing that the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light, knowing that when you are traveling at the speed of thought, you are transcending space and time as you immediately come into my Starship Athena, now. We are together now on my Starship Athena. Follow me into my healing chambers. As we walk down another corridor, there is a large room filled with small, little booths. Each booth has its own individual computer that I have already set up for each of you, for I know that each of you was going to be here with me today. Go into the little booth. I sometimes call it a phone booth. Sit down in front of the computer, and turn on the computer.
    This computer is in alignment with your soul record, from your past, present and future on the Earth and on all other planetary systems that you have been on in this galaxy and in other galaxies.  The computer is on, and there is a dial to the right.  It looks like a clock, and it has the numbers on a clock: 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and then it has a dial that moves left and right. This dial, when it moves to the right, goes into your future time.  Move the dial to the right, and on the computer screen an image appears of how you will look in the future.
    We can calibrate the dial to match the years on the Earth. Every minute will be equal to a year on the Earth – one minute will be one year on the Earth. Going to the right on the dial will represent your future Self. Two minutes after twelve will be two years from today. Turn the dial to what would be considered the number 3 position or a quarter after the hour. I am just going to say that this position should be a quarter after 12, and is you in your future Self. In your future Self you will be fully in your fifth-dimensional presence and on the Fifth Dimension. You are in your evolved, fifth-dimensional Self. See yourself in that state. Remember, you are able to manifest the body that you want, the hair color that you want, the youthfulness that you want in your face and body, the harmony and balance in your soul manifestation. All this is in your future higher state, and this higher state appears on the screen in front of you. I want you to see yourself, and I want you to meditate now, and absorb that image into your conscious mind in the healing chamber.  We will go into meditation now as you do that.  (Silence)
    Remember, see in as much detail as possible, all aspects of your future Self in this higher state. See your eyes sparkling, if you can. See a halo around your shoulders and head, and most important, see yourself in a state of calmness and balance and harmony, for this is your future Self. There is a button on the left side of the computer. Press that button, and this image is held on the screen right now. Press another button below, down there on the left. The image is going to be downloaded into your Earth consciousness, now. As it is downloaded into your Earth consciousness, a great unification and healing experience will occur because you are now bringing to your present Self your higher future balance, harmony, health, spiritual development and evolution. That image is now downloaded into your Earth unconscious and subconscious. We will go into silence again as we and you together oversee and process the downloading. (Silence)
    The downloading is complete. You can now close the computer, knowing that all of your work has been transferred successfully to your subconscious and unconscious on the Earth, so that it will manifest in the highest form and speed possible. Your computer is shut down.  You get up out of the chair, leave the booth, and follow me to the outside of the room, down the corridor, back through the corridor. You leave my spaceship, which is on the Fifth Dimension, and travel at the speed of thought back to your Earth presence.  (Chants “Ta ta ta ta ta…”)
    You are back in your Earth body six feet above yourself, and re-enter your body in perfect alignment, now, bringing with you all of this higher energy from the future Self. It is being downloaded now and activated with your spiritual presence in your physical body. Take a moment, and we will stay in silence again as you allow this activation from your subconscious and unconscious. Bring forth the higher visualizations of the Earth evolved Self in the future. The download has been successful, and you will feel and experience a wonderful acceleration of your evolutionary process. I now return you to Juliano. I am Helio-Ah. Good day.
    This is Juliano, I know that you are still in this altered state, enjoying the energy and processing the powerful work that Helio-Ah has done with you and your future Self. I just want to cover two other subjects which have to do with the folding of space and the folding of time. Returning to my discussion of astrophysics, we have to look at how is it possible to travel throughout the galaxy? Because, even if you were able to travel at the speed of light, it would still take you, for example, 36 years to get to Arcturus and 36 years to get back. That trip, then, would take 72 years, which for the most part, would be your whole life. There has to be a way to overcome space and time, and we call this method the “folding of space”.
    We visualize space as a cardboard, and the cardboard can be folded. Folding space  has to do with the new technology of gravitational propulsion that will soon be discovered on your planet. What happens in gravitational propulsion is that the spaceship compresses or condenses the space. The space between the Earth and Arcturus is 36 light years, which is a tremendous distance which can be measured in trillion and quadrillion miles. This great distance is really not imaginable in the Earth mind.  Visualize the space between these two planets as a cardboard which is extended. Imagine that the cardboard is now folded. As the cardboard is folded, then the two ends get closer together, and that is called the “folding of space and time”. The gravitational propulsion systems in the future will be able to fold space using this method.
    Now when you fold space, then you are also folding time, so it is not going to take you 72 years, or 36 years to go one way to Arcturus. The trip will actually happen in a very instantaneous way. There will be an acceleration point where you maximally fold the Space-Time Continuum. You cannot fold the space right at the Earth, because if you did that, then it would cause a distortion in the Earth Space-Time Continuum and throw this planet out of balance. You would have to travel to the Jupiter Corridor, and then do the folding of space-time from that corridor to our star system. The only time you would experience a longer travel time would be when you went from the Earth to the Jupiter Corridor.  You would go through a folding of the Space-Time Continuum at that place.
    Now we are going to briefly discuss an important subject about time. On a global scale, you can accelerate time. Why would you want to accelerate time? Let us say that you wanted this pandemic to end as quickly as possible. This pandemic has now lasted almost one year (Author’s Note: This lecture was given on December 5, 2020), and it has been projected that even with the vaccine, it will be another year or more before things will stabilize. Let us say you wanted to accelerate that. You could do two things. You could accelerate the time so that you project yourselves into the future where the vaccine and all of the disruption has been healed, and you could send that future energy back to the present. You can connect with the future time or when the virus is gone.
    Eventually, the pandemic will be stabilized and it will be eradicated, but there could still be a great deal of damage done to the planet, and to life on the planet. We can accelerate certain events. This accelerating of an event does require a large number of people to do meditation.  There are specific exercises which have to do with the releasing of karma, because this pandemic event is karmically induced.  There is a karmic aspect of the COVID-19 in which some are paying off a karmic debt where they are getting a disease as part of the karma that they might have caused.
    In doing acceleration of time in the removal of a disease like this, you request the removal of all karmic debts that are associated with this disease. This removal of karma can help to eradicate the end of the pandemic more quickly. The process of ending the pandemic is accelerated.
    I have reviewed and discussed many different aspects of time, including your belief system and the circular nature of Time, Galactic Time, the Dream Time, and how time is experienced in different dimensions. I want to conclude by saying that in hyperspace there is no time, and that there are certain conditions and areas, such as corridors, where you are transcending time. This is all the time we have for today. 

This is Juliano. Good day!

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Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very excited for all of you who are awake and aware, because you are going to benefit more from the energies of the solstice than individuals who are closed off and unaware of the significance of this time for humanity. This is a time to be celebrating the fact that you have hung in there for so long, that you have been able to make it to another solstice. And it is of course an opportunity for you to build something new, something better for all of humankind, with these energies.
Those of you who are awake and aware either feel that everything will be done for you because of the fact that you have made it to another solstice, and then there are those of you who are awake and aware who realize that this is a time for you to do more than just watch and wait to see what happens. You are being given the keys and the steering wheel, and you have an opportunity to take humankind with you on a journey that is all about getting everyone to remember to check in with their hearts and to remember that we are all one.
We are all in this together. This time is not about a split; it’s not about separation, it’s about integration. And there are those of you who recognize that. You recognize that your life has not been about getting rid of aspects of yourself. Your life has been about making peace with the lower vibrational aspects of self. Your life has been about integrating the parts of you that you have felt ashamed of in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes.
This time that you are in now is about showing others the way, but it is also about showing them the way because you are demonstrating how it is done. Just telling others to wake up or telling them that extra-terrestrials are real, these strategies do not work. You are not there to convert anyone. You are there to demonstrate to everyone what is possible when you are in alignment with what is going on energetically. And if you can feel the solstice energies propelling you, catapulting you forward on your journey to the fifth dimension, then you deserve to be in a leadership role.
There are so many at this time who are looking for anyone to set a good example, an example of how to live in a time that seems so chaotic and so filled with people who are at each other’s throats. If you want to solidify your position as one who is in the first wave of ascension, then rise above the divisiveness, the pettiness, the resentment, and the rage that is so omnipresent on your world at this time. Show the rest of humanity that it’s possible to rise above it, to thrive even in these tumultuous times, and show everyone else who they are by being more of who you are, which is of course, unconditional love. And you are that on every single day of the year.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by Dan Gold


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have begun to appreciate the urgency with which many of you are seeking massive changes on your world. We see so many of you crying out and feeling the depths of despair over not fitting in, not wanting to be, not resonating with the majority of the human population, and we see this as the tragedy that you all experience it as. We are not going to attempt to minimalize what you are feeling and experiencing there on Earth as you wait for the massive changes that you’ve been promised time and time again.
We know that there are many avenues and opportunities to escape your lives. You have drugs. You have alcohol. You have video games that seem almost real, and you have more ways than we care to count here to remove yourselves from the harsh conditions of reality in the fourth dimension. So we invite you to come together as a community of awakened individuals. We invite you to support one another, and we know that a lot of you are spread out so far from the nearest awakened person that this suggestion seems preposterous, but we also know that there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find people who are sensitive, heart-centered, caring and compassionate, and just as awake as you are.
And you can lean on those individuals. You can share your stories with each other. You can create networks, and certainly the possibility always exists for you to come together face to face. Therefore, as much as we love hearing from you and supporting you, as do our colleagues here in the higher dimensional realms, we particularly love to see you supporting each other and coming together to unite under the awakened flag.
Now, that’s not to say that we want you to feel separate from those who are not awake or that you need to exclude anyone from these groups that you form. But we do understand how challenging it is for many of you to connect with those who do not share in your knowing of who you really are. Therefore, we are suggesting that you look to one another, to those who get you, those you can speak to about ascension symptoms, visitations from e.t.s, and so on.
This world will be better served by people such as yourselves coming together peacefully and loving each other and showing compassion for each other, and in so doing, you will inspire others to do the same. And when you unite with the intention for the greatest and highest good of all as your mission statement, think of what you all can accomplish while still being there in the fourth dimension.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by Karin Miller