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Elizabeth Ayres ~ The Light Collective: Challenges and Changes

The Light Collective: Challenges and Changes
We are the Light Collective. Again we come, delivering a stream of information through our scribe, given in light waves and energy packets, translated into her language and through her mind. Understand that while this is not a perfect way for us to communicate with those who read these messages, it is one method by which we can convey our intent and concern while your bodies adjust to the new energies.
Each of your bodies is equipped with an innate ability to communicate with Source. You have long been told otherwise; now we are telling you what you have been taught is not true. As a result of your conditioning, many of you have shut down your feelings, have refused to listen to your intuition, deny that you have anything to offer the world, and simply zone out passing through life in a gray cloud of desperation and depression.

To break up the miasmic sea of unqualified thought-forms that currently clog the astral plane around the planet and within each of your auric bodies, Source has been sending a series of deep-space generated cosmic waves to shatter the darkness, crack open the depression and let the light shine in on all of you.
Discomfort is not something that humans seek, so we bring it to your doorstep, so to speak, by creating change and transformation. You can seek ways to resist, but in doing so you are creating even more tension in your bodies.
Your bodies are naturally aligned with the planet and her rhythms; to go against this flow is the road to dis-ease. Disease can be a teacher. Disaster can be another teacher, when one is unwilling to move out of a state of resignation and despair.
How you respond to the circumstances with which you are presented determines how you will transcend challenge and create opportunity for change.
What you think about yourself and the world will show up, mirrored through the individuals and circumstances that you are presented with, on a daily basis.
What do you do when confronted by an angry person, one who seems to be out of control? Do you deny their right to express how they feel, their perspective of the world that they are experiencing? Do you continue to deny how YOU are feeling? Your emotions are, simply are. They are not negative or positive, despite all you have been told. Once you are able to clear the feelings, they will express and flow without the need for you to project them onto others. You can dance out your anger, draw your sorrow, sing your happiness and stamp through depression. Be creative.
For a very long time, human society has been suppressed, prevented from utilizing its innate gifts, skills and talents, to create a better world for all. Why? A powerful elite has desired to keep you all enslaved to serve ITS needs, not your own.
Technology has existed for a long time that would have enabled all humanity to have clear air, clean water, and food on the table, a solid roof over their heads, and the leisure time to pursue dreams. What has prevented this technology from being made available to the people? Simply a power structure that thrives on control and lives on fear; keep the people in chaos and fear and retain control. And yes, they fear you, the people, for they know how powerful you are.
We are not suggesting that you go seek out these individuals; they are well protected for now. However, they, too, are vulnerable to the rising frequency vibrational levels of the planet. At some point, the hardened shell around these darkened hearts will crack and the light will come rushing in. Then they will either transition or transcend their former transgressions. It is not for you to judge. All of you are quite aware that each individual is their own harshest judge and so it shall be for these dark ones. The darkest being is still welcomed in the light when it is their time to do so. The love of Heaven is unconditional; no prodigal is ever turned away.
What can do you as an individual to hasten the emergence of humanity into a new era? You can come in touch with what you are feeling. You can let go of the need to understand everything by categorizing, dividing and minutely dissecting into bits. You can go deep into your own heart space and listen to the beat, to the rhythm that echoes in the earth’s body.
You can go out in Nature and look at flowers, at the way things grow, how the rivers flow around obstacles, how mountains are worn away by the elements, how the winds blow, how bees gather honey, how the sun rises and sets, how the stars twinkle on a clear moonless night. You can begin to see yourself reflected in the world around you, in the eyes of friends and companions, in the way your pets respond to your voice.
All of life is connected. All of life is sacred. Western culture has (purposefully) forgotten this ancient wisdom and knowledge. It has been suppressed in order to cut you off from the natural world so you would not grow your own food any more, but would be content to buy and eat what was provided to you by corporations eager to make money on dumbed down consumers. It was done to remove the peasants and rural people from the farms, ranches, and wild places so they would be forced to live in large, unclean cities, cramped into tiny, airless living spaces. It was done to convince part of the people that it was a righteous thing to destroy indigenous cultures and place the survivors onto reservations, left to fend for themselves in extreme poverty.
You have been told that the Planet Earth is a school room; for many, it has also been a prison planet. However, many of you have come here purposefully to transform the prison into a bastion of Light. You answered the call of Gaia, the living being who ensouls the planet, as well as the Call of Creator and you came, in your millions. And promptly fell asleep when you emerged into the heavy dense and polluted atmosphere of earth.
Now, many of you have come awake, prompted by an inner wake-up call that persistently and sometimes rather rudely startled you out of a somnolent state and into a somewhat painful or should we say, feeling-ful state of being. Your inner being had just notified you that it was time to get down to work. And so you sit and wonder, “What am I supposed to do?”
Listen. Learn to listen to the guide within. All people have one. All people have chosen to ignore this inner “voice” or prompting, hunch or nudge, more than once and regretted it. Did you ever land your car in a ditch on a snowy night when you ignored that knot in the belly that was telling you “Don’t go out!” All of you have done this one time or another. Some of you have actually succeeded in coming to heed the inner voice and to value it for its deep wisdom. You may have even wondered where that “voice” was coming from. We tell you now that it was coming from and has always come from YOU.
While you are living on a backward planet, you still have an extraordinary opportunity to advance your soul evolution. Yes, we understand that we are getting ahead of things for some people, especially those who do not identify with religion or spirituality. Soul, God, Creator? All of these words push buttons for some people, perhaps remembering miserable days spent in parochial school under the dominion of bossy teachers and nuns. What if we to tell you that we do not worship gods in other dimensions?
God can be translated into Intelligence. The universe is run by various levels and dimensions of intelligence. Love is active intelligence and the underlying basis for all that exists. The concepts are simply too vast to cover and comprehend in a simple message. Just feel for yourself the intelligence and organization that underlies the development of a single rose bud; a masterful creation that brings such pleasure to your senses. And multiply that by the magic that exists all around you and within your own physical vessels, your body. It is a complex wonder that still defies the ability of scientists to fully understand.
As you open up to the possibilities that exist outside of the conditional understanding of the world as you have been taught exists, you begin to sense there is something else that is not quite so easy to define, magic. And it is your task and your joy to follow the skein that leads you into a new world, filled with light, beauty, harmony and love. The trail will take you through shadows and fears, pain and sorrow, and on into a sense of growing inner peace and serenity.
As you come to acknowledge that you are more than what you seem from the outside, you will begin to acknowledge the great wisdom that has been stored in your DNA, like a vast library of light that only you have a card to enter. And eventually, you will understand that the wisdom and light stored there is meant to be shared with the world, for only by uniting in your efforts to bring freedom to these shores will you succeed.
We wait the time when people will greet us with open hearts for we have much to share. Meanwhile, we watch, to advise and work with those who are open to our energies. The numbers of people who are aware of our presence and our peaceful intent continues to work exponentially. It is not our purpose to interfere on a world where we will be greeted with lethal force and such is the current status that exists upon your world. The power structure that has kept your consciousness levels pinned down for centuries still remains in place, although it is slowly disintegrating.
The percentage of awakened people continues to grow, but there is still room for expansion. We tell you that anything you do to expand your own horizons and inner connections will aid to the transformative energies that are breaking apart the old paradigms and belief systems. As the saying goes, be the change you want to see. Your thoughts and emotions are far more powerful creative forces than you might currently believe. You create your world as a collective. As a collective you must change your world from the inside out. We cannot do it for you.
Individually, you can rise up in your frequency levels to step out of the world, but most of you will remain to serve others in coming to grips with the massive change and challenges that have come upon the earth. Some of the challenge is due to the resistance emanating from those who do not wish to release their control and power, primarily financial, over the planet, as well as those who do not welcome any kind of change. So it is up to the visionaries, the “crazy” ones, the artists and creative engineers, the ones who dream of a different world to move the reluctant ones slowly towards a new paradigm. The shift of the collective consciousness will happen, just how fast it occurs will be determined by many different factors, most of all, by every living being on the planet and how they respond to the call of the inner teacher.
Will you answer the call? Will you listen to your inner wisdom? Will you dare to dream of a world filled with abundance and well-being for all?
First and foremost, while stepping forth into the creation of a new paradigm one can feel some sense of anxiety, know that you are regarded with awe by the Universe as having tremendous courage to come here and attempt such a huge undertaking, the planetary ascension of an entire human collective. So, don’t feel disappointed if this task is not fulfilled in the next year or so. It will be completed in the fullness of “time” for we come from your future and know it so. Have faith and trust in the wisdom that guides you onward to your sacred task, bringing heaven to earth.
Our blessings go forth to all of you, wherever you might be in your journey. Experience each moment as sacred for it is the experience that is the journey, not necessarily the ultimate goal. You are free in this moment if you know it is so and no one can ever take that away from you unless you give your freedom away yourself.
We love your dearly. Namasté.

Copyright © by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sandra Walter ~ Transcendence: Permanent Shift in vibrations

As a prerequisite to this article, please review my definition of Ascension. You cannot be pressured into Ascension, because it must be a personal choice to raise one’s consciousness. Wayshowers set an example, provide intel, teach, and walk hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart with those dedicated to the Shift in Consciousness. Sometimes we run ahead so we can tell people what is down the road, or what is on the other side of an unopened door.
We are all entitled to live out our journeys for as long as the 4D reality is available. We had many tipping points in global consciousness which assisted the Ascension of Gaia and many Higher Selves in December 2012. When the consciousness on this planet reaches a 5D tipping point through frequency acceleration, cosmic alignments (photonic bombardment), and the light-infused consciousness of HUmanity, 4D will no longer be sustainable. That may be a few years or a hundred years.

My focus as an Ascension Guide is on the people desiring the most expansive experience possible. Let us remember that a good portion of the population will experience awakening for the first time this year; either by external or internal factors. They will not be robbed of their Ascension experience, but it is clear that it will be very different from those who awakened earlier.
Transcendence is a permanent shift in your state of consciousness. 
In my Ascension Course I describe transcendence as beginning in 2015, and the higher realms say we are still on schedule. Some have called it the Soul Harvest, which can sound a bit frightening. Some call it the first waves of Ascension, however the wave terminology (first wave, second wave) have been strongly associated with Delores Cannon’s work and refer to how light servers incarnated over the past hundred years. I AM referring to the first waves of complete transcendence; a complete embodiment of your Higher Self. For clarity’s sake, I will refer to Transcendence as Transcendencerather than waves. Both terms simply refer to the availability of a perfect alignment for those ready, willing and able to make a permanent shift in frequency.
Transcendent dematerialization means Mastery of the physical vessel and journey: Embodiment of the Solar Cosmic Christed state, either by walking in and out of this realm for a while, or a complete transition to a higher state of consciousness in one instant.
Why transcend? Because you have completed this lower state of beingness, and the 5D/6D planetary consciousness will be ready for boarding.
We wayshow in our communities and tribes as best we can, however the consistent through-line of our journey is the internal work. That doesn’t mean burying oneself in a cave to meditate, or panicking that you have not done enough. It does mean a consistent pursuit of a higher state of beingness. Integration of lessons, behaviors, and dominion over the activities of the mind, ego and emotions.
We prepare the heart, body and mind for a major upgrade in vibration. We establish an active awareness of the 5D/6D realm of Gaia. Active awareness means your thoughts and feelings align with the 5D state consistently. Removing your own veils allows you to experience that realm, and it can be beautiful and overwhelming to your systems. Little by little, we progress to a state of alignment with that higher realm of consciousness.
Personal Choice, As Always
We exist in a free-will Universe. For me personally, Transcendence is the goal of my Ascension process – a conscious choice. It requires aligning everything in your lifestream to complement the higher state of consciousness. Working through the lessons, the contracts, the agreements, releasing, releasing, releasing, infusing the body vehicle with the highest vibration possible – really taking care of it because it is your vehicle for the experience. Learning unconditional love, learning light intelligence, being of pure service to all of creation, and then when the frequency and the cosmic timing is right, we get to move on.
Dissolving the Physical
Turning a carbon based structure into a carbon-silica structure takes dedication. I do feel that the people who will experience this already know that they are going to accomplish this, and are consciously aligning with it.
Many feel they are stepping out of the collective reality already. This is because your crystalline structures are activating, your DNA is activating to bring in and hold more of the new light which is coming onto the planet. The more aligned you are with 5D/6D dynamics, and the less attached to a 4D reality you become, and the more you will sense your own Ascension process speeding up. It is always your choice to align. Always. Moment by moment, intention by intention.
The Solar Heart spark is there as Source-in-carnate. The Source-Point amplifies with the support of cosmic timing, individual choices, and the dissolvement of illusion through conscious practice, moment to moment. Every situation, every encounter, every thought, action, deed is an opportunity for alignment. It always has been, that was the point of this reality. We are presented with opportunities to align with Source via your soul’s path. When the soul reaches a tipping point in its progress due to the conscious connection of Lower Self and Higher Self, it is released to the higher path, to the benefit of all.
The Merge Happens in the Sun
When I received the message last Autumn, The Merge happens in the Sun, I felt a deep calm and readiness. This merge of Higher and Lower Self won’t occur in the way we step in, using the Sun as prism to fractalize our self into Higher and Lower states. Rather we are activating the Solar Cosmic Christed Heart center and merging a trinity of spirit, soul and form; Higher Self, Lower Self, and Soul aspect within our lifestream.
The planetary Ascension now supports a union of these aspects via the Heart Center, rather than the spirit leaving the body and transitioning through the Sun. The merge happens via the Solar Heart Center, which makes becoming pure conduits of Source Light Intelligence an important part of our journey.
Ignore the mind’s linear limitations of how this works. Surrendering to the amplification is key; use what assists your journey and let everything else go. Especially in the first half of the year when all is shifting, purging, coming to align with the new light. Tap into your heart with this message.
Steps presenting to Transcendence:
- Achieve the Solar Cosmic Christed State through participating in your own expansion
- Experience the birth of the Sun within – the full activation and awareness of Source within the Heart Center
- Clear all contracts, agreements, emotional baggage, kharma, systems, programs and habitual behaviors associated with 4D
- Clear the body vehicle of lower level toxins to increase crystalline growth
- Align with 5D-6D Gaia dynamics; pure Mastery in service to Light
We transmute the illusion completely in order to Transcend it.
5D Gaia
5D/6D Gaia is very different from what we experience here. All activities are based in an unconditional respect for all life. A deep honoring of all that is, and behavior and creation which is in alignment with that. In order to exist in a reality of unwavering love, honor and compassion, you must create that in the here and now.
Everything you do, say, eat, drink, think and feel must be in alignment with 5D principles in order to transcend the 4D experience. You must be a vibrational match for a higher realm of beingness. No one is disrespecting the planet, kingdoms, elementals or each other in 5D. Of course there are differences of perspective – those lessons and creative explorations continue. The whole Galaxy is Ascending, and it seems no one is untouched by the Shift.
In order to leave the 3D/4D reality, you must build your 5D reality right here, right now. Energize it with your actions, words, thoughts, behavior. When aligned with the vibration of 5D operating systems, you Master this reality and graduate to a higher level. Pure creator dynamics via Self-Empowerment. That is a valuable lesson earned at any level of the process; you must find the Source within to generate pure Source without.
Show me the Light
Demonstrate that states of divine love, grace, integrity, peace, joy, abundance, and unity are possible. It will get more difficult as we encounter these new light waves – this is the Mastery challenge.
Every one of these waves acts as an amplifier. They are here to reveal everything under the masks – and we all get our masks removed. Sometimes we are lift them ourselves, sometimes the mask is snatched off and everyone else sees what we have going on under there. Stay ahead of the game by utilizing transparency. It is okay to be vulnerable, wrong, emotional – we all need to unite in this massive healing/awakening right now. Support the process by being authentic. And try not to lash out when it becomes hard for you.; respect everyone’s journey – and walk away when you have to.
Currently I AM on a two week fast to prepare myself for upcoming service work. The crystals for the teleportal have presented and are on their way to me. I intend to spend more time within, and working alone with Shasta, to deepen my skills and integrate the series of energetic shifts happening for me right now. Blessings to all of us during this powerful time!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Predictions – The Year of Love

Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”. I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction. Since they are read by millions of people from dozens of countries, and who can translate and interpret what they read in different ways, sharing these predictions is a mission that I take very seriously and I write them with a great deal of care. That said, at different times during the year I refer to the predictions I made (which I do not change once they are published),  and I am surprised at how accurate they are.

The details of exactly ‘what will happen’ are not always part of the information I share with you, as it is more focused on what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways. Because we have evolved so much during the past year, sometimes knowing the different potentials serves as a decision making guide, rather than a dire warning of the upcoming year’s events.
I think we began 2013 at somewhat of a disadvantage because we were disappointed that ‘nothing happened’ on 12/12/12, followed by even less on 12/21/12. At some level we all wanted proof of a higher power, of some kind of divine or extra terrestrial intervention and when that didn’t happen at all, we were all disappointed. But one thing that did happen was the global participation in the anticipation around 12/12/12, which was the biggest heart opening humanity has ever experienced. This kind of shared connection and interest will continue throughout this year, as it is one aspect of our new human and earth paradigm.
I want to stress that in 2014, unlike previous years, we will have an increasingly powerful impact on all world events and the ability to raise everything to its highest potential and best possible outcome through our individual and collective intention. Everything we do in our own lives has an expanded, exponential impact, everything is connected, on every level. We are each connected to the earth and its energies, to each other, to the Universe and to Source. It’s all one big ascension process and we are at its center. It is our completion of the ascension journey that allows the rest of the universe to ascend. So we have to do this now – no pressure here, we can’t get it wrong but we can do things that will allow it to move just a little bit faster.
No matter how ‘bad’ things appear to be, there are many different possible outcomes, even though we may initially only be aware of one, which will be the one that resonates at our own energetic frequency and is aligned with our vibration. It is also aligned with our own healing path, which is the initial purpose (but not the only purpose) of every lifetime. Once we complete that level of healing, we are free to move on to other lessons and to a new life path and purpose.
Creation follows energetic focus and intention and since we said we wanted to be in our power, this is our chance to embrace and use it, to see how that can work in our lives and in the world. We can change the world when we are willing to first become the example of the transformation we can envision for the world as we embody it in our own lives.
That doesn’t mean we can turn everything into sweetness and light, far from it. It means that we can shorten the timelines of events so that it doesn’t take decades for things to unfold, as it has in the past. While that has consequences (be careful what you ask for because you will get it comes to mind here), it also means that if we want the truth to be known, it will come out very quickly. Then we have to decide what we are going to do with that truth. Anything you have been ‘sitting on the fence’ about, so to speak, unable to make up your mind about or decide one way or another, will become crystal clear for you.
You may even get knocked off of your fence, if you leave outcomes up to chance or decide you can’t decide. Choices are made on the basis of your conscious or unconscious intention (sometimes you will have to figure out which one you are using) and will manifest for you. We’re moving into full-on energetic connection now, and things can move very quickly. We also have work to do this year, part of which is getting our work done so we can have some fun.
This is one year where the saying ‘nothing is set in stone’ will be obvious because everything can and may be changed. None of this is out of our control but we have been saying that we want joy, love, peace, abundance and success for a long time and now it is going to materialize. Our lives will expand to accommodate these things, which will push our energy limiters out while inviting our energy expanders in.
And this is especially true now. As we enter 2014 we are coming out of what has been, for many, a truly difficult year that challenged them to the very core. This core challenge may have included a choice to decide whether they were finished with their earth path or not. Many chose to be finished, while others decided to stay. In 2013, particularly towards the end of the year, I lost track of how many condolence messages I shared with people who lost husbands, wives, partners, friends, family members, and pets. Their time was finished and while that isn’t always easy to understand, it is going to carry over into 2014. Many people, in their soul aspects, fulfill a specific mission on the earth and they leave when that is finished. It isn’t easy for those they leave behind, but one of the lessons we will have to learn in 2014 and beyond, is to start acknowledging our soul aspects and energy, instead of just seeing ourselves and each other through the human aspects and the emotions.
Here are some of the major aspects for 2014:
The Year of Love
2014 is ‘the Year of Love’ and that doesn’t mean that everyone will fall in love this year, although many of you will. Here I’m referring to love as an energy, which we humans then translate into love the emotion. It’s easy to get lost and confused in the emotion of love, decide who does and doesn’t love us or how we are or are not loved by the people, situations and connections we have, including our Source connection. But that is not love the energy, which is nonjudgmental, always loving, always present and insists on bringing everything into balance with its energy. Be ready for this because it is going to make a powerful statement in 2014, starting on January 1, with the New Moon.
The Eye of the Needle
The ‘eye of the needle’ that I have referred to many times is from the Bible, Matthew 19:24, which says ‘It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’ I believe that the reference to a ‘rich man’ is a mistranslation and it should be ‘burdened man’. The burdens here simply refer to karma, guilt, shame, and anything that burdens us, which also refers to pain from the past. It is impossible for us to pass through the narrow portals  into higher dimensions, which are karma free,  when we are carrying the burdens of the past. We have spent much of 2012 and 2013, releasing these burdens. We will have additional assistance this year in letting go of even more of our limitations so we can fit through these dimensional portals.
Nothing is done in violation of our free will, which is always in effect, even though it sometimes feels like we have no choice in matters. 2013 was a year that challenged us to acknowledge, experience, embrace, and transform some of our most difficult life lessons, so we can enter a multi-dimensional path unencumbered by the burdens of the past. This is one area we are still working on and that will continue through 2014. We do not have to consciously experience all of our pain, although we can do that if we want to,  this is the difficult path. The easier path is to choose, as things come up, whether we will allow ourselves to follow that path or to choose another one. 2014 is a year of revolving doors, as things leave other things are waiting to take their place. Remember that what you want to get rid of is just as anxious to leave. New light, energies, people and situations are ready to enter into the spaces you are creating for them as you release more dense energy from your life.
The Expanded I AM Presence
We are being gifted in 2014 with something brand new, which fits into 2014′s theme of expansion and that is our expanded I AM presence. This is what we have always viewed as our Source connection but now it has become something far more important, relevant to our new paradigms and our movement into new dimensions of being, and aligned with our ascension path as we move into greater awareness of ourselves as dynamic, powerful, limitless spiritual beings.
Embracing our expanded I AM presence is the next step on our path and it will be how we successfully navigate the next decade, as we powerfully create its foundation in 2014. There are four parts to it: Intend and Integrate, Align, Allow and Authentic, Mastery and Manifest. They are briefly described here.
These are key themes for 2014, and they are all focused on how we work with energy because we participate in the universe energetically. Emotions are an expression of energy which is how we translate energy into a language we can understand. But if we are to be powerful on our life path, we must choose to be involved in it on an energetic level and learn how to work with energy to manifest the path we choose to follow.
Integration is how we fit energy into our lives. We often do it backwards, trying to manifest things out of need or fear, and then we have no place for the energy to flow. Anything that we want to create, no matter how badly we need or want it, must fit into our lives. Releasing is one way we create space for new things, which is why this has been such a powerful theme for the past several years.
Intention is how we acknowledge our ability as co-creators of our reality. It is our job to set the path for the energy, and we do this with intention. Then the energy flows into the path we have created for it. Intention creates a container for energy to flow into and every desire is an intention. Rather than ask with a hopeful “I wish” or “I want”, say “I intend” which sets a powerful path for energy to align with you and what you want to create.
Alignment is critical because without alignment, nothing fits, nothing works and we feel stuck. Being out of alignment is like having a car but no key. We want to connect with energy but we are not on its path.
We allow energy to flow into our lives, this is about being willing to receive and it is the second step in manifestation.
Being authentic requires honest, commitment and being willing to honor ourselves.
Reality is the result of manifestation, it is how we direct and move energy to flow into the spaces and containers we have created for it. Without our consistent, persistent manifestation, the world just creates itself from the energies that are available to it.
Mastery is our birthright, we are masters of the third dimension and of its energy. When we approach life as a victim we relinquish our power and take whatever happens to come our way. This is fear-based thinking and it leads to fear-based results. We cannot be powerful until we acknowledge our power by claiming our mastery. The worlds needs masters to initiate change and we are on the cusp of our most powerful and important transitions now.
You may be sighing in exhaustion, wondering how much more you can take, but let me assure you, the hardest work is already done. We have mastered this because we have been through the labor which, by the way, is the process that prepares the body to give birth. The birth part comes after the labor, it’s the (relatively) easy part. We’re now in the birth process and as those of you who have given birth know, the body knows what to do. This is the part where we put out experience and learning into action. That’s mastery in a nutshell; we get to take everything we have already learned and start eliminating the things we don’t want to repeat, as we look towards the new, fun and exciting things that we want to create for ourselves. For many of us, it is the first time that we get to have fun, so let’s make the most of it. The world needs us to show it what healed, whole living is about. We can do this.
Here are my general observations about what 2014 will hold for us, for humanity and the earth:
A global desire for transformation
We got a taste of this in 2013, the ‘power of the people’ at work. For example, the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed over 1200 people, created a global protest against the use of slave labor in the garment industry and forced the entire industry to change its production methods. While workers protested, consumers across the globe supported their efforts, wrote to retailers and demanded an end to these practices. This desire for change will continue as we seek new ways to change the 3D paradigms of ‘power over’ to 5D and above paradigms of shared power, connection, and self empowerment. Our awareness of our connection to each other will fuel our desire to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity, respect, honor, and fairness. This is how we are going to manifest the peace, joy, love and abundance that we want to see in the world.
Earth Changes
2014 will see more earth changes, most of them man-made, from unsafe, unsound, and unsustainable practices that have long been done, some in secret, others more open but their true impact is not reported. I see frakking as an ongoing problem, causing more earthquakes and sinkholes in the US, especially in the upper Midwest, Texas, and some of the eastern plains states, like Tennessee and Kentucky. Weather this year will be troublesome, especially in the late spring and early summer. Europe may have damaging winds and unusual strong storms, most of them from HAARP technology being used to manipulate growing seasons.
The volcano at Yellowstone will not erupt this year but I see activity around it in 2015. There will be some volcanic action around the Philippines and the ring of fire volcanoes will be active but not dangerously so. These rumblings are designed to make us more conscious of our need to protect the earth and maintain a strong, safe, and respectful relationship with it.
The Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation will continue to be a problem for the Pacific region, in Asia and the U.S. We do have extra terrestrial assistance in mitigating some of the more dangerous radiation levels and we can help by setting intentions to raise the vibration of the water, which will help offset some of the damage. It is far more serious than we know, even with the outside help that we have been given, because the information is not being shared with us. This area needs our prayers and energetic support on a daily basis. Spend a few minutes a day sending energy there, as this will help.
There will be continuing interest in sustainable practices such as farming and more compassionate treatment of animals. What we will see in these situations is how people are going to take the initiative to create their own realities and work together to manifest the outcomes they want. Corporations and governments will have to respond and to change due to the public pressure. This is how transformation occurs and while we want things to change, what we really want is lasting transformation that will come through persistent effort, as we claim our power and mastery and manifest the reality that we want in our own lives. This empowers us to insist on this kind of transformation in the world. If we can push through the resistance, which we can do if we persist, the world will become what we want it to be.
Vortexes and Portals
Vortexes are concentrations of energy on the earth and energy portals are openings in the earth’s electromagnetic grid that allow energy to flow into the earth from the Universe.  Some portals allow dense energy to flow into the earth, others are much lighter and their energy is less dense. You can tell where the ancient, dark and dense portals are because these areas are currently at war, or are areas of protest and civil unrest, such as Syria, Egypt and areas of the Middle East. Any area where the feminine energy is suppressed or denied contains an ancient, dense portal. These are trying to close, and have been trying to close for several years now, but there is a lot of resistance to their closing, from those who feed off of this energy. 2015 will see a big shift in these portals but in 2014 these areas will continue to experience conflict, at times quite intense.
New vortexes are being opened in areas around the world, some of them to receive energy that needs to enter the earth grid but cannot because the old portals are not closed yet. You can tell where these new vortexes are in places as there is a sudden shift in the social, political, or cultural environment, for the better. Switzerland is one area that I see this happening in for 2014, parts of Africa, especially South Africa and Madagascar, the Southwestern and Eastern U.S., eastern Australia, Tasmania, and in parts of Asia, including South Korea and Taiwan. Russia is also going to experience new vortexes but their effects will be limited. I see a lot of social upheaval in Russia, not violent, but very determined.
If you have wanted to change residence and move for some time and have not yet done so, there was an opportunity in 2013 but many of those doors were closed because the places you needed to move to were not yet ready for you, and your own healing and transformation were not yet complete. 2014 opens new opportunities for this to happen, be sure that you are focused on the kind of life and lifestyle you want to experience, the kind of friends, community, social network and experience you want to have in your new place. That is what will determine where you move to.
Solar Flares, CMEs, the Sun’s Polar Shift
In December 2013 one of the most significant events of this decade took place and it received very little attention. The sun reversed its polar field, something it does every 11 years. 2013 was also the year we had the most intense solar activity ever recorded, and that occurs in the years when the sun reverses its polarity. Now that this cycle has re-started, we will see less intense solar flare activity in 2014; however, the shift in the sun’s electromagnetic field starts a new cycle of energetic activity for the earth. Look at the changes that happened between 2001 and 2013, as this is what we can expect, and more, beginning in 2014. What do you think the world will look like in 2025 when this next cycle completes?
Power Periods
During the course of every year there are power periods where the earth’s energetic balance shifts, we experience shifts, new energetic alignments occur, new vortexes open or old ones close. These often clash with our own energetic vibrations and they can make us very uncomfortable and even physically ill. We call these ascension symptoms and they are part of our ascension journey, for we need to bring new energy to the earth as part of our mission of creating ‘heaven on earth’. With these power periods we may see earth changes, strong storms, floods, earthquakes or unusual weather. In our own lives we can experiences sudden endings, disruptions, changes of heart or mind or even physical illness. On a global scale we can hear of secrets, schemes, corruption, scandals and power plays. These power periods describe some of the more active or intense portions of these cycles, and the activity may not be focused solely within these periods.
In 2014 there will be 5 power periods, and we have three Mercury retrogrades, in February, June and October, Venus is retrograde until March 1, Mars is retrograde until July 21, then the larger planets also retrograde through the year, adding an extra punch to some already intense energies. Plus, we have the 5th Uranus/Pluto square in April, as well as two eclipses that month. It will be an especially powerful month:
January:  The year starts off, on January 1, with a bang featuring a powerful new moon that is also part of a Cardinal Grand Cross (the most powerful astrological alignment) involving the four major areas of life, action, feelings and emotions, partnerships, and career. This is a ‘change or be changed’, take charge or be run over’, new moon that sets the energy for the year. Don’t be surprised at what you decide you ‘can’t take any more of’ or are ready to let go of with no regrets. It may be wise to pause before you speak in anger because what you set in motion will be permanent. Venus is also retrograde, so there is very little softening of the energy at this time, use it wisely. Mars is activating the Uranus/Pluto square, and Mercury is beginning its retro shadow in January and will be retrograde during most of February.
March through July: Mars goes through its retrograde cycle, ending its shadow in July. This transit began in 2013 and in Libra, Mars activates issues around partnerships of all kinds. The retrograde period, from March to May 20 will continuously touch sensitive points of the previous months’ aspects, so this period could be quite telling in the areas of relationships, which is not limited to romance. Any relationship that is undecided, struggling, or ready to end could see its demise at this time. And those that are strong, balanced, fulfilling and harmonious will be empowered by Mars’  position. If anything, any relationship you are not sure of will be clarified during this time.
April:  If we thought November 2013 was powerful, April 2014 will take that energy to a new level. We have the 5th Uranus Pluto square, exact on April 22, which corresponds to the throat chakra.  There will be issues around speech and speaking, having a voice or finding your voice, on personal and global levels. It is definitely going to be a game changer as it occurs between two eclipses in April, on the 15th and the 29th, and another Grand Cross. In astrology, Grand Cross alignments are powerful agents of change and this month will set those wheels in motion on personal and global levels.
June:  This month will bring secrets to the forefront, things that will shock the world and while the people involved won’t be as contrite or as apologetic as we would hope, what is revealed clears the air and brings forward truth that many people have suspected but no one could prove. This involves governments and officials from different countries, in a strange web of deception and corruption that is going to come from sources no one expects and involve people that are not normally implicated in these kinds of matters.
October: We will see the results of April’s eclipses in October, as well as two new eclipses that will complete this year’s cycle. I feel a power shift in this month, as the balance of power, which has been held by a few people who own and run the world’s governments and financial institutions, turns and there is a more equitable sharing, more transparency, more truth that comes out although it isn’t pleasant and creates disruption in the world. There is also a shakeup in the financial markets this month that creates some panic, especially in people who depend on their investments for living expenses. The financial markets won’t collapse but they will lose ground and there will be a re-adjustment.
December:  This month feels like a definite wrap-up for the year which will be a time for assessment and making new choices, in very conscious and powerful ways. There seems to be a stronger energy of community around this month, as in people coming together and deciding what they want next but in a shared way. I also feel that this Christmas will be more of a celebration than we felt in 2013, which didn’t feel like a holiday at all. We will have completed many transitions in 2014 and we can use December to rest, reflect, regroup and set our intentions for the new year.
This year, 2014, will not be as hard as 2013 was and I am going to qualify that by saying it will not be as hard for those who have done their work and are ready to move into the next levels of their lives. Those who have not yet even begun this path are going to experience some problems but, if they are committed to their evolution, expansion, and transformation, they will be able to jumpstart the process, thanks to the work that we have been doing in the last decade.
Many more people will choose to leave their physical bodies behind this year, so be prepared if this happens to someone you love. That includes your pets too, as they are just as much a part of this process as you are. When it is time for someone to leave, they make a choice to go and it isn’t personal. It is also a sign of how far we have transitioned into ascension because many people contribute energies to the process (the labor part) and when it’s time for the birth, or the final stages, they no longer need or want to participate in this mission.
Once again we are in a year where we are living two lives or in two worlds, the 3D world of our humanity and the higher world of our spirit. In the past this has been a source of conflict but now we can learn to bring them together in a harmonious, co-creative partnership. This partnership allows us to be more aware of the changes we need to make, of our responsibility and power, letting go of what no longer serves us, and our path and intention for joyful, joy-filled living.
Use your intention to powerfully create the reality you want to live in — I know I have repeated this many times but it is how we are going to not only get through this year but make it into something truly wonderful and spectacular. We say we have wanted this for a long time, now it’s here and we finally got what we wanted. The next step is putting it in action and this is why we are here, to bring new energies to the planet, to be part of this ascension cycle, to create the new earth paradigms, and to be an example of whole, healed living. Now that we have the ‘labor’ out of the way, it is time to take action.
During this entire year, your intention will serve as your guidepost and guiding light for your life, so set powerful, meaningful and soul-filled intentions for this evolutionary, transformative year. We still have free will in all things and nothing is ever ‘set in stone’ but we also live in highly transitional times and more and more people now share a desire for peace, love, acceptance and community. This is what has the real power to create change in the world and allow our individual and collective realities to become ‘heaven on earth’. As Uriel has often said, ‘It is not our job to destroy earth so heaven can take over. It is our mission to raise the frequencies of humanity and the earth so that a divine/human partnership can be created and we can evolve into ‘spiritual humans’.
This year can be easy or difficult, I think it will be a balance of the two and the challenges will be offset by the glorious moments of pure bliss. We are here, there is truly nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this process. Don’t be distracted by the chaos change is inevitable, but chaos is optional.
Here we are, ready to begin another year together, let’s make it a really good one.
I wish you the abundant blessings, peace, joy and love that a benevolent, loving and supportive Universe is waiting to co-create with you.
Many blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, February 17, 2014

Selacia – Your Past Lives And Relationships In 2014 – Importance Of Past Life Seeds – 17 February 2014

SelaciaBy Selacia

Within you from past lives are the seeds of your current and future relationships. If this sounds like a stretch of the imagination, consider the following.
From the time you were in your mother’s womb, you were being conditioned by the world – learning how to relate to your circumstances, to other people, and even to yourself. Woven between much of this conditioning were seeds from your ancient past.
These seeds, holding potentials of what you could and would become, came with you. They were part of a package of energy encoded in your very DNA. Some are quite beneficial, such as those helping you to be patient with others. Some seeds can hold you back – like those causing you to distrust others without justification.

Seeds from Your Past Lives
Where did these seeds come from? They originated from your past – including your own past lives, ancestral material from your family lineage, and even from the vast evolving mass consciousness of humanity. That last category is really huge, and must be considered part of your past, present, and future potentials.
Everyone you meet also carries seeds of potentials impacting relationships. This doesn’t automatically mean that each person in your life is from a past life. However, given the immense interconnections people experience during a series of lifetimes, it’s actually quite common to reincarnate with many of the same people.
Aunt Mary today could have been your sister Elizabeth in the 1800s. Your current boss Steve could have been your father John in the 1600s – your neighbor Sylvia today being your mother Rebecca that same life.
Likewise, your significant other this life could have been your romantic partner or family member in several other key lifetimes. Your cat could have been with you in another life, too! These examples are all part of the dance of reincarnation, you being energetically drawn to certain people and situations.
Importance of Past Life Seeds in 2014
If you are already familiar with this concept – perhaps having had numerous tangible déjà vu experiences – why is this more important now in 2014?
First, this is a Horse Year with lots of fire energy. This means increased momentum and an accelerated wake-up call timetable. To translate this on a personal level, it means that you will likely feel an intense drive to clean up unfinished past business so you can have good relationships. Intuitively, you know that how you relate to others will be instrumental in your overall success.
When you understand that your past is more than just this life, and that the person you are interacting with quite likely was in some key past lives, you have an enhanced perception of the bigger picture. This can make it easier to pinpoint issues, including DNA patterns that need to be resolved before you can have loving relationships. The more loving you become in 2014, the higher your frequency – this helps you manifest success on numerous levels.
Second, a fire year like 2014 can bring you countless opportunities you didn’t have access to before. You will benefit most from the open doors of opportunity when you can hold and broadcast a loving energy – within you, to loved ones, to colleagues, and to strangers. You never know where the next opportunity may come from! Relationships are the catalyst to your forward momentum.
If you could energetically track opportunities, you would notice that many times they originate with a person far removed from your personal circles. Something that person does or says catalyzes an idea or an action in someone else. There is then a cascading effect, beneficial openings seemingly arriving at your door in a direct way. At first, they may not even look like opportunities.
Example:  you may be offered a job training program that on the surface seems interesting, but it may not speak to your heart. Perhaps you have your sights set on a whole new line of work, and it’s difficult for you to get inspired by anything at your job. If you check in with your heart, though, you may sense that there is a bigger purpose to accepting the training. At the training or perhaps because of taking the training, you could meet a helpful person you had a close bond with in another life. This person, without even knowing why, could be energetically drawn to assist you now.
Third, this year will be understood in hindsight as one of great changes across the world and within people. It’s like the dial on the “change meter” moved to “high” – or at least the highest experienced in a half century. As a divine changemaker, your role is to be at the forefront of this accelerated phase of change.
No matter what other jobs you have, or what you do with your time, your most important activity is to master loving relationships. This begins with you – as you develop increasing self-confidence, empowerment, and self-love. Those qualities are developed as you uncover and clear past life patterns involving love and relationships.
You then have access to the most powerful antidote in existence – love. You then apply the love antidote in your life, to each and every relationship. Do not underestimate your power to change your personal circumstances and the world. Trust that spirit right by your side – bringing you the people and situations needed to create an amazing life.
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