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We are currently in a cosmic gateway of thought. This carries the potential to be quite magical depending on where one applies their focus. Our thoughts are magnetically bringing us whatever we focus on. Manifestations are happening instantaneously. Make y/our focus one with intention and you can create miracles. Utilize this energy as any perceived obstacles are removed from y/our path. Intuitive hits and downloads are coming in at rapid rates. Listen deeply to what the Divine is bringing into your Awareness. Accept life as it is, with ease and grace, hold in y/our hearts the wisdom to know y/our worth and follow the Universe’s Synchronicities. Everything is guiding you to YOU.

~Jessica Woods

Sunday, April 25, 2021



The Dream of Truth by Saint Germain - Part 1

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings and love I, Saint Germain extend to you now. It is an honour to be in your presence today. I bring forth the magic, the love, and the truth of the Creator to shower down upon you to support you in your current existence upon the Earth. You are embarking through a most beautiful ascension process; everything is blossoming at this time and being embodied deep within your being. It is a time to be consciously aware of everything that is taking place within your being, around you and connected to your spiritual path. We the Ascended Masters wish to assist you in achieving this. In your everyday reality, encourage yourself through your thoughts to be conscious and aware, alert to everything that is occurring within your being and around you.
I Saint Germain wish to speak with you about the energy of truth, truth is such a vast expansive word. Truth is and can describe something that is general and yet as a spiritual being walking your ascension pathway upon the Earth, truth is something that is remarkably close to your heart and soul and very meaningful to you. It is your power and a reminder of your connection with the Creator, supporting you in your expression of the Creator.
Currently in ascension truth is immensely important, it is essential to take some time to contemplate what truth is.  Many beings who have channeled before me have spoken of the energy, the vibration, and the frequency of truth, inviting you to contemplate truth. It has never been so important as it is now to contemplate truth. 
What is truth?

What does truth mean to you?


What do you expect of Truth?

As a spiritual being you are invited to let go of expectations, instead to create intentions. Rather than expecting something to happen, hold the intention that it is already created and already manifested, entering your reality. If you create intentions about truth, about understanding your truth, contemplating, what truth is and your unique expression, this will allow you to connect with the Creator on a deeper level. Your expression and understanding of truth are important, it is unique to you, therefore it is essential to really begin to understand what your truth is. What does this mean? It is not necessarily what you believe in, although it can be. It is more what you wish to feel, what you wish to experience, what you wish to create for yourself in your ascension and upon the Earth.  Rather than trying to understand the meaning of life and the truth of the Creator, or what the Creator wishes you to know becoming a wise being or Guru. Truth is about your own unique expression, and in many ways can only be expressed, if it is not expressed then it becomes something else. It is energy, it is a vibration, it is a flow. Your truth is unique, it is all about what you feel, what you think, what you experience and what you create. This is your truth.
Your truth extends from the vibration of the Creator that you are connected with or put in another way the vibration of the Creator that you hold within your being. If you allow your mind to run away with fearful thoughts, if you allow your emotions to continuously bring up old wounds without approaching them, facing them or healing them then the vibration of your being and the vibration of your connection with the Creator will be different. It may not be so inspiring or enlightening. If you are able to master your mind, to forgive yourself, to love yourself unconditionally, to heal yourself, recognise and want to heal the wounds within you and physical wounds as well, your connection to the Creator will be different. It will be more enlightening and more inspiring, more familiar and more truthful.
Your expression of truth constantly changes as you evolve and progress through your spiritual evolution. As we begin to contemplate what is truth? What does it mean to you? We also let go of expectations and instead create intentions We become conscious of the presence of truth around us, within us and assisting us in our reality, flowing through us from the source of the Creator. Then we are more able to connect to experience the truth.
We have spoken of you expressing your own truth and how this can change, alter and shift, especially as you ascend. Contemplating truth, you will begin to recognise that you wish to know the truth of the Creator, you wish to receive truth or wisdom that will guide you fourth in supporting yourself, others, and the ascension of the Earth. The truth of the Creator is the same as your truth, it flows through your being. The more you heighten your energy vibration, the more you will be an expression of high enlightening inspiring ascension truth bringing this into your reality and into the world. The title of my communication with you today is the Dream of Truth.

What does the Dream of Truth mean?

It is my understanding that within your being you have a dream, a hope, something that you wish to manifest, and it may be that it is a dream of truth. Now it may look like wishing that there was more peace in the world or wishing that you had more abundance or that there was more abundance in the world. Within you there is this dream of truth, something that you want to manifest that you wish and desire to be experienced upon the Earth at this time or in the future. This dream of truth is immensely important because it also supports you in understanding your destiny and your purpose in this ascension process. When you make steps forward to experience your dream of truth, you are experiencing that which your soul wishes you to experience. I wish to encourage you to connect with your dream of truth, to understand what it is, you may have many, it will be something that seems as if it is out of your reach. It will be something that seems as if it is immensely frightening to achieve or impossible. This will be your dream of truth and I encourage you in the coming days in meditation or quiet time to ask within your being what is my dream of truth?

What is My Dream of Truth?

You may have one, or you may have many dreams of truth, write them down so that you can see and feel them with greater ease. I encourage you in the coming days to really explore your dreams of truth. Once you have explored your dreams of truth begin to ask the Creator, your guides, anyone you wish myself, Saint Germain, any being that you wish, any vibration of light to support you. To support you in the manifestation, the expression and embodiment of your dream of truth. In doing so you will bring forth the vibrations of the Creator, the truth of the Creator, the truth of your soul, and your soul group. Everything from your soul that requires to be manifested and experienced in your reality now. You will be downloading energy into your being and into the Earth, into humanity and Mother Earth to support humanity and Mother Earth experiencing truth, as it is so important now. It is a shift in perspective and a shift in understanding that is required upon the Earth. A new connection, a heightened connection with the Creator and a heightened expression of the Creator.
I wish to come forth to you next week to continue this conversation. For now, please encourage yourself to explore your dream of truth. Think big, think expansively, beyond limits because that is the truth of the Creator.
I thank you,
Blessings be with you,

I am Saint-Germain

The Dream of Truth by Saint Germain - Part 2

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings and love I, Saint Germain extend my vibrations of truth, my vibrations of love and magic to you as I continue with our discussion today the Dream of Truth. In part 1, I invited you to be conscious of the vibration of truth within you, and around you, contemplating what your truth is. The feelings and thoughts you experience, your reality and your connection with the Creator, impact your experience of your truth. I spoke about your Dream of Truth within your being from your soul, your soul group, and the Creator. This was a dream of something manifesting for yourself or for the Earth, for reality or ascension. I invited you to ask yourself, to discover your Dream of Truth, in doing so realising that there may be many dreams within your being. I invited your soul, your soul group, your guides, the Creator to energise, and amplify your Dream of Truth. I stated that your Dream of Truth was a guideline of what your soul wanted you or wants you to experience upon the Earth in this lifetime.

Rainbow of Truth

As we continue with this process maybe you have discovered one or more of your Dreams of Truth. Maybe your Dream of Truth feels impossible, brings up fear or maybe feel inspirational and enlightening to you. Whatever your Dream of Truth is I, Saint Germain, wish to invite you to connect with the Rainbow of Truth. The Rainbow of Truth is a spectrum of light, a spectrum of frequencies and vibrations born from the Creator. This spectrum of light is from the very core of the Creator, it is a multi-dimensional, multifaceted expression of truth. It is the truth of the Creator as expansive, as limitless as you can imagine and so much more. It is a vibration that holds everything, all that you can imagine that is the truth of the Creator, holding wisdom and understanding as well as enlightenment and insights, but also things to manifest and to be experienced.
I invite you to download into your being and to reconnect your being consciously with the Creator's Rainbow of Truth. You can simply allow yourself to sit quietly or peacefully breathing deeply, close your eyes if you wish, and to simply repeat in your mind:
‘I am an expression of the Truth of the Creator.
I am connected with the Rainbow Truth of the Creator.’
Allow yourself to repeat this, to experience it for as long as you wish, then change it.

‘I am the Rainbow Truth of the Creator and I express this now.'

Imagine, sense, acknowledge rainbow light flowing over and through your being, entering every cell, every aspect of your being and radiating, pulsating from your being. Fill yourself with this rainbow light, fill the Earth, fill humanity, fill all beings, the sky, every part with the rainbow light.  Then allow yourself to repeat:

‘In the presence of the Creator I am Truth.’

Allow yourself to connect deep within your being with the vibration of truth that is really pulsating, growing, and being empowered within your being.
Then remind yourself of your Dream of Truth. Does it still feel appropriate, does it still feel needed? If so, then ask the Rainbow of Truth to energise, to amplify, and to magnify your Dream of Truth, bringing it into manifestation. If it does not feel appropriate change it, connect deeper and invite yourself to discover something different.
The Rainbow of Truth is not the 12 Rays of Light or the 22 Rays of Light, it is a unique spectrum from the core of the Creator. Allow yourself to work intimately with the Rainbow of Truth.
I, Saint Germain, wish to speak about what makes you a being of Truth, it is something I wish you to contemplate and to experience in your reality.

What makes you a being of Truth?

If I, Saint Germain, was invited to answer this question, I would speak for many of your days about what makes you a being of truth. However, this is a question for you to explore and to understand because it is a way of releasing all boundaries, limitations, blockages, and baggage that is stopping you from being a beacon and expression of truth, living a reality of truth. When you truly contemplate what makes you a being of truth then you will let go of everything, becoming that being of Truth. It is so important to contemplate and view this question and your answers from so many different outlooks and perspectives because it allows you to discover yourself, how you see yourself, and how you are a being of truth.
What is a being? What is truth? How does this manifest? How will it appear to you when you live on the Earth as a being of truth? What will you do? What will you experience? How will you interact with others upon the Earth? How will you bring forth healing? How will you bring forth wisdom? What will you be?  How will you be in the presence of the Creator, with the presence of the Creator as an embodiment and expression of the Creator? In many ways I have given you the answer just at the end of my questioning.
It is a journey for you to explore and understand, with your personal exploration, understanding, and interpretation you will create a freedom within you, a freedom of expression of your truth. This is essential on the Earth now not only because it is essential for you to live and be as a being of the Creator on the Earth. It is also essential for you to express the Creator to inspire within others the Creator, raising the vibration of the Earth. You will create so many different transformations, healing processes and things that maybe are in your wildest dreams, things that you wish will manifest and be your experience on the Earth. Not only for yourself, but for others as well.
When questioning what makes you a being of truth you may discover the question and answer alters and shifts as you explore it, creating new questions, thus you are walking an ascension pathway of exploring truth. You are connecting with the very essence of the Creator which is so important for your ascension and the world. Of course, it is immensely healing, and I do not give you the answers because it is your journey. I am here to support, guide and assist you in any way you wish. It is now time we create dreams, hopes, and desires upon the Earth for you and all to experience. It is imperative that all achieve this, to create a larger picture of the perfection of the Creator. We can recognise the perfection of the Creator as joy, love, and peace. Through this process you are creating with others a new world, a new Earth and a new process of ascension, development, and truth.
I, Saint Germain am present to support you with every step,
I thank you; I honour you,

I am Saint-Germain


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are as happy as many of you are about the disclosure that is taking place at this time on the topic of UFOs. This disclosure has been happening for quite some time, and every time that something else is disclosed, you get a bit more confirmation of what you already knew to be true. So what does this then signify for humanity? What does it mean when a country’s military announces publicly that they have seen objects in the sky that they could not account for?
We want to stop those of you who are going to see this as an intentional distraction from going there, and instead, we want you to open yourselves up to the possibility that this means more humans are ready to understand that you are not alone in the universe. From where we are sitting, that is the takeaway. Now, many of you will get very excited about sharing this with members of your family and with friends who have thought your beliefs were quite bizarre for a while now, and certainly you can take some satisfaction in knowing that you were validated.
But the much bigger picture here is how these disclosure events keep getting bigger and bigger, because that indicates that something big is going to happen there on Earth. What will happen will be much bigger than people feeling validated about their beliefs. Many people have wondered when contact with e.t.s would be openly discussed by high-ranking government officials from powerful countries. You are coming into that time now, and you can rest assured that this all means that more is coming, and more and more.
And someday you will have e.t.s walking amongst you, openly. You will be able to ride on their ships and go to faraway places, and they will share their technology with everyone. This is happening, and it’s a part of the shift in consciousness. Now, you might wonder what the relationship is between UFOs, e.t.s, and your ascension. It is quite simple, really. You need to know that you are much more than just physical bodies with brains who are living out a lifespan in a single lifetime on a single planet. You need to know that there is a bigger story to who you are, where you came from, and even how you were created to be the way you are right now as a human race.
The answers to those questions will expand consciousness there on your world. People will start to think differently, and it is okay to have something happen that then causes people to think differently. It is perfectly fine that it’s not just coming because a person meditated for twelve hours a day for twelve days straight. It is reasonable that it is happening through e.t. contact, rather than through some other spiritual practice that led to someone’s enlightenment. That is one way; that is one experience, but you don’t have to earn the expansion of your consciousness. It’s very natural for it to occur, and it is occurring, and this is a reflection to you of that.
And you can all breathe a sigh of relief because this is hard evidence that more is coming and that the more that is coming is what you have wanted for a very long time. Relax, smile, and take a deep breath, because you have made a tremendous stride forward yet again there on planet Earth.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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APRIL 25, 2021

Greetings, dear readers.

Confusion and sadness continue to be a large part of daily living for many but it is important to not judge by appearances. The many current situations of violence and strife represent a surfacing of old and dense energies based in separation that have long lain buried and silent both personally and collectively.

The presence of high resonating Light now streaming to earth is exposing and allowing these old pockets of dense energy to reactivate. Those with a state of consciousness in alignment with these energies then feel encouraged and empowered to act them out.

Some of the violence now taking place is a result of the manipulation of information by those intent upon keeping mankind locked into the bondage and control that has allowed them to live rich and powerful lives.

For many, problems and discord are necessary components of their awakening. Commonly accepted ideas, practices, and beliefs that result in fear and trepidation for others are beginning to be seen in a new way by increasingly more individuals. Previously closed minds are beginning to open to understand that there are better, higher ways of doing things and that many of the "old ways" are no longer acceptable. These insights represent a crack of Light in the dark that will eventually expand and become a part of the collective.

Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Stand back and bear witness to reality in all circumstances through holding the truth of One Power and knowing that this One Power does not and cannot express as fear, anger, violence, suffering, war, etc., regardless of how scary or powerful the appearances may be. Remember always that One cannot war against ITself.

That One Power is who and what you are, not in your human hood, but in the reality, true essence, soul of you. It is the reason spiritual masters throughout time have guided seekers to look within rather than continuing to look outside of themselves for solutions on all levels.

All answers lie within not because there is some sort of magic book inside, but because your oneness with Source automatically constitutes your oneness with all that Source is--harmony, wholeness, completeness, intelligence, abundance, ad infinitum. The true essence of every person is and always has been self sustaining, self maintaining Divine Consciousness. However, most are not yet aware of or even open to the idea of Oneness with God. The master Jesus was crucified for attempting to give this very truth to the people of his time.

Once an individual has attained a consciousness of their oneness with Source, the inherit qualities of Divine Consciousness automatically begin to express simply because consciousness is the substance of form. Many know this intellectually, but choose to continue believing that living truth is an impossible goal, not practical, and "works" only for those more spiritually evolved. But... YOU ARE THEM.

For example; a consciousness of oneness with Divine harmony allows it to express as harmony in ways that are personal to each individual. Every person expresses their state of consciousnesses. Harmony for one person may mean something completely different than it does for someone else. Harmony for one may mean family issues resolving peacefully and without effort. For another, it may simply be their daily work schedule falling into place easily. Consciousness never ceases expressing ITself.

Daily living for someone who has attained conscious oneness with Source, becomes easier because the harmony, peace, abundance etc. that flows from Source far outweighs any concepts of harmony, peace, abundance etc. formed through the three dimensional mind. Three dimensional mind creations are always and can only be limited, drawing information from the collective through filters of duality and separation.​ However, it is very important to know and accept the difference between needs and wants for self as well as for others.

Everything humans seek is already fully embodied in consciousness by virtue of there being only One Consciousness--Divine Consciousness. However, most do not yet know this, as so continue seeking everything they believe they need from people, places, and conditions outside of themselves while believing that material issues and things are separate from the spiritual. Spiritual is and could never exist separate from the material because material is simply a concept, a three dimensional mind interpretation of the spiritual reality.

Even the very simplest of needs are met when one attains a consciousness of ONEness. The completeness and wholeness of Divine Consciousness will express ITself as what is needed according to the understanding of the individual. A mechanic will not find that new ideas for performing surgery flow into his consciousness and the surgeon will not receive information about how to fix an engine unless that is the need of the moment, and then he will.

Omnipresence--forms of transportation, Omniscience--getting right answers and solutions, Omnipotence--empowerment and strength to make decisions and live. An infinity of all good is the reality just waiting to be recognized.

Ceremonies, mantras, practices, or anything meant to bring some desired outcome are in reality a form of idolatry. These practices are fine for beginners new to learning about energy, but if you understand these messages you are long past that point in your journey.

Many hold themselves back by continuing to hold onto old religious teachings about what constitutes spirituality. No one person's journey is exactly like another because everyone has had individual experiences throughout their many lifetimes which have resulted in the need for different lessons and goals. To believe that you must live or suffer exactly like some "saint" or famous "holy person" in order to be closer to God serves only to prevent you from finding your own spirituality.

Energy was studied in the mystery schools of long ago, but some at that time were not of a high state of consciousness and discovered that they could manipulate and use what they learned selfishly. This is how the "black arts" began and continue for a few. Never fear these things for lower energy can never effect the higher unless it is given power to do so through fear and a belief in its reality.

You may feel content with life, going along enjoying harmony and wholeness when suddenly you find that something very inharmonious has entered your life. This does not mean that you have somehow failed but rather that your realization of harmony as your own consciousness is automatically clearing everything not in alignment with it. Never claim a problem or difficulty as personally yours for this will make it yours. All error on all levels is and can only ever be impersonal belief.

The Higher Self of every individual directs their spiritual evolution but free will and human ego can temporarily block it. Because the human ego is rooted in beliefs of separation, it is often afraid, anxious, and unable to trust that there is order in a world that presents itself through experiences of duality and separation. Most humans feel separate from their good simply because it is what they believe, it is their state of consciousness. Remember, you are creators forming your outer from your inner.

Many of you are fully prepared to move beyond duality and separation but any remaining pockets of low vibrational energy stored from lifetimes lived in low resonating energy must first clear in order to be replaced with frequencies of Light. This ascension process if different than it has ever been, because you are doing it while still utilizing a physical body. The mind does not always know what is actually happening with the clearing and integration process and translates it as pain or error. (ascension symptoms). Trust that all is proceeding according to plan even if it doesn't feel or look how you expected it to feel or look.

Once an individual consciously or unconsciously chooses to spiritually evolve, they cannot go back to their previous state of consciousness. Life experiences now become facets of their spiritual learning process. Making the free will choice to evolve shifts a person out of the level of "chance and accidents" that those living fully in the three dimensional belief system experience but if this choice was made on an unconscious level, the human mind will often attempt to block it, leaving the person wondering why they seem to experience so many "life lessons".

Making the free will choice to evolve shifts a person out of the level of "chance and accidents" that those living fully in the three dimensional belief system experience. Trust that your Higher Self knows where you need to be, what you need, and how to get you there.

You have reached a spiritual point at which outgrown beliefs of the past must be allowed to fall away in order to live from a new and higher level. This facet of the journey is often difficult because you have become accustomed living life from the three dimensional principles that were taught you from childhood and have served you well. Let intuition guide you in all matters as some of the "old ways" are valid.

Televisions, phones, advertisers, books, etc. shout out 24/7 "This is how to become successful, rich, beautiful, popular, strong, smart etc." and in ignorance at one time or another, almost everyone believes it. Even after awakening to truth, these concepts have a way of working themselves into and remaining in consciousness because they dominate collective thinking. Stay alert to what you allow into your consciousness and do not feel guilty if you occasionally slip into old programming. Evolution is a process.

You cannot fail even if it takes time for you to fully accept some truths. Simply keep yourself open and fluid. Love allows everyone to unfold at the pace that is highest and best for them. Some will grasp these principles and run with them while others may need time to ponder for a bit but the spiritual evolutionary journey of every soul toward the realization of ONEness never ceases.

Limit news watching, seek quiet when you can. Meditate often but not in the old structured and rigid ways many of you were taught as beginners. Let meditation become a silent, sacred, and secret resting in truth while walking in nature, behind your desk at work, simply doing dishes, sitting in your favorite chair, or even in the midst of chaos.

The whole reason you are on earth at this time is to remember who you are and then help others to do the same. It is a process that can be painful and scary at times but you have learned how to reinterpret appearances.

The head of a flying arrow feels the heat. You the fully awakened ones, constitute the first wave, the head of an evolutionary arrow.

You are loved.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/25/21


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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are finding ourselves more and more significantly involved in a movement amongst all of the other beings throughout this galaxy to put Earth on the fast track for full, open contact, a mass landing of ships. We know that many human beings are not ready for that experience, but we also know that they can and will come around after a while, after the shock and fear are processed. We also know that the best candidates for first contact with humanity would be extra-terrestrial beings who looked a lot like you, and there are plenty of those e.t.s around.
There are plenty of e.t.s who want to land and share their insights on what’s going on there on Earth at this time. You have spiritual teachers all across your world, most of which don’t get a lot of attention from the masses. But if you had e.t.s walking off of spaceships to be your spiritual teachers, we know that human beings would pay attention. We also know that the e.t.s in question would be making a lot of sense. They would appeal to your logical minds and to your feeling senses, as you would of course want to use your ability to discern in order to determine whether or not they had your best interests at heart.
Now, we know that this will all happen eventually, and we can just see the appropriateness of it happening sooner rather than later. Most people don’t know what to think, what to believe, whom to put their faith in, and we are talking about all kinds of people there on your world who have been leaders to humanity in the past but now who are being held in question as to whether their motives are sound. And because people are losing faith in what they once believed in at such a rapid rate, something or someone needs to step up and fill that void. This is why we are always encouraging you all to be the leaders and teachers of humanity, but as we said, it can be difficult to get people to listen to you when you seem no different than the other humans that they have lost faith in not too long ago.
One of the reasons why we knew that we would get so much attention from humanity is because we are from another star system and another dimension. We knew that more people would pay attention to us because of that, and most people who do receive us do in fact benefit from what we are offering. Those of you who have opened yourselves up to us receive more than just information. You receive more than just predictions about what may happen in the future. You receive the energetic transmission that we give off that helps to elevate your consciousness. So imagine what that would be like if you were to be sitting in a stadium filled with other humans, listening to physical e.t.s, fourth-dimensional beings, who could offer their suggestions.
Imagine how much energy could be transmitted and absorbed at one of those gatherings, and there would be many happening simultaneously. That is why we are advocating for first open contact to come sooner than later. It is because we have seen how well you all receive us, and we know that many others there on Earth are ready to receive physical e.t.s and their wisdom and knowledge. More importantly, you would be receiving their high-frequency vibration, and that is something you need to give more of your attention to at all times. Focus on what is high vibrational, and you will be seen as ready for your fourth-dimensional e.t. friends.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Sunday, April 18, 2021



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April 3, 2021

Cosmic Consciousness and the Great Attractor Force
   Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Our subject in this lecture is on Cosmic Consciousness, and how you can use the Cosmic Consciousness for your personal healing and for planetary healing. Cosmic Consciousness covers many subjects, and we will be looking, in particular, at the holographic nature of the Cosmos, and the idea, or the phenomenon, of the “Great Attractor”, sometimes referred to as “G. A.”, the Great Attractor. Cosmic Consciousness implies that one has an awareness of the entire universe or the Cosmos. This awareness is crucial to the development of human consciousness. We say that the universe, or the Cosmos, is holographic, and that means that one part of the universe is like a slice of an apple: You understand that piece of the apple, and you will holographically understand the entire apple. This is the nature of holographic energy and holographic characteristics.
    It is amazing to think of the billions of stars that do exist in a galaxy. One estimate is that the Milky Way Galaxy has 200 billion stars, and then one would think or imagine that there are billions of galaxies, so that means that the astronomical number of existing stars in the universe is far beyond what we can even calculate simply in this lecture. As many stars as there are in the Cosmos, your brain has neurological pathways that are equivalent numerically to the number of stars in the galaxy. This is saying that your brain is like a mini-universe, for it has a numerically uncountable number of pathways that are equivalent to thousands of galaxies in the Cosmos. I hope that you can immediately see that there is a relationship, certainly numerically, between the pathways in the brain and the number of stars in the Cosmos.
    The word “Cosmos” and the word “universe” will be used interchangeably in this lecture, but we prefer the word “Cosmos”. I would like to compare the consciousness of Gaia, the Earth, with this concept of Cosmic Consciousness. You are aware that the Earth is a living planet, and that it has many similar characteristics to a living organism, including the ability to self-regulate, the ability to have a feedback loop system, and the ability to interact with other systems in the universe. Ultimately, the Earth has an ability to interact with Man. It is only recently that the Western society has even considered this possibility, but the Native Peoples throughout the ages have known this for many centuries, that is, that one can communicate with the spirit of the planet.
    I would like you to consider that there is a spiritual energy for the Galaxy and that there is similarly a spiritual energy for the Cosmos. This would be similar to the Spirit of the Earth. In other words, modern humans are now relearning the ability to interact with the spirit of the planet. Remember, in holographic theory, the part can access the whole. There is a consciousness in the universe and that the universe is an entity, or the Cosmos is an entity. Just like you can interact with the Spirit of the Earth, so too, you can interact with the Spirit of the Cosmos. You already have names for this interaction, such as universal light, universal energy, and even the concept of Unity Consciousness implies that there is an ability to interact with the universe and its consciousness.
    We have been studying and working with you on your awareness of the galaxy as a force field in your consciousness and in the planetary evolution. The galactic alignment in 2012 was one example of how the forces of the galaxy can interact and affect the Earth. The 2012 alignment did precipitate many broad changes in the consciousness on the planet. One of the major effects of the 2012 alignment from the galaxy was an increase in the awareness of Starseeds and an increase in the awareness of the star family energy. You are today seeing the results of this interaction in this alignment.
    “How do you use this alignment to increase the planetary repair and planetary
healing?”  Part of the way you do this is to acknowledge the Starseeds, the star family, and to use their knowledge to seek an awareness of galactic planetary repair experiences in galactic history. Galactic history includes the concept of Galactic Anthropology”, and I define Galactic Anthropology as the study of extra-planetary systems throughout the galaxy in hopes of learning their customs and their history, including the cultural phenomena that they experience.
    Galactic Anthropology has revealed that there have been planetary wars, and most importantly, that there is a system of classification of evolutionary stages that planets go through. We have listed those stages numerically as stages 1 through 5. The important thing is to learn that the galaxy as a whole is evolving and the universe as a whole is evolving. There is a Galactic Council that oversees the evolution of the galaxy. You might ask: “Why would the Galactic Council, that is overseeing the evolution of the galaxy, be interested in what is happening on the Earth?” We observe in Cosmic Consciousness that there exists Cosmic Reincarnation. Cosmic Reincarnation expands Earth reincarnational concepts. It is generally believed that one reincarnates on Earth for many lifetimes until there is a period of graduation where one can leave this Third Dimension. However, Galactic Anthropology tells us that you, or anyone, can experience Cosmic Reincarnation, and that means that you could reincarnate on numerous other planets in this galaxy or on other galaxies. As Starseeds, you undoubtedly had lifetimes on other planets. I know that you are partially aware of your lifetimes on other planets because you are frequently asking me where your home planet is. Most people, who are not Starseeds, do not ask where else have I been reincarnated in the Cosmos. Most people want to know where their home planet is.  It is important to understand where you have been in your reincarnation history.
    The idea of Cosmic Reincarnation goes something like this: You have completed the Earth lifetime, and you are ready to go on to another lifetime. There are certain karmic lessons that you must learn, and you look for a new lifetime that will offer you the opportunities to learn particular lessons. Sometimes those lessons are available on Earth, but sometimes those lessons are more readily available on another planet, that is, you could have a planet in a different part of this galaxy that will offer you the experiences you need, and therefore, that would be preferable for you to reincarnate on the other planet. This is the basics of Cosmic Reincarnation.
    Overall, there is a move towards evolution, and if one part of the galaxy has life like the Earth, that means that souls from the Earth will most likely reincarnate on other planets in the galaxy. Therefore, it is advantageous for the evolution of the galaxy that the Galactic Council pays attention to the Earth and to the evolution, to encourage souls to learn their karmic lessons, because the Earth souls will be reincarnating again, not only on the Earth, but they will be reincarnating in other parts of the galaxy. Therefore, it is good to be proactive, to make sure that those souls who do reincarnate in other parts of the galaxy are moving towards spiritual evolution and a higher understanding of the laws of Cosmic Consciousness.
    Let us look again at the universe. It is hard to grasp the universe as an entity. You can understand the planet is an entity. Try and understand that the galaxy is an entity. You even have astronomical pictures of the galaxy. You live in a spiral galaxy, and it has a large bulge in the center and extended planes that go off each side. Therefore, the Milky Way Galaxy is referred to as a “spiral galaxy”.
    But how can you envision the shape of the universe? There is no known shape, because it is infinitely large. How do you visualize the shape of something that has no boundaries, that has no end?  There are some peculiar properties of the universe that I would like to cover today that might add to the mystery, but also add to your understanding of the nature of the universe.
    The universe is isotopic, which means that it is the same everywhere. To put it another way, if you are going to look at the laws of physics according to Newton, then those laws will be working everywhere in the universe, not only on the Earth. If you take one section of the universe, it is the same as other sections of the universe. Galaxies all have different shapes, and there are different star systems, and some stars are closer to others in one part of the galaxy than in another. However, in order to understand the isotopic nature of the universe, you have to consider your perspective. View the universe as a large balloon, and the more you expand it, then the more you realize that what were individual differences and what looked like abnormal sections become insignificant as the balloon becomes larger. As you make the balloon larger, the differences between the sizes of the objects become insignificant.
    This means it does not matter which part of the universe you are living in because you are going to be experiencing the same reality, the same laws, the same electromagnetic energy principles, and the same laws of spirituality. Perhaps that would be comforting to you, to know that no matter which part of the universe you are in, you are still going to be subject to the same laws.
    When we look at the age of the universe, then we could say that the universe is a young universe. How many of you have ever thought of the universe as a young entity? Well, this universe is approximately 14.7 billion years old. The average universe lives 100 billion years, which means that, if this universe is 14.7 billion years old, it is barely an adolescent universe. How many people would even conceive of the universe in the terms that I am talking about and then conceive that this is a young universe at 14.7 billion years? If the average universe lives 100 billion years, then at 15 billion years, it would be in its adolescence. This universe has not even reached adulthood.  It is helpful to conceive of the universe as a living entity. It is helpful to understand that it is a young universe, and that this universe also is evolving towards higher consciousness, higher balance and towards higher wisdom. Evolution is an inherent trait in the Cosmos.
    You seek the knowledge of your star family. The knowledge of the star family still seems controversial in many Western minds. It is not controversial among the Native Peoples, and in fact, there are many examples of the Native Peoples, such as the Cherokee Indians, who believe, correctly so, that they are descended from the Pleiadians. This has been part of their mythology and part of their ancient belief systems. They do not have that problem of understanding that they are related to the star brothers and sisters, and that the star brothers and sisters are their ancestors.
    I know that you are interested in the Arcturians, and we appreciate your interest, and we are happy to work directly with you. We would also like to acknowledge, though, that there are other star brothers and sisters that are interacting with you. We are not the only ones that interact with you. Of course, the Pleiadians are interacting with you, and some of you are well aware of lower, less evolved beings that are also interacting with this planet. Some of the lower beings are known as the Grays. These are fourth-dimensional beings that are not devoted to your evolution, but rather, are devoted to their evolution, and they are only interested in how you can be useful to them. This is the main difference between the fifth-dimensional higher beings and the fourth-dimensional beings because we, who are fifth-dimensional beings, are devoted to your evolution. We are here as part of the overall project of helping the evolution of the galaxy. We are not here to see if you can help us, but we are here to see how we could help you.
    Some of you have had negative experiences with Grays or other lower beings.  When you interact with other extra-planetary beings, then please check to determine if a being is of higher service.  Simply ask them the question: “Are you here to benefit you, or are you here to benefit me?” It will quickly become apparent whether or not they are coming from a higher place. Other beings working with the Earth include the Sirians and the Antarians (or Antareans). There are other beings from planetary systems and star systems whose names are unknown to you.
    This is a huge galaxy. There are approximately 200 billion stars in this galaxy. You can imagine how many planetary systems there are. We have pointed out that there are 5,000 advanced civilizations that have life on them. That is among 200 billion stars. This is an extremely small percentage. However, 5,000 is still a large number of planetary systems with advanced life on them. It means that there are many different stars throughout the galaxy that potentially can have inhabitable life. The predominant species or form throughout this galaxy is humanoid. Most beings in this galaxy are similar to you, that is, they have two legs, two feet, ten fingers, ten toes, etc.
    I know that there are other examples of what I call “strange-looking” creatures. Some of them look like insects or “Reptilians”, which is a term that describes these beings that also exist in the galaxy. Some of the Reptilians come from higher consciousness, and some of the Reptilians come from lower consciousness. The Reptilians are a Master Race that has existed in this galaxy for many eons. The Reptilians were involved in the Egyptian culture. You can see depictions of Reptilians on the hieroglyphs and on the pyramids. You see people that have human bodies but reptilian heads. Some even have heads that look like crocodiles.
    The problem with the Reptilians in my opinion is that they are often interested in how you can benefit them. The Reptilians do have higher intellect and they do have higher brainpower. They do have higher technology, but in our opinion, many of them are not spiritually evolved and are coming to this planet for their own personal gain. This becomes a problem because, as Earth beings, you have enough problems as it is.  You certainly have environmental problems, and you have problems with war and many other difficult situations as you are coming of age in the galaxy. The Earth culture now has a high interest in extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings. But the last thing you need is to interact with and meet an extraterrestrial being that is more interested in their personal gain.
    There is the hope and the desire to see an extraterrestrial come to Earth to help the planet as opposed to the planet helping them.  Some of you have already had interactions with Reptilians. There are advanced Reptilians, too, who want to be of service to humanity. However, the majority of Reptilians that have been interacting and coming to this planet have been focused on things like domination, control, using the resources and using the spiritual energy and the electromagnetic energy of the humans for the purposes of personal gain for themselves.
    There are other galaxies that have life forms like humans. The Milky Way Galaxy is not the only galaxy that has human form. The most prominent nearby galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy is often referred to as the “sister galaxy” of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Andromeda Galaxy is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy. It is slightly bigger than the Milky Way Galaxy, but very comparable in many ways. Why is it called the “sister galaxy”; why do we not call it the “brother galaxy”?  We can say that the predominant energy forces in the Milky Way Galaxy are masculine (this is a generalization), and the predominant energies of the Andromeda Galaxy are feminine.
    There are in our estimation between 8.000 to 10,000 civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy that have advanced life. That is approximately twice as many as there are in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years away, which is a phenomenal distance. Traveling there is not going to be easy. One is not going to be able to travel using conventional methods to another galaxy such as the Andromeda Galaxy. These two galaxies are interacting with each other. At some point in the distant future, the Andromeda Galaxy is going to collide into the Milky Way Galaxy. This is not the type of collision that you might think, where there is going to be a huge crash. There will be a merging into one big huge galaxy, but this will occur several millions of years from now. It is not something that you are going to see in your lifetime.
    There are other advanced civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromedan beings that are most famous and popular are called the “Blue People”. The Blue People have the ability to exist in thought form as opposed to incarnating into any type of physical structure or body. In lesser spiritually advanced civilizations or planetary systems, your spirit has to incarnate into a body. I am sure at some point in your soul evolution, you will find that incarnation into a body to be cumbersome.  Can you imagine that you can have an existence without incarnating into a body? You would only be living in a thought form. This is what the Blue People have accomplished. But remember, when you go into the Fifth Dimension, you are going into a more refined, fifth-dimensional body form, and that fifth-dimensional body form is not subject to the laws of the Third Dimension.
    We will discuss Cosmic Consciousness and meditation. Let me first discuss one other important point about the energy fields exerted by Cosmic Consciousness. One of the strangest phenomena in the existence of this part of the universe is the “Great Attractor Force”. Notice I said “this part of the universe”, because there are many parts of the universe. Earth scientists have been able to map out sections of the universe. But, there are other sections that cannot be seen. The Great Attractor is a force field that exists 250 million light years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It mysteriously has a force field of unknown origin that is so strong that it is pulling many galaxies to it, and that is why it is called the Great Attractor. It is a force that is pulling the galaxies to its center. No one understands where that force comes from, and no one understands why that force is being exerted and what will happen when all of the galaxies are pulled into that direction.
    The Great Attractor Force shows the existence of a force field that is far beyond anyone’s imagination. Can you imagine what kind of energy would be required to pull an entire galaxy in a certain direction and even have enough energy to pull 30 or 40 more galaxies towards its center? What is more strange about it is that the mass of the Great Attractor Force does not equal the gravitational force that it is exerting. That means that there is a hidden energy source that is pulling many galaxies in this section of the universe together towards this point called the Great Attractor.
    This Great Attractor Force is going to take millions of years to pull all of its galaxies towards itself. Of what significance is this to the Earth or to you? I want to remind you that we said that the alignment of the Galactic Center in 2012 really shifted the consciousness of this planet.  That alignment opened up a huge reservoir of Starseed energy and Starseed light, and it is our belief and hope that this Starseed energy and light that was opened up will become stronger and will contribute greatly to the repair of this planet. The Great Attractor Force will influence the movement towards evolution to higher light on the planet.
    The Great Attractor Force is now coming into the consciousness of this planet. It was only discovered recently. It was not known in earlier times during your civilization. The existence of this attractor energy shows symbolically that there are force fields that exist beyond one’s imagination or comprehension. Such forces can influence events on Earth.
    There are forces that are pulling on this planet that are still unknown. We know from astrology that there are planetary alignments of stars that influence many aspects of your existence. From our perspective, astrology is reflecting what the cosmic forces are doing. Planetary alignments are a reflection of the energy fields and forces that are coming onto this planet.  The current energy forces and fields are focused on polarizations, and now there are influences from Mars-like energy that could lead to more conflict and polarization.
    The planet that has the most interaction with the Great Attractor Force is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet that is the most important planet for interacting with the Cosmos. Jupiter is in direct energetic alignment with the Great Attractor Force, and there is also a great deal of healing energies, mystical energies, that are reflected in the planet of Jupiter. You can view Jupiter as the highest reflective source of cosmic attraction in your solar system.
    In fact, some people mistakenly believe that, at one point, Jupiter was a star, because it has that much energy. This gives you an idea of the magnetic forces and energetic fields that are affecting Jupiter, and therefore, when you think about the Great Attractor Force, think about Jupiter, and think about the magnificent hidden energies that are pulling on this planet and are pulling on the solar system.
    There is an overwhelming attractive force towards evolution and higher consciousness that is coming from the Great Attractor Force. You can identity and put yourself on the positive side of this Attractor Force. This Attractor Force is so strong that it will result in continuing evolution of the galaxy.
    Let us focus for a moment in our meditation now on personally aligning with cosmic energy. We have difficulty defining its shape or size, therefore, I will ask you to focus on Jupiter, the mother of all planets in your solar system. Jupiter receives all higher cosmic forces coming into the solar system and is in alignment with the Great Attractor Force. And the more that you are in alignment with cosmic energies and cosmic forces, the easier life is going to be. This has been expressed in Taoism, where it says that you must be in alignment with the universal force fields, and if you go against the universal force fields, then you will have more problems. The Cosmos is moving towards evolution and higher consciousness and awareness of the living Spirit of the Cosmos.
    Take three breaths now, please. Open up your Crown Chakra, and even expand it more, and know that there is, in your Crown Chakra, Cosmic Consciousness. Identify and activate now that strand of energetic light that is connecting you to the Cosmos. Everyone has that connection. Let that strand of Cosmic Consciousness energy expand out from your Crown Chakra, and travel now with that strand of light to the planet Jupiter. Remember, there’s Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, the planet that faces outward towards the galaxy and towards the Great Attractor Force Field.
    Let your strand of Cosmic Consciousness light interact with Jupiter and with these cosmic universal force fields, now. We will go into silence. (Silence) As you are traveling from Jupiter towards the Great Attractor, know that you passed through the sister galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy. As you travel through the Andromeda Galaxy, be open to meeting and interacting with any Galactic Masters and Ascended Masters there that you may feel in alignment with or who are there to assist you and help you. (Tones “Oh, oh.”) Feel the Great Attractor Force Field pull you towards higher evolution, higher consciousness and higher cosmic awareness of the Cosmos as a living universe. (Tones “Oh, oh.”)  Feel the great support energetically and electromagnetically from the planet Jupiter, for if it were not for Jupiter, this solar system would fall apart. Jupiter also holds the corridor that we call the “interdimensional corridor”, which is the access point to other corridors throughout the galaxy. You can use the Jupiter Corridor to travel interdimensionally.
    Continue to connect, and feel the power of Jupiter’s electromagnetic light force, activating your consciousness towards galactic and cosmic awareness. We will remain in silence for a few more minutes.  (Silence)
    You can maintain a beautiful connection with the Great Attractor Force through Jupiter, and this attractive force energy you are connecting with will help you to maintain a positive pull towards higher evolution in your own personal life and in all that you do. This is a great gift, to be able to participate in that pull continually towards higher evolution.
    In the last part of this lecture, I want to talk some more about the nature of the galaxy and galactic travel. The most important aspect in galactic travel is that you want to be in the ”Now”. Being in the Now may be possible on the Earth, but imagine if you will, that there is another planetary system on the star system The Pleiades. That planet is known as Era. The Pleiades is 430 light years away, and so, if you are looking at that planet from the Earth, you are seeing it as it was 430 years ago.  Planets on the Andromeda Galaxy are 2.5 million years away, which means that from Earth you can observe them the way the planet existed 2.5 million years ago.  You could see already that that is a problem because 2.5 million years ago, the Earth and humanity was not at all developed into civilizations. In fact, the human life form probably did not exist at that time. Homo sapiens has only been around for less than a million years.
    There has to be a way to interact and travel to a planet in the Now. To visit a planet in the Now, you would need to access an interdimensional corridor. You would need to be able to travel through space in a different way. You would need to travel and overcome the Space-Time Continuum to the Now. The most important understanding of space travel in the galaxy is that there exist interdimensional corridors, (sometimes they are referred to as wormholes). The main wormhole or interdimensional corridor in this solar system is called the “Jupiter Corridor”, and when you are traveling in a corridor such as the Jupiter Corridor, you can accelerate your thought field and accelerate space and time, and travel in the Now to other parts of the galaxy. This type of space travel is based on thought forms and electromagnetic shifting. We, the Arcturians, use an anti-gravity force field that accelerates us to a point that we can travel through the interdimensional corridors using electromagnetic frequency shifting. Being able to use this technique helps us to stay in the “Now” and experience other planetary systems in this moment.
    Time is not relative, but it is fixed when you are traveling in an interdimensional corridor. The discovery of interdimensional corridors, and how to travel through an interdimensional corridor, will be one of the greatest discoveries ever made on the Earth.
    The current Earth’s civilization you are now a part of is around 6,000 years old. There have been other civilizations on this planet before you, including the Atlanteans. This civilization had developed advanced computer and propulsion technology.  Think for a moment: If your civilization is 6,000 years old, can you imagine a continual civilization that has existed for a million years? Mankind’s accomplishments technologically for 6,000 years are amazing. Unfortunately humanity’s spiritual accomplishments over the past years have not been as advanced!
    Why is there so much war on this technologically advanced planet? One answer is that technology that has been developed in this short time has far surpassed the evolution of consciousness. Most of the people on this planet are still living in their Animal Self.  When you have people living in lower consciousness with the Animal Self, then people will misuse super powers of high technology.  This imbalance between technology and spirituality is the source of the discord on the planet. Human nature has not really changed recently. Humanity has just developed higher technology to use for people who are of lower consciousness.
    The great news is that there is a move now towards higher consciousness.  Higher consciousness and spiritual evolution can counterbalance misused technology. Consider what you have accomplished in 6,000 years, and then imagine a civilization that has existed for a million years instead of 6,000 years.  You could not even comprehend the technology that such advanced civilizations would be using and the spiritual advancements that they have developed.
    One of the reasons why higher civilizations do not directly interact with humanity is because they are so far advanced over your level of development. They may view you the way you would view ants. How would you interact with an ant? Maybe you would visit the colony and maybe you put honey somewhere. A super-advanced civilization would have to figure out ways that they could communicate with you that you would understand and that would also be useful. There are other galactic civilizations that exist that are not one million years old. For example, some advanced civilizations in our galaxy may be only 30 or 40 thousand years old, as opposed to a million years old.
    This gives you an idea of some of the different levels of advancement that are occurring in this galaxy and throughout other galaxies.  Think for a moment, as we close, about Cosmic Consciousness and the awareness that the Attractor Force is bringing together 30, 40, or 50 galaxies together.  And this area of the Attractor Force Field is only a small portion of the overall infinite size of the universe. Yes, there does exist a multiverse, that is, there are other universes as well. I love you all. This is Juliano. Good day. 

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Thursday, April 15, 2021


Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are so very enamored with all of you. We feel so much love for humanity and for each of you as individuals that to be of service to you is an absolute treat for us. We have been giving you transmissions of energy, along with these updates, since the very beginning, and we are happy to say that we see you receiving energetically what we are sending you and actually being able to acclimate to those energies very nicely.
Lately we have been slipping in some activations for your solar plexus chakras, because we can see and feel how disempowered so many humans feel there on Earth, and we want to help. We want you to be reminded constantly of how powerful you are, and we want you to feel your free will, your independence, and your confidence flowing freely so that you can once and for all realize that you are creating your reality there on Earth, and no one else is.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been more stories told about what is happening and what will happen than ever before in human history, and there have been so many people there on Earth who have felt the need to give their power away to a story, to a narrative, in order to be informed, in order to know what to avoid, whom to mistrust, and so on. It has gotten to the point where people have put more faith in what they cannot possibly verify than what is right in front of them, and now is not the time to be looking outside of yourselves for information, for speculation, and for predictions about what will happen and when.
You all need to go within and feel for the power that rests within each and every one of you, and that power will be felt with even more intensity because of the recent solar plexus activations that we have supplied and that your guides have been able to implement, as they do have a lot of say over what is appropriate for you to receive. And of course your higher selves have that authority as well. What we do is we offer what we believe will help you, and then you and your team does the rest.
We just want you to know that you have the option of receiving from us and from all of the other helpers that you have throughout the universe and beyond. But it will always be up to you to relax, to let go of your tension and anxiety, and let in what is rightfully yours for the taking. We have seen more and more humans doing this, especially those of you who tune in to our transmissions, and we are very happy with the results. We know that with this newfound sense of power within you, all of you can create wonderful realities for yourselves and for all of humanity to enjoy.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”