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NOVEMBER 18, 2018
Dear readers, welcome to the new earth. "New earth" you say, "Where is it?" Enlightened ideas and the changes that follow them must first enter individual awareness and integrate before they can become a state of consciousness able to manifest outwardly. Not understanding this is why so many have become discouraged as they observe chaos and believe that nothing is happening.
The integration process has been taking place on personal and global levels for some time and is now beginning to manifest outwardly. Remember, there is no un-expressed consciousness. Ascension is not a sudden flash wherein everything is suddenly different. This does occasionally happen with certain individuals who are well prepared, but in general evolution is a process, one that you are well into now.
The third dimension functions in linear time and so events are unfolding in sequence as collective consciousness becomes more enlightened. Each day more awaken and recognize that many commonly accepted world beliefs are obsolete and false. This is what will usher in the new. Trust that everything is exactly where it needs to be at all times dear ones. Your job is to hold the Light of truth within and see the Light without in spite of appearances.
We wish once again to speak of Love. We have spoken of love and its many disguises in other messages but it bears repeating because love is the core reality holding everything together as ONE.
Every discord or disharmony experienced throughout time globally and personally is and always has been the expression of beliefs in separation--from SELF, God, others, animals, plants, and any and all life forms. There is not now, never has been, and never can be separation from the ONE except as a concept held in un-awakened minds.
There is only one substance, one law, one reality, and one Source from which all things are formed--omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divine Consciousness. You cannot make something out of nothing. How individuals interpret this depends on the level of their awareness and personal belief system which will manifest as their life experiences.
You may say: "Yes, but what about those who are very evolved and have painful and devastating experiences?" These dear ones have chosen to be right where they are -- learning, growing, releasing old programming, honoring their soul contract, and fine tuning everything in order to be ready for their next and higher level of awareness.
Because of the powerful Light energies now on and flowing to earth, many evolved souls chose to come and make these times their "wrapping up all remaining old stuff" lifetime which may appear to human eyes as a series of failures. Never judge another's life experiences, for many are angels in disguise even to themselves.
There is an energy connecting all life forms because in reality they are all simply individual expressions of the ONE. This connecting energy is called LOVE. However, when interpreted through an un-evolved state of consciousness, one that is fully immersed in beliefs of duality and separation, the manifestations appear as war, rape, abuse etc. The ONE has not and can never change, it is the un-awakened mind's false interpretations that are manifesting.
Many continue to ask; "How could God allow these things?" God knows nothing about these things, they exist only in the conditioned minds of the hypnotized un-awakened. If these things (disease, war, violence against others and animals ) were embraced within Divine Mind, they would remain in place forever held by Divine Law.
The negative situations you see in the world are the manifestations of collective ignorance, false interpretations of reality, truth, and oneness. YOU ARE CREATORS.
The time has arrived in which all serious students of truth must be alert to thoughts of judgement, criticism, and separation about themselves and others that are so easy to allow in at this time. Know that random thoughts are always impersonal, floating about and available in universal three dimensional consciousness until personally claimed as yours.
Utilize the thoughts that seem to continually bombard your thinking as tools directing you to remaining false beliefs and concepts still being held. Energy always seeks to align with like energy (oneness). Repeating thoughts are simply "doing their thing"--drawn to and aligning with like energy.
Example: A person who has experienced lifetimes of disease and illness, will automatically draw to themselves energies regarding disease--current information, symptoms etc.--anything floating about in universal human consciousness regarding illness and disease until they are able to clear this old programming. They won't accept everything, but the temptation and attraction continues as long as there is energy alignment. This is true for all types of energy carried by individuals.
Becoming more aware of judgement and criticism does not mean that you accept, condone, or go along with the nefarious actions of others, rather we speak of a state of consciousness that silently and secretly acknowledges the true identity of all no matter how little they may reflect it. It is a state of consciousness able to recognize that behind another's bluster, ignorance, or even violence there is a Divine Consciousness awaiting recognition.
It is imperative not to leave yourselves out of this recognition. As powerful energies of Light surface and expose global issues, they reveal personal ones as well. This is causing many serious students of truth to experience remorse, regret, and guilt as actions of the past are examined with new awareness. Leaving yourself out of Oneness, will keep you locked in duality. Never deny, resist, or try to hide from actions of the past, but rather acknowledge them as necessary parts of your learning experience.
If there are actions of love you are guided to take with regard to some past action or words, then take the steps, but if this is not possible bless the "other" with Light, forgiving them as well as yourself and then move on.
Release the idea that evolution must be a struggle, one in which you must seek to continually overcome and resist the facets of yourself you do not like or consider to be "nonspiritual". Attempts to squash the ego represent old religious programming in which some things were considered spiritual and other things were not. Everything is spiritual, because there is nothing else. It is only limited awareness that judges them as separate.
As you do the inner work, learning to recognize and accept the reality of who you and everyone else is, the shadows created by your old state of consciousness will automatically and without conscious effort, simply drop away because the only reality they ever had in the first place was that with which you ignorantly endowed them.
Gather together the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shadow parts of yourself in a loving embrace of oneness and love. Once you are able to do this without struggle or resistance, you will find that others suffering from self loathing are drawn to your energy of self acceptance and love. You will be prepared to offer the Light of your attained state of consciousness rather than sympathetic words.
Because earth is a planet of free will, everyone is free to ignore truth for as long as they wish or need to. Evolving in three dimensional energy is about learning through experience and there are many in need of more experiences before they will be ready for more. This is why there must be jails, rules, and laws in the third dimension. These things do not exist in the higher dimensions.
Evolved individuals doing this type of work ( police, military, lawyers, and leaders) can do whatever needs to be done, but will discover that if they silently and secretly work from levels of oneness (love) rather than from commonly accepted beliefs of separation, the situations will result in the highest good for all involved.
Awake and spiritually evolved individuals are not afraid to speak their truth or to take necessary action when intuitively guided. Living unconditional love never means being the doormat of another which in reality represents an absence of self- love. Rather, it is an individual who has reclaimed their innate power, integrated their masculine and feminine aspects, and is not afraid step forward and stand for what they intuitively know is right from a position of love.
Unconditional love is very different from the concepts of love that remain alive and well in third dimensional thinking. Living from a place of unconditional love may occasionally take the form of allowing another to fall flat on their face rather than continuing to rescue them from their own creations. Earth is a school of experience in which you who are awake are becoming observers, lovingly allowing others to learn in whatever ways they need while at the same time being available should they reach out for "real" help.
Evolving through experiences over lifetimes is not for the faint-hearted and has often been extremely difficult. However, as you learn to rest in God alone is Power, every facet of living will begin to unfold harmoniously in ways that you could not of planned with third dimensional thinking.
As you let go of concepts of love based in ideas of separation, you make room for real love-- experiences that flow out from Oneness. Love is the reality that underlies and connects all things and is what those who thrive and benefit from separation do not wish you to know.
Live truth and allow everything else to simply drop away.
We are the Arcturian Group 11/18/18

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


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NOVEMBER 4, 2018
Dear readers, once again we offer love through these messages of hope and information. You are the way showers and as such, some of you are experiencing criticism from those around you who want you to be more three dimensionally involved and who interpret your "silence" as doing nothing.
Because you are aware of the bigger picture, you are bringing in and holding Light for the collective. It may seem as if you are doing nothing, but in reality you are doing everything. You are the mechanics helping to keep the engine of ascension running, creating a new world consciousness. Never believe that resting in silent awareness of Oneness and truth, is doing nothing.
Be patient dear ones, for there is much more to come. Try not to get emotionally involved in troubling situations, but rather learn to step back as observers, silently and secretly knowing that a spiritual reality always underlies the outer scene. Staying centered and aligned with truth rather than with appearances opens you to receive information from within about what is going on.
Take this understanding with you into the voting booth as it will enable you to intuitively bypass the rhetoric and political bluff towards the candidate most closely aligned with unselfish motives. Spiritual gifts are to be lived and utilized in every moment of ordinary daily living, not to be filed away and called upon only for special occasions.
Be prepared to hear about the exposure of pockets of dense, dark energy. Practices, beliefs, and actions long hidden from the majority are beginning to surface. The Light created by every enlightened consciousness as well as that flowing through now open spiritual gateways is dissolving heretofore closed doors allowing access to hidden places that have served the energetically dark.
Many will be shocked by some exposures, especially those who remain asleep in third dimensional living. They will deny or say that the world has reached a new low, but nothing being exposed is or will be new, rather these things are only now being brought to light and this will continue for some time yet.
Current events are forcing many who have been living comfortably in duality and separation to begin examining their personal belief system which is an important step toward awakening. Moving to a new level of awareness always begins with introspection, a pondering of the aspects of one's life that have begun to feel complete--physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Ascension is not a one time event as many believe, but is infinite. As you attain and live from each new level of spiritual understanding, more unfolds that moves you beyond your present level and in into the next. Evolution is the infinite process of remembering one's self to be SELF and all that this means. This is what mankind has been doing in each of their hundreds of lifetimes.
Evolution is slower and more of a process in three dimensional energy because the density of the physical body only allows it to integrate the higher Light frequencies gradually. Each individual's readiness is determined by their Higher Self.
Know that conditions of good human-hood are no more real than bad human-hood. Most religious teachings give you techniques for attaining "good human-hood" and everyone rejoices when a "bad" appearance changes into a "good" appearance. As creators, never forget that if you believe in and seek human good, you are automatically in alignment with human bad for they are simply two ends of the same three dimensional duality stick.
You as spiritually aware individuals, are ready to cease seeking for good appearances while trying to eliminate the bad ones. Your work now is to realize that the Divine Consciousness you are, is already whole and complete. When you attain that state of consciousness, it will automatically manifest outwardly as what appears as human "good" in accord with your individual needs or preferences.
Because there is only ONE, consciousness is always seeking to align with Itself. Each person's consciousness acts like a magnet drawing to them whatever energies are in alignment and then automatically expressing them. THERE IS NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS. This is why it is so important to ask yourselves; "What am I holding as truth in my consciousness?
Because wholeness and completeness are qualities of Divine Consciousness, they are the reality, held infinitely in place by Divine law. At this point your primary goal must become the realization that every quality of God is already fully present within you even if it doesn't seem that way, rather than dillydallying around in third dimensional concepts and beliefs which can only serve to keep you experiencing them.
Truth is infinite and real but for the most part mankind's awareness of it has been blocked because third dimensional energy is unable to align with anything higher. The higher frequencies of Light now flowing to the collective are enabling many to align with and receive information from previously unavailable sources in the higher dimensions. Because of this, many of you are starting to have or are having more psychic experiences.
Lives lived completely in third dimensional energy are like going to a movie where the curtain remains closed. You hear and see bits and pieces, but are unable to actually understand what is really happening and so make up what you think is happening. Every person there will have a different story based on their life experiences and states of consciousness. This is what every life lived fully in dimensional energy has been lifetime after lifetime.
The curtain is opening, the wizard is being exposed as nothingness, and mankind is beginning to see. Some will try and are now attempting to re-close the curtain, because having it remain shut is comfortable and familiar. Others are desperately holding the curtain shut because they do not want you to see the real story. Know that you have the power to choose how you want to view the movie.
As good as things may have seemed in the past, everything still resonating with old energy is quickly becoming obsolete in order to make room for new universal awareness. Always remember that nothing real can ever be lost, but rather simply returns again and again in higher and better forms. Do not grieve the past dear ones, everything real is forever held in place by Divine Law. Relationships may change, but the love the creates them is forever.
Rest when you feel the need, eat lighter and more nutritious foods or don't eat at all if you are guided to. You are experiencing tremendous change on many levels at this time that often leave you feeling tired, sick, and depressed. Try not to immediately run toward three dimensional solutions for your discomfort because drugs alter your energy field. Use natural remedies if you feel the need for relief from "ascension symptoms". It is better to just ride them out in trust, resting often and listening to your intuition.
Some of you continue to struggle in an effort to keep certain parts of your life working the same way they have in the past. In order for anything to "work" (relationships, friends, foods, entertainments etc.) there must be energetic alignment. Your inner work has shifted your frequencies to new levels leaving you out of alignment with many things that up to now have been a big part of your life. This does not mean that any of these things were wrong, it simply means that you have graduated and are no longer in energetic alignment with them.
Because your energy has become more refined, certain foods that you enjoyed in the past have become energetically denser than your personal energy. This is often the point at which some become vegetarian. If you enjoy and want to continue eating meat, choose that which holds clean, healthy, happy energy and not energies of fear and suffering.
We have spoken of all these things before, but it is important to reiterate because many, even those seemingly very awake, continue to resist truth if or when it interferes with their life style, choosing to look first to commonly accepted third dimensional information for answers, rather than going within and allowing their intuition to guide them to what may actually turn out to be a seemingly three dimensional solution.
You are ready, more than ready to be the truth you know. If you choose not to, you align yourselves with much that is rapidly dissolving. Gaia, who is a living soul and not a ball of dirt, is ascending and you can go with her if you choose.
Like it or not, ascension is happening.
Cease from the struggle and rest in what is.
We are the Arcturian Group 11/4/18


Selacia Article & Info on Nov 10 Spiritual Heart Activation 

You and November Energies    

A Guide to Navigating These Moments    
by Selacia        
An emotional roller coaster is likely in November, especially given increased societal tensions after an unprecedented level of hate-fueled violence has unfolded. To be sure, this is the dark side of humanity and it's surfacing for healing on a big scale. It's playing out in small to big towns, in business, in social circles, online, and in political debates ahead of key elections such as those in the US on November 6. Continue reading for insights on how to optimally respond to these energies and what you can do to connect with positive potentials.
Big Picture
First, let's come back to the big picture. Humanity has a dark side, but the majority of people are not filled with hate. Most people are caring, loving, and kind. Some are more loving than others, of course, but people in general do their best to get along. It's only a tiny proportion of the population that consciously seeks to oppress and destroy others. It's only a small number within our global society who believe that they have the right to levels of wealth and power that in effect cause great suffering and loss of life on this planet.  
Second, remember that cycles of transformation take a very long time. There are stages, and this is a very messy one. It likely will get messier. Yet we prevail. Trust this. We are divine changemakers, and as such, we are wired to prevail and be instrumental voices in the chaotic dance of change.  
Third, as mentioned in recent articles, it's important that we stay present and active during these difficult times. It's horrible to see innocent people slaughtered due to hate and mean-spirited agendas of others. It's unthinkable to contemplate that today in 2018 we still have this level of atrocity on the Earth. Yet, we must not look away. To change these outcomes, we must look directly and without fear. We must not let the hate immobilize us.  
Fourth, on a personal level, it's vital that you regularly replenish your energy and connect with your own higher wisdom in these moments. Ask for a higher view. Ask that your love expressed in the world be an antidote to the hate. Do not let hate extinguish your fire. Use your light-filled energy to bring love to situations and tragedies fueled by hate.
Fifth, do not lose faith in humanity's ability to get to the other side of our current abyss. Be one who holds the vision of a new world in which people are united and loving. Be one brave enough to choose the high road of spirit even when others don't.  
Your Choices Now Matter
When you are born certain things are destined, like your ancestry and place of birth. Most things, however, are fluid, manifesting in response to your choices along the path. Choose wisely. Each choice determines a vast array of future choices you will have. Each choice becomes a part of the unique way you decide to show up in the world. Each choice determines the impact you can have in the world. Each choice becomes the foundation of how you can help change the world for the better. 

The Moon in November
Here are moon dates to watch in November, each of them significant energetically.
Scorpio New Moon on November 7 -  At this moon you could have an opportunity for a fresh start with a relationship or key project important to you. Be open to looking at things with new eyes. No one and nothing stays the same. Allow for change, and be a force for positive change in all things.   
Gemini Full Moon on November 22-23 - This moon brings amplification and potentials for adding a new dimension to something in your life. Approach things with an open mind and open heart. Be willing to expand your point of view beyond what you think is possible. Be mindful in conversations, remembering the power of your words to impact others and change the course of events.   
Mercury Retrograde
Meanwhile, other energies to navigate include Mercury Retrograde, starting November 16 to December 6. A suggested use of this time is inner level reflection about your life and what you want to shift before year-end.  
One way to initiate this reflection is to ask questions such as the following before inner work or dream time.
FIRST, what do I need to let go of to have more inner peace and success?
SECOND, which of my 2018 goals is most important to focus on?
THIRD, what are the themes of DNA ancestral patterns continuing to block my progress?
Suggestion: as you do inner process with these questions, remember to relax and avoid overthinking. Go with the first insights that come to you.
You Are Naturally Intuitive  
You are naturally intuitive. Use this gift to your optimal advantage now by being present and listening deeply to the nuances of situations. Something may happen, that when you are present to it and take appropriate action, can change the entire course of your life. 
Copyright 2018 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.


October 13, 2018      
Harmony and Balance      
Copyright © 2018 David K. Miller
All Rights Reserved 
No part of this may be reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of David K. Miller,
Founder & Director, Group of Forty
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
     Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians!  We want to look at the idea of harmony and balance from the perspectives of the Ascension, the Ring of Ascension, and also from your own, personal development and work.  I believe that in this time of polarization and Earth changes, it is difficult to maintain an inner harmony and balance.  There are many intervening variables that are intruding on your desire to be in harmony and balance.  Some of these intrusions are even of an external electromagnetic source.  Other intrusions are coming from the major Earth changes, such as weather changes and earthquakes.  Also, the geopolitical polarizations are increasing, which can also contribute to disharmony.  One of the main challenges then is how can one maintain his/her balance and feel in harmony?

     I would like to look at this first from the personal basis, from your own personal development, and also from your sense and work towards your personal ascension.  You are being pushed on many different levels to accelerate your growth.  Remember that in the ascension process, you are given the opportunity to complete Earth lessons and soul lessons in an accelerated manner.  I would say that what might, in different times, take four of five lifetimes regarding soul work and soul lessons can now be achieved in one lifetime.  You can even make your progress more accelerated.  You can achieve life lessons in a couple of years which might have taken several lifetimes previously.  This is true, especially when you think about the ascension process.

     On a personal basis, the ascension process has this rule or regulation: You must try to learn as many life lessons as possible in the time that you are here on the Earth.  As a seeker of ascension, this has a powerful meaning.  This means that you are not here for a vacation, or you are not here just to be lazy and lay back, but rather you are here to do soul work.  Being on Earth is an opportunity for increased soul lesson completions.  You want to work as hard as you can to complete as many soul lessons as possible.  This process and commitment helps you to ascend.  I have emphasized many times that ascension requires preparation.  It is not where you just sit back and wait, but that you prepare and do the necessary work you are capable of.  And this attitude, this intention and this commitment for completing soul lessons can provide you with great grace for your ascension.  Remember, it is not imperative that you complete every lesson or that you reach a point of one hundred percent perfection in your soul and personal work.  Your effort and your intention are also important.

     Nonetheless, it is also true that this challenging time also makes it difficult to stay in balance and harmony and work on your soul lessons.  Try and keep your electromagnetic energy field in balance.  This could be through special exercises of balancing the polarities in your aura.  This can be accomplished through the energy work of the Cosmic Egg.  It can also be done through working with crystals to ensure a protection of your energy field.  There is also a personal aspect that is important in balancing yourself and keeping yourself in harmony.  This can broadly be explained as working both with your Lower Self and with your Higher Self.  You cannot take your Lower Self with you on your ascension, which means your animal Self, the part of you which has instincts and has the desire for food and personal gain and wealth, is not going into the Fifth Dimension.

     When I look at balance and harmonization in the personal Self, then I say, how can you harmonize the Lower Self and the Higher Self?  The answer lies in what can be called the "raising of the energy levels and the raising of the animal Self".  I, through observing Earth spirituality and practices of spirituality, have noted that praying or saying a blessing before a meal is a common characteristic among different religious groups.  In fact, thanking the Creator for you being able to satisfy your animal Self is one of the great contributions that all the religions and spiritual practices have offered to the planet.  But this blessing of food before eating raises the energy level of the Lower Self.  You are trying to unite the instinct of hunger and the feeding of the animal Self with higher energy by doing the blessing.

     This is an important example of balance, because there are other aspects of your Lower Self besides just eating that need to be energetically raised and brought into balance.  For example, sexuality needs to be in balance with love.  There is also the balance which comes with finances and economy.  Accumulating money has to be brought into balance with giving to charity.  There are other balances in the physical Self that have to do with exercise or taking care of different blockages in the body.  Yes, there is even your desire for fortune and fame.  These aspects of the Lower Self are not bad.  If you want to be in a better balance, then bless those parts of yourself that can be identified as the Lower Self and elevate them and seek to bring them into an integration and balance with your Higher Self.  Uniting the Lower Self with the Higher Self is one of the greatest secrets for being in balance now.  Accept and identify those parts of your Lower Self that are problematic.  When you identify them, know that we are not asking you to reject them, but instead we are asking you to elevate them, because part of the soul lessons have to do with elevation of the Self, which does include the purification of the Lower Self.

     Another method of achieving balance is to focus on your Higher Self and to devote time and energy into those activities which promote your Higher Self.  Now that could include charity, meditation, Merkabah travel, connecting with the Arcturian guides and teachers and healing others.  Maybe you see yourself as a potential healer.  Developing your healing powers is also helping to develop these aspects of your Higher Self.  When you are connecting, identifying and interacting with your healing Self, then you naturally come into a greater balance and greater harmony.  Working with the Higher Self in this manner is not a negation of the Lower Self, but rather it is what you might call "setting of priorities".  You are setting the priority that in your ascension work and in your spiritual work, for your soul evolution, you are committing to work with your Higher Self.

     Another way to look at it is this simple example: Time is short.  We cannot say how long you all are going to be on the planet.  We cannot say how long each one of you is going to be here.  Time is of the essence, so when you look at yourself and your priorities, you will naturally find that you do not want to waste time.  You do not want to be involved in lower energies or even involved with people who are more blocked and focused on negative energies.

     Now this leads us to the general planetary healing.  In discussing with you how to bring this planet into a better balance, we see the current nature of the dramatic Earth changes and the nature of the polarizations.  Hurricanes and earthquakes are great examples of planetary imbalances.  I always like to remind you what it is like on a fifth-dimensional planet.  We do not have earthquakes on a fifth-dimensional planet.  Balanced planets that we have visited throughout the galaxy do not have hurricanes, and they do not have volcanic eruptions, and also they do not have pollution.

     A fifth-dimensional planet is in a high state of consciousness that is achieved through the spiritual work of the planetary healers who inhabit that planet.  But then you ask the question: "Well how can I bring this planet Earth into balance and harmony, especially in the face of these overwhelming catastrophes and tragedies that are occurring?"

     There is no direct prediction that planet Earth is going into a fifth-dimensional balance within the next three or four months.  In fact, I can comfortably predict that this is not going to happen so soon.  Let me make the comparison between the evolution and work on a personal basis and the evolution on a planetary basis.  I said that on a personal basis, you can bring yourself into a better harmony by working and identifying those parts of your Higher Self.  Likewise, in working with the planet, you can bring the planet into a higher harmony and balance by focusing on the higher parts of the planet.  We have given the tools for doing that through our discussions of sacred cities of light, biorelativity, and in general, creating corridors along sacred energies.  This means that you are identifying the most positive parts of this planet, and you work to bring those areas to the higher point.

     Now I know that some of you may say that this energy work with the planet is not making a difference.  This planet is still out of balance, and the Earth changes are continuing, so what good is the planetary spiritual work?  That is not the correct attitude.  The correct attitude is that you identify and work with the higher energy, the higher sites, the sacred energy.  Working with the higher energy points on the planet contributes to the higher evolutionary cycle of the Earth and helps it go on its path into the Fifth Dimension.  You are responsible for your sphere of influence, and this is regardless of what else is happening on the Earth.  You still stay working towards what goals you have to work with in planetary and in personal healing.  I mean, if you see a "sickness" on the planet, you still work with higher energy.  You do not stop your work.  It is the same way if you have a personal sickness.  You still seek your connection with your Higher Self, and you seek to bring all parts of yourself, especially those that might be affected and are in the Lower Self, to a higher energy.  You do not stop and say, no, I am not going to do that because the negative energy or the blockages are too strong.  I hope you that you understand that through your planetary work you are creating a great foundation for the fifth-dimensional Earth.

     This leads me to the main concept in this lecture, which is the idea of balancing yourself and balancing the planet in a fifth-dimensional harmony.  I want to describe this planetary healing technology in as much detail as possible, so that you have a firm grasp of how to use this.  Now the two concepts that I am going to introduce are familiar to you.  One is the Hundredth Monkey Effect and the second concept is the Ring of Ascension.  Let me start with the Hundredth Monkey Effect.  The idea of this is based on an anthropological study that showed that on a remote island, after 100 monkeys learned a certain task, which was washing the food - potatoes - that after the 100th monkey learned that, all 5,000 monkeys miraculously received and demonstrated the same abilities.  This was done in an anthropological survey and has not, I would say, been statistically or scientifically proven.  But there is a relationship between this effect and spiritual work.

     When we are talking about spirituality and planetary change, then we are talking about a magic number in which a group of spiritually minded Starseeds will reach a critical mass numerically, and then this mass of Starseeds can cause a major shift on this planet.  Therefore, this critical mass description is similar in concept to the anthropological study of the 100th monkey.  We have been working for this critical mass, and we have identified it as 1600 devoted, strong, Arcturian Starseeds.  I think that we can say that there is a certain number of people necessary to create a spiritual change on this planet.  It is also necessary that each of these 1600 Starseeds have a high level of commitment and spiritual energy.  You could have 40,000 members in a spiritual group, but if only 500 really do the work, then thousands of members are not contributing to the critical mass needed for change.  "Critical mass members" really has to do with the commitment and work of each member.  We see the numerical value of 1600 to include that number of committed and hardworking members.  The group consciousness of Starseeds has been building on this planet throughout the past 20 to 30 years or more.  This critical mass is going to be responsible for a major spiritual shift on this planet.

     How will that spiritual shift be manifested?  There are some predictions, for example, that there will be shifts in government attitudes towards becoming better caretakers of the planet.  There are also predictions that there will be more of a ground swelling of Starseeds who will continue to work in creating and protecting sacred areas and sacred cities of light.  The Starseeds will start a movement that will cause a shift in the thinking and in the energy for the entire planet.  The important point is that you are contributing, and you are connecting with a Starseed group known as the Arcturian Starseeds who are working towards this energetic, planetary healing energy field.

     What does it mean to belong to this planetary healing energy field?  To explain your connection to this healing energy field, I will introduce another concept which in modern physics is called "entanglement".  Entanglement is the description of two subatomic particles which at one point in their history were connected, because they were in the same space at the same time, and they were even touching each other.  But then due to various physical reasons, the particles became separate.  In some cases, the particles that were once together could now be vast distances apart; however they still maintain a connectivity.  This connectivity means that somehow they still communicate with each other and are still affected by each other; thus this is called "entanglement".

     Energetically, we can say that have this experience of "entanglement" with Starseeds.  You are part of the energy of the Arcturian Starseeds.  At one point in your soul history you were all united with the Arcturians and other Ascended Masters.  There are several effects of this "entanglement" which can have a positive impact on you.  One of the principles of entanglement is what affects one particle affects the other.  But also, the second aspect is that when two particles are entangled, they can actually be entangled with a group of particles.  A group of particles uniting increases their power.

     I have defined the measurement of thought power in terms of a thought field, and the unit of the measurement of that power is designated as "Arcan" power.  The descriptive notation to measure the units of power can include either a group or an individual thought energy.  I compare this measurement to wattages.  A ten-watt lightbulb is brighter than a five-watt lightbulb.  A Starseed doing thought work equivalent to ten Arcan power is stronger than someone who is doing five Arcans of thought.  The idea is that when you are connected and conscious of this entanglement energy which you have with other Arcturian Starseeds, then you can use that connection to raise your Arcan thought power.  Entanglement with Arcturian Starseeds helps to raise your thought vibration.  You are benefitting from group energy.  You do not give up your individuality when you use the group energy.  You are happily and productively joining into this "entanglement" which will lead to higher healings for the planet and higher personal development for you.

     Now with this introduction, let me go to the discussion of the Ring of Ascension and how the Ring of Ascension can be used for personal and planetary balance and healing.  The Ring of Ascension is a spiritual and etheric halo around the Earth.  You can connect corridors of light from the Ring of Ascension to your own house.  The Ring of Ascension is receiving energy and light from the Ascended Masters on the Fifth Dimension.  Higher light is being downloaded by them in a form that is accessible to you on the Third Dimension.  You can easily travel to the Ring of Ascension from any corridor.  The Ring of Ascension is a real energy field and force.

     There are so many things that are in place now for the Ascension.  There are many corridors of light which are active and Planetary Cities of Light.  There are many sacred sites which you have helped to activate for fifth-dimensional work.  The Ring of Ascension is in place around this planet.  One of the main ways for you to stay in balance and to keep this Earth in balance is to connect more interactions with the Ring of Ascension.  The Ring of Ascension is also related to the collective Noosphere.  The Ring of Ascension is an accelerated energy field where healing thoughts and evolutionary thoughts can be downloaded, accelerated and manifested.  This means that if you personally are in need of healing, then you can connect with the Ring of Ascension and download special healing energy and light for yourself.

     Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of higher energy thought forms, and higher-dimensional light from the Ascended Masters are already downloading into the Ring of Ascension.  The Ascended Masters are providing a tremendous service to Earth by creating and working with this Ring of Ascension.  They want you to use it for both personal and planetary development.

     I like to compare some of these concepts found in the Ring of Ascension with modern computer technology.  There is a concept in the computer world called updates.  You might be on Microsoft Windows 10, and that program needs updates every two months.  But you, as the user of the computer, do not always maintain an awareness of when the updates are downloaded.  Instead, you might use or turn on a function which is called "automatic updates".  To use this function, you set the computer program to automatically receive and download the new files and updates to make the program more effective.

     Let's use this computer analogy for understanding how the Ring of Ascension can help you and help the planet.  The Ascended Masters, including myself, are continually putting in new programs and new thought forms into the Ring of Ascension.  These updates help to spiritually keep this planet in as high a vibration as possible.  To receive these updates into your spiritual body, you can give permission each time the update is available for your use.  However, another choice is that you could set your internal valve in your Spirit Body to automatically receive the updates.  Because you gave approval for the automatic update function, then you would receive the update without having to be conscious of the update process.

     In general, I am asking you now to consciously make the choice and say this affirmation: "I give permission for the Ring of Ascension to download automatic updates into my spiritual body.  These updates will contain new information on Earth balancing, personal balancing and the Ascension as needed."  I shall repeat that affirmation: "I give permission for the Ring of Ascension to download updates into my energy field as needed, even without my awareness."  If you remember, you do not give your computer permission for an automatic download each time because you have faith and trust that your computer is only connecting with the highest good from the Microsoft computer world, at least we can hope that that is the case.  And so it is for the Ring of Ascension.

     Let us also re-establish your connection to the Ring of Ascension.  Visualize now a corridor of light around your room and around your body.  (Chants "OOOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHH.")  Visualize this corridor going straight upwards, miles and miles above the Earth to the Ring of Ascension.  Say this affirmation: "I am now connecting through this corridor to the Ring of Ascension around the Earth."  (Chants "OOOOOOHHHHH, EEEEEEHHHHHH.")  "I thought project my Spirit Body through the corridor, into the Ring of Ascension now."  And as you do this, you experience this great energy field of light from the fifth-dimensional masters which has been especially calibrated for your integration.

     Visualize yourself in spirit form, your etheric Doppelgänger or your Etheric Self that you have thought projected.  See that Self sitting in a comfortable position in the Ring of Ascension and this fantastic, powerful energy is swirling around you.  You have the highest ability to absorb and download whatever you need for yourself or for the planet.  Again, you are sitting in the Ring of Ascension, you have arrived here through this corridor of light, and now we will go into silence and meditation as you experience the swirl of this wonderful energy field known as the Ring of Ascension.  (Silence)

     While you are there, give permission again.  Say: "I give permission for automatic downloads from the Ring of Ascension to be integrated and delivered to my third-dimensional energy field." Give that permission now.  (Silence)

     And now, receive at this moment, the most up-to-date download from the Ring of Ascension into your energy field.  You now receive the most up-to-date information about Earth changes, the most updated information on creating more sacred space, the most up-to-date information on etherically connecting using the Hundredth Monkey Effect with other Arcturian Starseeds, and the latest information on how to use this Ring of Ascension energy for your personal balance and harmony.  Again, we will go into silence.  (Silence)
     The latest update is now available.  It says that I, Juliano, am downloading Arcan power to each of you who are meditating with me now.  You can use the Arcan power for your personal healing and planetary healing.  Let us first use it for your personal healing.  You are in a state of meditation in the Ring of Ascension.  You have accelerated thoughts.  You are benefitting from the group energy of the Ring of Ascension.  Visualize now and think personal healing thoughts for yourself and project those healing thoughts to any physical part of your body that you want healed.  Project those healing thoughts to any part of your body that you want to be brought into balance.  Say these words to yourself: "I hereby, with this energy from the Ring of Ascension, send a balancing, harmonious healing light to that part of my body that needs healing."  We will go into silence.  (Silence)

     Now, look at your energy field from a higher perspective.  Bring your energy field into balance.  Your energy field is an electromagnetic polarity.  There is positive and negative energy within your energy field.  Put these polarities into balance.  You have a vibration that is of optimal harmony, and through your Arcan power you can send a golden halo to your energy field which will help you place your energy field into that harmony.  Remember, the Ring of Ascension is a halo.  Remember the halo is composed of golden light which produces a higher harmony when it comes into contact with you.  Remember that harmony and golden light are seen around the Ascended Masters, especially as a halo, around their head and shoulders.  This means that the Ring of Ascension is a halo and has a vast amount of golden light.

     So absorb the golden light into your energy field as you are sitting and meditating with us in the Ring of Ascension.  There are many higher souls in the Ring of Ascension now, including many Starseeds from the Arcturian group and other Ascended Masters.  Fill your aura again with golden light from the Ring of Ascension.  (Silence)

     Now make the commitment to bring back to Earth this golden light which you have accumulated and absorbed and are interacting with now.  Bring that light down into your physical body and also into your physical energy field.  When it comes into your physical energy field, then it will go into your physical body.  Along with that is the great bond of light, the great bond of energy that you feel with all the Starseeds who are together now.  (Chants "OOOOOOHHHHHH.")

     Let the golden light from the Ring of Ascension fill your etheric Doppelgänger, or your etheric double.  Now align your Doppelgänger or "etheric double" with the corridor between you and the Ring of Ascension that you have established in the beginning of this exercise.  Bring down your etheric double through the corridor directly over your third-dimensional body in perfect alignment.  Your etheric double merges with your energy field on Earth and fills your energy with the golden light of the Ring of Ascension.  Let us go into silence again.  (Silence)

     You are connected in a deep way, perhaps I can say an entangled way, and in a most positive way with the Ring of Ascension.  You have authorized continuous updates to occur from the Ring of Ascension to your energy field.  These updates will be downloaded to you periodically even without your conscious knowledge.  You could be totally in a contracted state of consciousness due to stress, but still you will be able to receive the updates from the Ring of Ascension.  Nonetheless, you will be able to receive new updates and new downloads.

     We have to say that in such a time of rapid Earth changes that you are seeing, new updates are needed.  Even the old understandings you have had of ascension and other planetary changes five or six months ago need to be updated.  We see the need for updates happening continually.  For example, there are continual updates on climatology and Earth changes.  Several months ago scientists would say that if this current level of greenhouse gases continues, then by the year 2080, you will find all of the coastlines will be inundated with water, and there will be major catastrophes along the coastlines.  But now climate scientists have changed the prediction and moved up the catastrophic events to 2030!  This example shows what I mean.  Continual updates are needed.  You need to update your spiritual progress as well.  You need to update your spiritual techniques, and you need to receive continual updates through the Ring of Ascension.

     We are working with you to connect the sacred areas that you have designated with the Fifth Dimension.  The ascension of a planet does not include every area of a planet.  You are preparing for the Ascension, but you are a small minority on the planet.  There may be seven billion people on this planet, but there may only be one hundred thousand people who can ascend in the first wave.  There are individual spiritual areas on the Earth, which I will call enclaves, which are preparing for the Ascension.  But these enclaves only represent a small portion of higher spiritual sacred areas on the Earth that can ascend into the Fifth Dimension.

     In conclusion, take a deep breath and say again: "I accept and integrate the latest updates from the Ring of Ascension."  This is Juliano.  Good day. 
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty